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    01.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    — # [🫐] Napping Besides Them | Genshin Characters ✘ Reader(s)

    Disclaimer; Platonic Relationship with The Children.

    Albedo; He likes it when you nap besides him, because he’ll be able to practice his painting anatomy and he likes and adores painting you.

    Jean; She likes it when you nap besides her because it motivates herself to nap when you nap besides her. She likes sleeping next to you anyways.

    Diluc; He doesn’t mind when you nap besides him, because it kinda boost his ego slightly and self esteem that you trust him so much to sleep so close and next to him.

    Xiangling; She doesn’t really care if you sleep besides her, in fact she finds your sleeping adorable, and cute and funny, and she starts to think of recipes and meals to cook for you when you wake up.

    Klee; Would probably draw on your face if you ever dare to nap besides her. Maybe even draw bombs or place bombs besides you while you sleep before cackling away.

    Qiqi; More likely forget that she has work to do and will sleep and nap besides you as well.

    Kaeya; Would perhaps play with some strands of your hair, before getting distracted because of your beautiful face.

    Zhongli; Brew you some warm tea while you nap so that when you wake up while he is gone, you can drink the recently brewed tea that you made.

    Ayaka; Has you nap on her lap rather than besides you, because she enjoys making sure that you are safe with her.

    Beidou; Would take her mind off the boat for a little bit and keep her main focus on you. Would get angry if the crew mates grew to loud or reckless.

    Ningguang; Would do her paperwork while you nap besides her. Might even play with your hair for a bit.

    Diona; Would rant loudly about Diluc’s wine and how her father hardly spends time with her whole she thinks your asleep.

    Lisa; Read a book in your ear and giggle hearing the sounds of your faint snoring.

    Xingqiu; Finish writing his books and making book covers while you sleep besides him.

    Chongyun; He would still participate in his excorsims while you are asleep but will be much more quiet about it than usual as he wouldn’t want to wake you up.

    Childe; Would do everything in his way to make sure you stay sleeping near him and make sure to keep the other fatui members quiet. Or else things might get a bit bloody.

    Xiao; Might nap besides you as well like Qiqi or Jean, and only in case he isn’t training or treating Ganyu at the time.

    Ganyu; Watch you sleep and pick some flowers from the grass. Perhaps would think about taking you to a nice restaurant.

    Baal; Steal your vision if you have one. But for real, she’ll make sure everything is quiet and comfortable for you, at all costs.

    Gorou; Play with your hair because that’s what you do to him and especially playing with his ears while he naps. So he thinks it’s best to return the favor.

    Kokomi; Perhaps read you a book but on the most common occasion, have your head on her lap while she continues to read a book.

    Xingyan; Will do her best to keep quiet and make sure that everything is comfortable. Will practice a few strands on her guitar but if that is too loud, she’ll just him quietly.

    Tohma; Perhaps think about taking you to a nice restaurant after your nap to thank you for saving him a couple of times, here and there.

    © childeluv ‘s content. Don’t steal or plagiarize my writing. Don’t repost in different language either.

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    #anon.txt #kaeya simps
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    #anon.txt #honey and kaeya
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    01.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    #genshin impact x reader #genshin#genshin impact #yandere genshin x reader #kaeya x reader #smut#thoma #thoma x you #thoma x reader #yandere thoma x reader #thoma smut
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  • luventi
    01.08.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    cute things about the genshin boys <3

    childe wears glasses because he’s far sighted and if you ever try to show him a funny video he quickly scrambles to get his glasses on

    diluc holds your hand during scary amusement park rides, you would think he would be okay with them but he’s not a big fan of heights

    xiao sleeps hugging your pillow whenever you’re not home

    zhongli like to film and or take lots of photos of you and your surroundings when you go on dates, they’re like mementos in a way + this includes off guard pictures of you

    kaeya practices the suave lines he’s going to use on you with the stuff animals in your room, you once caught him but you laughed so hard he made you promise to never speak about it ever again

    kazuha keeps a drawer specifically for all your things in his room, you’re not moved in quite yet but it’s definitely a start

    albedo annotates the books he knows you’ll want to borrow after he read them because you like the cute little notes he leaves (like underlining any line that reminds him of you)

    thoma kisses the framed picture of you he has on his bedside table every morning

    scaramouche keeps your favorite sweater of his for you in the backseat of his car, if you ask him about it he’ll deny it tho

    venti asks to help you with chores because they’re an easy way to spend time with you, he loves to just talk to you while folding laundry on the floor, it’s very domestic

    gorou holds out his snacks for you, you don’t even need to ask for some he’s already shaking the bag in your face while still paying full attention to whatever else he’s doing

    #hehe brainrot #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact#genshin fluff#genshin headcanons #genshin impact headcanons #childe x reader #diluc x reader #albedo x reader #kaeya x reader #zhongli x reader #xiao x reader #thoma x reader #gorou x reader #venti x reader #scaramouche x reader #kazuha x reader
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    01.08.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    #sincerely: the stars—☆ #from my beloved kaeya anon—☆
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    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #genshin impact writing #genshin#genshin impact#genshin writing #kaeya x reader #zhongli x reader #childe x reader #tartaglia x reader #kaeya x you #zhongli x you #childe x you #tartaglia x you #kaeya#genshin kaeya#zhongli#genshin zhongli#childe#genshin childe#tartaglia#genshin Tartaglia#genshin drabble#genshin blog #genshin x you #genshin x reader #genshin self insert
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  • khaenriahn
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

              ❝ Those tiny lights in the ocean, I don’t think they ever fully explained them. It makes me wonder what they are. Perhaps they’re the drifting souls of those who’ve managed to escape this place trying to lead us home? ❞

    #isola mini #the archons have let kaeya live another day and now it's all your problem again. #◆◇ █ ▌ spiralefes 一 ⌊ one ⌉
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    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Posted with permission from the Artist
    Artist: @/ _DKjr

    ✨B O N U S✨

    Venti choking SKSNSJNZJSJSJ 💀

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  • vvsickrr
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    💨. docile

    cw. yandere themes, corruption kink, dubcon, exhibitionist, belly bulge, squirting (briefly), dacryphilia, naive/innocent reader, degradation, manipulation

    ft. childe + kaeya [f!reader] !seperate!

    a/n. im so horny right now i just want to be fuck by them no proofread bcs i wanted this to be let out before my 1k event!!

    ᝰ childe !!

    "please, not h-here.." he keep telling you it's your fault, that you deserve more than a measly punishment since you had beg him to not drag you into sparring into him, you knew you would seen death if you draw your sword to him. he knew your dumb little mind couldn't even figured out why you were being punished. of course you can't, if it wasn't him that took a liking into you, he would have long gone let the other fatuis turn you into as their personal cumdump.

    it's annoying how oblivious you are, do you think that you could get away easily just because you were his favourite. did he not tell you to not talk to zhongli even if the man makes futile attempt of conversing you? childe doesn't have all the time in the world just to coddled a crybaby like you everyday.

    "you're always like this even after i told you to not talk with anyone, why are you being like this? do you want zhongli to bend you down and fuck this slutty hole instead? is that what you want?" he hissed, landing his calloused palm against the flesh of your ass.

    "no, 'm sorry, i won't do it again!" there was a paused of moment where only his heavy pants and your muffled sobs filling the tight hallway. you glanced over to your side, eyes widening after realizing how many people are still around, roaming around liyue as they chatted happily. your attention averted from the public to childe prodding the tip of his cock against your folds, swooping your arousal and hid pre-cum into your hole. your hand making futile attempts of pushing him away, heart beating out of raw fear, people are going to see, there is no denying that they would if they come here to investigate the squelching sound of your pussy being fucked against the wall.


    ᝰ kaeya !!

    "k-kaeya, it hurts.." you don't know if it's either the way he pushed your leg to your chest that makes you felt sore, or the way he kept on burying his cock inside, kissing your cervix with his tip. his desk violently shakes, creaking each time he slammed his hips into you. fat tears sliding down to your cheeks, kaeya couldn't help but find how cute you are. with your lips trembling, eyes peering down to see how well your tiny cunt taking him in, the vivid shape of his cock appearing on your stomach.

    "aw, your tummy hurts?" he purrs, mockingly smiles as he watched your pupils enlarging, walls twitching around him. you nod, oblivious to the mocking tone he laced on his voice. a whimper lured past your lips when he pressed his cock down on your stomach, leaving your legs limply hang on both side of his body, his hold on your thighs being the only support.

    "i don't like it," you don't like it but your velvety walls pulsating around, you don't like it but you'd still curl your arms around his neck, bringing him closer just so you can hear his sweet mockery ringing thru your ears. you'd told him you can take him, that he doesn't have to go around and found somebody who can deal him him better than you, and yet here you are, turning putty on his hand each time he lay his deft finger on your puffy clif— hastily rubbing the sensitive bud.

    "come on, sweetheart. don't tell me you're dozing off already. am i that boring for you? i knew i should've get it from someone—" it's weird, having the unfamiliar coil in your stomach beg to be released while you were washed with bliss, dowsed in kaeya endless teasing.

    "no! don't— please, i'll be good!" you're so cute, with your frantic eyes and gaping lips.

    "good. now quit whining, or i won't even make you cum."

    #genshin impact smut #genshin impact imagines #genshin impact x reader #yandere genshin impact #genshin x reader #kaeya smut#childe smut #yandere childe x reader #tw dubcon #kaeya x reader smut
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  • aeneozen
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ↳˳☁️;; ❝ KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE ᵕ̈ ೫˚∗:

    kissing in the rain head cannons (genshin male characters)
    fluff !!

    just came back from a walk in the rain when will it be my turn to be kissed in the rain <3 tell me if you guys want a girls version !!


    xiao, xingqiu, zhongli, diluc, dainsleif, bennett

    would be against the idea of doing it because its rain, you’ll get sick and they don’t want that to happen

    unless you REALLY wanna do it, they would do it with you, would wrap their hands around your waist and give you soft kisses (those that make you feel like you’re in a disney movie), probably shields your face from the rain with their hands

    kaeya, childe, venti, thoma, baizhu, kazuha, gorou

    excited about it because it seems romantic and fun, would probably ask you to wear a white shirt because they wanna see you get drenched

    pulls you in by your neck and kisses you roughly <3 something about seeing you standing in the rain makes them happy, would dance with you in the rain

    albedo, chongyun, razor, aether, scaramouche

    isn’t exactly excited about it or opposed of it but would do it because it just seemed ‘okay’, would do it if it makes you happy

    I feel like they’re the type to cup your face and kiss you and when they realize how different this feeling is, everytime it rains they’ll pull you out and kiss you there

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  • o0milky-sweet0o
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Emergency headcanons!

    Kaeya with a trans boyfriend that gets misgender by his dad!

    Before reading; If you are not mlm/ mlnb please don't intricate with this post, if you do you are gonna be blocked.

    The cheer balls that you dad has is disgusting.

    Is that what Kaeya thinks most of the time when you come back to him after your dad called you a girl and dead name you.

    To his eyes, well better said eye, it was disgusting and so unrespectful of your dads side.

    Kaeya would pamper the living shit out of you, since he is the head of knight's of mondstad he is a wealthy himself.

    That new shirt that you wanted? Getting it, want some candy? He got your favorite want a puppy? Just take good care of him okay?

    He will let you stay at his place as long as you want, but remember he has work to do so he won't be home and probably won't come back until late a night.

    Just remember that he will always call you handsome boy, his sweet lil boy, yeah every compliment has a reference to you being a man, and honestly is kinda cute.

    But Keaya would use his statu as the head of knight's he would intimidated your dad since Kaeya can easily convince everyone that your dad is a bad person.

    Overall he would cuddle you are reassure you that you are happy.

    Maybe Diluc would help him beat your dad -

    #kaeya ragnvindr#headcanon#genshin impact #genshin x male reader #male reader#trans reader #male trans reader
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  • gayratparty
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    plz i love this soundtrack in genshin, it’s so calming🤧 if anyone wants to listen to it while doing other stuff here’s a spotify link^^

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  • kleesbombsquad
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Starter Call

    Like and or reblog for a short starter

    Please specify muse (or I'll probably just yeet paimon at you)

    Mutuals only please

    #muses are. #klee qiqi diona. #kaeya venti paimon. #traveler either gender.
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  • sidemariana
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Giving them a bl*wjob 😼

    Pairings: Xiao, Diluc, Kaeya and Childe [separately] x GN!Reader

    Warnings: It's pure thirsty, besties. Of course contains sexual content, read responsibly. Ignore any mistakes and just enjoy it. NSFW under the cut, my dear.

    Author's note: The best part of it all was me writing this with a straight face while listening to Shadow Moses from BMTH.

    Xiao 🎆

    His hands were gripping your hair so tightly it was almost hurting.

    "Yes... Mhmm (Name)!" The yaksha's cheeks were red, as if he was ashamed of the pleasure he was feeling.

    "Oh, archons" He moaned when your tongue brushed his tip, his hands guiding you in the pace.

    About the portion you couldn't take in your mouth, you used your hand to jerk it off, making the boy squirm in his place.

    "I came here... Ah! To visit you, not to gain a blowjob..." He gasped, as he bit his lips to not make any more noises. "Though, I'm not complaining... You're so damn good at this..."

    "Ne, Xiao, don't hold back your moans. You deserve this" You spoke, just to start sucking him off again, his eyes rolling in pure bliss as his peak got closer.

    Soon enough, your warm little mouth made him cum.

    "I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum" He gasped just before his climax.

    "Give it to me, love" With that line, his warm seed reached the back of your throat and you gulped it as you finished licking him clean.

    "Such a good boy for me" You whispered, getting off your knees and kissing his lips. "Just a tiny and cute little mess right in front of me"

    Diluc 🦉

    Diluc was stressed out. He was trying his very best to not snap at the customers in the tavern.

    "This cursed place should be closed by now" He hissed.

    "Hey, 'Luc... They're drunk... Let them be, relax"

    "How can I relax when I wanted to be at home but I'm stuck here?"

    You knew what would give him some patience.

    Getting on your knees, you touched his cock above his trousers's fabric.

    "What the-"

    "Shush, you don't wanna caught their attention, do you?"

    He was already hard. You smiled proudly and taking his underwear from the way, you started swirling your tongue around his tip, your hands massaging his balls delicately.

    "Oh gods... (Name)" He whimpered quietly, trying his best to not show he was gaining a blow job from you under the table that covered your lewd actions.

    Your mouth swallowed him with some difficulty, but your will to pleasure him was bigger.

    After some minutes with your stimulation he came inside your mouth, some of his cum dripping onto your lips.

    He brushed his tip against your plump lips, gaining a smile from you.

    "Such a naughty little on, always surprising me" He kissed your forehead when you got up from under the table with a straight face.

    Kaeya ❄

    The Cavalry Captain Kaeya was extremely bored in his office. That was what happened when you were the captain of something that didn't exist in the practice.

    You were only helping him with some paperwork as you were getting tired of his complaints.

    "(Name), amuse me, please. I'm boreeeed" He was throwing a tantrum and you weren't in the mood to bear his boredom.

    Leaving your paperwork and getting on your knees right in front of him, you opened his zipper and slipped his pants until you had more space to work.

    "Be quiet, Captain Kaeya" You threatened him. "You don't want Master Jean discovering you're doing such lewd things here in the KOF headquarters, right?"

    He assented obediently, begging you to start.

    You sucked him off in the pace you knew he liked the most and you made the little tricks he loved the most.

    "Oh dear gods, just like that, love" He begged in a thin voice.

    Soon enough, all your ministrations made him orgasm, his body relaxing onto his chair as you swallowed his semen.

    "Are you less bored now, uh?" You cleaned your lips before getting back to your paperwork.

    "I think I'm gonna get bored more often then, baby"

    Tartaglia 🌊

    Childe was an ass today. Dear gods, he was so clingly you just wanted to kick him in the stomach and stay alone in peace.

    "Let's make a deal! I'll make you feel good and you'll leave me rest for some minutes, alright?" You spoke severely to him.

    "Nah, what are you going to do? Woah~" He said surprised when you threw him against your couch and kneeled right in from of him.

    "Suck you off until you make a mess in my mouth, how does that sound?" You said irritated, gaining puppy eyes from the ginger.

    And so you did. You swallowed his lenght like your life depended on it, just like Ajax liked.

    "Such a beautiful and delicious cock you have, Ajax... You're such a good sub like this you know? I could get used to it" You praised him, inflating his ego. (Childe does have a praising kink, change my mind)

    "S-Shut up and do what you need to d- Argh! Yes! Please, just like that baby~" His moans were so cute you couldn't even imagine him like the imposing fatui harbinger he was.

    His warm jolt got your mouth full, some of his cum oozing off to your chin, only to be scooped by your fingers for you to drink it all, showing your clean tongue to him afterwards.

    "Can you give some minutes of peace now, Ajax?" You reprimanded him jokingly.

    "Yes, master, but please, make me cum again" He whimpered, his strong hands not letting you get up again.

    I'm preparing a pt. 2, my fellow sinners.

    Every single day we stray further from God.

    #childe x reader #xiao x reader #diluc x reader #kaeya x reader #genshin smut#genshin scenarios #genshin x reader #genshin fanfic#childe smut#xiao smut#diluc smut#kaeya smut #genshin x you #childe x you #xiao x you #diluc x you #kaeya x you
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    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    im having the time of my life making my lvl 90 kaeya babysit my newly acquired lvl 1 diluc

    #as a kaeya main im obligated to make fun of diluc #genshin impact #please. kaeya one-shotting everything while diluc dies to burnt grass #this is the funniest thing ever #kaeya alberich#kaeya ragnvindr#diluc ragnvindr
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    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #i think i said something abt them playing minecraft previously #ask#anon#my art#doodles #genshin impact fatui #genshin impact spoilers #diluc ragnvindr#kaeya alberich
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    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    "You're not scared of the dark are you?"

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