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    I am currently working in part 2 of "Marks of the soulmate".. And I have figured I need to update some masterlists... One for the "Going between dimensions" saga, and one for collected works aswell.. Since my lazy ass has not been good at updating them very well. Hopefully I will be able to link the new masterlist in my bio when it is done, but tumblr seem to act up when I have tried before 😅 anyone one else had this problem?

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    22.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Just the two of us~

    I went crazy with the sparkles✨

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    Naruto: uh , I guess we have to hold hands.

    Naruto: for safety, we might have to cross the road soon!

    Sasuke: yehhhh! Safety is very very important.

    Kakashi: …………

    Sakura:are you kidding me? WE ARE IN THE KITCHEN———

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    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Marks of the soulmates

    Kakashi Hatake x reader

    AN: Soulmate fics get to me. They are soo cute! Soo i decided to drabble down one. Most likely this is part 1.. 😅 most likely a oneshot or two shot. 

    (a pic of the mark aswell, just because I liked this one mark)

    Soulmates, it had been a thing for ages. Almost everyone had a soulmate, finding it was another story. When the ancient shinobies of the past were able to make the mark of the soulmates it made the search easier for many. A mark would appear on the left wrist, a mark that would only be identical to your soulmates mark. Girls normally made sure to keep a eye out on their chruses wrist between 16 to 18 years of age, it was then the mark would normally appear.

    Yours however came around when you were 17 and a half.. Right after you had became a jonin, and your best friend since childhood turned his back on everyone. It was not that you hadn't tried to stop him... Or even try to make him stop ignoring everyone that cared for him.. But after he joined the Anbu it was back and forth, before the sudden conntinuesly ignoring everyone. After days of watching it all go down, you followed him.. Knowing it didn't only hurt you, but also the rest of your friends.

    "Kakashi.. Stop for a secound" You had been running after him for 5 minutes allready, after seeing the sad look on Gui's face yet again after Kakashi ignored him, and only gave a cold stare. It had been the boiling point, watching this for years allready. You caught up with him and stepped in front of him, but in normal Kakashi style he just walked around you. This made you clench your jaw as you stepped in front of him again, placing your hands on his chest making him stop by force. "I have tried to stop you for 5 minutes now" You looked up at him, only to be greeted by the cold stare of his.

    "Why are you doing this? Do you even see how hurt your friends are? We are worried about you baka!" frustration had been building up over the years, seeing him act like a cold hearted brat. "You really are annoying" Kakashi muttered unimpressed and pushed your hands off him. "didn't you just become a jonin? Isn't it time to act like it?" There it was.. The vemon in his voice again.. Like he hated your gut. "My rank has nothing to do with this, and you know it. I don't know what has happend to you lately, but damn Kakashi.. Saying hi once in a while would not kill you" It was a desperate attempt to make him soften up a bit, and stop throwing away everyone that cared for him..

    "You are just pathetic.. Can't belive they let babies become jonin theese days" he scoffed as he started to walk away. "Soo thats what you think of me huh?" His words hurt, it always did when he was in a mood like that.. "Can you be annoying somewhere else, some of us has actual things to do" He spat, not even looking back at you as he walked away.

    You remembered that day too well.. It was the day you knew you lost your best friend, and it crushed you.. Not only did he look down on your abilities as a jonin.. But he seemed to had a distaste for you as a person too. As if that wasen't hard enough, your soulmate mark appeared later that day. That was suppose to be one of the happiest day of your life.. To finally get the mark you had dreamed of and start the hunt for your very own soulmate.. But after the talk with Kakashi earlier in the day it only made you sad..

    You looked down at your wrist as you walked. The flame like mark were still there, and you had yet to start looking for the matching mark. Had it only been as easy for you as it was for Asuma and Kurenai it would have been great, but you truly had started to doubt if that was even what you wanted in life. "NARUTO!!" you heard the scream from behind you making you lift your head to see the blonde boy running away from the pink haired one yet again. "Y/N sama! Help me!" Naruto ran up and hid behind you which did not stop Sakura one bit as she chased after him.

    "hey, I am not a shield!" Being dragged into their fighting was never fun, at least when you knew how hard that girl punched. "Wait until I get my hands on you Naruto!" they run around you, Naruto trying to dogde, while Sakura tried to punch. "Ey ey ey, Didn't you two just pass on a team togheter, teammates don't hit eachother, or use people as shields!" You facepalmed yourself as you watched them. "He tried to call me his soulmate!" Sakura shouted, red in face from the anger boiling. "But what if you are Sakura Chan?" Naruto carefully stood behind you with a nervous smile on his face.

    "Guys, why even worry about that stuff now.. It is like 4 to 6 years before any of you get a mark, that is if you even get one?" This caught Naruto's attention, giving Sakura a opening to punch him in the head. "Still, I know my soulmate will be Sasuke, not a Baka like Naruto" She crossed her arms, looking offeded as usual. "ow ow ow" Naruto rubbed his head where he was hit and looked at the two of you. "I almost feel bad for the sensei you guys got.. With this being how you act thowards eachother." you let out a soft sigh. "Kakashi sensei don't seem to care" with narrow brows you looked at Sakura. "Hatake, Kakashi? Is he your sensei?"

    "Yeah, He made us to that stupid bell test..what a scarecrow" Naruto mumbled. You had heard he became a jonin leader a while back, but he had not passed a team soo far. "Scarecrow? That was a new one" You raised your brow, knowing Naruto found all kinds of nicknames for people. "Y/N sama, do you have a soulmate mark?" Sakura looked at you, and you nodded. She grabbed your arm, making you gasp in suprise as she lifted the glove a bit to look at it. "wow! Have you found your match yet? When did you get yours? Did it just appear? Was it magical like they say?" You looked at the girl with wide eyes as she studied your mark.

    "breath Sakura.. It is just a mark" You shrugged, making her thighten her hold on your arm. You winced at the sudden strenght the girl had when she got annoyed. "It is not just any mark!" She glared at you. "ok, i got it when I was 17 and a half.. And no I haven't found my soulmate.. And yes it just appeared" You muttered and noticed Naruto looking at it too. "hmm.. Soo thats how it looks like." He tilted his head before his eyes light up. "Thank you Y/N sama" He smirked and dragged Sakura with him, taking her by suprise as she looked ready to hit again. You just stood and looked at them walking away in confusion, wondering what he even thanked you for..

    Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke had gotten themself a mission, and they were not gonna stop until it was settled. The past week they had been looking at peoples wrist to see if they found you a match, Sakura had been soo happy to finally see a real soulmate mark that she had memorized it in detail and made a a drawing the three of them used to compare with. After a week they sat down defeated at Ichuraka's. "We have looked everywhere! No matches" Naruto whines. "Did you really think that was gonna be easy?" Sasuke looked annoyed.

    "I was hoping yeah! It has to be someone in this town" Naruto took another bite of his ramen. "why do you guys look soo down" Kakashi sat next to them with a raised brow. Normally his students didn't hang with their heads while eating ramen. "Baka, Naruto! It can be from another village too! The mark is on people from all villages" Sasuke frowned and scoffed. "Mark? What mark?" Finally it seemed that the three students had noticed their sensei. "soulmate marks, what else sensei?" Sakura frowned. "aren't you three a bit too young to be worrying about theese marks?"

    "We are just trying to help a friend" Naruto looked at him. "a friend?" Kakashi looked at them even more confused. He remember wanting a mark when he was younger too, but after he got it he never really cared. "Is it a meeting here today?" Iruka walked in, ready to get his lunch that he had ordered. "Iruka sensei! Show me your wrist!" Naruto demanded making Iruka go pale. "ehh, what?" Sakura grabbed his arm and looked. "nope.. Not Iruka sensei either" She mumbled, as he retracted his arm. "ok what is going on?" He looked at the genin in front of him.

    "We have been trying for a week now to find Y/N samas match" Sasuke shrugged, making it sound like it was the most obious thing ever. "we have checked as many in kohona as possible, but it is too many marks and no one matches the one she has!" Naruto almost screamed as he explained, clearly frustrated. "Y/N sama?" Kakashi looked at the three genin, not sure if he heard the name correctly. That name he had not heard in years. "ohh, I see.." Iruka rubbed the back of his neck. "your old classmate, Kakashi.. She helped out at the school from time to time"

    "That joke was not funny Iruka sensei" Naruto side eyed him. "what joke?" Naruto looked at Kakashi, almost making the ninja uncomfortable. "I don't belive Y/N sama is that old" This made Kakashi almost shrink in his chair. "I am not even that old" He muttered, making Iruka laugh. "well, You guys should have good luck then" Iruka got the food and left as the genin finnished theirs. "Kakashi sensei, can you help us out on this mission?" Sakura pleaded, started to loose the hope. "Isn't that your mission to do?" He noticed the look in their eyes and sighed. At least they seemed to be working in a team, which made them stop bickering for once. "Ok, I help for today"

    Sakura gave him the paper. "We need to find this mark!" She pointed at it, not noticing the wide eye on her sensei. "You sure this is the mark?" He frowned as he looked at the kids. "Yes! She showed it to me. Just remember she must not know about this" The young girl said sternly. Kakashi just nodded as he looked at the drawing, ignoring Naruto's stare. "We have not checked your arm sensei" He said suddenly as he grabbed the arm to look, taking Kakashi by suprise. "hmm" The blonde said as he looked between the paper and Kakashi's wrist.

    "what are you doing?" Kakashi tried to retract his arm, but all three of them grabbed it to look. "it is a match?" Sakura looked up at Kakashi, before they let go of his arm. "But you are too old sensei.." The three genin frowned as they watched him, making him uncomfortable. "How old do you three really think I am?" He placed the paper down, eyeing the three kids. "Older than Y/N sama" Naruto said with a obious tone. "But you two are soo different.." Sakura voiced her thoughts before she started to go pale. "oh no, what If I get linked with that baka" She started to freak out, thinking about it. If kakashi sensei could have the same mark as Y/N, with how different they were... What if the was cursed with Naruto!?

    "Y/N sama! Over here!" Naruto yelled, making Kakashi pull down his sleeve. You looked over and noticed Sakura's face. "whats going on.. You three looks like you have seen a ghost?" you walked over before noticing Kakashi. "I am doomed!" Sakura ran off making you look shocked. "Naruto, what did you do this time?" The blond glared at you before looking between you and Kakashi. "Nope, still don't belive it" He muttered, eyeing his sensei. This whole thing made you look at them all confused. "Do I even wanna know..."

    "Are you as old as Kakashi sensei?" Naruto blurred out, still looking between you two. "Well yeah.. What about it?" This made Kakashi smile under his mask. "I told you, I am not that old" Naruto just shaked his head and started to leave. "Still don't belive it" You giggled a bit, only imagine the shock he must be in. "It could have been worse Y/N sama" Sauske gave your arm a soft pat before walking away. "Theese kids never stops to suprise me" You sighed and looked over at Kakashi. "Now I see what he meant with scarecrow" You mumbled as the expression on his face and hair could remind you of one.

    "a what now?" He stood up and looked at you. "Naruto think you look like a scarecrow, I can kind of see it now" You smiled a bit. "You should have good luck with them, they can be a handful." You mumbled, remembering the last time you spoke with Him. "You don't have to say that twice.. They are gonna be the death of me, I allready know it" He sighed and put his hands in his pockets. "oh, you don't know anything yet" You smiled and started to walk away, knowing he was in for it. "Where are you going?"

    "I have guard duty today, soo off to my shift" You turned and looked at him. You studies him carefully, not sure how to read him at all.. And still a bit shocked he could talk at all. "Which side of the village?" He asked. "East side, waiting for a scroll delivery" He nodded. "I tag along then" You narrowed your brows a bit. "You tag along? Never thought I would hear that from you again, Hatake" You smiled and started to walk, letting him catch up to you. "well, it is a first for everything isn't it?" He keept his gaze on your hand, knowing you used to talk with your hands before. Maybe he was able to see for himself.

    "Soo what is the scroll about? Since they need guards to greet it?" He played it off as he opened his book to pretend to read. "Well, I am not sure, all I know it is a delivery to lord 3rd" you shrugged as you lifted your hands a bit. Kakashi noticed the mark on your wrist as he stopped a bit. "Are you ok?" You stopped and looked over at him. "I gotta go" With a poof of smoke he was gone, making you sigh. "some things never changes.."

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    Sakura: Its a beautiful day!

    Naruto: Yeah, a perfect day to go and eat ramen!

    Y/n: A good day to go to the cave where I see red clouds!

    Sasuke: A beautiful day to go unalive someone

    Kakashi: Yes a good day to worry about what you just said

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    silly goofy mood

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    Kakashi Sensei

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    😁Naruto characters as wolves, its shit.

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    Kakashi: * sees naruto and sasuke walk into the room holding hands*. “ so who finally confessed?”

    Naruto : *with a proud smile * “ it was me I made sure it was short and sweet.”

    Sasuke : “ You yelled “listen here you little shit I have feelings for you and it’s about time you acknowledge them …..!” from the roof”

    Naruto : “ it worked though”.

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    - Going Between Dimensions -

    Part 14 - Show what you are made off

    Kakashi Hatake x reader

    tag list: @ari-hatake15

    "stay here, no matter what happens.. Don't intefere, or move a muscle" Your eyes scanned the four friends in front of you, and you knew Asuma wanted to complain, but luckily he understood the situation and nodded holding back a annoyed growl. They put the weapons away and started to walk to the side, getting out of the way. You sighed and walked to the middle off the field eyeing the men that did the same on the other side.

    You made a few hand signals, making a small fire tornado surround you. "we have not started yet!!" one of them yelled. You broke it off and smiled. "sorry had to change" You smirked as they looked suprised. The tornado fire was just a wall to change into your battle attire and get the weapons in place. The normal jonin pants were the easiest to fight in, but your top were more like a off shoulder crop top with protective chakra nettings underneath. You corrected the gloves on your hand, to make them sit in the right place. "You didn't think I would change in front of pervs like yourself?" You raised a brow at the men.

    Asuma narrowed his brows as he saw the new clothes on you. "Yes! I knew you were proud of the clan!" He smirked as he saw the symbol on your left arm, making you facepalm. "oh, the jumper was adopted into a clan now?" One started to chuckle. "Scrolls out, I want this over with" You muttered and opened the scroll before you threw it out, the same with the men. You stepped on the scroll and did the respectful handsign. "Y/N Sarutobi accept the challange" You eyed the men before a pillar came up on the other side of the field. You carefully listened to the names of the men as they presented themself.

    "Chris accept, Igor accept, niom accept, brad accept. Jun accept, and Mark accept" their pillars came up next to yours, representing you all on the battlefield. "you guys really are from my dimension with those names" You muttered, as the scrolls dissapeared. They charged first, eager to get started and beat you to it. You study their movements closely as you were doged them one by one. There were no rythm or teamwork to the attacks, they even were close to hit eachother. You jumped and quickly made a few signs with your left hand. "firestyle howling balls" you spit out four fireballs as you watched them.

    Chris defended with earthstyle, igor with water. Now you knew two of the natures. "really? Small fireballs?" Chris chuckled in a almost psychotic manner. As he started making the signs for a fire attack you smiled a bit, getting the water defenses ready. As he breathed the fire you raised the waterwall taking out his flame in a instant." Water, earth, fire.. Seems like they are two of each.." you muttered in a whisper to yourself.

    "I have not seen her fighting in years.." Asuma looked closely at the scene in front of them, a bit shocked on how calm you looked. "she will be fine" Kakashi placed the hands in his pockets as the three turned to look at him. "aren't you a bit nervous? There is 6 against one" Kurenai frowned as she eyed her old classmate. "should I be? She is a jonin" Kakashi shrugged, not wanting to admit he was a tiny bit nervous, but he also knew your training throught the years.

    "We are gonna send you back!" Niom shouted as he placed his hand on the ground. "earthstyle, rocktoss!" the ground shakes as multiple stones came flying from all angles. You jumped, taking the oppertunity to escape throught them. Your eyes caught the biggest stone directed at your friends, that caught you offguard as you ran over to stop it.. Knowing fully they were not allowed to. You jumped infront as your fist met the Stone, sending you both thowards your friends. You grit your teeths and closed your eyes as you focused chakra to your hand, in hopes to break it off.

    It felt like a spark enlighten inside of you, making your heart skip a beat, before you open your eyes to see the stone be broken into tiny pieces. You felt the wind from the force hit your face as you looked coldy at the men in front of you. "Y/N..." Guy whispered in shock as he looked at you. This time it wasen't a cloak around you.. It looked more like chakra flames, covering your whole body. "I put a barrier up.." you looked at them as you formed a barrier around them soo they didn't get hurt, and make you loose focus.

    "Soo this is the hidden power we heard about!?" Igor yelled as he smirked, watching the Light purple eyes glare back at him. "Playtime is over" You bit your thumb and placed you hand on the ground, summoning Mirai and Kuichi. "someone got the powers under controll" Kuichi looked up at you. "someone got all their tails" you looked at the white wolf next to you, seeing all six tales in place. "As long as we stay like this there should be no problem" Mirai growled, and snapped at the white wolf. "Don't make me rip your tails off Mirai, you know looks are deciving"

    "Kuichi! Enough!" You looked at the white wolf. "soo you got your pokemons ready? What are they? Shadow style and ice style?" Chris laughed as he tilted his head. "poke what now?" Mirai mumbled. "I explain later.." you shaked your head, almost embarrassed by the silly comments made. "Kuichi, herd.. Mirai, formation" You commanded as both wolves got into work. Kuichi started to run around the men, circleing them into one group.

    The man named brad jumped out of the formation, charging at you with his sword in hand. "You are mine!" his face were twisted with rage. You grabbed your kunai and blocked the attack effortlessly. "Kuichi, Windstlye howling wolf tornado!" You kicked Brad a few steps back, making the signs. The wolf howled as a tornado formed around the men. "You little!" Brad charges again. "I am not playing around" You glared at the man and smirked a bit, knowing you had the stragety in place. You used one hand to block his attacks as the other was forming the rasengan.

    "I would never thought she would have this controll in battle" Asuma said suprised as he watched. "Rasengan!" The man were thrown across the field, making Asuma's eyes widen. "This fight is the true spirit of yuthfulness!" Guy cheered as he watched proudly. "one" Kakashi looked at you before noticing one pillar on the other side crumble. He had never seen such darkness in your eyes ever.. But it seems like he was the only one noticing.

    "Mirai, Now!" You held your hand out and grabbed onto him as he ran past, getting on top on his back as he started to circle the wind tornado. "Firestyle, Diablo!" You spit a huge firewolf before jumping back, and watched as the wind and firestyle mixing. The screams from the men inside made you know it hit. "two" another pillar fell. "three" another. "four" another. "five" leaving just one standing. You closed your eyes as you felt the chakra behind you. It made you quickly draw your kunai and turn, hitting the last one straight in the chest. "six... Game over" You muttered as the last pillar fell, and the men dissapear into smoke.

    The scroll from earlier flew back at you, as you placed the hand on the signature. Ending the fight with a win. You got down from Mirai, and gave him a pat, signaling it was time to go home. When both wolves had dissapeared you relised the barrierer and stopped the chakra flow. Letting the cloak dissapear and the purple eyes going back to your normal eye color.

    "Look like you are not that sweet little sister after all" Asuma walked over and smiled. "I have told you not to worry, haven't I?" You smiled and teased him back. You were caught by suprise as he pulled you into a hug, making you stiffen in place. "I get it now.." He whispered only for you to hear. Those words, you knew what he meant.. You relaxed and hugged him back. "Group hug!" Guy jumped in, along with Kurenai.. Just like back in the day. A faint voice echoed throught your head. "You are ready..." the female voice made your heart skip a beat..

    "We should go and report right away then, don't you think?" Kakashi walked up and looked at you. "Yeah.. We should.." Lady Tsunade needed to know after all.. And the faster you reported the faster you were off the hook. "I see you guy's later ok.." You waved to your friends as you followed behind Kakashi. He didn't seem to happy about something, which made you wonder. You looked at him as you jumped between the trees, trying to read his expression. His eye looked back at you, giving direct eye contact. It was like something snapped inside of you, as images rushed throught your head.. Images you couldn't place at all.

    It made you loose focus and trip over. A hand caught you and pulled you back up on the branch. "What was that?" He looked at you, looking for signs of exhaustion. "Nothing.. I am fine. Thanks" You mutter and stood up. "Just getting a migrane, soo the sooner she get the report the better." You conntinued on, making him have to catch up to you.

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    Naruto : what’s the hardest thing to say?

    Sasuke: I was wrong.

    Sakura : I need help.

    Kakashi: ortorhinolarylogist.

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    Concerning Hino Souta

    “Lord Sixth, I have made a discovery concerning one of my students that may be relevant to our Village. If you would please find the time in your schedule to meet with me one day this week in the evening in the last quarter of the day before dusk, I would appreciate it. I will wait for you daily by the Tea Shop nearest the south gate to town. Thank you, Hyuuga Neji.” Neji waited patiently for @depressedhatakekakashi next to the tea shop, holding a large cup in each hand, both of which sporting a very wide straw sticking from it’s lid. Neji’s casual wear had changed quite a lot since the end of the Last Great Ninja War, opting to commit to the combination of traditional robes and Haori, but retaining the ever present Leaf Band that hid the Cage on his forehead. He cast his eyes to the sky, seeking the position of the setting sun, and then focusing his attention back to the Gate across the way. This meeting would be irrelevant if Souta finished up with his training early for the day. “I wonder if he’ll be able to come today.” Neji mused to himself, a habit that’d been growing heavier and heavier through the years as he’d been able to spend less and less time with Tenten and Lee. “We leave for the Land of Noodles tomorrow, so I hope so.”

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