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  • EVAN RODERICK as Justin in SPINNING OUT (2019)

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    Spinning Out Season 1

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  • “You’re gonna get pissed.” He warns.

    “Seriously, Justin, just tell me what’s going on.”

    “Fine,” He pauses again, this time so long Kat is about to lose it, when he finally blurts, “We could get married.”

    A Spinning Out fic.

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  • someone tell me why i spent the entire day watching spinning out even though i KNEW it had already been cancelled by netflix only to now be completely heartbroken because i absolutely NEED NEED NEED a season 2

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  • Me: I’m watching spinning out for the accuracy of the plot

    The accuracy of the plot:

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  • A Spinning Out oneshot

    (you can also read it on AO3 here)

    “He refuses to propose after they medal at the Olympics.”

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  • Justin and Kat are soo cute can they get together already, I’m shipping it xD

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  • Spinning Out — “Healing Times May Vary” (2020)

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  • here for you, always | j.d


    Originally posted by sethkate

    • Pairing: Justin Davis x Reader
    • Requested: Nope
    • Summary: After finding out some news you feel like your world has fallen apart.
    • Warnings: mentions of blood, pregnancy, and hint of loss of pregnancy (not in detail)
    • GIF Not Mine

    The clock was ticking painfully slow. Your knee bounced up and down, nervous about what’s before you in those four walls behind the wooden door. You glanced around, taking in your surroundings. You didn’t belong here. A woman was sat on the other side of the waiting area, a hand holding her partners hand and her other one caressing her bump. You wanted so badly to get up and leave and you probably would have if Jenn and Kat didn’t come back with a drink from the local cafe.

    “You have to try this.” Jenn said, taking the seat next you, holding out a half eaten muffin. You shook your head, the thought of eating anything made your stomach turn.

    Silence fell between the three of you. No one really knowing what to say. Jenn and Kat kept looking at each other having a silent conversation about what they should say or do. You didn’t notice as you kept looking ahead trying to calm your nerves before the doctor called your name.

    It wasn’t long before a middle aged woman came out of her office with a clipboard in her hand and calling for you to go in. “Whatever happens in there we’ll be here for you no matter what. It’s going to be okay, Y/N.” Kat assured you. You grabbed both of their hands trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall.

    “Can you please come with me?” You asked, your voice quiet. The two of them told you they would, holding you hand as you walked to the room. You earned a few weird looks but neither of you cared. They were the support you needed badly right now.


    You were leaning against your locker, eyes shut. “Someone had a late night last night.” Jenn said coming into the locker room, laughing a little at the insinuation that you were up late with a guy last night.

    “That’s far from true. In fact I had an early night.” You said, turning to face your friend. “I have no idea why but I’m tired more than usual.”

    “Maybe it’s your period.” Jenn suggested causing you to curse. “What’s wrong?”

    “I-I’m late.” You told her, your voice quiet.

    “Shit.” Her eyes widened before wrapping her arms around you. “It’s going to be okay, Y/N. Me and Kat will be here for you no matter what.”


    Everyone’s eyes were on you but you couldn’t say anything, the words ‘pregnant’ echoed through your head. You wanted nothing more than to get out of there, to wake up from this nightmare. You were fortunate that you had your friends with you or else you would probably have broken down in the office, you wanted to keep some dignity. So while you were staring ahead, Kat held your hand while Jenn asked the questions that were on everyone’s mind.

    After she got the answers the three of you left, straight out of the clinic and walked down the street a little. It wasn’t until you were far enough away that Kat turned to you and told you to let it all out and you did. You broke down crying, collapsing onto the floor as you let out everything you’ve been holding in for the past few days. Jen and Kat joined you on the floor, wrapping their arms around you and staying like until it was all out of your system.

    Once you had calmed down a little, save for a few sniffles here and there, the three of you sat on the curb. “I- I don’t know what to do.” You said after a few moments of silence. “I can’t afford it and I cannot let my parents find out.”

    “What about the father?” Kat asked. It was a question everyone was wondering even yourself.


    It was a party that somehow the skaters, skiers, and the hockey players were all invited to. It seemed that everyone at the lodge had turned up to let loose for the night. After pregaming with Jenn beforehand you were well on your way to having a good night. “That hockey bro is totally checking you out.” She shouted over the loud music. You almost choked on your drink and shook your head vehemently. If you looked over though, sure enough he was staring at you but that wasn’t who you were interested in. You had fallen for your good friend Justin Davis.

    “No he isn’t.” You tried to deny but Jenn just gave you a pointed look.

    “Look, I know you’ve got a crush on you know who but you should just let loose once in a while. Make a mistake, have a casual hook up with no feelings attached. Release that pent up energy.”

    “Who’s Y/N hooking up with?” Justin asked, throwing his arm around your shoulder. Heat rose to your cheeks but luckily you could blame it on the alcohol or how stuffy it was in the living room.

    “No one.” You glared at you friend who you wanted to kill right now.


    “I don’t know who he is. He was gone the next morning when I woke up. It was dark and I drank a little too much.” You admitted, looking down in embarrassment. Kat gave you a comforting squeeze on the arm with a smile to match as if to say you shouldn’t be hard on yourself.

    “What about Justin? Maybe he could help?” Kat suggested.

    “I can’t ask him to do that.” You sighed and before she asked anymore questions Jenn jumped in.

    “Look, we’ll figure it, the three of us. We always do.”


    “What are you doing here?” Jenn hissed when you exited the bathroom stall. You glared at her as you made your way to the sink, this was the last thing you needed.

    “If I’m not here people will think something is up.” You told her.

    “You just threw up, Y/N, and I know you’re not feeling well today. Just tell them you’ve got flu or something.” She said, following you around as you grabbed your things before leaving the locker room. You both kept your voices down so no one could eavesdrop. The secrecy was spotted by Justin when you bumped into him and Kat. He was confused while she was silently wondering why you were here.

    “I can’t, okay? I’ll be fine though.” You assured her lowly before slipping pass her to the rink, smiling at Justin and Kat as you passed them.

    “Are they seriously practicing today?” Kat asked Jenn, ignoring Justin.

    “What’s going on?” He jumped in, interrupting Jenn.

    “Flu we think.” Was all she said, following your lead and heading to the rink leaving Justin even more confused.

    Everything was going okay until you fainted, mid spin, causing you to fall. Jenn and Kat immediately skated over to you as did Mitch. Blood trickled out underneath your head and your arm was wrapped around your stomach. Justin watched on as the three of them were talking lowly over your unconscious body. He wanted to do something but all he could do was watch on helplessly. Dasha wrapped her arm around him, muttering assurances that you were going to be okay. It didn’t take a genius to see Justin’s feelings for you.


    Kat and Jenn were stood off to the side of the waiting room, waiting to hear about your condition. Your parents were on the other side of the room. They felt guilty for letting you skate when they knew you weren’t feeling one hundred percent. Their wallowing was cut short by Justin coming over. “So you gonna tell me what’s going on? The truth this time?”

    The two girls glanced at each other before Kat sighed, deciding to come clean. “Y/N is pregnant.”

    “What?” He asked in disbelief, it was the last thing he expected.

    “They told us it happened at that party we all went to a few weeks back. We don’t know who the father is though as he left the next morning before they woke up.” Jenn chimed in with a hint of distaste for the mystery man.

    “Fuck.” Justin said under his breath, the reality setting in. It was him who you slept with, him who left before you woke up. He didn’t want to ruin your friendship so he left. When you didn’t bring it up he realised that you don’t remember so he never mentioned it. Now he was regretting his choice because if you had known maybe he could have helped.

    Justin waited until your parents and friends had seen you to go into your room. You were sat up in your bed, dried tear tracks on your cheeks. It broke his heart seeing you like this. “I’m sorry.” He breathed, walking towards your bed. “I’m sorry I left the next morning, I’m sorry I wasn’t their for you.” His confession brought tears that you didn’t think you had left to your eyes and you started crying again, letting everything out once more.

    “I-I’m so sorry.” You hiccuped. Justin didn’t hesitate to climb onto the beside you and wrap his arms around you, letting you cry in his chest. The two of you sat like that until there were no more tears left, his included.

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  • Imagine

    Unwanted Attention

    Justin Davis X Reader


    Originally posted by sethkate

    Unwanted attention from Justin Davis proves to be a rollercoaster of an introduction for the two of you.


    You had caught him staring at you out of the corner of your eye as soon as you entered the foyer.

    His eyes trailed over you from head to toe. A not so subtle display if it weren’t for all the mums and their little kids running around before their class which blurred everyone’s vision.

    You stood at the ice rink counter, money in hand as the receptionist lent you some skates. They weren’t perfect by any means, but they allowed you to do what you loved at a reasonable price and that was all that mattered.

    “Thanks. What time is the rink open to the public?” You questioned as the receptionist closed the till.

    She looked up to face you, boredom evident on her features as she spoke with a agitated sigh, “8am to 10am and 2pm to 4pm. The rest are times for training and classes so don’t be on any earlier or later then those times.”

    After a curt nod you turned from the desk and walked over to the benches. Your phone had said 7:50am which gave you enough time to finish getting ready and put your skates on.

    A mirror in the sitting bay had caught your line of sight causing you to take in your causal appearance of faded black leggings and a deep purple turtleneck sweater which displayed its age and use by a few fraying patches on the elbows.

    You really didn’t fit in here. Even amongst the children, as they wore more expensive and professional warm up gear.

    Silently you cursed your father and mother for moving this far away, and to a town with what appeared to be snobs and creeps who stared at people.

    But then you rememberd the reason. Or reasons they chose to move.

    Both for new work opportunities for your father and for a fresh start for you, they had moved all this way so that you would be closer to something you loved and further away from the bad memories of the past.

    Instinctively your fingers found their way to the base of your neck and caressed the scar that sat covered by your turtleneck. A constant reminder and fear inducer of what could go wrong in this ice world that you loved.

    An alarm sounded at 8am to signal the change over from training to free skating. You rose on your skates and walked towards the fence, careful as to where you placed your blades.

    Wiping sweaty palm on your thighs you bent down to remove your skate guards, placing them on top of the fence. You straightened and gave one final look around and towards your bag. But as you did you caught eyes with the stanger again. A faint smirk made its way onto his lips, whereas yours closed firmly and you spun back around to the ice.



    Out on the ice there were only five other people besides yourself. An older couple skating the rink edge hand in hand, a little girl practicing skating backwards and two teenage boys skating in a almost dangerous manner. Luckily for you they were all up the end opposite to you.

    They didn’t matter though as you were lost in another world as soon as you began to skate. That of magic and endless possibilities. The romance of dance and freeness of spinning and never stopping.

    The world faded away as you got lost in the moment. A spin. Picture perfect as the sun still rose, spilling it’s orange glow through a roller door onto the ice.

    Your arms rose, fingers dancing in the air. Your left leg followed, gliding with the rest of your body as it cut through the air.


    Originally posted by wensqing

    And finally you let your eyes close as your head lulled back.

    Complete bliss. In a trance in the place most dearest to you.

    It wasn’t evident to all that watched just how captured in the moment you were. But some saw, captivated by your elegance and pure beauty in the moment. Stunned at how at peace you looked.

    Too lost in your world spinning you hadn’t noticed him staring again.

    His expression soft, smile gentle as he took you in; your pure bliss as you spun. He’d never seen anyone skate as carefree and beautiful as you. Although you weren’t as technically strong, the passion that drove you was far beyond anything he had seen.


    Originally posted by justalittlepartofme

    A moment it was. For a time. But all moments must come to an end.

    Yours was cut short when one of the young boys who had been skating with his friend found his way down the end of the rink you were in.

    His blades ground through the ice as he hurtled towards you. Unbeknownst to him as he watched his friend over his shoulder chasing him.

    It all happened so fast yet it felt like an eternity. A slow motion frame by frame video that no one could pause or rewind.

    Mid spin you panicked. Your blades coming to a jolting halt. Head whipping to the side as the momentum continued to carry your body. You ankle twists from the strain and you fall to the ground.

    Your hip hits first, a jolt of pain followed by a agonising ache cooled only by the ice. Shoulder next as your hands slip trying to gain some balance.

    Dread washed over you, ears flooding with white noise as your heart rate accelerated.

    The noise of grinding ice over took your senses and you quickly tucked your body, pulling your arms up to cover your head and neck.

    Suddenly the noise stopped. The grinding of ice faded into a little boys laugh.

    Your eyes peeled open and you slowly moved your hands from your face. The little boy was stood a mere metre from your shaking body.

    And he had the audacity to laugh in your face. “Hahaha, chill miss. I wasn’t going to run into you.”

    Cheeks turning pink, you gingerly rose from the ice, brushing the white from your leggings. You lowered your head to see him, tears welling in your eyes.

    No words could form. It was a struggle to even compose your breathing. You were still shaking, fingers white from your vice like grip in your palms. You couldn’t respond so you just turned on your skates and left the rink as fast as your tender hip would allow.

    His eyes were on you as you passed him. He stood at the edge of the rink next to an older redheaded women. He waited for you to make eye contact but your head hung low to avoid such contact with anyone.

    Limping into the change rooms, your bag on your shoulder you bee-lined for the shower cubicle. A warm shower was just what you needed after what had just happened. Not only for the imminent bruising but for the fear to wash from you.

    Water cascaded down your chest, plastering your hair to your back. It washed away the fear, the pain and all the tears that fell with it.

    Silent sobs racked your body as your hand fell on the large scar that trailed from the base of your neck and across your right collarbone. It’s white skin pale against your normal skin tone.

    After what felt like hours but in reality was minutes you vacated the warmth of the shower once changing into a clean bra and underwear. Wet soles walked against the wood as you made your way to the bench in the middle of the ladies change room to get changed.

    It was silent. You being the only one in there which allowed your mind to feel at ease; feel relaxed.

    You had begun pulling some trackies up when the forming bruise caught your eye.

    A subtle blue was evident on the hip that had taken the fall. No doubt there would be bone bruising too but the skin was sure to be a galaxy of blues, purples and blacks by tomorrow.

    You secured your waistband on your hips as you reached for another jumper. Movement froze however when you heard a voice from behind you. From the door way to the change rooms.

    “You should probably get that seen to by the on site doctor.”

    You rushed to cover your torso. To cover your neck, the scar.

    His eyes were soft, however they were trained on your own. Only occasionally moving to your injured hip or to the shoulder that hung lower then the other to take some of the weight off of it.

    Hands in his jacket pockets he waited for you to reply, although you never did.

    “I’m Justin,” he smiled, right hand forward, waiting for you to reciprocate the shake. He was hesitant to pull his arm back though when you didn’t answer.

    “I can take you there if you want. It’s just up the hall,” Justin shifted his weight from one foot to the other pointing behind himself, “And he can check that shoulder out too.”

    Your answer was short, however quieter then you would have liked. “I’m fine.”

    Justin saw right through that lie. Your face doing nothing to hide the pain you were in. He didn’t go to speak again, nor did he move to leave. He just kept his eyes on you with the faintest of a smirk as he saw your resolve fade away.

    “Can you leave?” You signed, frustrated with this Justins antics and too exhausted physically and mentally to fight. “Or at least turn around please?”

    His smirk grew as he placed a single hand over his eyes for your privacy. He knew he was getting under your skin but he couldn’t help the excitement he received from your frustration. His cocky attitude was coming out and he couldn’t stop it.

    A heavy sign left your lips as you turned your back to him ready to lift your sweater over your head. You had successfully pulled the sweater over your sore arm and shoulder, leaving the hardest till last. You would have to pull your sore shoulder back to pull the rest of the sweater over you.

    A sharp hiss left you as you tried to pull the sweater down. Pain vibrated through your shoulder and collar bone.

    Suddenly Justin’s hands were at the hem of your sweater gently pulling it the rest of the way for you, careful though as to not touch you.

    You stilled. Frozen on the spot for a brief second before turning to face him. You were beyond frustration, you were aggravated.

    The sudden out burst caught him off guard causing him to take a quick step back to put some more distance between you both.

    “Do not touch me!” You breathed; a slight hitch in your voice as emotion swept over you. You had lost all your resolve. Grabbing your bag in your good hand you made your way towards the exit. “I am fine! I do not need your help Justin or your sympathy just because I fell!”

    Justin’s eyes went wide. He wasn’t sure what he had done to trigger this attack or for his name to leave your mouth with such venom. But he was sure he didn’t deserve it.

    “Hey,” he scoffed raising his hands in surrender, “I was just trying to help, not get in your pants. Geez, no need to get your knickers in a twist.”

    Your blood continued to boil. Who did this Justin think he was.

    “For starters you shouldn’t even be in here. This is the women’s change room. Secondly don’t think you can go saving every girl you think is a damsel in distress.” He’d stepped closer during this rant of yours, as had you again leaving both of you a mere few feet apart. “And lastly I would never in my life let you into my pants even if you did try. So leave me alone! And stop freaking staring at me.”

    Your finger was jabbing his chest and as you removed it to place it back at your side you both caught notice of its violent shaking from your emotions and fear.

    Justin had no response. No idea how to reply. He wasn’t even sure whether he should be angry at you for your outburst or be guilty at his own.

    Your brow furrowed in disappointment when he had no response. Tears swelled in your eyes as your emotions began to take ahold of you.

    Taking a few steps past him and towards the door you had almost left the room when you again froze in your spot as he spoke.

    “Wait”, his defeated tone came as his eyes scrunched and his brow dipped in somewhat regret for saying anything.


    Originally posted by katherinesdoris

    You didn’t turn around, you gave no acknowledgement that you were even listening besides the fact you hadn’t moved yet.

    This gave Justin enough reason to continue.

    “I’m sorry.” He found it hard to apologize for something he wasn’t even sure he’d done wrong. All he knew was he didn’t want you to leave hating him.

    “I overstepped my boundaries and I’m sorry.” He couldn’t tell if he was getting through to you or not but he’d noticed your left shoulder turn ever so slightly towards him.

    “And if it makes you feel any better both those boys have a 2 month ban from skating at the rink now.”

    “I really was just trying to help.” He’d lost you again after that comment. You took another couple of steps towards the door.

    He pinched the bridge of his nose. Why was he doing this. Justin Davis never did this. But he felt compelled to; to apologise to a complete stranger.

    “Beautiful,” he blurted, hanging his head ever so slightly in embarrassment for admitting it toy your face. “Your skating was beautiful. That spin was otherworldly.”

    Stopping in your steps you turned to your side. Fighting a smile that was trying to escape your lips. Heat rose to your ears.

    Now it was your turn to be unsure how to respond. Both of you silent and heads low in the room. Nerves got the better of you.

    You gave a curt nod in his direction, “Thank you”. You had to force your smile to not spread across your whole face.

    A smile made its way on to Justin’s own face. “How long have you been skating?” He questioned placing his hands in his pockets and leaning against a row of lockers. Visibily more relaxed then before.

    “I began when I was 5. So just over 14 years so far.” You exclaimed which earned a head nod from Justin. “My mother has been my mentor since I began as we were always to busy travelling for my dad’s work to settle on one coach.”

    His smile grew.

    You weren’t sure as to why you had just divulged in so many personal details to a complete stranger. But for some odd reason you felt comfortable enough to do so with Justin. It was an odd sensation.

    “What about-,” you had gone to speak but was interrupted by an agonising stabbing sensation that burned from your shoulder across to your collarbone and back down your arm.

    You groaned in agony, stumbling into the wall as Justin came up behind you and placed his hands on your back for support.

    “Let’s take you to see the doctor shall we?” He suggested, ushering you out of the changing room and down the corridor to the doctor’s office.

    Once outside he had knocked, spoken to the doctor about what had happened and unwillingly to himself dropped his hands from your back.

    As the doctor ushered you in you said one final good bye to Justin, thanking in for taking you.

    “What can I say…” he smirk, “I knew you couldn’t refuse my help. It was my pleasure…”

    A chuckle made its way past his lips as his head and shoulders jumped. He waited for you to respond with your name but you never gave it to him.

    You could see the anticipation of him waiting to know who you were so you gave him a name to remember you by.

    “Yeah yeah,” you countered, “For the time being you can call me Damsel. But don’t get used to it. This is the first and last time you help me.” A chuckle escaped your own lips as you turned to enter the doctor’s room.

    The last words you heard were Justin’s as he stood opposite the closing door, smile plastered on his face as he watched you for the last time.

    “I’ll always help you Damsel.”


    Originally posted by spiinouts

    Justin couldn’t begin to comprehend the events of the last couple of hours.

    All he knew was that he needed to know more about this mystery girl. And to start he wanted her name.

    Her skating on another hand was incredible and he could only dream how she’d be as a partner.

    What did catch his attention however was the hint of a scar at the base of her neck. The one she not so subtly tried to cover both on the ice and with her sweater in the change room.

    Justin was in search of a challenge, but little did he know he stumbled across more then he could possibly chew.


    Long and a little all over the place BUT a Spinning Out and Justin Davis imagine sooo…

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