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    1/10. Хот лед.

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    a/n: this is all of your faults. …anyways any preferences on who’s next? 🌝

    WARNINGS: this is not meant to offend strippers or sex workers in any way, gn!reader, dom!reader, sub!kaeya, stripper!kaeya, client!reader, stripping, dancing, lap dancing, nipple play, kaeya’s mommy milkers, sensitive kaeya, payed sex technically, light impact play, implied anal sex.

    Kaeya is a dancer, one who always wears the most revealing clothing he can manage. Lace, bras, slip dresses, anything that will get him as many tips as possible and still leave people wanting more. Although he isnt a fan of the old men that are evidently drawn to watch the show and make him have to flirt with them but money is money, right?

    But you on the other hand.. you were much more alluring than the disgusting pervs that only came to cheat on their wives and express their homosexual desires.. You might’ve just caught the eye of the top performer in this whole place.

    Needless to say, the bodyguards and manager were quite surprised when Kaeya asked to have private booths added to his availability instead of just nightly shows and the occasional lap dance. He wasnt planning to be open for just anyone, but they didn’t need to know that..

    Not so subtly flirting while on stage is how it starts. Now that you’ve become an established regular, the blue haired man cant help but adjust his performance times just a little so that he would be the first thing you watch when you come in.

    Like now, with you sitting comfortably in one of the velvet seats, eyes tracking the cryo beauty that keeps making eye contact with you.

    His knees are spread on the floor and his hands are travailing over his pretty chest and onto his neck. All while hes making dead eye contact with you. Your eyes travel down from his eye to the dark blue bralette thats covering his pretty tits.

    As soon as your eyes flicker back up to his, youre met with a sly grin as a pair of hands snake behind his waist and slowly unclip the lacy bra. He lets it fall to the stage, arms hanging loose while his grin widens. Watching your reaction with pleasure. Hoots and whistles come from the rest of the crowd as bags of mora are thrown onto the stage.

    Kaeya turns to smile at the rest of the crowd and thats when you snap. Waving one of the staff over.

    “How much is it for a private room?”

    “It’s about-“ the woman starts, cutting herself off as her eyes widen. Staring down at the large bag of mora you just tossed onto the side table.

    “This enough?”

    Of course you knew it was more than double the price of a private room with any of the performers but what can you say? You wanted to have your pretty dancer going home with a little extra after the show he put on for you.

    Kaeya watched your trade go on with a growing smile.

    “Finally.” He muttered, taking the hand offered by the bodyguard as help off of the stage before walking close behind you into the back rooms reserved for private sessions.

    You sat on the cushioned bench, leaning back to watch as Kaeya, whose name you had discovered from the nervous server, swiftly sat himself on your lap, pushing his chest towards you.

    “I was starting to think that you’d just leave me for one of those filthy wine traders. You sure know how to-“ Kaeya started, pouting as you cut him off by tweaking his nipples.

    “Of course not, after the show you put on? Why, that would just be cruel.. especially since you’re so sensitive, am i your first client sweetheart?” You watched with a smirk as the dancer’s breath caught in his throat. Letting yourself twist and tug lightly at the perk nipples. Kaeya’s hands gripping your shoulders.

    “I- n-no. I’ve had many clients besides you. Y-you really think people could resist me?” The cryo user was freezing up under your attention.

    “I don’t think it was a matter of resistance darling. It’s just that i don’t think I’ve ever seen you leave the stage unless youre going to the back.”

    Kaeya whined, grinding his hips towards your crotch. Your free hand travelling to his ass, tugging lightly on the waistband of the lace panties, letting them make a satisfactory snap! as they retracted back onto the man’s hip. The blue haired man in question let out a yelp, jumping at the unexpected sting.

    “So sensitive..” You teased, repeating the action a few more times before finally caressing the red skin. Glancing down, your hand snapped to pull Kaeya forward from the back of his thigh. Sorry sweetheart, not today. You thought, tsk-ing at the sight of your pretty dancer trying to remove the heels he was wearing.

    “Keep them.”

    By the end of the hour you had booked, Kaeya was left panting, limbs sprawled out over the seats. Panties long forgotten on the other end of the room and his feet aching in the heels you made him keep on while you two enjoyed yourselves. His ass was sore as shit and he almost had the mind to demand you pay for the massage he would need from this. Glancing up at you quickly removed that thought.

    Just as you finished adjusting your top, you turned to the fucked out dancier who was still recovering. Smiling to yourself, you leaned down to kiss his cheek. Placing an extra bag of mora on the stand beside him. Kaeya widened his eye at you. To which you merely winked at him before leaving the booth.

    He then quickly grabbed the bag, laughing as he saw the silk robe you had left for him at the door, with a certain lace bra laid on top and all. Perfect to hide it.

    That was the only time you would see the cryo user pray to the archons. Praying that this wouldn’t be your last visit.

    a/n: welcome to the show kaeya, quite the entrance.

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    pic of the day ! kaeya oh lawd what happened 😭😨

    !! not my image !!

    #kaeyamilk random#genshin impact #kaeyamilk pic of the day #kaeya#gi kaeya #he looks .. odd 🤨☹️
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    this tiktok just gave me a crazy idea for my kaeya chapter 😭 and perhaps it involves the laces in his corset 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

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    enemies are supposed to hate each other, right? — right? then why are their hearts beating near you? why is their heart breaking into two seeing you hurt? and why is it that everything around them shatters as they place their blade above your head, preparing to kill you?

    ↳ basically enemies to lovers but angst:hehe: i won't say what happens or anything but as repentance, my next new series will be a 4nemo au and i will be releasing some fluff. also the last part of my traveler s/o series will be released this weekend because i got busy :<

    genre: angst, hurt/no comfort, forbidden love

    tw: implied major character death, (if u are sensitive please do not proceed), break ups :(

    ft. Mondstadt boys (kaeya, diluc, albedo, aether)


    kaeya feels lost, which one was he supposed to pick? You or the nation he's said to protect? He feels sick— why, why was he supposed to be the one to choose? Why was he supposed to love you? He curses at himself for letting you get to him, curses at himself for letting his walls down for you to enter; and most of all, curses celestia for giving him this kind of fate. He's lost again, he's lost his nation and his family; and now he's about to lose his beloved yet again just to protect the others. How much more pain do the gods want him to feel? “In another life time,” He promises to you, promises that you and him will be together no matter what in your next lives. But for now, you and him are on the opposite sides.

    Diluc feels confused, he asks himself what his morals are, ask himself why he protects mondstadt and who he does it for— he questions why you both must suffer from this kind of fate? What kind of destiny was this? Were 2 fated lovers not meant to live a life full of love and happiness? He hates himself. Diluc was known to make quick and smart decisions; and yet as he's one step away from ending the life of his loved one he feels as if no matter what he does is the wrong choice, what would his father think? He asks himself, would his father approve of letting you go? Would his father approve of the love you two shared? Diluc closes his eyes— opening them, he remembers his goal: to protect mondstadt from all enemies— and you are an enemy.

    Albedo thinks of a solution, every problem always has a solution right? This means that this very problem right now is bound to have a solution he'll find soon, right? He's albedo keideprinz: the chief alchemist, the smart man who spends his time painting or experimenting; the man who everyone rarely sees for he prefers to be alone or be by your side— he must find a solution for this issue. He takes a deep breath and remembers to compose himself, acting irrational won't help him, especially not now; but as he stares into your eyes he can't help but feel his heart disintegrate, and so he sighs. It's time for this silly love affair to end.

    Aether let's go of you, he let's go of everything between you two, the love you shared, the memories you made, and all the happy times you both enjoyed so much. If you're his enemy he can't bring himself to hurt you, bring himself to even touch a hair of you; you are special to him, and so he breaks everything off to spare your life. He can't bring himself to kill you— “please find someone else” He tells you, before permanently pushing and locking you away. If he could, he would erase all the memories you both shared to at least help ease your pain; but he can't. He allows you to love someone else, allows you to be happy with someone else. In his dreams are you and your memories; buried safely within him.

    #genshin impact #genshin x gender neutral reader #genshin x you #genshin albedo #albedo x reader #albedo x you #albedo x y/n #genshin diluc #diluc x reader #diluc x you #diluc x y/n #genshin kaeya #kaeya x reader #kaeya x you #kaeya x y/n #genshin aether #aether x reader #aether x you #aether x y/n #📎;; works#kaeya angst#diluc angst#albedo angst#aether angst
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    How the Genshin Boys Carry You

    Fandom: Genshin Impact

    Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Zhongli, Xiao, Scaramouche x gn!Reader

    Type/Genre: Headcanons, fluff

    Warnings: None.


    You had just gotten a haircut, your first in a while.

    You were excited to see how your boyfriend would react, almost giddy as you imagined the look of pleasant surprise on his face.

    However, when you walk into his office at the end of his day, Diluc is still working, holding what looks like a contract in his hands while frowning

    You ask him what he thought, and he glances at you for a moment before returning to his work, telling you it looked nice.

    To be fair, you knew Diluc was busy, but surely he could spare five seconds? He was supposed to be off work by now too

    Later, after he’s finally done, he notices your sulking.

    When he asks what’s wrong, you mumble something about your hair

    To your surprise, he lifts you up, arms wrapped securely around your waist as he slightly leans back.

    Your hands fly to his shoulders for support, but Diluc presses you tightly against his chest, ensuring you won’t fall.

    You splutter, asking him what he thinks he is doing.

    Tilts his chin up to look at you. All of your protests and complaints die away as he smiles softly.

    “I wanted a good look. You look beautiful.” 


    There are many reasons why Kaeya loves his job as a knight. 

    One of them is hatching up absurd plans, sending his soldiers on a wild goose chase. They achieve results, so what’s the problem if Kaeya derives a little entertainment from them?

    He was in the middle of drawing a treasure map when you knocked on his office door, asking if he was planning on finishing any time soon. You tell him you had a bad day, and all you want to do is go home and cuddle.

    Smiles apologetically, saying he’ll try to work faster but it still might take a while

    Allows you to sit on his lap, his chin resting on your shoulder as he works on his schemes. 

    Halfway through, he feels you grow limp and your breathing slow to a soft snore

    Chuckles softly to himself, turning his face to kiss your neck.

    Slowly scoots out of his chair so you don’t wake up and carries you like a baby to the couch.

    Places his hand on the back of your neck as he gently lays you down

    Takes off his coat and pelt, arranging it so it covered as much of you as possible

    “Sweet dreams, love. I’ll wake you when I’m done.” 


    Every Sunday morning, the two of you would head to the farmer’s market, where you would buy most of your groceries. 

    It was generally a pleasant affair, with the two of you enjoying the domesticity of grocery shopping together. 

    Today, however, one shopkeeper was clearly trying to cheat you with his prices. Childe had only left for a minute to say hello to a Snezhnayan merchant before returning to you engaging in a near shouting match. 

    Was it going to escalate and end in violence? Probably not, but he isn’t going to take the chances. 

    Throws you over his shoulder like you weigh next to nothing and runs 

    As much as Childe loves a good fight, even he knows it’s not proper to duel with the fruit seller, even if their price for oranges is obscene. 

    You pound your fists against his back, telling him to put you down so you could teach the rude seller a lesson 

    Once you’ve calmed down, he’ll stop holding you like a bag of flour, positioning you upright. His arms wrapped tightly around your thighs as he grinned at the sight of your pouting expression. 

    “Have you calmed down, baby? It’s always nice to see you so feisty, but we all need to learn to be patient sometimes.” 


    As much as Zhongli enjoys his work, there are other parts of his job that are more exhausting than others. Namely, dealing with his boss’ antics. 

    So when he comes home from work after a day of falling for her tricks, there’s nothing more that he wants than to relax with you.

    He walks through the front door, calling your name, but receives no response. He calls your name again, and when you still don’t answer, he starts to grow worried.

    Rushes into your home, only to find you asleep on the couch, book on the floor, clearly having fallen asleep while reading.

    Lets out a quiet sigh of relief

    Rests the back of your head against his bicep and hooks his other hand under your knees, lifting you up in a bridal carry.

    You immediately snuggle against his body, causing feelings of warmth and adoration to burst in his chest.

    Tucks you into bed, giving you a light kiss on the forehead before going to prepare dinner 

    “You’ll catch a cold if you sleep on the couch with no blanket, darling.”


    Xiao had just helped you complete a difficult commission, and the two of you were now heading back

    On the side of the road was a sunsettia tree, its fruit too round and too plump-looking to ignore. 

    Your mouth watered at the sight, but cruelly the lowest one was hung just out of your reach. 

    Xiao offered to get it for you, but you refused. He helped you complete your commission, after all. He must be tired after clearing an extra-large hillichurl camp, he deserves to rest. You’ll manage...somehow.

    He watches you hop around for a few minutes with an amused expression. Despite how much you jumped, your fingers barely brushed against the skin of the fruit.

    Right when you were considering throwing your sword to knock it off the tree, you feel your feet being lifted off the ground. 

    You yelp in surprise, grabbing onto Xiao’s hair to balance yourself as he lifts you onto his shoulders.

    Ignores your protests to put you down. Holds your ankles, standing on the tips of his toes so you can reach for the sunsettia. 

    “It’s fine. I’m not tired.”


    The two of you have been walking for hours. The sun was burning the back of your neck, and all the pebbles on the road weren’t making it any easier. 

    Sure, you could suck it up, but it’s more fun to complain loudly and watch as Scaramouche clenches his jaw in annoyance. 

    At first he told you to cry about it. His feet hurt too, but the two of you had somewhere to be and there were no teleport points in the area.

    Eventually, he has enough and loses his temper, telling you to shut up before his ears start to bleed from your whining.

    Scaramouche didn’t expect you to actually fall silent. The next few minutes are quiet, only filled with the sounds of your shoes dragging along the gravel road.

    He feels guilty for snapping at you

    Stops walking, dropping to one knee with his back towards you and his arms out behind him

    Tells you to get on, that he’d piggyback you 

    After climbing onto his back, he adjusts his grip on your thighs, ensuring you’re comfortable and he’s not squeezing you too tight before walking again. 

    He’ll complain about having to carry you, but squeeze your arms around him and plant kisses on the back of his neck and he’ll be happy.

    “It’s only so you’ll stop whining, okay? So don’t get too excited.”
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    *gasp* Shaun is posting art???

    #shaun’s art#art#digitalart #only excuse for not posting art is art block lmao #this looks like childe and kaeyas lovechild but I swear it was completely unintentional #blame history for the crown actually looking good
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    #tickle art #genshin impact tickle #lee!kaeya #ler!amber #PLS WHY IS THE QUALITY SO BAD IM SORRY ABOUT THAT
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    Favorite places that Genshin men enjoy getting kissed

    pure fluff because I'm lonely and I feel the need to do something about it !



    Not much further must be said. He enjoys it in a pure way because he loves feeling so close to you.

    He can feel the warmth of your lips against his neck tattoo and it makes him feel some type of way

    It makes him feel vulnerable but because it's you, he feels safe. And if you do peck him on his neck it will automatically lead to him dragging you to the couch or nearest comfortable area to cuddle.

    "Albedo, don't you have work to do?"

    He nuzzled his nose deeper into your hair, cushioning your face into his chest. "Mn, this is also an experiment of mine."

    You both know that's a lie but you don't hesitate to indulge.



    It's an oddly specific place but this is Kaeya we're talking about.

    He thinks it's very intimate since that's where you can feel his pulse. Like your kiss connects to his heart or something corny like that.

    It's actually very cute because it becomes your couple signature sort of thing.

    He does it back to you whenever you guys part, pecking your wrist then your lips just to see your face flush.

    "Kaeya! We're in public!"

    "What? It's just a little peck. Feeling shy, are we?"



    Knuckles, fingers, palm you name it.

    It's just extremely touching to him because he knows that he's done so many things with these hands that make other describe him as a monster.

    His hands are very roughed up, and the fact that you're able to show love to him this way makes him want to propose right then and there.

    He does also loves doing it to you too, especially to the back of your hand.

    Especially when you get hurt, he likes to kiss it better much to your protests.

    "Childe, that tickles!"

    He grinned widely. "Too bad, this is just the start."


    This one was the most difficult for me but definitely lips.

    He's touch starved from being closed off for so long and finally having a lover makes him realize this.

    He wants to be close to you, and when you kiss him, it feels both close and warm from the heat from your body.

    "You're warm."

    "You're the one with the Pyro vision, Diluc."

    someone love this man.


    Zhongli doesn't have a particular place he favors because he loves everything you give him.

    One of the more favored ones are his cheek purely because it's what you give him while he's working and when you're in a rush, and it makes him smile to know that despite this, you took your time to remind him of your love.

    Now whenever you don't give him a kiss on the cheek when you go out, he gets all confused like a lost dog.

    "Darling, where is it?"

    "Hm?" you stopped midway through the door. He tapped his cheek expectantly, and you stifled a laugh, stepping back inside.

    #genshin impact #genshin x reader #albedo #albedo x reader #kaeya#kaeya fluff#genshin kaeya #kaeya x reader #childe x reader #childe#diluc ragnvindr #diluc x reader #diluc scenarios#zhongli #zhongli x reader
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    Kaeya, the true main character

    in order to get the ghost to appear you have to fish and immediately after you catch a fish you get this cutscene. Instead of staying as the traveler you turn back into the character you were playing as.

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    why is it always a 3-4 person team in video games, i think it should be 5 or 6 or 9

    #reed.txt #i say this bc i refuse to take kaeya out of my party #so fighting any cryo boss is like. i sure wish i had another spot for another pyro character. #'swap out kaeya' absolutely not. #dragon age too quite frankly i think we should be able to bring every disaster individual all the time in origins #i want to drag alistair. zev. morrigan. leli. wynne. the mabari. and sten. and shale. with me on every quest. #something something performance or something but i don't care? let me bring all my friends with me u fuckin cowards
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    so ingrid would be an anemo polearm user 
    #ok but why is syl/inga/felix just #another pyro/anemo/cryo trio. #looks at diluc jean kaeya um #is this the childhood friend formula
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    Genshin Modern(?) Dance AU!

    This was originally just supposed to be a few hc’s abt Genshin men and what type of dance styles I’d assign them to but I got way to into it.

    Characters included: Kaeya, Diluc, Venti, Xiao, Childe, Albedo, Zhongli, Kazuha

    Warnings: None really? Maybe some swearing, mentions of debt, crime. That’s it tho


    Everyone thinks he does Hip-Hop but he actually doesn’t. Kaeya dabbles in it every now and then but he never fully commits to that style.
    It’s just not his thing, he’s more classy.
    Kaeya is an avid shag swing dancer. He finds that the style of this dance resonates with his energy, something that he enjoys.
    He likes to do a little samba sometimes as well.
    Kaeya is someone who’s quick on his feet, all while being able to maintain a subtle grace in his steps. The way he just falls in rhythm with the music… it’s almost hypnotic.
    Not to mention that he also has a very nice set of legs. Slim, but not scrawny. Hardened with muscle from years of dance, but smooth and not overbearingly thick. Many students are caught staring, not that he minds. He knows that he’s got some charm.
    A competition comes up for couple-dances, and your dance instructor pairs you up with Kaeya out of curiosity to gauge your compatibility as partners. You’re hot on Kaeya’s trail for the spot as top dancer in the class, so it’s only logical that the two best are paired.
    He tosses some flirty compliments your way, praising you for your skill and confidence in your movements. You shoot a coy jab back at him— returning his smirk with a sly one of your own, and he instantly knows that he’ll enjoy being your partner. You both fit together quite nicely, and are nominated as Mondstat’s Shag-Dancing competitors.
    From there on, you and Kaeya meet weekly (if not daily) to foster a show-stopping choreography that would captivate the judges and audience. You spend months entangled with one another on the empty stage of the studio, practicing.
    Before long, Kaeya’s playful flirting becomes more genuine. He begins to notice things about you that he hadn’t before, small details like the sweat that rolls down your collarbone— or how small your hand feels in his, he’s suddenly too aware of how close you two get as you dance. His coquettish teasing becomes more sincere with each word, but you never realize and thus, never acknowledge his feelings.
    It’s not until the finals of the competition are over and that you jump into his arms— golden trophy gripped tightly in your hand and the widest smile he’s ever seen on your face— that his feelings spill out, like an overflowing glass of the sweetest wine.
    As you pull back from your tight embrace, his star-struck eyes find yours. A smile etches it’s way onto his face and he says, “You know, I think I’m in love with you.”
    You cock a playful brow at him, “Oh? Then kiss me.”
    He does, and the audience goes wild.


    Another classy man, does not partake in any of the more modern, up-to-date dances.
    He used to take some ballet classes in his more youthful years, but that was merely a fleeting passion.
    Nowadays, he finds waltz to be more of his style.
    Waltz is an elegant and firm dance, and when he reveals that he engages in it nobody is that surprised.
    Diluc does not join any classes, dancing is more of a hobby that he keeps to himself. It’s like singing in the shower, except you’re good at it. He has exceptional skill in this dance style, but he doesn’t feel the need to act on of flaunt it. It’s rather embarrassing, actually.
    Besides, he’s too busy running his company as wine tycoon of Mondstat to dally with such frivolous activities.
    Diluc’s house is huge. Well, I shouldn’t even say house, a mansion would be a better description.
    He inherited it from his Father, who held frequent banquets in the Ragnvindr estate’s ballroom when Diluc was still in his early teenage years. This is where he learned waltz, and also where he met you. Your parents were large figures in the business industry, so naturally you and Diluc were introduced to each other. You’ve been close friends ever since.
    So this is somewhat a mix of the childhood lovers troupe as well. You both aren’t aware of each other’s feelings for one another but it’s painfully obvious to everyone else.
    And though his Father and the banquets he held have long since ceased and faded into memories, Diluc still finds himself in that same ballroom, dancing to the sound of an empty hall.
    You manage to catch him doing so one day, silently observing his graceful movements through the crack of the open door, you can’t help but feel captivated by his elegance and posture.
    Unfortunately, you step on a creaky floorboard and his movements halt immediately. Diluc scrambles to default back into his nonchalant demeanor, attempting to play off what you’d just witnessed.
    He’s very embarrassed, and also a little upset that you had been spying. It’s a very personal thing to him.
    You never bring up the topic until a few weeks later, when you ask him to teach you how to waltz.
    Diluc is initially reluctant. He doesn’t know if he has the patience nor time to give lessons on dancing, but since he’s in love with you— something you still haven’t realized— the male couldn’t possibly reject your request.
    So he makes time for you weekly, you visit him after his work hours in the evening of every Saturday and Sunday.
    He’s surprisingly a good teacher, his directions are clear and his examples are thorough. Likely because he spends a lot of time conversing with clients and such.
    When you ask if he can dance with you as a practice round his face erupts in red and he coughs into his fist.
    Him??? You??? Dance??? Together????????
    Diluc is a little awkward about it— when he gets in position with you. He rests his right hand on your waist— kinda hovers his palm over it, like he’s scared to touch you. His left holds your free hand— the one not perched on his shoulder— and he grips it so tenderly that you feel tingles in your fingertips.
    Needless to say the first round is not very graceful. You were so nervous about being so close to him that you lost focus and stepped on his foot more than a few times. You apologized over and over again but Diluc said reassured you that it was fine.
    After a more weeks of practice, you attempt to dance with him again.
    This time, it goes perfectly. The maids had brought a phonograph that they found in the attic a couple days ago, after Diluc suggested that you would follow the steps better if you had a beat to listen to.
    So now it’s just you two, bodies close and swaying the night away to soft classical music. Diluc almost forgets that this is just practice, and gets lost in your eyes when you look up at him. It’s a very intimate moment. So much so that you both decide to stop early because you feel like you’re about to go into cardiac arrest from the way he looked so lovingly softly at you.
    Diluc is a tad disappointed once you master waltz, but happy for you nonetheless. He’s just sad that he won’t be able to be so close or share these moments with you anymore.
    Out of curiosity, he asks, “Why did you choose to learn waltz anyway?”
    You flush give him a sheepish smile, he notes that you’re avoiding his eyes. Bashfully, you explain that you wanted to learn for him.
    Needless to say, the bleak air in the manor changes to something more merry. Diluc doesn’t dance alone in that obsolete ballroom anymore.


    Has endeavored in every single type of dance ever created.
    Venti is an excellent dancer. There is not a single style that he can’t perform, not a single emotion that he can’t convey through his movements. He has some true skill in this field.
    However, he sold his heart and soul to Hip-Hop.
    Joined a popular dance organization in Mondstat. A big-shot group that goes to national championships against other cities. His face is often seen on TV or magazines, it’s like he’s part of a boy-band.
    So imagine his surprise when you don’t know who he is!
    Venti doesn’t try to flaunt his fame, in fact, he finds it as a hindrance to his day to day life. It’s not fun always running and hiding from paparazzis, being stopped every 5 seconds by people on the streets asking for selfies with him, not being able to just casually get a drink from Starbucks without being treated like some sort of god. He just wants to enjoy being normal, you know?
    So when he meets you, it’s a well needed breath of fresh air.
    Venti jumps to befriend you almost instantly. How long has it been since he’s been able to have a thorough conversation with someone like a normal person? He finds his time with you invaluable, wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
    He likes the thought of meeting you again, so you trade numbers and schedule meet ups at the movies, or most often, the arcade.
    The first time you both meet up, he’s dressed very discreetly. He covers the top of his head with a bowl hat, and covers nearly every other part of his face with sunglasses and a face mask. You ask him why he dressed so funny, but he just giggles and says, “Fashion sense.”
    Naturally, Venti kicks absolute ass at the dance machine game.
    And he’s not the type to lean back and hold the handle bars to let his legs do all the work, he actually goes all out and gives an unintentionally amazing performance. Most of the time a crowd gathers to watch him.
    He likes to accept challenges from other people, and before they start the round he sends you a wink and says something cheesy like “This is for you! ★” Before handing his opponent’s ass to them.
    With how good your chemistry is, it comes to no surprise that you both end up dating. It’s then that Venti feels he has to come clean about who you’re actually getting involved with. He doesn’t want to hide anything from his lover.
    He sits you down one day, and you know he has something very important to say from the serious expression on his face.
    It goes something like this….
    “Babe, I’m a famous dance-star.”
    “Oh, yeah I know.”
    He’s shocked! He thought you were clueless!
    You explain to him that you found out some time before he asked you to be his partner, but just never thought to bring it up.
    Venti is worried that you’ll start treating him differently, he doesn’t want to lose the genuinity of your relationship. Gently, you leave a feather-like kiss on his lips and smile lovingly at him, “Your reputation doesn’t change anything, you’re still my Venti to me.”
    Venti is a very clever person, so when he only detects pure unadulterated love in your eyes and voice, he scoops you up in his arms in an instant— all while returning your affection tenfold by peppering kisses onto your face.
    He is indescribably happy, you don’t realize how much weight you’ve lifted from his chest. You truly are the love of his life.
    Introduces you to the other members of his team and gets you a free ticket to the back stage before he performs. Even reserves a front seat row for you at his shows. Having you there to support him just makes him want to be even better at what he does.
    When fans start to put two and two together, your face starts appearing on headlines and the Internet as well.
    Paparazzi start to pursue you as well, and before long you lose privacy and the leisure aspect of your life. One day, before you leave for a date, Venti lends you one of his bowl hats, handing you a pair of sunglasses and a face mask along with it.
    He snickers, “Now you have to dress funny with me.”


    A mix of Hip-Hop, Break Dancing, and Old-School street dancing. But mostly break dancing.
    Xiao is actually a member of Venti’s group, but that wasn’t always the case.
    Before Venti’s group, Xiao was always attending anonymous-underground-street dance battles for money. He was involved with some not so great people back then and needed a fast and feasible way to get cash. When Xiao discovered the anonymous street battles, he found not only loads of quick cash from winning the dance battles, but a good way for him to let loose and enjoy himself.
    Over time, the battles became more of a hobby for him. His debt was already paid off, but he still attended for stress relief.
    Like I said, the underground battles were anonymous, so everyone was required to use a mask when they attended, including the dancers. Names were also classified, so attendees are referred to as their stage titles.
    Xiao’s teal oni mask? Yeah, that’s the one he wears. He’s very good at what he does, and the small organization that hosts these dance battles + the audience dubbed him as Alatus.
    This is how you two meet.
    You’re sort of a rookie to these underground types of battles, it’s sketchy and everyone quite literally hides themselves behind a mask.
    You need money to pay off the rent of your apartment, which has been overdue for a while. Your landlord is huge jackass who refuses to empathize with your financially unstable situation, and told you that if you didn’t pay the rent within the next two weeks then you would be evicted. You don’t have anywhere to go if that happens, so you refer to illegal sources to get what you need. Dancing is something that‘a been with you since childhood, you’ve joined your high school performances and even joined groups after graduation, but because of your lack of currency you haven’t been able to sign up for any lately. So these dance battles should be right up your alley!
    Unfortunately for you, the very first person you’re put up against is Alatus.
    You don’t win, obviously.
    But you do win the next round.
    And the next.
    And the next.
    And the next….
    And before long you’ve got a huge wad of bills in your hand, practically 1/8 of the rent already in your pocket. You just need to keep attending and you’ll make your payment.
    Xiao notices that you attend each battle, and he also notices how your reputation begins to spread among the audience and organization. He decides to spectate one of your rounds, and he easily sees why you’ve ascended the ranks so quickly. You move with purpose and passion, and he respects that.
    Unfortunately, the time to pay your rent is due. You’ve been put up against some of the more skilled dancers since you’ve gained attention so fast, and of course, your matches don’t go so well. The money you get is a few hundreds short of the amount you need.
    As he’s leaving the underground dig-out he catches you sitting alone in one of the alley ways, mask discarded and face buried into your arms and knees.
    He shrugs it off at first, you’re probably just taking a rest after such an intense session. But as he’s walking away he hears a sniffle.
    At first he freezes.
    It’s none of my business. Don’t get involved. He thinks to himself. But as he continues walking away, a weight nestles itself into his chest. It gets heavier with each step he takes until he stops completely. It’s clear that you didn’t come here just for fun. Nobody would initially attend illegal street battles for fun. It’s apparent to Xiao that the reason you came was for money. The explanation as to why you needed it? He didn’t care enough to ask or ponder on it, but his immediate thought was to pay off some sort of debt.
    His own debt is paid off, the money he’s taking home with him today is just some extra cash for groceries and bills. The several wads of rolled up $20’s and $100’s feel heavy in his hoodie pockets.
    When I was in debt, I would have liked if someone was there to help me.
    Xiao sighs irritably and turns on his heel, trudging back to the alleyway. You shoot up in surprise when he turns the corner and walks over to you. You scramble to collect your mask but he stops you.
    “We’re not at the dig-out anymore. Don’t waste your breath over a mask.” Then, with a gentler tone, “…How much more do you need?”
    You look confused, lashes wet and cheeks damp with tears, “I-I’m sorry?”
    Xiao is quiet for a moment, hand subconsciously clutching a wad in his pocket, “You’re in some sort of debt, right? How much cash are you missing?”
    An utter look of surprise crosses your features, before you wave your hands in front of you dismissively, “H-how did you—? Nevermind— I’m alright, please. I wouldn’t feel right taking money from someone.”
    He purses his lips from behind his mask, “Stop acting so pathetic. In this world it’s kill or be killed; you need to take advantage of every opportunity that you get, being docile and accepting fate does nothing. Just tell me the amount.”
    His words are a huge slap to your face, but they’re also what you need to hear. Quietly, you mutter, “…four fifty.”
    Then Xiao pulls out the wad of $100 bills that he got and hands it to you before walking away.
    Your eyes practically bulge out of your head from how thick the roll is. “Wait— wait!!! This is way more than $450!!!!” When he doesn’t answer you quickly gather your items and jog to catch up with him.
    When you reach his side he sneers, “Stop being difficult and just take it.”
    “Well, is there at least any way that I could pay you back?” You sputter, feeling awful about the huge amount he gave you.
    “Don’t make more debts for yourself.” And with that he leaves you in alone at the intersection of the road.
    You’re able to pay off your rent and bills, with lots of money left over from Alatus’ generous gift. Deciding to use the money wisely, you decide to get a gift to repay him and to stock up on groceries.
    From the times that you’ve encountered him, you’ve noticed that he likes his jewelry. Alatus has several piercings on his ears, and you’ve never seen his hands without one or two rings. His choices of accessories are rather….grunge.
    So what better of a store to search in than Hot Topic :) !
    You like to think of yourself as pretty perceptive. So while searching past the chokers and necklaces, you find a pair of earrings that you’re sure would suit his tastes. You reach out to grab them, but touch fingers with someone.
    Immediately, you retract your hand. The person beside you mutters a small, “Sorry.” And you pause at the familiar voice. Now that you think about it, that hand looks very familiar— black painted nails, rings—-
    You gasp and look at the person beside you. The person looks back at you and freezes— that teal dyed hair is unmistakable.
    His hand shoots out to clamp over your mouth. “Quiet.” He spits in a hushed whisper.
    You pry his hand off and whisper in reply, “It’s so cool to meet you outside of— well, you know! What are you doing here?”
    “That’s none of your business.” He says, grabbing the earrings you wanted to get for him off of the stand. He pauses then, thoughtfully, keeping his eyes on the other jewelry on display, “…Were you able to pay it off?”
    With a smile, you nod, “I was, thanks to you! I was actually here to try and find you a gift as a thanks.” Then you cock your head at the earrings in his hand, “I knew you’d like those.” A light red faintly dusts his cheeks. Then with a click of his tongue, Xiao leaves you so he can pay at the cash register, then makes his swift exit from the store.
    You quickly catch up to him, “Wait! Let me at least treat you to something!!” He doesn’t answer you and only speeds up, something you mirror, “I’m not gonna stop pestering you until you let me get something nice for you.” He sighs at your words, then slows his pace to something more leisurely once he realizes there’s no deterring you.
    You give a grateful smile, “My name is, (Y/N), by the way.”
    He’s quiet for a moment, something unreadable swirling in his eyes as he stares at you.
    The rest is history.


    A very famous figure skater that is part of the well known figure skating group: The Fatui.
    Figure skating is a bold, expressive style of dance. It suits Childe very well.
    Childe is very confident in himself. His form is flawless, balance is perfect, and is devilishly handsome. It’s no wonder he’s part of the Habringers, the top 11 dancers of the Fatui.
    You’re a very skilled member in the Fatui, almost on par with Childe himself. This catches his eye, the competition you bring gets his blood pumping. Not to mention you’re rather feisty as well…
    The first time you met him, he beat you in a scrimmage. He held out his hand for you to shake— for good sportsmanship— but you ignored the gesture and the first words you spoke were, “I’m not here to make friends. One day, I will take your place.”
    He returned your threat with an amused smile, his heart beating just a tad faster, “Well I look forward to watching your attempts, comrade.” He thinks he’s in love.
    He flirts with you at your practices, discreetly. He’ll send you the occasional wink and or sing you praises that seem innocent in nature to others; only you know that his gestures are meant as something more than just friendly.
    Childe is absolutely elated when he learns that the Tsaritsa, the manager of the team, pairs him up with you for the upcoming olympics. You feel honored that she would choose you to represent the city of Snezhnaya, but out of all the skaters she could have chosen to partner you with, she picked Childe?
    He’s so smug afterwards. There’s a slight curl to the corners of his lips that you can only see as demeaning.
    You unfortunately end up trading numbers, you’ll have stay in contact to decide a good choreography and decide the hours to practice with him.
    Childe likes skating with you as a duo because of the intimacy of it. He’s a cheesy romantic at heart, and figure skating in pairs requires a lot of close contact and touching; he’d be lying if he claimed that he feels nothing when you hold his hand or let him grab your waist. Especially when you allow a smile or laugh to slip when he almost trips or says something funny.
    Cheesiness aside, Childe thinks that your determination and concentration while skating is hot— he also thinks that your ass looks fine as fuck in those tights/skirt you normally wear to practice. You catch him ogling your legs sometimes and slap him for it.
    With time your meet ups lead to more than just skating practice. You start to meet up for simple coffees or movies, but as ‘friends’, you know? But he wishes it was as something more.
    He knows that you like him back, but he’s having fun with this push and pull game that you’re playing.
    Of course, when the championships come, you both bring home the title for Snezhnaya. But as you were performing, you’d hurt your ankle from an awkward landing after an air spin— something that you masked so well that the judges didn’t even notice anything. Childe noticed, though.
    It’s only until you have the trophy in hand that you retire to the changing room, he comes with you out of concern. When you confess that you had injured your ankle on that air spin he immediately gets to work on patching you up. He sits you down and pulls out a first aid kit— removing your skates and almost expertly begins examining the swelling joint.
    “You’re really good at this.” You comment, watching as he carefully rolls your ankle to check for your reflexes.
    “Yeah,” He laughs, “…my little siblings like to play rough sometimes. I was always the one patching them up.”
    The fondness that dances in his eyes as he talks about his family is nice— different. More vulnerable than the Childe you normally witness. You smile at that, “You’ve talked about your family a few times before, they sound fun. I’d like to meet them one day.”
    Hearing you say that makes Childe very happy. His family means so much to him, “I’ll take you to see them some time next week then. How does that sound? I talk about you a lot, so they already know who you are.”
    Your stomach flutters at his words, and you scoff in an attempt to hide your fluster, “Well, I hope you’ve told them good things.”
    He laughs, “Of course! But, there is one problem.”
    “What is it?”
    “Weeeeell,” he drawls, “…’somehow’ they believe that we’re dating, and my little brothers and sister have been so excited to meet their new older sibling.” He shoots a sly grin your way, “It’d be a shame if I brought you to my home as just a friend. And you wouldn’t break a kid’s heart now, would you?”
    “Using children as leverage, that’s a new low for you.” You jab playfully, unable to stop the bashful smile that rises to your face— nor the laugh that bubbles past your lips, “But no, I wouldn’t. For the sake of your siblings’ little hearts, I suppose we’ll have to start dating, won’t we?”
    “It seems so.”


    I’m not gonna lie, this man just doesn’t dance.
    Albedo is surprisingly talented in most forms of dance despite not doing so often, but nobody knows this since he spends nearly all of his time with his nose in books and his hands on chemistry equipment.
    I’m thinking that something like milonga or waltz— or perhaps a mix of both— maybe even slow dancing is a good fit for his style.
    He doesn’t partake in any classes, he simply isn’t interested in doing so. Dancing does not contribute to his research.
    But, if you asked if he indulges in it, he’ll reveal that he does indeed know a move or two. If you ask him to show you then he’ll most likely oblige, you are his lover after all.
    Kaeya caught him dancing with you once, and he encouraged him to join a class or dance competitively, but Albedo finds no interest in that.
    Sometimes, when he decides to finally take a break from his work, Albedo will lead you into a small waltz(?) and just enjoys the closeness and intimacy of it.
    He’ll dip you every now and then too as an experiment, just to hear you giggle in surprise or see your flustered smile. He loves the reactions he can pull from you through that gesture.
    What can I say, this man is a science nerd. Dance just isn’t a big part of his life.


    Zhongli is an old soul, so of course he does waltz.
    Nobody knew that he dances. The man is hardly seen doing anything other than relaxing with his tea or visiting museums. Not even you, his spouse, held any clue of this. But, Zhongli is a man of vast knowledge and experience, so you guess that you shouldn’t be surprised.
    It’s not often, but he’ll occasionally sway with you within the walls of your shared home.
    The only time anyone has ever seen him dance was at a masquerade banquet held by Makoto, the CEO in charge of all the electric companies in Teyvat. He had asked you to attend with him as his plus one. You were pleasantly surprised when he completely swept you off your feet on the dance floor.
    Dancing with Zhongli is like something straight out of a fairytale. He knows how to read the air, how to set the mood. His hands are gentle when he places them upon you, and he’ll use the one near the small of your back to fondly stroke his thumb against your waist; the feeling never fails to give you butterflies.
    He’s so graceful when he waltzes. His movements are fluid like a calm river, yet his posture remains prime and powerful like that of a mountain.
    Maybe slow dancing is a more appropriate style for him. Zhongli doesn’t hurry with his steps, he’s not one to rush with anything. He is a very in-the-moment man, and believes that memorable times or actions like dancing with his lover should be thoroughly commemorated.
    He talks a lot, even while dancing. Zhongli will hold a casual conversation with you as he twirls you under his arm or sways with you a few steps to the left; he manages to make dancing with him feel so natural.
    Then at the end of the waltz he’ll leave a gentle kiss upon the back of yours knuckles :) He’s so gentlemanly it hurts.
    Nobody believes Zhongli when he claims that he also does salsa.
    Many of his friends view him as an old man, and it’s hard to picture a grandpa performing a dance so vigorous, not to mention slightly provocative. Only Venti knows that he’s telling the truth, he’s seen Zhongli do it before.
    That being said, he can also tango really well.
    But he doesn’t indulge in those styles anymore. When Zhongli was younger he had lots of spunk— much more suited for salsa. But he has since mellowed out, and finds more interest in the tranquil forms of dance.


    I know everyone is expecting me to say waltz, which is also a good proposition, but I feel like he’s more of a slow dancer. Kazuha is nothing less of romantic. He is a very poetic and genuine individual, so slow dancing represents him perfectly.
    You’re just another member of Beidou’s crew, but when Kazuha’s eyes land on you for the first time it’s like love at first sight. One day he asks if you know how to dance and if you’d like to learn.
    Takes his time with teaching you, he wants to savor these moments you both share. You both wade in this zone that’s much more than friends but just less than lovers, neither of you confess even though it’s clear that your feelings are mutual. For the longest time it’s just the two of you acknowledging one another’s feelings but being content enough to not act on it.
    He spends most of the time on Beidou’s ship, which is the main vessel for deliveries overseas.
    Kazuha will dance with you on the deck, the beautiful pinks and oranges of the setting sun and the sparkling sea is your backdrop. It’s like a scene from a movie.
    Such flowery words bloom from his tongue, he’ll declare his love for you without shame, maybe even in the form of haikus or poems. He’s so romantic that Beidou gags whenever she catches sight of you two.
    Kazuha moves like the breeze, smooth and wispy. It’s akin to dancing with the wind.
    Aside from that, he also likes to dabble in some swing as well. Swing is a very cheerful and intimate style, it brings out the fun in dancing.
    Blues swing, specifically. He usually falls into this kind of style when Beidou plays some vigorous tunes on the ship speakers. Kazuha absolutely lives for your giddy laughter when he pulls you in with him and begins twirling you. Dancing with him is always very intimate :)
    One day he dips you just as the song is about to end. His eyes are filled with so much love and sincerity that you feel the need to look away from how affectionately he gazes at you.
    Kazuha gives you one of the most love-struck smiles you’ve ever seen, “Be mine?”
    You’re so flustered, but you manage a giggle and squeeze his hand, “I thought you’d never ask.”

    Yeah 😁

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    if Dainsleif becomes playable without Kaeya’s little teleport in his attack string I will be disappointed.

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    could Kaeya technically be called an Outlander because the land from which he hails from no longer exists

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