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  • nutella531
    26.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Wolffe: why am I so aggressive? Why did the Kaminoans birth me this way?

    #incorrect star wars quotes #incorrect quotes #incorrect clone wars quotes #star wars#clone wars #the clone wars #tcw#commander wolffe#cc-3636#wolffe#the wolffepack#kamino
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  • hikime
    26.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

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    Fordo remembers the young medic as the timid clone cadet that used the Z6 Rotary Cannon on the droids during Battle on Kamino (TCW: ARC Troopers episode) despite having lost his entire batch and the elder cadet that was assigned to look after them.

    #is Nix a survivor from Battle of Kamino? #idk tbh the timeline doesn't add up sjcjsjcjsjfjs #but i can just make Nix not having the growth spurt early at age 14 #i know someone who had a growth spurt at age 16 something so yeah #medic nix #clone trooper oc #captain fordo #ugh the eyes.... meh just assume they're blue because of the shine of the z6 rotary lol #kriff me i love that weapon so kuch #much #z6 rotary cannon #oh kark i forgot to add Fordo's red highlight on the kama #ah well tomorrow me's problem 😂🤣🤣🤣 #my art#hiki comic #idk if i wanna name this comic -- it just happened spontaneously yknow #battle of kamino #also lol guess who cameos at the back sjcjsjxk
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  • pocketramblr
    26.11.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #due to the rent a dad thing Chisaki isn't able to overthrow pops #bc kurono points out that technically he's far from the only kid and thus far from the only heir #and surely at least some of those kids will come back to fight if he tries to put pops in a coma #anyway all that to say that pops is awake and fine when Kamino happens #but also has like 12 parent teacher conferences with ua to show up at on the same day now #hey-hamlet #pocket talks to people
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  • mwolf0epsilon
    24.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    #star wars #the clone wars #the bad batch #I just think they could have written the batch a little better than they did #especially their interactions with regs #or at least acknowledge the fact bullying was more commonplace on Kamino than they're pretending it to be #also petition to remind the writers Echo is a frigging badass and not a prop? #he can hold his own let him show just how much of a Domino he is #I might still be salty the batch tried to abandon Gregor twice because he's a 'reg'...
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  • shadows-fan-space
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Been thinking

    How different would the show have been if the “stoic dad adopts child” shtick with mando hadn’t gotten such positive feedback?

    Like if that hadnt gotten such hype, would Omega exist at all?

    And if she hadn’t, would Crosshair still be on the side of good since she wouldn’t have taken up that character slot? 

    No hating on Omi, she’s a lovely character in her own right, but she seems... out a place in a “elite commando squad with 100% success rate (the highest of all the GAR) take on merc jobs to keep themselves afloat after the fall of the Republic”. 

    And, personally, I feel like its thanks to her the Batch were turned from bold and brash commandos to bumbling dads and “bald man bad”

    I’m open to other opinions, just be civil. This is not to bash Omi as a character, I really do think she’s lovely she just seems more like a Rebels character and doesnt fit (in my opinion) with the Bad Batch

    #im still angry that the batch dropped EVERYTHING to help her #when theyd known her two weeks #but couldn't do anything to help crosshair when they grew up with him #if it werent for omi as well #they never would have gone back to kamino #which sealed crosshairs fate #tbb omega#tbb crosshair#tbb wrecker#tbb hunter#tbb tech#tbb echo #the bad batch #bad batch #clone force 99
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  • willkill4pudding
    21.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    I fucking hate star wars and the dumb ass names they give characters like Bariss Offee is literally a star warsified version of Barista Coffee I hate this fucking franchise

    #star wars#bariss offee #the pkante Kamino is just the spanish word Camino with a K #Kalevala is the name if the land of heroes in the Finnish book of epic poems of the same name #theres more but I cant think of them right now #Darth Vader could either be read as Invader or Vater which the second gives away the major plot twist
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  • chaotic-average-child
    21.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Me and sibling spoke

    The result

    The rug is fake

    ["wtf is that"

    "oh yeah I forgot to mention I got a custom fur rug and plushie of my fursona Moniraki"

    "..., uhuh"

    "aizawa I will never call you edge or cringe again"]

    For those who can't read my handwriting

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  • wolffe-simp
    21.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    One Moment (18+)

    Wanted to dabble in writing for a male audience, hope you all enjoy
    Pairing: Male Reader x Shaak Ti
    Warnings: Smut, Porn with slight Plot, P in V, unprotected, unestablished relationship, kinda fluffy, kinda sweet, reader is a clone
    Word Count: 4,552
    Commander (Y/n) has been struggling with his feelings towards his Jedi General, despite them not being allowed to be together, the Commander makes one simple request when it seems his feelings are not one sided.

    As the war stretched across the galaxy, more and more clones were drafted into the service of the Grand Republic. Some were newer than most, barely finishing their training before they were placed into the typical clone trooper armour, barely aware of the nightmare they were about to face while fighting alongside their brothers. One clone Commander had chosen to stay behind, even long after his batch mates had gone off to the battlefield and found their respectable squadrons. It wasn’t out of fear or doubt, but the sheer, overwhelming need to ensure his brothers were ready and properly trained. (Y/N) was considered a respectful clone, serving under Jedi Master Shaak Ti, who had treated the clone like another living being rather than a scientific experiment made to fight the wars of those who were too cowardly to fight themselves, as the Jedi had stated during one of their times together. He admired her for that, for the fact she made him, and his brothers feel like they had a purpose, that they were more than what others thought and that they had a chance at a normal life once the war finally came to an end.

    Yet no end seemed to be insight and (Y/N) sighed as he watched a squad of his brothers falter in the training room, resulting in their failure of the simulation. It wasn’t their fault, the new training regimes and sudden deployment of other squads had put them all at edge. Even their Jedi Master failed to hide her displeasure at the decision of the chancellor, thinking the draft for new clones had been voted in far too quickly, making it hard for her to divide her attention between the clone cadets even when she had help from others.

    The Commander was dressed mostly in his blacks, having decided to abandon most of his armour in his barracks in pursuit of comfort. The armour he did wear was few and scattered, mostly covering his lower half, etched with the stray colours of red, grey and white to match the appearance of his Jedi General. His hair was like most clones, black and cut into its usual generic clone haircut, yet was shaved at the sides to offer some sort of diversity. His eyes were caramel like most of the clones, as was his face. Yet his most distinctive feature was a small scar that split down the corner of his mouth from an accident he had been in during his own time as a clone cadet, something involving a knife that he had tried to take off one of his brothers when they had decided to mess around rather than look over where they had gone wrong in their own training sessions. He hardly remembered it, it was trivial and stupid, despite now being the biggest joke amongst him and a few off his closer Vod’s.

    The six cadets helped each other to their feet, grumbling under their breath about how they were never going to be battle ready. The Commander shook his head, turning towards the Jedi at his side, taking in the fleeting wave of anger that flashed briefly in the iris of her eyes.

    “They aren’t focus General; their mind is on the world outside of Kamino rather than on the task at hand.” (Y/n) expressed his concern.

    “Indeed Commander, I think it might be time to draft a new approach to their training while we still can.” Shaak Ti replied, unable to meet the eyes of her Commander for a moment.

    The Commander nodded, watching the Jedi turn on her heel and exit their overseeing platform before following close behind her. They were in sync as they walked through the halls of the Kaminoan facility, a comfortable silence setting over them while they each thought of new ways to train the clone cadets. Sadly, a human, although enhanced is still a human and (Y/n) couldn’t handle his wandering thoughts, or his wandering eyes. Sub consciously, his body had faltered for a moment to allow him to fall back enough, that he was able to admire the Togruta woman in front of him. From the way her robes wrapped around her body to the way her Lekku bounced with every movement, every step, from her grace to the hidden danger lurking under her wisdom and clarity. The Jedi master was certainly not someone who would be so easily beaten, but there was no denying her beauty and the way she had burrowed into the heart of her Commander. Ever since he laid eyes on her, he thought she had been an angel, a figment of his imagination that would disappear if he dared to blink. As he trained alongside her with his brothers, he had deemed it as a crush, a silly infatuation based on the fact that she was the only female within their vicinity. Especially one who was closer related to them in appearance than the Kaminoans were, yet over time, his heart had begun to grow fonder for her. She had taught him many things, treated him as an equal and cared more for his brothers than anyone else, a rare gem hidden among the angry seas that populated most of Kamino. A part of him hated himself for allowing himself to feel this way, for allowing him to sink into a grave of heartbreak. He was aware of the Jedi code, aware of the fact that she felt nothing for him and even if she did, she would never be able to act upon those feelings and neither would he. Despite that, here he was, taking her in as if it would be the last time that he saw her.

    “Something wrong, Commander?” Her voice pulled him from his thoughts.

    “No General, just conflicted.” He was quick to reply with a tone of dismissal, keeping his face void of expression in hopes she couldn’t actually pry into his mind like Jedi had been rumoured to, otherwise he would never be able to face her again.

    She gave him a look, one of uncertainty, he was never usually conflicted, and she was aware of how bad he was at lying. She could see through him, yet she didn’t push him of pry further, not wanting to upset her Commander when he was clearly at fault with something in his life. So, she slowed her pace to walk beside him once again, letting him know through the force, that she was there for him even if Jedi struggled to put their emotions in to words. Neither verbally admitted their connection with one another, a deep, wordless bond that not only brought them together but continued to make them a remarkable team. They seemed to continue mindlessly wandering the corridors, no destination in mind until they began to turn a familiar corner. It was the corridor that led to the hangar near the back of the facility where no one seemed to reside, the same hangar (Y/n) had used as a cadet to get way from the harsh training and the teasing of his brothers. It was where Shaak Ti had found him many times when he had something heavy on his mind, standing with his face towards the storm that nipped at the edge of the open doors of the hangars bay, his hands clasped behind his back and his eyes glazed over with his inner turmoil. Was he so transparent that she could see the heart he tried so desperately not to wear on his sleeve, like an open book for the Jedi to browse through with a flick of her hand. A part of him was thankful for how thoughtful his General was towards him, she cared for his wellbeing as much as she cared about her own and it only made his current situation worse.

    “General…. why are we here?” He asked as they stepped through the hangars open doors, the familiar rushing noise of the doors closing behind them making him feel slightly self-conscious.

    “Not only is it a great place to think and make important decisions, but I am also aware that this place is a somewhat…. haven for you Commander.” The female replied with a soft voice, offering him a reassuring smile. “I sense a great disturbance within you, I think it best for you to be in a place that can help you come to terms with what troubles you.”

    (Y/n) sighed heavily, coming to a stop before the open doors that faced the sea, the waves swirling in anguish before them. The water was dark and daunting, beaten by the heavy rain that fell to become a part of its mass, the wind hurtling through the waves and slamming them against the side of the facility. It always seemed to rain here on Kamino, it was rare when it didn’t, yet it was calming instead of annoying, the collective scene, sounds and smells invading his senses and willing his body to relax. For once, he didn’t know how to set himself, torn between his stance as a Commander or a more casual stance to match that of the Jedi beside him. The sound of her robes shuffling caught his attention, his head snapping to the side to watch as she discarded her robes to the side of her before lowing herself to her knees with her backside resting upon her heels and her hands placed over her thighs. He stood awkwardly for a moment, feeling as he was intruding on the General in a time when she wanted to meditate rather than be disturbed by the likes of him. His insecurities were once again silenced when she gestured for him to join her upon the cold metal of the ground beneath them, the Clone Commander mimicking her position and taking a deep breath before closing his eyes. He had never done this before; he was usually to busy and never got time to himself to just reflect upon how he felt or about the war, but he knew that Shaak Ti would bring him back to himself if he were to find himself losing focus.

    At first, he focused on his breathing, taking note of when his mind began to wander. Once he noticed, he focused on that thought and began to pick it apart, seeing how each one made him feel and why. The more he dived into his own feelings, the more he began to relax, feeling a strange aura lingering around him. He was sub consciously aware of Shaak Ti sat beside him, their shoulders brushing against one another every time their chests expanded with a deep breath, the action widening their shoulders for a moment before shrinking with their exhale. In this moment, he was vulnerable, something that was so foreign to him, something that had him doubting himself and quickly reverting back to his troubled state, moving to get to his feet. As soon as he had planted his foot in an attempt to stand, a hand shot out to grab his arm and pull him to his knees. Shocked, his head turned to follow the hand to the face of the person it belonged to, staring wide eyes at the tranquil face of his General.

    “Your troubles are greater than I thought.” She spoke, eyes slowly opening as she turned to face him.

    Shame filled him, making him turn his head away from her in an attempt to collect himself, not wanting her to see the longing and desire that had suddenly made themselves known for the briefest of moments.

    “I’m sorry.” His voice barely rose above a whisper, he had no idea how he could even begin to explain this to her, of this feeling that ate away at him every day.

    “There is nothing to be sorry about, you are only human after all.”

    Her reply made his eyebrows scrunch up in confusion, drawing his attention back to her. Barely had he had time to take her in before a warmth settled upon his mouth, pressing into him with uncertainty. It took his brain a moment to come to terms with what was happening, his stiff body finally finding function once again, just as Shaak Ti was pulling away from him. She had already opened her mouth to apologise, ready to tell him it was a mistake. Yet he was surging forward, placing a hand on the back of her neck to pull her towards him, slotting his mouth with hers in a kiss that was drowning with the love he felt for her. Their eyes closed as they took in the feeling of each other, lips moving in sync as they breathed in the others intoxicating presence. (Y/n) melted into her when he felt her fingers brush against his jaw as she reached her hand out to cup his face, her touch clouding his mind with desire. Once their lungs began to burn, they pulled away, resting their foreheads together while they gasped for air.

    “General I…how?” He panted out, slowly pulling away to rest his gaze upon her.

    “My dear (Y/n), you forget that I can sense your thoughts as well as your emotions.” She replied, a small smile stretching across her lips. “I myself needed to come to terms with this revelation…so that I could come to terms with my own.”

    He tilted his head as he listened to her, a part of him was thrilled that she felt the same way, but he knew her well enough to know that her smile was forced. Even though she had admitted her feelings, he knew her mind dwelled on the commitment she had made to the Jedi order and what this anomaly of emotion could possibly cost her. If the council found out about this moment, about their feelings, it would cost Shaak Ti everything she had ever worked for. For (Y/n) the cost would be miniscule compared to that of his General, he was a clone after all, he had nothing but a name and a rank. He could be disposed of as quickly as he was created, his existence meant nothing, except to her.

    “One night.” He uttered the words without hesitance, his voice soft. “I wish for only one night with you because I love you too much to take away everything that matters in your life. I could leave this hangar with a simple kiss and still serve by your side with this pain in my heart as long as you continue to strive towards your goals and keep this moment as a distant memory.”

    He lifted his hand to wipe away a stray tear that escaped the corner of her eye, watching as she rested her cheek in the palm oh his hand and nuzzled into his touch. One night with her would calm his heart and mind for an eternity, forever she would remain in his life, in his memories but always just out of his reach. That he would be able to live with, as long as she could continue to live her dream as a Jedi Master and continue to train the future generation of Jedi.

    Their next kiss was filled with desperation, a deep, overwhelming need to be as close to each other as physically possible. With expert hands, he began to remove the stray pieces of his armour, not wanting the harsh materiel to even put a bruise upon her skin in the events to come. Her hands joined his in the removal of his shirt, their lips parting for a fraction of a second before they were glued back together. Small fingers began tracing the scars that littered his chest as they were revealed to Shaak Ti and the small world that they had created for themselves in this abandoned hangar, her touch making the muscles jump and twitch beneath his skin. While she explored him, he once again paused the dancing of their lips to remove her top, greeted with the bareness of her chest, perked breasts unrestrained by a bra. The thought of Shaak Ti going about her day with nothing beneath her clothes had him stirring in his pants, his arousal blossoming with the thought, as well as the sight before him. Many nights he had tried to visualise the beauty of her naked being, yet it was pale in comparison to what was slowly being revealed to him. The commander shuffled forward, resting one hand on her hip and the other on her back as he slowly lowered her onto her back, her legs resting on either side of his hips.

    “General…. we may get caught here.” (Y/n) muttered against her skin, his mouth littering kisses upon her exposed skin, giving her one last chance to back out.

    She surprised him by flipping their positions so that she rested on top of him, her ass resting above his crotch with a pleasant amount of pressure. He stared up at her in a mix of shock and desire, letting out a small groan as she ran her nails down his chest, hips moving in slow circles against his clothed arousal.

    “No time for excuses Commander, we both know that the only one who uses this hangar is you.” She purred, leaning down to take his bottom lip between her teeth before slowly pulling away, releasing him as she did.

    A part of him was screaming to take control, his instincts fuelling the testosterone coursing through his veins. Yet the sight of her on top of him, in command as usual was more welcoming than he originally thought, wanting nothing more than to see her riding him. He lay, chest heaving and heart racing as she slowly got to her feet before him. She locked eyes with him as she slid off her boots, hands working back up her legs to hook her fingers into the waistband of her pants. For a brief moment, she paused, letting him stare, letting him gawk up at her before she slowly pulled the garment down her legs. Even though (Y/n) had seen this before, with the small number of women who had graced his bed, none has made it as exotic as Shaak Ti did. No one made him feel numb with lust and desire like she did, he was practically jelly in her hands.

    Crawling back on top of him, her lips travelled up his body, guiding her path to his lips where she once again captured him in a passionate kiss. Her bare sex grinded against his trapped arousal, leaving a dark, soaked patch of her juices on his blacks. Finally, her hands glided down his chest as she lifted her hips, pushing down his blacks and undergarments at the same time. He lifted his own hips slightly to help her push them down, his hardened member springing free of its confinements and slapping against his abdomen. For one, stretched moment, they took each other in, taking in every inch of each other’s bodies so that they would never forget this moment. This moment where they could be together, for one single night.

    As much as they wanted to take their time, it wouldn’t be long before someone came looking for the General, which gave them no time to prepare each other for what was able to happen between them. Shaak Ti wrapped her slender fingers around (Y/n)’s hard length, stroking him to complete stiffness before guiding him to her sacred heat, the head brushing her entrance. The contact made the woman shiver above him, making her falter enough for him to grab her hips and gently pull her down his manhood. Both gasped as he pushed through the warmth of her sex, walls parting around him until he was nestled against the opening of her cervix. He could feel her inner muscles fluttering around him as he stilled, the sensation overwhelming enough for him to choke on the sounds that threatened to escape him. Then a moan sizzled through the air around him and Shaak Ti slowly rotated her hips in an experimental circle, drawing a soft groan from him.

    He let her lead, let her grind her hips in fleeting moments of teasing before the urgency kicked in and she began to bounce on his length. The drag of his cock against her walls was intoxicating, every time she raised her hips, he felt himself slowly leaving her. Her insides clung to hum, trying to clench around him in a failed attempt to keep him inside her, only to flutter in relief when she slammed back down onto him. He kept his hands rested on her hips, torn between guiding her and wanting to take control, wanting to just pound into her until he no longer remembered himself.

    Pushing himself up, his hands now moved to clutch onto her, wrapped around her hips while she clung to his shoulders. She used him as leverage to heave herself upwards while he used her as an anchor, using his fading strength to pull her back down onto him. Shaak Ti buried her head into his shoulder, nails digging into his flesh as she wept into his neck, their combined movements slowly beginning to pick up speed. Their moment was slowly drawing to an end, he could feel it in the way she tightened around him, but he didn’t want it to end. (Y/n) wasn’t ready to let her go, wasn’t ready to go back to his brothers and pretend that nothing had happened, that he was happy just being another obedient little soldier.

    In a last-minute decision, her flipped their position, so that his General was on her back with him between her knees. Her eyes were wide, her sweat sheened chest heaving with her panting breaths. He himself stared back for a moment, allowing him one second to collect himself, making sure to prolong this.

    “Commander what….”

    Before she had chance to finish her question, he leaned over her, one hand on her waist and the other resting on the floor beside her head as he slammed into her with one swift movement. She arched her back with a cry of pleasure, her own hands resuming their position on his shoulders so that she could ground herself by clinging to him. Their sweaty bodies glided against each other as he began thrusting in and out of her, leaning his head down to brush his lips against hers.

    There, in that empty hangar, they moved against each other, following the rhythm of the crashing waves that drowned out their noises of pleasure. They breathed each other in, breath mingling together as they gasped and groaned, lips centimetres away. (Y/n) closed the gap between them as his thrusts got faster, adding more force to his driving hips as he took her in a deep kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth to taste her. She moaned into his mouth, both grateful for the kisses ability to muffle the Jedi’s vocal expressions as she neared her completion, growing louder with every passing second. The clone Commander knew he was close and moved to pull out of his General, not wanting to risk an unexplained pregnancy, unsure if Shaak Ti had an implant or not. Yet as he moved to leave her, he suddenly felt the Jedi wrap her legs around his waist, heels pressing into the small of his back to draw him in closer. Taking the unexplained action as confirmation, he continued to thrust into her, now without restraint. It didn’t take long for Shaak Ti to tighten around him, crying his name as she coated his length with her slickness, walls clamping down on him with a vice grip. He groaned, the tightness making it harder for him to move in and out of her, feeling his balls tingle and with one final thrust, buried himself as deep inside of her as physically possible as he spilled himself within her.

    The two lay there panting for a moment, the clones head resting on the General’s heaving bosom, both basking in the afterglow of their orgasms. After a moment, he felt her chest flutter with a small laugh, prompting him to lift his head to look at her. He was greeted with a soft, fleeting kiss and the soft caress of her hand on his cheek. This moment would forever change things for them, maybe for the good, maybe for the bad but either way, they always had each other. Slowly, they untangled from each other, not uttering a word as clothes were gathered and pulled back on. Fear swirled around them, both afraid of ruining this, of saying something that may remind them of how at odds they were. (Y/n) looked to the side as he put the final piece of his armour in place, gaze falling upon Shaak Ti’s discarded cloak. The male walked over, bending down to take the material in his hand, legs suddenly feeling like led. He made his way over to his General and instead of offering it to her, he wrapped it around her shoulders and fixed it upon her being. The action brought them eye to eye, the female having to slightly tilt her head upwards to face him head on. As the thunder unleashed upon the roaring sea, the Jedi Master slowly leaned up and placed one final kiss at the corner of the clone commander’s mouth. He stood rooted to the spot, staring ahead even when she left his view, making her way to the hangar’s doors, leaving him to his own thoughts.

    Briefly, she paused at the exit and glanced back at him, watching as he turned his head towards her with a pained expression, hidden under a forced smile. All he had asked for, was one night, one moment with her so that he knew that he wasn’t the only one that felt the connection between them. Despite knowing of their positions, despite knowing that they could never be together or do something like this again, he didn’t regret risking everything for the only happy memory he would ever have.

    “General” He called out to her upon seeing her once again turn away.

    “Yes Commander?” She replied, keeping her back to him.

    “Do you…” He couldn’t bring himself to finish the question, feeling his throat clench as painfully as his heart did.

    “I do not regret anything…. but maybe in another life, we could have been together.”

    He could her the sadness in her voice as she spoke, he didn’t need a connection with the force to know that she was hurting as much as he was. He slowly walked to the hangar door, coming to stand next to her, taking a deep breath.

    “Then let us live for another life.” He spoke softly, offering her a more genuine smile.

    They shared one last look, one of adoration and understanding before they walked away from the hangar together. In these Kaminoan halls, they were a General and a Commander that were almost unstoppable on the battlefield. Yet in that hangar, they were two halves of one heart, wanting nothing more than to become whole. Yet no matter what the war threw at them, they would always have their one moment.

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  • kiun
    20.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    never had a harder falling out with anything else in my life except with bnha

    #blue.txt #i used to love this manga but man #idek who to blame for what happened in the manga like the discourse is saying its the new editor and then others are saying that horikosis- #writing has always been bad #but i disagree the writing used to be really good back in the pro hero/mva/war arc/Kamino ward #and then there's the ones saying he probably got burned out and wants to end the manga as soon as possible and thats why hes rushing at #sonic speeds to towards the end #whatever it is the mangas jumped the shark several times already and the worst case was the star and stripe vs shigaraki arc #and chapter 327 🤢 #its gotten so bad even the subreddit snd Twitter fandoms are calling it out lol #delete later #idk i dont dwell much on bnha anymore but when i do i have to let it out lol
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  • lost-on-kamino
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Have some clones; A little Rhythm and Pox in their armour’s colours.

    #Doodles lost in Kamino #Star Wars#tcw #Communications Corrie Rhythm #Pox#Metro(nome) squad #Clone Trooper OC #Clone Oc
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  • theweirdworld
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I love Kiri and he’s the sweetest bean but I will never forgive him for inviting Izuku to save Bakugou (knowing not even death would stop him) after he shattered his arms 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯 to the point he won’t be able to use them anymore if he does it again, and then they proceed to almost fight the biggest bad anyones seen in over 200 years

    #kirishima eijirou#bakugou katsuki#Midoriya Izuku#bnha #my hero academia #Kamino ward #forest training camp arc
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  • three-fold-symmetry
    17.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #alternate take where the meeting between obi wan and jango on kamino is even more awkward #also yeah another thirst trap #no shame#(some shame)#star wars#jango fett#esk art
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  • paradoxsoar
    16.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    News regarding Nana Kamino. Her Twitter account seems to be deactivated but her TikTok and Instagram are still up.

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  • holding-hands-and-hearts
    16.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    There used to be a legend, when she was small. She remembers wide campfires and flames dancing across familiar faces, a flickering, glowing warmth that seemed to blend heat and cold until it was everything, all at once. There is laughter, and graceful hands that watch over her with agely wisdom, and a constant buzz of not-quite sound she used to think was the place that conversation met crackling fire.

    She used to love that fire, and the hands pull gently around her waist as she reaches her hand forward as if trying to touch it, like the tongues of lively flame will circle up her wrist like free-spirited playmates. Something whispers to her within its depths, a playful something that sounds like a story or a secret, a tall figure that bends down to meet her as if she is its own.

    Hearth, the others would say. That unique feeling of belonging, of safety, of warmth and of home. Less a legend than a tradition, found somewhere amidst the blazing flames of the hearth.

    It took Shaak Ti a long time to realize that maybe that’s what the Force was; the one who watched, who whispered. The spirit her clan had once told her of, who tended the flames with steady hands and steady heart, who could be found in the Light of the hearth.

    So one night, when the rain on Kamino stops to take a breath, Shaak Ti builds a brazier on a balcony and fans the flames to life.

    The cadets pitch in, ferrying bits of abandoned material to burn and turning over weapons crates for benches. One of the squads keeps watch, lest the Kaminoans discover them; she whispers directions to another, sending them on a retrieval mission that sets their eyes glowing brighter than the nascent coals do.

    Someone thinks to bring blankets, and so they huddle in twos or threes as Shaak Ti encourages the flames.

    “A seat for 99!” one of them clamors, and quickly a knot of brothers convenes to wheedle extra blankets from the others, swathing their eldest in a cocoon of warmth.

    The air hangs with moisture, cooled by the breeze off of the sea, but the little fire endures. Even slowed, it’s warm, and when she reaches forward to tend to the coals the light plays off of her hands like a memory. The whisper is still there, folding her into its arms as if she is a child again, but now she is wise enough to know what she looks for in the flames.

    “Sit,” she invites, and the cadets settle, their features glowing, around the fire. She passes them cloud-sweets and watches as they learn to roast them over the fire, burning the sugar and filling the air with sweetness. They pull the sweets apart with their fingers, gasping when it sticks to their palms.

    Someone burns theirs into a dark, blistered blob, and their features twist in disappointment until they find the melted-sugar secret inside.

    “Why does it do that?” one of the cadets gasps, and when he looks up at her he forgets to call her General or sir or mistress.

    “99, tell us a story!” someone begs, and he acquiesces before yielding her the floor. So she tells them the stories someone once told her, painting pictures from worlds they’ve only ever imagined as sticky sugar hardens on their fingers.The flames dance across their faces, heat and cold and that nameless in-between. There is laughter, and her hands watch over them with agely wisdom, and Shaak Ti leans forward to listen to the whispering voice in the depths of the fire.

    Hearth, she says, and it plays aglow in their eyes when they find it in its blazing flames.

    It had taken Shaak Ti a long time to realize that maybe that’s what the Force is.

    So she bends down to reach them, as if they are her own.


    I do not know where this came from.

    But one day, Shaak Ti embraced her role as Everyone's Mom and hosted a secret campfire roast on one of the balconies of Kamino.

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    #imagine endeavor watching the kamino battle tho #getting flashbacks to touya but also #dealing with the fact his rival is a fucking baby #i think he'd die #i think natsuo and shoto would laugh him out of the house #thestormingsea posts
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  • adiduck
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    wheres that post about reading your own fic and getting to the end of what youve written and realizing if you want more you have to write it

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  • ibeaperson
    14.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    So I’ve seen a good bit of both arguments about Crosshair. Here’s my two cents because no one asked:

    Crosshair is not directly at fault for at least some of what he has done. The chip forced him to obey Order 66 and go on the whole “good soldiers follow orders” spiel. The Empire and the Kaminoans are at fault. As I believe Crosshair still has his chip in, I don’t think he is directly responsible, but actions have been done by him.

    This includes trying to fry his brothers and sister alive in the engine. That alone gives them plenty of incentive to not trust him or attempt to rescue him, despite their personal feelings. He has tried to kill them. Should you be obligated to rescue one who has tried to kill you, even if they person may not be directly at fault?

    In addition to that, there was no real time or ability to rescue Crosshair. As upsetting as that may be, keeping themselves alive and out of reach of the Empire and caring for Omega took immediate precedence.

    Meanwhile, Crosshair has been feeling abandoned by his brothers. Like he points out to to Hunter, no rescue attempt was made. He is, reasonably, angry because he has been left in that situation.

    Both parties are entitled to their feelings, which every fan needs to recognize. The Batch distrusts Crosshair because he has tried to kill them. Crosshair feels abandoned by his brothers.

    To summarize, the entire situation is shitty and I’d like to strangle Lama Su, Nala Se, and Taun We for enabling the Empire.

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