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  • ultimatemoralcompasss
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Kiibo Sprite Edit (Based On Art By Me)

    I’ve been meaning to do this edit since I did this drawing, so I am so happy it looks so good! I really enjoy doing sprite edits and I’ve got a few ideas queued up, so I hope none of you mind.

    Credit: design by me, og sprite from dr wiki, texture, program used: clip studio paint

    If you use, please tag me! I’d be happy to see you use my sprite edits for other edits etc.

    #danganronpa#danganronpa v3 #dangangonpa killing harmony #drv3#kiibo#dr kiibo#k1-b0#sprite edit #danganronpa sprite edit #kiibo idabashi
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  • alextryingtojustlive
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Kiibo please stay out of my dreams you do not want to be involved in mountain climbing just to be loved only to get yeeted into a fucking sandwich factory. Or be involved in a plane ferry falling from the sky. Just stay out you're too good for them bro.

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  • ultimateask
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #danganronpa #new danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa killing harmony #dr#drv3#ndrv3 kaito#ndrv3#ultimateask#k1 bo#k1 b0#k1b0#keebo#kiibo
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  • ultimateask
    16.10.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #danganronpa #new danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa killing harmony #dr#drv3#ndr#ndrv3#ultimateask#k1 bo#k1 b0#k1b0#kiibo#keebo
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  • twisted-lies
    16.10.2021 - 20 hours ago
    @simping-harm0ny asked: Hello! Could I request gray/black dark academia Keebo reply icons? Drink some water and have a great day

    Hey hey! Here's your grey dark academia K1-B0 reply icons you requested! Just let me know if you need me to change anything at all

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  • sunnys-headspace-full-of-edits
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Saiibo (Shuichi Saihara x Kiibo) stimboard with dark academia for Shuichi's side, light academia for Kiibo's side, and some lovecore stims for @get-outside-nekomatsu !

    Here's your prize, homie! I actually really enjoyed making this, so I hope you enjoy it, too. Congrats on being a runner-up, and I hope you have a good day/night! /gen /pos

    🖤 🖤 🖤

    📓 📓 📓

    🖤 🖤 🖤

    Please do not use unless you are her (well, you know what I mean /lh)!

    #you deserve it homie! 🎖️ prize #edit#my edits#stims#stimboard#danganronpa#danganronpa v3 #danganronpa v3: killing harmony #danganronpa v3 killing harmony #drv3#ndrv3#killing harmony#shuichi saihara#kiibo#keebo#k1 b0#k1 bo #kiibo x shuichi #shuichi x kiibo #saiibo#light academia #light academia stims #dark academia #dark acadamia stims #lovecore#lovecore stims
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  • eriace
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    truth // o. kokichi x reader [ chapter three ]

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    ✎ 𝗖𝗶𝗿𝗰𝘂𝘀 - 𝗕𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗻𝗲𝘆 𝗦𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 " ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴛᴡᴏ ᴛʏᴘᴇꜱ ᴏꜰ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ: ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴᴇꜱ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴇɴᴛᴇʀᴛᴀɪɴ, ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴᴇꜱ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴏʙꜱᴇʀᴠᴇ "


    » (Y/N)'S P.O.V «

    A bell ruined my comfy sleep. Making me rise immediately with open eyes, but my head was bumped by another head.  I groaned and touched my forehead because of the pain.

    "Geez (n/n)-chan what's wrong with your head? Why is it so hard? " Kokichi questioned rubbing his forehead.

    I seated straight and looked at the monitor.

    " This is an official announcement from the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles. " Monosuke said.

    " It is now 10 p.m. Nighttime officially starts now. " Monotaro said.

    " Whether you've been good or naughty, it's time to go tinkle and go to beddy-bye! " Monokid exclaimed.

    " The dining hall and gym are locked during nighttime, so be careful. " Monophanie explained.

    " Kyahahahaha! Sweet dreams! " the monokubs exclaimed. And the monitor went off.

    " Tsk! Sweet dreams? You just ruined my comfortable sleep. " I shouted at the monitor, as I looked around, they all looked defeated.

    " Eh? What happened to them? " I whispered to Kokichi.

    " Long story. " Kokichi whispered back.

    " Nighttime, huh? Welp, no sense pushing our luck. " Rantaro said. I stand up dusting my shorts, Kokichi did the same.

    " What happened? " I asked them. As Kaede was done explaining it to me, all just I did was nod.

    I already know that it will be impossible, but for me, I think it's possible.

    " So tell me (y/n), why did you stay here? " Maki asked, coldly.

    That gives me shiver down my spine, why did the night become colder?

    " Tired. " I lied, but not really. I was really tired a while ago. Maki stared at me not knowing if she would believe it or not but nodded anyway.

    " We've been each assigned a room in the dormitory. Perhaps we should rest there? " Kirumi suggested.

    " Heeeeeeee! We're gonna rest there!? " Miu questioned.

    " Yes? Do you prefer sleeping outside? " I asked her.

    " No." she said in near to tears. I smiled at her.

    " But...it makes me nervous to think we'll be staying the night at this creepy school. " Tsumigi stated.

    Could less agree, but she's right tho.

    " Well, nothing we can do but suck it up! So what's our plan for tomorrow? " Kokichi asked in a cheerful voice.

    " How about... let's meet at the dining hall. As I remember it opens at 8 am? " I suggested and yawned afterward.

    " Sure, I think that'll work. I'm okay with that. " Rantaro answered.

    " Can we go to our rooms already? " Maki questioned, calm.

    " Yes, we should get as much we can and regain our strength. " Kirumi answered.

    "Hey, guys? Just...as a warning... " Rantaro started, " We shouldn't let our guards down. We'll be easy targets at night. " he continued.

    " C-cuz of killing game, you mean? " Gonta asked scared.

    " I see no need to worry about something as illogical as murder taking place here. " Keebo said.

    " Eh? Don't worry about me, I mean luck is on my side. " I said crossing my arms.

    " I know, I know. Just a warning. " Rantaro said.

    One by one the people disappeared, going to their respective rooms. I stared blankly at the floor but suddenly shook by a person.

    " Hey (n/n) you still alive? " Kokichi questioned.

    " I'm alive, still breathing. " I said, facepalming. I looked at Kaito, Kaede, and Shuichi, they seem busy. I sighed and said to Kokichi, " Imma get going now. " I said waving at him and climb up at the ladder. He followed next.

    As I reached the top, " Geez I feel tired already. " I muttered to myself. But I saw Kokichi going out in the area. " Hey wait, lavenderhead! " I shouted. He looked back to where the voice came from as he saw me, he stopped in his place. I approached him.

    " Now, gimme a piggyback. " I commanded proudly. Kokichi looked at me unamazed.

    " What? " I said, frowning.

    " Nishihi, just joking. Here, hop in. " He said bending a little.  I smiled softly and yawned. I threw my arms in Kokichi's neck and he carried me on his shoulders and back. I covered my face in his hair. Kokichi started walking to the dorms.

    What is this feeling? Why does it feel familiar? Huh? Did this already happen?

    That's also a problem for me. I just made a friend in one day. When I met someone, stranger nor known. I could be easily attached. But this feeling, being carried by Kokichi is like a deja vu. Do I  already know Kokichi? Maybe not only Kokichi, what if the other students here are not strangers? Maybe I already know them?

    My train of thoughts was cut by a voice, "Hey (n/n)-chan we are here." I nodded and get off him.

    "Thanks for the piggyback, lavenderhead. Good night and see you tomorrow. " I said raising my right hand, signing for a high-five.

    " Yeah good night, see you tomorrow. " He said in a childish voice, smiling ear to ear. Kokichi slapped his hand in my right hand and turned around to go to his own room. I sighed and entered my own room.

    Woah, this is my room? Dude, it's too plain. Oh, it has a key, notebook and a pen on the table.

    I look around at my own room. There was a closet, it was full of the clothes that I'm wearing today. It also has a box of bandages.  As I was done checking my room, I flopped at the bed. I raise my right hand to cover the lights then put it down again.

    I realized something too...why did Kokichi want to be friends with me?

    As I was thinking, I closed my eyes.

    Sleeping really makes me happy, should I call myself The Ultimate Sleep Lover?

    I laughed at myself and hugged the pillow in the bed.

    " Good night. " I murmured at myself and soon I feel myself into a peaceful slumber.

    To be continued...

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  • ultimateask
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #danganronpa #new danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa killing harmony #dr#drv3#ndr#ndrv3#ultimateask#k1 bo#k1 b0#k1b0#keebo#kiibo
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  • dangitroomba-hcs
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Chihiro and Kazuichi gush over Keebo's functions

    #danganronpa #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #super danganronpa goodbye despair #danganronpa v3 #danganronpa v3 killing harmony #chihiro fujisaki#kazuichi soda#k1-b0#keebo#headcanon#danganronpa headcanon
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  • ultimatemoralcompasss
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    K1-B0/Kiibo Playlist (Spotify Link)

    Made For: Anon
    Credits: transparent, background from pinterest, other elements from pngitem, program used: photoshop


    misguided ghost - paramore

    hello, world - louie zong

    ain't it fun - paramore

    i'm still standing - elton john

    stay awake - all time low

    the stand - mother mother

    birds - thomas sanders, terrence williams

    i want to kiss you - the spook school

    when - dodie

    devil town - cavetown

    two birds - regina spektor

    space girl - frances forever

    useless child - kikuo

    little lion man - mumford & sons

    dead girl in the pool - girl in red

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  • san-deeznuts
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    i think its so funny that i think of kiibo as green and rantaro as blond

    #WHAT THE FUCK DOES GREEN MEAN TO YOU DELL #danganronpa#rantaro amami#k1 b0
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  • rnezu
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    World is mine

    Old art part 3 (2020)

    #k1-b0#kiibo#danganronpa#NDRV3#look #is the owner of my heart #can't believe i used to draw kiibo blush red #animation#gif#my art
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  • monikas-literature-club
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Headcanons of Kaede Akamatsu, Kiibo, Gonta Gokuhara and Angie Yonaga Helping Their S/O When Mourning for a Dead Loved One for @daylight-shipping !

    TW for mention of losing a loved one. Nothing specific whatsoever, but I figured I'd put this here anyway, just in case!

    Headcanons are under the cut:

    Kaede Akamatsu:

    Holy shit, it breaks her heart to see her S/O so down. She can completely understand and everything, but it still pains her to see them so down like that, y'know?

    She will happily (and literally) lend a shoulder for her S/O to cry on or a ear to listen. And whatever her S/O truly desires/needs, she will provide. Advice, comfort, reassurance, physical comfort, verbal comfort, whatever. She can and will do it for the sake of her S/O

    Yes, she most certainly will play her S/O's favorite songs on the piano. Even if the song(s) are/is melancholic, she'll play them just for them. And if her S/O really needs a distraction, she'll offer to teach them a bit about how to play the piano

    She'll help them mourn and will basically just make sure they know that she's always there for them. She'll also make sure they don't miss out on self-care; she'll provide them with snacks and bottles of water

    Basically, the Ultimate Supporter. She will most definitely help her S/O with mourning, no matter how hard it may get


    Considering they're a robot and have only really been around their creator [for most of their life up until, you know, they were in the late teens], they might not have a full grasp on death up until their S/O starts mourning over their lost loved one. Like, they know what death is; they just don't know about it firsthand, y'know?

    But they at least can see how much pain their S/O is in, and will do their best to research more on mourning; how it's different for everyone and that the healing process can heavily vary depending on the circumstances

    They might try to learn more about the lost loved on by taking it easy and asking their S/O some small questions about them. Of course, not right away; they'd probably start asking after a good couple of weeks to a month even, give or take. And they're just small; really simple. Favorite food, favorite color, favorite TV show. But if their S/O still doesn't wanna answer said questions, no big deal; they'll understand

    Kiibo will probably try to sort of pep talk to his S/O; give them hope and make sure that they don't fall into despair! Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. It's a work in progress nonetheless, and they always mean well

    Basically, reassurance and encouragement with a side of hugs to boost!

    Gonta Gokuhara:

    Gonta's not dumb. Sure, he was canonically in the forest for years, but I feel like he'd actually have a solid grasp on death due to maybe sadly losing some animal friends while living in the forest. He probably even has a good grasp on the mourning/healing process, too, so he gets it

    He'll basically do his best to keep his S/O occupied and to get them involved in relaxing activities (as well as make sure they get plenty of fresh air). Catching bugs, going on walks, you name it. But if his S/O wants to stay inside, that's okay, too! He'll happily read his bug encyclopedia books to his S/O or show them some of his bug collection

    It shatters his heart whenever his S/O falls into a crying fit. It really does. He gets it though, and he'll usually just hold his S/O close until they start to calm down and feel better

    He will happily hold his S/O around and carry them. He will do that without any hesitation (he'll politely ask first, but in terms of his S/O wanting him to, he'll do so without hesitation)

    Gentle giant. Wants the best for his S/O. Will literally do whatever he can, because that's what true gentlemen do!

    Angie Yonaga:

    You may think her first go-to would be to preach about Atua or some shit like that. And technically speaking, you're not wrong. But she also respects personal boundaries, and she knows what to keep in her head and what to actually do. And what she actually needs to do is support her S/O however she can!

    Art therapy. I'm just gonna say that right now. And granted, I don't exactly mean she suddenly becomes a therapist; she'll give her S/O support and comfort, of course, but she's not a professional by any means. But I feel like Angie would know about how therapeutic painting can be, and how mentally+emotionally benefiting painting can be for someone

    She'll question the possible meaning behind whatever her S/O paints, but she'll never push it. If they choose to talk about it, then she'll happily listen. If they choose not to talk about it, she'll remind them that it's okay and continue to paint alongside with them

    Also, I feel like she'd also do arts and crafts, and maybe help her S/O make arts and crafts relating to the lost loved one. Maybe a picture frame for a photo of them; maybe a charm bracelet with charms that remind the S/O of the lost loved one; maybe a macaroni doodle of something they would've loved. Something along the lines of such!

    Angie will do her best to help her S/O cope and get through this! It's what Atua would want, after all!

    #time to share poems! ✍️ finished #mod monika#danganronpa#danganronpa v3 #danganronpa v3: killing harmony #danganronpa v3 killing harmony #drv3#ndrv3#killing harmony#kaede akamatsu#kiibo#keebo#k1 b0#gonta gokuhara#angie yonaga #kaede x s/o #kiibo x s/o #gonta x s/o #angie x s/o #headcanons#writing
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  • snakeeyesdraws
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    haven’t even started the third game yet but I’m a big fan of this dude 

    #danganronpa#dr#dr v3#danganronpa v3#keebo#kiibo#danganronpa keebo#k1-b0#doodle#Olivia's art #bless my friend for putting up with my half baked art #artists on tumblr
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  • ask-postv3
    12.10.2021 - 4 days ago
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  • ask-postv3
    12.10.2021 - 5 days ago
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  • fr0gg1ech41r
    12.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    i've kinda come to a realization that so many danganronpa fans(and in some cases, danganronpa itself) just...don't care about victims of anything. they're so fucking insensitive about trauma and how characters react to traumatic situations.

    and when i say anything, i mean anything and every goddamn thing.

    miu sexually assaults kiibo? omg they're such a cute couple i ship them1!1!1!!1

    chihiro's heaping pile of transphobia for a backstory?? haha lmao tr*p femboy!1!1!! don't tell tenko!!

    kotoko's trauma?? lmao gentle!! haha gentle1!!11!

    mikan faking tripping into sexual poses due to childhood trauma??? let me draw several different detailed cutscenes of this underage highschooler with their panties out

    kiyondo? butter jokes? there are literally so many more i could list

    this fandom is crumbling apart by the day. i literally hate it here

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