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  • wylan-van-moonlight
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    kaz: I found this on my desk, care to explain

    kaz: *holds up a kazoo*

    nina: *tries not to laugh*

    jesper: wasn't me

    wylan: why would I do that?

    kaz: right, come to this side.

    #hint hint nina and jesper did it #do the crime you gotta pay the time #grishaverse #six of crows #wylan van eck #wylan my beloved #jesper fahey#wesper #jesper my beloved #incorrect grishaverse #incorrect six of crows #wylan and kaz #kazzle dazzle#kazoo brekker#kaz brekker
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  • jordiethepoolfloatie
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    headcanon that Inej likes her tea prepared a very specific way so she always makes it for herself, and Kaz secretly learns how to do it

    #cries in kanej #kazzle dazzle#knife wife #inej ghafa my beloved #treasure of my heart #captain ghafa#kazoo brekker#dirtyhands#inej ghafa#kaz brekker#the wraith #bastard of the barrel #six of crows #grishaverse #crooked kingdom #and my crooked mental state
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  • wylan-van-moonlight
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    wylan: ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

    kaz: not yet

    jesper: ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nina: ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kaz: oh sweet saints- they need help


    kaz: not you too

    #grishaverse #six of crows #wylan van eck #wylan my beloved #jesper fahey#wesper #jesper my beloved #incorrect grishaverse #wylan and kaz #kazzle dazzle#kaz brekker#kazoo brekker#captain inej #inej my beloved #my darling inej #i love inej #inej ghafa #six of crows inej #nina my beloved #nina x waffles #nina zenik
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  • ketterdam-it
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Jesper: Ghezen, you’re such a squid, Kaz.

    Kaz: ??????????????

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  • liakadareads
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    many thoughts in the kazzle dazzle's mind

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  • jordiethepoolfloatie
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    listen, i don’t speak english well enough to know what this hellspawn is called,

    but Kaz brekker secretly wears them, argue with the wall.

    #this might be my most cursed post #foot gloves????? #please someone tell me what these are called so i dont die dumb #this is something you could blackmail kaz brekker with #(which is just an easy way to the cemetery but you do you boo x) #this is more cursed than my url wow didn’t think that was possible #kazzle dazzle#kazoo brekker#soc shitpost #six of crows #grishaverse#kaz brekker#dirtyhands #bastard of the barrel #crow club#the dregs#ketterdam #depressed teenager assassins of ketterdam #six of troubled teens #leigh bardugo
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  • muresetivoire
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    Well, we’ve managed to get ourselves locked into the most secure prison in the world. We’re either geniuses or the dumbest sons of bitches to ever breathe air.

    Jesper Fahey, Six of Crows

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  • wylan-van-moonlight
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    jesper: I'm freaking out Wylan! Why would do do this to me?

    wylan: do what ;)

    kaz: what's on your neck

    jesper: ASK WYLAN

    wylan: curling iron

    kaz: oh ok *senses lies*

    #grishaverse #six of crows #wylan van eck #jesper fahey #wylan my beloved #jesper my beloved #wesper#kazzle dazzle#kaz brekker #wylan and kaz #kaz is the cool uncle #kazoo brekker #wylan x jesper #wylan fahey #jesper x wylan #wylan van sunshine #crooked kingdom #rule of wolves #incorrect grishaverse #incorrect six of crows
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  • teefatheturtle
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Bruh ... Kanej>>>>>>>> You...

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  • muresetivoire
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    I would have come for you. And if I couldn't walk, I'd crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we'd fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that's what we do. We never stop fighting.

    Kaz Brekker, Six of Crows

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  • halfanenchilada
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I think there might be something deeply dysfunctional about me but I unironically believe that Kaz Brekker is the most romantic character I’ve ever read

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  • muresetivoire
    20.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    Stop punishing yourself for being someone with a heart. You cannot protect yourself from suffering. To live is to grieve. You are not protecting yourself by shutting yourself off from the world. You are limiting yourself.

    Zoya Nazyalensky, King of Scars

    #grishaverse#leigh bardugo#zoya#zoya nazyalensky #zoya the dragon queen of ravka #ravka #nikolai my beloved #prince nikolai#nikolai lantsov #king of scars #rule of wolves #six of crows #crooked kingdom#kaz brekker#kazzle dazzle#inej ghafa #knife queen inej #jesper fahey #wylan van eck #nina zenik#matthias helvar#pekka rollins #milo the goat #shadow and bone #seige and storm #ruin and rising #genya safin#alina starkov#alexsander morozova #morozova i'd like to fuck
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  • muresetivoire
    20.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    When Zoya Nazyalensky said, "Most women suffer thorns for the sake of the flowers, but we who wield power adorn ourselves with flowers to hide the sting of our thorns," I felt that

    #grishaverse#leigh bardugo#zoya#zoya nazyalensky #zoya the dragon queen of ravka #ravka#os alta#prince nikolai#nikolai lantsov #nikolai my beloved #king of scars #rule of wolves #the crows #six of crows #kaz brekker#kazzle dazzle #knife queen inej #inej ghafa#jesper fahey #wylan van eck #nina zenik#matthias helvar#pekka rollins #milo the goat #the darkling#alexsander morozova #morozova i'd like to fuck #baghra morozova#heartrender#squaller
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  • jordiethepoolfloatie
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    got inspired by a recent post by @intrxpide13 so here’s what type of jewelry the crows would wear (only the crows because i’m a disgrace to humanity and haven’t yet read the grisha trilogy)

    Nina: gold or silver, whichever se feels like that day. i also feel like she likes crystal earrings, the ones that look ~frosty~. Rubies were created on this earth for Nina Zenik to wear them.

    Matthias: the ultimate silver jewelry man. also black leather. he probably has a pendant shaped like a knife or a wolf’s tooth or a wolf head or shomething

    Kazzle Dazzle: silver and very minimal. this man himself is the jewelry. he has a pocket watch, an expensive one (he may have stolen it) but it’s not showy like pekka’s. also i feel like he wears cuff links and has a small collection of them.

    Inej: My queen is a gold jewelry person, small earrings that don’t get in the way of being the wraith, blue rhinestones, a thin gold chain with a dagger pendant she got as a gift from kaz that she never takes off. she has a ring from her mother, that she never wears, it’s too precious for her to risk losing it.

    Jesper: mixing all types of jewelry. gold with silver, cheap with expensive. layered rings, and at least 3 earrings. man is bedazzled. he constantly keeps losing his rings, so the one he truly cares about (he got it from Wylan) is in his neck hanging from a gold chain.

    Wylan: gold jewelry boy. he doesn’t wear a whole lot, just one necklace and the ring he got from Jesper. your favorite merchling also wears a tie pin. i like to think he changed the signature colour and symbol of the Van Eck family, or he started using the Hendriks family’s symbols after he took over his father’s fortune.

    #six of crows #grishaverse#inej ghafa#knife wife#the wraith#jesper fahey#kanej#kaz brekker#kazoo brekker#kazzle dazzle#soc rambles#wesper#nina zenik#wylan hendriks #wylan van eck #matthias helvar#helnik#ninej#waffle queen #depressed teenager assassins of ketterdam #six of troubled teens #the dregs #kuwei yul bo #fuck jan van eck #shadow and bone #soc#soc shitpost#crooked kingdom #i woke up at 6am for no reason #im not used to having free time so now you get spammed
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  • jordiethepoolfloatie
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    it’s practically canon (in my head at least) that inej loves candles. and at first, kaz doesn’t really care about them, yk he’s busy being the bastard of the barrel and coming up with more terrible ways to hide his feelings. but at some point, he catches himself feeling a sense of comfort whenever the smell of matches and melting wax fills the air. It reminds him of her, and he starts buying candles and lighting them whenever Inej is away with her ship. She knows.

    #she might also bring back some scented candles that have spices in them from her voyages hhhh #honestly anything these two do is fucking adorable #six of crows #inej ghafa#knife wife#the wraith#kanej#kaz brekker#kazoo brekker#kazzle dazzle#grishaverse#kanej rambles #cries in kanej #inej and kaz #inej headcanon #depressed teenager assassins of ketterdam
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  • marcofffca-sonca9
    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Kaz: Before we go getting into the Ice Court, we have to remember - they're expecting a super competent team of mighty heroes.

    Kaz: And that gives us the element of surprise.

    #source: incorrectmerlinquotes#grishaverse #six of crows #crooked kingdom#soc#ck#kaz brekker#kazzle dazzle#kaz#leigh bardugo #incorrect soc quotes #incorrect six of crows quotes #six of crows incorrect quotes #mine
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  • mydarlingkaz
    13.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    wishful drinking by tessa violet is kaz ????

    #she talks about demons and drowning and putting on a front #its kaz #im obsessed with kaz and i relate everything to him can't you tell? #kaz brekker #kaz brekker fanart #kaz dirtyhands brekker #inej x kaz #kaz and inej #kazzle dazzle#soc #six of crows aesthetic #six of crows duology #six of crows incorrect quotes #sixofcrows #six of crows #the crows#inej gafha #wylan van eck #jesper fahey#nina zenik#matthias helvar#grishaverse #the grisha series #leigh bardugo
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  • wylan-van-moonlight
    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Nina: listen to this Matthias

    Matthias: okay

    Nina: *plays face off*

    -2 days later-


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  • wylan-van-moonlight
    11.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    How is he doing?

    it's remembrance day so… yeah
    Also spoilers for Six of crows and Crooked Kingdom
    Today is the day(in Canada or anywhere else I don't really know) that we remember the soldiers lost in wars that Canada was apart of. Every year I get sad and I can't really think, and this years assembly for school was so sweet and I learned so much.

          Matthias woke up on a strange day, it was sunny, bright, he had been dead for sometime, but that didn’t matter, he was home. Some tall person was standing over him. Matthias quickly got up.

    "Who are you?" He said.

    "I'm Jordie Rietveld," the tall child said. "Kaz Brekker's brother. And you are?"

    "Matthias," Matthias said. He didn't know where he was, or he did but didn't want to be there. "Matthias Helvar."

    "Is Kaz doing okay?" Jordie asked. 

    "Demjin? No," Matthias said. Jordie sighed and started to walk away. "He's a criminal." Matthias said following him.

    "Oh," Jordie said. "Did he ever… mention me?" 

    "He called Jesper Jordie," Matthias said. "I now know you don't know Jesper."

    "Listen, I'm dead," Jordie said firmly. "And if your here your dead too, we can either laugh about how stupid Kaz is. Or you can leave me alone." 

    "I know Jesper," A soft female voice said. She came up behind them and hugged Jordie. "I'm Jesper's mother." She smiled. She had a warm smile across her face, "How is my little bunny doing?" 

    "Good," Matthias said. She was tall, looked like Jesper. "He's with a boy named Wylan Van Eck, dating I think." 

    "Oh…" Jordie and Jesper's mom said together. 

    "I'm Aditi Hilli," She reached out to shake Matthias's hand. He shook it quickly and let go. "You're dead."

    "I know," Matthias said. He thought of what Jarl used to say to him about the afterlife. He didn't know what to do, or who to talk to. So he stayed with Jordie and Aditi. They all laughed about how stupid Jesper and Kaz were, Matthias mentioned Nina and how he grew to love her. Aditi took Jordie's arm and walked with Matthias to some sort of house. What she called "Memory lane." 

    She showed all of them her and Jesper's memories, Jesper was a small child when Aditi had died. Matthias learned that Jordie was only a few years older than Kaz when he had died, Kaz had been 9 when Jordie died. Matthias felt bad for Jesper and Kaz at that moment, he forgot that he couldn’t feel bad for the gambler and the criminal. 

    “Is Jesper doing alright?” Aditi asked, the longing to know in her voice. 

    “Yeah,” Matthias said. 

    “What does he do for a living?” Jordie asked. 

    “I don’t know,” Matthias said. “He works for some gang called the dregs, I think.” 

    “A gang?” Aditi said he heard the sadness in her voice. “My little baby works for a gang.” 

    “In a gang,” Matthias said, unknowing if he should say that Kaz runs it. 

    “What about Kaz?” Jordie asked. 

    “He… runs it,” Matthias said very carefully. 

    “That's worse!” Aditi laughed. “That's worse than my baby, oh thank you Matthias.” Aditi hugged Matthias. Matthias smiled, I like these people, He thought. 

    Matthias and Jordie laughed about Kaz and how stupid he is.

    “He wanted to break into the ice court?” Jordie said, trying to relax from laughing.

    “Yup, and it worked.” Matthias said. 

    “He’s smart then,” Aditi said from behind them. 

    “Do you miss any of them?” Matthias asked them.

    “I miss Colm, and Jesper,” she said. “All of them, I miss Jesper’s burnt biscuits, how he would always help me. How he would run up to Colm after a long day of work on the farm. I miss how Colm was so in love with me he bought me a farm.” Aditi laughed, her eyes tearing up. 

    “I miss how Kaz was always on this one magic trick, he couldn’t figure it out. He would stay up all night trying to do it,” Jordie said. “I miss how his hands were so tiny that he had to hold the hot chocolate with two hands because he was so weak.” Matthias felt bad for all of them, the people they lost. But mostly he felt bad for Jesper and Kaz, which he thought wasn’t possible. 

    “My little boy and Colm buried me under a cherry tree,” Aditi said, a smile crossing her tear stained face. “At the farm, I was being reckless, stupid, but I wouldn’t change what I had done for the world.” 

    “Why not?” Matthias asked. “Don’t you want to see them again?”

    “Has Jesper moved on? Has Colm moved on?” Aditi asked.

    “No, I don’t think so,” Matthias said.

    “Then that’s my answer,” she said. “I saved a little girl’s life, and yes I would love to see Jesper again, not here though, but I saved a life risking mine. I do not care what anyone says. I did the right thing.” Aditi smiled. “What about you, Joride?” 

    “I didn’t save anyone,” Jordie said. “I did everything wrong, I shouldn’t have left him. We shouldn’t have gone to Ketterdam.” Jordie left. He ran away, Matthias watched him run. 

    “Leave him,” Aditi said, resting a hand on Matthias’s shoulder. They watched him run into the forest near them. 

    Jordie thought of escaping, possibly running, but he was dead. He couldn’t. He felt bad for leaving Kaz that way. The last thing he remembered was Kaz’s body on his, being thrown into something. He felt bad, he felt like he betrayed Kaz in some sort of way. He couldn’t help himself getting sick, but he could’ve helped leaving the farm. If they had moved away to Ravka, or Novyi Zem it would have been alright. They would have found some sort of place to live, a family to maybe adopt them. Jordie slowed his breathing, You're dead, but somehow you can still feel? Jordie thought. Someone was to blame, someone, maybe Kaz had gotten his revenge on who did this to them. He was proud of Kaz, he saw the carpet of rose petals on the ground, he ran back to Aditi, “It’s today! Today!” He said he was panting but Aditi got up and took Matthias with her and they walked to the forest. They found the place where people checked your face. Jordie got in and so did Aditi, but Matthias didn’t.

    “Go, I’ll find you guys after.” Matthias said. 

    “Alright,” Aditi grabbed Jordie’s hand and they left Matthias. 

        Jesper stood with his dad and Wylan looking at the painting of his mother, Jesper was smiling. Wylan grabbed Jesper’s hand. Jesper’s Da was standing beside Jesper, Jesper hadn’t done this since he was fourteen, he had grown up a lot. But it was nice to be known, even after death. Wylan let go of Jesper’s hand and ran away quickly. 

    “Where is he going?” Da said.

    “No idea,” Jesper said. Wylan came back running and had Nina in hand, and took a painting of Matthias and put it up. Kaz arrived and had a picture of Jordie with him, Inej came with her parents a few minutes after and stood near Nina. Nina was sobbing, it had been over a year since Matthias had died, but Jesper didn’t want her to feel sad so he hugged her. 

    “You’re like a giant bear,” Nina said, hugging him back.

    “He’s my teddy bear,” Wylan laughed, Nina laughed as she let go and hugged Inej. 

    “Why am I nervous?” Nina said. Jesper saw his dad in the corner, looking sad. Jesper waited a moment and then walked over to him and hugged him. Jesper started crying, he missed his mom, but his dad missed his wife. 

    “Jes, no crying,” His dad said. “Please.” 

    “Alright, sorry,” Jesper said, he let go of his dad and stood beside him. They stood there silently for a while, while everyone was talking. After around an hour Jesper noticed Wylan wasn’t there anymore, he didn’t really question it. Mostly because he wanted to be with his dad.

    “Where did Wylan go?” Nina asked Jesper after a bit. 

    “Why?” Jesper asked.

    “It’s almost time,” Nina smiled. 

        Kaz stood there, not knowing what to do, or even if it was real. Or even what was happening, but Inej did, and he trusted her the right amount. He thought of Jordie, what he would have thought of Kaz’s life now. Would he be proud? Disappointed in his brother for becoming a criminal? Betrayed on how he wasn’t his 9 year old self? What would Jordie think? The one question Kaz kept wondering over the years, it had been almost 10 years since Jordie’s death, how far has Kaz really come? Kaz thought more about Jordie than usual, he started shaking silently, not like he normally would, he never shakes. But today was different, he closed his eyes hoping no one would notice, and he hoped for the best. He wasn't scared of what was about to happen, he was nervous, mostly because he loved Jordie, and this shouldn't come true.

                Nina stood there, happy to be near Matthias again, but also a little part of her kept saying that it's not used to be this lame. She looked around, she saw Jesper and his Da standing together, looking like they might cry. Kaz and Inej talking about something, probably something to do with Pekka, Nina thought. Inej's parents were talking to each other, and she was standing by herself. She took a head count and she saw one person wasn't there, Wylan. Nina started to freak out, where could he be? Why did he run away? Was he so afraid of the truth that he was going to run? The last question rang in her head. Why? Wylan loved to hang out with Nina, or maybe she thought. The night was upon them, she didn't want Wylan outside in the cold so she asked Jesper.

    "Where did Wylan go?" Nina asked him. His confused face answered her question, but she stayed for a reaction.

    "Why?" Jesper asked, Nina thought of something not so sappy.

    "It's almost time!" Nina forced a smile.

    She ran away to go find Wylan. She went out to the Garden, around the house, and everywhere else but she couldn't find Wylan. She got back after a few minutes and she tripped in the door frame. 

    "Ow," Wylan said quietly.

    "Oh my goodness," Nina said, getting up. "Are you okay? I've been looking for you!" 

    "I'm fine," Wylan said, Nina helped him up. "Just me and my father used to do this, a lot. Well until I was around fourteen.” Nina felt bad for him, but she grabbed his arm and led him back in the room. She saw Jesper look at him and he ran up to Wylan and hugged him, tears falling down his face. He whispered things into Wylan’s hair and he nodded. She walked into the room and felt Matthias there with her. She put a smile on her face. And she felt happy. 

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  • urfictional
    11.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    y/n: Do you take constructive criticism?

    Kaz: I only take cash or credit.

    #kaz brekker #kaz brekker x reader #six of crows #incorrect quotes#grishaverse #shadow and bone #kazzle dazzle#x reader #six of crows x reader #six of crows imagines #shadow and bone imagines
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