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  • My Jaded Opinion on Before the 90 Days #beforethe90days #realitytv #tlc #k1visa #internetdating #jaded

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  • Hi Everyone! 

    I’m extremely excited to share with you all that last February 17, 2017, we finally got the approval of our K1 Fiancee  Visa application, exactly three months after we applied for it. This whole journey is something that we look forward to every single day since Chris and I knew that we are in this for the long run. :) 

    Just to give you all a back story, Chris and I met through a good friend of mine who happened to be dating a good friend of his. We exchanged text messages December of 2014, and finally met June of 2015 in New Jersey before I moved back to Saipan. Since then, feelings grew and our foundation and love became stronger. 

    Fast track to October of 2016, Chris visited me in Saipan and asked that one question every girl wished for– He asked me to marry him (aaahhhh, butterflies), by the beach with the sunset and few other tourist staring at us.. LOL. 

    This is something I wanted to share to everyone who is on the same boat as us, in the hopes of giving you all inspiration and encouragement.  #BecomingVaught will be a documentary of how our journey unfolds. Come and join me in this crazy, exciting and faith moving journey of pursuing love abroad! <3 

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  • God. The US government and health care system keep kicking us in the financial balls. I seriously regret doing the K1 Visa with each bill I get.

    #closed the distance #k1visa #adjustment of status #international ldr #long distance relationship #immigration #just let me run away to the uk
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  • Would love to help anyone going through K1 visa xx

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  • Omg my mind is going crazy of not knowing anything.
    I can’t let go of the fact that other people are deciding our further and all we can do I hope.
    I’m catching myself lately on making list after list.
    Since I can’t make any drastic steps regarding my house and other things before our second NOA all I can do is writing lists.
    I think I have 5 by know about what I wanna take, what needs to go to too my mom in storage, what to do and I can go on like that.
    I’m a person who gets a strange satisfaction by completing a long list and striping things off.
    It gives me a strange calm feeling but that feeling is lately far away from me.
    I’m all over the place and so are my thoughts.
    This whole thing isn’t working for me but then I hear a sexy American accent and realize where I’m doing it for.
    So all I can do for now I hope and listen to that sexy American voice when once again my thoughts get overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs to happen.
    And drift away in my fantasy land full unicorns, rainbows and of course my sweet Fiancé.

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  • Yay!!! The paperwork finally arrived! Two weeks to late but at least its there now. And a month ago my loving American fiancé was here in the Netherlands. It was so much fun to show him were i lived and live and to show him my side of the world. And all the Dutch craziness that comes along with it like going to Amsterdam. But every hello has it stupid goodbye. And goodbye means that were gonna be counting down again for the next time we see each other again. (Yay! “Only” 58 days left) I’m so sick of waiting and the feeling that somebody else is deciding what our next step is gonna be freaks me out, I need control about something! But in the meantime im so excited and i can’t wait to do this. I’m sorry for not posting that much yet, there’s a lot of waiting what we need to do and like some people know who have been in this process is that the real deal starts after this. I can’t wait to hopefully tell my storys and visions about wich place I land( hopefully in the arms of him ;) haha) Have a awesome weekend everyone and I keep you updated.

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  • Yankee Candle Appreciation Post!

    Today I asked my beloved to take me (I can’t drive yet, or in the UK at all) to the mall, so I could hit up the Yankee Candle store with my whopping $20 off $45 or $50 off $100 coupon! They sprung it on me yesterday via email, and it was far better than the ‘buy one get one’ coupon I got last time I shopped there. And the BOGOF coupon is valid until March so…😁

    Before I went to the store today I had a pretty in depth look at what they offer online (because I’m a candle dork) and the selection of product types AND scents is HUUUUGE compared to the piddly UK range. I know you can order more online in the UK that you can buy in Yankee Candle supported shops but still! In the US all the shops and online have reed diffusers, plug in scenters, the new style meltcups and the special pots you melt them in, three types of car smellies, concentrated room sprays…just tonnes. 

    So because i’m in america now, obviously i’m growing accustomed slowly to the fact that every holiday EVERRR is celebrated wildly and with much enthusiasm in every possible way. YC had a large jar candle called shamrock or lucky shamrock or something, and it honestly smelt like fresh mud and grass and stuff. i did not like it at all, but it was really true to form so yeah, maybe some people will love that. I was IN LOVE with their girl scout cookie thin mint candle, and the picture above shows three more types they had on the same stand, but they were all $27.99 and even with a coupon thats a huge chunk to spend on one thing. 

    Their easter collection was amazing too, I could have died when i saw those bunny ear candles, so bloody cute. I got myself the plug in easter bunny ear design because it was just so adorable and all their other designs were really stuffy and boring modern 😒. They had jelly bean scented things, i got Ted a little one for his car, introduce him to the YC slowly but surely. 😝

    I could honestly go on forever, so the most important things to mention are:

    1) I am still thinking about the Thin Mint jar candle and how i have a BOGOF coupon which is good for a month 😩 truly addicted

    2) They had a 4 for $20 on their plug in, refills for their plug in, concentrated room sprays, and their fragrance spheres (not sold on these, reviews look pretty poor) AND a $3 offer for car smellies when you buy anything AND a $27.99 large jar candle for only $15 when you buy a certain amount ON TOP OF my coupon. The UK does not have these offers, its really so piss poor, thank you Americaaaaaaa 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 

    3) There is an insane amount of fragrances released constantly so I will always be blowing my money in YC forever more, and then feeling so sad when they are discontinued until next year 

    4) I am OBSESSED with their fragrance “golden sands” and I wish i could smell like that 100% of my waking life, no joke. 

    5) Their “mountain lodge” scent is how every man in the world should smell, but also should not or I would want to hump them all 😎 

    6) The last picture shows all my goodies; I got a diffuser, a plug in for the bog and 2 refills for it. A large and medium candle for our boudoir and one of the spares, a room spray, some votives to melt down instead of tarts, some meltcups, and Teds car smelly which is already plugged in now.  

    7) As soon as my mum, nan and gramp come down pre wedding, I am making them take me to Yankee Candle so I can force them to smell all of my new favourite smells. 

    So tired and have typed more than enough rubbish about candles for one day.


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  • We will soon be closing submissions for “90 Day Fiance” If you have filed for the K1 Visa and wish to apply or want more information please e-mail me at K1ShowCasting@gmail.com - I am always happy to provide more information and answer any questions you may have.

    - All are welcome to apply regardless of gender, age, location, and sexual preference.

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  • Now Casting for TLC’s hit docu-series 90-Day Fiancé
    • We are looking for American men or women currently in the process of bringing over their international fiancés on a K1 Visa.
    • We’re also on the hunt for couples who’ve yet to meet in person. We’d love to capture your first face-to-face meeting on camera.
    • All ages, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations encouraged to apply.
    If you think you’ve got a tale of international love, we want to hear from you! Email k1showcasting@gmail.com and tell us your story.

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  • Wednesday marks an important day for us as a couple; it is Elli’s last day at her current job, marking the beginning of the end for our stay in the UK. OH, and on a less important note it is also our two year anniversary!

    Two years is a very short amount of time for any couple to make serious life choices like getting married, moving anywhere or starting a family together. People often ask me why and how we got in this position so fast and in all seriousness I have no valid answer. I never intended to get so deeply involved with anyone or get so serious at such a young age. It just happened. When people ask what is the most important thing about a successful relationship there is no magic ingredient or failsafe way of succeeding in a relationship mainly because every couple is different and how they work together differs from person to person. However, the thing for me is that everything with Elli is effortless. I have never had to try or work for anything with her because everything is easy and effortless. If you ever find someone like that, who you can spend infinite time with and not have to worry or work then it is an amazing foundation for a relationship.

    For me, a great example of this is that Elli has just spent 5 days with her family in France whilst I stayed in the Uk in order to work. These five days were very difficult and I missed her even though it was a short period of time. If she were in the UK, I would not have seen her anyway due to my slightly unsociable work hours but her not being there was difficult anyway. When she got back, we didn’t do anything special we just stayed up til late o'clock talking about the things that happened and we hadn’t been around to share with each other. She had been away, a lot had happened and we were both tired and under the weather but everything was good just lying in bed together.

    I have no apprehensions about moving country and altering everything about my life because we get to go on this adventure together.

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  • I’m picking up my passport with my visa in and the brown envelope to give to customs in the morning. I can’t even believe it right now, I’ll be flying to Boston for the last time in 26 days. 

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  • I’m really missing you lately. I hope my interview is in a few weeks, this wait has been the longest of my life. I just want to see you again really soon.

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  • Visa medical is booked for next Tuesday as are my train tickets to London. I submitted my form of readiness, and after the medical will be waiting for my interview date. We’re so close now. :) 

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  • Today is a great day. I got another job interview for this Thursday, also Sam & I got our NOA2, for our visa, should be there in December. So happy and excited :’)

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  • Erasmus was my dream, and I made it come true. I went to study in Spain for 5 long months, in a little town called Murcia, which is in the south of Spain. Very South, close to Valencia.

    As I have mentioned in my earlier post, Jacob (yes, that is his name) flew all the way to Spain (took him a day) to see me. We got to see each other everyday for two short weeks and then I had to send him back to his country… How I hate goodbyes… :(

    In this little town called Murcia, there is a grocery store called Carrefour, right beside the Tranvia station. I remember everything like it was yesterday. This store was really close to the place that we were staying at, and one day we decided to take a walk to get some groceries to cook for the night.

    On our way, we talked about how great we are together…:

    Nilay: I might come visit you this summer if I can get a visa.

    Jacob: That would be so great! And we can get engaged this summer whenever you come.

    Nilay: REALLY?! It sounds like a dream, though! My parents wouldn’t let me :(

    Jacob: We’ll see. I can save up to get you a ring before you come.

    Nilay: Noooo, you don’t have to get me one!

    Jacob: Of course I do, silly!! :D And then we can get married the next summer after I graduate!

    Nilay: *eyes sparkle* Ohhhhh….. I wish these would all come true..

    Jacob: They will! You’ll see! 


    And THEY DID! :)

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  • Here’s the answer: We met online!

    And when the answer is given, the questioner has this look on her face, as if she wants to ask another: “But how could you date someone thousands of miles away from you?? That’s not a real relationship!”

    And very few dare to ask the second one. He he. Well, I’ll give those who want to ask but just can’t an answer to this one, too: We love each other! We really really really do. That’s the key.

    When we first started dating, we fell in love with each other’s personalities, which I think is the most important aspect of a person; much more important then the way he hugs or kisses… It’s not so hard to understand whether you work well with another person or not through Skype and chat. I personally didn’t feel the need to be next to him to know what kind of a person he is. I could easily understand that he is sweet, fun, and we have a lot of things in common. 

    Before we started dating, when we were only friends, we talked about how it would be like to have a long distance relationship. I never thought it would come this far. But he always believed. On our 9th month, he came to see me when I was studying abroad in Spain. We had the best time of our lives. We were both sure that we were meant to be together.

    And when I first saw him at the airport in Spain, I somehow knew that I was looking at my future husband, and when he ran and took me in his arms, I knew I was in the safest place possible. 

    Ahhh… Memories… How I wish to wake up beside him everyday.

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  • To have her home right now.

    #k1visa #ldr italy futurewife
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  • But only months until she comes home. To stay.

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