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    #ateez#ateezedit#hongjoong#seonghwa#yunho#yeosang#san#mingi#wooyoung#g: atz#mine#g: khj#g: psh#g: sm#g: jyh#g: jwy#g: kys#g: cs #the way none of these match #but it's for my own enjoyment #i'm making something better later please hold #seonghwa being a furry is menacing to me #but i didn't have room #q
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              a safe place. hero!yunho x retired hero!f!reader.

    ── yunho comes to you after a “fight” and you take him to a place that he can be with you and the others. even if for just a brief moment.

    ── drabble :: hero + villain au :: fluff :: established poly relationship

    ── warnings. mentions of fighting + yunho is hinted at being stressed 

    ── word count ݁ ⩇⩇:⩇⩇ ⠀432

    ── inspired by @wordstro​

    you already had the tea on when you heard the knock at your apartment door. you knew he was there before he knocked on your door. he always came after one of the many staged fights the government makes him and the others do.

    so you gave yunho a soft smile when you opened the door. his tired and worn out body greeting you as you take him into your arms. no words are needed between the two of you.

    no words are never really needed between you and any of them.

    yunho is still in his hero suit as you guide him over to the couch and he lets the couch cushions engulf him as he lets out a sigh, eyes closed as he feels your light touch over his body.

    “you work too hard, my sun,” is the first thing you say to him and yunho always found it ironic that you and others called him that when mingi was the one with light related powers and he—

    “don’t think about your powers right now. just relax,” your voice cuts his thoughts off. how could your voice be this soft and soothing, always taking his mind away from the stressful things.

    he opens his eyes when he feels you peel the mask away from his eyes. it felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders as the mask now sits on your coffee table.

    “i put some tea on, do you want some?” you ask, your hand softly laying on his latex covered thigh. he nods and you smile before standing up and moving away from him and into the kitchen to pour him a cup. 

    drinking your tea always seemed to help yunho relax, his body and mind were taken to a different place. a more safe place. 

    a place where he isn’t a hero forced to fight one of his loved ones for the public's amusement. a place where he can be with the ones he loves and not have to worry about anyone. 

    although knowing your powers, he’s sure that the tea isn’t what makes him relax and allows him to imagine a different life with you and the others. 

    you take the mug from his hands and place it down on the table before bringing the hero close to your person. he smiles as you do so and basically melts in your arms. 

    “someday, yunho,” your voice is soothing and he knows exactly what you’re talking about. 

    the day you, him, and the others will leave to a safe place. 

    just the nine of you.

    #kdiarynet#8makes1teamnet#ateezlovenet #ateez x reader #ateez blurbs#ateez fluff#ateez imagines#ateez scenarios #ateez yunho x reader #ateez angst #yunho x reader #ateez hero au #jyh. #dream games. #polyteez.
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    Jeong Yunho, happy birthday beautiful boy, you are a blessing to this world and deserve every good thing it has to come to you

    #jyh#jeong yunho#ateez yunho#yunho #happy birthday yunho #99.03.23
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    [3:39pm] # jeong yunho.

    “do you think your mom would like a tampa drill or a keychain?” you ponder, holding up both a tropical palm-tree keychain and a pearlish-purple conch-like shell. your boyfriend of numerous years, jeong yunho, furrows his brows acutely. his lips screw into an agog quirk as he fingers the fabric of his opened floral print button-up, glasses draped atop his curled baby blue tresses. the salt water from earlier’s endeavour landed his body in a refreshed but chilly state, locks frizzy and body reddened from the slight cold.

    “mom likes anything you give her,” he informs, his relaxed posture practically dwarfing your own hunched one. “remember that mixed stem bouquet you got her? she wouldn’t stop bragging about how her ‘daughter in law is the sweetest thing!’” he imitates his mother with a haggard, high-octaved voice, laughing when you crack a simper. you’ve always had insecurities when it came to yunho’s family; albeit the fact that you all got along splendidly, many cliche worries harassed at you and hindered your ability to truly stay comforted.

    yunho was raised properly, with boundless respect and his lovable personality birthed from familial support and care. at heart, he was and always would be a family man, no matter how often he denies it. you just didn’t want to leave a sour impression on the people he loved with his entire kind heart, knowing that their opinions have a great impact on his outlook of things. not only that, but you want to be someone that his mother and father regard with pride; proudness that their son is with someone approval-worthy; someone they can depend on to take care of him. 

    and on the contrary, despite your mental exaggerations, yunho knew his family would welcome you with widely open arms and rather zealous smiles on their face.

    “sweetheart, don’t worry! mom loves you, i promise.” the cliche doubtfulness you were experiencing made you rethink a lot of your choices. maybe getting a gift in general would seem too desperate for validation—or what if not getting a gift was unthoughtful? there were so many diffidences that bit at you boldly.

    “yunho, i don’t know... are you sure she likes me?” yunho frowns at your lack of conviction to his honest assertion. befuddled, he pulls out his mobile device, quickly ringing up his mom while you questionably gaze at him. after a few beeps, his mother answers the phone with an enthusiastic prowess, her voice exhilarated and tickled with peculiarity at the oddity of yunho’s random call. she babies yunho with question after question of whether or not he’s eaten or how his day has been—but one inquiry above all sticks to you with anxiety.

    “is y/n with you?” her voice is restrained but enthusiastic and you can hear the anticipation straining from over the phone. yunho confirms her question by mentioning that you’re right there beside him, enjoying the thrill of the beach and the tourist-centric gift shop the two of you were currently exploring. his mother gasps and immediately requests that she talk to you, voice rushed and impatient. you gulp and conspicuously shake your head adamantly at yunho who only smiles devilishly and pushes the phone into your hand, taking the keychain and ornamental but beautiful shell.

    “he-hello, mrs. jeong...” you mumble, and the woman squeals and greets you with a motherly tone, requesting that you call her ‘mom’ before she asks questions similar to the ones she shot at yunho earlier. the shock on your face is quite obvious, mixed with the tinge of embarrassment you harboured for doubting yunho, himself. his mother fretted about the hot weather and how she had dinner plans for when the two of you returned home—she droned about how she misses you and how her other, smaller son misses you as well. it brings an subconscious smile to your face as you converse with her, walking the shop as she laughs and makes small talk with you. your tall boyfriend watches with a simple smug glint in his eye at the mere fact that without a doubt, his mother loved you.

    his mother loved you because he loved you. and because you were a dazzling soul—someone considerate and intelligent and wonderful to everyone you know. it didn’t take a genius to figure that out, but yunho doubts that his mother would think otherwise even without his countless speeches about the upsides to dating you. lately, he’s been chatting with his mother while you sleep, and nowadays the aforementioned woman’s little rambles about her infamous and affectionately labelled ‘daughter in law’ have yunho thinking.

    yunho toys with the velvet lined box holding a ring in his right pocket, observing as you fiddle with different multitudes of trinkets and knickknacks, laughing with his mom over baby stories and misplaced reminiscence. soon, he thinks—because looking at you right now? there isn’t an uncertainty in his mind.

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    Yonghwa Indeed Magazine

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    *softly* even w/ the .....shit show that is the band...........anyone mentions mtv unplugged to me and u will get a 5 minute rant about how good cnb’s performances were on the show

    #personal #look..... jyh and ljh are.... turds but extremely talented #what a fucking shame #when ljh inevitably makes a comeback in japan... watch me pirate all the content so he doesn't get money but i still get the ...voice #that VOICE what the fuck can i remove it from the turd #i mean he may never make a cb bc like he's making buck off of the streetwear brand nerdy........ which he's a co owner of and idols r still #wearing even after shit hit the fan
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    [#JYH #탑귀요미 #정용화 #JungYongHwa #topoftheworld #Goldenfit][2021/2/20] @teri_0504 (GOLDEN FIT Ceo and Yong Hwa Personal Trainer) Updated a @JYHeffect Body Workout Pic Today. | Hoy el Entrenador Personal Yoon Tae Sik ha Subido Foto de YONG HWA y sus Esculpido ABS en su IG.

    [#JYH #탑귀요미 #정용화 #JungYongHwa #topoftheworld #Goldenfit][2021/2/20] @teri_0504 (GOLDEN FIT Ceo and Yong Hwa Personal Trainer) Updated a @JYHeffect Body Workout Pic Today. | Hoy el Entrenador Personal Yoon Tae Sik ha Subido Foto de YONG HWA y sus Esculpido ABS en su IG.

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CLgPTslBHvO/ • SPANISH Yong Hwa-ya. ¡Eres una celebridad! 🤙🏿 #JYH #탑귀요미 #정용화 #겨울에이정도면 #여름엔어떡하려고 #topoftheworld • ENGLISH Yong Hwa-ya. You’re a Celebrity~!🤙🏿 #JYH #TopCute #JungYongHwa #ifThis_isEnough_inWinter #WhatToDoin Summer #topoftheworld Fuente: @teri_0504 @jyheffect0622Trad/Trans: @CNBLUE_B_Spain(cnblueboicespain.wordpress.com) COGER CRÉDITOS COMPLETOS. NO…

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    MR. HOUSEDAD. yunho, ep. one

    ── summary. where yunho finally introduces you and taeyong to each other.

    ── roles. single dad!yunho + girlfriend!reader

    ── kids. taeyong (four)

    ── genre. single parent + slice of life + fluff

    ── run time. 1.2k words

    to say you were nervous would be an understatement. because you were hella fucking nervous.

    you don’t remember the last time you were this nervous. but why were you nervous? you nervous because this was the first time you will meeting yunho’s son, taeyong.

    you and yunho have been dating for seven months now and he finally asked you if you wanted to meet his son, so of course you said yes.

    taeyong was the most important thing in his life and the fact that yunho felt your relationship was serious enough for you to finally introduce you to his son almost made you cry.

    “aw, baby, why are you tearing up?” yunho asked, cupping your face with his large hands as he wiped away the one tear that fell.

    “it just... it just means a lot to me that you asked if i wanted to meet taeyong,” you confess, tears now falling from your eyes. “they’re tears of happiness.”

    “baby,” he says wiping them away once more before bringing your face to his so he could kiss you. “i love you.”

    “i love you too, yunho.”

    and so now here you were standing outside of yunho’s apartment, palms sweating as you hesitate to ring the doorbell.

    you screw your eyes shut before quickly hitting the doorbell letting yunho know you are here. it doesn’t take long before the door opens and your boyfriend greets you with a smile.

    “come in,” he says allowing you space to enter before leaning down to greet you with a quick peck to the cheek.

    “taeyong, i have someone i want you to meet,” yunho says as the two of you walk down the hallway and into the living room where you spot the four year old sitting in the floor playing with his toys.

    taeyong looks up from his toys with curious eyes. first landing on his father before moving to you. gosh, he looked just like yunho, especially in the eyes and nose region.

    “taeyong, this is y/n, my special friend i was telling you about,” yunho says, his hand coming to the small of your back as to move your forward a little bit.

    “hi, taeyong, your dad has told me a lot about you,” you say with a nervous smile and you feel yourself getting flustered as the young boy just stares at you.

    “do you like dinosaurs?” is the first thing he says to you catching you off guard.

    “u-um, yes i do!” you say after you recover from the random question. well... he is four so what do you expect.

    “yongie, why don’t you show y/n your dinosaurs while i go finish cooking dinner,” yunho suggest and that seems to the make taeyong excited as he is quick to stand up and take your hand to lead you to his room.

    for the next twenty minutes, you and taeyong spend it going through his dinosaur collection while he tells you the name of each one. you try your best to say them all, but of course you struggle and stumble over the pronunciation here and there.

    the sight honestly made yunho’s heart melt. he was glad taeyong seemed to be welcoming you well. taeyong was an extrovert just like yunho, so the older male wasn’t too surprised by how his son was acting towards you.

    he honestly didn’t want to interrupt you two, but he knew you both needed to eat.

    “hey you two, dinner’s ready,” yunho said as he stood in his son’s doorway.

    “okay!” taeyong said before putting down the dinosaur that was in his hand and gently tugged at your hand to get you to come with him.

    yunho followed after you both as the three of you sat down and began eating. dinner went smoothly, you all ate and talked and laughed. by now your nerves have gone down and you were glad.

    after dinner, yunho had taeyong go play in the living room while you and him cleaned up the kitchen. while you were washing dishes yunho had come up behind you.

    “still nervous?”

    “not as much as when i arrived. i was really worried when i first got here, but taeyong is sweet. reminds me of someone else i know,” you tease, turning to look at your boyfriend who is smiling brightly at you.

    “seeing you two talking about dinosaurs together honestly made my heart melt,” yunho confesses, arms wrapping around your waist before he leans over to kiss you.

    “thank you for inviting me,” you mumble against his lips causing his smile to brighten even more, if it was even possible.

    “thank you for coming,” he mumbles back before he steps away but not before giving you one last peck on the lips.

    when you finish cleaning up the kitchen you go to the living room to see yunho and taeyong sitting on the couch waiting for you, movie on the tv paused.

    “come watch a movie with us y/n!” taeyong says patting the seat next to him.

    “what movie is this?”

    “despicable me!”

    “ah, nice choice.”

    the rest of the night went with you all watching each despicable me movie, but about halfway through the third one was when taeyong fell asleep cuddled into his dad.

    now it was your turn for your heart to melt. the father and son looked so cute together that you couldn’t help but take your phone out to get a picture.

    you then watch as yunho carefully picks his son up and cares him to bed. he comes back a few minutes later, but instead of sitting down on the couch. he lays down sprawled out across the couch, his head resting on your lap.

    your not surprised by his action as this is a usual occurrence between the two of you. your hand immediately goes to his hair, running through his black locks and you watch his eyes close.

    you find yourself mindless combing through his hair as you go back to the movie. you think that by the time the movie is over he’s asleep, but when you remove your fingers his hair, he opens his eyes and a pout is on his lips.

    “the movie’s over and it’s getting late. i should get back home,” you say and yunho whines just a little bit as he turns to shove his face into your stomach.

    “stay the night, please?”

    stay the night? this will be your first time either one of you will be spending the night at the others place. sure yunho comes over to your apartment, but he’s never stayed the night. always having to come back home to taeyong.

    “a-are you sure? i don’t want to be any trou—

    “i’m positive. stay the night, you can borrow some of my clothes.”

    the look in his eyes assures you he’s serious and it makes your heart flutter a little bit.

    “okay,” you answer making yunho smile up at you before he moves to stand up and takes you to his bedroom where he gives you clothes to change into.

    yunho smiles at you, pressing a kiss to your forehead, nose, and then lips when the two of you climb into bed together.

    “good night, y/n.”

    “good night, yunho.”

    #mr. housedad. #ateez x reader #ateez blurbs#ateez fluff#ateez imagines#ateez scenarios #ateez yunho x reader #yunho x reader #ateez yunho fluff #ateez dad au #housedad :: yunho #jyh.
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    #q. #lovemontage. #poster. #3/3 teasers. #jyh. #psh. #smg. #other.
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    jyh. peripeteia [f]

    (n.) a sudden or unexpected reversal of circumstances; the point of no return

    this is discrimination against short people. can i please have my shoes back. 

    NO, you’ve been overworking yourself. you’re clearly tired so just take the day off and i’ll make you your favorite food. please? you’re exhausted

    yunho, you know i need the money to send to my parents back home. i can’t bear to miss a day, that’s like $75 bucks missing.

    and i told you i’d help you with the money. it’s really not a big deal

    you loved the tall giant and his kind heart, but now was not the time for your best friend to get on your nerves. your parents were struggling with money back home so you moved in with yunho to be closer to the city and to be able to find work. you’d known yunho through some classes in college. he lived off campus and since you decided to one day so eagerly confide in him about your situation, he basically demanded that you lived with him. he only saw you as someone worth taking care of and protecting. you didn’t mind when he went out on dates or received weird texts and dms from other girls, but you’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit that you thought he’d be a good boyfriend.

    yunho looked down at your small figure on the verge of tears if he didn’t give you your shoes so you could head out for work. huffing in annoyance he lowered his arms giving you the shoes.

    fine, but after work you come straight home. i’ll make sure to make you dinner so you don’t go to sleep hungry at least. and i will stay up so as soon as you eat you’re off to bed. understood?

    you practically ripped the shoes out of his hands.

    this is why i love you. you’re the bestest in the world.

    you slip your feet into the shoes so your heels crush the backs of your sneakers. you grab your keys off the counter and pull your bookbag over your shoulder. you smile at yunho grab his neck for something that was either a chokehold or a hug. without thinking you kiss his cheek and run out the door practically yelling goodbye. 

    as you leave, yunho grabs his face. was that a...no there’s no way...no that was definitely a kiss. he stared at the door trying to process what happened. yunho always saw you as someone to care for and look after because he knew you couldn’t do it yourself. he turns around to walk to his room and chuckles under his breath. something about you kissing his cheek in a rush to go to work allowed his mind to wander. what if we got married and she was always in a rush to work in the mornings and i wouldn’t give her her stuff until she kissed me. he felt like a schoolgirl as his face heated up. yunho knew that he loved you platonically, but he would most certainly be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that he thought you’d be a good girlfriend.

    A/N: this was super cute to write,, thank you for requesting anon!!

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    jyh. & smg. tristful [f/a]

    (adj.) deeply yet romantically melancholy


    you walked out of the kitchen in frustration to your room. 

    two of your best friends were arguing in the middle of your kitchen. again. simply over washing the dishes. they’re so stupid. you muffled your groans using your pillow.

    life wasn’t always like this for the three of you. the three of you had always been so close to each other since high school. nothing ever got in between you too. there was no rivalry between the two boys either whenever it came to attention or spending time with you. that is, until you found out they both liked you.

    some would say you were blind to it, but how were you supposed to know that their increased affection towards you and wanting to hang out with you individually were signs that they had grown feelings for you. 

    the worst part for you was that both boys had no idea that the other liked you too. so instead of talking things out and not risk your friendship, they’d grown increasingly distant and rude towards each other. and every time you tried to salvage your already dying friendship, they would merely put it past them for they sake that they wanted to make you happy. 

    it didn’t.

    hey there

    you took the pillow off your face to see yunho standing in your doorway.

    what do you want?

    i wanted to say i’m sorry for acting out in the kitchen. i just didn’t want you to wash the dishes since you were the one that cooked for us, but mingi was just being an annoying brat for no reason

    it’s fine. and don’t call him an annoying brat. he’s still your best friend

    one hell of a best friend he is then. look, i’ll go if you want me to, but you know i like you. and i can tell he does too even if he won’t admit it to me. just know i’ll wait for you. and if you choose to accept my confession and date me, he’s just gonna have to be okay with it.

    you nodded grimly. 

    i’ll let you know. just text me when you get home please.

    he smiled at you and kissed your forehead before leaving your room. you go to stand up and close the door to your room till you see a foot in the doorway.


    yeah...he scratches the back of his neck sheepishly

    i wanted to apologize for earlier with yunho. that probably caused you a lot of unnecessary stress. 

    it did, but i’m alright now. i just don’t like seeing my best friends fight - especially over dumb things like dishes.

    i know, but i just didn’t want you to do them since you already cooked for us.

    it’s fine mingi

    listen, i know you know i like you. and to be honest, i think yunho does too, but he hasn’t told me. i just want you to know i’ll wait. i do hope you accept my confession and if yunho has a problem with it, we’ll get through it together. we always do

    you heart winced at his words, but you smiled anyways hoping he wouldn’t notice how badly this situation was affecting you.

    everything will be okay. you know i love you mingi. just do me a favor and text me when you get home.

    he smiles and boops your nose before leaving your house.

    it was empty now as you watched both boys head in opposite directions, knowing that yunho was definitely waiting to see when mingi would leave your house. 

    a sad sigh escaped your lips and you went to the kitchen to still see the dishes in the sink. you chuckled to yourself half-heartedly seeing as they both decided to leave you in charge of their mess anyways. you thought to the conversations you had with them earlier hearing both of their confessions. they’d wait for me to choose. 

    yunho was a great big ball of sunshine that loved to dance with you and brought you your favorite snacks every time he came over. he never let you carry your own bag and always gave you whatever he was wearing if he noticed you were cold. he even made sure you held his hand when you crossed the street because he didn’t want to “risk it.”

    mingi was the softest baby in the world who never failed to stand up to old dudes who cat called you or girls that made you feel insecure and uncomfortable. he was always excited to show you his new raps and ask for your opinion and made sure to comfort you on your darkest days.

    but how could you choose knowing fully that you were in love with them both?

    A/N; thank you for requesting anon!

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    yunho looks i’ve thought about a lot this year (2020)

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