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    22.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Day 17: a lot/900

    I need to stop binging.

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    22.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Karl: hey ethan have you se-

    *lady d and ethan doing horny shit*

    Karl: so what kind of horrible game is this

    Lady d and ethan showing weapons: GET THE FUCK OUT YOU ASSHOLE

    #funny#memes#resident evil #resident evil 8 #ethan winters#lady dimitrescu#karl heisenberg#smex#smexy times#smexy af #lady dimitrescu x ethan winters #au #karls an asshole
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    22.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    #the gremlin responds #karl heisenberg #resident evil memes #resident evil village #resident evil viii #resident evil#lord heisenberg
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  • zidthequartz
    22.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you this humble offer:

    #i like karl but too lazy to continue #if anyone curious i'd give him a rat filter #angie hamster #and donna idk maybe a guinea pig #chris is a bear #miranda is either a cow or a pig or both idc #ethan winters #resident evil village #mia winters#lady dimitrescu#my posts
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  • almondfaeswritings
    22.06.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Happy Endings (Part I)

    pairing: karl heisenberg x reader

    warnings: none

    words: 2.465

    Today was the day that would change everything, for better or for worse. This would be last time you had to stay in one of Miranda’s cold lab cells, or at least you hoped so. The thought of feeling the sunlight on your skin again made you smile, even though you knew that this moment would last of mere seconds.

    It’s been a while since you were outside, after all Mother always wanted to keep an eye on you, claiming that she merely wanted to guard you from all the evil out there. In the beginning she probably was afraid you’d run off somewhere, but even then you knew that this would be pointless. The creatures beyond the walls of the lab were disturbing. You’ve never quite seen Mother’s failed experiments, but you heard them. The screaming, the wailing, the growling, the roaring; sounds that were heard in Mother Miranda’s lab nearly every day. Whoever or rather whatever was out there, underwent a shit ton of pain, which made them yet more dangerous. And still, you feared the wrath of Mother’s anger the most, she definitely would be able to kill you without the blink of an eye, it probably wouldn’t even be a bother to her.

    The rattling of a lock ripped you out of your thoughts.

    “The time has come, my little bird.”

    Looking up you saw Mother Miranda in her feathery glory, smiling brightly upon you. With a bow of your head and an obedient “Yes, Mother”, you raised from your position on the uncomfortable cot and followed her. She walked fast, but gracious, while you stumbled behind her, trying to fix the simple white dress she gave you to look at least a little presentable in front of her children. You wanted to cry and scream. This felt like an auction, like you were just some cattle being sold to the one who paid the most. You won’t lie, it hurt you that Mother gave you away as soon as she found another possible vessel for her child. For a whole year she claimed that she loved you like her real daughter, even though you couldn’t provide what she was looking for. But you were thankful that she saved you when you were on the brink of death, although your memories of the events have been foggy.

    “Quick, hurry up. We don’t want to keep your siblings waiting”, Mother scolded you. Picking up your pace you hurried after her. The beams of light that tried to crawl through the tiny space under the door at the end of the hallway motivated you to move even faster. When Mother opened the thick wooden door you had to shield your eyes, the light contrasting with the usual darkness in Mother’s cells. It was late autumn, all leafs had already fallen from the trees and the birds had stopped their singing long ago. The sun was covered by a thick layer of clouds and a frown replaced the smile that graced your lips prior. No sunlight for me then. What a great outlook for today, you thought to yourself. Suddenly Mother Miranda halted and stretched out her hand to the side. You looked at her questioningly, hesitating to touch her without a verbal permission. And you weren’t really looking forward to touching her either, knowing that the touch will be as cold as the Romanian winters. Her touch used to be warm, she used to wipe away your tears with those hands after you were awoken by nightmares. But deep down you knew that the same touch also caused you a lot of pain, not only physically, but mentally as well.

    “Take it, my child. It’s too cold to travel by feet”, she said with a hint of a smile. Looking down at your bare feet you were quite thankful. The dark feathers of her wings engulfed you when your fingertips touched and your toes left the cool ground. Within minutes you landed in front of the massive gates of Castle Dimitrescu, the fortress impressing and intimidating you yet again. It was just as gorgeous as you remembered it. With a fluent motion of her hand the heavy gates opened, as if they weighted nothing and you walked towards the main entrance of the castle, where the countess already waited for you.

    Lady Dimitrescu’s height always managed to surprise you over and over again. She towered above everyone, which should be terrifying enough, but there was something even scarier about her. Those yellowy eyes that are either filled with pure hunger or arrogance. You didn’t know which one of those was more dangerous.

    She smiled down at the two of you with a bow of her head, the ridiculously large hat moving in a comical way. Mother always talked quite highly about her and you were sure she was proud of her creation.

    “Mother, Y/N, welcome at Castle Dimitrescu. I hope your journey has been safe and without any disturbances.”

    Her smile faltered a little when she glanced upon you, looking up and down your form. You covered your mid insecurely with your arms, the cold autumn air sending chills over your arms. While Lady Dimitrescu has always been respectful towards you, her stares didn’t went unnoticed. You couldn’t exactly tell the meaning behind it, which made you even more uneasy.

    “Thank you, Alcina. It is greatly appreciated that you offered your home for our family meeting.”

    The three of you entered the huge main hall of the castle and Lady Dimitrescu led the way into a smaller, but none the less sumptuous room that looks like its only purpose is for family meetings and economical discussions. Two of the six seats were already occupied by a veiled woman and another disguised figure. Although you’ve rarely left Mother’s lab you instantly recognized them as Donna Beneviento and Moreau. Donna’s doll Angie ran around the room, her white veil floating behind her.

    “She’s here, she’s here, she’s here”, the doll screeched and ran towards you, tugging on the hem of your dress. You stumbled a few steps back, surprised by that little attack. You’ve only met the doll maker and her creations a handful of times and that doll was just as creepy as the first time you’ve laid your eyes upon it.

    “Heisenberg has yet to arrive. That insufferable man-thing apparently can’t even read a clock”, Lady Dimitrescu claimed as she sat down on a chair that was much larger than the others. She didn’t try to hide her distaste for the lord and neither does he. Whenever they are in the same room, it’s guaranteed that an argument will break out. It’s a surprise that they haven’t ripped each other’s heads off yet.

    Mother and you followed Lady Dimitrescu’s example and sat down on your assigned chairs, waiting for the arrival of the missing lord. After about ten minutes he strutted into the room, filling the room with the smell of motor oil and cigars, his big hammer swinging off his shoulders.

    “How dare you be late to one of Mother’s meetings, you bring shame upon all of us”, Lady Dimitrescu yelled, outraged by his tardiness.

    “Calm down, you super-sized bitch. Not everyone spends their whole day locked in a castle, twiddling their thumbs and getting everything done by their maids. Some of us actually work”, he snickered taking up the last seat in the room, right in front of you. When he caught you staring at him, he winked at you from behind his sunglasses. You uncomfortably shifted in your chair, not used to having the attention of a man. When you used to stay at the Castle Dimitrescu, the Countess would always tell you how dangerous and vile males were, effectively scaring you.

    “Who do you think you are, talking to me like this in my own residence?”

    Now the Countess was infuriated, her eyes were filled with rage. But before either one of the two could say another word, Mother Miranda rose up from her seat with a smile.

    “Children, children, must we fight again? We have more important things to discuss than Karl’s lack of punctuality. You might be forgiven for that, my child, I’m sure you had crucial matters to tend to at your factory.”

    “Of course, Mother”, Lady Dimitrescu said calmly, but she still looked like she wanted to rip Heisenberg apart with those sharp claws of hers.

    “Thank you, Mother.”

    Heisenberg tipped his hat and laid back into the chair, mustering you from behind his glasses. He couldn’t deny, you were quite a pretty thing. But Mother Miranda always had her eyes on you, something he wanted to avoid at all costs. He couldn’t afford having Miranda in his business, for sure she’d catch a whiff of his betrayal. He’s surprised that she hasn’t noticed yet, but looking at the frail human in front of him, it became clear to him that she’s probably been busy experimenting on innocent people again, too obsessed with the idea of finding a vessel for her deceased daughter. This tunnel vision will cost that bitch her own damn life on day.

    “Now that we’re all assembled I’d like to announce something to you”, Mother Miranda said, looking at the lords in front of her.

    “My dear Y/N has proven to be an unfit vessel to my Eva, but she has a bright future ahead of her, I’m sure she’ll be of good use. She has the potential to become something great, if her powers develop further. Unfortunately I’ll have to depart for quite a while and leaving my little bird unattended is out of question. Now, I’m sure all of you are willing to take her in, but I only want the best for my youngling, if you understand what I mean.”

    During her little speech Mother’s started to run her fingers through the strands of your hair, the gesture seemed almost motherly.

    “Mother, I’ll gladly take her in. Here at Castle Dimitrescu she’ll have everything she needs and more”, Lady Dimitrescu exclaimed, setting her eyes on the young woman next to Mother Miranda.

    Mother looked towards the Countess with a barely visible smile.

    “While I’m sure that you’d be perfectly able to tend to her needs, I am worried about those daughters of yours, Alcina. As far as I’m concerned they get a little … untamed, when they smell human blood. And as I might have mentioned, I wish my little bird to be alive when I come back.”

    Lady Dimitrescu sat down again with an “Of course, Mother”, visibly displeased about her decision, but accepting it without objection none the less.

    “Please give her to me, Mommy, I’ll take good care of her”, Moreau asked and wobbled slightly forward to get a better look at you. You visibly withdrew back into your chair, trying to keep as much distance as possible between you and the fish-like being, sending Mother a panicked look. She looked at you and then to Moreau, as if you were to tell him whether you liked to keep his company or not.

    “T- T- Thank – thank you f- for you- your offer, kind sir, but- but I t- I think I’ll p- pass”, you stuttered out, bowing your head down. Moreau hobbled back to his seat with a sorrowful whine, plopping down and splashing slime all over the surrounding floor. Lady Dimitrescu seemed to hold back a gag, at least trying to hide her disgust, unlike Heisenberg who yelled that Moreau should keep his slime to himself, to which the creature let out another pitiful sob.

    “She can stay with us, she can stay with us. We need a new friend, it’s getting so lonely at home”, Angie screeched from her place on Donna’s lap, bouncing with excitement.

    “You take great care of your dolls, my child, but I’m afraid that a human might be a little much for you to handle”, Mother said and while her words may have seemed harsh, the phrase was spoken without a trace of malice. Donna only nodded her head at this and although the dark veil covered her entire face, you were still able to see her disappointment by the way her shoulders sagged. You were quite dispirited by Mother’s decision as well, since the Beneviento’s would have been your first choice. They were the littlest of those four evils.

    “Well, this only leaves one of you. Heisenberg, you’ll take her”, Mother Miranda exclaimed with a pleased smile. She knew that when it came down to choosing between Moreau and Heisenberg, you’d most definitely favour the mechanic, which fundamentally means that she already made the decision upon your stay way before the meeting was called. And her decision didn’t sit well with the other lords as well, much less with Heisenberg.

    “OH HELL NO!”

    “Mother, I must protest-“

    “Why does he get her?!”

    “We want her more!”

    “SILENCE”, Mother shouted and all the other voices went quiet. ”My decision has been made. Heisenberg, she will stay with you and that is final. You will protect her and help her with her gift while I’m gone. She better be alive when I come back, is that clear?”

    “Yes, Mother”, Heisenberg grumbled, visibly angered by his lack of choice. But he didn’t want to get into her bad graces, so he accepted his fate, hoping that the girl in front of him won’t get in his way.

    “Now that this is settled, I must bid you all farewell. I have places to be, but I’m looking forward to the day we meet again.”

    Mother Miranda leaned down to gently brush her lips against your forehead, not even considering that you might disagree with her final decision. Or maybe she just didn’t care whether you liked it or not.

    With a flutter of her wings she disappeared, leaving you alone with the four lords.

    “Now, we must respect Mother’s settlement, I am sure she has her reasons for deciding the way she did. I must attend some personal business, so if you’ll excuse me.”

    With a glance that could only be described as pitiful she ducked out of the room. You had hoped that she would have enough compassion for you to at least try to make Mother rethink her choices, but no. Her pity won’t get you out of this situation.

    “C’mon, woman, it’s quite a long walk. Better keep up, because I’m not coming back to safe your ass.”

    “But I don’t have shoes”, you mumbled shyly, now afraid to look at the lord. Without looking back to you he strutted out of the door with his hammer, a cigar already lit in his left hand.

    “Couldn’t care less.”

    And with that, your fate has been sealed.

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    22.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    starting a collection of people who don’t know heisenberg’s first name <3

    (i’m not shaming them i just think this is funny)

    #resident evil viii #resident evil village #re8 #resident evil 8 #karl heisenberg #i don’t know why but i just find these so funny #these are both replies to comments on re8 videos #my post
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    22.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    ok but how about heisenberg/ethan/mia polyship?

    my baby mia doesn’t get enough love

    #mia winters#ethan winters#karl heisenberg #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #wintersberg
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    22.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    🔗Visele ~ Chapter 1 "Gauntlet"🔗

    'No one's here. Not anymore.'
    Making it outside the portcullis, Sakura stares up at the dreary, dark gray skies. It feels like the weather matches her mood. Dark, cold, and sad. Trying to shake it off, she continues down the dirt path, walking past the ghoulish scarecrows on either side... The decaying corpses of men Alcina had put on display throughout the castle grounds. It served as a clear warning to any males that a similar fate will befall them should they choose to get too close.
    Wrapping the cloak around her, the pinkette hugs it tightly against her shivering form. Winter is the worst time of year, especially in these parts. The bitter cold doesn't work well with this body. That only makes the current situation going on even more frustrating.
    Going through the village itself causes her chest to tighten. Where was one a relatively peaceful and devout community, there is only devastation and death. Empty homes that used to be filled with families are left broken, with doors or roofs smashed in from the attack. Some still have the remnants of what the occupants were doing at the very moment all hell broke loose. Laundry partially hung up, plates of food on the table, candles lit at their alters…
    Green eyes flicker back and forth, taking in the destruction the lycans left behind. It all happened so quickly… A single order from the woman these people worshipped with everything they had, caused all this.
    "Heisenberg… Bring the lycans into the village."
    That's how it started and the ruins all around are how it ended. The moment the command left Miranda's mouth when she returned with the infant after being absent for several weeks, the Lords were all stunned. It's not that there was love for those who inhabited this village... No, most of them couldn't care less. It was out of surprise that everything was suddenly escalating. After controlling this land for almost a century, she expected it to all be wiped away within a day.

    Here's another weird crossover to add to my collection. What can I say? I just have a thing for shipping Sakura with characters from other fandoms 😅. I got into Resident Evil Village after its release and couldn't get enough of the hunky metal daddy. This hellsite got me hooked. Hope you guys enjoy this new story! And I can't thank the JokeSaku discord group enough for bouncing around ideas with me and being a constant source of inspiration 💖

    🌸AO3 & FF link🌸

    An extra little note now that I'm thinking about it. In this AU, Heisenberg and Sakura are only a few years apart. The cadou just stopped their aging at different times. I figured I'd add this before someone says anything about age gaps or calls him (or me) a creep. She's about 77 years old but her appearance is around 24/25. I don't know if Karl's canon age has been revealed yet but I just put him at 80 and looks 40. It'll be explained more in future chapters but figured I might as well get this out of the way now.

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    22.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago
    #karl heisenberg x reader #karl heisenberg#lord heisenberg #resident evil village #resident evil viii #resident evil
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    21.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    When Heisenberg unlocks ‘papa wolf mode’ in the mermaid au.

    #resident evil #resident evil village #mermaid au#karl heisenberg#rosemary winters#mother miranda #I really care a lot about the potential of this #like she's the only human to not fall for miranda's shit and would go right to heisenberg #not to mention the possibilities of the climax
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    21.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    AEWonTNT- . @FrankieKazarian didn't miss a beat 😤

    #frankie kazarian#pentagon jr #eddie pentagon and kazarian #karl anderson#luke gallows#good brothers#rick knox #twitter: aew on tnt #aew #all elite wrestling #posted on: 6.18.21 #aew on tnt #aew dynamite #friday night dynamite #aew jacksonville
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    21.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I feel like if Heisenberg had a dog it would be either a tree walker hound dog (above) or a red Australian heeler (below). Just the vibe he gives off to me

    #karl heisenberg #resident evil 8 #( ooc tag. ) #dogs
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    21.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Damn. Karl went to the Romance Festival and the Romance Guru basically said he had no chance at romance and now he's sad. Fuck that guy.

    #karl heisenberg #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #the sims 4 #the sims gameplay #ts4
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    21.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    After seeing several shirtless Karls, I've decided he would keep his dog tags on because military discipline and sentiment.

    Dog-tagged, shirtless Heisenberg. Please and thank you.

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    Carol Wilson for Karl Lagerfeld RTW SS 1989

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