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    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    °Vampire! Antnasius x reader smut pt. 1°

    This blog and post only contains N*fw stuff so if you are minor then do not interact with this! I'm sick today and was really bored so I thought: ,, Why not finish the story today?" and so I did! I actually wanted it to be longer but I'm proud of it. I hope you enjoy it.
    Note: Submissions are open so send me thirsts or drabbles or maybe a story that you would like. I would appreciate submissions since I'm bored.
    TW: Monster! fucking (Vampire), dom! Antnasius x sub! f. reader, name calling: sweetie, darling and princess, masturbating, fingering, sexual thoughts and sex dream

    Vampires were something sacred in your village. People treated them like God's in your village.

    Telling the children since a young age about them and telling them how most of them look. Black long shoulder length hair, pale skin, red tinted lips, a prominent face shape and fangs.

    Vampires were beautiful creatures in your eyes and many others. They were described as tall and Seductive.

    Antnasius is the vampire your village is seeing as a God since over 500 years. A man with a lot of power and money.

    But be wise, they said. Never go into the forest at night since you don't want to disturb our God they said. He might be in his deep slumber. But those were just rumors

    You dressed yourself with your long white silk dress as the night time arrived. Your hair in a loose back middle bun as you walked out of your house.

    You walked into the forest wanting to know if the rumors about it were true. Your shoes cracking some branches as you walked and walked. The further you walked into the forest the foggier it got. You felt lost and didn't know how long you were walking since.

    You shuddered as you heard a growling sound. Scared you looked around as you saw a wolf showing from the fog around you. You ran away, further into the forest. Suddenly the fog slowly started to fade away and you saw a big castle. Thorns surrounded the mysterious building.

    You ran into the building, hoping that the wolf would not attack you. A big gate was in front of you and you climbed up the gates with the strength left in your body.

    As you jumped down the gates, it started to rain and you saw thunder lightning the big old building in front of you. It looked deserted and creepy. Not to get that wet and catch a cold you fastly walked into the building. You opened the door and walked into the building closing the door behind you. You looked around the house and noticed a fireplace still lighting.

    Does someone live here? You thought. ,,Hello? Is someone here?" you shouted and looked around. Slowly, you walked near the fireplace to warm yourself up a little. Quiet footsteps were heard as a man walked down the stairs. ,,Who are you?" he asked in a deep serious voice and you looked up at him. He had long black shoulder length hair. He was atleast 6'2 tall and had beautiful wine red eyes. His shoulders were broad and his waist was slim. He had long legs with muscular thighs. The stranger was wearing a black suit with a white riddled blouse. He looked ethereal beautiful and you caught yourself checking him out.

    ,,Oh uhm.. Excuse me what?" you asked him again and his eyebrows furrowed. ,,I'm not gonna repeat myself a third time so listen now. Who are you?". He asked in a serious voice, slightly annoyed. ,,Oh! I'm so sorry, my name is Y/N".

    ,,I got lost and Wolf started to chase me. After running for awhile, I saw this building and went inside as you can see it also started to rain and I didn't wanted to get this much wet. " you explained him everything and he just stared at you. ,,Hm.. I see, but this wouldn't have happened if you never entered the forbidden forest." The stranger said in a cold voice. ,,And then why are you here? How come that you live in the forbidden forest?" curiosity got the best of you and you couldn't resist to question him. ,,Do you not know who I am human?" His eyes met yours and you shuddered. The way he looked at you was intimidating but also so seductively. You shaked your head and he looked surprised. A little laugh came from him. ,,Your village has been seeing me as a God for over 500 years human. The vampire that saved your little village. " He smiled amusedly as he saw your shocked expression. ,,Oh I'm so sorry! I should be going, I'm really sorry for disturbing you sir!".

    It all made sense now. His appreance was just like a vampires, how he acted and where he lived maked sense now. You disturbed Antnasius, your dears folks God. ,,Wait, you can stay for the night human. I hadn't company for a long time, so it would be a pleasure for me. " Antnasius voice called to you and you nodded your head. ,,Thank you sir!" you thanked him and he giggled. ,,You can call me Antnasius, no need to be so formal human. Tell me human, what is your name? ". He asked you with curious eyes. ,,My name is Y/N.. ".

    ,,Let's get you warmed up now shall we? You are still wet from the rain and also probably cold, right dear?". You started to blush from the nickname he gave you and nodded. Antnasius told you to sit on the couch and you obeyed. After a minute, he came with a big fuzzy warm blanket and gave it to you. ,,Thank you.." you looked up at him and he smiled. ,,We wouldn't want you to get a cold now would we? I want you to feel comfortable and safe in here." Antnasius smiled at you and you smiled back at him. The thought of him caring for you made you feel all warm and loved inside. ,,I should go to sleep now.. It's really dark Antnasius.." you yawned and he nodded. ,,I have an extra bed if that would be more to your liking." He said and you just nodded. The man took you to the quest room and laid you down the bed. ,,Goodnight." He kissed your hand and walked away. Slowly you started to fall asleep.




    Big hands roamed over your chest and squeezed it. A moan coming out of your mouth as Antnasius lips sucked on your nipple. This feeling was immaculate as your body squirmed. His hands sliding from your stomach to your thighs. His fingers slowly dragging it to your core and his fingers moving up your slit. Slowly and desperately you took your underwear off and he smirked. Grinning up at you he peged your lips before sliding two fingers inside you. ,,Antnasius.. ~" you moaned out his name.

    You woke up hot and bothered as you realized of what you dreamed. Looking out from the window from your left side of the room, you noticed it was still dark. The dream felt too real for you and your pussy was aching for attention. Slowly you dragged your fingers down your core and rubbed your clit. The feeling was immaculate as your back arched and you inserted two fingers into you. You moaned out as your fingers started to move fastly inside of your cunt. Antnasius could hear everything from next door and felt his pants thightning. Your moans were cute as you moaned out his name in pleasure and he couldn't hold himself back from palming his bulge through his pants. Slowly taking his cock out and pumping it, imagine your hand around it and squeezing it. In his eyes you were the prettiest human girl he has ever seen and couldn't hold himself to think how you looked beneath him, crying from pleasure as he thrusts up into you. It made his cock twitch and he started to pump it faster. Not a long time after, he came into his pants, feeling relieved, he leaned back on the bed and takes out a cloth from the closet next to his bed and cleans his messy hand.

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  • kaeyatic
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #genshin impact smut #genshin smut#kaeya smut#zhongli smut#childe smut#tartaglia smut#diluc smut #—kaeyatic thirsts {👅}
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  • variousincorrectxreader
    08.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Y/N: Ayo, guys whats hanging!

    Sayori: ...

    Kaede: ...

    Ibuki: ...

    Y/N: I just heard myself and I think I’ll join the squad. 

    #i thought of this at 3am #sayori x reader #Ibuki x reader #ddlc incorrect quotes #x reader #incorrect x reader #kaede x reader #danganronpa 3#dr3#ddlc#sayori#ibuki#kaeya smut #dark humour tw #tw #super danganronpa 2
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  • lunamochii
    08.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Morning drabble featuring Diluc!

    Hope you guys will like it!

    warning ; pure smut, jealous sex, hard dom diluc

    “You just had to didn’t you? Told you to stick close to me. How hard is it to follow such simple order, love?”

    You sob under him, your legs pressed to your chest, cunt already dripping with his cum. Nails digging on his arm as you let out a moan again, it wasn’t your fault that people around them back at the party, wanted to talk to you

    “I-I’m sorry— eek! No more Luc! Too much…”

    “Even wearing that daring dress, you know how much I wanted to burn them all for looking at you?!”

    “Big! You’re getting bigger again, Luc!!”

    Manhandling you sure is no problem, making you lay flat on your stomach, ass exposed to him as he gave it a good slap. You couldn’t think straight anymore, all you can think now is his dick filling you up. You can even see your own stomach bloating due to excessive cum inside you

    “That’s right love, you only belong to me. Mine, alone. Think of any other men and I will fuck you till you pass out.”

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  • genshimper
    07.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Catching feels like crystalflies

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    pairing: diluc X fem!reader

    synopsis: when reader is a traveler (not lumine, just a traveler) coming from far lands to find a place in Mondstadt so she can settle, but during her trip is accidentaly mistaken for a fatui and ends being attacked by Diluc, of course he will have to pay for this misunderstanding.

    warnings: smut (eventually); canon typical violence; mentions of blood and injuries.

    check out the previous chapters: Chapter 1. |Chapter 2.|Chapter 3.|Chapter 4.|Chapter 5.|Chapter 6.|Chapter 7.|Chapter 8.|Chapter 9.|

    Chapter 9.


    Warnings: This chapter contains NSFW so if you're not comfortable with this genre please refrain from reading it. Also if you're a minor, please don't read it.


    You reach the top of the stairs and enter your room, Diluc locks the door behind you two.

    He removes his gloves and coat and rests them on a chair to dry. His pants and shirt are also wet and glued to his skin, he looks cold. You think it's strange since there is no rain outside.

    "What happened to your clothes, why is everything wet?" you ask, unable to contain your curiosity.

    "The weather in Dragonspine was dreadful. I was doing a mission but I got stuck in a snowstorm." he answers.

    "What were you doing in Dragonspine? You shouldn't have risked it. Going there in the middle of a snowstorm... It's too dangerous."

    "All I can say is that I needed to be there today, it was an important mission." he scratches the back of his neck. "I'm terribly sorry, I didn't want you to worry. I tried to get to Mondstadt as quickly as possible, but it was too late for our meeting."

    "It's not about you being late..." you can't help but feel upset.

    Diluc stares at you trying to understand your words.

    "I told you I'm fine as long as you're fine, but I can't help but worry about you." you take a deep breath, trying to fight back the urge to cry. "I never know where you are or what you're doing, I felt so helpless today thinking you were involved in some accident and I couldn't do anything about it."

    He approaches you and pulls you into a hug, you let some tears fall.

    His body is less warm than usual.

    He's not sure what to say, he just keeps saying sorry over and over again, giving you little apologetic kisses on the top of your head. He thought he would be protecting you when he hid certain things. Some information could compromise your safety, and he didn't want to involve you in those dirty businesses he deals with.

    There is no point in discussing these things.

    You two are very different people, and the only way you can stay together is by accepting this side of him. He will gradually open up to you, but that doesn't mean he will expose you to unnecessary danger.

    He trusts you more than anyone else, he's just really bad at expressing it. But he tries, a lot, all he wants is to make you happy.

    That's how much he loves you.

    "Come here, you have to get rid of those wet clothes and take a hot shower." you say.

    He lets you guide him to the bathroom. He waits as you let the hot water fill the bathtub and mix some mint powder in it, it's supposed to help you relax when you had a tough day at work.

    When you are about to leave he says "I think we should do this together."

    "What do you mean?"

    "We can share the bath." he was never that direct, it catches you off guard. "If you're comfortable with it, of course."

    You don't even know how to react. You and him naked on the same bathtub, it's not even a big one, your bodies will be so close together it will be hard not to have any strange thought.

    It's impossible not to blush in this situation.

    "I- um..."

    "It's okay if you don't want to. To say those intimate things... I shouldn't have been so hasty, it was very rude of me."

    "No! It's not rude. I want to! I mean... We've been together for quite some time, and it's natural that we do stuff, I thought about making love with you sometimes." you blush even harder. "No, I mean, I thought about it but not in a weird way." he laughs at your clumsiness.

    "I assume you misunderstood my intentions, I only meant to take a shower. I didn't know you had this kind of thoughts." strange as it seems Diluc doesn't blush, he's now in control of the situation. "I'm glad you brought this topic to the table, you said you want to, is that correct?"

    "Stop, don't make it more awkward." You hide your face in your hands and lean your back on the wall behind you increasing the distance between you two. The hot steam makes you even redder.

    "I would be lying if I told you I don't feel the same." it's a small bathroom so it only takes him two or three steps to get to you. He rests his forearm on the wall above your head bringing his face close to yours. Really close. "I really fancy the thing you mentioned. Making love is a really cute way of saying it."

    You could die of embarrassment right in this spot.

    "Forget what I said, let's just take a bath, okay?" you say.


    He steps back to remove his wet clothes. First the shirt, then the pants, until he's only in his underwear. You keep eye contact trying your best not to look down, it's just a body, you think, there's nothing to be excited about, you try to convince yourself.

    But there is, you don't need to look down to know how handsome he is. There's a lot of skin as muscles. Oh, the temptation. How cute is that his body hair is also red?

    He looks at you waiting for you to remove yours too, you hesitate for a second, you know Diluc is not judging you no matter what, but it's still embarrassing to get naked in front of a man for the first time.

    You take your dress off and remove the hairpins letting your hair fall naturally. You fold them and place them on the bathroom counter, next to his, you'll wash them later.

    "Please don't look." you say, and he looks away while you remove your underwear. He does the same.

    He enters the bathtub first and his big frame is enough for the water to overflow. He has to keep his knees above the water considering there's no space to stretch his legs, which means there's no space for you either.

    You have to place yourself between his legs, your back on his chest, and your knees close to your body.

    It's not as awkward as you thought it would be.

    Diluc uses his hand to wash your back, your shoulders, and your hair. He's very gentle, and he waits for your consent to touch your each part, placing small kisses on your neck and caressing your arms.

    You turn and knee before him, face to face, still pressed between his legs.

    You untie his hair, it's the first time you see him without his usual ponytail, and it's beautiful, like a painting. He lets you wash his hair like he did to you, you also run your hands to his neck and shoulders and his wide chest, making it all clean.

    You kiss him, you can't resist placing your lips on his pale skin, his neck along his pulsing veins, and his mouth, you kiss him passionately.

    "Your temperature seems to have returned to normal. I'm glad the hot water worked, you look better already." you say.

    "It's not the water, it's you." Diluc places his hands to your sides pushing you closer, kissing you, exploring you all with his tongue. It's deep and sensual.

    Your hands are in his hair, and you tighten the grip like you're begging him to continue. You feel good and impatient at the same time, every piece of you reacts to his touches. You feel eager to take this further so you tease him, you pull his hair and presses your chest against his, down there you can feel his length getting hard already. It's a lot bigger than you could have imagined.

    He also can't resist you.

    Diluc did avoid all your attempts until now, he knew you were trying to push him to the edges and he realized you were trying to get his attention by wearing perfume, doing your make up and acting differently around him. He wanted to see how far you went, he really enjoys it when you're teasing him, but you're trying so hard this time he can't hold back anymore.

    He lets his hands explore your most intimate places, slowly so he can see your reactions. And you react. He explores your thighs and raise his hands to your cheeks, his grip is strong and he lifts you up so you can properly sit on his lap. Now he doesn't have to lean so much to kiss you, his lips run through your neck and go down to your exposed chest.

    Diluc looks at you asking for consent and you nod.

    His lips go all around your chest and finally to your nipples, your right one to be exact, the left one receives attention from his hand, he runs your nipple around his thumb and middle finger.

    You moan when he licks you, and he presses harder.

    He stops when he finally hears you moan his name, not only his name but "Mater Diluc".

    Call him Boss, Master, or anything related to his position, he will get feral.

    He rises from the tub supporting you by your hips but he doesn't leave, your feet still inside the water, he turns you to your back and you use your arms for support putting both of your hands on the wall in front of you.

    Diluc keeps one of his hands on your hips giving you some extra support, you need it. His other hand finds your folds you have to lean on him not to fall since your legs go numb.

    You can feel his fingers exploring you, feeling your wetness, turning you into a moaning mess. He spreads your liquids and touches your most sensitive spots, stopping by your entrance. He needs to press a little harder so his fingers can enter your tight cunt.

    He did not mean to make you cum so fast, just by his fingers, he was only trying to get you ready for him. He's clearly inexperienced and he had no idea how much you could take before you came undone under his touch, he didn't even know if he could make it happen, this was a big concern for him.

    But this is not bad, right? He didn't even have tried hard, imagine when he does.

    You let him know what happened, though you cannot express yourself coherently. He gets a little too excited with that, his boner is pulsing ready to get into you.

    He waits for you to calm down before positioning his cock to your entrance, he places one of his hands on top of yours on the wall, and pushes the tip inside, slowly moving deeper.

    You're still recovering from your last climax so it's not hurting like you'd expected to. Even so, Diluc is cautious and enters you carefully trying to not make it too painful for you, he wants you to feel good while he goes all the way inside you. He surely does, his balls twitching to cum already, but he holds back.

    "I love you." he tells you when he's all in.

    "I love you too-" you can barely finish your sentence as he starts moving, making you moan his name at every thrust.

    It feels good, amazing actually, you are both so immersed in pleasure you don't care how loud you are.

    You are ready to reach your second orgasm.

    Diluc cock throbs in pain but he finally releases his load deep inside you, holding you tight and keeping it in until you are both done.

    When he pulls away you can feel some of his warm liquid spill from your cunt, it feels so dirty, but in a good way.

    You feel completely exhausted. You put your arms around him and hug him tight for a moment to recharge your energy.

    "Let's dry ourselves and go to bed, okay?." he walks out of the bathtub grabbing one towel for you and another for him.

    "That's a good idea." you say, wiping all the mess that you are right now.

    You don't need to get dressed.

    You two go to bed and sleep real good, Diluc is the perfect big spoon and you feel so warm and cozy all night, skin to skin. It's a blessing to see him laying in your bed in the morning, the sun hitting his pale skin, his red lashes shining with the morning light, you could stay like this forever.

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    Hello reader! how’s your day? I hope you’re doing well.

    What did you think of the ending? Omg the smut, the ending was pure smut. I'm not sure if it was good, my soul escapes my body every time I write dirty things, but in a good way, I promise.

    Thank you so much for reading! If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know!

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  • adeptusfucker
    07.12.2021 - 23 hours ago
    loading...kaeya x gn reader (mostly dom kaeya implications)
    summary: general smut headcanons
    warnings: (all consensual!) smut, penetration (reader receiving), x2 penetration mention (reader receiving), unprotected s3x, or4l (reader giving), br33ding k1nk, slight degradation mention, praise k1nk, toys, 3some/g4ngb4ng mention, c#m fixation, und3rw34r stealing, public s3x, fear play, temperature play, wax play, office s3x mention, sp4nk1ng
    (i only made this to understand how to write kaeya but then it turned long so ig im posting it lol)

    ♡ As always, I headcanon everyone to be switches and Kaeya is no different. Either way, when he is in control or when he lets you take the lead, he likes to be an ass. He enjoys taunting and teasing you. Sometimes even degrading you.

    ♡ Kaeya prefers to be in control in the beginning of the relationship or whatever you have going on. But when he trusts you, he loves it when you make him whimper and break his bratty side. Like please make him beg for mercy, please praise him, please fuck him until all he knows is your name.

    ♡ It's part of Kaeya's job to learn about everyone's weaknesses. It's kind of a gut instinct for him to look into people's weaknesses as soon as he meets them. You're no different so he is familiar with your weaknesses and WILL use them against you during sex. Afraid of the dark? Well why not fuck in the dark so that you'll cling onto him. Oversensitive? He will abuse the fuck out of your most sensitive spors. He thinks it will just be a little fun to see you helpless under him, especially when you are in fear (in a consensual and safe environment). Fear is a strong aphrodisiac after all.

    ♡ This is a given but Kaeya likes experimenting. He has been around so he has experimented almost everything once. He is aware of his likes and dislikes and he is equally eager to find out yours. Of course he wouldn't make you do anything you don't want to or anything that is really unsafe. But yeah mans a kinky person.

    ♡ OBVIOUSLY Kaeya has also experimented with temperature play. Most of the time he uses his cryo vision to his advantage. He prefers you to be the receiving end because he loves to see the way you flinch when he pours some safe wax on your thighs and then immediately touches you with his icy hold hand. It's one of his less kinky kinks.

    ♡ Kaeya has A LOT of dirty secrets and guilty pleasures. He really enjoys the idea of fucking/being fucked in public. In his office is a given but at the tavern or at an alleyway? Yesss. But if he has romantic feelings for you, he initially gets a bit possessive about people seeing you with minimal clothing. He doesn't mind if people see you being fucked by him though because it just proves that you are his (even though you may or may not br together romantically when you decide to be intimate with him). Initially he may joke about you sleeping with multiple other people, acting as if he doesn't care. It's kind of a coping mechanism for him to not get attached to you. But the thought of it does hurt him a little.

    ♡ That doesn't mean Kaeya is opposed to sharing. In fact, he's all about that shit. If he doesn't have feelings he is all about that shit. If he does, he is fine with it but feels jealousy and kind of a need to mark you more by filling you, marking you etc. When he trusts you, he has less of this need and is generally secure about sharing you with other people. But sometimes he still likes his one-on-one time as reassurance that yes, you still want him.

    ♡ This is mainly because I saw great genderbend Kaeya on r34 but I think he likes crossdressing. Like as a slutty bunny, wearing cute lingerie dresses or even one of your swimsuits. He knows he looks hot and takes advantage of it. (This is definitely a crack headcanon but I imagine if he was close to Rosaria, he would steal or borrow her clothes and have sex with them at least once LMAO)

    ♡ Kaeya fucking loves it when his mouth is full. Also loves it when you are full too! He likes the thought of your hole being filled with two cocks, whether it be him and another person or some dildos. Being filled and seeing you filled just gets him going

    ♡ Speaking of that, yes, Kaeya has more than a few toys from dildos to strap-ons to vibes. Oh and I feel like he likes to shove a plug inside you after he fills you up.

    ♡ I don't know how to describe dicks but he is pretty big and thick. It's not as big as Diluc's or as pretty as Albedo's but it's a damn good cock. And I feel like it's his proudest body part lol

    ♡ For you I think Kaeya likes your mouth and lips. He loves the filthy words and moans that come out of them. He loves the intelligent comebacks you give. He loves when he shuts that pretty mouth with his cock. And he loves staining your mouth and lips with his semen.

    ♡ But then again, I can imagine Kaeya as an ass type to guy. Loves to spank your ass till it's red with marks. Maybe make you wear something that accentuates your butt. Or take you from behind, face down ass up. Eitherway, he likes having his hands on your ass or waist during sex.

    ♡ Kaeya really likes stealing your underwear especially if he makes you cum in your pants. Gets home and sniffs the shit of them. Also likes putting them in your mouth as a gag.

    ♡ Sometimes when Kaeya is particularly mean, he takes your underwear after having sex in a public setting. If he is nice then he'll shove a plug inside to keep his cum from dripping out if not then hmm good luck for the rest of the day

    ♡ Kaeya has a cum fixation (I feel like every genshin boy I write does but I digress). He loves the idea of you or him being filled with cum or having cum all over the bedsheets and your bodies. ALSO ALSO LOVES rubbing his precum all over your lips. That shit is just the best thing for him before he shoves his cock in your mouth.

    #genshin smut #genshin impact smut #kaeya smut #genshin kaeya smut #kaeya x reader smut
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  • darlingpwease
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    special thanks to my precious and my gorgeous.

    𝐜𝐰 / 𝐭𝐰 lapslock, collaring + leash, established relationship, light possessive talk, pet play, pet names (kitten; puppy); power exchange, light choking (g.), mention of brat taming; light petting, praise (g.)

    | kaeya alberich |

    he already has a rather 'eccentric' reputation and is too playfully provocative to abandon this idea. your collar? hmmm... is this your new way to demonstrate that he belongs to you as your pet? are you really that worried that someone will steal him from you?

    ... oh no, don't make that face, he's just teasing — after all, you both know that you don't need a collar to confirm this little fact. not that anyone else is claiming him. you know, it's just nice to know that you like him — or rather, when you confirm that you like him again.

    even if you both know it.

    even if everyone in town knows you're a couple.

    just... It's kind of cute that you're so possessive, my my.

    ・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼⸙͎۪۫ { ๑ } ۪۪͎۫⸙✼:*:゚*:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・

    { ♡ } — dark classic collar that goes well with his casual clothes.

    Kaeya likes dark colors, even if he likes to be in the light. it's not about being inconspicuous, but that it should look natural.

    dark blue. black. purple. bronze.

    ... white? isn't that too bright for "dark"? he purrs that it's okay if it's just for you.

    he doesn't mind being exclusive.

    dark red is also just for you.

    { ♡ } — it's not too tight if it's a work-time collar, but if it's a home one, then he definitely won't mind, especially if the tightening increases in proportion to the tightening of the leash.

    it's not that you have a weakness for strangulation, but you look too attractive when you have power...

    ... a lot of gentle, but definitely provoking teasing, if you actually tend to lose control of yourself or change your behavior when you dominate. sometimes it looks like he is playing with fire — but soon you will realize that he is not just "playing" and provoking, he just sometimes also allows himself to... lose a little. or maybe it's one of his desires to act the way he wants, regardless of the consequences or actions you can do.

    he's so draining sometimes.

    { ♡ } — probably also has one with a silver signature where it says that he belongs to you or that he is your cute kitten — yes, maybe Kaeya sometimes (constantly) behaves like a brat, but he's still very attractive and playful, hmm? shouldn't he be called your 'cute kitten'?

    wouldn't you like to call him that?

    ... no? oh, darling, he'll find a way to convince you that being your kitten is the closest description of his personality. because he has so many of these feline traits, especially when he almost purrs when you touch him, especially if you touch his collar. do you know that the neck is the most vulnerable place, dear?

    should be treated gently.

    when you tighten the collar a little, he doesn't say anything, but can't help — allow himself a cat smile, fleetingly touching the collar with his fingers. it fits him so naturally, as if being your pet has also become something natural.

    hmm?.. just thoughts, my love.

    { ♡ } — Kaeya always looks awesome, and always looks like he came out just to amaze someone. this is a created image for others? he needs attention? he's trying to find himself? this is not so important, because when others notice that something has changed in him — something else has appeared, — you almost blush when someone notices that a cavalry captain has a new cute collar with your name on it.

    it looks much better than you expected. of course, he certainly looks good on any thing, too pretty face, but maybe it's not just the lighting or a good combination of the collar and his clothes. something else.

    you quickly realize that the point is how happy he looks.

    | albedo |

    flasks. bottles. burner is switched off.

    the blue liquid glitters like water full of sequins in a tightly sealed vessel.

    Albedo looks at you for a few minutes with an expression that does not show any emotions, and you are ready for him to refuse you — after all, he rarely does something that he does not see the point in. and if he does not consider this one useful enough for alchemy.

    (he's a little too immersed in his research, but that's why you love him.)

    but instead of refusing or asking questions, he obediently lifts his hair, giving you a silent sign, which you interpret in your own way — carefully fasten around his neck.

    a light collar looks amazing on light skin.

    Albedo gently touches and is silent, hardly breathing; then gives you a restrained affectionate smile.

    and returns to his studies without saying anything.

    It's only after a few minutes that he gently says “thank you, I'll take care of it.”

    ・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼⸙͎۪۫ { ๑ } ۪۪͎۫⸙✼:*:゚*:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・

    { ♡ } — light collar, soft and flexible.

    Albedo has light skin, light clothes, light eyes, light hair — he looks like a golden flower himself — which makes the dark collar look like a seal on him. too bright, too noticeable, too heavy.

    but even if you offer one, he will not refuse. it's still a gift. it's still an expression of your feelings and your attitude.

    it's still an expression of your relationship.

    light gold. blue. purple. white.

    other people's views are not so important. if you think it looks good, then it's good, right?

    { ♡ } — Albedo is not interested in the reactions of others, nor in thoughts. he spends most of his time in the mountains, engaged in research and development, immersed in his own world, and even when he goes down to Mondstadt, he is still not bothered by others.

    the collar looks natural, like an ordinary part of its appearance, although Sucrose blushes when she notices it. an almost casually neat signature "belongs to" with your name.

    belongs to you?.. it sounds a little possessive, but if it's you, then everything is fine.

    even when you pull the leash a little harder and he is forced to move, trusting you, not seeing anything.

    good boy — good not only in research, but also in service.

    good puppy.

    { ♡ } — pet names are not exactly what he has a weakness for, but even if there is something like 'kitten' or 'puppy', he does not mind. 'your cute puppy'? it doesn't sound so bad, even if he doesn't quite understand why you think he's a puppy, and whether it's a good thing.

    is this a special form of falling in love or you just love puppies and think he's just as cute? do you think he's cute?

    even the mark of his imperfection?

    ... kissing in the lab is a little uncomfortable, but he is sure that he moves away not because you hold his collar tightly, but because he does not want to.

    this is also a kind of study.

    { ♡ } — the collar doesn't squeeze too tight, but Albedo can't help but touch it.

    maybe it's not right to feel happy about it, but he can't do anything about it.


    #.spicy♡ #dom reader #gender neutral reader #🧸.pet play #🧸.collaring #🧸.choking #🧸.brat taming #🧸.petting #🧸.praise kink #✉.albedo #✉.kaeya alberich #sub genshin impact #albedo x reader #kaeya alberich x reader #genshin impact smut
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  • sidemari
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #childe x reader #xiao x reader #scaramouche x reader #childe smut#xiao smut#scaramouche smut #genshin x reader #genshin fanfic#genshin scenarios#genshin smut#childe#xiao#scaramouche #diluc x reader #kaeya x reader #venti x reader
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  • cutiesweetiess
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    TESTING TESTING HELLO 😭😭 tumblr don’t shadow ban me or whatever your doing

    #kaeya x reader #gorou x reader #diluc x reader #xiao x reader #genshin fanfic#genshin impact #albedo x reader #childe x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin smut
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  • polluxminor
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    📍. give me validation as follow me‼️

    KAEYA sends gossip he finds, or makes fun of the teacher. While you’re scribbling the formula, he throws a paper ball commenting on the principal’s receding hairline. But whenever he’s writing notes to you, and then gets picked on to answer since he wasn’t paying attention, he always gets it right somehow, and all the teachers hate him for it.

    DILUC gives you the answers when he sees you struggling. yk those hot dry texters ? Yeah, that’s diluc. “The answers are in the questions after. You’ll be fine.” AND IT JSUT?/&/ and when he passes it to you when he does to turn in his test, he gives you a little nod, and god damn you are about to suck the trauma out of this mans dick because that test is hard as FUCK.

    ZHONGLI rants about something in his day, or information that reminded him of you. Or maybe even facts about the topic you may need, or little myths revolving around the subject you’re learning. When he sends them, they’re always folded so symmetrical?? Sometimes he’ll fold them into dragons or animals and they’ll be so good?? AND ITS HARD UNWRAPPING THE NOTE BC U WANNA KEEP IT..

    VENTI sends notes like, “lol I brought dvalin in my bag.” How is your pet bird not dead?? You scoot in closer as you play with him in Venti’s bag, and the amount of fucking animals he brings randomly to the classroom?? He brought a hamster once but it jumped in the toilet and was never seen again.

    CHILDE doesn’t know what’s going on. “I don’t get the math help me :(“ His handwriting is big and the sad face is even more obnoxiously big. Ever since you’ve tutored him, (so he wouldn’t get kicked out of the ice hockey team) he’s been asking you to go to his games ever since. The brains to his brawn. <3

    SCARAMOUCHE is a fucking bully. “ur forehead is big btw” gets thrown at you and you have to calm yourself down before you start pulling his ugly ass bowl cut. He really thought he ate? You throw it back with a , “Lets see what’s under the hat bitch, you got a bald spot or sum?” This form of teasing being thrown back and forth starts to become more than simple banter, in the following weeks.

    XIAO tutors you in comp sci, and holy shit he’s good with his hands. Play us like one of ur glow in the dark keyboards..and god are his hands fast when they type. Instead of doing work, he’ll email you and you’ll both go at it back and forth, him making fun of your game dmg and you calling him a meta-slave. Yeah, all fun and games until the school looks at your school emails. goodluck

    ALBEDO isn’t patient in things that don’t interest him. Expect a, “god can this teacher ever shut up” written hastily as he kicks his legs under the desk to pass the time. Usually he scribbled the other classes homework, and gets caught all the time. He already knows all the answers, so the teacher can’t call on him either.

    THOMA puts notes in your bag, pencil case, planner, anywhere you’ll eventually see them is placed there with little reminders on tests, or just pick-me ups and ideas for the weekends. He’ll probably sneak in a snack if you haven’t been eating properly, with a “Eat more :(“ post-it on the ziplock.

    KAZUHA sends crappy poetry or quotes in books he finds that remind him of you. “You smell like the sun, and taste like the moon..”. Boy, what the hell?? He’ll send you little doodles of cats and a compliment, or even shove all the drafts of his poetry into your locker in passing. So cliche and sappy, but it’s Kazuha.

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #genshin headcanons #genshin impact headcanons #genshin smut #kaeya x reader #kaeya headcanons#kaeya smut #diluc x reader #diluc headcanons#diluc smut #zhongli x reader #zhongli smut#zhongli headcanons #venti x reader #venti headcanons #childe x reader #childe headcanons#childe smut #scaramouche x reader #scaramouche headcanons#scaramouche smut #xiao x reader #xiao headcanons#xiao smut #albedo x reader #albedo headcanons#albedo smut #[ 🌂 ] archives ! #genshin impact
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    click ‘keep reading’ to check out my stories❤️

    notes 📝

    🌙 I’m okay when reblogging my stories as long as there’s a hashtags.

    🌙Please leave a feedback! It means a lot to me.

    🌙Don’t fret when dropping by my ask.

    🌙Currently close for requesting a smut/fluff/angst.

    🌹for smut , ❤️ for fluff , 🥀 for angst


    🌹 smut




    ❤️ fluff



    🌹 smut








    🌹 smut







    ❤️ fluff



    🌹 smut




    Friends heard you moaning




    A night at his lair


    Morning Drabble

    ❤️ fluff



    🌹 smut

    Rainy Day





    ❤️ fluff



    🌹 smut


    F**k him and his stamina pt.1



    🌹 smut



    🌹 smut

    First time

    OC Stories [ Genshin ]

    Luna x Diluc [ Finally Mine ]

    Miya Twins

    🌹 smut

    Osamu x f!reader x Atsumu


    Sweet Pleasure


    🌹 smut





    Ryomen Sukuna

    🌹 🥀 smut and angst



    #genshin impact#genshin scenarios#genshin smut #genshin impact smut #genshin x reader #master diluc #diluc ragnivindr x reader #diluc smut #diluc x reader #genshin childe#kaeya smut #kaeya genshin impact #haikyu smut#jjk smut#toth smut#vyn smut#marius smut #luke pearce smut #artem wing smut #tears of themis smut #childe smut#thima smut#tohma smut#itto smut #arataki itto smut
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  • dilucsgoodboy
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    their test subject

    part (1/?)

    albedo x reader x copy!albedo


    [ warnings! : nsfw, mdni!!, threesome, rough sex, cursing, dumbification, blowjob, slapping/spanking, overstimulation, creampie, praising, degrading, nice albedo and mean copy albedo ]


    “would you like to try it out?”

    ————— ୨୧ —————

    albedo ran his gloved hand through your hair as you took more of him into your tight mouth. how adorable you were all sprawled out on the rough floor. goosebumps covering your usually soft skin. it was almost as if all the heat those 2 were producing around was not enough to keep you from the cold.

    “stay still”

    it truly was an odd evening for you and albedo. even so, all the little details that led up to this didn’t matter at the moment.

    and while albedo loved to see your lips wrapped around him, he couldn’t help but feel challenged by the other. the exact copy of himself which had himself buried deep inside your pretty pussy. albedo felt a twinged of regret and hatred for letting him defile you like this in his workspace. but it was a sight to behold for albedo and yet, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the mess he created.

    “so good, such a good girl”

    the sound of his hips meeting your now reddened ass had drowned out in his ears and he felt suddenly so helpless. those filthy words that spilled from his lips over and over in your ear while your mouth was stuffed full. albedo didn’t know if he was so stunned because of the pleasure or because of seeing you so messy because of someone else. either way, he felt obligated to treat his good girl with the utmost respect.

    the copy, however, didn’t care one bit about ‘how you felt’ fuck, he didn’t even know what exactly feelings were. all he cared about was fucking you till you couldn’t move and proving himself more useful than your pathetic excuse of a boyfriend. and even though you knew you were just being used, that only made you even needier to please the two of them.

    gripping your supple waist and pulling you closer to him than the real albedo. your mouth fell off his cock, causing it to hit his navel. your usually precious soft moans turned to screams and whimpers of pleasure. there were practically hearts in your eyes and the thought of being filled up. the copied hips now stuttering as he was oh so close to finishing.

    “your pussy is just so fucking good, a shame I’m not the one who gets to fuck it every night”

    more foul words felt his chapped lips as deep pants came from him, signaling he was close. you were collapsed on the floor of albedos camp from how fucking rough was being with you. only the sounds of your begging are what albedo could hear and you called out for him and even reached out your shaking hand.

    even with how good you felt, your poor over sensitive and overstimulated body begged to differ. but the copy didn’t like that one bit. pulling you up by the neck which caused an array of choked moans to leave your throat. albedo couldn’t look away.

    even though there were tears of pleasure or pain, he couldn’t tell; and even though the sounds from you sounded nothing like the you he knew. all albedo knew was that he wanted to comfort you. putting a hand to your cheek.

    “you’re ok, i’m right here”

    he whispered oh so sweetly and for a second you believed him before the copy pulled you hard.

    “why even bother comforting her, she doesn’t even deserve an ounce of comfort after putting on a show like this. a real whore like her is too stupid to understand aren’t ya?”

    you wanted to cry and shake your head but with his hips harshly roughing up against your ass again. you felt so overwhelmed with pleasure only whimpering in response. finally, after those last painful thrusts, he came inside your fucked out, drooling cunt. you gasped out and albedo stared down at you in awe. you were drooling all over his floor while the copy cursed at how good you felt.

    with a cunt like yours he swore you could milk him dry.

    pulling out of your messy little pussy and watching his cum dribble out slowly. while he'd love to watch you attempt to push out all his cum, he’d much rather stuff you full. he frowned at this and gathered what was pushed out on two fingers and shoved it right back inside you where it belonged.

    “good girls keep in allll inside”

    he smirked and rubbed his hand over the red spots his hips caused in a faux comfort. albedo just stared blankly, watching as you sat yourself up a bit on all fours where you originally were. his adorable girlfriend now succumbed to a debauched mess on his own office floor. 

    “so are you gonna fuck her throat or am i gonna have to do that too?”

    #albedo smut #albedo x reader #albedo genshin x reader #albedo genshin impact #imposter albedo#genshin smut #albedo my love #albedo kreideprinz #albedo kiss me challenge #imposter albedo x reader x albedo #genshin diluc#genshin kaeya#genshin men#genshin childe#genshin imagines #genshin x reader #genshin xiao#itto smut#dilucsgoodboy#yasssss
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  • thomaphobic
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    poly!kaebedo x afab!reader

    Switchy!albedo x switchy!Kaeya and sub!reader


    it’s basically THIRST with a lil of stupidity.

    if albedo is synthetically human. he probably doesn’t par take in certain human “casualties” if ya know what i mean LMFAO. no but imagine you and keaya get drunk while at albedos lab late at night cuz he was nice enough to let you to stay and the two of you start dirty talking to each other, after a while the conversation turns to you two talking about masturbating. Albedo just there doing his research and the two of you get the very nasty idea to try and get albedo to touch himself in front of you guys hopefully leading to more but to y’all’s surprise Albedos like “I don’t touch myself. i have no need too” 

    story part LMFAO


    “i don’t touch myself?”

    Kaeya and you look at each drunkenly with glasses in eachs others hands. He’s joking right? The two of you always thought albedo was probably secretly perverted and just never said anything. this was kinda of shocker.

    “so wait. you just don’t or don’t know how?” 



    Albedo looked at you both confused. what purpose does one need to touch themselves when he has 2 ppl who already touch him in that way? “I don’t see a purpose in doing so obviously i’m not going to” albedo says continue his work. you and kaeya stand there star struck until kaeya gets and idea. He sets his glass down on the closet table and walks up behind albedo. Keaya brushes albedos hair away from his neck and begins the kiss the back of his neck. Ahhhh. now you see what keayas doing. Albedo begins to tense up as his breathing becomes unsteady. You follows keayas lead and walk up next to albedo. Albedo looks a you wit a hint of lust in his eyes and a bit of surprised. You push albedo back you can you get in between him and the table. Kaeya continues his attack on the back of his neck as you begin your attack on the front. Albedo feels as if he’s being tormented. He lets out a small moan as you suck on his adam’s apple while starts the grinds against him. “Stop both of you. ahh~ please~”

    You slide down Albedo and begin to kiss his bulge in his pants. Albedo is stuck he can’t move. “How about we teach you how to then? huh bedo?~” Kaeya says in Albedos ear.

    Albedo whips his head around only to have Kaeya shove his younger down his throat. Trying to pull who jacket off of him. You pull albedos pants down and look up at the two males tongue fucking each other. you start to get a lil jealous puffing you cheeks out and staring at the two jealously. “hey!” you shout. the two men stop what they were doing looking down at you “i want some attention too from albedo” you say cheeks puffed as you pout looking at them

    “it’s my turn right now pretty. you’ll get your turn in a second” kaeya says with teasing in voice and a snickers. he grabs albedos face and shoves his tongue back down the poor the chief alchemist throat once again. you sit there in the floor watching them for a good minute before you get up and face the two men. They stop and look at you once again. Albedo eyes are starting to well up wit tears while Kaeya has a slightly annoyed expression. You smush albedos face in between your hand and shove your tongue down his throat. Albedo can’t handle it anymore and snaps making him go from submissive to dominate in a split second and pushes you down and moves away from you gasping for air while pulling his pants up. Kaeya chuckles at you as you pout at albedo on the floor. Albedo’s obviously not too pleased. “Both of you. stop right now. i’m serious” Albedo says in serious tone. You take the hint and stand up and apologize immediately. Kaeya being the brat he is decides he’s found a new way to get albedos attention. “Hey Alchemist. watch this”. he walks over to Albedo who looks like he’s more angry at this point and guides him towards a chair where he sits and kaeya stands next to. i watch from my spot curious but slightly anxious, you wanted to used by the males more importantly you wanted to watch albedo. kaeya gestures you to come forward. you stand in front of the too. “Take your clothes off doll”


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  • sidemari
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #albedo x reader #albedo smut #genshin x reader #genshin fanfic #diluc x reader #childe x reader #kaeya x reader #genshin smut #xiao x reader #venti x reader #zhongli x reader
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  • vlyntage
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    𝑚𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑦 𝑒𝑎𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑠 :: 𝙜𝙚𝙣𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙚𝙣

    ¡! characters: childe, kaeya, itto !!! , xiao, baizhu, dainsleif, diluc, kazuha, and ayato.

    ¡! warnings + important notes: nsfw :: -16 + ageless blogs do not interact. race neutral. afab reader . pure nasty smut. cursing. biting. mentions/depictions of squirting. tongue-fucking. overstim. dirty talk.

    ¡! author comments: this was extremely fun to write but a lil rushed !! pls i hope y’all enjoy regardless <3

    •┈┈┈••✦ 𝑐ℎ𝑖𝑙𝑑𝑒 ✦••┈┈┈•

    ✦ very passionate about eating you out. literally that guy who makes constant jokes about you sitting on his face …until it’s not a joke anymore.

    ✦ entailing he’s already got your pretty ass perched on his face, his tongue slipping and smothering all over you. he’s practically drooling before he even before he starts eating you. especially when he’s incredibly horny.

    ✦ loves to just grab at your hips, pulling you down onto his face more. his lips are wrapping and sucking at you in so many different ways, causing your toes to curl.

    ✦ honestly, childe’s also a bit of a risk taker. so don’t push his buttons too much, because he will take his indulgence anywhere. even if it’s in semi-public.

    ✦ loves edging you with his mouth, leaving you a trembling, babbling mess before he even starts actually fucking you.

    ✦ “aw, is my babydoll cumming already~? well, don’t get too comfortable…that’s not the last time you’ll be doing that for me tonight.”

    •┈┈┈••✦ 𝑘𝑎𝑒𝑦𝑎 ✦••┈┈┈•

    ✦ very similar to childe in his mannerisms. he can be very risky in a thrilling way.. leading you to try things you’d never even thought about before.

    ✦ he’s always coming up with new positions and new ways he can eat you out from. he gets extremely crafty and tasteful with experimenting with you.

    ✦ from eating you and playing with your pussy in front of a clearly open window, to being at a fancy resort for a vacation and indulging in you at the public pool. kaeya is full of surprises.

    ✦ yet, he’s full of creative ways that always make your body shiver in complete pleasure. which is always the best part of him doing anything sexual with you.

    ✦ “my my…you’ve made quite the mess on my new shirt, haven’t you, darling? i guess i have no other choice but to clean you up, hm?”

    •┈┈┈••✦ 𝑖𝑡𝑡𝑜 ✦••┈┈┈•

    ✦ DEFINITELY one hungry motherfucker. STARVING in fact.

    ✦ he’s very into just digging into you. there’s so much he wants to you that sometimes all he wants to do is rip off your panties and devour you. if you let him, of course.

    ✦ when he’s feeling especially needy or overly teased by you, he usually gives you a safe word. just in case he gets in a habit of being carried away.

    ✦ but usually, you like when he gets carried away. he turns from a big, goofy himbo into a red-eyed, panting beast as his mouth sucks at your fluids and tongue is buried within your warm hole.

    ✦ yeaa, expect a lot of growling and clawing at you. and thigh biting, too. he’s very serious when he’s pleasuring you. even more so when he’s punishing you.

    ✦ “fuck, fuck…i’m addicted to you, dammit…you taste so good, baby.”

    •┈┈┈••✦ 𝑥𝑖𝑎𝑜 ✦••┈┈┈•

    ✦ even if he is very mellow in general, xiao knows how to get you going.

    ✦ he’s very giving when it comes to your alone time together. there’s nothing he wants more than to make you feel at your best. that’s all there is to it. so when he knows you like oral, he makes sure to give more of that to you.

    ✦ xiao loves the feeling of you rubbing your sensitive sex against him, getting to taste all of you in full. the more you drive him farther, the more handsy the gets in that process.

    ✦ he’s always giving you a little extra each time. for instance as he sucks your clit, he slides fingers into you, curling them towards your g-spot.

    ✦ you’re his first priority. that’s all there is to it. even if he can be cold or seem less feeling towards certain things, he knows how to show his devotion and passion towards you in so many different ways.

    ✦ “you’re gorgeous, [name]…i really can’t get enough of you.”

    •┈┈┈••✦ 𝑏𝑎𝑖𝑧ℎ𝑢 ✦••┈┈┈•

    ✦ now this mf… is into all kinds of kinky shit.

    ✦ he’s very experimental and wants to go to many different places with you. and his favorite thing to do with you as a starter is oral. both ways, but he mainly likes to see your reactions to what he does to you.

    ✦ baizhu is very teasing and very much into edging you to the brink of tears. he has a little bit of a sadistic side, but he makes up for it with intense passion and true adoration for you that leaves absolutely bo gray area. ever.

    ✦ his tongue goes in all areas, making your head spin as he whispers sweet nothings to you. he wants to devour you and taste all of you in full.

    ✦ you practically melt into the sheets as your orgasm drips out of you, leaving him to lick up the mess from you, making you convulse slightly.

    ✦ “there, there my beloved. you’ve done so well for me.”

    •┈┈┈••✦ 𝑑𝑎𝑖𝑛𝑠𝑙𝑒𝑖𝑓 ✦••┈┈┈•

    ✦ dain is most definitely a man who has his limits, yet holds the most confident and still composure through it all.

    ✦ he’s still got that fiery and kinky side, don’t get me wrong. he just has such a calm and gentleman way of showing that to you, that his passion outweighs almost anything else.

    ✦ he’s very slow and tender, making you enjoy every single lick and kiss on your folds and plush wetness he places. his breath is warm as he groans onto you.

    ✦ dain knows how to make you have full body reactions every time without a doubt. it’s because he knows how to make every second feel like waves of pure pleasure and beauty for you. it’s truly an amazing experience.

    ✦ “you’re so beautiful like this, angel.”

    •┈┈┈••✦ 𝑑𝑖𝑙𝑢𝑐 ✦••┈┈┈•

    ✦ another man who has an uncontrollable hunger when pushed too far. and lord knows, he’s extremely aggressive when pushed too far.

    ✦ he can be very neutral and passionate, or very harsh and aggressive. just depends on what mood you set him in. but usually, he’s very passionate and can even be quite teasing with you and your body.

    ✦ even if he is a very humble and introverted man most of the time, he totally switches when he has these moments with you. there’s just something about you he can’t hold back from.

    ✦ the way he eats you is usually slow and full, taking your wetness into his mouth, licking and sucking everywhere he can. he’ll often flick his tongue to tease you extra, especially on your clit, until you’re a complete mess.

    ✦ “i just can’t stop…you taste too good, darling.”

    •┈┈┈••✦ 𝑘𝑎𝑧𝑢ℎ𝑎 ✦••┈┈┈•

    ✦ very sweet and tender when he gives you oral.

    ✦ he takes his time with you, tasting every inch of you as you’re dripping for him as he whispers about how cute you are.

    ✦ he loves looking up at your face contorted in pleasure, hearing the whines and squeals coming from you as his tongue dances over you. he makes sure that you’re always comfortable, even in moments like these.

    ✦ his simple and light touches just make it that much better too. making you shiver and goosebumps prick your skin all over.

    ✦ when you finish in his mouth, he happily wraps you in his arms, warming you against your body. he can’t help but smile admiringly at your flustered expression.

    ✦ “that was incredible, sweetheart. i hope it felt just that way for you.”

    •┈┈┈••✦ 𝑎𝑦𝑎𝑡𝑜 ✦••┈┈┈•

    ✦ very composed, even during sex. yet, he does have moments where he can get a bit more rowdy.

    ✦ he’ll never brag or rave about the things you two do behind closed doors, yet if there’s one thing that truly excites him, it’s getting to eat your perfect pussy.

    ✦ god, he could go on and on about how good you taste. how soft and wet you feel in his mouth. it’s a favorite feeling for him. hands down.

    ✦ praises you like there’s no tomorrow when you’re moaning and squirming breathlessly as he has you splayed out before him.

    ✦ he loves when you squirt for him. knowing how skilled he is with eating you, it’s proof by now that this has a huge effect on you.

    ✦ “little love, you did so well for me…”

    #{🍒} — vlynn’s thirsts #genshin impact smut #xiao smut #genshin impact x reader #diluc smut #arataki itto x reader #arataki itto smut #ayato x reader #ayato smut#baizhu smut#genshin headcanons#genshin smut #kaeya x reader smut #kazuha smut#dainsleif smut #childe x reader #childe smut#tartaglia smut
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  • luc1a333
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    it's kinda late but the dec 3rd angst where y/n falls in love with someone but they already like someone. so y/n wishes to be them basically based of heather song

    please writers if you can, make it really sad i want to bawling my eyes out 😇😇

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  • cyanxdex
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    The feminine urge to write fanfic about all genshin submissive and breedable men is just JSHDHDHDHEJEJDBDJDJSBDBDBD

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  • sidemari
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    • Fingering you in public •

    NSFW Scenarios of them fucking you in public :)

    Characters included: Albedo, Kazuha, Venti and Xiao x Fem!Reader

    Warnings: Sexual content ahead. Read responsibly.

    Art: Fake Slackers' Manga

    Albedo 📚

    "Love... The library is open still" You tried your best to sound normal as your boyfriend's fingers stimulated the softest spots of your body.

    "I'm aware of that, doll. But I don't think someone can even notice anything. It seems like we're only studying, right?" With that line, his fingertips brushed against your g-spot with delicacy, giving you goosebumps.

    You couldn't even move much in your sit. Someone could finally notice such lewd things you were doing.

    You rested your face on the table, the smell of the paper pages from the books fulfilling your scent. A single tear made one specific word from that page wet.

    "Albedo... Too much!" You gasped quietly.

    His expression was kept unbothered, as if he was really studying the content of the book in front of him.

    His fingers were so wet they made sinful sounds that fortunately were muffled by the ambience's noises.

    Curving his fingers even more, that was enough to make you see stars. Your orgasm hit you, making you squirm in place and moan quietly.

    "Fuck... That feels great-" You whimpered.

    "Shush, (Name)... We're still in public" Albedo held a devilishly grin that made you almost want to slap him.

    You saw his fingers when he took them out from you.

    "So much slick it's almost comic" Indiscreetly he licked your essence, kissing your lips afterwards. "Your taste is better than anything I ever proved before"

    "Could you finish what you started on your lab, perhaps?" You provoked him.

    Kazuha 🍁

    Your leader Beidou did an special dinner that night, as a way to thank the efforts of her crew.

    What happened was that most of the participants were drunk by the end of the dinner, many fell asleep against some boxes of the ship, not even bothering to go to their own dorms and the others rested in the long wooden table.

    You were almost exiting yourself to go to your dorm when you felt your boyfriend's hand caressing your thigh, soon carefully sliding your panties to the side to tease your clit.

    "Kazuha! Here...? What if-"

    "Look around, my dear, we're the only ones sober here. Those people are so wasted they won't even remember anything if they see our actions"

    You were wet... So wet his middle finger could slide easily inside your walls, making the samurai chuckle to himself.

    "Was my little bird horny already? Look at how easy is to pound my finger into you"

    "Ah, Kazuha, right there, p-please" Another finger stimulated you by the time you gasped those words.

    "Answer me, love. Were you thinking dirty things about us during the dinner?"

    "Mhmm... Yes, I was... Ah, fuck it... Just please, don't deny my plea"

    Kazuha's skilled fingers made you feel in heaven quickly. Quicker than you'd ever be able to do alone.

    He felt your walls clenching slowly, kissing your lips after you came down from your high.

    "Let's finish this on my dorm?" You whimpered softly.

    Venti 🍎

    The bard kept his innocent feature even if, from under the table, his slim fingers were being thrusted into your sensitive core in such a quick pace it was almost hard to not jerk up with the movements.

    "Ah, of course! Master Diluc's wine is a blessing for the nation of Monstad!" He said happily during the conversation as if he wasn't fingering you out in public.

    "Venti..." You gasped when his fingers reached the deepest point within you. "Venti, please..."

    "Uh? Is everything alright, my muse? You don't seem too fine to me" His free hand touched your forehead that was humid with sweat. "Perhaps you're having a fever, I guess"

    "You should get (Name) to her house" Diluc said from the counter.

    Haven't he noticed the way you squirmed in your place because of Venti's stimulation? Your face got hot with the thought of being caught, but your high was way too close for you to think anything straight.

    You held onto the table as you felt the tension from your lower belly snapping, your walls involuntarily clenching in a delicious pace.

    "Awn... This is s-so good" Your eyes rolled softly in pleasure.

    "Ahem, have you guys ever heard the ballad of the treasure chest?" The bard's loud voice gave you the chance to be a little louder for quick seconds.

    "I don't think so" Diluc said uninterested.

    "Well, I can sang it the next time I get back here on the tavern. Now I need to help my little girl here, she seems to have gotten worse"

    "Venti, I can't believe you" You said once you were out of that place.

    "I'm sure they didn't even notice anything, my muse"

    Xiao 🎆

    The adeptus somehow managed to get away from the meeting between Morax and the other adepti to go and fuck you with his fingers in an alley from Liyue Harbor.

    "S-So suddenly. What happened, Xiao?" You whined while his fingers ravished your little pussy.

    "All that talking made me feel frustrated and I need to control these feelings somehow, unless-"

    "Shush, I get it... It's just- Ah! It's sensitive, babe" You whimpered under your breath.

    His fingers entered and exited you in a hard pace while his other hand held your thigh open with such a hard grip it could bruise your skin.

    Xiao was very demanding whenever he felt anger or frustration but it wasn't like you weren't used to it or didn't enjoy every time he was rougher on you.

    "What if some of them get upset with your lack of presence, or someone find us here?" You finished your line with difficulty

    "I couldn't care less about that, (Name)" Your body got weak when his voice and movements made you cum. "I wish I could taste you, but it's impossible when you're trapped between me and this wall. Though I will do it so on Wangshu Inn. I won't leave unsatisfied, that's for sure"

    His strong arms held you in place when your knees faltered due your pleasure as things seemed to happen slowly while pure endorphin runned through your veins.

    Blinking your eyes as if you were sleepy, you whispered to yourself;

    "F-Fuck... That- That was a hard one"

    His fingers left your walls making wet sounds just before the adeptus drank your juices.

    "Always so inviting and delicious... I could eat you up all night long, my lovely"

    Send me a request if you want ^w^

    Also, my friend Audi finished Albedo's part in here. Go check her blog <3

    #albedo x reader #albedo smut #kazuha x reader #kazuha smut #venti x reader #venti smut #xiao x reader #xiao smut#albedo#kazuha#venti#xiao#genshin smut #genshin x reader #genshin fanfic#genshin scenarios #diluc x reader #childe x reader #kaeya x reader #zhongli x reader
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  • fallencrowkarma
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Full version under the cut! Suggestive cw <3

    yea <3

    NS/FW ver here. Minors DNI!

    #suggestive cw#genshin impact#kaeya #genshin impact kaeya #genshin impact smut #genshin fanart#my art #hoping the link works ahhh #nudity cw #too ?? #genshin kaeya #genshin impact fanart
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  • albedoswifehusband
    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago
    #tartaglia x reader #kaeya x reader #Tartaglia#kaeya alberich #gender neutral reader #they/them pronouns#genshin smut#smut#not sfw#notsfw#headcanons #genshin impact headcanons #genshin headcanons #reader insert headcanons #genshin imagines #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact reader insert #genshin impact imagines
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