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  • sometimes i see a few people saying that tía victoria, ray, carlos and rose are poc just because they’re latinos but you guys know that this isn’t a fact, right?

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    Has this been done yet?

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  • Thinking about Julie waking up one morning with the biggest knot in her hair and Rose gently brushing her fingers through her curls, detangling them and putting her hair in a cute updo. And when Rose passes, Ray walks into Julie’s bedroom to wake her one day but she’s already at her mirror trying to detangle her hair, tear tracks on her face and Ray knows and sits her down, works the knot out with the same tenderness as Rose. He doesn’t know what to do much with the hair after he’s straightened them out but Julie turns in her chair and wraps her arms around his waist, sobbing quietly.

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  • Julie and the Phantoms Sprite Icons @incorrect-jatp-quotes




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  • What if people start thinking julie’s a psychic or she can see ghosts but it’s completely unrelated to anything the boys are doing

    Like she closes a window in the classroom one day and a minute later it starts to rain and there’s a general low hum whisper of that time Julie Molina predicted the weather

    Or she’s talking on the phone to her dad with an AirPod in but her ears a covered by her hair and some guy walks past her and is like “98% sure I just walked past Julie talking to a ghost” and everyone just starts thinking like…..what if

    She’s talking to one of her classmates and points at someone in the distance and is like “lol look at that guy’s weird shoes” or whatever but as soon as the classmate turns around the guy walks behind a pillar without Julie noticing. And the classmate is like “holy shit it’s true”

    I just think there would be sth so funny about if Julie literally hangs out with and is in a band with actual literal ghosts and everyone thinks she can see ghosts just bc she was talking to herself one day

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  • *texting*

    Julie: it is 1 am pls kill me

    Flynn: uhh,, murder is illegal

    Julie: and?

    Flynn: I ain’t getting arrested

    Julie: smh

    Flynn: I’m sorry if I get arrested today for killing you I can’t get arrested tomorrow for killing my outfit :p

    Julie: gwjehsbsnss fine

    Flynn: lemme look good for one day and then I can kill you

    #julie and the phantoms #julie molina#flynn jatp #incorrect jatp quotes #jatp#incorrect quotes #I love Flynn and Julie so much #wouldn’t be mad if they had them date #or Flynn dates Carrie
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  • Jatp headcanons no one asked for but I’ll share anyway:

    - Ray gave Rose a necklace with a golden piano pendant instead of a ring. She never took the necklace off and was buried with it

    - the boys found out flynn could rap when Julie, Flynn and the phantoms watched hamilton on Disney+ and Flynn flawlessly rapped the entirety of Lafayette’s part in Guns and Ships

    - Julie is a big Taylor Swift fan

    - aside from Carrie and Kayla, all the other dirty candy girls had to audition to join the group but they eventually all became friends

    - Julie gave each of the boys a friendship bracelet like the ones she and Flynn have

    - one of the reasons carrie and Julie had a fallout was because of julie started hanging out with Flynn a lot more, making Carrie feel left out

    - Carrie could get a record label from her father’s contacts in the industry but she wants to get it by herself as a chance to prove she’s more than just Trevor Wilson’s daughter

    - Alex’s parents pretty much stopped talking to him after he came out, but never did or said anything hurtful to him

    - Flynn is the oldest of four siblings

    - Luke started cutting off the sleeves of his shirts to spite his parents

    - Reggie had an eyeliner phase (rip eyeliner!reggie, never forget) in the beginning of sunset curve

    - Bobby/Trevor and Rose became close friends after the boys’ deaths. He gave her the house he grew up in when he bought his mansion

    - Bobby/Trevor would have been Julie’s godfather but Rose and ray had already promised Victoria that she would be the godmother of their first child

    - Ray and Rose met when he was hired to photograph a concert of Rose & the Petal Pushers but ended up only taking pictures of the lead singer on the keyboards instead

    - Alex has a younger sister. Reggie has an older brother

    - Carlos has a pet iguana

    - Julie, Flynn and Rose used to have girls’ nights once every month where they would dress up, paint each other’s nails, eat junk food, dance around and make more friendship bracelets

    - Julie is named after her abuela

    - Rose chose not to pursue a full career in music with her band after she saw how distant Bobby/Trevor was getting from his own family and friends with the fame he got, so she became a piano teacher

    - Julie played Sophie in her school production’s of Mamma Mia.

    - Julie and Flynn have “pop culture Saturday nights” with the phantoms in which they catch the boys up with with pop culture stuff they missed since they died

    - Alex and Willie are the couple that’s always holding hands when they are hanging out with everyone else. Everyone else is so used to it they barely notice when they are doing it

    - now that they can touch, Julie always gives the boys a hug before she leaves for school

    What do you think? Did I do them justice?

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  • headcanon: the little finger handshake thing that ray and julie do started the day she was born.

    after she’s born and rose has fallen asleep, ray quietly leaves the room and makes his way down to the hospital’s nursery. once he’s there, the nurses guide him to julie’s little bassinet. she’s screaming, bottom lip quivering as she cries and cries and cries.

    ray just smiles, gently placing his finger in her tiny, outstretched fist, and whispers, “the lungs on you, mija. you’re a singer like your mom, aren’t you?”

    and julie’s cries immediately soften. she opens her eyes and curls her whole hand around ray’s finger, cooing gently and settling at the sound of her father’s voice.

    she squeezes his finger tightly and ray’s entire world changes. he tells julie the story all the time.

    “why is this our secret handshake, mija?”

    “because it’s how i wrapped you around my finger, papa.”

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  • “Doorways have been symbols of new life, of birth - of a doorway to the world. They have also been symbols of death, of passing from this life to the next, or to whatever waits beyond the door, of others who are already there. They can be loaded with hope, of new opportunities, of new horizons, leaving the now behind to a better next. They can represent an escape, a way out, even to places of fantastical imagining. But they can also be loaded with fear, with worry and with uncertainty - we fear the unseen or the unknown. We cannot know what is beyond the door until we pass the threshold - just as the future is unknown to us.”


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  • reggie learning spanish gradually after spending all of his free time hanging out with ray and carlos and julie

    julie, finding out that luke went in her dream box again and going of on him in spanish and reggie translating to alex, who looks even more confused than before. reggie interrupting julie to yell “language!” when she curses in spanish and her just losing it

    reggie, comforting carlos in spanish when he feels alone or misses his mom, even if carlos doesn’t know he’s there he can feel something

    just, reggie learning spanish and being a molina

    #reggie jatp #i have so many thoughts and ideas about this #julie and the phantoms #jatp#julie molina#ray molina#carlos molina #maybe even... reggie molina
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  • ‘Sunrise’ from In The Heights but it’s Julie and Luke, that’s it that’s the post

    #i can't stop thinking about it #tell me they wouldn't eat this up??? #julie and the phantoms #julie molina#luke patterson #in the heights
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    • Reggie: Alright, you and I are married.
    • Luke: We are not married.
    • Reggie: Relax, it's just pretend.
    • Luke: I don't wanna pretend.
    • Reggie: Scared you'll like it?
    • Luke: Okay, if we're married, I want a divorce.
    • Julie: Are they like this all the time?
    • Alex: Yes. Yes they are.
    #reggie jatp#luke patterson#julie molina#alex jatp#divorce tw#jatp #jatp incorrect quotes #julie and the phantoms #julie and the phantoms incorrect quotes
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  • Try not to think about it

    They’re going to pass on. You know it. I know it. They know it. We all know it. But try not to think about the immediate aftermath of it all. There’s so many ways it could go though. They start to fade. One last group hug and in a blink of an eye she’s hugging air with nothing holding her in turn. Try not to think Ray or Carlos or Victoria or Flynn finding her sitting there in the middle of the floor still crying. Try not to think about history repeating itself. Julie clamming up again. Once again being unable to play music or sing because its a reminder of who she’s lost and it just hurts too much. Try not to think about just how long it will take her to muster up the courage to play and sing after they’re gone

    Try not to think about her not being there when they go. Try not to think about her waking up one morning a few years in the future and deciding that day is the day she’s going to tell Luke exactly how she feels. Only to find out that they’re not there anymore. Try not to think about them leaving her a note. Words of encouragement, hoe much she meant to them, you know, that sort of thing. Try not to think about Luke’s message cutting out midsentence. So she knows, she just knows, ther they could feel themselves slipping away. And she wasn’t there for them. She promised she’d be there for them. But she wasn’t. And she missed their last moments. They died alone. Again. With no one to comfort them in their final moments. No one to tell them everything’s going to be ok. No one to tell JULIE that everything’s going to be ok. Try not to bring about all the albums and videos she’s going to dedicate to them. The charities she could start in their honour. Anything to make sure she can feel they’re still around just for a couple of seconds longer.

    Try not to think about Julie once again finding her voice and having a long successful career as an A-list Star. Living a long, long happy life, filled with music and everything she could’ve dreamed of and more. All the while wishing that the guys were there with her. Try not to think about that final night, years after retirement, she goes to sleep. Only to wake up to the boys grinning at her, looking so proud of her, looking so happy to see her. She realises. She did it. She lived the dream. She had a full life. And they didn’t miss a second of it. They watched her through it all. Try not to think about them having one last jam session as the credits rolll knowing Julie lives her life exactly how she wanted to live it thanks to these boys who were part of what helped her when she was at her lowest point.

    There are so many ways they could pass on. So many ways Julie would react. So many ways WE would react. Just. Try not to think about it. And try not to worry about it. Alright?

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  • yes i am obsessed with a show targeted at people half my age shut up and let me have the regression to simpler times where i didnt have to deal w adulthood thank u v much

    but like julie and luke are adorable

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  • #this has so much formating that i cba to transfer to tumblr so here's a link #julie and the phantoms #julie molina#luke patterson#alex#reggie#juke#jatp #rosie vs writing #*
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  • her breath in my mouth;
    her lips on my skin;
    her music on my tongue;
                   I lose her.


    You are born into a glass-shard world, built on your father’s grief dripping from the roof of his mouth into his lungs in an ever changing tide tied to a moon that no longer has light to reflect. You are born with your mother’s teeth, and your father’s glass surrounding you like-

    Julie smiles at you, with those soft eyes, with her hands on your cheeks and her life tangled in her laughter. Her mother strings dahlias across the entire house and Julie strings the world on her piano and into your chest and you; you dig your mother’s teeth into the soft palms of Julie’s hands. Her blood drips on your pink shoes and your pink skirt and your pink cheeks and all that you have swallowed until it lies, blooming rot, in the cavity of your stomach. Perhaps these teeth are yours or perhaps they are your mother’s – faceless, wordless, voiceless thing that your father keeps tethered to his ribs and his teeth and the back of his teeth, nameless – perhaps they are all that lies nestled in your father’s jewelry.

    Perhaps, after all, your palms are lined with barbed hooks, something like your nightmares risen from within your chest to claw at Julie’s flesh. Perhaps it is simply that Julie laughs and you ache and Julie touches you and you ache and Julie sings and Julie –

    You ache.

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  • Alex, Wakes up in the middle of the night: Reggie is doing something stupid

    Luke: What?? How do you know??

    Alex, struggling to get out of bed: I feel it in the force I swear

    #julie and the phantoms #jatp#JATP #julie and the phantoms incorrect quotes #Julie and the phantoms #luke jatp#jatp reggie#julie molina#jatp alex#alex jatp#reggie jatp#jatp luke#luke patterson #jatp incorrect quotes #jatp netflix#jatp shitpost#incorrect quotes#reggie molina #cause hes a molina you cant stop him
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