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    We’re one brick light...
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    Plots line and episode themes that would have improved Sons of Anarchy.

    Against my better judgement, I'm re-watching Sons of Anarchy. I've come up with some things that I think would have been good to see; most of them are silly, childish, and unrealistic, but that show was in dire need of some lightness. These are in no particular order, and you are more than welcome to use these ideas for fanfiction (not that they're any good). I must stress that this is for fun, I know how ridiculous all of this sounds.

    1. A "day in the life episode" where we follow everyone around for a day or two to see what life was really like.

    2. A Halloween episode, trick or treat, decorating the clubhouse, and there's an urban legend that if you ride on Halloween night, you might see the grim reaper on the road. Everyone knows it, half the club is scared shitless, and the other half couldn't care less.

    3. A Christmas episode, they have a gift exchange at church, Juice gets everyone a gift certificate to Clear Passages. Happy is secretly the best gift-giver, Gemma insists on spoiling her grandchildren, and Clay is a dick about it.

    4. The kitty plotline, Happy, Tig or Kozik (they seem to be the animal lovers), find a neonatal (0-8 weeks) orphaned kitten and spend their day bottle feeding it; everyone takes turns looking after the kitten. They vote for their name, and they are allowed to up on to the church table (not without protest for Clay). One day the kitten falls asleep on the gavel, and no one has the heart to do anything

    5. An episode that follows Able and Thomas. We get to see Jax be a father and actually do shit instead of leaving it to Tara and Gemma.

    6. An episode that follows the Old Ladies.

    7. A "there's a huge storm approaching" episode, where everyone bunkers down to prepare for the oncoming storm. There's at least one scene with thunder and lighting, Piney lets the kitten hide in his Kutt.

    8. An episode where a bunch of pick-up artists got to the club thinking they could pick up women and are kicked out for being assholes.

    9. A "save the bees" episode where Gemme guilts all the guys into helping out the community garden.

    10. The prison plotline. Season 3 should have been a few episodes longer where we get to see the guys in prison and how the club is doing without them. We get more on Tara and Gemma, and there's an episode where Thomas is born.

    11. Jax, Tara and the kids go to a shelter to adopt a cat (Charlie Hunnan is a cat person). Happy told Jax if he didn't go to a shelter, he would never forgive him.

    12. We actually see the planning of the wedding in season 4. Gemma insists everything be a certain way.

    13. An episode that shows the Croweaters (I hate that term) as people and not props.

    14. A club party episode (similar to patch over) where we see everything from the planning to the cleanup.

    15. A church episode, where most of the episode is set in the temple.

    16. An episode where we get to see the guys doing their day jobs as mechanics, workplace inspectors come along, and Gemma death glares then into giving a good report.

    17. A musical episode, lots of shows have done one, and the cast is full of excellent singers. Alternatively, someone buys a karaoke machine, and everyone tries it out.

    18. In an ideal world, seasons 6-7 didn't happen, and there wasn't so much tragedy but saying that the last scene should have been Jax seeing Tara's spirit and them crossing into the afterlife together. I dislike her character, but Jax did love her, and I still refuse to watch the last half of season 7 because of the shit end, I just wanted a happy ending.

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    nosy ➼ j. ortiz

    ➼ Before I even start, I wanted to point out that this content is obvs not meant for minors. Credit to @the-purity-pen​​ for the prompts which can be found [here]. While I won’t make 31.. I hope to at least make 13.

    This one..I have no excuse other than just wanting to attempt writing something cute and sweet, a private moment between two people that maybe gets interrupted by outsiders. This one is actually safe for the kiddos, so y’all can stick around. Given that it’s totally SFW, it’s not that long either. Sorry in advance.

    ┇ᵖʳᵒᵐᵖᵗ  ┇

    almost getting caught

    ┇ʷᵃʳⁿᶦⁿᵍ ┇

    Totally SFW. Hints of two people dating but choosing to keep it private. There’s a mention of Juice getting a boner, and there’s a makeout in a supply closet, but beyond this, I feel it’s safe for minors... This time.

    ┇ᶜʰᵃʳᵃᶜᵗᵉʳ | ᶠᵃⁿᵈᵒᵐ | ᵖᵃᶦʳᶦⁿᵍ┇

    Juice Ortiz & Girlfriend!Reader, Sons of Anarchy ┇ᵗᵃᵍᵍᶦⁿᵍ ᵐʸ ᵇᵃᵇᵉˢ;┇






    ┇everything you’re looking for, right here  ┇

    Arms circle around your waist and you’re pulled into the storage room off the side of the garage before you even really have a chance to react. You’re just about to scream but Juice’s tongue circles the shell of your ear as he chuckles against it. “It’s just me, baby girl. Relax.”

    You turn to face him and lightly smack his muscular chest. “You jerk! You better be glad I didn’t scream just now.”

    He chuckles and his eyes roam over you, filled with mischief. “What if I like when you scream, huh?”

    “Ju-uice, behave! We’re both on the clock right now, baby!” you say it through a series of quiet giggles as his hands smooth over your sides and eventually, they settle on your hips. He pulls you against him completely and his mouth crashes against your own, any protest you may have made swallowed up in a deep and needy kiss. As the kiss breaks he mutters huskily against your lips that he can’t quit, that you’re an addiction and he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep what’s going on between the two of you hush-hush.

    His words have you grinning and you melt against him as you catch your breath. Your fingers dance over smooth leather and you gaze up at him, biting your lip.

    “I’m being serious, baby girl.” he mutters softly as he gazes down at you. What he’s admitting is… definitely huge. It would definitely take your private lives and make them public.

    You’re blushing, you can feel your face heating up a little. 

    “I wouldn’t object.” you admit quietly, dropping your gaze to his cutte for a few seconds. You realize exactly how serious what you’ve just admitted truly is. You’re aware that this means you’re basically admitting that you’d proudly take his crow. That you want the world to know you’re with him and you couldn’t be any happier if you tried.

    Your words are the cause of the bright grin that stretches his lips and turns them upward and he tucks his fingers beneath your chin to make you look up at him. “You bein’ serious, baby girl? Because if you mean that…”

    “I know, baby. I know. If I weren’t being serious, I never would have said it in the first place. It’s so hard keeping it just between the two of us.”  you admit and you’re grinning right back at him just as bright. You wrap your arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around your body with his hands settling across your ass. Squeezing as he molds you against him tight. You whimper when he rocks himself against you and you can feel his cock push against the zipper of his favorite jeans as it twitches and grows.

    “You’re gonna keep teasing me, Juice and I’m going to do something about it.”

    “Oh you are, huh?” Juice laughs softly as his forehead rests against your own. He thinks he’s being slick when he bucks his hips into you all over again as his fingers dig against your backside and he rocks you against the bucking movement,and honestly? He is.

    The handle on the door jiggles and the two of you freeze, sharing a look. Juice holds the side of his finger to your lips and the handle jiggles again, accompanied by Chibs Telford and Tig Traeger arguing noisily on the outside of it.

    “They’re in there man.. Together. And it ain’t the first time. Go on old man, open the door. I dare ya. I bet you twenty five bucks you find ‘em both.”

    Chibs scowls and raps on the door again.

    “Juicey, lad. Are y’ in there?”

    Tig calls out your name.

    This leads the two of you to share a look and Juice reaches out, unlocking the door. Neither one of you bother pulling yourselves together and you’re even pouting a little as Juice smirks at the look on Chibs face before glancing over at Tig.

    “Nosy assholes, aren’t ya?” he asks before closing the door and locking it all over again, in a hurry to get back to what you’d been up to….

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    I miss my baby boi Juice

    He was so soft, so pretty and so stupid. 💖

    I love him and he deserved so much more. 🥺

    #my fav lil Puerto Rican 🥺 #shut up I can say that I’m PR #juice Ortiz#personal
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    This is a lil scene depicting Juice and Chib's relationship (romantic ofc) from Half-Sack's POV. He's still a new prospect here and is probably more perceptive than he actually was in the show 🤷🤷🤷 anyways, enjoy! Also posted on ao3

    Rating: PG

    Word Count: 1285

    Category: M/M

    ───── ⋆⋅❖⋅⋆ ─────

    “Why do they call you that?”


    “Why do they all call you juicy?” Kip asks hesitantly. “Isn’t that kinda, y’know... gay?” His question is met with a laugh.

    “Nah, it’s my nickname. ‘Juice’.” He smiles, motioning for Kip to pass him one of the various tools scattered around on the workshop floor. Well, scattered probably isn’t the right word. Everything is carefully placed in a rough semicircle, with the most-used items closer to the centre and all more-or-less evenly spaced. Kip gets the impression that the guy is a bit OCD. He gives what he thinks Juice wants, but apparently it’s wrong because he gets waved off and redirected. The correct tool finally in hand, Juice turns his attention back to the bike he’s fixing. Kip doesn’t actually know exactly what he’s doing, but like hell he’s gonna admit that. He still doesn’t quite understand why the Sons even allowed him to prospect for them, so he’s not about to give them any reason to turn him away.

    “Why, though?” He blurts out unexpectedly. Juice blinks at him, confused. Kip rubs the back of his neck and gestures vaguely. “Why do they call you Juice?”

    “Kinda hung up on that, huh?”


    “Don’t be.” Juice shrugs. Kip thinks he’s pretty nice so far. Definitely nicer than some of the other guys. “My initials are J. C. so that’s probably part of it, but mostly it’s because I prefer sweet drinks, like cocktails, over just straight liquor.” He makes a face. “Happy drinks tequila neat and by the bottle. It’s nasty.”

    “Oh. Yeah, it kinda is.” Kip says, trying to remember who that is. He’s pretty sure it’s the scary guy with the scalp tat, but he’d best not call him by name until he’s certain. He accidentally called Clay by Piney's name once, and man, they are never gonna let him live that one down.

    “Where’d ‘Half-Sack’ come from, by the way?” Juice asks amiably, giving the tool back and waving for a new one. Kip’s face heats up a little.

    “It’s kind of an embarrassing story,” he begins.

    “Got plenty of those, trust me.”

    He tells Juice the tale, trying to avoid going into too much detail. It was a pretty traumatic injury at the time, and he’s not exactly fond of the nickname. Juice raises his eyebrows when he mentions the war but mercifully doesn’t comment. He does snicker a bit at the end, though.

    “Damn, that’s unlucky.” He grins. It is, but Kip doesn’t feel like he’s being teased. He tries to watch what Juice is doing, hoping to at least learn something useful, but he gets lost and gives up. The roar of powerful engines draws his attention away from the blurring scene in front of him.

    “Juice!” Clay booms, striding toward the clubhouse. “Church, chop chop!” Kip glances at him, anxious on his behalf, but Juice doesn’t seem too fazed. He’s probably just gotten used to Clay’s inexplicable need to shout everything. He hauls himself to his haunches, brushing the dirt off his knees and wiping his fingers clean of grease. Kip wonders what kind of fitness routine he does, because damn. He’s not even into guys but Juice’s legs are hot. And wow, okay. Suddenly his ass is at eye-level and that’s a little closer than he needed to be. At least it’s not Tig, he reasons with himself.

    “Keep an eye on this,” Juice says, pointing more at his elaborate layout than the actual project. Kip nods, wishing he could go with. As far as he’s figured, Church is code for the table at which meetings are held. Only patched members are allowed to sit in on these meetings, which is fair, but it’s kind of lonely to be the only person not there. Gemma doesn’t attend either, but she’s not usually around when Church happens. He digs his phone out of his pocket to kill some time while he waits.

    By the time the Sons emerge from the clubhouse, all squinting a bit in the bright sunlight, he’s beaten his high score at Snake twice. Juice and Jax amble over, followed by an older guy with long greying hair. Kip can’t remember his name. Barney? Billy? Binky? It’s a weird one, he knows. But then again, so is his own.

    “Yo, Bobby, whadd’ya think of Juice’s handiwork here?” Jax calls, cigarette dangling precariously from his lips. Bobby, that’s it.

    “The bike or the mandala?” Bobby smirks. Juice rolls his eyes and lights up his own cig. He offers one to Kip, and simply shrugs when he declines. He picked up smoking in the army, but then his grandpop got diagnosed with emphysema and he forced himself to quit.

    “I work better when my environment is tidy.” Juice retorts. “Unlike a certain slob I can think of.”

    “Hey, it’s not nice to talk about Chibs that way!” Jax teases, lightning quick with his jab. Bobby snorts and Juice looks torn between amusement and indignation.

    “Who’s talking about me?” Chibs joins the conversation with a leer. Kip’s starting to have a hard time following the thread of it. It took him a while to learn everyone’s names, and he’s only just starting to be able to consistently and correctly put faces to those names. It seems that every time he comes into the yard there’s someone new to meet, some new name to remember. And conversations seem to be a communal affair.

    “It’s Juice, man.” Bobby answers gravely, hiding his grin behind his shaggy hair. “He’s talking such terrible shit about you.” Chibs turns to Juice, who looks away. He has a really mean poker face, Kip thinks privately. The cheek-scars don’t help.

    “Again?” He prods. Juice scoffs, but it’s tinged with a little apprehension, Kip can tell. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Juice isn’t much more senior than him, even if he seems so much cooler and more comfortable with his place in the club.

    “Ah, don’t fret, lovey. As long as you’re not yakking on about me mam then we’re fine.” Chibs laughs suddenly, casually throwing an arm around Juice’s shoulders and pulling him into a headlock. He rubs his short mohawk roughly, making Juice wriggle like a mad thing.

    “Fuck you!” He protests, the words muffled against Chib’s arm as he tries to back out of the hold. Kip sniggers despite himself at the performance.

    “Fuck me yourself, ya coward!”

    Jax throws up his hands, accidentally flicking ash all over, grumbles something about getting a room and moseys back toward the clubhouse. Bobby flinches away and brushes it off with a mutter. Kip isn’t sure what he should do now. It seems like Chibs and Juice are starting to get a little touchy-feely, and he doesn’t really want to be privy to whatever that might evolve into, but he hasn’t been given any other tasks for the day. He doesn't have an issue with guys who like guys, but for bikers to be interested in each other that way… that’s gotta be dangerous. Bobby pats his shoulder.

    “Come on,” he says. “I’ll help you figure out how you’re gonna get yerself a Harley.” Kip nods, standing up with a stretch. “Besides, you don’t wanna be around when these two decide they’re in the mood. They can, and will, go for it right here in the shop.” Bobby adds, shaking his head. Kip blinks. He’d gotten the impression that Chibs and Juice were closer than what was probably normal, but somehow it hadn’t clicked that they were actually a thing. Huh. He guesses he’s got more to learn than he realised. He makes a mental note not to touch anything horizontal next time he’s here.

    ───── ⋆⋅❖⋅⋆ ─────

    #i did a google search and found out that half-sack's real name is kip??? #wtf #pls tell me why pretty much everyone in this show is some degree of blindly hot #i'm rewatching it and i honestly forgot how much of a crush i have on kim coates #oh well#my writing#soa #sons of anarchy #half sack (sons of anarchy) #juice ortiz#chibs telford#jax teller#bobby munson#juice/chibs #i love them sm
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    Prospect's work

    The prospect imprinted on him like a baby bird, at least Emily said so. Chibs is stood with the croweater now, both of them watching the prospect scramble through the chaotic party, passing out bottles of beer to the patched members. Well maybe she’s not wrong Chibs did pull him under his wing when the lad showed up last year, with nothing but a broken-down Harley and a backpack swung around his shoulder. Showing some out-of-character kindness Clay had offered the boy a couple of weeks in one of their rooms and a job at the garage.

    The boy had said he was called Juice much to their confusion. He’d gotten his own place and slowly but surely had gained their trust. He was a hard worker, loyal, good with tech and to Tig’s pleasure good fun to mess with. Two weeks ago, he was moved up from hang around to prospect. Chibs’ prospect to be precise. Juice has just handed the last bottles over to Tig and Bobby stood by the pool table, and reluctantly accepted the hair ruffle Tig retaliated with.

    ‘’Juiceyboy.’’ His head spins around at the call of his sponsor and he hurries over to the bar.

    ‘’Yes Sir-uh Chibs’’ A quick indication at their glasses is all he needs. As eager to please as he is, he’s got all their drinks memorized, including Emily’s. She gets talking to the prospect as he makes the drink, his hands automatically picking up a variety of bottles without thought. Chibs keeps his eyes on the party whilst he talks, careful to hide the fact he’s listening. She asks about his childhood, New York, his parents. Chib catches that his mother passed away a few years ago now, that ignites an unfamiliar protective urge, if all goes to plan, he’ll have a new family soon enough. Emily even asks about Chibs himself, Juice’s only reply is to say he’s grateful to have the chance to prospect, smart boy. After their conversation dies out, Juice goes back to giving out drinks and Chibs and Emily sit at the bar, their lips locked together and his hands wandering.

    An hour or so later the party had died down. It's nearly 2 AM and there was a variety of people sprawled out over various furniture. Chibs walks Emily over to the door, kissing her on the cheek he promises to see her next weekend. She’d be a good old lady in a different life. Smart, stable, not as tough as Fiona but that wasn’t needed when the IRA was miles away. He knows Gemma would approve but Emily herself wouldn’t go for it. She was a career woman at heart, working five days a week in an office building, who just happened to like having a bit of fun on the weekends.

    Walking back into the clubhouse he spots Tig throwing the kid a brush and indicating the floor. He’d been missing for the last hour and Chibs doesn’t want to know where he’s been, he’s just hoping it wasn’t a graveyard. Juice looks tired already and he’ll be here God knows how many more hours but no one ever said prospecting was easy. When he reaches them both he throws an arm over Tig’s shoulders before grinning at the prospect, ‘’You might wanna get started now, lad.’’ Looking at the destruction around the room and the prospect’s startled expression, he decides he likes messing with the prospect too.

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    The Disgraced Son (SOA) Chapter 8

    Happy has always lived in a nice area. His family had bought the house when he was only three years old and now as he’s pushing forty, he still calls it home. Happy’s sister and mother live with him as well. Owning a fairly successful business his mother retired early and later took up the hobby of gardening so no matter the time of year their garden is always bursting with vivid colours. At the moment bright red roses, dazzling yellow sunflowers and petit bluebells are the main attractions pulling in an assortment of bees from around the neighbourhood.

    The bright garden does nothing to soothe Montez’s nerves as he opens their gate welcoming himself into their yard. Walking towards the front door he questions how he ended up with the job of telling the news of Juice continued survival to Happy, really it should have been Chibs’ job but it seemed too cruel to pull him away from Juice. He still doesn’t fully know what went on between those two, the friendship between them had broken down by the time he patched Samcro. There had been rumours years before he jumped charters, most of it was simply meaningless gossip that the Scott from Redwood was getting a little too close to one of its prospects, Montez had shaken his head it then but now he begins to wonder. Of course, later on, just before he patched over the rumours had changed, transformed into the idea that Samcro’s intelligence officer was a rat. So, it’d been easy to believe when Jax had fed them all his propaganda, it was easy to understand that Juice was simply a rat and nothing more. And now he has to convince one of Jax's loyalist soldiers that their condemned man was innocent after all.

    After counting to three Montez knocks, praying to whatever God is out there that no one is home. Ten seconds later the door swings open, revealing Happy from behind it. Montez really should have gone to church more. “Hey, mind if I come in.” Happy just looks at him for a few seconds, his face deliberately blank, Montez almost wonders if he’ll refuse until he steps backward nodding him in.

    Montez never considered himself to be a nervous man but sat in that living room facing the Tacoma killer he finds his tongue dries up and words refuse to leave, too afraid of Happy to venture out from the shelter of his mouth. Clearly already irritated with the conversation or lack thereof, Happy interrupts Montez’s internal struggle, ‘‘Has it been done?’’

    Montez takes a deep breath at that question preparing for what’s to come. ‘’About that...’’


    Before the second night of Juice sleeping at Chib’s place, Chibs rummages through his attic looking for his blow-up mattress. He finds it eventually, stuffed behind some boxes of God knows what. It's still in pristine condition, after all, it had only been used once. After stubbing his toe on the last step Chibs lets out a curse. ‘’You ok?’’ Juice calls from the bedroom. He ignores the question in favour, of yanking the mattress into his room. ‘’I can do that,’’ Juice says.

    ‘’It's fine. I’m sleeping on it anyway. You stay with your book.’’ After a couple of hours on the first day, Juice had nervously requested a book, a Shakespearean one at that. Chibs was surprised but still went out to buy one, he was mostly just glad that Juice had broken out of his timid shell and worked up the nerve to ask for something. He’s sat on Chibs bed now, the book half-read and open on his lap, a couple of its pages dog eared.

    ‘’You don’t...''

    Chibs cuts him off, ‘’I do, Lad’’ As he’s attempting to blow it up, Juice finally notices exactly what it is.

    ‘’Is that from our camping trip?’’ Chibs knows which one he means, a couple of years ago, Juice, Tig and himself had been sent on a run a few states over. It had been a disastrous trip, with no nearby hotels that weren’t either fully booked or willing to house men such as themselves they had been forced to set up camp. Juice had been in his early weeks of prospecting so Tig had handed over the tent and headed back over to the bikes with Chibs, they both had to hand it to the boy when the tent went up without a hitch, he was practically made for the outdoors.

    ‘’Yeah, it is. The tent they had bought only had two rooms though, Tig would have left him outside with bikes despite the way it rained and poured that night. To be fair the boy rarely stopped yammering on and Tig still hadn’t taken to him at that point. Most of the guys probably would have probably done the same thing but when the first splatters of rain came down Chibs had sighed and opened up his tent for Juice. The rooms clearly weren’t designed for more than one, but it had been a good night, squeezed together, talking and smoking something Juice had picked up from his shop.

    Rember that trip?’’

    ‘’I remember you couldn’t put the mattresses up then either’’ Juice replies with a smirk ‘’You refused to read the instructions and it had deflated by 2AM.’’

    ‘’I didn’t need the bloody instructions.’’

    Juice doesn’t dignify that with a response until ‘’You’re doing that wrong.’’ Chibs lets out a sigh but he holds out the matt out all the same, a smile on his lips.


    Venus and Tig came around an hour after they had inflated the mattress, having looked at the instructions. Venus had some home-cooked food wrapped up in her bag which she planted into Chibs’ hand before shooing him into the kitchen. She sits down next to Juice and in her southern drawl asked him how he’s feeling.

    “I’m good thanks.” All Juice received was an unbelieving look. Glancing up Venus indicates for Tig to head into the kitchen as well.

    “How you really feelin’ sweetheart?” She reached forward and clasped one of his hands in her own.

    “Not... Not so good.” Encouraging him to carry on Venus' thumb had started rubbing a small comforting circle in the middle of Juice’s palm. He didn’t usually like physical contact, not anymore but that tiny repetitive movement offered more support the Venus could have imagined. With horror, Juice realized he could feel a familiar saltiness forming behind his eyelids. After a comforting smile from Venus, he spoke again “It’s good to have Chi....uh...the club back.” Venus smiled at that but let him carry on without comment. ‘’I just keep, keep thinking that I’m gonna wake up and find out that none of this was real. I’ll be back in Stockton with Tully and the guys will still hate me... Maybe I’d deserve that. What happened with Bobby, the Chinese, that’s all on me.

    ‘’You made a mistake. You just wanted to keep your family and you were punished brutally for that. What happened with the Chinese, happened because you were desperate. And all of the guys decided to follow Jax in that war. Bobby knew what he signed up for, alright? You can’t keep punishing yourself for that.’’ Venus leans in at that like she's going to reveal some secret of the universe, ‘’Between you and me, Tig was a little distraught last night. He had some trouble with Jax too so he’s got a better understanding of that boy’s malice and what he put you through, more so than any of the others.’’

    ‘’I didn’t know that. I thought it was just me that Jax had in his grip.’’

    Both sit in silence for a moment lost in thought before Venus says ‘’So are you and...the club getting along well?’’ The tone of her voice gives an indication that she’s talking about a particular individual rather than the club as a whole.

    Juice cuts straight to the point, never having been one for talking in riddles and codes. ‘’Chibs is fine. He’s letting me stay here just for a little while.’’

    ‘’Oh, I’m sure he is.’’ Says Venus, a knowing smile that Juice didn’t really understand dawning upon her face. The conversation turned to brighter things after that, the past was locked in a small box and kept in the back of Juice’s head where it couldn’t scratch or claw at him.

    When Chibs and Tig wandered back into the living room, ten minutes later, they were still sat together. Venus had clearly calmed the boy down as the tension Juice had carried with him had melted leaving him talking avidly with her.

    Dinner went well that night, Chibs thought. With all four of them laughing and conversing, Juice nearly seemed like the same person he was four years ago, talkative with an impish sense of humour. The ice had clearly broken between Juice and Venus as well. When the plates had been washed and dried and Tig and Venus were on their way out, she had hugged him tightly, whispering something into his ear that made him laugh the tips of his ears turning red, he shoots Chibs a quick nervous smile after they had departed.

    #happy lowman#chibs telford#juice ortiz #venus van dam #tig trager#montez#soa fanfiction#soa #chibs x juice #juice x chibs #the disgraced son
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    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    The Disgraced Son (SOA) Fanfic Chapter 7

    Waking up in the middle of the night had always been daunting for Juice. It had been a standing joke with the guys that he was prone to falling into a deep sleep no matter where he was at the time. Tig had had the most fun with that over the years, back when the element of family and brotherhood hadn’t been abolished by secret scheming and hidden agendas. Juice had recently patched in and some men from a local charter were staying over for one of their infamous parties. Nearing the end he had dozed off on one of the sofas; a couple of hours later he’d awoken to find their VP’s little girl, only five years old at the time, had painted his nails a variety of shockingly bold colours, badly to add insult to injury. The guys had laughed their asses off when they saw him. He knew from a glance Tig had encouraged it, he suspects by handing her the varnish and sitting her in front of him. He had laughed it off too and taken the teasing on the chin.

    But he never did tell them about the flash of panic when he first blinked open his eyes after an unscheduled doze. This situation was no different, waking up in an unfamiliar bed caused him to struggle to spring up, his heart leaping to his throat. The arm that gently and yet firmly kept him from fully rising and pulling him back down only added to his hysteria. A mantra of repetitive no, no, no raced through his mind, or maybe he said it aloud because the owner of the arm started to shush him.

    ‘’Come on Juice don’t freak out. It's just me. Alright?’’ In the midst of confusion, Juice could still recognise Chibs’ rough drawl. Even after he had calmed himself down the arms still had a firm lock on Juice’s shoulders. ‘’You can let go now. I’m ok.’’

    After a few seconds, the pressure was lifted from his shoulders. ‘’I was just holding you.’’

    Juice replied ‘’You know Chibs there's a fine line between holding someone and pinning them down so they can't get away.’’

    ‘’You were panicking’’, Chibs defends. He’s still sat up in bed, his back leaning against the headboard, an hour or so previously he’d squeezed forty winks in. He’s sure to do it again in a few minutes despite the fact his back already aches fiercely and it’ll be near enough unbearable tomorrow. It's too late to move now though, Juice has settled down once more next to him their bodies aligned and his head resting on Chibs stomach, it's like sleeping next to a cat. ‘’You sure you’re ok?’’

    ‘’I’m fine...’’ Juice fails to stifle a yawn. ‘’I’ve got you now, right?’’ he mumbles straight before sleep overcomes him.

    Curling one arm around him Chibs speaks to the empty room, ‘’Yeah you do, laddie.’’


    It’s 6 AM when Chibs wakes up the next morning. His early rises are the result of the past year of stress, of mornings where he was forced into the role of a soldier and needed to greet the world before even the sun had risen. Juice it seems doesn’t have the same problem. He’s still asleep, one arm haphazardly swung over Chibs’ stomach. Forcing himself to get up isn’t easy and extracting himself from Juice’s clutch without waking him was even harder. Chibs gritted his teeth but a small moan of pain wrenched itself through his lips as he got up, his back cracking with each movement.

    Stumbling downstairs his first act of the day was to ransack his kitchen cupboards hoping to find something to soothe the agony of his back, routeing through he takes a second to remind himself that he’s not really getting old yet. After failing to find anything of substance and letting out a few choice words that his old preacher would have turned white at he spins around, only to narrowing avoid slamming into Tig, whose holding out an orange pack of Co-codamol.

    ‘’I heard that Chibby, what would your mother say?’’

    At that question Chibs let out a couple more phrases this time in Gaelic before taking the box out of his hand, nudging past Tig he flips the kettle on. ‘’You know it's really too early for you VP. I thought you left with the guys? Chibs said as he made his tea, preparing to wash down his tablets.

    ‘’Nah. I slept on your couch. And you never told us to go. You stayed up there so they took off about an hour later. I didn’t know if you’d want me to stick around.’’ There was an unspoken question asked in there but Chibs wasn’t going to let him have it that easily, if he wanted to know he’d have to ask. After realising this himself Tig added on, ‘’How’s he doing?’’

    ‘’Still out for the count. I was just about to make him some breakfast.’’ Chibs had swallowed down the pills and was waiting for them to work their magic. As he spoke he was also inspecting his cupboards, looking for something more than a stick of butter, a carton of milk that was possibly close to Chibs’ age or a jar of pickles to feed the lad. Reaching right to the back, his fingers closed around something. ‘’That’ll do. Can you stick some toast in for him as well?’’


    Shoving open the door with a tray in hand Chibs noticed Juice had woken and was blinking beadily at him. ‘’Hey, boyo,’’ Chibs greets as he sets the toast on the nightstand and hands over a cup, thin tendrils of steam float from it. It’s some vegan hot chocolate he found stuffed in the back of the cupboard early this morning. He remembers it was always a guilty pleasure of Juice’s, other than the hot chocolate he never liked any of the junk food the rest of them fuelled themselves on, even Bobby struggled to bake things he’d take more than a couple of bites from. He’d rather eat whatever organic nonsense he found at the local market. Chibs always mocked that he might as well go outside and eat the grass, save himself some money. He perches on the end of the bed, unsure if he’d be allowed any closer.

    Glancing up, Juice takes the cup with a slight grin ‘’Boyo? I think I’m getting a little old for that title.’’

    ‘’You? Old? Lad, I own pairs of socks twice your age.’’

    With a chuckle, Juice looks down at the contents of the cup. ‘’It’s not tea.’’

    ‘’Yeah, I know. Who do you think just made it.’’ Chibs jibs back ‘’I know you don’t like my tea. You Americans can’t get anything right, can you?’’

    ‘’Hey, you serve it warm. Why would anyone do that?’’

    ‘’Because that’s how it’s meant to be.’’ They bicker over the cup for a few more minutes, one of them being right and the other being Juice. The argument nears its end just as he finishes his breakfast. ‘’Thanks.’’ Juice says not meeting Chibs’ eyes for more than a few seconds at a time.

    Not liking the slight awkwardness that never lived in the silence before, Chibs speaks ‘’It’s a little different than the rabbit food you usually eat, isn’t it.’’ Juice smiles still watching the floor instead of Chibs, he doesn’t add any more to the conversation. Wanting to have a physical connection before he broaches the next topic, Chibs rests his hand on Juice’s shoulder, causing him to abruptly go rigid and pull backward, his body pulled tautly and waiting for some sort of physical pain to hit. Juice relaxes after a few seconds and whispers a quick apology his cheeks burning but Chibs’ stomach still clenches as he silently acknowledges that Samcro made him this way, made him see threat in any touch or unexpected movement whether it be from friend or foe. ‘’Nothing to apologise for. I wanted to talk to you about what we’re doing next. You can stay he as long as you want to.’’

    ‘’I don't want to be a burden.’’ Chibs' hand enclosing around Juice’s shoulder with more caution this time, before his finger rubs a soothing circle.

    ‘’You’re not. I want you to stay at least for a while.’’ Chibs gets a reluctant nod at that, ‘’And Tig and Venus should be over in an hour. They’d like to see you if you’re up for it.’’

    #chibs x juice #juice x chibs #the disgraced son #chibs telford#juice ortiz#soa fanfiction#soa
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  • magickhajiit
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    The Disgraced Son (SOA) Fanfic Chapter 6

    Juice did look up a few seconds after Chibs had spoken, ‘‘You did actually.’’

    Chibs glared, clearly, he wasn’t expecting a show of defiance, even if he knew it was only a masquerade by the naked fear shining in the boy’s eyes. It would make this job easier. Chibs wasn’t sure if his resolution could hold in the face of Juice's vulnerability and shying away from this task wouldn’t look good in front of his men. Tensions were high enough with Jax MIA and Bobby in hospital.

    It’d had been months since Juice had last seen Chibs in the flesh. Taking a moment to look over him Juice notices maybe a couple more grey hairs and an ugly bruise that had bloomed across Chibs’ face, from eyebrow to ear. It surrounded what was clearly once a small gash but now a butterfly stitch pinned the skin together. With a quick indication towards him, Juice asked ‘’What... what happened there?’’

    Montez was the one who answered from behind ‘’The triads are still a little annoyed about our recent altercations’’

    ‘’Don’t I know it.’’ The answer was a kick in the teeth to Juice. That lie was the shame of his life. The thought of it still evoked a feeling of guilt that even managed to pierce through the usual numbness that filled his recent days.

    Wanting to conclude the undesirable task Tig was the first to pull out his gun, before holding it out to Chibs in a silent offer. It only made sense, Chibs brought him into the MC he should be the one to take him out. Juice couldn’t even blame him for his apparent apathy, maybe he deserved it after all he did. Maybe this was karma finally catching up.

    Gripping the cold metal until his knuckles turned white Chibs raised the gun, pointing it straight between Juice’s eyes, a perfect execution shot. His hand remained steady as his finger stroked the trigger. Before he lowers the gun. ‘’Why’d you do it?’’ None of the men looked surprised, they must have guessed Chibs would want answers before sending Juice to the other side.

    Juice met his eyes ‘’So interested in listening to me now, brother?’’ he spat out the words with venom hoping to cover the breaking of his voice as the last word slipped through his lips. Chibs bent down sharply at that question, his old bones creaking in protest.

    Kneeling down with the weapon now digging painfully into Juice’s stomach, Juice had the sudden thought that shooting him there would cause a painful death, Chibs said ‘’Last chance to say your piece. And lose the disrespect next time.’’

    ‘’Why did I do what? Work as a snitch? Kill Darvany? Rat Jax out to Nero? What sin do you want an answer for?’’

    The last part seemed to stop Chibs in his track ‘’What do you mean? Ratting out Jax for what?’’

    Juice looked at him like he was a fool ‘’He ordered me to kill her.’’

    “You expect us to believe that?”” The disbelief in Chibs' face transforming into a sneer.

    “Why would I lie Chibby? What could I gain from that? He couldn’t risk the cops finding her. He thought she’d rat us all out.” Juice realised salty tears had begun to form behind his eyelids at the mention of Darvany. He scrubbed at his eyes roughly thankful for no one commenting on it.

    Montez and Quinn had remained silent for most of the interrogation, he didn’t have the nerve to turn and see what they were thinking. In front of him, distrust still lingered in Chibs' face but there were remnants of another emotion resting there too. Tig’s expression surprised Juice the most, the earlier guilt had returned and he looked to be upon the verge of saying something.

    Chibs carried on speaking. Moving straight past Juice’s last statement like it held no consequence ‘’You ratted long before Darvany’s death. And how’d you explain Miles?’’

    Miles. He had killed Miles, but it hadn’t been out of spite or any animosity. It was just a protective reflex that had come to life when he saw Mile’s blade heading towards him. ‘’Roosevelt told me you’d cut off my ink and kick me out if you knew. Samcro was my family, I couldn’t let that happen. I know I shouldn’t have believed him but I just kept going back to the bylaw and everything you guys had said over the years and it made sense, at least in my head... So, I agreed to get the drugs for him if he promised to let the Sons carry on.’’ Juice paused for a few moments as if preparing himself for his next admission. ‘’Obviously, I messed it up... Miles caught me. He held me at gunpoint and was trying to get me back to the club. I just needed to get away just until I knew what to do. I threw the drugs at him that’s when we got into a fight, and he pulled out a knife in the end.’’ Chibs face didn’t exhibit the same certainty and hatred it had previously.

    Tig silent resolution not to speak had clearly broken. “What happened after Miles?”

    Juice let out a small bitter laugh at that question. ‘’Jax found out. He dragged me into this plan to take down Clay. I went along with it. It was me or him.’’ Chibs snook a glance at Tig, he looked stricken. Chibs had suspected something had happened between him and Jax and he wonders if Tig sees it reflected in Juice’s story. Bobby and Chibs himself hadn’t been directly told about Juice helping to stop Clay but they had known all the same. To Chibs it hadn’t mattered at the time, his anger at Juice’s betrayal flared up at any mention of his name until all he could see was red. The facts had seemed black and white. Juice had ratted. Juice had killed in cold blood. Juice had failed the brotherhood. And now it was beginning to seem like the black and white facts Jax had whispered into their ears weren't black and white after all.

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

    ‘’You helped him get Clay. It should have been all good.’’ Chibs only realized he had spoken aloud when Juice turned to look at him, still by their feet he looked vulnerable, like the strain of this conversation alone might finish him off.

    ‘’Then Darvany happened. I suppose that was all put on me too. After Jax said I betrayed him I knew everything was coming to the table. I went looking for Gemma. I don’t really know why... It was just a task to do. I was too late when I got there. Gemma was on the floor covered in blood and Tara... Tara was... was dead. I cleaned up for her, it's what Clay would've wanted. I couldn’t leave her so I shot Roosevelt and then you voted for Mr. mayhem so I couldn’t come to any of you’’

    ‘’And then we sent you to Stockton.’’ Chibs said. Juice flinched at the reminder.

    ‘’I did everything he asked. I killed Lin.’’ Chibs didn’t need to ask who the he Juice was referring to was. ‘’The Chinese got to me and then a day later Jax signed my death warrant.’’ The infrequent drops that had leaked from Juice’s eyes earlier had developed into a full stream at the mention of Stockton. He curled up a tad bit more, one hand coming up to cover his face as his body was wracked with tears.

    Breaking the thickening silence Chib’s hand rose slowly, landing on Juice’s arm with newfound caution, just testing the foreign waters. The other arm mimicked it, before they pulled Juice tight against his body, gently rocking. Met with this unexpected kindness Juice protested at first, pulling away for a few moments before surrendering and tentatively burrowing into Chibs. Fitting them together like two pieces of the same puzzle, he tucked his face into Chib’s neck, blocking the sight of his tears from the surrounding men. They sat curled up until the gut-wrenching sobs faded away, replaced by occasional hitching breaths. This gradually transitioned into deep breathing after Juice finally lost the fight against sleep and his eyelids slipped closed.

    All four men stayed still for a while longer, still processing what they had just heard. Chibs was the first to speak ‘’He lives.’’

    ‘’We know brother. Me and Quinn will drive the van a little closer. He could stay at yours?’’ A distracted ‘’Yeah’’ was the only reply Tig received.

    The van was driven right up to the door and Chibs, after spending a minute coaxing Juice back awake, pulled off his hoodie, wrapping it around Juice’s shaking form. Taking him downstairs was difficult in itself. More people were staying in the downstairs rooms, so each echoing creek of the stair was met with a slight grimace. Eventually, they made it to the vehicle, with Chibs and Quinn practically carrying Juice downstairs and into the back of the van. He stayed tucked up next to Chibs on their journey to his house, his head lolling on his shoulder and his hand clutching Chibs’ kutte in a white-knuckled grip. Dragging Juice once more they managed to get him into Chib’s apartment and bed. With the others waiting downstairs Chibs took a second to look over Juice. After pulling up the bed’s covers Chibs turned to leave only stopping when the younger man's hand reached out, his fingers curling around Chibs’ own, a whispered ‘’Stay’’ was the only sound to frequent the room.

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  • chibbybish
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    Like Real People Do (Juice x Reader)

    Part 2

    TW: past trauma, abuse

    [requested by: @kchavez666 ]

    [word count: 658]

    [reading time: 00:05:16]

    [tag list: @timbradfordsboot]

    Once again, you opened your eyes after a terrible nightmare. You wiped a few tears from your face and remained still, staring at the white ceiling. How long would this keep on happening? The constant fear that caused nightmares had brought long dark circles under your eyes. 

    You thought about going to your favorite place,but that scary man would be there and so would many other equally scary people. You sighed heavily before standing up and getting dressed. Lettie would help, you thought and walked to the cafe, looking around you cautiously. You thought that moving to a small town was a bad idea; everyone knew each other, not many jobs were available and your house was terribly big. 

    You entered the shop and the bells above the door chimed.

    "There you are!" Lettie exclaimed. You smiled and waved at her. You quickly moved between the tables while looking at your feet and sat down on the usual table by the big glass window.

    You left the book you were holding, on the small table and lifted your gaze to look around you; there he was, sitting only a few tables away from you, reading the book as if it was the only thing he could see.

    Lettie brought you coffee and strawberry cake but the knot in your stomach wouldn't let you enjoy them. 

    You took the book in your hands and prayed that he wouldn't see you. 

    Reading was your only escape and that's exactly what you did. 

    "I think the antagonist is right." You heard a voice saying. Assuming that the voice was not talking to you, you kept on reading the book. "It is hard to run from your past." The voice completed, sending a shiver down your spine. You lifted your gaze to see Juice standing right next to you. 

    Your heart started beating fast, you legs felt weak and started trembling right away and that feeling of not being able to breathe had come back. 

    You decided to ignore everything and beckoned Juice to sit to the chair next to you. You eyed Lettie who was about to run to your table and smiled at her. She returned the smile and, with a piece of cloth, she started wiping the counter. 

    "Am I interrupting you?" Juice seemed cautious. He must have noticed you reaction, but he still smiled and placed his book and coffee on your table. 

    You shook you head, showing him that you didn't mind. You legs started trembling more, so much, you thought you could fall off the tall chair at any moment. You took your purse in your hands and started looking for your pocket notebook and pen. Once you found them you placed them in front of you and started writing. 

    Juice was curiously looking at you,watching your every move, as if he was trying to read you. 

    You handed him the notebook, but now your hands were trembling too. You tried to hide it, but you were certain he had noticed.

    "I think so too." Was simply written on the paper. 

    "Well, running from your past, trying to leave everything behind... But why is he mean to the girl?" Asked Juice and took a sip of the coffee in front of him. 

    "I think he is having a hard time trusting people. Getting hurt so much for so long can make you distrustful." You wrote on the paper. 

    Hearing his warm voice, in addition to the smell of coffee and cake in the cafe, soon helped you calm down. 

    You hadn't even realized your legs had stopped trembling and it was already noon. 

    "Can I buy you lunch?" Juice suddenly asked. And then the anxiety came back. 

    "Some other time, I am kind of busy these days." You wrote on the paper once again.

    You left the cafe and, feeling emotionally drained, you fell asleep on the couch the moment you entered the house.  

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    "I told you not to eat too much candy, didn't I?”

    Summary: Against your warning, Juice stuffs himself with Halloween candy and regrets it. 

    Pairing: Juice Ortiz x female reader 

    Warnings: None

    Word count: 333

    A/N: I’m not really happy with this one tbh...like at all 😭 I just feel like it wasn’t working even when I restarted. I didn’t delete it since it’s still something for y’all to read but still...I’ll give y’all better ones after this I promise. 

    "Just kill me. Please kill me. Put me out of my misery."

    You rolled your eyes with a laugh as Juice whined, arms crossed over his tummy as he laid on the couch, rolling around uncomfortably every few seconds. 

    "I told you not to eat too much candy, didn't I? I said you were going to get a tummy ache."

    The Son grumbled and groaned from his spot on the couch, lifting his eyes to look over at you. 

    "Is that all you have for me? Victim blaming?"

    "Well, what do you want me to do? Give you a tummy rub?"

    He nodded softly, eyes pleading as he kept his eyes on you. 

    "I would do it for you."

    His words softened you, knowing that it was true. He absolutely would do it for you. With a sigh, you relented and moved your body to get a better angle, your hand warm and soft as it ran along his tummy, rubbing softly. He settled down as he laid there, happy to focus on a feeling other than his stomach wanting to explode. He'd eaten handfuls of candy corns, a full-size Snickers, two Kit Kats, as well as a candy apple, and now was regretting it. 

    The quality time was worth it though, and he closed his eyes with a hum, still relishing in the feeling of your touch. The tummy rub lasted a few minutes more before he was sitting up, feeling better but still not anywhere near being done with your attention. He was crawling into your lap then, laying across and looking up at you. 

    "Thank you for always taking care of me when I feel like shit." 

    His words made you smile and you nodded, leaning down to press your lips to his. 

    "Anytime. You're my baby." 

    His smile was bashful as he cuddled into you more, your arms wrapping around him in a warm embrace, always eager to give him your love and tenderness, even when he didn't listen.

    General taglist

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    Juice taglist 

    @kchavez666​ @emoengelfurleben​ @maciiiofficial​  @xonickibaby​

    #juice ortiz #juice ortiz x reader #SAMCRO #sons of anarchy #October 2021 drabble event #sons of anarchy imagine #juice x reader #imagines
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    Halloween with the Sons of anarchy boys

    Jax Teller -

    Halloween with Jax and his boys were your favorite time of year with them, you would always look through the Clubhouse basement, and found, many decorations that were used to put up in the clubhouse, but now they were in you're and Jax house. The boys would love to do DIY decorations with you Painted, pumpkins, or cotton ball ghosts, you name them you would do it with them. Jax loves seeing you decorate the house, he knows how much of a munchkin you are so he lifts you to pin the decorations, parties, and Halloween outfits were never you're guys thing.

    Pumpkin carving was such a mess, and you didn't even care. One Halloween You and Jax were together because Gemma had the boys, it was a competition of who carving was better so Jax through the Pumpkin guts, right in you're hair and you couldn't get the seeds out for a week. You enjoyed helping Able and Thomas with the carving and being goofy with them

    But you and them would take the boys trick and treat, and not even Jax Club could ruin that, it was a bit nerve-racking hoping the two of the boys didn't run out of your guys' sight.

    At the same time after the boys went asleep, you and Jax would sneak some of their candy and just eat some right before bed like the big baby you guys are.

    Juice Ortiz -

    We all know that Juice is a giant nerd who loves a lot of nerdy things, so you and Juice would of love to go to a Horror convention, and even dress up as you're guys' favorite horror characters if you wanted. Juice is not gonna lie I would feel like he would suck at pumpkin carving, he just could not get the hand coordinating thing one time you went to go get a drink, and Juices, pumpkin was murder you hold agents him since this day.

    Juice was a big baby when you put a horror movie on it was kinda cute, you were not gonna lie there. "Babe that a black cat, not a serial killer"

    On Halloween, you both would just stay in Halloween pajamas, and make Candy Apples, it was a huge mess with the Carmel snuggling in the living room and watching all the Halloween movies witch made Juice dig under the blankets and hide in the popcorn bowl.

    Happy Lowman -

    Happy enjoyed my time with just you, or with you at a party. It was not that hard to please this hunk of a man. You guys would go to a party on Halloween night which you did not mind, he would of went with you to get a 'Halloween outfit' witch meant a skimpy Halloween outfit, of course, this is Happy we are talking about. He would of course shower you with complements, skinny, thick, or plus size he did not care about. The party would be at the clubhouse because you guys hated going out to another party because the brothers at Samcro, knew to not flirt with Happy Ol'Lady.

    But before Halloween, one night you had a cute outfit for Doh who was the cutest Pitbull you laid your eyes on. Happy was not doing it Dog, was supposed to be tough, and a protector but however you did it you got Dog, in a Halloween sweater that says Boo, on it. You and Happy would even stay at the clubhouse with the kids to do some crafts, but at the end of the night, on Halloween or even before Halloween you guys would do the normal thing couple do would watch movies or drink your self crazy, for the Halloween spirit of course.

    A/N - Hope you guys enjoy I am gonna post a bit more, please send in requests love you guys, and Happy Fall <3

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  • juicyortiz
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    Clay: So. Who broke the coffee machine? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.

    Bobby: ...I did. I broke it-

    Clay: No. No you didn't. Jax?

    Jax: Don't look at me...look at Chibs.

    Chibs: What? I di’nt break it!

    Jax: Huh, that's weird, how'd you even know it was broken?

    Chibs: Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken!


    Chibs: No, it's not-

    Tig: If it matters, probably not, but Kozik was the last one to use it-

    Kozik: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!

    Tig: Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?

    Kozik: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles everyone KNOWS THAT, TIG!

    Bobby: Hey, let's not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, Clay.

    Clay: No. Who broke it.

    Chibs:.....Clay...Juicy’s been awfully quiet-

    Juice: REALLY. OH MY GOD-

    *room erupts*

    Clay:...I broke it. It burned my hand so I punched it.

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    Prompt Requests: OPEN!

    Taking a few prompt requests a) to add some variety and b) as one of the little celebrations for a follower milestone!

    You can request for:

    Triple Frontier - Benny, Santi, Frankie, Will Mayans - Angel, EZ, Nestor, Bishop SOA - Juice Pedro Characters - Javi (Narcos), Marcus Pike, Marcus Moreno

    Smut, angst, etc. is fine. And if you have any additional details, please let me know! (Please limit your choices to two prompts per request; two numbers can be combined.)

    Prompt list is under the 'read more'!

    “When I’m with you, I’m at home.”

    “They make shower sex sound so hot when, in reality, it’s just fucking dangerous.”

    “Shut up.” “Why don’t you come over here and make me?”

    “How can I be mad that you’re stealing all my clothes when you look like that? It’s not fair.”

    “It’s too cold outside. Get back here.”

    “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”

    “Get dressed. We’re going on a date.”

    “Do you know how long I spent crying over you? You don’t get to make me feel anything anymore.”

    “I don’t even like you!” “Keep lying to yourself, that’s fine.”

    “Wait, is this a date?”

    “All I want is a milkshake. Is that too much to ask?” “When it’s three in the morning and you’re wasted, yeah, kinda.”

    “No matter how many times we try, we just can’t seem to get it right. Maybe it’s time we stop.”

    “Let’s go to bed. We can talk about it in the morning.”

    “Look at the person I used to be. Really look. And tell me that I’m not better off now.”

    “Where do you think you’re going? We were in the middle of something!”

    “So, come here often?” “To the kitchen in the home that we share? No, not really.”

    “Wait, you can’t leave.” “Why not?” “Because I’ll miss you.”

    “Fuck the wedding. Let’s just elope.”

    “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just enjoying the view.”

    “I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.”

    “Are you really just going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been waiting to ask all night?”

    “You should just move in with me. We practically live together already, anyway.”

    “I’m so in love with you and you don’t even notice!” “…you’re in love with me?”

    “Let’s go somewhere, anywhere, I just want to be alone with you.”

    “I know what I said but I didn’t mean any of it.”

    “I can’t sleep.” “We could always have sex.”

    “I’m so in love with you and that scares the fuck out of me.”

    “….wait, are you flirting with me?” “Oh, now you notice.”

    “Go to bed. I’ll be here in the morning.”

    “You’re the only one who gets to call me that, you know.”

    “Do you ever feel like you don’t belong?”

    “What if one day I wake up and you don’t?”

    “When did you get that tattoo?”

    “Don’t look at me like that. Don’t look at me like you’re afraid of me.”

    “I’m not sober enough for this.” “Lucky you. I’m not drunk enough for this.”

    “You’re really fucking hot when you’re angry.”

    “If we get caught, I’m throwing you under the bus.”

    “Fuck, that yoga’s really been paying off, huh?”

    “Just lay back and relax. Let me take care of you.”

    “You wanted me to be rough so I’m being rough. Can’t you handle it?”

    “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?”

    “Where have you been all my life?” “Hiding from you.”

    “Have you ever thought about it?”

    “It breaks my heart that people are so mean to you.”

    “If I asked you to stay, would you?”

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