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    I love them so much

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    Flash Fic Requests

    One for Heisenberg x Reader, one for Wesker x Reader. Scroll down for Wesker. Warning: both of them are a little bit on the crack side of fics. 😅 Hope you enjoy!

    Prompt: Dance for Karl Heisenberg x reader. Word count: 514. For @walrus--queen.

    “What are you doing?” Heisenberg turned around to face you. He was working on yet another machine of which you had no idea what it was supposed to do. “Oh, Y/N, there you are!” He laughed heartily. “I thought it would be fun to rebuild a tank, but I’ve been running into some problems along the way!”

    He stepped away from his newest project and wrapped his arms around you. “Now tell me, my precious, how was your day?” “Not bad,” you muttered, leaning against him. He smelled like oil, smoke and something that reminded you of wood. “Alcina is a pain, though. She keeps wanting to have a taste of me.” Heisenberg muttered something under his breath. “I’ll have a word with her later. Don’t worry, if she ever so much as tries to touch you, I’ll squish her like a pancake!” He gently rubbed your back, placed a quick kiss on your lips and let go of you. “Have you just been working on this piece of… whatever… all day?” You walked towards the workbench and leaned against it. “Seems a bit boring.” “I live for that shit!” Heisenberg exclaimed excitedly. “But if you must know, I haven’t. I’ve been watching a lot of videos on the internet and thought I would learn some new dance moves.” He walked towards the radio and turned it on. “I thought you’d appreciate it, because I know you’re pretty good at that sort of thing!” You watched in confusion as your man started imitating dance moves he had learnt from what looked like might’ve been The Backstreet Boys. “Karl, are you… okay?” “Fantastic!” Heisenberg yelled over the music, panting ever so slightly. “I practised for hours, maybe we can learn to waltz later on!” As the song on the radio was coming to an end, you were kind of glad you wouldn’t have to witness this travesty any longer. Sure, the man had many talents, and you couldn’t think of anyone who could rival his intellect, but these dance moves definitely left something to be desired. “Watch out, here it comes!” Heisenberg said as he prepared to finish his little show. “One, two, three and…” he dabbed. He dabbed. He actually dabbed. You just stared at him with your mouth wide open, uncertain of what to say. “Well? What do you think? That last one is very popular, I saw all the cool people do it these days!” Heisenberg seemed pretty proud of himself. It was clear he’d made a genuine effort. “I uh…” You slowly started making your way towards the door, suppressing the urge to burst out in laughter, as you didn’t want to offend him. “I need to talk to Moreau. I forgot something.” “You’re not gonna tell me what you think of my new moves?” Heisenberg asked. He dabbed again. You couldn’t help but dab back. “Fucking amazing, Karl. You’re… you’re something special alright.” And with those words, you started sprinting towards the elevator. You’d go back to him when you were done laughing, and then you’d teach him how to waltz.

    Prompt: Grocery Store for Wesker x Reader. Word count: 820. For @purpleartist.

    “It’s simple,” Wesker stated, looking at you with a stern look on his face. “We are going to enter the store. We will gather the items we need, pay for them, and leave.” You nodded. “I am not in the mood to search the entire store again, just because you saw something interesting, got distracted and wandered off.” You nodded again. You knew what he was talking about, and you’d already made the decision to stay focused; to not get distracted by items that captured your attention, but to stick close to Wesker instead. No matter how many shiny things you’d be walking past. “Now, my dearest, are we clear?” You nodded once more. “I need you to say it, Y/N.” You sighed and rolled your eyes. “We will go into the store. I will stay close to you. We will only buy the things we need and then we will leave. I promise I won’t get distracted this time and end up buying more junk.” Wesker smirked. “Very good,” he stated, looking mildly amused. He grabbed one of the shopping carts and made his way to the entrance of the store with you following closely behind him. You never liked shopping with Wesker, but he always insisted you go together. According to him, you were a bit too chaotic to do it yourself, and required some assistance. Wesker glanced behind him, making sure Y/N were still following him. He loved Y/N, at least as much as he was capable of, but sometimes Y/N wasn’t too easy to deal with. They had a tendency to get distracted too easily, and sometimes they reminded him a bit of a magpie, being drawn to anything that was shiny. Y/N was still following him, however, so he hoped the two of you could get this over with quickly. While making your way through the store, you tried your hardest to ignore all of the items you’d never seen before. There was a little rack that had some jewellery, and you were dying to have a look at the new necklaces. Still, Wesker had been very clear with you, and you were going to make him proud today. After placing most of the groceries that were needed in the shopping cart, Y/N and Wesker were starting to make their way to the cash register. Y/N had been doing pretty well at suppressing the urge to wander off, but so far, things had gone smoothly. Normally, the trip would’ve taken at least fifteen minutes longer already, so Wesker was quite pleased he was still running on schedule. As he placed the last items in the shopping cart, he suddenly noticed Y/N wasn’t around anymore. A bit irritated, he glanced around the store. He didn’t see Y/N anywhere nearby and sighed deeply. He wasn’t going to search the entire store for the umpteenth time and briefly contemplated just leaving his lover behind. That is, until he realised there was one other thing he could do. While Wesker was making his way to what looked like a little office, you found yourself staring at the necklaces that had captured your attention earlier on. They looked quite nice, and you wondered how Wesker would react if you decided to buy yet another shiny thing. You honestly couldn’t help it. It was just too hard to resist. The only thing you needed to do now was pick a colour. Would it be a fine silver necklace with a small feather charm, or would it be one with a little heart? “Attention, all shoppers!” You suddenly heard from the speaker in the store, startling you quite badly. “There is a Mr. Albert Wesker standing here, asking if Y/N L/N could please make their way to the main entrance.” “Oh God…” you muttered under your breath, stifling a laugh. “I think he’s actually fed up with me right now…” Quickly, you decided the necklace with the feather would go best with most of your outfits and quickly grabbed it off the rack before jogging towards the cash registers. You could see him standing there, waiting for you with a scowl on his face. You suppressed the urge to smile at him and quickly paid for the necklace before following Albert back to the car. As you got in, Wesker was already in the driver’s seat, waiting for you. He looked at you, raising one of his eyebrows. “Well then, my dearest, that must’ve been

    quite embarrassing…” He paused for a moment. “I assume you have learnt your lesson now, haven’t you?” You flashed him a quick smirk and shrugged. “Honestly? I thought that was kind of funny… Didn’t expect you to do something like that.” Wesker just sighed and started the engine before driving off. He made a mental note to himself to never go shopping with Y/N again.

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    Heisenberg/Ethan writing prompt for the #:

    Lycan Heisenberg but with the goofy wolf mannerisms (social play, food stealing, social grooming, zoomies, etc) and Ethan dealing with it

    #Wintersberg writing prompts #resi8#wintersberg#karl heisenberg #resident evil: village
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    Does anyone have any HC's they're curious about? Please send the my way. I'll try my best to answer them

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    i think i can post this here, since there isn't anything explicit...

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    ⚠️ New Dimitrescu and Heisenberg T-Shirts ⚠️

    🔜 Moreau, Donna and more coming soon!

    Available Here

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    I hate the color of this coat but fuck it consider this done

    Bonus: I showed you my mommy issues evidence board please respond

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    However upset or distraught Rose may be, she always starts to calm down the second Karl touches or holds her. Especially if he doesn't have his gloves or coat on.

    Ethan has a theory that Karl is soothing her with a series of bio-electrical impulse and he's pretty sure he's right about it.

    What he's not sure about is if it's a conscious action or if Karl just wants to comfort her and that desire is manifesting through his abilities without him even thinking about it.

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    Karl: I'm the worst. Wanna be bffs?

    Ethan: Uhm no??

    Karl: *snapping friendship bracelets in half* Then perish!

    #Resident Evil #Resident Evil 8 #resident evil the village #resident evil 8 the village #resident evil village #Re8#karl heisenberg #re8 karl heisenberg #house of heisenberg #heisenberg factory#lord heisenberg#ethan winters #re8 ethan winters #heisenwinters#wintersberg #karl x ethan #ethan x karl #ethan x heisenberg #resident evil incorrect quotes #incorrect resident evil quotes #re8 incorrect quotes #resident evil shitpost #resident evil funny #resident evil meme #resident evil 8 memes
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    #resident evil village ask blog #resident evil ask blog #resident evil 8 ask blog #re8 ask blog #karl heisenberg ask blog
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    [Karl singing and dancing to "Single ladies" while making intense eye contact with Ethan]

    Karl: 'Cause if you liked it then you should of put a ring on it.

    #re8 #resident evil village #resident evil #re8 incorrect quotes #karl heisenberg#incorrect quotes #resident evil karl heisenberg #lord heisenberg #ethan x heisenberg #daddy heisenberg #resident evil ethan winters #karl x ethan #ethan x karl #ethan winters #re8 karl heisenberg #re8 ethan winters
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    16.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Little cute Papa Heisenberg dabble~

    Ethan watched as Heisenberg handed his tiny daughter, Netta, a fruit candy. She popped it in her mouth, her pale eyes getting big. She closed her eyes tightly and hopped a bit. Suddenly she flapped her little hands around her while making a humming sound.

    “Is she ok?” Ethan asked, concerned.

    “Oh yea.” Heisenberg shrugged, watching her, “She does that sometimes when she’s really happy.”

    “…oh.” Ethan nodded.

    Netta simmered down, huffing out contently before padding away.

    “I-is that normal?” Ethan ventured.

    “Hell I don’t know.” Heisenberg gave a big grin, “All the kids are weird in their own way.”

    “That’s fair…”

    “Buttercup says it’s because the pup doesn’t talk much,” Heisenberg went on, “She has to get all the feelings out a different way.”

    Netta’s little happy hands <3

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    [karl heisenberg voice]

    can i get a motherfuckin uhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........


    #i swear i'd animate this if i wasn't so lazy #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #karl heisenberg#shitpost #'JUST GIVE ME MY BURGER EXTRA CHEESE' #ethan: sir this is a starbucks-
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    #resident evil village ask blog #resident evil ask blog #resident evil 8 ask blog #re8 ask blog #karl heisenberg ask blog
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    “average person reanimates 3 corpses a year” factoid actualy just statistical error. average person reanimates 0 corpses per year. Karl Heisenberg, who lives in a factory & reanimates 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

    #a spiders georg joke? in 2021? it’s more likely than you think #showin my age here a little I know lol #resident evil #resident evil village #karl heisenberg
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    16.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    The Fugitive; Finding Home, Finale

    Karl Heisenberg x Reader

    Warnings: strong language, Resident Evil-esque violence and descriptions of gore, and dark/sexual themes

    Summary: A once-in-a-lifetime trip turned dark. You're quickly exposed to the sinister and mysterious world of a cursed village under the control of dark leaders. How long will you last and will you ever return home in one piece?

    Authors Note: I'm so sorry for how long this has taken me to finish. I hope you enjoy the ending, thank you all for reading!

    The Fugitive: Finding Home Masterlist

    The once pristine white walls were now dusted with a thick layer of coated ash. Dust gathered upon the miniature library that still held the same worn children’s books that had sat there decades prior. Their pages were ruffled and frayed, the edges bent and torn from the countless times they were read. According to official reports, the study was shut down. Everybody previously assigned to the project would be relocated and their records would be wiped clean of the entire thing. There wasn’t supposed to be power to the facility; and yet, the screen still lit up with the same still imagine of an abandoned laboratory that it had for the years since its closure.

    “What’s that?” You asked from over his shoulder.


    A red exit light continued to glow at the back of the room, it’s bulbs somehow stood the test of time persevering through nearly a decade of nothingness. It, unlike its former occupants, did its job and fulfilled its duties until the bitter end.

    Miranda appeared in the village on an overcast day. The clouds hugged one another in the grayed sky, allowing for no sunlight to permeate its protective barrier. A meeting was called, as per usual, and the Lords gathered in a different location. The Ceremony Site stood as it always had, within view of the Factory. Snow capped the heads of the seated figures that seemingly soared into the clouds. Karl tapped his boot against the ground and dug his hammer into the icy tundra beneath his feet. He knew you’d be watching from the tower, but he couldn’t do more than cast a glance in the factory’s direction as Alcina’s eye was trained on him since he arrived.

    His melancholy gaze met that of Miranda’s, who had barely taken a moment from the child that didn’t belong to her.

    Rosemary Winters, a particularly chubby baby with big rotund cheeks, lay soundly in the arms of the cursed woman, seemingly unaware of the danger she was in. He ignored her as she began drawling nonsense about the child, how it was her true child, how it would be a perfect vessel for her deceased loved one. He knew what this meant for the Lords. They’d drop in importance; lower one place on the metaphorical totem pole that displayed the hierarchy of the village. Their matter, their worth, and all of the time previously invested in them would mean nothing to Miranda.

    He knew it would happen, the crystallization, but it always struck him wrong when it did. “Normal” individuals had the luxury of holding their loved ones for a fleeting moment as they passed. Their arms would remain arms, their legs, legs, and their heads and faces would be as they had been when they lived. Granted, a lack of color and emotion, but human, nonetheless. But not them. The parasite, the mold, infested deep within their bodies would eradicate most anything that was left of their mortal life forms. They’d turn to crystal and ash. They’d blow away in the harsh winds, or erode with times ticking clock and the earths flowing streams. There would be no body to bury. Would there even be a soul left? It’s the mysteries of the intricacy of his makeup that left him always feeling one step behind. Did Miranda even know?

    Rose was split into four, one yellowed flask given to each Lord who would serve as protectors. Karl concealed his within his jacket and took his leave, throwing his cigar to the ground and not bothering to extinguish it.


    “How’d your meeting go?” You climbed down from the watchtower’s last few steps and landed firmly upon the ground. Karl had since built up a barrier of sorts to keep you hidden as you made your way back inside. “I saw that everyone was invited this time, even Moreau.”

    “It’s just one step closer.” He replied, hand still holding onto the flask. The other slung itself over your shoulders. “One step closer and we’re out of here.”

    “What about the kid?”

    “What kid?”

    “The kid Miranda stole.” You tapped on his head, “Remember?”

    “Oh, yeah, that kid.” He shrugged, finally prying his hand from the container. “She still has her.”

    “What about her parents?”

    “They’re both around.”

    Truthfully, he’d been observing the family for a long time now. He knew of the complexities of their antics back in the states, their relationship to one another, and the organizations that wanted nothing more than to eradicate or harvest the village’s power. Ethan Winters, an interesting man to say the least, was currently on his way to the village. Concealed in the night, he trudged through the backwoods and hills, determined to save his daughter.

    “I feel bad for them.” You sighed, tilting your head upwards to eye Karl under the moonlight. “Can’t we help them too?”

    “If they make it far enough, they can help us.”


    “What do your parents even do for work?”

    You sat at the circular table that was best suited for two. Jess sat across from you, nursing her iced coffee acting as if she hadn’t slept in a few days.

    “I’ve told you this before.” You groaned, rubbing your hand down your face. “Dad does some science junk, mom does too. I don’t even know what they do. Supposedly it’s some secret government shit.”

    “Oh yeah!” She giggled, “I forgot. My bad.”

    “It’s pretty easy to forget when it’s so vague. Assholes won’t even tell their own daughter what they do. Hell,” you scoffed, “I’m not even sure what jobs they’ve had before. Dad said their last project got shut down.” You watched your drink slosh around in the plastic cup. “Anyway, why do you want to go backpacking all of a sudden? I thought you hated the outdoors.”

    “I do.” She agreed, sitting up and straightening her posture. “But,” her hands rested together on the table, “I think it would be a great opportunity! Like I said, hunks, remember?”

    “It’s all about men with you.” You groaned. “What about the bugs?”

    “Bugs, schmugs.” Her tone was mocking but light. “I’ve always wanted to go but you know my parents. They’re so...” a flagrant hand waved in the air, “too much. But if you go, they’ll probably not ask too many questions.”

    “So, I’m just like a scapegoat for you.” You deadpanned.

    “No!” She shrieked, dismissing your thought with the batting of her hand. “No, no, no, no, no. You’re my best friend. I just want to vacation with you.”

    “Can we vacation to a resort?”

    “But then we wouldn’t get our fairytale endings.”

    “I feel like we’re going to get bug bites and potentially food poisoning with your idea instead of horses riding into the sunset.”


    “Villagers’r growing restless.” Karl’s fingers grazed the rigid side of the rectangular glass flask. His nail picked at the crude label plastered haphazardly upon its side. “Torso,” it read.

    “You said they’re purging them.”

    “I did.” He agreed, nodding his head slightly as the hat perched atop his head bobbled. “Should be any minute now.” An almost desperate sigh left his lips as the moonlight illuminated the side of his face. Shadows created a new depth to the churning emotions of his features.

    “They won’t come here?”

    “The villagers?”

    You shook your head.

    “The lycans.” He clicked his tongue against his teeth and turned, pensive in thought. “No. They shouldn’t.” Crossing the room to stand at your front, he parted your clothed legs and came to rest on his knees, eyes boring into yours. The edges of color that once stood proudly in an innately silvery blue amazement had faded to resemble that of a cloud or even a dulled coin. Shaking hands rubbed up and down your thighs.

    “Everything is going to be fine.” He repeated a few times, more so to himself as opposed to you.

    “Karl.” The soft touch of your skin to his stopped his rhythmic rubbing.

    “Right.” He cleared his throat and immediately shed his jacket and hat. A small clunking sound could be heard as the otherwise gentle fabric landed on the floor.

    “What’s that?”


    Before you could protest, his lips sealed to yours in a desperate plea for your submission. He didn’t want to talk about it. He wanted everything Miranda related to simply fade to nothingness as the moment set ablaze between the two of you.

    The night eroded slowly as the dripping clock of the ever-flowing stream of time stole precious minutes in its own selfishness. Wrapped snugly in the blankets, he lay alert. Your head pushed tightly against his bare chest, an arm draped lazily to his shoulder. In the rising morning sun, the dreary apartment that he called home almost looked normal.

    Wilted flowers sat in empty basins, crying for water that they’d never get. The floor wasn’t covered in dirt nor was it littered with books and blueprints. Instead, it was adorned with a carpet, multiple pairs of shoes, and a woven basket that often held fresh pastries or breads from the village. Candles sat in corners. Picture frames holding images that you had taken a liking to hung on the walls. In moments of tranquility, he could almost imagine the pattering of small chubby feet against the floorboards. He could almost imagine what life would be like when the oppressive chains Miranda held him in were gone.

    The end was so close, yet so far. There were many things that weren’t laid out and the thought of the unknown picked at his mind. He wanted to be in control, but he just couldn’t get his hands on the wheel.

    And in his bed, in your bed, lay two who simply could not get enough of one another. Your innocent skin was flaming red with marks left only in the name of love. Flushed pink and red patches littered the surface of your neck and chest, serving as reminders of the vulnerable passion that ignited between the two of you.

    In the distance, the sounds of bitter screams and woeful prayers fell silent upon your ears, but boomed loudly in his. Lycans explored the town freely, enjoying their unmonitored feast of its inhabitants. Slipping from your side, he dressed quietly and left a note on the table.

    Family meeting. Stay inside.

    Frankly, there was no real meeting called. The Lords had met the night prior and had been assigned their duties to fulfill and their responsibilities to tend to. But Miranda was assertive. She would want her most trusted nearby for the finale of her life’s work.

    He’d be back soon.

    With the flask still in his pocket, he decided to take a detour from the church and instead head to the stronghold to deposit it as far from the factory as he could.

    He didn’t want you finding it.


    You watched the figures move over the flickering surface of the otherwise dulled television screen. The white room that you’d spotted over Karl’s shoulder days prior was no longer vacant. Its inhabitants were once more as they hustled about the many doors and windows that led to one space. It was a bedroom.

    A man and woman clad in white coats scribbled onto wooden boards, eyes glancing up every now and again to the figure that stood against the dimmed glass of the clearly tinted window.

    “Just one more. Then we’ll stop.” The woman pressed her spiny finger to the large red button of an intercom system. Crackling to life, it relayed the message in an old-timey buzz.

    “We have to stop.” The man sat next to her said as the figure behind the glass remained unmoving.

    “Funding may have stopped, but research won’t.” She protested, becoming fed up with the lack of movement in the room, “go on.” Her voice once again came through the speaker.

    “It’s unethical at this point.” The man was growing argumentative. “Funding stopped for a reason.”

    “And the reason was stupid.” The table jolted as she slammed her fist on the surface. “She’s not even a human being at this point. There’s no birth certificate and no family to worry where she is. If we don’t finish these trials,”

    The man stood from his seat; the wheeled chair slowly moved away from his body from the force of his knees.

    “We won’t finish these trials.”

    “And what then?” Her fingers kneaded at the skin between her eyes, “Am I supposed to just throw my career down the drain? 18 years of research for nothing? All my life’s… our lives research ended because we’re told to stop?” The woman’s eyes trained up upon the girl stood behind the window. She looked sickly; her cheeks considerably hollowed from a clear lack of nutrients. Straw-like strands of brittle hair hung down in front of her face, the rest tucked neatly behind her ears.

    “Where’s she to go?”

    “With us.”

    “What are we supposed to do if she remembers?”

    “She won’t.”

    You watched as the two gathered their things and returned moments later with a cart carrying a needle and vial.

    The footage ended and the VCR tape popped from the player.

    As if knowing that it was over, Karl burst through the doors of the research room and sighed deeply when his eyes fell upon yours. He crossed the threshold quickly, immediately taking you into his arms.

    “What happened?”

    “You left the apartment.” His tone was breathy, full of air and yet so coldly dense at the same time. “We need to prepare things. It’s happening a lot sooner than we thought.”


    His hand encased your wrist as he dragged you over to the wall of photos that he had been collecting over the past few weeks. A finger landed on a man with a curved jaw and stiff blonde hair. “Ethan Winters.” He noted before dragging his finger to a photo of a woman. “Mia Winters. Mom and dad to Rose Winters. Ethan is in town.”

    “And we need him to work with us?”

    “Good girl.”

    You rolled your eyes at the comment.

    “He’s already blasted through our favorite blood sucker and he’s out in the village now.” Gloved fingers hovered over the now lit television as a grainy image appeared. “He’s strong and a bit weird, unnatural even. I need to take care of a few things before his arrival. Promise me you’ll stay on the upper levels of the factory.”

    “What?” His eyes were wide, mad almost. “Why?”

    “Just promise me.” The words were forced between his clenched teeth. Every emotion crossed his face. It was almost scary. “Can you do that much for me, doll?”

    “I want to help.” You insisted, holding the intense gaze. “I’ve worked on this too, Karl. This is my freedom as much as it is yours.”

    “And in order for it to be successful, I need you t’ stay out of my way.” The words were harsh. “Just until he agrees.” They softened a bit. “You need to stay safe.”


    Hours later, bloodcurdling screams pounded against the outer doors of the factory, growing louder and louder with each extreme bang of clenched fists on the metal. The sound alone caused you to jolt up from the bed where you’d been waiting to hear from Karl. He set off on foot shortly after his tirade through the factory.

    “Help!” The voice pleaded as you approached the door. The shadow of a single individual could be seen beneath the sliver of a crack that separated metal and concrete. You could see the indistinguishable color of red seeping through. “Please! (Y/n), please! They’ll come back…” A sob was followed by another yelp, “please let me in!”

    You immediately knew who it was.



    “No. I already talked to your parents. They said to have a good trip.” Miranda smiled sweetly, doing her best to keep a positive attitude, well knowing where your “parents” had landed.

    “Jess, they haven’t been answering my calls. It’s just not like them.” You retorted, continuing through the terminal as your phone buzzed, alerting you to the fact that your flight was preboarding first class passengers.

    “They said they were going to have a little ‘them’ time. Probably going to go rent a cabin for the summer like they always do.”

    “Some cabin?” You joked, purposely hitting your shoulder against hers. “They always head to Washington in the summer.”

    “Boring! Super-secret missions.”

    “I guess.” You frowned. “It’s just weird that they aren’t answering.”

    “I’m sure they just don’t have any service right now. You just talked to them like what… three days ago?” She sipped from the opened aluminum can that you’d purchased from a gift shop.

    You handed the attendant your boarding pass, waiting for a moment as she stamped something and returned it to you.

    “Three days is a long time with no contact.”

    “We’ll keep calling them when we get to Romania. Quit worrying, the hunks… remember? If we don’t get there, I’ll never get to see my fantasy fulfilled!”


    “I’ve found someone I think you’d find some form of interest in.” Karl presented Miranda with a file full of documents and images of a white research room. He knew finding a vessel for Eva would assist in granting him his freedom.

    “And what is it about her?”

    “She was part of the AEC’s plutonium experiments. Mother and father are both dead. Mother forfeited rights to the child after the father’s death. They just dismantled the experiment a few years ago. She somehow withstood multiple injections and ingestions, strong as hell too.”

    “Where is she now?”

    “United States.”


    “Mother Miranda, I need to speak with you as soon as possible.” Alcina’s delicate hand guided the phone to her ear as she stared into the mirror of her elaborate vanity.

    The two met less than an hour later.

    “That fool, Heisenberg, has taken a liking to the foreigner.” She rolled her eyes, a clear annoyance in the thought of him. “He watches her like a hawk. No doubt, she’s the reason he’s been coming around the castle more lately, tracking his disgusting feet around the grounds.”

    “So, he has.” Miranda paced, listening quietly as Alcina detailed the telling’s of her daughters who had spotted the man on castle grounds more than once over the past month. “She has failed to prove any strength, but perhaps strength will come with the assistance of Cadou. Give her the choice.”

    “Mother Miranda, you think she could stand as an equal to any of the Lords?”

    “She is a potential vessel for my Eva.” Miranda cast a crooked glance to one of the jars of Cadou that sat on her table. “I think she has the power and ability to surpass any of you in the social hierarchy, should she work hard enough.”

    “But Mother Miranda,”

    “You’ve not seen the things she can already do, Alcina.”

    “If I may,” Alcina started hesitantly, “what is it that makes her so special?”


    “I’ve seen someone at Heisenberg’s factory.” Moreau reported to Miranda’s lab per her request. It was rare for him to be there, but with rumor circulating around the village, she needed every eye she could get… and Moreau had plenty.

    “And that someone…” Miranda picked up a jar and examined the floating object inside of it. “…did it appear to be the foreigner?”

    “It was a woman. I couldn’t see that far. The Reservoir’s path has been blocked by a lot of trash lately. I couldn’t get a closer look.”

    Miranda placed the jar down with a clink, swiftly turning to the decrepit man before her.

    “I’m sorry, Mother.” He cast his gaze down.

    “Don’t be, my child. You’ve plenty of time to gather more information.”


    “Wait,” you called out to her as she headed for the factory’s gates with the carriage, “What do you mean when you tell me about home?”

    Miranda’s heart beat from her chest. She hated when people began questioning things of the past. “Of home?” She rose an inquisitive brow. “I don’t know what you speak of.”

    You looked frustrated. Miranda knew you’d become acquaintances with the Duke, but to what extent she wasn’t sure.

    “Every time I see you, you say something about home being closer than I think.”

    She mustered a smile. “Oh, I do suppose I have said something along those lines.”

    “Yeah,” you sighed, “and what do you mean?”

    “You’ll figure it out.”

    She left, abandoning the cart and horse in the village.

    It was true.

    You were alive.

    There was hope for Eva, after all.


    “Jess, you fucking idiot, get inside.” You seethed, wincing at the harshness of your words as you examined the many cuts and bruises that were splattered across her once pristine skin. She coughed; crimson liquid oozed from her lips as she choked on her own breath.

    “I’m sorry.” She hissed when you helped her into a sitting position atop an emptied crate. “(Y/n,) I’m so sorry.”

    “Okay, whatever… just wait here.”

    You took the steps two at a time, quickly gathering the small medical supplies kit that Karl kept tucked beneath the bed. Grabbing a rag and wetting it, you ran for the steps to find Jess gone. The remnants of blood had disappeared as well, the only evidence of her being there was the lack of dust where she had sat.

    “Too eager to help.” The voice was disembodied, radiating from every corner of the room. “It’s a shame, really.”

    A sudden gust of wind whipped its way through the factory’s entry way, knocking you backward to the ground where the abrupt contact with concrete left your legs stinging. Miranda appeared out of thin air, stalking around you as she made her way to your front.

    “I’m very disappointed in Heisenberg.” She announced, knocking the toe of her shoe to the heel of yours.

    “What the fuck?” Was the first thing your head mustered. “What did you do to Jess?”

    A coy, breathy laugh left her lips. “Jezebel Haine knew nothing of this trip. In fact, she and her family have been…” she tapped her finger to her lip, “preoccupied.”

    Unable to find your words, you remained silent, gaping at her in confusion.

    “It is a real shame that the only knight in shining armor you’ve found is a worthless fool of a man. He did it, you know?”

    “He’s not worthless.” You fumed, moving to stand but another force kept you on the ground.

    “Perhaps not before.” She continued, unbothered by the murder in your eyes. “If it weren’t for him, I’d not know of you.” A cold finger grazed the side of your face, coming to rest beneath your chin as she lifted your gaze to hers. “He’s been a part of this plan… all along.”

    “You’re a liar.” You spat.

    Rearing back, she wiped the droplets of saliva from her face.

    “I’m done with this conversation.”


    “I’ve always known, Y/n.” Miranda hummed, venom lined her words. “I thought more of you. I thought,” she tapped her lower lip with the sharp end of her fingernail, “I thought you were to be the one. You were perfect.” Her icy hand caressed the skin of your cheek, a finger traced the outline of your jaw, drawing a thin line of blood. “You are still perfect, just not for the use I once intended. Especially not after Heisenberg has defiled the purity you brought into this village. But you did an astonishing job of taming him. He was quite the pest in my hair.”

    “You’re a bitch.” Flecks of spit landed on her face. “You’re psychotic. All of this? Over your dead child? Why couldn’t you just be normal and have another? Adopt a kid. Maybe…”

    It felt like your windpipe had been crushed as your head slammed harshly against the metal table.

    “Enough.” She looked to the glass jar that sat beside you. “That pest, Mr. Winters, has disposed of Alcina and her daughters already. He’s on his way to Donna’s as we speak. Your precious Karl is likely on his list.” Her eyes had gone black, any humanity that may have clung to her had left. “Since I do not require you any longer for Eva,” blood trickled from the back of your head where it hit the table, “you’ll have to serve in their places.”

    “I don’t want to be one of your fucking children.” The strength in your body clung on by a thinning thread. “Go to hell.”

    “I don’t think I’ve given you a choice.”

    “Eat shit.”

    Another collision with the table had you seeing stars. Splotches of black dotted your vision as a crawling headache emitted from your wound. Her frozen hand tightened around your neck, restricting what little air you were able to get in.

    “You will be grateful for the life I’m going to give you. I am about to bestow a gift upon you, any villager in that dilapidated little settlement would give their lives for this opportunity.”

    “How can they?” You choaked. “They’re all dead now because of you.”

    Her grip loosened as she withdrew her hand from your throat. Opening and closing it a few times, she watched as her fingers stretched. “I’ve had enough of your childish banter.”

    The tightness radiating from the intense burning of your wind pipe restricted your response. Gaping like a fish, you willed any bit of oxygen inside.

    Miranda floated about the room, grabbing different tools as she went. The one that bothered you was the large glass jar. It was a murky green color, reminiscent of algae floating in swampy water. A disgusting creature sat inside of it, breathing the liquid. You knew what it was immediately – Cadou. You jerked your head away, trying desperately to pull at the metal restraints keeping you locked to the table. This couldn’t be happening. Biting your tongue, the unmistakable taste of copper filled your mouth as your teeth sunk further into the fleshy muscle. Your legs shook, your lips pressed into one another, tears permeated your glossy eyes.

    “This will be over before you know it.”

    “You are to stay here.” Miranda’s voice pulled you from your dazed slumber. Pain radiated from your chest, but you couldn’t bring yourself to lift your head, even slightly, to see what she had done. The time was unknown; you weren’t sure how long you’d been suffering in the dank lab. Rounds of onslaught came in waves with each one striking you more painfully than the last. Your throat was dry; your voice was hoarse.

    She was speaking to someone else who inaudibly replied. The sound of fluttering wings was her exit.

    Opening your eyes, you cringed. Blood caked your eyelids forming a dark hard layer that cracked with each millimeter of clearing vision. Your hair was matted with sweat. You felt utterly disgusting. Something new, something unusual was inside of you. It felt like a tumor pushing harshly against your stomach, making you want to vomit what little was left in your system.

    You couldn’t stay here. You knew that much.

    The cracking of your brittle bones made you scream, the severe intensity of raw muscle scraping against bone shot death’s cruel curling fingers around your spine. Your knees buckled on your way down to the floor. Something fell, something broke. The room was darker than it had been before. Fog rolled into the corners of your vision followed by blackness.

    Your feet fell upon uncertain ground, the cobblestone flooring made travel difficult. Legs moved uncoordinatedly toward the large display of jars that sat in the center of the room. There were no phonetic indications of what was inside that you could make out. Popping a bottle open, you lifted it to your nose. The smell was gag-inducing; it smelled of a barn that hadn’t been cleaned in ages. The label looked vaguely of an herbal origin.

    It was comfrey.

    Quickly using your strength to tilt the bottle onto its side, you lathered some of the liquid to your chest, uncaring of whether it got onto your clothes or not. Your shirt was ruined either way. At the very least, Miranda had stitched you back up and wrapped the incision in a now blood-soaked bandage.

    A moment later your vision had cleared, but the pain did not dissipate.

    Uncaring to stay in the lab any longer, you fled.

    The village was nightmarish. Lycans roamed freely along the damaged streets. Homes were burning or destroyed, a cloud of black smoke rose from one of the larger homes in the distance. The beasts didn’t bother you. They knew something was different.

    You walked with unsure steps toward the factory, only one person on your mind. If you were to die now, you thought, you didn’t want to die alone. Karl would be there. He had to be.

    “Your funeral.” Karl released the battered man into the hole, listening as the Sturm was released from its fortified prison.

    He turned, looking to the security screens of the factory, watching as Ethan dodged death at every corner. He swallowed hard, wetness percolating at the corners of his eyes. It was hell not knowing where you were. When he returned to the factory, the doors were thrown open, a small pool of blood stained the cement, you were gone.

    Deep down, he knew where you were. He knew that Miranda had likely come and stolen you away, but he had himself spread thin. There were so many things happening at once that it made his head spin.

    Karl closed his eyes, inhaling deeply. Ethan was a dead end, the BSAA was coming, Miranda had you… he felt defeated.

    “Karl!” You used all the power left nestled inside your body to scream his name into the storm of metal that twisted around the back yard of the factory. It was him. The giant beast that rolled about the grounds, yelling twisted obscenities to a man who looked like an ant in comparison, was him.

    Rain had begun to fall, wetting your tattered clothes, washing the blood from your damaged skin. It was haunting. Karl looked like nothing you’d seen before. There was a twisted fanaticism to him, the way he remained the majority himself.

    “Karl!” You yelled again. Anguished tears streamed down your face, mixing with browned blood before falling to your clothes. “Please.”

    The spiraling storm continued upward, a hurricane of scrap swirled in the sky above. You moved forward, pushing through the intensity of the storm. “Karl!” You continued calling, watching as the ordinary man shot bullets into the heaping giant determined to kill one another. He was losing.

    Something snapped. Your voice carried on the wind to his ears, he ignored it. It was fake, it wasn’t you. You were surely dead by now. The Cadou implanted somewhere in your fragile body had engulfed you, guiding you toward the darkness of death. He could see death too coming for him. Ethan battled fiercely. The factory lit up in a demented light show. He watched as the apartment you’d grown to love was set ablaze. All the memories, gone. He’d lost everything. He couldn’t let Ethan nor Miranda win.

    “Karl, please.” You felt your legs slowly giving out, the adrenaline fled from your body.

    You watched as he screamed in agony, intense grief overtaking him as he crumbled to the ground.

    Everything went white.

    “So, what’s going to happen when we get out of here?”

    “Whatever we want to happen.”

    “My parents would probably hate you.” You giggled, tracing a finger of the sharp edge of his jaw where hair had begun to grow. “God, you need to shave.”

    He hummed, hands pressing your hips down against his in an intimate fashion. “Mmm, I don’t want to.”

    “You’re starting to look homeless.” You leaned down, pressing your nose against his. “But seriously, where are we going to go?”

    Peppered kisses ticked your face as he moved from your forehead to your neck. “I don’t really give a fuck, as long as it’s away from here.”

    “After you meet my parents, I think we should just go. Anywhere really, maybe we can finish that backpacking trip I never got.”

    His hands slid from your hips, moving to tug you closed to his chest as he wrapped them around your shoulders. “Y’know, your parents are probably younger than I am.”

    “You’re not that old… I mean…”

    A smile tugged at his lips as he pressed another kiss to your neck. “Being a freak makes you age slower… or live longer.”

    “You’re not a freak.”

    “How many people have y’met with a situation like mine, sweetheart?”

    “Four others.”

    “Oh?” His hands rubbed soothing circles into your spine. “Who?”

    “The other lords, and Miranda.”

    “Those don’t count, smartass.”

    “Stop looking all doom and gloom.” You groaned, repositioning the camera as you waved the developing photo in the air. “I mean, seriously? Look at this shit! You look so mad.”

    “I’m not mad.”

    “You sure as hell look it. Just give me a good smile.”

    You pinched at his cheek, prompting him to jolt his head backward. “Don’t do that.”

    “Then give me a good smile.”

    “Why? What’s the point of this? If you want a picture of me so badly go steal it from the villagers’ homes.”

    “I want one of us.”


    “Just in case something happens, and one of us needs it to remember.”

    He swallowed his words; this was important to you. “Okay, c’mere.”

    “Karl.” Your voice cracked like thin glass as you held a pillow to your chest, attempting to calm your heart as it pounded. Awake in an instant, he sat up and wrapped his arms around you without question. You fell to his chest, arms discarding of the pillow in favor of his warm body.

    “What’s wrong?” His voice was gravely, still groggy from waking so suddenly. “You never cry like this.”

    “Are you going to call me a baby?” You sniffled, nuzzling into the nape of his neck.

    “I considered it.”


    He smiled.

    “Now, what’s wrong?”

    “What if we don’t make it out of here? What if Miranda finds out you’re hiding me and punishes you?”

    The thought had crossed his mind many times over the months that you’d been living with him. He knew it was a possibility and likely inevitable that you’d lose one another in one way or another. But he didn’t want to think about it. For the first time, he wanted to think positively about the situation. You were both going to get out of this.

    “We’ll kill her before any of that can happen. I promise.”

    “What if we can’t?”

    “We will.”

    The night deepened as Ethan had one of his final encounters with Mother Miranda. She left him, lying heartless in the snow of the back field. To her knowledge, she’d won.

    Your body lay aside the wreckage of Karl’s final battle. Heaps of metal surrounded your form, shielding you from the outside. Heavy footsteps imprinted the wet ground as soldiers swarmed the area, taking photos and documenting everything they could. The flash of a camera woke you. Unwilling to move, you remained on the ground. Steady breathing kept you sane as the party of men moved forward to Ethan’s body, then left all together.

    You reached into the pocket of your jeans, withdrawing a frayed slip of photo paper. The body of the man Karl had been fighting sat fifty feet away, you could see the Duke pulling his cart next to him.

    “Duke.” You weren’t sure if he’d be able to hear you, nor were you sure if you’d even managed to get any sound out.

    The man disappeared into the carriage as the wooden doors closed. The Duke turned to regard you.

    “I’m glad to see you’ve survived.” His eyes were sympathetic, scanning your broken face as you held your hand to your chest. “I think this is yours.”

    The rusted tags that Karl wore draped over your open palm.

    “I can feel Lord Heisenberg’s essence through it.” He placed his hand over yours, giving you a pebble of reassurance as more tears fell from your eyes. “He’s still with you.”

    “Thank you,” You choked. “for everything.”

    “Everything, I’m not so sure, Y/n.” The Duke climbed aboard his carriage, and reached into his pocket, withdrawing one of Karl’s cigars and a vintage lighter. He handed them to you as well. “I’d get out of this village if I were you. Miranda is doing something big, and I wouldn’t want to stick around to see the aftermath. Keep your head up.” The black stallion snuffed and began moving. “Think of home.”

    Instinct drove you back to the burning pile of metal that lay in front of the factory gates. You sat down on a piece that looked to have been part of a container at some point.

    Smiling eyes looked back at you as you finally faced the photo. Water stained the edges, blurring the ink. Uncaring of who or what was around, you let your emotions flow freely. The pathetic wail of a widowed woman echoed off the canyon walls. Your nose ran red, and your eyes inflamed.

    “Just in case something happens, and one of us needs it to remember.”

    Uncontrollably, you shook. Your shoulders jerked and trembled with each quivering breath of air you brought into your lungs.

    “Sweetheart, crying isn’t going t’get us anywhere.”

    You looked up with bloodshot eyes. Karl was bloodied, a new gash at the base of his brow, leaking crimson liquid down his face. He wore a crooked smile, his glasses were broken, the lenses having popped out of both frames.

    “You’re not real.” You choked, running the back of your hand over your eyes.

    Kneeling down, he brought his lips to yours. The same spark tingled at your skin. “Did that feel real?”

    “It… but, I just watched you…”

    “You’re not the only one who can fake a death.”

    You rose to your feet, the resonate sound of a slap had him rubbing the side of his face. “What was that for?”

    “Tell me next time, you fucking asshole!”

    “It was a last minute decision.” He reasoned, reaching out to pull you to his side. “You heard the big guy, time to leave.”

    “But Miranda,”

    “Ethan can handle it.” His hands cupped the sides of your face as he stared intensely into your eyes, “I’m not losing you again.”

    The village slowly disappeared in the distance as the sun peeked over the horizon to shine upon the settlement for the last time. You could see helicopters hovering over homes, men descending rope ladders in swarms. Running was your last option. If you’d stayed, whoever they were would have likely captured the two of you.

    As you neared the precipice of the mountainside, you turned at the sound of a thunderous screech. The spiny tentacles of Mother Miranda’s ceremony site curled in on themselves, shifting to a dark shade of brown before becoming stark white, calcifying in on itself.

    “She’s dead.” You muttered, watching as Karl’s tenseness eased immediately. His shoulders dropped and he exhaled, the oppressive weight drifting from his shoulders.

    “Ding dong.” He tightened his grip on your hand. “Bitch is dead. C’mon, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.” You cringed at his joke.

    After another thirty minutes of walking, you were halted in your tracks. The extreme heat of an explosion passed by in waves, creating tiny burns on your exposed skin. When you looked back, the village was engulfed in a cloud of smoke. Fluttering propellers of piloted vehicles made the treetops wave in a sea of chaos.

    The further you walked, the heavier your legs grew. Your chest pounded with the weight of the Cadou parasite grasping its deathly branches at your insides. Karl was slowing as well, his pace was worsening, his stride had shortened.

    “Karl.” You huffed, air hardly able to enter your lungs. “Can we stop for a minute? I need to catch my breath.”

    “Yeah, just,” his head turned in multiple directions, finally falling upon a larger tree to rest against, “over here.”

    He could see it already. Your eyes that once shone an unmatched purity had faded to match the color of his. The limbal rings that held in the gushing blast of color were almost white now. He strangled his tears. He had to stay strong, if not for himself, for you.

    “Alright, down we go.” His arms held you close as the two of you slid your backs down the trunk of the tree, landing together on the dry earth.

    “I’m tired.” Your head lobbed onto his shoulder. “I think I just need a quick nap, then we can keep going.”

    As soon as you closed your eyes, he shook you awake. “Wait. Let’s just talk for a moment.”

    “What do you want to talk about?” Your words slurred into one another.

    “Anything.” He choked. “How many kids do you want?”

    “Kids?” The giggle that left your lips was like a symphony. “We aren’t even married yet, Karl.”

    “I know,” he took his jacket off, draping it over your shoulders, “but a man can dream, can’t he?” The dog tag you had returned to him was now being removed from his neck as he pushed it over yours. “Think of this as a proposal.” His head jerked as he blinked away tears. “I’ll get you a proper ring when we’re out of here. I promise.”

    “In that case, I want two… maybe three if we feel up to it.”

    “I think three’s a perfect number. They’ll get all your beauty,” he leaned back and pulled you closer, “and all my brains.”

    “When did you get all soft and mushy on me?”

    “I don’t know.” He chuckled, feeling the same radiating pain in his chest that you had in yours. “But it feels right.”

    “It does, doesn’t’t.”

    After a moment of silence, you spoke again in a strained whisper. “Karl, I think I know what the Duke was talking about… when he talked about home.” He waited, not wanting to let the breaking of his voice alert you. “You are my home.”

    “You’re my home, too.” Karl held you closer, pulling your face to his as you lay on your backs. Your body was heavy, as if you were paralyzed. He tugged you on top of him, your head pressed to his neck, your arms cradling his side. His kiss was desperate, his lips moved to dominate yours as his hand twisted in your hair.

    “You’re cute.” You mumbled, eyes falling shut. His hands pulled your face back to his.

    “Wait. Just one more.”

    He kissed you again, this time softer, more delicately.

    “Okay.” He breathed. “Y/n, I’m sorry.”

    “For what?” You mumbled against his chest.

    “You’re here because,”

    “Miranda told me.” You interjected, nuzzling your head further into him. “I don’t care. There’s no changing the past.”

    “But I,”

    “I’d never have found you.” Your head rose to his again, leaving a light kiss upon his lips, then his cheek. “We’re free. We can have couple arguments over pointless things in the future, but this, “you pressed your nose into the crook of his neck. “This isn’t something I want to fight over, nor is it something I want you to feel guilty for.”

    “You’re too good to me, doll.”

    “I know,” you smiled, “just let me sleep for a few minutes, then we can get moving again.”




    “I love you.”

    “I love you, too... more than anything.”

    The world fell still for the two of you. Birds chirped somber songs in the trees, their melancholy tunes falling silent upon deaf ears. He cried when the weight of your body lightened and waited desperately for his time to come as well. The wildly individual act reminded him of his fleeting humanity. Perhaps, he wasn’t a monster, nor a freak. But instead, a man who was loved and loved as well. He was a broken individual held together by the golden radiating glue of unconditional love. He is human.

    Eventually, he too would turn to ash.

    But, this time, he was ready for the cold wisps of death to take him.

    He knew the two of you would meet again in one form or another.

    You just had to.

    It was meant to be.

    Thank you for joining me on this journey.

    May our paths cross again in the future.

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