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    18.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago


    Who designed this suit?

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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • bringbackwendellvaughn
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Suicide Squad Game "Story Trailer" - Easter Eggs & Details You Missed by Batman Arkham Videos

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    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Bruce Wayne ( Zack Snyder’s justice league ) - Credit if using

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  • cloudycera
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Billy starts working at a Lex company.

    Superman: But why did you do it?

    Bruce: Yeah

    Billy: Okay, I don't wanna be poor.


    Billy: Yes, I Don't wanna be poor. We don't all want to live off welfare checks for the rest of our lives.

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    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Justice League - Last Ride (2021) #006

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  • train2game-news
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Train2Game News Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Story Trailer

    Warner Bros. Games and DC today unleashed a new story trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the genre-defying, action-adventure third-person shooter in development from Rocksteady Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham series.   Debuted at DC FanDome, the brand-new story trailer sheds light on the origins of Amanda Waller’s infamous Task Force X (a.k.a. the…

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  • cloudycera
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Ngl the New Robin's comic was very boring 0_0

    I don't mind a robin's book but it was kinda off honestly, they just fucked around and killed a guy but other than that the interactions were subpar at best.

    Would have preferred the Blue Beetle book.

    Or a Tim drake book cause he hadn't had one since 2014 I think 🥴

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  • infinity-hoe
    18.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Long Night

    Kinktober Day 18 Kinktober Prompt: Thigh Riding/Face Riding Summary: Slade’s back home after a long mission and he knows exactly what he wants. Pairing: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke x Reader Word Count: 1,180 Warnings: fem-receiving oral, face riding, thigh riding, murder mentioned

    Fandom: DCEU/Justice League (Snyder Cut) Rating: SMUT, 18+ MINORS DO NOT INTERACT

    A hot shower fixed everything. Long day sitting at a desk? Hot shower. Exhausted from your workout? Hot shower. Spend a few hours doing a few side gigs and ended it covered in blood and grime? Extra hot shower. The last one was your position, though what you called a side gig was committing any number of crimes indiscriminately; you'd burned and robbed houses and offices for the insurance money and you'd committed your fair share of murders too but your forte was hacking and theft, you left the murders to your husband. By the time you pulled yourself out of your thoughts, the water had begun to run cold. You washed the remaining conditioner out of your hair and soap off your body before shutting the water off. With a nice fluffy towel around your body, you get your hair mostly dry before strolling into the bedroom.

    You immediately yelped in surprise when you saw your husband laying in bed, arms folded behind his head and his eyes-well, his good eye- closed. Your hand that was reaching for the gun in the bathroom cabinet fell to your side with an exasperated sigh. "You know, most husbands greet their wives when they return after being gone for almost two months," you make sure your voice is dripping with sarcasm. "You were in the shower and I wanted to give you peace. Besides baby, I just got home anyway," he reasoned, flashing you an extra tired-looking grin. "C'mon, c'mere, I missed you," he patted his lap and looked at you with his bottom lip in a slight pout. When you started to object, he started gently pulling you towards the bed and when you were close enough, he pulled you into the bed and had you straddle his thigh.

    His hands rested on your hips and he grinned as he shoved your towel off, throwing it towards the bathroom "and in case you haven't noticed I'm wearing your favorite of my tactical pants." "I might've noticed," you said, humming at the way his thigh flexed under the fabric that was pressed against your exposed core. "You wanna ride my thigh, babygirl?" He asked, his hands coming up to gently fondle your chest, flicking his thumb over your nipples.

    Slowly, you began rocking your hips against his thigh, the rough texture of the fabric providing just enough stimulation to make you want more. Your hands rested on his shoulders for support as you rocked your hips faster, small quiet moans fell from your lips each time your clit came into contact with the material. "Aw, you haven't touched yourself since I left, have you, baby? Been a good girl while I was away?" He asked as his eyes wandered over your already disheveled state. You shook your head; you hadn't had time, you kept yourself busy to avoid worrying about him. "Good, good girl," he praised softly, his hand coming up to wrap around your neck as you desperately moved your hips faster for more friction.

    Slowly, he tightened his fingers around your neck and he pulled you down into a bruising kiss. It was almost the embodiment of him; rough, violent, and most of all dominating. A couple of times you felt your teeth clash with his but he held you there, leaving you no choice but to take what he gave. Slade roughly bit your bottom lip and the minute your mouth opened enough, he forced his tongue in, fighting yours for dominance. "Gonna soak my pantleg, baby? You gonna cum just from the friction alone?" He taunted after looking down at the spot on his pants that was quickly becoming drenched in your arousal as you rode his thigh. He knew you were getting close when you buried your face in his chest.

    "Stop," he suddenly said, grabbing your hips and stilling them. "Noo!" You objected with a frustrated sigh, you'd been so close. "Sorry, baby, that's not what I want you to be riding when you cum," Slade said, patting your thigh affectionately. "Up." Reluctantly, you moved to sit on the bed beside him while he moved to lay down more full, his head resting more evenly on the mattress. He looked at you with that damned smirk of his "c'mere, babygirl, give daddy a taste of what he's been missing." You didn't hesitate before carefully straddling his face. Your eyes instantly fluttered shut as you lowered yourself onto him, his beard already tickling and scratching your inner thighs. His tongue took long, slow swipes up your cunt before circling your clit.

    He smacked your thigh lightly, telling you to move your hips and you obliged. Your hips slowly rocked back and forth, his tongue toying with your entrance every so often between desperate swipes of his tongue. His grip on your thighs tightened before he bulled you down further onto his face, moaning against your lips and send vibrations through to your very center. "Fuck..Slade..." you muttered, already out of breath. You leaned forward and tightly gripped onto the headboard with both hands for support, panting some and closing your eyes. He expertly alternated between sucking your clit harshly to invading your quivering hole with his tongue, using your thighs to hold you as close to his face as possible. You chanted the word 'fuck' like a mantra, all but grinding onto his face desperately chasing your release.

    Your movements only became more desperate and your sounds louder as you felt your climax building up, the coil quickly tightening and tightening in your lower abdomen. "Slade!" You nearly yelled out when the coil finally snapped. He eagerly lapped up your juices as you came down, squeezing your thighs hard enough to leave bruises in place of his fingers. His tongue gradually slowed down as you came down from your heavenly high. On wobbly legs, you raised yourself off of his face and let yourself collapse into bed beside him. He looked over at you with a smirk, his beard drenched in you "you were so desperate I didn't even have to use my fingers to get you off." "I missed you, Slade, you know I always do," you mumbled tiredly as you tried to curl up against his side. He stopped you and laid you flat on your back again, this time he was the one straddling you, his arms caging you in beneath him "and I missed you too, babygirl."

    "Think you can give me another one?" He asked as he unzipped his pants, pushing them and his boxers down enough to free his painfully erect member. You gave a nod and lazily wrapped your legs around his waist "whatever you want, Slade." He leaned down to capture your lips in a comparatively gentle kiss, making sure you got a perfectly good taste of yourself on his tongue before he buried himself in you with one swift thrust. He sighed reveled in the quiet gasp you made, followed by the whimper of being overstimulated. You'd be in for a long night, you always were when he came back home.

    Tag Team: @bdffkierenwalker​

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  • splooosh
    18.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    “REVERB, the younger brother of VIBE”

    Chris Sprouse

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  • unstuckmusturd
    18.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Justice league: A little Normie

    Chapter 26:


    Everything felt cold all over.

    It was like he was walking through a blizzard without a coat on. He couldn't run. He couldn't stop the biting sensation. And no one could help him. He was alone in the dark snowy night. Where was he anyway? How did he even get here? He tried to remember what happened, but it was blank. Was this the afterlife? Is he in purgatory or something? What a joke! He was a good person! Or at least, he thinks he was. Everything in his mind felt hazy, like a fog looming over. He couldn't get an answer no matter how hard he tried. It was so frustrating, annoying even, but he was also scared. Was this his life now? Just wandering in his storm without a clear path? All his memories just left him like that? It was a scary thought, one he didn't want to indulge.

    Then he felt something different. Warmth. It surrounded him and pulled him close like an embrace. He could almost hear something, like a distant whisper full of comfort and worries. Was there someone here with him? Why can't he see them? Wally stood still, taking in the heat that he so desperately needed. Then he felt it diminishing slightly. Unlike before, the heat wasn't comforting or soothing him anymore. It felt lacking, artificial even. And the voice stopped its whispers.

    It disappeared as quick as it came.

    Wally realized this and began trekking through the waist deep snow, looking for the voice again. He wanted to call out to it, but nothing came out from his throat. Like a mime, he couldn't say a word. He clenched his teeth in frustration, but his resolve was still strong, and he kept moving through the seemingly unending road. With the forest split, he continued to walk under the moonless sky with no coverage or support, only had the fake heat to help him move forward as he searched for that voice.

    He didn't know how long he was walking. It was hard to keep track of time when you're lost. However, the most important thing was that the voice returned, and so did the warmth he grew to love. It felt so right to be held by this invisible force, like he was meant to be here, engulfed in their embrace. He never wanted it to leave again

    Then a terrible odor came out of nowhere from the invisible person, more specifically in their hand. Wally could feel them moving it closer to him, and he couldn't help turning away. The scent was horrible, more than anything he ever smelled before. The invisible being paused at his reaction before gently nudging him to the odor again, but he still wouldn't go near it. The invisible being paused again, this time longer than before as if it was thinking about something. Wally didn't understand why they were so insistent on that thing. Although he relished their embrace, he didn't want anything to do with that smelly thing!

    Then abruptly, he picked up on what sounded like a sigh from the being. Their next whispers sounded sad and apologetic, as if they were pleading for something. He couldn't understand what they meant until he saw them moved the odor to their mouth? While he was staring at it in utter confusion, the next thing he felt was heat on his face before it moved to his lips.

    Did... Did it just kiss him??

    Wally froze at the sudden gesture, his entire face felt really hot and his breath got caught in his throat. He didn't know what to do with his hands, where was he supposed to put them?? Was– was he supposed to kiss back or something? An invisible person was smooching him in this blizzard, and all he could think about were these embarrassing thoughts that fluttered into his brain. Wally was so caught up by the kiss that he didn't notice the liquid pouring into him as they gave him mouth-to-mouth. After a few sweet seconds, the being pulled away from him, leaving him agape from the aftermath of the 'kiss'. Wally was bright red like his hair by the end of it, and like a oven, he felt steam coming out of him. He quickly hid his face in the gap of his elbow, blushing profusely and refused to even look at the being.

    The invisible person was oblivious to his predicament, and gently ran their hand in his hair as if comforting him. Wally jolted under their touch, before nudging closer to it, already loving that sensation on his hair. He didn't notice that the snow ceased and began melting into water, disappearing little by little back to the Earth. Wally could feel the being lightly covered his eyes with their palm, whispering again. This time, he could hear it loud and clear.

    'Rest well, Wally.'

    As if on command, the redhead felt drowsy in the warmth and moved closer to their embrace, before finally slipping back into sleep. The only thought he had was that the voice sounded familiar to him.

    It was about 20 minutes after X gave him the medicine, did Flash finally woke up. He didn't look sickly anymore, no longer woozy or anything of sort. He groaned and rubbed his head a bit before getting up from the boxes, the cloth fell off of him and laid on the floor.

    "Oh, you're up." He heard X's smooth voice from across the room and looked back at him. "How was your sleep? Feeling better? Just let me finish up with... This!" The blond grunted as he tightened the knot around the three unconscious villains, using his foot to press against Copperhead's face as he did so.

    "I just... Had a weird dream." Flash muttered softly, his cheeks reddened from remembering that that scene. Was he that touch-starved? Was that it?

    "What'd you say? I didn't hear you back there." X didn't notice his embarrassment and asked him to repeat again after he was done with tying the three morons up. They should be unconscious for the next couple of hours. He put a little something in their doses to keep them from making trouble before he can get the team back up.

    "It's— it's nothing! I already forgot about it! So, uh, what happened while I was out?" Flash quickly changed the subject, avoiding X's curious look as he brushed the dust off himself. He didn't feel sick anymore.

    "Yeah, about that. I'll explain later. First, got anything we can use to go back to the tower?"

    "Yep, batman gave me a jet for the little rescue mission."

    "Great. Then I'll tell you along the way. We still have stuff to do."


    After getting the antidote X made back to the watchtower, he gave each of them an equal amount of nasty medicine to get back on their feet. Meanwhile, Flash contacted Diana and Hawkgirl to tell them about the good news. When the justice league was finally all healed up, they had to mass produce the cure for the city's infected people. Luckily, X still remembered the ingredients and procedures, knowing fully well that Orby wasn't gonna talk again until next month. He wrote everything on paper and gave it to Batman for the production.

    He was just glad it was over.

    While the team started their work, he took the chance to chat with Diana about a certain someone that kidnapped him. "So, I'm guessing that it wasn't a good ending, was it?" X asked softly, leaning against the glass window. He knew she was still grieving for Aresia, even if she was a bit of a nutjob. Losing a love one was never easy.

    "Yes. The plane exploded with her in it. At least now, she's at peace." Wonder woman replied, her eyes downcast.

    He gave her a pat on the shoulder to give her some comfort, "I'm sorry, Diana. I know she meant a lot to you."

    She nodded her head, "She was my sister, but it was her choice. Besides, it's all in the past now." Diana put up a strong front, even if she was still grieving. X didn't say anything about it either, it wasn't like he was any different. Diana noticed the gloomy atmosphere, and quickly changed the subject. "I've been meaning to ask you something, X. It's the cure. How did you manage to make it so effectively? By now, almost everyone has already recovered."

    "Oh that? It wasn't all me, y'know? I asked Orby to give me the instructions while I made them. Luckily, I didn't mess it up, though I'm sure everyone is complaining about the taste." He said, thinking back to the looks from everyone when he poured the medicine in. Pure gold!

    "It did have a very strong smell. I myself couldn't stand it."

    "You should've seen my face when I drank it. I couldn't stop gagging after!" X started laughing again, already dismissing his previous thoughts. Then Hawkgirl came back from the retrieval mission, successfully locking those three back on Earth. "So, how's the savior of the male population doing?" She joked, a small smirk on her face when X bashfully rubbed his head at her comment.

    "I don't deserve the credits, guys. Really. Without Orby, I wouldn't have been able to make it either. Besides, I'm sure you guys would've succeeded even without me." X quickly denied the compliment and gave it all to Orby, not like he deserved. It was true that in the original episode, they did make an antidote with Aresia's notes, just that he didn't have the needles for it, so he changed it a bit.

    "Hmm, maybe. But you've gotta admit that if you weren't there, then that orb of yours couldn't do anything either. Give yourself some credits, would ya? Especially when you were supposed to be a damsel in distress with your Flash-in-shining-armor." She gently nudged him as she joked around, earning his cheery laughter and a smile from Diana.

    Then the elevator door opened, and Batman and J'onn came out. X waved them over, signaling the girls about their arrival. "B! J'onn! Over here!" The two mentioned members followed his gestures and walked toward them.

    "How are you feeling?" Diana asked.

    "Better. Good work on the antidote, X. I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you sooner." Batman commended and apologized to him at the same time without a change of expression, but he knew that B meant it. Although X was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sudden and rare words from the Batman himself, he graciously accepted that one with red cheeks, "It's fine, B! Nothing really happened."

    That's right, he never told them about Aresia's other plan. Not that it's necessary anyway.

    "Look," Hawkgirl gathered their attention to the monitor hanging above. It showed superman and GL back on Earth, flying high in the sky. "Superman and Green Lantern have almost finished distributing it."

    Diana sighed solemnly at the reminder of the tragedy. "If only Aresia could've learned to see the noble qualities in you men."

    Before X could try to cheer her up, Flash joined in the conversation. He had a hotdog in one hand and a soda in the other, chewing while he talked. "I definitely could've taught that bad babe a thing or two about guys. Too bad we never met." Flash took a swig at the soda and burped out loud, not even bothered to cover his mouth.

    The girls looked at each other after seeing how ill-mannered he was, almost like they regretted their decision. "Maybe it was just as well."

    X saw the looks of regrets on the girls' faces and had to hold back his laugh. Flash would've made it so much worse if he had met her. He turned to his pal and asked, "Want some napkins, Mr. Burpy?" As he held out a bunch of paper, which the speedster took, "You have everything, don't you?" Flash said, wiping his lips.

    "Eh. One of us has to be prepared."

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    my friend keeps giving me avengers comics to read and it takes me so long to finish them I feel bad

    #moral of the story is I hate comics that are about large groups I only know like 5 of the characters 😭😭 #I can’t do justice league or anything either it’s not bc it’s marvel
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    Future State: Justice League (2021) #1 art by Marcio Takara

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    Even the secret files debunk the wank for Dc Comics characters.

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