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    08.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Songs ATEEZ Would Make Love To (Hyung Line ver.)

    hey it’s me ya girl Ella back with a shitty post! When i should be doing the shit i’ve been requested to do, i had this thought when i was listening to my thot playlist:

    Which songs would ATEEZ make love to?Do what you wish with this infomation hehe


    [24/7 (feat. Snacky Chan) - J.cob]

    24/7 gives me sunday night soft sex vibes. like y’all are getting passionate but it’s slow, controlled and all about feeling loved. Perfect for a night in with Seonghwa after things got a lil heated watching your tv show. Lots of marking, hugging you close, sleepy happy sex hehe. Just taking your time to fully appreciate each other, lil bit of body worship?

    [전화기를 꺼놔 Turn Off Your Phone Remix (Feat. Elo)- Jay Park]

    I feel like if you’ve had a stressful day at work and are just tryna get a few emails done for the weekend at midnight Seonghwa would blast this song, picking you up carefully and placing you in the tub to soak. Soft bath sex is a must, with him washing your hair and cuddling you afterwards. He then dries you off and brushes your hair out, hugging you close to him the whole time. You fall asleep in his arms. Whispered I love you’s throughout, some body worship, bath sex, aftercare TO THE MAX.


    [Give It to Me- Crush, Jay Park, Simon Dominic]

    My guy was probably interrupted at the studio by you so he pulls you on his lap, holding you while he works. The friction of his jeans on your clothed core underneath your skirt makes you horny. When he notices your needy whines, he saves his work and opens Spotify. Softly, he carries you over to the sofa in the studio and places you on it, getting between your legs, humming along to the song as he kisses your thighs softly. Praise, Oral and a shit ton load of body worship ahead people!

    [Make Up- Sam Kim, Crush] Similar situation to the previous scene, Hongjoong spent the whole night at the studio yet again, breaking a grand total of 3 promises to come home. When you call him he sighs and apologises, but won’t come home. One heated argument later you end up crying in bed, alone and sad. The next morning you wake up to flowers, chocolate and a heart necklace on the bedside table, Hongjoong no where to be seen. Your heart breaks when you head downstairs and see him on the sofa, cheeks tear-stained. Make up sex and lots of cuddles uwu. Too many I love yous but who tf cares?


    [Cry For Love- BAEKHYUN] Your thighs and back muscles aching after a tiring week, Yunho decides to lighten up the mood. He forces your sleepy ass into the shower before setting up. Candles, rose petals, music, man goes all out. When you come out in your towel to Yunho only in a robe waiting patiently for you with a smirk, your heart stops in its tracks. Soft smiles and giggles all around until he pulls you close, nuzzling into your neck. Marking, vanilla sex and general fuzziness.

    [집에 가기 싫어- BlueWhale, Diet]

    Yall we’re literally just chilling and listening to music when Yunho hugs you close, rubbing circles on your stomach with a soft smile. What he didn’t expect was you staring so intently at his hands, watching every slow movement as he massaged you. Chuckling, Yunho quickly flips you in the bed, running a hand down your throat and relishing at the sight of you shivering under his touch. Fingering, Finger sucking, Tiddie play, rings on his hands the whole time and praise uwu.


    [For Life - English Version, Live- EXO]

    Okay but this song gives me wedding night vibes, you walking out in lingerie to Yeosang already under the covers, his eyes practically bulging when he sees you in it. Before he could stand up you walk over and straddle him, giggling and kissing him. Probably does some corny shit like “Well hello Miss Y/N, oh I meant Mrs. Kang hehet.” You roll your eyes and smile into the kiss, groaning in frustration as Yeosang pulls away to put music on. Breeding, fingering kids in, that kinda stuff.

    [Dank- Jay Park]

    Movie night with the boyfriend gone horribly wrong. Thinking everyone has gone to bed you cuddle up and kiss, getting a lil too frisky on the couch. He slowly lays you back, kissing every inch of your body before fucking you as deeply as he possibly could. Wooyoung walks in on y’all. He’s unfazed, just heads to the fridge with a “carry on, act like I’m not even here” and makes a sandwich. Hand-holding, giggles, bulge, getting caught.

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    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    {20} run

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    The Regular | Kim Hongjoong x fem!Reader

    Summary: No one likes working the morning shift. However, when working the morning shift leads you to meeting a super cute boy, you start to think maybe it’s not all that bad.

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    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓲 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓙𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝓸 | 𝓟𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓼𝓮 [7]

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    07.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Adventurer/Pirate ATEEZ 💛

    to color or not...???? 😭

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    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    If you want to you can ask me for a request, I mostly do Ateez requests, I can do some mood boards. Or you can ask me anything you want to know about me.

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  • sunshines-and-sannie
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Wooyoung *holding a handful of twizzlers*: Yeosang! This dude across the street said that if I twerk for him, he’d give me twizzlers!

    Yeosang: Get in the car!

    Wooyoung: What are you going to do?!

    Yeosang: I’m gonna show him not to mess with my boyfriend!

    Yeosang and wooyoung coming back with a bag of twizzlers



    Wooyoung: ...he’s too powerful

    Yeosang*eating the twizzlers*: you’re right. we should go back and see if he’ll give us some wine too

    #woosang #Kang Yeosang incorrect quotes #ateez incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes #woosang incorrect quotes #kpop incorrect quotes #sunshine’s incorrect quotes #Jung wooyoung incorrect quotes #you can bet it was san who was across the street #cause it was
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  • jeongyunhoed
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    A year after the events of Past-Present-Future, Lee Mirae, Choi San, and Jeong Yunho receive a mysterious envelope containing photos and notes about the deaths of several individuals. The deeper they go into the case, they find that the entertainment industry hides a very dark secret.

    Group: ATEEZ Pairing: Yunho/OC Genres: It’s a little bit of: adventure, romance, mystery, crime, fantasy, action. Things to note: It also features mentions of other idols/artists: Junhong (Zelo), Dean, Chanyeol, Enhypen etc.

    Superpowers AU if it wasn’t obvious as well.

    T/W: Themes of death, violence, demons, cults, blood, use of weapons and/or firearms, use of drugs (both recreational and medical), implied/referenced assault, implied/referenced suicide, cussing

    A/N: Sorry for taking so long in updating this, but here we go, the penultimate chapter.


    Chapter 7

    The seven of them were gathered around Yeosang in his living room, giving him looks as if  prompting the vampiric-looking male to explain everything. Yunho was growing impatient, thinking of Mirae and what may have happened to her, what was happening to her at that moment. Mingi was playing with his lighter while Seonghwa was fiddling with his bow and Hongjoong had the blade from his sleeve out. 

    “Madame Seo has been around for years, and when I say years, I mean decades, you could say she’s almost a century old even if she looks the way she looks,” Yeosang began. “I met her at the time of the Gwangju uprising. She was an adviser to Chun Doohwan, you could say she whispered things in his ear that led to that coup that killed so many people,” He looked down as he recalled that day. 

    “She always believed in that kind of purge. It was her philosophy as much as it was Ose’s, the demon in hell she worships. Anyway, she came to my office to discuss investments in some businesses she planned on starting, the brothel, the fashion label, those things. She knew who I was, Ose granted her the gift of reading minds, she figured out I was a mutant, who lived much, much longer than she did,” 

    “She still can’t read Mirae’s mind even if she tried,” San muttered, shaking his head. 

    Yeosang glanced at him. “It didn’t take me long before I realized...Madame Seo was developing affections for me. Of course, she wasn’t my type. I was...shall we say, married at the time, to the woman who was the mother of my children, who turned you all into what you are right now. When my wife died, she made her moves on me, and each time I rebuffed her…” 

    “Smooth,” Yunho gave him a look. 

    “Yes, yes she was. Years later, I find out that she came between Na Youngji and Ji Myungsoo, became Myungsoo’s mistress and later on wife, and then that actress died. It was easy for me to find out because she told me. She told me Ose had granted her seven children, seven demon children, to do her bidding, so she could become his queen,” 

    Hongjoong raised a hand, looking puzzled. “Hang on, you’re telling me that Madame Seo, that woman we’ve been looking for, is the queen or wife or whoever of this Ose demon?” He said. 

    “Yes. Yes, she is. But of course she needed a human husband, enter that basketball player. Madame Seo had Youngji killed, of course, just to get to him, but when he figured out who she really was, she had her children kill him too. Fast forward to today, where she has everyone, including those in government, wrapped around her finger. Madame Seo’s ultimate plan was to get everyone to bend to the will of Ose, while she prepares for his ascent,” 

    “And the reason why she’s got people under her control is because of those girls she sends their way?” Wooyoung asked, and he nodded. “She’ll expose them if they rat her out,” and Yeosang nodded again. 

    “So, a bunch of middle-aged men going this far to get laid? They’d actually sell their souls for this?” San looked disgusted. 

    “Sex, power, and influence. Madame Seo can give it to them too. Protection from the media and from the press. There’s a reason why there are dating scandals getting exposed just when someone in their circle is being looked into by the authorities, ever wonder why Yang Tan gets those tips of celebrities supposedly dating each other?” Yeosang glanced at Yunho and San. 

    “...Mirae did say Hyuk would tell her most of those were publicity stunts,” San muttered. 

    “There you have it, gentlemen, I’ve explained all I need to explain.” 

    “What does she hold over you?” Yunho asked before Yeosang could walk off. 

    “She knows I killed that Park Enterprises CEO,” Yeosang replied. “Among other things.” 

    “Those other things are?” Yunho pressed again. “You might as well say it. If you’re going to help us, better come clean with what she’s holding over you.” 

    Yeosang gave him a look. “She also knows I killed the rest of the people in my bloodline, including my wife. And now, she’s also jealous of Mirae.” 

    “Why?” Jongho questioned. 

    Yeosang pursed his lips. “Why do you think she’s jealous? Think about it.” 

    “Because you like her,” Wooyoung figured it out, scenes flashing in his head the more he looked at the vampiric-looking male. “But she doesn’t like you the same way.” 

    “I am fully aware of that, but that is no one’s business but mine,” Yeosang stood up straight. “If you’ll excuse me, I would like to retire for a bit,” and he walked off.


    Yunho caught Yeosang in his study later that day. He was sitting by the window, drinking a glass of milk from a champagne flute. “For someone like you, I would’ve thought you took a liking to alcohol,” Yunho spoke as he stepped inside the room. 

    “I’ve been there, drank everything that was ever invented. Eventually it gets nauseating to drink even a drop of it,” Yeosang mumbled without looking at him. “But I do have a supply. Would you like some absinthe? It’s not as strong as you might think, as long as you put in some water over a cube of sugar.” 

    The vampiric-looking male gestured to the table nearby that had a tall, green bottle that was labeled in its name, the yellowing sign made Yunho realize that the liquor was likely older than him. “I guess I could have some,” He said. 

    Yeosang stood up and went over to the table, pouring some of the green liquid into a small glass. He placed a flat piece of metal over the glass, and a sugar cube. Yeosang carefully poured water over the sugar cube, letting it melt through the piece of metal until it reached the drink itself. From green, the drink became a cloudy yellow and Yeosang handed it over to him. “It’s best that way.” 

    “Thanks,” Yunho took a sip, his nose wrinkling at how strong the flavor was. He wasn’t a very experienced drinker even if he could hold his own. 

    “Has...Mirae told you about how we met?” Yeosang asked all of a sudden, gazing out the window. 

    “She met you when she found out you killed that CEO of Park Enterprises,” Yunho replied. “What about it?” 

    A smile crept up on the vampiric mutant’s face. “Nothing, I just keep thinking about that day. She came to the house of Park senior, inspected the body, argued with her brother, but if you’ll forgive me for saying, I was more entranced by her than I was with Park senior’s daughter,” He said. 

    Yunho raised a brow, curious as to what he meant. “And?” 

    “While she put up quite a front around me, I knew how she really felt,” Yeosang muttered. “Like many women before her, I could feel her shudder every time I was near, I could see her staring at my lips whenever we talked, as if she was begging me to kiss her, to ruin her like those women before her.” 

    Yunho stared at him, unable to speak, but Yeosang went on. “I had her cornered in my room one of those days she was doing a search for evidence. I could say I could cut the sexual tension between us with a knife. You’re probably wondering why the fuck am I telling you this,” a satisfied smile crept up on Yeosang’s lips, a giggle escaping him. 

    “Now you’re asking me that?” Yunho could feel his blood boil. 

    “I’m telling you this for the simple fact that Mirae needs someone who would take care of her. Treat her like the queen that she is. She deserves that much, you know? I can, can you?” Yeosang looked over at him. “You don’t deserve her, Jeong Yunho.” 

    “But you do?” Yunho put his drink down on the table with a thud. 

    Yeosang smirked. “You already died in Morocco, you had your chance with her. It’s over, Yunho.” 

    “No, no it isn’t,” Yunho got up. “She’s with me and she always will be.” 

    “Are you sure about that?” Yeosang chuckled. “She’s been playing you the entire time, in fact, I could still hear her moans whenever I remember her under me-” He stopped when he saw the prongs of Yunho’s sai pierce through his heart. 

    “You’re not picturing anything,” Yunho was glowering at him, watching the vampiric male fall to the floor, turning into a pile of dust. “Anymore.”

    Yunho’s eyes shot open and he sat up. He had been sleeping on the large couch in Yeosang’s living room. Seonghwa and San were sleeping on the other sides of the couch, Jongho was dozing off on the lounge chair near the window, while Mingi, Hongjoong, and Wooyoung were sharing the mound of couch cushions on the floor, including the cushions from Yeosang’s study. 

    He couldn’t believe what he dreamt. He knew it wasn’t true. Yunho reminded himself that it was probably the dust he inhaled from those documents talking again, but he still couldn’t help but think that maybe the feelings he felt in that were genuine. Mirae had already told him, reminding him that she never felt anything for Yeosang except for the fact that she respected him. 

    Yunho knew he didn’t have a reason to be jealous, but those things the shorter male was taunting him in his dream struck a nerve. Maybe he had some resentment towards Yeosang, maybe he was jealous. It was making him miss Mirae and wonder what was happening to her, he couldn’t hear anything from her even at this hour. 

    “Good morning- or should I say, good afternoon to you,” Yeosang said quietly upon stepping in, looking a little disapprovingly at the rest of his groupmates on the floor. “Well, better here than in the guest room, I’ve got Egyptian cotton sheets that should not and will not be ruined.” 

    “Afternoon? What time is it?” Yunho asked. 

    “It’s five p.m., one hour until the television special of that idol group,” Yeosang replied. 

    That made Yunho almost jump out of his seat. “Then we don’t have time to waste,” He took one of the cushions to hit San and Seonghwa awake. “Get up, get up, it’s time.” 

    Yeosang stared at them. “By all means, move at a glacial pace, the sense of urgency is astounding,” He rolled his eyes. 

    “What have you been doing then?” Yunho shot him a look. 

    “For your information, I was attending meetings. I own this building. I have a business to run, two and two makes four,” Yeosang replied. “...And I saw Mirae.” 

    Yunho’s expression fell. “...And?” 

    “As unconscious as the last time I saw her. Madame Seo has been trying to keep the idol group from feeding on her, they already tried last time, remember?” Yeosang said. “She only showed me a video of her.” 

    “Okay then, we’re back to where we started. Where are they keeping her?” San asked this time. 

    “I-I don’t know,” Yeosang shook his head. “The background is somewhere I can’t figure out.” 

    Yunho raised a brow at his answer. “Oh really?” 

    “Yes, really,” Yeosang glanced at him. 

    The rest of their groupmates were already at their feet. “Did Madame Seo give you the video?” Wooyoung suddenly spoke. Yeosang shook his head. “Are you sure?” He asked, but froze as he began to see flashes of what the vampiric male was talking about. 

    Mirae was strapped to a metal chair unconscious, with bits of dried blood on her nose and lip. Wooyoung kept blinking as if he could see everything twice as fast. There were slabs of bodies and thick metal doors. He turned to the rest of them. “I think I know where she is,” He said. 

    The van had pulled up in front of an old hospital building that afternoon. “Alright, we’re here where Wooyoung said it was,” Yunho looked over at the back. Yeosang stood out from the rest of them with his striped suit and walking stick. “This is the place, right?” 

    Wooyoung looked out the window. “Yeah it is.” 

    “The morgue?” Hongjoong asked. 

    “Yep, that’s where I have a feeling they’re keeping her,” Wooyoung muttered. “I can’t be sure, but it’s worth looking.” 

    “Then what are we waiting for? We have to get in there,” Jongho took his nunchaku out while Mingi opened the door. 

    All of them got down from the van, Yeosang looking especially conscious and walking behind them as they opened the doors to enter the morgue. The cold air hit them as they stepped inside, noticing that no one was around, not even a security guard. “Strange how there isn’t anyone watching,” San said. 

    “It’s a morgue, I don’t think anyone would think of coming in here unless it’s to identify a body or turn in one,” Hongjoong shrugged as they scattered to look around. “Well, we’re here now, where would she be?” He turned to Wooyoung. 

    Wooyoung felt around the doors, partly realizing how he had quickly taken to this ability of his to sense memories and events. Yeosang observed them, the rest of them pausing when he approached the column of three doors on the left. He ran his walking stick on the side until he tapped the doors. “If I remember correctly, yes,” He turned the handle of the middle door clockwise, the entire column of doors opening to reveal a secret passage lit with torches. 

    The air coming from behind the doors felt damp and there was a faint whistling of the wind in the darkness that was ahead of them despite the torches illuminating part of the way. “Funny how there’s so much more to this place than we thought,” Mingi mumbled, keeping his lighter on as the eight of them approached the passage. 

    “This is the way?” Yunho said. 

    “Yes, at least from what I remember, I haven’t been here in decades, well, she invited me down here,” Yeosang replied simply, immediately taking a step inside when San pointed the arrow of his harpoon gun at him. 

    “Alright then,” Yunho nodded, making the rest of them follow him down the dark path. The door closed behind them. “Who is she trying to have her children summon from above?” He suddenly remembered what Yeosang told them before they had fallen asleep. 

    “I don’t know. She wouldn’t tell me anything about who she plans on having summoned here, other than Ose’s ascent,” Yeosang said over his shoulder. “Probably sore at me even more now,” He muttered under his breath as they walked down the slightly rocky path. 

    The further they walked, the more torches began to light up. They realized that they were walking down a spiral path, and as they were approaching the bottom, they found a crowd of people whose appearances and identities were obscured by the crimson red robes and hoods they were wearing. In front of them was a woman whose face was obscured with a shawl but was cloaked in the same crimson red robe. 

    “...It’s a good time to come up with a plan now,” Mingi muttered to them as they stepped back, hiding themselves behind the pillars. 

    Yunho stared at the formation of the hooded figures. “Where is Mirae?” He asked, glancing over at Wooyoung, who was watching the figures move. 

    “Is she not here?” Wooyoung mouthed, and Yunho shook his head, having a better view of the area. “...Oh no.” 

    “She’s in N Tower, damnit!” Yunho realized, frowning in frustration. 

    “We don’t have much time, some of you go with Yunho to N Tower, the rest of us will try and tear these guys apart,” Hongjoong suggested. “For Mirae, and the world.” 

    “For Mirae, and the world,” They nodded. 

    “Leave Madame Seo to me,” Yeosang removed the concealed dagger from his walking stick again. “You and San better go. Tell Mirae I said hello.” 

    The spikes were protruding from Jongho’s arms and legs again, and he stifled his cries of pain as it pierced through the fabric of his clothes. 

    “Ose, Ose, Ose, Ose,” The crowd began to chant as they bowed several times in front of the woman. 

    “Try not to kill anyone, try,” Yunho said to them. 

    “You and I both know that cannot be guaranteed,” Yeosang gave him a look. “Death is sometimes the answer.” 

    “That’s why I said try,” Yunho muttered. 

    “Something tells me we have visitors in our midst,” They heard Madame Seo say, stopping the bowing that was happening in front of her. “Yeosang? My love? Is that you? You seem to have brought friends with you, why don’t you come out?” She asked in a honeyed voice. 

    Yeosang stepped out, sheathing his knife in his walking stick again and looking calm. “I couldn’t resist coming back here, you showed me this place once before, I seem to vividly remember us having a good time here for 24 hours, was it?” 

    “Oh I remember that very well, you showed me how strong you’ve gotten, and the many other moves you’ve learned from where was it? The Kama Sutra?” He could tell she was grinning. Madame Seo looked over his shoulder. “Come out, come out, I love me some strapping young men with weapons. Don’t bother teleporting though, you’ll find that it can be quite useless in here,” She looked at Yunho rather pointedly. 

    Yunho stepped out from the shadows, making the rest of them follow suit while several suited men appeared to take each of them, bringing them to the middle of the room. “Where is Mirae?” He asked. 

    “Oh my, you’re- Why you’re Mirae’s love, aren’t you? I’m not surprised, a handsome young man like you and-” Madame Seo paused upon giving him a once-over. “An immortal, no less.” 

    “Again, where is Mirae?” 

    “She’s somewhere safe, depending on how you look at it,” Madame Seo chuckled. “So, at last, here in front of me we’ve got the ones who have been looking for us, after quite a few warnings not to. By now, knowing what you know, there is a place for you in our circle, Ose would be pleased to have warriors like yourselves leading the charge in what would be the biggest purge on Earth.” 

    Madame Seo snapped her fingers, and a few hooded figures entered carrying small bowls of the gold powder towards her. “I’m sure you know what this is, right? It can either release your inhibitions, or release your worst instincts, depending on who you are,” She felt the powder between her fingers. 

    “I’m going to ask you one more time,” Yunho was glowering at her. “Where is Mirae?” 

    “Impatient, are we? Well, contrary to your thinking that she may be at N Tower, she isn’t,” Madame Seo shook her head and removed her shawl. 

    The hooded figures bowed and the rest of them stared at her. Madame Seo’s face was feline-like. “You missed me going down on you, didn’t you?” She glanced at Yeosang, who remained calm. She clapped her hands, and the figures carrying the bowls of powder backed away. “Reveal to them the future,” She said to them, and they pulled down on a lever. 

    The ground underneath them began to turn, the surroundings changing into what looked like an old operating room used by doctors to perform demonstrations of procedures. There was a space at the back that was lined with several stones that had markings. Yunho felt like collapsing upon seeing Mirae. 

    She was strapped to a kind of chair that had needles pointing at her nape, her wrists, and her spine. Mirae was wearing the familiar electric collar, and she was beginning to regain consciousness. “Remove the collar,” Madame Seo instructed, and the two hooded figures followed, taking the collar off of Mirae’s neck with a few clicks. 

    A few more hooded figures began to appear, pushing a television monitor that featured the special of the idol group. “This handy dandy machine that your Mirae is strapped to, can extract the essence of who she is, her mutant essence.” 

    “If you plan on killing her, fat chance,” San spoke. 

    “Oh I know that. Mirae’s just going to go through a lot of pain, spinal injections are painful after all,” Madame Seo smiled. She took out a small vial full of murky, red liquid from her pocket. “We’ve tested out the initial extraction from her by the way,” She held it up in front of them. “Painful, very, very, painful. But unfortunately more is needed.” 

    Madame Seo put the vial in a compartment of another machine that resembled a laser that was pointing at the marked stones. A loud whirring sound was coming from the machine. Before they could take a step further, they were suddenly held back by the hooded figures behind them, while the rest that were watching began to chant again. 

    Mirae’s eyes were opening and she gaped upon seeing Yunho. “Yunho- Yunho!” She yelled, struggling to get out, only to be overpowered, feeling her strength wane even further than the first time. 

    “Mirae!” Yunho struggled as well but to no avail. He was soon caught in a headlock, with his hands behind his back. “Mirae!” 

    An evil smile played across Madame Seo’s features and she turned on the machine that Mirae was strapped to. Tears were falling down the sides of Mirae’s face as the needles began to pierce through her wrists and then her nape. Mirae let out a scream, her eyes beginning to glow red but fading just as quickly. 

    The television special was beginning and they could hear the music playing. The idol group had begun to perform their first two songs. “Mirae!” Yunho kept yelling, trying his hardest to break free. “Mirae!!”

    “It’s so easy to get the best of people when they care about each other,” Madame Seo watched them with an amused expression on her face. “Increase the pressure,” She instructed the figures, who turned up the speed level of the needles drilling into Mirae. 

    She turned to San and blew the gold powder at his face. San’s eyes were turning red and he collapsed, squirming in his place at what he was beginning to see. She blew the gold powder onto the rest of their faces. Madame Seo began to chant the familiar Latin phrase they had heard. The beginning is the end is the beginning. Yunho tried to maneuver himself to break free, taking a deep breath when the gold powder was blown into the air. 

    “Mirae dead, Mirae dead, and it’s all my fault, all my fault,” San looked shaken, eyes still red. “Mirae dead, Mirae dead, it’s all my fault…” 

    “San! Mirae’s not dead!” Yunho managed to finally overpower the figure that was restraining him, only to be thrown to the other side of the room due to the figure’s strength. “San! You’ve got to help me!” He called out, trying to wrestle with the figure who had grown larger. “All of you! Help!” 

    Wooyoung quickly unsheathed his katanas, keeping his nose covered as he attempted to slice through the figure that restrained him, who brought in a sledgehammer. “Shit,” He collapsed, squirming as the dust had gotten to him as well. 

    The music played louder, and Yunho could see a beam of light coming from the background of the idol group that was dancing. Mirae’s screams were dying down, her strength declining, the more the needles penetrated her body. “Mirae!” He rushed forward only to be knocked away by Madame Seo herself. 

    “I think not, Yunho,” She said, getting into a stance. 

    “Oh I think so,” Yunho charged at her.

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  • lovesanmotion
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    mafia!ateez reacts: s/o protecting them

    💌 This is: Requested


    He'd get a bit angry because he's more worried about you than whatever is about to come for him. You two would quarrel like an old married couple in front of his men who couldn't help but hide their snickers and stiffling of laughter.


    He wouldn't be able but to stare at you and your lips while you tend to his wounds after infiltrating the base of their enemy group. The mission was a success, however, Seonghwa came back with what he calls a "scratch". And while you are tending his wounds, he wouldn't help but stare at you, a smile occupying his lips as the realization of how lucky he is to have you came into his mind.


    While his men are still at the pantry, making their own coffee, Yunho was in his office, smiling as you came to surprise him with his favorites. As you leave their base, Yunho would brag to his men at how lucky he is to have someone like you.


    He thought he would feel a bullet piercing through his stomach, but instead, a smaller frame hugged his front. Yeosang's eyes shot open and widened at the sight of your shoulder with a hole of a bullet, your white blouse sipping the blood coming out. Yeosang would order his men to finish them while he carries you back inside to get treated immediately.


    He didn't understood why his drink suddenly vanished in front of him on the table. But his curiosity would die down when you suddenly fall down on the ground. San would rush to your side immediately and notice that the glass that fell from your hand was the same glass that was offered to him earlier. He would immediately escape the scene and take you to the hospital to have your stomach pumped. When you wake up, San would scold you for doing such a reckless thing, but would tear up afterwards as he thought he would lose you forever.


    He perfectly instructed you to hide under his desk when their base was infiltrated. But now he is raging mad because what was supposed a knife to his side was supposed to pierce through him ended up going to your arm. Would feel angry and worried at the same time because Mingi didn't like you going through any of his gang business, let alone have you in their office. While he tends your wounds, he would calmly tell you one more time not to step into their base because he doesn't what happened earlier happening again.


    He felt like his whole world was falling when you took the bullet for him, the bullet just didn't hit you anywhere, it aimed exactly at your stomach. Would order his men not to leave one alive and burn the warehouse down afterwards. On the way back, Wooyoung would let his tears cloud over his eyes and let out a few choked sobs. But as their doctor informed them that you wore a vest and missed your stomach, Wooyoung would give out a sigh of relief but would already think of what he would say once you wake up.


    In the beginning of your relationship, Jongho implanted in your head that whenever you are in his office or in their warehouse, you should never touch anything. Not even a single piece of paper. So while you were left alone in his office, you heard faint footsteps getting closer to where you are, quickly hiding underneath the desk. Slowly, the door swung open and a pair of feet wearing black boots entered. You couldn't make out what was the person muttering, slowly you poke your head out to take out one of Jongho's spare guns from his desk before hiding under the desk again. Before the person could leave the office, you pulled the trigger and shot the person in his leg, coiling down on the floor, once your eyes meet, you didn't hesitate to shoot one more time in the head.

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  • hakuna-matata-ya
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    anime boy yeosang

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    ~ Ateez Lockscreens ~

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