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    18.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Skydiving instructor: we're not letting you leave this plane without a parachute

    Jesper, wearing a hat with a little propeller on top: just trust me ok

    #he falls #he doesnt die #everyone thinks hes immortal #six of crows #crooked kingdom#soc#ck#kaz brekker#inej ghafa#jesper fahey #wylan van sunshine #wylan van eck #nina zenik#matthias helvar#zoya nazyanelsky#nikolai lantsov#alina starkov#the darkling #shadow and bone #sab
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    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Kaz Brekker is the kind of person to tell you f off and then block you and avoid you but Jesper is the kind who would tell you to f off and then find you 2 minutes later and apologise profusely.

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  • crooked-kruge
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Things I'm Convinced Would Happen in the GrishaVerse (pt.4 - Modern AU edition)

    Just a quick thank you to all the love on these!

    Nikolai would be a brand ambassador for Prada or Dior

    Zoya would def be on the cover of Vogue, Elle AND W! At some point

    Zoya & Nikolai would def be invited to The Met Gala & would be the stand-out guests of the night bc of their outfits

    In a strange way I also think Kaz would get invited cause of his relative status in Ketterdam

    By the end of the night there's shitloads of missing jewellery though

    Nina would routinely get her brows & eyelashes done

    Jesper would somehow steal Kaz's phoeand make the ringtone for his contact 'Don't Cha' by The Pussycat Dolls (ya know, don't ya wish ur gf was hot like me)

    All of the crows would have their pronouns in their bios (Inej would have done Kaz's and Nina, Matthias')

    Nina owns the Lirika Matoshi strawberry dress

    Matthias wears turtlenecks all year round

    Wylan would secretly be a master at fortnite

    Kaz would drive an all black Mercedes (e.g. Black rims, tinted windows)

    Nikolai would drive a red Porsche (obnoxiously rev the engine at traffic lights)

    Matthias would probably drive a jeep

    He would also be amazing at snowboarding & skiing

    Inej would be good at skiing as well cause of how light she is

    Jesper (before he meets Wylan) would have a tinder and instead of the classic white boy fish pose, it would be with his pistols instead of a fish

    Wylan would have tumblr

    Nina and Jesper would go on omegle together and speak to random people

    Kaz would hate it at first but then he'd start using it to his advantage to gather tabs on people

    Like he'd get Wylan to hack the 'random' algorithm and make it so Nina & Jes only spoke to wealthy people or wealthy people's family/families

    #I mean I feel like this is pretty accurate #Def the Nikolai & his Porsche #six of crows #shadow and bone #jesper fahey#nina zenik#kaz brekker#inej ghafa #wylan van eck #nikolai lantsov#zoya nazyanelsky
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  • luna-noctis4
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i wonder if when the crows do their “scheming face?” “definitely” when kaz is thinking up a plan he ever just goes “you know i can hear you right?” I just think it would be really funny

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    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • whynotcherries
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #i'm once again tired #here #six of crows #kaz brekker#inej ghafa #nothings changed at all #the texting fic #kanej #six of crows au #soc au#soc#soc fic#kanej fic#modern au
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  • kazbiter
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    my friend is reading Six of Crows for the first time (probably so I’ll shut up about it) and this take had me on the GROUND

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  • dark-hopeless-romantic
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Crooked Kingdom Quotes I Love:

    We meet fear. We greet the unexpected visitor and listen to what he has to tell us. When fear arrives, something is about to happen.

    What you want and what the world needs are not always in accord, Kaz.

    Fear is a phoenix. You can watch it burn a thousand times and it will return.

    If you couldn't beat the odds, you changed the game.

    And that was what destroyed you in the end: the longing for something you could never have.

    But what about the rest of us? What about the nobodies and the nothings, the invisible girls? We learn to hold our heads as if we wear crowns. We learn to wring magic from the ordinary. (to all the girls who feel they are ordinary- you matter, you are powerful and you are loved❤)

    When the world owed you nothing, you demanded something of it anyway.

    I would have come for you. And if I couldn't walk, I'd crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we'd fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that's what we do. We never stop fighting. (kanej😍😍😍)

    You’re better than waffles, Matthias Helvar.

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  • in-my-feels-probably
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    INEFFABLE - Kaz Brekker

    Chapter Ten

    If you would like to read this on Wattpad, it’s on there as well, my @ is in_my_feels_probably and there’s a few visuals and better descriptions and stuff on there. otherwise, enjoy, let me know what you think, and you can check out my masterlist for updates and more. don’t forget to read the prologue, it’s important to the story!

    INEFFABLE – Kaz Brekker

    ineffable (adj.) too great to be expressed in words, utterly indescribable; too sacred to speak of. 

    Chapter Ten

    The Crows quickly navigated the palace halls, trying to get to Jesper at the meeting point as quickly as they could. He was supposed to be waiting outside the escape route, standing watch, overlooking the carriages, which was their escape plan, and Elham was praying he was ok and waiting for them so she could get as far away from the Little Palace as possible.

    She was cursing herself the whole way, punishing herself for not getting Alina away from the Darkling. She didn't have much time to ponder how colossally they had failed, or how pissed Kaz was going to be for her not telling him that she was an Inferni, although he would have plenty of time to sulk on the way home, because he had finally led them outside, spotting Jesper.

    They trudged over to him, Kaz now very obviously limping, and Elham looked even more worried than Jesper did.

    "Wow, Elham. I've never seen you in a dress. Interesting."

    She sent a glare his way, and he immediately reeled back.

    What happened, you ok?"

    Inej's face lit up. "She's real, Jesper. She made the light sing."

    Kaz grumbled next to Elham. "We lost her."

    Jesper chuckled, turning towards the carriage, a smile on his face, his voice full of amusement.

    "Did we?"

    Kaz squinted his eyes, before speaking. "Well, we don't know where she is."

    Jesper was still chuckling. "Don't we?"

    Elham froze, before catching up to Jesper, spinning him around by his jacket.

    "What can I do for you, love?"

    "Jesper, very much not the time for you to be joking. What do you mean?"

    "Just ask."

    "Jesper!" Elham let a flame pool in her palm, and Jesper immediately gasped, taking a step back.

    "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that."

    Kaz stepped up as they began climbing into the carriage. "We don't have time for this, just get in, and you can give us all a very well deserved explanation."

    His tone was menacing, and Elham sunk into her seat she had taken next to Inej.

    "Do we have a fix on where the target is?"

    Jesper glanced towards the back of the carriage, before smiling, snapping the reigns. The carriage jolted forward, and they began making their way off the palace grounds.


    It had been a few minutes of riding in silence, and the air was thick with tension. Elham pretended not to notice Inej's glances toward her hands she had clenched in her lap. Jesper kept glancing over his shoulder at her, but she wouldn't meet his eyes.

    Kaz hadn't turned around once, eyes set straight ahead.

    Jesper finally broke the silence. "So...do you want to tell me what the hell that was?"

    Elham took a deep breath, willing herself not to cry. Through clenched teeth, she spoke. "I'm an Inferni."

    "Well that's obvious, love. I think we all gathered that. Why the hell didn't any of us know? And why show us now?"

    Elham thought back to the orphanage she grew up in, to being tested and taken to the Little Palace. Meeting Nina, training with Baghra, finding out about the Darkling. Escaping and coming to Ketterdam. Going through a year of pain, meeting Kaz and becoming part of the Dregs, then the Crows, part of a family.

    Kaz still hadn't turned around, but she knew he was listening. Inej had turned to face her, contently listening.

    "Ok, ok, alright. You all know I'm an orphan, I grew up in Karamzin until I was 10 or so. I don't know who my parents are, what happened to them, or why they didn't want me, I just know I was born in Novyi Zem and I was taken to the orphanage, and I lived there till the Grisha came to test the new children. They tested me, and took me to the Little Palace to become part of the Second Army, to start training."

    Jesper turned around slightly, eyeing her. "You're telling me you lived here, and didn't wanna tell us any vital information to get us inside?"

    "I didn't want you to know, ok! It wasn't exactly the best time of my life here."

    "Why not?" Elham felt a tear roll down her cheek, and quickly wiped it away. "I'm an Inferni, but I'm not like the rest of them. They have to use something to create a spark, they can't just summon it like I can. The problem is, it's unpredictable. I never got a hold on it, so they would rarely let me use it in training. I had to learn physical combat skills instead, which did actually come in handy in the Barrel."

    Inej had grabbed Elham's hand now, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Kaz had slightly turned in her direction.

    "Anyways, everyone thought I was a freak, people were scared of me, they didn't want to be around me. Besides Nina."

    Kaz fully turned around towards her at that, and you could almost detect a tone of hurt in his voice. What else hadn't she told him? "Really? You know Nina?"

    "Knew. I haven't seen her since I was 13. She was one of my only friends in the Little Palace, and even then, I hardly saw her. Etherealki don't interact much with Corporalki, each type of Grisha generally sticks to their own order. Nina left before me though, she was quite skilled, and the Second Army needed new soldiers. I wasn't anywhere near ready, so I was left alone. Baghra took a liking to me, and made me her personal project."

    Inej quipped up. "Who's Baghra?"

    Elham's lips turned to a frown. "The Darkling's mother."

    "What? Isn't the Darkling like a hundred years old?"

    "Yes. And so is she. He just plays her off as an older mentor that had joined when he first came into service for the King. Which wasn't in the past hundred years, by the way."

    Jesper sounded exasperated. "What does that mean?"

    Elham almost laughed, and she would have if there wasn't a pit in her stomach and she felt like she could burst into tears at any moment.

    "The Darkling, and the Black Heretic...they're the same person. He's been faking his death every few hundred years and coming into the service of a new King, now he serves the Lantsov line. I'm sure he was alive when the first Lantsov became King, he's that old, and so is Baghra."

    Inej gasped, her face going pale. "The Black Heretic, the one who created the Fold...the Darkling did that?"


    Kaz finally spoke up. "How the hell could you possibly know all of this? I find it hard to believe someone decided to tell all of this to a 13 year old girl."

    Elham narrowed her eyes at him. "They didn't have a choice. Baghra had to tell me, it was the only way she could get me to leave."

    Jesper was pinching the bridge of his nose. "Saints, Elham, alright, I'm gonna need you to explain a little bit better than that."

    Elham nodded, sitting up straighter. "As I said earlier, Baghra started watching over me. She didn't like the idea of a Grisha not being able to defend themself. So she made me choose a weapon, and master it. She had me running drills, practicing sun up to sun down. Saints, I've never been as tired as I was training with her."

    Elham chuckled, but it was pained, and her smile didn't meet her eyes. "She taught me some ways to try and control my powers, but I would never be as good with them as I was with a sword, and I think she knew that, so she let me master it before she started training me with my powers. We would practice away from the other Grisha, she didn't want me distracted. One day, the Darkling sat in on my training."

    She took a deep breath, attempting to calm herself. "He never told me why he was there, and Baghra lied and said he just liked to check in on the training sessions every once in a while. It's awful to say, but Saints, I would have done anything to have people look at me like he did when he watched me use my powers. He didn't look at me like I was some freak of nature, he saw my potential. I was so naive, I should have known."

    Kaz was intently staring at Elham, watching the emotions change in her face. "Know what?"

    "That he wanted to use me. My powers are different, I can summon them whenever I want, and the more I used them, the stronger I got. I could blaze down a whole forest if I wanted to and not even break a sweat. He made sure Baghra was teaching me to control them, and then he started taking me to training sessions himself, asking me questions."

    Kaz's jaw was clenched. "Like what?"

    "Like if I was scared of his powers. Or if I was sick of people looking down on me. When I started getting a grip on my powers, he took me from training out into the forest to practice more. And then...he--"

    Elham choked down a cry, rubbing her hand down her face. "He wanted to see if he could use my powers with his. He had me create a flame, and he would twist darkness into it, making the flame grow. He could pull the flame towards him, moving it without me having to. Saints only know what I could have done with an amplifier."

    "What's an amplifier?"

    "An object that a Grisha can use to enhance their power. The Darkling is one himself, he was by far the best method to me controlling my powers."

    Inej squeezed Elham's hand again. "I don't understand, why'd he take such interest in you?"

    Elham couldn't stop the tears from falling this time. "He wanted to use my powers and his in the Fold. He wanted to light the whole thing up. It would have been a mountain of fire and darkness. He never wanted to destroy the fold, he wanted to make it a weapon." She chuckled darkly. "I didn't want to believe Baghra when she told me. I was just beginning to feel like I belonged, and it felt like she was ripping that away from me. I'm not completely heartless, though, I never would have let him use me like that. I have no love for Ravka, but I could never add to his incessant need for destruction and power. I escaped, and never thought about coming back."

    Jesper laid a hand on her knee. "I'm sorry you had to come back."

    She gave him a small smile. "It's alright. I think I needed to. I needed to face this, I needed to face him. Besides, I had to at least try and get Alina out. When you all went into the palace, and I had to try and find another way in, I took the trail I used to escape. It led right to Baghra's hut, she's the one who helped me get inside the palace. I had to see if what everyone was saying was true, if the Sun Summoner was real, so I went to her."

    Elham was actually smiling now, and Kaz's shoulders eased at the sight of it. "You know, she was the one who gave me the sword. The one I had all those years in Ketterdam."

    The smile faded. "The one Pekka Rollins broke. I had almost forgotten about that."

    Kaz watched her face fall, and despite himself, his heart clenched at the sight. She continued.

    "Baghra told me that I needed to get Alina out, and I promised her I would. That kind of power in the hands of the Darkling, it would be catastrophic...oh, Saints!"


    "Baghra! If Alina escaped, the Darkling is going to find out who let her go, who told her about him. He's ruthless, he'd kill his own mother. If anything happens to her..."

    Elham trailed off, unable to speak. Despite not knowing the right thing to say, Kaz couldn't bear to watch her in pain, and watch her sit there suffering. He hesitated then spoke.

    "You know, she is the Darkling's mother. She's survived all of these years before him, I'm sure she'll long outlive him. If she's anything like how you talk about her, she has nothing to worry about."

    Elham sniffed, nodding at him gratefully. "So...now you all know, I guess. About me, and everything. Surprise?"

    Inej let out a laugh, and Jesper was grinning. "Hey, El...want to know another surprise?"

    She eagerly nodded, directing her attention to him. He glanced around at the Crows, leaning in. "The Sun Summoner? She may or not be in the back of the carriage in the trunk. Allegedly, of course."

    There was silence for a few moments, and nobody moved, stunned. Elham just stared at Jesper, who was grinning like a fool. Kaz relaxed against his seat, his lips curled into the smallest grin.

    "Well. Maybe there are Saints after all."


    A/N - hi guys, i'm really excited to get into the stuff i've had planned since before starting this story, i've got a lot of elham and kaz content coming, hope y'all are ready for it all. let me know what you thought, feel free to reach out, and thank you for the support!

    #wattpad #shadow and bone #six of crows imagine #six of crows #kaz brekker x reader #kaz brekker#grishaverse #in my feels probably #ineffable#x reader#oc
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    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    If you want to know what I’m working on: currently in the process of writing a fic where Kaz attempts to stage a “there’s only one bed” situation with Inej on the way to the Fete and it goes Horribly Wrong

    #kaz brekker#inej ghafa#kanej #shadow and bone #of course all Kaz wanted was to respectfully lay next to her fully clothed #Bc his fear of touch #and even that wasn’t in the picture
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  • ilovemarvelanne1
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The Avenger and The Crow-5

    A/n: sorry for keeping all of you waiting!

    Warnings: tw-graphic depictions of death, assault, nightmares, ooc Kaz, mind control, language

    I don’t know how i feel about this chapter tbh

    Taglist: @aleksanderwh0r3 @cleverzonkwombatsludge @dark-night-sky-99 @nightlovesyou @fangirl-with-a-shippers-heart  @kazscrow @mrs-brekker15 @thatfangirl42​ @confuscita​ 

    “Please..please...please stop!” a young girl, about age twelve begs. Her head bent, her eyes puffy and throat hoarse from screaming.

    The ‘doctors’ don’t listen, instead signaling to the others to start the procedure all over again.

    “ Don’t worry, little one. You will be the Terror. Everyone will fear you ad they will know your name. Hydra will rise from the ashes, and you will be the reason for it.” The short man nods to someone and it starts again.

    The dreaded bits of metal arriving over her cheekbones and the mouth-guard being forced into her mouth.

    They press the button-

    and that’s when the screams begin.

    And day by day, you became more and more immune.

    Immune to the pain,

    Immune to nights, when the guards came into your cell,

    Immune to the cold,

    and you lost all sense of who you were.

    Day by day, when the metal and the shock came, you didn’t feel anything, yes you felt the pain. But the pain didn’t mean anything.

    “She is ready.” .

    Blood, there was blood everywhere. On you, on the ground, the stench of it hung in the air. You looked around.

    Around you were corpses, bodies of men, women, children, babies. All of whom you killed.

    You screamed.


    You jolted awake, almost screaming. Forehead covered in sweat, shirt soaked.

     “ Shit, I need water.” you stumble out of bed and slowly make your way down to the kitchen.

    For once, there’s silence and no one is awake.

    You filled a glassful of cool water and drank it all in one go, breathing heavily.

    The nightmares had returned. After being captured by Hydra, your min was never the same, you had mostly healed but you still had nightmares from your time there.

    You drank another glass, spilling some of it on yourself.

    Click click click

    The sound was coming from the staircase, accompanied by cursing.

    “ Kaz?” you said, in a low voice.

    Kaz looked at you, taking in your disheveled appearance and raised an eyebrow.

    “ Is there a reason you’re awake at three in the morning?” he asked you.

    “ I was thirsty.” you fiddle with the glass.

    “ Next time, try not to make so much noise, half the Slat is probably awake,” he turned around to leave, “ oh and another thing, there’s a box of herbal tea in the top shelf, make yourself a cup if you have trouble sleeping. Works for me.” 

    He left, limping up the stairs.

    He opened the door to his room, and went straight to his desk, he had some paperwork to complete and now was the perfect time to finish it.

    If only his stupid mind would focus on the numbers instead of you.

    Out of all the things he expected to find in the kitchen at three in the morning, a disheveled, shivering Y/n wasn’t one of them.

    He knew straight away that you had a nightmare, the sweaty forehead, colorless skin, shaking hands and the clumsiness.

    He was just glad the darkness in the kitchen had shielded his worry and concern for you.

     For Ghezen’s sake, stop thinking about her you idiot!

    He looked at the page lying in front him, right there, in his handwriting, was your name.

    Instead of crumpling it and throwing it away like he normally would, he took the paper and traced his fingers over your name, and then folded the paper neatly and shoved into one of his desk drawers.

    That’s it, I’m going mad.


    “ Wait, so they just disappear?” Bucky asks, confused.

    “ Looks like it Barnes.” Tony said, “ It’s been three weeks since Y/n and Loki have gone missing and the only information we have is that they touch this weird blue smoke around the tesseract and immediately vanished. None of this is helpful.”

    “ We need more information. Loki is the only one who knows what the blue smoke might be, and he’s not here.” Steve added.

    “ Well, there is one more person who knows the Tesseract well, she’s an agent currently undercover in Delhi as a reporter for the Deccan Chronicle, and she was present during the experimentation of the Tesseract, she might be able to help us.” Nat said.

    “ Who Natasha?” Bucky asked, looking at her intently.

    “ Her name is Arrow, she’s a friend of Y/n’s,” Nat replied

    “ Let’s call her, now.”


    It was late, eleven minutes past eleven (hehehe) to be precise.

    So why the hell, were you still in bed?

    Normally, either Jesper would bang on your door at seven, or Loki would use his magic to wake you up.

    However, today, neither came. As you trudged down the stairs you heard Nina and Loki laugh.

    “G’morning guys.” you said as you walked past them to make a cup of coffee.

    “ Morning Brekker.” you greeted Kaz, who was making his third? or was it fourth? probably fourth cup of coffee.

    “ Morning. You’re coffee’s on the table, somebody made it for you.” he replied.

    “ Oh, ok, and hey, thanks for telling me about the tea, it helped.” you thanked him.

    “ You’re welcome.” he said and left abruptly.

    “Whoever made my coffee for me, I love you so much.” you declared, taking the cup and sitting next to Loki. Missing the smirk between him and Nina.

    “ Y/n/n.” Loki began.

    “ What Lokes?”

    “ Kaz made the coffee.”

    #loki x reader #kaz brekker #kaz brekker x reader #Loki x six of crows #six of crows x reader #mcu x reader #arrow #nina x reader #Echo actually writes
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    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Accepted Requests/ WIPS

    First off, thank you so much for sending in requests!! I got over 33 requests in just one week, which is just absolutely mindblowing to me haha

    So naturally I just can't write all 33, as much as I wish I could. Because I like to open my requests around once a month, you will get another chance to send in a request if I didn't chose yours in the list below! It's nothing personal! Truthfully, all of your requests were absolutely great, but I'll cry at the thought of writing 33 fanfics so... :)

    I'll be combining some requests too just to include as many as I can, I hope that's alright!

    All smut/NSFW will be written on my backup blog instead of this one, so look for those in the near future!!

    The list of accepted requests is below the cut!


    Thomas Shelby

    "Hi! Would you maybe want to write a quick oneshot about Thomas Shelby falling for a ballet dancer! reader who is friends with Ada?" AND "hi! i'd like to ask a one shot on tommy shelby in which y/n is a girl in her early twenties who's kinda shy and defiant of people but despite this they somehow get to know each other..." BY @diorrfairy

    Oooh requests are open! Can I request a Tommy Shelby x Reader where the reader is a singer in a club and Tommy sees her being harrassed by a drunk patron, so steps in to protect her?

    TW was wondering if you i can request a tommy shelby x reader where the reader has unhealthy way of coping (s/lf h/rm) and tommy finds out by walking in while shes changing and she covers her thigh really quickly and he questions why she did that and he comforts her about it?

    Heyy, can you please write when reader and Tommy marry and they both have teenagers and all have to adapt living together and being a family. BY @HALLEISHEREE

    Kaz Brekker

    "Hii!! Can i request a kaz Brekker x fem reader where he plays and braids her hair??" AND "a kaz brekker x desi!reader, pretty much like your aleksander fic, where they're engaged, but it's the readers childhood bffs (who are also desi, maybe one of them can be a boy) and he just gets really shook, like wtf is going on..." BY @ilovemarvelanne1

    hi!! can i request a fem!reader x Kaz where they are fighting because she accidentally mess up her job for a heist and in the heat of the moment he says, “Sometimes I wish I had left you in the Menagerie,” because she once worked there. heavy angst but please please pleaseee end it with fluff!!

    Nikolai Lantsov

    hi! can i please request a nikolai lantsov x reader (fic or headcanons or honestly whatever you’re feeling :) where the reader has anxiety and he helps/comforts her?? thank youu!!

    nikolai x pirate!reader. with y/n being part of his crew but maybe like an enemies to lovers thing? they never got along too well but after one is injured during an attack...

    i’d like to request a nikolai x reader and i’m in need of a bunch of fluff! my allergies have gotten horrendous lately so maybe nikolai caring for the reader while they’re sick, a bunch of pampering and just nikolai being his lovely self. BY @neutral-millk

    The Darkling

    Can you please do a darkling imagine? Either smut or fluff (or both) with a jealous darkling? (This will be posted on my back up blog due to NSFW content!)

    Hi there! I really liked how you wrote Drawn Diary, can I request a continuation or could be a separate darkling x reader fic where their relationship is seen or is kind of told by other characters pov? Thank youuu! and keep safe love x


    Okey how about a azriel x mate!reader where she is insecure and doubts herself and hides it from Azriel and one day he finds out and tells her how much he loves her and that she is enough AND Azriel x Reader, angst to fluff

    azriel x female reader headcanon/ one shot stuff?💖💖 I mean I want them to be mates but you are free to write it the way you like. I'm okay wşth angst as well but I really need a happy ending😂. Thank you! AND Please do an azriel imagine where azriel has known about the bond since they first met... (This one will be posted on my back up blog due to NSFW Request!!)

    Draco Malfoy

    okay, draco malfoy x hufflepuff!reader? where draco meets the her best friend and her friend is like super protective and she just interviews him and threatens him and he just finds it all amusing? idk if that makes sense... and if you don't want to that's fine <33 BY @mrs-brekker15

    11th Doctor

    Can you maybe do something with the 11th doctor where you're cooking but he keeps getting in the way>

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    We talk a lot about Kaz's "I nurture my grudges" and "My mother is Ketterdam", but I'd like to give a shout out to my favorite Extra™️ line:

    #the flavor is immaculate #of course youd say that you funky weirdo #like this is ridiculous but it also slaps #also like...if i wanna be sad about it. Kaz Brekker's native language is trickery. he was born after Pekka scammed the Rietveld boys and #the only way a 9 year old on the street could survive was by being clever. but loving puzzles came before that #trickery may have been Kaz Brekker's first language but the mind for puzzles is all Kaz Rietveld #six of crows #kaz brekker#soc#crooked kingdom
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  • nonbinary-kaz
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago


    I've fallen for Kaz Brekker's stupid ploy. Totally didn't even think that he would be warm to the touch. Like a normal human person. High key subconsciously assumed he'd be like. Cool. Cold skin. Or whatever. Like a snake. Or a fish (without the wet. just the cold). stupid reputation. fell right into his trap. goddamn it.

    #and I knew better!!! #and yet here i was... #didn't even realise i'd subconsciously thought that until something mentioned that he'd be warm #and i was like. #oh what. wait. yeah he would be. but what. #kaz brekker
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  • kaz-brekker-didnt-need-a-reason
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    nina and kaz’s friendship. that’s it.

    #kaz brekker #six of crows #nina zenik #THE BEGRUDING RESPECT?? #THE TEASING?? #THE BANTER?? CMON ITS GOLD #soc#crooked kingdom #shadow and bone
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  • that-gay-grisha
    18.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Jesper: Is four a lot?

    Wylan: Depends on the context. Dollars? No. Murders? Not sure.

    Kaz: Four is a very small number of murders.

    Nina: *from across the room* Tiny really!

    Jesper: Thanks I guess?

    (Inspired by this post )

    #six of crows #incorrect six of crows #shadow and bone #incorrect shadow and bone #jesper fahey #wylan van eck #kaz brekker#nina zenik
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  • downn-in-flames
    18.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    the crows as messages i have pinned in a discord DM

    kaz: “i maintain that you’re not an asshole if you’re right”

    inej: “like maybe we are bitches but like we get results”

    jesper: “like i'll take whatever downhill slide i've been on since high school morally, at least i've gotten hotter”

    wylan: “occasionally i wonder are we bad people and then i decide that no, we’re just cool people“

    nina: “except is it really self aggrandizing if i am that grand”

    matthias: “our dickishness is self aware”

    BONUS -

    kuwei: “i will happily light myself on fire for that”

    #i will accept guesses on which ones of these were sent by me #i have no reason for doing this but inspiration struck and this just...... worked #six of crows #kaz brekker#inej ghafa#jesper fahey #wylan van eck #nina zenik#matthias helvar#kuwei yul-bo#the crows#leigh bardugo#grishaverse #shadow and bone
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  • lilisouless
    18.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    You know what, i am tired of this death trope for the surviving crows

    I want to see wholesome content but twitter is allways "Inej dying in Kaz´s arms" "Jesper will bury Wylan" "remember Matthias...

    So, if i´ll see those sad stuff every day, i´ll do the same to you, i can be extremely cruel too.

    Let´s do this:

    -Little did the crows know that Jan Van Eck three years ago had managed to but this way out of prision, he promised some people that if they help him get back his fortune, he´ll reward them.

    -He also managed to get his hands on jurda parem, not a lot but is okay, he only needs a portion enought one grisha a fabrikator. He reunites information about his son´s parter: the best sharpshooter in all Ketterdam,perfect aim, almost like he can control the bullets

    -Now he knows, old criminal mastermind Pekka Rollins is out of the country ,Heleen Van Houten has lost her bussiness,her only belonging are jewelry she doesn't want to let go, is all she has of her old glory days.Also, they both fear the Wraith and The bastard of the barrel

    -Van Eck get´s with both of them,they can get their glory back if they destroy Brekker,Captain Ghafa and their allies

    -Heleen,reclutantly, gives away her jelwery in order to have enought money to get some men on their side.Pekka Rollins has found another assasin, one on the same level as Dunyasha.

    -Said assasin sneaks on Kaz´s room and finds a letter ,is from the Wraith ,she is coming in three weeks.

    -Kaz Brekker was the best man on the Fahey-Van Eck wedding, sometimes he disapears and some of the servants have asure to see someone similar to him entering and coming out now and then.

    -The assasin ,after waiting the days, spies on the van eck mansion and sends a signal: Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa are there, having dinner with the house owners.

    -A big number of men surround the Van Eck mansion and star shooting by the windows, they even get into the secret tunnel Kaz had as an emergency exit

    -As soon as the crows realize it,Wylan yells Inej to put Marya on a safe place

    -Inej and Marya disapear while Jesper takes down most of the men attaking them and Kaz takes Wylan to the room where he hides the explosive supplies.Inej makes Marya climb down a window and prays for her to scape all this.

    -Wylan has an emergency bomb prepared in situations like this,but they explote inmediately, he needs Jesper to shoot them so they can be set off without burning them too.

    -But aparently there is no need for that,Jesper has taken down all the men attaking them

    "Is this all they got?"

    -Then the fabrikator gets in action . Not only they are on Jurda Parem, they also can shoot and control them just like Jesper

    -And to make things worse, there is enought metal in the mansion for them to have the upperhand , the dregs stand no chance.

    -Jesper locks the door so no one else get´s in the way

    -Both the fabrikator and him, shoot at each other, dodging and controling the direction of the bullets.Soon , the lost ones float around them and collapse

    -The fabrikator falls , screaming in agony for all the holes made on his lower half,Jesper puts himself up and unlocks the door , yelling at Wylan.

    -The merchling follows his voice and finds him across the room .Jesper sports a confident smile and posture

    -Wylan smiles back ,almost tearing up in relief. Jesper closes his eyes because that´s the last thing he wants to see before Wylan´s grin fades in realization of all the bullets on his body, chest,back, and a fatal one in his neck.That one helps him go away before he can hear Wylan´s desesperate screams for help after he collapses. His hands are craddling his face , begging him to get up and open his eyes.But Jesper only has the strength to raise his hand and touch Wylan´s hair one last time.

    -"I am going to kill him"

    -"He is probably dead already,Inej"

    -"I was not asking"

    -Inej disapears from the hallway,ignoring Kaz´s voice

    -Wylan is holding Jesper , he is trembling like crazy.The bombs are still on the floor, they are very delicate on the touch, he has to be careful

    "We have to go,leave him here,he is dead weight"

    -He doesn't mean it, Wylan knows he doesn't .But Kaz knows Jesper would rather Inej and Wylan to get there alive, maybe they could recover the body later

    -Wylan sudenly goes incredibly quiet and lifts Jesper ,holding his hips

    "He comes too" his voice to cold than Kaz realizes it´ll be quicker not to argue with him and keep going.Wylan was going to leave the house while he gets Inej back, she realizes Kaz was right: the fabrikator was dead,Jesper had aimed for the head

    -The door falls apart, another Grisha, no kefta.This one is a heartrender, not on Jurda Parem, no this is just a deserter from the second army that was promised sweet krudge.

    -Inej doesn't give them time to try a move and trows her knife at their right hand.

    "Inej, get down!"

    -She hears Kaz´s voice and get´s on the floor , a knife almost hits her head .The assasin was waiting for her

    -Now there are two people getting at Inej and all Wylan and Kaz can do is hidding behind a desk.Waiting to see if the heartrender didn't noticed them.

    -The heartrender was trying to get at Inej but she was too fast and is hard to not aim at the assasin when they changed positions too quickly

    -Inej takes out of the window and the assasin follows her , climbing their way up to the roof.

    -The heartrender then notices some heartbeats, breathing, there are more people in the room.

    -Kaz tries to scheme a plan, to think quikly, but he can't with Jesper laying right at his side and without thinking about Inej,if she will make it alive as always

    -He tries to pull Wylan quietly so they can leave but they are heard

    -The heartrender reaches to them, Kaz is clearly the most dangerous so he´ll take him first

    -Kaz´s heart is stopping, loosing his breathing.But that stupid Wylan doesn't run away, he just stares at Kaz, then the window Inej just jumped out and later Jesper.He is still holding the bombs and looks at Kaz again, how his veins are starting to show.He barely can yell at Wylan to get out of there

    -Wylan wanted to hold Jesper´s hand, his face to be his last memory , but he can't have it.Colm is burying his son in one piece.

    -Wylan runs towards the heartrender ,who releases Kaz to take him ,but Wylan has already trown the bombs to the floor.

    -Kaz can't scream, he wants to but he is still to suffocated that all it comes out of his mouth is a breath that resembles a "no"

    -He was too distant from the heartrender to be affected by the explosion, but his eyes hurt at the white gleam,he is covered in blood and there is no sign of the grisha or Wylan beyond blood , some clothing and flesh Kaz doesn't want to notice.

    -He stares at the spot , the hole in the ground, for a long while.He has already recovered his breathing.He crawls to Jesper and buries his head in his chest, holding him like the held Jordie that day

    "I´m sorry"

    -Inej has to reconize, her opponent has been trained well, too well, no one has been able to get on hit on the other.She is not up to games, they had taken Jesper, she will not have compassion this time

    -The asssasin makes her take steps back, dangerously close to the edge

    "Please , left Kaz and Wylan be safe"

    -She may not come out of this alive but at least her companions will, that wouldn't be a bad way to die

    -She prepares herself for the next stroke but the assasin´s calves are hit by a cane and they fell to the ground.

    -Kaz had climbed , his bad leg trembling, he coul barely stand up now,crawling was his only choice

    -The assasin trows a knife at his shoulder, not letal but makes him backdown

    -This was not Kaz Brekker, there is no scheming face, his sight was damaged, all of him covered in blood and acting only in impulse.There was no plan, he only was trying to keep her alive.

    -They just kick Kaz so he would fell of the roof and leave him holding at the edge,Inej then stabs them in the back and runs to grab Kaz´s hand, he is too heave but she can pull him up.There is no other choice, the fall could be deadly

    -But the assasin stands up and is coming to Inej, both her hands are bussy holding Kaz

    -Something crosses his face, it seems like scheming again but is diferent this time.The assasin is aiming to her neck

    "No ,Kaz..no, listen to me, i can do this , i can do both!"

    -Kaz trust her, more than anyone, but won't take the risk


    -Kaz has let go of her hands, letting her free to dodge the knife

    -She doesn't see him falling, she can't , all she can do is focus on her opponent, in a twist of her body they both go at each other.They get her ribs , but Inej knew this and allowed it as it left her free way to their heart

    -And know is so easy just to push them of the edge

    -She doesn't cure her wound yet, doesn't even take off the knife to avoid a bleeding

    -She get´s into the mannor again, there is a room covered in blood , a big whole in the ground and Jesper laying down a few metters from there

    -She wants to get to Kaz first , but she can't just get out without Jesper, so she takes him out with her

    -Finally finds Kaz outside, surrounded by blood, he doesn't move.He can't feel anything, not even Inej holding his hand.

    -Lays Jesper besides him and takes Kaz in her arms

    -All his bones feel shaterred, she needs a healer right now.Maybe...


    "he is gone, don't try to find him"

    -She thinks maybe he ran off, but denial doesn't suit her, she quickly understands the hole in the room , the kaboom she heard earlier.Tears finally begin to pour on her eyes



    "This was my favorite jacket"


    "And know is ruined with all this blood"

    -Inej snorts against her own will, she can't help it

    -That was not the laught, but it was good enought.

    -Inej kisses his hand before Kaz´s breathing stops and she closes his eyes.

    -She reaches for Jesper, both of their heads resting on her lap,she screams and cries beyond her self control, She doesn't care who could hear her, the only thing that matter right now are her fingers stroking Kaz and Jesper´s hair, on each hand.

    -After she stops crying and takes off the knife to cure her wound, she looks at her skin and realizes that the knife was poisoned

    -She can't find a healer that could help her.Her days are counted

    -First day, she hides Kaz and Jesper on a thomb.Wylan´s funeral is quick, .Inej stays by Marya´s side the whole night.All she ask for is to keep Wylan´s flute,the new one of metal that Jesper made for him on his birthday

    -Next day ,she sails to Noyi Zem ,holding Jesper´s cold hand.The flute resting on his chest along with his guns, and she dressed him in his most extravagant and attention calling suit.

    -Convices Colm to have his casket open.They bury him right next to Aditi in that three

    -Back in Ketterdam, she doesn't really feel good about it.He can't feel it,but stills press a kiss on Kaz´s head before closing the thomb and anouncing his demise to the dregs.

    -Next day she finds Van Eck, who didn't count with his old mansion blowing up but he doesn't have to worry about it with a knife burried in his head

    -Pekka Rollins ,in consideration of his child,is not so gruesome, his heart gave up pretty quickly

    -Tante Heleen doesn't die, she´ll live without her eyes and tounge

    -After that, her body is giving up to the poison

    -Next day she can barely move, but asks the dregs to help her sail to Ravka

    -She spends the trip laying down, enjoying the view ,smell and noise of the sea

    -And when she gets to Nina, Inej finally stops fighting and let´s herself go as she holds her hand

    Look what you made me do people, hope you are happy1

    #death trope #look what you made me do #look i am not a good writer #so the situations are incledibly forced #clearly something like this wouldn't pass beyond inej or kaz´s eyes but well #six of crows death trope #six of crows #crooked kindgom#kaz brekker#inej ghafa#nina zenik #wylan van eck #jesper fahey #kaz was the hardest to kill #not in the emotional sense #in the sense that i didn't quite know when or how #oh and by the way #Milo exist in this au and he didn't made it either #probably died in crossed fire #if you wanted some extra pain #wylan was the easiest #in fact this post was only going to be a wesper death with wylan dying like that #but i told myself: i can go bigger #kanej#wesper #kaz x inej #jesper x wylan
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  • ketterdam-it
    17.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    No Death Here Yet. Part Three

    Death had not reached Kaz Brekker that night. But it had been close. Death wanted him, it watched him hungrily through the window as the Healer mended him, it slept under his bed that night, and stained the corners of his room. Death had caught a whiff of Kaz and it didn’t want to let him go. 


    The relief was immeasurable, but the sense of unease was what Inej couldn’t shake. Kaz would make it, her Saints had protected him. Though somewhere, deep inside her or from the heavens above, she knew that something wasn't right. 

    She knew she shouldn’t, but she pushed the feeling to the back of her mind. Kaz will make it, everything else they could get through together. Together. 

    Everyone had left a few hours prior, to sleep, or gamble away their worry: Inej had not. She had sat beside where he laid on his bead. Occasionally smoothing his hair or whispering to him the few things she wouldn’t say if he could hear her. If he weren't to make it, she wanted some part of him to know these things.

    Inej couldn’t get the image of Kaz, bloodied, beaten, and nearly dead out of her mind. It didn’t help that he still looked fragile laying in his bed, asleep, healing.Her mind was torn  between pain and rage. Pain for the boy she loved, rage for who had done this to him. Pain wasn’t what she needed so she focused on the rage. Rage was what she needed, it would get her through this, it would get revenge for Kaz, it would soothe the pain. He had taught her that.

    She thought of going out tonight, to gather what information she could. But Kaz’s voice played in her head. “Stay. Stay in Ketterdam. Stay with me.” So she stayed at his side, all night, through the morning, noon, and as the sun began to set once again. 

    The rage pulsed through her veins, red hot and ready for vengeance. It filled the room, and emanated, running wild in her mind, spreading through the streets of Ketterdam like the plague. “Not yet she told it.” Today the Wraith would not council mercy.


    Nina had taken Inej food throughout the day since she refused to leave Kaz’s side. She knew she would do the same. She did the best she could to comfort her friend, but something was pulling at the corners of her mind, dissolving the hope that had began to grow after the Healer said he’d make it. In its place, something terrifying had begun to fester.

    Nina had told the truth that night, there was no death there yet, but it called to Kaz through the window. Seeking to dig its teeth into him, to drag him away to reapers barge. To take him into the cold waters of the harbor; Where it seemed both Kaz and Death had been born. She knew it, and she knew Inej felt it. 

    Nina had done her best to will it away that night, and she had kept it at bay. But she knew the truth, she could feel it. Death was coming for Kaz Brekker. She almost felt bad for whoever had started this war. She had seen the rage in Inej’s eyes that morning, she would not let them live, regardless of her Suli Saints. Nina didn’t blame her. They had started a fight Nina doubted they would survive. knew Death, and whoever was after Kaz Brekker was in for one hell of a ride. 

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