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    characters: itadori yuuji, fushiguro megumi, inumaki toge, gojo satoru, nanami kento, yoshino junpei x gn!reader
    words: 1.6K
    cw: unedited. throwing up, jjk-esque violence, general death (not spoilers), gojo past arc spoilers (gojo part), bullying motion (junpei part), non canon events (megumi)
    an: I have to inform you guys I've been playing obey me non stop for the past week im sorry for the lack of updates but I've got seven demon boyfriends now its a big responsibility 

    itadori yuuji…

    …couldn’t remember his dreams most of the time. he just assumed there wasn’t much to them and went on with his day. however even since sukuna possessed his body his dreams became too vivid, too drastic, to ignore. he no longer dreams of forgettable things like daily routines or movie plots, now, now his dreams are filled with pain and suffering. all because of him. he hurts people and can’t stop. he keeps killing and hurting people. he tolerates those dream, no point trying to stop them anyways. sukuna wouldn't let them stop anyways. then one night its not just blurry-faced strangers, its his friends, his teachers, its you.

    he wakes up disgusted with himself. the line between dream and reality still somewhat blurred, cold sweat covering his body, he lurches for the bathroom and bends over the toilet bowl. the contents of his dinner falling down the drain.

    “yuuji? are you sick?” you find him on the bathroom floor, face still in the bowl. you rub the sleep from your eyes, and crouch down to rub his back. when he raises his read you realise he’s been crying, “what's wrong, did something happen?”

    “bad dream.” he says casually and gives you a tired smile. must have been one hell of a dream to leave him this wrecked, you think. before you have the time to say anything, he's already brushing his teeth, tears wiped off of his face. he almost looks like nothing happened. almost.

    when you've made your way back to bed, he tried to roll of to his side but you didn't let him, instead pulling him into your chest and petting his hair. 

    “don't you wanna talk about it?”

    “i... it’s too much.”

    “not for me. i’ll listen so tell me, okay?”


    fushiguro megumi...

    …had bad dreams on a regular basis. so much so, that he probably doesn’t think much about them. that just the way dreams are too him. he’s probably way more surprised to have a nice dream, then he is to have a nightmare.

    when he wakes up one night, covered in cold sweat, he doesn’t think much of it. other than feel a little guilty for waking you up.

    “everything okay, gumi?” you ask.

    “sure, i guess i had a bad dream.”

    “awe no, what happened?”

    “i was hunting down a curse but a failed, and it turned out it was the same curse that got tsumuki, and it turned out to be my fault. it’s stupid, i wasn’t even a sorcerer back then… it’s not that bad though, i just have that dream often.”

    “gumi…” you threw your arms around him, “that’s so awful. non of what happened was your fault, i hope you know that.”

    “i-“ he started, but realized he was a loss for words. he never put much thought into it but when you put it that way, maybe he was blaming himself for what happened. subconsciously at least. “sorry.”

    “don’t apologize, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

    “…yeah.” he whispers into your hair and he squeezes you a little tighter.

    inumaki toge...

    ...doesn’t have nightmares often. his dreams are usually more on the abstract sort, where nothing makes sense (but make for a funny tweet the next day). however some days when his anxieties get the better of him, they transfer to his few hours of rest. 

    one scenario that keeps coming back to him in his nightmares in one of your breakup. in that dream you tell him its over, accuse him of things he doesn't have a recollection of doing, and the worst part is he can't defend himself. he wants to tell you to listen, he wants to apologise, he writes down explanations but you won't read them. instead tell him how annoying it is to always have to read anything he has to say. he's crying and trying to get you to stay, and in his desperation he accidentally uses his cursed speech on you (something he swore he would never do). that only makes things worse, and you tell him you hate him for it.

    when he wakes up, his face is covered in tears and he's panting as though he's run a marathon. he reaches for your sleeping form without thinking, and shakes you awake. 

    “toge, what's wrong?” you ask groggily, rubbing your eyes. he opens his mouth and suddenly all of his safe words escape his head. he can't explain it to you, he doesn't know how to. he just shakes you arm once more and his mouth opens and closes as if the words will come floating back any second. “did you have a bad dream?” you ask and he nods immediately.

    “its okay baby, i’m here. nothing bad is gonna happen.” you comfort as you rub his back, dropping your head on his shoulder. 

    “t-tuna mayo.” 

    he doesn't need to say more. he knows you understand. it was nothing more than a bad dream after all.

    for gojo satoru...

    ..its the same as it always is. its a supercut of those same scenes, replying in his brain like a broken record. the trip to okinawa (his last good memory of him), suguru leaving, yaga telling him what suguru did, their fight, when he... it all replays and replays until he can't take it anymore. he's alone, he's all alone, his one and only, the only one he has.

    when he wakes up the guilt consumes him. he's shaken and needs comfort but even he doesn't have enough audacity to ask it from you. he wonders why you're still with him, how can you still what how when he dares to have dreams like these. when he still has thoughts like these.

    you're not geto suguru. you'll never be geto suguru.

    gojo just isn't sure if that's good or bad anymore.

    “sato...?” you question sleepily, feeling him sitting up in bed.

    “sorry, didn't mean to wake you.” he quickly excuses, “just can't sleep.”

    “c’mere.” you lift the covers and open your arms to him. a soft smile comes over his face as he nestles his face into your neck and your arms wrap around his body, pulling him close. the proximity, the warmth of the bed, your presence, it immediately pours relief into his body. he's calmer now.

    as he's falling asleep in your arms he realises suguru doesn't matter anymore. he never cared for him like this, and he never would again. now there is only you.

    nanami kento...

    …doesn’t get bothered by nightmares. his own biggest nightmare was being stuck working a 9 to 5 job, good luck brain trying to make him go through something worse. if he does have a terrible dream, it’s most likely related to you and to his work as a jujutsu sorcerer. it would probably be a scene in which you get hurt and he can’t stop it from happening.

    he isn’t one to wake up screaming or crying, he just opens his eyes and takes a moment to think about the fact that it was indeed just a dream and you’re sleeping right next to him. he knows it’s stupid, but he feels relief at that. so he carefully wraps his arms around you and pulls you into his chest, savoring the way you cuddle in closer to him.

    yoshino junpei...

    ...used to get nightmares often. it was an almost nightly occurrence for him, so much so that after you slept over for the first time and he woke up in the morning, no lingering tiredness or negative emotion, he was genuinely surprised. he knows its clique to say that he only ever sleeps well with you, but its true.

    however seldom, his nightmares do return to him. those are the nights he can't wake up, his body trashing on the bed trying to get away from the bullies occupying his dreams. he's crying though-out the dream, pain moans and pleas leaving his mouth. when you finally shake him away, he's scared- flinching at the contact. he looks up at you in shock and before you can even ask what was wrong he starts crying again, and throws his arms around you.

    you don't need to ask what he dreamt about, you have a pretty good idea. so instead you rub his back comfortingly, whispering little words of comfort into his ear, planting the occational kiss wherever you could reach. 

    ijichi kiyotaka...

    ...has nightmares about gojo. you literally can't convince me otherwise. I don't think kiyotaka doesn't have really terrible nightmares, they're mostly just extremely tiring dreams. the kind where he is at work and he doesn't know what he should be doing and every task seems to go wrong and no one wants to listen to him. he lives his work, so those dreams are especially tough.

    you recogniser he's having a nightmare when he starts moving around on the bed and muttering some incoherent things to himself (somewhere along the lines of “i’m sorry” “no, not like that” “its wrong, ill fix it.”) 

    whenever that happens you just gently nudge him awake, shaking his shoulder and whispering to him “kiyo... you're having a nightmare.”

    “what? oh...” he whispers back when he wakes up, “sorry for waking you.”

    “no worries. here,” you extend your arms out and he immediately takes the opportunity to burrow his face into your neck. you kiss his forehead before letting sleep take over you again and ijichi smiles to himself yet again reliving how lucky he is to have you by his side.

    thank you for reading <3

    #i took away nobara for this one forgive me #i just didn’t have any good ideas for her #headcannons#x reader#jjk#jujutsu kaisen #itadori x reader #itadori yuuji #yuuji x reader #megumi x reader #fushiguro megumi #toge x reader #inumaki toge#gojo satoru #gojo x reader #nanami kento #nanami x reader #yoshino junpei #junpei x reader #I HOPE U GUYS ENJOY! #THANKS FOR READING!! #ijichi x reader #ijichi kiyotaka #kiyotaka x reader
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    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I could see people asking Megumi to bring his dogs out 24/7 because they are best doggos and they deserve all the pets 🐶🐶✨

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    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Odd things that remind me of JJK characters


    Characters: Gojou Satoru, Nanami Kento, Higuruma Hiromi, Itadori Yuuji, Megumi Fushiguro, Kugisaki Nobara, Maki Zenin, Shoko Ieiri

    Warnings: none

    notes: work is pretty tiring but im glad that im back. hope you guys are doing well ♡

    Gojou Satoru:

    winter, popular but nice kids, mint gum, those aesthetic white tiled bathrooms, neon blue signs, 2017 when i was at my happiest, a road in thessaloni that has built in led lights in the pavement, my little cousin who's a menace just like him, high enough by k flay.

    Nanami Kento:

    the smell of coffee that lingers in the air after using my espresso machine, freshly washed button up shirts, sandalwood, nights out in Ioannina (my city), red wine, knowing that my parents would love him, beautifully decorated bistros' during christmas, art deco from lana del rey, the castle of my town and its beauty, true love.

    Higuruma Hiromi:

    long dark hallways that echo as you walk in them with heels, the smell of the drinks pantry, greek/turkish coffee, whiskey on a summer night, the photos my best friend sends me from law school, autumn, aftershave, men's perfume, beautiful vintage glamour aesthetic, born to die by lana del rey.

    Itadori Yuuji:

    beige labrador puppies thus my labrador frieda who passed away last may, soft sweaters and warmth, listening to troye sivan and conan gray, warm smiles, the kindness of a stranger that brightens up your day, buttercream frosting, hanging out with friends at the beach on a summer night, bite by troye sivan.

    Megumi Fushiguro:

    rainy days with music playing, cuddling with the windows open, chilly days, childhood nostalgia, developing a crush, black umbrellas fit for two, my quiet friend, watching constellations from your balcony with your loved ones, cry baby by the neighborhood.

    Kugisaki Nobara:

    my outgoing friend who always shows her affection and love to me, fashion magazines and magazines that have little "rub here" on products for scent samples, the smell of magazines, vanilla milkshakes, going shopping and coming back home happy with my purchases, singing doja cat songs with your girlies, primadona girl by marina and the diamonds.

    Maki Zenin:

    square glasses, good grades, the friend that is usually quiet but always stands up for me, not being scared, feeling powerful at the gym, feeling independent, this girl from my grandma's neighborhood that never had a crush on anyone, spray deodorant, women wearing "men's" perfumes, old yeller by joji.

    Shoko Ieiri:

    night shifts at the hospital, the cleaniness of a doctor's office, the light smell of cigarettes after smoking with an open window, waking up with smudged mascara, black opium by ysl, sleepy days in, studying for a chemistry exam, nostalgia for something that never happened, cudno by molchat doma.

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  • weamalagente
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    what if itadori's destiny of "dying surrounded by friends" is "dying surrounded by friends (who are also dying)"

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    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
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    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I made Christmas paper garland  with jjk

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  • lotsoffandomimagines
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ~ jujustu kaisen characters reacting to you sending a “do you still love me?” text

    requested by @fangirlsarah16

    includes: gojo satoru, itadori yuji, fushiguro megumi, kugisaki nobara, inumaki toge, nanami kento
    warnings: insecurity but this is mostly sweet :)

    masterlist | buy the author a coffee

    tags: @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @natasha-danvers / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @czarinera / @threeandthirteen / @leighbechilling / @pastelsweaters-and-bubble-t / @curiouslilbeast / @crapimahuman / @sageandberries-png / @ggclarissa / @chesirekittycat / @mammonsbootycall / @duhsies / @mangoessassafras / @issamomma / @fangirlsarah16 / @poe30 / @barrysimpparker / @asainpersuasion / @just-that-bi-girl / @treethatswithpetra / @megudori / @fiona782 / @idklol237 / @manjiroarchiviste / @escapenightmare / @not-cool-1 / @nxxagent / @inu1gf / @jahnvi-d / @blackiegal / @dai-tsukki-desu / @swagfishblrofreptiblr / @amarinthe / @canwenotdothis / @yourusernames / @little-miss-chaoss
    #smau#x reader#imagine #social media au #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen smau #jujutsu kaisen imagine #jjk#jjk smau#jjk imagine#gojo satoru #gojo satoru x reader #itadori yuji #itadori yuji x reader #fushiguro megumi #fushiguro megumi x reader #kugisaki nobara #kugisaki nobara x reader #inumaki toge #inumaki toge x reader #nanami kento #nanami kento x reader
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  • sodacanwritings
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    [nobara and panda in the kitchen after witnessing sukuna take over yujis body in his sleeps, doing a TikTok dance and going back to sleep]

    nobara: he ate that

    panda: no crumbs.

    #𝗷𝗷𝗸 𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗸𝘀 #jujutsu kaisen incorrect quotes #jjk incorrect quotes #incorrect jjk quotes #jujutsu kaisen#jjk #incorrect jujutsu kaisen #jjk first years and second years #nobara#nobara kugisaki#kugisaki nobara#jjk nobara#nobara jjk#kugisaki jjk#jjk kugisaki #jujutsu kaisen panda #panda jujutsu kaisen #jjk panda#panda jjk #but panda from jjk #yuji itadori#itadori yuji#yuuji itadori#jjk itadori#itadori jjk #jjk yuji itadori #jjk first years #sukuna#ryomen sukuna#sukuna jjk
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  • deputy-ajay-ghale
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I just got early Christmas presents from @kekkou-tamago, so I guess I don’t have to vibrate with anticipation having to wait for Christmas to show them this. So thank you, my dear sweet Eggsy, for the cute pins. And thank you @sexovampiro for this commission! You were wonderful to work with and hopefully I can commission something for myself next time. ❤️💚

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  • kurumi-artist
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Fire festival in monsoon - holding the umbrella with your bf✨

    A/N: This is the first art I am publishing from my art side-blog! (@random-anime-nerd is my main blog) I thought of doing this because it is monsoon in my region (which is almost at its end). I did this a long time ago lol. The first one is edited with canvas and the second one is taken directly without filtering.

    Reference: https://avg.163.com/topic/detail/70877

    #fushikugi #megumi x nobara #fushisaki#megubara#megunoba#megumi fushiguro#nobara kugisaki#jjk#jujutsu kaisen#jjk fanart#jjk art #jujutsu kaisen fanart #jujutsu kaisen art #art by kurumi
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  • caffeinepatches
    02.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Kugisaki Nobara. 🌹🔨

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  • willowfolksong
    02.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Happy birthday to you

    - Gojo Satoru x Reader

    - SFW; Angst.

    🎂 It's a special birthday for you, and he knows it. Of course he does. You've told him multiple times— with him always nodding along, making a comment or two about how he loved the way your eyes would light up when talking about presents.

    🎂 You tell Gojo it's not only presents. It's your family getting together for the first time in a long time, it's turning 25, it's just enjoying the fact that you have a boyfriend now, that you love and care for and want to introduce to your parents.

    🎂 He stops stirring his coffee then, for only just a fraction of a second, before resuming the movement as normal. And you should have known then. But love is blind.

    🎂When the day finally comes, you make sure that everything's ready since the early morning. One of your friends comes to help around 10 a.m, and between the two of you the decorations are up and the cake is in the oven in no time.

    🎂 You haven't told him, but you're baking his favorite cake. It's your birthday, yes. But it's also the first one you spend together, and you somehow want it to be special for him too.

    🎂You check your phone to see if your parents are on the way, and end up entering his chat just to say good morning and share your excitement once more. You stop typing when you realize that the bubble with the three dots keeps appearing, but he never sends anything. You finally send him a smiley face, and a text about how much you want to see him already. The three dots appear one more time, but he doesn't answers back.

    🎂 The day goes on, and although you start getting a bit nervous about not hearing anything from him, meeting your guests and paying attention to every final detail keeps you busy enough as to not crumble down completely. It's a small party, but there's more people than you're used to have in your appartment, and most of them start arriving early.

    🎂By 8 p.m., the party is in full swing and you still don't know anything about him. Nobara tries to call him too— he has around 20 missed calls from you already— but to not avail. Itadori seems genuinely distressed. Megumi hasn't showed up either, and you have a feeling he knew. And didn't want to be there to see it.

    🎂 You're wearing the dress he bought for you one day while you window shopped around the mall, hands on the glass and sparkly eyes trained on the red dress the mannequin was wearing.

    "Look, babe! Wouldn't that look just perfect in you?"

    🎂 Your parents soon start asking questions, and an hour later everyone seems to know that the most important guest hasn't showed up— and doesn't seems like it plans to do it.

    🎂 It's soon impossible to avoid the cake and the candles and the singing— and you soon find yourself surrounded by people that love you, and definitely pity you, trying to sing along while your eyes keep straying towards the door, somehow still waiting.

    🎂 You imagine him bursting through the door— joining the song and singing louder than the rest, probably also trying to blow up the candles with you. You imagine him chatting animatedly with your parents, and trading jokes with his students. You imagine his gift— you thought he would give you that scarf you've been in love with since you saw it. But he never even showed up.

    🎂 You end up crying in the bathroom— Nobara knocking on the door, her worried tone the one thing that makes you compose yourself a bit.

    🎂 You send him a last pleading text. The three dots appear immediately, and you almost foolishly believe that he's had your chat open all the time. But he doesn't says a thing, so you exit the bathroom and let Nobara help you with your makeup before going back to the party. And like slow motion, you know.

    His eyes read your text once more. Megumi knocks on his door and says something— probably about what he's doing, about how that's definitely not the way. Gojo deletes the text he was going to send you and leaves the phone on the bed, a photo he sneakily took of you his background.

    He doesn't intend to change it.

    He pushes the gift bag with the scarf he bought you to the side, and stands up to look out the window. The few stars he can see in the city sky reminds him to your eyes.

    Gojo Satoru wouldn't be able to stand to have you taken away form him, so he'll endure this, if it means you'll be able to have a peaceful life.

    🧣 RED Love Story Collection

    Part XIV - Next is The very first night

    #gojo satoru #gojo satoru x female reader #gojo satoru x you #gojo satoru x reader #gojo satoru x y/n #jjk gojo#gojo angst#gojo fluff#jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen fanfic #jujutsu kaisen imagines #jjk #jjk self insert #jjk x reader #jjk fluff#jjk angst#jjk imagines#nobara kugisaki#fushiguro megumi#itadori yuuji #based on a taylor swift song #Spotify
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  • getougender
    02.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    neither megumi nor yuuji was a leash kid growing up but i 100% believe that yuuji would wander into weird places—he’d find his way out just fine, but you’d look up and he’d be Gone—and megumi bit people

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  • lokescurse
    02.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Oh, boy, can't wait to trap Satoru Gojo in the Egg Realm.

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  • kakaikiitan
    02.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Am I emotionally prepared to read the Shibuya arc again?


    Will I still read it?


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  • eren-ackerman-enthusiast
    02.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Besties, guess who bought 10 jujutsu kaisen mangas 👀

    They said that vol 7 had problems so they stopped sending it to different countries, Chile included. And they didn't have anything past vol 11.

    But, I'm glad I could buy these, so I can start my collection.

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  • livvstuff
    02.12.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #jujutsu kaisen yuji #jujutsu nobara#kugisaki nobara#jujutsu kaisen #jjk x y/n
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