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    #thanks for requesting darling!! hope you like it ^^ #— moodboards.♡ #katsuki bakugou
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    #thanks for requesting sweet!!! hope you like it :) #— moodboards.♡ #katsuki bakugou
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    #hope u like it bestieeee <3 #— moodboards.♡ #katsuki bakugou
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    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    LOOK AT CATSUKI 🥺🥺🥺 HE'S SO CUTE AHHHH (by Hori's assistant @/nstime23)

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    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I've been trying for a few days to find the prompt list I used last year for some monster stuff, but for the life of me I cannot find it. So would it be okay to write for those reqs without the prompts? Because I can't remember them at all 😅😬

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    16.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I want to kiss and bridal carry Katsuki but judging from his height and body type he probably weighs as much as me so that may be difficult

    #lance's rants#katsuki bakugou#explodo-bastard #katsuki x lance #otp: explosive rage #bnha#mha#self ship#self shipping#self insert #don't touch this post if we share f/os #don't tag others who share f/os #don't tag as canon x canon ship #don't tag as other self ship with this character
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    Coming out as the 1#bakugou hater😽

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    #thanks for requesting honey! ^^ #— moodboards.♡ #katsuki bakugou
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    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago


    Not sure if I'll finish but we'll see wont we

    #bnha bakugou#katsuki bakugou#bakugou#bakugo #bakugou x reader #art#artist#comms open#commisions open #open for commissions #commissions are open #commissions open #clip studio art #bakugou x you #digital art #artist on tumblr #drawing#my art#artistontumblr#illustration#wip#wip art #work in progress #digital artist#fan art #my hero academia #my hero academia bakugou #mha#bnha#bnha art
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    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Katsuki .0000000000001 seconds after Izumi screams :

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    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Aizawa: [explaining the training route] Right here, subway stop. We’re going to go into the subways-

    Kaminari: [raises hand, grinning] Like sandwich Subways? Or…? [trying not to laugh]

    Aizawa: Like-

    Bakugou: Really, Dunceface?! Laughing at your own joke?!

    Sero: Did you just say ‘Subway sandwiches hur-hur-hur’?

    Class 1A: [laughing]


    Aizawa: This is going well already.

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  • fuwushiguro
    15.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Could This Be Love I'm Feeling?

    Day Fifteen: Face Fucking | 𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊𝐓𝐎𝐁𝐄𝐑 𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓

    step bro!Katsuki Bakugo x f!reader

    Genre: Smut Notes: He's just a lil jealous and protective... y'know?? (also this is my first full Bakugo fic pls be kind) Warnings: 18+, dubcon/noncon, stepcest, over protective!Bakugo, toxic relationship, virgin!reader, alcohol, slut shaming, face slapping, degradation, praise, face fucking, hair pulling, dumbification, a lil somno at the end. Words: 5.9k

    Although Bakugo had initially been against the notion of his mother remarrying, he’d certainly come accustomed to you. He’d been so used to being an only child. The golden child. The pain in his mother’s ass who was also the best thing that ever happened to her. You didn’t detract from that, obviously. You’d never compare to someone like Bakugo. Though, he is proud of you. He was even sad to see you go when you spread your wings and left home to live on your university campus. But at least things were looking up. October 31st was right around the corner. Your parents had booked a spontaneous weekend away.

    And Bakugo had convinced you to come back home.

    In all of the years your parents had been married; you never missed a Halloween with Bakugo. He used to hate it, but that isn’t the case these days. In fact, it might even be his favourite holiday. Every single year without fail, you matched costumes with your big brother.

    Angel and Devil. Undead Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You even convinced him one year to wear a dress and be one of the twins from The Shining with you.

    He had no idea what you could do this year. You always come up with the best ideas. He knows how seriously you take Halloween, he doesn’t think he’s met anyone who loves it as much as you do. He told you he was at a loss when thinking of costumes. And then he sent a follow up text asking if you had any ideas.

    When you told him to bear with you, he didn’t expect it to take you three whole days to come to a decision. And he didn’t hear a peep out of you for those three days, either. He texted you: asking if you’re okay, if you’d thought of anything, if you were alive. And then finally, after those three long days, you did reply. You’d been having a horror movie marathon with some friends in your dorm. Three. Whole. Days. You could have texted, sure. But what was the rush? After watching The Exorcist and falling in love with it all over again, the answer was clear.

    Bakugo The Priest. And you would be a nun.

    There were girls arriving to Bakugo’s party, and they had nothing in common with you. He ogled them as they entered. He took cheeky peering glances when one would bend over a little as they fixed up a drink from the punch bowl. And he certainly couldn’t help but stare when one of the girls from his class had a wardrobe malfunction and he caught the slightest nip slip. They were all gorgeous. Perfect bodies accentuated by slutty costumes. His friends couldn’t wait to get their dicks wet. And neither could he. But he couldn’t help but think; as perfect as they were, they shared zero similarities with his precious baby sister.

    There’s nothing sexier than a drunk slut. Especially on Halloween. The catsuits clung to skin and skimpy dresses possessed plunging, exposing necklines. Bakugo was disgusting, but he was known as a king amongst his friends. Always finding the drunkest, most intoxicated bimbo at the party and fucking their brains out in your parents double bed. He had a reputation from the girls on his campus for having a big cock and knowing exactly what to do with it. Although he was known to not want to settle down, he was known for fucking and never calling back, he seemed to be irresistible to women. They couldn’t help themselves around him.

    More fool them if they suspect they can change him.

    It happened every single year. At every single Halloween party. You’d match with him, but that was as far as it would go between you two. He would have a protective arm around you all evening, shielding you from his frat boy friends who were just as scummy as he is. But as soon as he found a tail to chase, you’d be forgotten.

    After a copious amount of time would pass, however, you’d look up to see him coming down the stairs and fixing his costume. Once again securing you in a one-armed hug wrapped around the back of your shoulders. He trusted you, and he was right to. He had just fucked in the amount of time he’d been gone for. Who’s to say you wouldn’t do the same? You wouldn’t, and he knows that. You’re his good girl. His sweet baby sister who’d never have a drunken hook-up at a party. Because you aren’t like the drunken sluts that he goes to college with.

    He doesn’t even let you drink. It doesn’t matter that you’re old enough, he doesn’t care. Bakugo won’t allow anything to corrupt his innocent baby sister. He does let you have one drink, though. Only one. A Halloween treat, he calls it. You aren’t allowed to down it, he instructs you to take your time with it. You need to be clear headed. He knows his friends. He is his friends. And a silly little thing like a verbal yes or no isn’t going to be enough to stop him from shoving his cock up a hole.

    They can all smell the innocence on you, every year without fail. The fact you’ve never had a boyfriend. The fact that you’ve never seen a dick, let alone had one inside of you. You’re so sweet. There’s something so alluring about virgins. The idea of collecting v-cards and staking your claim on a cute virgin girl is a power trip he can’t even begin to describe. The pure unadulterated rush of knowing that in no uncertain terms, the woman who’s virginity he steals will never be able to ride another cock without thinking of him.

    It’s most apparent in your costume choices, too. You aren’t dressing like these other girls. You’re much more conservative than that. Minnie Mouse, for example. You wore a red and white polka-dot dress that didn’t reveal a single lewd inch of your body. And while the other women here were trying to look pretty, faces covered in makeup and face paint that didn’t cover too much, you were actively trying to look terrifying. Fake blood, fake teeth, SFX wounds. In a sea of Regina George’s, you were without a doubt Cady Heron.

    “When’s your sister getting here, dude?” Kirishima asked. An hour and a half had already gone by and most of the party goers were stupidly drunk. Kirishima included. His drink was sloshing out of his solo cup and onto his hand as he swayed from side-to-side. His hand landed on Bakugo’s shoulder as he asked his question. The blonde immediately shoved it away.

    “Don’t ask me that again; unless you want me to beat the shit out of you.” Bakugo projected, his vision firmly fixed on the front door. He was wondering the same thing, honestly. When are you getting here?

    “Aw, cute! Goin’ into protective brother mode Bakugo?” Denki teased. Before Bakugo could bite his head off, Kaminari interrupted his attempt of speaking by declaring, “Lighten up, let’s do some shooooooots!”

    His friend group were already departing from the front room to the kitchen. And with one final look at the front door, Bakugo turned away and joined them. If only he’d waited a few more minutes. If only he held off and waited a little longer, he would have noticed you when you finally turned up. You brought some girlfriends of your own and you entered the party proudly. No one seemed to pay you any mind, however, but you didn’t expect them to. You’re just Bakugo’s sister, after all. You’re not the main attraction like he is.

    The boy and girl divide was unusual for a party like this. You introduced yourself to some of Bakugo’s classmates while all of the guys seemed to be in the kitchen still taking shots and laughing raucously together. Normally there was a girl here for every guy. They’d leech themselves onto one and lay the ground work with the promise of pussy by the end of the night. It didn’t always happen, unless you were Bakugo of course, but you couldn’t help but feel awkward with this current situation. It didn’t feel… right.

    All of the boys froze in place as they returned to the front room. There’s more people here, now. More girls. Bakugo shook his head when Kirishima asked if he’d invited them.

    “Do you know her?” Kaminari asked.

    Bakugo studied the new arrivals. All in the usual whorish getups so he knew you still hadn’t arrived. He wasn’t sure who he was referring to initially, but soon realised he was talking about the girl at the punch bowl. Her back was to the room, and was unintentionally flashing her panties to all of the guys. Bakugo isn’t shy with his gawking. The cute white cotton firmly hugging her lips is enough to make his cock throb.

    When she stands upright, he notices more of her costume. White thigh high socks and black stripper heels. Did she really come to a Halloween party just wearing a simple black dress? Pathetic. In fact, it’s grounds for removal. That is until he realises as she flips her hair, it isn’t her hair. Is she wearing a… habit? A nun’s habit? Oh fuck. You aren’t going to like that when you turn up and realise another girl is wearing the same costume as you. He’ll have to remove her for that alone. Poor girl, it isn’t her fault. She wasn’t to know. Bakugo begins walking over, but stops in his tracks as he sees her turn to face one of her friends as she laughs at her jokes.

    There isn’t going to be a problem at all.

    Because the slutty nun drinking in excess from the punch bowl, is you.

    “Holy shit, is that—?”

    “Hey!” Bakugo yells to you. Your face lights up as you finally spot your big brother. Running to him as best you can in those high heels of yours. Your arms wrap tightly around his neck, and as much as he wants to shove you off him, he can’t. “What the fuck are you doin’ drinkin’ that shit baby?” he wonders. You pull away, pouting at him.

    “Don’t start, Katsuki.” you insist, “The protective thing isn’t fun anymore. I’ve been drinking and having fun with my friends since I left. Let’s just have a good night, yeah?” you add.


    “Kirishima! Kaminari! Great to see you both.” you smile, hugging them and kissing a cheek of theirs each.

    Bakugo can’t believe what he’s seeing. What he’s hearing. What the hell has university done to you? This isn’t the little sister he remembers at all. He used to have to force you to say more than two words to his friends. And now you’re strutting up to them and hugging them? Kissing them? And that outfit. Who the fuck are you?

    Your brother was tired of your bullshit after a few more hours went by. You’d been behaving yourself, of course, but he didn’t like this new fake version of yourself. You’ve clearly been brainwashed by your new friends on campus. You’ve been manipulated into becoming just like every other slut he knows.

    Couldn’t you have just stayed his sweet baby sister?

    Apparently not. He doesn’t want to let you out of his sight, and he cannot handle the way you keep feeling up Kirishima. It’s subtle, you think, don’t you? The way you keep lightly tapping him and laughing when he tells a joke that isn’t anywhere near funny. And he’s lapping it up, obviously. He’s wanted to fuck you for a while, all of his friends have. Fuck. Bakugo has. But he wouldn’t. That’s a line he’d never cross. But if he can’t have you, there’s not a fucking chance he’ll let any of his friends.

    “Stop flirting, you’re embarrassing yourself.” Bakugo reprimands. You roll your eyes casually and drink some more of your punch.

    “She’s fine, man, she’s not bothering anyone.” Kirishima argues.

    “Shut the hell up, prick. She’s bothering me.” he finishes, snipping at the person he considers his best friend. It’s a miracle he has friends, or anyone who cares about him, at all considering how nasty he is to everyone in his life.

    You say goodbye to the group and decide to mingle among your own friends instead.

    He doesn’t want to let you disappear from his vision.

    He doesn’t want to leave you for a single second.

    But he has to. Fuck. He has to. He has to pee.

    Fucking alcohol makes you piss like a faucet.

    You were a little surprised to notice that your brother had vanished into thin air. Your head snapped to every direction in the room. He was truly nowhere to be seen. There’s been one thing on your mind since you accepted Bakugo’s invite back home to the yearly Halloween function. And that thing is Kirishima. More specifically; letting Kirishima be the one to take your virginity.

    Once you were sure the coast was clear. You approached him once more. He couldn’t help but snicker when you whispered so sweetly in his ear. How could he refuse your invite to your childhood bedroom? The place where you touched yourself endlessly, quiet breathy moans as you thought of your big brother’s hot best friend. Tonight was the night, and it had to be him.

    He grabbed your hand, quickly pulling you up the stairs right along with him.

    The timing couldn’t have been worse. Unforgivable, in fact.

    Because just as Bakugo had finished peeing.

    Just as he left the bathroom and began scanning the room for you once more.

    He saw those ridiculous fucking stripper heels of yours taking the final step upstairs.

    Did you really think you were going to get away with that? And Kirishima is even dumber than he looks if he thinks Bakugo is going to forgive him after this. He’s out of his mind if believes he’s going to stand idly by and allow that red-headed fuck to pop his little sisters cherry.

    He doesn’t react immediately. He thinks he’ll give you both some time so you can be caught with your pants down. The way his friends wriggle and squirm as he asks them question after question would be amusing to him if he wasn't so pissed off. Each of them too idiotic to realise he already knows the answers. Kirishima is apparently in the upstairs bathroom when he questions his whereabouts. And did anybody see where his darling sister went? Allegedly you’re on the phone outside.

    What a bunch of shady bastards.

    It surprises no one when Bakugo finishes his drink and crushes the red cup with an irritated grip. He doesn’t run upstairs. It’s a casual, menancing, stalk. He knows he won’t be too late. You’re a virgin, after all. You’ll be eager to take your time. And despite what a reprobate Kirishima is, he’s fairly confident he’ll respect that.

    He can’t wait to find out who initiated this scandalous little encounter.

    You can’t move quick enough when your brother kicks your door in. Bakugo likes to fuck in your parents marital bed; but you have more respect than he does. Is this really what you wanted? Not a special, romantic dalliance? You’d rather fuck drunk with this piece of shit? Embarrassing. Maybe you’re not as special as he thought.

    You’re both scrambling to pick up your clothes and cover yourselves up. He was right, though. You hadn’t gone far at all. Kirishima was shirtless with the black and white striped trousers from his Beetlejuice costume still firmly up and buttoned.

    You, however, were too panicked to actually dress yourself. Your habit was still on, but that was pretty much it. You never used to wear lingerie like that. He knows. Because not only did he used to peep at you through your door whenever you got changed with it slightly ajar, but he used to rifle through your underwear drawer too. You shielded your body with your black dress, looking at the floor as you couldn’t bear to look your brother in the eye. He’s seen it all before, but he can’t help but seethe as what you were trying to do really sinks in.

    “She a good kisser? Huh? How far did this go?” Bakugo questions. You’re stuttering over yourself, trying to form a single sentence offering any sort of explanation but he raises a finger to silence you as his eyes home in on Kirishima. “Just a lil bit of tongue with her? Some heavy petting maybe?” he continues. You’re tremoring all over. You were stupid to think things wouldn’t end up like this. As if he wouldn’t notice you’ve gone missing with his best friend at his party.

    “Hey, Bakugo, she came onto me.” Kirishima tried to reason. The way he threw you under the bus sent your mind into overdrive. You were fucked now. You’ve never done anything to make him mad before. Always so lovely. So sickeningly sweet. But you’ve seen what he does to other people when he’s pissed off. How he talks to them. You’re already fighting back tears. You can’t take it. The tension, the apprehension, you can’t take it.

    “You didn’t turn her away, though. Did you? Bastard.” Bakugo hisses. If Bakugo wasn’t as morally bankrupt as his best friend, he’d certainly be in the right. Although he thinks he is anyway. And Kirishima does feel guilty. If only a little. How could he be blamed? He’s sure Bakugo would find it hard to resist if the shoe was on the other foot. If you were his little sister, Bakugo would have already fucked you by now and thought nothing of it. But you aren’t Kirishima’s sister. You’re his. “Fuck outta my sight, wanna talk to her.” Bakugo spoke as he turned to look at you.

    Kirishima grabbed the remainder of his clothes and skulked out of the room. He already knows he’s about to get the life tormented out of him when he returns to the rest of the boys like this. He’s been well and truly cockblocked. Although he’s sure he can find another poor victim for the evening.

    “What are you fucking playin’ at? Pissin’ me off, this isn’t like you.” Bakugo tells you. He grabs the fat of your under arm and drags you away from the corner of the room and forces you onto your bed. What are you playing at? “You tryna get some fuckin’ attention? Huh? Actin’ out so people will pay attention to you?” he continues.

    “No—!” you interject. That isn’t what it is at all.

    “Then what?” he wonders. Words forcing their way through the gaps of his teeth as he growls at you. “I know you’re still a fuckin’ virgin. And you wanna lose it like that? Drunk and with someone who doesn’t give a fuck about you?” he harasses you, slapping your face to get your attention. He’s gonna lose it if you don’t look him in his fucking eyes. He needs you to get it in that pretty little head of yours. You’re being a fucking idiot. He’s looking out for you. Aren’t you lucky?

    “’m embarrassed Katsuki!” you blurt out. Lip wobbling and tears spilling from your eyes. Silent sobs escape and you feel a crushing weight on your lungs. You’re holding back. You’re holding it in. You’re embarrassed. You’re so embarrassed.

    “Huh, embarrassed? Why?”

    “Because,” you sniffle, wiping your nose with the back of your hand. “you never let me drink. ‘n all my friends did!” you begin. Watery eyes finding his. He’s smiling at you. Laughing in fact.

    “Babe, I—”

    “No! N-No Katsuki, listen to me for once.” you interject. You’re at your boiling point. You’ve been feeling like this for a while. Feeling resentment towards him. And you thought tonight you were finally going to gain some control of your own fucking life. And as usual, he’s ruined everything. “’m the only one of my new friends who’s never had sex! Do you know how embarrassing that is? And that’s your fault! You scare everyone away… you- you—!”

    “Enough.” Bakugo stops you, before you can say anything you regret. You’re thankful, really. It was enough. That was all you needed to say to get your point across. He knows there’s no reason for you to be embarrassed, but he can understand. The feeling of being left out and unable to experience something that everyone else around you has. The feeling of missing out. He understands, he does. But this defiance. This secrecy. The blatant disrespect of going behind his back will not go unpunished. “Shoulda told me baby.” he tells you calmly, crouching on the balls of his feet as he rubs his thumbs sensually into your knees.

    “Woulda been mad at me…”

    “No, not mad. Never mad at you.” he tells you, soothingly. “I’m your big brother, understand? I’d do anything for ya. I wanna help.”


    “Yeah,” he repeats. What is he saying? He’s always wanted this. Always fantasised about fucking your stupid, naïve little brains out. But he never thought he’d actually do it. But he feels sorry for you. He does. It’s absolute truth that he scares everyone away. He doesn’t want anyone to have you if he can’t. But he can. Can’t he? You’ll let him. You’re drunk. You’re so drunk. And you’re emotional, and needy. And he can. He can. He— “want me to make your virginity go away?”

    And you know it’s wrong. You know that you shouldn’t. Even now, when you’re fucked out of your head from cheap alcohol. You know better. You do. But still, you find yourself nodding. Glossy, pleading eyes staring into your big, perfect brother’s. You want this. You want him. He’s so nice. The best big brother in the world. He’s prepared to do this for you. To help your embarrassment stop. To make it all go away.

    “Tell me you want this.”

    “Y-Yeah…” you nod. Accepting his offer with intoxicated consent. “I want it, Katsuki.”

    Oh, but he is mad. Couldn’t you tell? He’s just a special type of mad with you. He’d never ever raise his voice to you. Not like he does with everyone else, anyway. You’ve told him all he needs to hear. You want it. You can’t be upset with him for giving you exactly what you want. What you asked for. And he will. He promises he will, in time. But for now, did you really think he’d let you get away with trying to fuck Kirishima instead of him? Silly girl. He’s a special type of mad. But it was because of that stupid little idea that brewed in that even stupider head of yours. So that’s what he’ll punish. Your stupid. Fucking. Head.

    There’s no need to be shy now. Still covering your body with that little outfit of yours. He yanks it out of your hands and throws it somewhere away from you both. You’re soon joining it on the ground when he pulls you down by your wrists. You land on your knees with a thud and manage to save a bump on the head by stopping yourself with your hands. You turn to him. He’s removing his clothes too. That cheap priest costume he bought. He bought it for you. He’ll do anything you ask.

    Won’t you do the same?

    “Katsuki?” you whimper.

    “Shut it.” he barks. And you do. A sweet little gulp trails down your innocent throat. He won’t be able to call it that anymore. “Straight up on your knees princess. Need to teach you a lesson first, hm?” he reminds you.

    You nod. You suppose that’s only fair. He is helping you out even after you tried to fuck him over. He studies your form as you straighten your body. The sheer material of your virginal white underwear. The way your nipples are almost hard enough to poke through and rip the material. Virgins are fun. But you will be the best. His ultimate prize. He’s going to claim each and every inch of your body. Starting with your mouth that got you into so much fucking trouble.

    His thumb caresses your lower lip. It’s sweet. Sensual. He smiles darkly as he admires the way he pulls and the plump flesh wobbles back into its rightful place. Oh God those fucking lips. He’s longed to see them wrapped around his cock. For now, though, he can’t resist letting his thumb take a cheeky poke inside. He doesn’t need to say it. But he does. Whispers, in fact. Small vibrations of the word ‘suck’ fill the air. And you do. Your lips pout around his thick thumb and your tongue swirls around. He’s humiliated when a small gasp falls from his mouth. This is happening. This is actually happening. Fuck, it’s soaked. You’re a virgin, for sure. But the way you’re treating his thumb has him second guessing himself. You are a total virgin, aren’t you? You better not have sucked cock before without him knowing.

    “Had a cock in this mouth before, gorgeous?”

    Your big doe eyes are fixated on him. Furious red irises boring down at you. He’s already furious with you. And he’ll know if you’re lying. He always does. But relief washes over him. You don’t speak. You just shake your head. Good girl. Good fucking girl. No one else is allowed to put their fucking cock near you. Your body isn’t for anyone else – just for him.

    He’s had enough of this little game now. It was fun for a minute, but he needs to teach you a lesson. He loves you. Bakugo hopes you understand. He’s doing this because he loves you. God, his tip is already embarrassingly drippy at the thought of you having it in your mouth. Fuck. Who’s he kidding? He’s been hard since he walked in and saw you in nothing but your underwear. It got worse when you were crying about how desperate you were to lose your virginity. God, his poor, sweet sister. How much fun you could have been having if you made this little confession earlier.

    Your eyes bulge as his throbbing length is set free from his boxers. It’s big, right? It looks big. You’re scared of it. You’re scared of having it inside of you. But he’ll be gentle with you, won’t he? It’s your first time after all. And he loves you. As a brother, of course. He does love you.

    Not like a brother.

    “B-Big.” you tell him. Your vision swapping from his tip to his eyes.

    “Yeah baby, it’s big.” he smiles, running his fingers through your hair. “Bigger than Kirishima’s.” he adds. You blush at that. Heat pooling in your cheeks as the reality of what you’re doing sets in. Once you do this, there’s no going back. You’ll never be able to escape the knowledge that your big brother took your virginity.

    “P-Please be nice, Katsuki,” you beg. “Gentle…”

    “No, princess.” he speaks. “Woulda be sweet if you had been a good girl f’me. But you’ve been a naughty little whore. So, I gotta make sure you learn your lesson, okay?”

    Well, that’s that. There’s nothing more you can do but prepare yourself for what Bakugo is going to do. Your lips were shut. They shouldn’t be. You know your mouth should be ready to take him, but that rude awakening of his was enough to make any access sew itself shut.

    “Tch. Open…” he demands. You do, instantly.

    He could ask you anything and you’d do it, though. He taps his tip on your lips a few times before slotting his head inside. It’s salty. An obvious mix of human skin, salt and sweat. He did shower before the party. But would you expect him to be smelling of roses when he’s been dancing and partying all night? He let’s you adjust for a mere minute. Allowing you to at least have a little experience of what it’s like to have cock in your mouth and enjoy it before he completely ruins it for you. And he does. You bite a little when his fingers lace in your hair and tug harshly.

    “No fuckin’ teeth or I’ll be even rougher with you.” you do your best to adhere to his wishes, trying to adjust your mouth and lips so you can cover your teeth. “That’s the way, good girl. Look at me.” he orders. You do. It’s just the tip, and your eyes are already filled with water. “Good fuckin’ girl. ‘m gonna ruin you now.”

    It’s horrendous. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt. You can literally feel him down your throat and you can’t fucking breathe. Thank goodness for your nose. It takes every part of your brain to remember how to breathe from your nostrils. Fuck, you can’t stand it. You can’t.

    “Ah – fuck – your mouth feels fuckin’ amazing. So wet f’me,” he sighs. He doesn’t care that you’re suffering. You’re not meant to be enjoying it. This is disciplinary action for being such an eager cock slut. He’s just giving you what he wanted. And you will give him what he wants. Whether you want it or not. Whether you can cope or not. His fingers are tangled deep against your roots. The noises coming from your throat are obscene. Pure, consummated, sin. It’s nothing Bakugo has never done before, but the level of debauchery it takes to face fuck your own sister has his mind reeling. Fuck he’s disgusting. You’re disgusting. But he loves you anyway. There’s no way he couldn’t, especially after this.

    You’re humming against him, desperate to breathe as he repeatedly slams his cock down your throat. Copious amounts of dribble drools out of the corners of your mouth. Your eyes are crossed. You’ve given up; barely able to remain conscious as he fucks all of the oxygen from your brain. With the way he’s battering your tonsils, you think you’ll be lucky if you can ever speak again. Stupid slut. A weighty palm finds itself connecting with your cheek, bringing you sharply back to reality with your brother snarling down at you.

    “You d-don’t get to log out of this,” he stutters as your throat clenches him tightly. “Ain’t this what you wanted baby? Some cock?”


    “Goin’ fuckin’ stupid for it, only fucking your mouth too. How’re you gonna cope when I put it in that needy little cunt of yours?”

    This is a punishment. But he’s just trying to scare you a little. There’s no way he’s going to bully his cock into you for your first time. He will be gentle for that. But seeing the panic sear through your eyes is almost enough to make him fire his creamy load down your throat. Although, he’s fucking himself just as stupid as you are. He’s surprised he has any coherent thoughts or sentences in him right now. Because he’s lost. Fucking lost in the wet, saliva sodden cavern that is your mouth. Why had he waited so long to do this?

    “G-Gonna fuckin’ cum.” he tells you, softly. It’s almost like he’s embarrassed. He usually lasts longer than this. You won’t make fun of him, though. You don’t know any better after all. Silly little virgin. Damn. He sure will miss calling you that. “Y’hear me dummy? Gonna take my fucking cum down your slut throat?” he announces a little louder. He smiles, because you’re nodding. What a precious baby you are.

    “Mhmm! Mhmm!” you hum. The vibrations of your throat tipping him over. He’s sure you did that on purpose. Even if you’re too fucking dumb to know what you’re doing. You knew.

    “Agh, ohhhh – fuck – fuckin’ christ take it. Take my fucking cum you slut.” he commands.

    And you do. He laughs a little when you jolt. You hadn’t expected it to be like that, had you? The way it spurts out, shooting in parts directly against the back of your throat. You want to gag. It isn’t nasty, but it isn’t particularly nice either. It’s salty, but a different kind of salty to his cock. You definitely want to brush your teeth after this. He forces your head down against his navel so you have no choice but to swallow. And there’ll be hell to pay if he sees a single drop wasted. Take it. That is what he wants. He feels the way you’re gagging. You poor, innocent thing. You’ve never had to train your gag reflex before. You didn’t think it would be nearly this hard. But now you do. And he’ll help you get better, it’s a silent promise to himself in his head.

    “Let me see.” he demands, pulling you aggressively from his softening length. He tilts your head side to side for you, making sure every drop of his kids were where they belong – racing down into your belly. “What a good fuckin’ girl you are. Took that like a champ.”

    “M-My throat,” you speak hoarsely. Clutching at your windpipe with two hands.

    “I know, I know baby I’m sorry.” he soothes, bending down to leave soft kisses on your forehead. “Shall we take a little break before I fuck you?”



    “Don’t, I don’t want to have sex anymore.” you boldly confess. “Not when I’m- I’m drunk. You were right. You’re always right Katsuki.” you continue.

    He can’t deny the way his ego soars when you tell him that. Being right is like a drug to Katsuki. And he never thought he’d hear you say something like that to him. Always right, huh? He is. He fucking is. Although he wishes he wasn’t right this time. You little fucking cock tease. But he nods. Whatever you want. Whatever you need. And what you need right now more than anything – is sleep. To sleep off this experience, this party, the alcohol. All of it.

    He tells you he’ll stay with you until you drift off to sleep. And that doesn’t take long. It does drive you insane – how overprotective he is. But right now, you’re thankful. You’d hate to be alone when you’re like this. Drunk and vulnerable with a house full of strangers. And with him watching over you, it doesn’t take long for the sandman to come along. Your soft little snores that are so familiar to him warm his heart. It’s been so long since he’s heard them. You’ve been snoring like that since the day he met you.

    It doesn’t just warm his heart, though. It hardens his cock once again. Just because you’re his sister, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from what a letch he is. He won’t fuck you – not like he does with the other unsuspecting party goers he has his way with in their passed-out states. He dips his fingers into your panties, and a guttural moan escapes him when he feels what a drippy, messy cunt you have. So wet for your big brother. You must want this just as much as he does. He lazily strokes himself as he plays with you. You’ll love it. You’ll love the feeling of cumming for the first time, you’ll make an even bigger mess of those sticky white panties of yours. What he’s doing isn’t bad. At least, not that bad all things considered.

    He’s certainly done worse. This is enough. For now.

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    Au where Katsuki is rendered quirkless during a mission, and must live the life of a regular civilian for an indeterminate amount of time.

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