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  • theplaguedogs
    13.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • jimhenson-themuppetmaster
    03.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Puppeteer Mike Quinn and Steve Whitmire, Muppets Christmas Carol.

    #muppet christmas carol #mike quinn#steve whitmire#karen prell #behind the scenes #muppeteers
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  • eightmuppetynotes
    06.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Muppet Song of the Day: "Chase the Wind"

    Music: Philip Balsam
    Lyrics: Dennis Lee
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  • eightmuppetynotes
    23.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Muppet Song of the Day: "The Rules Song (I'm The Leader Now)"

    Music: Philip Balsam
    Lyrics: Dennis Lee
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  • eightmuppetynotes
    02.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Muppet Song of the Day: "Wembley, Wembley, Number 9"

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  • twaigfraggle
    03.01.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Kinda strange late night question.

    Does anyone have “comfort performers”? Or is that just me?

    I don’t mean it in like an obsessive sense, I mean like when I’m sad I like to watch things where they are main performers. Hence my love for Fraggle Rock, cause all 4 of my “comfort perfomers” are in it.

    Idk...Is this weird. Idk if I’m alone, but, I just think their neat...

    Also tell me your faves or “comfort performers.” I’d love to know if we have similar favorites!

    #fraggle rock#the muppets #mine are in no particular order #Richard Hunt Karen Prell Steve Whitmire and Dave Goelz
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  • the-gershomite
    29.11.2020 - 7 monts ago

    Red, Karen Prell & Mokey, Kathryn Mullen

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  • eightmuppetynotes
    22.11.2020 - 8 monts ago
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  • red-fraggle
    21.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    i have no idea how apple tv works and i didnt know it was even a thing but i need to access it Now

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  • red-fraggle
    21.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    new short fraggle rock episodes made while social distancing on apple tv?!?!?

    #red.txt #fraggle rock #i am still googling i gotta figure out wtf apple tv is but god i am on my way #karen prell and dave goelz r back also!!! #jim henson#the muppets
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  • thevaudevilledemon
    14.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Reasons why you should watch Fraggle Rock!

    1. It is the best thing that Jim Henson and his amazing team has ever done. Yes, more so than Labyrinth. Labyrinth may have had David Bowie, but does it have Boober Fraggle?

    2. Great characters, especially if you are Autistic, Wembley and Boober are very much two of my braincells and I think they can be added to the (Depressingly larger than it should be) list of characters that are not confirmed autistic, but totally are.

    3. Really great theme. I can think of a couple of shows that can probably trace back their themes of unity and connections back to Fraggle Rock; The Last Airbender, Steven Universe, Friendship is Magic, probably more I can’t think of.

    4. Music. Listen to the song “Let Me Be Your Song”, and then go for “Wembelin’ Fool” and “Muck and Goo” and if you aren’t convinced, you’re a lost cause. Even the Doozers have time for a song or two. Speaking of...

    5. The Doozers. I mean, come on. They’re super cute.

    6. Shipping fuel!!! Meet Gobo, his girlfriend Red, Her girlfriend Mokey, and his Boyfriend Wembley.

    7. Did I mention Jim Henson? Because Jim Henson.

    8. The late Jerry Nelson pretty much takes center stage of the show, and he was THE puppeteer on the Henson team. Also worth noting is Steve Whitmire, Dave Goelz, Karen Prell (Who BTW did character animation for Wheatley on Portal 2, she is on the commentary tracks), Kathy Mullen and the late Richard Hunt, who also do amazing jobs in their roles.

    9. Jim Henson does the character Cantus the Minstrel, who is the best.

    10. The series is actually very respectful to the audience, never talking down to them, and even showing some really heavy subjects.

    11. Oh yeah, there is also that stuff about its connection to the end of the Cold War, but everybody knows about that by now.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get the full series on DVD, find the series online, I don’t care, just watch Fraggle Rock!

    #Fraggle Rock #Just please watch Fraggle Rock #It's really good!
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  • animatedc9000
    12.02.2021 - 5 monts ago
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  • primaryknowledge
    18.12.2020 - 7 monts ago
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  • katachell
    12.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    I just learned about a powerpoint presentation on early portal two animations and... 

    They’re from Karen Prell's "Animated Adventures in Portal 2" panel from Animex 2012. Her whole presentation is on YouTube in six parts but a compilation of the test animations is in this video.

    i’ve never been so glad that Glados doesn’t have arms before...

    •not only is it creepier but the extra expression it brings her somehow conveys less of her meaning and tone?

    •glados crawling towards the player in the dark saying “congratulations... you found me… was it worth it?” and having her head rotate around it’s axis at the same time... i do not appreciate this ma’am...

    •shes 10000% more murderous and also more nightmarish, it really matches the mood of “what the hot fuck was old aperture doing” and subsequently “oh chell has no power here and the only reason she’s still alive is because rhe omnipowerful ai wants to bathe in her own power and get revenge”

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  • thevaudevilledemon
    13.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    I want to make a post about Fraggle Rock!

    Why should you watch Fraggle Rock, like, right now?

    -Jim Henson Muppets, so huge plus! And we aren’t talking The Storyteller creations, these are traditional Muppets.

    -Non-violent conflict resolution, I mean, this show was created in an effort to end all war. Seriously, Jim Henson was a madman and it is glorious.

    -Catchy as Hell songs. Seriously, “Wemblin’ Fool” will be stuck in your head forever after you hear it, plus the theme song is also one of the catchiest ever.

    -Boober Fraggle is precious bean

    -The Doozers are adorable, and also really technologically impressive puppets

    -On top of catchy songs, also some really beautiful songs, “Let Me Be Your Song” is one of the standout examples.

    -Mokey Fraggle is also precious bean

    -It has the line “It’s a Hideous Round thing!” which is current favourite Out of Context Muppet quote.

    -Elements that are not to dissimilar to shows that would come afterwards like Avatar: The Last Airbender and G4 MLP.

    -Cantus the Minstrel and his impeccable calm, also voiced by Jim Henson.

    -Red Fraggle is also precious bean

    -So is Wembley Fraggle

    -Gobo Fraggle is also precious bean.

    -All the characters have great chemistry, you can tell that they’re close friends.

    -Speaking of chemistry, Red and Gobo OTP!

    -Gerry Parkes is wonderful as Doc, may he rest in peace.

    -If you have seen Muppet Christmas Carol or Muppet Treasure Island, you might have seen two or three of the Muppets in Fraggle Rock already.

    -Seriously, this show did not need to go as hard as it did, in the second episode, one character comments that some slavery feels like freedom.

    -Traveling Matt and his postcards, looking at the world of the Silly Creatures (The Human World) from a silly perspective.

    -Some of the best performances from Steve Whitmire, Dave Goelz, Kathy Mullen, Karen Prell and the late Jerry Nelson.

    -Holy Maracas, one of the best finales to any TV series ever!

    -And speaking of TV finales, this was HBO’s first ever original program. Yes, that HBO.

    -So many other reasons you should be watching it right now, but we’d be here all month.

    #fraggle rock #really wanted to gush about this show #seriously it is one of my all time favourites #Anyone that doesn't ship red and gobo is up for immediate punishment by way of being looked at in a confusing manner
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  • jimhenson-themuppetmaster
    18.12.2019 - 1 year ago

    Karen Prell as the Junkkady from Labyrinth

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  • jimhenson-themuppetmaster
    10.09.2019 - 1 year ago

    Karen Prell and Red Fraggle

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