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  • happy 12 years anniversary in K-pop to our beautiful IU here (18th September 2008-2020) !!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Listen, I gotta say, Wonho’s backup dancers are hella handsome.

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    [A/N: And the award for longest post title goes to …! Lol, actually, I’ve had longer ones.

    Anyways, I’m just reminding you all that my reaction requests are closed! I’m just finishing off all the old requests I got before.]

    Details: So, in my head, I see this as one of the members was sleeping, while another was awake in the same room, rather than it happening while they’re both asleep, because to be able to wake someone else up with your nightmare would mean it’s a pretty bad nightmare, and writing about BTS going through that is a little sad to me.


    Originally posted by jinv


    -The type who would immediately stop whatever he’s doing to ask if the other is okay.

    -He’ll speak softly and be all: “Nightmare? Want to tell me about it?”

    -He’ll respect whichever decision the other makes, whether it be them telling him about the nightmare or not.

    -Will have a bunch of fun facts about dreams and nightmares ready.

    -“Do you want a cup of water?”

    -“You’re just tired. Don’t worry. I’m right here if you need anything.”

    -“Here’s a tip, shake your head after waking up from a nightmare. It’ll erase it.”


    -Will actually get spooked, as well, lmao.

    -“Whoa, yah. You woke up so suddenly after tossing and turning so much. What’s up? Bad dream?”

    -If the other member ends up telling him about it, he’ll probably be the type to go: “Oh, sh*t, that IS scary!”

    -But at the same time, he’ll find it kinda interesting and will want to hear what happens next.

    -“Yah, it’s like a horror movie …”

    -Well, there goes his chances of sleeping as well.



    -Should he offer to sit right next to them, or …?

    -“Yah, it’s just a dream. It doesn’t matter, and it’s not real. Go back to sleep.”

    -“Want me to play some chill beats?”

    -He’s trying his best.

    -Will secretly research how to prevent nightmares.

    -He’ll low-key check on that same member for the next couple of days.


    -Will buy a dreamcatcher. (He’s actually done this for Taehyung, irl.)

    -The most openly concerned out of all the members.

    -“Want me to be there next to you until you fall asleep?”

    -“Actually, I can crash here tonight, if you want.”

    -If it’s Taehyung or Jungkook, Jimin will be all “oh, poor baby.”

    -If it’s the Hyungs, Jimin will be like: “poor Hyungies.”

    -Rest assured, JIMIN IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!


    -Empathy for miles.

    -If the other member needs it, he’s ready to give hugs and cuddles.

    -They’ll both end up staying awake the whole night, talking about anything and everything.

    -Is also the type to buy a dreamcatcher for the other.

    -Might even buy books about the matter.

    -He’s also the type who will try playing white noise to prevent the other member from having nightmares again.


    -Like Namjoon and Yoongi mixed together.

    -Will crack jokes about what happened in the nightmare, until the other member starts seeing the nightmare as ridiculous and funny.

    -Might even go so far as to do a bunch of slapstick humor.

    -I wouldn’t put it past him to do some sort of cheesy “casting a magic spell” thing on the other member.


    -Similar to Yoongi.

    -As in, he really wants to help, but he has no idea how to.

    -Silent concern for days, maybe even forever.

    -He never wants his Hyungs to suffer, after all.

    -He’ll be so annoyed and feel so bad that his Hyung can’t even sleep well, on top of dealing with a lot during the day.


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    [A/N: Idk if any member is claustrophobic, but I just decided to steer clear of that because I’ve actually already written about it before. I’d rather keep this light and funny.

    Also, my reaction requests are CLOSED! I’m only finishing the old ones I got before.]

    Details: For this post’s purpose, I’m assuming they’re stuck for about an hour or so, because more stuff can happen then.


    -The type that wants to stay in a phonecall or else he’ll get too bored or scared.

    -Will take a bunch of selfies.

    -Yeah, he’s bored even during the phonecall.

    -Plays a bunch of games on his phone.

    -Phones are amazing, huh?

    -Won’t get angry if/when his phone dies, but he’ll definitely be a lot less okay with the situation.


    -This is a dangerous situation for someone like him because now he’s left alone with his thoughts.

    -Ends up thinking about a LOT of things.

    -He’ll end up being thankful it happened, though, because it’s like “life forced him to slow down.”


    -Time to catch up on some shows and webtoons?

    -Will make a full cover of a song.

    -Gets comfortable and turns the elevator into his room.

    -Tiktok time!!!!

    -Won’t ride elevators for a while after this.


    -Dang, he’s hungry.

    -Hopefully, this will be over soon.

    -Dang, it did not end soon.


    -Oh, well. There are days like these.

    -At least he has a fun story to tell to ARMY.

    -The rest of the members will get verrryy tired of hearing this story.


    -He’s fine. This isn’t scary at all!

    -Decides to practice dance moves.

    -Stops and freaks out when the elevator car shakes too much.

    -Scratch that.

    -He’s not fine. This is scary.

    -Plays music to calm himself down a bit.

    -Also decides to make a phonecall.

    -Manages to compose a whole rap verse.


    -Starts a Vlive.

    -Literally does everything in the elevator (except go to the restroom, ofc.)

    -A very unforgettable experience.

    -Kind of exciting, even.


    -A pretty forgettable experience

    -Sighs a lot.

    -Perfect time to write lyrics.

    -He literally has no choice.

    -Gets annoyed when he’s freed.

    -He was able to roughly compose a full song, so it’s fine, though.

    -Any longer and he would have tried to sleep.


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    [A/N: Reminder that my reaction requests are closed! I’m merely finishing off the old ones I got before.

    Also, I don’t want to write dialogue or detail when it gets to the actual disrespecting. I’m only writing the reaction to it.

    Also also, sorry this is so short.]


    -We’ve actually already seen this.

    -No, really. It was during WINGS era.

    -He scoffed and made a look that said: “Really.”

    -(Don’t ask me for the link to the video.)


    -If looks could kill.

    -Low-key berates the host.

    -He’s the type that’ll be smiling and pretending to be nice, but his eyes says a different story and all his words have a sharp edge to them.


    -If looks could kill 2.0.

    -Not low-key at all.

    -The rest of the members are more worried about him saying something, rather than offended by the host at this point.


    -It’s clear he’s not pleased, but he’s going to try to be more calm and composed about it.

    -Finds a way to get the host to shut up.


    -*continues smiling and making jokes, but secretly puts the host in his hit-list*

    -Keeps trying to change the topic.

    -Sacrifices by making a fool out of himself.

    -Say what you want about him, but NOT his bandmates!!!!



    -Basically goes: “We didn’t like what you said, it was wrong and unprofessional” in a really professional way somehow.

    -Also, he’s completely not in the mood anymore and no one can get him to fake that he is.

    -Tempted to encourage Jimin to say something.


    -He’s going to be similar to Namjoon and Hoseok combined.

    -Already planning to treat the members out after this interview.

    -He’ll make a snarky remark about this via twitter post later.


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    [A/N: Reminder that my reaction requests are CLOSED! I am simply finishing the old requests I got before.]


    Originally posted by wangjislan

    Details: There are seven babies (girls and boys) around the ages of 2-5 and the whole episode’s theme is a daycare. BTS are the carers.


    -Was this supposed to be such a wonderful nightmare?

    -Yelling at Jungkook and Taehyung to be careful with the babies.

    -Accidentally hits one, though.

    -Worries he might go to jail after this episode.

    -Becomes as red as a tomato all throughout the episode for various reasons.

    -The babies are all picking on him, for some reason.

    -One of them has hit him in the nuts, while the other has been kissing his cheek because he’s handsome.

    -It’s fun, but at the same time, he never wants to do this again.

    -The babies are so cute, but at the same time, he kinda just wants to throw them out a window.

    -He’s never been so tired in his life.


    -He’s been outdone for the first time.

    -The babies are louder than him.

    -And some can dance better?!

    -Teaches them a bunch of their dance choreographies.

    -He feels threatened.

    -Were babies always this scary???

    -Jealous of how much energy the babies have.

    -Suddenly feels so old.

    -Can’t understand what tf the babies are saying.


    -Understands everything the babies are saying.

    -This is heaven.

    -He’s never been so happy in a Run episode.

    -Seriously contemplating if he should switch careers and just work at a daycare.

    -Comes back to his senses when one of the babies goes to the restroom on him.

    -He’s having so much fun, but at the same time, he feels like he could faint from fatigue any second.

    -Taking care of babies trumps performing for a 3 hour concert, for sure.


    -He didn’t sign up for this.

    -Yes, the babies are cute, but …

    -He didn’t sign up for this.

    -Why is he even here.


    -Is trying to teach the babies as much as he can.

    -Super impressed and fascinated by how fast babies learn.

    -Like Hoseok, he ends up feeling really old and gets jealous of the carefree energy the babies have.

    -Gets super sentimental by the end of the episode and starts a long, poetic speech about how babies showed him what life is all about, and everyone else is just sitting there like: “Where tf is he getting the energy to make this speech rn???”


    -This is tough, but it’s fun, and seeing Taehyung in his element is making him so happy for his best friend.

    -Seriously gets worried when it seems like Taehyung’s going to quit the group for this, though.

    -Also, the kids keep calling him a kid, too,

    -That is really ticking him off. What the heck is that all about?

    -The girls seem to have a crush on him and that just makes his heart melt.


    -Fun episode, but what is he supposed to be doing, exactly?

    -Very awkward.

    -Is this how being a father feels?

    -Also red as a tomato.

    -He’d be okay with having another Run episode like this, because he wants revenge.

    -He was too busy being awkward and clueless to actually do much.


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  • NewKidd (뉴키드) – 소년이 사랑할 때 (Will You Be Ma) MV (Sub español + Hangul/Romanizacion)

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  • Eric Nam (에릭남) – Runaway MV |Sub español |Hangul |Romanizacion

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    [A/N: This is an Agere/Little Space request I received a while ago from @your-imaginary-barista

    My requests are closed now. I’m just finishing off the old ones I got before. If you have something against Little Space/Age Regression, keep it to yourself and move on. Thanks.

    Slight trigger warning, as there are various injuries mentioned in this post. Hoseok’s part also has a depiction of a panic attack.

    Also, I’m not a little, so sorry if this is inacurate or something and this post ended up being super long.]


    Originally posted by dearbangtansonyeondan


    -When JK is little, he tends to forget just how strong and physically big he is.

    -Usually, as his caregiver, you try your best to just deal with it somehow. You would hate to call attention to it. Being little is Jungkook’s only outlet, after all. You don’t want him to have to worry or hold back when he’s in his headspace.

    -That’s your job, not his.

    -So, whether it be grinning and bearing the pain whenever little Koo accidentally steps on your foot, or just trying your best to swiftly dodge the clumsy, big baby; you usually manage.

    -Of course, it’s impossible to always come out unscathed, though.

    -And today was one of those days.

    -Today, little Koo was extra hyper, running around, knocking down everything by accident.

    -No matter how much you told him off, it seemed he just had far too much energy in him.

    -He tried to sit still, really, he did.

    -But then his favorite song started playing on TV and the cookies you guys were preparing just got done baking in the oven.

    -Little Koo just HAD to move for those!

    -To your dismay, it happened when you were bringing the tray of cookies out of the oven.

    -Koo came stumbling into the kitchen, dancing cutely, when he nearly slammed into the hot tray in your hands!

    -To save him, you flipped the tray away from him in a last-ditch effort, inevitably bringing the tray closer to yourself.

    -Such a move resulted with you dropping a few piping hot cookies right onto your face, and accidentally burning parts of your stomach and arms with the hot tray pressing directly onto them.

    -It only took a second before Koo was bawling his eyes out and acting as if you had died. (It certainly hurt, but you were fine.)

    -Despite reassuring him countless times, it dawned on you that the incident had scarred the poor little quite a bit, because he couldn’t seem to leave his headspace.

    -Usually, JK is little for about 5-8 hours.

    -However, he had surpassed that today, hitting 10 hours in his headspace, and showing no signs of leaving it anytime soon. This had never occured before, and it baffled and slightly stressed the both of you out.

    -Not to mention, he seemed to be regressing further, which was also rare.

    -By midnight, Koo was in baby space, and you were in low-key panic mode.

    -It took a lot of struggling to try to get him to go to bed (and failing) when you finally realized what was affecting Koo so greatly.

    -The burn marks on your body (especially on your face.) Seeing those were a constant reminder to the poor little that he hurt you, that he caused all of them.

    -You came up with a simple plan, then. The moment you got Koo distracted with watching a kids show that you set up online, you made a mad dash for the restroom and quickly covered all your wounds up using concealers and whatnot.

    -When you returned, Koo’s eyes widened as he noticed you.

    -You smiled at him, and he smiled back.

    -It wasn’t long until he blissfully fell asleep afterwards.


    -It was no accident, that’s for sure.

    -As angelic as Jimin is when he’s big; he’s an absolute brat when he’s little.

    -And so you often-times find yourself scolding this mochi and coming up with “punishments” (like no candy for an hour) to teach him a lesson.

    -Depending on his mood and his headspace, however, there are certain times when little Chim fights back and refuses his so-called punishments.

    -Such times consist of a lot of yelling (more on his part than yours) and usually a truckload of crocodile tears (again, his part.)

    -This brat loved testing his limits with you.

    -Knowing how he is when he’s big (how he never ever acts up), it makes perfect sense. Little Chim is the embodiment of Jimin’s unshed emotions. That much had been clear to you since you first became his caregiver.

    -And so you try your best to keep the punishments kind of lame and to, ultimately, allow Chim to be a little out of control for his own sake.

    -All that pent up frustration and energy has to be spent, after all.

    -Maybe you became a bit too lenient, though, because suddenly, there you were with a bleeding hand after Chim clawed you (what is he, a cat?!) because he refused to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

    -You were about to scold him a bit harshly, when you noticed how shocked and scared he looked.

    -It seemed even he hadn’t expected his little temper tantrum would draw blood.

    -To your surprise, little Chim almost acted as if HE was the one who got clawed, not you.

    -Had he been big, you’d have probably gotten a little ticked off at that point, but considering the fact that he remained little despite it all, it was clear you had to be more cautious and gentle.

    -Easier said than done, because your hand was dripping blood all over the place, though.

    -In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea to leave Chim alone, crying in his room as you rushed over to the restroom to treat your wound, but -as mentioned above- you were bleeding quite a lot. The wound needed to be bandaged.

    -By the time you got back to Chim, the poor thing was a sobbing mess of apologies and snot.

    -It took five greuling hours of playtime between the two of you before you managed to finally prove that you were fine and that your forgave him and that everything’s good between the two of you.

    -The punishment would have to wait. (More or less, it’ll just be no candy again, lmao.) It seems he learned his lesson, anyway.


    -It’s because he was too clumsy.

    -As he always is, really. Whether he’s big or little, this dude is always a clumsy hot mess.

    -However, when he’s little, he’s impossibly clumsier.

    -Joon tends to be very little when he’s in his headspace, stumbling around like a toddler who just learned how to walk.

    -You usually have to help him get to and from places by constantly holding his hands and waist.

    -Ironically, he’s very sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements when little.

    -Of course, even when little, Namjoon is still physically stronger and larger than you are.

    -So, if he suddenly loses his balance while you’re holding him, chances are you’ll just end up falling with him, instead of being able to stop him.

    -That’s exactly what happens all the time, but you’re very experienced with it.

    -You’re used to padding the house up and keeping breakable objects in the closet when Joon is little, so that any fall is just soft, quiet, and safe.

    -You’re only human, though, and human’s aren’t perfect.

    -Today, you forgot to hide the huge lamp in Namjoon’s room.

    -It must’ve been quite the sight to behold, had there been a third person watching the scene unfold.

    -Joon was toddling into the room kinda fast (he was feeling pretty hyper today), with you tailing behind, holding his hand, when he tripped and bumped into the drawer where the lamp was standing.

    -From there on out, things were a blur. All you knew was that you saw the lamp tipping over (and simultaneously realized that you forgot to hide it), then you shoved Joon aside and probably(?) shielded him out of pure instinct.

    -That’s what you figured happened, because before you knew it, there was broken bits of glass from both the lightbulb and the lamp all over you …

    -And more importantly, Joon was bawling underneath you.

    -By some miracle, to your relief, only you got cut by the jagged, broken pieces of glass.

    -Joon didn’t seem to be as relieved by that as you were, however, hysterically pointing at all your cuts with wide eyes.

    -It took a lot of work to get him out of the room unscathed, and to get him to calm down a bit.

    -Before said incident, the two of you agreed that Namjoon would be in his headspace for only 5 hours because he still had work to do, but clearly, that wasn’t going to happen anymore.

    -With that, you had to make important calls for him, informing (or rather, lying to) collegues that Namjoon had fallen ill and whatnot.

    -You tried just about everything after you managed to dress your wounds.

    -You tried playing Joon’s favorite tv show, gave him his favorite snacks, showered him with toys and games you usually wouldn’t all take out and play in just one day, but it was no use.

    -The incident really upset Joon.

    -You were at wit’s end when it hit you that there was still one more thing you hadn’t tried.

    -A warm bottle of milk, something little Joon usually doesn’t like.

    -Today was different, however.

    -It took some coaxing to get him to relax and drink out of the bottle, but once you did, it was obvious that it was helping a lot, because Joon’s eyes grew droopy as his whole body relaxed on the rocking chair you guys were sitting on.

    -To your relief, the little was soon fast asleep before he even got to finish drinking all the milk.


    -This guy is just way too hyper when he’s little.

    -You always find yourself constantly reminding him to lower his voice and to stop dashing around the house because he might hurt himself by accident.

    -How ironic that it was you who ended up getting hurt today, though.

    -It was nothing dramatic, really.

    -Well, the injury wasn’t.

    -The incident, however … little Hobie took that in a very dramatic matter.

    -So, he was pretending to be The Flash today (for those of you who don’t know what tf that is, The Flash is a DC Superhero who can run very fast.)

    -Just that piece of knowledge should be enough to clue you into how hyper and destructive little Hobie was being.

    -You were just about to think: “What a miracle that he hasn’t broken anything-” when wouldn’t you know it?

    -Suddenly, little flash Hobie was zooming by you, and SLAM!

    -There goes your toes, stomped on by an adorable man baby.

    -It took everything in you to not curse, crumpling down to the floor in pain.

    -Your toes. They’re broken. 2 … no, 3? Whatever, it doesn’t really make a difference. Point is, Hobie accidentally stomped on them and so, they’re broken.

    -It was only after you got ahold of yourself that you realized Hobie was extra quiet.

    -Looking over to the little, you noticed him curled up into a ball on the floor, shaking and wheezing.

    -It was a panic attack of all things!

    -This was the first time this has ever happened to you guys, and so you were absolutely lost on what to do.

    -Of course, you’ve heard of how panic attacks work, and how you should go about it, but reading about these things, and actually dealing with them are two very different things.

    -On top of that, your toes were still broken.

    -So it was in a really clumsy and unprofessional way that you found yourself trying to calm the little down, and get him to breathe properly again.

    -Thankfully, after a grueling half-hour, you finally got the little to breath and look at you.

    -You once read somewhere before that asking littles what’s wrong only stresses them out more, and it was pretty clear what caused Hobie’s panic attack, so you merely sighed in relief and -while sucking up the pain of having broken toes- you told the little one thing:

    -“It’s okay. It’s all okay.”

    -He cheered up lots when you offered to let him doodle on the cast you later ended up getting on your foot.



    -Of course.

    -What else would be the root of all this?

    -He was hungry and the food was taking too long to cook. It’s always taking too long for impatient little Jinnie.

    -When Seokjin’s in his big headspace, he can feign patience and a mature calmness, but when he’s little, that all goes out the window.

    -Jinnie is usually around the age of 6 when he slips, making him rather capable of himself and things physically, but also bad at making the right decisions and keeping his emotions in check.

    -Being made to wait, especially for food, has always been a major struggle for the little.

    -You’ve been trying to fix the issue, but so far, no luck there.

    -The best you can do is keep Jinnie occupied for a bit while you rush to prepare the food.

    -Today, however, you made the mistake of mentioning what your guys’ lunch was going to be beforehand.

    -It was fried chicken, which is one of Seokjin’s most favorite foods, whether he’s little or big.

    -The thing was, you had to fry it first.

    -Of course, Jinnie didn’t want to wait for that, he just wanted to eat it NOW.

    -Knowing he’d bother you and make things take even longer, you sent him to play in his room, promising him that the food would be ready soon.

    -It was when you were setting the table, that Jinnie secretly snuck out and slithered into the kitchen.

    -Without you knowing, he went over to the frying chicken. To his little mind, the higher the heat, the faster things would cook, and so he turned the heat up.

    -Knowing you’d be angry if you caught him in the kitchen, he hurried back to his room before you saw him.

    -That was when the incident occured.

    -With the heat on high, the hot oil in the pan ended up bouncing around more, a lot of it, flying out of the pan.

    -You were right on time, completely on the receiving end of all of it as you returned.

    -Your face, especially, took on a lot of hot oil.

    -Of course, Jinnie rushed out when he heard you scream. One look and he knew it was his fault.

    -His little heart couldn’t stand that fact, resulting in him slipping even further to escape it.

    -You vaguely registered his screams behind your own, until he outdid you, going into a full-on meltdown on the floor.

    -Not that he was crying that way because it was his fault, you were left to worry about him, lost on what to do.

    -You barely even felt pain for yourself anymore, you just prioritized comforting Jinnie, who kept babbling about how he was a “bad boy” and didn’t deserve chicken anymore.

    -It took a long while for you to realize that he was the culprit behind the incident, but by then it didn’t even matter anymore.

    -You just wanted Jinnie to cheer up.

    -Seeing as how you guys weren’t in any shape to continue cooking, and the chicken ended up being burnt anyway, you decided to order some, instead.

    -Of course, no matter how upset Jinnie was, food always cheered him up, and today was no different.

    -Once you fed him some chicken, he started feeling better, and so did you.


    -Who said it would be a good idea to take care of a little AND his dog, Yeontan at the SAME TIME?

    -It can’t be you, can it?

    -No way.

    -Definitely not.

    -To encourage having a hyper dog and a Little both running around the beach … WHAT ARE YOU, NUTS?!

    -You deserved what happened, that’s for sure.

    -Well, in your defense, you brought them to the beach, so that they can fall over and roll around without hurting themselves because the sand’s soft and all, but you miscalculated one thing:

    -Lots of stuff can be hidden in the sand.

    -Like a crab, for example.

    -So, yeah. One minute there you were watching Yeontan and Tae Tae running around on the sand while you chilled on a towel, underneath the shade of a wide umbrella, when suddenly–

    -Yeontan dug up a crab, and before you could even open your mouth, Tae Tae has picked it up without a care in the world!

    -One mad dash later, and somehow, the crab’s pincers are cutting deep into your fingers after you quickly yanked the creature away from Tae Tae.

    -To make matters worse, the Little panicked at the sight and thought trying to yank the crab back would help (it didn’t.)

    -And if course, all that panicking scared Yeontan into a frenzy, which sent you and Tae Tae into even more panick.

    -It must’ve actually been a funny scene, had you not been a part of it.

    -For a good, 30 minutes, all of you just kept shouting/barking, crying, and struggling to get the crab to stop hurting you.

    -It wasn’t until you decided to throw yourself into the ocean, that the crab finally let go.

    -That was a whole new world of pain, however, because the ocean’s salt water stung your wounds like heck.

    -By the time you got out, looking like a wet mop, Tae Tae and Yeontan had gone into a state of trauma. They were sitting in the sand, whining and whimpering, refusing to look at you.

    -Of course, the three of you had to go to the nearest clinic to get your hand treated.

    -Both Tae Tae and Yeontan were absolutely silent throughout all of it, with the Little still crying, big beads of tears bubbling in his eyes.

    -Tbh, it was cute, though.

    -And so, you all decided to have crab for dinner as a way of getting revenge, and Tae Tae and Yeontan learned to never mess with a living crab ever again.


    -Here’s another one that totally did it on purpose.

    -This little guy is another bratty fellow.

    -However, unlike Chim, little Yoon is a lot less obvious and more schemey.

    -He’s not a full-blown, straight up brat.

    -He’s a quiet, pretending to be an angel kind of brat.

    -Which is hard to deal with, because you never quite know what he’s up to.

    -A lot of mishaps has occured where it seemed like Yoon was being absolutely well-behaved, but no. You were wrong, because suddenly, there’s a huge drawing (made with permanent marker!!) of Holly on the wall.

    -Or there’s vegetables under the couch.

    -Or there’s an accident he tried to hide in one of his toys (because he’d rather be stubborn and disgusting and not leave his playmat for a few minutes to go to the restroom.)

    -Or … Yeah, you get the picture.

    -This mishap wasn’t any different … just Yoon being a cute brat again.

    -He wanted to prank you.

    -However, it was clear he hadn’t calculated just how bad his prank could end up being.

    -The terrified, shocked look on his face was enough to tell you that.

    -A bucket of water on top of the door. A classic. Harmless, as depicted in movies and tv …

    -Or not.

    -When you opened the door, instead of getting splashed with water, all that happened was that the water poured all over you feet.

    -Meanwhile, the heavy bucket hit you square on the forehead, instantly creating a pretty big gash.

    -Naturally, you fell over shouting.

    -Being the little that he is, Yoon took that badly and figured he had hurt you beyond repair, or something.

    -Usually, once you start scolding the little guy about anything, he slowly shifts back to his big self. You never really understood why that is. Maybe it’s the guilt that forces him back into his headspace.

    -Either way, that’s how things usually play out.

    -Not today, though.

    -To your surprise, not only did Yoon stay little; he even slipped further into baby space.

    -It hit you that he seemed to be especially guilty and scared of what he did this time around, because he was refusing to face things, preferring to go into non-verbal state.

    -Such a thing has never happened before.

    -Lost, you decided to tend to your wound and give Yoon some space, leaving him on his playmat.

    -The moment you came back with a huge bandage on your forehead, Yoon wordlessly stumbled over and hugged you.

    -No matter how much you told him you were okay and that everything was fine, he wouldn’t stop hugging you.

    -You both ended up falling asleep on the couch that way.


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    [Mecimapro] 200917 L.O.Λ.E! Join us for the next online viewing schedule of the 2020 MINHYUN’s SWEETEST MOMENT that will take place on October 17th 2020 (4PM WIB / 6PM KST)

    * Please note that this schedule is for the replay of 2020 MINHYUN’s SWEETEST MOMENTS previously broadcasted exclusively for MCP Members. Thank you.

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  • [DANDELION] HYOLYN(효린) ‘SAY MY NAME(쎄마넴)’ | Dancer Cover

    soo hot and fantastic performed as the original one, love this cover and their Hyolyn here, unbelievabel much !!!!!!!!!!!

    #K-pop#Cover#Hyolyn #Say My Name #Dandelion Dance Group #fantastic
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  • TREASURE - I LOVE YOU M/V Released!!

    Check this out!!

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  • [AB] 태민 TAEMIN - Criminal | 커버댄스 Dance Cover

    damned are these guys great…………….what a performance what a dance and style here, “love” it and this cover soo much !!!!!!!!!!!

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  • happy B-day 18th of September to one of the hottest women in K-pop, Jea from Brown Eyed Girls here !!!!!!!!

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