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  • prettyeyesnof4ce
    28.01.2022 - 58 seconds ago

    i think i Successfully weaned myself into only wanting iced coffee for breakfast and it’s Scary

    #i just feel sick in the morning it’s strange #but whatever iced coffee slaps #about val
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  • pinkandgreenroom
    28.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    What is he even talking about

    #I just found this screenshot and it's literally one of my fave things he ever said #it's so funny #me reading op
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  • heartlinepuppy
    28.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    hi i made a silly little side blog for fun :->

    #filled it up with a couple entries just to start off with #dunno how long ill stick with it but i thought itd be kinda fun
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  • federations
    28.01.2022 - 1 minute ago


    #just got stood up at a coffee shop yall 😭 #not feeling very swag atm
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  • winterbythesea
    28.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    I’m sorry I’m just losing it at the BBC trying to imply that the delays in Dover are due to a ship being refurbished.

    It’s not the customs paperwork nightmare, it’s not anything that could be traced back to Brexit, no no, it’s because they’re down a ship.

    A ship. ONE SHIP. On the Dover-Calais route.

    First of all, that’s normal. Literally routine. Ships need to be serviced, I think the rule is every two years for cargo ships. So when you have several ships per route, chances are, once or twice a year, one of them has to go off to the dry dock for a bit. And they usually do it around this time, in winter, when there’s less traffic, no tourists, etc. So this literally happens every year.

    It does not usually cause miles of queues and hours of delays FOR WEEKS.  Because first of all, ferry companies own many ships, so if one needs to be dry-docked and they need a replacement they just bring in one from a route that’s currently not as busy.

    And secondly... there are SO many sailings on that route. I don’t know how many ships there are total, but it’s a lot. There are so many sailings that even if you just miss your boat, you’re usually waiting less than an hour for the next one. Every single experience I’ve had in Dover or Calais this time of year can be described as “super chill”.

    Also: the company that’s currently “refurbishing” a ship just added two new ships to that route in November. So it’s a bit weird that there’s all these massive delays now that they have 1 less ship, but in November, when they had 2 less ships, everything was fine. WEIRD.

    Also: every truck driver I’ve seen talking about this is talking about the hours-long delay in getting their customs papers processed.

    Also: by all accounts the ferries that are crossing the channel currently aren’t even fully loaded (which again is normal for this time of year), and you’d think if it was a capacity problem they’d at least be using all the spaces they have.

    It’s just SO WEIRD that this one refurbishing is causing such a massive unusual and unprecedented delay even though it’s something that happens every year and doesn’t usually cause any problems at all, at the same time that the new Brexit-related deadline passed and all this new customs red tape came in.

    But it is definitely nothing whatsoever to do with that deadline or the fact that it means ridiculous amounts of paperwork now has to be a) filled out and b) checked and processed. Absolutely not. Inconceivable. It’s because we’re down one ship. On the CHANNEL.


    #just... wtf #come on#'short delays'#SHORT DELAYS #17 hours waiting time... a short delay #brexit adventures#politics#sorry just #every now and again #something else happens #requiring a rant #this is one of those things
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  • octoberkait
    28.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    Hush - Stevexfem!reader (18+)

    Steve hasn’t “been with” anyone since he went into the ice. You offer to help him prepare for an upcoming date. 

    warnings: oral sex (both m and f receiving), friend!Steve, Steve being shy and a little insecure, p in v, unprotected sex, creampie - Steve cums alot, cursing? I don’t know it’s pretty soft. 

    If you see any spelling mistakes no you didn’t.

    “So you haven’t” Sam started, making obscene gestures, “since you got out of the ice!?” he asked incredulously. Steve’s face was beet red, and you knew he was intentionally avoiding eye contact with you. 

    “I’ve been busy.” Steve tried to defend, and you nodded sympathetically. It had been a while since he joined the 21st century, but Steve had a point too - he wasn’t exactly available while jetting around the world fighting bad guys. 

    “Look man, that’s just not healthy. I’m setting you up with that cute lab tech, Mary. She’s asked about you before.” Sam decided, taking out his phone - presumably to arrange a date.

    “I don’t know Steve. If Sam already has her number you might not want it.” Bucky muttered, teasing. You laughed from your spot on the couch, turning all eyes to you. 

    “What do you think y/n? Does he need to put himself out there or keep using his hand.” Both Bucky and Steve glared at Sam for his choice of words, but there was a genuine interest in Steve’s eyes when they shifted back to you. 

    “I think he should do what feels right.” You said, causing Bucky to smirk at Sam’s disappointment. 

    “But...” you added, “I certainly couldn’t last that long without sex.”

    Steve’s blush returned upon your admission, and you tried to stop your own as you felt your face warm. You weren’t a prude by any means, but it wasn’t often that these guys invited you into this side of their friendship. 

    “So she agrees!” Sam concluded and you chuckled lightly. 

    “I think that’s my cue to go to bed. Goodnight boys.” you told them, sticking your tongue out playfully at the group before turning and walking towards your bedroom. 

    a few days later...

    You were on a coffee run with Steve when the subject was brought up again. The two of you were returning to the car when Steve cleared his throat, his hands tensing on the steering wheel as he started to drive. 

    “So...about what we talked about the other night.” he started bashfully. You smirked at him, leaning your elbow on the armrest of your door, chin resting on your hand. 

    “Right. What was that again?” you teased, making him groan in frustration. 

    “Stop messing with me.” he all but begged you. You laughed lightly at his supposed pain, 

    “You said the other night that if I was going to...sleep with someone that I should be comfortable.” he began, using his rational, Captain tone. You nodded along, 

    “And I’m not comfortable with Mary from chemical testing. It doesn’t feel right.” he revealed, not that you were surprised. 

    “Okay so not Mary, then. Who do you feel comfortable with?” you replied, and you saw his fingers twitch and his adams apple bob as he swallowed, hesitating. 

    “I, well, you.” he said finally, his tone a little huskier than before. 

    You felt the atmosphere in the car start to change, sexual tension filling the silence between you. You weren’t sure what to say, but your body seemed to like the idea, your thighs pressing tighter together under the tray of drinks. 

    “You want to have sex with me?” you asked, unable to think of another reply. Steve bit his lip and nodded. You were almost back at the compound, and you knew once you got there this conversation would have to be put on hold. 

    “I’d be okay with that.” you told him finally, “Comfortable with it even.” you added, trying to quell some of the heat between you. Steve laughed, smiling at you as best he could while keeping his eyes on the road. 

    Before you had reached the others to give them their coffees, you leaned towards Steve, 

    “Come to my room around 10 tonight.” you told him, sending him a cheeky smile before greeting the rest of your friends. 

    Unsurprisingly, Steve was right on time. He had his hands stuffed awkwardly into the pockets of his sweatpants as he stood in your doorway. 

    “Hey” he said, stepping into your quarters when you motioned for him to do so. 

    “I wasn’t sure if I should, uh, bring anything.” he admitted, and you chuckled. 

    “All you needed to bring was yourself Stevie.” you purred, taking his large hand in both of yours and leading him to your bed. 

    “So…what exactly do you want to do?” you asked him, your body buzzing in anticipation. Steve bit his lip, taking a deep breath and catching a whiff of your arousal. He both thanked and cursed his heightened senses for alerting him of your wetness. 

    “I know we said sex, but please, need to taste you.” Steve breathed, sinking to his knees before you. You saw the lust in his eyes and so you smiled and nodded. If he wanted to spend this time eating you out you weren’t going to stop him. You laid back on the bed, spreading your already bare legs and allowing him to admire your panties, before noticing the damp spot that had formed over your core. 

    He practically moaned at the sight, leaning in to lick along your slit and just barely tasting your wetness. As if overcome by desire, Steve tugged your panties to the side quickly - accidentally ripping them clean off. But you couldn’t care about that when he buried his face in your pussy like a man starved. Which, you guessed he sort of was. 

    You moaned as he licked from your entrance to your clit, turning his head back and forth, his tongue moving with it and leaving you breathless. You moaned loudly when he suddenly sucked the sensitive nub into his mouth and felt him smile against you. Your hands instinctively found his hair, grinding back down onto his eager mouth and he moaned into your cunt. 

    Quicker than you had expected, you were on the edge of your release and found yourself begging for him to keep going. He moaned against you again and gripped your thighs roughly, spreading you further and burying his tongue inside of you. He moved one hand over to rub your clit clumsily with his thumb, determined to make you cum in his mouth and desperate to savour all of your release. 

    You gripped Steve’s hair tighter, keeping his head in place as you came with a shout, your hips jerking against his grip as he continued to slurp and lick at your wet folds. You moaned and panted softly as he licked you clean, but when it became clear he’d keep going as long as you’d let him, you tugged at his hair again, guiding his face up so you could see each other.

    “That was...fuck. You definitely didn’t forget how to do that.” you told him, letting your head fall back onto the bed dramatically. Steve laughed and joined you, laying next to you and sighing contently, the taste of you still on his tongue. You took another deep breath, relishing in the post orgasm haze, before suddenly sitting up. Steve leaned on his elbows and looked at you questioningly.

    “My turn.” you told him, motioning for Steve to take off his pants. When he hesitated you added, 

    “Get naked soldier.” 

    You admired Steve’s strong body as more and more of it came into view. You were stood above him this time, and you couldn’t help but stare as Steve stripped out of his underwear and revealed his impressive length. You licked your lips as Steve rubbed himself shyly, the head of his cock already shiny with precum. His cheeks were burning as you watched him, but he needed some sort of relief after the taste and feeling of you beneath him.

    Just as you went to return his favour on your knees, he placed a hand on your shoulder. 

    “Actually, can we try it a different way?” You quirked your eyebrow, but smirked when you heard his suggestion and climbed back onto the bed.

    Steve moved your body easily from there, tugging your hips to hover above his face while yours was in line with his cock. Like he hadn’t before, you wasted no time taking him in your mouth, moaning at the same time he did when you felt him on your tongue. You sucked him off generously, bobbing your head and taking him further into your throat each time you did. 

    Steve was a moaning mess beneath you. He had his hands on your ass, thumbs gently spreading your cunt and leaving you open to him, but for the moment couldn’t do more than lay back with his eyes closed and his bottom lip between his teeth. You felt confidence surge through you at the idea of reducing Captain America, to this level of putty in your hands. Or mouth, as it were.

    You swirled your tongue around the head of his dick, taking notice to particularly strong reactions to your different efforts. You hollowed your cheeks and sucked noisily on his cock as if it were a dripping popsicle, and Steve let out a shaky breath, one hand gripping your ass tighter.

    It caught you off guard when Steve’s finger started to prod at your slit, and you squeaked in surprise, causing you to gag around him. He groaned as your throat constricted around him and sunk a finger into you, appreciating the way you immediately clenched around it, sucking him in. 

    You swirled your tongue around his sensitive tip again, flicking your tongue back and forth across the vein that lined the underside of his cock. Steve accidentally thrust his hips into your wet mouth at the feeling, making you gag around him again in a way that he could have never guessed would feel pleasurable. 

    “Gonna cum.” he croaked, and you hummed happily, letting more saliva gather in your mouth and adding to the sensations he felt. 

    “W-wait, not yet.” he requested, squeezing your ass cheeks tightly as if to keep himself grounded. You pulled away from him with a pop, and pouted when you turned around to look at him. 

    “Then you better be cumming in me later.” you huffed teasingly at him, causing his jaw to drop. 

    “You want me to do that?” he asked - secretly intoxicated by the idea, and you nodded. 

    “If you want to, Stevie. I meant it when I said you didn’t need to bring anything. I’m very good at not getting pregnant and the company tests us for all sorts of crap. I just asked for an extra test when I got my last checkup.” you shrugged. You had gone down to the med bay for an appointment just last week, and you knew Steve was more than safe. 

    “21st century girls are something.” Steve breathed, a slight joking tone mixed with his awe of you. You giggled and bit your lip. 

    “We know what we want, that’s for sure.” you told him, climbing over his hips and letting your wet folds graze his erection. You smirked at your friend before lifting and removing your shirt, seeing Steve’s eyes get darker with lust as he stared at your bare chest. 

    “Wow” Steve breathed, his hands instinctively cupping your breasts and gently playing with your nipples. You moaned when he pinched them, making his eyes snap to yours,

    “You like that?” he asked, but his voice was huskier now, and it went straight to your core. You bit your lip and nodded, your hips instinctively grinding down onto his cock when he did it again. 

    “Fuck, need to feel you.” you admitted, taking him in your hand and guiding his tip to your entrance.

    “Please.” Steve panted in agreement, feeling how warm and inviting you were. For a split second he realized that Sam might have been right. He did need this. 

    But just as quickly as the thought came to him it had left, when you sunk down onto his thick length in one go. You whined faintly at the stretch of him inside you, but Steve missed it, overwhelmed by how incredible you felt around him. His hips started to move, unable to be still as he pulsed and twitched against your sensitive walls. You moaned when your clit rubbed against his pelvis as your body swayed on top of his grinding hips. 

    “Holy shit.” You cursed, feeling deliciously full. All Steve could do was nod. 

    You needed to feel more of him, so placed your hands down on Steve’s chest and lifted yourself so only his tip remained inside you and felt your eyes roll as he filled you again. You couldn’t help yourself as you built up speed quickly, arching your back and moving your hips up and down, feeling your ass bounce against his muscular thighs. Steve was a mess of groans and curses - a surprising amount for someone who almost never swore, and you were relishing in the feeling of his tight grip on your waist as you fucked him. 

    “S’that feel good Stevie?” you panted on top of him, Steve growled and palmed at your tits again. 

    “Feel so good around me. So fucking good.” he told you, before leaning up to take one of your nipples in his mouth, sucking and licking at it desperately. 

    “Shit!” you cried at the new sensation, his teeth grazing you. You moved your hips faster, his cock barely leaving you at the knew angle your bodies were on, and you threaded your fingers through his hair, holding him to you and tugging every time he’d nip at your chest. You could feel him sucking marks onto the delicate skin, and you couldn’t wait to see them the next day. 

    Once Steve had paid your breasts equal attention, he pulled you in for a kiss. You whined into his mouth as he held your hips, grinding you down onto his cock and forcing himself back and forth against your spongey inner walls. He moaned at the sound of your pleasure. 

    “Think you can cum on my cock y/n?” Steve asked, laying back down and taking your ass in his hands and taking control. You nearly screamed when he lifted you by your backside, spreading your pussy open further for him and allowing him to thrust up into you wildly. 

    “Fuck! Make me cum Steve - please! Need it.” you begged and heard Steve moan pornographically.

    “Rub your clit for me baby.” Steve grunted, feeling you clench tighter around him. You nodded and brought your hand to your pussy, collecting some of the wetness that leaked past Steve’s cock and bringing it to your swollen nub. 

    You rubbed tight circles around your clit, moaning as you felt pressure start to build in your abdomen. 

    “Gonna cum.” you told Steve breathlessly, “Oh fuck.” 

    Your hips started to move with Steve’s hand as your orgasm hit you. Steve watched in wonder as your arousal gushed from your pussy, feeling the pressure against his cock as you squirted around him. 

    “So hot.” Steve whimpered, his hips starting to falter. You were nearly delirious when your fingers finally slowed, and Steve took the opportunity to flip your bodies, letting you lay down while he worked himself over inside of you. 

    “Cum for me baby.” you told him, it coming out as more of a choked sob. Of course Steve’s enhanced hearing caught it and he groaned. He was so so close.

    With the strength you had left, you moved your hands to his shoulders, wrapping your legs around his waist and pushing him deeper into your cunt. He groaned and fucked you harder, your cries bouncing off the walls of your bedroom as he took you like an animal. 

    “Fuck - here it comes.” Steve warned you, his face now buried in your neck. You moaned, intentionally tightening around him to spur him on.

    “Shit!” he cried, biting into your shoulder as he reached his peak. 

    You moaned loudly as you felt ropes of his cum start to fill you, grinding your hips against his in response. You couldn’t describe it, but feeling Steve mark you in such a primal way was stirring some strong feelings in you. Steve cursed again as you started to move below him, understanding now why some men used the phrase “emptying his balls into someone”, when he needed to have casual sex. 

    When he finally finished, his raised his body just enough to see the cum leaking from where the two of you were connected. He groaned at the sight, collecting some of your combined arousal on his finger before guiding them between his lips. You whimpered at his actions and he smiled down at you, goofy Steve returning. 

    You whined when he slipped his cock out of you, feeling hot cum start to leak from your pussy. Steve moved towards the bathroom and you sighed happily as you let your head fall back on your pillows and gently played with the mess between your legs. When you heard Steve start running the bathtub, though, you sat up on the bed in curiosity. He returned, still naked, and you licked your lips at the sight of his muscular frame. He gave you a cheeky smile, before lifting you gently and bringing you into the bathroom with him. 

    He left you to use the bathroom in private before sliding into the bathtub behind you, smiling as you moaned when you felt the warm water surround your well worked body. You leaned back on Steve’s chest and he circled his arms around you. For a moment neither of you said anything, just enjoyed each other’s company. 

    When the water had started to cool Steve cleared his throat.

    “So y/n, I was wondering” he began, and you grinned when his voice cracked slightly. 

    “Would you like to go on a date with me?” he asked. 

    “I would love to.” you told him genuinely, and felt him smile against your hair. 

    He leaned forward and you craned your neck to face him, pressing your lips together in kiss so sweet it nearly left you breathless. 

    “Thank you.” he whispered, so faintly that you almost missed it.

    “For what?” you replied, confused. 

    “For helping me with this. You’re exactly what I needed.” he told you sincerely, before pulling you in again. 

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  • bloo-the-dragon
    28.01.2022 - 1 minute ago
    #fnaf #fnaf security breach #five nights at freddy's #five nights at freddy's security breach #fnaf moon#fnaf moondrop#Bloo's Art #questions and answers #dorykitcat #he'll just wait until you pass out from the energy surge and then carry you to bed LOL
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  • general-yasur
    28.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    I’ve been drawing Lloyd a lot because he is the tritagonist or antagonist of Neon Warfare and now I’m getting called a Lloyd stan. Never thought i’d see the day 🧍🏽‍♀️

    #THE LLOYD STANS ARE TRYING TO CONVERT ME HELP #calling all Zane stans to the battle field STAT it’s go time #it’s not even bad it’s just hilarious and ironic because I didn’t even like Lloyd say 5 months ago and here we are LMAO #ninjago #fanseason: neon warfare #lloyd garmadon#ninjago lloyd
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  • lcial
    28.01.2022 - 1 minute ago

    Joke question: would your muse hold a two hour long phone conversation?

    #not at all brought about by the fact that i just had one but anyway #it depends for akane. #personal calls would never go for that long for certain #: / / mobile
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  • programmedtoexterminate
    28.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Based off the smell, I assume what my roommate is planning to have for dinner is 10 kilos of burnt tomato paste.

    #just me #what you may not know if you have a normal sense of smell is that most smells that have a strong aroma are bad smells
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  • valeriegauvin
    28.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago
    #my theory is max sales for max rebuild Minnesota budget #syd and marta will maybe stay 1 last year for any ounce of ‘we are still trying I promise 💕’ #then marta will go to Brazil and syd will either just leave or retire or something #watch them both get traded away within the month now loooool #answered
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  • f4llenf4iry
    28.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Tomorrow I'm meeting my friend so I'm gonna fast or at least try to fast. We are going to walk a lot and go shopping so I'll also burn a lot of calories from today. Hope I can do this 🦋

    #ed#ana#c🦋tips#c🦋#c🍃#c🌧️#thinsp0#thinspo #it's a guy friend btw #he also has ed but binge ed i think #he says he is just like patty so that's probably it
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  • oh-my-tatoes
    28.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago
    #this was so lovely thank you #i just had a full breakdown it was so nice to see this when i opened my ask box #i love you please take care <33 #what can i tag you as?? #asks
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  • stressed-out-artist-jj
    28.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    The easy for carry partner goes both ways my friends

    #The only diference is that one is small and the other in tiny #my art#digital art #stressed out artwork #stressed-out-artwork#myart#happyduo#happy duo#bbh#badboyhalo#skeppy#skephalo#happytwt#dsmp art #also you can't tell me c!bbh doesn't have a big chest you just can't
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  • glammoose
    28.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Texts I send my husband when I'm listening to new to me metal music:

    I need my metal to be BOILING with RAGE, not gently simmering...


    And then I turn on Bastille or something instead because that makes sense 😅

    #i mean i like all kinds of music #i just need my metal specifically to be RAGIEST RAGE FEST #not sims#chatter#music chatter
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  • goth-gurls-club
    28.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Also also (sorry im in Ayano writing mood)

    On part of her crush being interchangeable, the demon that her family is indephted to is only interchangeable so like demon powerful demon muses are very welcome to have Ayano work for them once she dies, just hit me so we can plot

    #OOC ||| Woman behind the scenes #dont ask why #but i just really want to write for ayano rn
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  • mamasboysasuke
    28.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago
    #ask#anon #whoa serious answer for once who knew i had it in me #abuse /#grooming / #warnings just to be safe. i love u. take care of urself.
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  • rememberfeelingyoung
    28.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago


    #just someone to rub my back #:(
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  • tsukiyubi
    28.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago
    #just leaving this here
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  • flintcoded
    28.01.2022 - 3 minutes ago
    #what you said about scorpio’s structuring thoughts of you into something lovely: right back at you #and what i love and appreciate about all our interactions is that even being as vastly different as we are #whenever you send an image or rec a song or book or whatever they’re always so insightful #anyways sorry for the late reply and the rant #just wanted you to know you always make me feel seen and i am always thankful #answered#💌: cartoonsun
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