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  • sword-and-nightingale
    25.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Some days I wanna be super masculine and other days I'm happy with my lax femininity, and that's alright. Don't have to commit to either. Just go with the flow of it.

    #both are appealing for different reasons on different days #and one of those reasons is I'm just not feeling it #that said I'm always a guy just one that's either fem or masc on different days #trans
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  • mylittlesyn
    25.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    Yuuji x Reader

    You can ignore this. I'm not well today so I wrote some hurt/comfort with my favorite sunshine boy.

    TW: mentions of suicide/suicidal thoughts, angst, self hatred, alcohol

    You laid on the bed on your side, glass of water empty while the glass next to it still had a finger of whiskey. The bag of chips was left open on the floor, probably stale by now, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. You were so utterly apathetic that your phone had far passed the alert for 15% and was now at 3%. The charging cable was on the floor, right between the bag of chips and the nightstand, but you couldn’t be bothered to pick it up. Maybe if you stared at it for long enough it would magically snake its way and settle into your phone’s charging port. What did it matter whether it charged anyways? It’s not like you were paying attention to any of the people who had been messaging you, texting you, emailing you, calling you all day long. No matter how hard you tried you couldn’t bring yourself to muster up even the slightest sliver of will power to bother responding.

    Instead you laid in your bed. The bed that was nothing more than a spiderweb made of firm springs and no pillow top. You hated this bed and how uncomfortable it was, but you spent so much time in it. It’s not like you could afford anything better. Bouncing between jobs that were nowhere near what you imagined yourself to be working in, making minimum wage that was barely enough to survive. Just when you started to save up money to indulge in yourself, something breaks. A parking ticket, a new lock for the door, a plumber, an electrician, car tires… And this time… You. You lay broken in bed scrolling through tumblr, reading a post where you misunderstand something. It was funny, you almost even smiled for a second, so you decided to share the misunderstanding… Only to erase everything you had just written because… It wasn’t that funny. Was it?

    They barely know you anyways. Even if they have noticed you, they don’t really like you. You’re nothing but a burden to them, an annoyance. They rarely interact with you, only doing so when you initiate. In fact… Everyone on tumblr always interacts with you only when you initiate. You’re alone. All. Alone. Hiding your phone under your pillow, you roll over to the other side, pulling the blanket further up, covering your shoulder. Curling yourself up in a ball, you tried to physically make you feel as small as you felt. The amount of friends you had in real life were down to three, and one of them was your boyfriend. One friend you’ve had since middle school, reconnecting with them when you were forced to move back home because of your financial situation, the other you met through said friend. Your boyfriend you met by chance. He was your main source of serotonin and it truly wasn’t fair the way you depended on him.

    There were times you felt like breaking up with him, setting him free so he could find someone better than you. Someone prettier, smarter, more successful. Someone who wouldn’t drag him down when you went on your spirals. Someone who would love him in ways you couldn’t, because you couldn’t even love yourself. But you were selfish. Oh so selfish, so you kept him all to yourself. Why? Because you were terrified. You were absolutely terrified of what you might think if you didn’t have your bright pink haired sunshine boy as your source of serotonin. The thoughts that might creep in… The things you might do…

    Rolling back over, you took the glass with whiskey and drank what was left. Maybe if you thought hard enough, the glass would refill… But alas… That would never happen, and you didn’t intend on getting up anytime soon. Rather than move, you thought about driving down the street and a car that ran a red light crashing into you. You thought about crossing the street and how close cars have gotten. About sitting on a rooftop and accidentally slipping. Starving to death… Of course that would take too long.

    Closing your eyes, you hoped you didn’t have to wake up anymore. Squeezing them harder made no difference. The sound of someone knocking on the door caused your eyes to fly open. Move. Move. Get up. Sit up. Move. The banging on the door continued and you could hear your boyfriend calling out your name on the other side. Somehow that only made things worse. Tears welled up in your eyes with your lips in an uncontrollable frown. He was too sweet, too good for you. You weren’t worth it. You were never worth it. The banging stopped. Did he finally realize it too? Was he giving up? Letting you wallow in your own self-pity?

    The sound of the door opening and closing followed by some footsteps led to him standing in the doorway of your bedroom. “Ita…” You whined quietly before more tears rolled over. He rushed over to your, placing a cloth bag on the floor at your bedside.

    “Hey…” He cooed while rubbing his hand on your shoulder. “I brought all your favorites… Lay’s Cheddar and Sour Cream, some Kit Kats, Ben and Jerry’s half baked, some chicken tenders, mac n cheese with mashed…-” He stopped once you started crying even harder, bringing the blanket up to cover your eyes. “Wait what’d I do wrong?!” He panicked which triggered you to bawl.

    “NUTHING!” You told him as he lowered your hands, exposing your messy, puffy face.

    “Hey…” He cooed again with his warm hand on your cheek. His lips pressed to your forehead, and you finally stilled for a moment with a gasp. Wails calmed to whimpers as you stared into those honey colored eyes. “Is it a low, or did something happen…?”

    “You’re too good.” You whined, your lips in that ugly pout that wrinkled your entire chin, creating all those little divots that made it the definition of ugly crying. “Too good for me.” He just chuckled as you felt your pillowcase continue to soak.

    “A low then… What would you like to eat first?”

    “I mean it, Ita…” You pouted, the tears slowing as he looked into the bag.

    “Stop.” He placed the bag down again and tilted his head to the side to match yours and press your forehead to his. “You are beautiful. You are smart. Kind. Caring. You are worth the world to me, and I love you. I know you might not feel any of those things right now, and you might not believe me right now either, and that’s ok.” His eyes were darting between the two of yours, and while you weren’t sure you believed it yourself… You felt that’s what he believed. “What’s not ok is your ice cream melting so why don’t you tell me what you want to eat first.” You both snickered for a moment. Your first smile of the day.

    “The fried chicken.” You hummed while breathing in through your nose to smell it with your mouth watering. When you glanced up at him, you noticed his grin was from ear to ear, that alone lifted your heart. The serotonin that you needed was finally here and while a part of you knew this wasn’t healthy, it was something you could worry about later. Itadori helped you sit up, your legs moving off of the bed with his hand returning to your cheek. The tips of his fingers mingled with your tangled hair before he pressed another kiss to your forehead. He handed you the black styrofoam box and placed it on your lap. The warmth from it touched your bare thighs as you scooched back on the bed. You watched as your boyfriend left your bedroom and you felt alone again for a moment, the sound of his footsteps being the only thing to provide you relief. When he came back, he started to tell you about his day. It was mindless, and he knew you never spoke much when you were in these states, but hearing his voice was like a calming white noise. He had moved onto the bed behind you, your head resting on his chest as you both picked at the food. Just when you were feeling a bit yourself, he placed a dot of mashed potatoes on your nose. “Ita!” You whimpered after giving up on trying to reach it with your tongue. Instead he reached out with his and licked it of. Your immediate reaction was to push back on his shoulder while trying to conceal your smile.

    “What?!” He chuckled before grabbing the remote to the TV. He held out his hand to turn on the streaming service, while you stared at the smile that was always home on his face.

    “I just… I love you.” You whispered while he put the remote down.

    “I love you too.” He murmured against your cheek.

    #yuuji itadori #yuji x reader #jjk #I'm just not well today sorry guys #It was a struggle to write the comfort alone #i have no boyfriend or yuji #so #i'm just gonna sulk more i guess
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  • wingsandpetals
    25.01.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    i had the strangest dream

    #something about watching a clip of blorbo from my deleted webseries #and you know what it did make everything all right to see him again #im uncommonly happy #our post comrade. #not gonna tell you guys more about it though my dreams dont make a lot of sense you would just be like ???
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  • the-blind-assassin-12
    25.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago
    #hahahahahahaha this is gonna be the craziest thing i've ever done #i am all in on this. #sometimes you just need to write characters who are not Good Guys #if anyone (NOT RACHAEL) can guess who then I will post a lil snippet.
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  • legolonia
    25.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Norm Alguy.

    Happy Australia Day everyone.

    Let’s all celebrate that we live in the lucky country.

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  • monty-glasses-roxy
    25.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Why is the pizzaplex security so good you ask?

    Because everything is Monty proof.

    #fnaf security breach #montgomery gator #the guy just does whatever they gotta stop him somehow #that's why the security is horrendous #gotta keep the himbo out #it doesn't work but it at least slows him down a bit #and with his attention span? it works more often than it should.
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  • toadcircus
    25.01.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    i love getting a phone call from the doctor saying “hello! we got a letter from your psychologist and we need to discuss to some things with you!” and for a moment i was so freaked and confused thnking i have a secret psychologist whos been following me and reporting to my doctors. then i realised they were talking about my top surgery psych evaluation letter lmao. sounds so fancy to have a psychologist, i love how they made it sound like he was MY psychologist. like you can’t have him, this one is mine for keeps

    #little bony horribles #as if i didnt balk at the prices of the two £200 sessions i had to have with this guy #who was absolutely delightful btw like the dudes a gem for sure #wish i was someone who had the money to just casually have my own psychologist
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  • genoge
    25.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    Gonna make a like ranking of my i//dv f/os ranking from who's debatably a bad person to who's just some guy

    #txt #just some guy in like a gender neutral sense bc. women........ ♡ #I HAVE A LOT OF F/OS FROM I//DV SO THIS LIKE COULD WORK #romantic and platonic
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  • bread-and-roses-too
    25.01.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    oh btw one of the reasons I have my discourse and most used blogs seperate is to protect my sibling so if you know about the blog I use the most no you don't

    #I have some followers who overlaps between the two #hi guys I love you :) (platonic) #so I wanted to say this just to have it out ther #it's not a super secret like if you bring it up by accident I'm not gonna block you or anything #I just don't want the two to be obviously connected #also my own face as well as my etsy which says what city I live in are on my ''main'' #so there's a personal security aspect too
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  • coffee-bat
    25.01.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    can't believe i got rickrolled by a fucking polish game show

    #it's a music-based one and in each episode they have like live performances by different people/guests #like. singing/dancing and shit #so it just basically went like #(performance comes on) #'yo this guy looks kinda like rick astley' #'i think it's because he moves like him. yeah that must be it' #'dude must be stylizing himself to look like him there's no way it's a coincidence' #'no mom there's NO way that's actually him. he wouldn't come to poland just for a stupid game show performance' #'and there's no way in hell they could afford him either' #(show ends; credits) #('guest: rick astley') #'FUCK'#ramble #im losing my shit
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  • illdothehotvoice
    25.01.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    anyways i gotta do some homework but if anyone wants to send me any mario related asks my inbox is always open dshgjkfdh

    #I just like talking to you guys a lot qwq
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  • liquidlightning
    25.01.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    yo, asking for myself, how does one deal with the strange yearning u feel towards a person u have only met a handful of times, but u had some kind of unspoken soul connection and u know there was a potential for a really good and intimate friendship there but the circumstances were just a bit difficult so neither of you tried to build that but you both knew it was there and this was proven when you saw each other unexpectedly with a year or more since the last meeting and you immediately hugged each other for several minutes. but now it has been several years and you dont even know how to contact them. how does one deal with that emotion.

    #anyway im in my feelings tonight or whatever #gaetan.e if u see this. i miss u #🤪 just crazy girl things just autism girl things hehe just trans guy things just traumatised queer kid things!!!!!!!! #p
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  • lovebuggf
    25.01.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    embarrassing moment of when a baby wants to pet your dog but is too young to understand how to not just hit a dog instead of pet and then dog tries to bite a random baby

    #we recovered he just snarled at her but i could see how that would end as soon as it started lmao #gotta be at least 4 to pet this grouchy little guy #he doesn’t tolerate all that baby nonsense anymore he’s 15
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  • newists
    25.01.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    still not over the fact that mason was out of town for a swim meet for most of the switched movies.

    #i- #going through my google doc and i'm face palming at this guy #every jock is freaking out and he's just #OBLIVIOUS TO HIS FRIENDS GETTING MURDERED #BECAUSE HE'S OUT OF TOWN AT A SWIM MEET
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  • f4kef4ngs
    25.01.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    can't believe you guys didn't rock with dish walter. that's probably my best post. fake fans I tell you what

    #im a bit tipsy sorry #but seriously dishwalter was so goood you guys just dont get it
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  • stemmmm
    25.01.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    s/o to the people who reblog my original stuff by the way it's very encouraging lol

    #m.txt #i never wanna be that person who yells at other people to reblog stuff #i know i share posts like that sometimes but i do it more for the education on how this site works bc. its vague and changes a lot #you dont gotta reblog any of my stuff bc im posting it more for myself than anything else #tumblr's just an easy means for me to look back at my old art :) #so when i can see that you guys like it it's a nice added bonus lol
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  • flynnvillin
    25.01.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    if flynn had to pick between the mountains or the beach, surprisingly, he’d pick the beach. 😌

    #tbt #he seems like a mountain kinda guy #and he does like the mountains just fine #but he loves the beach #especially going in the off season #fishing#relaxing#cliff diving#hammocking #an abundance of seafood #all the good stuff
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  • bitterrosebrokenspear
    25.01.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    Just realized that, with the little cameo hinting at a Shinjuku adaptation, we’re going to have to hear the English dub say “Altria.”

    #fgo #i just hope moriarty's english va gets to have a british accent #they're probably still going to use gudao #but at least we get to see him get bridal-carried by at least three different hot guys
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  • helpingfriendlybook
    25.01.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    my professor sent a "reading" for class that ended up being a webpage with randomly generated postmodernist essays... he didn't tell us it was randomly generated 💀 i was fully primed to just sit here and struggle through the whole thing

    #hirampost #what the fuck. LMAO #this guy is going to be a trickster i just know it #i have zero interest in postmodernism i just cant wrap my head around it but maybe this class will change my mind
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  • prolifeproliberty
    25.01.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    Austin City Council Candidates: *provide virtually no info about their policy positions beyond vague statements about affordable housing and public safety, have unhelpful or nonexistent websites and social media profiles*

    Austin City Council Candidates: “Why is nobody showing up to vote?!? Maybe I need to post the link to the polling locations a few more times?”

    #ugh #polls close in just over 2 hours and I THINK I know who I’m voting for #but i don’t think any of the options are all that good #and they’re probably just going to elect the guy that’s endorsed by the idiot we’re replacing
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