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  • controversiallycallie
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    i love edging and overstimulation.

    using toys, or your hands or tongue on someone and bringing them so close to orgasm just pull away, make them beg to cum over and over and over. and then finally letting them finish, but not letting them stop.

    you were begging so much to cum, so why don’t i keep going?

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  • theb0xwindig0
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    Simpbur x reader SMUT!

    Pronouns: They/Them

    2000+ words

    Gender: not mentioned so basically gn

    Attention! This was originally posted as an ask on @simpingthrash 's blog! I'm just putting it on my main account because I was proud of it.

    Minors do not interact!!!

    Smut under the cut

    Content: Bath s3x, Size kink, stalking, Lots of praise, fear kink???(If you squint), dumbification, Dacriphilia, corruption kink?, over stimulation, breeding kink It was cold, dark, and damp. Your job wasn't too far from your apartment so you didn't feel the need to drive, but winter was slowly creeping up on your city. Car headlights and Street lights were two of the only things illuminating the dark pavement you walk on to get home. Puddles littered the ground reflecting the lights.

    Nobody was around but that was to be expected on a night as dreary as this. People were smart enough to drive places today rather than walk, thinking you probably should have as well. Actually your roommate offered to let you use the car since they would be home all today but you declined not thinking it would be necessary.

    The sky was very cloudy to the point where all the stars and the moon we're out of sight, It was also eerily silent. The city is usually loud and bustling but tonight was different. The only noticeable sound was the few cars that would pass you. As you noticed the lack of sound a pang of paranoia hit you. You didn't know why but it was unsettling to say the least. You try and brush off the feeling though your paranoia was turning into feeling as if someone was watching you. You pick up your pace a bit wanting to just be in the warmth and comfort of your home. You try to calm yourself down but nothing seems to be working, building up all your courage you turn around to look. Nobody. You sigh in relief as you go to turn back around.

    A sudden splash is heard behind you. You turn around fast backing away as you do only to see the dark outline of a person. You step backwards a few paces before turning around and making a dash for your apartment. As you run you look back to see the person that once was there is gone. Once you finally get to your apartment you quickly get in and lock the door.

    "Will?" You call out to your roommate your voice wavering

    "Will?" You call out once more going farther into your apartment

    You look at your counter and find a piece of paper. Picking it up with your shaky hands you see it reads,

    "Went out to get some things I'll be back later :D - Will"

    You put the paper down and reach for your phone. You quickly try to type in Will's number huffing in frustration as your shaky fingers hit wrong numbers. It barley rings once before he answers.


    "I'm really sorry for bothering you b-but while walking home from work I think someone was following me and- and-" You stutter out

    still shaken from what happened before Will interrupts you

    "Don't worry I'm almost there I'm just a minute away" He says in a soothing way

    "Ah ok" You say wiping your eyes from the tears you didn't know you had

    "When I get there you can tell me everything"

    "Alright, thank you Will" You sniffle

    "Of course no problem, I'm gonna hang up ok? I'm getting out of my car right now" He says

    "Ok" You respond before he hangs up

    Unbeknownst to you, during that entire phone call he was standing outside of the apartment door smiling like and idiot. You called him when you were in distress. He was the first person you thought of. Just that thought was too much for him to handle. Quickly composing himself he unlocks the apartment door and walks in. Hearing the door open you rush over to him and engulf the tall man into a hug.

    You both go to your couch to sit and talk about what happened. He would be beating himself up for accidentally being caught and scaring you but the fact that you chose to be open with him and feel so comfortable around him is plaguing his thoughts. Your just too perfect, too pretty, too much better than everyone else. I mean you both were already dating and you already knew slightly of his stalker-ish tendencies, yet he still finds it fascinating that you would even want to be around him. He was absolutely and utterly smitten for you.

    "Next time you get off work ask me to meet you there then I can walk you home" He says smiling

    "Good idea, that would make me feel a lot better" You sigh

    "You stay here for a minute and I'll run a bath for you ok?" He says softly, getting up from his place on the couch

    "Ok" You hum with a smile

    You get up from the couch and walk to your room to pick out clothes for when you get out of the bath. You pick up one of Will's sweaters he gave you and underwear then walk back out to the couch. It wasn't long until Will came back out.

    "The bath is ready" Wilbur smiles

    You get up and he guides you to the bathroom. You walk in then realize he isn't following you.

    "You aren't coming?" You ask looking back at him

    "Well- umm- you want me too? I mean I can i-i just, uh" He stutters his face heating up

    You were just so innocent to him how was he supposed to know you wanted him to come with you? His pure angle.

    You were just so innocent to him how was he supposed to know you wanted him to come with you? His pure angle.You just laugh at his flusteredness and grab his wrist to pull him in with you. You set your clothes down before starting to undress.re starting to undress.

    "Are you just gonna stand there? Last time I checked you can't bathe with your clothes on" You laugh watching Wilbur awkwardly shift

    "Right" He says scratching the back of his neck

    You both get into the warm bubbly water. (sorry to break the immersion but how the heck would Simpbur even fit in a bath tub with his lanky ass-) It was relaxing to say the least with the day you just had.

    Will's back was towards you so you started first. You grab the shampoo and start to rub it in Wilbur's hair. He leans into your touch immediately, relaxing his body from its once tense state. Once you see his hair is all soaped up you pull your hands away resulting in a whine from Wilbur, but as soon as your hands leave you bring them back to spread the body wash.

    "Don't worry pretty boy" You hum leaning forward and kissing the back of his neck

    Wilbur bites his lip trying to muffle any grunts or moans that may slip from him in the moment. Your hands are on him. You chose to touch him. His mind was cloudy and all he could think about was you. The feeling of your skin on his was heavenly to him, so heavenly he forgot how to think straight.

    You lay his head down on your lap to wash out the shampoo. His half lidded dazed expression looking up at you, his cheeks dusted pink as well. You wash it all out before propping him back up. You both turn around again your back facing Wilbur now. He grabs your shoulders pulling you into his chest.

    "My turn. Just relax I'll handle it from here" He whispers right next to your ear

    His tone makes a shiver run down your spine. He runs his fingers through your hair brushing out the tangles before putting shampoo in it. If it was even possible your body relaxes more than it was before. He quickly shifts to get your body wash. As soon as he puts his hands back on you he pushes you up against him. His hands start to freely roam your body in more of a needy way than a cleaning way. Putting his chin on your shoulder groping at any skin he could reach.

    "Your so perfect. S' perfect for me" He sighs whispering next to your ear

    The praise goes straight to your heat as your body temperature rises. His hands go from your arms to your thighs. You squirm a bit as Wilbur's hands run up and down your thighs squeezing them in places. You have to keep yourself from bucking into his hands as he cleans your inner thighs, your lip slightly bleeding from how hard you've been biting it.

    "S' pretty. Pretty and all mine" He says before placing kisses to your shoulder

    You feel him shift under you, slowly grinding on your back. He pushes you forward a bit the brings your head down into the water to rinse away the shampoo. Once back up you turn around quickly to face him only to be met with his lips smashing onto yours. His hands speedily roaming around your body pulling you as close as you can get to him, your chest flush against his. He groans and puts his head in the nape of your neck as he ruts against your thigh.

    He starts to litter your neck in hickeys earnings several grunts and moans from you. With a pop he comes up from your neck and picks you up out of the water him getting up as well. He sets you down on the bath mat before going back to leaving hickeys leaving you squirming and rubbing your thighs together. He lines up with your entrance before coming up from your collar bone to give you a kiss then leaning down to your ear.

    "Can I?" He asks breathlessly

    You nod your head quickly. With that he pushes in slowly burying his head in your neck to muffle his groans. One of his hands gripping your hip and the other holding your hand. He waits a second before starting to thrust. He puts both of your interlocked hands on your stomach feeling the bulge of him inside you. Just knowing that your that small under him could have him coming already.

    "You're so small under me, taking me so well" He groans nibbling on your earlobe

    All you can do is nod at his words being too fucked out to speak.

    "You feel s' good on my cock. My little cock slut all for me" He whispers

    You were a moaning mess your free hand grabbing harshly on his back most likely leaving marks. His pace speeds up before you find yourself tipping over the edge. You let out a pornographic moan as your body shakes from your intense orgasm. After your orgasm Wilbur still doesn't stop thrusting.

    "W-will? T' much" You stutter out through moans gripping onto him harder and squirming

    "Darling can you give me one more? One more and we'll be done ok?" He says softly

    You simply nod your head gripping onto him tighter as warm tears start to run down your cheeks. Wilbur leans down and kisses your tears away before giving your lips a kiss as well. Soon the over stimulation feeling goes away as your second orgasm starts to creep up on you. Wilbur's thrusts start to get more untimed and sloppy telling you that he was close.

    “Mm' close, want me to cum inside you?” He groans in your ear panting

    Your back arches as you get close to your orgasm too before nodding frantically.

    "I'm gonna breed you darling. Fuck- I'm gonna fill you up so good"

    Only a couple more thrusts before you both reach your peaks, Wilbur biting down on your neck as he orgasms. The feeling of his seed spilling inside you as he slowly thrusts into you riding out both of your orgasms. Soon his trust halt to a stop as heavy panting fills the room. Wilbur pulls out pushing any leaking cum back in. You sit upright you legs tingling as Wilbur grabs your clothes and helps you put them on.

    He holds out a hand for you to take helping you get up before your wobbly legs send you into his chest. He chuckles before picking you up bridal style. He walks to his room and sets you down on the bed. "I'm gonna go clean up the bathroom" He says You quickly grab onto him whining.


    He sighs and climbs into bed with you cuddling up close to you. Who was he to say no to you?

    #c: simpbur#simpbur smut #simpbur x reader #simpbur#c: smpbr#smut #Simpbur x reader smut #wilbur x reader #Simpbur x male reader #Simpbur x nonbionary reader #Simpbur x male reader smut #k: praise #k: size kink #k: breeding#k: overstim#tw: stalking#tw: fear#k: dumbification#k: dacryphilia
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  • modx-afterhours
    20.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    A public display pt2


    I finally stopped getting distracted by everything and nothing, and now yall can have the second part to this.

    Again a bit of a darker and more possessive Ghostbur than the regular ghost boy but it works when he is playing pleasure tug-of-war with Eret.

    Anyway, let's go!

    Part 1 is here BTW


    White eye's glow faintly from the glasses that sat slightly lowered on the king of the servers nose, flicking across every inch that Ghostbur had exposed, lingering on where grey meets flushed skin, and wherewith the slightest pull backwards, even more, is exposed to their gaze.

    "For now, sure."

    The King's words were loud enough to be clear in their challenge.

    The growl from behind you drawing you even further out of the pleasure fueled haze that had fallen over you, feeling every place the King's gaze lingers like a physical touch, knowing that they are most likely memorising all of the skin you have on display should this not pan out the way their mind is hoping for.

    With every step, Eret takes towards the darkened corner that you and Ghostbur still occupied the hands that hold your head in place grow harsher in their grip, not cutting off your air but making your head swim with how he presses against your skin. There is no doubt that amongst the marks that are already blooming along your skin that there will be fingerprint bruises joining them, in marking from the day's activity.

    Your eyes are rolling back into your head again when the fingers still buried in you begin to move again, slower than the previous pace almost as if teasing you with what you had previously felt. Only this time there is another set of hands, one cradling your jaw and the other prying the ghost grip from your neck, letting you breathe deeply and attempting to pull your focus onto the looming figure now laying their hands on you.

    "Well my dear, are you willing to give me a chance at taking you? Or is chilled fingers and a... Possessive Spector all you need?"

    The hand that had removed one of Ghostburs is gentle as it teases against your chest, never quite playing with you but teasing you with the warm feeling of their hands. Not going any further than just barely brushing against your nipples as the ghost behind you speeds up his fingers in you, dragging a whined 'Yeeeeessss' from you as you buck into the now warmed fingers brushing against your sweet spot.

    Warm hands are quick to pull you forward into a kiss, lips swallowing any noise that falls from you, Eret's tongue is quick to explore your mouth enjoying the lingering taste of whatever sweet thing you may have eaten at the market before coming to find pleasure at the hands of Ghostbur.

    Speaking of the grey scaled man, while one of his hands was still working away between your thighs his other has worked his pants down, pulling his length free before pressing it between the flesh of your ass, growling out something obscene at the soft flesh giving him more friction then what he was getting while rutting against your ass.

    Both sets of hands-on your skin has your mind overwhelmed, the warm hands of Eret playing with your nipples, their mouth moved from yours to leave their own marks on your skin looking to brand the pleasure they are giving on your skin, leaving you with the knowledge that they can give you just as much as the ghost behind you can.

    As Ghostburs slip from within you spreading your slick along his member, his hands quick to push you forwards into the intruding monarch, using the new angle to sink into you. Hips pressing in till they are flush with your ass, revelling in the moan that leaves you and how your walls flutter and grip him.

    Every noise dragged from your lips is music to both their ears but for Ghostbur, every one was proof that you were his, not Eret's, that even if they did get to leave marks on you it would be his cum painting your inside, not theirs.

    With how you have been bent over your face is pressed to the King's chest, hands grasping at whatever material is within reach, eyes half-closed and mouth open with how your moans seem to bleed into one another, ever thankful for their height it's rather easy for Eret to straighten up and use one of their hands to hold your chin. Two long fingers slipping into your mouth, coating themselves in your drool as their other hand works at freeing their own member from their pants.

    Stepping just slightly backwards to use the drool they collected to slick their own cock before once again taking hold of your chin, only this time it is to hold your face steady when they press the head of their cock to your open mouth. Using the way your body moves with each of Ghostburs thrust to have you fuck your own mouth on their length.

    Their hands quickly tangling in your hair with the feeling of you working at them with your tongue, eyes watery with tears and looking up at the white gaze of the king.

    "Oh look at you, stuffed from both ends and still looking so needy. Are the two of us not enough? Do you need more?"

    "Shut up Eret. Y-your lucky they even let you touch them, l-fuck-let alone have your dick anywhere near them."

    "Aww and here I thought you so sweet Ghostbur."

    There is a slight stutter in how Ghostbur moves when you start to tighten around him, the mix of his thrusts and the feeling of him brushing against your sweet spot on every second press in, has you close to your end. Walls fluttering around his member as he picks up the pace, moving one of his hands from your hips back to your throat, pulling you away from Eret, and back into his chest just as you had been at the beginning of this competition.

    The new angle has your end coming that much quicker, legs shaking and almost giving out when the pleasure begins to crest over you, voice shaky and half-muffled from the hand around your neck.

    "P-please, more jus-don't stop please!"

    Only something thuds in front of you and the feeling of your orgasm turns to overstimulation, as you look down to find the king of the server pressing his mouth to where Ghostbur is still buried in you. Tongue pressed to your clit and their hands being one of the only things keeping you upright as one is braced against your thighs, the other wrapped around their member, stroking in time with how Ghostbur still fucks up into you.

    You feel and hear the moan from the ghost when Eret's tongue presses further down, licking both your core and the section of his cock that was not buried in you. The King's tongue aiding in working you back up all over again and bringing the ghost currently sloppily bucking into you to his own end, the both of you feeling every throb of his length when he does cum.

    Leaving a very clear mark of possession in you as he fills you, both his hands tightening once again as he does, making your head fuzzy with the pressure around your neck and at the doubled moan from behind you. Both his hands falling to your hips, keeping himself buried in you despite having already cum, only to growl weakly when Eret's tongue makes you clench around him.

    Them not caring for a single moment about the slightly cold cum that joined the taste of you in their mouth, just using the vision of your twitching hips and the sounds of not one but to people feeling more pleasure from their tongue driving them to their own end.

    The feeling of their moan as they do makes you shake, their mouth still pressed to you.

    There is a slight shuffling and then there they stand, once again looming over you, the hand that had been pressed to your thigh pulling your top back into place letting you be decently covered once again, as their other hand coated in their seed presses to your mouth. Covering your lips lightly before slipping into your mouth, letting you clean their spend from their hand.

    "Mmm, remember this, my dear. He can call you his all he wants, but I'll be here for when you want to feel like the queen you are."

    The hand around your throat keeps you from answering, as they simply hum in response to the possessive ghost still holding you close.

    "Fuck off Eret. Mine."

    As they walk away, there is a wink thrown over their shoulder and then with their cape swirling behind them their gone, only the still needy feeling that has only just begun to fade and the taste of them on your tongue the only real proof they were there.

    Speaking of needy, there is a slight shift and then the ghost still deep in you is pressing his lips to your ear, the hand that was around your neck falling down to tease around your entrance feeling how you are stretched open around him.

    "I hope you enjoyed that, cause it will never happen again. You're Mine. And I don't share."

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  • toiletwipes
    19.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    simpbur's college roommate

    tw: obsession, possessiveness? not really tbh, simpbur is caught, overstim, vibrator, afab body, vaginal penetration, pretty boy is thrown around and so is good boy, praise, maybe a tiny bit degrading, im just a little bit scared to look through this to check for anything else. its not bad but im just scared i'll delete this if i dont post it now.
    1.7k words, so not that long but I promised you guys content so here it is!


    it was the smaller things, really.

    you wouldn’t notice them, if you weren’t looking for them, type of deal. a shirt that fits you just a little bit too snug so it sits in the back of your closet, or did. an old polaroid with an older friend, faces smiling into the flash of light, it had sat in the bottom of your old memory box, said box gone untouched by you for months. an oversized, raggedy hoodie that you had ditched for a newer, softer coat.

    you didn’t want to believe it but at the moment you had bigger fish to fry with schoolwork.

    the coat from before sat in your lap at the moment, you parked yourself in the library as you studied with a close friend for some government essay, and you were just nearly finished with the second to last page, when your friend spoke up.

    she taps on your arm, pulling out your earbud, “hey, your roommate is will, er, wilbur, right?” you stopped in the middle of a word, lifting your head to meet her eyesight.

    “yeah, why? he being creepy or something?” you ask, hoping for a no, he wasn’t bad, but you knew that if anybody else had been his roommate, he would've found himself in trouble during the first week alone.

    “no, actually, it’s just- it’s just that, um, are you guys dating?” you snorted, really? you and him? dating?

    “he’s cute, but no, why d’ya ask?” you laugh to yourself as you look into your notes as you start typing again.

    “well, he’s just been wearing your hoodie, like a lot.” you still, eyebrows furrowing. your hoodie?

    “how do you know it's my hoodie?” you look her in her eyes, folding your arms together as you lean back.

    “i know for sure its your hoodie because it has that one bleach stain on the front and on the shoulder from when you said you could wear a hoodie and bleach your hair, and the time that you spilt bleach directly onto your hoodie and panicked for five minutes before doing something about it. i know it's yours so why is he wearing it?” your mind is blank as you stuff your things back into your backpack, her sputtering with questions and your lack of answers leaving much to be desired.

    but as you exit the building, you shrug your coat as it starts to pour and the dark sky flashes for a moment. you rush in your walking to get to the dorms as soon as possible. just your luck that your dorm is on the other side of the campus. its still about five minutes before you bang on your dorm room. the music blasting on the other side silences as your roommate opens the door, his mouth drops into a round circle and you stare at his chest as you push past him.

    “where the hell have you been? it’s barely been pouring!” he sounds off like a rattled hen but you head straight to your room, dumping your backpack and coat on your bed. without an answer, he follows you but any questions he has dries in his mouth as he watches you dig in your closet. pulling a ratty tee shirt and shorts you shrug your soaked shirt over your head.

    will has to force himself out of the room but it's not a second later when you come out, hair wet and skin damp when you grab onto his head of hair and pull as you drag him to his room.

    throwing him onto the bed, you barely glanced at his face, seeing it already being covered in tears, hands grasping for yours as it leaves him.

    you glance around his room before you see the one clean area, his nightstand and dig through that. you found not only items you knew were missing but more, underwear you thought you'd thrown away, a vibrator that you'd thought had gotten stolen by a petty friend, not an obsessive roommate.

    and then throwing his closet open, you saw it balled up and thrown in the corner, your hoodie.

    taking it out, you push it into will's chest. "dude, literally, what the fuck?" you go to shout at him more but he moves onto his knees, tears dripping and pouring down his cheeks, begging for you to not leave.

    "i know i'm a creep, a disgusting one at that, but please don't- please don't leave me, no one's been this nice and stayed with me for this long," he begs and continues to beg as you stand at the foot of his bed, watching as he took a hold of your forearms, rubbing circles into them.

    you clasp a hand over his mouth as you coo, shushing him and smoothing over his hair with your other hand.

    "my dirty, little stalker doesn't want me to go, but who said i was going to let you leave?" you then pull back on his hair, relishing in the guttural moan that is ripped from his throat, attaching your lips to his neck and climbing into lap, grinding down into the growing bulge in his sweats.

    he moans out your name, hands finding purchase wherever he can, gripping your hip and your shoulder, trying to thrust up and meet your hips but you move your hands to hold his hips down.

    "no, no, no, good boys take what they're given, that much you've proven, will," you murmur in his ear, slowing the rolls in your hips and watching him writhe beneath you.

    "be a good boy for me, huh? are you my pretty boy?" he sobs out a yes as you grind down hard on his cock, the praise going straight to his dick as you mouth bruises into his neck. sucking particularly hard his hands come and circle around your waist, his head hanging onto your shoulder.

    "please, please let me-"

    "oh no, baby, tonight, it's all about you," you pause, standing up and hearing that beautiful whine pulled from his throat, "your punishment for being a dirty, little whore who wanted all my things for yourself, all of me without me." he shook his head, eyes barely opening as he reaches for you, but you've gone to his nightstand and pulled out the vibrator, turning it on and off and finding it surprisingly still working. well, not that surprising.

    "now, you're gonna be a good boy and let me take care of you, or you can be alone," he reaches for you, begging you not to leave him and you can't say you weren't that affected.

    something about this tall, greasy simp of a man, who stole your things and wears your old hoodie, begging for you not to go, it just settled nicely in the bottom of your stomach.

    you weren't denying you were absolutely soaked by now, shoving your shorts off.

    "please, i'll- your good boy, be so good for you-" he cuts himself off as you climb back to straddle his lap, this time rolling your hips once before you turn your vibrator on.

    "good, so good for me," you hum as you place the vibrator between your panty-clad folds and his sweatpants-covered-cock. the vibrations sent you to a different plane as you grind into him, listening to the way he cried and the way his legs trembled.

    you could tell the next moment, he was about to cum and well, you can't have that, not so soon. "ah, ah, ah," you breathe out, taking the vibe away as you lean back and away from his dick.

    he lurched forward and his legs shake again as he's denied an orgasm, he cries out and into your neck.

    "is my baby ready for ten more of these?" you ask him and his eyes snap wide open, meeting yours and when a moment passes and you press the vibe back against his dick, he whines.

    you weren't kidding about before, it's been about an hour, you think, and he's buried his face in a pillow, crying from the over-stimulation and from not cumming.

    you, yourself, have occupied your time with stretching yourself out, three fingers buried deep into your pussy and the sounds coming from it has will peeking out from the pillow, eyes sparkling with that crying glow.

    taking your fingers out, and sticking them into his mouth, you move yourself over his lap, taking his cock in your hand as you rub it in between your folds. moaning, you move away as his hips jerk upwards, him biting and crying into his fist.

    "my pretty baby, doing so well for me, gonna let me make you feel good? you gonna let me make you cum?" will nods his head and lets out the loudest moan you heard that day when you sink down on his cock.

    buried to the hilt, he twitches inside you, and he's begging to cum, "'m gonna, 'm gonna cum, please, plea- need to, i need to cum in you," he begs and who are you to deny your pretty boy that?

    "cum for me baby," you say, out of breath as you bounce on his cock, reveling in the slick sounds coming from between y'all. he does cum, hips thrusting upwards to bury himself in you, and you let him. but when you know he's all spent, you start to bounce on his cock, him crying from the over-sensitivity.

    "just- just let me cum," you breathe out, balancing yourself with his shoulder and one hand rubbing circles into your clit, moans coming from your mouth as sobs leaves will's.

    "oh- oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" you cry out, squeezing around will and falling on top of his chest.

    breathing together, you let yourself have this moment before you get up and moves towards the bathroom. you hear him calling out for you as you grab a damp towel, some water, and a dry towel.

    "did you think i was going to leave you, baby?" you ask, mostly not expecting an answer but turning to him as you run the damp cloth over his face and neck, he bit his lip.

    "a little bit, yeah."

    "well, don't think about that again, because as much as you're weird and steal my shit, you're still important to me," you tell me, "you're my pretty boy and you're going to stay that way."

    when you finished cleaning him up and then cleaned yourself, you take the spot next to him and pull the covers over you two.

    he leans into your side, pulling you into him, trying to get closer than close.

    "you promise?"

    you smile to yourself, thinking about having him all to yourself, "i promise."

    #simpbur#simpbur smut #simpbur x reader #k: praise#k: overstim#k: dacryphilia #k: dry humping #tw: afab #this just feels like crap but i have not been able to write anything else #really sorry
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    hey guys! please send asks or leave comments about what kinks and content you want me to write next! thanks :)

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