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  • #assassin's creed: odyssey #acodedit#vgcaps#vgedit#kassandra #i hate this game so much i'm sure it hates me back
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  • #kassandra#Assassin's Creed #assassin's creed odyssey #ac odyssey
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    i thought spartans drank blood for breakfast

    #ok fine im obsessed #assassin's creed #assassin's creed: odyssey #ac: odyssey#kassandra#brasidas#kassidas #you're getting soft 🥺🥺
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  • meeting again in the underworld

    #assassin's creed #assassin's creed: odyssey #ac: odyssey#kassandra#brasidas#kassidas #there's like..not enough content for them so #i'm making it myself lmfao #i wish i could be bothered doing it properly and like #replacing the subtitles and shiddd but #cbf lel
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  • #kyra x kassandra #kassandra x kyra #kassandra#kyra #assassin's creed odyssey #Assassin's Creed#odyssey#fanfiction#fanfic
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  • image

    The Grandaughter of Leonidas

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  • “Would you mind… staying with me for a moment?”

    The Timotheos series (3/?); tagging @spartan-officer-brasidas. Anyone else wanna join the party?

    #kassandra#Timotheos #assassin's creed odyssey #ac odyssey #she gives him one of the most beautiful smiles in the game #I love them #otp#my caps#Assassin's Creed #Kass knows how to handle ptsd #Lost Tales of Greece #kassandra x timotheos
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  • AC: Odyssey ~Kassandra - He Mele No Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch)

    Had so much fun making this. The song has been on my list for a long time and I finally found something to fit it. Enjoy everyone! 

    Song: He Mele No Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch)
    Fandom: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

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  • Kassandra requested by @murmaider

    #assassin's creed#Kassandra #assassin's creed odyssey #aco #artists on tumblr #what aM I DOING #WOMEN ARE SO HARD FAM #AHHH
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  • Might make a YouTube video about how inaccurate the Pythia in AC Odyssey is but instead of being Brian David Gilbert I’m an autist with no exams and a gaming addiction

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  • Ok so I decided to do something different and so what if Desmond taught his ancestors how to play undertale and decide to let them pick what route to pick first.

    Altair: Altair did genocide first then neutral then pacifist and then he just tried to find all the secrets in the game that he could find, leaving no stone unturned. he’s more interested in the lore then the characters in the game. He claims that he doesn’t have a favorite character but he secretly likes sans. Only Desmon was the only one who knew this little secret of his, he knows this because he saw Altair looking up San’s theme song (magalovania) on the phone Desmond gave him. The reason why he never told anyone was because Altair threatened to kill him if he told. Altair knows sans is practically everyone’s favorite character but he doesn’t care he just likes sans cause he can relate to him in some ways and he likes his theme song, the only thing he doesn’t like about sans is his jokes.

    Ezio: ezio did flirt pacifist route first and would charm and flirt his way threw fights. His favorite fight was with Mettaton both pacifist and genocide, sometimes the others would catch him doing the same poses Mettaton would do in the game in his room. He liked to think his friendship with leonardo was just like Mettaton and Alphys’s friendship. The hardest fight he had to do was the end of the neutral route he’d been stuck on the fight for hours refusing to turn off the computer to take a break from the game, after 2 hours and a half and with some help from Desmond and Altair he finally beat the route.

    Connor: connor would do pacifist route first. When connor got to snowdon and found out he could pet the dog characters in the game, let’s just say he spent hours petting lesser dog, he petted him so much he actually managed to break threw the screen… don’t ask how it happened… it just… happened. Connor’s favorite fight was with dogs except on genocide it pained him to do genocide and fight the animals. His favorite characters were the animal based characters even the amalgamates (except for burger pants) but his most favorite character was tammy he even help tammy get to college. When Connor meet toreil for the first time he would think of his mother when he got to know toreil’s character more it almost broke his heart to do genocide and kill the animal characters in the game. Connor never finshed genocide becauseof it (that and because he had a struggle fighting sans). Just like everyone else he found flowey to be most creepy, both him and Altair didn’t trust flowey the first time they saw him. (They were right not to trust him nothing is true everything is permitted.)

    Desmond: Desmond did neutral run first mainly because he couldn’t decide which route to do first then he did pacifist then genocide. Desmond would play the game like another person would but when he ran into gaster, he reminded him of an old friend he had made threw his journey to save the world. His favorite character was frisk cause he to could also relate to frisk having to save the underground and Desmond having to save the world. He liked having to have a say in things and having his own choices. But of course his second favorite character was sans mainly cause of the memes about sans and jokes sans would tell in the game. He also thought the whole time travelling prank sans did was funny and was super excited to see sans in smash (as a mii fighter)

    Kassandra and Alexios: Kassandra and Alexios both did genocide first just to get a challenge from the game, then they did neutral for the flowey boss fight. The spartan twins favorite character and fight was with undyne both genocide and pacifist, but both had a meager headaches fighting sans. They saw sans as their biggest challenge yet, to them sans was an enemy they must defeat. they spent weeks and nights trying to beat sans. Eventually they beat sans and as a victory they both shouted from the top of their lungs, that everyone in the house heard it… GET DUNKED ON SANS! at the same time together.

    Edward: Edward didn’t care which one to started off with (neutral), all he cared was get as much money in the game as possible. He even looked up a tutorial on how to hack his way into getting alot of money. He had so much money he bought the tammy armor on his first run. His favorite character was undyne as well as her fights. His least favorite was chara cause just like flowey and everyone in the house chara. creeped. him. out.

    Jacob: Jacob did pacifist first then neutral, he never bothered finishing genocide run only because he never was able to beat sans in a fight Jacob spent a month and a half before giving up and expected defeat. Jacob loved playing pacifist run, he loved all the characters but his most favorite characters were the skela-font bros he saw evie and him like the skeleton brothers, more specially papyrus was his favorite he loved how papyrus was always goofy, funny and loving, his favorite papyrus moment was when he jumped out of undyne’s house window. He even did it the stunt himself and let’s just say Shaun was pissed at him for a week, making Shaun having to be the one to replace the busted window. His second favorite was sans just because he told a lot of good jokes jokes jokes🎶

    Evie: evie also did pacifist first mainly cause Jacob bagged her to do pacifist first. And she did not regret doing pacifist first she also enjoyed doing the pacifist run. She loved the music, the characters, the story of the game was amazing. Evie also did neutral and genocide too but I would never top pacifist. Her favorite character was Asriel. She found his goat form so cute and felt so bad for him making flowey less creepy and scarey to her.

    Arno: did neutral first. When he found out about the poor six children that fell in the underground he felt bad. See how they help him made him feel hope full for the young generation and felt like there was hope for humanity he felt determined. He then did pacifist run. His favorite color was muffet, he loved the music muffet had in her battle and he admired the fact that she specialized in baking, it reminded him of the pastries in France. When he fought her in genocide run and saw her death for some reason it reminded him of Elsie… everyone in the house had to help cheer him up that day.

    Haytham: Haytham did neutral first genocide then pacifist. His favorite character is Asgore. Haytham honestly agrees with Asgore having to need the six human souls, he had to do what he had to do to set the monsters free. He mainly did neutral because he didn’t want to be friends with anyone but also didn’t want to kill anyone. When he did the flowey fight he was disturbed and scard for life. He had no problem doing genocide but everytime he killed an animal based character (especially dogs) his son connor would give him murder eyes for every one he killed. When he finshed genocide connor forced him to do pacifist just to make it up… and he did… eventually after some father and son punching talking.

    Bayke: Bayke did pacifist first then neutral. He never did genocide cause he did like the idea of killing innocent monsters of the underground. He got a little teary eyed when he finshed neutral run see how the monsters he met in the underground were still doing good and miss the human child and he felt bad for the six human children that have fallen into the under ground. He even let his hawk Senu watch him play. His favorite character is sans and monster kid. He like sans for the funny puns he made and monster kid cause he was such a sweet kid and admired his determination to help defend the human child frisk.

    Clay: clay did pacifist first then neutral. He never did genocide run, it reminded him to much of what the templars and assassins have done to humanity behind the seances. He played undertale from inside Sean’s computer. His favorite character is W.D. Gaster because just like gaster he was stuck alone in a void like environment watch as the world moves on with out him too…

    GASTER: 🖐 ♐♏♏● 🔼□🔷️🔳 🔲♋♓◼

    • Bonus

    In the assassin house hold

    Altair, Ezio, connor, and Desmond were sitting on the couch watching TV while shaun sat at the dinning room table working on his computer while rebecca sat across from him listening to music. Evie had just came walking in and sat on the livingroom ground in front of the couch.

    Evie: what are you guys up to?

    Desmond: watching tiger king on Netflix.

    Connor: I hate this show. This guy and his crew are just hurting innocent animals for fun with no reason behind this act what so ever.

    Ezio: ya Leonard would not approve of this show at all.

    Altair: … where is your brother at?

    Evie: oh he’s playing that game Desmond showed us.

    Altair: which one?

    Evie: undertale I believe.

    Desmond: still trying to beat genocide run ay?

    Evie: *sigh* ya, still trying to beat that skeleton in the genocide run.

    Altair: that fight was easy, it took me an hour and a half to beat it.

    Ezio: it’s been almost a month in half, he’s never gonna beat it.

    Connor: didn’t you also struggle with the sans fight too? Didn’t you ask Altair and Desmond to help you beat it.

    Ezio: … shut up connor. and hey eventually I did beat sans on my own thank you every much!

    A sudden shout could be heard from up stairs. Everyone paused what they were doing as a sudden sound of loud running foots steps came rushing down the stairs.

    Jacob ran down to the living room with a black laptop that had the assassin’s creed syndicate symbol on it.

    The next thing they knew Jacob slammed the laptop onto the coffee table next to the couch, surprisingly it didn’t break on impact. And at the top of his lungs he began to shout so loud that the entire house heard him shout.


    Jacob threw one of his throwing dart at the living room window, shattering it to pieces and with no hesitation he yeeted himself out the window.

    Jacob: NEEEEAY!!!

    Jacob landed face first onto the grass of the front yard. Everyone on the couch sat up the minute he jumped out the window as well as evie. Rebecca slowly removed her earbuds out from her ear, Shaun slowly closing his laptop everyone’s jaws dropped in that moment.

    Soon everyone in the house had heard the commotion going on from their rooms and came rushing down stairs to investigate, upon seeing what Jacob had done their jaws dropped as well.

    Shaun: … *deep in hale* … JACOB WHAT THE FU-

    If assassin’s creed characters played undertale | part 1 | coming soon |

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  • Assassins Creed settings I’d like to see (feel free to add on)

    • Civil War
    • WW2
    • WW1
    • Vietnam
    • Roaring Twenties
    • Ancient Rome (after the fall of caesar in Origins)
    • Korean War
    • Spanish American War
    • Cold War (?)
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