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    flower trap

    a kaedehara kazuha fanfic

    As a wanderer, Kaedehara Kazuha has been alone for a long time. Solitude as his only company and the whispers of the wind guiding him through his journey. But even fate pities lonely souls, and his path has long been written. 

    It was by chance that the charming (Y/N) entered the samurai's life. Like an inexperienced traveler falling into the fury of a storm, the ronin now found himself trapped with the only person who knew where his heart should be.

    hello sweeties. 

    so as you can see, i'm not posting on tumblr anymore since i found too hard to do requests when i'm studying and working. really sorry about that. however, i've been planning a completely self-indulgent kazuha x reader long-fic for a while now, and i already posted prologue both on wattpad and quotev. you can support my work and still be my reader right? 

    ngl, i'm loving writing flower trap and i think you might like it too. thank you for all your support till today ♡♡♡ i'm truly grateful for so many likes, amazing readers and followers. and when i adjust myself with my job, i'll back to do the pendent requests and open my askbox for more. promise. meanwhile, you can talk to me, feel free. 

    #repost because tumblr hates me #genshin#genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #kaedehara kazuha#kazuha #kazuha x reader #my very first time long fic i think #fem reader
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    if we never meet again, i'll make sure you know how much i love you

    pairing gn!reader x kaeya, xiao, albedo, diluc, kazuha

    genre angst

    warnings minor mentions of alcohol & blood, unhealthy coping mechanisms

    kaeya twirls you around in the courtyard of the plaza, and the sky glows indigo with the faintest hints of morning light, as does his sparkling lilac iris. the only reason why he's awake at such ungodly hours is because the rest of mondstadt is still sound asleep. kaeya doesn't even have faith in the archons anymore, but barbatos forbid any of the sisters see him in this state- drunken at 4:30 am, stumbling and swaying to the non-existent tune of a waltz, his hands reaching desperately for someone who isn't around. he attempts to plaster a coy smile on his face only for it to fall back into a grimace, and kaeya reaches for the glass bottle again and takes a swig. the liquid is searing as it slides down his throat, even as his chest grows warm from the alcohol all he can feel in his heart is the icy chill of your absence. but he'll do anything to see you float into his consciousness just for a few seconds; after all, that's just enough time to swoop you into a breathtaking kiss and whisper that he loves you into your ear, like he always used to.

    xiao used to watch as your eyes flutter closed, the soft rise and fall of your chest pressing against his own and the gentle warmth of your breath against his collarbone assuring him that you're still alive. yet now as he sits underneath the golden-leaved tree you'd spend your nights under, his skin is cold with the chill of the breeze, and he finds nothing but a single bed of glaze lilies left in your wake. xiao thinks that maybe if he nurtures morax's favourite blooms enough, the geo archon will bless him and let the flowers blossom into the memories he wishes to relive. especially that voice of yours, lilting and sweet, a swaying lullaby to ease the throbbing pain that would course through his veins and pound on his senses, consoling his endless nightmare of an immortal life. yet when you were still around, his nightmare seemed to morph into a euphoric dream, one that was inevitably temporary. but xiao doesn't care, because even if you're just a figment of his imagination, he'll make sure you hear i love you fall from his lips for the first and last time.

    albedo figures he can spare a glance or two when the hundreth trial of his experiment is running smoothly; even if it wasn't, he knows he could never resist the magnetism that you seem to possess. he knows his eyes can't help but flit to the impeccably delicate curves of your face, the perfectly sculpted features of your form, and each dip and line is something he commits to an eternal memory. he has sketchbooks full of you, yet none of them seem to capture the way you'd train your eyes to a vial, your far-off expression as you'd stare up at the stars, or the cheeky smile you'd flash from across the room when sucrose wasn't looking. and then he realises he's alone. his sigh echoes uncomfortably in the empty laboratory, and albedo is left with the clinking of flasks and the bubbling of concoctions he knows he shouldn't be mixing, yet he'd do anything just to see the image of you again, even if it's just an illusion. so before you go, he'll remind you of how much he loves you.

    diluc lets you nestle impossibly closer to him as the fire in the hearth crackles away at kindling, flames that lick the sides of the tinder akin to the way you set his heart ablaze with every fleeting gaze and touch. you spark a warmth in his chest that no amounts of sadness can ever drown away, even on the nights when he stumbles into the manor, drenched head to toe from the raging storm. diluc falls to his knees, delusional and thinking you'll still be there to catch him when he tumbles. his locks fall across his eyes; perhaps that's why all he can see is red right now, his palms stained with a characteristically deep crimson that he's recognises from the countless times the colour has coated your fingertips. be careful, be wary, don't let your anger get the best of you, take care of yourself, you always said. he hammers the initially soft reminders hard into his skull until he feels numb, and with an apologetic mumble he crumples to the ground once more. you've always told him not to play with fire, but if it means he'll get to say he loves you one last time, diluc will allow the flames to swallow him whole.

    kazuha sets his perceptive gaze out to see, ruby eyes scanning the horizon as his hand absentmindedly reaches for the notebook in his pocket. tufts of pearly white ruffle in the evening breeze, a rosy palette painting itself slowly across the sky as the sun slowly extinguishes itself in the endless expanse of ocean beyond. it is silent, save for the rhythmic crashing of waves against the hull, and kazuha's mind feels empty. he feels void of any musings or words, and as his fingers flip through the crinkled pages there's a scribbled sentence that catches his eye. it's your characteristic handwriting, black ink pressed hard against the paper, and as soon as your words reach his mind he begins to drift. like a bottle out on the open sea, kazuha relies only on the push and pull of the waves, surrendering himself to the will of the currents that control his heart. he does not yearn to be found, he does not yearn to wash upon a shore. because out here on the ocean, he is allowed to wander, free from the confines of the truth. perhaps if he whispers i love you into the gales of the sea, you may receive his final message.

    taglist (open): @chichikoi, @noirkkat, @azumira-404, @starglitterz, @urujiako, @abyssheart, @sincerely-mai, @zierx, @dragon-void, @mikachuchu, @shxnosuke, @stupidbirdcentral, @icecappa, @ayra2452008, @luceyluce, @masterofbrioches, @upsetpotatoo, @ariesreii, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst, @alberivh, @rganvindr @mayple, @bookuya, @venti-le-bard, @melkxsh, @oh-well-then, @mityas-temptation, @tsubaki3192, @geolatt3u, @ventirain, @severedftaes, @simplyxsinned, @liqhtiny

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    #adriansclassof100#genshin impact #genshin x reader #kazuha x reader #kazuha kaedehara #kazuha kaedehara headcanons #kazuha headcanons #genshin kazuha x reader #kazuha kaedehara x reader #genshin impact headcanons #100 followers #100 follower event #genshin impact hcs #kazuha hcs #kazuha kaedehara hcs
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    another 🌹 and ill post a xiao one this time

    #then a kazuha #then .. another thoma #🐾 ; 𝐥𝐞𝐭'𝐬 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐰𝐚𝐥𝐤 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐰𝐞?
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    leveled kazuha to 90 because he carried me from the start until inazuma:>

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    matching knots 🍁🦊

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    I just realized

    if you simp for suna and like to hear his unholy voice, you can just listen to kazuha’s climbing noises.

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    Fire man my beloved even though your artifacts suck

    #as in I dont have crimson witch on him bc that domain hates me and he doesnt crit very well #him and baal can crit just not as good as zhongli (who also has a bad build) #rip kazuha who cant crit #shiko speaks#genshin impact
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    Cozy afternoon 🍁🐕

    #kazugorou#kazuha kaedehara #gorou genshin impact #genshin impact #artists on tumblr #my art
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    That scene of Mafuyu's song from Given but it's 4nemo and Kazuha sings the song, it's about Tomo.

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    𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 : (Y/n) realises that her second life as the villainess will end in death if she doesn’t do anything to change her fate, and decides to take things seriously from now on. She also discovers that not everyone in the Onigasaki Clan can be trusted.

    𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐒 : Ayato, Gorou, Itto, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Teppei, Thoma, Tomoaki, Ayaka, Kokomi, Yoimiya

    𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄 : Romance, humour, reincarnation/transmigration, isekai, reverse harem


    𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 : @love-letters-4-u @aliarosella @ya-yeeteth @sweetv4mp @melkxsh @ennikoala @sweetstrawberrybabe @lesnotmiserable @gingerale-soda @pasta-warlord @lesmouche @electr0m1ko @lucas-kun @muzanscumslut​



    Thoma was at Komore Teahouse, listening to gentle pattering of the rain. He was sitting on one of the high stools by the counter as Taroumaru silently kept him company. With a fist propping his head up, he slowly exhaled through his nose.

    (Y/n) was acting strangely, there's no doubt about it. When he went outside to greet her and Kazuha this morning, she was genuinely mocking him, which caught him off-guard. She was adamant on earning his love weeks ago, so what made her change suddenly? He wouldn't say that her personality did a 180 since her arrogance is still there, but there's definitely something different about her.

    It was as if another soul was residing in the body of (y/n) Onigasaki.

    Thoma quickly shook his head to erase the thought. Sure, the authors of Inazuma love to write novels about reincarnation and transmigration, but there's no way those inexplicable phenomenons could be real. His gaze then drifted to the window, where he could see the rain blurring the landscape outside.

    "Haaa... Rain always makes the atmosphere gloomy and serious," he mumbled, suddenly remembering that he had an encounter with (y/n) in the same setting around a week ago.

    (Y/n) caught Thoma leaving Komore Teahouse and tried to talk to him, but he merely brushed her aside and ignored her pleas for him to hear her out.

    "You shouldn't hate me, Thoma. You should love me instead," she said, clutching her chest with both hands. He stopped in his tracks and turned around to face her.

    "Are you telling me what to do with my own feelings?" he asked with a frown.

    She took a step towards him, the desperation becoming more evident in her voice. "I didn't poison my maid out of jealousy; I honestly didn't know you were seeing her that time!"

    (Y/n) didn't sound like she was lying, and he could see the sincerity in her glossy eyes; but she could be a good actress, and Thoma wasn't about to let himself be fooled by her lies.

    "You must have no shame if you think that you can lie your way out of the crime you obviously committed," he said, folding his arms over his chest, "Are you seriously telling me that there's another reason you tried to kill Yuuko?"

    "There is! My uncle, Lord Tatsuya wanted to-"

    He scoffed, cutting her off. "Save your excuses. I don't want to hear it." Spinning on his heels, he walked away from (y/n), unwilling to interact with her any further.

    Ever since she told him that there was another reason behind her murder attempt, he couldn't stop thinking about it. Lady (y/n)'s words bothered him more than it should because he could see in her eyes that she was telling the truth; his keen observation skills allow him to determine whether someone was being genuine or not, and not once was he flawed in his judgement.

    But what other reason could there be besides her jealousy?

    Nothing was adding up, and then there's her strange behaviour now. When Thoma found her unconscious in the rain a few hours after they had that conversation, he noticed how weak she looked and then saw the phone materialising on her palm, as if it was the work of magic.

    "Could that phone be the reason behind her change?" he mused, only to hear Taroumaru bark at him.

    (Y/n) sat on the bench near the blacksmith's while munching on the tri-colour dango that Kazuha had bought for her earlier. He was worried that she might scurry off to Tenshukaku to do her thing again the moment he takes his eyes off her, so he got some dango to keep her occupied. Throwing a glance over her shoulder, she saw Kazuha and Tomoaki speaking to Hajime about tempering both of their fillet blades to increase their swords' durability.

    'So the fillet blade really is Kazuha's weapon,' she thought while suppressing a snort.

    A soft meow from below caught her attention, and she looked down to find Tomoaki's kitten, Yuki pawing at her boots. She carefully picked her up before placing her on her lap.

    "What should I do, Yuki?" she quietly asked as the kitten curled into herself, "Even though I was stupid enough to try and provoke the Raiden Shogun, I actually don't want to die again."

    (Y/n) had no way of measuring the concentration of poison in her blood, but since she hadn't experienced any severe symptoms yet it's not too late to save herself. She wondered if the villainess knew that her own mother was betraying her - but assuming she did, why did she continue to drink the poisoned tea that was served to her every day?

    'Why is this woman so hard to understand? She even did the dance with no pants with Gorou and still loved Thoma. Love is mysterious, I guess,' she thought, huffing.

    She felt kind of sorry for the villainess though. Riku didn't give her any of his attention because she was born a girl and instead gave what the villainess wanted from him to Yuito instead; Aino didn't love her daughter properly since she only adored her face that resembled Riku's. This made the villainess work extremely hard to get the approval she wanted so badly from her parents - she wanted to be acknowledged as an individual and not by her name, gender or appearance. She even foolishly thought that if she got engaged to Ayato Kamisato, her family would congratulate her. That's how desperate she was for love and attention, which would probably explain why she was adamant about wanting to be loved by Thoma when she caught feelings for him.

    "Poisoning Yuuko was unnecessary though," she muttered, as if she was trying to chide the villainess.

    However, Riku had contracted a mysterious illness and died before she could become anyone's betrothed, and she was only eight years old that time. Yuito was too young to understand the concept of death as he was at the tender age of six, so when Riku's passing properly sunk in after he turned sixteen this year, he became the Venti of Inazuma.

    'He was just six years old when Riku died though, so of course he couldn't do anything. Why did he have to think that he's useless?' she thought, sighing quietly.

    (Y/n) still has a chance to change the villainess' fate. She's not going to sit there like an idiot and cry about how the world had made it harder for her to live. There's nothing much she can do now that her body had ingested dilute poison for three years straight, but with her bachelor's degree in toxicology, she'll be able to create an antidote for herself. She has some power within the clan as the future head, so identifying the source of the poison shouldn't be too hard. The real issue is exposing Aino and Sayomi for their wrongdoings.

    She petted Yuki as she tried to come up with a plan. She can't get close to her mother as a daughter, but if she dresses up as a man to emulate Riku's appearance... She snapped her fingers.

    "That's it! I'll become the most handsome villain in Inazuma," she mused, nodding proudly at her master plan, "Watch out Scaramouche, I'm about to take your place~" If it works out, dressing up as a man would compel Aino to stop poisoning her tea for the time being, giving her enough time to develop an antidote and to gather any evidence (y/n) could use against her mother. The most important thing was to not let either Aino or Sayomi be aware that she knew what they've been doing in the past three years or else it's game over.


    (Y/n) was dragged out of her thoughts when somebody suddenly called her name.

    "Aish, what do you want?" she asked, lifting her gaze, "Can't you see that I'm-" She paused mid-sentence. (E/c) met golden-yellow, and she blinked at the pyrotechnician standing in front of her; "thinking..."

    Yoimiya's face lit up when she recognised her friend that she hadn't seen for three years. "It really is you, (y/n)!" She excitedly grabbed (y/n)'s hands and pulled the (h/c)-haired girl to her feet, causing poor Yuki to be thrown off her lap. "I almost didn't recognise you because I'm used to seeing you in boy's clothes. You've become so pretty now!"

    (Y/n) stared at Yoimiya with her jaw slightly slack, unsure of how to respond. The villainess and Yoimiya knew each other? Since she mentioned the villainess crossdressing, did that mean Yoimiya was also her childhood friend? (Y/n) dove into the villainess' memories in search for Yoimiya's face and managed to retrieve a memory that featured their ten-year-old selves. The villainess first met Yoimiya when the former snuck out of the estate to watch the fireworks during the summer festival eight years ago. (Y/n) saw the child version of Yoimiya approaching the villainess with a few sparklers in her hands, claiming that she wanted to play with her since she looked lonely.

    'Ah, so she's that kind of childhood friend,' (y/n) thought. While the villainess was free to see Kazuha whenever she wanted, she always had to meet Yoimiya in secret.

    "(Y/n)? Yoo-hoo~!" Yoimiya called, waving a hand in front of (y/n)'s face.

    (Y/n) blinked as she returned to reality. "Oh sorry, did you say something?"

    The blonde's expression suddenly became shy and her eyes flickered away from (y/n)'s confused pair.

    "I was wondering," she began, her voice uncharacteristically soft and quiet, "Do you have an answer now?"

    (Y/n) arched an eyebrow, genuinely puzzled about her question. Without thinking, she asked, "What answer?" She immediately regretted asking when she saw Yoimiya's eyes widen as if she was in shock. (Y/n) had a feeling that she just responded in the worst way possible to a question that was most likely very important to the blonde. Pursing her lips, she averted her gaze awkwardly and hoped that either Kazuha or Tomoaki would save her from this predicament soon.

    Yoimiya stared at (y/n) as her heart twinged. She had patiently waited for three years to hear (y/n)'s answer to her confession on the night of their last summer festival together, but it seemed like she had already forgotten. A hint of sadness crept into her smile, but she wasn't mad; Yoimiya understood how time can easily make people forget, yet she couldn't stop herself from clinging onto the sliver of hope that perhaps her feelings would be reciprocated one day.

    'I guess the rumours about her being in love with Thoma is true,' she thought, reluctantly letting go of (y/n)'s hands.

    (Y/n) glanced at Yoimiya and noticed that her gaze was downcast. When she opened her mouth to say something, Tomoaki suddenly rested an arm on top of her head, causing her to grunt instead.

    "We're back! Did you wait long, my little witch?" he asked, only to receive an elbow to his stomach in response.

    Kazuha then appeared next to his wheezing friend and eyed Yoimiya curiously. "Aren't you..." He trailed off, recognising her as the owner of Naganohara Fireworks.

    "Yoimiya is one of my childhood friends," (y/n) piped up, making him blink in surprise, "Since you're both here, shall we get going now? I saw a stall selling ichigo daifuku on our way here and I really want to try it." Linking her arm with Tomoaki's, she uttered a quick farewell to Yoimiya and rushed off, dragging the Electro user along with her.

    "Slow down, little lady- Come on, Kazuha!"

    Kazuha dipped his head in a polite bow to bid Yoimiya goodbye before going after his friends.

    When he left, Yoimiya turned around to stare at (y/n)'s receding figure. The one (y/n) loves is Thoma, not her; still, she wanted to be selfish by not giving up on her feelings for the (h/c)-haired girl.

    "Your fireworks are amazing, Yoimiya. They're able to connect the past and the future for a fleeting moment, and I don't think people appreciate that enough."

    Those words increased her passion for her work. If her fireworks can really do what (y/n) said, then she'll happily craft them to help (y/n) reconnect with her lost past. After all, Yoimiya did reawaken her memories of Riku by using his special firework formula slip in the last summer festival they attended together when (y/n) was fifteen.

    (Y/n) heaved out a sigh as she plopped herself down on one of the benches in front of the stall selling ichigo daifuku. She felt awful for leaving Yoimiya behind like that, but the situation was too awkward for her to handle; not to mention, she was struggling to remember what exactly Yoimiya's question was despite possessing the villainess' memories. She cupped her chin, humming pensively.

    When Kazuha returned with the ichigo daifuku she wanted, he noticed her sitting with her legs open and gently closed them before taking a seat next to her. He then looked at Tomoaki who was laying on his side with an arm propping his head up as he played with Yuki on the other bench beside them.

    "Tomoaki, why didn't you correct her posture? A lady is not supposed to sit like a man."

    "She's already acting like one anyway- Ow! Why'd you hit me?!"

    Tomoaki had parted ways with (y/n) and Kazuha to return to the inn he's staying at by the time the sun was setting. Upon arriving at the Onigasaki Estate, (y/n) and Kazuha were greeted with the comical sight of the Tenka Senshi stumbling around like drunken fools. They watched the samurai in confusion.

    "They must have drunk sake," Kazuha murmured, scrunching his nose up at the familiar smell of rice wine. As if on cue, Tsukuyomi appeared, looking exhausted; it was like he just returned from one of the hellish field trips the students of geology would have every term back in her world.

    "Tsukuyomi, what the hell happened to them?" (y/n) asked, pointing at the drunk samurai as if they were weird creatures that have yet to be identified.

    With a long, drawn-out sigh, he hesitantly replied, "Lord Yuito made them drink three rounds of sake earlier."

    (Y/n)'s jaw dropped to the ground in shock. "FOR WHAT?"

    "I don't understand his intentions either, but apparently it's to prevent them from making a fuss when drawing sticks for their room assignments."

    Yuito is indeed an unorthodox commander.

    Later on that evening, (y/n) was making her way back to her room after saying good night to Kazuha when she heard a pair of voices coming from Aino's study.

    "Mistress, I suggest you punish Lady (y/n). If we let her walk around Inazuma freely, the name of the Onigasaki Clan will fall into disgrace."

    "I don't know, Chamberlain Jin..."

    (Y/n) paused in mid-step when she heard her mother and the chamberlain having a conversation regarding her. Retracing her steps, she tried to eavesdrop on them through the wall.

    "I urge you to think about it. Word is spreading fast about the crime the lady committed, and they are saying that she abuses her knowledge to make lethal poisons. We cannot allow our future head to lead the clan under such circumstances! I only agreed to the decision of making Lady (y/n) the heiress to honour my late master's wish."

    'I was so busy thinking about the people I have to deal with outside the clan that I completely forgot there are people I have to confront within the clan too. Jin made a valid point though, the villainess should take responsibility for her maid's poisoning,' she thought, pursing her lips. Since the entire clan's reputation is at stake, she'll most likely have to take some form of punishment to redeem herself and the Onigasaki.

    Dammit, why did she have to be reborn as the villainess? It would have been much better if she was reincarnated as Tomoaki's cat instead...

    "Then again, Aino wouldn't want to punish her daughter severely since she has Riku's face," she mumbled, burying her chin in her fist, "And if I'm put under probation for an entire month as punishment, I'll have more than enough time to plan what I should do from now on."

    "Is someone outside?" The shoji beside (y/n) suddenly slid open, revealing Jin. He had medium-length, spiky dark teal hair with streaks of white on his right bangs, and eyes of the colour of his hair hidden behind a pair of oval-shaped glasses.

    'Oh my days. It's confirmed that the male servants of the Onigasaki Clan are good-looking,' she thought as she put a hand over her gaping mouth.

    Jin narrowed his eyes at her, and that was when she realised he was waiting for her to explain herself since he had caught her eavesdropping on his conversation with Aino. Clearing her throat, she told him, "My apologies, Chamberlain Jin. I did not intend to eavesdrop on you and my mother."

    "What are you here for, Lady (y/n)?" he asked curtly, "If you have any messages to relay to the mistress, you may tell me right now and I'll pass your words to her. I strongly suggest that you return to your room and reflect on your actions while we decide on your punishment."

    Man, it really sucks when you have the same given name as the villainess. It felt as if he was scolding her actual self and not the lady.

    Straightening her back, (y/n) smiled at the older man politely.

    "Of course. Before I do that though, I want to say that the tea I've been drinking tastes off these days. Do you think you could look into what kind of garbage the servants have been giving me?" she asked, folding her arms over her chest.

    Jin's eyes widened, and she raised an eyebrow at him; looks like he understood her underlying message immediately.

    Good, this chamberlain has a sharp intuition.

    "I'll look into it, Lady (y/n)," he replied, bowing, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

    "Have Miho take Yuuko's place just for tomorrow so Yuuko can rest. She looked kind of pale today." (Y/n) didn't know if Miho was colluding with Aino like Yuuko, so she had to make sure; by comparing the samples of the tea served by Yuuko and Miho, (y/n) will be able to decide which maid she could trust.


    When (y/n) finally made it back to her room, she had her hair brushed by Yuuko to prepare her for bed.

    "Bring my father's clothes and bind my chest starting from tomorrow morning. I'd also like to have my hair trimmed to emulate his hairstyle," (y/n) said, "Don't forget to tell this to Miho as well." Yuuko was surprised by her sudden order but agreed to comply to it nevertheless. Once she was done brushing her hair, (y/n) dismissed her maid with a wave of her hand, and Yuuko swiftly left the room after bowing.

    (Y/n) had come to the realisation that if she doesn't dress up and act like a man, Aino will relentlessly find ways to get rid of her since she won't be able to fulfill her role in replacing Riku when she's a woman. She placed a hand on her chest and expelled a deep sigh.

    "I'm sorry, Lady Onigasaki. I know that you've suffered a lot from the tight chest bindings during your childhood, but I have to do this so my plan will work," she mumbled, turning away from the mirror to stand up. She then picked up the inro case that Kazuha gave the villainess as a gift on her sixteenth birthday from her bookshelf; it was black and had pink and white cherry blossom patterns, which she thought was cute.

    It's honestly a wonder how Kazuha was able to easily forgive her for attempting murder - done for a petty reason too - and she hoped that the villainess would see the error of her ways if her soul ever returns to this body.

    "... Hmm?" As she was walking towards her futon, she noticed that Yuuko had dropped a small grey pouch on the floor, and bent down to pick it up. Untying the knot, she peeked inside and spotted fine white powder; it was odourless and had a texture similar to that of crushed chalk.

    'This is definitely not powdered sugar,' she thought, knitting her eyebrows together. She suddenly got a bad feeling about this, and decided to perform a test to confirm her suspicions in the lab Riku had built for the villainess to support her studies.

    Placing a beaker of water on the counter, (y/n) added one spatula of the white powder into the water. She then prepared hydrogen sulfide by treating small lumps of iron sulfide with hydrochloric acid. She was surprised to discover that the villainess had already prepared various useful chemicals to test for different types of poisons, and she even has the apparatus needed for them.

    "Well, the villainess did study toxicology like me," she quietly mused. Her mother's clan, the Yagen has long been the best in poisons and antidotes in Inazuma, and still has members researching them now - so it's to be expected that the villainess would pick up on the Yagen's field of poisons at a young age.

    As soon as hydrogen sulfide was being produced, she performed the standard Marsh test by passing the gas through the contaminated water, and a yellow precipitate was formed as a result of the reaction. Her heart immediately stopped.

    "This is..."

    A bead of cold sweat rolled down her forehead as she recognised the yellow precipitate of arsenic trisulfide. Even though it didn't keep very well, (y/n) knew that her eyes did not fool her.

    The Marsh test was positive, confirming her suspicion that the white powder is arsenic trioxide.

    "Why does Yuuko have this with her?"


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    “Sometimes a guy just wants to be called princess.”

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    //drops discord here yes hello pls add me
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    Tomo texting Kazuha at 3am

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    brain is jumping back n forth between fictional men tonight

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    More Kazuha merch please.

    today i woke up and chose Genshin's merch to spend November's allowance.

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    Genshin Boys taking you on Dates

    Featuring- Albedo, Kaeya, and Kazuha

    In Pt 2 theres going to be Xiao, Beidou, Chile, and Possible Diluc

    Summary- The Boys may not have always been home but they made up for it in their date

    Warnings- Kaeyas part uses Pronouns (im sorry non binary friends), and a bit of loud noises in Kazuhas but hopefully it wont trigger anyone

    I don't own or claim to own any of the gif or pictures I use

    Also Request are Open right now so submit a request if youd like me to write you something

    Submit here -> https://strawberryfics.tumblr.com/submit


    He would most definitely like taking Klee on your dates

    Because of his research, he would always know where gorgeous landmarks were

    He takes you on picnic dates whether it was in the forest or by waterfalls he always made it memorable. He also loved feeding you any food he could get his hands-on

    He would always ask if he could bring Klee with him just to make sure you were comfortable with (Dilf moments)

    His favorite spot would be an opening in the forest it was quiet and peaceful and sometimes you guys would even see Deer or Rabbits, and he loved the smile on your face when they did

    “Love, would you like to take a picnic with me this afternoon, I've found a gorgeous opening in the Whispering Woods.” Albedo has just gotten back from researching in Dragonspire and now his only project was spending time with you. You’d leave Mondstadt just a little afternoon, Albedo would point out butterflies and all kinds of wildlife on the way. He’d hold your hand with one hand, point out everything he saw with the other. After about 30 minutes you arrived at a small clearing in the woods and just like Albedo said it was beautiful. Albedo would offer you to sit in his lap while you two enjoyed your food and the scenery. He may not have gotten to spend much time with you due to his research, but to him, you were more important.


    Dates with Kazuha would rarely be planned if you weren’t busy, and he wasn’t he was always taking you, someone, even if it was nighttime he’d still have ideas almost always being cuddling under the star

    His favorite spot was on top of a hill, and it had a beautiful cherry blossom by it,

    He could stay there for hours and loved sharing the time with you.

    He’d let you rest in his lap as he wrote haiku about you, or he’d play with your hair and just relaxed

    Kazuha likes to have a date where it’s just the two of you so you both can relax in the other company

    He’d always be up for an adventure if oh even wanted something more outgoing or fun.

    “Aww Dove, you look so beautiful” You and Kazuha were heading to a small firework festival. He knew you loved the vibrant colors of them, so he bought tickets almost immediately. Kazuha loved taking you places that made you smile, and so he did. You and Kazuha would keep one hand on you at all times whether it was holding your hand or an arm around your waist he wanted to soak in your aura. “Do you like this spot Dove, we’ll have a perfect view of the fireworks from here” You nodded as Kazuha laid out a blanket and even pillow out of literally nowhere- you’d have to ask him how to do that. “Come on Dove there going to start soon” He opened his arms welcoming you into them. You and Kazuha laid together as the fireworks began, they lit up the night sky beautifully. Don’t worry if you have trouble with loud noises, Kazuha would being noise-canceling headphones just for you.


    So Kaeya on god this man takes you on the funniest but weirdest dates ever

    Kaeya's idea of a date is going on commissions and getting wasted at the Angel Share after but hear me out he would take you on the coolest commission

    You would spend the day solving puzzles or figuring out which cave an abyss mage was hiding in sometimes you and Kaeya would rest in fields

    I know everyone canons him as a man whore, but I think he would still have some wholesome qualities

    Kaeya would put flowers in your hair or give you them unless you were allergic then he gives you random things he'd think you like

    He’d be strolling and see a heart-shaped rock and immediately pocket it, and you'd find it on your desk the next day with a little note from Kaeya

    “Princess, look what I found” Kaeya say in a teasing tone as he waved a paper in front of your face. You’d slightly snatch it,“ a commission?” “Yes, and you're coming with me see right here it says there’s a puzzle, and you love those so you're coming” Kaeya would literally drag you from whatever you were doing to go "no" wasn’t in his vocabulary. He would keep you close by every second of the way since it was a commission after all, and he didn’t want you getting hurt. He’d always let you have first grabs with the treasure found and even let you open all the chests too, he knew you loved it. After your thrilling adventure, Kaeya would always end it with a meal at Angel Shares to make sure you got enough to eat, and you were okay

    #kazuha x reader #kazuha#genshin impact#genshin albedo#albedo#kaeya ragnvindr #genshin impact kaeya #x reader#genshin kaeya#genshin kazuha #kaeya x reader #albedo x reader #genshin klee#no spoilers#genshin imagines #genshin impact xiao #genshin impact childe #genshin impact beidou #genshin impact diluc #requests open #request are open #fluff#wholesome
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