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  • hakuyeo
    01.12.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    STATEMENT: imperceptible!

    "you wouldn't mind, would you? after all," you turn to jungwon, presenting a sly smirk that tugged on the side of your lips. "you are the student council president." and that was when you had declared war against jungwon, except, it was a war of love!
    everyone knows how much chemistry you and jungwon have, though what happens if the other student council members start to get suspicious of their sudden passive-aggressiveness? will they pry or will they just watch the chaos unfold?

    『pairing: yang jungwon x reader!!』

    featuring: enhypen jungwon, ive wonyoung, stayc j, drippin alex, bae173 dohyon, kep1er bahiyyih + more characters in the future? 👀

    ➠ warnings: possible cursing ;; painfully unfunny humor🤕🤕

    ➠ genre: smau, high school au, mostly crack lolol, fluff

    ➠ status: it will start some time this december!! i'll be posting first chapter + profiles soon though!

    ➠ taglist: open !! send an ask !!💗

    notes: this is inspired by "kaguya-sama: love is war" and "let my love run wild" by @ddeonuism!! :D

    notes 2: i gave up on making the header a gif💀it kept glitching:(

    ➥ enhypen masterlist!!

    profiles! ↓

    ➥ the victims of love💔

    ➥ & friends😍🙏

    chapters! ↓

    one; war! [written]

    ... 🍰

    #aaaaa yes!!!! a new smau muhehehe #had a mental breakdown over the header🤕☝️ #even dropped s.waus for this💔 #STATEMENT: imperceptible!☕ #enhypen au#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #yang jungwon x reader #yang jungwon #yang jungwon scenarios #jungwon fluff #jungwon x reader #jungwon scenarios#jungwon smau #jungwon social media au #jungwon x y/n #jungwon x you
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  • linoragi
    01.12.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    twenty-three. / twenty-four. — the one where sunoo doesn't walk y/n home. / twenty-five.

    for me. — k. sunoo

    ✴︎ synopsis: to sunoo, you were just a random girl in one or two of his classes who happens to be friends with his friends while to you, sunoo was the guy who you’ve been swooning over for a year or so. now, with you tweeting about your crush on him on the wrong account, sunoo has just one question. you’re the one who confessed to him, so why the hell is he the one chasing (literally and figuratively) you?

    ✴︎ pairing: sunoo x fem!reader

    ✴︎ content/genre: smau, college au, fluff

    ✴︎ warning(s): swearing, always,, sorry sjsj,, is this considered angst

    ✴︎ note: hi,, idk what to say,, say hi hehe <3,, tell me about your spotify wrapped 2021 !!

    ✴︎ taglist: @tomorrowbymoa-together @icywhatim @giyyuzz @ncityy04 @goldenhypen @yougeans @hobistigma @ja4hyvn @nyfwyeonjun @big-fool-energy @amakumos @pixyseeun @angel-hyuckie @meiiiwa @jvnsun @aria-grace-scott @msxflower @pebbypenny @isaluv @snowfalltxt @dinosdance @m1ng-how @taylorswifeyyy @tobiosbbyghorl @urresidentdrugdealer @acciomylove @leeis @yizhoutv @chirokookie @apricottulips @jay-durian @studioreader @euphorencia @hibuki-chan @mildlystupid @tenten-67 @hiqhkey @wh4txium1n @uhhalexwashere @sunswonie

    #y/n x sunoo but jungwon is right stop it sunoo #enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen series#enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #sunoo imagines#sunoo scenarios#sunoo reactions#sunoo smau #sunoo soft hours #sunoo x reader
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  • tyunsview
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    READY TO LOVE | oh no shes broken


    SYNOPSIS. jay didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when he saw the sad looking girl hanging out with her friends, he knew what he felt even though he was scared.

    TAGLIST: @mykalon

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  • lvrshypen
    01.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ❙❘❙❙❘❙❚❙❘ ⌕ : happier ꗃ left unlocked

    𔘓 summary: jungwon liked you ever since, but you were too dense to notice. finally mustering up his courage, jungwon told you what he really felt, but you couldn't reciprocate his feelings as you were already dating jay: the basketball captain, which is also jungwon's friend. things took a huge turn when jungwon found out something about his friend doing things behind your back.

    𔘓 taglist (open): @ncityy04 @itzsora @wanlore @instahann @wonwoosh @mysticore-replies @ahnneyong @msxflower @youreverydayzebra @meiiiwa @3ggieyolk @luv4gyu @w3bqrl @yjwfav @ielaa @sunysunoo @creamkwan @meiinumaki @punneysushi01 @m1ng-how @c9tnoos @ryu-naa @hobistigma @seungstarss @txtyvoir @blank-velvet @holoestuff @wccycc @lumixen @tomorrowbymoa-together @daisyhwa @yizhoutv @jay-durian @primorange @curryramyeon @acciomylove @icywhatim @straykidrens @juoirs @pepperrye @pr0dbeomgyu @stoatwashere

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    #enhypen#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps#enhypen angst#enhypen oneshots#enhypen fanfic#enhypen headcanons#enhypen fanfiction #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen jungwon #jungwon x you #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #yang jungwon#enhypen jay #jay x y/n #jay x you #jay x reader #park jay#lvrshypen #ᕱ ⑅ ᕱ . . . happier – y.jw
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  • tyunsview
    01.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    READY TO LOVE | bestie why r u barking


    SYNOPSIS. jay didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when he saw the sad looking girl hanging out with her friends, he knew what he felt even though he was scared.

    TAGLIST: @mykalon

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  • soobnny
    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


    47 — blue salvia (i think of you)

    notes: and the realization finally hits… dw girl same i’m also in love with yang jungwon

    taglist: @ja4hyvn @lokideadontheinside @acciomylove @heatrache @giyyuzz @msxflower @sarang-wonie @vegetablespuppets @gongiz @choibinn3 @yvashj @sluxie @meijiamikas @creamkwan @meiiiwa @strawberryyukhei @lumixen @vampsvngie @you-njinhwang @amakumos @stoatwashere @pixyseeun @bigtittietoji @diestheticu @leefelix-gf @witchitzy @itzxvaxella @sunysunoo @iamnotgrootforiamthor @junnnoooo @wonamour @tomorrowbymoa-together @from-xero @miwonie @hakuyeo @woniepuffle @she-is-dreaming @chirokookie @tenten-67 @yangrden @instahann @wonluvrbot @sunoo-bby @emobeomgyu @forjusticeandspite @sonjuyeonnie @hwalllllllelujah @kixua @pepperrye @unipanda1006 @nochuwastaken @enhypenisnotforsale (send an ask to be added!)

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    #enhypen x reader #fluff#jungwon fanfic #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #jungwon x you #yang jungwon x reader #jungwon smau #jungwon x reader smau #social media au #yang jungwon#smau#text au
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  • hsngarchive
    01.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    CHAPTER 08 - "kevin sus"

    timeskip to 1 day after they met up

    a/n: i know i said it would be half written but i had no ideas and wasnt feeling very well today :(

    summary: two souls have been in love with each other for 2 whole years. they have never talked before even though they are in the same class and major. when slots for the school newspaper open, both of them join because of their similar interest in journalism. will their shared love for writing make way for another kind of love, something they'd both wanted but couldn't even imagine?

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    luvsick masterlist

    TAGLIST: open !

    @giyyuzz @tenten-67 @ncityy04 @goldenhypen @pixyseeun @rikiscxstle @amakumos @meiiiwa @studioreader @sunftsun @alderiasamantha @apricottulips @ja4hyvn @sthinqsz @heesplanet

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  • soobnny
    01.12.2021 - 14 hours ago


    note: we’re growing closer to the finish line 😟

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    taglist: @ja4hyvn @lokideadontheinside @acciomylove @heatrache @giyyuzz @msxflower @sarang-wonie @vegetablespuppets @gongiz @choibinn3 @yvashj @sluxie @meijiamikas @creamkwan @meiiiwa @strawberryyukhei @lumixen @vampsvngie @you-njinhwang @amakumos @stoatwashere @pixyseeun @bigtittietoji @diestheticu @leefelix-gf @witchitzy @itzxvaxella @sunysunoo @iamnotgrootforiamthor @junnnoooo @wonamour @tomorrowbymoa-together @from-xero @miwonie @hakuyeo @woniepuffle @she-is-dreaming @chirokookie @tenten-67 @yangrden @instahann @wonluvrbot @sunoo-bby @emobeomgyu @forjusticeandspite @sonjuyeonnie @hwalllllllelujah @kixua @pepperrye @unipanda1006 @nochuwastaken @enhypenisnotforsale (send an ask to be added!)

    46 — spearmint (warmth of sentiment)

    You take a stroll through the Hanakotoba flower shop - the place you love the most (maybe even more than the inside of your house). It’s been a place of comfort and a place of celebration. You reason that this is why you cherish this flower shop the most. In the corners of the flower filled place is constancy. 

    Flowers litter the space, its walls lined with orchids of numerous colors. It’s where you’ve spent the most time with yourself, where you went to when you failed your Chemistry test, and where you celebrated when you passed your midterm exams. Which is why you’re back, walking through the arrays of flowers with a small smile on your face.

    You liked how the place seemed to be your secret. It had a fairly stray group of customers everyday, but not many people would willingly spend time sitting at the wooden tables. You liked it though, it was comfort in the ruckus of high school. Without truly realizing it, you had made it your home. 

    Heeseung was the first to notice your presence; Heeseung who had hurriedly informed Sunoo so he could tell Jungwon that you were back. By the time Jungwon emerges from the back, you’re already seated on your spot, but this time, you don’t do anything. 

    It’s a strange sight.

    You’re usually surrounded with work when you visit the shop, and if you weren’t working, you would be reading a book. But today, you simply sat down. Jungwon clears his throat and straightens his shoulders before walking towards your direction. Your eyes glint with happiness the moment it meets his.

    “You’re back.” His voice is warm, gentle.

    “You can’t keep me away from this place.”

    “I almost did when you refused to sleep a few days ago.” 

    The melodic sound of your laugh feels like the beginning of something wonderful. Yang Jungwon can tell you’re freer than usual, he knows it’s because you’re relieved to lose some weight of the responsibilities placed on you.

    “What brings you here? I thought you’d be celebrating with friends.” You shake your head, explaining how they had surprised you the night before, and how they slept over and were planning to spend the whole day with you, but Jake had this family thing for lunch, and you only had one place in mind of where you wanted to go, so now you were here. 

    The parallel was amusing. This time, you had been the one rambling.

    “But also, I kind of wanted to thank you. For that day, when, you know.” You mirror the actions of you crying, and laughter breaks out across the room. “You really made me believe I could do it, and that things will be okay in the end.” 

    “Don’t mention it, you deserve to be told that. By the way, congratulations! I wish I could’ve brought Maeumi with me, but I didn’t know you’d be visiting today. I know how much you love him.”

    “It’s alright. Being with you is enough.” You don’t realize the weight of your words until it falls off your mouth, and your face grows incredibly red (Jungwon doesn’t notice, too busy trying to hide his own blush. He wonders if you could hear how loud his heart is beating right now).

    You deflect by talking about the week prior, just like he had asked a few days ago through texts.

    Jungwon supposes he should feel guilty at his unavailability to listen to you properly because of the way he’s absolutely consumed with the way your lips move, and how your eyes seemed to light up every time you talked about a moment you were proud of during your pitch presentation. 

    You’re saying something about the judges, he’s not sure. He makes sure to nod when needed, and smile when he thinks it’s appropriate (he mirrors your movements, syncing himself with you).

    And while you’re talking about your week, Jungwon gets a bright idea. He types something quickly on his phone, and when it rings ten minutes later, Jungwon quietly excuses himself from the table, telling you he’ll be right back.

    There Heeseung stood with a box containing two cupcakes. Jungwon thanks him, telling Heeseung he’ll pay him later before he’s making his way back to you. “I believe a proper congratulations is in order.”

    “Jungwon… You didn’t have to.”

    “I wanted to celebrate with you. Your friends got to last night, and well, I’m a friend too, right?” You sneak a glance at his face as his soft eyes skim the cupcakes, and he brings his gaze up to shoot you a warm smile. Yang Jungwon always smiles with his eyes. He’s someone whose eyes tell stories. 

    He sits right next to you, your thigh pressing up against his, and it makes your heart beat quickly in your chest to feel his body radiating out from his side. Yang Jungwon came to you in the form of a flower that had not bloomed yet. You never really noticed him, mind too cluttered with how busy you were. Yet, here he was, in all his glory, fully bloomed and more beautiful than he ever was. You question why you never saw him in this light before.

    Hours are spent talking and eating the cupcakes he had bought for you. There's no plan, and there surely isn’t any race to run. Time is a distant memory, and you slowly start to realize your own feelings for the boy who owned the flower shop you loved the most.

    #enhypen x reader #fluff#jungwon fanfic #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #jungwon x you #yang jungwon x reader #jungwon smau #jungwon x reader smau #social media au #yang jungwon#smau#text au
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  • oddeonu
    01.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    [ JUNGWON’S NOONA 📬 ] “02z together forever, right?”

    SYNOPSIS — the 02z, one of the most famous trios in all of belift high. they’re practically stuck to the hip and if together; create a bunch of chaos. so when jake starts tutoring people, park sunghoon gets bored and offers his best buds a bet. whoever wins the heart of jake’s classmate, yang y/n, gets a hundred bucks. it just also happens that y/n is jungwon’s sister, who absolutely despises them.

    masterlist / previous / next

    taglist ( is open ! ) — @acciomylove @primorange @youreverydayzebra @baekhyunstruly @ssunnk @maeumiloml @icywhatim @mykalon @sunvishine @abdiitcryy @nyfwyeonjun @yurazuyori @luvrseung @kyleeanne @clear-color-hair @jaysfaves @stoatwashere @ahnneyong @ch1-fuyu @k1ttyl1x @jjun4thitboy @yenart @cha-raena @mitsukifilms @strawbrinkofdeath @c9tnoos @sunoosbestie @steph507 @rinyx @emobeomgyu

    #02z GOING TO YANGS HOME GL YANGS + SUNOO AND KAI😭 #jay divorced era soon if lei keeps acting like THAT. #enhypen#enhypen angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen headcanons#enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen x female reader #sunghoon imagines #sunghoon x reader #jay imagines #jay x reader #jake imagines #jake x reader #jungwon imagines #jungwon x reader
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  • tyunsie
    30.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    GORGEOUS — two: designated driver

    MASTERLIST | previous ⋆ next

    — note: please ignore the sudden icon change for jay + heeseung 😭 i had to redo the profiles since the app crashed

    alcohol does many things, such as making you forget all the stupid shit you might've done. but, it can't say the same for others. and, in this case, lee heeseung is definitely not going to forget the person who kept hitting on him the entire night.

    taglist ➭ @ncityy04 @jongsaengseong @rinyx @nyfwyeonjun @mykalon @w3bqrl (pls send an ask to be added!)

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  • hoonstrology
    30.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    MASTERPIECE ⸻ [ 17 | sunghoon's got a plan ]

    A/N. the girls ( -yeji ) already knew that y/n is leaving bc yuna & winter told them hence, why the chapter "mission get y/n & sunghoon together" was made BUT y/n & yeji didn't know that's why y/n told them the news in the gc, and the girls ( -yeji ) was just faking they're reaction LMAO, I hope you guys get it 😭💀

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    ⸻TAGLIST ( closed! )

    @postalenha @abdiitcryy @redikuluspupil @nyfwyeonjun @mikaa7 @yanqsfairy @ncityy04 @studioreader @kac-chowsballs @y-jung1 @3ggieyolk @katastrophesworld @waeng-gang @softforqiankun @hobistigma @minhyunct @dontcallme20 @oureris @cha-raena @aj-1154 @gyuza @whoe-dis @ja4hyvn @kyleeanne @dear-dreamie @ddunghonnie @yourlocalhotgf @jakes-tummy @msgirlie @g0niki @liliansun @c9tnoos @hyuckslytherin @cosmiclele @sunvishine @planethyuka @w3bqrl @a-obsessed-fangirl @todorokiskitten @ninjaleeknow @solarswonderland @hoewithnojams @wonjaems @wonietree @diestheticu @seungstarss @kiillmeee @lionessmane @sheepgardenenha @angel-ishere

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    30.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    𝐲/𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐞𝐫𝐚.

    《《 au masterlist 》》

    taglist [open]; @ryuflix @banana-boat-doodoodododo @wh4txium1n @freckledwinterfalls @sthinqsz @acciomylove @foolish-kpops @heelariously @msxflower @wccycc @mykalon @ddeonubaby @youreverydayzebra @softforqiankun @hibuki-chan @jongsaengseong @bangchan-fairy

    taglist open!! lemme know if you wanna be tagged!!

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  • lvrshypen
    30.11.2021 - 23 hours ago

    ❙❘❙❙❘❙❚❙❘ ⌕ : happier ꗃ butterflies?

    𔘓 summary: jungwon liked you ever since, but you were too dense to notice. finally mustering up his courage, jungwon told you what he really felt, but you couldn't reciprocate his feelings as you were already dating jay: the basketball captain, which is also jungwon's friend. things took a huge turn when jungwon found out something about his friend doing things behind your back.

    𔘓 taglist (open): @ncityy04 @itzsora @wanlore @instahann @wonwoosh @mysticore-replies @ahnneyong @msxflower @youreverydayzebra @meiiiwa @3ggieyolk @luv4gyu @w3bqrl @yjwfav @ielaa @sunysunoo @creamkwan @meiinumaki @punneysushi01 @m1ng-how @c9tnoos @ryu-naa @hobistigma @seungstarss @txtyvoir @blank-velvet @holoestuff @wccycc @lumixen @tomorrowbymoa-together @daisyhwa

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    #enhypen#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps#enhypen angst#enhypen oneshots#enhypen fanfic#enhypen headcanons#enhypen fanfiction #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social media au #enhypen social au #enhypen jungwon #jungwon x you #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #yang jungwon#enhypen jay #jay x y/n #jay x you #jay x reader #park jay#lvrshypen #ᕱ ⑅ ᕱ . . . happier – y.jw
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  • vinnieee
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    #THEY ALL LOOK SO GOOD #HAPPY 1 YEAR #im literally in class rn but i couldn't miss this live #♥︎ vinnie talks ♥︎ #enhypen jay#enhypen heeseung#enhypen jungwon#enhypen sunoo#enhypen sunghoon#enhypen niki#enhypen fluff#enhypen#enhypen smut#enhypen ff
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  • beybeezle
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    1.12 - Bullshit (fully written)



    You aren't really sure whether it's because you're overwhelmed by the current situation or because you have been stressed out lately, but one thing for certain is that your head starting to feel as if it's spinning around.

    Pressing the highest spot on the muscle between your thumb and index finger, you slightly made a grimace due to the pain of the action.

    "You alright?" Jungwon automatically being the first one to notice, as he is the one that stand right beside you.

    Turning your head to Jungwon, you immediately stop pressing the pressure point for dizziness that you learnt from your grandmother. "Ah, it's nothing. I'm okay." Then force a smile.

    Meanwhile at the same time, there's Jay. He already knew that Chaeri is behind all this, as their gaze met each other not too long ago. Is this the reason why she is so persistent about him not to go to campus today? So she can pull out whatever her plan is regarding you?

    Massive mix of guilt, shame, and anger starting to fill him up. Especially after seeing you obviously struggling in front of his eyes. And even your friends also end up being dragged. This is so sickening.

    "Okay, it's me that you want to talk to, right?" Making your way closer to Bona, you finally step into the spotlight. "Why don't we settle down first? The environment right now is uncomfortable for us to talk, or am I wrong? As you can see, there's too many eyes watching, so..."

    "I don't know about that. I kinda enjoy the environment though?" Bona's eyes wander around to the crowd before it end up on you again. "Why, are you scared that people might found out the truth?"

    Her grin makes you smirk in annoyance. Sunoo can even be heard gasping. Oh how you wish you could just smack her in the face and have her cry dramatically on the floor.

    "Just who the heck are you, seriously!?" Niki joined you getting closer to Bona in a split second, causing Sunoo to also move in sync to avoid unwanted things to happen.

    "Yoo Bona."

    This unfamiliar voice...

    "The truth you're talking about, let's hear it." To everyone's surprise, Jay decided to involve himself in the conversation.

    Jay is never one to meddle in this kind of thing. Not to mention that he always hates it when he's being the center of attention. That's why Sunoo and Niki is freaking out a little bit when he agreed to meet you in the campus' cafeteria, since his presence definitely gonna attract interest of many.

    Eyes are on Bona now, expecting the now frozen in place girl to answer Jay's question. Bona herself seem shocked that she found her words stuck in her throat.

    She took a few step back while looking at her other friends, seeking for some back up but none of them show any sign of willing to help her. Even Chaeri flinched when Jay call Bona's name.

    "W- well, i- it's about what happened in the video." Stuttering, Bona still try her best and managed to speak. "And i-it's also true, that she seduce many men!"

    "Y- yeah, that's right!"

    "Just look at how she always hang with the boys but not girls!"

    "Exactly! Even now she also trying to get close with Sunoo and Niki."

    One after another of Chaeri's group keep adding up commentary, as if this was a group debate and currently they're working in team to strengthen the argument.

    "So what is the problem if she is trying to get close with us, huh?" Sunoo can't help himself to bark.

    "I don't even know you guys, why you all acting as if you have control of who should I befriend with?" Niki follows Sunoo.

    The crowd talking among themselves is also not helping, you keep thinking that this couldn't get any worse.

    Despite all of that, you of course cannot just stand back and accept their wrong accusation about you. You may sincerely wish that this matter can be issued calmly, but if in fact there's no chance for that to happen, then oh well.

    You asked for this, you fucker.

    "The video? About what?" Jay asked again, this time his tone is more confused than demanding.

    "Of what happened a few days ago, when you guys argued, remember?" Gain some confidence after Yubin, Sora, and Gaeul joined hands with her, Bona calmly reach her phone to show Jay and everyone else the video.

    "Here, you judge the way she dressed and said that you don't like the way she talk, right?" Bona look straight at you after pausing the video when it shows the moment Chaeri started to broke down crying. "No need to lie, Chaeri told us herself."

    Chaeri sure are gaining a lot of advantage from the crowd. You can sense the atmosphere changing, much more heavier than before. It's suddenly become so much different with some mere words.

    "Bullshit." Jake said under his breathe.

    "That definitely is bullshit." Sunghoon said it louder.

    Not accepting what they just said, Sora went to defend her friend. "You're not even there, how can you be so sure?"

    "The same goes to you, Sherlock." Heeseung's reply got almost of the crowd chuckling.

    Sora who didn't expect for her words to coming back at her, choose to be silent and shrink in between her friends as she can feel her face burning out of embarrassment.

    "If I told you that is not what I said, will you believe me?" You focused your attention on Bona before everyone else.

    "Of course no? Why would I believe you?" Bona sneered at you, thinking that your question is dumb.

    You smiled at that. "If that's the case, then wouldn't it only be fair for us to consider that what Chaeri said is also irrelevant?"

    The way you stated your opinion based on Bona's reaction is actually a clever move. You left Bona and Chaeri zipping their mouth tightly, fist clenched, face frowned.

    To anyone's logic, what you are saying is unremarkably makes sense. So without question, the crowd agrees with you. Some of them even begin to take your side quietly.

    "W- wait, it's a lie!"

    Chaeri suddenly shouting is just another moment in today's shocking moment sequence. "I never said any of that, it's all a lie!"

    Seems like the devil still got another plan under her sleeve.


    Taglist; @liliansun @enxnesblog @leefelix-gf

    Synopsis :

    It's probably the bizarre new fascinating feelings of how different yet similar you both are, but something definitely struck when your and his gaze meet each other. What could it be?

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    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    ↦ pairing: enhypen / enhypen x reader ↦ genre: fluff ↦ w/c: ↦ warnings: - ↦ a/n: hiii everyone! so this is the last fic under my enhypen’s 1st anniversary series! as i said, double posting today since i didn’t go by the original schedule i had planned 😩😩😩 it’s kinda short cuz honestly idk my brain js pretty much stopped working ig but anyway, do let me know what you guys think about this! and have an great day! <333 ↦ event: enhypen’s first anniversary! 🎉 ↦ synopsis: telling them you have a boyfriend, them as your brothers ➵ taglist status: closed ➵ taglist: @enhacolor @meraniki @goldenhypen @rozisisme @i2gyus @ahnneyong @odetoyeonjun @leeis @seungstarss @heejojo @hime98 @misfitsjy @ddeonubaby @yenart @squiishymeow

    ≡;- ꒰ ° 𝗛𝗘𝗘𝗦𝗘𝗨𝗡𝗚 . ꒱

    pretty much the chill, cool brother i guess

    idk i just get that vibes 🤷‍♀️

    literally greets your boyfriend with that handshake guys always do when they meet 🤧

    makes your boyfie feel welcome fr

    talks about random stuff to get to know your boyfie better

    sometimes you even feel like the third wheel 😹

    overall, he’s that cool, chill and nice brother everyone wants 🤩

    ≡;- ꒰ ° 𝗝𝗔𝗬 . ꒱

    “well, it’s about time 😹”

    :( that was uncalled for, jay

    naurr he’s the best bro literally so nice to your boyfie 🥰

    even invites your boyfie for dinner #welcometotheparkfam

    and best part, he’s the chef 🤩

    keeps the convo going during dinner when it gets awkward

    no because this is the kind of brother you want when planning for your s/o to meet your fam 😍

    bottom line, jay is #bestbrotherever

    ≡;- ꒰ ° 𝗝𝗔𝗞𝗘 . ꒱

    super hyped up when he hears the news 🤩

    200% supportive of you and your boyfie 😍

    literally hugs your boyfriend when they meet for the first time fsnkfjdsj 🥺

    “so when’s the wedding?” JAKE WHAT- 😫

    well, at least you know that he approves of you and your boyfriend 🤧

    when jake finds out your boyfie likes soccer too…

    that will be the end. periodt.

    at least they’re bonding over something 🤷‍♀️

    ≡;- ꒰ ° 𝗦𝗨𝗡𝗚𝗛𝗢𝗢𝗡 . ꒱

    i guess he tries to show interest in the topic 😹

    “oh, is he nice?”

    uh, sunghoon, if he wasn’t, i wouldn’t want him as my boyfriend??? 😫🤧

    “hm, is he good looking? 👀”


    *narrows his eyes at you* “more than me?”

    “yes 😼”

    literally gets offended by your answer there’s no one more good looking than the sunghoon (so sorry to burst your bubble, sunghoon 😔)

    “hmph, then i don’t like him” *stomps off to his room to cry* 😭😹

    ≡;- ꒰ ° 𝗦𝗨𝗡𝗢𝗢 . ꒱

    similar to jake 😫

    super hyped up frrr

    you and your boyfie’s #1 fan 🤩

    bouncing excitedly everytime he sees your cute interaction with your boyfie

    jokingly threatens to take down your boyfriend if he hurts you technically half joking 😫🤧

    in truth, he really likes your boyfriend and he’s glad you two found each other

    would totally look forward to your boyfriend’s visits cuz he 1000% digs your interaction fr 🥰😍

    our cutie ddeonu may love horror movies but your love story is a romance movie he’d watch 🤩

    ≡;- ꒰ ° 𝗝𝗨𝗡𝗚𝗪𝗢𝗡 . ꒱

    ngl gets a little defensive but it’s so cute 🥺

    just feeling emotional over his sister growing up 😫😭

    honestly likes your boyfie and he tells you that


    that doesn’t stop him from giving your boyfie a warning

    “if you break her heart, i’ll break your neck” 💀💀💀

    naurr your boyfriend literally gets scared and makes sure to rmb wonie’s threat 🤧😼

    fdjksnjks putting those taekwondo skills to good use i guess 🤷‍♀️

    yeah but overall, he doesn’t embarrass you and he’s a good brother 😃👍🏼

    ≡;- ꒰ ° 𝗡𝗜𝗞𝗜 . ꒱

    pretty much unbothered 😫

    “i- i didn’t ask about your relationship status”

    naurr niki you didn’t have to be so uninterested 😭

    no because the worst part is your boyfriend’s standing right next to you 😹

    “niki :(“

    “what? what do you want me to say? we all knew this day would come anyway 😹” fax but still 🤧😫

    laughs at your expression but apologises

    “alright, i’m just kidding. congrats”

    then BAM! bursts the confetti thing on you 🎉

    ·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ғᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ

    © jungwoniics. all rights reserved. please don’t repost, plagiarise and translate. likes and reblogs are appreciated!

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  • jjunry
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    warnings: mentions of worthlessness & toxic reader genre: angst wc: 1.6k

    ─ heeseung ; enough for you

    when heeseung met you , instantly he fell in love , maybe a little too quickly . he loved how you treated him as if he was the most precious being in the world , but soon after , that feeling wore off . he saw how you would act around other people when he wasnt around . he knew soon , he wasn't as interesting as them , he knew you favored them more . so he started to try and be enough for you to love him again . his appearance would change weekly , in hopes he would be like the other guys you paid more attention to , he took you to fancy dates and bought you gifts but in the end it wasn't enough . he knew eventually you would find someone better but it didn't hit him until it happened . unworthiness flooded his feelings , he knew he tried his hardest but he couldn't help but feel like he was unworthy of love and affection . and he knew in the end , nothing would be enough for you . even an amazing person as himself wasn't good enough .

    ─ jay ; good 4 u

    jay moved on . at least he thought he did ,, that was until he saw you with a new life as if you had never even crossed paths . he wanted to be happy for you but how could he when he was still hung up over you . his emotions got the better of him , it wasn't like jay to be stuck in the heartbroken phase . all he wanted was to break your heart over and over again until you felt like he did right now , even if it sounded selfish . he's spent nights crying over you and thinking what he did wrong but you were up at night with your new lover , if only you cared to ask how jay was . he tried pinpointing why he kept feeling like this , maybe he was too emotional or maybe the mere fact that you didnt care enough to check up on him was killing him . he knew he was just a phase for you but as much as he kept denying it , you were his everything and it would take a while for him to realize that .

    ─ jake ; traitor

    from the day you met jake , he was head over heels for you . he thought you were the one made for him , even layla seemed to agree . but all along he knew you never thought the same . he knew he was just another boy to you . although jake knew this , he didn't want to let you go and he didn't want to lose the love he received even if it was fake or shared with other people . the late nights you spent out and the random messages you'd receive , he asked but played dumb just to keep you . he knew your 'friends' were more than that , yet for himself he went along with it . he felt stupid for falling in love cause he knew you would never be sorry for the things you did , yet he had hope maybe something in him would make you fall in love with him . he knew he wasnt worth anything in your eyes . jake saw the way you looked at the others and he knew he wasnt special , yet you were the only hope he had left in his life , his only source of happiness even if you werent genuine and he was just another dumb boy who'd fallen for your tricks . and after the heartbreak , jake knew he would be the one hurting and not you . he hated himself so much for putting up with it and falling in love so quickly and he wished he could just disappear to the time when he was happy , but even if he were to redo it all , jake knew he'd do it all again .

    ─ sunghoon ; happier

    what seemed to be a healthy break up for you , was the exact opposite for sunghoon . but he would never say this to anyone , his pride needed to stay intact for him to keep sane . all his friends told him new updates about you and when they told him you moved on , sunghoon took it hard and personal . the new person you were with was so amazing and perfect , even for sunghoon . he wanted to hate them so bad but they had done nothing wrong and somehow that was the problem . he wanted you to regret breaking up with him and finding a downgrade but from the looks of it , they were a better and even sunghoon felt like he lacked in many ways . he wanted you to be unhappy in your new relationship and come running back to apologize to him , he knew he was selfish but he just couldn't let you go . sunghoon wanted to be the only one to give you butterflies and get told 'i love you' . you went everywhere with him , he looked at where you two used to stand as a happy couple and nothing but sadness and anger fills his heart . you shouldn't have found someone better than him , you shouldn't be this happy while he lay around wishing he were your new lover . he wanted to haunt you with heartbreak like you did to him .

    ─ sunoo ; 1 step forward 3 steps back

    your relationship with sunoo was rocky to say the least . some days you and him were like a perfect duo yet other days , sunoo doubted himself when you would yell and be upset over small things . he wanted to pretend like everything was okay , like you couldn't control his mood but his emotions followed yours . each day was a surprise , you either loved him or hated him . arguements were the only thing accomplished throughout days , leaving sunoo to believe he was the cause of it . he doubted his words , looks , and even his worthiness . the only thing keeping sunoo from leaving was the good days , when you would say how much you love him and appreciate him . the rollercoaster of emotions is the only thing he had , the only thing that made his life interesting and took his mind off his sorrows . it was back and forth between you two , and to be honest , for sunoo it was mentally draining . many days he was sent home crying due to your insults and remarks , never did he blame you though . i mean who could love someone as horrible and upsetting as him , at least thats what sunoo thought every night . he mind went over everything he said that day , and maybe it was your fault in the end .

    ─ jungwon ; deja vu

    car rides to malibu , strawbery ice cream - one spoon for two . it was all him , yet why were you doing it with your new partner . he loved you so much but it seems like you didnt , cause you obviously left without second thought . jungwon wishes he could see the look on their face when you do all the repeated dates and reused actions , one of your actors who you manipulate to eventually leave abandoned and distraught . he cries at night just to remember he was the blueprint , the copy and paste of all your future lover . that was the places you both went, his jokes and it was not fair that you were sharing that moment with someone else . jealousy and anger was the feeling jungwon mostly felt . he hoped you were haunted by the memories made there , jungwon wanted you to suffer his pain . he wanted to yell and shout at you , for sharing memories that were special to him to random strangers you would eventually use and abuse then leave , only to repeat the cycle .

    ─ niki ; favorite crime

    you were the first person to introduce niki to love . as cliche as it sounded , niki really learned how to love from you . but as time went on , it turned bitter and sour . niki had to put up with so much just to receive the love he deserved , he didn't want to lose his first love even if it meant letting you cross the line . he took the insults , yelling , arguements just for you , he really did love you and he showed it with how much he put up . but niki knows even after its over , he would do it all over and he knows you know . he knows you stay out all night , not to work , but to have your hands all over someone else . he knows you blame everything on him because you know he will take it again and again until you decide to stop . and when you did , niki couldn't sleep at night or even have the motivation to get up in the morning , he was a living zombie . even after everything , he still is thankful for everything you taught him , bad or not .


    @jjunry ─ thanks for reading . i love you so much , make sure to stay hydrated and eat your meals ! please don't repost or translate , im glad you like it though <3

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    kinda wanna start an au where the love interest recieves paper hearts every so and so day every week or so but idk who the main lead shud be

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    READY TO LOVE | coward


    SYNOPSIS. jay didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when he saw the sad looking girl hanging out with her friends, he knew what he felt even though he was scared.

    TAGLIST: @mykalon

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