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  • mrskurono
    04.12.2021 - 39 minutes ago
    #roast the hell outta katsuki he needs to stay humble <3 #fucking self shipping with deku....eww what is wrong with me #selfshipsaturday #three.games #🍋.♡ #anon
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  • bxbycake
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #devilish clover<3 #clover x katsuki #I DON’T KNOW WHERE THIS CAME FROM BUT I LOVE IT
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  • fizzychocolatemilk
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Read “Girls and Boys” by Itsmeluvxx on AO3, and AKDJFHASDKFJH the genderfluid rep has me shaking. Katsuki realized he is genderfluid after identifying as trans for most of his life. He comes out to 1-A. That’s it.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVED this fic. Katsuki was insecure as well as confident, and beautiful and handsome, and ughhhhhh... This captures the topics of gender exploration and genderfluidity really well, and finishes it off with a cute coming-out scene. What more could you want?






    #fizzy's fic recs #bakugou katsuki#bkdk#bakudeku#established bakudeku #it's more of a gen fic though #genderfluid katsuki#coming out#fluff #short and sweet #<3 <3 <3
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  • r1nf4iry
    04.12.2021 - 8 hours ago


    dilf!katsuki x f!reader
    wc: 1.6K
    tw: wall fucking, coercion
    dilf december collab

    dilf!katsuki - seemingly preoccupied with his hero duties, always working to be one step ahead of his friend. never takes days off and wills himself to heal faster after an especially tough mission. his flawless face makes him look no older than mid-thirties when he's truly early 40's. still strong and muscular due to his hero work, his body never faltering to look absolutely perfect.

    everyone is constantly throwing themselves at him, to his utter disgust. do people not have any pride? he gets asked out by civilians, heros, sidekicks alike. he absolutely hates people who are so desperate to get his attention. he thinks it's cute that they think they have a chance with him. he's bakugou fucking katsuki. he doesn't date just anyone.

    when katsuki's hero agency needed a new assistant they went through countless people till they got to you. you were perfect, not older than 25 and takes no heed that he's actually the number 2 hero. now this seems to rub him the wrong way. by no any living create would be begging to be in his pants, but since you started, you just do your job. you don't ever give him side glances, or stop and stare at him like he's used to.

    it secretly starts to annoy him because he's the number 2 hero. how can you not be the least bit interested in him? it bruised his ego to say the least. yes, he appreciated that you do all the work that you're supposed to but why don't you look at him the way other people do?

    for weeks if not months into the job, katsuki has been doing his utmost best to make you notice him. when catching villains he made sure to use some new tricks he'd been practicing. even when getting back to the agency he'd hoped you'd compliment him but you just walked into his office, told him about what he'd missed and walked out. this man was livid. what more could he do to get you to at least pay him a compliment.

    on the other hand you were struggling to keep your whole body from shaking. you'd seen pro hero dynamight's fight on the news and it made your knees week. ever since you started your job you had to keep yourself in check. you have always been a fan of his and getting this job was a dream come true. but ever since you started you could feel katsuki's eyes on you constantly and it made heat pool between your legs day after day. you had to be dreaming, right? why would the katsuki bakugou be staring at you? impossible.


    it's been about 2 months since you've arrived and still no acknowledgement. he's just about had it. he wants...no he needs to get to the bottom of this problem. why you have no interest for him, and why he cares so much. you were about to walk out of his office after reading him his schedule for the day when he stopped you. his aura was dark, and overpowering and you could feel his eyes boring holes into your back. you froze, too scared to turn around: scared that your knees would give out if you saw his face.

    "look at me. that's an order, not a suggestion."

    your legs were shaking as you turned around. the heat in your belly had begun to get hotter and hotter and when you finally turned around and looked at him it's like something in you snapped. he looked at you with a territorial gaze, like one of a predator looking at its next kill. you'd be lying if you said your panties weren't wet right now.

    katsuki's eyes were all over you. he could see your shaking legs and how your thighs clenched together under his gaze. was he imagining things? or were you really fucking turned on right now? he got up from his desk and slowly made his way to you, a sly smirk splayed across his face. you started backing away from him till your back hit the wall. you were trapped and katsuki was just inches away from you. he could see how dilated your eyes were and he just chuckled.

    "i've been going out of my mind trying to know why you never paid attention to me, and now i think i know why."

    his hand softly caressed your arm and leaned in close to your ear and whispered

    "it's because you have dumb little crush on me, huh? is that right pretty girl?"

    you audibly moaned at his words, his breath against your ear sent a shiver down your spine. you were absolutely speechless. your knees almost gave out before he grabbed you by your waist to hold you up. he looked at you and saw how your body reacted to him and his words and he adored it. you'd kept it a secret for this long he was impressed, but even more impressed at how much of an effect he had on you.

    he slammed his hands against the wall behind you, caging you in. you couldn't look up at him. your mind wouldn't let you, because if you did, you know you would lose your mind. his left hand came towards your cheek and slowly brushed against it before he grabbed your chin and forced you to look up at him. you could see the raw need in his eyes, and you were sure he could see yours.

    "you don't have to hold back. not right now. not ever."

    without even thinking you pulled him in by his collar and kissed him. he was amazed at this sudden confidence you'd gotten. he tangled his fingers in your hair and tugged slightly, pulling your body closer to his. he slotted his leg in between yours and as your bodies melted into one another. you needed some sort of friction for the growing heat between your legs so you took katsuki's leg between them as an invitation.

    you ground your clothed cunt against his leg, moaning into his mouth. he pulled away from the kiss to rest his head in your neck. he looked down and saw the way you were shamelessly grinding against his leg and it made his cock twitch. he groaned loudly and started marking your neck. you couldn't care less if he left visible marks, you just needed to cum.

    katsuki was growing impatient as he grabbed you by your ass and wrapped your legs around his waist and leaned his forehead against yours. you could feel his breath against your skin and it felt oddly comforting. he looked deeply into your eyes, as if he was staring into your soul. you smiled, and for the first time, katsuki had seen what your genuine smile looked like and it made his heart beat faster. he cupped your cheeks gently.

    "are you sure you want this? we can stop this now."

    your tummy did flips at his soft, sincere demeanor he was portraying. you've never seen him like this and it made your heart swell that he trusted you enough to show it to you. you kissed him sweetly, with all the love you could muster poured into it.

    "i don't want anyone but you."

    his smile turned into a smirk as he unbuttoned his pants, his thick hard cock coming into view. you were almost salivating at the sight as you felt fingers moving your panties to the side.

    "god you're so wet. fuck, you're such a slut."

    he dipped two fingers into your cunt as you let out the sweetest moan. he pulled his fingers out, and lined his cock with your entrance. he teasingly rubbed his cock up and down your folds, lowly groaning as he felt your warm pussy against him. you were a mess. begging and pleading for him to put his cock inside you, he could hardly resist before he slammed into you.

    you let out a silent scream as he started rutting into you at an unrelenting pace. he had his hand around your throat as he fucked into your tight cunt, praising you for how good you felt. you could barely talk because of how good you felt, your moans were his only indication. you buried your head in his neck to muffle your moans. you were already close and he could feel it. he too was close. your pussy just felt so good clenching around him.

    "need to..need to cum..please? please can i cum?"

    your pleas made his cock impossibly harder as he ploughed into you. your arms were latched around his neck pulling him into a sloppy kiss, your moans mixing together with your saliva. you could feel his cock twitching inside of you, telling you he was about to cum.

    "gonna fill you up pretty girl. fuck- you better cum with me."

    his words were all you needed before you came undone, cumming all over his cock. the way your cunt tightened around him pushed him over the edge as he filled you up so well. he fucked his cum into you on his last few thrusts before he stopped, his arms lazily wrapped around your waist. you ran your fingers through his hair as you both came down from your highs.

    he slowly pulled out and moved your panties back to its original position before putting you down. he stuffed himself back in his pants before making himself look presentable. you were about to question him when you heard him chuckle.

    "you better keep that cum inside you until tonight because you won't be going home till i filled you up to the brim."

    yet again your knees were weak and your mouth was dry. this was going to be a long day.

    #🖇️ dilf december #my hero academia #my hero academia bakugou #bakugou katsuki#mha bakugou #bnha bakugo katsuki #bakugou#bakugou smut #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugou x reader #katsuki smut#katsuki <3 #bakugou x fem!reader #katsuki x reader #tw dilf #[💌] smut.hours
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  • coolbananas143
    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Winter prompts Day 3 - “Can we please go ice skating?”

    Me: name a better pair to do this with. im waiting lmaoo! but can we just talk about how good this fanart is??? idk the artist but like it’s sooo good uahsiwb so credit to them <3 (The song that i used/put in this :) )

    Summery: After convincing him to go skating, Victor and Yuuri dance to Yuuri’s favorite song :)

    Fluff Fanfic!!

    Warnings: None

    Word Count: 576 (under the cut)


    “Can we please go ice skating?” Victor pleaded, his hands holding his husband’s “it’ll only be for a second!”

    “Honey, you can’t go on the ice for one second,” Yuuri said while he pulled his husband off the couch. “Let's go to the hot spring! It’s nice and warm in there!”

    “But you’re like Elsa! The cold never bothers you anyways!”

    The black haired man rolled his eyes, fondly,“Victor.”

    “Please, baby? Sweetie? Please sugar pie?” The grey haired skater clasped his hands together and gave Yuri something he could never resist.

    His world-famous puppy eyes.



    The younger man let out a sigh and smiled “You really are difficult.”

    “So is that a yes?!”

    Yuuri couldn’t help but chuckle. The way this man resembled a puppy so much was truly immaculate.

    “Yeah. Let me just get my skates.” 

    * :) *

    Around half an hour later there the couple were. On the ice, speakers off to the side. Victor looked through the different song options; “Eroes”, “Prince JJ”, “Soft and Bright”, “Yuri on ICE”, then he picked up one and smiled. “This is a new one, but we can try to freestyle it.”

    “Go for it!” The black haired boy said, going to the middle of the ice rink. Victor handed the CD to Yuuko and skated over to his husband. The girl smiled. What a classic she thought as she put it into the speakers.

    Then, they started dancing slowly. The song sang;

    I used to hear a simple song~..

    That was before you came along~…

    Now in its place is something new..

    I hear it when I look at you~

    Yuuri smiled. This was his favourite song to listen to, and has always considered skating to it, but never really got around to actually asking Victor to help coach him with it.

    But Victor knew.

    He knew how passionate Yuuri was with this song, he knew how his eyes would light up every time it came on, and he knew how often he practiced in his room, pretending he was on the cold ice, gliding as if there was no care in the world.

    With simple songs I wanted more~ 

    Perfection is so quick to bore~

    You are my beautiful by far~

    Our flaws are who we really are~

    They danced, gilded and flew across the ice, their passion put in every stroke of their foot, every jump they took. They both felt so free. They both felt free. For a skater, the best thing you can do is put on their favourite song and practically say “skate to this with me”. It’s the best feeling in the world. And right now, the best and beyond was how Yuuri was feeling. Victor knew that. And knowing he was happy, made him happy.

    Here it came. Yuuri’s favourite part of the song. As the music got louder, they went faster and faster around the rink, until finally, Victor picked Yuuri up and held him above his head as he kept skating around the rink. Yuuri put his hands out like he was flying.

    I used to hear a simple song~! 

    That was before you came along~!

    Yuuko and her kids cheered from the stands, one of the three kids recording, planning on posting it later. 

    You took my broken melody~!

    And now I hear a symphony~ yeah~~!


    Victor put Yuuri down as the song was coming to an end. They positioned themselves in the middle for the ending pose. They each had huge smiles as they kissed. The last lyrics played;

    And now I hear.. a symphony~.

    #vicyuuri <3 #victor x yuuri #victor nikiforov#yuuri katsuki #yuri!!! on ice #fluff#fluff fic#winter prompts #i hear a symphony #cute #yuri!!! on ice fluff fic #sfw winter prompts
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  • cyuus
    04.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    what does your fave do to comfort you when you’re sad

    #i’m cravin the comfort right now it’s a bad day #; txt
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  • bakugous-sandbag
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #come here inky lemme affectionately bite u <3 #ask:user:inkmortal-trash389 #[♤] mutuals.exe #katsuki#spicy 🌶
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #GTFO#/lh /nm #cheatin on me caught on cam !!!! #also me : #katsuki cmere <3 #LMFAO THE WAY I CACKLED #yall mfs look away #im a whole different person #w this mf #🙄 #💌 — interstellar inbox ! #rafa ☁️ ˖⁺ ✧ #boyfie <3
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  • a-hobit
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    UM?????? IM SORRY???!???????

    #bakudeku#bkdk#dekubaku#decchan #deku x kacchan #katsudeku#deku#katsuki bakugou #WHY DOES THIS FEEL SO INTIMATE!???? #ALSO WHY THE FUCK IS DEKU 3 FEET TALL LMAO
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #personal chew toy bf #return to sender #katsuki <3 #LORD i miss him #a.nsft
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  • kusatta
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

                            “   you were my   conscience,   so solid,   now you're like   water.   we started   drowning,   not like we'd   sink any further.   but   i let my heart go,   it's somewhere down at the bottom,   but I'll get a   new one.   “   /   @victoryclaimed​,   spotify wraped   +   izuku.   🎁   !

    #010.   //   *   「   katsuki.   」   starters. #victoryclaimed#<3
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  • poly--panda
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • prettyboykatsuki
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    not to be in love w bkg but something so innately needy about kissing katsuki bkg because you’re his first relationship and he’s never understood the hype about most things until you kiss like makeout for the first time. your bodies pressed together and your mouths moving in this slow tandem. the gentle pull and experimentation with each other in that first desperate motion. 

    no offense but bkg hitting his stride and getting lost in it. the groping and touching, soft sighs and warm mouths. the little electricity when you try new things like tugging his lower lip with your teeth or nipping at his tongue. the moving deeper together and the desire to only be right there. like it doesn’t need to escalate, but the moment in itself just feels so good and so right and god. god the way bakugou gets when he’s real into something, he’s almost jumpy. 

    it’s just kissing but he’s clearly so into it. into you. it’s almost embarassing how good it feels. the way your tongue curls against his all need. the moan you let out. urghjfdkjslffdg s

    #aristotle.txt #brain fried #prettyboy.thirsts #katsuki <3
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  • prettyboykatsuki
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    the idea that bkg innately wants to feel like he’s a good person but just thinks that is just beyond his reach because being good isnt natural to him. it hurts me. 

    #aristotle.txt #his like. i want to feel worthy of being loved even though im difficult complex. that #katsuki <3
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  • prettyboykatsuki
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    bakugou katsuki doesn’t believe he’s good. 

    which is funny, in its own way. he’s a hero after all, it’s his job to be good. be kind, be tender, be a hero to the people. protect them, they say. be the kind of person people can look up to. 

    but bakugou has never really been in it for the goodness. deep down, there’s this part of him that believe that he was never good to begin with. it’s not something he can verbalize, or even express without people looking at him like he’s grown three heads. 

    he doesn’t want peoples pity. that unnecessary look of despair that people cast his way every time he brings it up. they can pinpoint his accomplishments, his achievements, his goals - all of it. but when it comes down to him, the fundamental question of his goodness, people seem to draw a blank. like they don’t know how to answer. 

    he’s learned that it’s better not to bring it up. at least that way he can avoid the pitying remarks and attempts of reassurance. but when people praise him about his character, there’s always something downcast in his eyes. like he’s mourning a person he doesn’t know. a shadow. deep down, he doesn’t believe he’s good. 

    he’s justified it all sorts of ways. maybe you don’t need to be a good person fundamentally. maybe the idea of a good person is something foreign anyways, because people are just people who do things. some good and some bad and some neither and some both. he’s had the conversation with himself so many times before. but it all comes back to the one thing. 

    which is that, some part of bakugou katsuki, would like to feel.. that he’s good. maybe just once, he wants to feel good and right and centered. he wants to feel like the universe is in his favor. 

    maybe wanting to be good is just another way for him to express that he’d like to stop fighting himself over everything he does. there’s no worse critique of bakugou than him. his impossible standard. 

    when you say it for the first time - he can’t help but be stunned. 

    it’s subtle. it’s soft, late into the evening - you press your cheek against his when he brings you a cup of coffee and sits next to you.. you take a sip and you sigh and your eyes get soft. and you say it. 

    “you’re so good to me katsuki.” easily, like it’s nothing “thanks for the coffee.” 

    it comes out of his mouth before he knows it’s happening. 

    “..you think i’m good?” and it’s strained. his voice breaks, just a little. you give him a look, but you nod. it’s instant. assured. 

    “of course you’re good.” you say - like you know he needs to hear it. his eyes close and his hand holds you tighter. 

    “what about..” he stops, takes a breath, holds back tears he’s cried so many times before “what about me is good to you?” 

    he hopes you don’t hear the shatter in voice, but you do. and you smile, because you know. you know him so well. and you know what he wants, who he is. who could love bakugou katsuki like you? 

    “you always help kirishima get home when he’s drunk. you tell denki you’re proud of him when he gets down about himself and you’re always the first person to visit deku in the hospital. you fall asleep with me, and you’re warm,” you pause to take a deep breath, letting your head rest on your shoulder. 

    “you're always good to people. you try really hard to be good to people. everyone around you knows that, yknow? ‘cept for you. but you’re good, katsuki. always” 

    bakugou katsuki doesn’t believe he’s good. but he thinks you’re so good, and it means something if you think that. at least for now, that’s enough. 

    #katsuki <3 #a.bnha #writing tag#informal #aristotle.txt
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  • afairywithacrown
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    #I kinda got carried on a little bit #<3 #i hope you like it #bakugou imagine #bakugou x reader #bakugo angst#bakugo katsuki#bakugo headcanons #bakugo x y/n
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  • joce0506
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    “Just have more faith than I do that I’ll win! You don’t have to say anything. Just stand by me!”

    Happy 29th Birthday, Katsuki Yuuri! ❄️⛸️

    #yuri on ice #yoi #yuri!!! on ice #yuuri katsuki#yuri katsuki#katsuki yuuri#victuuri #happy birthday yuuri #29 november 2021 #still missing them <3 #we call everything on the ice love ^^
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  • stresspizza
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Thinking bout writing love triangle with reader, midoriya and bakugo :))) separate endings for your fav boy

    #bnha#bnha art #boku no hero academia fanart #mha #my hero acadamy #izuku midoriya#bnha midoriya#bakugo#katsuki bakugo#bakugo katsuki #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #love triangle#friendship #maybe 3 endings 👀 #fanfiction#bnha fanfiction
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  • bakugous-sandbag
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago
    #EEEEE BLESS YOU TIP #FOR THIS LOVELY LIL’ GEM #‘you’re very pretty- did ya’ know that?’ #and #‘i can make you look even prettier’ #<3 <3 <3 #i’m also... starting to get so very visceral over your blurred icon... i rly hope tumblr does something abt that soon >:( #ask:user:txpsyy #[♤] mutuals.exe #katsuki
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