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  • justdaphne
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just know for a fact that when Kanej gets married they will both say:

    I would come for you, and if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you and no matter how broken we were we’d fight our way out together

    Knives drawn

    Pistols blazing

    Because that’s what we do, we never stop fighting

    imagine them taking turns in that one vow 😭

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  • chaoticsunshines
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Wylan: Fight me!

    Kaz, standing behind him, shaking his head: Do not

    #six of crows #more like six of crack #kaz brekker #wylan van eck #six of crows crack #grishaverse#grishaverse headcanons#inej ghafa#kanej #dregs of ketterdam
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  • justdaphne
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Kanej date

    Modern-ish AU Part 2


    Kaz: jesper

    Jesper: wat

    Kaz: hypothetically speaking, if I were to go on a date where is the best place to go?



    Kaz: Jesper


    Jesper: 🙄 go ask Nina then

    * an hour later*


    Kaz: so will you help me or not

    Jesper: I KNEW IT

    Kaz: JESPER

    Jesper: was nina no help

    Kaz: ..

    Jesper: idk idk a restaurant?

    Kaz: people tho

    Jesper: you don’t want people to see you? Weird


    Jesper: the mall?

    Kaz: no

    Jesper: movies?

    Kaz: there’s nothing to watch

    Jesper: you’re hopeless. Idk take a stroll at night on the streets??

    Kaz: you’re the worst

    Jesper: you’re welcome you ungrateful bastard🙄🖐🏻


    Kaz: Inej

    Inej: yea?

    Kaz: stroll Ketterdam on Friday night?

    Inej: sure! Sounds like a good idea

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  • sorceress-of-the-barrel
    13.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    so you know how inej has a ship right. what if she carves the figurehead for it by herself.... like she disappears from time to time to go and work on it secretly and finishes it before her voyage and it's just this beautiful statue that she used her knives to make...

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  • justdaphne
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Okay imagine Kanej but with the “you wrote me letters?”-trope

    Kanej are having a fight.

    They shouted here and there

    “You didn’t even reply to a single one of my letters” Kaz blurts out. He was not suppose to say that.

    Inej freezes.

    “No, YOU didn’t even reply to one of my letters” she replied.

    Kaz freezes.

    Inej wrote me letters?

    Kaz wrote me letters?

    They both fell silent, processing about what just happened

    She broke the silent with the “you, - you wrote me letters?”

    Kaz nods slowly, looking down at his shoes. He didn’t dare meet her eyes. “Everyday” he said softly.

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  • beeistrying
    12.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    One time kaz overheard a member of the dregs say something transphobic and he broke their jaw and threatened to cut out their tongue if they didn’t learn some respect and because it’s the barrel word spreads really quickly that Kaz Brekker, Dirtyhands and King of the Barrel hates transphobes and now a load of like. LGBTQ+ talking groups and clubs ( especially in the university district ) have got framed pictures of him on their walls with heart stickers and ‘ dirtyhands said gay rights <3’ written in glitter.

    And Obviously the crows find it hilarious but it’s also pretty nice because since then the amount of assaulted/ murdered trans people in the barrel really decreased because people have started saying any transphobia or homophobia and Brekker will get you. Anyway that’s how the dregs end up with considerable support from LBGTQ+ People in kerch.

    #kaz brekker said trans rights and that’s canon l #inspired by Leigh’s Twitter and also me being trans #I am trans and I will be making everything about me thank you #I’m gonna write a fic about it #ties in nice with my enby kaz fic #soc #six of crows #six of crows headcanon #kaz brekker#inej ghafa#Jesper fairy #shadow and bone #kanej
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  • mrsmiroir
    12.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    even after they become more comfortable with intimacy and touching, i don’t think kaz and inej would be big on hugging all the time. instead i think they’d prefer hands: hand in hand, hand in hair, hand on back, hand cupping face. and also kisses.

    #they like touching because they can !!! #hnngndjh kanej hair washing #kanej massages…. kanej holding hands… #cupping each other’s faces… intense staring… reverently speaking each other’s names… #tracing each other’s hands with their fingertips. #NECK KISS- *collapses onto the floor* #inej doesn’t mind hugs. jesper loves hugging ppl and they’re like. besties. so obviously. #and nina’s hugs probably feel like heaven #but kaz isn’t much of a hugger. a cuddled tho???????? absolutely. #inej is a blanket thief. a sheet fiend. rob u blind if ur warmth in bed. straight up in a cocoon #wait wait. little spoon kaz agenda also. #they brush. they hair. hhhhhhhh. #there’s too much going on in these tags i fear #ANYWAY kanej brainrot got me down BAD #six of crows duology #six of crows headcanon #six of crows #crooked kingdom#soc#grishaverse#inej ghafa#kaz brekker#kanej #kaz x inej
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  • kanejscenes
    11.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    since i need to feel something once a while, here’s my hc for kanej’s child

    they adopt ok they adopt a smol suli girl from an orphanage in ravka

    she gets super attached to the first weapons she gets which is one of inej’s knives

    she is practically kaz’s protégé and he trains her to take over the crow club

    whenever jesper and she meet up, the entirety of ketterdam braces itself for the chaos

    also shes mad amazing at sneaking around

    she also convinces kaz and inej to adopt another child

    wylan is secretly jealous of her when she is first introduced to the crows because yknow he’s kanej’s first child but she grows on him and oh the amount explosions that make jesper fear for his life

    she turns out to be a tailor so kanej take her to nina and nina quickly becomes her fav aunt while all the fjerdans are extremely confused because why would a pirate’s child be their queen’s bestie

    feel free to add stuff :)

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  • chaoticsunshines
    10.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Jesper is an amazing cook who cooks for everyone all the time while Inej is an awful cook who’s banned from the kitchen for life. I stand by this.

    #jesper fahey is king #jesper fahey #inej my beloved #grishaverse#headcanons#grishaverse headcanons #six of crows headcanons #kanej #*cries in kanej* #jesper and inej #bastard of the barrel #headcanons nobody asked for #i stand by this #i will die on this hill #jesper x wylan #kaz x inej
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  • mr-dirtyhands
    09.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    inej hc

    there’s no doubt inej sometimes steals kaz’s clothes and makes sure they’re nice and neat since he’s usually busy doing things.

    but one day, she curiously puts on one of his shirts and kaz walks in and he’s like “..hi..” , his face is all red and he’s gripping a piece of paper in his hand and his cane in the other and inej blushes brightly at the way he looks at her.

    he looks at her with pure love and admiration, something she’s never experienced since usually people looked at her differently and here , the bastard of the barrel is staring at her with gentle eyes and she wants nothing more than to kiss him then and there, but instead she goes:

    “im stealing this, thanks.”

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  • secretlyemokid
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Is it just me or does everyone think of Inej when listening to The Tradition by Halsey

    #inej ghafa #the bastard of the barrel #halsey#iichliwp #six of crows #backstory #nina and inej #nina zenik#matthias helver#kaz brekker#soc kaz #kaz x jesper #kaz x inej #kanej headcanon#kanej au#kanejedit #i love inej #soc inej #inej my beloved #my darling inej #wraith #wylan van sunshine #knife wife#pop#pop music#crooked kingdom#grishaverse
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  • justdaphne
    07.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    The crows watching a horror movie

    I feel it in my heart, it’s Jesper and Nina’s idea. They’ll act all “cmon it’s gonna be so much funnn!”

    “Plus I want to see Kaz shit himself” Nina whispers

    Nina smuggles food she brought from home becoz apparently, food provided in the cinema sucks.

    Kanej wesper and helnik sit next to each other, all of them on the same row. Nina rests her head on Matthias’ shoulders and Wylan rests his on Jesper’s while waiting for the movie to start.

    Kaz doesn’t look bothered despite all the graphics. He laughs-ish and they all just stare at him, concerned

    Kaz likes to whisper over to Inej how things are unrealistic

    Both Jesper and Nina were the one that ended up shitting themselves💀

    They screamed as if they were burning in hell

    Matthias flinched a little, grabbed one of Nina’s hands

    Wylan was abit shocked, screamed a little but it was nothing compared to Jesper’s and Nina’s

    “Fcking hELLLL WHAT THE FCK”

    *screams intensify*

    During one of those jumpscares, Inej flinches and turns herself towards Kaz.

    He slowly puts his hand on hers as a way to comfort her

    The others notice but looked away so they can have their moment

    Nina buries her face in Matthias’ shoulders.


    Jesper’s whole body flinches. As in his arms flap and stuff

    Wylan just shuts his eyes during intense music

    Kaz just raises an eyebrow

    Wylan and Jesper flinch at the same time the exact same way. Just one of them is obviously more dramatic 💀


    The popcorn ends up on the floor.

    Matthias gives his commentary on wrong moments lol

    “You know this should..”

    “can you SHUT UP”

    *screams intensifies*


    Jesper and Nina rushes out of the cinema panting. “I NEVER EVER WANT TO SEE ANOTHER HORROR MOVIE EVER AGAIN”

    “Hm. And they were the one that told me I was gonna shit myself”

    Plot twist: Kaz was also terrified deep inside. Just a little, just a little.

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  • justdaphne
    07.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kanej au after healing they snuggle up in a couch with a blanket watching a movie

    #grishaverse#kanej headcanon#kanej #kaz and inej #kaz brekker#inej ghafa#wraith#leigh bardugo #bastard of the barrel #ck#crooked kingdom#dirtyhands#freddy carter#amita suman #six of crows #soc#crow club#ketterdam #shadow and bone netflix #shadow and bone #siege and storm #ruin and rising
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  • cecewarlock
    05.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Okay but listeeeen SOC book 3 where Kaz goes against the council of tides and it all goes down badly and Kaz ends up stranded at sea but gets rescued by Inej in her awesome pirate ship

    #kanej #kaz x inej #six of crows #I just re read the duology for the 11th time and my mind is reeling again #so many headcanons #so many possibilities #I want to read it again
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  • multi-bookworm
    04.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    RIP Jesper and Nina.

    You would have loved Mean girls

    #nina zenik#jesper fahey#kaz brekker #six of crows #crooked kingdom#inej ghafa #wylan van sunshine #wylan van eck #matthias helvar#kaz rietveld#grishaverse#wesper#kanej #nina x matthias #shadow and bone #sab#sab netflix#soc#soc headcanon#grisha#ketterdam #maybe i liked your stupid face #nikolai lanstov#pekka rollins #soc text post #kaz x jesper #jesper x inej #wylan x jesper #booklr#bookworm
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  • lulucantread
    02.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    kaz likes his coffee black and bitter

    inej likes her coffee with sugar and cream


    #six of crows #six of crows headcanons #kanej#kaz brekker#inej ghafa
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  • lulucantread
    02.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    kaz is def one of those ppl who die laughing when children fall

    #six of crows #six of crows headcanons #kaz brekker#kanej
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  • crystal-vampire
    02.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    Sexuality, pronouns and gender headcanon

    (After seeing lesbian malina with nb mal i have new hcs including lesbian kanej uwu)

    Kaz - he/they - nonbinary - omnisexual

    Inej - she/they - demigirl - lesbian

    Jesper - he/him - cis boy - bisexual

    Wylan - they/he - demiboy - gay

    Nina - she/her - cis girl - bisexual

    Matthias - he/him - trans ftm - demisexual panromantic

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  • camille-lachenille
    02.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Once Upon a December in Ravka

    This little fanfiction is about a dream I made a few nights ago. I listened to Once Upon a December before going to bed and I woke up in the middle of the night with the image of Kaz and Inej dancing. The feeling of this dream was so peaceful and happy I wanted to share it. And if you feel so, listen to the song while reading.

    This fiction takes place years after SoC and CK and both Inej and Kaz have healed a lot form their trauma. So, here come the fluff.

    Once Upon a December in Ravka

    It was a cold, windy Ravkan winter but Kaz never felt so warm in the middle of December. Inej wanted to spend the winter holiday with her family and he came with her, only for business as he said when she asked him to come.

    They had joined the Suli caravan after a long trip on a raging sea and, when Inej fell in her parents’ arms, she was shining with happiness. Now, they were sitting around a crackling fire under a big top, singing and laughing. Kaz stood still in a corner but he couldn’t keep his eyes off Inej’s smile. She was telling one of her adventures to her family, one of her cousins curled up on her lap. The little girl looked at her in awe, stars in her dark brown eyes and a dimple on her chubby face. And Kaz remembered.

    He saw himself, at the same age as this little girl, curled on his dad’s lap. Jordie was sitting next to the fireplace, a mug of hot chocolate in his hand and a wide smile across his childish face. They just had decorated the Christmas tree with apples, gingerbread men and candles, following the family tradition. There were also delicate lace snowflakes made by his mom before Jordie’s birth. Kaz, Jordie and their dad were a happy, peaceful family. The snow was falling outside the windows. Da was telling the boys favourite story, the day he met their mom. He always had a nostalgic smile when telling this memory.

    After the cosy and warm afternoon, it was time for a good and comforting meal. And, while waiting for midnight and the gifts, Kaz and Jordie listened to their Da singing. He was a fantastic singer and a quite good dancer. He danced with his sons, making them twirling around the living room until they fall because of dizziness. The room was full of laughter and the warm feeling of a loving family. Kaz also remembered the song his Da used to hum on cold winter nights, when he thought nobody could hear him. It was a dreamy, nostalgic melody. Kaz knew it was his mom’s favourite song.

    Inej’s laugh brought Kaz back to the present. Her dad had invited her for a dance and the two were twirling around the fire at the rhythm of a cheerful melody. Other people started to dance but Kaz stood on his bench, staring at Inej, mesmerized by her laughter. He hadn’t drunk a single drop of alcohol but he was feeling drunk solely by listening at her. She was smiling, the dark hair that escaped her braid flowing around her head while she danced wildly. Kaz had never seen her so happy and it almost hurt him. He wasn’t made for so much happiness.

    A small voice interrupted his contemplation. “Come dance with me!” It was Inej’s little cousin. At first, Kaz said no. He couldn’t dance because of his bad leg. But the girl’s puppy eyes and the memory of him and Jordie dancing on Christmas night made him change his mind. “Ok, just one dance, little girl. Then I have business.” He said while standing up and letting his cane against the bench he was sitting. “Does business means staring at Inej, in Kerch?” asked the little girl taking his gloved hand. Kaz shivered but the waters didn’t come. They came less and less these years. “Just show me the steps.” he groaned.

    The little girl was a good dancer and Kaz wasn’t able to follow her. He was clumsy and off rhythm but the girl asked him for another dance, smiling. She missed two teeth. Song after song, Kaz gave up with the idea of going back to sit on the bench but, weird enough, he wasn’t that bothered.

    After a while, the little girl had to go to bed and Kaz could finally sit down. His leg was hurting and he was sweating. The memories of his childhood came back. He remembered a gentle smile and a pale hand, the only images he had from his mom. She died when he was so young. He saw him and Jordie running in a filed with a kite, their Da laughing behind them. It was too much for one day. Seeing Inej’s happy and big family was too much for him.

    Kaz decided to go outside, hoping the freezing wind would help him to push the past back.

    He was laying against a tree, humming a traditional Kerch song, when he felt a presence next to him. “Hi Inej.”

    “Do you have time to dance with me or you have some business to run?” she asked with a small laughter.

    “I think I can take a few minutes for a dance with you, Captain Ghafa.” he said putting his cane aside.

    They didn’t come inside the big top and started dancing under the starry sky. At first, Kaz was barely moving, feeling very awkward, but Inej didn’t seem to mind. She whirled around him, as impalpable as breeze. She was smiling. He started moving too, feeling clumsier than ever compared to Inej’s gracefulness. But after a while, he was more comfortable and he had forgotten his bad leg. They danced for a long time without music, just them, the wind and some occasional laughter. They were two children having fun while waiting for midnight.

    After some time, Kaz stopped and hesitated a second before taking off his gloves. “May I have the honour to dance with you, my lady?” he asked Inej. She took his hands and started teaching him another dance step, a waltz if he remembered well. They were so close to each other yet, the only thing Kaz was feeling was a warm sense of peace. Not a sign of the waters. He started humming the song his Da used to sing, his mom’s favourite song. She started singing with him, with a clear voice.

    Inej laughed again when he tried to twirl her around him and almost lost his balance on the frozen ground. She stopped dancing and took a step closer to him, laying her head against his shoulder.

    Kaz didn’t move, not even a flinch. Inej smelled of gingerbread and leather, her hair was flowing in the wind. They stood here in silence; hands intertwined.

    And for the first time in years, in the cold of a Ravkan december, Kaz felt at home.

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  • mr-dirtyhands
    02.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    kanej hc

    one night kaz wakes up from the change in temperature in his room. he looks around and notices his window is open, he tries to move but something stops him.

    he feels a body beside him. he freezes, memories of his childhood coming back to him until he feels her hands. they slowly wrap around his waist and pull him to reality.

    kaz looks down and sees inej looking at him with a small smile and sleepily whispers, “i’ve got you, you’re alright. it’s just me.”

    kaz immediately hugs her back and clings to her, they both fall asleep in each other’s embrace.


    inej can’t help but stress over some plans she’s been having ever since she got her ship. she’s pacing around and thinking.

    eventually she stops and stares at the plans on the table laid in front of her. she feels strong arms wrap around her waist and her breath quickens.

    she immediately pulls out a knife before feeling his soft kisses on the top of her head like he always gave her.

    she tilts her head and looks at him, resting her head against his chest as she closes her eyes and focuses on her breathing.

    “you’re okay, i’ve got you. you’re safe.”


    inej’s and kaz’s intimate phrase is

    i’ve got you.

    because they will always have each other and be there for each other.

    #inej ghafa #six of crows #soc#kaz brekker#kanej#soc kanej #kanej has my whole heart #kanej headcanon#inej headcanon#kaz headcanon #kaz brekker headcanons #inej ghafa headcanons
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