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  • thewretchedonescomic
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    A bit of art from my fic ‘Trials and Trimesters’, the second fic in the pregnancy!au where Ryunosuke is afab and pregnant, and Kazuma survives the Burya trip to reach England.

    Here is them arriving in England, Ryu currently 6 months along

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  • quillandink333
    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Hook, Line, and Sinker ~ Part I

    Ryuunosuke Naruhodou X Reader X Kazuma Asougi


    Rating: E

    Word Count: 2.7k

    WARNINGS: Kazuma is a fuckboy, themes of sexism, prior sex trafficking, implied loss, threesome, platonic sex, unprotected sex, first-time anal, bondage, hair-pulling, scratching/clawing, light edging, bukkake

    Summary: Having been let down and taken advantage of time and time again, a classroom assistant at Yuumei has a fateful encounter that changes the course of her tragic sex life for evermore.

    Part I • Part II • Masterlist

    Key: {Fn} – reader’s first name, {Ln} – reader’s last name

    When {Fn} had first applied for the position of assistant to the leading English Language professor at Yuumei University, she’d been filled to the brim with hope for her future as a scholar. A year on, however, and she was beginning to rue the day she’d made that decision. She’d gone into it thinking it would be her best chance at immersing herself in her dream subject, but with the way things were going so far, she was no closer to understanding the countless intricacies of the foreign dialects than when she’d first begun.

    And the most outrageous part of it by far was that it was all because she was a woman. On campus, she was treated as nothing more than a tool for organising study material and other such menial tasks. Whenever she attempted to converse with students, she was met with an infuriatingly dismissive answer such as, “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” or, “I thought professors’ assistants were meant to, you know, assist professors.”

    Which was another thing: not even the professor would acknowledge her drive to learn. Whenever he caught her stopping to take notes during his lectures, he would call her out in front of the whole class and then start barking orders at her again.

    Every day was spent in complete and utter boredom. The only method she had of swaying any of the top students into even giving her the time of day was offering them something less than civilised in return. This at least offered some temporary relief from the dullness that plagued her day-to-day life, but it did practically nothing to satisfy her desire for intercourse on a more intellectual level.

    “That’s why I’m so grateful to have met you,” she explained in hushed tones to one Ryuunosuke Naruhodou, a second-year majoring in the English department and one of the few friends she’d made while serving time here in the veritable prison that was said department. “You’re the only one who’s actually stayed true to his word. Not to mention, you’ve always treated me like I’m more than just…a doll for you to play with however you please.”

    It was the end of another week, and he’d just finished sharing his, as always, ‘disgraceful but better than nothing’ notes with her. It made sense for her to be flushed as she was now, what with them being situated in the library where the only sounds to mask their conversation came from the very occasional turning of a page. Ryuunosuke couldn’t help but feel a twinge of embarrassment himself. He cleared his throat. “I’m happy to hear that.”

    It wasn’t a lie. Far from it. The first time she’d brought up the topic of a so-called ‘one-night’ stand with him, he’d only just overheard the rumour going around about the promiscuous classroom assistant who would ‘do anything just for a chance to practise her English.’ At that point, he never would have guessed it had been her, and now that she’d told him, he wanted to hit himself for not realising it sooner. In addition to that, though, the fact that he’d been able to make life just a bit more bearable for her, both sexually and otherwise, gave him a warm glow inside.

    “Actually, it occurs to me that I know someone you might be interested in meeting.” Her mouth took on an ‘o’ shape as she listened with intent. “He’s a law student, but he and I are in the same English class, which he’s easily at the top of. One might even go so far as to call him fluent.”

    She got up from her seat and lurched toward him over the desk where they were sat. He startled. “When can I meet him?” she demanded. “Who is he?”

    Kazuma Asougi. There wasn’t a soul throughout all of Yuumei that hadn’t heard the name at least once. The man was a living legend. In fact, when {Fn} found out on the day she was introduced to him that he was the close friend Naruhodou-san had spoken of, she’d just barely managed not to pass out. It was no secret that he was far from inexperienced when it came to sex, and neither was his singular ability to read people like books. Really, all she could do was pray that he hadn’t already figured her out before he’d even lain eyes on her.

    She knew he was famous for more than just that, though. He excelled in every subject he partook in, rarely earning anything less than full marks on exams. And yet he was still respected and beloved by virtually the entire student body for his surprising affability and righteous takes on authority. To think that someone like him would take time out of his illustriously busy schedule every week just to take pity on her and practise speaking English with her like she wanted… She was still struggling to believe it. He claimed he was grateful for the opportunity to brush up on his own speaking abilities, but surely there were plenty of others from whom he could have picked to practise with. During most of their sessions, she hardly even knew what to say until he lightened the mood with some banter, which most often didn’t take long.

    Six weeks or so later, and she’d gotten comfortable enough to start letting her hair down around him a bit more. In fact, he’d quickly caught up to Naruhodou in his own lofty ranking on her ‘People who Aren’t Complete and Total Pricks’ leaderboard. It was only then that he sprang a question on her which rocked her boat like a tsunami.

    “Naturally I’ve already discussed it with him.” She and Asougi-san were lingering in a courtyard on campus late that afternoon, she having run into him whilst making yet another insipid errand for the professor. “It was his idea, actually, but I must say I found myself quite taken with it.”

    By now, she and their mutual friend had had their fair share of flings, which had given her a good feel for what he was like. Naruhodou wasn’t selfish in the least, always telling her to do whatever she was of the mind to do in that moment. In that sense, he was actually rather submissive, which she didn’t mind and even found to be quite sweet. Admittedly, however, she often ended up doing most of the work as a result and she wouldn’t have minded being given a break either.

    Asougi, on the other hand… Something about him made her certain that he would mop the floor with all the rest. She wasn’t sure whether it was mainly his sharp and domineering presence, his genuine interest in the relatively ordinary affairs of those he spoke with, or his bad habit of showing himself off in little ways that never failed to make her heart skip a beat. Even now, the way he had her eyes caught in his own smoky stare, forefinger placed tactfully just below his bottom lip, had her cheeks all ablaze. She couldn’t shake the image of him, gaze trained on her much the way it was now, only his breathing was hard and hot as he hovered over her, ebony tresses tousled and just a trace of perspiration highlighting his brow. And when Naruhodou slipped his way into the imaginary scene as well, it was all over. When was the last time she’d been made to blush this much?

    “No pressure at all, of course, but I did hear that you’re no stranger to this kind of thing.” He ran his finger idly up the hilt of his sword. “You like to play around. Don’t you? {Fn}-san.”

    The heat spread from her face throughout the rest of her body in a flash. “H…How much has he told you? About me…” She barely managed to get the words out with her weak lungs.

    “Aww, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, you know,” he cooed in a condescending yet distinctly enchanting way. “And to answer your question, he didn’t tell me a thing. You did, just now.”

    She closed her mouth. Just how long had he suspected her of being the subject of those unsavoury rumours? He didn’t think this had been her motivation for studying with him all along, did he? Oh kami, she hoped not.

    “But honestly, I feel much more inclined to go along with it now that I know there’d be no strings attached and it’d just be the three of us doing a bit of fooling around.”

    So then neither of them were looking for anything beyond just that. She nodded slowly and introspectively. “That’s fair.” She supposed she wasn’t either, really.

    “By the way, don’t think of this as a transaction in exchange for my tutoring you or anything.” Her ears perked up. “Rather, think of it as…an invitation. Just to come and take a load off with us, if you catch my meaning.”

    She averted her gaze and grinned in subdued glee. That was just what she’d needed to hear.

    The date on which the three of them had agreed to partake in their night of frivolity was upon them. The hour was seven in the afternoon. {Fn} had managed to escape the professor’s clutches earlier than usual. The two second-years had kindly invited her to join them for hotpot at a small but popular spot within walking distance of the campus. Naruhodou had held the door for them as she’d been hit by the mouthwatering smell that filled the place. Her internship, combined with her day job, didn’t allot her many opportunities to dine out anymore. Being able to experience the comforting atmosphere of people chatting away over a simmering bowl of sukiyaki was a welcomed change of pace.

    “The two of us have hooked up once or twice ourselves, actually,” blurted Asougi around a mouthful of beef, much to the horror of his friend, who nearly lost his grip on the piece of tofu pinched between his chopsticks.

    “Kazuma! You—” He lowered his voice. “You can’t just say things like that outright while we’re in public.”

    But the other merely roared in laughter at his over-the-top display of concern. “Oh, please. You think anyone’s going to hear us over the din of their own conversations?”

    To this, Ryuunosuke couldn’t give much in response but a defeated sigh. He glanced subtly and pleadingly at {Fn}, which didn’t go unnoticed, but only prompted her to start laughing as well. She offered him a nod of reassurance, which he returned with an unamused look before popping the tofu into his mouth.

    “Anyway, I suppose ‘once or twice’ is a bit of an understatement, really.” Asougi held a hand out to her and she passed him the cooking utensils to let him take over. “Lacking in experience as my partner here may be,” he jabbed at the expense of his ‘partner’ who didn’t seem bothered, oddly enough, “he’s sort of just…become my default, as of late.”

    “Keep in mind, though, we’re still just friends,” Naruhodou butted in. “It’s just something we do whenever one of us has had a particularly trying day. To relieve stress, you know?”

    She raised her eyebrows at them, a curious smirk setting in. “Are you quite sure the pair of you still qualify as ‘just friends’ in that case?” To her dismay, her jest wasn’t as well received as she’d hoped. As it was met by one with uncomfortable silence, the other just laughed it off half-heartedly, eyes flitting to and fro.

    “Well, regardless,” the latter began with a clearing of the throat, “today isn’t about us. It’s about you. Alright? So don’t even trouble yourself thinking about such things.”

    She hadn’t been ready for that. Her heart lurched as a surge of exhilaration swelled up in her chest. The way Asougi was eyeing her from across the table wasn’t any help, but Naruhodou’s sweet words and relaxed posture were enough to sooth her sudden onset of nerves. She forced the bite of food she’d been working on down her throat. “Okay…”

    Kazuma smiled to himself, dipping a slice of meat in egg yolk before devouring it.

    Once they’d eaten their fill, they didn’t hail a rickshaw to deliver them to Asougi’s abode but a horse-drawn carriage. Up until then, she’d been ignorant as to quite how far removed their destination was from the bustling streets of civilisation. Even then, there was still a fair distance left to be traversed on foot before they eventually arrived. To make a trip like this every morning without being late, she couldn’t fathom what accursed hour he would have to arise by.

    It was certainly well worth the journey, though. The place was perfectly secluded and tranquil, the air surrounding it being one of rich ancestral history. Clearly his family had been living here for generations and, given the location and classic shoin-style architecture, they were of venerable origins indeed. The main building stood in the midst of an expansive courtyard where one could easily picture a swordsman practising his art in solitude, and hanging prominently in the sitting room for all to see was a wall scroll, upon which the word ‘justice’ was inked in bold, sweeping strokes. In many ways, it all seemed fitting for someone like Asougi-san, who went around carrying the pride of his clan on his hip at all times.

    So when {Fn} came to discover that they were the only ones home, an array of questions started to take shape in her mind.

    “I don’t normally invite guests over,” he stated, shedding his gakuran jacket and hanging it up in the entryway. “The idea of word getting out about how I’ve lived here on my own for so long is...something I’m not terribly comfortable with, to be honest with you.”

    “Oh.” She paused, frantically rearranging her next set of words in her head before speaking out. “And what of the rest of your family? Don’t you have any...?”

    She regretted her query no sooner than the final syllable had rolled off her tongue.

    The genkan fell into bleak silence. His stare was cold and vacant as it passed straight through her from across the room, like a breeze through leafless branches.

    “K-Kazuma, uhm...I wonder if you wouldn’t mind putting on some tea!” suggested Ryuunosuke, sensing the dramatic shift in his friend’s mood (though admittedly he knew just as little as she did). He didn’t much care for tea, in actuality.

    Knowing this, the property’s sole resident smiled appreciatively at him. “I’ll get right on that.” Then he left them there, undoing the belt from which his katana was suspended at his hip, then slid the shouji shut behind him. At least now, the means by which he’d come to inherit the blade at all had somewhat more of an explanation, if one could even call it that.

    Tea was tense, to say the least. The three were sat on the floor of the sitting room around a small, black table, none of them speaking a word. It was so quiet, she could clearly hear the contractions of Naruhodou’s oesophagus as he struggled to swallow the steaming hot liquid. She could barely block out the slow bob of his throat from the corner of her eye. In contrast, the commotion made by Asougi as he gulped his down like it wasn’t practically still boiling was even more impossible to ignore.

    “Right, then,” he interjected in a suspiciously collected tone of voice. Running the back of his hand over his mouth, he put his empty cup down in front of him.

    With that, the table soared up into the air at high velocity.

    It had taken every ounce of {Fn}’s self-control for her not to splash the rest of her tea everywhere. Sadly, Ryuunosuke’s reflexes weren’t quite as refined; an entire cup’s worth had erupted all over the front of his white shirt.

    “I think it’s high time we cut to the chase,” their host continued, standing up with a hand on his hip as if he hadn’t just pulled the melodramatic (though oddly provocative) stunt that he had. “Don’t you?”

    Before she could even entertain a response, she looked over to see Naruhodou with his fingers already on the lowermost button of his shirt. “You haven’t exactly left us with much of a choice, have you?” he muttered under his breath. The maccha-stained garment floated down in the direction of where the table had landed as he tossed it aside. Then his eyes followed Asougi’s, trailing over her in an unspoken question.

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  • reforgedspirit
    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #DGS 2 spoilers #TGAA spoilers #AsoRyuu Week 2021 #AsoRyuu#Kazuma Asogi#Ryunosuke Naruhodo #Dai Gyakuten Saiban #The Great Ace Attorney #fic#Pierce's writing
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  • volvolts
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    my love for kazuma: i dont want anything bad to EVER happen to this man anymore. he will only be subjected to love and comfort and getting what he wants 

    my love for van zieks: if i dont see this man drowning in angst and pain and emotional turmoil then whats the point. twist the knife!

    #talkin#ace attorney#kazuma asogi #barok van zieks #i seen really good angst for kazuma but i can handle all the sad surrounding him i just want to see him happy at all time #but barok just go for the throat
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  • katoxd000
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I wanted to get back into writing so here, have a snippet of Kazuma remembering Ryunosuke after regaining his memories

    Based on this artwork

    It hurt. It hurt so much, like his head was about to burst and shatter into a thousand pieces. It was his father's face. It was the Professor's face. It was all one and the same. He had no choice but to let it out with a howling scream of agony.

    His head throbbed in the quick rhythm of his heart and with shaking hands, he grabbed his coat. And discarded it.

    "Father..." he breathed out and on staggering feet, stepped in front of the waxwork.

    The mask was slightly cool against his hot forehead, it was ordered to be worn, but Kazuma Asogi now had a mind of his own again. He would not be hidden under cloth and fabric.

    Two gasps cut the silence.


    That... voice…

    He turned around and faced…

    It was a tiny secret, just between the two; a path that led away from the student dorms to a green valley. The mountains stood tall against the clear blue sky, a light breeze rustled in the leaves.

    And he could hear the other’s breathing.

    He was lying in his arms, slowly breathing, half-asleep, relaxed as if he didn’t mind, because he didn’t mind him stroking his soft hair.

    This place was lonely, it was forgotten, it was perfect. Nobody but them knew of this place, it was their secret’s home, a place where it could live.

    He looked out into the empty world and sighed. He buried his nose in the other's hair and placed a kiss on his forehead. This was where the world knew love.


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  • amphibily
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    hc that kazuma always ends up saying innuendos without meaning to based on his in-game dialogue

    #ace attorney#dgs #the great ace attorney #Kazuma asogi#Ryunosuke naruhodo #Dai gyakuten saiban #My art #This better show up in the tags this time
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  • alicenpai
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    modern day dgs - part of the dgs eng release countdown this summer!! + drawing timelapse on yt (bordered ver under the cut)

    #ace attorney #dai gyakuten saiban #the great ace attorney #tgaa#dgs#ryuunosuke naruhodou#kazuma asogi#susato mikotoba #does the 5 first tags thing still apply on tumblr LMAOOOO #thanks esha for always inviting me to your projects #im not that far into dgs please do not spoil it for me. DO NOT. #my art
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  • thecmaly
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    asoryuu week | day 7

    nyasougi’s favourite snack

    #AND!!! I !!! AM!!! DONE!!!!!!!! perishes #a whole ship week completed... wipes tears... #asoryuu#dgs#tgaa #asoryuu week 2021 #dai gyatuken saiban #the great ace attorney #i freaking LOVE the animal series for dgs... theyre so heckin cute god #chuunosuke.............. my little tiny angel.. #kazuma asogi#ryunosuke naruhodo#thecmart
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  • thelocalmuffin
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Masked Apprentice Chapter Three

    Happy Friday! The Masked Apprentice has updated. Rated E for Explicit. You can read it here. 

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  • volvolts
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i love van zieks but kinda bummed that his racism is more of "one japanese guy betrayed my trust and now im a bigot even though i feel guilty about it" but then he also says he hates everyone as if the story felt the need to show that he's "less racist" by saying "i hate everyone but i hate the japanese a bit more so"

    like he says he doesnt trust anyone or the justice system after the professor case but rarely do we see him deride the british justice system and when he does it feels more to discredit ryunosuke and it feels more that he's just being a bigot or "you think youre safe from me? i want the truth" but he actually enforces the law by doing this because the people he demands answers from people who use loop holes (being a juror, info is top gov secrets, stronghart said no) and van zieks is like "you cant hide from the law" and i feel if the narrative had it more of van zieks being "the british people always try to find loopholes or appeal to emotions to avoid the law and i feel that we let that happen too much" and NOT try to make it about the japanese somehow id feel that his trust issues would feel a bit less tacked on?

    also i remember this part from that one tumblr blog that analyzed van zieks throughout the game (i cant for the life of me remember their blog name but its pretty good) where they said that it would have been better if some of van zieks' more racist sentiments came from stronghart and i think itd be really interesting because not only would it make van zieks feel less like he was ready to be racist just but needed an excuse but it also shows van zieks' and stronghart's closeness (which was alluded to but never felt fleshed out imo) and foreshadows stronghart's villainy. like if ryu and susato first come to england and stronghart says an offhand racist comment but it isnt acknowledge and then van zieks could say the same thing but meaner in the courtroom it could immediately add a connection between the two and set up for the second game.

    #talkin#ace attorney #the great ace attorney #barok van zieks #this isnt barok hate btw if you have genuine hatred over van zieks thats ur opinin but i dont want your comments on my post please #honestly tho i think the racism thing is kinda hard to properly write in a way to have the bigot be properly redeemed and #lets face it ace attorney has never made a great redemption from a prosecutor #and because if constraints in the story we just have to accept that their redemption is good enough #it couldve gone worse but i feel that van zieks reaches enough redemption as he actually apologizes up front and actively tries #to change his prejudice with what little interaction he would have with ryu off court #and even though he could have he never makes a racist or petty remark to asogi despite #fully believing kazuma's father was a serial killer like i dont think he ever says anyting racist about kazuma #not even when he found out he was watching over a japanese man for 3 months does he seem pissed about it #so idk #but anyway if you only comment on this post just to hate on barok just dont #im not really in the mood to see one of my favorite characters get hate on my post
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  • write-like-wright
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #barok van zieks #kazuma asogi#ace attorney #the great ace attorney #dai gyakuten saiban #headcanons#anon#ask
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  • clearbasemathsheep
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ryuunosuke: *wins a speech contest*


    Listen- S T O P . . . I'm gonna fuck you.

    #asoryuu#kazuma asogi#ryunosuke naruhodo #the great ace attorney #dai gyatuken saiban #dgs #turn of the century turnabout #basemathsheep
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  • geniusgirladyship
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    been a bit inactive coz I'm prepping to go back to uni

    [spoilers for TGAA]

    in the meantime, watching the final case of TGAA and when the gallery is like "Testify! Testify! Testify!" Kazuma's face....

    Man's had really lost all hope of finding the truth behind his dad's death and he saw a ray of hope just then, I wanna hug him 🫂🫂😭🤧

    #tgaa#tgaac#tgaac spoilers #the great ace attorney chronicles #the great ace attorney #dai gyakuten saiban #dgs spoilers#kazuma asogi #asogi my beloved
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  • sofibeth-arts
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Revived Prosecutor of Rebellion.

    #kazuma asougi #the great ace attorney #dai gyatuken saiban #tgaac#tgaa2#dgs2#kazuma asogi#ace attorney#aa spoilers#tgaa spoilers#dgs2 spoilers #I can finally draw this man #Beth's art
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  • quillandink333
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    To anyone who’s been reading my TGAA fics, I just wanna say, I love you and I’m sorry my posting schedule has been such a mess so far

    I’ve just been juggling so many different ideas ever since I finished both games not too long ago and it’s really put me out of my habit of keeping to only one wip at a time… Eventually I’m gonna figure out what kinda schedule works best for me tho so bear with me! There’ll be lots of high quality content out in the future, you can count on that (and I don’t mean that in a boastful way at all, I say it because I think I genuinely put a boatload of time and thought AND RESEARCH into all my work just cuz I wanna give my readers the best experience I can possibly give them)

    In the meantime, if you haven’t already, feel free to check out my (as yet somewhat barren) masterlist! Getting feedback and support from people who enjoy my writing really means a lot to me, I cannot stress that enough ^^

    #quill’s soliloquies #dai gyakuten saiban #dgs #the great ace attorney #tgaa #kazuma x reader #kazuma asougi x reader #kazuma asogi x reader #asougi kazuma x reader #asogi kazuma x reader #dgs x reader #tgaa x reader
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  • thecmaly
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    asoryuu week | day 6


    more tgaa comics

    #dgs spoilers #internally screaming kazuma is my JAM ok this is the only trope ill ever draw #asoryuu#dgs#tgaa#kazuma asogi#ryunosuke naruhodo #dai gyatuken saiban #the great ace attorney #tgaa comics#comics#thecmart #ONE MORE.... ONE MORE AND ILL HAVE FINISHED A SHIP WEEK FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER YAHOO!! #anyone who points out that i didnt actually get it done in the week will have to sleep IN THE CLOSET #no chicken for u
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  • quillandink333
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Welp I just had a pretty startling revelation :|

    #my headcanons #er I suppose this is more of a theory actually #dgs spoilers#dgs2 spoilers#tgaa spoilers#tgaa2 spoilers#kazuma asogi#asougi kazuma #this is what I do I just rant about my favs to my bf who doesn’t understand 90% of my words cuz he hasn’t played the FUCKING GAME #but it’s ok cuz it means I can just text and text until his eyes bleed djfzkdhdfj #I’m fine……
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  • rattoes420
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Asoryuu Week Day 5: Seasons | Sky

    #ace attorney #the great ace attorney #asoryuu week 2021 #kazuma asogi#ryuunosuke naruhodo#asoryuu
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  • asougay-and-ryuunosugay
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    @asoryuu-week day 6: festival

    #myart#art#pinkartly#asoryuu #asoryuu week 2021 #I know this isn't really possible #but idc I want them to squish cheeks #that's my first thought whenever I see that art book art #also I can't do backgrounds don't @ me #naruhodou ryuunosuke#ryuunosuke naruhodou#ryunosuke naruhodo#asougi kazuma#kazuma asougi#kazuma asogi #the great ace attorney #the great ace attorney 2 #TECHNICALLY?? #just in case lmao since it was in the dgs2 art book #the great ace attorney chronicles #tgaa#tgaa2#tgaa2 spoilers #tgaa 2 spoilers #dai gyakuten saiban #dai gyakuten saiban 2 #dgs#dgs2#dgs2 spoilers #dgs 2 spoilers
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  • rattoes420
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Asoryuu Week Day 4: Domestic

    #ace attorney #the great ace attorney #dgs#kazuma asogi #asoryuu week 2021 #ryuunosuke naruhodo#asoryuu
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