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  • sailing-on-many-ships
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #terry silver #terry silverhaired silver #thomas ian griffith #cobra kai #the karate kid
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  • secondclassfangirl
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    For the prompt DANCING @allvalley100 (#2)

    Daniel never went to cotillion; his ma couldn’t afford it. Still, he liked dancing. Judy taught him the basics at their sophomore homecoming, and later, Kumiko helped him perfect his skills.

    With her hands around his waist and their eyes locked, they spun. Daniel felt like he was flying.

    During training, Mr. Silver comes up behind him. Big hands settle over thin hips. Daniel twists, and Mr. Silver guides him. His hands feel like a brand, but a welcome one; a warm, heady weight that makes Daniel’s heart pound.

    He knows they’re not dancing. But he feels like he’s flying.

    #all valley 100 #silverusso#daniel larusso#terry silver#cobra kai #the karate kid 3
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  • cranekickmacchio
    04.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I NEED NORE PLS. Johnny… pls spit on me 🥺💥💳💥

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  • secondclassfangirl
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    For the prompt DANCING @allvalley100

    Fighting Johnny was almost like dancing.

    They were perfectly balanced, equally matched, and that translated into smooth hits and clean steps. Daniel anticipated Johnny’s next move, and Johnny did the same.

    Their styles were different but they shared the same heartbeat. A perfect match.

    Kissing Johnny was almost like dancing, too. Perfectly balanced. Equally matched.

    Daniel leaned in, wide-eyed and wanting, and Johnny met him halfway.

    They moved against each other with a practiced grace, an ease only felt when something was truly right. Balanced.

    They’d never done this before, but they knew the steps. They figured it out together.

    #credit to mr. william zabka himself for the heartbeat line #i stg he’s a secret lawrusso stan #all valley 100 #lawrusso#cobra kai #the karate kid #daniel larusso#johnny lawrence
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  • khystuffs
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Anyway guys as an italian I’m so frustrated by the fact that MACCHIO is mispronounced even by Ralph himself and I don’t know why, as he should know it! I mean it’s MAKKIO in a correct italian

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  • khystuffs
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    𝙏𝙤 𝙍𝙖𝙡𝙥𝙝 𝙈𝙖𝙘𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙤,

    𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙡𝙚𝙜𝙖𝙘𝙮 𝙬𝙚’𝙫𝙚 𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙙 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙪𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙚.

    𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚’𝙨 𝙣𝙤 𝙅𝙤𝙝𝙣𝙣𝙮 𝙇𝙖𝙬𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝘿𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙚𝙡 𝙇𝙖𝙧𝙪𝙨𝙨𝙤.

    𝙔𝙤𝙪’𝙧𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙖𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙.


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  • raphidae
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    @allvalley100 here's the third of my responses to the Dancing prompt; I am having way too much fun with this, and this story is ALSO in the Baker and the Dancer AU.

    Rating: T

    Daniel heard the music change before anything else. The Firebird Suite began to play, and he knew.

    He put the snickerdoodles (Kumiko’s favorite, and an extra two dozen he made in addition to a customer’s order) in the oven and set the timer before running to her and sweeping her up in a joyous embrace.

    “Kumiko, congratulations!”

    “Dance with me?” she asked, reaching out to him.

    “As if I’d ever say no,” Daniel said, twirling her back into the kitchen, “Fokine or Balanchine?”

    Kumiko grabbed Daniel’s face in her hands, kissed him and asked right back, “What do you think?”

    #allvalley100#kumiko#daniel larusso#damiko#karate kid #ONCE AGAIN THE FOKINE VS BALANCHINE DISCOURSE STRIKES #like the two choreographies of Stravinsky's Firebird are radically different and both utterly gorgeous #i will probably write even more replies to this prompt #expand the AU even more #and maybe even write a couple outside it LOL #also Kumiko got the role of the Firebird and HECK YES GOOD FOR HER
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  • idontknowkaratebutiknowcrazy
    03.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    We are gonna be okay

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  • variousqueerthings
    03.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I bestow the most loving gift upon my favourite stories: transes their masc

    #currently this is obviously about: #the karate kid #tkk#daniel larusso#johnny lawrence
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  • variousqueerthings
    03.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    an addendum to my INCREDIBLY long liveblog of like... a third of karate kid before I gave up because I’m too feral: it IS about the tenderness and the ability to forgive (which comes in later, but still feels relevant) and freely giving to those whom you love and the past (miyagi and kreese and sato and yukie) affecting the present (daniel and johnny and chozen and kumiko) and respect and masculinity... it is also about the way billy zabka’s body moves like a damn machine!

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  • ao3feed-johnnylawrence
    03.12.2021 - 17 hours ago


    by MR01

    Words: 1073, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

    Fandoms: Cobra Kai (Web Series), Karate Kid (Movies)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Underage

    Categories: M/M, Gen

    Characters: Miguel Diaz (Cobra Kai), Samantha LaRusso, Robby Keene, Eli "Hawk" Moskowitz

    Relationships: Daniel LaRusso/Johnny Lawrence

    Additional Tags: Cobra Kai Dojo, Miyagi-Do Karate, Eagle Fang Karate, Takes place in two separate times, past and future, the 1984 All Valley Karate finals & 2022 All Valley Karate tournament, Talked about writing this sometime back & here it goes, Consensual Underage Sex, Not too explicit with that, Angst and Fluff and Smut

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/35427142

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  • ao3feed-johnnylawrence
    03.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    This Doesn't Have a Title Yet I'm Sorry

    by TheFineArtOfBoredom

    Literally just, they're in the dojo, they're on the mats, they fuck. That's it, that's the summary lol.

    Words: 649, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Karate Kid (Movies), Cobra Kai (Web Series)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence

    Relationships: Daniel LaRusso/Johnny Lawrence

    Additional Tags: s4 fic, Oneshot, Smut, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, To Be Continued, not edited

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/35483878

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  • simply-not-an-egg
    03.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Oopsie daisies, my hand slipped -

    Fandom: Karate Kid/Cobra Kai Ship/s: Daniel x Johnny Rating: Mature Audiences Warning: It’s a smutty oneshot, that’s it, that’s all it is Word Count: 646 Words (To be continued)

    Was it wrong to be in this situation? The thought was a consistent one in his head as his lips continuously met his. He supposed on a technical level, perhaps not; he wasn’t married, at least not anymore, and the two of them were completely alone, the kids having all left at least a good hour or so ago. But they had barely just become friends, right? And friends, especially ones so new, didn’t do this, did they? Especially when, once upon a time, even as recently as a few months ago, said friend was considered an enemy of sorts.

                 He wasn’t even completely aware of how they’d managed to find themselves in this situation. One second they were having a couple of Coors on the steps of the dojo, and the next Johnny had pinned him to the ground and pressed his lips against his with a type of feverish desire Daniel had never seen, or he supposed, in this case, experienced before.

                 And yeah, alright, it was fucking weird. Not so much the fact that Johnny had kissed him, more so the fact that Daniel hadn’t fought it, that he quite honestly enjoyed it, to the point where he’d ended up moving them onto the mats of the dojo floor, locking the sliding bamboo doors behind them. It was finally at that point when Daniel then began to question the situation.

                 “What’s wrong?” Johnny asked then, seemingly out of the blue. He was hovering over the top of Daniel still, who was, unfortunately, sporting the beginnings of an erection. Daniel hadn’t noticed until now that he’d stopped being so receptive of Johnny’s kissing; that instead of having kept his mouth open and tongue exploring, he’d suddenly closed it shut and kept his lips drawn tight together.

                 “Do friends do these kind of things?” Daniel sighed honestly in response, a hand reaching up to his forehead as he swallowed nervously. He couldn’t really pinpoint why, but he was afraid of saying that, of questioning the situation aloud. Perhaps it was because, really, he didn’t actually want this all to end; in fact he wanted it to continue, to get more physical, maybe even to the point where Johnny was on knees begging for Daniel to –

                 “Have we ever really been friends, LaRusso?” Johnny questioned, his voice a rough whisper by Daniel’s ear that sent shivers down the latter’s spine. Fuck. And no; he supposed, in the more than three decades that they’d known each other, they’d never really been like that – there was always something more there, and looking back, Daniel could see it from both sides now. At the time he’d been stupid enough to mistake their constant tension as that of being aggressive, of animosity; being older and wiser though, it had come to his attention that it was never that, but rather this, what they were doing now – sexual.

                 Perhaps this wasn’t wrong then, the complete opposite even, and thus, finding his confidence, Daniel turned the tables on Johnny, pinning the blond to the mat, straddling him round the waist before crashing his lips down onto his. With a careful yet all the while feverish hand, Daniel then proceeded to slip underneath the blond’s shirt, caressing the skin and the muscle underneath. He went as far then to reach up and lightly pinch at one of his nipples, which in an instant caused Johnny to let out a light moan from underneath him.

                 He took both his lips and his hand away after that, much to the blond’s displeasure. It was all in good faith though, as the next thing he found himself doing was removing both of their shirts before moving on to undo the zipper of Johnny’s jeans. And as he was doing this, he could feel the blond’s growing erection underneath him and, fuck, fuck did that feel good.

    (To be continued)

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  • hauntedalternativeglitternerd
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Why does it look like they are hugging in my mind!?!

    Ngl it kinda looks wrong😳

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  • vypcr
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #knowsoffense#[asks]#[my edits] #the true karate war is the karate kids fighting over the food they sneak into class
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  • chaotictommy
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Not Quite Paradise

    — LawRusso —

    Tired of being alone after the break up with Ali and everything that came after that, Johnny enlists his friends to give him a hand in finding a date and possibly a long term relationship... what comes next is a series of bad dates and less than great reviews, till the last date, set up for him by the new matchmaking/trouble making duo, Tommy and Jimmy. Johnny’s not particularly pleased about his friend’s matchmaking abilities, but agrees to go on one last blind date. a date that turns out to be disastrous for Johnny since it’s a dude, and even worse, that dude is Johnny’s ex Karate arch nemesis, Daniel LaRusso. At first Johnny thinks it’s a joke, but Jimmy and Tommy both think it’s time to bury the hatchet, while Johnny and Daniel both agree that it would be a perfect waste of a good hatchet. All pranks and joking aside, Johnny and Daniel have to put away the past to combat a common enemy, Johnny’s old Sensei, John Kreese. It’s a fight for the soul of the Valley, and the only chance to save it is in both of them coming together, that is, if they can put aside their pasts and get along for more than a minute. Can they let go of their rivalry and come together? Or is something else going to hamper the truce between them? Enter five new students to the Miyagi-Do Dojo.
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