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    19.04.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    The couch is their favorite place...they are bonded 🛋💕

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    19.04.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Okay, so. When you search 'Lena Luthor happy' into the gif option it comes up with smiley gifs, Morgana gifs, the gifs that are bloopers from season 4 where she makes the cutest scrunchy face ever....and this gif.

    Ahem. AhEM. AHEM.

    #literally that supercorp hug in the hospital even though kara wasn't hurt at all and they'd probably just seen each other #and its not kara's fault that lena's eyebrows are sexy #lena luthor and the lesbians #so is lena but she hides it better #lena lesbian luthor #kara DAMNvers#supergirl#lena luthor#kara danvers#supergirl cw#kara#supercorp
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  • joyfulpeanutsworld
    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Kara: Please, I'm begging you go to a doctor.

    Lena: I'm sorry is this OUR stab wound? Stay out of it.

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    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
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    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Fic update!!

    she’s cursed

    chapter five - aesthetically pleasing

    on ao3


    “No arm wrestling in a classy bar.”

    “That was just the one time.”

    “No pranks at the ice skating rink.”

    “How do you know about that?”

    “No dare contests in the museum.”

    “Okay come on, that was funny!”

    #ohhhhhhh it’s late but it’s here and it’s just fine #she’s cursed fic #my fics#supercorp#supergirl#supercorp fanfiction#supercorp fic#supercorp fanfic#karlena #lena luthor x kara danvers
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  • joyfulpeanutsworld
    19.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I love how in season 1 supergirl was like 'Kara zor el , the girl who lost EVERYTHING'

    But now it's like:

    Well actually... her planet is still there and her mother is alive. Her father too. Honestly the only bad thing that happend on Krypton was Kara leaving.

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  • supercorpsexting
    19.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    relevant info

    hallo my fellow supercorpers, I'm here to give original and lustful content for you beautiful, but before anything else I would like to put us all on the same page here, because this blog is...

    Drama Free

    and I will not allow...

    *♡∞:。.。 transphobia 。.。:∞♡* .。*゚+.*.。 racism +..。*゚+ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ kara hate *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ fanatism 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

    if you can't ship like an adult, please do not interact (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆

    I love talking about our baby girls and I'm always available to talk, so feel free to chat, shoot DMs, ask me random stuff, just have fun! Fun is the main goal here. Healthy fun. Minors, please beware of the tags and warnings, I post some adult stuff often.

    #supercorp#supergirl#fandom intro #kara and lena #kara x lena #kara danvers #kara zor el #lena luthor
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  • broodpuff
    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Pairing: Supercorp

    Chapter Word Count: 5,375

    Total Word Count: 22,231

    Rating: T

    Summary: Kara meets a beautiful woman at Noonan’s only to find out she’s dating one of her best friends, and roommate, James Olson. She’s also the owner of Luthor Boxing Studios, the gym her and all her friends frequent.

    (I suck at summaries, I dare you to read it.)

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  • ayeti
    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    @narraboths my hand slipped? ok but what if Kara and Lena had plans to meet up and talk about everything but they never got the chance


    She can't sleep in Kara's bed.

    Lena can't sleep at all anymore.

    She lays on Kara's couch with her knees pulled close to her chest, snuggling as far as she can into the cushions with Kara's favourite blue blanket tucked around her.

    Lena inhales a shaky breath through her nose, her bottom lip trembling at Kara's ever-fading scent. It diminishes a little every day, and Lena clings to it—to every small thing that reminds her of Kara.

    She's abandoned her glass of wine on the coffee table before her, still half full. The redness of it glints in the moonlight that filters through Kara's bay windows, making red shadows that spill onto the coffee table like pools of blood.

    Lena squeezes her eyes shut and reaches for her phone with shaky hands.

    Her slow inhales turn into jagged sniffles as she taps into her saved voicemail. Lena closes her eyes as she presses the phone to her ear, trying to keep her breathing under control so she can hear what she already knows by heart.

    "Hey, Lena it's me. Kara, obviously, haha. Um, I hope we're still on for tonight? I... know we have a lot to talk about. I'm gonna stop by that bakery in Ireland to get those scones you like! I might be a little bit late, but I'll be there, I promise. I'll be there."

    Lena doesn't bother to wipe the tears that fall from her eyes. They itch as they slide down her face and disappear into her hairline.

    She hits the replay button.

    She falls asleep the same way she has every night for weeks—surrounded by everything that makes Kara who she is but still so absent of her, and Kara's voice echoing into her fitful dreams:

    "I'll be there, I promise. I'll be there."

    #supercorp#lena luthor#kara danvers#supergirl #it's sad hours #gosh why did i write this #supergirl s6
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    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    19.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Time to change my wallpaper

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    19.04.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Every Nia Nal Outfit Ever: 4x01 [1/4]
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  • supercorpkid
    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The date.

    Supercorp, Kara Danvers x Daughter!Reader, Lena Luthor x Daughter!Reader, Lillian Luthor x Granddaughter!Reader

    Word count: 2202.

    “MOOOOOOOM!” You open your bedroom door and stick your head out just to yell. You leave it open and go back inside looking at your entire wardrobe on top of your bed.

    “What’s going on?” Lena walks in two minutes later and looks at the situation of your bedroom. “Oh my God, what happened here? A hurricane?”

    “Far worst.” You complain sitting on your bed, about to cry. “I have a date with Maya.”

    Lena looks at you confused. You’ve been having dates for weeks now.

    “A real date. In a restaurant.” You add, pointing at yourself. “I can’t go looking like I’m a fugitive who just robbed a bank.”

    You get a chuckle in response, which makes you huff, upset.

    “Stop laughing. Help me!” You beg, picking up your clothes. “She’s just so gorgeous.”

    “You’re gorgeous too, babygirl.” Lena reaches for your face, but you step away.

    “Mom, seriously. I get it, you think I’m cute and pretty and nice, whatever.” You cross your arms. “I want to LOOK pretty. Can you do that, please?”

    “Ok. Let’s see what we have here.” Lena starts trying to untangle the clothes from your bed, analyzing each item of clothes you have. She keeps making combinations, and talking at the same time. “Remember to eat slow. The way you and your momma eat it’s not cute.”

    “You married her.”

    “Well, I’m-well-It doesn’t matter what I did.” She looks back at you, handing you an outfit. “Let’s see this one.”

    You change using your superspeed and Lena looks at you, raising an eyebrow.

    “No.” She goes back to the pile of clothes. “I know you are an alien, but Maya doesn’t, so she won’t think it’s cute.”

    “Yeah, ok. Got it.” She gives you another combination and you change again.

    “Too formal.” Lena shakes her head in denial, making you roll your eyes. “Also, please pay for dinner.”

    “I will.” You agree, showing her a sweatshirt, she denies with her head.

    “Oh, I remember one that I think will look great.” Lena goes to your closet, and you hear her voice coming from there. “So, do you need me to drive you there?”

    “Mom, I can literally fly.” You answer a little bit louder, and she comes back with a suit jacket. You deny with your head. “No, mom! I’m not gonna wear a suit for my date.”

    “It’s not a suit.” She goes to you, putting on your shoulder. “It’s a part of a suit. You can put it with jeans.”

    “Please don’t make me regret asking for your help.” You pout and she breathes deep.

    “Hey, what are you two up to?” Kara asks leaning over the door frame from your bedroom and you look at her.

    “I have a date, mom’s helping me pick something to wear.”

    “What?” Kara looks outraged. “Why haven’t you asked me?” You just give her an eyebrow raise, and when you look behind you Lena is doing the exact same thing. “I have great style.” She mumbles to herself.

    Kara makes space in your bed for her to sit, and keeps playing with your clothes. You can see Lena is two seconds away from kicking her out of the room.

    “You know, I think you’re due a haircut.” Kara says and you run to the bathroom’s mirror.

    “What’s wrong with my hair?” You yell, desperately.

    “Nothing’s wrong with it!” You hear Lena’s voice. “Honestly Kara, if you’re not going to help…”

    “I am helping!” She huffs annoyed. “I don’t know why you two are making such a big deal about this. You have been seeing Maya for weeks!”

    “Uh.” You groan, going back to your bedroom. “You wouldn’t understand. You were friends with mom for years before you made a move on her. She knew everything about you, and still wanted you.” You look at Lena. “Why, exactly?”

    “HEY!” Kara defends herself, then pouts looking extremely offended by your comment.

    “I’m not saying she shouldn’t!” You rush to reassure her. “You’re cool, funny, and so handsome!” Kara smirks to that. “But you ARE an alien. So, what made you fall for an alien?”

    You look at Lena, still shuffling through your clothes, and Kara also looks at her, very expectantly, like she doesn’t know the answer herself. Which is absolute bullshit, because you’ve never seen two people more in love in your life, and they are constantly talking about it and showing affection.

    “Really? Just look at her.” Lena points at Kara, whose smirk just grows bigger. “Look at those guns!”

    Kara flexes her arms, and Lena’s eyes zeros in it in hunger.

    “You know what? Forget I asked.” You go back to your pile of clothes. “Stop looking, JESUS!” You clap your hands in front of Lena’s face. “Can’t you guys just wait until I leave for my date?”

    “When is that exactly?” Kara asks, and you roll your eyes, feeling kicked out. But you still look on your phone.

    “In ten minutes.” You look at some clothes. Your eyes slowly widen when you realize what you just said. “TEN MINUTES! MOM! I have TEN MINUTES!”

    “Ok, calm down. You have super speed.” Lena shoots a look at Kara. “Come on, help.”

    Kara mumbles something about the fact you two don’t think she has great style (which is true), but helps you to pick up a long-forgotten jeans jacket you loved so much. Lena picks up the rest of the outfit around it, and you’re ready with three minutes to spare.

    “Hey, don’t forget to compliment her.” Kara says walking behind you, while you make your way to the backyard.

    “Be a gentleman. Pull the chair.” It’s Lena’s turn to advise you.

    “Oh, and if she asks how you got there, please don’t say you flew there on a bus.”

    You snap your head back at Kara, squinting your eyes.

    “Why on Earth would I say that?”

    “Trust me, it could happen.” It’s Lena who answers and you look on your phone just to make sure you don’t have time to ask any further questions about it. “And don’t forget to pay-”

    “Oh, dear Rao, I’ve got it!” You fly away after that.

    You don’t got it. You absolutely do not. You’re revisiting the entire list they gave you from ‘compliment her’ to ‘pay for dinner’, when Maya walks in the restaurant and you almost choke on your own saliva.

    “Hey, babe.” You hear her voice and you scramble your brain for words and the list. Oh, the list!

    “Wow, you look… Wow.” You say and she chuckles, coming closer to kiss your cheek lightly.

    “You look ‘wow’ yourself.” It’s her answer. Oh, the chair! Pull the chair.

    “Here.” You pull the chair and she sits, with a smile on her face.

    “What a gentlewoman.” Maya says and you celebrate inside your head. You sit across from her. “Did you moms drive you here?”

    “Um…” Don’t say you flew here on a bus. Wait. Of course, you won’t. Rao, Kara is such a dork. “Yeah, Kara gave me a ride.”

    “Oh, I thought Kara didn’t drive.” Maya is looking at her menu and you’re in front of her in absolute panic. It’s good she’s not focusing on you at the moment.

    “No, she does. Just not well.” You say, making her laugh. And you breathe relieved and happy at the same time. Her laughter is something else. Maya, herself, is something else.

    You try not to order too much food, so you don’t look like an actual alien. Usually, you know the exact moment when to stop ordering food by the way the waiter looks at you like you can’t just simply eat all that. This night you stopped way before the look, which probably means you’ll need to buy an entire pizza on your way home. But it’s cool, it’s fine. If not eating like a monster it’s the price to pay for having a girlfriend, you’re more than willing to comply.

    “So, I’ve noticed you always have headphones with you. I figured you must really like music.” Maya says and you shake your head agreeing.

    Yes, you really like music. And what you like about it so much is the fact that you can drown the noises down with it. Having something to focus on always works for you, when your powers are hard to control.

    “I made you a playlist.” She gives you a keychain with a code. You smile from ear to ear. “In case you want to think about me, those are my favorite songs.”

    “Oh, I think about you all the time, trust me.” You smile at her, holding her hand on top of the table. “Thank you, I really love it.”

    You’re too enamored to notice your surroundings, but you hear an awfully familiar voice that shoots a spike of adrenaline through your spine. You look around to see her there. Oh, no. Not Lillian. Not at the same restaurant you are.

    “Can you excuse me for a minute?” You stand up and Maya shakes her head agreeing, but she looks confused. She lets you go, and you pretend you’re going to the bathroom. When she looks down to her phone, you run to Lillian’s table.


    “Granddaughter.” She tilts her head, doing her signature move. “Are you here on a date?”

    “Maybe.” You shrug. “Are you here to attempt a world take-over?”

    “Maybe.” It’s her answer, but she isn’t. She is just eating like a normal person. Why does every day Lillian look more human to you? “You’re looking great.”

    “Oh. Thanks.” And now you’re embarrassed.

    “You shouldn’t keep your beautiful date waiting to talk to your old evil grandmother.” Lillian points at Maya with a head tilt, and you look back at your table and see Maya sitting there looking amazing. You can’t help a smile that comes up on your face. “Go! I won’t do anything evil today. We’ll talk more soon, dear.”

    “Yeah. Ok.” You are almost going back to your table, when you turn around and salute her off. She nods with a tiny smile.

    “You cool?” Maya asks and you agree with your head. “I ordered dessert.”

    “That’s awesome.” You sit in front of her. “You’re awesome.” You fidget your necklace around your neck trying to calm yourself. “Um, so. I don’t know if you would like this, but um-” Maya holds your hand on the table, and gives it a gentle squeeze, like she’s telling you don’t have to be nervous. You smile. “Well, I applied for this robotics thing, and I have to work on something for it.”

    “You know I’m not smart like you, right?” Maya jokes and you laugh.

    “No, it’s… I have to work on it next week, and I thought maybe you would like to go to my lab at L Corp with me after school, and like, hang out?” You don’t even give her time to answer and you’re already adding. “But if it doesn’t sound fun, then you don’t have to, at all. Honestly, it’s-”

    “Really? That would be great, yeah!” She smiles and you feel your heart easing out a little. “I would love to see this great brain of yours working.”

    “Yeah?” You ask and she squeezes your hand again.

    “Can’t wait to spend time with you.” She adds and you feel your heart beating so fast, you’re scared she might be able to hear it even without super hearing.

    Honestly, you’re a big pile of mess after that. Actually, you’ve been a big pile of mess for this entire dinner, but Maya doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seems to like it.

    When it’s time to leave, you pretend to call Lena for her to pick you up. It feels horrible lying to Maya, but you’re well aware that sharing your secret identity is something far too big than few dates. You hope one day you can tell her, but for now, you wait until she’s gone, find an alley somewhere, then you fly back home.

    Before going inside the house though, you actually call Lena, just to make sure they’re decent and you don’t see more than what you would like to (again).

    “Did you meet Lillian at the restaurant?” Lena asks, going in the living room at the same time you’re walking in.

    “Yeah, she was having dinner there.”

    “She sent me Maya’s entire family background check.” Lena says looking up from her phone.


    “Oh, and apparently-” Lena looks at you smirking. “She approves.”

    “Is it weird that I feel like I should break up now?” You joke, making your mom laugh. She comes closer and kisses your forehead.

    “Don’t worry, I also did the background check once you told me about her.” She smiles when she sees your shocked expression. “And Alex looked them up in all systems worldwide. She’s cool.”

    “You guys are so weird.” You half complain, half smile, and make your way to your bedroom.

    They are weird, and also unnecessarily overly protective, because you have superpowers and can handle anything. But the fact that your entire family (even Lillian!) were worried about you, it’s extremely adorable. You just freaking love them so much.


    @hermen0404 and I got so carried away with Maya existence, so yeah.

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  • kryptonsdaughters
    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I do feel for Lena having a horrible childhood, I really do. The Luthor house would have been hell to grow up in. But you know what really gets me about when people use the “childhood trauma” argument as a means to excuse all of Lena’s behavior?

    Kara Zor-El Danvers experienced some of the worst traumas imaginable in childhood.

    She lost her planet, her family, her culture...everything. Kara was and is a refugee.

    Then she was trapped in the Phantom Zone for decades, alone.

    When she finally made it to Earth, the cousin she was meant to protect was all grown up and didn’t need her, and she felt she had lost the purpose her mother had given to her.

    Kal-El left her on Earth with strangers, who she eventually grew to love as family, but who couldn’t fully understand her.

    She was required to hide her powers and intellectual abilities, even though she felt it her duty to help people. If she had been found out as an alien, she would have been in grave danger.

    Her adoptive father disappeared, leaving her to deal with her adoptive mother’s grief and her adoptive sisters’ resentment. She fully believed it was her fault.

    One of her best and only friends was murdered while she was still in high school.

    And this doesn’t even touch on anything in Kara’s adult life.

    But despite all that loss and all that trauma, Kara still makes the active choice to be kind and good. She chooses to be optimistic, and to put others before herself. She chooses to be generous, warm, and a good friend and mentor who inspires nearly all she meets. She is the Paragon of Hope.

    Lena made her choices. But so did Kara. And they made fundamentally different ones.

    #supergirl#meta#dove talks#parallels #kara zor-el danvers #paragon of hope #kara and trauma #anti lena luthor #mine
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    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    keep me breathing, pt2

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  • ayeti
    19.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    can u imagine Lena leaving Kara a nightly voicemail for each day she's gone and then when Kara gets back she asks Lena to keep doing it but they just talk on the phone together every night

    #supercorp#lena luthor#kara danvers#supergirl #why do i think abiut these babies instead of sleeping
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  • suntzuh
    19.04.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Ok, hear me out, I’ve been listening to this song and can’t stop thinking about Lena hearing this thinking about Kara. I’ve been wrapping my head around a situation were this song is in the background as we see a *insert scene*.

    If anyone comes up with a fanfic or something based on this song please let me know!

    #supergirl#supercorp#karlena #kara x lena #lena luthor#lena#kara danvers #kara zor el #kara #supergirl season six #supergirl season 6 #Spotify
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