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  • « Two prisonners » That’s Kai right? Does that mean that murder psycho son is gonna have a bigger role than expected since he’s part of a profecy??

    #kai parker#legacies #Is he going to be in more than just one or two episodes?
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  • There are two prisoners one is a master of his cage the other returns with no power.

    The first part I think is most definitely referring to Kai who is trapped in the prison world, the second part is a bit more tricky, but I think it could prehab’s be referring to Clark who by the end of the episode was seemingly taken captive by one of the red cloaked figures.

    The sins of the father are visited upon his daughters here, but not here.

    Definitely referring to Alaric and the twins of them perhaps coming face to face with Kai somehow in the prison world hence the here, but not here.

    No hero rises, but can be felt by the Golden Arrow.

    No one is able to raise to the threat at hand, but at last have the endurance and the devotion to push through which wined up costing them a great deal?

    The wolf amongst you has many faces.

    Probably referring to Hope who is tribade or someone who doesn’t seem to be who they truly are to the naked eye like Clark for example with his many faces.

    when time fractures the darkness overwhelms, but the greatest destroyer is love.

    Josie turns dark due to her over use of dark magic and with the help of Kai’s and Clark’s influence over her? In an act of sisterly love Lizzie tries to stop her sister of going down this path of darkness and save Josie from herself, yet in a tragic  twist of fate she winds up permanently harming her hence it’s not darkness that truly destroys Josie it’s her own twin sister like Gemini curse has tragically somehow always foreseen it.

    #lol just my take on the prohecy #I could be #wrong #idk it's just a theory #lizzie saltzman#alaric saltzman#josie saltzman#kai parker#Legacies#hope mikaelson
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    #legacies#legacies spoilers #i just finished the new episode of course #kai parker
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  • Old Flame: Pt. 10

    Warnings: Cursing

    Word Count: 2993


    Your eyes lifted open, waking up from a long slumber. It took a few blinks for you to remember that you are underneath the covers of Klaus’s bed. However, you discovered that he is not beside you, but the thought of him refreshed your delicious memory with him last night. You should feel ashamed for allowing him in your pants, but you didn’t care. Every bit of it was completely worth it to you.

    As you sat up and stretched, your nose caught the scent of a dark red liquid in a glass sitting on the bedside table. Luckily Klaus locked his bedroom door on his way out because you are wearing nothing but your panties. The rest of your clothing is scattered across the floor. 

    You peeled the covers off of you and set your feet to the floor, savoring the delicious blood.

    A moment later, you set the now empty glass back to its original spot before leaning down to throw on your pants. But instead of completing your wardrobe with your shirt, you decided to search through Klaus’s dresser drawers for a clean shirt of his. You know he wouldn’t mind at all. 

    After skimming through the first drawer, you find a black t-shirt that you’re considering wearing and threw it over your shoulder. You opened the drawer below it, minorly hoping there are more shirt options to choose from. 

    To your luck, Klaus had plenty. You skimmed through yet again, determined to find one soft enough to your liking. Underneath one of the folded shirts that you slightly lifted, you noticed a small box hiding underneath it. 

    Your curiosity got the better of you and you pulled it out of its hiding spot. It is a small, black velvet box that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It had a black satin heart engraved on top. 

    You assumed the box was something Klaus had to hideaway for safe keeping from witches or even a Mikaelson family jewel. You decided to just throw on the first shirt you picked out before opening the little mystery box. 

    Opening the box, it revealed a stunning diamond ring of what looks to be 6 carats. 

    An engagement ring?

    You wondered why Klaus would have an engagement ring in his possession, but you figured that maybe he’s holding onto it for Elijah to give to Hayley.  

    The ring was so beautiful that you couldn’t take your eyes off of it and after a moment of admiring, you noticed there was an engraving inside. You set the box over the dresser drawer and pulled the ring out so that you can examine the writing inside of the band.

    ‘Always & forever. Y/N & Niklaus.’

    Your hand flung to your mouth as you gasped and your eyes widened in shock while the rest of your body stiffened. Surprisingly, you didn’t drop it on the wooden floor from your state of shock. But you couldn’t believe your very eyes, instantly welling up with tears from this discovery. 

    You wondered how long Klaus has had this for and why he even kept it. It’s been over a year since you’ve broken up with him. There’s no way he would’ve recently gotten it. You just started your journey on repairing your relationship. 

    After what felt like a lifetime that you were stuck staring at that damn ring, you set it back neatly inside the box and stomped out of the bedroom. 

    “Nik!” You shouted, voice echoing through the compound. Your eyes glanced around every corner of the vicinity as you searched for the hybrid on the second floor. “Nik!” 

    A part of you had the urge to see him this instant but another part of you didn’t want to face him at all. You had no idea what you plan on saying to him anyways. 

    Should you be happy that he’s held onto it, knowing that you’d return to him someday? 

    Or should you be upset that he’s held onto it as a reminder of the life you could’ve had if you never left him or if he tried harder to keep you? 

    You have no fucking clue. 

    A figure exits from the room just ahead of you, but it wasn’t Klaus. It’s the mother of his child, Hayley. “Hey Y/N. Klaus actually just left for a quick sec to pick up breakfast for you. You sure got him wrapped around your finger, huh?” She said with an impressed tone. 

    “Oh.” You said rather calmly, but inwardly you were screaming. 

    “But Elijah’s here if you-”

    “No!” The word left your mouth before you could stop yourself and Hayley flinched from surprise. You quickly lower your tone in a calmer manner. “Sorry. Elijah and I aren’t 100% in the best terms right now.” 

    Hayley chuckled. “Join the club, Y/N.” Her eyes couldn’t help but flicker at the object in your hand. “Hey, Klaus still…has that?” She asked, eyes narrowed.

    “You know about the ring?”

    “I sure do.” Hayley looked away nervously after realizing her answer was too perky. “Sorry, I know it’s kind of weird coming from me because Klaus and I…you know.” She glanced awkwardly at the ceiling. 

    “Um, yeah.” You dragged on the last word, feeling slightly uncomfortable as you refrain from imagining Klaus and Hayley having sexual intercourse.

    “Here. Let’s go sit down and I’ll tell you everything.” 

    Hayley turned on her heel once she knew you were going to follow behind, leading you inside the nearest room. There are two couches facing each other, so you both sat on each one. 

    “I just wanted to clear the air with you and let you know that there was never anything romantic between Klaus and I.” Haley started, clearing her throat, “We were both drunk one day and it just happened. I mean, at the time, I heard that he used to have a girl but I didn’t think the relationship was that serious. I mean, come on, it’s Klaus. Evil hybrid and all.” 

    You chuckled at her last remark. “Okay yeah, I get it. Klaus is…Klaus. But how did you find out about the ring?”

    “Well the next morning, I was just randomly wandering around his study. Then I was being nosey and saw that little box.” Her eyes briefly peered at the ring box. “I opened it thinking it would be diamond earrings or something, but when I saw it was a ring, like a full on engagement looking ring, I was so shocked. And when Klaus caught me, he went berserk and nearly choked me to death.” She widened her eyes. “Then I ran out of there when he finally let me go.” 


    “Wow,” was all you could muster. 

    “And to be honest with you Y/N, I’ve never seen so much heartache in someone’s eyes.” Hayley said seriously. “I could tell he was trying so hard to hide it.” 

    “I had no idea about any of this.” You let out a sigh, frowning at the little box in your hand. “I wish I never found this thing to be honest with you.”

    “Yeah. I’m just surprised Klaus still kept that.” 

    “Me too.” Your shoulders dropped. “I don’t even know what to think or feel. What if I never left him? Or what if I never agreed to even come here? This is…this is too much.” 

    “Honestly I don’t know what to tell you, Y/N. But sorry again. I hope it’s not weird talking about all this with me.”

    “Don’t worry about it, Hayley. That happened so long ago and me and Klaus were broken up at the time. So it’s not weird to me anymore. I’ve accepted it.”

    “Oh really?” She blinked in disbelief. 

    “Yeah and I’m not perfect either. Back in Mystic Falls, I’ve been living under the same roof as someone that I’ve slept with before I even met Nik.” 

    “Well.” She blinked, the corner of her lip quirking up. “I’m glad we’re able to clear the air. And it’s also nice having another woman around here. Especially one who can handle being around Klaus.” 

    “Yeah, Nik sure is a handful.” You shake your head. 

    “He needs you more than he knows, you know.” Hayley stood and patted you on the shoulder before leaving you alone in the vicinity. 

    After you took a moment to yourself to register that entire conversation, you made your way to your bedroom instead of back to Klaus’s bedroom, setting that vile little box over the dresser drawer as you paced back and forth, incredibly anxious for Klaus’s return. 

    In the blink of an eye, a strong figure runs behind you and covers your mouth with excessive force. You were on high alert and your first instinct was to kick and scream, but your screams could not be heard. This was by far the worst timing to be kidnapped or killed right now. 

    “Y/N stop squirming. It’s me.” A familiar voice whispered in your ear as if not wanting to be heard by Hayley and Elijah’s expert hearing. When you registered who it was, you instantly stopped fighting, brows raised in surprise. You were guided to the en suite bathroom, hand still covered over your mouth as he turned on the faucet to drown out his voice. “I promise I’m not here to hurt you. I’m actually here to warn you. So nod your head for me that you’re not going to run for the hills or scream like a maniac.” Kai Parker murmured cautiously. 

    You slowly nodded your head and he released his hand, turning you to face him. You felt the bile rise up in your throat and your lips drew back in a snarl just by looking at his face, reminding yourself that he siphoned you the last time you’ve seen him. 

    Kai continued, “okay so, Mommy Mikaelson is planning something. I don’t know what exactly. All I know is that you’re involved. So I-”

    And just like that, your palm smacked his cheek without missing a beat. The heretic’s face squirmed. 

    “Yup. Yeah.” He exhaled with ache. “I definitely deserve that.”

    Your arms crossed over your chest, a satisfied smirk strewn across your face. “Uh huh.” 

    “Anyhow, so-”

    “Why do you care anyways, Kai? You basically left me to die in that cemetery.”

    “So sorry, hunny bun. I-I was mad. And you know how I get when I’m mad.” He fake pouted. “Anyways, that’s not the point. I need you far away from here.”


    “Okay well thanks for your concern, but no thanks.” You took large strides to the bedroom, opening the French door to the balcony even wider, gesturing for him to exit the vicinity. “Goodbye, Kai.”

    “Are you even listening to me? I’m trying to keep you safe.” 

    “Well I have one thousand year old vampires that can keep me safe here. I’ll be fine, Kai.”

    “Still stubborn as ever, Princess. Tsk tsk.” He feigned disapproval, shaking his head. 

    Before you could take another breath, you are knocked out cold. 


    When you wake up from being knocked out by Malachai Fucking Parker, you realize you are not planted over the mattress of a bed. Instead, you are buckled in the passenger seat of a car. A car that is in motion on a deserted road. 

    To your left, you noticed Kai is the driver and you used your vampire speed to attack him, but there is an invisible barrier between you two. “Nice try, hunny bun.” 

    “Motherfucker.” You cursed. All cars have doors, so you took a risk and decided to open your passenger door, regardless of how much it’s going to hurt. Especially at the speed Kai is driving. But you groaned in defeat, realizing it’s spelled shut. 

    He snickered. “Nice try. I’ll give you an A for effort though.” 

    “You just love hiding behind your spells, don’t you?” You glared at the heretic, you anger coiling in your stomach. “If it weren’t for this magical barrier, I’d fucking skin you alive right now.”

    “Ouch.” Kai exclaimed sarcastically.

    “Seriously what is wrong with you, Kai? Where are you taking me?”

    “Mystic Falls.” 

    “What?!” Your brows snapped together, hands clenched into fists. “Are you crazy? Turn the car around. Turn the car around now, Kai!”

    “No can do, princess. We’re already an hour out.” 

    “So you’re telling me you’re going to drive half a day all the way to mystic falls? Are you insane?”


    “Unbelievable.” You shake your head in disbelief, appalled at this naive heretic. Little does he know the mess he’s getting himself into. “You know this is suicide right. Klaus is probably already scouring New Orleans looking for me. And sooner or later, he’s going to find me.” 

    “Good luck. His mom is after him and all the witches hate him. They’d never do any favors for him.” Kai remarked. 

    You rolled your eyes and leaned back in your seat as you allow yourself to sink lower and lower in defeat because you cannot escape this godforsaken car. 

    “You don’t know Klaus like I do.” You mentioned. “He always finds a way. He finds their weakness and uses it to threaten them to do his bidding.” 

    “Exactly why I hate his guts.” He said with evident distaste. 

    “Okay so you’re going to take me to Mystic Falls and then what?”

    “Don’t worry about it. Leave that up to me.” 

    Suddenly you shot up in your seat. “Did you forget that Esther is an all powerful witch. She will find me and you. No matter how many spells you use to cloak us.”

    “I’m fine with taking the risk for your safety, Princess.” 

    “I appreciate it Kai, but I’m just as safe, if not safer with Klaus.” 

    “Keep telling yourself th-” Kai suddenly groaned in agony as if he just got hit with the worst vampire migraine, releasing his grasp on the steering wheel. Because of this, you began to panic because he lost control of the vehicle. 

    “Kai! The wheel!” You shouted in utter panic, reaching for the wheel but you are still blocked by the invisible barrier Kai had made. 

    The heretic’s agonizing pain continued and the car began to spin out of control because of the speed he was originally going and he pressed his foot on the gas. There’s no doubt that this is all Esther’s doing because there’s no way in hell that Klaus would allow you to get hurt.

    For a moment you forgot that Kai also spelled the door lock, so you weren’t able to vamp speed out of the car. “Kai! Focus! Please focus on the wheel!” You cried out in desperation. 

    “I…Ah! I can’t!” After one more throaty groan, he is knocked out cold, the dead weight of his head drooping down. And after one glance at him, you look forward and the uncontrollable car is making its way to a large tree. You braced yourself for the pain to come. 


    Waking up was not satisfying. How long you’ve been out is a mystery but it must have been long because you are incredibly parched. Scanning your surroundings, you realize you are in an unfamiliar area, but it looks to be a tomb of a cemetery. Your brows furrow as you realize you may be in the Lafayette Cemetery. Your hands are tied behind you as you’re sitting on the ground. You squirm and attempt to free yourself of the bindings, but you fail. It must be spelled. “Fucking Esther.” You spat to yourself. Now you’re wondering where the hell Kai is and what did she do to him since he betrayed her. 

    Across the way, you spotted a figure with its arms spread like an eagle, each wrist tied tightly. Squinting your eyes, you decipher that it’s Elijah. Your eyes widened. You were relieved yet concerned to see him here looking vulnerable as ever. You didn’t want to be alone in this tomb and your anger with him soon diminished. “Elijah!” You called, but he did not shift. “Elijah!” Your raspy voice let out again, but it only lead to failure. 

    Straightaway the sounds of footsteps approach and you cease your calling. You are now met with an unfamiliar man. He is Caucasian with short, curly brunette hair, wearing dark denim jeans and a light blue button up. “Who the hell are you?” You asked, feeling uncomfortable as to what this stranger will do to you. 

    “You don’t look too good, love.” He said with an accent, bending down to reach your level, resting his forearms over his knees. 

    “I don’t know who you are, but get the fuck away from me.” You face contorted. “And don’t call me love.

    He had a look of concern written all over his face, but you didn’t trust it. You were puzzled when he began to fold one of his shirt sleeves up to his elbow. “What are you doing?” You asked, curious.

    He brought his wrist to your mouth. “Drink.” His eyes flickered from his exposed arm to your dark irises, his expression softened. 

    “Why? You don’t even know me.” Your mouth dried and your eyes reddened as the veins under your eyes appeared at the scent of the delectable blood running through his veins. “Hell, I don’t even know you.” You added. One deep breath later, your face returned to normal. 

    “Oh come now, sister. I’m sure my bloody mother has mentioned my return. Now drink.” He demanded, bringing his wrist closer to your lips. 

    You finally accepted and bit into his wrist because the smell was unbearable. The delicious liquid poured down your throat and it was the greatest luxury. You began to feel the life returning to you instantaneously. The stranger’s responses ran through your head and you’ve abruptly come to a relieving realization. 


    My bloody mother.

    He hissed when you released your fangs from his punctured wrist and your eyes widened. 



    A/N: So there ya go! Lol. Sorry no Klaus in this chapter 😭 but at least there’s Kai! And Kol’s short appearance! But whatever happened to Kai will be revealed later. Can’t tell you! Also, I really enjoyed writing the Hayley & the reader’s conversation. And if you’re wondering about the ring. Everything will be answered later! Anyhow, I’d love to hear your comments!! They truly mean a lot to me and make me smile from ear to ear 🙂

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  • Is Kai the new master?

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  • Object of power mmm makes me think of Kai showing up how interesting

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  • There isn’t enough Kai Parker appreciation content out there so this blog is being created to CHANGE that (if I don’t get lazy)

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  • hello! this is cal here (obviously) and i’m just reposting this. i made it a while back, but the links didn’t work, so now i’m redoing it. this time, i’m going to make it smaller, with more posts, instead of larger in one post. so without further ado, here is my bella x the crossover pairings fic recs. also, this is only for completed fics, so if you have a story i didn’t add (that’s complete) send me a link and i’ll read it and then decide whether to add it or not. i will not, however, take any bella x edward, bella x jasper, or bella x jacob fics.

    other fic recs here

    last updated- 12/4/19

    s u p e r n a t u r a l

    d e a n x b e l l a

    i. stick a fork in her by geezerwreench / m / 7-8k, one-shot / complete

    Receiving another cryptic set of coordinates from their father, Sam and Dean Winchester head to the Pacific Northwest where they’re confronted by a different kind of werewolf, learn about a sparkly new type of vampire, and meet a girl who’s fed up with all of it. Written for the 2016 Fandoms Against Domestic Violence fundraiser compilation. Language, violence, character death.

    ii. ever hear of cold ones by shenandoah76209 / t / 10-15k, three-shot / complete

    When Dean answered the phone it was only because he saw Bobby’s number on the ID. “Yeah Bobby, what’ve you got?” What Bobby had was a Hunter up in Forks with something that sounded like a cross between a Wendigo and a Vampire. Either one of those would be trouble. A mish mash of the two? This could be nothing good.

    iii. bad medicine by bertie bott / m / 15-20k, three-shot / complete

    On the flight home from saving Edward in Italy, Bella has a decidedly different reaction to finding out the truth behind him abandoning her. While running from her demons, Bella crosses paths with a couple of new ones, one of which she has no desire to run from… New Moon A/U and set in the beginning of season 10 in Supernatural.

    iv. azazel cullen by t1gercat / k / 30-35k, multi-chaptered / complete

    During a hunt Sam Winchester gets a vision of their life-long nemesis hunting the daughter of an old friend of his father. Will they make it in time to save her? Can vampires even be possessed?

    v. she’s everything by maxipoo1024 / m / 140-150k, multi-chaptered / complete

    Bella has spent her whole life thinking something was wrong with her, that there was a glitch in her brain. A chance encounter with the Winchesters confirms her suspicions. With a hole in her heart and an apocalypse on the horizon, can a certain Winchester brother save the world, the girl, and heal his own heart in the process? Takes place beginning of New Moon

    v a m p i r e  d i a r i e s  /  o r i g i n a l s

    k l a u s x b e l l a

    i. she didn’t have time by lorelei candice black / t / 20-25k, multi-chaptered / complete

    Loosely inspired by the song She Didn’t Have Time by Terry Clark. Bella ends up pregnant after her birthday and leaves her home. Edward left her. On the way she gets help from a witch who helps her survive and asks something of her. Bella/Klaus soul mate romance. Give it a chance and review please. Now complete.

    ii. wherever this goes by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    It was simple, until it wasn’t. Bella didn’t know that when she became friends with Kol that it would bring Klaus into her life. After falling in love with the feared hybrid she comes to the conclusion that maybe he’s not meant to be hers.

    iii. mystically charmed to fall for klaus by lorelei candice black / m / 140-150k, multi-chaptered / complete

    Set during season 1 of TVD and at the beginning of New Moon in Twilight. Bella is a witch, the Charmed kind of witch. I borrowed some Spells for the TV show Charmed. It has the same base as my MCTF that paired Bella and Elijah, except now she’s with Klaus. Rewriting makes it LONGER. Done

    iv. troublemaker by bitemytongue / m / 15-20k, multi-chaptered / complete

    Bella Swan, doppelganger, ends up being the missing piece to Klaus’s ritual. Only this sets in motion a romance that ends up being everything she could ever want. Nothing can keep these two lovers from each other, not even a new identity.

    v. untouched by lorelei candice black / k+ / 2-3k, one-shot / complete / sequels- unbroken + unclaimed

    PART 1 of a three part story. Bella wonders if she’ll really be happy with Edward without physical contact and staying human while he’s eternally young. She makes decisions, she sets the path for a new future. Try it please.

    vi. can’t help myself by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Their first meeting was strange, but it leads to wonderful friendship. This friendships lead to something a little more special. But stupid later decisions lead to bigger problems. Hopefully, they get their happily ever after.

    vii. goner by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    It was dark. Everything was dark inside and all hope was gone for her. The only thing that made her feel alive anymore was her brother. The dark was seeping into her soul and she was starting to lose the fight within herself. All it takes is the soul identical to her own to make her feel something other than sorrow.

    viii. midnight love by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    She got what most people never did a final goodbye to her father. Moving to Mystic Falls with her Aunt and cousin Bella finds a new home. But Mystic Falls was the last place she ever thought she would meet her mate.

    ix. salvation by ncbexie25 / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    1st place Kittyinaz WC Feb 2015. Pain immobilized him, and it was only the help of his brother, Elijah, that caused him to move some hours later. But his words stirred the drive and determination within him to a new focus that would last one thousand years. “We will bring her back, brother. And we will avenge her. Always and forever, that was our pledge. And we will stick to it.”

    x. reaper twins by bitemytongue / m / 85-90k, multi-chaptered / complete / sequel- the reaping of new orleans

    Bella’s life is going smoothly after the Cullen’s left, until she finds she has a twin brother & was adopted. With her new identity comes new power. Bella discovers she’s a different type of supernatural. Charlie gets a new job in Mystic Falls, Bella moves to continue her education with her brother. Bella’s mysterious identity and powers attract attention to her. M for Violence

    xi. third time’s the charm by bitemytongue / m / 8-9k, one-shot / complete

    Everyone has an epic love. A person you fall for so quickly and so hard that you can see forever with them. It’s that type of love that everyone aims for in their life. I’ve been alive for 38 years and a vampire for twenty of those years. In all my time I found three loves, but there was only one I wanted forever with. ONE-SHOT Rated M for Violence

    xii. lifting his curse by lorelei candice black / k+ / 10-15k, multi-chaptered / complete

    Bella is 6 when she tells Klaus he is like THE BEAST in her book. Can True Love’s kiss really break any curse? Who is Klaus’ true love? Just a short one I’ve had in my head for a while… Might get bigger later but that’s it for now!I added Nanny’s POV, along with Elijah’s and Katerina’s.

    xiii. my heart is forever yours by bitemytongue / m / 7-8k, one-shot / complete

    Far before she was Bella, she was Isabelle the wife of Niklaus Mikaelson. After hiding for centuries from her love, she finally re-connects with her past. M for violence.

    xiv. nobody’s fault by darkest original / t / 65-70k, one-shot / complete

    When something terrible takes place, part of the solution is to find someone to place the blame on. Alaric dies, it’s Esther’s fault. Elena dies, it’s Rebekah’s fault. When will people realize that blame does not rest on a just single person’s shoulders? It rests on the shoulders of each person involved, but sometimes accidents do happen and it really is nobody’s fault. B/K

    xv. the visit by louisaxo / t / 3-4k, two-shot / complete

    Set five years after the Cullen’s left. Bella returns to Forks with her new husband and family in tow, but who will they run into? ONLY DISCLAIMER:I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SHOWS OR FRANCHISES MENTIONED IN THIS STORY.

    xvi. on the 5th day of christmas, my true love gave to me (5 golden rings) by meekobb / m / 5-6k, one-shot / complete

    Written for winter contest on BIT, prompt cozy fire. Bella develops an unusual friendship, seeks his help after going on the run for her survival. Circling a traditional bonfire, she learns all she needs is her family. M for adult situations, violance, and fun.

    xvii. of wolf and man by cuinawen / m / 2-3k, one-shot / complete

    Seventh in my ‘The 12 Vamps of Christmas’ series… Klaus is being pulled towards something or someone, and he is done fighting it… Rated M for a little language and violence. One Shot.

    xviii. sacrificing time by lorelei candice black / t / 25-30k, multi-chaptered / complete

    What would you be willing to sacrifice to ensure the safety and happiness of the man you love and know is your Soul Mate? Bella sacrificed time. Bad people killed, good people killed and brought back, other killed and completely ignored… Rated T for safety. 8 chapters once complete. Review, please.

    xix. a jump through time by lorelei candice black / t / 85-90k, multi-chaptered / complete

    A few months after Edward left, Charlie announces something important to Bella and it will lead her to New Orleans. There, she finds not only her grandma but also a cousin she never knew she had and the Mickealson’s. When something terrible happen, the only way to change things is to go back in time…Can she do it?Rating for safety. Bella/Klaus, Review please COMPLETE

    k o l x b e l l a

    i. enchantress by bitemytongue / t / 70-75k, multi-chaptered / complete

    With only a few months left until her graduation, Bella is told she’s an Enchantress. Bella adapts to her new magical powers, and decides to finally get out of Forks, and move to Mystic Falls. Charlie and Bella buy a house there Bella moves a month early to set up the house. It’s then she discovers her 2 younger cousins Elena and Jeremy have been pulled into the supernatural.

    ii. the oracle by poohbearbms / m / 80-85k, multi-chaptered / complete

    Bella loved Edward but when he left her in the woods that day he did not know the events he set into motion. Plans three thousand years in the making are about to be set in motion due to a broken heart and a desire to find who she really was meant for. With her her gifts to help her along the way the servants of nature will learn what the true meaning of natures balance is.

    iii. red string by imaginary raine / k+ / 10-15k, two-shot / complete

    Theirs is a story that have spanned a thousand years. He would search for her, and she would wait for him. Because no matter how long it took, they would find each other. It was their fate. Soulmate fic. Kol/Bella

    iv. their forever promise by brookie twiling / m / 4-5k, one-shot / complete

    They met in a dark alley. She, born and raised in a pleasure house, him, lonely and bloodthirsty. Both lusting for each other. They live happily for four years together before Klaus daggers him and Allibelle is left alone. A hundred years later and he’s free. What will happen when they find each other again? Will Kol forgive her for being with another? One-shot/ExplicitContent.

    v. you’re not the one by bitemytongue / t / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    After centuries of being together, Kol has grown tired of the life he leads. In a solution to make him happy, Isabella lets him go. With a heart full of pain, she travels back to her homeland to get away from the heartache.e No longer going by Mikealson, Bella Salvatore returns to Mystic Falls to visit her boys. Only to run into the past she wasn’t ready to face. 

    vi. a love to kill for by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Kol moves to Seattle after his babysitting of Jeremy Gilbert in Denver. In Seattle he finds more than he was looking for when he comes across Bella Swan. M FOR VIOLENCE. One-Shot

    vii. a shadow in the mirror by cuinawen / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Bella Swan finds herself dragged into the middle of things when mysterious murders begin to plague the small town of Forks. But the most obvious danger isn’t always the one you should worry about the most. Romance/Horror, Bella/Kol. *Mature Content* Halloween One-shot contest entry for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Spook Fest

    viii. moonlight and mistletoe by cuinawen / m / 3-4k, one-shot / complete

    Twelfth and final story in my 'The 12 Vamps of Christmas’ series… After the Cullens leave Bella finds peace while going out running… and then someone finds her… Rated M just in case. One Shot.

    ix. fallen for you by agmdnat / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    After her break-up with Edward, Bella found her soulmate in the form of another vampire, an Original vampire. She also discovered her real parentage that gave her amazing abilities and wings to go with it. M for some language and violence. [Kol,Bella]O/S

    x. sanctuaire by buggyfiction / m / 90-95k, multi-chaptered / complete / sequel- pandore

    On a class trip to New Orleans, Bella stumbles upon history like she never anticipated. Learning about one’s self is never easy, but discovering new things is always an adventure to true independence. Witch!Kol/Bella pairing.

    e l i j a h x b e l l a

    i. near to you by bitemytongue / t / 7-8k, one-shot / complete

    A month after Edward leaves Bella, Bella is beginning to heal. She meets Elijah and with him she begins to really forget Edward and embrace who she really is. With Elijah she truly begins to love. ONE-SHOT

    ii. eternal love by bitemytongue / t / 6-7k, one-shot / complete

    Bella lied to everyone at Forks. She wasn’t human, she was a cupid. Most of all, she was the daughter of one of the most feared people on Earth. With less than a year to live she sets out on a trip around the world. Ending in the small town of Mystic Falls. Where she meets HIM. ONE-SHOT

    iii. vegas by excentrykemuse / t / 6-7k, one-shot / complete

    Alice and Rosalie take Bella to Vegas for her bachelorette. What they didn’t realize was that Bella would meet a certain Original while playing Poker … and would fall in love. Bella/Elijah

    iv. an eclipse in time by lorelei candice black / m / 45-50k, multi-chaptered / complete

    In New Moon,Bella goes to her grandmother’s in Mystic Falls. The war between Hybrids and Vampires is in full swing and it’s horror. Bonnie sends her back in time when the originals were human to change things. Klaus starts out evil…Will he change? Story COMPLETE

    v. mystically charmed to fall by lorelei candice black / t / 110-120k, muti-chaptered / complete

    Bella learns that she’s a witch after Edward leaves her. She goes to Mystic Falls to learn more with her grandmother. Set in New moon and at the end of season 1 of TVD. Evil Alice. Bella’s the Charmed kind of witch. Review:-) NOW COMPLETE

    vi. a love for nature by bitemytongue / t / 7-8k, one-shot / complete

    Bella has found her safe haven in New Orleans. With the help of Marcel she’s able to live a normal life, or as normal as it gets for her. She quickly meets the Mikaelsons, and with her love for children helps them with their new member Hope. This friendship will hopefully lead to love.

    vii. the waltz by cuinawen / k+ / 1-2k, one-shot / complete

    Second in my 'The 12 Vamps of Christmas’ series… A brief encounter at a Mikaelson party in New Orleans… One Shot.

    viii. where are you now by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Bella had come to her senses, letting go of the love of her life was the worst mistake she had ever made. In an effort to find him, she leaves Edward and Forks behind. Only the hunt for her love gets postponed after she has an accident landing her in New Orleans. ONE-SHOT

    j e r e m y x b e l l a

    i. hunting by numbers by cuinawen / t / 2-3k, one-shot / complete

    Ninth in my 'The 12 Vamps of Christmas’ series… Jeremy meets a girl at Whitmore College… she’s mysterious, quiet… and she needs his help… One Shot.

    d a m o n x b e l l a

    i. living on a prayer by bertie bott / t / 7-8k, one-shot / complete

    Originally written for Kittyinaz’s July Writing Contest. On his death bed after Tyler’s killing bite, Damon has an out of body experience that leads him to a revelation, finally giving his eternity meaning…

    ii. almost lover by bertie bott / t / 5-6k, one-shot / complete

    Jasper’s honor demands he takes action. Really, he couldn’t abide sitting by watching his family smother Bella to the point of snuffing out her happiness… And if helping her also helps an old friend, then it’s any easy decision when he takes it upon himself to set her free.

    iii. a reality romance by t1gercat / t / 20-25k, multi-chaptered / complete

    When bad boy superstar Damon Salvatore is forced to have his own reality show to up his album sells he has to have a roommate. Who better than shy girl Bella Swan? Can the two live in peace or will their secrets tear them apart?

    iv. the shortcut home by kittyinaz / m / 8-9k, one-shot / complete

    A meeting one night in a dusty town changes everything. Now a man becomes a father, a woman becomes a daughter to someone who deserves her, and a love is started. Read what would happen if Twilight had started differently. 

    v. this left feels right by bertie bott / m / 15-20k, three-shot / complete

    Sometimes life throws you a curve ball right when you need it most. Damon is asked to visit an old friend by someone he can’t say no to. When he gets to Forks, though, it’s not a family of vampires he finds waiting for him, but an angry girl who just might give his life the new direction he’s been seeking…

    f i n n x b e l l a

    i. all paths lead home by thedarkestfallingstar / m / 1-2k, one-shot / complete

    She had given up hope of ever seeing her love again, she should have known that the fates wouldn’t be so cruel.

    ii. thaw by thedarkestfallingstar / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    It was cold, the wind and rain seemed to seep to her very bones. Yet, she did not care. She was numb anyway, her heart frozen beyond repair.

    iii. speechless by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Life had been hard for Bella Swan after the departure of Edward Cullen, but the rescue of a new friend changes things. Attempting to control her power, and trying to grow accustomed to her new disability Bella Swan starts a new life, and hopefully finds new love. M for Violence

    h e n r i k x b e l l a

    i. connected by the soul by bitemytongue / m / 120-130k, multi-chaptered / complete

    With a forgetful mother and a father several states away Bella has always been on her own. That is until her eleventh birthday when she encounters her soul mate. The only problem, he’s a spirit trapped on the other side. Seventeen and moving to Forks with her father, Bella is closer to being with her soul mate,there’s always something fishy lurking around the corner. M for Violence

    ii. renegade by bitemytongue / m / 15-20k, one-shot / complete / sequel- run away with me

    Being stuck on the Other-side is worst than anyone could ever imagine. Being forced to watch as his family unravels before him, Henrik changes from the lovable boy he was human, to a cold and hating ghost. Meeting Bella Swan only fuels his anger for all living beings.

    k a i x b e l l a

    i. bring you back by meekobb / m / 5-6k, one-shot / complete

    When Bella finds herself immersed deeper in the supernatural world, without any cooperation, it drives her to find help from an unlikely ally. Her loyalty to the only one who shows her any concern changes her in ways no one anticipates. Cover art by Bertie Bott.

    s l a t e r x b e l l a

    i. hacker’s code by bitemytongue / t / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Being a Hacker is who she is, it’s all she has left anymore. That is until Bella comes across a certain Mikaelson who uses her skill to track down his brother. Working for a Mikaelson leads her to find her equal and a true friend.

    t h i e r r y x b e l l a

    i. holding onto you by bitemytongue / m / 9-10k, one-shot / complete

    Bella had never been without her brother for long, but she was beginning to feel the pain of his loss. She needed to find someone who could help be the family that she needed, but being rejected by her older brother was the last straw. Bella heads to the one place that reminded her most of family, only to meet someone important.

    t e e n  w o l f

    s t i l e s x b e l l a

    i. keep me warm by bitemytongue / m / 9-10k, one-shot / complete

    Bella meets a boy her age who is being ignored by all his friends, and being the new kid in town means she has no one to talk to. It makes for the beginning of a beautiful friendship. One that involves, werewolves, vampires, magic, and falling in love.

    i s s a c x b e l l a

    i. last of the true believers by bitemytongue / t / 9-10k, one-shot / complete

    Bella’s life was a bad 90’s high school movie, that is until her father takers her on a vacation around the world. Somewhere between exploring and rediscovering herself she gets a new best friend who might just also happen to be her bonded. But that doesn’t mean that have to date… not yet anyway.

    j a c k s o n x b e l l a

    i. give me something by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Bella needs a fresh start, one away from vampires and the overbearing weight of grief she had. She moves to Beacon Hills with her older cousin Derek, and his new found pack. She wants friends that are her own, and to be seen as just a girl and not part angel, she gets more than she ever wanted when she meets the cocky blonde haired werewolf.

    h a r r y  p o t t e r

    s e v e r u s x b e l l a

    i. dark eyes by metallicangel28 / m / 10-15k, multi-chaptered / complete

    Bella was a witch. A dyed in the wool, wand waving, potion brewing, broom riding witch. Not that she rode brooms. She was also Hermione’s elder cousin. After finding a dying Severus Snape in the boat house, she works her magic to heal and bring him back to life. In more ways than just physically. (Timeline altered to make Bella older than Hermione but Twilight story remains as is.)

    o n c e  u p o n  a  t i m e

    p a n x b e l l a

    i. flying away, back to neverland by lorelei candice black / k+ / 8-9k, one-shot / complete

    Bella met Peter Pan when she was 8. She kept on coming to Neverland often at nights and grew very close to Peter Pan and the Lost boys. On her 15th birthday, she decides not to go anymore until she’s ready to stay. When she turns 18, she’s ready but will Edward let her go? One-shot. Review please?

    a v e n g e r s

    l o k i x b e l l a

    i. my true self by desertdarkfire / k+ / >1k, one-shot / complete

    She’s heard him all her life, somewhere in the shadows. He’s been waiting for her, waiting for her to awaken. What she thinks is a dream, quickly turns to reality. Who is this man? BellaxLoki AU. Based on a song challenge from a friend.

    ii. god gave me you by darkestdarkfire / k / >1k, one-shot / complete

    Loki takes two very big steps in his life. One of them involves Bella. What could they be? AU Oneshot fic, BellaxLoki

    iii. let the stars unite us by whatarefilms / t / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Sometimes a mother just has to meddle, and this is one of the times that it’s for the good of the universe. (One shot)

    s t e v e x b e l l a

    i. a heaven from hell’s despair by steampunkfairytale / t / 65-70k, multi-chaptered / complete

    When Charlie Swan and Sue Clearwater were murdered by Renee Dwyer, Bella Swan, reeling from the departure of the Cullens, her father’s murder and desperate to escape her psychopath mother turns to the only family she has left: Her Godfather Tony Stark. Bella/Steve. FINALLY COMPLETE!

    x m e n

    g a m b i t x b e l l a

    i. explosive love by thedarkestfallingstar / m / 6-7k, one-shot / complete

    Everyone has someone to complete them, challenge them, protect them, even someone as broken as she.

    d o c t o r  w h o

    1 1 t h d o c t o r x b e l l a

    i. is it really you? by queenvampire / k+ / 1-2k, one-shot / complete

    Bella is actually another time lord, Huntress, the doctor’s soul mate. She survived, but the doctor thought she was dead, after an incident involving the tardis and a sabre toothed tiger. She lived among humans for a while, trying to find the doctor. What happens when he is put in hospital by accident, and Carlisle Cullen is treating him? Don’t own it.

    p i r a t e s  o f  t h e  c a r i b b e a n

    j a c k x b e l l a

    i. a caribbean soul by fanpire.x / t / 20-25k, multi-chaptered / complete

    After Edward leaves, Bella goes back to her real home in the seventeenth century where her first love awaits; but what happens when seven vampires are transported there as well? *Bella/Jack - during NM, then CotBP*

    l a b y r i n t h

    j a r e t h x b e l l a

    i. twilight in the labyrinth by metallicangel28 / m / 45-50k, multi-chaptered / complete

    Bella is Sarah’s cousin, and was sent to live with Sarah’s family when Charlie believes her to be sinking farther into her depression. When Sarah makes her ill-thought out wish, Bella is taken with Toby to the castle beyond the goblin city. What will happen when Bella finds both family and love in the Underground. Set in modern times with Jareth’s 80’s clothes. Rofl Sarah bashing!

    c r i m i n a l  m i n d s

    s p e n c e r x b e l l a

    i. look after you by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Being the child of an infamous BAU agent didn’t mean anything to Bella, she was just happy to have a father. Now, at 22 she finds that she’s happy being in love with the genius Doctor Reid. Only now she hopes that she can be forever happy with him. 

    d e r e k x b e l l a

    i. no more bad days by bitemytongue / m / 15-20k, one-shot / complete

    Bella was never normal, but luckily for her she met her best friend who was just like her. She had to learn the hard way that life isn’t always going to be filled with happy memories. Her life contained bad memories, anxiety attacks, and some loneliness. That is until she gets a job at the FBI and through strange circumstance finds herself in a relationship with a certain Agent.

    a a r o n x b e l l a

    i. stolen by agentswan / m / 5-6k, one-shot / complete

    Aaron Hotchners wife and son get kidnapped. See how he gets them back and who took them. This is for twilightvixxen. M for a reason!

    v a m p i r e  a c a d e m y

    a d r i a n x b e l l a

    i. smile by jasper’s guardian angel / t / >1k, one-shot / complete

    In their darkest days they found each other and learned how to smile again. Vampire Academy/Twilight cross-over one-shot, Adrian/Bella pairing. Takes place after LS and During NM. AU

    c o v e n a n t

    r e i d x b e l l a

    i. finding myself with you by bitemytongue / t / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Everything changed when Edward left. Bella was left broken, and after hitting rock bottom she leaves Forks to move in with her cousin Tyler. Hopefully, Ipswich will be exactly what she needs to find herself.

    t y l e r x b e l l a

    i. blue eyes by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Heartbroken Bella moves to be with her cousin. All she wants is a normal life, but she isn’t that lucky. Falling in love with her cousin’s best friend is only the beginning, it’s discovering she’s not who she thought she was that changes everything. All she wants is to be happy, and she realizes all she needs is her soulmate to be happy. M For Violence

    ii. all i need is you by bitemytongue / m / 15-20k, one-shot / complete

    After everything, leaving Forks was the best decision Bella had ever made. There was no regrets when she left to attend Harvard. For Tyler going to Harvard meant being with his best friends, only freshman year he meets the love of his existence. It’s a real shame his shyness has been holding him back from making a move. Can a math class change things? M for minor violence and such

    c a l e b x b e l l a

    i. better with you by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    For one it was a lonely life. A life full of sorrow and pain and an overwhelming hate for being an immortal. For the other immortality was a new beginning. A beautiful chance to live a life without sorrow and pain. Coming together they find they’re just perfect for each other, only it takes them a bit of time to realize it.

    p o g u e x b e l l a

    i. say you love me by bitemytongue / t / 8-9k, one-shot / complete

    They met in college, two broken hearts coming together to put the pieces back together. Only after two years and a visit to Ipswich do they begin to realize, that maybe they’re meant to be more than friends. ONE-SHOT

    z  n a t i o n

    1 0 k x b e l l a

    i. no longer alone by bitemytongue / m / 10-15k, one-shot / complete

    Bella Swan didn’t experience the normal zombie apocalypse. She was kidnapped just before it began, so her time was spent with vampires instead of zombie. Escaping she found her way to a small group of survivors on a mission. Keeping her secrets Bella tags along with the group only to fall in love with their quietest member. It’s strange to find love in the apocalypse M for Violence

    t r u e  b l o o d

    g o d r i c x b e l l a

    i. sweet compliance by cuinawen / t / 1-2k, one-shot / complete

    Sixth in my 'The 12 Vamps of Christmas’ series… Godric isn’t the only one imprisoned by the FotS… they use an innocent human girl to force him to comply… One Shot.

    ii. the rescue by velez / m / 3-4k, one-shot / complete

    “I Do” vs. “I Do” What is your forever like? Bella Swan is about to say “I Do” but, to the wrong man. Her rescuer is an immortal 2000-year-old vampire who will go to any length to save her. Even if they have not seen each other for some time.

    iii. you loved me back to life by velez / m / 3-4k, one-shot / complete

    From comatose to two thousand years. Godric and Bella learn to live, love and care for each other during the storm called life.

    e r i c x b e l l a

    i. an unexpected claim by cuinawen / m / 1-2k, one-shot / complete

    First in my 'The 12 Vamps of Christmas’ series… Bella goes to Fangtasia with her cousin Sookie and the vampire Bill, and finds the experience exasperating, until she meets a certain Viking. Rated M just in case. One Shot.

    a l c i d e x b e l l a

    i. taming the wolf by jinx dodson / m / 120-130k, multi-chaptered / complete

    “Get on.” He half growls with a slight smile. “You said it’d be as if you never existed…” He turns to her. “What’d you say baby?” She shakes her head as he looks upon her strangely. “Nevermind baby let’s go.” What happens when he doesn’t stop and Bella finds herself in Shreveport, La? With a wolf that has claims to her. (A bit of a dominating Alcide.) Read and Review. RATED Mature

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  • #legacies #too afraid to tag this as d/amon s/alvatore #but yeahhhhhhh #im excited abt any and all og’s from tvd or to making an appearance #REALLY want rebekah to #but i totally understand the actors hesitancy towards it #LOOKING FORWARD TO #KAI PARKER #’S RETURN THO !!!!
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  • So I’m reading a lot of one shots and fics of Kai Parker, Bucky Barnes and some other dudes. But all i get is smut… smut… smut oh and right… smut. And with a bit luck one fluff out of 100 one shots. What is wrong with you people?! I mean, are you really that needy? 😂 I want some freaking fluff!!!! So if you read this, and have some fluff that will kill me instantly… give it to me!!!!! NOW!

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  • #prophecywriting#kai parker #kai parker x reader #kai parker x you #ask#anon #srry if this sucks #trying to get my writing mojo back #k*blurb
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  • Describe what your character does when they are bored. 

    These endless days feel like boxes to be checked off for a while. I try to make notches on my bedroom wall to keep track. But it’s not too long before I lose count, because time means nothing here. 

    I’m always bored. Always. I eat, I sleep. Not sure if I have to do either, but my god, it’s one of the few fun things to do. I go around the country to museums, theme parks, national monuments. I climbed up Mount Rushmore (fell a few times and died, whatever) and drew dicks on the presidents’ faces. I disassembled a whole roller coaster once. (The whole world’s my playground, but nothing is fun.) 

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  • How can Kai come back?? Damon decapitated him??? Also, the twins haven’t been transfered to Caroline yet???

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