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  • sneakylilbish
    16.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I honestly love making these XD

    #I CANT BE STOPPED! #mpreg #pregnancy test meme #juzo honenuki #kuroiro fucking faints after seeing this XD #im gonna draw their kid soon i swear #juzohai
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  • art-finds-a-way
    15.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    What a shame that noone had time to hang out with her... Maybe she should just change up her plans and stay back to do some extra training after all. Going home to an empty house right after the classes ended wasn't fun at all… As Atsuko mused to herself, slowly reaching the school gate, she glanced a familiar figure not much ahead. Her eyes shined up as she rushed forward.

    "Hey, you're from class B!" she called out cheerfully. "Eeehm, Honenuki, right?"

    The unique looking guy turned back towards her and answered on a friendly tone. "Ah, that's right. And you're Shurakawa from class A."

    "I am!" grinned back Atsuko. "Are you heading home?"

    "Not yet, I want to buy a book first."

    "Oh cool! Can I tag along?" she jumped on the opportunity excitedly.

    "I don't mind." said Honenuki without hesitation. "Do you want to buy something too?"

    "Nope, I just have my 'cheat day' today. No training, no chores, perfect time to go out and have fun, but sadly non of my friends are free to hang out today. So why not use the chance to make more friends then?" she grinned.  

    "Sounds like a good compromise." smiled the guy, his toothy features not making the gesture any less friendly.

    With that the pair departed while chit chatting in a good mood.


    My girl, Shurakawa Atsuko is super outgoing and collects friends as a hobby... x’D Her newest addition is the sweet Honenuki! 

    #mha oc#honenuki juzo#class a#class b#mha #my hero academia #bnha #my hero academia oc
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  • jackiejonzz
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    i dont think its prticularly fun to overexplain a joke.. but I will anyways

    The joke is that Shihai just assumes Juzou is definitely gay and not into girls because Juzou has no problem talking to girls, and he gets along really well with girls, in my eyes often better than he does with guys, but he doesn't have a gf or seem to like any of them in particular, so yeah, that's why Shihai thinks he's gay... So the joke is, that Juzou is like "why are you insinuating I'm gay what makes you think that I've never talked to you about this subject?" and Shihai is like "u_u u gay" but all that being said my own personal headcanons are Juzou is "doomed in love" and Shihai is "the token straight friend, but only bc it's funny to me"

    #juzo honenuki#shihai kuroiro#bnha#class 1b#jackie's art #bnha manga spoilers #ig... #more like it just makes no sense w/o manga knowledge #i dont want anyone to think i hc juzou as straight #shihai? sure no problem 👍 #fancomic
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  • class1b-quotes
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    what? :D

    Tetsutetsu: *explaining why tf he destroyed a third of the battle ground in season 5* if yes was when then there would go 

    Honenuki: guys he’s doing his best

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  • loveyloverr
    12.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Class 1-b on a snowy day

    Monoma: drags tetsutetsu to have a snowball fight with him

    Tetsutetsu: is winning a snowball fight against monoma

    Kendo: is watching monoma and tetsutetsu with disappointment

    Rin: is staying inside bc its cold

    Awase: staying inside with Rin so he doesnt get lonely and is letting Rin watch him play his games

    Tsuburaba: chucking snowballs at kaibara

    Kaibara: is dodging all the snowballs Tsuburaba is throwing at him

    Komori: making snow angels

    Kuroiro: making snow angels with Komori

    Nirengeki, Bondo, and Pony: making a cool snowman

    Kamakiri: walking around and pushing the rest of the class into snowbanks randomly

    Shiozaki: yelling at Kamakiri for pushing ppl into snowbanks

    Tokage: secretly is helping Kamakiri push ppl into snowbanks

    Shishida and Kodai: sitting inside and reading

    Fukidashi and Honenuki: building a cool fortress in the snow

    Yanagi: just laying in the snow (she just likes the cold ig?)

    Vlad King: praying that his children aren't doing anything too stupid

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  • sneakylilbish
    10.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Juzo turned out so well im screaming

    Also first time drawing Kuroiro

    I’ll draw their baby eventually

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  • silentmagi
    09.10.2021 - 6 days ago
    #fanfic summaries#Izuku Midoriya#Juzo Honenuki #Support!Izuku #Boku no Hero Academia #My Hero Academia #BNHA#MHA
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  • hiavy
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #mha#bnha#juzo honenuki#mudman #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #class 1 b
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  • bumblingchaotic
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I was gonna wait til I have more but I’m impatient so here’s more class 1b headcanons 🤩

    Awase had bad acne in middle school. He’s really nervous about showing pictures of him back then
    Kamakiri wanted to fight Juzo in the beginning of the year for like,,, no reason LMAO, probably because “he’s too nice and it makes me angry” or something 💀
    Juzo loves 80’s music, specifically 80’s rock
    Juzo’s the type of dude who just gets along with everyone. Like, even though Kamakiri wanted to fight him in the beginning of the year, Kamakiri grew to like and respect him. Everyone loves Juzo, he’s just a chill, nice guy
    Juzo’s parents own a massage parlor. He usually works there on the weekends
    Kuroiro, Awase, and Kaibara play Sky: Children Of The Light together
    Kuroiro fucking loves cats, they’re his favorite animal. They make him smile like a kid looking at a toy store. He also has 3 cats, which I may make a post on cuz why not 😌
    One time, Tsuburaba blasted Baby by Justin Bieber at 2 in the morning, just vibing to it
    Shishida, Shiozaki, Tokoyami, Kuroiro, and Momo are all in a book club together
    Kamakiri’s kinda soft for Tsunotori and Fukidashi, he loves them so much y’all - I have this headcanon cuz I ship him with Tsunotori and Fukidashi, maybe poly but maybe not?? Not sure LMAO
    Juzo and Komori are the only ones, besides Tokoyami and Dark Shadow, to see Kuroiro dance
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  • snowe-zolynn-rogers
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Pairings: Past Aizawa/Mandalay, Pre-Bakugou/Kirishima

    Word Count: 2,006 Words

    Summary: The Sports Festival, part 2.

    Warnings: Fighting Mention, Cursing, Fire Mention, Bullying Mention, Trauma Mention, Injury Mention, Teen Pregnancy Mention, Pregnancy Mention, Partial Nudity Mention, Death Mention, let me know if I should tag anything else.

    Usernames: Existence Is A Prison   Aizawa: feral cat dad, Aoyama: gay salt, Hagakure: ranch flavored jello, Tokoyami: foil-mecha, Shinsou: farmer toshi, Kuroiro: life is a nightmare, Shiozaki: saviour, Tsunotori: schrodinger better run, Honenuki: pure, Monoma: nat20, Yamada: President Megaphone, Bakugou: deku-deck-you

    Notes: Bakugou doesn't get chained down because fuck that part of the canon. The League will just go after him because he's powerful.

    Aizawa, We Agreed No More Cats: Chapter 9

    11:50 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    gay salt: Yaoyorozu is amazing.

    ranch flavored jello: She can bench press me anytime.

    gay salt: To be fair, you'd let any strong lesbian bench press you.

    ranch flavored jello: You're not wrong but you don't have to say it.

    life is a nightmare: She did really well, I'm glad she's advancing despite that Tsubasa guy cutting her up with his glass.

    deku deck-you: I think that guy might be related to one of my old friends before UA.

    foil-mecha: What happened that you aren't friends anymore

    deku deck-you: Tsubasa Ryuu? He got kidnapped or something during a break and I never saw him again. My other two friends? They were fake. They ditched me after the Sludge Villain incident.

    nat20: I'll kick their asses for you.

    deku deck-you: I wouldn't stop you from burning Aldera Middle School to the ground. For Deku's sake, mostly, but also because I hated those teachers.

    feral cat dad: What happened at Aldera Middle School?

    deku deck-you: Well, you probably know from Deku by now that I wasn't always easy on him or even this easy to get along with. From the time Deku was misdiagnosed as quirkless, I bullied him. Let's be honest, my reasoning wasn't important because I made his life a living hell just because mine was a living hell at home.

    deku deck-you: We talked about everything the day after I moved into the dorms, so don't worry, there's no hard feelings and we're working through all the shit I did to him.

    deku deck-you: But, anyway, the teachers at Aldera tried to fail Deku constantly because of his 'quirklessness' but I'd vouch his grades for him once I realized they were trying to flunk him out of the school. And, after the Sludge Villain happened, they began doing the same thing to me because they thought I was influenced by a villain even though I'd told them so many times that I was basically a hostage.

    feral cat dad: Looks like I'm opening a formal complaint against Aldera Middle School after the Sports Festival.

    deku deck-you: Don't, me and Deku just want to leave Aldera behind us.

    feral cat dad: Fine.

    feral cat dad: Oh, they had a draw while we were texting. Jeez, that was fast.

    deku deck-you: Don't you dare underestimate Kirishima.

    ranch flavored jello: Someone has a crush.

    deku deck-you: Don't you dare speak of this. I'll launch Deku at you.

    ranch flavored jello: Jeez, fine. Feral Deku scares me.

    deku deck-you: Good. I gotta go.

    12:20 PM
    Existence Is A Prison

    farmer toshi: Wow, Kats. You did great.

    deku deck-you: Can't talk right now. She's in pain and won't let go of me.

    deku deck-you is now offline

    feral cat dad: Fuck, she overstressed herself.

    farmer toshi: I want so badly to check on her but I need to fight Tokoyami now.

    1:15 PM
    Existence Is A Prison

    farmer toshi: Katsuki, you're coming back soon, right? I mean, your match is next after Todoroki and Yaoyorozu.

    deku deck-you is online

    deku deck-you: I'm back, who's won?

    farmer toshi: Kirishima won against Tetsutetsu in their rematch, I won against Fumi, Midoriya won against Toru, Kiyo won against Shizuka, Kaminari just won against Fujioka.

    deku deck-you: Okay, good.

    ranch flavored jello: I'm down by the entrance to the field. What's wrong with Yaoyorozu?

    ranch flavored jello has started a video chat
    [Yaoyorozu is shown fumbling around a bit in the ring and Todoroki is in a fighting stance, but drops it when she's facing the wrong way]
    Yaoyorozu, why are you stumbling? -Unknown
    Shut up and fight me, Todoroki! -Unknown
    Something's wrong with you, I won't compete if you're hurt. -Unknown
    Just fight me! -Unknown
    [Yaoyorozu is shown collapsing and Midnight goes to check on her.]
    Yaoyorozu cannot compete due to a previous injury, this match goes to Todoroki! -Unknown
    ranch flavored jello has ended the group chat

    gay salt: Mon dieu. Is she alright?

    ranch flavored jello: She's muttering about her eyes.

    ranch flavored jello: Oh god, there's glass in her eyes.

    feral cat dad: Get up here, Toru. Now, you don't have to see that.

    ranch flavored jello: I won't leave her alone without anyone she knows. I won't. She can't see, Dad.

    feral cat dad: Okay, keep her company. But please be aware, they're probably going to do surgery to try to save her vision.

    ranch flavored jello: It must have happened when she made that smoke bomb and Tsubasa couldn't see her.

    feral cat dad: They're already having Katsuki against Kirishima to ease the tension in the stadium. Clearly, Katsuki's winning already.

    2:00 PM
    Existence Is A Prison

    feral cat dad: Yeah, Katsuki won. So did Shinsou against Midoriya, Kiyo won against Kaminari, and Katsuki won against Todoroki.

    ranch flavored jello: At least there's some good news.

    deku deck-you: What good news? Icyhot wouldn't fight me with his fire and we spent like ten minutes yelling about trauma before the fucker got blown back so hard when his fire hit my explosion that he's now got a concussion.

    feral cat dad: I understand you're angry, but you didn't do anything wrong, Katsuki.

    deku deck-you: I know, I just feel bad. Now two of the people I've fought today are out of commission temporarily and I feel responsible.

    feral cat dad: I know, and I also know they'll both forgive you. You went off with Uraraka for almost a hour and you didn't mean to injure Todoroki.

    2:20 PM
    Existence Is A Prison

    feral cat dad: I'm so proud of all three of you.

    farmer toshi: Katsuki, you're helping put my shoulder into place as a punishment for pulling it out. Recovery Girl already said it was fine.

    deku deck-you: A punishment I'll accept fully for doing it in the first place. After I'm done visiting Pink Cheeks again.

    deku deck-you is now offline

    feral cat dad: My chaotic sons.

    ranch flavored jello: Alright, I'm back. Momo can't leave the hospital tonight and she's been instructed to have Recovery Girl heal her in two days.

    feral cat dad: There's my daughter. It's a good thing you kids are off for two days after today because you need time to heal after all that.

    feral cat dad: Nezu's already insisted Yaoyorozu stay in the dorms because he doesn't want her too far from campus and her parents live in Tokyo prefecture and he feels it's too far for an injures student to travel.

    feral cat dad: Tokage is already getting spoken to by Nezu, so she'll likely be added to this chat soon enough. Toru, can you turn on Yaoyorozu's screen reader for her so I can add her to this chat.

    ranch flavored jello: Done!

    feral cat dad has added Yaoyorozu

    Yaoyorozu: Hello everyone!

    foil-mecha: Hi, Momo!

    Yaoyorozu: Hello! I'm going to take a nap, the surgery was very taxing so I'm quite tired. I'll message you all later when I wake up.

    ranch flavored jello: I'll stay with her, don't worry!

    Yaoyorozu is now offline

    feral cat dad: You haven't changed her username yet, Hitoshi.

    farmer toshi: I figure she probably doesn't know our usernames yet so I'll do it later after we tell her ours.

    deku deck-you is now online

    deku deck-you: Nezu's with Uraraka so I can't visit her right now.

    farmer toshi: Is she okay?

    deku deck-you: I don't know if I'm allowed to say. Honestly, if it were me and someone told other people I didn't know well without me knowing, I'd call it an invasion of privacy.

    feral cat dad: Nezu said Uraraka should be fine. There's no need to worry about her, Recovery Girl is nothing if not adamant on the care of her patients.

    deku deck-you: Alright, I'm allowed in now that she's asking for me.

    deku deck-you is now offline

    life is a nightmare: I wonder how badly hurt she is to want Katsuki there for comfort.

    3:00 PM
    Existence Is A Prison

    gay salt: screenshotofurarakaslatestinstagramphoto.jpg

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    uraravity Welcome to the world baby boy, despite being unexpected.
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    minabeana Oh my gosh, that baby is so cute. I love him already.
    winniepie He's so cute.
    kiripima Aw, welcome to the world, little guy.
    sparklegirl He's cute, Ocha, mon ami!
    michipeachy 🥰🥰🥰

    farmer toshi: Does Uraraka have a baby sibling?

    foil-mecha: Last I heard she was an only sibling.

    nat20: Maybe her mom had the baby today?

    feral cat dad: Alright, Uraraka is good now, not that I need to tell you since Aoyama apparently stalks people's accounts on everything.

    gay salt: Hey, she gave me her account name willingly! I have all the other girl's accounts.

    feral cat dad: Anyway. Tokage's also done talking to Nezu. Here's the girls of the hour.

    feral cat dad has added Uraraka and Tokage

    Uraraka: Hi, guys.

    gay salt: Ocha, are you okay?

    Uraraka: Oh yeah, Nezu said me and my baby can stay at the dorms.

    gay salt: Quoi? Your baby?

    Uraraka: Yeah, didn't Katsuki or Aizawa tell you all? That's why I'm moving into the dorms. I went after my match in the Sports Festival with Katsuki and they had to end up doing an emergency C-Section because they weren't finding a heartbeat. Thankfully, my idiot daughter is fine, just chaotic.

    gay salt: What's her name?

    Uraraka: Uraraka Emiyo.

    gay salt: I will spoil her.

    foil-mecha: How cute is she?

    Uraraka: katsukicryingholdingemiyo.jpg

    foil-mecha: Truly a glorious child. I assure you, us 1a students will assist you in your raising of dear Emiyo as best we can.

    ranch flavored jello: I'm not good with baby-babies but I'll try.

    Yaoyorozu is now online

    Yaoyorozu: I'll help as well, once I'm able to.

    Uraraka: It's okay if you don't want to, Momo.

    Yaoyorozu: I don't believe you were there for it but, in the second rounds, I had to forfeit the match to Todoroki because, in the first round, Tsubasa Yuudai accidentally got glass in my eyes. My win in the first round was a fluke and I was running only off instinct when I got him out of bounds but, since taking the glass out can't fix the amount of nerve damage, I'll likely be blind for the foreseeable future.

    Uraraka: Oh gods, Momo, I'd come give you a hug but I can't move around much yet.

    Yaoyorozu: It's fine, Uraraka. It was an accident after all, he didn't mean to do that but the smoke bomb I made obscured his vision.

    life is a nightmare: If either of you need anything, just text us, someone will get it to you.

    Yaoyorozu: Thank you, but I have Toru for now!

    Uraraka: Thanks. I'm good, I've got a Katsuki.

    nat20: You say that like you've roped him in or something.

    Uraraka: Well he's been proclaiming that he's Emiyo's uncle for the whole thirty minutes she's been in this world.

    schrodinger better run: To be fair, is he not her uncle by now?

    Uraraka: He is. He's the first besides my parents and me to hold her. He's definitely her uncle.

    pure: Has he even put her down yet?

    Uraraka: katsukiasleepwithemmiyoinhisarms.jpg

    Uraraka: No, he hasn't. My mom's about to pick her up though. She's worried she'll fall and I have to feed her and all so he'll be temporarily losing holding rights anyway since I have to make him leave to feed her.

    gay salt: He's sleeping, Ocha. Plus, I thought you knew he was 💅

    Uraraka: He's gay?

    gay salt: No, he's trans, Ocha, us girls had a whole meeting on including our ftm classmates on girl days if they're comfortable with it and you forgot?

    Uraraka: Oh yeah, in that case I'm whipping out the titty so my mom can show my how to feed a baby.

    Uraraka is now offline

    feral cat dad: You kids are going to give me a heart attack one day and I'll put all your names on my tombstone as a reason I died.


    #mha#bnha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #aoyama yuuga#hagakure tooru#kuroiro shihai#katsuki bakugou#fumikage tokoyami#monoma neito#aizawa shouta#shinsou hitoshi#momo yaoyorozu#uraraka ochako#pony tsunotori#juzo honenuki#snoweywrites #aizawa we agreed no more cats au #tw fighting mention #tw cursing #tw fire mention #tw bullying mention #tw trauma mention #tw injury mention #tw teen pregnancy #tw pregnancy mention #tw nudity mention #tw death mention
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  • class1b-quotes
    06.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    tf do i name this- wip nae nae

    hi i think tetsutetsu has autism, kendo and shihai like they/them pronouns, monoma acts homophobic but is prob pan or smth, reiko likes it pronouns or a form of neo pronouns, kodai is mute, and kinoko is like 4,11

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  • class-1b-tomfoolery
    02.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    hey you guys are neat... have a preview of one of my thousand wips

    “OOF-” Kamakiri landed firmly on his back, all the air from his lungs being forced out of him. “The hell…”

    The insect groaned, trying to catch his mind up with the events preceding his current situation. However, before he could roll over and get to his feet, a force- no a person landed right on top of him. Kamakiri yelped, whatever air left in his lungs rushed out of him like a cpr doll being manhandled by a sumo wrestler.

    “Get offa me-” Kamakiri whined, shoving an equally in pain person off of him.

    “Jesus Christ-” The other person cursed, lazily rolling off of Kamakiri. When his vision finally cleared, Kamakiri recognized his companion as Setsuna Tokage, his best friend. “What the fuck, man.”

    “Hey, next time you fall don’t land right on top of me, you bi- aaGH-” Kamakiri was so rudely interrupted by yet another person falling flat on top of him. “Jesus fucking christ- again?!” He swore through coughs, scrambling out from under the newcomer.

    “Ouch.” The third was none other than Kinoko Komori. “What just happened?” The brunette clutched her head, rubbing at some sort of head wound.

    “Your guess is as good as mine.” Tokage was bent over on the ground, trying to catch up with whatever events they had just been put through. “I am in pain and I am not happy about it.”

    “AAAAAAAA-” And to the trio’s utmost surprise, a fourth human easily recognized as Shihai Kuroiro fell from some void in the sky and landed on the ground.

    “Hey, Shihai,” The trio greeted half-heartedly.

    “Oh god,” Kuroiro curled up into a ball on the… on the grass. They were on grass. For the first time since he had arrived, Kamakiri finally got a good look at his surroundings. Grass… meadows… a few trees… yeah, definitely not the city they had just been fighting in. “Everything hurts.”

    "Hey guys." Honenuki landed on his feet the smooth bastard and waved to his friends. "Anybody wanna explain where the ever-loving fuck we are?"

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  • jackiejonzz
    01.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    mudmom and muddad (and mudman, for context)

    backstory/headcanons about them below the cut, just in case anyone was wondering ~

    Basically Mizumi comes from a dignified/well off family but she was rebellious (think Lorelei from Gilmore girls) and she dressed really goth and liked alternative music and swearing and stuff and her parents were like “this is just a phase” and she was like “UP YOURS!!”

    And then one day her and some other rich kids were on the front row of the bnha equivalent of a 21 pilots concert and while she was there she met this Honenuki guy selling pretzels. So all these normal looking rich kids see this dude who literally looks like a skeleton and...

    They’re like “OH WOW I bet at your house you get to have Halloween decorations up ALL YEAR that’s SO COOL” and Yuichi is like “haha yeeeaah ^^’” (he’s flattered they think he’s cool and brushes off the weird vibes) “um uhh you’re gonna have a bad time?” “OMG HE SAID IT!!!”

    So basically he joins this friend group as sort of the token weird looking guy in a group of folks who love weirdness... there's this girl, Mizumi, who really clings to him in particular. And, he’s flattered. And... she’s pretty...

    And meanwhile her parents are like “hey you’re 24 now time to join the family business” and she’s like “UP YOURS” and she ends up marrying her beloved pretzel salesman skeleton man and her parents are like “... bruh.”

    Yuichi Honenuki is head over heals for his wife. He loves her but, it’s not like he really knows her that well. And the now Mizumi Honenuki thinks she loves him back but also she’s Still Very Determined to show everyone This Is Not A Phase. As you can see this is set up for a deep and lasting marriage... (/j)

    There's more to it but I'll leave it at that for now :) Honestly, I get the sense this whole backstory is too heavy considering these are mudman fan parents LOL

    #jackie's art#jackie's headcanons#juzo honenuki#fan parents#errr#yee #i wanted to make a mits/ki bak/go ref #only to say its not her... #but it kinda is...
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  • xand-art-design
    30.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Honenuki ink drawing

    #artists on tumblr #art#drawing#fan art#my art#bnha #my hero academia #anime#juzo honenuki#mudman #bnha ink sketchbook
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  • heroescomplex
    29.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Yall know Honenuki can't kiss. So a lot of his affection is shown with his hands.

    He doesn't really have the urge to kiss, either, since he's been lipless his entire life.

    He's good at finding alternatives.

    #headcanons#hc; mudman #hc; honenuki juzo #c; honenuki juzo #c; mudman
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  • wolflove1o1
    28.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Random HC I have

    Shihai can walk well in heels of any height. But he only learned how so he can be taller than Kamakiri. And much to his delight, there is nothing Kamakiri finds more intimidating than Shihai approaching him while T-posing and wearing 10-inch heels

    Now I'm just imagining him, Juzo, Tetsu, Tsub, and Manga goofing off in the shoe department, trying different heels on and walking down the aisles like they're on Drag Race while blasting Britney Spears.

    Bonus - the others can't walk in heels like Shihai can

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  • wolflove1o1
    24.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Shihai and Juzo: **being chased by a serial killer**

    Juzo, to Shihai: You’re black. I’m gay. We’re SO dead!

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  • loveyloverr
    22.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Bro why do I always like the background characters more then the main ones?

    "Ah yes, these characters get barely any screentime. They are now my favorite."

    #im specifically talking about class 1-b #class 1b #ima just tag specific characters i love too now #neito monoma#monoma#hiryu rin#juzo honenuki#kinoko komori#ojiro mashirao#yosetsu awase #and literally all of the other class 1-b characters
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  • snowe-zolynn-rogers
    22.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Pairings: Past Aizawa/Mandalay

    Word Count: 1,9218 Words

    Summary: The Sports Festival, part 1.

    Warnings: Food Mention, Death Mention, Caps, Cursing, Teen Pregnancy, Fighting Mention, let me know if I should tag anything else.

    Usernames: Existence Is A Prison   Aizawa: feral cat dad, Aoyama: gay salt, Hagakure: ranch flavored jello, Tokoyami: foil-mecha, Shinsou: farmer toshi, Kuroiro: life is a nightmare, Shiozaki: saviour, Tsunotori: schrodinger better run, Honenuki: pure, Monoma: nat20, Yamada: President Megaphone, Bakugou: deku-deck-you

    Aizawa, We Agreed No More Cats: Chapter 8

    7:00 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    gay salt: Tokoyami, I know it's the sports festival and all today, but you didn't need to bring everyone sandos and sports drinks again.

    foil-mecha: Thing is, I didn't.

    farmer toshi: No, no, because my whole class has sandos and sports drinks on their desks too. And I heard the other Gen Ed classes causing a ruckus over them too. Seems like someone put sando throughout the whole school.

    feral cat dad: That would be me. I'm not letting any of you kids go without eating during a major sports event where you'll likely get injured and your bodies need fuel to fight and I won't let you not eat.

    feral cat dad: My old Gen Ed teacher, Miss Rin, began this tradition of giving out sandos and water at the gate to students on the day of the Sports Festival. Nezu sanctioned of course, since he refused to allow her to pay for it herself. And now it's carried on through me since she passed on a few years ago.

    ranch flavored jello: That's actually really sweet, Dad.

    feral cat dad: If you tell anyone it was me who put them out, I'll make you clean the roof level.

    ranch flavored jello: We have a roof level?

    feral cat dad: You guys didn't know the dorms have roof access?

    ranch flavored jello: Well, now we do. Where even are the stairs to it?

    feral cat dad: Literally next to my room, I don't know how you haven't found them.

    deku deck-you: It's the door next to his room, Toru. Even I found it. You've been here five more days than me.

    ranch flavored jello: I THOUGHT THAT WAS A BROOM CLOSET!

    feral cat dad: Oh my gods, these kids will be the end of me.

    8:30 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    feral cat dad: God help me being alone with this idiot.

    feral cat dad: I'm using this chat for extra commentary because there are things I can't say on live national television commentary so they'll all be said here.

    feral cat dad: Oh god, Katsuki, no. Don't slander our name.

    feral cat dad: Please.

    feral cat dad: GOD DAMMIT

    feral cat dad: Obstacle Course? Fuck.

    feral cat dad: Most proud of my son managing to evade Todoroki's ice despite never dealing with it before.

    feral cat dad: Also, Todoroki, who hurt you as a child? That was purposeful so nobody could catch up!

    feral cat dad: Get it, Pikachu.

    feral cat dad: I'm proud of my gremlin children.

    feral cat dad: I'm not paid enough to make commentary on this obstacle.

    feral cat dad: Except for my son. I care about my ground-bound son getting across the pit to Tartarus shit.

    feral cat dad: Gods, mines. I remember those landmines. I hate those things. They almost made me temporarily blind during my second year Sports Festival.

    feral cat dad: What the FUCK Midoriya!?

    8:45 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    feral cat dad: Alright you're probably in the break room for the twenty five minute break by now. Katsuki, what's wrong with your arms? You were holding them.

    deku deck-you: Just a lot of work. Overworking. I guess it can't be helped, this is why I have so much wrist support in my hero costume, to help keep my hands from feeling cramped from the explosions.

    feral cat dad: Come up to the box, I'll shut old parakeet up if he tries to speak.

    deku deck-you: Why?

    feral cat dad: I have some ibuprofen, come take two, it should help the pain at least.

    deku deck-you: Thank you.

    9:00 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    feral cat dad: Am I allowed to ask why Vlad King is taking care of a small child when he, in fact, doesn't have children?

    feral cat dad: Just realized I won't get an answer because you all made it to the next round. I'm so proud but dammit, now I'm curious.

    9:20 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    feral cat dad: I...What?

    feral cad dad; I hate the cavalry battle, that was difficult to keep track of. I don't know how Hizashi does it.

    schrodinger better run: Obviously, the answer is very carefully.

    feral cat dad: I'm sorry you didn't make it through, Pony. I have candy if you want some.

    schrodinger better run: Thank you! I'll stop by and grab it on my way to lunch.

    feral cat dad: If you're going to meet back up with your class, text me why there's a child.

    schrodinger better run: There's a child?

    feral cat dad: smallchildinvladkingsarms.jpg

    schrodinger better run: He looks a lot like Tokage.

    9:30 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    ranch flavored jello: Mr. Aizawa, this is Mina, Toru's busy crying so she asked me to ask you. Mineta and Kaminari are telling us 1a girls that you instructed we wear the cheerleader uniforms for the afternoon. What should we tell them?

    feral cat dad: Tell them they have three weeks of detention each to look forward to and don't wear those fucking uniforms.

    schrodinger better run: Okay, so apparently the kid's here because Tokage brought him in? I still don't have a full explanation, but his name is Mitsu and he's 2 years old.

    feral cat dad: Okay. So Tokage brought her little brother or something?

    nat20: I'm not so sure about that. He just called her Mama.

    feral cat dad: So Tokage has a son?

    nat20: It seems like it.

    feral cat dad: Oh, Nezu won't be happy about this. He wanted any young parents to report to him after the opening ceremony and alert him if they had any children so they would stay in the dorms.

    nat20: To be fair, it would seem Tokage would be the only one out of all the first year classes, so it might have been too much pressure to fit in. Or she may even just has help enough at home that she didn't feel she needed to tell anyone.

    feral cat dad: He'll still be mad. Believe me, he'll at least force her to accept a UA fund card so she doesn't need to work to support the baby.

    saviour: We got to talking and, apparently, she gives him to a daycare while she's at school and she picks him up when she leaves school.

    feral cat dad: Yup, she'll probably be moved on campus if she's not having her family take care of the baby during the day. Nezu's very adamant that his students have help if they're struggling.

    10:45 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    feral cat dad: Alright, so Shinsou against Rikamaru Kana from the Support Course. I don't know if this will be easy for him.

    nat20: I am offended Kendo thinks so little of me.

    feral cat dad: Why?

    nat20: She said I'm perverse! And, when I asked her about it after, she said it's because I wear the girls' uniform sometimes. She thinks I'm some pervert trying to invade the girl's bathroom to creep on them.

    nat20: I swear I haven't, Mr. Aizawa, I've never even gone into the girls restrooms, I use the men's or the one in Recovery Girl's office. And I change in the men's locker room. Tetsutetsu will tell you, he's guarded me before when I was uncomfortable changing.

    feral cat dad: Don't worry, kid, I believe you. Come up to the box, you need a hug. I'll talk to Kendo if you want.

    nat20: Please.

    10:50 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    feral cat dad: Oh my god, he actually did it. I'm so proud, Shinsou.

    schrodinger better run: Shinsou fucking yeeted her.

    life is a nightmare: Equal opportunity yeeting.

    feral cat dad: Next up is Hatsume vs Tokoyami.

    nat20: I hope Tokoyami does well next.

    11:00 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    feral cat dad: Tokoyami, I'm proud of you for being a good sport and helping her up after.

    foil-mecha: I'm nothing if not a gentleman. Plus, when she fell down, she sprained her ankle. It's the least I can do to help her to Recovery Girl.

    farmer toshi: I'm betting a grocery shop tonight that Ashido's going to win against Midoriya next.

    feral cat dad: Be careful kid, you might eat those words.

    11:10 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    farmer toshi: Fine, I guess I'm getting dinner. And I'm also very happy Toru won against Iida.

    feral cat dad: That's if you don't get injured. Remember, there's now two people you know against you.

    ranch flavored jello: I still can't believe I won against Iida, honestly.

    feral cat dad: Well, Shiozaki is against Shizuka Inei next. A Gen Ed Course student.

    nat20: Do you know him, Hitoshi?

    farmer toshi: Kind of hard to miss someone when they're that fucking loud all the time.

    foil-mecha: Is that son of a bitch harassing Ibara?

    nat20: I have lost faith in humanity. How dare a peasant's filthy hands touch our Ibara.

    farmer toshi: Yeah, I'd defend my classmate in it being an accident if I didn't know that Shizuka is a blatant misogynists.

    feral cat dad: I'll fight him. Disgusting little trash.

    life is a nightmare: And HE gets to advance while our Ibara loses? Unacceptable.

    feral cat dad: The Min*ta of class 1c.

    11:25 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    nat20: Thank goodness Kiyomi's advancing. I do feel bad she'll be fighting a misogynist though.

    pure: I felt kind of bad about it, I didn't really want to fight our Akari!

    nat20: I'm sure Akari understands and also didn't want to fight you either, but you two can't just refuse to fight because you're friends or you'd both be either disqualified or forced to fight by now.

    gay salt: No ill will is held on my end, Kiyomi! I think our fight was rather fun!

    pure: Okay, as long as you promise you're not mad.

    gay salt: I'm not, I'm proud of you, mon amor.

    nat20: Any bets on Kaminari here?

    farmer toshi: I'll bet on Pikachu winning.

    schrodinger better run: I'll bet a grocery trip that Fujioka wins.

    life is a nightmare: That would be the furthest a Business Course student would have gotten in the Sports Festival.

    schrodinger better run: I'll still bet on him.

    feral cat dad: Well, you were wrong, Pony.

    schrodinger better run: All as well. I didn't expect Fujioka to have an equip quirk, to be fair.

    feral cat dad: Next is Tokage vs Fukumura from General Studies.

    saviour: Let's go Tokage!

    11:30 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    deku deck-you: Is Tokage okay? I heard she passed out.

    feral cat dad: She's overworked and malnourished from what Recovery Girl will tell me when I ask and Nezu is speaking with Tokage and asking her what got her to this.

    feral cat dad: I

    feral cat dad: I don't think I'm at liberty to discuss her tragic backstory with you guys, sadly. But she'll tell you when she moves into the dorms tonight.

    11:35 AM
    Existence Is A Prison

    farmer toshi: Todoroki, aka Mr. Overboard. Poor Sero.

    farmer toshi: Oh god, I might need to fight Mr. Daddy Issues.

    farmer toshi: Gods help me.

    foil-mecha: To be fair, he'd have to get through three brackets to get to you and he'd be fighting you in the three-way fight.

    ranch flavored jello: He'd have to get past Katsuki too.

    deku deck-you: He won't.

    feral cat dad: Alright then, Mr. Overconfident.

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