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    "hyung, this was not a part of the script" said juyeon to hyunjae once the older leaned towards him, staring at juyeon's sparkly eyes.

    once the staff on the set of their maverick music video took a lunch break leaving the two alone in the room, hyunjae and juyeon were supposed to practice for the next scene.

    "so what? let us get into the role better" whispered hyunjae. "usually when no one's around you're begging for my cock, there's no need to pretend now" he continued, ending the sentence with a smirk.

    all juyeon could think about is his nearness, his dark eyes, his breath stirring against his skin. there is a spark in his gaze, something hungry and fiery, something that demands. hyunjae hesitated for an agonizing second. then, his head tilted down toward juyeon. hyunjae's soft lips pressed against juyeon's, and before he can even register it, they were making out.

    the kiss was subtle, yet needy. very, very needy. just like a sudden adrenaline rush. so much of it that they nearly forgot to breathe. hyunjae shuddered and there was a moan from the back of his throat after juyeon pulled hyunjae's red tie putting pressure on his neck. tiny shivers of pleasure and panic shot through juyeon as he deepened the kiss, parting their lips. hyunjae pushed him harder against the wall. this sealed the tiny space between them, feeling their members harden, while juyeon was digging his fingers into hyunjae's hair. the rush of sensations crawling across juyeon's body was maddening. scary. thrilling.

    after hearing familiar footsteps, they separated just enough to be at the distance they were supposed to be in the maverick scene. "we'll continue this at midnight", whispered hyunjae. while still not breaking the fierce eye contact, hyunjae placed his room key into juyeon's pocket of his sweatpants, discretely teasing his still hardened cock.

    and that was a beginning of a long, loud and sweaty night.

    art credit to: @/mujae913 on twt

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    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Nevertheless: Pride & Dignity [11]


    synopsis: hwang seol eun finds herself stuck between a toxic relationship with lee hyunjae and a heart-fluttering dynamic with lee juyeon

    pairing: jujae x [fem] reader, 3rd person pov [read as hwang seol eun]

    genre [per chapter]: angst, fluff

    word count: 3k

    taglist: @hyunjaethereal @yyyerum @purrple-winkle @17scheol @ten-gift @louvyves @winterbeartaehyungbestboy @flwrtbz @gyujaehyun @i2gyus @sweetutopia @sunwoowuvbot @softforqiankun @givememunjang @peachyho @vousty @bubutaeyongie @sofie296 @deputyjuyeon @changminurheart @from-xero @grassbutneo @sknyuz @pockyandme [pls use this link to submit your URLs for tagging!]

    a/n: if i got hyungwon's last name wrong and you know what it is because i've mentioned it in previous chapters, please tell me LMAO i don't remember what hyungwon's last name is SHDFSHDFH

    the lift ride was quiet on the way up to her apartment. hyunjae remained quiet and still in his corner of the lift and seol eun stood like a statue, bottle of oil in her hand and lighter forgotten in its pile of ash.

    out in her peripheral vision, she can see the tip of his nose sticking out over the outline of his side profile. his hair is tousled under his hood, hands balled into fists and shoved into the pocket of his hoodie as he stares emptily at the lift button panel.

    the previously dark corridor whirs to life from the motion-sensor lights installed when the lift doors open and he steps out first - as if he stayed here.

    seol eun stays a safe distance away from him, unable to promise herself not to become intoxicated with the scent of his shampoo and body wash and linen fragrance all over again.

    she's committed to juyeon, but hyunjae is a drug waited to get her hooked on again.

    she's done it once, she can't do it again.

    she reaches the door of her apartment, only now realising she smells like burnt paper and wood. the keycard beeps when she holds it to the door handle, and the lock comes undone. she pushes herself in, suddenly feeling like she's living a moment she's lived through before.

    she cannot afford turning around and looking up at his stupid puppy eyes - like she did after that impromptu date they had. no, she likes juyeon.

    he is her safe haven where it's made of fluffy, marshmallow clouds and pretty stars in the night where the gentle breeze kisses her tears dry.

    not hyunjae. not the play boy who had the audacity to sleep with more than one person at a time, not the person who lied the night after just so he could meet someone else.

    despite all that monologuing in her head, however, seol eun chooses to turn around.

    "thanks," she whispers, her voice hoarse and dry and her cheeks sticky from the tear streaks.

    "does juyeon know?"

    a pause.

    seol eun inhales a deep breath, then shakes her head.

    "he knows he's an ex but i haven't told him anything about what happened."

    "so he doesn't know that you have panic attacks when you see him... or that you had a box of his things to burn?"

    seol eun lifts a hand to rub her face. she shakes her head.

    "well, you should," hyunjae pushes himself off the wall of the corridor and turns on his heels. but he doesn't walk.

    he stops, looking down, then up and over his shoulder back at her.

    "a man should know how to protect you if he's trying to court you. so if he doesn't, then that'll leave you with one option who does. me."

    it's a declaration of a time period he's giving her. seol eun frowns to herself, grip tightening on the edge of her door as he walks down the corridor to the lift.

    "just because you were there when it happened doesn't grant you the privilege to... to think that you're the only option for me."

    hyunjae presses the lift button and the doors ding open. "you're right, it doesn't. but what can i do? stand around and watch as you fall in love with someone who doesn't even know?"

    hyunjae walks into the lift and turns around, looking up at her.

    "i'll tell him soon. but this is none of your business. it's mine, so don't make it yours."

    "i'll make it mine if he doesn't know soon. if you can't bring yourself to tell him what's made you like this then he's not even dating you, is he?"

    and the world falls to silence for a few moments. seol eun's eyes are tearing again, grip tightening around the door once more as hyunjae holds his ground.

    "goodnight," he calls out, his voice echoing a little. "if you can't let juyeon love you for who you are, then you can't blame me for wanting to try."

    "but- but don't you have-"

    "i ended it," he shakes his head. "i thought you and i were just... it could just be a fling. one or twice wouldn't hurt anybody but when you got upset at me showing up at the exhibition and i realised i couldn't answer you when you asked me what we were, i just... i couldn't swallow it. i couldn't swallow the fact that there was a man, obviously as in love with you as i am, waiting for you to run into his arms. someone that wouldn't hurt you, nor a fly, or anything else in this world for that matter. i couldn't sleep thinking that you would end up with him the same way we were for that one night, for every night in the long run. that it was him, and not me."

    he blinks the tears away, clearing his throat and he looks away for a second.

    "i'm sorry i didn't say this earlier. i know that if i had, we wouldn't be in this position right now. i would be with you in your apartment having you safe in my arms and knowing that you'd fall asleep and i'd be there to protect you from anything that could ever hurt you but no, i wanted everything and couldn't make a decision and i was too late, and i'm sorry."

    seol eun's free hand clenches. her nose sours and her eyes finally give way to the dribbling tears.

    "you saying sorry now doesn't change anything. this is unfair- you saying this is unfair, why do you say this now only after i- oh my god," seol eun winces to herself, gritting her teeth and looking down at her feet. "you think standing there and giving your stupid speech is going to make a difference?"

    "it'll make a difference because i want you to know that juyeon won't have it easy courting you. as long as you don't have a ring on that finger, it means you are not totally his, and i still have a chance of making you mine, so."

    with a harsh gulp and a violent shake of her head, seol eun bites on her bottom lip. "leave. now."

    "i'll see you soon, seol eun. goodnight."

    her lips part in a bid to say something, anything, but he reaches for the panel in the lift and the doors finally close, leaving her alone in on the quiet floor where everybody else was asleep.

    seol eun remains in the driver's seat of her car for a moment before turning off the engine. she leans back into the leather and yawns, running her hands through her hair and mindlessly combing through the tangles at the ends.

    what would it be like for hyungwon, who was going to school and seeing hyunjae everyday? what was it like for hyunjae, seeing hyungwon and think about nothing except his uncle and who was once a potential aunt-in-law, if that even is a thing?

    does he look at hyungwon more like a student or someone he felt like he needed to protect?

    either way, she shouldn't be thinking about him.

    she takes her time going up to her office, greeting a colleague or someone else who worked in the building on the way up. it was a dark, cloudy day and it was raining, so thanks to the led lights turned on, the office was brighter than usual when the lift doors open.

    but what was more surprising was mi jung pacing up and down outside seol eun's office, holding her tablet up as her phone is stuck between her shoulder and ear.

    seol eun greets her colleagues as she walks over, frowning at mi jung and nodding to ask after her.

    "yeah, no, i'm asking if there are any other event managers to handle this exhibition. miss hwang is not available."

    mi jung makes a bunch of strange hand gestures, and when she figures that seol eun understood nothing, she tells seol eun to wait.

    "oh, don't tell me everybody is busy end-of-year celebrations," mi jung sneers into the phone as seol eun unlocks her office door and pushes herself in. "go check your stupid system for everybody else's availabilities. what do you mean everybody's busy? you're telling me all the other 17 EMs are booked?"

    "why are you asking for the availabilities of other EMs? can't i do it?" seol eun walks to her desk and turns on her desktop, sitting in her seat and staring up at mi jung.

    "you- i- so you're telling me there's no other EM available for this project?" a pause. mi jung frowns to herself just as seol eun's desktop loads.

    mi jung holds the phone, and seol eun can hear some chittering from the other end of the line as the email notifications swarm in. her colleague turns and gives her a look of distaste and reluctance as the latest email's subject pops up in the top right corner of her screen.


    seol eun's eyes slowly shift up and off the screen to meet mi jung's, who sighs in defeat and interrupts the person on the other end of the line. "forget it, it's fine. i'll call back if ms hwang is unable to take this project," she hangs up and nearly throws herself at seol eun's desk.

    "don't take it if you can't," mi jung shoves her phone into her back pocket and grips the edge of seol eun's desktop screen.

    "you've left fingerprints," seol eun quietly says, gently prying mi jung's finger off the edge of her screen.

    "seol eun, look at me," mi jung reaches over her desktop and grabs her hand, frowning at her. "do not take it if you can't. go on a fucking holiday. tell mr won and mr choi you have a family issue to attend to."

    "that's unprofessional."

    "this is for your well-being, dumbass!" mi jung finally releases her and walks around her desk to her, pulling her chair out from under and swinging it so that seol eun would be facing her. "do not do it if you can't. i can't have you sitting in meetings with him and having to deal with his shit throughout the exhibition. especially not when you're with juyeon now. what if juyeon comes by the exhibition? he's gonna recognise the name."

    "juyeon will have to find out sooner or later if we're dating."

    "i'm not doubting that he does, i'm just saying that him watching you handle sang hyuk's exhibition isn't the best way to solve the fucking problem."

    seol eun blinks away the eye contact and tries to turn back to the desk, resting her hands on the edge of the keyboard as she clicks on the email.

    "seol eun-"

    "let me just chew on this, okay?" she quietly announces without looking at mi jung - just loud enough for her to hear. then she turns to look at her, who has her lips parted and ready to go off on another 'convincing' speech, but seol eun interrupts her with a soft, "please?"

    mi jung falters, taking a moment to swallow her words. she can see seol eun's eyebrows twitch in a professional kind of dilemma and mi jung is simply dying to tell her favourite colleague off for being one - but she can't.

    she resigns.

    "fine," mi jung tries her best not to sound mad. she tightens her grip on her tablet and walks back around her desk and towards the door. "but like- i don't know, three panic attacks? and you're out of there, you hear me?"

    mi jung rests her hand on the door handle, confident for a response. but the silence annoys her, so she turns around and squints at seol eun.

    "you hear me?" she almost hisses. pulling her cardigan sleeves over her fingers, seol eun grimly nods, holding a second of eye contact with mi jung, before the latter swings the door open and exits.

    "why in the world would you? what else do you want with her?"

    "nothing. it's for work."

    "of all exhibition organising companies, you go to hers? what's wrong with you?"

    "it's the cheapest and most convenient."

    "bullshit! you know you could've gone to jail for what you did to her? you're lucky you're even standing here!"

    hyungwon peels himself off the door and backs up into his bed, crawling under the blanket and pulling his plush toy to his chest. the one-sided argument continues outside in his living room where his uncle had shown up for dinner, and a call from the company seol eun worked at interrupted them.

    sang hee had seen the contact number saved into his phone as he set down the device on the table, and before hyungwon's father could say anything about the brewing disappointment in sang hee's eyes, she grabbed sang hyuk's phone. she stared at the screen, holding it away from sang hyuk who didn't seem fazed that she had taken his phone.

    her husband had tried to mitigate the situation but before anything else could be done, sang hee began screaming in her little brother's face.

    that was when hyungwon's father sent hyungwon into his room and he stayed outside just to make sure she wouldn't throw a plate or two at sang hyuk.

    the drive to school was quiet. his parents said nothing the entire ride - which confused him a little. the argument wasn't even between them, why did they seem upset together?

    why do adults not talk about their feelings?

    the car stopped right outside the school carpark and his father turns around to ruffle his hair as sang hee gets out from the passenger's.

    "have a good day in school," he laughs heartily. sang hee gets the back door open.

    "say bye to daddy. come on," she takes his bag and helps him shuffle himself out the back seat. hyungwon turns in a full circle just to get his bag around his shoulders, and sang hee squats to fix his ruffled hair.

    "are you still mad with uncle?"

    sang hee frowns to herself, hopefully subtle enough for him to miss it, but he doesn't. he's a smart boy. he knew this was about seol eun even though her name was not mentioned once the entire evening.

    the contact saved into the phone was the company name, not hers.

    "yeah," she relents to her son's innocent and wandering gaze. "your uncle is being a bad friend, but money and work are involved and i don't think seol eun would do anything to change that."

    "can't seol eun just say 'no'?"

    "i wish she would, baby," she sighs and looks above his head, catching a glance from her husband in the driver's seat. "but seol eun likes her job alot, so i don't think she's going to let one bad friend stop her from working."

    "will uncle stop bothering her after this?"

    sang hee pauses. "i don't know. but i hope he does. seol eun can protect herself, i'm sure."

    "it's okay, seol eun has other friends who can protect her," hyungwon emptily recites.

    "hmm? what other friends?"

    "is that hyungwon?!"

    "mr lee!"

    the voice calling out for her son's name cues her to turn around, so she stands and greets the young teacher that was jogging across the carpark to greet them.

    "you must be hyungwon's mother," hyunjae lifts a palm and offers his hand. "lee jaehyun. i take hyungwon for homeroom."

    "yes, i am," she takes it and returns a firm shake. "i feel like i would've heard more about you."

    "i did tell you about mr lee! he was the one who took seol eun and me out for dinner the other time!"

    "ah," sang hee smiles, awkward. the realisation hits. "you and seol eun are...?"

    "oh! no, we're not dating," hyunjae purses his lips and smiles politely.

    "but aren't you good friends?"

    "were you the one who brought them to dinner the other day?"

    "yes, i am-"

    "oh! and i saw mr lee and seol eun-"

    hyunjae's eyes widen, and sang hee's awkward smile holds.

    the little boy reads his teacher's frozen look.

    "talking about my school work."

    he heaves a gentle sigh as her lips part in a bid to catch up on things, but her husband calls from the inside the car.

    "honey, i can't stay here for longer unless i want a ticket! let's go."

    "alright, baby," sang hee kneels again and presses a kiss to hyungwon's forehead. "daddy and i have to go now, okay?"

    "okay, bye bye, mommy."

    "bye, love," she smiles, standing up and patting hyungwon's head. "i would love to stay and chat but i really have to go."

    "no, it's fine. we can chat over the parent-teacher conference or something."

    "of course. i'll take my leave now. hyungwon, be good, okay?"




    "alright, bye!" and with that, sang hee shuts the door of the backseat and slides into the passenger's. both parents wave from their seats as hyungwon waves back, and hyunjae offers a quiet bow as the car moves off.

    once out of sight, hyungwon turns and looks up at him, squinting under the sunlight.

    "you were scared i was gonna tell mommy about you kissing seol eun, weren't you? seol eun told me not to tell mommy about you kissing her if not i won't be able to see seol eun anymore."

    hyunjae plays a grimace, squinting his eyes back at hyungwon but out of mischief.

    "seol eun has a boyfriend now, you know."

    "she does?"

    hyunjae shrivels his nose and looks off into the distance, hands akimbo on his hips. "yeah."

    "but does he like her as much as you do?"

    he blinks, then looks down at hyungwon.


    "you like seol eun alot, don't you?"

    "depends on the day."


    "who are you calling a liar?"

    "you. liar, liar, pants on fire."

    "this is definitely no way to talk to your teacher."

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    #🗣 giselle answers #📩 anon #re: we’ve got chemistry #lee juyeon#juyeon imagine#juyeon scenario
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    • telling the boyz you want a baby,,,,,,, except it’s a prank

    (hyunjae juyeon and kevin ver!!) 😎




    for anon! <3

    #the boyz#tbz #the boyz texts #tbz fake texts #tbz texts#tbz scenarios #the boyz au #the boyz reactions #tbz smau#tbz fluff #the boyz fake texts #the boyz hyunjae #the boyz lee jaehyun #the boyz kevin moon #the boyz kevin #the boyz juyeon #the boyz lee juyeon
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    hiding something from him | l.juyeon

    full series masterlist: what’s trending?

    pairing: tbz juyeon x reader

    genre: fluff, comedy

    warnings: mentions of food

    wc: 0.75k

    network(s): @kflixnet

    listened to: roses by finn askew

    not proofread

    // my 200 days with tbz special

    first of all, sorry for the long introduction that you’re about to read but if you’ve read my other works, i like to build the story before getting to the actual point. i just felt like it needed to be addressed in juyeon’s fic particularly! :(

    # now playing juyeon’s ver ! 𑁋 hiding something from him

    juyeon would trust you a lot so if you did this to him, he wouldn’t think that you were cheating on him

    he’s quite innocent so he might think you prepared something for him

    like presents (or hello kitty merchandise)

    it was around 8 in the evening but the two of you had yet to eat dinner. the rice cooker broke down when the two of you were about to cook together, leaving you with no choice but to order in.

    “it’s okay, baby, i can just get it repaired tomorrow,” he said, patting your head to comfort you. the two of you were leaning against the counter, your arms folded and your face pulled into a frown. “why did it have to malfunction right now,” you cupped your face in your hands, internally groaning at the trouble caused.

    “don’t worry, okay? how about i go get some chinese takeout? i’m getting hungry,” he said, bending down to your level so that you would directly be looking at him. your boyfriend’s visuals honestly never ceased to amaze you. you simply nodded and offered to come along but he asked you to stay at home. “i’ll do everything, just sit there and look pretty like you always do,” he chuckled, guiding you to the living room so you could watch the television as he left the apartment after kissing you goodbye.

    about ten minutes after watching a show, the doorbell rang and you thought that it was juyeon who had forgotten something but you were met face to face with the mailman. he obviously had made quite an effort to bring up your parcel due to the sweat dripping down his forehead. “sign here, please,” he said, catching his breath. you did just as he said, finally understanding why he was so tired.

    it wasn’t exactly easy carrying an almost 6ft parcel up four flights of stairs...

    ˚◞♡ ⃗*ೃ༄

    the sound of the front door swung open just as you put the said unopened parcel in the closet. juyeon walked into the room, seeing that you weren’t in the kitchen nor living room and that was when you slammed the closet door shut, scaring juyeon at the loud noise. “what are you doing?” he let out a laugh at your panicked state instead of being angry. “nothing!” you muttered, guarding the closet door.

    he started to walk towards you and eventually wrapped his arms around your waist, “why? did you get me something? it is my birthday soon..” he wondered what you were trying so hard to guard. did you get him the latest special edition of the hello kitty figurine? he was dying to know what you were hiding so he came up with a plan.

    “anyways, i bought the food already, it’s on the dining table, let’s go,” he pulled you by the hand and released you as you reached the kitchen before bolting back into the room, alarming you. “no, no, juyeon, don’t open that!” you shouted, trying to stop him but he wouldn’t reply.

    you came rushing into the room and saw your boyfriend gaping at the jaehyun cardboard cut-out that you had bought and received from the mailman earlier. you stood by the door, scratching your head, awaiting his reaction. “why the hell do you have a cardboard cut-out of someone else.. he’s not even from the boyz!”

    he was very much in shock since it wasn’t something he was expecting

    it became a joke for the two of you guys

    because.. how long do you think you could’ve hidden a whole cardboard cut-out...

    “so that’s why i saw the mailman struggling to carry something up the stairs! it was you!”

    permanent taglist: @stealanity @yengyangyo @jaerisdiction @zwiehe @heojangmi @paralumanniluna @luvrbin @odxrilove @ryuflix <3
    (fill the google form in series masterlist to be added to series taglist)
    i know i strayed a bit from the tiktok trend but i think this would be better than actually not hiding anything??? i hope you guys get it (っ◞‸◟ c)
    love, leona!
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    chapter 2: friends

    ꕀ a lot of things kept your mind busy. school, your crush on your fellow classmate, and your mom who loves flowers who is currently in the hospital. it was hard to keep positive, but what if a flowerboy helped you grow?
    pairing: highschoolcrush!juyeon x female!reader
    genre: highschool au, socialmedia!au, fluff, humor
    warnings: profanity, suggestive, death of a loved one but i'll tw everything in the chapters!
    status: incomplete (started november 17, 2021)
    taglist: @ccobbiee @wonclusion @jjaehyuk @stealanity​ @nyujjan​ @luvrbin​ (if you want to be in the taglist please dm me or ask in my inbox)
    a/n: second chapter PLS stayed up to work on this i hope u like :-)

    (for more updates on the series, please check out the “#snuhee biyh.” tag under my blog)

    chapter one ꕀ mastelist ꕀ next...

    #snuhee biyh. #juyeon#lee juyeon#the boyz#tbz #the boyz juyeon #the boyz lee juyeon #tbz juyeon #tbz lee juyeon #juyeon imagines#juyeon scenarios #juyeon social media au #juyeon fluff#juyeon smau#juyeon drabbles #the boyz social media au #tbz social media au #the boyz smau #tbz smau #the boyz drabbles #the boyz imagine #the boyz scenario #kpop#kpop scenarios #kpop social media au #kpop smau#kpop drabbles
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    The Boyz reaction

    doing a hickey prank

    pairing: yandere!the boyz x reader

    genre: yandere au, fluff(?), slighly angst

    request: “Hello are your request open because I want to request something can you do Yandere!tbz when y/n do a hickey prank on them”

    masterlist 🌸



    As soon as he saw the mark on your neck he got so mad he almost lost it
    But then he realised you don't go out or talk to anyone but him, so he thought you probably just hurt yourself somehow
    "What have you done on your neck?" he asked calmly pointing to it
    He got closer to you to look at it, realising that something looked weird so he rubbed it
    You giggled knowing you got caught, "oh it's fake?" he asked scoffing "good for you then"



    He kept staring at the mark on your neck speechless, afraid of what he is going to hear if he questioned it
    "What is this?" he asked hoping it's nothing because he doesn't likes punishing you, but he will depending on your response
    When you tell him it's fake he'll be so relieved
    He pulls you closer for a hug and you can feel he is smiling "ah thanks god..don't do this again please.."



    His jaw drops when he sees it and you can see he is almost crying
    "Did you cheated on me?" he asked not knowing what to do with you
    "You can't do this to me y/n" he hid his face with his hands making you feel bad so you tell him it was just a prank
    He sighed and hugged you in relief "geez you want to give me a heart attack?"



    You thought it would be fun to see his reaction, spoiler, it wasn't
    As soon as he saw the "hickey" on your neck he felt his blood boil, he called you with a angry tone and you realised it was a bad idea
    You were going to tell him it was fake but he grabbed your neck before you could speak "what the fuck is this?"
    He let you go once you managed to explain it to him, you hear him sighing looking at the floor "I won't be so nice if you pull something like this again"
    But deep down he is relieved it wasn't someone else



    He just looked at it quickly but then stopped to think it was a unusual place to have a bruise
    He pulled you and held you face up to take a better look at it and you saw his expression getting cold
    "Who did this?" he asked still holding you "I'm going after whoever it was"
    He let you go turning his back to you so you had to tell him it was just makeup
    He sighed in relief and hugged you "don't do that again got it?"



    His eyes widened when he saw it, he giggled after making you confused
    "I don't remember giving you these" he says pointing to the marks on you
    "Wait.." his smile fades as he thinks about it "You didn't do what I'm thinking.. right?" he asked feeling his tears building up
    You felt bad so you end up telling him it was a joke "oh my god.. you almost killed me now" he put his hand on his chest laughing in relief



    His expression gets cold and he is pratically stabbing you with his eyes
    When you ask him what's wrong he will just scoff and look at you in disbelief "how about you tell me what the fuck is that on your neck?" he yells 
    You get scared to keep going so you tell him it's just a joke
    "Well that was not funny" he keeps complaining all day, but he is happy it was nothing



    first of all, bad idea
    He slowly gets closer to you trying to figure what is the mark on your neck
    You could see fire in eyes because of how mad he was so you thought it was better if you just tell him it's fake
    You knew he was close to hitting you so you walked away as quick as possible to give you time to explain before he got even angrier "why are you running away? come back here now!"
    When you explained it he was still frowning but looked like he calmed down
    Still expects you to do something for him because of it



    As soon as he saw the marks on you neck he would be a mix of angry and upset
    "What is that y/n?" he yells a lot and he won't hide he is hurt, seeing him like that made you feel bad so you tell him the truth 
    "Ah..how could you do this to me?" he put his hand on his chest sighing and starts complaining about it
    He laughs once he calmed down and gets very clingy



    He scoffs and starts yelling as soon as he saw the hickeys
    "After everything I've done to you.. do you think I'm a joke?" he yells nonstop not giving you a chance to explain
    He grabbed your arm and was already dragging you to the basement but you told him it was fake before you got there
    He stopped to look at you still holding your arm "and what made you think this was a good idea?"
    He sighed trying to calming down and pulled you for a hug "don't do this again"



    He freezes in place staring at your neck
    He starts crying because of how upset he is, he never thought you would cheat on him
    This soon turns into rage and he is willing to eliminate anyone that gets on his way with you
    When you tell him it's fake he looks at you in disbelief but smiles in relief knowing that there was nothing to worry about
    "I knew you wouldn't do this to me" he said giving you a peck

    taglist~ @deputyjuyeon​ @super-btstrash-posts​ @heojangmi​ @ilijimo​ @en-sun

    #the boyz reactions #yandere the boyz #the boyz scenarios #the boyz au #the boyz imagines #lee sangyeon#jacob bae#kim younghoon#lee hyunjae#lee juyeon#kevin moon#ji changmin#ju haknyeon#kim sunwoo#choi chanhee#sohn eric
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    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Told you so | Juyeon x fem reader

    genre: a bit of angst if you squint your eyes, fluff and of course, smut
    warnings: unprotected sex, kinda exhibitionism but not really? and a little sprinkle of handjob & fingering

    taglist: @erikyoongs @poutykyu @tanzju (couldn’t tag: @seong-hwasimp)

    a/n: ik this turned out to have more fluffy plot than smut :( but either way i hope you all like it! making it up with my sunwoo and hyunjae pure smuts coming up, so prepare <3

    “Are you staying over tonight?” you heard Eric ask, pulling you out of your thoughts as you stared completely lost into the blurry reflection of the elevator doors.

    “Are you kidding me? I only agreed to come to the reunion because of you.” you scoffed. There was no way you could stay over at Juyeon’s house.

    Eric sighed dramatically, making you press your lips into a straight line annoyed. “He doesn’t hate you, you know?”

    “Well, his actions and behavior around me say otherwise.” you remarked, tapping one of your feet impatiently against the floor.

    You just wanted to get over with it and head back home, the only reason you agreed to attend the reunion was because of Eric, who insisted nonstop for the past month. You don’t usually give in that easily but remembering his low alcohol tolerance you decided going for a couple of hours that it wouldn’t be so bad just to keep an eye on him for his own sake.

    However, as soon as you stepped into the elevator you started regretting your choices. You are not sure exactly when things got this… awkward with Juyeon. You aren’t even sure how to label it. You met him a few years ago through your close circle of friends, aka everyone attending the reunion tonight. Things were pretty normal at first and even though you weren’t as close you could say things were just fine. But as time passed by, for some unknown reason, things started to get awkward between you two. He started to act more distant, giving you the cold shoulder every time.

    Every interaction you had with him consisted of you greeting him and him only giving you a quick nod of acknowledgement before walking away. You didn’t even try to talk about it with him or even question it around the others, even if Eric was very close to him you opted to leave it like that.

    Some time later and here you are, standing in the very familiar elevator of his apartment building, nervous about the outcome of what could happen the moment you step into his place. Every second you spent standing there felt like an eternity, only the sound of your foot tapping against the floor could be heard along with Eric’s sighs.

    When you finally made it to Juyeon’s floor you stood right in front of the door, unconsciously biting your lip nervously. Eric noticed and rolled his eyes, “Come on Y/N, it’s not like he’s gonna eat you like a monster.”

    He knocked on the door and it was soon opened revealing no other than Juyeon standing there in front of you. His eyes darted from Eric to you in a matter of seconds, eyes scanning you before they met your own. There was something about his facial expression and the look in his eyes, almost looking soft right before you. For a second you thought maybe after so many times he would finally leave that awkwardness behind and just get closer to you.

    “You came…” he whispered mostly to himself but it was enough for you to hear even though you couldn’t quite catch it properly. He blinked rapidly and licked his lips, “Nice of you to show up.” quickly looking to your side to greet Eric.

    You managed to have a good time thanks to your friends, watching them getting drunk was quite the show. You, on the other hand, weren’t one to drink much. Especially knowing that you are Eric’s mom tonight. Getting up off the couch you walked over to the kitchen, passing by a few of your other friends that were standing and chatting, Juyeon being among them.

    Glancing quickly at him without being noticed, you made your way into the kitchen and stayed there for a while, simply enjoying the quietness and making a mental note about how handsome Juyeon was looking tonight.

    “Rough day at work?” it was Juyeon’s voice the one breaking the silence.

    You nodded, watching him tilt his head to the side as he eyed you with a slight frown on his face. Raising your eyebrows you stared at him as he walked slowly towards you and stood right behind you.

    Hesitant for a second, he slowly gained the confidence to place his hands on your shoulders, massaging them. You closed your eyes and relaxed under his touch, not realizing how tense you were that night.

    “Do you want a drink? I know you are in charge of Eric tonight so I can offer you something without alcohol if you’d like.” He asked, his fingers still on your shoulders, making you sigh happily before slowly moving away from him just so you could turn around.

    “Sure, surprise me.” you smiled up at him as he walked towards the fridge and took out a drink for you.

    Before anything else could be said or done, the small moment you were having with him was ruined the moment a very drunk Younghoon stumbled in, grabbing everyone’s attention.

    “I told you not to give him too many shots because his alcohol tolerance is the lowest!!” You heard a hysteric Chanhee yell from behind as Sangyeon and Changmin were fighting for their lives to help him stand up.

    “Have -” giggles, “Have I ever told you how pretty you are Y/N” managed to say Younghoon with a huge grin on his face.

    Juyeon raised an eyebrow at him and leaned over to help the pair lift him up. As they did, you didn’t miss the look Hyunjae and Eric were giving you. Squinting your eyes at them, you managed to move beside the chaos, thinking that these two were up to something.

    “He likes you.” Said Hyunjae so casually.

    “Younghoon? Please, we all know how he always goes around complimenting people when he’s drunk.” you laughed it off.

    “No, Juyeon.” Eric added, making you whip your head around to look at them again.

    You laughed way too loud, making them share a knowing look being aware that you were of course, in disbelief.

    “There is no way, we have this awkwardness between us and this is the first time you can say we had a proper decent conversation for the first time in a very long time.” you scoff.

    “I already made my bet.” Hyunjae shrugged.

    “And so did I.” Eric followed, giving you a very annoying smile.

    “You’re too drunk already, I think we should head home.” you said, rolling your eyes at him and turning around to gather your things only to bump into Sunwoo who spilled his whole drink on you.

    “Y/n i’m so sorry!” he apologized right away, trying to find a towel or something to dry you up.

    “It’s not your fault, don’t worry.” you reassured him. “I’ll just head to the bathroom and when I return,” you turned around to look at Eric, pointing a finger at him “we are leaving.”

    You waited a couple of minutes for your shirt to dry on it’s own since a towel wasn’t that helpful. The dark wet spot is already almost gone, you sigh at your reflection in the mirror. Deciding it’s time to head out but you open the door only to be greeted by Juyeon.

    “Oh sorry, I was about to knock.” he nervously said, scratching the back of his neck.

    “It’s fine. Is everything alright?”

    “Well yeah, except that everyone already passed out in different rooms… including Eric.”

    “He what?! How am I supposed to take him home? You know he never wakes up, not even with the loudest alarms.” you said frustrated, running your hand through your hair and looking around the living room only to see Eric passed out in a couch, mouth slightly open and snoring.

    Juyeon shrugs, “You can stay the night here.” he said, his eyes moving to look at you.

    “I think it’s better if I go back home.” you offer him a polite smile ready to move towards the door when his voice stops you again.

    “It’s 1am, I wouldn't want you to drive this late at night and alone. You can stay in my room, it’s big and has enough privacy. I’ll crash down in the guest room with the others.” Juyeon suggested, his voice coming out so soft and caring. Making your heart flutter a bit upon seeing him care for you.

    Accepting his offer after a lot of work from him to convince you, he led you to his room. Opening his closet and motioning you to take a look, “You can pick any of the shirts you like the most, I promise all of them are comfy. And over here,” he opened a drawer. “You can take some sweatpants or shorts, anything you can find that fits you.”

    “Alright, thank you Juyeon and I’m sorry again for the inconvenience.” you gave him a smile, which he returned shaking his head,

    “Nothing like that. I hope you can sleep well and please, if you need anything I’m next door.”

    “Thank you Juyeon, good night. I hope you sleep well.” you smiled at him and you noticed the way he took a deep breath, like he was preparing to say something else but he just pursed his lips and nodded with a smile, taking a couple of steps back and closing the door leaving you to the comfort of his room.

    You sighed, deep inside you hoped he would stay a little longer to talk to you since everyone else had passed out and neither of you were sleepy.

    Already changed into his clothes, deciding only a shirt was enough since it was big and none of his pants fitted you, you hopped into his bed. Laying down only to be welcomed by a mix of the smell of clean sheets and his cologne, nuzzling into his pillow you sighed, breathing in the scent and closing your eyes in hopes of getting some sleep.

    Managing to doze off for a while, you opened your eyes and checked your phone only to realize you slept for an hour. Sighing, you stood up from the bed and contemplated for a few minutes if you should go to the kitchen for some water or wait until the morning.

    Reason being that you were only in your underwear and one of Juyeon’s shirts covering past your butt while your jeans were nowhere to be seen. Feeling your mouth more dry as the seconds passed by, you stood up and quietly walked up to the door. Opening it just enough to peek oustise and see no sign of anyone being up.

    You walked into the kitchen turning the lights on and grabbing a glass from the cupboard only to then open Juyeon’s fridge to look for something to drink. Quickly noticing the jar of water and pouring yourself a glass.

    Glancing towards the living room you spotted a familiar body laying there in the same position you last saw him. Eric was lightly snoring with his mouth still ajar open, quietly laughing and enjoying the funny sight in front of you, you didn’t notice the movement happening by the hallway until a voice spoke up.

    “Are you okay?”

    The sudden voice and appearance made you jump and accidentally drop the glass of water, immediately breaking as soon as it touched the floor.

    “Juyeon you scared me I -” you looked down at the mess happening by your foot. “I’m so sorry!” hurriedly bending down to pick up the pieces, but before you could even touch a piece Juyeon spoke again.

    “No, no! Wait, y/n -- STOP.” he stretched out his arm in warning, motioning you to stop and not move at all.

    Startled by his loud voice you froze in the spot. You couldn’t blame him, it was almost 3am and here you were, breaking a glass in his kitchen. He sighed, making his way to you careful to not step on any glass, despite wearing slippers.

    “Don’t move.” His voice was once again gentle, standing close in front of you and you could faintly smell his cologne, the same one from earlier. “You’re barefoot and I don’t want you to step in some glass. May I?” He asked and you looked up in confusion only to look back down and realize his hands were close to your waist, getting immediately what he was referring to, to which you nodded in response.

    He placed his hands on your waist and carefully lifted you up only to place you on the counter. The touch of his hands on your waist gave you butterflies and made you turn away shyly. Only to blush even more the moment you realize he was between your legs and he didn’t move his hands back at all. His shirt now barely covering you and he placed one of his hands by the counter next to your leg, his fingers almost ghosting your skin.

    You gathered the courage to look up only to meet his eyes right away, he was already looking at you. Unable to look away from his gaze, you only licked your lips before whispering a small “I’m sorry.” once again.

    Juyeon didn’t say anything and instead you saw him lean in until your noses touched.

    “Can I kiss you?” he asked, his voice coming off a bit hesitant, afraid of how you may react.

    He wouldn’t blame you if you said no and hopped off the counter while storming off to leave his place, after all he gave you the cold shoulder for so long. When in reality it was his way of trying to get rid of the feelings he had for you.

    However, he was taken by surprise the moment you whispered back a “yes.” Making his eyes look into yours once again before leaning in crashing his lips against yours.

    The kiss was somewhat gentle but filled with so much passion he had to hold back all this time. The way his lips moved against yours felt even better than what you could’ve ever imagined. You felt his hand still on your waist pull you closer against his body while his other hand was placed on your thigh, his thumb caressing your soft skin as he deepened the kiss.

    You unconsciously wrapped your legs around him, pressing him even more against you, bringing your arms to wrap around his neck and one of your hands tugging on his hair.

    “Fuck..” he whispered against your lips, slowly pulling away before his body reacted in another way.

    But before any of you could say another word or do anything else, a sudden noise coming from the living room scared you two. Making Juyeon move away from the counter and carefully stepping towards the door, enough to peek into the room and notice it was just Eric who moved in his sleep and knocked over one of the cushions to the floor making a noise.

    He came back, his eyes landing on your lap. Not because he was looking at your legs but because he was lost in his thoughts trying to figure out what to say next.

    “Maybe we should head out of the kitchen. I mean… go somewhere else where it’s not messy.” you said gesturing to the floor.

    “You’re right, let me take you back to my room.” he said leaning in to kiss your cheek and wrapping his arms around your waist once again to lift you off the counter.

    Squealing you wrapped your arms around his neck and held for dear life. He moved carefully around the broken glass and made it out of the kitchen just for you to stop him again.


    “Hm?” he hummed in response as he was trying to find the light switch so he would see properly his way.

    You leaned in, placing a kiss near his lips in a teasing way. Smiling to yourself when you notice him suck in a breath. Your lips now moving to kiss your way down to his neck as you felt his hand grip your thighs as he was trying to hold you up in his arms.

    He groaned the moment you kissed a spot on his neck, making him turn around and plop down in a couch instead. Your legs on each side, you leaned back to look at him.

    “What happened to going to your room?” you asked, tilting your head in curiosity.

    “I just couldn’t wait that long to kiss you again.” and with that he cupped your face in his hands, bringing you into another kiss.

    You moved your hips unconsciously and you heard a low moan coming from Juyeon, his hands moving to your hips to stop you and moving his head back with his eyes closed and gulping hard.

    You raised an eyebrow in confusion and looked down only to see that his shirt had moved up and exposed your underwear and the fact that you were moving against him, wasn’t helping at all.

    You looked back up at him only to see a hungry look on his face. Starting to move again, this time you lowered yourself even more and started to grind against him slowly. Feeling his bulge starting to grow hard against you. He allowed you to move at your own pace as he rested his head against the couch, enjoying every move you made.

    Deciding to surprise him more, you removed the shirt you were wearing, being left completely naked from the top. You took his hands in yours and dragged them up to touch your boobs. Juyeon snapped his eyes open upon the feeling of your hard nipples against his palms and gave them a squeeze. You didn’t miss the profanities leaving his lips and it only made you feel even better.

    Leaning down you captured his lips into a heated kiss, his fingers starting to play with your nipples as he took every chance he could to slip his tongue in, messily playing with yours. Your grinds driving him crazy, his teeth biting your lower lip before he lowered his face to kiss all over the top of your chest. Wrapping his lips around one of your nipples and dragging his tongue across the hard bud over and over again before giving the other the same attention.

    Juyeon’s grip loosened up and you took the chance to lean back and bring your hand between your bodies, your fingers finding the waistband of his pants and pulling them down along with his underwear. Revealing his big and hard dick, you wrapped your hand around it, dragging the pre-cum with your thumb as he groaned against your chest, pulling him in closer between your tits by pulling on his hair.

    Juyeon’s hand sneaked between your bodies, his fingers pushing aside your panties and quickly finding your clit, pressing on it and making you jolt at the contact. Letting out quiet mewls of pleasure, encouraging him to move his fingers. Rubbing circles on your sensitive clit as you pumped him. Two of his fingers slid down and thrusted inside you, a loud moan escaping your lips.

    “Shh, you don’t want to wake Eric up, do you?” he whispered now against your lips.

    You totally forgot Eric was still sleeping right behind you on the other couch. The thought of him being present and catching you two in any second, turned you on even more.

    “So what? Let him see.” You simply responded.

    “Tsk, naughty girl.” he smirked.

    He pulled his fingers out, dragging your wetness across your folds and clit, lifting you up and you stopped your hand movements on his cock. Quickly lining him at your entrance, he gripped your hips again as you dragged his head against your wet folds.

    Making him groan loudly the moment you fully sank down on him, taking just a second to adjust.

    “Fuck - Shit y/n…” he said burying his face into your neck.

    You could feel his harsh breathing hitting your skin as you moved back up and down again, biting down on your shoulder to silence himself from being too loud.

    Moans left your lips as you started to ride him, your movements becoming faster.

    “Fuck, you feel so good.”

    Slowing down your movements, wanting to tease him for a while. He tilted his head back and you admired his face filled with ecstasy. Eyebrows scrunched up and mouth open. Picking up the pace, you felt his hands slide from your hips down to your ass. Giving it a hard squeeze before one of his hands moved away only to give it a hard slap making you gasp.

    “I thought you didn’t want Eric to wake up?” You said smirking, watching as he leaned back against the backrest of the couch and taking the chance to lean in and suck on his neck, making sure to leave a mark.

    “Fuck it, let him see how good we’re fucking.”

    He started to match your movements by thrusting up deep and fast, his dick hitting your spot as you leaned on him, your tits being right in front of his face as your hands gripped the backrest. He didn’t miss the chance to suck on your bouncing tits as you also started to ride him faster. Making sure to lift all the way to the tip before moving back down as fast as you could.

    Slick wet sounds and moans filling the room, not caring if anyone heard or walked in on you two. He moved a hand between your bodies finding your clit and rubbing it fast as the other hand gripped your ass.

    “Juyeon…” you whined, already starting to shake under his touch.

    “I know baby, I’m coming too.”

    The last thrusts were deep and erratic, suddenly turning sloppy and his fingers slowed down on your clit the moment he felt you clench around him when you reached your high. Soon slowing down his thrusts too and feeling his dick twitch inside you, followed by his warm cum filling you.

    Juyeon placed soft kisses on your neck and shoulder, his hand caressing your back as you regained strength and controlled your breath.

    After a couple of minutes for the both of you to calm down, he finally spoke up.

    “I’m sorry for acting like an asshole all this time… I was just trying to repress my feelings for you.” he said quietly, lips still against your skin.

    You leaned back just so you could look at him.

    “Juyeon… do you like me?”

    He smiled up at you, what a stupid question. But after all those moments and after what happened that night, he knew you needed that reassurance.

    “I do. Do you think I would’ve done this with you if I didn’t?” he said, his eyes softening.

    The corner of his lips turning upwards into a small smile the moment he saw you looking down, probably feeling shy. “I do. I do like you y/n.” he confessed leaning in to press a kiss on your pouty lips. “And I like you a lot actually.” he chuckled, placing another kiss.

    “I like you too.” you also confessed, your heart practically melting.

    “Now that that’s cleared up, we should probably go clean up and try to sleep for a bit, hm?” he asked and you nodded. His hands holding your waist gently helping you get up and take him out of you, making him grunt for a moment at the sudden feeling.

    Once cleaned up both of you headed to bed. “I’m tired.” you mumbled as he got in bed next to you, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you closer to him until your head was resting on his chest.

    “I know, let’s get some sleep.”

    He placed a kiss on your forehead and pulled the blankets to cover you better, both of you dozing off to sleep right away.

    The next day you woke up and everyone was already awake and in the kitchen, including Juyeon who was making some breakfast for you.

    You walked in and greeted everyone, going in to hug Juyeon from behind as he cooked and making him smile widely. You looked around and your eyes met Hyunjae’s, who was giving you an ‘i told you so’ look with a stupid cocky grin on his face.

    You rolled your eyes and stuck out your tongue at him as you pulled away from Juyeon to take a seat by the kitchen counter.

    “How did everyone sleep?” you asked before sipping in some orange juice.

    “Pretty well, but could’ve slept better if y’all wouldn’t have been so loud last night while you fucked in the living room.” Hyunjae said bluntly, like it was nothing. Earning a look from everyone and a death glare from you and Juyeon. He simply shrugged off, “I got thirsty and wanted some water but I just got a very dirty surprise instead.”

    “You did WHAT while I was sleeping?!” Asked Eric in horror.

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  • mavericsohn
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    — pairing: professor!juyeon x gn!student!reader

    — summary: based on this post

    — word count: 9k

    — genre: fluff, (bad) humour, like one makeout session

    — warnings: aged up!98z (30), age gap (reader is 21), student/teacher relationship, some profanities, discussions of anxiety over future

    — extras: best friend 00’ line, mentions of ex!sunwoo, definitely not my best writing (this was meant to be more suggestive but my rewrite made it fluffier -- sorry!), edited at 3am -- may not be proof read, lots of missing scenes because it was already 9k - goes from 0-100 in the feelings department

    “and then, when you add the calcium -- oh my god that was not calcium.” 

    there was something different about professor lee. 

    from the moment he stepped into your third year physical chemistry class, you knew there was something. 

    the last thing anyone in the class had expected was for the man in tight black jeans, adorned in a leather jacket and combat boots, to step up to the front of class. it took until he introduced himself as professor lee for the room to even slightly accept that this man would be leading your physical chemistry seminars. and that definitely wasn’t a question towards his skill.

    if anything, professor lee’s skill was higher than that of veterans of the subject. albeit, he was a little cocky, and a lot clumsy (two lessons was all it took for you to learn not to leave him unattended with fire), but his talent in the lab told exactly why he was in his position. 

    what was shocking, however, was that the man teaching you about kinetics looked like the type of guy -- man -- that would work out with your best friend at the gym. you could practically picture the days where you joined eric for a weights session, and the image of professor lee whenever he flexed his arms seemed to slot right into that picture. 

    not that you were staring. 

    who could blame you if you were? it was practically law in that classroom that everyone spent more time staring at the lecturer's hands than the materials in the experiment. it was hard not to when they were so… big. 

    when the clock struck 12:30, the class came to a natural end. members of the class began to pack up, ready to head for lunch, which naturally led to a sudden onslaught of questions for your professor. if you hadn't still been copying words from the whiteboard into your notebook, you might have missed the hair twirling and giggling. at least you had enough dignity to do your flirting in private -- the very idea of being huddled in a group all vying for attention was pretty terrifying. 

    the best part was usually professor lee’s complete obliviousness to all the attention on him. from the outside, it seemed like he was either really good at dodging topics, or was generally clueless. 

    as you finished copying a formula down from the whiteboard, you could hear him in the distance genuinely trying to answer a question about chemical reactions. his talent to unknowingly reject the advances from your classmates through missing every pun they made rivalled his skill in the lab.

    if you’d have glanced to the side at that moment, you would have noticed his eyes watching you through the crowd, but a familiar figure pushing through the crowd drew your focus instead.

    “it looks like the new season of the bachelor in here.” eric spoke with a frown, ungracefully throwing his backpack onto your workbench. 

    “please don’t tell me you watch the bachelor.” you grimaced in response. with the last of your notes written, you began to put your stationary back in your pencil case, and then eric had your full attention. 

    his hair was brighter than it had been before the weekend, a luminous shade of red that made him stand out under the bright white lights of the chemistry lab. if it weren’t for knowing exactly what eric sounded like in bed (the walls in your shared dorm area were very thin), you might’ve thought he looked sweet with his glasses balanced on his nose. 

    “i’ve got to get my game from somewhere.”

    you snorted. “you have no game.” 

    “i have some!” eric whined defensively, grabbing your notebook off the side and beginning to flick through the pages. 

    once he started folding the pages, you snatched back the pad and put it in your bag. eric only stuck his tongue out in response. “you made sunwoo ask hitomi out for you.” after a pause, you added, “and she only agreed because she wanted you to get felix to tutor her--”

    “hey, we had fun in the end!”

    “don’t need to know!” you shouted before your best friend could go into detail about his sex life. you heard enough of it as it was through the thin walls. eric filling in the blank spaces was the last thing you needed. the fact that your stomach had begun to rumble during such a conversation was only more disturbing to your brain. “where are we going for lunch?” 

    eric slipped his backpack back on as you picked up your own bag. “i think sunwoo and bomin are at the cafe down the road, if you want to join them?”

    an hour with sunwoo and bomin sounded like hell on earth. sometimes, you wished you didn’t love them, considering together they were like satan reincarnated. but if you could put up with eric, you could put up with them. (and secretly, you loved the little group you had formed, especially when you were having a bad week, and the solution was always movie night in bomin’s dorm).  

    “lead the way.” you grinned at eric, who happily hopped towards the door.

    in all your conversation, you had completely forgotten about the other presence in the room until a voice spoke up.

    “y/n?” whipping your head around to see your professor staring in your direction, you realised you hadn’t even noticed the swarm of your peers leave his side. you also didn’t fail to notice how he had rolled the sleeves on his blouse above his elbows, presenting even more of the arms you were often so involved in. eric seemed just as impressed, for a glance to your side showed the boy staring directly at your professor’s body.

    “yes, professor lee?” you answered with a shameless smile, not missing the huff that came from eric. 

    the man smiled, the regular kindness in his eyes as he looked back towards you. “i wanted to speak to you about your essay, if you have time?” noticing the panicked look on your face, he continued. “nothing negative - in fact, quite the opposite. it’s one of the best pieces i’ve read from an undergraduate in all my years of teaching so far. i’d love to speak about your plans for your career.”

    career was always a scary word for you. you had thought about it, sure, but not to the same depth that many of your classmates had. your thought process mainly stretched to knowing you wanted to work within physical chemistry - but what exactly you wanted to do was still up in the air. 

    “uh - that’s very kind, professor, but i don’t really have any plans.” you answered honestly, watching as professor lee raised an eyebrow in shock. 

    “none at all?” you shook your head, receiving a soft sound of amusement - quite the opposite of what you expected. “then perhaps we could start with that discussion. would you be free friday after lessons end?”

    time alone with professor lee - an absolute nightmare. how would you ever cope?

    “my seminars finish at 5, if that’s any good for you?”

    with a smile, your lecturer nodded, a genuine sparkle flashing across his features before he regained his professional composure. “i have a meeting till 5:15 - i’ll meet you here afterwards?”

    you nodded, adjusting your bag on your shoulder before bidding your teacher goodbye. it was only as you left the room that you let the wide grin break out on your features, too giggly to think about much more than the fact that he had liked your essay.

    you weren’t completely sure if it would go down well - the politics that came along with science weren’t something your course ever discussed, but you took a shot in the dark and focused on the topic anyway. clearly, it had worked in your honour as professor lee seemed to enjoy it. his validation, after all, was probably the most important. you had plenty of other, older professors for more academic based topics, but the practicals were what you enjoyed the most. 

    it certainly helped that the person leading the class wasn’t bad to look at. if only your class could see you now.


    friday rolled around much too slowly for your liking, and the chaos that endured in just a few days seemed to make the week feel like a year.

    some days were just worse than others, for no particular reason other than that your mood was slightly more sour from just waking up. classes, assignments, and inconveniences in your day never helped. whether it was your favourite coffee shop being closed due to staff vacancies, or the library not having the book you needed, every little thing seemed to drive you crazy.

    so, when five o’clock rolled around, and you were caught up at sunwoo and bomin’s apartment attempting to put flat-pack furniture together instead of heading to your meeting -- you were a little pissed.

    you had quite explicitly told them you had to leave early, and bomin promised he would keep an eye on the time. it was only when you were stuck between eric and sunwoo, trying to force a singular screw in between two planks of solid wood, that bomin shouted from the corner that it was already rolling on five twenty. add the fifteen minute walk to the chemistry block onto that, and you felt like you might cry. 

    the sawdust on your outfit from the d-i-y adventure definitely wasn’t adding to your look, but you had to roll with it in the end. you didn’t officially leave until half past, and were counting on the wind from sprinting to your science building to clean up your clothes. 

    part of you didn’t think professor lee would even still be in the room. he had a particular distaste for tardiness, always chastising your classmates if they showed up late. so when he appeared in sight still sat at the front desk, the air seemed to leave your body in relief.

    “sorry i’m late, professor.” you apologised within seconds of opening the door.

    the man lifting a cup to his lips only paused, giving a soft smile in your direction. “no worries, i got myself a coffee in the meantime.” taking one last sip, he placed the cup down with a motion towards it.  “and please, you can call me juyeon outside of class. or in class. i don't really care what my students call me.”

    your interest was piqued, being sure you had heard that name around here before. “juyeon?”

    juyeon hummed in agreement. 

    “as in lee juyeon? the lee juyeon?”

    juyeon only laughed, leaning backwards in his seat -- a simple action which somehow made him seem so young. you had to remind yourself that he wasn’t as old as you usually thought professors to be. “is that meant to mean something to me?”

    “sir -- juyeon -- you’re a bit of a legend around campus.” it was true. everyone knew about lee juyeon and his antics in his time at university. you had no idea your professor even went to the same place, let alone was part of the renowned group that were known to cause all sorts of trouble on campus. 

    it was hard to picture the sweet and energetic chemistry professor as anything other than the kind soul you had gotten to know over the year. 

    “ah. my frat days. i should have known they’d never stay a secret.” despite his words, there was a gentle grin on juyeon’s face, the black haired man lowering his eye line to a spot of dirt on the table.

    you practically snorted, covering your mouth in embarrassment. juyeon, however, only seemed to encourage your happiness, motioning that it was okay. “i’m afraid everyone knows what goes down in deobi house.”

    another hum, this one seeming to be more in thought. “safe to say we’ve all grown up a bit since then.”

    there was a reminiscence to his tone that made you eager to know more about the man. the only stories you knew about the frat (still running to this day, as eric and sunwoo were (unfortunately) members) were of chaos and disruption, especially ten years ago. now, they had mellowed much more, but you had always expected its known alumni to still be rowdy -- maybe even in prison. and yet one of them was your professor, and a well respected one at that. 

    “do you still speak to them?” you asked curiously.

    juyeon nodded. “i was the best man at changmin’s wedding just last month.” ji changmin -- you assumed -- was another notorious frat boy, although you had heard more positive stories about his time here. he was just as cheeky as the others, but a kind soul who had been said to care for everyone. “and kevin has two kids now, brings them in to visit sometimes as well.”

    “and you?” you blurted out without thinking.

    looking up, juyeon tilted his head in question. “and me?”

    “kids -- do you, uh, do you have kids?” you might as well have been honest. 

    instead of reprimanding you for asking about his personal life as many teachers did, juyeon only shook his head. “i am very much childless. my mother loves to remind me at every family gathering.”

    “parents, huh.”

    “mm.” surprisingly, juyeon continued. “i come from a small neighbourhood back home, and everyone my age is now married with kids -- i guess she’s valid for asking when her son seems to be the only person without either of those things.”

    you hadn’t even needed to ask about the marriage thing, for he had offered it all on his own. it was always good to know he was single. you might have thought this was a strange thing for you to even consider, if you hadn’t seen the way he was looking at you as he spoke. 

    “waiting for the right person?” you offered carefully, stepping to the other side of the desk. 

    juyeon’s eyes trailed you from position to position, and you didn’t miss the subtle flicker of his focus as you took your jacket off to place it on the back of the chair.

    you took a chance, choosing to perch on top of the table instead of in the seat itself. it wasn’t out of character, for you had a habit of sitting on the workbenches, but your motives were transparent at this point. juyeon knew just as well as you did, and he indulged in every moment of it. if you had made the first step over that boundary line, he wasn’t going to stop you. 

    instead, he made a point of dragging his gaze steadily back up your body, the corner of his lips slyly upturned as he met your eye. “waiting for someone interesting.”

    there was a moment shared, fleeting but still effective, where the both of you held each other's gaze. he seemed to be challenging you, seeing who would break first, and you should have known you weren’t strong enough to beat him there. 

    when you looked away first, glancing down at your lap, you could practically feel juyeon’s smirk. thankfully, he spared you the embarrassment in favour of continuing the conversation. he mimicked your words from earlier. “and you?”

    “do i want kids?” you chuckled lowly, trying to fight back a laugh at the thought of yourself with children. “with all due respect, i’m barely managing a degree and keeping myself afloat. taking care of a child is not in my business plan.”

    juyeon laughed along, finishing his drink and replacing the mug in his hand with a pen. it was too easy to get distracted watching his long fingers play with the device, but you managed to force your eyes to remain on his. he clearly noticed it was no easy feat, but the smile on his face remained. “i mean, do you think you’ll stay in contact with anyone when you leave?”

    oh. now that question caught you off guard. you barely had any idea what you were even going to do once your four years of study were up. a lot of the people you knew right now seemed like mere acquaintances, but a year could change a lot. there were people you knew you cared about more than others, but even then, the reality was that nothing was ever set in stone. 

    “perhaps. my best friends, definitely. i can’t see myself leaving them behind.” just the thought of losing either of the boys sucked, 

    “eric sohn, right?” juyeon inquired, his expression unreadable. “the sports psychology major? i saw him pick you up the other day.”

    nodding, you couldn’t help the teasing tone you took on. “keeping tabs on me already, sir?” 

    juyeon grinned, but he didn’t deny it. “i’ve seen him play baseball. talented kid.” there was something else in his gaze, but he masked it immediately. “you said friends -- plural.”

    “uh, sunwoo, too. kim sunwoo. we grew up together.” you left out the part where you dated throughout high school. “do you normally take such an interest in your students’ personal lives?”

    the look on juyeon’s face screamed you started it, but he amused you anyway. he considered something, before shutting the top of his laptop and folding his arms on top of it. 

    “you intrigue me.” he admitted bluntly.

    taken aback slightly, your back straightened from your perch on the desk. “i do?”

    “hm.”  juyeon picked up a mound of sticky tack from the side, squishing it between his fingers. the action was innocent enough, but you couldn’t help the way your attention wavered towards his hands. “you’re probably the smartest in the classroom, with the exception of me, and yet you have the least idea about what you want to do with your life.”

    you would take conversations about personal matters over this one any day. “cocky.”

    “you’re avoiding the point.” there was a resonance in juyeon’s voice that told you tactics wouldn’t work. 

    maybe you were. maybe, the prospect of flirting with your hot professor was a much nicer distraction than the crippling idea that you had no complete plans for the rest of your life. your parents wanted to know just as much as every teacher, and each time they asked you could only give them the same reply. that you were unsure.

    “you’ve got a real talent, y/n.” when you hadn’t answered, juyeon had leant forward on the desk, arms folded neatly below his chest as he stared up at you. “and i don’t just mean melting metal and setting things on fire. you see the bigger picture of all of this - something never even discussed amongst people like me. you could really do something with that.”

    you uncrossed your legs, the movement meant to be an innocent fidget tactic. had you blinked at that moment, you might have missed the way juyeon followed the action, tongue darting out to wet his bottom lip in response. “it doesn’t excite me anymore.” 

    “you want something more exciting?”

    suddenly, you were unable to meet his eye as you only gave a shrug in response. 

    you could hear the scraping of the chair against the floor, and the padding of feet as professor juyeon stood and rounded the worktop. he took a perch next to you on the table, nudging you in the shoulder ever so slightly. 

    looking up, your heart stopped momentarily.

    from up close, juyeon was even more beautiful. long, straight eyelashes always clouded the shape of his eyes, the way his eyelids hooded over as he stared down at you, and the thousands of ideas and memories he seemed to hold in his irises. 

    “i need a reason to fall back in love with what i do.” you admitted shyly, watching the soft frown that overcame juyeon’s features.

    “you had me fooled.” his voice was quiet, and for a moment, you were able to forget the classroom setting you were both in. “the way you write, i’d think you had everything figured out.”

    it was surprisingly easy to speak to professor juyeon. you supposed it was because he was much closer in age to you than the rest of your teachers. to say you hadn’t often spoken with him in a personal way, he spoke with a gentleness that made it feel like you had known him forever.

    that certainly didn’t change the fact that the proximity between the two of you was sending your heart for a loop. 

    from such a closeness, you could pinpoint the woodland fragrance he wore. it fit him, in honesty. he had that sort of freeing feeling around him, one which you associated with the fresh pine scents radiating off him. 

    “hey,” he mumbled quietly upon noticing your attention had trailed away. his knee bumped yours, causing you to turn back to him, “you should have spoken to me. i may look put together, but i was in your shoes once.”

    he did look put together indeed. it was hard to connect all the versions of juyeon you now had in your head -- the hot but unusual professor, the bad boy frat leader, and the lost student. 

    “it’s pretty hard to get you on your own, sir.”

    juyeon seemed confused for a moment, before a wave of realisation washed over his features. he bit his lip, “yes, i’ve been told about my little fanclub before.”

    you raised an eyebrow, and he continued.

    “kevin came in a few weeks ago and saw them, i’ve not heard the last of it since.” he shook his head fondly. “even somehow got his three year old involved in teasing me.”

    you laughed quietly, resisting the urge to cover your mouth. juyeon only grinned wider at the sound, looking to the side to meet your eye. maybe he wasn’t as gullible as you thought. 

    it felt hypocritical to even consider, when you were laughing at your classmates for fawning over the professor, but something felt different about the way he was speaking to you, now. this was a side of juyeon you had never seen in class before.

    “i think we can find you a few reasons to fall back in love with the subject.” 

    juyeon looked at you, a seemingly sweet comment that held no weight until you saw that sparkle within his eyes. you couldn’t tell completely, but the air around the two of you suddenly felt a lot heavier. there was a layer of professional care hiding something deeper, but you felt foolish even suggesting it to yourself. 

    your voice was shakier than you imagined when you spoke, more aware of the contact between your shoulders as you sat side by side. “that’s a pretty big task.”

    juyeon hummed innocently, but you swore you noticed the way his eyes moved briefly to your lips, and back up again. “it’s one i’m willing to take on.”

    a ringing from the desk startled the both of you, and as you jumped backwards, you realised just how close the two of you had been sat. 

    you hadn’t noticed until the warmth from his body was replaced with the cold air. strangely enough, you weren’t even aware of when or where it had happened, but now there was a strange feeling of loss that settled in the pit of your stomach.

    walking back around the desk, juyeon scrunched his face up upon seeing his phone screen. “i have to take this, if that’s okay, but i’ll see you in lesson on monday?”

    nodding, you thanked him and began to leave as quickly as possible, not wanting to hold up his phone call any longer. you could hear him answer in the background, so took that as your queue to make a smooth exit. 

    you should have known he’d grow a habit of calling you on your way out.

    there was a shout of your name similar to that on monday, and when you turned, you were met with the familiar sight of juyeon’s smile. his phone was held to his ear, but the twinkle of his gaze confirmed that this dismissal wasn’t permanent. you’d be seeing a lot more of him.

    “have a good weekend.”

    it took you a moment to regain your sense of self, worried you were reading too much into everything. the pounding of your heart was hard to rationalise, but one tilt of your head in juyeon’s direction, coupled with the raise of his eyebrow, told that you weren’t wrong in your wishful thinking. 

    chemistry was a pretty fitting word for professor juyeon. 

    you hadn’t meant to slam your head quite so harshly onto the table, but the small gasp from sunwoo told that it was louder than intended. 

    “if you’re going to have an existential crisis, can we do it somewhere less public?”

    “sunwoo, this is a burger king.” you mumbled into the table, not bothering to think about all the germs you were probably mixing with. 

    “exactly,” you could practically sense him stealing one of your fries, “stop bringing negativity around my burgers.”

    whipping your head up, you were completely unsurprised to see the brunette with fries hanging out of his mouth. there was an hour before your next seminar, and the two of you had decided to nip for lunch. 

    groaning quietly, you sat up. there was a comfortable silence whenever you were around sunwoo, especially when you both began to eat. you supposed it came from knowing each other for so long.

    whilst you were, undeniably, a lot closer with eric now, sunwoo too having faded more towards the final member of your group, bomin, you would always have such a special place in your heart for sunwoo. 

    you had known each other since kindergarten, and sunwoo had been terrorizing you ever since. you adored him for it, though, and he always made up for the annoying moments with heartfelt gestures, and shows of affection that raised your standards miles high. the two of you had dated in high school -- for quite some time as well -- but the affection soon became something more like family, and you went your separate ways. you couldn’t stay apart completely, however, and only two weeks later, he was back on your sofa drinking sugary drinks and judging bad horror films. 

    you couldn’t imagine your life without him.

    “eomma rang me earlier,” sunwoo informed you between bites of his burger, “she asked how you were.”

    “i hope you told her i’m still thriving and annoying you.”

    “i told her i hid your body in my wardrobe.” the likeliness of those being his exact words to his mother was very high. “she sends her love to your corpse.”

    giggling slightly, you took a sip of sunwoo’s cola, ignoring his protests about it only being a medium “i’m glad she still loves me in my untimely death.”

    “you’ve got to come visit her soon, otherwise i think it’ll be me that she murders.” 

    “we should go home one weekend,” you perked up, the idea of taking the short train home more than appealing if it meant home cooked meals “maybe we could go to yuldong park when the weather brightens up?”

    sunwoo nodded “i’ll let her know.”

    “hi my children.” a sudden, very recognisable voice joined your duo as limbs clambered dramatically over sunwoo’s lap to take the other seat. 

    eric only grinned widely at the both of you once he had taken his place. he slipped his backpack off as though he fit perfectly into the burger king’s atmosphere, completely unaware of the glares you and sunwoo were giving him.

    “we are literally both older than you.” sunwoo grimaced, you joining him in the expression only seconds later when eric reached over to steal your final fry. 

    “months don’t mean a thing to me.” with a shrug towards his other friend, eric kicked you lightly in the shin, “why do you look miserable?”

    “i am not miserable.” you defended, the scowl you gave him probably saying otherwise.

    eric only stuck his tongue out at you. “then stop thinking.”

    “wow eric,” sunwoo drawled, “you just solved everyone’s problems.”

    you were starting to wish you had slammed your head on the table harder earlier. at least then you wouldn’t have to be subjected to hanging with the two idiots you unfortunately called your best friends. being passed out in a nurse’s office always sounded pretty appealing when they were together. 

    “i think i have a massive crush on my chemistry professor.” you admitted out of nowhere. it had been bothering you after all. and unsurprisingly, your friends barely seemed shocked by your confession. 

    “professor kang?” was sunwoo’s main issue with the revelation “i didn’t know you were into older men.”

    reason one hundred and sixty two why you never told sunwoo anything “no you idiot, professor lee.”

    eric gasped sharply “the one with the arms?”

    “arms?” sunwoo perked up in confusion, doe eyes wide and lips pouted like a petulant child left out of a secret. 

    you watched in amusement as eric slapped sunwoo’s arm, the latter’s pout only growing as he rubbed at the skin where eric had hit. in retaliation, sunwoo pinched his bicep, but there was little to no reaction from eric. instead, the younger of the two grinned “you have not lived until you’ve seen this man’s arms.” he stopped to think for just a moment. “i should ask him for his workout routine.”

    “okay back to me -- thanks.” 

    like a scene from a comedy film, sunwoo and eric’s attention whipped around to you all at once. they settled back in their seats as sunwoo questioned; “is this like the time you had a crush on mr. im?”

    this was why you never told them anything -- they’d be using it against you a whole three years later. eric and sunwoo meeting each other was probably the best and worst thing to ever happen to you. you were still deciding whether the positives outweighed the negatives. 

    “he was old enough to be their grandad -- and definitely did not have arms like professor lee.” eric still ogled dreamily. you could certainly agree on the fact that juyeon’s arms were.. something else, but thinking about it only made your situation worse. 

    once you started thinking about him, you couldn't stop. it was embarrassing, feeling like your classmates probably did when they fawned over the professor at the end of the lesson. you didn’t want to be that person, but something about this felt different. it had come on so suddenly, from just one full conversation, but the realisation that juyeon was so human had hit you deeper than you had ever imagined. coupled with his genuine care for you, and suddenly, you were a goner. 

    “first of all, that was a time i don’t want to talk about.” you dismissed after staying quiet for a suspicious length of time “and unfortunately i think this is a crush crush.”

    sunwoo gasped dramatically, eyes wide and sarcastic as he drew out his words. “not a crush crush!”

    before you even needed to, eric had whacked him ungraciously in the arm once more. sunwoo only dramatically whined, dropping his head on eric’s shoulder in a sulk. you watched in disbelief as the action stopped them from fighting and turned into a cuddle session all in the span of two seconds, eric’s arm flying around sunwoo’s shoulder, and the older getting comfortable by his side. your friends were actually unbelievable. 

    “you’re no help.” you grumbled in frustration, arms folded across your chest. you could feel yourself slipping down in your seat, probably only making you grumpier. 

    “if we say anything, is it going to change how you feel?” sunwoo asked, strangely philosophical in the middle of his cuddling session.

    you didn’t need to reply, for your silence told them everything. 

    they were right, after all. anything they said wouldn’t be able to distract from the weird bubbling in your chest whenever juyeon’s image popped up in your brain. whether they tried to convince you against your feelings, or remind you of the situation in which he was your professor, it wouldn’t change anything. it was something you would just have to put up with. 

    you still couldn’t help but wonder if a simple few conversations with juyeon had him feeling the same way about you. 

    if only you had known that sessions with you were becoming the highlight of juyeon’s week.


    you hadn’t noticed how big the frown on your face was until juyeon was hanging over your shoulder during the discussion part of the lesson. 

    “you look terrified.” he commented, one arm on the desk as he leaned over you. 

    you huffed, trying to ignore his close proximity in favour of erasing a mistakenly drawn line. “how come it’s always the things i learnt years ago that i struggle with?”

    juyeon laughed loudly, the sound resonating through the classroom. you couldn’t help but want to hear his laugh more often, full and hearty, the type of sound that made you want to laugh along.  

    “what is it you can’t understand?” he asked quietly, but the looming presence over your shoulder as juyeon craned his neck to see your booklet made it hard to regain focus instantly. 

    his cologne was different today, notes of lavender evident once he got closer. you wondered if he could feel the electricity between your bodies, too. he never seemed to get this close with other students, and yet lately, he seemed to be finding any excuse to talk to you during classes. 

    whether it was through directing more questions your way, or making a beeline to you during practicals, juyeon had taken much more of an interest in your work since your chat. it was most likely just him living up to his promise to help you find your motivation, but selfishly, you liked the idea of his attention being on you. it didn’t go unnoticed the way your peers glared in your direction whenever you spoke. 

    at first, it was innocent enough. you had always been able to put it down to his kindness and want to help you, that was until the touches became clearer. sometimes it was a simple hand on your shoulder, other times it was pressing against your back as he passed. with every session you had, juyeon seemed to grow bolder. 

    unfortunately for you, it did absolutely nothing to deter the growing emotions you felt towards him. if anything, it gave you a glimmer of hope that only sent you further off the emotional rails. 

    frantically, you tried to regain your composure. “uh -- i just feel like my equations aren’t right? for the polymerisation section, ethene is the monomer, right? so what have i done wrong?” 

    right next to your ear, juyeon hummed in approval, and you hadn’t expected the sound to go straight through you. it was hard to form full sentences when he stood so close to you. you were beginning to think it was easier when you barely knew your professor, because now, it seemed to be his life’s mission to make your heart beat out your chest. 

    bringing his pointer finger to circle your equation, you had to remind yourself that now was not the time to get distracted by his hands. this was certainly easier said than done when they were just so nice to look at. 

    “you’ve got it all right, you just need to remember to bracket it.” juyeon took your pen from you, allowing his fingers to linger on yours ever-so briefly. he added in the marks you needed, attention flicking between you and the paper as he spoke. “don’t forget to label it with the n. anything up to twenty thousand molecules can join together here, saves you spending six days writing them all out.”

    if anyone asked you to repeat a singular thing that he had said, you might have laughed in their face. 

    “also, don’t forget we’re using a catalyst in our reaction. you’ll need to reference that too.”

    “sure.” you mumbled, quickly writing down what you could remember, but the small laugh from your side made you halt.

    “you have no idea what’s going on, do you?” juyeon was grinning at you from the side, and when you turned your head to look at him, there was a happiness radiating off of him that somehow made your brain malfunction. that and the proximity, and you were a goner. 

    cringing slightly at your own incompetence, you pouted. “i’m sorry.”

    with a shake of his head, juyeon reassured you it was fine. there was always a gentleness to the way he taught that made you feel seen. any other professor would have berated you, made you feel small and stupid for having your off days’ -- but never juyeon. somehow, he made it feel normal. 

    “how’s the portfolio coming along?” he asked in a lower tone, somehow making an academic topic seem less than innocent. 

    “it’s certainly coming along.” you grumbled. since his complimentary attitude about your previous essay, the want to impress juyeon again was much greater -- a want that also brought in a lot of anxiety. 

    there were too many reasons why you were so desperate to impress him, but you preferred to water it down to the fact that he was simply your favourite teacher. any good student wanted to impress their favourite teacher, right? it had absolutely nothing to do with the growing feeling in your chest whenever juyeon was around. he was your professor after all. 

    seeming to understand your frustration, juyeon gave your shoulder a slight squeeze. “you’re welcome to send me a draft to read over, i can give you any advice.”  

    “that would be great,” the smile he gave you was too difficult to pull away from, so you simply didn’t, “thank you.”

    neither of you cared if you were staring, not for that moment. you might’ve been able to look at him all day had one of your classmates not let out a whine of professor lee, jolting juyeon’s attention away from you and to the corner. 

    on his departure from your side, he muttered a soft sorry, and then you were back alone with your work. it was strange, the way you felt more alive than ever in moments like that. juyeon had an unusual power over you that you couldn’t quite explain, you only had to hope that he felt it too. 


    there was no way you went home the previous night and reworded your entire essay. not a chance in hell. the stress wasn’t eating you up on the inside at all.

    embarrassingly, you had fallen asleep at your desk around five in the morning. the cup of hot chocolate you had made to motivate yourself laid left untouched on the side, cold and grimey by the time you woke up. worse still, you had really been looking forward to unwinding with a hot drink, hoping it willed you on to finish the draft of your work. so when you woke up to your alarm (thankfully you remembered to set one) at nine in the morning, the sight of it on the side only made the pain in your head feel worse. 

    you still weren’t happy with what you had written. it was in your kinetics lecture that you had pulled out your laptop and managed to finish the draft off, but sending it did nothing to ease your anxiety. 

    to make matters worse, juyeon had replied only an hour later. you should have known better to send the email during the final break of the day, for the speed convinced you that something had to be wrong.

    it had only been an hour since juyeon had replied to your draft portfolio before you found yourself standing outside his classroom door. 

    to your surprise, his feedback had been, in the most juyeon way, wholly positive. but there was one sentence that was bugging you. 

    knocking politely, you cracked the door to the science lab open “professor lee? can i speak to you about my essay?”

    juyeon was sat at his desk, still hunched over his laptop from where he had probably finished his final class just twenty minutes prior. he had an untouched container of food by his side, a red flag that the day had been less than pleasant. you almost considered leaving before he looked up at you. 

    meeting his eye, you were unsurprised to see that juyeon looked just as dishevelled as you had expected. 

    his hair was, unusually, pushed flat to his forehead. there were soft gray circles forming under his eyes that probably mimicked yours. his clothes, too, were different than his regular attire. instead of what you would have described as his regular ‘steampunk meets comic book scientist’ style, he wore the type of thing you would have expected to see on your fellow students: a deep blue hoodie, what appeared to be striped nike pants, and a clear absence of his favourite lab goggles. 

    today, he looked strangely normal. tired, and albeit a little unprepared, but just like someone you would pass in the street.

    it was one of those moments which served as a blunt reminder that your professors were people too. 

    “of course, come in.” juyeon answered, voice gravelly and tired from the day, but still retaining its comforting essence. 

    regardless of his willingness to speak, you couldn’t help but ask. “is everything okay?”

    juyeon didn’t reply instantly, and you could see the exhaustion written all over his face. still, your concern brought the tiniest of smiles to his face, not used to receiving care from his students. “it’s just been a long day, y/n. please don’t worry.” when you didn’t reply, completely unconvinced by his attempts at reassurance, he added “i promise. what was it you wanted to talk about?”

    if he didn’t want to speak about it, then you wouldn’t force him. that didn’t stop you from making a mental note to check again before you left. “uh, you mentioned something in the comments about me losing ‘my voice’? i wanted to ask you what you meant by that.”

    juyeon considered you for a moment, contemplating his answer. instead of replying immediately, he stood up and rounded the desktop in a similar way to what he had in your first meeting. there was a motivation behind his steps as he took a perch upon the table, patting the surface next to him in a signal for you to join him. 

    you did, albeit hesitantly, too terrified for the way that your heart would deceive you once you got closer to the older man. your fears were valid, for the moment you took the seat by his side, just the tickling of his arm against yours stopped any valid thoughts from reaching your brain. 

    “do you know what one of my favourite things about your first essay was?” he asked, a sterner tone to his voice than you were used to, “it all came from you. there’s so much focus on referencing, and outside sources, that usually people lose sight of their own opinion. what stood out most to me about your writing was that you were shamelessly yourself in it. you didn’t have to rely on other people’s opinions to form your own, and that was what struck me as so original.”

    you stopped breathing when juyeon met your eye, something so simultaneously unreadable and obvious in his gaze. whilst you fought against the will to turn away, direct your attention elsewhere, juyeon had no problem looking at you with such a gentleness in his stare that you felt dizzy. 

    “i can feel you panicking -- trying to reach that same level and putting that pressure on yourself, but you don’t need to.” you nearly jumped when juyeon placed a hand on your knee, unexpected, but so natural all the same. you thought such contact would make you more nervous, but his touch only calmed your heart -- it was a reminder he was there. “forgive my language, y/n, but you’re too fucking talented to follow the script. you’ve got an opportunity to change so much within this subject, but you have to be bold enough to take it.” 

    blinking up at him, your voice came out barely audible “what if i don’t feel it? bold enough?” 

    your words struck juyeon, just for a moment, and his eyes glossed over with a blankness you hadn’t seen. “then i feel like i’ve failed you as a professor.” 

    “you couldn’t possibly. you’ve done more for me than anyone in three whole years here.” you quickly defended. you never realised how much it would sting to hear a teacher you cared for so much say something so boldly about himself. especially when said teacher was the sole reason you had found a new motivation to push forward in your work. 

    juyeon didn’t seem moved. instead, he turned his body towards you, hand slipping off your knee but naturally moving to take your hand in his own instead. the contact was foreign, a surprise to the both of you that you had somehow ended up in this position. but once the initial shock of what he had just done wore off, juyeon didn’t seem to care. instead, he tightened his hold on your hand, thumb stroking gently over your knuckles as you willed your brain to slow down.

    “y/n, can i be honest with you?” you nodded almost too frantically, stopping yourself from watching the way his lips moved as he spoke. everything about juyeon was mesmerising, “three months ago i couldn’t understand why i still wanted to be a teacher. i felt like i wasn’t getting through to anyone, that most people here were just focusing on… other things, as opposed to the way i tried to care for them. seeing the way that you work, and getting to know you more has shown me that it’s all worth it.” his heartfelt confession did little to stop your heart from speeding up again “i’m not embarrassed to admit that you’ve inspired me, y/n. and i just wish you could see how skilled you are.”

    it felt strange, being told you were someone’s inspiration. you didn’t feel worthy of that from anyone, let alone someone as incredible as juyeon. hearing it from him practically stopped your breathing, too afraid to break the moment with the slightest of sounds for the fear that it would shatter the illusion. 

    there was an overwhelming build up of emotions within your chest. you hadn’t even noticed the tear that had slipped out until juyeon’s hand lifted to wipe it away. shamelessly, he let his fingers linger along your cheek bones, brushing it lightly in a way that rid you of all of your doubts. 

    “you deserve to feel bold, do you not see how special you are?” it was juyeon’s turn to whisper now, closer to you than he had been before. 

    you felt like you were dreaming, floating in some fantasy world where you were allowed to be so close to him, so strangely intimate even in a bright room. for all the sexual fantasies people had about hot professors, there really was nothing like this moment right now -- one in which he beared his heart to you, guard completely shattered. he had allowed himself to be human, and your body was practically screaming out for him to kiss you, without any care for how much trouble this could get you both in.

    and he did. 

    it was like he knew exactly what you were thinking. his eyes searched your own, looking for some approval that he could do exactly what his heart desired. once he found it, he wasted no time in pressing his lips against yours, and that was when time stopped. 

    juyeon’s hand slipping further to cup your cheek, his lips were soft against yours but demanding all the same. there was an urgency behind the way he kissed you, pouring every emotion into that one action as though he may never get the chance again. his lips slotted perfectly around yours, keeping rhythm as you felt him breathe into the kiss. every muscle in your body was screaming, the urge to run your hands up his chest to great to resist, and soon you were holding onto his shoulders. 

    touching him in such a way was something you could have never imagined. feeling every part of his body react to your touch, hearing him whisper into the kiss in response, until he had no choice but to pull you closer. you let yourself go willingly, climbing onto his lap with ease. it would have been a struggle keeping yourself upright from the perch on the worktop, but juyeon’s hands slipped to your waist, bearing your weight and allowing you to lean into the kiss. 

    he deepened it expertly, swiping his tongue along your bottom lip, and you didn’t have to think twice before granting him access. any desperation that was there before was only doubled from this position, your chests pressed against each other as you breathed in unison. 

    neither of you cared at that moment where you were, what you were doing, or the implications of what it may mean. the only thing that mattered was the proximity and safety, the feel of your lips against each other’s.

    the more you kissed, the lighter your head became; breathless and intoxicated by the idea of juyeon all at once. you could feel his hands creeping down to rest on the small of your back, blissfully trapped in his hold. every touch was electric, your mind wandering to heavenly and unholy places all at once. that was just the effect juyeon had on you. 

    when you pulled away, he daren’t let go -- not just yet. instead, he kept you close, forehead and noses brushing as he peppered small kisses on the outside of your lips. juyeon wasn’t ready to pull back. he wasn’t ready to lose that close contact, nor was he ready to see how perfect you looked with blush tinted lips and an undoubtedly winded expression. he wasn’t ready for the way his heart would beat once he laid eyes upon you. 

    you similarly kept your eyes closed, remaining in the moment for as long as you could. perhaps there should have been more of a rush, the door to his classroom being unlocked, and the two of you in a condemning position, but you didn’t care. neither of you did. suddenly, it was as though consequences would be worth it if it meant you got to do that again. 

    still, you had to pull away at one point. you didn’t want to, and it took every ounce of your being to force you to slip off of juyeon’s lap into a standing position. the whine that left the man’s lips only made you more desperate to climb back on top of him, hear noises like that and plenty more for as long as you could, but you had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last meeting like this. 

    juyeon looked just as spent as you, all from a whirlwind of a kiss. as you expected, the effects of your activities had only made him look hotter, a feat you admired so deeply, but despised him for all at once. he was going to be the death of you. 

    there was absolutely no way you would be able to focus in class -- not now, not ever again. not when you knew how it felt to have your professor’s hands all over your body.

    “i’d really like to do that again sometimes.” he mused, reading your mind once again. 

    his fingers slipped back to yours, twirling and entangling your hands as he spoke. for once, he seemed too shy to meet your eye. 

    you took a step, all anxieties erased now you knew his specific motivation, tilting his chin up to look at you. placing a singular, lingering kiss on his lips, you let out a grin “me too.”

    juyeon grinned in response, a sly sparkle returning to his eye, barely masking the elated expression he wore. “i suppose we’ll just have to meet for more tutoring sessions.”

    “mm,” you hummed, letting your pointer finger trace his jawline, “i think i’ll definitely be in need of extra help.”

    not giving you time to think, juyeon wrapped a hand around the back of your neck and pulled you in for one last bruising kiss, full of determination, with a promise intertwined within the action. 

    when he pulled back, the two of you gasping slightly from the sudden impact, you couldn’t help but chuckle. 

    “do you do that with all your students?” you teased quietly, moving your hands to rest on his thighs as you had ended up between his legs. 

    “only the special ones.” juyeon whispered, smirk dancing on the corner of his lips. he ran his fingers down your arms, goosebumps appearing in their absence, before his hands rested over yours. there was so much you wanted, enticed, kiss-drunk and eager to explore more than you could have imagined, but you knew you had all the time in the world for that. urgency could wait in favour of enjoying this moment -- the one in which you had your, shamelessly, hot chemistry professor in front of you, like putty in your hands. 

    you were as much a sucker for him as he was for you, and if the smile on his lips as he stared at you told anything, it was that you were in for a wild few weeks.

    thinking back to the whole reason you were currently here, there was a sudden motivation in your mind, and you couldn’t leave without one final passing comment. 

    “i have a feeling this will be my best work yet.”

    then, lee juyeon smiled at you. a smile so full of pride, hunger, adoration and lust that you though you might collapse, but you knew then and there. 

    your lessons weren’t the only thing with chemistry.


    note: this was initially meant to be a lot more suggestive and less fluff-y but then i had a breakdown over how sweet juyeon is and had to change everything because GOD I LOVE HIM

    i’m not the biggest fan of how this turned out but i hope you enjoyed it all the same <3 sorry i waffle a lot

    — giselle

    tag list: @lilyujin @bruxlikesxthexmoon @grassbutneo @erikyoongs @ctto-becauseimunoriginal @yyyerum @ava-achlys @changminurheart

    #📚 giselle’s works #lee juyeon#juyeon#juyeon imagine#juyeon scenario#juyeon fluff #juyeon x reader #the boyz#tbz #the boyz imagine #the boyz imagines #juyeon imagines
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  • moondial-tone
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    we get along just fine (teaser)

    description: like the books you're tasked to read and annotate in your shared literature class for this semester, you and lee juyeon don't get along for the stupidest reasons. he glares at you 99.9% of the time, you always interpret his comments as insults, he doesn't message for updates on your grades, and you always revise his parts in your papers at the last minute among other things. so much like the characters in your reading list, it really is just up to fate (and your conniving band of mutual friends) to clear the misunderstanding and hopefully steer the two of you in the "right" direction.

    starring: lee juyeon x gender-neutral!reader; stray kids lee know, hyunjin; the boyz kevin, chanhee, changmin; loona chuu, kim lip

    genre: fluff, slight angst, enemies/rivals to lovers au, idiots to lovers au, college au (engineering major, football player!juyeon, literature major!reader), slowburn

    trigger warnings: profanities, alcohol consumption, accidental food poisoning (warnings to be updated)

    release date: tba

    taglist: none yet! (send an ask to be added!)

    When you tell people that you and the infamous Lee Juyeon go way back, they usually demand for more information in the hopes that they'd get an introduction to the engineering major and football prodigy himself. So over the past three years, you've had to master the art of letting these people down gently, of telling them that you mean it in a more negative-leaning light.

    Most of the time, you can rely on either Chanhee or Jiwoo standing nearby to carefully elaborate for you. They'd start by explaining that you've been in the same bigger friend group since freshman year when all seven of you were somehow put in the same freshman orientation ice breaker group facilitated by a now-graduated senior, Lee Hyunjae. Then they'd somehow segue to how you two are mostly civil but, given that it is a big friend group made up of people from different majors and interests, it's unavoidable to have people within your circle of friends who aren't that close and the two of you happen to be just that.

    When you're alone like right now, you just hold up your own and straightforwardly say, "It's complicated," before getting to that second part about not being close. It usually does the trick and scares the people into awkwardly taking their leave and you don't mind it one bit. If people really want to talk to you at parties like these, you think, they should come up with something else other than bringing up your association with the stupid spawn of the Devil.

    In this particular situation, you also explain that the only reason you're partners in your shared Word Literature class is because you were doing your friends a favor.

    So it definitely comes as a genuine surprise to you when you bring your red cup of vodka back down to your side and still see Hwang Hyunjin standing in front of you with the same charming smile he approached you with just two minutes ago.

    "Really? That's good to hear." You vaguely hear him mutter under his breath against the deep bass of the speakers installed to the opposite side of the living room. When you squint closely, it takes all willpower to convince yourself that the pink dusting his face is just the neon lights illuminating the two of you and not the most indiscreet blush.

    You cough behind your own warm face. "H-Huh? What makes you—what makes you say that?"

    "I thought you guys were dating at first so I wasn't really sure if I could ask you to study or grab coffee sometime." Hyunjin shrugs. “You know how some people are and—and others hanging out with their partners. I didn’t want to overstep, especially since Juyeon does tend to glare.”

    "Oh." Your eyes widen so comically loud you could see Chanhee, Minho, and Jiwoo pointing and laughing at you from over Hyunjin's shoulders while Juyeon glares at you while sipping his beer next to Minho. "That's, um....no, no, we're not dating. N-Not at all. You want to study with me?"

    Hyunjin sheepishly nods, pursing his lips. "Yeah, I mean, the World Lit final is just around the corner and I'm having trouble with some chapters but I can't really ask Chan since he's really busy with his thesis. Plus, my friend Changbin's opening up a temporary café business for his final so I thought, you know, I'd hit three birds with one stone."

    You find yourself chuckling at the clever tailoring of the idiomatic expression, nodding along. "Sure, why not?”

    "Really?" Hyunjin grins. "Cool! Cool! Can I text you? I still have your number from my art exhibit last semester."


    Nearby, Juyeon gently elbows Minho and makes sure to relax his furrowed eyebrows as he turns to the other boy. I knew it, I forgot something when we were leaving, he could only think to himself as he struggles to see clearly in the dimly-lit room. "Can you hear what they're saying?"

    Minho smirks against his red cup. "Well, I can't hear well from here but from what I've been told 10 minutes ago, I'm assuming that was just Hwang Hyunjin asking Y/N out to study."

    coming soon!

    #the boyz#tbz #the boyz juyeon #tbz juyeon#lee juyeon #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz au #the boyz timestamps #the boyz fluff #tbz imagines#tbz scenarios#tbz au#tbz timestamps#tbz fluff #juyeon x reader #juyeon x you #juyeon x y/n #juyeon imagines#juyeon scenarios#juyeon au#juyeon timestamps#juyeon fluff#moondial#teaser
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  • pockyandme
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    pranking him as if he broke your back | k.younghoon

    full series masterlist: what’s trending?

    pairing: tbz younghoon x reader

    genre: fluff, angst, domestic au [not suggestive bc break her back but not in that way (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ)]

    no warnings!

    wc: 0.9k

    network(s): @kflixnet

    listened to: scientist by twice

    not proofread

    // my 200 days with tbz special

    # now playing younghoon’s ver ! 𑁋 cracking your back with uncooked pasta

    i feel like he would either start to cry for hurting you or

    just grimace at the loud sound and walk away in panic

    he is known to be the crybaby in tbz

    you’re a heartless and mean person if you do this to him!! /j

    letting out a sigh of exhaustion, you rolled your shoulders back as they ached with your every move. you and younghoon had recently decided to settle in your own place after much thinking. the two of you were ecstatic at the thought of finally living together, seeing each other to start the day and to also end the day. but you truly undermined the effort and hard work it took to unpack and decorate everything.

    a pair of arms wrapped your waist from behind causing you to slightly turn around. you leaned back into his embrace when you saw that it was younghoon. “are you tired, because i am,” he mumbled, slurring his words. placing one of your hands on top of his, the other reached up to ruffle his fluffy hair. “i’m okay, hoon,” you said, shooting him a reassuring smile, “i’m gonna go rearrange the things in the kitchen, you should go take a break, watch a movie or something.” you waved him off and made your way to the kitchen after pressing a kiss to his cheek.

    you shifted a few cooking ingredients to the back of the cupboard, making space for new condiments. picking up a plastic bag of raw pasta, an idea made way into your head as you looked at it. smirking at the thoughts in your mind, you pulled out your phone from your pajama pants, rewatching the video you had saved in your favorites for reference.

    once you understood how the plan was going to work out, you balanced your phone in between two unpacked boxes, repositioning several items on the counter so that it was well hidden. you opened the packet of penne pasta and took about 2 of them, placing it in each side of your mouth so that you could bite down on it.

    after ensuring your phone was recording the whole moment, you cupped your hands around your mouth, calling out for your sweet boyfriend who was going to be pranked by his mean girlfriend. “hoon, could you come here, i really need to stretch my back,” pretending to be sore, even adding a groan in.

    your unsuspecting victim came rushing into the kitchen, ready to help you with whatever you needed. you almost felt bad for a split second but this was payback for eating japanese ramen without you that day. “just like perform the heimlich maneuver on me, i heard it was a method to stretch on tiktok,” him being the gullible man he was, nodding to your request, he stood behind you.

    “just do it a bit gentler,” you cautioned him or else this would take a toll on you and you would actually be in pain. as he lifted you above the ground, you bit down on the pasta, a loud crack splitting the silence of the room. younghoon immediately released you as you fell to the floor, clutching your arms and eventually curling up into a ball.

    “oh my god, babe, are you okay?” he asked, concern lacing his voice as he bent to the ground with you, hands hovering around you as if he would hurt you more when he touched you. when you didn’t reply to him, it only added to his alarmed factor. you whimpered in pretend pain while younghoon could only stare at your curled-up form.

    “hey, can you get up, i’ll bring you to hospital, y/n answer me,” his voice was quivering and his desperate pleas made you look up. tears had welled up in his eyes and he looked completely disheveled. “oh gosh, younghoon, i’m fine!” you apologised, pulling him in, hugging his bigger form so his head rested on your chest. “i’m sorry baby, it was a prank, i’m really fine, see!” you gestured to him with your limbs flailing around to ensure that you were fine. he was still sobbing so you wiped his tears using your thumb, continuing to embrace him in a hug, rubbing his back, muttering multiple apologies under your breath.

    younghoon ignored you for the rest of the day…

    he couldn’t be mad at you for too long even if he wanted to though

    so by the next morning, once you greeted him with breakfast in bed, he was back to normal

    in fact, the two of you actually joked about it with each other

    he did make you promise him that you wouldn’t do things like that ever again.

    permanent taglist: @stealanity @yengyangyo @jaerisdiction @heojangmi @zwiehe @paralumanniluna @luvrbin @odxrilove @ryuflix<3
    (fill the google form in series masterlist to be added to series taglist)
    someone give this girl a grammy for her acting skills istg but how dare she do that to him!!!! btw thank you for showing this series so much love, i didn’t expect to get so many notes aaa
    love, leona!
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  • cwpid-s
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago
    18+ MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, dom!younghoon, mean!younghoon, whiny!reader, sub!reader, breeding, crying, big tiddie!reader, fem!reader, the reader is sensitive (as in sexual wise), tummy bulge, degradation, perv!virgin!reader, reader is shy, fem!reader, younghoon calls the reader a perv, italicized is younghoon thinking to himself, younghoon mocking the reader (my weakness), face slapping

    it was a regular, sunny day for you, nothing much out of the ordinary. you had just finished putting your hair in pop smoke braids, sighing out of relief as you put your arms down. you shut the lights off and skipped into the living room to see younghoon playing some game on the computer.

    “oh younghoonnn!” you sang, voice like smooth velvet. standing by his side, rocking back and forth on your heels. younghoon groaned inaudibly and continued playing his game. ‘so fucking annoying.’ the man thought. he hate that he finds you so adorable and pure. the way you walk around without a care in the world, him having to guide you with everything, practically his dumb baby.

    “pay attention to me now. i’ve finished my hair, see!” you did a 360 spin, letting him get glimpses of your hair and body. younghoon act like he doesn’t like you because of his cold and mean demeanor, but deep down, there’s a soft spot he has for you. making his heart flutter every time you whine when he teases you. it was fucking disgusting he thought.

    “pay attention to me now. i’ve finished my hair, see!” you did a 360 spin, letting him get glimpses of your hair and body. younghoon act like he doesn’t like you because of his cold and mean demeanor, but deep down, there’s a soft spot he has for you. making his heart flutter every time you whine when he teases you. it was fucking disgusting he thought.

    “pretty.” younghoon replied and returned back to his game. you huffed at his reply, ‘was that all he was gonna say?’ you thought.

    “younghoon.” you whined. the taller man laughed at you and used two of his slender fingers to squeeze your slightly chubby cheeks to make your lips pucker. “younghoon.” he mocked and shook your head, letting your cheeks go.

    younghoon always had a thing for mocking you, especially when you whined at him. it always gets you pent up and your mind racing with perverted fantasies. you hate younghoon for putting these sinful things in your head. now, you got up from your position and sat on the velvet couch across the living room, letting your mind race. thinking about the taller man teasing your aching clit, him feeling it pulsate under his finger. you rubbed your dark legs together, mumbling under your breath about how you hate the man across from you.

    “what are you mumbling about, brat? are you that desperate for some little attention, hm?” younghoon spoke up, voice a bit deeper than before, not looking up from his computer screen. you ignored him and continued fantasizing, then your thoughts were abruptly interrupted as younghoon got up from the computer desk. his hand cupping your smooth, dark face. by the look on his face, he’s clearly not happy.

    “i asked you a fucking question i expect an answer, y/n. what were you mumbling about?” his grip lessened up a bit so you can answer him properly.

    “i said i hate you. i didn’t expect you to hear me mumble.” you confessed, those thoughts still lingering in your head. you looked up at him with big doe eyes. he chuckled and lightly slapped your face.

    “you hate me, dummy? ‘hate’ is such a strong word, ouch.” younghoon playfully pouted, knowing your words doesn’t hurt him, not even in the slightest.

    “oh, since you hate me, who were you thinking about when you were dozing off in the middle of the day while imagining yourself getting fucked and ruined until you’re a crying, shaking mess? i know it wasn’t any other guy, you’re too obsessed with me to even think about another man fucking your virgin cunt, pervert.” younghoon traced the inside of your thigh, chuckling as he watched the muscle flex. ‘this man is a devil.’ you gulped and tried to get up but was pulled back down by the cocky male.

    “the fuck do you think you’re going, pervert? i’m not finished with you yet. those words must’ve struck a nerve, huh? you know better than to test me, knowing how much i can run my mouth. look at you,” his hand dove into your cotton white panties. he gasped as he felt your wetness. “the innocent virgin is wet?” he added to his sentence.

    “mmm!” you bucked into his hand, making him laugh at your whines. “mmm!” he mocked once again. his finger grazed back and forth on your clit. your chest heaving up and down, catching younghoon’s attention.

    “no bra, baby? it’s like you knew beforehand that you’re gonna get fucked.” his other hand groping your tits. he groaned and began flicking your puffy nipples, the man getting harder at the of you submitting to him.

    “such big tits, i’m never gonna get over these. mine to mark and suck on. would you like that? to let everybody know who you belong to, princess gonna show off my marks like the good girl you are?” younghoon has such a way with dirty words. always knew what to say to get you all hot and bothered, like a bitch in heat. you feel yourself getting closer and closer as he pressed and rubbed harder on your clit. he knew what’s up and stopped his actions.

    “you’re not gonna cum until i’m in you.” he stuffed his fingers in your mouth. you hummed around his fingers, earning an animalistic groan from him. your hands trailed to your panties and he smacked your hand away.

    “don’t piss me off. dumb brats like you can’t cum on your own. you need some help.” he then picked you up bridal style and took you to his room and laid you on the plushy comforter. he began stripping from his clothes, only in his boxers. you’re still in your skirt and tight white tee. he slowly, teasingly pulled down his boxers and you watched his cock spring out, slapping against his stomach. he spat in his hand and began jerking off. he smirked as your eyes became fixated on his cock.

    “hey! my eyes are up here, pervert.” his voice boomed, making you snap your head up. you felt your face burn up in humiliation. younghoon knew you were embarrassed because you always bit your lip and that’s what you’re doing now.

    “someone’s embarrassed?” younghoon said, tilting his head, slowing down his pace with his cock in his hand. he smiled as you clamped your legs and eyes shut. ‘shut up shut up!’ you said in your head.

    “tell me, y/n. have you ever made yourself cum with just your fingers?” younghoon asked and stopped jerking himself off. he walked towards you and forced your legs opened.

    “n-no, i don’t know how, hoonie.” you said, now ashamed with yourself. the man above you scoffed and pinched your cheeks. ‘so easy to break, just like a porcelain doll.’

    “i’m gonna show you how it feels to cum over and over again, yeah? i know your slutty ass will like whatever i give you, isn’t that right, y/n?” you shook your head desperately and scooted closer towards him. his grip tight on your thighs. he ripped your panties off and mumbled ‘i’ll buy you some more.’ along with your tee and skirt. younghoon looked at you with soft eyes and you whimpered a ‘yes please, i’m ready.’ he used his fingers to spread your wetness all over your cunt and pinched your wet lips and the sensitive nub, making you grunt scoot a bit back. he didn’t like this and pulled you back down, before smacking your swollen clit.

    “don’t ever try that shit again, y/n.” he said before taking his warm tongue and began tongue fucking your hole. you gasped at the foreign feeling, only ever feeling his fingers abuse your sensitive clit. he began easing his way up towards the aching bud, giving it the proper attention it needs. his tongue flicked the bud and your mind went blank when he wrapped his lips around it. his mouth all warm and covered in your arousal juices. you looked down at him with dazed eyes. he moaned while making eye contact with you, the pornographic sounds leaving your mouth encouraging him to continue, but knowing how sensitive you are, he stopped.

    “so ready to feel you around my cock, baby. ready to see your face when you’re full of my cock.” he slapped his cock on your puffy clit and slowly rutted his hips into you. he grabbed your hand, caressing your knuckles to help ease you. he leaned in to kiss you, you both moaning in the passionate kiss. he was everything you needed, so patient and calming. you whimpered in the kiss and bucked your hips up. he pulled back and looked at you with reassuring eyes.

    “please, faster!” he smirked and his thrusts became inhuman. you swore that you couldn’t see straight. eyes all rolled to the back of your head, drool running out the side of your mouth. you were above cloud nine.

    “wish you could look at how pathetic you are. all cock drunk, can’t even form any words can you?” you babbled and looked at younghoon with eyes like you were actually drunk. he slapped your face lightly a few times to see a reaction out of you, but got nothing but a high pitch moan. ‘this slut is really fucking out of it’ the man thought. he put your legs behind your head, pounding your g-spot. your eyebrows and nose scrunched up at the intense pleasure.

    “do you feel me in your stomach, princess?” he grabbed your hand and placed it on your tummy, feeling his cock going in and out of you at a very rapid pace. you began crying out, salty tears pouring out of your eyes as his pace only increasing a little. it felt like he was the who was in heat, by that meaning really bad. your crying making younghoon feel like a sick, sadistic bastard. he slowed down his thrusts, took his cock out, and slammed back into you, repeating those actions. you squealed and the tears coming down harder than before.

    “why is my little baby crying? is my cock too much to handle? or is it because you know you’re sensitive, you might just cum at my words or when i do this,” he then reached and rubbed your clit in circles. you clenched around his cock, making him grunt. you put your hand on his chest to push him away, but he grabbed your wrists and placed them above your head.

    “fuck, i think i’m gonna cum, baby. want me to cum in you, baby? the thought of you all full cum, carrying my baby in that womb of yours. would you like that? just wanna make you a pretty mommy?” a throaty groaned left from you and you felt wetness flow down your legs. you clenched around younghoon’s cock, milking him, taking all that he can give.

    “mmm, y/n? you alright, baby?” he slowly pulled out and you winced a bit. you nodded tiredly and reached for him. he chuckled and held you, pulling the blankets over your naked bodies. he whispered sweets things in your ear, and it was very pleasant coming from big meanie hoonie. you fell asleep with him whispering some korean in your ear and he soon fell into slumber too.


    okay okay so idk if i got carried away with this but i lowkey like it :D! i hope y’all enjoyed it as well and this one right hea had me clutching my mfing pearls bitch! (ending terrible as shit, my fault, g) if i made any spelling mistakes or grammar errors, i’m shit in english.


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  • pockyandme
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    dodging his kisses | jacob.b

    full series masterlist: what’s trending?

    pairing: tbz jacob x reader

    genre: fluff

    wc: 0.6k

    listened to: please me by cardi b

    not proofread

    // my 200 days with tbz special

    # now playing jacob’s ver ! 𑁋 dodging his kisses

    will be upset over it pt. 2

    i feel like either kisses or cuddles would be his favorite type of skinship to do with his significant other

    so to see you dodge his kisses, he would be upset but he wouldn’t show it too much

    it was late at night but the two of you weren’t asleep yet. jacob had been given an off day so you guys wanted to make the most out of it. starting with a little fun bowling date earlier in the day then going to the new ice cream shop. now, you and jacob were on the couch, watching movies on disney+. your head rested on his chest and his head was resting on yours. the apartment had been dimmed with the only source of light coming from a small table lamp along with the television screen.

    “hey, i gotta go to the toilet, hold on,” you excused yourself from the movie since you wanted to set up your phone at a visible angle to do a tiktok based on something you saw a few days back. jacob mumbled a soft ‘okay’, releasing you from his embrace, the cold air hitting you as soon as you stood up. making it seem like you were walking in the direction of the toilet, you grabbed your phone balancing it on the island countertop instead.

    not too long later, you came back into the living room, sneaking into his warmth again.

    “would you like to stay forever?” jacob said, quoting mulan’s grandmother as she spoke on the television. you broke into a small grin when you heard your boyfriend, he must have memorised the whole movie by now since he had watched it 10 times as a kid. you lifted your head up slightly to look at him, to make him want to kiss you but as soon as he reached in, you dodged your head to the side, not allowing him to.

    his lips parted slightly as he was shocked at what you did. you purse your lips together in order to hide the smile forming on your face, “heyy, why’d you dodge my kiss,” he whined. he gently grabbed your chin to make you face him and brought his face close to yours again but you did the same, averting your gaze down, making his lips clash into your nose. “babe!”

    “what!” you yelled, going on with the plan. he let out a ‘hmph’ before turning his attention back to the screen. within minutes, he was already wanting to kiss you again. however, when you did kiss him, you wiped your mouth with the hem of your t-shirt. his reaction was priceless, he looked super offended and moved to the end of the couch, leaving your side.

    you laughed out loudly at how he was acting and you pointed to the camera, making him aware of what was happening. “excuse me?” his mouth hung agape as you cling onto him. “okay, okay, come here, i actually want to kiss you now,” you said, holding his face in your hands.

    he played hard to get since he still felt offended from your little tiktok video

    but he gave in once you showered him with kisses

    you laid on top of him afterwards, listening to his voice echoing in your ear whenever he quoted ‘mulan’ again

    permanent taglist: @stealanity @yengyangyo @jaerisdiction @heojangmi @zwiehe @paralumanniluna @luvrbin <3
    (fill the google form in series masterlist to be added to series taglist)
    we were watching the animated mulan ofc!!! also first time not posting at 2am...
    love, leona!
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  • orange-dust-blossom
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    "That's it, I can't." You hurriedly leave your seat as the actor's scream is amplified throughout the theater. Coming alone to watch a horror film was a bad decision.

    You're too busy rummaging through your bag for your phone as you leave the theater, only noticing the other person in the corridor when a low but very loud yell erupts somewhere in front of you.

    You look up to see a male with both fists raised, doe eyes wide in fear, and chest heaving in gasps from the shock.

    He lowers his fists slowly and clears his throat. "I just got spooked, that's all. Definitely didn't get scared of the fact that you practically jumped out of the theater."

    And that was how you met your now best friend- and movie marathon partner- Kim Sunwoo.

    #the boyz#tbz #the boyz aus #tbz aus #the boyz fluff #tbz fluff #the boyz imagines #tbz imagines#kim sunwoo #the boyz sunwoo #kim sunwoo fluff #the boyz scenarios #tbz scenarios #the boyz fanfics #tbz fanfics#tbz blurbs #the boyz sangyeon #the boyz jacob #the boyz hyunjae #the boyz juyeon #the boyz kevin #the boyz new #the boyz chanhee #the boyz q #the boyz changmin #the boyz haknyeon #the boyz eric
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  • pockyandme
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    profile 2. | ‘what’s trending?’

    back to series masterlist here!
    permanent taglist: @stealanity @yengyangyo @jaerisdiction <3 (fill form in series masterlist to be added!)
    i’m crying why does it look so bad on desktop
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  • pockyandme
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    profiles 1. | ‘what’s trending’

    pls excuse my poor editing <3 AND WHY DID THE QUALITY TURN SO BAD WTF
    permanent taglist: @stealanity @yengyangyo @jaerisdiction <3 (fill in form in series masterlist)
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  • pockyandme
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    rejecting his hands | l.sangyeon

    full series masterlist: what’s trending?

    pairing: tbz sangyeon x reader

    genre: fluff, slight angst?

    wc: 0.75k

    listened to: day 39/167 by fran vasilic

    not proofread

    // my 200 days with tbz special

    # starting with sangyeon’s ! 𑁋 reject holding hands with him

    pls don’t do this to him, he WILL cry himself to sleep

    you two were currently strolling through the bustling city that seemed more packed than usual due to the carnival that opened nearby, the one you were currently heading towards. aweing at the sights in front of you guys, you didn’t realise a large wave of teenagers suddenly passed by, causing you to stray a little afar from sangyeon. when they finally left the area, sangyeon came straight to you, interlocking his hands with yours, “wouldn’t want you to get lost.” he shot you his infamous eye smile, which melted your heart over and over but you realised this was the perfect time to do that tiktok trend you saw a few days back.

    a look of mischief creeping up on your face, you slowly slid your hands out of his, pretending to look away. sangyeon just thought you didn’t mean to do it, so within seconds, your hands were clasped together yet again. internally, you were screaming at yourself but you allowed yourself to let go yet again. from the side of your eyes, you saw him puffing out his cheeks as you two continued walking through the carnival.

    the third time you did the same thing, he realised you were purposely doing it and you could feel his concerned glances as he tried figuring out what was wrong with you. he was even more baffled when you kept talking in the same cheerful tone, completely contrasting your behavior from earlier.

    he would be telling a whole lie if he said he didn’t feel hurt, why didn’t you want to hold his hand? was his palms sweaty? at the thought of that, he hastily rubbed his hands on his sweater. you, on the other hand, was acting completely oblivious to what was happening. you had crossed your arms while still animatedly rambling about the huge roller coaster that goes around the perimeter of the area. sangyeon only replied with an occasional hum here and there.

    by then, the two of you had already killed some time just mindlessly walking through the carnival and there were less patrons around since the said place would be closing in about an hour’s time. sangyeon had given up on trying to hold your hand, instead paying attention to the mini game booths scattered around.

    all of a sudden, sangyeon broke the silence that had fallen between the two of you, “um, baby, could you wait here, i’ll be right back.” he barely gave you time to reply as he took off in the opposite direction, leaving you to sit on the bench distanced nearby. you began to play with your sweater palms, did you take it too far? sangyeon was the type of person who always had some type of contact with you, especially in public, it had become one of the quirks in your relationship. your plan obviously backfired since now, you were the one who was feeling nervous. it had been about 15 minutes and you contemplated whether he left you here and just went back home.

    however, the sound of soft footsteps approaching you made you look up and your gaze met with sangyeon’s. he was clutching a medium sized shiba inu plushie in between his arm, the other hand rubbing his nape.

    “if you don’t wanna hold my hand, hold this instead,” he muttered, extending his hand to pass you the dog.

    you immediately let out a quiet sob, embracing your boyfriend around his shoulders

    he was stunned at your sudden action but laughed slightly, asking you what was wrong

    you just kept apologizing and he accepted it without knowing the full situation yet till you explained it to him

    “you’re so cute, you did this to yourself, silly”

    permanent taglist: @stealanity @yengyangyo @jaerisdiction <3
    (fill the google form in series masterlist to be added to series taglist)
    i FINALLY wrote for sangyeon, what type of stan am i!!!! but jokes aside, hope you guys liked it, i realized halfway through that this wouldn’t be that much of a hit but i enjoyed writing it so i shall continue :]
    love, leona!
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  • pockyandme
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    ‘what’s trending?’ | the series masterlist

    # tiktok trends featuring... the boyz !

    11 different trends paired with each member, 1 for everyone!

    incoming message from leona ?!?
    happy leona’s 200 days with the boyz!!!!! at first i was gonna make this a normal reaction thing but then i realized it was becoming way too long to be called a reaction for each member so i decided to make it into a series, sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting but i can write what i want :p
    i decided which member should get which scenrio using a wheel picker so i apologise if i make them a little ooc !!!

    profiles one. | profiles two.

    disclaimer. some drabbles might be shorter than others :o

    lee sangyeon | # reject holding hands with him — click here!

    jacob bae | # dodging his kiss — click here!

    kim younghoon | # pretending to break your back — click here!

    lee hyunjae | # i can't see when i close my eyes — click here!

    lee juyeon | # pretending to hide someone — click here!

    kevin moon | # smile if you wanna break up — wip. . .

    choi chanhee | # pretending to get your arm stuck in a bottle — wip. . .

    ji changmin | # act like you broke his things — wip. . .

    ju haknyeon | # calling him husband — wip. . .

    kim sunwoo | # he said he doesn’t love me anymore — wip. . .

    eric sohn | # pretending to game with another guy — wip. . .

    fill in this google form to be in the series/permanent tag list!
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  • mavericsohn
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    ahh i was meant to be posting my juyeon fic today, but i don’t think i’ll be able to get it up as i’m currently very behind on assignments :( i’m so sorry!! but it’ll be up as soon as i have the time to finish it <3

    chanhee fic won’t be too far behind <3

    #💭 giselle’s ramblings #juyeon scenario#juyeon imagine#lee juyeon
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  • kyswoo
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    The Boyz reaction

    kissing to wake them up

    pairing: yandere!the boyz x reader

    genre: yandere au, fluff

    request: “hi! can I ask yandere! The boyz reaction to you kissing them to wake them up but back out when they opened their eyes? hehe thank you!”

    masterlist 🌸



    He opened his eyes slowly seeing your face still close to his, but soon you backed out leaving him confused
    He held your wrist before you could go any further "where you think you're going?"
    He still had one of his eyes closed because of the light but pulled you closer to give you another kiss
    "Wait did you do something wrong?" he asks wondering why you did it, since it wasn't usual
    "Nevermind.." he hugs you closing his eyes again



    At first he just mumble laying on his side, not waking up untill you gave him another kiss
    He half opened his eyes seeing you sitting next to him but standing up quickly
    He just stared at you leaving the room not understanding what just happened
    Later when he is fully awake, he will give you another kiss holding you close to him
    "You can't just run away after you kiss me" he says pouting



    He was cuddling you and smiled once he felt your lips on his
    Younghoon whined when he felt you leaving his arms "y/n.. where are you going?"
    Once he is fully awake he will stand up and go after you, giving you a back hug 
    "Hey you know I don't like when you leave me alone" he said resting his head on your shoulder



    When he opened his eyes and saw you backing out, he quickly stood up and pulled you back to the bed
    "You can't escape me that easily babe" he sad smirking and holding you close to him
    He was almost falling asleep again and you tried to get up, but he held you thighly
    "We should get up" you said getting a grunt in response so you kissed him again
    "You're spoiling me" he laughed while he stood up



    He looked around seeing you on top of him but getting off of him as soon as you saw that he was awake
    He stretched for a few seconds still groggy then standing up still looking like a zombie
    "Y/n!" he whined loudly "come back here!", he walks out of the room since he didn't got a response
    "Hey.. how can you do this to me.." he back hugged you kissing your cheek 
    "Don't run away next time or I'll get mad.." he made a angry face but ended up looking cute



    He slowly opened his eyes and saw you standing up, leaving him staring at the ceiling confused
    Starts wondering if you did something wrong and ran away because you were scared or something
    He shrugged it off thinking that if that was the case you wouldn't have kissed him (or would you?)
    He goes after you and looked at your reaction, since you didn't looked scared he thought that everything was okay
    "Good morning!" he says smiling giving you kiss on your forehead



    He hid his face on his pillows giggling when he realised you kissed him
    But when he realised you were leaving the room he quickly turned to you "Hey!" 
    He sits up on his bed looking at nowhere waiting for you to come back
    When you do he just pats the bed telling you to lay down next to him "come on~" he whines



    He opened his eyes slowly just to see you leaving the room
    "Y/n! Come back here!" he yells still half asleep standing up to sit, he gets mad when you don't do as he said but will let it go
    Walks out of the room and stops in place once he sees you
    "Don't do this" he says frowning and pouting "do what?" you asked
    "You can't just kiss me and leave" he walks towards you and gave you a peck 



    Probably won't wake up with just one kiss
    When he does he will smile brightly to you, but it fades away when you backed out
    He won't stand up, he just kept whimpering asking you to come back and won't stop untill you do
    You sat on the bed next to him and he pulled you to lay down so he can use you as a pillow to cuddle
    "I don't want to wake up yet" he smiled one more time before falling asleep again



    He smiles as soon as he feels your lips on his
    When he feels you backing out he will hold you tight so you can't escape and gives you another kiss without opening his eyes
    "Is there a specific reason why you kissed me all of sudden?" he asked with a serious tone slightly opening one of his eyes to look at you
    You shook your head saying that he just looked cute which made him smile again and hold you tighter
    "Okay then" he says falling asleep again cuddling you like a pillow



    He pretends he didn't felt you kissing him to see if you would do it again
    When you do he lets out a soft giggle without opening his eyes, but when he felt you backing out he stood up abruptly and tried to hold you
    You managed to escape his grip and left the room which just made him annoyed
    He ran after you and held you again, leaning closer to you pouting so you'd kiss him one more time
    "Come on.. just one more" he'll give you the brightest smile after you do

    taglist~ @deputyjuyeon​ @super-btstrash-posts​ @heojangmi​ @ilijimo

    #the boyz reactions #yandere the boyz #the boyz scenarios #the boyz au #the boyz imagines #the boyz fluff #lee sangyeon#jacob bae#kim younghoon#lee hyunjae#lee juyeon#kevin moon#ji changmin#choi chanhee#ju haknyeon#kim sunwoo#sohn eric
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