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Bar• k.kapanen

(You go to the bar with Kappy)

Warning(s): Drinking, Public Sex, and Fowl Language

I want to go to the bar today, but my bf never lets me:(

Song Inspired By: Cheers (Drink To That) by Rihanna

“Who wants to go to the bar with me?” I hear my boyfriend, Kappy, ask the group of us. No one said yes and I pout, “I’ll go, babe.” I told him.

He smiled sweetly, “Thank you, babe. At least you appreciate beer.” He says and I chuckled, “Let’s go now.” He says to me.

“Alright.” I said and wave to everyone before grabbing his hand and we walk out of Willy’s house to leave for the bar.

The drive there was very chill. The windows down, hair blowing in the warm July air, and some random pop song playing quietly in the background.

“Babe, we should go somewhere sometime. Like a vacation.” I suggest, “That’d be nice.” He smiled and placed his hand on my thigh, “I agree.” I say.

We officially arrive and he smiled at me, “Leggo.” He jokes and I nod. He opens the door for me and grabs my hand, “Damn you’re the hottest bitch in this place.” He grins.

“Awe, you’re the hottest guy in the world.” I smirk and he shook his head. He pays for the V.I.P booth so that we don’t have to pay for shots and/or get up.

We get inside the tent that they had for specifically V.I.P’s and there were already LOADS of shots there waiting perfectly for us.

“This is perfect. Plus, we can play some music, it’d just be a little extra cash but it’s no biggie.” Kappy says with a shrug.

I smiled and he hands me his card, I play a rap/hip-hop/pop music radio station so we’d know the songs and he has already set my shot in front of me.

“Thanks.” He says and takes his card back, “No problem, baby.” I smiled. We clink our glasses together and then quickly down them, I grab his face and we made-out for like 30 seconds.

It’s a little thing we do after taking a shot, so we don’t have to have a chaser. “That was nice!” I laughed and he nods.

“I have an idea.” Kappy says with a devilish grin, “Oh no.” I said and he pouts, “Oh no? Why, oh no?” He asked and I sighed. “When you say that you have an idea, it’s usually not a very bright one.” I said.

He rolled his eyes, “Well I think you’ll like this one, since you asked to do something like this before.” He says and I sighed. “Tell me.” I say and he nods.

“What if we fuck right here on this couch? Like, once we have like 5 shots just full on get it on right here.” He says and I laughed, thinking he was joking.

I stopped laughing once I noticed he was being serious, “You’re serious?!” I say and Kappy just nods with a straight face.

“What if we get caught?” I asked him, “Hey you didn’t seem no mind when I fucked you in the Target bathroom.” He says.

“Besides, we’ll be drunk and super horny so we won’t fucking care.” Kappy says and I nod, “You’re so right. Baby, this is like the best idea you’ve ever had!” I say and he rolled his eyes then smirks.

He kissed my head, “Wanna take the second shot?” Kappy asked and I nod. “Let’s do it, babe.” I say and he hands me a second shot glass.

“1..2..3..” I say and we both down it, then make-out for another 30 seconds. “That one was stronger.” I gag and he laughed.

after like 6 shots (i know it said 5 shots)

I felt a little good, so I knew I was drunk. “I’m so fucking wasted.” Kappy chuckled and I nod, “I was thinking that about myself too.” I say and he sighed.

“Do you wanna fuck now?” He asked with a slight grin, “You know I do.” I say and he grabs my face to slowly start making out with me.

He moans against my lips, “When we fuck, don’t get naked. I’ll pull my shorts down and you pull your skirt up with your panties to the side.” Kappy says and I nod.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy.” He says to me and starts kissing down my neck, “I love you.” I moaned and he licks my neck. “I love you more, baby.” He says and I let out a tiny moan.

He grips me by my ass so I can straddle his lap, “I am literally obsessed with you, princess.” He says to me in a husky tone.

“Come on, Kappy. Fuck me already!” I order and he laughed. I saw his tip poke out the top of his pants, so I grabbed this waistband of his shorts and pull them down so the whole thing would be out.

I spit in my hand and pump his cock a few times before pulling my panties to the side and lifting my skirt up, “Can I put it in?” I asked him.

“You know it.” He smirked and I slowly slip it inside of me, we both let out a tiny gasp and I slowly start riding him.

His head falls back and he helps it go harder and harder, “Fuck you are so fucking tight.” He grunts and his grip on my waist was so tight I’m sure it’d leave bruises tomorrow.

“Daddy.” I moaned out, but he used his free hand to cover my mouth for me. “As hot as that was, you need to shut the hell up.” He says and that alone made me moan.

He adds a finger to my clit, “Fuck!” I say and he grabs the back of my head to put it on his shoulder so I could bite it.

“That’s it, babygirl. Ride daddy’s cock, be the little public sex slut I know you are.” He moaned and I start bouncing on his dick.

His head falls back and a soft moan escapes his pink, plump lips. “Damn, baby.” He moans softly. “You ride me so fucking good.” He grunts and his fingernails dig into my back dimples.

“Cum for me, princess. Please, cum for your daddy.” Kappy’s soft voice says. I bit my lip to hold back the moans and I slowly let myself go, I clench around his cock and cum all over.

He keeps fucking me to get him to orgasm as well, when he does though, he let out a super loud grunt. “Baby!” I say and cover his mouth.

“I’m sorry.” He says and puts his head on my chest, he bucks his hips to help us through our highs. He pulled out and my panties snap back to their normal place.

I stand up with wobbly legs and pull my shirt down, he hides his cock back in his shorts. “I love you so fucking much, babygirl.” Kappy says to me.

“I love you.” I smiled and lean down, placing my hands on his shoulders to give him a sweet little kiss. He stands up, “Wanna go back to Willy’s? The guys will all obviously be there since they are staying over.” Kappy asked.

I sighed, I trace my finger up down his chest. I look up into his eyes, “I was thinking that maybe you’d want to go home and have some more fun.” I say with a smirk.

“Fuck, that sounds even better.” He says and grabs all of our things and then my hand, he rushed us out the bar and we go back home to finish what had just been the beginning of the night.

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