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    i think, based on the Scott Boys’ character traits, they should have switched outfits

    1. David is the shy nerdy one, and Karl’s original outfit portrayed that personality more which is why i was so confused as to why Karl was ever wearing it
    2. Karl is much more of a swashbuckler and hooligan, meaning he should absolutely be wearing that flowy pirate style shirt that David originally had on
    3. Marion is perfect.

    please excuse my horrible horrible photoshop skills

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    Dinotopia (2002) Part 3

    I know everybody seemed to hate Karl, but i genuinely think he’s just misunderstood. It’s mentioned that their father isn’t the greatest guy and I’m fairly certain that Karl was neglected, unlike David who lived with someone else. Karl had disciplinary issues and I think those were his cries for help that were never answered and he just never matured the way he was meant to.

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  • Bonniebirddoesgifs:

    David Scott and Karl Scott (Dinotopia) - Credit if using

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  • Bonniebirddoesgifs:

    David Scott and Karl Scott (Dinotopia) - Credit if using

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    David Scott and Karl Scott (Dinotopia) - Credit if using

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  • Fandom: Dinotopia

    Pairing: Karl Scott x Male Reader

    Summary: (M/N) is a bard that travels over Dinotopia with his saurian partner. By chance he meets one of the newest arrivals on the island.

    A/N: I just found out the dinotopia 2002 mini series isn’t canon. MY LIFE IS A LIE! But that means Karl is bi now. Sorry I don’t make the rules.


    Gif by : data-reel

    (M/N) had traveled all over Dinotopia. From the sandy beaches of Dolphin Coast to the snowy terrain of the forbidden mountains. Out of all of the places he’s visited, Waterfall City has always been one of his favorites. The sound of the rushing water of the falls, and the smell of the water always made him feel at home.

    This time was a little different however. The city was rebuilding after the prime sunstone had failed. The pteranodon swarm had hit the city hard, however the city got off easy compared to Volcaneum. People still died but overall not as much as there could have been. (M/N) couldn’t help but wonder why didn’t everyone just stay inside? The pteranodons wouldn’t have been able to get them inside. Sometimes you had to blame the people.

    The city was looking pretty good now. It was thanks to the new arrivals on the island that there were new sunstones. (M/N) would be lying if he said he wasn’t interested in meeting the new arrivals, hence the reason why he came back to Waterfall City. He hoped he could hear their story and possibly make it into a new song. Before he even could start looking for his new muses, he wanted to catch up with an old friend.

    He turned to look at the Styracosaurus on his left. “ I want to stop by and see Marion before anything Pibo. If you want to go look around you can, I’ll find you later.” Pibo nodded before heading off elsewhere into the city. (M/N) turned and headed towards the school house. It seemed like school had just ended as he saw the children run out. Then he saw her, Marion.

    “So I know you like teaching, but are you just going to be a teacher the rest of your life?” Marion looked at him and smiled before hugging him. “(M/N) it’s so good to see you again. How have you been? Where’s Pibo?” The two turned and began walking. “Oh I’ve been fine, so has Pibo. That whole sunstone crisis was a little worrying but ultimately turned out okay. Pibo’s somewhere here, probably staking out the market.”

    “So what are you doing in Waterfall City?”

    “Can’t I just visit a friend?”

    “You can. But I know you.”

    “Okay okay. I might have come so I could meet the new arrivals aka the heroes of Dinotopia.”

    “You mean Karl and David?”

    “So those are their names. Yes I’d very much like to meet them and hear their story.”

    “Well I’m afraid David had to return to his skybax duties, many towns still need new sunstones. Karl however is still here, I’ll introduce you.”

    “I’d appreciate that very much.”

    (M/N) and Marion continued their way through the city. It was nice catching up, the two hadn’t seen each other for months. He told her about the places that he had travelled to and the new sights he had seen. Eventually the two found themselves in front of a door to a house. Marion had knocked and it wasn’t long before a familiar saurian had answered. “Zippo! How are you old pal?”

    “(M/N)! Oh it is so good to see you again. Oh please do come in you two. I’ll get some tea started.”

    The two entered the house while Zippo went to put on tea. (M/N) sat down at the table with Marion sitting across from him. It wasn’t long before Zippo came back with a tray of tea. “Oh (M/N) I can’t tell you how good it is to see you again. So how have you been?”

    (M/N) reached for the tea. “I’ve been good. I’ve recently come from Sauropolis, it’s very lovely this time of the year. Though everything with the sunstones put everyone into a panic.”

    “Yes that was quite unfortunate. Thankfully Karl and David were able to help.” Zippo looked up before his eyes widened. “Oh Karl! Come meet (M/N)!”

    (M/N) turned and immediately lost his breath. The man in front of him was very good looking. He couldn’t but help notice the newcomer’s clothes, they definitely were not from Dinotopia. He stood up and held out his hand. “I’m (M/N), it’s nice to meet you.” The other man took his other hand and gave him a bright smile. “Karl. Karl Scott. Nice to meet you.” The two kept staring at each other and shaking their hands…maybe for too long since Marion interrupted.

    “Karl, (M/N) is a friend of mine. He was wondering if he could hear your story about coming to Dinotopia.”

    The two stopped shaking their hands and pretending like nothing happened. “Yes please. I’m a bard, I travel Dinotopia learning what I can while also writing about it. I also love to perform and have a good voice if I may say so myself.”

    “Y-yeah I’d love to. I just put 26 down for her nap. When would you like to do this?”

    (M/N) grinned. “The sooner the better, but it’s up to you. I won’t leave Waterfall City until I have my story.”

    Karl smirked. “Then maybe I should hold off for a bit.”

    (M/N) could feel himself blush. “Good because I want to hear more stories about your travels!” they turned to look at Zippo who looked more than pleased. “For you dear Zippo,anything.”

    They continued to talk about the many adventures that (M/N) had been on. Everyone else also shared their stories of what happened during the sunstone crisis. (M/N) made sure to write down all of it. Later Marion had to leave, while Zippo was going to the library, (M/N) figured it was a good time to spend more time with Karl.

    “Shall we? I’d love to introduce you to Pibo.”

    “Sounds good to me. Lead the way.”

    Karl followed (M/N) out into the streets of Waterfall city. The sun was going down giving the sky a beautiful orange color to it. The two men continued to talk while they were walking, neither wanting to waste their time together. It wasn’t long before they reached the market place, most of the stalls had closed. “Huh, I wonder where he is. PIBO!” With that the styracosaurus came running out from around the corner. “There’s my boy!” (M/N) patted Pibo’s frill. “Karl this is Pibo, Pibo Karl. He’s one of the newbies. He’s already told me a lot but we’re gonna talk more.”

    “It’s nice to meet you Pibo.” Karl nodded his head. “Maybe he’d want to meet 26 sometime.”

    “I too would like to meet her. Now come on, I know the perfect place for us to continue our talk.”

    That’s how the two found themselves sitting on a bench overlooking the many different waterfalls. The sun had fallen even more and now it was a nice shade of purple. Pibo was sitting down on the ground next to (M/N) while he was sitting next to Karl on the bench. (M/N) had pulled out his journal and began to show Karl his notes and drawings.

    “These are of the architecture from Chandara. I think you’d love Chandara, however it has a very complicated relationship with western Dinotopia. You have to have special connections to let you in, so if you ever want to go let me know.”

    “What’s in Chandara?”

    “It’s a city of Gardens. Many river’s run through the city and it’s pretty wild. They don’t really have any democratic system. However it does have a large population and is described as a magical city.”

    “No law huh?”

    “I didn’t say that. But the codes aren’t really followed there. Figured that would peak your interest.”

    “Oh it does. I’d love to go.”

    “We should go then sometime. I’d say we could invite Marion, but being the daughter of the Mayor of Waterfall City wouldn’t really be good there.”

    “That’s fine, I think it’d be a good trip for just the two of us anyways.”

    “Just the two of us eh?”

    “Is that a problem?”

    “Not at all.”

    (M/N) might have only just met Karl, but something told him they’d be spending a lot more time together.

    #dinotopia#Karl scott #Karl scott x male reader #Karl scott x male!reader #Karl scott x reader #Karl scott imagines #x male reader #x male!reader
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  • This song has got me through a lot of mornings that I didn’t want to leave the house. It’s by a very dear friend of mine and I hope it helps you too

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  • Dinotopia is fucking weird

    So I watched the first part of Dinotopia today and… I’m so confused.

    Like, I’m partially confused as to what’s happening because the plot is a mess but I’m just mostly confused as HOW THE FUCK DO TOU COME UP WITH THIS SHIT.

    Cyrus straight up knocked out a talking dinosaur, put him in a sack, and threw him in a river. That was an actual thing that happened. And the kind of love triangle going on between the Karl, David and Marion is painful.

    I’m not even sure who I’m meant to be rooting for and who the bad guys are. Both brothers are dicks but also nice sometimes. And Marion seems to have a thing for both of them. Cyrus and Zippo both want to uncover the truth about the sunstones and the World Beneath but one’s loyal to the council and one’s a rebel. And Cyrus steals from and attacks Zippo, so they’re not working together. Cyrus seems to be good by trying to expose the council for hiding the secret about the failing sunstones but then goes and attacks Zippo who is one of the ‘nice’ trustworthy ones.

    It just seems like everyone is in this morally grey area and there’s no one to actually follow and no specific main character.

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  • Karl why are you such an ass?

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  • Okay so when I was growing up I used to love the mini-series Dinotopia. Everytime it was on I’d get super excited and demand we watch it… I found it recently for $5 and I bought it… OF COURSE. But you know what really bugged me? They got to the end and they didn’t tell you if Karl or David ended up with Marion. They just leave it when it’s been a big thing the whole way through! Seriously it bugs me when they do that in movies.
    Also it reminded me of just how attractive Tyron Leitso is. Now to watch Snow white Fairest of them all because he’s in that being sweet and adorable and just LET ME CUDDLE YOU!

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  • Ok so this is pretty mush the end of the project!! with just one song left to do tomorrow. Today time got away form me and I was  not able to give the song what I wanted! if I could have had an extra hour to perfect it it would be a much better video!! but I like that I was able to do a more upbeat song, Alex tends to write more upbeat songs, and so it felt fitting!!

    The reason Time got away was because I decided to do the poem FIRST today, and my goodness was that a difficult task!! I literally had NOTHING, and no matter what I did i could not find anything. What I ended up doing was making notes!! I had an idea about white in my mind for a number of days now, so I decided to just do that!! so I wrote a list of things that were white. Then I just got on with other things trying to ponder this list and add to it. After a while i sat down at the computer and write the list, and then I put with each item what I felt it might represent. Then I would write about the representation, but i couldn’t figure out how to tie it in with the thing that I had listed - so basically i decided to ‘be poetic’ and just kind of leave it as a random obscure statement at the end of the stanza!!! this was more out of frustration than Any really art!! but i guess sometimes things happen like that - some call it happy accidents!! This whole process at the computer took me about 2 hours!!! this was a very difficult thing to wrestle into existence!! but I managed it, and although I ma not SO pleased with it, I am still happy that I managed to do it, for a while I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to!!!

    Anyway there we are the end of the 5 working days project!! And its been such a good feeling to be so productive, to be able to look back on the week and see actual things created! And perhaps there might be some milage in these things to go back to and work on some more! But most of all I have really enjoyed the collaboration factor and the handing of batons from me and Alex, it has been really great!!!

    Well I need to go now and get ready for a little show!!! - oh no i’m LATE!!!!!!

    #creativity project journal #creativity project#karl scott
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  • Shades of White

    Arms coiled round shoulder
    fingers interlaced without engineering
    no choreography here
    Feathers of a swan

    Inspiration drawn and caught
    Line, curve, style and movement
    without fault
    Light from the moon

    Conversation glows like fire
    Being blown on by bellowing wind
    Let’s talk some more
    Milk in my glass

    There is a lingering question
    The answer of which is already known
    I simply ignore it
    This empty page

    A healthy reluctance is held
    A strange back-and-forth dance performed
    more back than forth
    Snow on a mountain

    Hairline fractures, not quite healed
    Hidden and locked like a secret draw
    A desire to minister
    A Porcelain Doll

    Skin like rich matt paint
    Or a deep bag of finely ground flour
    Or high, dreamy clouds
    A simile in another poem

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  • “I used to not eat lunch when I was in college and save my dinner money and buy a new tape at the end of the week.” -Karl Scott 

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  • Who I write for (irl):

    • Corpse Husband
    • Valkyrae
    • Sykkuno
    • Pokimane
    • Karl Jacobs

    Who I write for (fictional):

    • Grey’s Anatomy (Jo Wilson, Callie Torres, Arizona Robbins, Lexie Grey, Meredith Grey, Jackson Avery, Alex Karev)
    • Teen Wolf (Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Liam Dunbar, Theo Raekan, Malia Tate)
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe (Peter Parker, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers)

    Request Rules:

    I learnt on my old account that writing requests that you don’t like is really hard, so I want to say that I will not automatically write a request if it follows all my rules. I will probably write the vast majority, however, certain requests will not be written if I’m not passionate about the concept or feel as though I can’t write it well :)

    • PLEASE specify what pronouns you want to be used, if none are specified I will use they/them
    • I won’t write smut, it can be insinuated but only in requests for fictional characters
    • If the character/person in the request is 18+, the reader will automatically be written as 18+
    • For irl people, no pregnancy/death AUs (other AUs are fine, such as soulmate or social media)
    • *TRIGGER WARNING* No requests involving ab*se, r*pe or anything like that will be written. Same goes for requests involving mental illness, I will only write about dissociation, anxiety and depression as those are all things I have experienced. 

    Requests that don’t follow these rules will not be written!

    Other things:

    • I will not write about Corpse’s health issues in detail, nor will I write requests centred around them. This goes for comforting him during flare ups, accompanying him to appointments, etc. I don’t feel comfortable doing this personally, no shade to writers who do! 
    • If at ANY point one of my fics violates an IRL person’s comfort zone, please let me know! It will be deleted ASAP. 

    I know this list may seem extensive, but I want everyone involved to be comfortable and happy about what is written on this account. I’ve always believed writing for IRL people is a tricky situation sometimes, so I’ve put a lot of these rules in place for that reason and out of respect for the people I’ve chosen to write for. 

    #corpse x reader #corpse husband x reader #valkyrae x reader #pokimane x reader #karl jacobs x reader #sykkuno x reader #jo wilson x reader #meredith grey x reader #lexie grey x reader #callie torres x reader #alex karev x reader #arizona robbins x reader #jackson avery x reader #stiles stilinksi x reader #scott mccall x reader #lydia martin x reader #malia tate x reader #liam dunbar x reader #theo raekan x reader #peter parker x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #steve rogers x reader
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  • 10 Fashion Documentaries That You Have To Watch in 2021

    10 Fashion Documentaries That You Have To Watch in 2021

    During the 2008 film Valentino: The Last Emperor, Karl Lagerfeld approaches Valentino Garavani moments after the closure of his final runway collection before retirement and whispers in his ear: “Compared to us, the rest just make rags.” It’s an exchange that captures more than what is being said, framing two prolific dressmakers as they reflect on a combined century plus of work. It’s also a…


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    #Bill Cunningham New York #Boss Woman: Anna Wintour #Designers#Fashion Documentaries#Halston #House of Z #Iris #Jeremy Scott: The People&039;s Designer #Karl Lagerfeld #Kevyn Aucoin Beauty & the Beast in Me #L&039;Amour Fou#Lagerfeld Confidential#Mademoiselle C #Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton #Martin Margiela: In His Own Words #Saint Laurent #Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf #Seamless #The First Monday In May #The Gospel According To André #The Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story #The Legacy Of Alexander McQueen #The September Issue #Valentino: The Last Emperor #Very Ralph
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