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  • heaven’s design team ep 8: 


    …I wasn’t expecting that rib-bone abomination Kimura/green guy/Jupiter was experimenting with would end up being a turtle–

    (*is abruptly reminded that turtles are a delicacy down to their blood, basically a nutritious soup bowl according to seafarers*)

    –so yes, that’s very him to make the rib-bone abomination a yummy seafood.

    #heaven's design team #tenchi souzou design-bu #kimura#天地創造デザイン部#tendebu#jupiter #this is a psa go watch this anime it's the only winter 2021 anime that i race to be early for PURE SEROTONIN #im obviously biased due to science #ed rambles
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    • Jupiter: ... What are you doing?
    • Hawthorne, with ducklings following him: They finally accepted me as their leader.
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  • When Fernando Pessoa said “Ah, vanity of flesh and blood called man, Can’t you see that you’re utterly unimportant?” And when Ryan O'neal said “make my messes matter, make this chaos count, let every little fracture in me shatter out loud” and when Novo Amor said “Help my life be worth a while”

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  • Thursday is Ruled by Jupiter - Jupiter represents abundance, prosperity and the principle of expansion. As the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter is the planet that helps us reach for high ideals and principles. Moral and just, Jupiter yearns to expand horizons through travel, education and spiritual pursuits. As a result, Thursday is a day that is well suited for travel, learning and philosophizing. This is also the best day to begin a project you hope will be prosperous.

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  • hey you should take my uquiz :)))

    it’s my first ever and I’m nervous lol i hope its funny. enjoy if you take it!

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  • image

    More characters of @room56pod

    Aster (they/them)

    Marie (she/her)

    Rose (she/her)

    Jupiter (they/them)

    I love how Jupiters jacket turned out!

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  • Horóscopo de 25/02/2021

    Horóscopo de 25/02/2021
    [ÁRIES][TOURO][GÊMEOS][CÂNCER][LEÃO][VIRGEM][LIBRA][ESCORPIÃO][SAGITÁRIO][CAPRICÓRNIO][AQUÁRIO][PEIXES]Participe nos FB-Grupos: Astrotendência & Horóscopo – Consultas: Adon Saleeby

    Clique nas propagandas no site ASTRALE.COM. Veja o que elas têm a oferecer por alguns momentos. Isso nos ajudará a manter os custos da página e poderemos sempre manter esse horóscopo gratuito…


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  • image

    Sketch of Jupiter and Chase enjoying some noodles in The Garden. Just to relax after many tiring Strikes and Cruicble matches.

    I’m sorry I’m not posting a lot I’ve been a little art blocked.

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  • Astropixels.com ephemeris data extractor - smart Excel-macro tool, which can facilitate your scientific calculations based on the Solar System ephemeris collected on the Astropixels.com website.

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  • image

    This was a photo I took when Jupiter and Saturn were visible together! I sat outside on my balcony and just gazed upon it, feeling very very small, but not at all insignificant.

    We’re so lucky to know what we do about the universe and space, but it’s also crazy to know that we barely know anything! We are but a dot in the cosmos, and when I was looking out at those planets, I wondered who or what might be looking back at us and thinking the same thing. 👽✨

    Space has always fascinated me, but more lately than ever before. As humanity finds ways to get closer and closer to being interplanetary, I get excited to think what the future might hold.

    It makes my heart happy to watch the night sky and feel one with the universe. What do you like (or dislike!) about space?

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  • Instruments for SALE

    I’m having some trouble with money at the moment, so I’d like to ask for help (ಥ﹏ಥ). I have 2 instruments I’d like to sell, so I can cover my bills.

    Guzheng Acc:


    5 sensitive skin tapes for Guzheng Nail Picks, skin coloured - 8 EUR / Set


    Strings 1 - 21, originally sealed - 45 EUR / package


    Jupiter Deluxe Model 731NT Clarinet

    Condition: new!

    - Grenadilla body
    - Bell and barrel
    - Undercut tone holes
    - Forged nickel silver keys
    - Metal tenons
    - Adjustable thumb rest
    - Adjustable neck strap

    Accessories Included
    - Includes wood attache-style case.
    - Cork grease
    - Swab
    - Mouthpiece
    - Cap
    - Ligature


    Original Price: ~1200 EUR

    I’d like to ask 999 EUR or name me your price!


    Cort G210 E-guitar with GEWA guitar HardcoverBag
    Absolutely unique Design!


    Condition: new!
    unique Design: the guitar’s body is covered in a silver shining ‘pouring’ technique. It looks like a 3D design. The texture is smooth thanks to the top clear layers. This Design is especially awesome when illuminated by stage light or direct sunlight. One of a kind!

    - Controls material white controls
    - Number of control knobs 2 control knobs
    - Pickup selector controls 5-way selector switch
    - Tone controls 1 tone control
    - Volume controls 1 volume control

    Pickups brand and model: Cort Powersound pickup(s)
    Pickups configuration: 2 single coil pickups and 1 humbucker pickup
    Number of strings: 6 strings
    Scale length: 25.5 inches

    Body material: agathis body, basswood body
    Body style: Stratocaster
    Bridge tremolo bridge
    Tuners die-cast tuners

    Fingerboard inlay material: acrylic
    Fingerboard material: rosewood
    Fingerboard position markers dot

    Neck joint bolt on neck
    Neck material: maple
    Number of frets: 22

    Original Price (with HardcoverBag): 990 EUR

    I’d like to ask 550 EUR, or name me your price!

    Shipping worldwide, but Europe will be easiest.
    Please name me your country and I’ll calculate the costs.
    Payment through Paypal.

    Please send me a DM if you are interested. Thank you!

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  • Júpiter aspecta a Nodos Lunares – Sanando Karma

    Júpiter aspecta a Nodos Lunares – Sanando Karma

    Siempre que un astro aspecta a Nodos Lunares es como si el destino llamará a la puerta para advertir que hay que tomar alguna decisión con respecto a lo que el alma firmó en ese contrato que se estipuló antes de nacer. No cabe duda que el karma por lo tanto se manifiesta. Esto no es más que tomar el mensaje de algún guía que nos recuerda que vinimos a experimentar la felicidad a base de elevar…

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    #Destino y Karma #Jupiter #Jupiter aspecta a Nodos Lunares #Jupiter en Acuario #Karma #Limpieza del karma #Nodo Norte en Géminis #Nodo Sur en Sagitario #Nodos Lunares del Karma #Vesta #Vesta RE aspecta a Nodos Lunares #Vesta retrograda en Virgo
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    • Jupiter: I was attracted to you first.
    • Israfel: Well, I confessed first.
    • Jupiter: Well, I asked you out first.
    • Israfel: Well, I said 'I love you' first!
    • Jupiter: Well...
    • Jupiter: [gets down on one knee]
    • Jupiter: I proposed first.
    • Israfel:
    • Israfel: wAIT WH-
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  • image

    Fireman Sam - RC Turbo Jupiter


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  • What If You Lit a Match on Jupiter, Would The Planet Explode?

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    Rahu is a natural malefic. Some planets can ease the malefic effects or could make it more challenging. It will depend on the whole chart as these are my general interpretations. Rahu is not a physical planet.  

    Some words associated with Rahu:  confusion, obsession, travel, diseases, slyness, tricky intelligence. 

    How to calculate my Vedic Birth-chart?

    https://vaultoftheheavens.com/ChartCreatorLahiri/Welcome.aspx (Click North Indian, It is preferred.** Rahu will show up as “Ra”. Look at what number Rahu is placed and if there is any other planets with Rahu. **

    Also these outer planets are not used in Vedic astrology. (Neptune, Pluto, Uranus.)

    Do note some interperations would slightly change depending on the sign the Planet and Rahu is in. And what house. And what other planets are affecting. And just overall the rest of the chart. 


    Venus is a friend to Rahu. Attracts the opposite sex with not much effort. Is very common for people with this placement to be in a bunch of relationships in this lifetime, however they’re always looking for that perfect partner. May be attracted to fashion industry or film industry. You will easily get fame through these industries. Spouse will most likely be from a different culture and land. However, can find themselves cheating on their partners. It is not uncommon for this conjuction. Relationship troubles is bound with this conjuction. Can be in love with the idea of love and hold partners to unrealistic standards. May be interested in writing.  Can be very manipulative but usually goes unnoticed. Can use their beauty as well to their advatange. 


    Also a rare combination. Rahu is not good with the Sun.  Person may pride themselves in being confident in their own skin but is deeply insecure as Rahu is the planet of illusions. Person has a tendency to develop a big ego therefore can care a lot more about themselves. Person wants a lot of capability and power in life and is not afraid to step on others to get it. May not like their father. Is a risk-taker but doesn’t mean it always ends up well. Has almost all it takes to be a politician. However, these people are good leaders. May have not had a happy family. Father could live far away. They can be seen as honest but they usually tend to deceive. Dark situations in life are promiment.


    This is a good combination as Jupiter can strongly control Rahu. Such person is extremely intelligent. Person can have unpopular beliefs that most people would be agaisn’t. Such person can use their mental intelligence to every day life and find logic in every situation. Will have good education and higher knowledge. Is prone to be spiritual and could even be a spiritual teacher. Can take a love on books. Will succeed in Business and have massive amount of wealth. Such person is unique. However, they can develop a secret ego.


    This conjuction is one of the rarest. Occurs every 11-12 years. Such person can feel restricted to get what they want and this will make them obsessive to what they want and eventually will achieve it. This does take a toll on someone’s mental health. Person could have unhealthy coping mechanisms. Could be prone to hurting themselves in cricis. And mental crisis. Such traumatic events can happen such as theft and kidnapping. Person could’ve tried to ran away from their home. Abused as a kid. Can have trouble sleeping & a parent figure could be with another partner or be dead. Marriage may not happen or be very delayed and will also cause misfortune in marriage multiple times. However its not all BAD. It is preferable if Rahu or/and saturn is in it’s own sign or a friendly sign. Person could achieve wealth through illegal acts. Could have interest in computer programming and engineering.


    This combination is quite common. Such person is guided by their emotions and can at times feel like their emotions are real or they’re faking whatever they’re going through. Such person is not at all practical. There is no emotional support, person is manipulative and will use their emotional tendecies to get their way. Such person is extremely creative and can manifest in writing especially in 3rd house. Should try to draw out their emotions can make beautiful work out of it. Such person believes their own deceptions. Unrealistic thoughts can manifest in ways that makes the person dissapointed when reality does not match their false perception. This can lead to serious depression. Takes an interested in pioneering. May like to watch a bunch of drama shows/comedies.


    Such person is extremely intelligent especially when it comes to any form of communication. And can use that to their advantange. They have great speeches that most people will believe in. Such person should not have any trouble making friends this lifetime. Such person could have great interest in writing and journaling. But this can also lead to someone who gets stressed out easily. Most likely has a very magnetic voice. Will benefit from making causes in Social Media. Person is extremely observants of things around them. Is very hard for something to go unnoticed by this person. If malefic placed in chart however this can lead to poor memory and anxious tendencies and dyslexia. Can manipulate easily and can take control with their wit. Could benefit from trade.


    Usually this brings a very unhappy love life. Such person experiences sudden near death experiences or very damaging acts. (Usually physically). Such person has horrible temper and can egange in violent tendecies. Lazy with routine. Such person is restless and should engage in sports to let their energy be controlled in a healthy way. Person may not live around where they were born. Since Rahu is about Illusions such person can be deceiving towards themselves about their physical abillities. Person may resort to smoking and interest in tobbaco. Could be interested in Crimes. Physical apperance is attractive but person may look intimidating. Driving may be careless. Partner could be a foreigner. Person could take interest in drugs. Or their partner might be interested in tobbaco and drugs. Extremely adventours and excells as an egineer. 

    Please show  support if you want more Vedic content!! 🥰& feedback.

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