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    24.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    crush on juyeon big

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    24.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    just these 3 serving up absolute looks 😩💕

    #the boyz #this is my bias line y’all don’t understand.. I’m never recovering from this #new#chanhee#juyeon#younghoon#videos
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    24.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #the boyz#juyeon #you should see me in a crown
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  • stealanity
    24.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    daydream ✩ lee juyeon

    dedicated to @deputyjuyeon ! hi lovely ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜
    song inspiration : daydream — the boyz
    genre : angst & fluff
    word count : 667

    everything was clear as a diamond, shining like the first glow of the sun on summer mornings, white as the first snow of the winter period, soft as a cotton flower. everything seemed perfect, ethereal, like a precious impenetrable and transparent bubble.

    juyeon couldn't help but smile, making his eyes turn into crescent moon, that seemed to make your heart beat faster. your pianist's hand, soft and delicate, clinging to his, large and protective, in your beautiful white clothes matching each other. sharing the white tablecloth of a picnic, your ears lulled by the melodious and incessant song of the doves that flew here and there around your two silhouettes.

    you smiles eternally on your faces, your laughter making your boyfriend's heart beat with love. and even though he couldn't seem to hear your voice, juyeon cherished every moment spent in this white world you were both in. his fingers playing with the strands of your hair, resting the latter against your cheek to stroke your porcelain skin. and when you approached him, rubbing the tip of your nose against his own, he suddenly thought he felt the ground giving way under his body, his heart floating in the air.

    your touches were synonymous with paradise, causing an electric field along his spine, causing him to lose his mind, triggering tingling in the tips of his cold fingers. a semblance of invisible wind made your hair fly, and juyeon couldn't help but think that you were the most beautiful piece of art he had ever seen.

    when your lips crashed into his, engulfing him in a torent of emotions, he had the impression of seeing stars taking shape above your heads, while the sky was completely white. your hands hanging on his shoulders, exchanging the most passionate kisses of all the time, juyeon didn't want to move away : his fingers pressing on your lower back to bring your body as fragile as crystal against his.

    nothing could have broken this moment of happiness which embalmed your hearts, but suddenly you seemed to be so far away from him. finally opening his eyes, despite the fear of what he would find out, juyeon only saw a brief image of your face, blurred in an unknown way. he didn't understand why you seemed to fade away, as if the memory of your eyes, your hands, your mouth, were eradicated from his memory. he couldn't seem to remember your face, your voice, your laugh, as if his sweet dream turns into a terrible nightmare.

    tears lodged at the corners of his eyes, all the clarity around him getting sucked into a big black hole. he wanted to run far away, to flee this despair which seemed to want to capture him, he wanted to grab your hand and protect this sweet heaven you were despite despite your blurred face.

    but when reality hit him hard, waking him up with a start in an empty bed, his forehead glistening with sweat and heavy breathing, juyeon realized that all of this was just one more time a simple dream. the same dream of you that he had every night since you were gone.

    juyeon felt his heart squeeze painfully in his chest, as tears rolled down his flushed cheeks. he blamed himself, he blamed himself for gradually forgetting your gaze, for forgetting the curves of your face, of your body, to forget the tone of your laughter, the intonation of your voice. he blame himself for forgetting little by little each memories that rallied you to him.

    and that's why, each day, one after the other, juyeon is waiting for only one thing : the moment when he can close his eyes to rush into dream land. he yearns for this moment when he slips under his warm sheets, enjoying this sweetness after an exhausting day, when he can finally go away from his responsibilities to let himself be carried away by the flow of memories of you that he could still remember.

    #juyeon imagines#juyeon drabbles#juyeon scenarios#juyeon#lee juyeon#the boyz#tbz #the boyz juyeon #tbz juyeon #lee juyeon imagines #lee juyeon drabbles #lee juyeon scenarios #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz drabbles #tbz scenarios#tbz imagines#tbz drabbles#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles #juyeon x reader #juyeon angst#juyeon fluff#juyeon timestamps #lee juyeon timestamps #the boyz timestamps
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    24.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


    (🌻) : oh, my favorite flower boy ★ や˚🐑🌷⁎˃ᆺ˂ 10 months love ˖ ꜜ ٪ ࣪ ִֶָkiss me slowly ! @i4junie

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  • soobgyuist
    24.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    + discussions of breeding kinks 😵‍💫
    tbz x afab!reader (sangyeon, jacob, juyeon, changmin, haknyeon)
    *no gendered terms are actually used but reader is explicitly afab and the word c*nt is used once!!
    content: nsfw!! breeding kink, degradation, dumbification(?), unsafe sex .. please wear condoms…
    minors dni w my content thanks


    obsessed with the idea of knocking you up, this man WANTS to put a baby in you. hips sloppy but incessant and hands bruising, he’s panting against your slick skin. the noises he makes are so pretty, so desperate because he’s so, so close as he curls over you.

    whines in a way that has you whimpering right back, and asks you to let him cum inside, begging for it despite knowing you will let him.

    “please, let me give it to you, baby,” he’ll grunt right into your ear before he nips at it. part of him just wants to hear you say it, wants you to say you want his cum, want his baby, want him.


    it’s your suggestion— your command, if anything really, that makes him realise quickly how into it he is. he’s close, that’s obvious from the way he starts getting more vocal, getting faster and mumbling a “gonna cum,” against your ear. it sends a thrill up your spine, your legs locking together behind his back to keep him in place.

    “inside, please inside.” is what you tell him, and the reaction is almost immediate. his hips stutter against yours, his breath hitching in a hiccup. it’s evident he’s taken off guard but he quickly recovers, the dark chuckle against your neck tells you this much.

    “yeah? want me to fill you up? gonna take it all like my pretty little slut?”


    god he doesn’t even realise how into it he is until it’s already happened.

    it’s purely an accident at first, forgetting protection, forgetting to pull out because he’s just a big, dumb baby. it doesn’t panic either of you nearly as much as it probably should, or maybe the idea of repercussions just hasn’t set in. either way, you’re both panting to try and catch your breath. then you’re saying something about a kid, albeit jokingly, and juyeon feels his brain leak out his ears again.

    he’s back on top of you within seconds, licking into your mouth and desperately rutting his cum back into you. both breaking into moan-ish giggles, he’s mumbling into your mouth about wanting to give you a baby— his baby.


    more into the cum play sides of things rather than the actual idea of breeding you but he’ll easily indulge you when he finds out you like it.

    does get off knowing it turns you on to be claimed as his, that the idea of having a family with him excites you so much. absolutely will tease you about it too— his words are kind but his tone is anything but. he’s patronising, treating you as if you’re dumb, and maybe you are. maybe you’ve finally been fucked completely dumb.

    “hmmm?” he hums, breath jittery as it fans over your neck, and it’s easy to tell he’s close because of it. he coos mockingly at the way you whine in response, pouting at you in fake sympathy.

    “mmm… want my cum, pretty baby? need me to breed you hm? yeah?”


    so mean when you tell him you want it inside :(

    condescending, asks you why he should be so nice as to give you his cum and what you’ve done to deserve it. makes fun of you for being so desperate for him, laughs at how your back arches when he mentions knocking you up with his baby. he’ll give it to you anyways, he always does. he’s just so kind and giving, is what he tells you. (won’t admit it’s because the idea of getting you pregnant and claiming you as his turns him on immensely.)

    “gonna breed this stupid little cunt,” he breathes, slick skin sliding against yours and hips bruising as he cums inside you with the prettiest moan hitching his breath, teeth sinking into your skin hard enough that it has you teetering and tipping the edge with him.

    #the boyz smut #tbz smut #the boyz x reader #tbz x reader #jacob x reader #jacob bae smut #sangyeon smut #sangyeon x reader #juyeon smut #juyeon x reader #smut#changmin smut #changmin x reader #haknyeon smut #haknyeon x reader #the boyz imagines
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    24.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    official_saturday [#주연] 날씨 너무 좋다🖤 벌써 이번 한 주도 끝나가네요! 오늘 하루도 좋은 하루 보내요 선데이💜 #세러데이 #SATURDAY #하늘 #주연 #유키 #아연 #민서 #HANEUL #JUYEON #YUKI #AYEON #MINSEO

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  • itshayhay
    24.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    This is the first time I’m seeing Juyeon with glasses and he looks so soft, I’m crying:(

    #I was not prepared #😭😭😭 #he looks so beautiful #giving me college boyfriend vibes #lee juyeon#juyeon#the boyz#tbz#kpop
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    24.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    loverboy's back at it

    #juyeon#lee juyeon#the boyz#tbz#mine: gifs#tbznetwork#idolsincedits #a cutie with specs #he looks like the boy i would fall in love with at the study hall
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  • jjyubi
    24.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    this is juyeon in glasses. he appears only once every million years, reblog and like for good luck
    #tbzinc#the boyz#tbz#juyeon#lee juyeon#*mygifs #juyeon wearing glasses for fashion and not for actual purpose i can't defend him i'm sorry #i love when joel lee makes an appearance though he's literally just some guy but also the philosophy ta i 10/10 would've had a crush on
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    24.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    210924 ✌ .

    #juyeon#lee juyeon#the boyz#tbzinc#mgroupsedit#idolsincedits#ultkpopnetwork#*#mine#mine: gifs #the apple of my eye the light of my work the love of my life etc etc
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    24.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • yvesaccharine
    24.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    was having a bad night and then he decided to do THIS

    #was actually sobbing in my bed and now i think i’m gonna be able to sleep enough before work :’) #not even in an ‘i love him so much i’m ok now’ way but more of an ‘i find him and the energy he gives off to be soothing’ kinda way #thanks juyeon 💕 #the blover#kj speaks
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  • ava-achlys
    24.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Baby said he got his glasses last month(?) and they have lenses, I'm not sure if he said they're prescription though

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    24.09.2021 - 10 hours ago


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  • yvesaccharine
    24.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Don’t Wanna Waste

    ↳ Part of the Over My Head ↶ Series

    Listening to ➝ Ready to Love - Seventeen

    Member ➝ Kim Younghoon ft. like half of TBZ atp

    Genre/Theme ➝ Flangst; Unrequited love; Nostalgia; Friendship

    GN Reader

    Warnings ➝ Mentions of alcohol; Jaehyun gets slightly existential for a sec; Lots of cussing; Brief mentions of cheating

    Word Count ➝ 3.8k

    Main M.List

    A/N ➝ the last 2 times i’ve updated this series it hasn’t shown up in the tags :/ pls reblog & tag if u enjoy! it would help me out a bunch💕

    It’s mid-afternoon the next day when you receive a text from Sunwoo, telling you to ‘Get your ass to the beach by 5’. A puff of air leaves you, always amused by how your friend has such a way with words.

    Next, your phone dings with a text from Younghoon. Your heart jumps into your throat, memories of the night before expanding within your head and threatening for it to pop from the pressure.

    Before you can even begin to decipher the nonsensical message, he’s calling you. You put your phone on speaker, busying yourself with finding an outfit as he begins speaking.


    “That’s my name,” you quip, pushing hangers aside in your pursuit for something beach-y.

    Younghoon sighs in perceived annoyance but drops it immediately. “Can you please drive me to the party?”

    “Hmm. You’re using your cute voice. What’s the catch?”

    “Nothing. I just want to—Wait. Since when do I have a ‘cute voice’? This is my regular tone!”

    You chuckle, falling to sit on your bed as you scrutinize the shirt in your hands. “You're such a liar. You’ve always used that voice when you want something from me.”

    “No, you’re a liar,” he denies, and you can hear the pout on his lips.

    “‘Oh Y/N, can we please go get ice cream?’ ‘Can we please keep this cat I found on the side of the road?’ ‘Can we cuddle again? Please?’” You pause. “Shall I continue?”

    “That’s not fair,” he grumbles, and you can tell that you’ve embarrassed him. Maybe you went too far with that last one…

    “Anyway, yes. I’ll pick you up at around 4:45?”

    “Okay. What’s this party for anyway?”

    You hum. “Not sure. I didn’t even know it was a party.”

    “Maybe it’s for Jaehyun. I’m still hungover from last night though, so I’m definitely not drinking.”

    “Me neither. I think our friends forget that they have to actually go to work sometimes,” you joke.

    But then you remember, a hand coming to your forehead, eyes squeezing shut.

    “Couldn’t be me,” Younghoon chuckles out.

    A sigh of relief. The sudden grip of immediate guilt is placated. He isn’t taking his situation too seriously. It’s not like he doesn’t have money saved up; his paychecks were admittedly huge. You almost pissed yourself the first time you got a glance at his bank account.

    You worry about his security when thinking about the carefree manner he’s gone about things ever since quitting. Over everything, you just want him to be happy. To not have to stress over making ends meet.

    But it doesn’t seem as though he has those same worries. You wonder how long it will take him to get over this denial, or whatever is going on in his mind that leaves him so calm about the whole situation.

    It’s the lighting, you swear; the near-evening sunlight compliments him very well, accentuating his features and warming the tone of his skin with it’s golden rays.

    Or maybe it’s his outfit.

    So simple are his white button down and tan, wide-legged pants, but he wears them so well. Too well, in your opinion. And it feels like another blow to your heart when you catch sight of the sunglasses that sit perched atop his hair, the strands having been finger-combed back with gel.

    You become a little weak when Younghoon slides into the passenger seat and his cologne fills the air inside of your car. It’s been a very long time since you’ve encountered that scent. He never wore it to work, so this would be the first time in years, you assume.

    And even though it’s been a long while, your brain immediately associates it with him. Something in your chest blossoms with warmth and you gulp, knowing that you’re in for a long ride.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Younghoon asks through a chuckle as he straps in.

    “Nothing,” you sigh out, stretching your arms forward before leaning back in your seat and letting your head roll in his direction. “Ready to go?”


    “Y/N,” Younghoon says, halfway to the beach.


    “You’re still acting really weird. Are you gonna try and run another red light?”

    “No, Younghoon,” you monotone, making a point to do your best driving with him accompanying you. “Can you please just drop that whole thing?”

    “Why? I normally don’t care when you won’t tell me something, but I can tell there’s something wrong. Did Juyeon do something—“

    “No! He didn’t do anything! It’s not about him,” you exclaim. “Me and Juyeon aren’t anything but friends. I even made sure we were on the same page because people -a.k.a our entire friend group- keep asking us about it.”

    “Whoa, I didn’t mean to set you off…”

    You take a deep breath. “I’m sorry for yelling.”

    The space inside the vehicle becomes painfully silent after that. It feels as though the air has been sucked out and your throat becomes tight with nerves, as well as a strange innervation you can’t quite pinpoint.

    You hate the way this topic has become prime material for everyone, mainly Sunwoo, to gossip about. And you hate the fact that you can’t find the strength to just tell Younghoon what’s been on your mind.

    It feels as though you’re trapped, squeezed into a small space with no room to move, to breathe. You roll down your window and let the fresh air fill your lungs.

    “So then,” Younghoon starts, but then he pauses. You glance at him and find him with his lips tucked between his teeth.


    “If it’s not that, then what is it? My point from before still stands; I’m concerned for you.”

    The sweetness in his voice, along with his hand that finds yours when you take it off the wheel, makes you want to give in. But things aren’t that easy.

    You’re ready to love, but you haven’t been sure of what exactly he's been thinking or feeling lately. The whole reason you’ve been keeping your feelings pent up is because you don’t want to be selfish.

    Younghoon’s words from the day he quit his job still linger in the back of your mind. As well as the night before that. If he doesn’t have a sense of self, feels like he’s been missing out on experiences, that there’s a hole in his chest…

    How can you expect him to want to settle down?

    When putting yourself in his shoes, you find yourself wanting to explore new things, maybe go somewhere far away to ‘find yourself’, but most importantly, to not be tied to another person in such a burdensome way.

    You want Younghoon to do what he wants with this newfound freedom, even if that means that you’ll ultimately have to see him less. The way he looked at you when he told you he didn’t know who he was anymore, it sticks with you.

    And so, as much as you want to just tell him that you have these growing feelings for him, you simply can’t. For now, at least.

    “Don’t worry about it, Hoon. Seriously. I've just been stressed out lately.”

    His hand squeezes yours, his thumb running over your skin. “Okay. You know you can always talk to me though, right?”

    The corners of your lips rise just a bit. “I know. Thank you.”

    To your relief, the ‘party’ is not so much a party as it is a laid back get-together. The only ones drinking are Sunwoo, Changmin and Juyeon. They giggle together as they sit in the sand, playing some kind of drinking game.

    Meanwhile, Younghoon and Chanhee go out to the edge of the water and hold their socks and shoes in hand as they let the small waves tickle their feet. This leaves you and Jaehyun to sit on a towel together and watch the sunset.

    “It feels nice to be back,” Jaehyun hums from beside you as he swirls the sand around with his hand.

    You hum, not having the energy to make small talk at the moment. Your eyes are trained on Younghoon, observing as he laughs into the sky and jumps away when the waves crawl toward him.

    “Distracted much?”

    “Not distracted. I just don’t know how you want me to respond to a rhetorical statement like that,” you reply, resting your chin in your palms as you lean your elbows on your thighs.

    “Someone’s in a bad mood,” Jaehyun chuckles out, grinning when you turn to glare at him. “What? It’s true, isn’t it? You always get like this when you’re upset.”

    You sigh. “I guess. But what can you do?”

    “I don’t happen to have the answer to that rhetorical question,” he squibs, and you shake your head.

    “You wanna know something?”

    “Hit me.”

    “You see that guy over there?” You gesture to Younghoon. “The tall one?”

    “I do!” Jaehyun says, entertaining your sudden tangent with enthusiasm.

    “Yeah, well, I think I’m falling in love with him,” you say in a hushed tone, not wanting the others to overhear you. “And I don’t know what to do about it.”

    Jaehyun frowns, a hand falling between your shoulder blades. “Yeah? Why not?”

    “Because, naturally, I don’t know if he feels the same way. And… because I wouldn’t want to weigh him down if he does like me back.” You pause and then let out a tired laugh.

    Your counterpart makes a noise of understanding but doesn’t comment further.

    “I even made this grand plan that’ll end with me confessing. But now I’m rethinking it, even though I already started.” You run your hands over your face. “I feel like that was a mistake.”

    “Why? What went wrong?”

    “Well, first of all, I took advice from drunk people. And second, I rushed into a conversation that should’ve had more thought behind it… I think I really hurt Juyeon’s feelings.”

    “Did you ‘break up’ with him?” Jaehyun uses air quotes.

    “Yeah. At the party, before you got there. And I’m cringing just thinking about it. I said he was a ‘complication’. Fuck, who wants to hear that? From somebody they like?”

    Jaehyun sucks in air through his teeth. “I’ll agree with you there. That’s a little cold. But you did the right thing, drawing the line. It’s better than leaving him thinking there could be a chance.”

    “It’s still fucked up, though.”

    “Well, words don’t always come out the way you want them to. Cut yourself some slack.” He pats your back. “And as for Younghoon, I think you may be overthinking it all.”

    “Maybe. But he’s kind of going through a midlife crisis in his twenties, and I want him to be able to do whatever he wants without worrying about me. Y’know what I’m trying to say?”

    You turn to Jaehyun and find him with a sad smile on his face. He nods, wrapping an arm around you so that you can lean into him. You sigh and close your eyes as you let the side of your head rest against his chest.

    “It’s more complicated than it seems, huh?”

    “Yeah. A lot more than even I can comprehend.”

    “But at the same time,” Jaehyun says, a clear shift in his tone. “Why not have both? I mean, there’s never a right time for anything. And we could all die tomorrow. So why not?”

    You just sink deeper into his embrace. “It’s easy to say that, but hard to live by that kind of mindset.”

    “True.” A pregnant pause. “Well then… Why don’t you just change the steps in your plan?”

    You pull back so that you can look at him, leaning back on your hands. “How?”

    “I dunno. Trim off the things that make you anxious and get to what’s important. Like… Ask Younghoon what he wants to do and help him along.” He looks out at the water with a small smile. “You know, he’s always been a little lost without you.”

    You guffaw. “No way. Mister doctor?”

    “Who did he choose to keep around, even when he was busy as hell day in and day out?”

    “… Me,” you answer softly.

    “Keep that in mind. Okay?”

    He gives you one of those big, encouraging Jaehyun grins and you find yourself smiling back, nodding your head.


    “Thanks for coming.” You grin over the table at Younghoon, who decided to visit you on your lunch break.

    “Yeah, no problem. It’s funny.” His eyes go to the ceiling, a gentle smile on his lips. “Even now that I have all the time in the world, all I wanna do is hang out with you.”

    Something blooms underneath your sternum, warming your neck and up to your face. You clear your throat.

    “Uh, I have a question for you.”

    His head tilts. “Oh?”

    Step two: Construct a fuck-it list for Younghoon.

    “Now that you have all this time, what do you want to do with it? You talked to me about missing out on things. So, what are they?”

    “Hmm.” He sets his fork down and looks around the room as he gathers some thoughts. “I want to…”

    As he speaks, you record bullet points in a document on your phone. You find yourself smiling as he goes on, colorful images flickering behind your eyes as he opens up his mind to you.

    Most of his ideas are heartwarming and coming-of-age-movie-esque, others mundane. You find yourself leaning forward. Drawn in closer by the way he thinks.

    It’s like he’s describing the way he sees the world -who he is- through his dreams, no matter how simple or complex.

    He’s like a child looking out at a big world through the glass of a high-rise apartment window. Yet, at the same time, comparable to a man that’s seen everything and craves the uncomplicated joys of life.

    You learn a lot listening to Younghoon, and you find yourself falling even harder and faster for him. He gives you his eyes, one rose colored and one in grainy, sepia tones. For that small pocket of time, you gain a new perspective and unlock parts of him that you’ve never had access to in the past.

    He shines, he blossoms, he glows in all of his wonder for what lies ahead in his journey to self fulfillment. And by god, you’re willing to do anything to keep that beautiful smile on his face.

    “What are you doing on your phone?” Younghoon playfully swipes at the device.

    “Making a list,” you giggle back, grabbing his hand and letting it rest on the table underneath yours. “Wanna see?”

    He nods and you hand him your phone, his other hand absentmindedly playing with your fingers. You watch as his smile widens, and then he chuckles hardily.

    “I like it, but what the hell’s a fuck-it list?”

    “It’s like a bucket list, but you aren’t old enough to have one of those, so I thought this would fit better.”

    “Okay, okay.” He sets your phone down in front of you. “I like it. When do we start?”

    “We?” You question.

    “Yeah, I want a partner in crime for these things, and who better than my best friend to check them off with me?”

    “Okay. If you’re sure. We’ll need to work around my schedule, though.”

    “Can you take some time off?” He props his chin up on his fist, knowingly using his cute voice. “For me?”

    Fuck-it list, bullet one: Roadtrip with all my besties.

    All you can think as you sit in the back of Sunwoo’s car, eardrums blistering and knees continually fighting against Juyeon’s for space, is: Why does Younghoon love this so much?

    Sure, there’s a certain nostalgia to this classic arrangement of Sunwoo, Younghoon, Juyeon and you. But that initial feeling dissipated for you almost immediately after you relived it on the day Younghoon quit.

    Now, it’s something you almost despise. You wish so badly to be riding in Changmin’s luxurious Jeep, but that vehicle holds everyone’s luggage, leaving barely enough room for Jaehyun in the back seat. Let alone you.

    You suppose you can deal with Younghoon’s preferences, but it’s even more awkward being squeezed next to Juyeon now. After the two of you spoke privately at the party, you haven’t had the heart to check in with him.

    And you don’t have the chance to do so now that you’ve literally been pushed together. The music is too loud, and you’d prefer for your conversation to be in private anyway.

    For now, you focus on the passing scenery. You are on the highway, headed north to some kind of resort Younghoon booked rooms in for everyone.

    Changmin’s car speeds past, Chanhee flagging you down from the passenger side window. He sticks his tongue out and Younghoon laughs, pointing at him. Sunwoo sees and then presses down on the gas pedal.

    You feel grateful for the emptiness of the highway during the early hours of the day, but it doesn’t make you any less uneasy about the game of chicken that commences after this.

    Younghoon grips the handle above his head, shrieking in all his amusement as you and Juyeon let out futile screams. Sunwoo can’t hear you over the music, and even if he did, he wouldn’t stop swerving from lane to lane and going far beyond the speed limit.

    “Alright, if you haven’t peed yourselves already, now’s your chance,” the driver says after lowering the volume.

    Sunwoo turns on his blinker and exits the highway, Changmin’s car following right behind. A rest stop comes into view, a park with a small building containing bathrooms located just beyond the parking lot.

    “I’ve never been happier to see a public restroom,” Juyeon whispers, appearing a little green.

    Everyone exits their vehicles, either heading to the bathrooms, hitting up the vending machines for snacks, stretching their legs on the park trail, or a mix of all three. When you return to where the cars are parked, you find Juyeon leaning against Sunwoo’s vehicle alone.

    “Hey,” you say, placing yourself next to him.


    “Is the car sickness still kicking your ass?”

    He chuckles. “No, I’m fine now that I’m on solid ground.”

    You nod, scuffing the bottom of your shoe against the asphalt. Changmin lets out a cackle from the direction of the park and you watch on as he begins chasing Younghoon around.

    Jaehyun follows after them, and Chanhee records on his phone from where he and Sunwoo are perched at a picnic table. It’s only just hit noon and the air is still cool with the remnants of morning dew, but the sun aids in warming you up.

    The perfect autumn day, you think to yourself as you tilt your head back and breathe in the crisp air. Juyeon copies your actions, giving you a small smile when you catch him.

    “How’ve you been lately?”

    “I’m okay.”

    “… I’m sorry for saying those things to you at the party.” You cross your arms, squeezing your biceps. “I should’ve asked you to talk when I had all my thoughts together.”

    He shakes his head. “No, I needed to hear that, or I would’ve just kept hoping, y’know?”

    “I guess.” You sigh. “But still, I wanted to say sorry… For everything.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Juyeon, I care about you and I don’t want the past to come between our friendship like it kinda has been ever since that whole… thing happened. I—don't really know where I’m going with this.”

    “Do you want to talk about it? The thing, I mean?” He offers.

    “I guess. I’ve been avoiding it for so long, so might as well.”

    “Come on,” Juyeon says, placing a foot on the Jeep’s rear bumper.

    He grabs your hand and helps you onto the roof, settling down beside you once you’re up. This gives you a broader view of the park, as well as your friends and their rambunctious activities.

    “So… Why did you cut all communication with me like that? You never told me and it still bugs me if I’m being honest.”

    You frown, rubbing your knees as you think back on that whole situation. “There was a rumor. Back in our senior year, somebody messaged me. They sent a photo of someone that looked like you, with another person.”

    His eyebrows shoot up, looking at you with great interest.

    “Basically, it looked like you were cheating on me… So, I decided to block you on everything and try to finish my year without any distractions. I didn’t explain myself, and I didn’t give you any room to do so either. I didn’t even tell Younghoon or Jaehyun until later.”

    “That hurts, you know,” Juyeon says after a beat. “But I understand why you did it. Because how can someone prove they’re not cheating?”

    “I should’ve at least asked you about it though,” you lament. “I would’ve figured out sooner that it wasn’t even you in the picture. And if I had thought about it a little harder, I would’ve known that you’d never do something like that to me.”

    “That’s true.”

    “And so, even though it’s been literal years since that happened, I still wanted to apologize.”

    Juyeon looks up at the sky for a very long time, eyes closing after a while, completely silent. You don’t know what to expect, what he’s going to say, if he’s going to tell you he can’t stand you.

    But then his head rolls around and he faces you, nothing close to hatred in his eyes. “I accept your apology, even though it’s long overdue. And I wanna say thank you, because I know that must’ve been hard for you.”

    You don’t know what to say after this, so you let his words swirl around in the space between you for a good while. You hope that having this talk was a good decision and not a step back.

    From the way Juyeon’s shoulders appear to loosen and the crease between his brows lightens, you assume that it’s the former.

    “Alright, does anyone wanna switch up the seating arrangements?” Changmin asks once everyone’s been corralled into the parking lot.

    “‘Seating arrangements’? What are we, high schoolers?” Sunwoo quips.

    “What are we, high schoolers?” Changmin mocks, causing Chanhee to roll his eyes.

    “I’m fine in Sunwoo’s car,” Younghoon says, ignoring the bickering.

    “Same here,” you agree, choosing to follow whatever Younghoon does.

    “I’m okay with staying in Sunwoo’s car. But if we could get a new driver, that’d be great,” Juyeon adds, causing Jaehyun to chuckle.

    “Even if I had a license, I wouldn’t dare touch that thing,” Chanhee says with a deadpan. “I’d be scared the wheel would come off mid-trip.”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just keep disrespecting me and see what happens,” Sunwoo mutters as he rounds the vehicle and gets in, slamming his door.

    “Guess we’re off then!” Changmin chirps.

    “Next stop,” Sunwoo says as he revs his engine, “paradise!”

    The car jolts backward, and then he peels out of the parking lot in true Sunwoo fashion. You let out a large sigh, settling back into your seat for the long ride ahead.

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