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  • egoih
    19.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    what if everything was just better

    #witcher season 2 #the witcher netflix #witcher#geralt#vesemir#lambert#kaer morhen#art#mine #I counted all the witchers twice and I'm not going to do it again #witcher coen
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  • talefaerie
    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    “That is the way to fight evil! When evil wants to harm you, inflict pain - anticipate them, it's best if evil does not expect it. But if you fail to prevent evil, if you have been hurt by evil, then avenge him! It is best when they have already forgotten, when they feel safe. Then pay them in double. In triple. An eye for an eye? No! Both eyes for an eye! A tooth for a tooth? No! All their teeth for a tooth! Repay evil! Make it wail in pain, howling until their eyes pop from their sockets. And then, you can look under your feet and boldly declare that what is there cannot endanger anyone, cannot hurt anyone. How can someone be a danger, when they have no eyes? How can someone hurt when they have no hands? They can only wait until they bleed to death.”

    cirilla fiona elen riannon princess royal of cintra heiress to the cintran throne and other thrones child surprise to geralt everyone

    #its depressing she is fifteen here #she is a kid #im sad wow i started off with silly uwus and now i am in Ciri Get Therapy train #also it still is super awesome that even as young as 15- or 11 and 12 tbh when she's at kaer morhen - ciri can kick most overpowered #characters asses bc she is canonly That powerful #she is High Level threat at like fucking 8 #gore mention cw. #violence mention cw.
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    19.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #geralt of rivia #eskel #eskel the witcher #the witcher #the witcher fanart #my art #bonk! #kaer morhen
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  • zhephorahamae
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    The Princess and the Wolves of Kaer Morhen

    Photo by Jason Bell

    #the witcher season 2 #the witcher netflix #geralt of rivia #geralt and ciri #vesemir#lambert#eskel#coen #justice for eskel #geraskier#2022#kaer morhen#the witcher
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  • itsrainingfeathers
    18.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    So...did Lambert bang his friend's wife, or his friend?

    #playing wild hunt #they're getting drunk in kaer morhen #playing never have i ever #and i am confusion #though i'm guessing he banged the wife bc ~heteronormativity~ and ofc this buff manly man-dude has to be straight #though the hunter in white orchard was a manly man-dude and still gay...hmmmm #witcher 3 wild hunt #taiga's witchering
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  • penandinkprincess
    18.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    okay but i play a lot with jaskier’s abandonment issues, but what about GERALT’S?

    abandoned as a little kid on the side of the road by his mother? sure that no one will ever stay because who would want to if even his own MOTHER didn’t? 


    that first fall when jaskier parts? geralt leaving first because he will NOT watch someone walk away from him on a road. not again.


    and there’s still that little niggle of trauma each fall, that little kid inside watching someone he loves leave and wondering “is this it? is this the time it’s forever?”

    but each spring, like clockwork, jaskier comes bounding towards him once more and maybe it’s a little easier to forget the leaving when the coming back is so happy

    #geraskier#geralt#jaskier #I AM EXPERIENCING AN EMOTION #like fucking HELL #it just never occured to me #that beyond the whole witcher and blaviken thing #before ANY of that #geralt was a child left on the side of a road by his mother #and how fucking ACHING it must be to watch people leave after that #bc so few ever come back #and what a MINDFUCK it must be #to have jaskier who leaves so reluctantly and returns so joyfully #for whom leaving geralt is a TRIAL instead of something desirable #OH MAN AND #GERALT DOESN'T INVITE JASKIER TO KAER MORHEN FOR SO LONG #BC THE PATTERN IS JASK LEAVES AND THEN COMES BACK #AND IF GERALT DISRUPTS IT #THEN WHAT IF JASKIER SAYS NO AND THEN DOESN'T COME BACK #OH DEAR OH NO OH MY
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  • sadskies
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I find it absolutely adorable for Geralt to meet a child Y/n and just raise her as his little wolf pup.

    it melts my heart ❤️

    just might write sumn for that….

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  • measurelessdreamer
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Don’t retreat from love (...rediscover it) Chapter 7 is up!

    Read chapter 7 of my geraskier kid fic here or down below!

    Additional Tags: Kid fic, Age Regression/De-Aging, Winter at Kaer Morhen, Post-Episode:s01e06 Rare Species, Found Family, Fluff, Light Angst, Slow Burn, De-Aged Witchers

    Word count: 4619

    “You don’t have to be here, you know,” Eskel said pointedly to both Jaskier and Geralt who were standing by the doorway but still not leaving after they helped set up the bowls with hot water and soap. “We know how to do our laundry. We’ve done it before.”

    Jaskier pondered it for a moment. “Can you give me your word that I won’t find this room in a bigger mess than I found it and that you won’t try drowning each other or something of the sort?”

    Eskel rolled his eyes but nodded. Jaskier turned to Geralt. “Does he mean it?” he asked.

    Geralt glanced at Eskel with that ever-present glint in his eyes that would appear whenever he was assessing something very seriously. “He does.”

    That alone was enough for Jaskier to cave, but he figured one more test wouldn’t hurt, and he made his way to Eskel and extended his right hand with a single finger outstretched. “Pinky promise?”

    Eskel eyed him and his hand as if the gesture offended him and groaned. “That’s for babies.”

    “On the contrary, I think it’s one of the most trustworthy signs that a promise will be kept there is. It’s a sacred tradition.”

    “Bullshit,” Coёn mumbled and grimaced when Geralt scowled at him. “I mean… you’re just making that up.”

    “Why do you think so few people actually use it?” Jaskier asked. “It’s because they know how serious it is, and that breaking it would have the most devastating consequences.”

    Coёn frowned and faltered, glancing at Geralt when he failed to find the bluff on Jaskier’s face, but Geralt was as stoic as ever, giving so little away Coёn was left with no other option than take their word for it. Jaskier almost felt sorry for pulling his leg like that, but maybe it didn’t necessarily have to be a lie. And with that in mind, he vowed to himself that whenever someone asked him for a pinky promise, he would take it as a sacred tradition he was selling it to be.

    Eskel, on the other hand, didn’t look even remotely convinced, but he merely shrugged before turning to Jaskier with a resigned sigh. “Fine,” he said, extended his little finger, and hooked it around Jaskier’s, squeezing tightly before letting go. Jaskier smiled. “Geralt, shall we?” he asked and walked out of the room with Geralt following closely behind.

    “Are you sure we can really leave them like this?” he asked the moment the door was closed.

    “Yes, you can!” they heard Lambert shout from the other side and neither of them could help the laughter that followed. And when Jaskier’s eyes found Geralt and lingered, his heart did something funny at the sight. For it wasn’t a mere snort or a stiffened chuckle he’d just heard the witcher make, but a laugh that could come only from the very depths of someone’s lungs.

    (Forget the red stains littering his hair and making him look far less serious, downright on the verge of ridiculous, suddenly all that mattered was merely how Jaskier saw him and what the sight did to him. Wonderstruck to his very core, as if even after everything he’d seen, his whole life was supposed to lead him to this sole moment and nowhere else. Geralt was perfect and Jaskier could only stare, stare and stare, without having any will strong enough to tear his eyes away. And he was tempted, oh, so tempted to lean in, reach out, touch his hand, and tell him about his heart’s yearnings, all of them, because sharing one was like accidentally letting out a flock of doves – if one slipped away, the rest followed no matter what you did, but-)

    (-but the moment was there and then it wasn’t, and he couldn’t chase away after it. Not when everything about them was still so very fragile and definitely not when he knew all too well who the keeper of Geralt’s heart was. Keepers of such kind were a delicate thing. They rarely signed up for this work and when it came to resigning, that wasn’t entirely up to them either.)

    “I’ll stick around just in case,” Geralt said, motioning towards the door, and Jaskier blinked multiple times before he composed himself. “Keep an ear out.”

    “I, uh, yes, that might actually be a good idea,” Jaskier faltered, flustered, and cursed the heat he could feel in his cheeks, hoping to gods it wasn’t as apparent as he feared it to be. “Do you… want some company?” The words were out before he could stop them, but part of him didn’t regret them. He couldn’t tiptoe around Geralt for all eternity. That wasn’t what “trying” stood for and Geralt was obviously trying, so, at the very least, Jaskier could do the same even if he was risking looking like a complete idiot in the process.

    “If you want,” the man said, facing away, with such nonchalance as if there was no way words like that could possibly shake someone else’s world to its very core.

    “Then lead the way.”

    Geralt led him to his room, which was only a few steps away. He kneeled by his bed and pulled out a small box with a lock from underneath it, undoubtedly meant to keep any small hands from wandering. What was it the box guarded, he wondered. Elixirs, a dagger, some explosive powder?

    (… a small wooden sword, apparently.)

    “I never thought you’d be into wood carving,” Jaskier said, finally at enough ease that he could breathe freely.

    “It’s just a sword. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

    “It’s a very small sword with ornaments carved onto its grip,” Jaskier said pointedly, and Geralt grunted, but Jaskier knew him well enough to know that wasn’t a dismissive grunt. He had gone through the trouble of making sure the sword looked the way it did and he was willingly showing the result to Jaskier. Nothing about this could count as dismissive.

    “It’s for Lambert,” Geralt said and Jaskier stared at him completely caught off guard. “All trainees had to learn how to make one for themselves. In case it broke, they had to create a new sword. Lambert’s been insufferable about not having one ever since the curse. The ones we already have are too big for him.”

    “May I?” Jaskier asked, indicating the masterful creation, and Geralt handed it without a word, their fingers brushing. Jaskier scanned it with his eyes, inch by inch, and lingered by the ornaments only to be momentarily stunned by the pommel, shaped to resemble a wolf’s head. It was far more beautiful than a wooden sword was expected to be, all those additions were completely unnecessary from a practical point of view because a witcher or not, Lambert was still three years old and incapable to do little else with it than hold it and hope it didn’t fall off, but Geralt still made it, still dedicated his time to making it, and Jaskier, for whom expressing oneself through words was a craft, an art, found himself unable to say anything that would do this gesture justice.

    “I’m sure he’ll love it,” he said and handed it back. “Though I’ve got to say, it’s a bit too flammable in my opinion.”

    “If he sets it on fire, it means he doesn’t like it,” Geralt mumbled, fished out a knife, and sat down on the floor, ready to add the finishing touches. “At least I’ll know.”

    “With a sword like that, I bet even nightmares will become wary of bothering him,” Jaskier pointed out and took a seat on the chair between Geralt and the fireplace. “What’s up with that, by the way? Coёn told me this morning he has them regularly. They all do, apparently.”

    “It’s because of the curse. They had nightmares before, it was normal, but now… Vesemir and I needed to figure out what changed, how much they could remember. It turns out that they can recall what they’d normally be able to at their current age, but they remember me, Vesemir, and each other even though Lambert was a bit older when he was brought here, and we met Coёn when we were all fully trained witchers.”

    “Why do you think that is? Why make it easier on you when the fae could just make things as painful as they could possibly be?”

    Geralt just looked at him as if he was being ridiculous. “The fae have been deemed one of the most dangerous creatures way before you and I were born.”

    “But I saw them. I talked to them, and I lived to tell the tale.”

    “You got lucky. I’m not going to base how I approach this on one encounter.”

    “Yes, my mistake, how silly of me to assume that you would prefer to rely on something as primitive as instincts and feelings. Except you actually do. All the time. Remember when you went into a collapsing house to save one particularly feisty witch and after she almost brought the whole Rinde down with her, presumably to gain more power, you had sex with her? Fun times.”

    “You don’t know the whole story,” Geralt said, jaw clenching, keeping his eyes firmly on the wooden sword as if he was deeply immersed in carving it, but his hands weren’t moving.

    Jaskier had hit a soft spot, but no joy came off it. It was a soft spot for him too, after all.

    “And whose fault is that, Mr. Stingy-with-details?” Jaskier asked and Geralt grew quiet, managing to get his hands moving this time, but gone was the relaxed posture Jaskier could’ve seen mere seconds ago. He gave it a few more seconds, expected to be pushed away, kicked out of the room, anything to be honest. Just not the inaction Geralt opted to use instead and not the prominent silence only Jaskier eventually broke.

    “Look,” he said and slid down from the chair onto the floor, his leg brushing Geralt’s without his say so, but he soldiered on because he needed them both to be on the same level as he said this, “I’m not trying to make you trust them or anything like that. Of course, we should look into this as much as we can, take necessary precautions, anything to ensure that no one inside this fortress will be harmed because believe you me, that’s the last thing I want. But we should also keep our doors open.”

    Geralt’s hands stopped moving and he looked into the dancing fiery flames in the hearth. “Why? They could come here any minute and do whatever they want with us. Or anyone can. You, me, and Vesemir wouldn’t stand a chance.”

    “Well, that’s a rather bleak way of looking at this world.”

    “It’s kept me alive so far. And besides, you idolize the curse too much. You asked about the nightmares. They’re the missing memories. The fae took the bad ones away so none of them remember during the day, but at night, that’s all they can see. And when we ask them about it the next day, they say they don’t remember a thing. The fae might’ve given them some semblance of security by keeping their memories of me and Vesemir intact, but that doesn’t justify having to watch and hear them wake up screaming.”

    Jaskier gripped his hands so tightly they started turning white and clenched his jaw as he looked at the flames. “No… no, it fucking doesn’t,” he said, voice hoarse and barely audible, as he imagined the torture Eskel, Coёn, and Lambert must go through, how excruciating it had to be to be there and to see it, unable to do anything about it or explain any of it.

    He imagined Eskel’s natural grin turning bleak, Coёn’s energy dissipating into thin air and Lambert’s small frame trembling in fear. Then he pictured, as vividly as if he could see it right in front of him, Nova’s confident smile, Sky’s patient look, and the way Aurora would lift her eyebrows as if bored and annoyed and would still say nothing to spite him. He pictured that and for the first time after a long while, he felt wrath decimating and powerful in a way he’d never known it to be. The closest thing to it was probably what he felt at the injustice back on the Path whenever someone lied to Geralt and didn’t treat him with even a sliver of human courtesy everyone should possess. This just wasn’t part of the deal.

    Because what was the point of taking the pain away when you thrust all of it back in waves?

    “How did you figure it out?” he asked despite the lump in his throat because he needed to know. “That the nightmares were the bad memories.”

    Geralt indulged him. He told him how Lambert would dream about his father, about fists and slaps that refused to stop coming no matter how bad it got, no matter how loud he and his mother would scream, and how the beating stopped only once he ended up being exchanged for his father’s life through the Law of Surprise. Geralt told him about dreams filled with fiery balls flying through the darkened sky and crashing into crumbling walls, about pitchforks and swords and vanishing heartbeats.

    (Sacking of Kaer Morhen. It had to be.)

    Eskel would have those dreams too along with blonde hair, black sun, and a sword coming for his eyes. It was then that Jaskier found out that part of Eskel’s face was, were he in his normal age, heavily scarred because of his Child Surprise Deidre. Although Eskel would deny ever remembering this whenever asked, there were implications he was at least subconsciously aware. It was why the practice dummy couldn’t have been named Deidre and it was why whenever someone called him pretty or handsome, Eskel would shrink into himself instead of enjoying the praise.

    Coёn would dream of an avalanche bringing down walls he’d considered indestructible his whole life, silencing so many sounds that had been mere white noise to him, but constructed so much of his daily routine that their sudden absence was just unthinkable. He would dream of being buried deep in the snow and unable to dig his wait out until his vision would go completely black.

    Jaskier just continued to sit there, not trusting himself to move in any way, lest he lost control somehow and maybe the boys would hear him and the last thing he needed was to scare them even more. “I’m sorry,” he said and scoffed, feeling like a complete idiot, having nothing else to offer but empty apologies that wouldn’t help anyone. “I wish… I wish I had some idea what the faeries might want. But they were very careful not to give away any clues.”

    “Hm,” Geralt said and for once, Jaskier agreed that there was probably nothing more that could have been said. “Where did you say you met them?”


    “Not their usual territory. Must be something about Velen that makes them wary of it.”

    “Have you actually been there? It rains there constantly. Bandits are everywhere eyes could see and don’t even get me started on the mud-“

    “It’s also full of people who would be helpless to fight their enchantments and yet, the first time I hear of them appearing in Velen is to take you here.”

    “I must have been an essential part of their plan, then,” Jaskier said plainly, but he could see Geralt’s shoulders twitch just a tiny bit. He wasn’t sure what had given him away, whether it was the tone, the wording or if Geralt could smell the secret of him, but there was something about what he said that revealed far more than he would like. It was inevitable, he knew that, but he still would have preferred a bit more time.

    (Because he was an essential part of someone’s plan, but he’d never been an essential part of anything that regarded Geralt, apparently.)

    But before he could try to shake off the tense silence that had enveloped them, Geralt decided to break it. “Where did you go? After the mountain?”

    Jaskier shrugged and went for nonchalant. “Ah, you know, here and there.” And as he waved his hand, he spotted Geralt glaring at him. “You… you actually want to know.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement and Geralt said nothing to dispute it.

    “Honestly, I couldn’t tell you where I went in detail even if I wanted to. I just knew I needed to keep moving. I visited some villages and towns, mostly. I remember a court at some point. Then… I went to the coast. To… to figure out what pleases me and all that.”

    “And did you?” Geralt asked, voice so unreadable Jaskier was tempted to think he couldn’t care less, but in truth, it was clear Geralt wouldn’t have asked if he hadn’t wanted to hear the answer.

    “You get so much time alone, figuring out things like that is sometimes all you can do. Someone like you should know that all too well,” Jaskier said and let out a sad huff. “Gods, I spent so much of it trying to come up with what I was going to say to you if we were to ever meet again and then I went ahead and didn’t say any of it.”

    “Why not?”

    “Why not? Well, maybe because the next time we met you were holding a toddler who also happened to be your brother under a fae curse. It may come as a surprise to you, Geralt, but even my imagination doesn’t reach that high that I would actually prepare myself for this particular scenario in advance just in case.”

    Geralt snorted and Jaskier glared at him, but it was very short-lived. “I think,” he went on, “it’s safe to say that far too many things have turned your entire world upside down in a very short time. Mine too, actually. Maybe, it’s sometimes better to let things run their course naturally and just see where it gets you.”

    “Even if it means hurting others?”

    “Well, at least you were very eloquent with how you basically told me to fuck off on that mountain, so…”

    “I’m sorry.”

    “I know. You already said as much.”

    “Feels like it’s not enough, though.”

    Jaskier shrugged and took a deep breath. “You were hurt, Geralt, and because of that, you hurt me.”

    “That’s not an excuse.”

    “Maybe, maybe not, but lucky for you, I know exactly what a broken heart can do to a man, make the pain so unbearable that you don’t see any other option than just take down everyone who gets too close with you. What you said… it’s not exactly okay. Not yet, anyway. But I promised to try and as you know well by now, I’m a man of my word.” Jaskier’s lips quirked into a smile. It wasn’t as weak as he’d expected it to be. “Let’s see where it gets us, shall we?”

    “Hm,” Geralt said and frowned as if bracing himself for something. “For what it’s worth, I’m… I’m glad that you’re here.”

    Jaskier breathed out a soft chuckle and let his smile widen. This stupid man. If only he knew what worth lied behind those words… Maybe they weren’t as eloquent as the ones he’d said on the mountain, but for Jaskier, they were at least triple their worth. “You should be,” Jaskier said, “I spent almost half an hour trying to convince Lambert why putting fingers into his nose is a bad thing. I can’t imagine you would want to have that kind of conversation on your shoulders. There’s only so many words you can say to a three-year-old before you lose their attention completely.”

    Geralt rolled his eyes but chuckled and made the last cut into the wooden sword. “It’s finished. What do you think?” he asked and handed the small thing over to Jaskier once more, who noticed the final addition instantly. Small flower, carved onto the grip, a perfect finishing touch.

    “You do realize there’s a fair chance the others will want their own personalized swords too once they see this one?” Jaskier asked.

    Geralt grunted, exasperated, but he didn’t say anything about denying anyone who would come up to him with this request. Somehow, Jaskier was sure that meant he really wouldn’t have the strength to say no in that scenario.

    “Don’t forget to smooth it out before you give it to him, though. If he gets splinters stuck in his hands, I’ll consider it not my problem and happily leave you to your doom of taking care of that.”

    “You wouldn’t do that.”

    Jaskier fumbled before giving out a sigh. “Fine, yes, you’re right. I wouldn’t, but I still don’t feel like testing how that would go so just do your best… for both our sakes.”

    Geralt scoffed, opened his mouth to say something, but Jaskier never got to find out what because right in that moment, Geralt completely froze, face hardening in a way Jaskier recognized easily after two decades of traveling with him on the Path.

    Something was wrong.

    “The medallion,” Geralt trailed off and quickly stood up, marching out of the room. Jaskier’s body moved without his volition, drawn by the sheer force of the cruel possibility that danger was near. He heard another door opening before he saw it. Coёn emerged from the room, alarmed and alert and running and at first, Jaskier thought the danger was inside the room and his heart stopped at the implications, but then Eskel and Lambert emerged, and Jaskier looked back at Coёn whose head turned back as he exclaimed, “There’s something out there!”

    Jaskier saw the tragedy before it happened, knew Geralt realized as well when he moved with everything he got, but Coёn was fast and even a few steps could feel like simply too far away when someone had a head start. And one second could be the most crucial thing of them all. For the briefest of moments, Coёn wasn’t looking where he was going, and his next step didn’t meet the solid ground. Geralt shouted his name and tried to run to him, but there was no time to stop him from stumbling, from falling. Coёn let out a terrified scream, resonating through the hallway, and Jaskier’s heart stopped beating before they all saw a light flash through the hallway, revealing a pair of hands that caught Coёn just before he could fall.

    Geralt growled where he was standing, just a few steps away from Nova who descended onto the floor, holding a very terrified-looking Coёn in her arms. Jaskier ran quickly to Lambert and picked him up, his right hand going to Eskel’s shoulder to put the boy behind him, but Eskel used his quick reflexes to get past him, his wooden sword in hand and ready to be used if needed, and Jaskier’s heart broke just a bit more at the sight, knowing it would never be enough against a fae.

    “Eskel,” Geralt said, voice harsh and commanding, before he grabbed Eskel’s arm and pulled him quickly behind his back. Eskel went very reluctantly, but the next time Jaskier touched him, and their eyes met, he listened to the warning that hadn’t been spoken and stayed where he was.

    Jaskier’s eyes landed on Nova who was looking at them with intrigue and amusement that made his blood run cold.

    “Let him go,” Geralt growled and pulled out the only weapon he had at his disposal – the knife he’d used for carving. “Now.”

    Nova lifted her eyebrows, staring at the knife as if the gesture had greatly offended her and she shook her head at them before her eyes landed on Coёn who was trembling in her arms. She lingered, just staring at him, without saying a word, waiting for a beat or two, they all felt like an eternity to Jaskier, before she finally lifted her gaze, looked back at Geralt, and narrowed her eyes, lips winding into a smirk.

    “I won’t ask again,” Geralt said, and she smiled as if pleased and not at all hindered by the threat she’d just heard. Then, very slowly, she placed Coёn back on the ground, keeping her hands on his shoulders long enough for Jaskier’s heart to skip a beat yet again. Her eyes remained on Geralt as her left hand returned to her side and her right hand moved to Coёn’s back and nudged him forward. Coёn ran with fervor to Geralt who quickly pulled him to his side, shielding him, his eyes never leaving Nova.

    The fae scoffed at that and only then did her eyes find Jaskier. He received a smile and a wink before the light appeared again and she vanished from their sight.

    Geralt moved in an instant, turning to Coёn, hands roaming over his small arms before settling on his shoulders. “Are you alright?” he asked and Coёn nodded hastily, still palpably trembling. Geralt’s look only hardened. “Never do that again. You’re not the witcher you were. You’re out of practice. You haven’t wielded a real sword in weeks. When I tell you to stay put, that’s exactly what you do.” He looked at both Eskel and Lambert after that. “All of you.”

    “But we could help you,” Eskel protested.

    “You’re not ready.”

    “We know how to fight!”

    “You make mistakes that could cost you your lives against a real opponent.”

    “We can’t just hide when we know you might be in danger!”

    “Geralt,” Jaskier said because he could see where this was going, but the witcher refused to be swayed.

    “It’s not safe.”


    “I said no,” Geralt shouted and Eskel went quiet, his determined look turning into a scowl. Coёn still looked terrified and on the verge of crying and Lambert’s body was tense, his silent whimpering echoing through the hallway, though Jaskier doubted Geralt could hear it.

    “Geralt,” Jaskier said again and reached for his arm. Geralt flinched at the contact but stayed exactly where he was. “You’ve made your point. And I understand you’re worried.”

    “If the fae decided to do something, there would be nothing we could do about it,” Geralt said with so much intensity in his eyes, Jaskier felt far too tempted to look away and keep his mouth shut. But that wasn’t what friends did.

    “I know, I know, and we can talk about it with clear minds and calm hearts later. But look at them, Geralt. They’re terrified. Let’s cut them some slack before making things even worse.”

    This time, his words got through to Geralt. He looked at the boys, one by one, the scowl on his face easing with each one, until his eyes met Jaskier’s once again and he gave out a huge exhale. “Fine.”

    Jaskier squeezed his arm once before letting go. Before he could say something more, they heard multiple footsteps coming their way and soon spotted the figures running to them.

    “What happened?” Ciri asked. “Vesemir said something was wrong.”

    “Our-our medallions were humming,” Coёn said, voice still faltering.

    “That’s not what I meant,” Vesemir, following right after Ciri, said. “That’s already been taken care of.”

    “What do you mean?” Geralt asked and before Vesemir could clarify, a third figure walked up the stairs with the same alertness in her gaze as she looked at each of them before her eyes fell on Geralt, her chestnut hair littered with melting snowflakes.

    “Triss,” Geralt said with relief evident in his voice.

    The woman smiled at him. “Nice to see you again, Geralt.”

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    @witcr​ said.  ❛ you’re following me ? ❜

    the small brunette let out a curse, she had been doing so well--or so she thought so anyways. the young witcher-in-training let herself fall from one of the upper branches, landing in a crouch as she hits the ground before standing up straight. she eyed her older brother, her wooden blade strapped to her back and, despite the strong chill in the air, wearing just a simple shirt and trousers, her shoes nowhere to be seen.

    “ vesemir said that you have the strongest senses out of everyone, so i thought i would learn how to be more stealthy if i tried to track you. “ she explained simply. “ guess i still need to work on it. “ muttering the last sentence to herself.

    “ what are you doing out here anyways ? there’s a big storm comin’ so you need to head back soon. “ how she knows, she still doesn’t understand the full extent of her abilities, but there was this tiny noise in the back of her head warning her of winter’s wrath that was soon approaching. the first big storm of the season, which will eventually close up the paths that led through the mountain. “ lambert said that he’s not gonna look for your ‘ dumbass ‘ if you get lost. “ the words were more explicit but vesemir said that she would need to be older before he allows said words to be used by her.

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  • mitdemadlerimherzen
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    unpopular opinion apparently, but I really fucking loved The Witcher season 2 😌

    #no i haven't played the games #and only read the last wish so far #bite me#my art#kaer morhen#the witcher #i loved making this #i made this
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  • sandinthepipes
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    I'm just saying if the Witcher Netflix was fine making up all that stuff to better fit their own version of the story, they could've very well made the fanon hot springs in kaer morhen canon.

    #just saying #i mean is it still fanon at this point? #the entirety of the fanbase thinks those exists #i call bullshit on a kaer morhen without hotsprings #the witcher #the witcher netflix #the witcher season two #kaer morhen#hot springs
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  • twenty-qs
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    It is actually SO funny to me that Netflix’s The Witcher has the opposite problem of so many male-led shows. Lauren Hirsch has this fantastic ability to write realistic and interesting female characters…but she’s abysmal at writing male characters. Like, I still love them, but you also get things like—

    Women getting together in the Witcher: subtle and delightful group dynamics, a pitch-perfect love hate relationship b/w Yen and Tissaia, serious convos about worth and bodily autonomy, sometimes they get high.

    Men getting together in the Witcher: fuck, idk uhhhh an orgy. Wave their swords around. Male bonding is Geralt and Vesemir nodding silently at each other. Screw it there’s too many men in the room, just kill off a dozen of them.

    #the witcher #twn s2 spoilers #I honestly love that for her #sorry jask you’re gonna have to carry the entire kaer morhen cast on your back
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  • inmydrcams
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    okay but also, I do think ciri has a lot of feelings about geralt putting her at melitele and then sending yen and not checking on her and then thanedd happens and she gets him back for just a moment before she has to give him up again =/
    #and she loves him a lot #but also it doesn't feel like he wants her around #even at kaer morhen he's calling for triss to help look after him #*her #and it's complicated for ciri #ch; c. of cintra #( ;; we don't vibe with fanon )
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  • tumbleweedtech
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Why is the Witcher fandom not talking about this scene? I get it. I completely agree, the whitewashing of the PoC characters is horrible. The racism is atrocious. We need to talk about that. HOWEVER. We also need to talk about this. This scene. It makes my skin crawl. I'm horrified. Appalled. Everyone should be, no matter how you feel about this show. ESPECIALLY if you love this show. Especially if this is the canon you prefer. Because this scene right here? Turned those witchers into rapists. Discussion below the cut.

    Vesemir is standing there, smiling and sober. Geralt is talking to him, not smiling but also sober. They discuss how "all of them" the witchers and sex workers alike took this drug. It's clear they're all inebriated. So even if you do not know prior canon, you know they are at minimum, drunk off of some substance. If you DO know the lore, and/or are just nosy, you know they're all clearly overdone on a hallucinogenic substance. You cannot consent when drunk. You cannot consent when high. My problem here is, this is a known substance for the witchers. If this is something Eskel has taken to deal with the pain of his sting, then it's likely a common substance to them. They know it, they know the taste, they know how it impacts their bodies, and what drinking too much will look like for them. Spoiler alert: They're all pretty much fine. Because they manage the Leshen fight just fine. They go from carousing to fighting in a heartbeat. However, the women? Are you telling me they agreed to come up the mountain, agreed to have their memories forcibly wiped? Consent is explicit, ongoing, to each activity, and revokable. They did not tell us, or show us, that these women agreed to being drugged. They had "summat warming". Alcohol is the implication. Even drunk off your ass, most people (most!) can remember the next day. Especially when they don't drink that much- because when shit goes down, these women run to hide, and run to leave. They're not shown as heavily impaired. They're not stumbling or woozy. They're afraid of the attacking monster.. upset, scared, half dressed... and then they run out of the keep. Netflix Witcher's continent website even confirms that they do not remember what happened, and that one of the women died.

    These women were drugged, raped, and left to fend for themselves on a mountain full of wolves that we were told harbor wolves that are familiar with and used to eating human flesh. We're supposed to shrug this off because... they're sex workers? They're a plot device? They're a day's amusement? I have asked Hissrich 6 times, explicitly and politely, and been ignored each time. Today, with all the rest of her behaviour, I'm done. Also, Editing to add in, the gifs were made for me by the ever wonderful @winter-fir. Go follow my friend, she's a sweetheart and a lovely artist.

    #cw: non specific rape' discussion #cw:mention of rape' #Season 2 Witcher #Witcher Netflix#the witcher#netflix witcher #geralt of rivia #Vesemir#Kaer Morhen
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  • stromuprisahat
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago
    #The Witcher (TV series) #02×07: Voleth Meir #quotes#Jaskier#Kaer Morhen #Ciri of Cintra #Geralt of Rivia #Witcher critical#V
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  • stromuprisahat
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    They would've done better with keeping the four Kaer Morons and DEVELOPING the characters aside from *bullies a child* ... *tries to use a child*.

    This is just like:



    Lambert, the redhead asshole (I know this one from casting announcements!)

    Coën?somehow not a Griffin (Easy to recognize- bald with heterochromia.)

    some guy with long hair

    another guy with long hair

    some more guys, who have names according to Imdb...?

    #The Witcher (TV series) #season 2#Witcher critical#Kaer Morhen#Kaer Morons#witchers #Ciri of Cintra #Vesemir#Eskel#Lambert#Coën#V #This is just shit writing. #You don't need MANY characters #you need WELL DEVELOPED characters. #Or at least properly introduced.
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  • sandinthepipes
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    So, uh, quick notice because I sure didn't: Coen is a wolf, as you can see from his medallion.

    And I suspect the Witcher Netflix just decided to ignore any other Witcher school. If that's the case, the ones we see alive at the end of S2 are literally the only witchers alive in the entire continent. Which begs the question: where the fuck is Aiden?

    Wow. I was not ready for this kind of news

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  • sandinthepipes
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Thinking about how Jaskier walked in a room full of angry witchers with black veins and eyes, made a joke and casually proceeded to not leave the room just like any other wednesday.


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  • theodorebasmanov
    14.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    I’ve read the third “The Witcher” book “Blood of Elves”. From now on The Witcher books are solid novels, not collections of short stories. This one is mostly about Ciri. We get to know a little more of her story – about the destruction and conquest of Cintra, about her live with Geralt and (I guess, spoilers start here) other witchers at Kaer Morhen, about her training there, about her and Geralt’s relationship with Triss, who came to their place to help with Ciri’s education, about her studies at the Temple School in Ellander and her lessons with Yennefer who also came to test Ciri and taught her magic. Everything is about her – Geralt is being haunted by some creepy magician(Geralt almost caught him) who is probably hired by the emperor if Nilfgaard, who wants to find the girl and I don’t know – marry her so that Cintra will be a better province for his empire. The kings and queens come together to discuss what they have to do with the Lion Cub of Cintra and they think that they have to kill her to avoid anybody (especially, Emhyr var Emreis) marrying her and making Cintra their kingdom. The magicians also gather to discuss the kings gathering without telling them. The new war with Nilfgaard is over the corner. Now, I'm going to try reading "Norse Mythology" by Neil Gaiman.

    #books#the witcher #the witcher books #blood of elves #andrzej sapkowski #the witcher blood of elves #geralt of rivia #cirilla of cintra #ciri #yennefer of vengerberg #triss merigold #geralt and ciri #geralt and yennefer #yennefer and ciri #kaer morhen#nilfgaard #emhyr var emreis
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