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  • the-sad-gay-cactus
    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Corpse and Karl discussing about matching tattoos gives me :) happy

    #the sad gay cactus #mainly because I can’t wait to get matching tattoos nabxjsndhsc #karl jacobs#karljacobs#corpse husband #corpse and karl #yeeee #also george it there too pffff #gnf #george not found #✨they✨ #I want a new tattoo it’s been so long #lloooooonnnngg video
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  • themboyz
    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Karl is playing Wolf Among Us with Corpse and George on his alt (karlnetwork) rn.

    #karljacobs my beloved #karl jacobs#karljacobs#dsmp karl #george my beloved #georgenotfound my beloved #corpse my beloved #corpse husband my beloved
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  • mothra-mcyt
    17.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    ☾ KarlJacobs Masterlist ☽

    ᯽ Headcanons ᯽

    ❥ Their reaction to you falling asleep on them

    ❥ Their reaction to reader sleeping with stuffed animal

    ❥ Their reaction to reader stimming

    ❥ Their reaction to reader getting sick

    ᯽ Scenarios/Oneshots ᯽

    ❥ None yet

    ᯽ SFW Alphabet ᯽

    ❥ Not done yet

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  • amitlee
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #mcyt tickle #mcyt tickle fic #tickle fic #lee!karljacobs #lee!karl #ler!sapnap #Ler!quackity #Ler!jimmy #Ler!mr.beast #Ler!chris #platonic
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  • glitchedtextures
    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    He’s so colorful 💜💚

    #Karl jacobs my beloved #minecraft#mcyt#dream smp#dreamsmp#minecraft streamers#glitchydraws#karl jacobs#KarlJacobs #karl jacobs fanart #dream smp fanart #dream smp fandom #dream smp karl #mcytblr#mcyters#mcyt fanart #tales from the smp
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  • lamow
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago




    #i miss them so much guys please #dream smp#mcyt#georgenotfound#gnf#sapnap#karljacobs #the feral boys #feral boys#feraltwt
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  • king-of-minecraft
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Karl, Sapnap and Quackity got snowed in!


    for my friend @luniwastaken on twitter!!!

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  • sp-ace-bar12
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    We're going feral 🥴 I hate that emoji so much lol . #dreamsmp #dreamsmpfanart #dreamfanart #georgenotfound #georgenotfoundfanart #quackity #quackityfanart #sapnap #sapnapfanart #karljacobs #karljacobsfanart #feralboys #feralboysfanart #mcyt #mcytfanart https://www.instagram.com/p/CQJajliFd1L/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • crunchyspringonions
    15.06.2021 - 3 days ago


    (For a dtiys on insta)

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  • illegal-avacado
    15.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Karlnap <3 :D

    #colors go brrrr #colors look nice :) #proud of this one #I LOVE THEM #KARLOOOOOS#SAPPY NAPPY#SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR#Karlnap <3#mcyt#fanart#sapnap#karljacobs #alrighty goodbye now
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  • graqefruito
    13.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    cherry red changes- karl jacobs

    pairing: karl jacobs x gn!reader

    type: angst, sad

    cw: depression, toxic relationship (no details though)possibly triggering questions (about self-worth)

    hey :) i wrote this a while back and it has been in my drafts for ages because it felt too unrelated to Karl for me to post, but i really like some of the descriptions and it was like a descriptive test or practice for me to just try and improve my detail!! i thought i would post it anyway as i do kind of like it, but sorry there isn’t more actual Karl content i guess is what i’m trying to say! have a lovely day <3 + send in requests!!!

    Change is good right? Your mind pondered over that thought for a while as your hand sifted through your hair, each auburn curl coiling round your stained fingers. My hair looks good this colour right? Your gaze fell to your coloured hands, the permanent red glaring like the hands of a crook caught in the act.

    Staring back up into the mirror, you saw your cheeks wore the same cardinal colouring. So did you eyes, bloodshot from crying. Just last week you were fine, trudging through life at a steady pace. But that’s the thing about depression. It’s silent. You’ll never really hear it coming. It doesn’t tumble around the kitchen at night smashing glasses, it doesn’t wail loudly as it creeps up to your door, it doesn’t meant a siren before it seeps into your mind, intoxicated it like a drug. But then, it’s suddenly the loudest sound in your head. It constantly runs off to dark corners and retuning with reasons why Karl left, why you aren’t good enough, why you were never good enough.

    Sure maybe it is a bit silly of you to think that changing such a minuscule element such as the raw colour of your hair would make it go. Make the tone-dead voices leave. Nonetheless, you were perched there, crimson locks surrounding your face, and you felt almost together. You may have been lonely, but were you alone? Perhaps not, you of course would like to think not. You’d like to think that as solitary and separated you may feel that in reality you were drowning in a ambience of love.

    Though since Karl had walked out shouting a plethora of brutish words, that seemed like a less and less tangible reality. It was for the best though. Years and years you had spent trying to make him the one; years trying to chip at and smooth down his personality. Two years, twenty four months dedicated to sanding him down to perfection, to removing any quirks or temper issues he had shown.

    However, love shouldn’t and doesn’t work like that. So, when the somber grey message flashed through your phone, a deep wave of pure relief crashed over you, spilling into each and every crack that he had shattered into you. It warmed you gently. For a moment, you were calm, then the guilt of your happy reaction flushed into you and a ball of grim, sticky remorse tumbled round your stomach.

    Only a few hours later did the subdued sorrow flood you as realisation finally hit, kicked and punched, leaving your body bruised. The fathomless heartbreak cracked every bone in you as melancholy slowly glued each one back together. Since that moment, it got worse, piling up, crushing your mind, forcing you into a state of nadir. Your relationship with Karl had been a parody of perfection, yet the bounded, few sentimental times you sporadically shared were so intensely amorous, it made up for every cut-throat word, cold tear and cruel toxicity. His cobalt blue eyes and shaggy brown hair had now propelled you into a hot frenzy of despair, yet no longer would you let this occur, it was eating at you alive.

    Howbeit, it may of been small, looking at yourself in the mirror, a small twinkle glittered in your eyes leaving a flush of bliss race through you. Maybe red was your colour after all.

    #karljacobs imagines #karl jacobs imagine #karl jacobs angst #mcyt imagine#mcyt imagines#mcyt angst #mcyt x reader #karl jacobs x reader #karl jacobs x you #karl jacobs x y/n #feral bois imagine #karl jacobs oneshot #mcyt oneshot #mcyt x you #mcyt drabble #karl jacobs drabble
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  • themboyz
    12.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Watch "Teaching Streamers How to Paint Their Nails" on YouTube

    If anyone is interested Simply Nailogical made video about and for streamers that paint their nails. 😊💅🏻

    The fact that Punz got her holo taco nail polish like???

    #karljacobs my beloved #karl jacobs my beloved #karl jacobs #punz my beloved #punz mcyt#punz#mcyters#streamers #sapnap my beloved #dsmp sapnap#sapnap#Youtube
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  • chaoticwriter0526
    12.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Simple Times

    Written By: chaoticwriter0526 & shy-ghost-1008

    Contains: Angst, Memory loss, Swearing, Fight

    Ship Included?: Yes, Karlnapity

    A/N: A fic that was written purely because we saw a tiktok with a headcannon where Sapnap lost a cannon life from heartbreak instead of getting stabbed. I can’t remember the person’s user name, but credit to them for the headcannon. Hope you enjoy.


    The glow of the mushroom kingdom softly came into view. Quackity slumped over an axe over his back, fixed his beanie, and began walking into the center of the floral town. 

    So this is what they were up to. Huh, I thought it’d be bigger.

    As Quackity moves into the town, his heart stops as he spots a familiar white bandana. Sapnap, drooling on a bench under a huge cherry tree. 

    Suddenly, the tools on his back feel out of place as memory after memory flash in front of his eyes. I love you’s whispered in the dark, jokes told and laughter shared in between, the petty fights over the theme of the wedding. Simpler times.

    “Quackity? Is that you?” 

    Sapnap awoke from his nap, wiped the drool from his face, and slowly stood up. “I can’t believe it! I haven’t seen you in almost a year! Karls going to be so happy when he gets back. I-”

    “Sapnap.” Quackity’s eyes dimmed. “You’re a fucking idiot, you ran off made this?” He gestured over to the library. “When was the last time I talked to you? Oh, since Doomsday. Months ago Sapnap. It feels like fucking years since we spoke, no, since we MET” 

    “Quackity, I tried-” Sapnap sighed. 

    Slowly but surely, little droplets of water began to fall. In no time, rain was pouring over an unfortunate situation. 

    “You didn’t fucking try. You failed at everything.” He starts counting on his fingers. “Being friends with Dream, taking power, and our relationship.” 

    “Fucking George, told me about this shitty place. George of ALL PEOPLE” His shouts get louder, a noise to compare to the thunder in the distance. “YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BOTHERED TO TELL ME, TO EVEN WRITE A LETTER.” His eyes begin to show the rage that had been bottled up inside.

    Sapnap’s eyes fill with fear, fear that he’ll never see his fiance ever again, never to recover the damage that he made. He caused this to happen. He made Quackity end up like this. He was the reason for everyone's problems. 

    The thunder boomed and rumbled throughout Kinoko Kingdom...but it was quiet compared to the shattering noise that he heard. Not the shattering of glass or the shattering of a mirror...but the shattering of a heart.

    His heart.

    Sapnap fell to the ground, he was covered in mud, but he didn’t mind. He felt an immense pain in his chest and falls unconscious. Looking up to Quackity, and slowly closing his eyes.

     Quackity looked at his rings. Karls ring and Sapnaps ring. Laughter floods into his ears. He looks up and sees he's at a table with Karl and Sapnap. Both of their faces scratched out. In that moment, he feels warm, finally home. He smiles and joins in laughing. 

     Thunder wakes him up from the dream. Shaking, he twists both of the rings off. With the utmost confidence, he threw them in the mud in front of Sapnap. 

    “I hope you’re fucking happy.”

    Quackity spins around and starts walking. The rain made it harder to see where he was going. It was almost as if it was staining his face, making streaks. He wipes the salty water out of his eyes and curses the weather. 

    He reaches the front gates of Kinoko Kingdom. He stops and hesitates looking back. Seeing Sapnap laying in the frozen mud, he quickly turns back and makes his way out. 

    Sapnap drifted in darkness. His body, nothing but a lifeless vessel. And then he was shaking. Well, he wasn’t shaking...someone was shaking him. Light slowly returned to his vision. He blinked. Once. Twice. 


    Karl was above him saying...something. He looked panicked. Why was he panicked? Why was there so much light when the sky was so dark? What happened?

    Sound. Muffled sound. He shook his head to clear it. 

    “...and you really scared me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just grabbed your body and ran and I-” He lifted his hand and cupped Karl’s cheek before he could get too worked up over...whatever happened. 

    “Hey, hey, it’s okay. Breath, can you do that for me? In and out.” They sat together, just breathing. When Karl was calm enough, Sapnap spoke again, “What happened?” 

    He paused. “T-the guy you were talking to. He seemed mad about...something and brought out a flint and steel.” Karl took in a shaky breath, “He burned our home.”

    With that, Sapnap finally took a look at his surroundings. They were outside Kinoko Kingdom’s borders...or what used to be Kinoko Kingdom. Taking the place of the mushroom buildings was a fiery inferno eating away the wood, the stone, the trees, everything. For once, the pyromaniac was frightened of the same force that he loved.

    “Sapnap?” He turned to Karl’s voice, the pain and fear that laced his love’s voice broke him more than words can describe, “Who was that guy?”

    Strange how distance can change your perspective on things. From the hill, the fire didn’t look so bad...but Quackity didn’t care to look. He continued his march forward, ignoring the pain in his heart. Ignoring the memories. Ignoring the faint whispers of ‘I love you’s’, the faint laughter from jokes shared, the distant bickering of petty fights and what the theme of the wedding should be. Ignoring the simpler times.

    Simple times that are now long forgotten.

    #mcyt#karlnapity#angst#fanfiction#dreamsmp #c!sapnap #c!karljacobs #c!quackity
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  • apiki
    10.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Xx Dick Size & Kinks xX [Head Canon]

    Hi my little simps! I’m back and its almost summer- i’m graduating college tomorrow! so expect more uploads! i love ya’ll! now on with the sex shit -Apiki Ship: Variates ----------------------------------------------- -Dream- His about 10 inches i’d say, pretty big, his kinks? oh man- scream daddy and he’ll love it, he would fucking fuck you like its his life, saying shit like “oh yeah? you like when daddy fucks you like this?” “your such a slut for daddy, aren’t you?”  -GeorgeNotFound-

    He is about average in size, he probably is about 7 inches i’d say, not to big or to small? you’ll decide, his really into praising and cockwarming- praise him when his sub and he’ll go AWOGA -Sapnap- His fucking packed, he is 11 inches- holy jesus i want that cock in me, his kinks? i’d say his pretty into degrading his partner, DADDY KINK FOLKS, BONDAGE HELL YEAH HE LIKES TYING YOU UP AND FUCK YOU DUMB -C!JSchlatt- Mans huge, his like 16 inches i’d want to say, he loves to see you struggle to fit him in you, but when you manage to fit him, he’ll just fuck you dumb, degrade you? fuck yeah, basically anything his into- specially degrading- -C!Technoblade- This bitch is HUGE, his like 19 inches, he’d destroy you, he loves watching you struggle to fit his cock inside you, yeah, he has a size kink, manz loves to fuck his tiny little human till she’s passed out, he also has a breeding kink but he doesn’t talk about it much -DreamXD- HIS A LITERAL GOD, HIS LIKE 22 INCHES I’D SAY? MANZ HUGE- HE CAN DESTROY YOU- anyways- uhm- haha- his into degrading i’d say, bondage probably, his just a god who likes to fuck his mortal -FoolishGamers- This bitch is bigger then DreamXD, his fucking 23 inches, try to fit this cock in ya’, i’d say his into praising, honestly anything that doesn’t hurt you, his a open god -Awesamdude- I’d say his pretty big, 17 inches, slightly bigger then Schlatt, his into pretty much a lot, you can choose -KarlJacobs- His like 9 inches, his into praising ofc, he is just like the most of the guys- his into pretty much anything as long as it won’t hurt you ---------------------------------------------- I’M LAZY- SORRY FOR THIS SHORT ASS UPLOAD THING- I WILL UPLOAD MORE SOON ENOUGH- I PROMISE -Apiki

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  • pancakemanwastaken
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago


    Staring Karl Jacobs


    (I love you Karl :3 so your getting your own movie)

    #karl jacobs #karljacobs x reader #karl jacobs smut #lovekarljacobs #i love karl jacobs
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  • swordlip-dreamsmpincorrect
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    quackity: are you keeping secrets from me?

    sapnap and karl: nope

    quackity: um, k, well, my horoscope says that youre keeping secrets and the stars dont lie, so...

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