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  • kn-rainbowblood
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    To the madman who made the Julian themed playlist I'm listening to right now, thank you for putting Careless Whisper in the middle of depressing songs and making me spit all over my keyboard.

    #I genuinely can't stop snickering every few seconds #a bright spark in a shitty day #sunny blabbers#the arcana #the arcana game #julian devorak
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  • auspiciousotter
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #the arcana #the arcana game #the arcana fanfic #julian devorak #julian the arcana #the arcana julian #julian x apprentice #the arcana fan mc #fanfic#ao3 writer#ao3 fic
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  • xaharadesert
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    MC Singing Hoist the Colours - Headcanon

    Devorak Siblings (Julian & Portia) x MC

    A/N: I’m way, way, way too late considering you said you had “watched PotC recently”, but this is a fun little request, so, finally, here it is @snarkfinnsoup! We’re really pushing my memory of the Devoraks’ backstories with this one, so hopefully this isn’t super incorrect! Please let me know if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes :) requests are open!


    When he first heard you singing, he couldn’t quite place the tune

    You were in the other room, so the words were a bit muffled, but you sounded lovely regardless

    He quietly moved toward the doorway separating the rooms to better hear you, and that’s when it clicked

    He knew that song; he knew what it meant

    A voice in the back of his mind whispered to him that it would be best to leave you alone— you were clearly having a private moment, and it would be risky to intrude

    But a louder voice, the theatrical one that demanded he never turn down the opportunity to harmonize, won

    He sang quietly, trying not to startle you

    You stilled for a moment, but continued to sing; if he was singing along, there was no reason to stop

    The song filled the air with a quiet sense of familiarity and longing, a past mostly forgotten, only the edges of which you could reach

    But Julian was by your side, filling in the gaps as best he could; his voice, his passion, his heart


    Listening to you sing in quiet moments before you knew she was with you was one of Portia’s favourite hobbies

    It wasn’t harmful, just a simple way of enjoying her life with you

    So, of course, on this day like any other, she was leaning against the wall separating her from you, smiling contentedly to herself as you sang

    The tune was familiar, but she couldn’t exactly place where it was from— there was a chance she had heard Julian singing it during one of his more theatrical outbursts, but with the juxtaposition between him loudly bellowing the lyrics, and you murmuring the words in a way that could almost be described as humming rather than singing, she couldn’t tell

    But did it really matter? The tune was beautiful, and your voice was lovely to listen to

    She let her confusion over the origins of the song fade away as she closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the moment

    She could always ask later, and she was sure you would tell her

    After all, what good is a song if it can’t be shared?

    #the arcana #the arcana headcanon #the arcana game #the arcana hc #arcana#arcana game#arcana headcanon#arcana hc#Julian devorak#Julian headcanon#Julian arcana #Julian x mc #julian x apprentice #Portia devorak#Portia arcana#Portia headcanon#Portia hc#Julian hc #Portia x mc #portia x apprentice #thanks for the fun little request #I really enjoyed writing it! #hope you’re all doing well #love you all!
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  • miss-magician-of-the-woods
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago


    Chapter 2 

    What’s behind of the unknow?

    Dear reader, today I come to make you an invitation, let's go back a little further in time, as I will tell you a story... From many years ago, so please settle down and pay close attention, many years ago there was one brave warrior, a tall man, with black and curly hair, with gentle brown eyes, his name was Zyron Griffin, descendant of great warriors, Zyron was named chief by his own people who judged him Zyron as a brave, intelligent and with a good heart, so that he could lead them with wisdom and intelligence as his future descendants would do over the years, but Zyron and his tribe were not human, they all came from a long lineage of Nekorians, a race of people with characteristics felines with supernatural abilities, their people are known for having cat ears, feline tails and claws, the Nekorians stood out not only for their appearance but for their unique power, the Nekorians can use magic, but each had a unique core power within them.

    Some had the ability to become invisible, others had the ability to absorb the energy of their opponents to use against them, and even the power to send the enemy to distant places, Zyron had the ability to petrify his enemies with just one touch of their hands, but only used when it was really necessary, the Nekorians are a peaceful people, despite their great powers, they never use it to kill their opponents without it being the last solution.

    Humans are often greedy and wicked, aren't they? Creating an irrational fear of what they consider "different" or "out of the box" even with those who belong to their own race, with the Nekorians the situation was no different, the tribe of Zyron was constantly hunted by humans for various reasons, some hunted the Nekorian women to satiate their lust obsessions... Others hunted the Nekorian men to make them fight against their will with opponents and serve as entertainment, but most considered the Nekorians to be strange and dangerous beings with their unique powers, and despite Zyron having tried to dialogue several times, greed and prejudice spoke louder causing deaths that weighed on his gentle heart.

    No way out Zyron talked to his people about their situation, looking for a solution so that the hunts for their species would stop and they could live in harmony, so Zyron thought of the only one able to help him in that desperate moment, the guardian spirit of the forest , Zyron entered the dark forest alone, in its deepest part he found the spirit of the forest quenching his thirst in a waterfall that was shining like sapphires every time the spirit moved through its waters, Zyron knelt before such a being, paying all due respect and in the name of his people cried out for help, a means for all to live in harmony away from human greed and cruelty, in return Zyron would pay any price on behalf of his large family.

    And so the spirit of the forest offered him a deal, the spirit would raise a great wall formed by a forest of poisonous thorns right there in the deepest part of the forest, creating a refuge for the tribe of Zyron, where everyone should remove only the needed to feed and survive, in return everyone in their tribe could never take a human's life again or the thorn forest would automatically be undone and Zyron's tribe would return to living with constant fear and above all... With human blood spilled from your hands.

    Zyron and his tribe accepted the condition of the forest spirit and started to live in its densest part, far from humans, Zyron gave orders to Nekorians of his highest trust to use a cloaking spell, and infiltrate human society, with the aim to do away with any records about their race so with that they would remain known as just a myth, a story for children to sleep in and so it was done...

    However dear reader, how long does peace last until a storm destroys it? How long can it withstand the changes of weather? Who knows.... Sometimes in the blink of an eye.... Everything can change.

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  • portia-my-beloved
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #incorrect quotes generator #the arcana#arcana#arcana memes #the aracana game #julian devorak#asra alzanar#asra arcana #asra x julian #julian x asra #julian#julian arcana #the arcana game #arcana shitposting
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  • coolassmagician
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The Main 6 As Things My College Friends Have Said

    Asra: Why do I feel like I’ve been awake for 1000 years

    Nadia: I don’t yell. I speak with power.

    Julian: You’re a neurological terrorist

    Muriel: Just another raining Thursday (it was snowing, and it was a Saturday)

    Portia: whore or not, you’re still cute :)

    Lucio: If I bring a boomerang to school, do I have to register it as a weapon?

    #the arcana #the arcana mc #asra alnazar #the arcana game #julian devorak #muriel the hermit #the arcana asra #the arcana oc #asra the magician #mc the arcana #college#college quotes#friends#friends quotes#funny quotes #shit people say #the arcana nadia #nadia satrivana #muriel the mountain man #portia devorak #the arcana lucio #count lucio
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  • coolassmagician
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The Main 6’s Spotify Wrapped:


    Top Genre: Ambient Folk
    Top Song: Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)
    Top Artist: Harry Styles


    Top Genre: Classical
    Top Song: Me And My Husband (Mitski)
    Top Artist: Megan Thee Stallion


    Top Genre: Showtunes
    Top Song: Careless Whisper (George Michael)
    Top Artist: ABBA


    Top Genre: White Noise (Rain sounds)
    Top Song: Feeling Whitney (Post Malone)
    Top Artist: Hozier


    Top Genre: Classic Rock
    Top Song: Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
    Top Artist: Greta Van Fleet


    Top Genre: Glam Rock
    Top Song: good 4 u (Olivia Rodrigo)
    Top Artist: Queen
    #the arcana #the arcana mc #asra alnazar #the arcana game #julian devorak #muriel the hermit #the arcana asra #the arcana oc #asra the magician #mc the arcana #asra#asra alzanar#portia devorak #the arcana nadia #nadia satrivana #muriel the mountain man #the arcana lucio #count lucio#spotify wrapped #greta van fleet #queen#abba#hozier#mitski#harry styles#taylor swift
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  • portia-my-beloved
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    im sorry this is just the funniest image

    faust my beloved

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  • anxietyriddenboi
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago


    Julian Devorak Angst

    Warnings: angst, Julian dying, stab wound, bleeding, crying, Spoilers for The Arcana!! This actually made me cry while writing it, so have fun!

    Julian stumbled into your shop, bumping on doors and knocking bottles of of shelves. He clutched his stomach as he crashed through the small shop, searching for you. He was dying and he knew it. He was panicking, his breathing quick and uneven. Tears fell down his cheeks steadily when he collapsed. He hit the wall with his shoulder, slowing his decent, and crumbled to the ground. He let out a sob as he bled out on your floors. He had never cried so hard in his life, the only time that rivalled it was when he couldn't save you from the Red Plague. He pulled himself up as far as he could, dragging himself up the stairs to your flat. He managed to stand for long enough to get to his favourite blanket of yours. It had become somewhat of a security item for him while you were gone. Julian used the last of his strength by bringing his knees to his chest and snuggling his face into the soft fabric, sobbing into it and trying to calm himself. He leaned heavily on the wall beside him, nestled in the corner. He found himself sobbing your name like a terrified child wanting it's parent. He was scared.

    For once in his life he didn't want to die.

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  • dontaskmehowdontaskmewhy
    01.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Timmys_and_scribbles art being used for an unrelated story in an app. Their poor merman Julian AU doesn’t deserve this slander. 🥺😡

    #julian x mc #the arcana apprentice #the arcana fanart #the arcana julian #the arcana mc #the arcana#ilya devorak#julian devorak
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  • currently-obsessed-with-love
    01.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Julian comforts Disabled MC on a bad pain day

    I'm personally having a hard time with chronic pain lately and would like Julian to comfort me.

    // The arcana // Character: Julian Devorak // MC: they/them, no body description, medium/long hair, undescribed physical disability, chronic pain, memory issues, sensory issues // Flavor: Sweet // Summary: MC is having a tough day due to their disabilities. Julian comes home from work and comforts them //

    Julian's heart dropped when he walked into the shop. Normally MC was behind the counter, finishing up their cleaning of the day, when he got home and he'd kiss them and tell them about his day as they both went upstairs to supper ready on the table. But today MC was kneeling on the floor crying surrounded by broken jars and herbs.

    "Darling, what happened? Are you ok?" He rushed over and knelt beside them.

    "I'm ok, just .... I just bumped a shelf and all this fell." They sniffled as they spoke. Julian gently moved their hands away from the herbs they were trying to sort on the ground, placing his arms under theirs and helping them stand.

    "You're crying. Did something else happen?" He spoke softly and tucked their hair behind their ear.

    "Not really. Just one of those days. I woke up frustrated and it seems every little thing that can go wrong has. I forget to open the shop on time cause I was distracted by my breakfast burning. Then later some kids came in and made a mess. This mess here happened because I forgot to lock the door as I cleaned up and someone came in, startling me and I bumped my head on the shelf. On top of a million other little things that happened."

    Julian listened patiently till they were done. "You mentioned forgetting things a few times. Is your memory acting up today?"

    MC's eyes watered a bit as they nodded. "As well as my stomach and legs and back and neck and sensory issues and .... It's just been a rough day." They gave a sad smile.

    "Here love, maybe this will help." He led them carefully around the broken jars to the counter. He helped them up to sit on the counter top and wrapped his arm around their waist, positioned between their legs. "Lean against me for a bit. Try to relax, even just a little."

    MC leaned forward, proping their head on his shoulder and letting their weight fall against him. Julian carefully but firmly worked his fingers up and down MC's back, massaging any tightness he could feel. They sat in silence for a while as Julian massaged MC's back and they slowly relaxed into him more. Suddenly MC gave a snort of laughter. Julian turned his head to look at them. "Glad to see your spirits are lifted but what's funny?"

    "I just realized I forgot to make supper as well."

    Julian's face scrunched in mock worry. "Oh no. No supper? I suppose we'll have to get food from a vendor. How horrible." Julian's dripping sarcasm made MC chuckle and he smiled at them. "I'll get us something to eat in a bit. For now lets get you settled. Do you feel like walking?" He grinned, "or would you rather I carry you upstairs?"

    "As sweet as your offer is I don't think it wise." They kissed his nose. "But thank you, for everything."

    #having a bad day disability wise #just need some comfort #babbles#the arcana #the arcana julian #disability #julian the arcana #julian devorak#julian arcana#arcana julian#sweet#fanfic#my writing
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  • unfried-mouth-wheat
    01.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Happy Hanukkah!!!

    [Image ID: A digital drawing of Julian, a tall redhead with in eyepatch, Mazelinka, an old bronzed woman in a shawl, and Portia, a chubby woman with long curly hair. Julian is laying on a large piece of gelt and spinning a dreidel, Mazelinka is sitting on a large sufganiyah and holding a tray with latkes and applesauce, and Portia is sitting in a large opened gift box, holding a present up. End ID]

    Like always, you can find this design for sale in the comments or in the source! Wishing everyone the best and lots of love!

    #hanukkah 2021#the arcana#julian devorak#portia devorak#mazelinka #woo! #this was super fun to draw!!! #Sorry I didn’t get it out sooner so if you did buy one they’d arrive during Hanukkah but I did my best! #I REALLY hope I got the names of the food and games right fhdhdhdhdh #If nit I can always go back to fix it! #happy hanukkah everyone
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  • iwriteforasraonly
    01.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Happy December First! I am very excited. It is officially socially acceptable to blast christmas music!! And I am taking full advantage of that with today’s prompt! :)

    I have to stop writing in school. I was vibing so hard to the music!! I really wanted to start swaying and bobbing my head, but alas, the fear of judgement was stronger. Anyways, for today’s christmas countdown prompt (Christmas Music) I present you with the Main 6 and their favourite songs. Anyways, enjoy! And listen to these songs, because they're all really good, in my own humble opinion!


    - Let it Snow

    - Surprise surprise, it’s not Last Christmas! I do know Last Christmas fits almost perfectly with Asra’s whole heart situation, but I really don’t think it suits him.

    - Let it Snow is sweet, warm, and describes Asra’s perfect cosy winter time with you. The world could be partying and singing merry songs in the snow, but they could stay at home taking in your warmth all night long. It presents the relaxing calm festive period that Asra has always dreamed of spending with you.

    - It perfectly encapsulates Asra’s wanderlust. It perfectly describes his love for exploring aimlessly, in hopes for adventure. Wandering out in the cold, dark and snowy night is amazing to him, especially when you’re by his side.

    - Let it snow shows complete and total love and adoration of the person Asra loves most- you! It shows how they don’t care where they are or what they’re doing; so long as they’re with you, they have everything they could ever want. To them, time with you is the best possible celebration, no matter what the two of you are doing!

    - Asra would sing this to you. His purple eyes looking deeply into yours, a smirk failing to feign innocence on his face.


    - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    - See, Nadia may enjoy her grand, extravagant festive celebrations, but deep down she really craves something close, private and intimate. Something just the two of you can share and enjoy together.

    - There’s an almost solemn undertone to this song, and yet there’s something very special about that. It reminds Nadia of the fact that you’re with her, through thick and through thin, and that you can both depend on each other for support through all of life’s struggles.

    - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is very calming. It is about allowing yourself to relax and not think about the troubles that you may have to face in the future, but rather about taking in and enjoying the present, which is something Nadia knows is necessary, and yet struggles with slightly. Hearing this song helps her realise this and it soothes her, if only for a moment.

    - Nadia would wrap her arms around you to this song, and the two of you would glide gracefully across the ballroom. She’ll quietly mouth some of the key parts of this song to you, to reinforce the meaning.


    - Fairytale of New York

    - Now, let’s face it, Fairytale of New York is fun! It’s upbeat and rhythmical and it’s a duet!! It’s got so many insults, so much banter and a very catchy tune. It’s everything a rowdy pirate theatre kid could want!

    - When you look deeper into the song (which I don’t doubt Julian would do) there’s a story- one of two people, blaming eachother for their problems and everything they lost because of their romance. To a certain extent, Julian sees you and him in this. He’s far from blaming you! He blames himself. Perhaps this is everything you think when being with him. But there’s still the aspect of love in it, and that keeps him somewhat positive.

    - Fairytale of New York is the perfect combination of feeling like he’s not good enough, and self victimization, all coated in a thick layer of fun and humour. It is exactly what Julian consists of.

    -Julian would perform this. Every time it starts playing, he becomes both of the characters, almost fighting with himself. He’ll snatch you into his arms and spinning the two of you during the instrumental parts.


    - War is Over

    - War is Over is so calm and peaceful. It’s quiet and gentle, and yet it still holds so much power in it! It highlights the good in people, while also not denying the evil in them. This is something Muriel appreciates dearly, and it makes his heart feel light thinking about.

    - In his childhood, Muriel was constantly being put down for being different, and that hurt, even if he didn’t show it. This song, though he hates admitting it, sparks some hope in him- a hope for a better future.

    - Muriel is gentle. He may have a general dislike to people, but that’s because they’re annoying and loud and so cruel. War is Over implies a time in which people aren’t so bad. It recognises their mistakes, and yet asks everyone to be mild for just a moment, and that’s something Muriel wants too.

    - Walking around in the tranquillity of the snow covered forest, Muriel will hum this to himself sometimes. The setting really brings out the meaning of the song.


    - One More Sleep

    - One More Sleep is a very fun and energetic song. It’s upbeat and perfect to have playing in the kitchen. Portia enjoys dancing to it, using the mixing spoon as a makeshift microphone and joining in on the countdown to some quality family time with you.

    - The song complains about loneliness and missing someone close to you, but instead of lamenting, it makes the wait a fun countdown. Portia likes that it tries to focus on the positives and the ultimate outcome rather than the negative feelings associated with having to wait.

    - When you come into the kitchen as Portia’s listening to this song- Be prepared to twist and turn and jump and dance until your sides hurt from laughter and your cheeks are hot from the exertion. Portia will sing the song to you, showing you just how much she misses you when you’re so so far away (at work or literally just in the other room) and how much love she has for you.

    - Portia will hum this quietly when baking, swaying slightly to the music in her head. When you join her though, she will go all out and sing very dramatically, making heart eyes at you


    - All I Want For Christmas Is You

    - Iconic. All I Want For Christmas Is You is the single most iconic christmas song, and Lucio is undoubtedly a Mariah Carey fan. The song is a huge festive hit and that is just another reason why Lucio loves it.

    - The song is catchy, some dare say even annoying and overplayed at times, It’s a song that isn’t necessarily to everyone's liking, and yet, every single person knows the tune all too well. Lucio doesn’t seem to see the irony in this, and just continues loving it.

    - There’s an aspect of greed to this song. Lucio want you all for himself and only himself. He loves you and he doesn’t want anyone else to love you. You’re the only thing he really needs at christmas, maybe not the only thing he want but-, ultimate, you are the only thing he really wishes for.

    - “Oh baby all I want for christmaaaaaaaaasssss isssss yoouUUUUUUUUUUU!” Lucio will belt out at any given moment of the day. When he sings, he’ll sing for you, but that won’t stop him from getting the whole palace to listen.

    Oh? What's this!? Why on earth is this cut here? Whatever could be under it??

    (I'm being really cheesy and embarrassing, I know. I am the mom watching her children open presents on christmas day. Leave me alone!)

    Oh my goodness! It's the courtiers! I don't know why. Honestly, I have no good explanation for any of these, but when looking through christmas songs I did stumble upon some that I just instantly put together with them, so this is here now. Also, there's a limit of 10 music boxes, so Valerius' is just a link :)


    - This Christmas Song

    - I can't really explain this one. It just fits?


    - Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer

    - I don't know why. This song and Vlastomil just have the same vibe.


    - Step Into Christmas

    - Vulgora would absolutely have this be the soundtrack to them smashing things during the festive season.


    - Carol of the Bells

    - Calm but very dramatic with a hint of unsettling vibes. Perfect for Valdemar.


    - Santa Baby

    - You cannot convince me that you can't see Valerius singing that in a santa mini dress.

    #the arcana #the arcana game #the arcana headcanons #headcanons#asra#asra alnazar #the arcana asra #nadia#nadia satrinava #the arcana nadia #julian#julian devorak #the arcana julian #muriel #muriel of the kokhuri #the arcana muriel #portia#portia devorak #the arcana portia #lucio#count lucio#lucio morgasson #the arcana lucio #Valerius#courtiers#arcanachristmascountdown#Spotify
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  • musingsofmusic
    01.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Apprentice Elizabeth

    Arcana Apprentice OC:

    Name: Elizabeth Perceforest

    Pronouns: she/her

    Birthday: 26 February

    Age: 24

    Favorite food: Strawberries

    Favorite drink: Peppermint tea

    Favorite flower: Baby's-breath

    Main LI’s: Julian and Asra

    #the arcana#oc#apprentice#julian devorak #julian x apprentice #asra x apprentice #asra alnazar
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  • chouleonasimp
    01.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Devil!MC (The Arcana)

    I had fun painting this :'D ̶ b̶̶u̶̶t̶ ̶n̶̶o̶̶t̶ ̶t̶̶h̶̶e̶ ̶f̶̶e̶̶a̶̶t̶̶h̶̶e̶̶r̶̶s̶̶.̶̶.̶̶.̶

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  • sunrisenfool
    01.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    yes, the Devoraks are fictional characters and therefore just a bunch of pixels; no, that doesn’t make putting Julian (or Portia!) in Christmas sweaters, celebrating an xtian holiday, on Chanukah at that better. even if it wasn’t Chanukah, just don’t put the Devoraks in Christmas clothing or sweaters, since Christmas is not a secular, neutral holiday, but a christian holiday and the Devoraks are jewish.

    Christianity has not stopped being a religion, btw, jic you all purposefully forgot

    #julian devorak#portia devorak#the arcana #swatting the hornet nest ig #this is also just boring at this point
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  • arcanecadenza
    01.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Not the canonically Jewish character in a Christmas sweater 🥴🥴

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  • arcana-sideblog
    01.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    woke up in a cold sweat last night thinking about this (click for higher quality lol)

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  • totatoti
    01.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Reminder abt my now two main ocs heights

    And Lucas in comparison to other LIs

    Dont ask why i made Lucas so tall I have no impulse control he just kept growing

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  • portia-my-beloved
    01.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Julian: *Researching a cure for the red plague, listening to instrumental music, very focused*

    Asra: *upside down in their desk chair* do you think stars have feelings?

    (original post credit @thebootydiaries )

    #tell me this isn’t their entire dynamic #arcana#the arcana #the aracana game #julian devorak#asra alzanar#asra arcana #the arcana game #asra x julian #julian x asra #asra#julian arcana#julian#arcana memes#arcana shitposting#incorrect quotes
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