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    covert - yoo kihyun

    pairing: tech specialist kihyun + tech specialist female reader
    genre: fluff, spy, secret operations, gambler au
    word count: 3k+
    warnings: suggestive sexual content, cursing, mentions of creepy men, guns.
    summary: you two are about to get caught in the middle of an operation, so kihyun decides to pull a little stunt that has you reeling.
    author’s note: this is something that i’ve wanted to write ever since the gambler mv came out! it’s the aesthetic u know... so i decided to write something based on kiki’s roles in the mv. i hope u like it <3

    [library] [monsta x library]


    “Is it clear, Ki?” you ask quietly, pressing your back against the wall, wincing slightly at the cold concrete biting against your exposed skin. You really should’ve worn a more conservative dress; the extra fabric would have been much more useful in disguising extra tech and weaponry. But no, Minhyuk insisted on a silky backless number in red; your target’s favourite colour on a woman according to the intelligence collected by Hyungwon.

    You wanted to scoff at your target’s interests. How original.

    According to the group meeting hours before, Hyunwoo made it abundantly clear that capturing your target’s attention was of the highest degree is of importance tonight, as your target must be distracted to ensure the success of this operation. It was imperative that he is not present for the auction.

    And the success of your first task was definitely achieved, as your target is currently situated in a hotel room numbered 489, waiting for you to join him for a quote on quote, night of fun. You shudder at the memory of your target smiling at you creepily from across the dining hall, lecherous eyes following wherever you went. The mere notion of anything happening with that repulsive man makes you want to gag, bones shivering at the idea of someone like that laying a single finger on your body.

    The only man that you would even consider divulging such privileges to would be no other than-

    “Ki? Yoo Kihyun? Hello? Give me an update,” you whisper impatiently, your voice echoing into his earpiece. He doesn’t respond as fast as you would like, causing you to sigh in dissatisfaction at how distracted and out-of-the-loop that he’s seemed for the mission so far. Kihyun normally isn’t like this. Perhaps, you should buy him a drink after this operation.

    However, you don’t mention anything as Kihyun finally gives you a clear nod for you to begin. Satisfied with the confirmation, you lift the hem of your dress in a single, swift motion, removing the tools and gadgets that you’ve fastened to your legs before the operation. Working quickly, you attach the gadget to the main circuit board while alternating tools in your hands, eyes narrowing in intense concentration.

    Steadying your breathing, you nearly complete your task without a hitch. That is, until a stray security guard begins wandering closer and closer to your vicinity. You don’t see him but you’re able to hear him, drunkenly babbling phrases of absolute nonsense and bumping into all the equipment on the other side clumsily. You’re caught off guard; no one is supposed to be in this room with you two. Hopefully, Kihyun can take care of this little complication without your help because you’re way too busy to be preoccupied with anything else but your current task.

    Suddenly, the room becomes silent once again, causing you to believe that Kihyun has succeeded in neutralizing the drunk security guard. That’s your thinking until you hear him spit out in a hushed manner, “I thought that you handled security, Minhyuk!”

    His irritated voice makes you jump slightly, echoing in your earpiece as your fingers fiddle with the coloured wires. You try to ignore the commotion to the best of your ability, but Minhyuk’s voice manages to reach your earpiece as well, “I thought that I handled it too!”

    Minhyuk sounds equally as frustrated, slight panic overtaking his composure as he continues, “Just take care of it!”

    “I’m trying, but he’s moving around too much!” Kihyun exclaims in a quiet voice, the aim of his tranquilizer gun wandering and unfocused. He tries leaning against the columns perpendicular to you, taking aim between the gaps of equipment, but he’s unable to get a clear shot.

    Biting your bottom lip, you attempt to remain as calm as possible, remembering that Kihyun has gotten you both out of situations like this while working. Keeping that in mind, you finish your task, successfully installing it. Unfortunately, you still have a couple of tools in your hand. Cursing, you realize that your dress doesn’t have pockets, scratching out your plan to shove the tools into some fabric to conceal them.

    The drunken voice is getting louder and louder with each passing second, and you’re beginning to shake. This cannot be happening. Even if you wanted to take him out, leaving an unconscious body behind would raise alarms in the building, no matter how inebriated the guard may seem. It would greatly jeopardize the operation. Looking around to the exits, your eyes dart around to assess the space. You chew on the inside of your cheek, displeased that door is much too far away for you two to make it there without getting caught.

    And based on the volume of the guard’s clicking footsteps, caught is exactly how you’ll find yourselves if you don’t think of anything to do. You’re staring at Kihyun beside you, eyes intense with panic and hands moving in a quizzical gesture, attempting to wordlessly communicate the level of stress that you’re experiencing at the moment. Similarly, Kihyun is deep in thought, brows furrowing as he chews at his bottom lip. His brain is probably running a million miles a minute, scanning through all the possible actions to get you two out of this predicament.

    Then, he gets that little glint in his eyes, a look that he always has when he thinks of a new idea or a fresh strategy. Strangely enough, the sight of it calms your racing heart; it means that he has a plan.

    Kihyun grasps at your wrist, pulling you towards him with a swift tug. He’s so quick that you’re unable to keep up, recoiling in genuine confusion. Confusion continues when his head dips downward, bringing his lips to the shell of your ear, his breath fanning the skin just underneath.

    “I apologize in advance,” he whispers lowly.

    You don’t even have a chance to request a reason for his apology, because, in a blink of an eye, Kihyun is wrapping his arm around the curve of your hips, pulling you in for a kiss that has you gasping for breath.

    Describing your current state as surprised would be an understatement because Kihyun is kissing you like his life depends on it, lips moving in such an impassioned manner that you can’t help but surrender yourself to the feeling, squeezing your eyes shut when his palm traces the line of your jaw.

    So, this is his strategy, you realize when Kihyun pushes you against a piece of equipment, covering the gadget that you installed with your bodies. Your eyes snap open when you feel his fingers move up to the side of your face, grasping at your earpiece before pulling it out. Sliding his hand back down, he easily places it into his pocket with finesse, resuming the little make-out session like nothing is out of the ordinary. You believe that he’s using this opportunity to distract the security guard with a situation that’s deeply uncomfortable; walking into two people going at it.

    Alright. Perhaps, it’s Kihyun’s unbridled confidence that’s egging you on, fueling that competitive fire inside you. He wants to put on a show? You’ll give him a show.

    You shoot your hands out to reach for his hips, roaming the waistband of his slacks until you feel belt loops against your fingers. Wasting no time, you hook your fingers into the fabric, slotting your thigh in between his legs before tugging his body forward. You can tell that he’s caught off guard by that, gasping against your lips as his body stiffens upon contact. Taking his state of surprise as an opportunity, you press your thigh up against his crotch, parting his lips with your tongue before purposefully moaning into his mouth.

    You’re not sure if he’s faking it, but Kihyun responds with a deep, strangled groan that has you shuddering, satisfying a part of yourself that you didn’t even know about. He’s making noises that you’ve only dreamt of hearing in your most explicit of dreams, lighting your heart aflame with need. It has you craving more, but Kihyun decides to pull away from your lips, disappointing you.

    The guard must be gone, you think, just noticing how silent the room has become. You peek your head over his shoulder to avoid his gaze, unsure if you’re able to handle looking at him in the eye right now; not after making out in such a shameless fashion after you’ve been attracted to him for so long.

    To your bewilderment, however, the guard isn’t gone. Rather, it’s the complete opposite, the person in question standing a couple of metres in front of you two, eyes wide and mouth gaping open at what they’re stumbling upon. You’re praying that the lighting is dim enough and that they have poor eyesight because you probably look like a deer in headlights.

    “Ki…” you start, nudging Kihyun away in preparation for some sort of confrontation, believing that your little ruse has failed. That is, until he keeps his grip strong and firm, tucking his head underneath your chin to trace the line of your neck with the flat of his tongue. Eyes fluttering closed once again, your mind returns to Kihyun and nothing else, disregarding the point of the mission entirely.

    What are you two even here for again? You wouldn’t be able to tell at this point because he’s starting to pepper kisses all over your sensitive spots, causing your mind to become hazy; your breathing to become laboured. Once he reaches an area that has you writhing against him, he unwraps his arm from your waist and migrates his hands to your hipbones, latches his lips to that same area, and gives it a harsh suck, forcing his thigh between your legs as his pushes your back into the equipment behind you.

    If he wants you to moan for him, he’s definitely succeeding, because you’re barely registering how loud you’re gasping out, forgetting that there’s a possibility that Minhyuk might overhear. Your ears manage to catch the guard muttering fuckin’ kids under his breath before moving on, but you disregard it almost immediately. You should really be paying attention on the job but God, you couldn’t care less, not when Kihyun is doing that with his mouth, scattering marks across your skin and kissing you like he’s desperate for you to stay in his arms for the rest of his life.

    You would gladly accept that idea but you should ask yourself if this is even real. But there’s no way that he can make you feel like this without being a hundred percent serious, right? You’ve had an interest in plenty of people but none of them ever made you feel like your heart was going to burst out of your chest from a mere makeout session.

    “Ki…” you gasp out, clutching at the lapel of his blazer as you break the kiss, lungs burning for oxygen, “I… Mmph-”

    Kihyun doesn’t give you a chance to talk, slamming his lips against yours once again. It’s starting to seem like he’s wholly preoccupied with making you lose it, your mind quickly becoming addicted to the pressure of his hands caressing the lines of your body through the silk of your dress.

    But in the midst of it, you know that you need to stop this. Blackout procedures are timed and you have to get out of here before that happens. As if he can read your mind, Kihyun pulls away from your lips, panting heavily. You’re no better, tipping your head backward to rest against the cold metal of the equipment, only just taking note of how close Kihyun really is.

    He’s pressed right up against you, so much so that you can feel the lines of his chest against your body, hips fitting together with his thigh between your legs. Peering into his eyes nervously, your breath catches in your throat, taken aback by how dazed he looks, pupils dilated and expression hazy. You have so many questions running through your brain that it feels like an eternity before you feel like you should say something, words beginning to leave your lips to break the silence.

    You see Kihyun going in for another kiss but you halt his movements, cocking your head backward as you press your fingers against his lips.

    “We need to go,” you whisper, noticing how hoarse your voice sounds.

    “Huh?” Kihyun makes a noise in question, recoiling.

    “The timer,” you stop, gulping for breath, “Gotta go before time’s up.”

    It takes a second for Kihyun to collect his thoughts, but when he does, his eyes snap open, withdrawing from your body so quickly that you’re having doubts about what just transpired. Does he regret what he just did? The feeling of dread is starting to permeate into the forefront of your mind, even as you both successfully evacuate the premises.


    The car ride back to headquarters is unsettlingly quiet. The uncomfortable silence is seemingly neverending, causing you to fiddle with the fabric of your dress to distract yourself. When Kihyun finally drives into the underground garage to park, the silence continues until he chooses to speak first.

    “I’m sorry, Y/N. I got carried away and it made you uncomfortable. I’ll request Hyunwoo for you to get reassigned,” he says, giving you a single nod before reaching for the handle of the car door.

    “Wait,” you try to stop him, wrapping your fingers around his wrist gingerly. You don’t pull or tug; Kihyun halts his movements out of his own volition, turning around with his left hand remaining on the handle of the car door.

    Should you say something? you ask yourself, chewing at the inside of your left cheek. Even if you wanted to say something, nothing is translating into actual words. You should’ve planned something in advance before telling him to stop.

    Ignoring your own thoughts, you decide to speak anyway. At least you’re trying to, but whatever you want to tell him gets stuck in your throat once Kihyun’s eyes lock with your own. He’s focused but there’s something else in the way that he’s staring at you; focused and heated; confused, yet hopeful. You might not be able to put your finger on it, but you’re able to tell that he’s probably feeling just as turbulent as you. His nose gets all scrunchy and his eyebrows always take on a slight furrow when he gets into his head for too long. It’s making you realize that you shouldn’t say anything at all.

    Fuck it.

    This time, you act first by closing the distance, swooping in to continue your business that was rudely interrupted by work. It takes him aback, his shoulders scrunching up as he flinches in surprise. Although, that doesn’t last long because before you know it, his palm reaches out to cup at your cheek softly, coaxing your lips to part with a swipe of his tongue, deepening the kiss.

    Before, Kihyun was frantic, lips and hands moving roughly when he pushed your back into the cold metal. Although it was under the guise of a ruse, he had you practically burning with need anyway; his touch lighting you aflame with every single brush of his palms against your body. Presently, the same passion is there, but somehow, he’s gentler this time around, achingly tender and affectionate as his palm moves from your cheek to the back of your neck, pushing your lips harder against his. As cliché as it sounds, he has your stomach flipping and your heart fluttering at something as simple as a kiss.

    Much too soon for your liking, he pulls away, resting his forehead against yours as his fingers splay out on the side of your neck, fingers brushing at the strands of hair that managed to escape your previously neat updo.

    “I like you,” you whisper against his lips, peering into his eyes shyly.

    Kihyun hums in response before smirking, “You don’t say.”

    Feigning annoyance at his characteristically cocky comment, you retract from his touch, snapping your head to the side while pouting, “Okay, I don’t like you anymore.”

    “Wait, I’m joking, I’m joking,” he laughs, placing his palm on your jaw. The pressure causes you to tilt your head towards his face, but your gaze remains downward out of pettiness. As if he requesting your forgiveness, he cants your head upward with a gentle nudge of your chin with his knuckle, causing you to lock eyes with his. Your breath hitches when Kihyun presses a chaste kiss to the corner of your lips, and the sweet gesture makes you forget why you were petty in the first place.

    He really is handsome, you smile to yourself, unsure in the moment as to why it took so long for you to confess. Then, the reason comes flying back to you when a knock on the car window shocks you out of your daze.


    You completely forgot that Minhyuk was part of this mission as well.

    And judging by the look on Kihyun’s face, he forgot as well. Embarrassed that Minhyuk caught you two in the middle of a tender moment, he hides his face into your neck cutely, tucking himself underneath your chin. You giggle at this, Minhyuk also taking pleasure at Kihyun’s uncharacteristically bashful state.

    But when Minhyuk starts talking, you frown, cocking your head to the side in confusion. Everything he’s saying is muffled, so you try to wordlessly gesture that you’re unable to hear him. Similarly, Minhyuk does the same by pointing upwards, mouthing what looks to be the word meeting with his lips.

    “We have to go to a meeting,” Kihyun tells you after he turns toward the car window, but you shake your head.

    “Let’s stay here for a little longer,” you say, kicking off your heels and shoving his seat backward, lifting your legs over the center console before curling into his lap. Minhyuk looks like he wants to gag but you pay him no attention, focusing on the sound of Kihyun’s steady breathing and heartbeat instead.

    “Who knew that you’d be so clingy,” Kihyun whispers, teasing you.

    “Do you want me to leave?” you retort sassily with a raise of your eyebrow, but he knows that you’re not being serious.

    “Never,” he responds resolutely, kissing the crown of your head softly before wrapping his arms around your waist.

    Work can wait, for now.


    all rights reserved © 2021 echowriters

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  • bubblebeom
    26.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Seeking A Soul [M] Pairing: Vernon Chwe x Fem!Reader Tags: 4.4k words, Horror/Supernatural!AU, Thrill/Suspense, Dark Romance. Summary: Your mother had always warned you of the dangers on All Hallow’s Eve but when Vernon decides on a late night walk through the cemetery, you can’t just let him go alone.

    Warnings: Mature themes throughout! Language, spooky stuff, graveyards, mentions of ghosts, non-explicit or detailed character death, demons/shapeshifters, impersonation, twisted romance, similar to yandere behavior but? In demon form? So less psycho?, kissing/making out in the bedroom, some parts are very fluffy, and yeah. This one was hard to tag- it’s moderately spooky. Marked [M] for mature but no explicit sexual content though there are some steamy bits.

    Vernon smirks at you from behind his fringe, “What are you even afraid of?” 

    His voice is smooth and taunting as he walks backwards just ahead of you, traipsing through the gravestones without a care in the world. His sneakers catch on a root and he stumbles, chuckling when you throw your hands out in a panic to catch him. 

    “You’d better stop messing around,” You huffed when righted himself once more, “We’re not even supposed to be in here after dark.”

    The boy wiggles his fingers at you mockingly, “Who called curfew? The ghosts?”

    You continue to follow him, too afraid to stop and let yourself be left behind in the middle of the cemetery on All Hallow’s Eve. Your mother would have you by the ear if she knew where you were right now. You’d always been warned to stay out of trouble and you had, you’d always respected her superstitions but you wouldn’t let your idiot neighbor go out alone. 

    “Vernon, can we please go back?” You whine, delicately ducking under a low hanging branch as the boy ahead of you continues his leisurely stroll. “We can watch scary movies and eat all the junk food you want.”

    He stops suddenly and your blood turns to ice in your veins. 

    Then, all he does is turn around and smile. “Aren’t your parents out of town?”

    Shit. You stare at the ground, ears burning. “Yes.”

    “And you’re inviting me over? So we can watch scary movies?” He asks, tilting his head as he gets a little closer, “But what if you’re too scared to sleep all by yourself afterwards?”

    He’s smirking when you look up and you shove his shoulder, pushing past him. “As if, Vernon.”

    He scoffs to himself, tongue in cheek as he shakes off your rejection. You boldly keep walking, trying not to think about whether he’s following you or not. The wind is howling, sending loose crunchy leaves scattering about and the noise makes it hard to distinguish the sound of footsteps any longer. You wait three seconds, five seconds, ten...you only hear one set of footsteps. Your own. 

    You turn around slowly, eyes scanning the graveyard around you. It’s empty and a chill runs up your body. Your nails dig into the palms of your hands as you fight to maintain control over your body and mind.

    Logically, he hasn’t just... up and disappeared. He’s just trying to get back at you for blowing him off and that makes you burn with agitation. 

    “Vernon!” You shout, barely hiding the waver in your voice, “Vernon! Stop playing around, seriously! This isn’t funny and I’m leaving whether you’re coming with me or not!”

    Nothing. Dead silence. 

    You were furious and terrified, now walking faster through the dark, ominous cemetery. You grabbed your cell phone out of your back pocket and dialed his number, peering over your shoulder to find no one trailing behind you. The call goes straight to voicemail and you dial him again. Voicemail once more. His phone couldn’t be dead, right? Or it could be, since he was always playing those stupid games on it. 

    Tears began pricking at your eyes and you swore you’d never forgive him. Who cares if he was your oldest friend? Who cares if you’ve been in love with the stupid boy next door since you were both seven years old? Who cares if he was the only reason you were out here anyway?

    Suddenly, a branch breaks underfoot to your right and you haven’t even a glimpse of who tackles you to the ground, covering your mouth to stifle the scream that tries its damndest to break through. Your heart feels like lead in your chest. You’re going to die and you haven’t even properly told Vernon that you lov-

    “It’s me! It’s me! Shh! You have to be quiet! Please!”

    Vernon stares down at you in alarm, hair flying as he looks over his shoulder. Your terror turns into fury as you smack his hands away from your mouth, brows knitted tightly on your forehead. “You dick! How could you do that to me?!”

    His face doesn’t change. It doesn’t relax into that easy grin and fear spikes in your chest again. 

    “Nonnie, what’s going on?”

    Vernon pulls you into a sitting position but still hovers, crouched over your lap and he hides you both behind a headstone. His hands are frantic over your arms, cupping your face and you can see the adrenaline causing him to shake and tremble as he looks you over. 

    “There is somebody in here,” He whispers close to your ear, “We have to leave right now. I’m so sorry I brought us here. We have to go.”

    He peeks up above the stone, scanning the stretch of land between you and the gate to freedom. It’s empty, no looming shadow he’d hardly managed to scramble away from a minute ago. He grabs your hand and tugs you up. “Let’s go!”

    Vernon never once drops your hand as you run out of the cemetery. Your lungs burn and ache when you reach the towering iron gates, stopping only briefly to make sure you’re not being followed and that’s when you see it. A tall shadow of a man, poking out from behind a tree. You need no more convincing to hightail it back home and this time, it’s you dragging Vernon along until you’re both safe inside your house.

    Doors deadbolted, curtains drawn, security system armed. 

    You slide down the front of the kitchen cabinets, landing side by side on the cool tile floors. It’s silent aside from the two of you trying to catch your breath until Vernon closes the distance between your hands, picking yours up and cradling it in his own.

    He’s cold to the touch. 

    “I’m so sorry,” He whispers, still too shaken up to speak normally. “You were right, we never should have been there in the first place.”

    “It’s ok, Nonnie,” You stroke your thumb over his skin, both of you still trembling. “We’re safe here. We’re safe together.”

    He nods, not quite looking at you at first but eventually his eyes move up to your face and he soaks in the small smile you offer him. Vernon has been reassured by that same smile a thousand times over since his family moved into the house next door all those years ago. When he was little, it used to make him feel brave again. It encouraged him like no other. 

    And then you both grew up. 

    He still gained courage and bravery from that smile but he also felt disarmed, exposed. Sometimes you smiled at him when you thought he wasn’t looking and, unbeknownst to you, he’d caught it and kept the memory to himself. Sometimes he’d get caught in that look, your soft eyes, warm smile, and he’d have to physically shake himself from a stupor. Now was one of those times. 


    He blinks a few times and shrugs sheepishly but you’re patient with him. “Do you still want to watch some movies...maybe not scary ones...but something else? We can go up to my room if you want?”

    Because small spaces feel more secure and your living room with the giant window behind the couch was anything but. No ulterior motives. Strictly for safety and peace of mind, you tell yourself. 

    He still doesn’t have it in him to tease so he just nods his head and you both shuffle around the kitchen, quietly grabbing snacks and drinks to take up to your room. And extras so neither of you have to come back down once the lights are turned off. 

    Once behind your bedroom door, you lock it and discreetly move your desk chair in front of the wood frame...just in case. Vernon catches onto this though and breaks the first bout of chuckles. 

    “What?” You pout, stacking another heavy college textbook atop the others on the chair. “I always put this here. The door messes with the feng shui.”

    “Whatever you say,” He says, preparing to flop back onto your bed in his dirty clothes. 

    “Absolutely not,” You grumble with disgust. “Change your clothes first.”

    Vernon makes that stupid face, that you love, but drives you nuts because it means he isn’t using a single braincell to process. You huff, pointing at the bottom drawer of your dresser. 

    “That is entirely full of your clothes,” You spin around, flipping on your television and the string of fairy lights that wind around it and along all four corners of your ceiling. 

    Vernon looks appalled when he opens the designated drawer, stuffed to the brim with his own clothing. T-shirts, basketball shorts, sweat pants, hoodies, even a pair of… 

    “Should I even ask why you have a pair of my boxers?”

    You pull a drawer out above his head, blocking his pink cheeked face from sight to grab a change of clothes for yourself. “You tossed them in my suitcase when we went on the ski trip last winter.” 

    You roll your eyes, shutting the drawer and pointing down at a white t-shirt sticking out of his drawer. He looks down at it and back at you with confusion and you wiggle your fingers impatiently until he gets the hint and passes you his shirt. 

    Walking over to the corner and facing away from him, you begin pulling your dirty clothes off and tossing them into the hamper until you're left in your bra and underwear. It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve changed in the same room, You usually had a pact that neither of you looked while the other changes but when you look up at the floor length mirror you’ve situated yourself in front of, you meet Vernon’s eyes. 

    He’s quick to look away, giving the drawer his full attention as he digs through and pulls out a random t-shirt and pair of shorts he forgot he’d even owned until he rediscovered them in your room. He glances over his shoulder, seeing that you’re busy shuffling through netflix and he steps out of your line of sight, swapping out his clothes for clean ones and absently dropping them in your laundry. 

    They’d probably become part of your collection and he kind of liked that. 

    Vernon comes to the edge of the bed, fanning his hands to make you shuffle over just like old times. True, you hang out in each other’s rooms almost daily but you hadn’t had a sleepover in years. Time and puberty took that away from you. Still, you slept on the left and Vernon took the right side. 

    Just like when you were kids. Except, entirely different.

    “I was thinking an action movie might be good?” You suggest, flicking through the action category. 

    Vernon nods, grabbing his soda off your desk while you tick through. He taps your thigh when you get to The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo drift. “This one!”

    “You’ve seen this movie a thousand times,” You sigh, rolling your eyes and pressing play anyways. 

    “Yeah,” He rolls his eyes right back with a little more flare, “Make it one thousand and one times. It’s a comfort movie and we almost died in a graveyard tonight. Humor me.”

    He can feel your body tense up immediately and goes to wrap his arms around you, tucking you close to his chest. “Hey,” He whispers softly, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring it back up. I just- humor helps me deal with the... trauma, you know?”

    You know that and that’s not really what’s bothering you. 

    When he’d tackled you to the ground earlier, before you knew it was him and you thought you were really in some deep shit, you were mostly upset about the fact that you’d never come clean about your feelings before you were sent to the afterlife. 

    “Vernon,” You suddenly tilt your head up, both of you startled by how dangerously close to each other you actually are. “Would you have any regrets if something really had happened to us back there?”

    He swallows hard around nothing, eyes never leaving yours for a minute. “W-What kind of regrets?”

    “Like not having the courage to tell someone you might be in love with them…”

    Yes, yes, yes. How could you have read him so easily when he’s been hiding his feelings behind teasing and taunts? Behind walls of joking and too-casual flirting that could never be mistaken for genuine infatuation. You clever thing. But wait…

    The way you’re looking at him now...that’s how he looks at you when you’re not watching and it all sort of clicks in his head that you’re a couple of idiots who friendzoned yourselves when the truth is staring you both directly in the face and it took one deadly encounter to make you realize it. 

    “Are we going to kiss now?” Is all he manages but you let it slide, equally astounded. 

    He leans in first, or maybe you do, it doesn’t really matter because he kisses you and you kiss him back or vice versa, whatever, and you want to keep kissing him until your lungs run out of air. They do, eventually, but as soon as you catch your breath, Vernon’s chasing your lips, eager for another taste and you grant it easily. 

    His hands are unsure of themselves, flitting lightly over your back, your waist, your thighs which had somehow come to straddle his own. You’re not so hesitant in your touch, wrapping your arms around his neck, one hand playing in the back of his soft hair. He settles, finally, looping one arm around your hips and tucking his other hand beneath your thigh, right on the inside of your knee. 

    Perhaps it’s the adrenaline rush of everything that’s happened within the last hour or so. A brush with death so to speak. Perhaps it's just the bold feeling of Vernon’s tongue in between your lips striking courage into your very heart but you feel as though you’ll fall apart if you don’t get to have more of him and quickly. 

    You pull back just enough to speak and he follows you, eyes blinking open slowly to find out why you suddenly feel so far from him though you're still firmly seated in his lap, entrapped in his arms. 

    “Nonnie,” Your voice shakes slightly but he’s focused his attention on you, “Can we stay like this tonight? I just wanna be with you,” You kiss the side of his mouth softly, “Just want you to hold me and kiss me forever.”

    His laugh is gentle, adoring, as is the look in his eyes. Everything about him is just so...Vernon. The boy you trust. The boy you love. 

    He moves both hands up to cup your cheeks, staring into your eyes as he speaks. “We can stay like this forever,” He whispers, eyes dipping to your lips briefly, a little smirk tugging at the corner of his lips, “Do you want that? Wanna be mine, forever?”

    Your cheeks warm with his tone, dripping with honey and you wonder momentarily how your normally awkward, snarky best friend was suddenly so...alluring? Romantic?

    Vernon lands a small kiss to your forehead and you sigh happily, “Yes. Yes, I want to be yours forever.”



    “Phenomenal,” He breathes just before he’s rolling you onto your back, lips pressed to yours for the rest of the night. 

    Waking up the next morning is euphoric. 

    You’d spent all night in Vernon’s arms talking, laughing, sharing tender kisses in the glow of your television until you passed out with your head on his chest. Your dreams were peaceful and comforting, entirely washing away the terror from the graveyard incident overnight. 

    Vernon’s eyes are still closed when you sit up and stretch out your limbs, shaking away the last dregs of sleep. Your phone buzzes on the nightstand and you look over to see that it’s your mom calling. You grab it quickly, trying not to wake your companion as you stumble out of bed and hurry down to the kitchen. 

    “Hey mom!” You rush out, trying not to sound to obviously out of breath from sprinting down the stairs. 

    “Honey? Oh thank god.” Your mother’s voice is panicked and you furrow your brows. 

    “Mom? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

    “We’re on our way home right now but we’re still a few hours away. Where are you?”

    “I’m home? It’s like eight am...what’s going on?” Your stomach turns with impending doom. “Where’s dad? He’s with you- He’s ok, right?”

    “Yes, yes. We’re fine. Sweetheart, where were you last night?”

    You hesitate. 

    Your mother had always warned you about how dangerous All Hallow’s Eve was. You were never allowed outside past sundown in all the years you’ve been alive. There was no way you were telling her you were in a goddamned graveyard last night. Nor did you want to admit that you let Vernon talk you into going and get him in trouble too. No. Play it safe. 

    “I was home last night, safe and sound...seriously mom, you’re freaking me out. Tell me what’s going on.”

    Your mother doesn’t respond right away and you hear a distinct sniffling sound on the other end of the phone as if she’s...crying?

    “Baby, I’m so sorry to tell you this over the phone but I just got off the phone with Violet down the street. The police found a body in the graveyard off forty-fifth street this morning.”

    Your stomach drops. 

    You were there. That figure, whoever it was must have...You were going to be sick. 

    “That’s horrible,” You choke out, “I haven’t heard anyth-”

    “Sweetheart...It was Vernon...Vernon Chwe.” 

    She says the name and you blink. You bite back an odd laugh because someone was dead. It just wasn’t Vernon of course…

    “Mom, that can’t be true,” You tread gently, “Perhaps Violet misheard.”

    “Baby, his parents ID’d his body an hour ago,” She whispers, heartbroken, “It’s him. I’m so sorry, honey.”

    “Mom, I’m telling you...it’s not Vernon. I can promise you that,” You huff out. This was nuts and you weren’t sure how this trail of information got so screwed up but it was completely false. 

    “Vernon and I went out last night,” You admit, readying yourself for a verbal lashing, “We were in the graveyard and aside from a little scare, there was nothing out of the ordinary. We came back to the house and watched movies together and he kind of...um...spent the night. I’m sorry!”

    Your mother is dead silent for several beats and her voice is eerily chilled when she speaks again. “You were in that cemetery? And you said Vernon was with you all night?”

    You plant your hand on the kitchen counter steadying yourself because you still have this weird awful feeling sitting in your chest. “Yes, all night. Well, aside from getting separated for a few minutes in the cemetery. I just left him sleeping in my bed a second ago to grab the phone. He’s here and totally fine.”

    “Listen to me,” Your mother strains to speak around the horrific knot in her throat, “That thing is not Vernon! Baby you have to get out of the house right now! Please-”

    The call ends abruptly when your phone is simply lifted out of your hand. You turn to your right to see Vernon looking at you curiously, his eyes alert and slightly different than usual. Not entirely, but you don’t recall the golden tint in his irises ever being as distinguishable as they are right now.

    “You left the bed. Come back, won’t you?” He sets your phone down, out of reach. “It’s so cold without your body next to me.”

    Your body trembles on contact when he lays his hand on your bare forearm. He’s ice cold which doesn’t make any sense when he’s been tucked into the warmth of your blankets and lingering body heat for the past several hours. Perhaps it’s the call that’s made you paranoid but something is wrong. Dead wrong. 

    “Why did you take my phone?” You dare to question, backing away slightly as he pushes forward. 

    He cocks his head to the side sharply before casual innocence laces his features. “I thought you were done?” He says, another step closer, “Why don’t we go back to bed?”

    “Vernon,” You utter shakily, “Why do people think you’re dead?”

    He laughs. 

    The same causal laugh you’ve heard a thousand times but it’s different. It sounds the same. He looks the same. It feels...mimicked. Like a recording. Chills run up your spine. 

    “How can I be dead if I’m standing right here in front of you?” He reaches for your hand with lightning reflexes and presses it against his chest. His heart beats beneath your palm in a distorted, forced rhythm and you ache to pull your hand away but he holds it there with impossible strength. 

    “You’re h-hurting me, Nonnie.” You struggle against him for less than a second and he drops your hand, blinking.

    “They’re saying your body was found in the cemetery last night and that your own parents positively identified you this morning. Surely, they’d recognize their own son, right?”

    He scoffs. Leaning one hip against the counter. “I suppose I was a bit too careless with the body, that I’ll admit. Not my best work but we all have off days, don’t we darling?”

    He doesn’t advance on you as you back away until you're caught with your back flush to the refrigerator door, cool steel cutting into your skin. You stare at him. His posture is wrong. His grin is unfamiliar, unwelcome. He’s not your Vernon at this moment. 

    ‘That’s not Vernon! Baby you have to get out of the house right now!’

    “Who are you?” You bite out, trembling to your very core. He’s unmoving for a second and then he languidly unfolds, standing to full height. He comes close enough to force your chin up. 

    “It’s me, baby,” He coos, a patronizing pout forming on his lips, “It’s Vernon...well, kinda.” 

    To your utter horror and disbelief, he laughs. Vernon. Or...not Vernon as he’s alluded to.

    “What the fuck is happening?” You crumble, tears rolling down your cheeks. “What did you do to him? Where is my Vernon?”

    He suddenly pushes you against the fridge until there are no gaps between your bodies and grips your chin firmly, though not painfully, in one hand. You shudder when you feel his pointed tongue glide up the side of your face possessively, collecting errant tears repeatedly as they fall. 

    “You see, my love,” He grins against your cheek, “I was out for an evening stroll when you and your friend came along. I could smell him from a mile away and when I saw you, I knew exactly why.”

    He replaces his tongue with his thumbs, gently wiping away the moisture while he looks at you with a soft smile. “I am what the gods call, a soul eater, and his soul...the very essence of it tasted like love, joy, happiness. I’ve never quite had my fill but this time,” He huffs out a little wondrous chuckle, “I devoured his soul. I ran through his memory. I’ve lived through every one of his experiences. I felt every touch of your skin, every single adoring smile that he’d boxed away in the corner of his heart. I had a taste and I could have left him. A little devoid of memory and emotion, of course, but you are the reason I could not stop.”

    “You killed him,” You gritted out furiously, fighting against his hold, “Why?”

    “To feel your love, darling. To be the center of your universe,” He reasons, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I’ve been alone in the dark for so long. Even demons deserve to feel cherished, do they not?”

    You spit in his face. 

    “No, they don’t! Not when they go around killing people,” You break down again, your voice cracking with emotion, “...Perfectly innocent p-people and step into their lives like it’s nothing.”

    He hushes you, bringing you closer to his chest and wrapping his arms around you in a hug. “It’s okay, darling. I’m going to take very good care of you. I can keep this face if you wish? You may call me by his name as well. I only wish to make you happy, my love.”

    You pry yourself from his arms, only because he allows it, and point a finger in that achingly familiar face. “You’re not Vernon!” You bite out through the tears, “You could never be him and I want nothing to do with you. I don’t love you! You’re a monster!”

    “Now, now,” He tsks, “There is no need to be so rash. We’re going to spend eternity together. You’ll have plenty of time to realize you’re where you truly belong, at my side. Now, we really should be going, I’m sure someone will be along to check on you soon.”

    You rip your hand away when he reaches for it, whirling to run away when his voice booms through the house. “Stop.”

    You freeze on the spot, legs unable to move, muscles screaming in protest and he walks over to your prone form. He brushes a strand of hair away from your face gently. “Have you already forgotten what you promised me, love?”

    “I didn’t promise you shit!” You growl far more aggressively than you feel because you’re screaming for help on the inside. You have to get out, get help. 

    The demon tuts disapprovingly. “You humans make promises so lightly,” He chuckles, “I’m not surprised you don’t remember.”

    He’s silent, letting you work out where things went so wrong and he sees it in your face when you figure it out. “Now, I really hate using my influence over you but I’m afraid we need to leave. I had hoped to stay earthside for longer but it seems as though our cover’s been blown.”

    Your limbs turn to jelly when he releases his command and he catches you in his arms before you hit the floor. “Hold on tight, darling.”

    Wisps of black smoke wrap around your legs, rising from the ground until it surrounds your bodies in a tight embrace. You fall limp in his arms, unconscious under his silent command.

    “You will learn to love me, you darling little creature. We’ll be together beyond the end of time,” He whispers into your hair, pressing a delicate kiss there.

    “You’re mine forever, remember?”

    SVT M.List | Main M.List

    → Please do NOT copy, repost, or translate, any of my works here on tumblr or on any other platforms! All stories are copyrighted, Bubblebeom, 2020. ©️

    🖤🖤 Perhaps a sequel with a little more (twisted) romance and…spice 🔥? let me know!

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  • blaqpinksthetic
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    notes: no pov. crack. 0.1k

    warnings: mentions of sexual content, crazy, I will warn you that it’s not going to make any sense

    title: ateez as shit my friends said

    Hyunjin: A B C D E F G. Gummy bears are chasing me. One is red. One is blue. One is chewing up my shoe. Now I'm running for my life. Cuz the red one's got a knife

    Han: U both are giving me mixed signals, so I have come to the conclusion, that u both r simping for each other

    Minho: I’m socializing, against my will

    Hyunjin: I’m choking on air

    Seungmin: we’ll spit it out

    Chan: geico has a reptile and you guys have Jake

    Felix: “it’s too small” - literally no one

    Lee know: not as small as u tho

    Changbin: I go to u when I need mobile hotspot, cause u are the mobile hotspot

    I.N: …

    Minho: Well, if santa has a white beard, then his dick should probs have white hair on it

    I.N: I think my animal abuses just died

    networks: @kpopcontentcreatorsclub ; @enhypennetwork ; @caratsnetwork ; @prism-nw ; @hotpink-ent ; @nct-frathouse ; @kpclub ; @foreverkpop-net ; @kpopmoodboardnet ; @kdiarynet ; @theseventeentown / loading…

    taglist:@derpjungkook ; loading (send an ask to join)

    #blaqpinksthetic.works #writings #stray kids edits #stray kids#fkp-net #prism.nw #kdiarynet #kpc.creators #stray kids imagines #felix stray kids #stray kids reactions #skz#changbin#lee know #stray kids scenarios #seungmin#han jisung #stray kids x reader #stray kids icons #stray kids drabbles #stray kids i.n
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  • cosmichwas
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    Souls and Witches (Kingdom)

    Pairing: Yunho + Seungbo, minor Sungho + Seungbo

    Genre: One-Shot, Witch!AU

    TWs: There are a couple mentions of death, but nothing graphic

    WC: 1.9K+

    A/N: This is my first time writing for Kingdom! After watching Black Crown they just seemed so fitting for this concept. Please go give them some love and stream Black Crown :]

    Living among other witches had become commonplace for Seungbo, their household constantly buzzing with magic from any source thinkable. As the oldest of them all he saw it his job to care for the younger witches, with special care to the newest of their clan. He’d found the boy on his own, hardly understanding the power he possessed, abandoned on the very edge of town with nothing but his backpack from school and a half-eaten slice of pizza. It was a sight that absolutely shattered Seungbo’s heart, and with no hesitation, he offered him a place to stay in his home.

    He wasn’t as easily accepted by the other four clan members when they walked in the door, a cat-like hiss even escaping Sungho’s lips when he saw the newcomer. They all tiptoed around him for the first week, and then the light switch flipped.

    Though, at times, Seungbo truly wishes he knew what he’d been getting himself into.

    Seungjun loved to cause chaos. Every witch had their niche and his seemed to revolve entirely around chaos, leaving Dongsik to begrudgingly clean his messes (though he’d never be able to deny the affection he had for their newest.) There was only one place that anyone, especially Seungbo, would be upset if he caused a ruckus: the eldest’s study. They had a millennia’s worth of spellbooks, journals, rations, and more stored in there, meaning it was off limits unless it was necessary to retrieve something.

    “Guk Seungjun, if I find that you’ve made a mess of my study again I swear-” He started as he marched towards said room, the sound of shattering glass and a poor attempt at a withheld swear having caught his attention.

    “Don’t swear hyung, you know you’d have to follow through with it.” Sungho said in passing, pressing the lightest of kisses upon his cheek. With a deep sigh Seungbo reconsidered his words, about to begin speaking when their youngest rushed out of the room, all but barrelling into him like a child trying to hide. This piqued the eldest witch’s concern and interest instantly, as Seungjun wasn’t one to be easily frightened. He would fight a grizzly bear bare-handed if he could, making smart-ass comebacks to anything the older witches said, mixing the most volatile of items to find something that caused enough chaos to soothe his soul. He hadn’t run to any of his elders in fear since the first year they’d brought him in.

    “Hey now, you know I was just playing about the study right? I can always clean it up.” He said, trying to gently pry Seungjun away to face him proper. He could feel his heart pounding, blood rushing through his veins, and within moments Yunho was rushing down the stairs with the same panicked look. The two were linked in ways no human could imagine, having sworn their souls to each other nearly a millennia ago. Communication through their thoughts, emotions, there was nothing to hide and nothing could be hidden unless they explicitly wanted it to be. It was then that figurative alarm bells went off through his body, someone, no, something, having breached the outer line of their property. It hit him with such force he couldn’t help but gasp, shivers being sent down his spine, clutching Seungjun tighter.

    “Soul walker.” Seungbo breathed, understanding flooding through him. “Yunho, call for Dongsik to take him. I’ll handle this.”

    “Are you sure? The last time you got into anything with one of them you nearly got us both killed! You do understand that our immortality is tied to our souls, right? Right?!” Yunho said, only mildly defensive as he waved his hand towards the cat slinking between his feet, the black ball of fluff disappearing up the stairs and into the shadows to bring Dongsik into the common area. He tried to maintain a hard, unwavering look towards Seungbo but it dropped when they both felt the walker’s energy grow stronger, meaning one thing and one thing only.

    It was feeding.

    Seungbo pushed the younger witch from his arms towards Yunho and burst out the door into the chilly air, barely managing to snatch his sword from where it was hung in the doorway. They had a fairly large piece of property but he could see the soul walker’s ghostly form the moment he stepped off the deck, it’s long hands holding a teenage boy, talon-like claws sunken into his skin to keep him still.

    “Not on my property, asshole. Come pick on someone your own size!” Seungbo yelled, watching as the walker dropped the boy and turned to face him, a terrifying scream of delight leaving it. The souls of witches would always be preferable over that of a human, but a witch who was as old as Seungbo? It would be a dream come true for something like a soul walker. It charged at him, barely giving him the time to side step and swing, cutting straight through it like a hot knife through butter. He winced at the sound it made, spinning on his heel and taking the chance to swing again before it could turn.

    “Fooood, you are fooood! Give me!” It drawled, pulling a smirk on Seungbo’s face.

    “Never in a million years. Either get off my property or face reincarnation in the hands of Hades.” He walked backwards, keeping himself poised and ready until he was standing mere inches from the teenagers on the leaf covered lawn. The wind swelled with the force of a storm gale before settling again, the walker now surrounded on four fronts.

    “You do understand you don’t have to be so protective of us, don’t you? Let us help sometimes.” Sungho piped up, spinning his sword leisurely as he advanced on the walker.

    “Agreed. I don’t get enough action, always tending to your wounds and Seungjun’s spells gone wrong.” Jihun mused, the leaves spiraling around his legs as he walked, head tilted slightly to the side as he timed his steps with Sungho.

    “I’d like to be part of the decision making process as to what happens to us.” Yunho said, though his words held no weight. Wherever either of them went, the other would be there, even if he was late. If either objected, they’d pull out of the fight in an instant.

    Seungbo looked around, chuckling at how the soul walked spun, as if trying to decide who to go after first. “You know, I’ve been thinking about the last time we did this and truth be told it reminds me of Ghostbusters. Y’know, don’t cross the streams?” He said, raising the point of his sword to the sky, sighing at the energy he felt flow through him, the other three mimicking his movement. The sky above them darkened with clouds, the wind whipping through their clothes.

    “Oh shut up, now is not the time!”

    “You take the fun out of everything Sungho!”

    “I do not!”

    “YOUUUU! Youuuu leave yoursssself defenselessss! Easy to taaake!”

    There was a beat of silence, a snort of laughter, and nods from each of them before they brought their respective swords down, directing the blast upon the soul walker. There was no worry about injury or blast zone, Yunho having told Dongsik what they planned and allowing him time to form a barrier of sorts. The moment there was nothing but dust between them they all collapsed, exhaustion flooding through them.

    “I hate those things, all this because they can’t feed somewhere else! It’s our property, we have a sign that says “no trespassing”-” Sungho mused, forcing himself from the ground as he used his sword for support. “And before anyone comments I do know they can’t read.”

    Seungbo tuned the others out and crawled his way over to the two boys, finding one of them soulless, meaning he’d die in a day’s time. He’d gotten to the other in time, though he could feel how shaken up he was. The whole experience had left the boy nearly as pale as his white hair, cold as ice, dried blood covering the skin around the puncture wounds from the walker’s claws and fangs. If they didn’t get himself inside and under their care he’d likely not wake up, comatose until his internal organs failed.

    “Jihun.” His voice was quiet but firm, the banter behind him dying down as their head healer crossed the small distance between them and crouched down across from the elder witch. “Can you...save him? We can’t save the other boy.” He couldn’t help the waver in his voice, such a scene hitting too close to home for him. Jihun easily picked up on this and gave a nod, choosing his words.

    “I’ll do everything I can to make sure he wakes up.” He gently picked the white haired boy up from the ground, calling for the others to follow him inside. Sungho went with him, sparing one last glance at Seungbo before shutting the door behind him.

    There was silence as Yunho settled next to Seungbo, allowing him to sink into his emotions for the first time in a while. He interlocked their fingers and pulled his clan mate, his lover, into his embrace, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head. “He reminds you of Seunghyun, doesn’t he?” He finally asked. Seungbo hesitantly nodded, brushing the boy’s hair from his face.

    “He’s so young, why do they take them so young? They’ve hardly lived…” His tongue felt like a lead weight in his mouth, silent tears rolling down his cheeks. “Donsik will take care of him, right? We can’t save him but we can at least make sure he’s put to rest properly. I don’t…” He bit off the end of his sentence.

    “He won’t end up like Seunghyun.” Yunho confirmed, pulling him away from the boy. “Come, let’s go inside. We need rest if we’re taking care of the other boy.”

    With one final glance Seungbo followed him inside.

    The snowy haired boy didn’t wake for three days, and for another three days after that he refused to speak, only taking food from them. It wasn’t until Sungho, in all his charms, made a joke about him selling his soul at such a young age.

    “I did sell my soul.”

    His words rang through the room as he sat on one of the three couches in the common room, nursing a mug of herbal tea in his hands. They’d come to learn through writing his name was Yoosung, though he’d been nicknamed Ivan through his childhood.

    “I sold my soul without believing it was real. Minju and I did it as a joke and that...that thing chased us all the way out here.”

    The six witches took time to process what he said before letting out hums or sighs, knowing it wasn’t uncommon for the kids these days to do that.

    “But, in order to go through with something of that nature, you have to have a reason. Why, even jokingly, were you selling your soul off?”

    Yoosung hesitated with his answer, pale cheeks tinging pink from embarrassment. “We...we both had dumb things about our body we didn’t like. He wanted bigger muscles, and, I, I said I wanted a bigger butt. It was the first thing to come to mind!”

    “You sold your soul for a bigger ass?!” Sungho exclaimed, followed by Seungjun and Dongik breaking into fits of laughter. The other three shared an exasperated look, as if to say ‘we saved him for this?!’

    Yeah, they were in for quite a ride.

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  • flurrys-creativity
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Just your luck

    Pairing: Kim Seokjin (BTS) x Reader

    Genre: Fluff, a little angst, bottle episode (trapped in an elevator AU)

    Rating: sfw, 16, PG-13?!

    Warnings: the elevator gets stuck and drops twice,  being in the dark for a while, mentions of a panic attack, making out, grinding, being suggestive as in hinting at having sex..

    Wordcount: 2.776

    A/N: This was for the BCC Summer games and I had it stored in my docs for a while now... but here it is... my own little bottle episode.. :D anyway! Please enjoy this oneshot and tell me what you think!

    You worked in an old building with five stories, your workspace being on the fourth floor. Normally you just ran the stairs up to your work but today you were late, having overslept in the morning.

    You rushed into the building, ignored all the confused or judging stares around you, and nearly jumped into the elevator with the closing doors.

    A sigh escaped your lips as you bent forward and tried to catch your breath. You haven’t sprinted like that in a long time - especially not in this pair of shoes.

    You straightened again about to press the button to your floor when you noticed someone else being in the confined space of the elevator with you. Your eyes widened in surprise and you could feel the heat creeping up your neck. “Sorry”, you mumbled quickly and pressed the number to your floor before you made yourself as small as possible in one of the corners of the elevator.

    You glanced at the man next to you out of the corner of your eyes. He was probably one of the most handsome men you’ve ever seen. His warm brown eyes, his straight nose, the perfect skin and his plush lips were captivating. 

    The corner of his lips tugged upwards. “I can feel you staring.” He turned his head slightly and looked shortly at you, grinning even more at your flustered state. “It’s fine. I know I’m handsome.”

    You blinked in disbelief, not sure how to react to that last statement. Normally you would just ignore guys that were so full of themselves but this man conveyed it with such a genuine aura that it made you speechless.  Still, you scoffed and rolled your eyes, looking straight ahead to the small LED board over the doors.

    The numbers changed ever so slowly, not helping your impatience at all. You tried to suppress your annoyed sigh, thrumming your fingers on the handrail instead.

    “It’s taking longer than usual”, the man commented, staring at the change of numbers as well. A frown appeared on his face when the LED flickered slightly. “That’s strange.”

    Before you could answer his observation the light within the elevator flickered violently until it vanished completely. 

    “What’s..”, you wanted to ask but your question was cut off by your scream of surprise. The elevator had dropped down a little before it stopped again.

    You grabbed onto the handrail and pressed yourself as close to the wall as possible. Your heart was beating like crazy in your chest and for a moment you heard only the rush of adrenaline in your ears.

    “Hey! Hey!” The man tried to get your attention and only after you hummed, not trusting your voice just yet, he spoke again. “Are you alright? Did you get hurt?”

    “I- I don’t think so. You?”

    “No, I’m fine. Just a little shaken.” You heard him move around and stop again. “Do you remember which button was the emergency button?”

    You blinked a few times, trying to remember how the panel looked but you came up empty handed. “Sorry, it’s the first time in ages I’m using this elevator again. Shouldn’t the buttons have like little dots for blind people so they can read the buttons as well?”

    “They do but I don’t know how to read braille.” 

    “Oh, yeah. Usually we’re able to see within an elevator.” You mumbled, feeling slightly dumb for even suggesting it. “Isn’t it possible someone outside noticed something’s wrong?”

    The man sighed. “Not necessary. I mean this building has two more elevators and if they work without problems others wouldn’t need this one. Additionally we don’t know if the displays on the outside are working like they should.”

    Dread filled your chest and you knew you were close to breaking out into tears. Your eyes flicked around as if they were trying to find something to see even though it was dark within the elevator. “Wait, my phone!” You remembered and a spark of hope flamed up within you.

    You let go of the handrail with one hand, hissing lowly when it kind of burned from the force you had used to hold onto the rail. You got your phone and turned it on.

    The light from the screen illuminated the small space slightly and you were finally able to see again. You sighed in relief and turned to look at the man. “Now we can see the panel.”

    He looked at you as if he waited for something to dawn upon you, which didn’t happen. “You’ve got a phone in your hand.”


    “Phones are used to call people.”

    Your eyes widened in understanding, followed by shutting them close from the embarrassment you felt. “Sorry.”

    “May I have your phone?”

    You only stretched your arm out towards him, not wanting to say another word and embarrass you even further. You watched the man illuminating the panel and pressing the yellow button with the small alarm clock before he moved the phone upwards until he found a small sign above the panel.

    He scanned the sign until he found the telephone number he was looking for. He typed the number into your phone and pressed the call button, putting it on speaker as well so you were able to listen too.

    While you waited for someone to pick up, red lights turned on within the elevator and an automatic female voice spoke through the speaker.

    “Please remain calm. The technician is informed and on his way. An automatic signal was sent to the fire brigade. Help will be there soon.”

    “At least that’s working”, the man hummed.

    “How long will it take for them to get us out of here?” You asked carefully, glancing from the panel and back to the man.

    “That’s what I want to find out”, he smiled gently and lifted his hand with your phone in it to underline his statement.

    Once the phone call got through his gentle aura changed quickly into an authoritative one. He explained the situation in such a calm manner that you were wondering if you were the only one on the verge of a panic attack.

    “We need to find the reason for this first. Only then do we know how to proceed further. Depending on the situation it might change the time we can get you out of there.” The voice spoke through the speaker. “So please, remain calm. We’re doing our best to get you out as soon as possible.”

    The man thanked them and cut the call, giving you your phone back. “Seems like we’re stuck in here for a while.”

    You hummed, feeling your voice break even though you didn’t speak in the first place.

    “How about we sit down and try to stay positive?” He smiled again and walked over to you. He gently pried your hands away from the handrail and sat down with you on the floor, still holding your hands in his. “I’m Jin by the way.”

    You told him your name as well and tried to muster a smile. “I knew I had a reason why I never used the elevator. Just my damn luck today.” You tried to laugh but it was painful even for your ears.

    “If I remember correctly you pressed the button for the fourth floor. You take the stairs for that?” Jin looked at you in curiosity, fascinated that someone willingly took so many stairs instead of using the elevators within the building.

    “Yeah, never trusted old elevators in the first place. Though I might have been traumatized thanks to some movies.” This time your laugh felt more comfortable and for just a moment you felt a little more relaxed than before.

    You scanned the inside of the elevator, trying to keep your mind occupied with things. The entrance was probably made out of steel, with the doors opening to both sides. On one side was the panel with the buttons starting with the number one on the left bottom corner. Above the panel were two signs, one with the telephone number Jin just used and another with some warnings. Though your mind was too full with thoughts to read those now. The walls were decked with dark brown wooden planks. They looked even darker due to the red light coming from the ceiling of the elevator. The ceiling was made out of some shiny metal that reflected the inside of the elevator.

    You stared straight at your own reflection, frowning at your appearance. 

    Jin looked up as well, grinning slightly when he saw your glare. “You shouldn’t take it personally. A real mirror would portray your beauty perfectly.”

    “Says the one looking just as stunning in that thing as in real life.” You pouted, not even realising what you just said.

    Jin chuckled lowly. “It’s nice to know you think that. After your reaction prior, I thought you might think of me as someone ugly.”

    “There is no way someone would think that.”

    “Good to know”, Jin mumbled and started to play with your hands.

    You hadn’t even noticed that he was still holding your hands. Your gaze dropped down to his fingers and how gentle they caressed your own. You weren’t sure if he did it to keep you calm or if he did it to calm himself. You looked at his face, picking up on the small details.

    He looked sad or unsure and for the first time you thought his confident side was just a role he played. Your heart broke for him, thinking about the struggles he might have gone through.

    “I’m definitely demanding to get the rest of the day off”, you announced suddenly, trying to pull Jin out of his own thoughts.

    He grinned and let go of your hands, moving from the position in front of you to your side where he leant against the wall. “I might join you in that.”

    You turned your head towards him. “So then. What are your plans once we’re out of here?” You grabbed his hand now and placed it on your lap. This time you played with his fingers while you waited for his answer.

    You didn’t notice how flustered Jin got when you just grabbed his hand out of nowhere. “Uh- uhm, yes, I, yeah, I think I’m going to treat myself to a steak.”

    You bursted out into a fit of laughter, not having expected this as an answer. Once you calmed down, you bit on your lower lip upon seeing his pout. “Sorry”, you whispered but smiled nonetheless, “are you going to a restaurant or are you cooking it yourself?”

    “I could cook it myself but it’s a treat so I really don’t want to work for it. What about you? What are you going to do once you’re out?” He looked at you, curious about your answer.

    You hummed in thought. “When I asked you, I thought I just wanted to get back into my bed, but getting my favourite food and treating myself doesn’t sound so bad either.”

    “We could do both!”

    Your gaze snapped up to Jin upon hearing his words. You weren’t sure if he just suggested you two could eat together, if he suggested he would join you in your bed or if he suggested doing both things but separately.

    Before you could answer though the elevator dropped again. You screeched and pressed yourself against Jin, grabbing onto his suit tightly while you had your eyes closed tightly.

    Jin wrapped his arms around you and pulled you onto his lap, rubbing calming circles on your back. He was just as scared as you were but he somehow wanted to make you feel safe first and foremost. 

    “It’s alright, it’s alright. The elevator stopped again. We’re good now”, he whispered and rocked you gently in his arms.

    You slowly raised your head and looked at him, hands still clutching in his suit and tears running down your cheek. “Sorry.”

    Jin brushed a hair strand out of your face and rubbed your tears away with his thumb. “Don’t be, it’s okay”, he whispered with a reassuring smile, “come here.” With that he gently pulled you against his chest and hugged you tightly.

    You could hear his own rapid heartbeat in his chest which strangely calmed you down. It felt reassuring to know he was just as scared as you. “Thanks.” You snuggled closer against him and slowly opened your hands, letting go of Jin’s suit. Instead you pressed one of your hands against his chest, focusing on his heartbeat for a while.

    “Do you want to call someone, like your significant other or something?” Jin asked, his ears red from being so close to you.

    You shook your head. “Don’t have one and my parents don’t need to know this right now. It would freak me out even more hearing them”, you sighed and closed your eyes, “what about you?”

    “Same for me.”

    A hum left your lips and the both of you stayed silent afterwards. It didn’t feel awkward though. You were kind of glad to just be like that, sitting on his lap, listening to his heartbeat and breath, feeling his warmth. You raised your head again and looked into his eyes. It took you off guard for a second that Jin was already looking at you but you recovered quickly. You nearly drowned in his warm brown eyes. “I’m glad you’re here with me”, you whispered, not breaking eye contact.

    Jin smiled gently and cupped your cheek with one hand. “Same to you. I’m glad, I’m not alone in here.” His gaze dropped to your lips for a second before he looked back at your eyes. 

    You unconsciously wetted your lips with your tongue, drawing Jin’s attention once again to your mouth.

    “May I”, he hesitated, his gaze drifting between your lips and your eyes, “may I kiss you?”

    “Yes”, you breathed out, your voice so low it was barely audible. Once Jin leaned slowly down towards you, you automatically closed your eyes. The anticipation rose, making your heart pound like crazy again. You felt his breath on your skin before you felt his plush lips on yours, gently moving as Jin deepened the kiss.

    His hand moved from your cheek to the back of your neck while the other pressed against the small of your back. Soft moans left his lips as he kept kissing you, pulling you closer and closer against himself.

    You moved your hands to his hair, playing with the strands at the back of his head. You pressed yourself closer as well, needing to feel all of him.

    Jin panted heavily once he broke from the kiss, leaning his forehead against yours. “I might want to do that again.”

    You changed your position and straddled his lap now. “Good, cause I want the same.” You crashed your lips onto his while you cupped his face. 

    He had moved his hands to your hips and pressed you down on his lap, slowly letting you grind on him. Jin moaned even more now, sending sparks right to your core.

    Suddenly the lights flickered on again, changing the small space from the red lighting back to the normal one. Soon after the light came back on, the sirring of the elevator came back to life as well.

    Both you and Jin looked up to the ceiling in surprise. “Seems like they fixed the problem”, Jin mumbled, glancing over your shoulder to the LED display.

    You quickly stood up from his lap and turned to the door as well, staring at it with sceptical eyes. “Are they going to break the doors open?”

    Jin stood up as well, shrugging with his shoulders. Before he could answer you though, the elevator started moving again, making you jump into his arms. Jin chuckled lowly and hugged you again. “It’s alright, looks like they bring the elevator to the ground level before they let us out.”

    You hugged him tightly and nervously glanced at the display, seeing the numbers changing. “Oh, okay”, you breathed out in relief, even though you still pressed yourself against Jin.

    “With the prospect of being out of here soon”, Jin mused loudly, “would you join me for that steak?” He smirked wickedly before he leaned down to your ear and whispered: “We could also pick up where we stopped if I may join you in your bed.”

    You felt the heat creeping up your neck but you still nodded, looking up into his eyes again. “Would love to.”

    Jin smiled brightly and held your chin, moving down to kiss your lips again. “I’m glad you’re agreeing.”

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  • markresonates
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    summary: you get off on the wrong foot with Jaehyun when you first start living together, all the while unaware he’s seen something he shouldn’t have

    pairing: roommate au!Jaehyun x fem!reader

    genre: porn w/ plot, lil angst, tiny fluff

    tropes: halloween-ish, roommates, one sided enemies

    word count: +6.4k

    a/n: took me 8 months to complete but I’m now finally done with my roommate song reqs! HALLELUJAH! this last anon req is w/ wayv’s Love Talk!

    warnings: rough unprotected sex, throat f&cking, manhandling, masturbation, choking, degradation, hard dom!Jaehyun, sub!reader, and yet another scenario of sexy stuff on camera bc i’m a total slut for that sort of thing

    cold, disappointed and jet lagged - the only three words that describe how you’re feeling tonight and your new roommate is to blame for all of them.

    “Jaehyun, are you on your way? My flight got in nearly 45 minutes ago and the b-baggage claim area is so crowded that security basically pushed me outside,” you relay bitterly after the unnecessarily sharp beep to his voice mailbox rang in your ear. You called expecting to hear his charming voice (and by chance an apology) but all you got was the generic, off-putting robotic instruction ordering you to leave a message for the tardy receiver.

    Frigid air prickles your skin as you lean against a concrete pillar painted in yellow stripes. Your teeth chatter uncontrollably thanks to the chilly weather of the changing seasons and you're mildly concerned he won’t be able to make out your muffled, urgent pleas over the phone.

    “I w-would’ve gotten an uber earlier but I kept thinking you’d be here any second.” You check your battery level for the umpteenth time knowing that the clock is ticking on your limited communication privileges. “Ugh, my phone is going to die soon. I’m sending you a picture of where I’m standing right now, okay? I’m c-counting on you.”

    You hang up quickly and capture a brief, three second video for better reference of your exact location outside the airport’s sliding glass doors. In your rush to share the short video with Jaehyun, your thumb accidentally flicks up through the collection of other videos in your camera roll, mistakenly selecting a different recording without your knowledge or consent. You don’t catch the slip-up before hitting send just within the nick of time. The dim screen fades into complete darkness not a millisecond later, reflective glass mirroring the aggravated features carved into your face.

    “Great,” you mutter sarcastically. “Well, I hope he actually gets it.”

    Phone dead and patience wearing thin, you’re basically stranded with no means of getting back to the amatuer chauffeur’s small house you’re moving into tonight. The original plan you laid out on the plane was to take care of at least half of the unpacked boxes as soon as you arrived. In your imagination, you pictured stacks of your belongings piled one on top of the other, occupying every corner of your room. Worst case scenario, they’re blocking the pathway to your bed too. It’s no question that your extreme jet lag is going to make it extremely difficult to remove even one single strip of tape; still, you know sleeping under your own covers is a must tonight to endure the cold that you’re unfortunately dealing with at this very moment.

    Some may claim it serves you right for assuming you could depend on a person that you have A) never met in person, face-to-face; and B) only conferred with twice over the phone before signing a long-term, lawfully-binding lease with them. It wasn’t Jaehyun’s phone either, it was your other new roommate, Jungwoo’s phone. You doubt Jaehyun even has your number saved to his contacts despite Jungwoo creating a group chat for you guys days ago.

    Jaehyun didn’t seem all that bad on those calls. Of course you’re biased though, opinion having been swayed by his good looks. You took one look at those pictures that were attached to the housing search profile website and made up your mind that living with someone that looked like that sounded like a good idea. What’s more is that rent came at a decent price.

    You know that the “roommates to lovers” trope doesn’t happen too often in real life but it's nice to dream, right? And who knows, maybe you'll actually get your happily ever after with him Jaehyun.

    Whereas Jungwoo is preoccupied with something else tonight, your prince charming was free to taxi you home. In fact, he was the one who offered to pick you up.

    What a gentleman, you thought.

    You wish you would've turned him down now. Even a pumpkin would have sufficed in this situation, since a fairytale fruit could have carried you halfway home before falling apart.

    Jaehyun didn’t forecast traffic to be so brutal tonight. He regrets not looking up the traffic report from the news earlier in the afternoon and poorly timing when he was able to pick you up. If he had done so prior to leaving, he would’ve seen the massive pile up of a car crash in the middle of the freeway just before the correct airport exit.

    The state of the weather outside only deepens how bad he feels. He predicts you’re likely a victim of the cold conditions with no clue at what time you’ll be relieved from the threat of frostbite; but he’s sure you’ll gladly appreciate the heated passenger seat and the warmth circulating inside the vehicle instantly when you climb into his car.

    He twiddles his thumbs against the steering wheel to the beat of his favorite Kevin Abstract song until the music dies down. When the first verse of the following song plays over the speakers, Jaehyun fishes his phone out of his pocket, aiming to pick out a different tune. The brightness of the screen illuminates the front and temporarily blinds him. As he lowers the brightness, his vision slowly comes into focus. He’s met with a host of blurry notifications and deduces that you’re likely the culprit, being that he can't think of anyone else who has a motive to blow up his phone like this. And rightfully so; he is late after all. The entire lock screen is blocked by charcoal, rectangular shapes he faintly identifies as missed calls, a voicemail, a slew of text messages and a few videos. Within the past 10 minutes, he hasn’t moved an inch, the traffic in a complete and total gridlock. It takes his mind a split second to thoroughly assesses the situation and deems it safe enough to choose the videos before the other things you’d sent him.

    Eyes still a tad fuzzy, he clicks on Attachment: 2 videos. And for no particular reason, Jaehyun selects the second to play first.

    Immediately stunned by what plays out on the screen, he almost fumbles the device to his feet before getting a grip on himself. He cranks down the volume on his phone to keep the moaning vibrating through his car speakers at a minimum. His eyes bulge out of his head as he takes in the dirty scene that’s shown in startlingly high definition. The clear, pixelated sex act you sent him depicts an unidentified girl wearing only a pair of heather grey panties. She was facing away from the camera, bent over on her knees in a rather spacious shower. Whatever it is that she was using to film the self-made porn of hers is waterproof as it is perfectly positioned on the tan, squared tile floor.

    She looped a hand underneath herself and in between her legs. Her middle and ring fingers connected with the last article of clothing on her body. She began to rub over a damp puddle of her arousal that had pooled in the middle of her panties.

    “Fuck, that feels good,” she moaned. "Just sooo good."

    His eyes locked on the naughty girl. Based on how enraptured he is with her, it seems like the recording creeps by at a slow pace. He doesn’t dare check to see how long the video is, preferring to pretend the duration goes on longer than reality. To know that every second is counting down to the end would only bring him disappointment.

    What doesn’t disappoint is her dirty talk.

    “Do you see how wet I am? All I had to do was think about you fucking me and I could feel my panties getting sticky.”

    She circled her fingers around her clit through the visibly soaked underwear. Her moans progressed into little whimpers every so often, twitching slightly as she alternates between various sex noises.

    “You know, since the moment I saw you, I wanted you. Actually, more than that. I wanted you inside me,” she purred. “There was something about your lips that made me want them all over me. Or maybe it was your hands because I pictured them choking me.”

    Thirty seconds into the video, the wet patch was already larger than before. In Jaheyun’s expert opinion, the visual aspect is not the most salivating part though. He’s always been a sucker for dirty talk. Simply hearing the seductive words that slipped from the slut's mouth would have his erection pitching a tall tent in his sweatpants.

    “I really wish you were here. You should know that when I sleep, I always dream about you helping me out exactly like this, and I’ll wake up so wet that I need to change my panties before I drip down my thighs.”

    She hooked her finger underneath the cotton material that was basically see-through by that point. He licks his lips as she shifts them to the side, out of the way for the main course, and GOD, is Jaehyun starving for it.

    “Do you like what you see?”

    He gawks at the sight of her arching her back further, lowering her forearm to the ground. The position made her arousal glisten in the low lighting that was now shining on her most private parts. Her fingers rimmed around her entrance before plunging inside. A whine fell from her hidden lips that he wants to see so badly. If only she would turn around for him so he could study her facial expressions contorting from the stimulation.

    “How hard are you right now? I hope I make you really, really hard,” she said in an innocent tone, pulling her fingers out to trace through her folds momentarily.

    “So fucking hard,” he’s compelled to whisper out loud for some reason. He spends a handful of seconds wondering who she is; she as in whomever it is filming the video and whether she’s a legit porn star or not because the video is so hot he wouldn’t mind seeing more of her work; and more significantly, she as in you.

    Who are you exactly?

    Jaehyun’s done his fair share of sexting, each girl on the other side of the screen determined to do anything for him to take them to bed (or his car, an empty room at a house party, or the nearest bathroom - public decency be damned) and fuck them mercilessly. It’s been a while since he’s received or sent any texts, pictures or videos but by no means is this even the 50th naked girl he’s seen in a video sent to him through some messaging app or another. This is a bit different though. You’re basically strangers. You barely learned each other's names last week. Not that he knew every girl he’s ever sexted with personally, but they’d at least had each other's contact information in some form. He can’t recall any reason he should’ve had your number. The blessed video he so oddly received from you summons his attention back when the girl’s fingers dipped inside herself again.

    “Hey, I want you to imagine my hand jerking you off instead of your own, okay?” Her breathing was uneven, impairing the audibility of her naughty words that he’s become so infatuated with. “Or pretend it’s my mouth and you’re fucking my throat until I gag. How does that sound?”

    All this time Jaehyun has held out from reaching inside his sweatpants but as soon as he hears those words, he's a goner. He hurriedly pulls on the string to untie the bow of his sweatpants and slides his hand under the loose waistband. His hand wraps around his cock right away because he never wears boxers with sweatpants for the sake of comfort. He’s never needed to really.

    “Better yet, think about how it’s going to feel when you actually fuck me.”

    Within five seconds from when he starts jerking off, he hears a car horn honk impatiently from behind him. He’s surprised to see the traffic picking up speed out of nowhere. He looks down at his phone one last time at the exact beat the girl looked back at the camera.

    When YOU look back at the camera.

    “I want you to remember I’m yours to use up whenever and however you want to. I’ll see you soon”

    Here you are, you and all your glory, fingering yourself on camera. All along it wasn’t some random, slutty girl he was watching, it was his brand new roommate. And above everything, your sex talk is like nothing he’s ever heard before from any girl he's had wrapped around his finger. Amazingly enough, he gets even harder coming to the realization all of that was personally filmed for him.

    He doesn't know your thumb was an accomplice to his erection. An accident that was the byproduct of your race against the clock. A fluke in which you have no idea in the slightest at the moment.

    Jaehyun drops his phone for real this time. It’s probably for the better though. He doesn’t want his phone within reach. It’s ridiculous for him to pretend that the further away his phone is, the further away this whole situation gets. You just had to go and make this new roommate dynamic complicated. It was already weird enough that you sent that explicit video in the first place but now he’s seen you finger fucking yourself and diligently watched it happen for over 8 minutes. What’s more is that he jerked off to you; albeit, his pleasure being short-lived, it's about the fact that he had started masturbating at all.

    The car lurches forward as he hurdles towards a situation that he didn’t anticipate he’d be facing tonight. He doesn’t want to give you the cold shoulder but because it’s your first time meeting, would it be easier to keep his distance and pretend like he didn’t see it?

    Deep in thought, Jaehyun doesn't notice right away that he's approaching the airport terminal until silver reflective signs catch his eye. Just as he suspected, you are a shivering mess when he pulls up to the terminal. Even from a ways away, he sees you searching through the glossy windshields of every car that passed through. You balance on your tiptoes for a greater advantage point, weeding through the vehicles, praying Jaehyun would be on the other slide of the tinted glass. Coming into sight, your face turns stony rather than relieved to see his untimely presence. You impatiently yank open the passenger door to his black Mercedes.

    “Fiiinally,” you huff. Instead of going for the trunk or the back seat, you pack your roller suitcase into the small space at your feet and climb into the car. You prefer to squish yourself into the passenger seat immediately and hold your stuffed carry-on bag in your lap than take up any additional time in the cold.

    Jaehyun clicks the seat warmer on for you without question. “I’m really sorry, y/n. There was an unbelievable amount of traffic and I-”

    “I agree. There was an unbelievable amount of traffic. Just so unbelievable, that it’s crazy you’d be this late to pick me up,” you rebuke his honest reasoning. “Can we just go, Jaehyun? I’m really tired and I wanna sleep as soon as we get to your place.”

    The driver chuckles. “I'm not lying but believe whatever you want.” He starts up the car, accepting the mission of maneuvering his way through the herd of vehicles that were also picking up new aviation arrivals. “And It’s your place too now, y/n.”

    “I mean, I guess,” you grumble stubbornly. You don’t appreciate how he brushes off what you consider to be legit accusation with merit supporting it. He gives off this easy-going, unbothered vibe. On any other day, you would find it comforting to have a roommate with these qualities; nevertheless, you interpret his attitude to be inconsiderate and dismissive in this case. As if nothing matters unless it impacts him directly. You furlough the intrusive thought that you like the way your name sounds on his tongue.

    The drive to the house is 98% quiet. You don’t speak a word to each other until the point where Jaehyun impulsively breaks the uneasy silence, mustering up the nerve to ask the pressing question on his mind. He had assumed you would bring it up yourself and was leaving it up to you to decide on the right time, but he could sense his skin itching for the truth and the tickle couldn’t be ignored the entire ride home. “So… are we not going to talk about what you sent me?”

    Tearing your gaze away from the shadowy abyss outside the window, you redirect a disinterested, weak attention to the inquirer. He didn’t expect himself to find it so cute when you quirk your head to the side to look at him. It would make sense if hearing your voice or watching your face turned him on but finding you to be anything else was surprising.

    “What do you mean? Like the voice message or the video thing?”

    He carefully turns the corner onto your street. “The video, obviously.”

    “Uh, what about the video? Didn’t you find me easier because I sent it?”

    “No, y/n, the thing where you-” He clears his throat ands acts like pulling into the driveway requires every ounce of concentration to stall. “-well, you know what I mean.”

    The rumbling vehicle at last dies with the twist of a car key. You get out of the car, heaving your carry-on bag over your shoulder and yanking your stuffed suitcase to the ground. He’s more confused than you are to receive a lost look from you. You break eye contact when the passenger car door accidentally slams shut harder than you expected it to. His dimples appear faintly, mouth perking upwards as he notices your subtle, frightened jump.

    You sigh. “Jaehyun, I really have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    Jaehyun doesn’t push further with the topic. He forfeits the question for another, less tense moment, whenever that may be. It’s not like you’ll be very far. You’re living right next door, sharing a wall, practically available to him everyday. He’ll play along with this naive little game of yours for a while if that’s what you desire.

    The low sound of wheels rolling away from the vehicle echo through your new neighborhood. Crossing his arms, he leans against the car with no regard to the condensation coating the slick metal of his door. He watches your backside as you lug the roller suitcase up the half dozen, concrete stairs to the porch. There’s never been a time when he wished he could see through clothing more than this very moment. He’s seen you exposed on camera and he’ll never look at you without being reminded of your see through panties. Certainly, that was your goal when you filmed yourself like that exclusively for him.

    You enter the passcode to the wide front door. Peering over your shoulder one last time, you’re greeted with what could be interpreted as a lustful gaze with a cheeky, lopsided smirk to match. But then again, maybe you’re looking into it too much. Seeing things that aren’t there isn’t very uncommon for someone with exhaustion. “Thanks for finally picking me up. Night.”

    “Sweet dreams, y/n,” Jaehyun remarks after you turn away.

    You might’ve second guessed the intent behind the look he gave you but you couldn’t mistake the teasing quality that his words carried. Like he knew something you didn’t and it was both annoying as hell and arousing. You stop in place for a second and sigh loudly.

    Living under the same roof as Jaehyun is going to be nothing like you expected it to be and you have yet to find out in which way that is.

    Jaehyun’s felt dehydrated all week and it’s all because of you. No matter how much water he drank, he knew he wanted something else on his tongue. His vivid imagination has been flooded with pornographic thoughts of your body ever since watching what you sent him. Picturing his fingertips brushing lightly over your hot skin, pressing his mouth against both pairs of your wet lips, tracing his eyes over your naked figure and much, much more.

    In contrast, you’ve only been here a little over a week and there’s nothing you’d like more than to see less of Jaehyun’s stupidly handsome face.

    “Morning, beautiful,” he smiles as you enter the kitchen, cocky dimples on display per usual.

    “Yeah, it sure is a beautiful morning,” you retort. You head straight for the fridge to remove the coffee creamer, not sparing a single glance to the individual sitting at the counter.

    Your comment wasn’t meant to be amusing but he gifts you with hearty laughter anyways. You’ve heard a lot of his laugh this week, nearly twice the amount you would if you were living with Jaehyun alone and not sharing a house with part time parrot Jungwoo. “Why are you always doing that?”

    “Doing what?”

    The tall stool he’s seated on squeaks across the laminate flooring as he scoots back. “Twisting my words around like you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

    “Well maybe if you said less words to me you wouldn’t be so let down.” You set the creamer down and reach up to retrieve a mug from the cabinet above. He clasps his hand over yours on the wooden handle, thrusting the marginally-parted door shut. The gesture is so sudden that it causes you to flinch back, hitting his solid frame directly behind you. Your muscles tense up, core tightening as his budge prods your backside.

    “Baby, ignoring me is what’s letting me down,” Jaehyun says in a smooth, pleading voice.

    With every passing day, his forwardness has steadily increased. If he wouldn’t have come on so strong all of this would’ve been different. What was irritating was that he thought if he kept trying hard, eventually you would break. He’s made flirty comment after flirty comment but he’s never been this close nor have you wanted him this close before. Your body betrays your better judgement, grinding up against him to feel the hot ache swell inside you.

    “Just admit it already, no need to be shy anymore. There’s no taking it back, y/n.” He lets go of the cabinet handle to grip your hips instead and that molecule of recovered freedom from his hand is enough to knock some strangled sense into you. He doesn't fight when you push back with intentional force.

    “It? What the fuck is it?”

    Blinking a half dozen times in confusion snuffs out the aroused spark in his eyes. “You’re- how long are we going to play this game, y/n? Because it’s getting exhausting.”

    You scoff. “Jaehyun, there is no fucking game!”

    He watches you storm out of the kitchen, too worked up to any conjure patience for coffee. Your acting is commendable, that’s for sure. You could make a career out of it if you wanted to. He’s given you every opportunity to come clean and address the elephant in the room but you’ve played it off like nothing. Your body language, expressions and tone were ultra convincing. You were so good at pretending you don’t know exactly what he’s referencing in that incredibly believable voice of yours, spinning lies left and right from the very start.

    Either you regret having sent that naked video or

    Jaehyun clicks his tongue as the shot pans out to the full picture.

    … there’s an extremely real possibility you truly don’t know it was sent and he’s seen something that was never meant to reach his eyes and a simple solution is nowhere in sight.

    Jaehyun’s always maintained this smooth, cool guy reputation, unbothered by nearly everything and just going with the flow of things, but if you studied his behavior now, you’d clearly see he’s basically a different breed. Guilt can do that to a person.

    He feels ashamed to be imagining inappropriate scenarios about you since he was the accidental recipient of that video almost two weeks ago. Especially because at the moment, he is sitting across from you on the living room couch. Perverted thoughts infect his mind throughout the day and he’s been too weak to make any effort to find the cure. Shame doesn’t stop his mind from wandering into a daydream of slurping up your cum, every drip that dribbles from the corner of the seam of his lips being your juices, not water. Or the drool that dribbled down his chin from time to time since you arrived, deep in the thought of being in your folds. The only thing that will get Jaehyun through the vampire flick you picked out was the reassurance that the second he was free from Jungwoo’s mandatory roommate bonding night, he would race to his room and rewatch your pornographic video for what may or may not be the millionth time.

    “I can't believe you’ve been hiding it from us!” Jungwoo gasps.

    “Wha- me? Hiding something?” Jaehyun’s nervous eyes bounce back and forth between his roommates faces’. He had been zoning out and wasn’t watching the movie like you and his accessor. His ears burn, swallowing a guilty lump in his throat.

    “You have fangs and perfect skin… why didn’t I put it together sooner that I live with a vampire?” Jungwoo says, his skilled comedic delivery making you laugh. Jaehyun's slightly jealous he hasn't made you laugh like that but there's still a sliver of hope he can in the distant future.

    Jaehyun looks at the screen for the first time in 10 minutes, noticing the character’s vaguely similar traits he was being likened to. “Oh, yeah! Sorry for not saying anything.”

    He sneaks a few longing glances at you every so often until you finally catch him for the first time towards the end of the movie. Or so he thinks it is the first time you catch him; you’ve noticed several of them without his knowledge ever since the morning you grinded against each other. His fight or flight mode is a mere millimeter away from taking over his senses. He takes a deep breath to calm himself down and will away the erection in his plaid pajama bottoms. Lucky for him, it doesn’t kick in before the credits to the horror film roll down the flat screen tv.

    “Wow, great movie choice, y/n,” Jaehyun compliments halfheartedly, springing up from the couch. He scrunches his nose quickly to hike his glasses up to where they belonged, a habit of his that you hate to find adorable. “So…. see you guys tomorrow.”

    After bidding you and Jungwoo goodnight as soon as he can, he returns to his room to attend to his daily masturbation routine. He hears you start the water and get in the shower (which conveniently resided on the other side of the wall in his room), leading him to queue up his favorite pornography again. By the time you leave the steamy room, he has already passed out in bed. You are equally as tired as he is, one of those reasons being due to the fact that you did the same exact thing he did in his room to you in the confines of the semi transparent sliding shower doors.

    Every glance you catch of Jaehyun's makes your imagination run wild. His lingering, lustful stares remind you of how hard he felt against your ass. Thinking of that dimpled dork nowadays makes you sexually frustrated which is something your previous self would’ve cursed you for.

    Unforeseen consequences await you in the dark for being too worn out to pay attention to your surroundings and too lazy to turn on the lights: mistakenly stumbling into one of your roommates bedrooms in the complete dark with the misconception you are entering yours… followed by basically sleepwalking to bed and slipping under the warm covers. You fail to notice that the heavy blankets aren’t yours.

    You regularly sleep in one of those oversized t-shirts that you were gifted as a kid (but never grew into). For the most part, you stick to the same habit on freezing nights like this one. Despite the mini heater set up in the corner of the room, the temperature prompts you to snuggle back into what you imagine is your firm, overstuffed body pillow, not a naked body.

    You’re too sleepy, nearly reaching dreamland when his fingers connect with the thin material of your panties covering your swollen slit, the temporary side effect of making yourself come just minutes ago. You twitch out of the lasting oversensitivity.

    “How does that feel, baby?” Jaehyun asks in a gruff voice.

    You don’t hesitate to answer, “S-so good, ugh.”

    “God, so it was all just a fucking game. I should’ve known.” He rubs the spot with increased pressure. “What a fucking whore, so desperate that you got in bed with me when I was sleeping.”

    “What are y-? This is my bed,” you assert weakly.

    “Aw, baby. Do your blankets feel like this? I don’t think so,” he replies, thumbing your panties to the side and diving into your folds in no time. “Does the little slut like it when I touch her like this?” Jaehyun taunts you.

    “Fuck, yes. I love it, Jaehyun,” you moan.

    He shoves his fingers inside you suddenly, causing you to whimper at the unexpectedness. “Hey, why are you so sensitive, baby?” Playing with yourself made it so that if someone were to even lightly touch your clit, your body would jerk. Jaehyun snorts and chuckles mockingly, connecting the dots and answering his own question. And for that very reason, he pulls his fingers from your wet hole to rub fierce circular shapes over your already throbbing clit. You thrash in his arms and whine loudly. “Be honest with me you dirty whore, what were you doing in that bathroom?”

    You take shallow breaths while you twitch from the shock waves of bliss from his fingers. “I w-was playing with my s-self in the shower.”

    “Mmmh, what a good girl you are. I love that you make yourself come in the shower,” he praises you in your ear. He kisses your jaw, pressing his hard cock up against your ass just like you missed. “And what were you thinking about, hm?”

    “Jaehyun, you know who I was t-thinking about,” you manage to spit out.

    “Well, maybe I just wanna hear it from the naughty mouth of yours that I love so much.” He bites down hard on your shoulder and works his mouth back up to your neck. Jaehyun continues to nibble at your skin, imagining he’ll leave marks on your body like that movie you watched earlier to show that you’re his. He’ll welcome the same love bites on his white skin from you later.

    “I think about you… fucking me… really hard every time I make myself c-come,” you choke between worn, strained breaths.

    “And how long have you been doing that?” he wonders sincerely.

    “I… maybe like-”

    “Honesty only, baby, I’m warning you.”

    His chilling words struck a chord inside you. “I think it was the day b-before we met.”

    “That’s what I like to hear, slut.”

    Within a blink of an eye, he’s thrown back the covers and at the edge of the bed. Jaehyun yanks you down the bed by your ankles until your ass is nearly hanging off the sheets. It takes only a split second for him to haul your shirt over your head and flings it somewhere in the shadows. Spreading your legs further than you’ve spread them before, he cracks a greedy smile. His dark eyes look you up and down. He hasn’t even started filling you up and yet, you can already imagine how he’ll wear your body out and preemptively feel the soreness awaiting you tomorrow.

    “Gonna fuck you so hard just how you like it. That’s all I could think of since you sent me that video before I picked you up from the airport two weeks ago.” He bows down to capture your lips in a searing, sloppy kiss for a dozen seconds then pulls away.

    “What does that video have to-” your words dissolve into a half pained and half pleasured sob as he sinks his hard cock inside you all at once.

    Your throbbing walls hug his length so perfectly that his moan echoes around his room. He feels snug inside you, like you’re nice and full having your stretched heat plugged full of him. “Fuck, nothing has ever felt so good. A naughty slut like you should be proud, you’re way better than I imagined when you sent me that video of you fucking yourself in the shower.”

    “fuck...oh my god. I didn’t mean to send that to you, Jaehyun,” you squeak. If only you had had a reason to text him these past few weeks, you would've seen the damned self-made pornographic text in your messages but instead, you had religiously avoided him. "I had no idea that-" you try to explain the misunderstanding before his hand closes over your throat. He squeezes the sides of your neck, providing you with enough oxygen so you won’t pass out.

    “Whack me anywhere if I press too hard, baby,” he tells you, voice laced with compassion he hasn’t shown you once tonight.

    You do your best attempt at nodding your head before closing your eyes and enjoying every rough thrust he has to offer. Squelching, lewd noises that come from pumping in and out of you rapidly fill the air. Beads of exhaustion halo around his hairline, putting in maximum effort to fuck you harder than he has ever before and every inch where your skin meets the others sticks together from sweat coating it. He hoists your body up differently, your lower back now levitating above the mattress a few inches for him to stuff a big pillow underneath you. Then he presses your knees to your chest and hits your favorite spot deep inside you repeatedly at an unbelievable rate. He assigns the hand that’s not choking you to abusing your clit with an aggressive speed, leaving your body with no choice but to jerk back and forth by reflex and distorting your vision with the oversensitivity’s influence.

    Time passes by in a haze and you have no idea how long it takes you to feel the knots tying in your abdomen again. You whimper as loud as you can manage and he searches your face for any panicked signs of stopping. He watches in wonder as your lips part, eyelids flutter, brow furrows and twitches and takes this as a cue to rub your swollen clit harder and rock inside you at the most ferocious pace he can muster. Releasing the strict hold on your throat, he delivers a few strong spanks to the upper backside of your thighs, snickering when you yelp. He then anchors that hand to the side of your waist and tightly clamps down on your skin to hold you in place and fuck you just the right way you deserve.

    You feel a throbbing ache in your core, indicating another overwhelming wave of bliss is knocking at your door, about ready to burst. You can’t manage to keep your fucked out noises from escaping your hoarse throat. It takes all of the last remaining battery life to softly cry out, “I’m yours to use up whenever you want, Jaehyun,” exactly like you remember from that older video he must've been referring to.

    As you peak, squeezing your eyes shut and spasming erratically, you hear him groan, “I’m yours too, y/n.” You hold onto the tight, heated sensation for as long as possible with aid from Jaehyun’s persistent thrusts and sensitive stimulation. The moment you feel like you’ve mostly recovered he orders, “get on your fucking knees, whore.”

    Quickly doing as you’re told, you drop to the ground, sitting up straight, and rocking back on your heels. You hold your mouth wide open for him to do as he pleases with it. Jaehyun grabs the back of your head with both hands and thrusts himself inside your mouth. Going down your throat in one swift motion, you gag on his cock, choking momentarily before bobbing your head as best you can manage. You look up at him with watery eyes as your jaw painfully extends for his pleasure.

    "God, I love your mouth, baby."

    You lethargically hum at Jaehyun's praise and wind your arms around his thighs. He shoots his cum mostly down your throat not 10 seconds later while an unrestrained croak rumbles up his own throat. Once he's emptied into your mouth completely, he gingerly pulls you off of him. His thumbs stroke your tear stained cheeks affectionately. A salty, bitter taste coats your mouth as some remaining cum sits in the middle of your tongue. He grins, marveling at how you open your mouth to show him what’s left of himself then swallow gladly because who in their right mind would spit Jaehyun's cum out. Helping you up from the floor, you lick the corners of your lips.

    Jaehyun lays back against a few pillows he squishes between himself and the wall at the head of his bed. He waits until both of your lungs have caught a majority of the oxygen generally required for human survival before speaking. “So, y/n... do you really expect me to believe you sent that video by accident?”

    You roll your eyes at his insinuation, giggling softly as you crawl up the bed. His charming dimples make an appearance alongside a fond, lopsided smirk. He finally made you laugh- a feat he severely doubted to accomplish so soon. He lifts the blankets up for you to wiggle your way underneath them and into his lap. You're embraced by his muscular arms, the flowery fragrance of fabric softener and his clean-scented cologne that sticks to the navy sheets.

    “Well, it’s more believable than traffic that makes you an hour late," you tease, craning your neck around to plant one last kiss on Jaehyun's lips.

    !!! I'm soooo fucking siked about Favorite !! i wanted to write a Jaehyun vampire au but couldn't fit it in quick enough for this comeback:/ i'll settle with this tho♡

    idk how much of my writing you've read but my masterlist is drowning in the roommate trope from of these reqs... henceforth, roommates to whatever has been suspended indefinitely, like no one can live together bc i'm just so tired of writing it !!

    stream Favorite!

    ➾my masterlist

    © 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝.

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  • sweetsweetkpop
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Dee’s Kinktober- Day 10 - Toys

    Genre: Smut
    Rating: 18+
    Aus/Tropes: Idolverse
    Pairing: San x Felix
    WC: 948
    Sexual Warnings: Toys, Mention of Face Fucking, Mentions of Hair Pulling, Mention of Blowjob, Teasing, Dry Humping, Handjob
    Ao3 Link
    Notes: Did I come back to start on Day 10? Yes, I did. Does this mean I’ll finish the rest of the days? I honestly don’t know. Also, this is rushed, so it’s not my best work so I apologize for that. Just have this for now and enjoy. I’ll make it up in the next one
    Taglist is at the bottom. If you want to be added, click on the link here

    Ateez and Stray Kidz are close to each other, and Kingdom has only made it more apparent to their fandoms and the rest of the industry. It’s hard enough to find time for each group to have time for themselves and even harder to match their schedules to hang out together.

    San and Felix found ways to do it, though.

    San and Felix became excellent friends and found themselves texting or calling each other quite often. Sure, they have to be extra careful when they want to see each other in person since there’s always a camera not too far behind them when they go somewhere. But somehow, they made it work.

    Neither one of them could tell how their relationship grew into something more physical, but it did. They both were their groups cuddling bug respectfully, so once they got comfortable enough with each other, it led to innocent kisses on the cheek or forehead. But then it just took one look, and they both boldly kissed the other. Nobody pulled back or stopped it. They both wanted it just as much as the other.

    It started slow, just makeout sessions between the two while they grind against each other and some light touching. It stayed that way for a while until Felix found himself between San’s legs and sucking him off. San remembers struggling to remain quiet that day as he had him cumming rather quickly. Maybe it’s because they both know that they shouldn’t be doing things like this, but it was a risk they enjoyed taking.

    As time went on, they only did more things with each other, getting kinkier than the last visit. From San having his face fucked as he was fully seated on a toy to Felix being fucked deep behind as his hair was pulled and his prostate milked.

    It didn’t take long for their members to pick up on what they were doing and lightly scold them for being risky, but it still hasn’t stopped them, and that day was no different.

    There was an eagerness in them both. The moment they were in a room with the door closed, they were on top of each other, kissing and grabbing each other and they both fell onto the bed with Felix on top. San would grab his waist and roll his hips up onto him, so he could feel how hard he was already. It made Felix moan and press right back against him.

    They were like that for a while until San tapped his thigh and had Felix rise off of him. San went over to the closet in the room and grabbed something from a box. Felix curiously looked over until San turned around with a cat-like grin. He held a double-sided dildo along with some lube as he headed back into the bed.

    They wasted no time stripping out their clothes, not wanting to get anything dirty. They got back on the bed and San grabbed the lube and started to prep Felix first. He eased his fingers inside of him and started a steady pace before adding another finger and scissoring him open. His moans were low as a hand gripped the sheets when his fingers glided across his prostate. San kissed his thigh as he fingered him and kept watch of his face until he felt that he was prepped enough.

    Felix was quick to go and do the same for him until San revealed the plug inside of him that he placed inside of himself earlier. So San coated the toy on both ends as he brought one end to Felix before slowly pressing it inside. The younger let out a sigh when he felt it slide inside and stretch him. San kept his grip on the toy as he adjusted his body to insert the toy into himself.

    By the time San had the toy inside of him, they were pressed against each other. San grabbed hold of Felix’s leg and rolled his hips, making them both moan. San took control of the pace as he moved his hips in a slow but deep rhythm. Felix just watched the older man move his body to make them both feel good as he looked down at him with that grin that only made his cock jump.

    The action didn’t go unnoticed by San as he used his other hand to stroke his cock, making the other man jolt. He tries to cover his mouth, but San grips his leg but more and moves his hips a bit faster before having them take the toy even deeper.

    It was getting harder for both of them to keep their voices down. Skin slapping from their thighs, meeting along with their pace as the toy was barely visible since they were both taking it deep inside, hitting each of their prostates.

    Felix tried to choke out a sound, but it only fell silent as he stiffened and came over San’s hand and his stomach. San was now rolling his hips to chase his orgasm before he stilled, cumming against his stomach.

    They both waited a while to catch their breath before San slid the toy out of himself first and then gently took it out of Felix. He crawled up to kiss his face, and it made Felix smile as he turned his head to kiss him properly. They both knew they had to get cleaned up and soon leave each other again, but they decided to take their time today. They wrapped their arms around each other and enjoyed the warmth of their bodies together as they took a nap, just enjoying each other’s company.


    @nocturne-overtures @gettin-a-lil-hanse @kimnamshiks @jacksons-goddess-gaia @yunhofingers @mirror-juliet @itbtoblikethatsometimes

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  • armysantiny
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Nothing On Me - CS

    P: San x male reader - Ateez | G: yandere, angst (in a way?) drabble | Inc: yandere!San, non idol au, Yeosang mention, kidnap, hardware store, cursing, inviting y/n over, very much yandere au word-vomit, high key don’t know wtf I just wrote but ehh, no explicit scenes, heavily implied actions, Sans pov?  | Wc: 412 | W: yandere, references to kidnap, kidnap, cursing, dark thoughts, obsession, implied drugging, rope, tying y/n up, abduction | R: P15

    Summary: Y/n…it’s always been him. San can’t control himself anymore, not when the male at the centre of his affection just keeps ignoring him for that…idiot. San wants nothing else, nothing else but y/n on him. Whether y/n has a say isn’t important.

    Minnie’s notes: So I listened to Nothing on Me and this what happened- *I am not encouraging nor supporting this kind of behaviour. If you suspect someone may be in trouble, seek professional help*

    Watching y/n talk to Kang Yeosang with that ever-so-pretty smile – that only San should see – made the brunet’s blood boil as he sat two tables away, eyes fixated on the sight in front of him. What did Yeosang have that San couldn’t give y/n? A body built from working out? San could do that easily – and he has, fond memories of y/n complimenting his form returning while his jaw clenched for the fifth time that afternoon.

    He laughed. Y/n fucking laughed at that idiot.

    It couldn’t be happening. Y/n could not – no, he was forbidden – from laughing at anyone else other than San. He’d have to teach his darling a lesson after all. But that was okay; y/n was perfect and could do no wrong, San was sure of it. It was that distraction named Yeosang that got in the way. Got in the way of San and his love. Unable to subject himself to the torture anymore, San pulled himself out of his seat, leaving his drink on the table as he tore himself away from the café.

    Leaving the hardware store with a bag in hand, San’s gaze remained expressionless as he walked down the streets and towards his apartment. He’d been keeping an eye on his darling for months now, it was finally to bring y/n home. The rope was just a precaution; y/n was a good boy; he’d understand why San would do this. It was all to protect y/n. Yes…protection.

    Itching with excitement as he walked y/n into his house the very next day, San’s grin was plastered onto his face as he spoke to the icon of beauty sitting opposite him. The day was here; the day he’d take y/n for himself. He’d keep y/n safe. Safe from the dangers of the world with its perverted intentions and disgusting eyes. The world didn’t deserve y/n - didn’t deserve to witness y/n’s perfection. San alone was allowed to have his eyes graced by y/n’s beauty.

    “I’ve waited so long for this my love… you, in my arms as we sleep…” San muttered, leaning over the bed to caress y/n’s soft cheeks, running his thumb over y/n’s sleeping eyes. Tightening the rope just one more time before he pressed a kiss to y/n’s forehead, San went to get changed, pleased hums filling the nightly silence. Laying beside y/n as the sleep took over, San wrapped his arms around his love.

    “Goodnight my darling. I love you ever so much.”

    © copyright work of @armysantiny 2021-2022

    Networks: @kwritersworld​, @kdiarynet​​, @kpopscape​​, @ultkpopnetwork​ @kpopficsnetwork​, @kpclub​, @whipped-kpop-creators​​, @prism-nw​, @k-library​​, @destinyverse​​, @k-mysticsnet​​, @knet-bakery​, @houseofincantations​, @8makes1teamnet​​, @ateezlovenet​​​

    If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! Considering leaving some feedback, or donating to my ko-fi!

    Taglist: @teeztheflag​, @intokook​, @mementomatcha​, @ofaffectionate​, @mikailo666​, @sunoosmoon | Taglist Form

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    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content

    Word count: 1790 words

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: We're psrinting towards the end of this series and ngl I don't want it to end 😭 hope you guys enjoy this fluffish chapter ❤❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie @mayfifolle @slut-for-fandoms @forevrglow (ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter - - - Masterlist - - - Next chapter

    “A promise is a promise. You better be bringing the ramen before I change my mind about letting you go out alone.” Hwiyoung said through the phone speaker as you were on your way to the nearest convenience store to fulfill the promise you made a week ago. You didn’t really know at what point of your ridiculous life you changed deals with your own body or money for food deals but you had to admit you liked them more than the first ones, especially if it meant spending some time with Hwiyoung.

    Even though his words at the shooting range kept repeating in your mind like a mantra, you couldn’t help feeling slightly attracted to that boy. Maybe it was that he was pretty handsome, don’t try to fool yourself, or maybe it was that he has been the only one paying attention to your feelings and worried about you in the last months, but you had to admit that, slowly, your mind was clouded with thoughts involving him. Whenever he went out of the small apartment, whenever he handed you a piece of pizza on Friday nights while you watched a movie, whenever he fell asleep on your shoulder because he was too tired to stay awake while watching TV, whenever he went to take a shower… Geez, (Y/N) what the hell is wrong with you?? Stop thinking stuff like that, you’re just a friend for him or not even that. Stop being so damn delusional. You thought to yourself, mentally facepalming yourself as you took the ramen bucket he let you know was his favorite. Why can’t I get him out of my mind? How is it possible that I get so immersed in thoughts about him? You kept asking yourself, completely clueless about the reason why you were feeling that way towards the long haired boy. Is it because he’s a policeman and I have a thing for men in uniform???? Nah, what the hell are you thinking about (Y/N)? Though it could be a good reason, he really looks good on that leather jacket of his. You kept talking to yourself as you waited for the girl to tell you the price for the two ramen buckets. “Excuse me ma’am, it’s 1176 ₩.” The girl said once again, finally knocking you out of your little trance. “Oh, yeah, I’m sorry. Here, thank you.” You said, bowing at the girl and giving her the money before you exited the store to head to Hwiyoung’s location.

    “What the hell are you doing here?” Hwiyoung said, surprised yet with worry written all over his face as soon as he saw you entering the police station offices. “I brought your ramen, didn’t you say I had to keep my promise?” You said, handing him the bag with the ramen buckets and giving him a confused look. “Have you gone crazy? I didn't mean you had to come here with this. If someone sees you in here they will suspect.” Hwiyoung whispered into your ear as he took the bag from your hands. You remained silent, looking at him with an apologetic look letting him know you didn’t think about what the consequences of you going to the police station could be. “Come here.” He said, grabbing your wrist and dragging you to a random room.

    As soon as he opened the door, you found yourself on a beautiful rooftop. He lowkey knew he would have to take you there someday if he wanted to keep an eye on you and, actually, he really liked the idea of eating lunch with you in there, making you both feel like normal people even if it was just for a short span of time. “Next time you decide to come here, remember to at least wear a face mask so others can’t see your face that easily.” He said, letting you get on the rooftop and closing the door right after him. "I would have thought about that if you didn’t call me in a hurry to buy the ramen buckets.” You complained, trying to excuse yourself so he wouldn’t nag at you, just like a kid trying to get rid of their parents’ nagging. “Yeah, and you still just bought two…” Hwiyoung said disappointed as soon as he opened the bag and saw you just bought one bucket for each. “Tsk, how much did you want me to buy??” You said, ready to nag him for eating so much junk food, but backing off when you noticed you were nobody to nag him about eating badly. Not only because you did exactly the same but because you were actually nobody to him even if it hurt you. Little did you know how you have been clouding his mind as well lately.

    “Were you hungry?” Hwiyoung said, a weak smile threatening his lips as he watched you desperately eating. “It’s been ages since the last time I ate one of these.” You said with chubby cheeks and a wide smile spreading on your red lips. You couldn’t remember when was the last time your dad bought you a ramen bucket and you shared it with him. You could even bet it was when you were still in school and he had to deal during the night and he could barely get out of bed to pick you up from school. Hwiyoung, on the other hand, has eaten that ever since he started helping his dad at the police station. He was so immersed and busy on the different cases that he barely had time to think about cooking or even eating sometimes. Plus he, unlike you, has shared one of those ramen buckets with a lot of people throughout his life. But he had to admit this one was his favorite. Seeing you enjoy the meal as much as you were, made him feel happy somehow. And without even noticing, the weak smile that threatened his lips a few seconds ago, was now spreading widely on his red lips as well as he looked at you ever so fondly.

    “You have some soup on the corner of your lips.” He said giggling, slurping and swallowing the leftover soup from his bucket. You shyly took one of the napkins placed on the small table you were sitting at and tried to remove the stain of soup Hwiyoung has mentioned. “Did I remove it?” You asked clueless, avoiding his eye contact. You would have been too shy and embarrassed if you locked eyes with him. “Not yet.” He said, looking at you with a soft yet teasing gaze. Once again, you scrubbed the napkin on your lips in another attempt to remove the stain. “Now?” You asked once again, slightly looking at him but removing your eyes from his quickly. He motioned another ‘no’ with his head as another smile appeared on his lips. “You’re teasing me right? I don’t have any leftovers on my lips, do I?” You said, ready to fight him if he was just messing around. The only answer you got was a soft giggle from him and right after you saw him getting closer to you. His face was suddenly inches from yours, his hand was slightly brushing yours while the other was getting closer to your lips, his eyes were locked with your parted lips and your cheeks were burning in light red for sure. Suddenly, you could feel his thumb caressing the corner of your lip, removing the stain he promised you had. His touch was gentle, making you melt into it.

    Finally his eyes met yours and you could feel your cheeks getting even more red if that was possible. “You did have a leftover.” He said, showing you his spotted finger, giving you a teasing smile right after, before he pulled away from you and cleaned his thumb with another napkin. He left you speechless, just like he did when you were at the shooting range. What were you supposed to say after the boy you feel attracted to acts like that? You had no idea and not even he knew what just happened.

    A few hours went by and, surprisingly, you both could go back home together. “Wear this.” Hwiyoung said, handing you a face mask. You shyly took it and wore it just like he told you to do. He was kind of right, you could get in really big trouble if anyone discovered what you two were doing. “How come we can go back home together?” You said, swinging your bag back and forth as you both walked back home. “I don’t have much more to do there so why not go back with you?” He answered, looking down at you as he flashed a small smile at you. Even though you couldn’t see it because of the mask, it felt as warm as it always felt. “You know? I could finally feel like a normal day today. Thank you.” You said, giving him another soft smile. You didn’t even know why you were thanking him. Maybe it was just for today or maybe it was because of all the things he has done for you ever since you started living with him. But you suddenly noticed how grateful you were towards the boy walking right beside you. “Why are you thanking me? I did nothing.” He said giggling, moving his gaze from you to the front, admiring the beautiful scenery. “You saved me from hell. That’s more than enough.” You said, honesty reflected on your gleaming orbs. “I always wished to have someone with whom I could share my life and thoughts. Good and bad ones. So I could feel like I wasn’t all by myself in this shitty world.” You suddenly confessed. You didn’t have a reason to open your heart out of the blue, you just felt like doing so. After all, he was the reason for your smiles lately, he definitely deserved having an explanation about your thoughts. “Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?” Hwiyoung suddenly said. He sounded really convinced of what he was saying but you couldn’t help the nervous laugh that escaped your lips when he pronounced those words. “Are you throwing such a terrible pick up line at me?” You said laughing, making him slowly laugh as well, probably full of embarrassment. “I guess I’m not that good when it comes to flirting.” He said giggling, locking his eyes with the floor and scratching the back of his neck, too embarrassed to look down at your laughing figure.

    If only you knew how I would love it if that pick up line was real… You both thought to yourselves, completely clueless of each other’s thoughts as you both walked towards the little apartment you both now called home.

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    Kinktober Day 20- Knots N’ Cuffs

    Pairing: Kim Hongjoong x AMAB Reader (No Pronouns are used for Reader)

    Prompt: Knotting + Blindfolds

    WC: 800+

    Genre(s)/Aus: Smut, Esablished Relationship, Non Idol AU, Unspecified Monster Reader

    Tws: Swearing, Light Injury (from clawing)

    Sws: Top Reader, Bottom Idol, Blind Folds, Spreader Bar, Restraints, Dirty Talk, Barebacking, Monsterfucking, Creampie


    New! taglist moved to the bottom of the work. if you’d like to be added to the taglist for this or my other works, feel free to fill out the form here after reading the full post.

    ©atiny-piratequeen 2021. Do not repost, translate, or use my works

    Kinktober 2021 Masterlist

    Day 19                             Day 21

    Network Pings: @kdiarynet | @kwritersworld | @8makes1teamnet | @kpopscape

    Very early on in your relationship, you find out Hongjoong has a lot of kinks. That much doesn’t come as a shocker, he bites you often and asks for you to do the same, one of his favorite things to have you do is pull his hair, and the blissed out smile that crosses his face when you squeeze his throat has been your undoing more than once. 

    But today...today was a completely different side of him and you’d be lying if you said it hadn’t set off something primal in you. 

    “Hongjoong...what even is that?” You inquire. He smiles, holding up the metal pole with cuffs on several spots on it. 

    “A spreader bar.” 

    “A what?”

    He smiles and gets on the bed, lifting his chin for you. 

    “It’s a spreader bar. The last time, you tried to knot me but I didn’t hold still and I ruined it. So, I’m telling you I’d like to try using this. One, I get to be more flexible and two, I want you to knot me properly.” 

    You stare at it for a while, biting your lip. Hongjoong notices and smiles, cupping your cheek, kissing the corner of your lips. 

    “You don’t have to be gentle with me.”

    He definitely was into a lot of things. He’d put a blindfold on as he settled into the bed, after all. But the moment you locked both of his ankles into the spreader bar and secured his wrists above his head, his voice dipped lower as he tested the strength of the cuffs, his ankles up and secure and his arms resting over the bar behind his head.

    “Right where I belong.” 

    That sets off something in you and Hongjoong purrs filth into your ear as you prep him, lube running down his crack as you bite and mouth at his neck. 

    “C’mon, Y/n. I can see you holding back. Go ahead. Fucking ruin me.” He purrs into your ear. You can feel a growl rumble low in your chest as you sit up between his legs. Your claws dig into his thighs, pushing on them as you slowly press into him, growling long and low in your throat. 

    Hongjoong’s eyes roll ever so slightly, his lips parting as a breathless chuckle came from his lips. 

    “We haven’t fucked in like a month...did you get bigger?” You hear him chuckle, the chain attached to the cuffs on his wrist clanking together as you growled and rocked in and out of him. 

    “Monster fucker.” You grit out at him, feeling yourself thicken inside of him as he continues to chuckle and purr sweet nothings. Despite your positioning, you oddly feel like Hongjoong is in control, every groan and whisper for you to move faster being met with a doubling of your own effort in kind. 

    “I may be a monster fucker, but have you seen my partner? I’d be insane not to want you to absolutely break me in half.” 

    You hear the chain to his cuffs rattle ever so slightly and a frustrated huff lets you know he wanted to wrap his arms around your neck, groaning in frustration before it melds into one of pleasure as you grind down on his prostate. His cockiness melts away as his leg muscles tighten, throwing his head back as you feel him clench.

    “Do you want it that bad? Clenching me like that. Is that why you bought this spreader bar? Hm?” You drag your claws along his skin and his breath catches in his throat before a long, low groan rumbles from his lips. 

    “And if I say yes? Hm? It’s n-not hard, right? I just want to be your breeding slut.” He smiles and you swear you feel every muscle in your body tighten for a moment as you resist the urge to slam into him. 

    He’d probably like that. 

    You’re starting to think your boyfriend is also a pain slut. 

    Dark red lines litter the skin of his thighs and ass where your claws had dug in, Hongjoong throws his head back and calls your name as you feel the base of your cock swell and thicken. He tries again fruitlessly to reach for you, but its to no avail as the cuffs clank, taunting him with the metallic sound. He cums messily all over his abdomen, lips parted in a silent ‘o’ as he feels you stretch his rim. You cum quickly after he does, unable to hold back with him clenching you like a vice, and soon you can’t move anymore. 

    Hongjoong pants and smiles as you tiredly pull the blindfold down, kissing him languidly before you work the bar and cuffs off to the best of your ability with your...compromised position. 

    Once his legs are free, Hongjoong gently wraps them around your waist, kissing you and grinning as he takes in your tired appearance. 

    “How is it my knees were literally by my ears for an hour and you look more tired than I do?” He teases. You grunt and nip his throat, feeling tiredness creep into your bones. 

    “Oh shut up, monster fucker.” 

    “Love you too, babe.”

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    Kinktober Day 18-Underneath the Satin

    Pairing: Polyteez OT8 (MxM) (Wooyoung Focused)

    Prompt: Panties + Nudes + Public + Teasing

    WC: 1.1k+

    Genre(s)/Aus: Smut, Humor, Established Poly Relationship, Non Idol AU

    Tws: Swearing, Publlic Indecency

    Sws: Roadhead (Blowjob), Teasing, Nudes, Butt Plugs, Brief Clothed Footjob, Public Groping


    New! taglist moved to the bottom of the work. if you’d like to be added to the taglist for this or my other works, feel free to fill out the form here after reading the full post.

    ©atiny-piratequeen 2021. Do not repost, translate, or use my works

    Kinktober 2021 Masterlist

    Day 17                             Day 19

    Network Pings: @kwritersworld | @kdiarynet | @8makes1teamnet | @kpopscape

    Hongjoong should have known Wooyoung was up to some shit when he kept insisting they go to some upscale restaurant to celebrate their upcoming anniversary. He should have known from the way he’d rushed down the hall with a bag in hand. 

    Seonghwa glanced down the hall before looking at Hongjoong. The shorter man shrugged, bringing the straw from his banana milk up to his lips. 

    “Who knows?” 

    They should have known. 

    Wooyoung had shown up with a skin-tight cocktail dress, his makeup sparkling and his eyes hooded as the rest of his boyfriends stared at him slack-jawed. Wooyoung winked and smiled. 

    “Are you gonna stare at me all night or are we gonna go?” He beamed. 

    Yeosang stopped to look at himself, lips pursed. 

    “Well now I feel underdressed.” He muttered, though Seonghwa only told him he was fine with a kiss to his head as he gently pushed him along into their truck. The ride to the restaurant was a bit of a long one, made no better with Wooyoung planting himself in the backseat with Mingi, smiling at him as he crossed his legs. 

    Mingi kissed him, oblivious to the way Wooyoung was eyeing him until ten minutes into the driven when he reached over to grope and palm his cock through his suit pants, kissing the underside of his jaw. 

    “Woo what are you doing-”

    “Shh. Think I can make you cum before anyone notices?” He purred, disappearing between his legs. Mingi bit his lip, fingers twitching before he covered his mouth. San’s laughter from up front, followed by Seonghwa loudly protesting something kept the attention off of them as Wooyoung hummed and bobbed his head, lips stretched obscenely around Mingi’s dick. 

    Mingi had tried to tease him back, one hand reaching down to grope Wooyoung’s ass before the smaller man grabbed his wrist, wiggling a finger at him. 

    “Ah ah, not yet.” He panted quietly after popping his mouth off of Mingi. He waited until the chatter of the vehicle kicked back up before sinking down on him once more, letting Mingi rock his hips up into his mouth. 

    He came blocks before they arrived at the restaurant, with Wooyoung swallowing every drop and licking his lips, popping his head back up with a coy smile on his face as Mingi tucked himself back into his suit pants. His face was flushed and it only deepened in color as Wooyoung ran his tongue over his lips and winked once they’d all stepped out onto the street. 

    “You’re evil.” He’d hissed. Wooyoung hummed quietly. 

    “Funny, I wasn’t evil when I was swallowing your cock for thirty minutes.” He mused, slapping Mingi’s ass and laughing at the embarrassed noises that fell from his lips as he shuffled to catch back up with the others. 

    “Woo, stop bullying Mingi.” Yunho laughed, rubbing Mingi’s back as Wooyoung simply hummed. 

    Clearly he had more in store for their anniversary evening, if the phone vibrations everyone got at the table were anything to go by shortly after Wooyoung excused himself to go to the bathroom. 

    He’d set his phone up near the mirror, recording short videos of him teasing himself, and it was only by the grace-or curse-of the dress he had on having padding that they didn’t notice the indents from his pierced nipples. He made sure to pull the straps down to show, purring in the camera about how he knew Seonghwa or Yeosang would love to tease them right about now.

    “I have panties on, do you want to see?”

    Jongho nearly chokes on his wine as Wooyoung smiles in the next short clip, lifting his leg and settling his stiletto on the marble counter, lifting up the edges of his dress past tan muscular thighs to show the golden panties he had on. It barely held his cock in place and with a devious smirk, that came off too. 

    “Guess I don’t have them anymore.” He let out a fake pout, twirling the panties around his finger before tucking them into the small clutch he had worn with his outfit and ending the video. The last one before he decided to finish torturing them was one of him bending over, smiling over his shoulder as he showed them the shimmering plug he had inside of him. 

    The others stared at him the moment he came back to the table, making sure to press his ass against Hongjoong’s crotch as he shuffled back into his spot between San and Seonghwa, picking up his wine glass as if nothing had happened. 

    “You know the moment you step foot inside of the house, I’m ripping that dress off of you, right?” Hongjoong growled. Wooyoung arched a brow and tilted his head, casually sliding his stiletto off and smiling as he ran his foot up the length of his leg, stopping at his crotch. 

    “That it? I gotta wait till I get home?” He hummed, pressing against his bulge with a sigh. 

    “Should I work harder?”

    “Jesus christ, Wooyoung.” Yeosang hissed, sitting up straight as a waiter walked by them, asking if they’d needed anything. Wooyoung smiled, locking eyes with Hongjoong as he continued to tease him. 

    “More wine, please.” He purred, feeling Hongjoong get harder beneath him while someone’s-he later found it was Jongho reaching over San’s lap-hand reached up the side of his dress, squeezing his cock. 

    “We’re letting loose tonight.” He cooed, leaning back as Seonghwa’s hand reached down to grab his ass, clawing at his cheek as he casually sipped his wine.

    Hongjoong remained stiff for the entire hour long dinner, and Wooyoung could feel the inevitable explosion of tension coming the moment he reluctantly slid his stilettos back on and lead the way out of the restaurant. 

    Seven pairs of eyes followed his every move and Hongjoong was pressed against his back the moment they’d spilled out into the chilly evening streets, waiting for the valet to come up with their vehicle. 

    “So what’s that about ripping this dress off when I get home?” Wooyoung chirped, turning to kiss Hongjoong’s nose, amused at the growl he got in response. Yunho picked him clean up, ignoring his yelp of surprise and planting a hard slap to his ass. 

    “Why wait until we get home? We have enough room in the back seat.”

    Wooyoung grinned, watching Hongjoong climb in right after Yunho did. Wooyoung smiled up at his raven-haired boyfriend and sent him a wink. 

    “Happy anniversary. Make sure you leave a lot of love bites. Oh, and leave space for the others too.” He teased, closing his eyes and arching when he felt teeth against his throat and hands underneath his dress. 

    Yeah, he was a genius.


    @kimnamshiks @atiny-dazzlinglight @angel0taiyo @jacksons-goddess-gaia @storytimedragon @queenofhimbos @not-majestic-bluenicorn @daniblogs164 @seomisaho @daisyhwa @gettin-a-lil-hanse @yunhofingers @stormiestories @billboard-singer @sweetutopia @skmoonchild @lovely-devil6 @yunsangoveryonder @jess-1404 @perfectlysane24 @babiebumm @seongsanniehwa @hyunsukream @ace-yeollie @delphinium3000 @serialee @asyamonet22 @drunk-on-yuta 

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    A Blooming Primrose

    Aka, Kinktober Day 19

    Pairing: Kang Yeosang x Female Reader

    Prompt: Lactation Kink

    WC: 2.7k+

    Genre(s)/Aus: Smut, Fluff, Romance, Light Angst, Humor, Established Relationship, Hybrid Au, Hurt/Comfort 

    Tws: Swearing, Body Image Issues, Insecurities, Low Self Esteem

    Sws: Cunnilingus, Lactation Kink, Unprotected Sex, Creampie, 

    A/N: The reader is plus sized/on the chubbier end here. If I see any of yall being rude on this fucking piece I’m blocking you and snapping your spine like Bane did Batman. Don’t be rude and let us big people have nice things mwah xoxo. Also the reader has horns. Yes I know female cows don’t have horns. But they do now bc tiny horns on cowgirls is adorable.


    New! taglist moved to the bottom of the work. if you’d like to be added to the taglist for this or my other works, feel free to fill out the form here after reading the full post.

    ©atiny-piratequeen 2021. Do not repost, translate, or use my works

    Kinktober 2021 Masterlist

    Day 18                             Day 20

    Network Pings: @kdiarynet | @kwritersworld | @8makes1teamnet | @kpopscape

    “Are you coming, Y/n?” Yeosang’s voice calls out to you. Your tail sways behind you as you hold onto the edges of the stocking you were pulling up. A large tear ran down the edge of it and you feel your shoulders drop in disappointment. 

    The sound of footsteps draw your attention to the door and you meet Yeosang’s eyes, sending him a wavering smile. 

    “S...sorry. I...I ripped my stocking. I’ll just put on some sweatpants.” You force a smile, and you can tell he knows it’s faked if the way his own drops. 


    “I’ll be just a moment.” you dismiss him quietly. He reluctantly leaves, casting a glance at your back as he does so. 

    He’d been noticing this behaviour from you recently. The way your ears fell and your tail dropped the moment you realized you could no longer wear your favorite skirt, the mall trips cut short when you found the sizes you used to fit before couldn’t go past your thighs anymore, let alone settle comfortably on your hips...even the time you’d turned down your favorite meal immediately after ripping a shirt he’d gotten you for your second anniversary. 

    Recently, you often turned away from mirrors during sex, curling up as much as you could as he’d slowly thrust into you, moaning his name with your eyes closed, and Yeosang could see it all. 

    “Baby...are you feeling self conscious about your weight?” 

    You stopped short after getting out of the shower one evening, staring at him like a deer in headlights. He was sitting pretzel-style on the bed, waiting patiently for an answer. 

    “I...Where did that come from?” You mutter. 

    “I’ve noticed. I’m worried about you.”

    You bite your lip as he unfurls his legs, making his way over to you. He stops in front of you and cups your rounded cheeks, looking at you with absolute love in his eyes. It makes you feel smaller than you actually are, your lips parting for a moment before he kisses you. 

    It’s slow, and he gives you plenty of time to break it, but you find yourself stepping into his space, wrapping your arms around his midsection and gently squeezing. 

    “You know you’re beautiful, right?” He murmurs against your lips. You feel your cheeks heat up and he repeats himself, speaking right into your ear. 

    “Y/N. You know you’re beautiful, right? Being plus sized doesn’t make you any less beautiful. Your clothes ripping doesn’t mean anything else other than it’s time for some new ones, okay?” He tells you. 

    You move to hide your face in your hands, but he gently catches them, looking down at you. 

    “Don’t hide from me, beautiful.” 

    That night, he lays you down gently, kissing you and holding you like you were the finest work of art, fingers tracking over your stretch marks, lips working sweet promises and praise into your skin. He found himself between your legs soon after, spelling love notes with his tongue as he ate you, holding your ass in his hands while both of your thighs were settled on his shoulders. 

    You came harder that night than you'd ever come before, eyelids fluttering as you pulled his hair. He let you catch your breath, slowly kissing his way up your body before reaching your lips and rolling you over so you could rest on top of him. 

    "Wait, I'll squish you-" you startle, but Yeosang only holds you closer. 

    "Good." He hums, nuzzling your collar bone. 

    The next week, Yeosang drives you out a bit further than usual on the day the two of you usually stop at the local mall. He doesn’t answer you when you ask where you’re going, and instead, simply laces his fingers with yours and gives your hand a squeeze. 

    “Enjoy the ride, I took some time to look up something new for us to try.” was all he told you. 

    You purse your lips before nodding, tapping your feet on the carmat before seeing him pull up to a large plaza. You glance around, spotting a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to, a few small artisan stores, and the largest store in the plaza being a clothing store specifically for hybrids and humans of larger builds and sizes. 

    Your jaw drops for a moment, looking over at him as he pulls the car into park. 


    “It's really far, but I did find a store that has comfy clothes for a more diverse set of body types, and it helps that they have the Moo La La you’ve always wanted to go to right here.” He smiles at you as he opens your door before blinking in surprise when he noticed your eyes watering. 

    “Y-Y/n? Wait why are you crying-”

    You throw yourself into his arms, nearly knocking him over as you cuddle his chest. 

    “Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!” You sniffle. Yeosang smiled and wiped your cheeks, kissing the top of your head between your little horns. 

    “Don’t thank me. I don’t want to see my baby frown and cry like that. I don’t want to see you second guess yourself or your beauty. Clothes are only cloths on skin, but this is a step in a good direction. C’mon, let’s go, we’re early so we can spend as much time as we want.” He pulled you forward gently, kissing your head once more as you fell in step with him. 

    The moment you walked through, a cow hybrid with a pattern on her ears similar to your own looked over, the bell around her neck sounding off as she smiled. 

    “Oh! Hello and welcome to Shelley’s Moo-tique! My name is Ari! Would you like any help shopping today?” She beamed. You and Yeosang both looked up at her, staring at the woman that was well over six foot tall in awe as she waited. The smile on her face never faltered, and clearly she was used to people marvelling at her size. 

    “Um...do you all take measurements here? I’ve gained a bit of weight and…”You trail off, self conscious admitting it to a stranger, but Yeosang’s hand is at the small of your back in an instant, a reassuring smile on his face. You find your voice and tell Ari you’re not exactly sure your size and she grins from ear to hear, her bell jingling. 

    “Oh? Well no worries, sweetpea! I can measure ya right up! Do you want measurements, too?” She looks at Yeosang, smiling as he nods. 

    “Alrighty, let’s get movin’!”

    You feel self conscious as she helps you to the dressing room, excusing herself as she took the time to measure you. 

    “Alright. Gotcha. So these are your measurements and when you need to look for skirts, pants, dresses, and shirts, these are around what should fit comfortably. The Moo-tique has a few different cuts as well for folks with uh. Our types of ‘assets’.” She gestured to her chest before laughing as you made a slight embarrassed sound. 

    She helped you, guiding you to each section before leaving you to your own devices as you and Yeosang both picked out outfits. 

    “I’ve always wanted to try something like this…”

    “Go ahead, baby. I think it’ll look cute.”

    “Do you think I could wear that dress to Moo La La? It might ride up…”

    “Wanna try it on? I can hold the other colors in your size if you want to see what you like best.” 

    You look at yourself in the mirror, turning left and right. You’d seen this outfit on mannequins in stores all throughout the beginning of the autumn season, but those stores didn’t have your size. It had gotten to a point where you were convinced clothes like this just weren’t…’meant’ for people like you. 

    Yet here you stand, comfortable and beautiful in this mirror. 

    “Y/N? Is it okay? Too big? Too small? I can get something else-”

    Yeosang’s voice stops short as you step out of the dressing room, smiling at him as you try not to get emotional. He looks you from head to toe, covering his mouth and nearly dropping the armful of clothes he’d been holding for you. 

    “You look beautiful.” 

    You walk right up to him, planting a big kiss to his lips before you smile, your tail moving happily behind you. 

    “I...I know, thank you so much.” 

    Yeosang takes the time to find some clothes for himself towards the end of your shopping trip as you shoo him away, making your way back to that familiar cow bell. Ari turns and smiles from ear to ear, opening her mouth to greet you before you bring your finger to your lips. 

    “Shh! Um...do you sell lingerie here?” You inquire, feeling like your face was on fire. She smiles and nods, pointing towards part of the Moo-tique that was separated by a satin curtain. 

    “Right this way, sweetpea.” 

    A bit of fumbling and color matching later and you’d left that side with a bow and a flustered thank you, moving to the register before you noticed Yeosang waiting, big bags dangling along his arms. 

    “Did you pay for-”

    “Yeah. Everything is my treat today. Wait, did you get something else? Hold on, I’ll get the cash out of my wallet-”

    “No! S-shoo shoo this is a surprise!” You gently push him away from the bundle in your arms, embarrassed as the cashier smiles at you two with a patient glint in their eyes. Yeosang laughs and moves out of the way, walking towards the door and talking a bit with Ari as you shyly place your lingerie on the counter. 

    “Would you like to sign up for our Milk n’ Cream rewards program? It’s free.” 

    You shyly nod, relaying the information to them before paying, bowing and saying your thank yous to both them and Ari before taking Yeosang’s hand and heading out into the plaza once more. The sun began to set as you moved to kiss Yeosang’s cheek. 

    “You...really didn’t have to do all of this for me.” You muttered. A look of faux offense crosses his face before he gently boops your nose. 

    “I didn’t have to go all out to make my baby feel confident and happy? What kind of bummy boyfriend do you think I am?” He inquired, moving to set the bags in the car. You press close to his side as he guides you towards Moo La La. 

    The next time the two of you have free time, you decide to put the lingerie back on, sitting on the bed as you wait for Yeosang to come back. 

    “Alright, we can put on your favorite movie and-” he stops short in the doorway, staring at you a bit slack jawed. 

    Satin and lace cling to your curves, and you made sure to pick one that was a simple bra and panty combo, not wanting to hide your muffin top or stretch marks this time around. Yeosang breathed out a small laugh of surprise before he closed the door behind him. 

    “Is that what you bought the other day?”

    “It is...do you like it?” 

    Him crossing the room in a few long strides and picking you up as if you weighed nothing was more than enough of a response for you, his lips latching onto yours as he held your ass. He walked until his knees hit the bed, gently dropping you onto it before covering your body with his, smiling against your lips as you cupped his cheeks. 

    You worked his clothes off quickly, kissing and leaving little love bites along your body. 

    “Can...Can I ride you?” You quietly moan out, clenching around his fingers as he kisses the top of your breasts. His eyes glance up and you hear a rumble come from his chest. You’d been too self conscious recently to ride him, worried about seeming unsightly with how much you’d jiggle from each movement, but the look in his eyes was more than enough to quell some of that fear. 

    “You can do whatever you’d like, baby.” He responds, moving his head up to kiss you as he rubbed your clit. 

    He held you steady when the two of you changed positions, his hand on your hip and the other holding his cock up as you slid down on him, pussy gripping him tight as soon as you were fully seated. He gives you a moment, gently rubbing your hip and gently kneading your ass cheek with one hand on each. 

    “Are you okay? I’m not too heavy, am I?” You whisper, raising your hips ever so slightly. Yeosang chuckles and unhooks your bra. 

    “I got you, sweetheart. Don’t worry about me. I’m perfectly fine right here.” 

    The tone of his voice make you shudder, and you lean forward, hugging his head as you roll your hips, eventually finding your own rhythm. Yeosang’s hands grip your ass, not pulling you down, but more to hold as you fuck yourself on him, your own moans increasing in volume as the bed creaked. 

    “That’s it beautiful. Does it feel good? You’re gripping me so tight.” He growls against your chest, breath fanning over your areola before he latches onto it, suckling. 

    That makes you clench tighter, eyes widening as your rhythm stutters. 

    “B-Be careful. If you suck too hard I might-” You’re embarrassed to say it, but Yeosang knows well. He looks up at you, his face between the valley of your breasts as he gently kneads and pinches your other nipple, his tongue still working over the one in his mouth. 

    Your tail wraps around his wrist and you hug his head tighter, an embarrassed, yet aroused noise leaving your lips as you feel telltale warmth run down from your nipples. 

    “My baby girl, beautiful and sweet.” He mumbles against your breast, uncaring of the milk running between his fingers as he suckled at your chest. The compliment went straight between your legs as you clenched him tighter, panting against his head as you bounced faster in his lap. 

    He switched to the other nipple, purring praise and sweet nothings to you as he lapped up every sweet drop, slowly thrusting up to meet you every time you came down on him. Soon, you couldn’t tell which was louder, the sound of skin against skin or your moans as you rolled your hips just right, feeling the head of his cock kiss your g spot. 


    “You gonna cum, Y/N? It’s okay, baby. Cum for me.” He growled against your nipple, squeezing your ass. 

    “Make a mess, I don’t care.” 

    You let out a whimper, feeling your body shake as you bounced, cumming and covering his cock with your release as you slow your hips, panting. Yeosang moves his free hand under your ass to join the first, picking you up once more and laying you down where he once was. He kissed you, chuckling at the surprised look on your face as he began to roll his hips, pushing your thighs apart and looking down at you. 

    “Look at me?” His voice is tender and you immediately look up, slightly embarrassed as you feel milk still running down your chest. 

    “You are the most beautiful woman in the entire world. And I love you no matter what shape or size you are, Y/N.” 

    You feel tears well up in your eyes as you reach for him, hugging him close to you as he slowly rolled his hips, dragging out his own orgasm until he felt you clench and whimper with your second one. He kissed you through it, hips stilling as he came inside of you. Even after your combined harsh breathing had settled, he kept you in his arms, kissing you like his life depended on it. 

    When the two of you separate, you’re both breathless. He smiles and wipes your round cheeks, kissing under each eye, your nose, up to your forehead and each of your small horns before he meets your eyes. 

    “I love you.”

    You smile.

    “I love you, too.” 

    He peppers your face in kisses and you let out a small hearty laugh. 

    “Can we clean up? As much as you like sucking on my tiddies, cleaning up this mess is a pain in the ass.” 

    Yeosang snorts in surprise before laughing, nuzzling you as he starts to pull out, no doubt leaving another mess on the sheets to join the first. 

    “Yeah, one sec, I’m on it.”


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    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago
    Genre: Smut
    Rating: 18+
    Aus/Tropes: Frat boy!Lucas, College au, Friends with Benefits,
    Pairing: Lucas x fem!reader
    WC: 1.4K
    Tw: Mentions of Alcohol Consumption,
    Sw: Size Kink, 69, Oral Female & Male Receiving, Spanking, Fingering, Praising Kink, Slight Hair Pulling, Marking,Teasing, Implied Smut
    Prompt #1 - “ This cock isn’t gonna suck itself” & Prompt #7 - “ No panties?”
    Notes: I already told you from when you first sent this that I’m doing a max of two prompts so #40 was dropped. I hope you enjoy this one though Mari~
    Taglist will at the bottom! If you want to be added then fill out the form for it here.

    You were standing by the wall, quietly watching over the party-goers as you looked around. The party was lively and loud as ever, but what did you expect when Nct threw a frat party. Everyone came to it because they knew it would be a good time.

    You sipped the jungle juice from the cup in your hand, eyes still looking over it before it landed on the person you were looking for. You pushed your way through the crowd as you walked towards the kitchen, seeing said person talk to one of his frat brothers. He happened to look your way and his eyes locked with yours for a second, and a smile graced his lips.

    “ I didn’t know you were coming tonight.” He said as you stood in front of him.

    “ And miss one of your parties? I could never.” You joked before looking at the other friend, who was tall with almost white hair, “ I don’t think I’ve met you before. I’m __, and you are….”

    “Jungwoo, nice meeting you.” He gave a sweet smile that you happily returned.

    “ Nice to meet you too, but Jungwoo, if you don’t mind, can I speak to Lucas alone?” You looked at Lucas as he stood there and drank from the bottle in his hand.

    Jungwoo nodded, “ Sure, go ahead. I’ll see you two later!” Jungwoo waved before making his way through the crowd to some other friends that he spotted. The moment he was gone, Lucas stepped closer and leaned down towards your ear.

    “ If you wanted something, you could have just asked me.”

    “ So you wanted me to ask in front of your friend that I wanted your cock down my throat?” You whisper back in his ear, but he heard you loud and clear over the music. He downed the rest of his bottle, sat it down somewhere before grabbing your hand and guiding you away.

    You were smiling the whole time, your dress swaying as you walked up the steps with him. You knew the way to him from doing this countless times before, but you let him drag you. You waved at some of his frat brothers that your friends with. You saw Johnny going into his room with a girl as he winked before shutting the door. Jaehyun waved as he headed to the bathroom with fresh scratches on his back and shoulders before Lucas pulled you both into his room, closing and locking the door.

    He was quick to pull you in for a kiss and your arms wrapped around his neck. He quickly picked you up so you both could kiss at the same height and his hands gripped your thighs as he brought you to the bed. He laid you down and his hands were sliding up your thighs to your waist when he paused. He pulled his mouth away to look down, pulling up the bottom of your dress as you smiled.

    “ No panties?” He asked when he finally looked back at you.

    “ Did I need them when I planned on seeing you? You either rip them or keep them and you aren’t buying me new panties.” You pulled him back down for a kiss, and he greedily kissed you back. Your fingers were tangled in his hair as his body completely engulfed you, loving the difference in your bodies.

    Lucas pulled away to kiss at your throat and you hummed, tightening ever so gently as he left tiny marks on you. You tugged a bit harder to gain his attention and when he gave it to you, you told him to lay down on the bed.

    He moved off the bed, snatching his shirt off and over his head and quickly discarding the rest of his clothes until he was just in his boxers. You were about to situate yourself between his lips when you stopped.

    “ You mind taking care of me too?” You asked him as you pulled your dress up a bit to flash him.

    “ You don’t have to ask me twice. Put your pussy in my face.” He grinned as he watched you move your body to have your hips over his face. He pushed your dress up to your waist and pulled you down to his waiting mouth as his tongue dragged against your pussy, having you gasp.

    His arms wrapped around your thighs to keep you close as he started to eat you out messily. You braced your hands on his thighs as you felt his tongue circle around your clit. His mouth already had you distracted before he pulled away.

    “ This cock isn’t gonna suck itself,” Lucas says with a smack to your thigh before pouting, but he was right. It’s what you wanted anyway, so there was no reason to waste time. You pulled his boxers down, and his cock sprung free. He was already hard and back to eating you out when you wrapped your lips around his tip.

    You took him into your mouth slowly, letting your mouth accommodate his size before taking more of him down your throat. You found a nice pace for yourself as you felt his tongue slip past your lips and inside you. You moaned around him as you touched him deeper, earning a moan from him as well.

    He pulled his mouth away to coat his fingers with his saliva and pressed two inside of you, scissoring you open. You moaned around him as you took him deeper, tongue gliding along the side and spit coating the entire shaft. You could feel his fingers reaching deeper than you could ever do for yourself. You could control any noises you were making until he smacked your ass, making you gag a bit around him.

    “ You know what’s funny? You tighten up every time I smack your ass. Do you like it that much?” Lucas lands another smack to your ass, making you jump, “ See? You just did it again. Maybe I should do it more often, would you like that?”

    He grinned, but you couldn’t see it as he fingered you faster, making it harder for you to concentrate on him. He would throw in a few spanks from time to time as his mouth moved back to your clit as he continued to finger you. You had to pull your mouth off of him at some point and stroke him with your hand, freeing all the moans that were muffled before.

    His finger kept pressing in all the right places and your legs started to shake. You called for him and he moved his mouth.

    “I know you're about to cum, so do it. You know we aren’t finished after just this.” He gave you another smack, and you clenched around his fingers as you came hard. Your hands stopped moving and your thighs spasmed. He kept his fingers still until you finished. “ Do you need a few minutes or no?”

    You shook your head and slowly brought your mouth back to him and swallowed him down. You bobbed your head as you hollowed your cheeks and sucked.

    Lucas had pulled his fingers out of you, licking them clean before looking at you, “ Just like that. I know you can take me deeper than that. You’ve done it before.” His voice was teasing as he rubbed your ass soothingly before smacking it again. He felt you gag around him but didn’t stop moving your head, messily sucking him off as he did it again.

    “ Keep it up and I’ll make sure to fuck you good like always. Isn’t that what you want?” He heard you moan and could see you attempt to squeeze your thighs together. “ Such a good girl for me. You always do a good job when you're pleasing me. I have to take care of my baby girl whenever she’s with me.”

    You clenched around nothing. He knew how much that nickname affected you and that, along with the consistent praises had you taking him to the base and not coming up much, if at all. Soon his praises stopped only to be replaced with groans as his hips bucked up a bit. It didn’t take long for him to cum when you sucked and swallowed around him until he came down your throat, and you swallowed it all down greedily. He pulled you back up, letting you catch your breath as he kissed your neck again.

    “ Lucas~”

    “ I know, I know. I’m not finished yet. I promised to fuck you good for doing a good job and I don’t plan to go back on my words.” Lucas nipped your ear as he grinds against you, already feeling his cock twitch.

    “ Then don’t keep me waiting for too long~.”


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  • nocturne-overtures
    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Kinktober Day 17-Don’t Be Suspicous

    Pairing: Male Reader x Qian Kun

    Prompt:  Blowjobs Under Table + Exhibitionism

    WC: 900+

    Genre(s)/Aus: Smut, Idolverse, Established Relationship, Producer!Reader

    Tws: Swearing

    Sws: Blowjobs (Reader Recieving), Public, Exhibitionism, Technically Getting Caught


    New! taglist moved to the bottom of the work. if you’d like to be added to the taglist for this or my other works, feel free to fill out the form here after reading the full post.

    ©nocturne-overtures do not repost, translate, or use my works.

    Kinktober 2021 Masterlist

    Day 16                            Day 18

    Network Pings: @kdiarynet | @kwritersworld | @kpopscape | @neosmutcollective | @nctcreations | @nct-writers 

    Teasing each other had become somewhat of a game. 

    How it started? You weren’t sure, but both of you were much too competitive to let the other win. 

    Should the two of you have been fooling around this often when you could easily get caught? Absolutely not. But again, you’d rather be risky than let him get one up on you. 

    Clearly, Kun felt the same. 

    You should have known something was up when you were helping Xiaojun set up for recording and the door was locked behind you. You cock a brow as Kun plops himself down in the chair beside you, eyes fixed on his band member and not you. 

    You hum and plant a kiss to his cheek before starting the track for Xiaojun, hoping to get a few good vocal samples before-

    You feel your chair move and your fingers almost slip from the dials in front of you as Kun disappears between your legs. Immediately, you know where this is going, and before you can scold him, you feel your sweatpants being pulled down in the front. 

    “Kun, what the fuck are you doing, I have to get you prepared for the comeb-” your body jolts as you feel his tongue drag up the underside of his cock. Your finger twinges on one of the dials and the music fades before it should, leaving Xiaojun staring at you with a perplexed look on his face. 

    “Shit,” You clear your throat and gently touch the intercom. “Sorry, that’s on me. Could you please do it again? I’m r-really sorry.” You grit out, feeling Kun smile against your cock. Xiaojun doesn’t look the least bit convinced that you’re alright, but he nods nonetheless, restarting his part of the chorus. 

    Kun sinks down as soon as the music starts, pushing your legs further apart. You mutter a few curses under your breath, keeping your hands on your mixers as he hums around your dick, fondling and rolling your balls in his hand. 

    “Kun, you fucker-” You hiss out, unable to roll your hips up properly in this type of chair, knowing it’d be obvious and the wheels very well could have sent you rolling back. You glance down at Kun’s face and he looks back smugly, bobbing his head and tilting his head to the left as he hummed. 

    Granted, you did send him nudes while he was supposed to be lyric writing and you both had kept fucking while he was on the phone, with you silently mouthing that he ‘better keep quiet’ while on the phone. 

    So in retrospect, this had been a long time coming. 

    You just didn’t figure Kun would be the one to initiate the ‘fucking in the studio’ fantasy. 

    “Hey, Y/N, you alright over there?” Ten inquires as he trades places with Xiaojun in the booth. You sent him an uneven smile, nodding. 

    “I’m fine, Ten. If you could get ready-”

    “Hey, have you seen Kun-ge, by the way? Isn’t he supposed to be up before me? I figured his boyfriend would know so I wanted to ask you before getting worried about my precious leader.” He hummed, though from the coy smile tugging at his lips, you had a sneaking suspicion he knew full well where Kun was. 

    You move to tell Ten not to worry about it and come up with a lie to cover Kun’s whereabouts, but as soon as you press the intercom, Kun takes you down completely, deepthroating your cock as he kneads and fondles your balls faster. 


    You cover your mouth, eyes wide and Ten arches a single brow, his smile widening. 

    “He’s...fuck? I know you two are dating but I surely doubt vanilla Kun-ge would do something like that.” The exaggerated tone in his voice proves that he knows full well Kun is below you. As he sets his headphones on, you reach down and grab a handful of Kun’s hair. 

    “Did he tell you to get back at me like this?” You hiss. Kun winks and continues bobbing his head as Ten sings in the other room. You try to keep your facial expressions in check as you guide Kun’s head up and down, biting the inside of your cheek. 

    Ten’s staring straight at you as he sings, smiling like the cat that ate the canary as your facial expression wavers ever so slightly the closer you got to your release. 

    Kun let you fuck his face, but the moment you tugged his hair, trying to pull him off, he dug his nails into your thighs, adamant to swallow. You don’t fight with him more than the first tug or two, covering your face from Ten’s smug gaze as you came into Kun’s mouth. 

    It was better this way, anyway. Less mess.

    Kun took his time licking and swallowing every drop of your release, popping his lips off with a purr and a smile, waiting until you dismissed Ten before making his way out from under your table, licking his lips. 

    “Thanks for the treat. I think I won this time, yes?” He sends you a wink, kissing you briskly before someone walks into the booth. You send him a look and slap his ass as he walks by you. 

    “You do know this isn’t over, right?” You growl, cocking a brow at him. 

    “Oh, I’d be disappointed if it was.” Kun winks and quietly leaves you to tuck yourself back into your pants.


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  • nocturne-overtures
    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Kinktober Day 16-Like an Adonis

    Pairing: Gender Neutral Reader x Kim Seokwoo (Rowoon)

    Prompt: Spanking + Body Worship

    WC: 1k+

    Genre(s)/Aus: Smut, Non Idol AU, Established Relationship, Painter AU

    Tws: Swearing

    Sws: Impact Play, Ball Gag, Wax Play, Body Worship, Slight Muscle Kink, Sex Toy, Aftercare


    New! taglist moved to the bottom of the work. if you’d like to be added to the taglist for this or my other works, feel free to fill out the form here after reading the full post.

    ©nocturne-overtures do not repost, translate, or use my works.

    Kinktober 2021 Masterlist

    Day 15                            Day 17

    Network Pings: @kwritersworld @kpopscape @kdiarynet 

    Sometimes art block can be a bitch. 

    When Seokwoo finds you staring at your canvas, leg bouncing and jaw clenched ever so slightly as you stare at it, he can’t help but to sigh. He leans over your sitting form, putting his chin atop your head as he looks at the canvas. 

    “Are you having a hard time, Y/N?” He quietly asks. You mutter something under your breath and nod, putting the paintbrush down and huffing ever so slightly, leaning back against his body. He hugs your neck and looks down at you. 

    “Do you want to paint me? Since you can’t settle on what to paint?” 

    It’s a simple and easy offer, innocent enough, right?

    How Seokwoo ended up with his lips stretched around a gag, eyes struggling to stay open as you alternated between spanking and slapping various parts of his muscular body. Each slap came with a firm grope and biting kisses as you kneaded at the muscle underneath his flushed skin. 

    “You’ve been working out more, haven’t you? You’ve toned up a lot.” You compliment, biting down on one of his pecs and drawing a deep, pleasured rumble from his mouth. The muffled ‘mhm’ confirms it for you, and you smile against the dark mark you leave in your wake. 

    Once his skin is sufficiently reddened and flushed, his cock standing hard against his abs, you move away, kissing the other side of his gag as he groans in protest. 

    It dies out when he sees you grab the long, slightly shimmering unlit wax candle. He stares at you curiously before he watches you light the candle, eyes going half lidded. He settles into your shared bed, spreading his legs as he watches you stand over him. 

    Long, glittering orange droplets roll down his body, the first landing on his pectoral and rolling downwards. He inhaled sharply before relaxing, fingers flexing in the sheets. Soon, more drops joined the first, some leaving little speckles along his tan skin, the others rolling off in different directions. 

    You moved further down, pushing his thighs apart. He meets your eyes for a moment before you put your focus back down, letting drop after drop of hot wax land on the skin of his thighs. 

    The area drew more of a reaction than the first, with the muffled hitches of breath and groans increasing in volume. His hips bucked ever so slightly, but you push him back with a firm hand. 

    “Careful. I dunno how you feel about hot wax on your cock, but I’d like us not to find out by accident.” You tease, smiling as a bit of the tension broke as both of you let out a small shared laugh. Seokwoo’s hips dropped obediently, the muscles of his thighs flexing as more droplets of wax joined the first set. 

    Once you were satisfied, you move back and admire your handiwork, eyes combing over his large frame as he lay splayed out for you, hands resting behind him, head settled back on the headboard, and thighs spread. His breathing was even and calm as you looked over him, moving closer to position him how you wanted him. 

    “You’re a genius, you know?” You hum, moving to kiss the corner of his stuffed lips. His chuckled made his shoulders shake as he tilted his head, letting you move him as needed. You pull back for a moment, intending to move back to your canvas before you stopped short. 

    “Ah wait, I need to make sure you stay hard during this. Do you mind?” You inquire, moving to the drawer where the two of you kept your sex toys. Seokwoo shook his head, relaxing more into the sheets as you came back with one of your favorite mini bullet vibes. You kept it on a medium setting, kissing his temple and purring a sweet ‘I love you’ as you pushed it into him once you’d lubed it up. 

    You give him a moment, hearing the slight chatter of him biting the gag before he relaxed once more, breathing a bit sharply through his nose before settling back. 

    Whatever block kept you from your work earlier was gone the second time you picked up your paintbrush. 

    Seokwoo kept his voice down to the best of his ability, his eyes fixed on you as he watched you paint. Every now and again, he took a moment, eyes closing as he tried to push back his need to buck up, to thrust against nothing in a fruitless attempt to relieve some of the pent up pleasure. Then he remembered you were trying to work, eyes opening back up to meet yours. 

    You’d always stop the moment his eyes closed, waiting for his hands to move, to sign that he couldn’t take it anymore. You’d stop in a heartbeat if it got too much, he knew that well. 

    He never did, though, relaxing into the bed, sending you a small apologetic smile as he went back to holding as still as he could. 

    The piece...came out wonderful. 

    You honestly think it’s your new favorite art piece. Every flush of his skin, every vein, and the orange trails of wax came out beautiful and once you’d removed the gag and wiped Seokwoo’s lips, showing him the canvas, his brows went up in interest. 

    “Holy shit, Y/N. Baby you did so well!”

    You smile and kiss his cheek, laying him down properly so you could start the slow, meticulous process of getting the wax off of him. Thankfully this type of candle was meant for this play and left no residue on him, but you still were careful when peeling them off. 

    “I did well because I had such a gorgeous muse.” You grin in response, bending to kiss him before tilting your head to the side, purring. 

    “Hey, we should take a shower so I can make sure you’re all clean properly. Besides, I still have to take care of this.” You smile, grabbing the base of his cock. He jolts, bucking up into your hand before chuckling, running a hand through his hair. 

    “What are we waiting for, then?”


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    #fie writes#kpopscape#kdiarynet#kwritersworld#kinktober 2021#rowoon smut #kim seokwoo smut #sf9 smut #rowoon x reader #rowoon x reader smut #kpop smut #kpop member x reader
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  • hvae
    19.10.2021 - 1 week ago


    SYNOPSIS : soccer player rivals sunwoo and y/n both play for their university's soccer team. competing for the star player position, sunwoo and y/n are constantly at each other's throats, trying to outdo one another to get onto the front page of the school's newspaper
    PAIRING : soccerplayer!sunwoo x soccerplayer!reader
    GENRE : angst ish? kinda more drama like, bit comedic
    WARNINGS : profanities, anxiety attack, maybe slight manipulation? nothing too big tbh
    WORD COUNT : 4.4k+


    PERMANENT TAGLIST : @stealanity @yourjaylaks @wooyoung-a @kimaya2209 @lomlyeji @armysantiny @changminurheart @moonieric @sunfics @fullsunfluff @lcvekdy — form // if you'd specifically like to be excluded from this taglist for headline, please let me know
    TAGLIST : @nilesig @simpforsunwoo @flwrtbz @rindomo @minsikluv @bberryblossom @juhakfeedzz @markistheloveofmylife @deputyjuyeon @wonielvr @cvlliesstuff @17scheol @yeostars @marsophilia @iovnyu @sofie296 @morauvmi @swooxygen @winterbeartaehyungbestboy — form // please inform me if you'd like to be removed ^^ you can also send me an ask/dm if you'd like to be added
    AUTHOR'S NOTE : WE ARE BACK AFTER EXACTLY TWO MONTHS so here's a somewhat longer chapter than usual. it definitely doesn't make up for how long headline has been on a hiatus for, but consider it a sign as a start for everything that's about to happen :D

    “For the last time, Y/N, your cleats are not in my room,” Changmin loudly groaned although his words were muffled with the blankets brought over his face.

    “Come on, Changmin, I have practice in thirty,” you whined, continuing to urgently bang to your fist into his door. “Just open up!”

    The displeasing sound of your pleas eventually urged Changmin to remove himself from under his sheets, throwing a fit as he stomped his way over to the door. He swung it wide open, revealing the bird’s nest settled on top of his head with drowsy, blackened eyes that reached his mouth.

    You weren’t at all phased by the sight. If anything, you completely disregarded it.

    Dressed in your soccer uniform that was given to you from Sangyeon when you briefly met him, you sauntered your way inside your brother’s room. His grunts went unnoticed when you stood in front of his full length mirror, subtly watching him trudge his way back over to his bed.

    He plopped back onto his blankets before bringing them over his torso, tucking himself back in. Changmin then went back to watching you, taking major note of how you were checking yourself out.

    “I thought you were looking for your cleats,” he bitterly spat.

    You were posing, enjoying how the uniform suited you in every aspect. It looked like you truly belonged at this school, on the team. A grin was slapped onto your face at this realization, hands propped onto your hips.

    “Nah,” you snorted. “I have them. I just wanted to look at myself.”

    When your brother didn’t respond with his usual scoff or a signature loud, exasperated groan at your reason, you turned to look at him. Your eyes are met with Changmin’s back facing towards you, taking note of how he was no longer paying any attention to your added presence.

    “You alright?” you finally asked.

    Silence was the only thing that responded to your question, and Changmin shifted in his spot to bring the blankets further up his face, indicating that he did hear you.

    You heavily exhale at the realization that your brother was still affected from what happened the day before and removed yourself from his mirror.

    You planted yourself on the edge of his bed and grabbed his shoulders, shaking him aggressively with a pout worn on your lips. “What’s wronggggg?” you bothered, mustering up your whiniest voice in order to irritate him.

    “Nothing.” He didn’t even respond with just as much annoyance and only shrugged off your question with nonchalance, not even attempting to stop your aggressive motions.

    “Was it because of yesterday?”

    The mention made Changmin fight against your grip, causing you to retract your arms. Regardless of his movements, it still took moments for him to respond, neither verbally confirming nor denying your suspicions.

    You thought back to how Changmin arrived at your shared apartment hours later from when you were dropped off by Juyeon and Hyunjae. Your brother was shaking when he stepped inside, making you frantically smother him with towels before forcing him to take a hot shower.

    After he had cleaned himself up, you dragged him to the couch in the living room and pestered him with questions.

    Changmin was silent at first, but your constant need to intrude brought him to vaguely explain what had just happened with Haknyeon. No smile fell upon his lips when he said all that had happened, and his eyes didn’t hold a pinch of light as he mentioned what Haknyeon had done.

    Despite being siblings, you fought back from making fun of your brother. You would’ve teased him for becoming flustered when Haknyeon left the bus just to run back to him or laughed in his face when you found out about his phone not having a lock, but you didn’t because in rare moments like these, your brother confided in you. Very rarely would Changmin become vulnerable with you, so you gave him your undivided attention throughout, only asking the questions that deemed necessary.

    When it came to explaining what Haknyeon had done, Changmin faltered. All the freshman had done was set alarms for when the next bus would arrive before leaving him in the rainstorm alone. He couldn’t blame Haknyeon for his actions, as Changmin knew he was at fault for falling asleep.

    While explaining these details, Changmin wasn’t very expressive. Fortunately, your role as his protective younger sibling knew that he was being eaten alive with a huge amount of guilt. Changmin didn’t have to tell you about not taking his chances for you to understand. You knew your brother would back out in situations like these, and it doesn’t help that your brother falling asleep rather than taking accountability was more realistic than anything you’ve ever heard throughout your childhood.

    You tried reassuring Changmin, saying that it was a wrong time, wrong place kind of situation from what you’ve been told considering he stated that he didn’t know how to bring it up without having the intensity of the atmosphere increase, but he dismissed it. He knew it was in his hands, and he had to ruin it by staying silent.

    Haknyeon had already done his part by giving him a chance to redeem himself, and all Changmin needed to do was apologize.

    Changmin ended the conversation after expressing his regret through a downturned gaze, locking himself in his room afterwards. He refused to have you enter until the morning afterwards when you started to demand for your cleats.

    “It’s not the end of the world, you know,” you spoke up. You weren’t always the best with reassurance, that talent went to your brother, and it shows when he gives you no reaction, no sense of comfort.

    He turned onto his back and blankly stared at the ceiling above, hands rested over his abdomen with a dazed gaze locked onto the white wall.

    “I just...kind of wished he didn’t leave.”

    Without knowing how to tell your brother otherwise, you just sat there, nodding your head to confirm you’ve understood.

    “It’s selfish of me to think that, isn’t it?” Changmin didn’t turn to look at you, resuming his calmed composure in front of you.

    You pondered his question for a minute or so only to shrug as a response. “I mean, I guess? If you think about it, he did leave the bus for you, and all you did was fall asleep.”


    With his grumble, he allowed his eyes to fall shut, staying scrunched up beneath the warmth of his blankets.

    “Hey, this won’t stop you from coming to my first soccer practice, will it?” Your eyes darted over to the digital alarm clock on his nightstand. “It starts soon, so we should get going if we plan on getting there on time.”

    His continued silence made your eyes widen in realization, tugging the blankets he clutched onto ever so desperately off of his figure.

    “Don’t do this right now,” you groaned. “You know it’s going to be the only open practice for the next few months, and I desperately need you there for me. For encouragement.”

    “Chanhee will be there,” he retorted in retaliation after yanking the blanket back from your grasp, wrapping it back around his body. He went back to having his back facing you, shutting his eyes tight in an attempt to fall asleep.

    You shoved his back, letting out another loud groan as you continued to whine. “Oh come on Changmin. He may be a reporter for the school’s newspaper, but he isn’t my brother,” you reasoned.

    You frowned when Changmin reacted with a grunt, giving his back another shove.

    “You promised you’ll be there at my first practice. Plus it’s my first practice! You can’t miss my first practice.” Your voice grew softer, and for a second, you were convinced that Changmin would give in, but the question following after your words has your breath caught up in your throat.

    “Will Haknyeon be there?”

    For the first time in the past few minutes, Changmin moved to look at you, having his gaze settled on your expression.

    You pretended to think for a bit despite already knowing the answer, playing with the hem of your shirt as you mumble. “I mean, I’d assume so. He’s roommates with Sunwoo, so I’m sure they’re going there together.”

    You tried your best not to gag after having his forbidden name roll off your tongue, scrunching your nose at the thought of the male you hated most and your closest friend arriving at practice together.

    “Then you can go without me.” Changmin rose, sitting up in his spot before moving the blankets to the side, freeing himself. Only then did you realize the gaze his eyes held, and they were ones you’ve barely seen. You couldn’t really decipher it. Hazy and distant.

    It was then when you decided not to push further, having to deal with the fact you’ll be at practice alone. You stood up from his bed and had your eyes trace your brother’s every movement on your way to the door.

    He pulled the door open for you, hand gripped onto the door as he waited for you to exit. You stopped in front of him, trying to analyze the look on his face.

    “Are you sure?” you asked once more, wanting him to confirm.

    He pursed his lips before nodding solemnly, no longer having the energy to converse with you. “Yeah.”

    Changmin watched you leave his room, and you could’ve sworn you heard an apology fall past his lips through a whisper right before the door shuts behind you.

    After residing in the kitchen for more than ten minutes, Haknyeon checked the clock once more. His forehead creased when he took note of the time, walking back over to Sunwoo’s door.

    He gave it a knock, this one a bit more firmer than usual.

    “Hey dude, are you ready? It’s time for us to leave.”

    When given no response, Haknyeon tried for the handle. Surprised to find it unlocked, he gently pushed it open, peeking through the crack as his eyes searched for Sunwoo. It wasn’t hard to find the male as he was isolated on his bed, sitting on the edge with his back hunched over.

    Haknyeon cocked a brow at the sight of Sunwoo’s uniform in his hands and chews on the inside of his lip. He repeated himself once more.

    “Sunwoo, we need to get going.”

    “Huh-” Sunwoo’s head shot up, eyes darting over towards his roommate. “Oh, right- uh, you can go without me,” he hesitantly answered, standing up from his spot.

    Haknyeon eyed him, skeptical. “...Are you sure?”

    Sunwoo nodded and removed his attention from Haknyeon after giving his friend a warm, yet also disingenuous, smile for reassurance.

    Although he didn’t want to leave without his roommate, Haknyeon didn’t want to miss out on seeing you there. He was one to keep a promise, and he will keep his word with being your number one supporter.

    When Sunwoo heard the door shut, he fell back onto his bed. Haknyeon leaving confirmed that the male had missed how Sunwoo’s fingers were shaking around the fabric of the new made uniform that was tailed just for him, and Haknyeon also missed the sweat that trailed down Sunwoo’s temple.

    Sunwoo knew this was anxiety being a bitch, punching him in the gut right it needed to.

    His head grew even lighter the more he thought about the practice taking place down the street in just a few minutes, and his lungs are struggling to keep up with his heartbeat.

    Sunwoo had never been an overthinker, but he knew one thing for sure; he wouldn’t be able to handle seeing you again after all these years. He already ran away from you the day before, and he was certainly not prepared to be met with the person that hated him most.

    Was Sunwoo intimidated? No.

    Well, maybe a little.

    You openly looked forward to his downfall during camp and glared at him whenever he outshined you, and in all honesty, his younger self enjoyed every bit of it. He loved the attention he received from not only everyone at camp but from you as well.

    But that was his past, younger self. Now? He had no one. No one to back him up. No one to tell him to stand his ground. No one to convince him that he deserved to be on the soccer team for CKU.

    Thoughts of you easily overtook his mind, and some part of him knew that you’d turn the entire team against him. You already had your connections, and it’s clear you still held the power from when he last saw you. Hell, you radiated even more power from the way you walked. Thoughts of you belittling him for what he’s done to you in the past made it all sound like a living hell.

    Sunwoo hadn’t even properly spoken with you, and you were already making him think twice about being on the soccer team.

    He knew for sure he regrets it all now, knowing that you were stubborn and would hold this grudge against him until his very last breath.

    It didn’t help how his heart was frantically beating against his chest the more his mind ran, mind jumbled with silent, panicked screams.

    So he chose to reach out for the person that knew him best. Someone that knew him better than Sunwoo himself.

    “Wasssssuppp, my man.”

    There was a hiccup and a giggle that followed after Eric’s slur of words, but his playful demeanor halted when Sunwoo didn’t respond. Not one single word or nose had left the elder to express how he was feeling, and this is an immediate red flag for his best friend.

    Sunwoo could hear Eric shifting in his spot.

    “Wait, dude, don’t you have soccer practice? Like, right about....holy shit, like right now? Why are you calling me? Go practice soccer, stupid.”

    If Sunwoo was thinking properly, he’d be able to force out a chuckle at whatever Eric was saying, wanting to roll his eyes at his friend’s poor choice of words.

    “I...I don’t think I can do this.”

    A heavy, uncomfortable silence intruded its way between the two best friends through the line.


    When Sunwoo didn’t respond, Eric spoke up again. “You’re not serious, right?”

    Sunwoo dropped his head and looked at the uniform in his grasp, hating how his fingers were shaking despite having his favorite person talking to him.

    “I’m serious,” he whispered. His voice quivered, teeth latching onto his lower lip as his eyes fell shut. “I can’t do this, Eric. Not without you. You’re not here, and I don’t- fuck, I seriously can’t do this.” The uniform fell out of Sunwoo’s hold, and Sunwoo buried his face in the palm of his hand, barely being able to keep his phone pressed up against his ear.

    “Hey hey, dude, no. Whatever you’re thinking, whatever you plan on doing, no. No is the answer.”

    Sunwoo dryly laughed, one that was forced, before feeling a sting in his chest, once again struggling to breathe with the way his breath hitched. If possible, his thoughts became even more overwhelming to the point where tears began to well up in his eyes, blurring his vision as he tried to focus on anything, everything, that came from Eric.

    His heart cracked in two when he got no response, only to realize his best friend had hung up on him. That action was the breaking point, and Sunwoo was about to allow the dam holding his tears back to break when his phone began to vibrate.

    A request to video chat from Eric Sohn.

    Your feet stopped themselves from walking any further at the sight of the soccer field.

    You were nowhere near, but from what you could see, you could’ve sworn you saw two familiar faces on the field.

    You knew Chanhee and Haknyeon would be by the bleachers, but as for everyone else, they were occupied. At least from what you were informed.

    As you walked closer, the faces became even more familiar if that was possible. You couldn’t pinpoint who they were, but their auras easily reached where you were standing.

    When you were finally close to see the two, your jaw fell slack and your eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. You stood there in stunned silence, unable to move an inch as the two caught sight of you.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

    You would’ve been less surprised if they weren’t dressed in the same exact uniform you were wearing, indicating that they were also on the team.

    “...Surprise?” Juyeon weakly presented you with jazz hands as you entered the soccer field, the two of you residing by a nearby bench.

    “My eyes are deceiving me, right?” you questioned, rubbing them shut before opening them again. You were hit with blinding lights, but surely enough, Juyeon is still standing in front of you,

    After sharing a conversation with a couple other teammates, Hyunjae was finally able to make it over to you, embracing you with a hug. “Your eyes are working perfectly, newbie!”

    “Don’t call Y/N that,” Juyeon scowled, bringing you away from his friend’s hold.

    You only allowed yourself to be manhandled by the two because of the state of shock you were left in, still trying to comprehend the two being on the soccer team. “Y-you both are on the team?”

    “You’re looking at your captain and co-captain.” Hyunjae puffed his chest out when gesturing to himself before pointing at Juyeon.

    “Mayhaps I lied when we first met,” Juyeon confessed. “I did meet your brother by showing him around campus, but we didn’t really get close until he interviewed me for the newspaper.”

    “How did you guys manage to keep this from me for the past week?” Your eyebrows are furrowed as your mind jogged itself back to the previous couple of days, trying to recall any moments where the two were suspicious.

    Your sputter made Hyunjae snicker, earning himself a subtle shove from Juyeon.

    “I honestly thought you would’ve caught on by now,” Juyeon huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

    “He had a few screw ups,” Hyunjae explained. He then turned to face his best friend. “He looks worse than usual in a soccer uniform, doesn’t he? Mister I-study-aliens.” Hyunjae nudged his friend with his elbow affectionately, a wide, teasing smirk dancing on his face as he did so.

    “I see you three already know each other.”

    The intrusion of the familiar voice made your heads whip around into its direction. Sangyeon walked over and stood by Hyunjae’s side, a massive grin on his lips while his hands found refuge on his hips. “We didn’t think you’d make it here on time.”

    “We?” Juyeon asked, voice raising as he stared at the coach.

    “It’s a newbie thing,” Hyunjae jutted in, acting like his input made things any better.

    The raise of your brow made Juyeon step in to explain.

    “Newbies are usually late to the first practice. We didn’t underestimate you specifically, we promise.”

    You sighed before laughing bitterly, shaking your head. “Honestly, I don’t blame you guys. I would’ve been here late if Changmin decided to join me.”

    “Your brother isn’t here?” Once again, Juyeon’s voice raised. His shock caused him to look over your shoulder, now the one in disbelief. “He always talked about wanting to come to your first soccer practice in CKU,” he murmured.

    “Bummer,” Hyunjae added, letting out a disappointed sigh.

    Sangyeon cleared his throat, bringing the attention back to himself. “Speaking of absence, have any of you guys seen Sunwoo?”

    “He’s not here?” You whipped your head back over to Sangyeon, and the coach shook his head.

    Hyunjae did the same, mirroring Sangyeon’s movements. “We haven’t seen him.”

    The captain of the soccer team then jabbed his thumb into the direction of the bleachers slowly filling up. “Haknyeon arrived here earlier, though.”

    For the past half hour, Eric gave Sunwoo permission to let everything out, only listening to what Sunwoo had to say, so his friend took the time to explain his predicament, sharing the things he’s kept from his best friend for oh so long.

    As Sunwoo paced around his room, it remained clear that he’s still nervous, but Eric’s presence is thankfully comforting as all the young boy does is sit and listen with his arms wrapped tightly around a pillow. His phone was propped up on his nightstand, and he gave Sunwoo his undivided attention until the very end.

    “Look, Sunwoo, don’t beat yourself up for not telling me anything about this. It’s okay, alright?” The younger male pouted, tilting his head to the side as he intently watched his friend slow his steps around his room.

    Sunwoo had his arms wrapped around his torso as he walked around, his phone being set up on his bed. It wasn’t the best view as Eric only got to see his chest and above, but it wasn’t like it mattered in the first place. Eric could tell that letting everything out had helped Sunwoo ease a few nerves, but now that they had taken up time that would be for soccer practice, Sunwoo was more than positive that he’d be lectured.

    Or even worse, kicked off the team.

    “I just, I don’t know what to do. It all seems like a lost cause especially since you don’t plan on joining the soccer team in SNU. What’s the point, then?”

    Eric sucked in a sharp breath. “Stop pacing around your room and sit down. Look at me, okay?” He reached forward to grab his phone, continuing to hug the pillow against his chest.

    When Sunwoo settled on the ground with his phone in his hands, Eric parted his lips to speak but froze at the sight of his roommate by the door, arms resting easy over his chest.

    A smug look was written all over his features, motioning Eric with the wave of his hand to continue talking to his friend.

    Eric, irritated with the added company, gritted his teeth, but didn’t do anything to kick Younghoon out. After all, the two boys did share the room, so it gave Eric no right to kick out his roommate.

    Sunwoo was oblivious to the pause in the conversation, too caught up with calming his thoughts while his eyes traced back over to his uniform on the ground.

    When Younghoon didn’t budge, Eric gave up, whispering harshly through the phone.

    “Sunwoo, look at me.” Eric repeated his demand, wanting to make sure that his friend would listen to every word that would leave his mouth. “What’s the worst that can happen if you attend practice? Humiliation? Remember that you’re not the only newcomer on the team, but Y/N is as well. You both are going to be starting on the same platform this year.”

    Eric’s voice has gone softer, but he doesn’t miss the smirk on Younghoon’s lips.

    “The Sunwoo I know doesn’t need a head start. From what you’ve told me, it seemed like Y/N had this major lead during summer camp with multiple friends by their side, but you still dominated, didn’t you? And you know why? It’s because you’re Kim Sunwoo.”

    Eric’s whispers slowly turned into his regular talking voice as he more so focused on Sunwoo rather than his roommate intimidatingly staring at him from the door. Although he didn’t acknowledge Younghoon’s existence, he knew as bright as day that the male was still there, listening to every word that exited his lips.

    “You’re the Sunwoo that never gave a single fuck about what people said about you, and you’re the Sunwoo that drilled your image and talent into people’s minds. This year would be no different because you’re still the same god damn Sunwoo I know. You got this. I know you do, whether it be with or without me.”

    Sunwoo didn’t respond, but it looked like he was contemplating something instead. Eric only waited, wanting to be patient as he knew Sunwoo was already more than stressed with what he was dealing with.

    “Eric…” Sunwoo began.


    Sunwoo looked up from his fingers and at his friend before darting his gaze elsewhere, unable to hold eye contact. “I’ll go to practice, I’ll face the team, but you need to promise me something.”

    Eric’s brows creased. His next whisper was incredibly soft, and it was so quiet he wasn’t even sure if Sunwoo had heard it himself.

    “I’d do anything for you.”

    Sunwoo hesitated for a mere second. “...I know, I know we talked about this, but promise me you’ll join your school’s soccer team. You can quit whenever you’d like, but I just- I feel like even though we’re not in the same team, we’d feel- connected this way.”

    Sunwoo’s words caused Eric to freeze up, and the male did his absolute best to avoid looking at Younghoon. Eric was sure his teeth would chip if he pressed them together any harder.

    “...Sunwoo, we talked about this-...”

    “I know, I know we did but I just can’t help but think I’d feel safer this way.”

    Eric tried to divert the conversation, not willing to talk about joining SNU’s soccer team any further. “Sunwoo, you should really get going to practice-”

    “Eric, please. I’ll do this if you’re in too.”

    Younghoon is staring straight at Eric, making Sunwoo not the only one anticipating a response.

    “If I promise, you’ll go to practice, right?”

    Sunwoo looked back over at his uniform and closed his eyes, whispering a ‘yeah’.

    Eric looked up at the ceiling before bringing his attention back to his friend, choosing to give in. “Fine, only because you’ll attend today’s practice. I’ll go to try-outs next week, okay?”

    When the video call ended, Younghoon pushed himself away from the wall, slowly approaching the younger male. “So, you plan on joining the soccer team for SNU?”

    “No, I don’t,” Eric spat, tossing his phone to the side. He took the pillow off of his lap and moved it aside before standing up.

    “So you’re saying you lied to your friend.”

    Eric stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Younghoon, not feeling intimidated by his larger figure. “No, I didn’t lie. I’ll try-out, but that’s the most you’re getting from me.” Eric turned back to leave the room but paused. “Why is it any of your business anyway?”

    “The soccer team is important to SNU. You’d make a great edition.”

    Eric scoffed and chose not to respond, leaving the room with a whispered ‘yeah, right’.

    Unfortunately, he’s still able to hear Younghoon’s last words.

    “See you at try-outs.”

    A/N : literally the most underwhelming comeback chapter in the fanfiction universe BUT WHATEVER this chapter is proof that i can write and rewrite around 5k words all in one day, making it possible to write a 20k+ fic in less than a week WHICH IS PRETTY COOL IF YOU ASK ME


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    Illecebrous (adj.) - Attractive and alluring

    Pairing: Lim Jaebeom (GOT7) x Fem!Reader

    Genre: Tattoo Shop AU, SMUT

    Rating: nsfw, 18+

    Warnings: this is pure filth, reader has tattoos, a large cleavage, a short and tight skirt and doesn’t wear any panties, oral (m receiving), mirror comes in handy, JayB is staring a lot at the readers chest or ass, reader is touching herself, riding, unprotected sex, nipple play I guess, orgasm, is it voyerism if the door to the room isn’t locked?! Like anybody could walk right in.. while they are at it..

    Wordcount: 2.981

    A/N: I wrote this to make @cheriebeom​ suffer... and I was successful and I am very happy but also very horny... this is outrageous.. also you guys might start thinking that I have a mirror kink or something because AGAIN there is a fricking mirror... like what the hell.. ANYWAY! Please enjoy this oneshot and tell me what you think!

    Jaebeom walked into the shop, knowing he was a little early to his appointment. The sound of buzzing needles filled his ears, followed by a few groans of pain. Jaebeom smirked to himself, glad he never had a problem with pain.

    “Hey, if you could sit down on the couch over there?” Someone called out to him. “I’ll be there in a sec.”

    He mumbled something under his breath and moved over to the couch, sitting down on the dark leather. Jaebeom looked around to waste some time while he waited.

    The walls were made out of dark wooden panels, the furniture was either black or very dark and the shop kept a limit to their decorations. They basically had a few pictures of tattoos from their artists and a small book on a couch table in front of him, consisting of more tattoo layouts.

    Jaebeom had thought about getting a tattoo for a long time. His friends were always so proud of their own whenever they got a new one, showing them off immediately. He grabbed the book in front of him and skimmed through the pages, thinking about how the guys warned him not to get addicted to tattoos. He wasn’t sure if that was even possible for him but he would have to wait and see.

    “Hey, sorry for the wait!” You stepped up to the new customer and smiled politely. “First time?”

    Jaebeom looked up from the book and nearly choked on his own spit. He hadn’t expected to be greeted with a sight like this. Tight leather skirt that barely reached to the middle of your thigh, a white blouse that wasn’t completely buttoned, showing the rims of a black silk bra underneath. You had several tattoos on your thighs and arms and some peaked out of your cleavage as well. It took everything within Jaebeom to force his gaze away from your chest and further up to your face. Dark red lips greeted him, smirking knowingly as he swallowed harshly.

    “I’m Y/N, your tattoo artist for today”, you introduced yourself and placed your weight on one leg, knowing the new stance highlighted your hips.

    “Jaebeom”, he mustered to say, swallowing again, “and yeah, this is my first tattoo.”

    “Wonderful! You sent us a design prior to your appointment, let’s go over it, yeah?” You tapped one of your manicured nails against the tabloid in your hand and walked over to Jaebeom, sitting down next to him on the couch. You crossed one of your legs over the other and placed the tabloid on your thigh, ignoring the fact the skirt rose up from you sitting down.

    Jaebeom held his breath from being this close to you. He tried to focus on the tabloid but his gaze drifted to your thighs or your chest more often than he wanted to admit. Before he fainted from the lack of oxygen he breathed out again lowly, trying to act as normal as possible. It got even harder though when he took another breath in, smelling your intoxicating perfume.

    “Where do you want to get the tattoo?” You asked and turned towards him, showing more of your cleavage now.


    You nodded as your gaze dropped from his face to his chest. “Which side?” You tapped your finger on either side of his chest, making him swallow again.

    “Left”, Jaebeom breathed out, cursing himself that he wasn’t able to answer in whole sentences.

    “Right above the heart”, you smiled and placed your hand on his left side, gently pressing against it. “Would you like to follow me? I think it would be nicer to check a more precise position in your assigned room.”

    Jaebeom only nodded and stood up once you stood up as well, pressing against his chest to get up. He followed you to a door, his gaze dropping every two seconds down to your ass that was so perfectly covered in that leather skirt.

    “Please take a seat”, you said and pointed towards the black leather chair in the middle of the room, while you closed the door behind him. If the chair wouldn’t be black, Jaebeom would totally have thought of the chairs in a dentist office. “And please take off your shirt. I’m going to print out your tattoo so we can see where exactly you want it,” you added and walked over to your work station.

    Without answering you, Jaebeom walked to the chair and sat down on the edge, pulling his shirt over his head and placing it down on his lap. He looked around, finding the room looked similar to the waiting room in the front. The only addition was the large mirror on one side of the room. Jaebeom looked at the mirror and saw you through it. 

    Your back was faced towards him and you were bent forward, fiddling with the copy machine in front of you.

    Jaebeom licked his lips as he stared shamelessly at your ass. ‘Should the pain be too much’, he thought to himself, ‘then he sure had one or two distractions.

    You turned around and walked over to Jaebeom, stopping in front of him. “I have to shave the area where the tattoo is supposed to be as well as disinfect it”, you told him and placed the print on the small table next to you. Once you slipped your hands into a pair of gloves, you grabbed the disinfectant spray. “May I?”

    When Jaebeom nodded you sprayed the liquid on his chest and quickly grabbed a small paper towel, dabbing it over the area. You then grabbed the razor and shaved his left pec, making sure not even some peach fuzz could irritate you while tattooing him later.

    “Do you mind if I place your tattoo down on your chest the way I think it would look best?” You asked him once you had prepared everything. You smiled when he shook his head and grabbed the print out. You leaned forward and carefully placed the tattoo print on his pec, brushing over it gently so the blueprint would stick to Jaebeom’s skin. “Okay”, you said satisfied and stood back up, “see for yourself. If you’re not happy with that, we can wipe it off and try another position.”

    “No, I like it.”

    You smiled brightly, making Jaebeom’s heart skip a beat. “I’m glad. Then please, lean back and get as comfortable as possible. I’ll prepare everything else.”

    Jaebeom nodded and leaned down on the chair, staring up to the ceiling above him. A few more minutes and he would feel what all his friends felt before him, though they probably never had a tattoo artist like you. His gaze drifted back to your form, taking every curve of you in. He knew for sure, if he didn’t tame his thoughts he would pop a bulge in his pants immediately.

    You rolled a stool over to the chair and sat down on it, adjusting the height of it. “Alright, I’m turning the machine on first, so you can get familiar with the sound before I start.” You smiled as he looked into your eyes, surprised how thoughtful you were.

    The buzzing of the machine was louder than what he imagined but it wasn’t unpleasant to hear. His gaze wandered from the tattoo gun in your hands down to your arm and to your chest again. At this point he really hoped the tattoo would be painful so he got distracted enough to not pop a boner.

    “Alright”, you said in a calm voice, dipping the needle into the black inkpot on the table next to you, “I’ll start with a small spot and you can tell me how that felt.” You moved closer to him, half of your upper body pressed down on his own, as you started to tattoo the first line. “And? How is it?”

    “Hot”, Jaebeom breathed, not sure if he meant the needle stabbing hundreds of times into his skin or your chest pressed against his stomach.

    “That’s normal. The longer the needle stays in one place the hotter it gets. Basic physics.” You grinned and dipped the needle into the inkpot again, before you leaned over to him once more and continued tattooing him.

    Jaebeom hummed and tried breathing shallowly through his nose. He didn’t want to ruin his first tattoo by breathing too heavily but damn the sight of your breasts pressed against his stomach, part of them being skin on skin even, made it nearly impossible for him to keep his calm. He clenched his jaw and pressed his eyes shut, trying to ignore the image right in front of you.

    “Is it too much?” You stopped tattooing and looked at him in concern. Your gaze wandered from his face down to see his hands balled up into fists and further down to see the beginning outline of a bulge in his pants. You smirked and leaned back onto his chest, continuing to tattoo him. “I’ll try to finish it fast”, you said, playing innocent for the moment. “It’s a large tattoo for a first timer but I think another hour and we’ll be done.” You wiped over his skin with a clean paper towel to get rid of the excessive ink on it.

    “It’s fine”, Jaebeom pressed through his lips, trying very hard to focus on the heat he felt through the needle, but it became even harder when he looked at your face, seeing how you bit down on your lower lip in concentration, sucking the soft pillow into your mouth every now and then. “Fuck”, he breathed barely audible and turned his gaze towards the ceiling.

    “You’re doing so good for me”, you whispered, giving your voice a seductive undertone. You continued teasing him with your words for the rest of the session, smirking whenever it affected him.

    Soon enough you turned off the tattoo gun and placed it on the table, grabbing a thin, transparent foil and some plasters. “I’ll put this on your new tattoo, since it’s a fresh wound after all. You can take it off before you go to sleep, but you should keep your chest bare for as long as possible, so nothing will irritate your skin.”

    Jaebeom nodded and watched you taping up his chest. He stared at his first tattoo with wide eyes, delighted to have a small piece of art on his skin now.

    “You can sit up and look at it in the mirror if you want. I’ll clean up the place in the meantime.” You nodded towards the mirror while you pulled off the rubber gloves from your fingers, letting them snap slightly. You smirked once more when you saw Jaebeom swallow harshly. “You might feel dizzy when you sit up, staying in one position for so long can be quite straining.” You patted his upper thigh, brushing against his bulge, before you got up and cleaned your work space.

    Jaebeom exhaled with a small hiss, his dick twitching from the touch just now. All that teasing, your words, your outfit, your body, everything played into his dirty thoughts, leaving him with a hard on. He couldn’t even focus on his new tattoo right now, falling back on the chair as he tried to figure out how he could get rid of his boner as quickly as possible.

    “Do you want me to assist you?” You asked seductively as you stepped back to Jaebeom, one manicured finger running from his solar plexus down to his clothed dick. You palmed him through the pants as you looked back up to his face. “I could help you, if you want me to.”

    “God yes”, Jaebeom breathed out, thinking he scored a jackpot just now. He watched you through litted eyes as you crawled onto the chair and placed yourself between his legs. 

    Your manicured fingers swiftly opened his pants and pushed them down together with his boxers so his hard dick could spring free. You licked your lips upon seeing his thick cock betted on his lower stomach. You felt yourself salivating, wanting nothing more than to suck him off right now.

    You leaned down and blew gently over his tip, seeing a shudder running down his body. A satisfied smile played over your lips as you started kissing the underside of his dick, starting at the base and slowly trailing up to the head, where the first drops of precum appeared already.

    Jaebeom watched you intently, grunting every now and then. At first he was transfixed on your red lips but soon enough he noticed how you arched your ass up into the air, letting him get the perfect view from your behind through the mirror. A groan escaped his lips when he saw you weren’t even wearing underwear beneath your skirt.

    You licked at the head of his cock, tasting his precum on the tip of your tongue. You hummed in satisfaction and started to lower your mouth around his thick shaft. You hollowed your cheeks and wrapped your tongue around his cock, bobbing your head up and down. Moans built up in your throat, vibrating into your mouth as you continued to suck him off, taking him as deep as possible.

    Jaebeom placed one of his hands on your head, pushing some of your hair out of your face. He groaned when you looked up to him through your eyelashes, knowing he could cum just from that view. Your red lips wrapped around his cock, your breasts in perfect view and your ass up in the air, showing your dripping cunt thanks to the mirror behind you.

    “Touch yourself”, Jaebeom commanded, eliciting an eager whine from you. His hips bucked up into your mouth once he saw your fingers play with your cunt. It didn’t take long until they were soaked in your juices and your moans became even more desperate around his dick now.

    “Fuck.” Jaebeom pulled you off of his cock, relishing in the lewd pop your mouth made once you separated from him, a small string of saliva still connecting his dick with your lips. “I want you to ride me. Now.”

    You bit on your lip and quickly shuffled upwards, straddling him on the chair. You only wasted one more look to his dark eyes, watching you intently before you lowered yourself on his hard shaft. You moaned when you felt the stretch of your walls, glad his thick cock filled you up so nicely.

    Jaebeom grabbed onto your hips and gave you a rhythm you used to bounce on his lap. Every time you lowered yourself again, he thought he reached even deeper inside of you. You were tight and your cunt was sucking him in with every thrust. He heard the slick sounds your pussy made whenever he pushed into you, loving the sound. “Take off your top and bra”, Jaebeom told you, glancing from his cock slamming into you to your fingers fiddling with your shirt.

    You were a moaning mess, feeling more and more dizzy with every time Jaebeom smashed his dick into you. Once you had opened all the buttons you threw the top aside and quickly moved your hands to your back,  opening your bra as well.

    Jaebeom groaned loudly when your breasts sprung free, bouncing up and down with every thrust into you. “Squish them”, he growled, his grip on your hips getting stronger from his lust.

    You moved your hands seductively from your stomach up to your breasts, cupping them and massaging them. 

    “Play with them.”

    Another whine escaped your lips as you started to play with your nipples, squeezing and twisting them to your own pleasure.

    “Fuck”, Jaebeom growled and fastened his pace, ramming into your tight cunt with a new found lust. His dark eyes roamed all over your body. From your red lips, slightly ruined since the blow job, to you playing with your tits down to his cock filling you up so nicely. He moved one of his hands to your entrance, rubbing his thumb over your clit in small circles.

    A shudder ran through your body, letting you choke on a moan. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head with the added sensation, electric shocks pulsing through you. Your mouth felt suddenly dry and your walls tightened even more around Jaebeom’s cock. A bundle of pure electricity tightened in your lower stomach, right where Jaebeom’s cock hit your spot. Your moans became louder and higher with every second and you slowly but surely struggled with touching your breasts.

    “Cum for me”, Jaebeom demanded, staring right into your eyes.

    The bundle of electricity exploded and for a moment you felt nothing but the pleasure roaming through your whole body.

    Jaebeom grunted and thrusted even faster into you, until he himself came as well, shooting load after load of white, sticky cum into your tight little hole. He cursed again and stilled, feeling his cock pulsing inside of you before it softened again.

    He sighed and looked at your fucked out form, loving the sight of it. There might be a chance that he wouldn’t get addicted to tattoos, but he’d definitely get addicted to fucking you senseless. And if he had to get a tattoo every time before he could do that, he would willingly do it every damn time.

    You looked up into his face with a lazy smile, not having felt this full and good in a long time. You kind of hoped he would get another tattoo but something else came to your mind. “There’ll be a check up appointment in a month, where we can see if we need to redo some lines of your tattoo. I’d be open to do it for you again.”

    A smirk played over Jaebeom’s lips. He’d definitely get addicted to tattoos in that case.

    © all rights reserved

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  • armysantiny
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    08:55 - 헨데리 (Hendery)

    P: Kunhang (Hendery) x gender neutral reader - WayV | G: fluff, timestamp | Inc: voice messages, sickening fluff, Yangx2 mention, waking up in the morning, freshening up | Wc: 284 | W: none | R: G

    Minnie’s notes: This may or may not have been inspired by my boyfriend and I sending each other voice messages for the first time-

    Waking up that morning, Kunhang reached for his phone blindly; his hand searching across his nightstand while he yawned the sleep away. Finding his phone and unlocking it, he scrolled through his social media, a giddy grin on his face as he looked through y/n’s feed. Their relationship had been going on for just over a month and Kunhang was itching to hear their voice.

    “Morning voice wouldn’t be too much, right?” Muttering to himself as he sat up and ran a hand through his dishevelled hair, the rapper chuckled to himself as he imagined y/n’s reaction on the other side of the screen. Hitting record, he sent his voice note, giggles lacing the end of the note (read: morning baby~~ did you sleep alright?). Butterflies and excitement filling his chest seconds later, Kunhang threw his phone on the bed as he went to the bathroom to freshen up, a stupid grin on his face the entire time – which had earned him a knowing smirk from his roommate. His roommate being the ever-so-annoying Liu Yangyang.

    By his phone the instant his notifications went off, Kunhang bit back giggles as he read their reply, a voice note reply underneath.


    Hushimyn has sent a voice note

    Bracing himself, Kunhang pressed play, eyes shut in anticipation. ‘Hehe morning love~ I slept okay thanks!’. Slapping a hand over his open mouth as he only fell deeper in love, Kunhang couldn’t do anything else but laugh, his heart overwhelmed with love to form any actual words. Could anyone actually be that cute?

    Itsamekunhang: Have I said I love you? Because I love you so much. YOUR VOICE IS ADORABLE

    © copyright work of @armysantiny 2021-2022

    Networks: @kwritersworld, @kdiarynet, @kpopscape, @ultkpopnetwork, @kpopficsnetwork, @kpclub, @whipped-kpop-creators, @prism-nw, @k-library, @knet-bakery, @houseofincantations @hotpink-ent, @neoswitchnet, @nct-writers, @neoturtles, @nctcreations​, @nct-frathouse, @pretty-neos

    If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! Considering leaving some feedback, or donating to my ko-fi!

    Taglist: @teeztheflag, @intokook, @mementomatcha, @mikailo666, @sunoosmoon, @spoopy-babyboobean | Taglist Form

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    you know what? yeah there are two sexes. the one i had with ur mom and the one i had with ur dad 😎

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    relevé pt. 4 - kim yugyeom

    pairing: urban dancer yugyeom + ballet dancer female reader
    genre: professional dancer au, enemies to friends to lovers
    word count: 6.5k+
    warnings: cursing, alcohol, angst, suggestive sexual content, cheesiness (sue me idgaf)
    summary: after attending a multi-genre dance showcase, you become begrudgingly entraptured with yugyeom, the captain of a rival dance company.
    author’s note: i'm back and almost better than ever. thank you for your support <3 i also wrote this when i was really sad lol

    [library] [got7 library] [relevé series]


    You’re just friends.

    Just friends. Just friends. Just friends.

    It’s like you’re repeating it as a chant; a mantra, just to remain sane because you’re hungover as fuck and you don’t want to admit how much of an effect that a couple of words have on you.

    The Asshole:
    You and me. Dinner tomorrow.
    Gonna cash in your promise.

    But the words are from Yugyeom. And once again, he makes you do things and feel things that you would have never imagined that you would do or feel.

    Slamming your phone into the cushion of your bed screen down, you use your forearm to shield your eyes from the glaring sunlight that manages to stream through your blinds.

    You should say no. You’re really busy.

    But you promised.


    Turning your weakened, lethargic body in the direction of your nightstand, you spot a glass of water and a bottle of Advil on it. Just as you reach for it, your door swings open to reveal an oddly chipper Lisa, hands full with a plate of toast and a mug filled with fresh coffee, not looking hungover at all (a crime, in your opinion, jealous that she isn’t experiencing your throbbing headache).

    “Mornin’ girl,” she greets, giggling when you respond with an exhausted grunt, the sound partially muffled by the fact that half of your face is smashed into your pillow.

    “Can you close my blinds?” you request, only opening your eyes when you sense that the sunlight has been successfully blocked from your vision.

    With as much effort as you can possibly muster in your hungover state, you push yourself upright, grabbing the glass of water and the Advil.

    “Thanks for this,” you say, lifting both items up before consuming them as quick as you can.

    “I didn’t do anything,” you hear Lisa reply, setting down the plate of food and the cup of coffee on your nightstand before sitting on your bed.

    This confuses you initially, as no one else lives in the apartment except for yourself and Lisa. Frowning, you try to reconstruct the events of last night in your mind, collecting the brief memories that manage to flash into your consciousness.

    You were drunk. Very drunk. You remember laughing a lot. You remember dancing a lot. And then there was a taxi. And then…

    “Yugyeom,” you whisper to yourself, unknowingly catching Lisa’s ear. Waking up in your bed, tucked into your covers with a glass of water and the Advil on your nightstand, was all him.

    It’s the simplest gesture. A pure act of kindness that could be so minute that it might go unnoticed by anyone else.

    But for you, as lethargic and hungover as you are, makes your heart pound and chest blossom with a level of affection and yearning that is so unfamiliar, it catches you off guard. You’re suddenly overtaken with emotion, covering your eyes as you clutch your knees towards your chest, a heavy gasp escaping your lips when the memories of the night before finally come back with full force.

    It wasn’t just a taxi. It was Yugyeom carrying you into the taxi; carrying you into your apartment; lending you his jacket. It wasn’t just dancing. It was dancing with him; your body pressed against his, his arms wrapped around you; his bright smile that you’ve grown to adore; his eyes staring into yours in such a way that made you feel like he’s the only person that could make you feel this cared for.

    “You good?” Lisa asks, concern growing when she watches you shake your head, words muffled.

    “Fine,” you hum, tucking your head into your arms.

    “I’m fine.”


    “So, dinner after? I was think- Ow, what the fuck…”

    His question is interrupted by a push of his back, your hands pressing downwards as his legs are spread in the straddle position.

    “Shh… Just take a deep breath,” you instruct softly, completely ignoring his question (on purpose, but you’re not willing to admit that), “And exhale,” you continue, pressing his back down further, using your feet in front of his thighs to maintain his alignment, deepening the stretch. Yugyeom lets out a litany of curses and you giggle at his whining, urging his legs wider open. This time around, you notice that his stomach is closer to the ground than before.

    “Hm. Your flexibility is getting better, Gyeomie,” you acknowledge, laughing when you hear Yugyeom mutter, “Well thank fuck for that.”

    “Ok, I’m going to press a little harder and we’re going to hold for one minute,” you inform, your hands moving once you see him nod his head. Stretching further, Yugyeom squeezes his eyes shut, breathing becoming hitched and uneven as he attempts to cope with the pain. After the minute finishes, you ease off of his back and he lets out a heavy exhale of relief.

    “I don’t know how you do that after all of our practices,” he says as he leans backward, lifting his arms upward to rest the back of his head on his palms. Resting his back on the floor of his studio, he tilts his head to the side to look at you in front of the stereo, unplugging your laptop from the aux cord with a quick tug. Turns out, the force is a little too much, causing you to stumble back slightly. Unfortunately for you, your shin splints started to act up again. Yugyeom’s concern grows when he sees you wince, forehead creasing, brows furrowing, and shoulders tensing slightly.

    “Are you ok?” he inquires as he lifts up from the floor, worried. Slouching onto the floor carefully, you reach for your bag to take out some lotion to massage your tense muscle.

    “Yeah, it’s just that my shin splints are acting up,” you say as you pump some lotion out on your hand, applying a thick layer to your shin before taking your thumb and pressing the muscle downward. The pain causes you to recoil. Concerned, Yugyeom decides to grab some muscle tape from his bag, shuffling over to you.

    “You,” Yugyeom begins, placing his large palm over your hand that’s in the process of massaging your muscle, “Are not ok,” he finishes, gently removing your hand and stopping its movements.

    “Stop saying that you’re fine when you’re not. Showcase is next month, and I don’t want to see you get hurt,” he adds, your eyes softening at the affectionate undertone of his words.


    Unfurling the muscle tape, Yugyeom tells you to shift the position of your legs in order to tape up your injury. You nod, allowing him to press the tape into your skin to alleviate a bit of your pain. Working from the bottom of your shin to your knee, the expanse of his palm applies even pressure across your skin, ending with his long fingers splayed just above your knee.

    His motion causes your breath to hitch, your legs widening slightly out of instinct. Just by chance, Yugyeom’s thumb brushes the skin slightly above the inside of your knee, making your toes curl in your socks. Unwittingly, your eyelids flutter at the sensation, abusing your bottom lip with your teeth.

    Thoughts becoming increasingly indecent, you attempt to distract yourself by taking the chance to examine the tattoos exposed by the short sleeve t-shirt that he’s wearing today. The truth tattoo that he shares with Mark, the bull that he shares with another friend, and the pretty dandelion that he has on his forearm; your personal favorite. Reaching out with a free hand, you absentmindedly trace it as he tapes your shin up, paying special attention to each petal, each character.

    “This is pretty,” you admit, suddenly breaking the comfortable silence that took over in the studio space.

    “Thanks,” Yugyeom says before the warmth of his touch leaves your leg, unwittingly disappointing you.

    “So, dinner tomorrow. Are you free?” he asks, the question causing you to freeze in the middle of packing your bag. Biting your lip, you pause to assess your options.

    Is he asking you out? Or is it just food with friends? You don’t know.

    “Uhm… Can I take a rain check on that? I just… Since showcase is coming up so soon, I’m getting really busy with my other pieces and my solo too… And you’re probably busy right?” you answer, wanting to play it on the safe side. Ignoring the immediate regret that you’re beginning to experience, you hastily put your jacket on, preparing to take your leave.

    “Yeah, I’m pretty busy too,” Yugyeom responds with a smile, but voice softer than usual.

    “I guess that I’ll see you soon?” you say with a smile, opening the door to make your leave once you see him nod.

    Yugyeom waits for a couple of seconds before slumping onto the floor, pressing the heel of his palms against his forehead, the forced smile from before disappearing rapidly from his expression.


    The drive over to Yugyeom’s place is more exciting than it should be, considering that driving is a pretty mundane task. That, and it’s eight in the morning, way too early for anyone to be up and about on a Saturday. But you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of your sleep because Yugyeom specifically requested a cleaning sesh, and you only had Saturday morning free.

    You’ve also been avoiding him.

    Nothing against Yugyeom at all, it’s just that you’ve been trying to control the feelings that start to bubble over when you see him…

    You also miss dancing. With him. Specifically.

    Successfully caffeinated, almost fully awake, and alert, you text Yugyeom to inform him of your arrival.

    Morning 😊
    I’m here in front of the main door.

    Unfortunately for your patience, it wears thin once ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes pass by with no sign of Yugyeom.

    Peering through your car windows, you dart your head around to see if you might have missed him coming up behind another car or leaving from a different exit. There’s still no sight of Yugyeom though; you’re beginning to think that he might have slept in.

    Before getting too irritated, you tell yourself to calm down, reciting the fact that everyone has the capability to sleep in, so you should cut him some slack. After waiting for another ten minutes, you spot someone walking towards the entrance of the Yugyeom’s building, recognizing the bright hair, flashy clothing, lanky frame, and tinted sunglasses immediately.

    As fast as you possibly can, you open your car door and yell out BamBam’s name, hopefully catching his attention before he enters the building. Your voice echoes in the street, obviously terrifying him, causing his body to jump up as his hand presses against his chest. BamBam squints in the direction of your car, causing dread and embarrassment to wash over you. Does he not remember who you are?

    Luckily, his eyebrows raise, recognizing your face once he takes a couple steps toward your car. He greets you with a wave and a smile, asking why you’re here at such an early hour. You explain that you’re here to pick up Yugyeom for a scheduled practice that he requested.

    “He’s really late though. I think that he slept in,” you say, tone displaying that you’re obviously annoyed by his tardiness. BamBam hums in acknowledgment, stating that Yugyeom went out with him and some other friends the night before, likely sleeping in due to staying out late. Upon hearing of this information, your mild annoyance from before morphs into genuine irritation at his irresponsible action. Yugyeom is the one who asked for this practice session, not you. He knew that you two were supposed to be working on your piece this morning, so how could he stay out so late knowing that he has a responsibility with you? 

    Taking a deep breath and closing your eyes, you attempt to calm your emotions before getting too mad. If anything, Yugyeom could have a good reason for being late. As if BamBam can read your mind, he asks if you would like to come up with him to their shared apartment to wake him up. Nodding in agreeance, you exit your car, walking towards the entrance with him as you lock your car with a press of a button. Once you hear the characteristic click of your car, BamBam opens the door for you to step through it, thanking him in the process.

    At first, it’s quiet, neither one of you speaking a word to each other. But luckily for you, BamBam decides to break the awkward silence with an apology.

    “I’m sorry for how we acted during showcase,” BamBam starts, pausing his sentence to press the floor number in the elevator, “We should have been more considerate, and I should’ve said sorry when we first met.”

    “Are you just apologizing because Yugyeom told you guys to?” you poke back, wanting to tease him a little. This makes BamBam immediately disagree, voice stuttering as he attempts to assure that he’s apologizing out of his own accord.

    “I’m kidding. Relax,” you assure him, giggling at how fast he’s shaking his head and how panicked he sounds, “Thank you for apologizing, BamBam. I was really mad because that one guy said something that pissed me off, but that doesn’t excuse how snappy I got. I’m sorry too.”

    “It’s ok. That guy is a dickhead,” BamBam quips, making you laugh at how candid he’s being.

    “Isn’t he on your team?” you ask after agreeing with him, a bit surprised that he’s shit-talking his own crew member.

    “Not anymore. Mr. Captain kicked him off once showcase ended. The guy was super mad about it; he made a whole fuckin’ scene. It’s been months and he hasn’t even cleared his locker yet,” BamBam shrugs before extending his hand, gesturing for a handshake, “Also, just call me Bam,” he continues with a smile, shaking your hand once your palm meets his.

    A shy grin spreads across your face at the news. It looks like Yugyeom kept his promise.

    “Speaking of Mr. Captain…” BamBam trails off when you both make it to the front of their apartment door, BamBam shuffling through his pockets to look for the keys. Once he finds them, he unlocks the door with a satisfying click, pushing the door open swiftly.

    Once you step inside, you reach down to remove your sneakers as BamBam walks further into the apartment, yelling for Yugyeom to wake up. You giggle at the things that BamBam decides to say; ‘wake the fuck up’ and ‘never keep a lady waiting’ are among your favourites.

    In the midst of his yelling, your eyes spot a pair of glittery silver heels and black dress shoes haphazardly thrown on the floor, missing the doormat entirely. At first, you’re moderately confused. Perhaps, they’re BamBam’s or Yugyeom’s; you’re not here to judge. So, you pick each shoe up from opposite sides of the foyer, placing them on the shoe rack neatly before exiting the foyer.

    However, you’re perplexed when BamBam stops you, his body partially blocking your view of the rest of the apartment. Just by glancing at his face, you can tell that something is amiss.

    “Is everything ok?” you frown, alarmed by his panicked expression. You poke your head around, looking over BamBam’s shoulder before he steps into your line of sight again, blocking your vision.

    “Mhm. Yup. Everything’s good. Peachy. He’s just coming out, so you should go back to your car and wait for him there,” BamBam rambles, leaving you unconvinced with the way he pauses awkwardly between each phrase. Doing your best to maintain eye contact with BamBam, your eyes narrow in defiance and suspicion. Successfully dodging BamBam’s body, you swivel around him with a swift and agile motion, walking into the living room of their shared apartment.

    “Gyeom-ah, hurry up! I don’t wanna have to pay for late cancella-” you cut yourself off when you reach his open bedroom door, ears catching the sound of the shower running as you spot a figure underneath his comforter, “-tion.”

    Long hair is sprawled over his pillows, bare back exposed to the air, face unfamiliar. It takes you a second, but you eventually widen your eyes in realization. When BamBam said ‘go out’ he meant to go out to get laid.


    Yugyeom needed something. Anything, absolutely anything, to distract himself from you.

    He hadn’t seen you in weeks, but it seemed that every practice and every meeting, his attraction to you increased tenfold. He had to hide the way that he stared at you during practice, teased by your figure in those tight bodysuits and skirts, the skin he saw when you chose to wear something showing off your back or a sliver of midriff.

    At first, he thought that his source of attraction was due to the form-fitting clothing, but he still wants you in the exact same way in baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt. By now he’s had a lot of practices with you, but Yugyeom didn’t even seem to remember if those were even necessary for work, or just because he wanted to see you.

    He doesn’t know why he’s like this. Just to be a glutton for punishment, he’s also asked for more time with you tomorrow under the guise of cleaning up the choreography, on a Saturday, no less. He felt guilty for taking up your time on a weekend, just after you rejected his request for dinner. Contrary to what he believed, you agreed to his last-minute request, booking a studio space in your building as well as offering to pick him up without question.

    For someone that branded herself as a ‘primo bitch’, he’s discovered that you’re actually very nice. That is, if the person in question is on your good side. It made him laugh, the way that your serious, blunt, and no-nonsense demeanor contrasted with how you actually are; overwhelmingly kind.

    He wasn’t sure that he could even categorize his feelings as pure attraction anymore; it has progressed to the point where his heart burns and his eyes soften when you do the most mundane things in front of him. You could be putting on pointe shoes, writing down corrections in your notebook, or fastening your hair into a bun; he becomes overwhelmed with a level of affection and fondness that left him weak.

    But you didn’t seem like you’re interested in any of that, always responding to his advances with a blank stare.

    That brings Yugyeom in the middle of a rowdy club that the boys dragged him to, for reasons that included cheering up his mopey ass.

    Yugyeom shouldn’t even be here, though. He knows that he has a practice session with you tomorrow morning, but he’s here, drunk and sulking at the overcrowded bar on his nth shot. BamBam left 15 minutes ago with a mystery person to do God knows what at their place, and he doesn’t know where the hell his four other friends went, but at least one, Jinyoung, seems to stick around with him.

    “Why are you over here moping?” Jinyoung asks, clearly seeing the drop in Yugyeom’s mood the minute that they walked into the building. He nudges at Yugyeom’s shoulder with his hand, eyebrows raising in question as he sips out of his beer.

    At first, Yugyeom doesn’t speak a single word, fiddling with an empty shot glass instead. But he can see the way that Jinyoung’s brow furrows and forehead creases, clearly worried. Yugyeom sighs, not wanting to bring down Jinyoung’s mood. Getting together with his friends is a rarity these days, especially since they’re all so busy. Guilt washes over him when his wasted brain realizes that Jinyoung is taking care of his sad ass instead of having fun like they’re supposed to. 

    “No reason,” Yugyeom responds groggily, dodging Jinyoung’s question. He doesn’t want to worry him, so Yugyeom downs another shot before making his way towards the dance floor. He leaves behind an unconvinced Jinyoung at the bar, looking for something, anything, that will make the feeling of overwhelming disappointment and heartache go away.

    Yugyeom decides that ‘anything’ is going to become ‘someone’ when he spots a pretty girl in a tight dress make eyes at him from across the dance floor. He saunters over to the stranger, drunkenly requesting a dance. Yugyeom assesses that she’s pretty wasted too, just based on the fact that her words indicating acceptance slur together. She grabs his hand and presses her body against his, whispering in his ear as he drags her through the thick of people.

    The mystery girl turns around and grinds her ass into his lap messily, simultaneously swaying her hips with his to the beat of the song blasting through the speakers. She doesn’t stop talking, he observes, alcohol-fueled brain still able to make out her voice over the loud music. Yugyeom is absolutely plastered at this point, grabbing at her waist, pressing against her ass harder, and squeezing his eyes shut to block out her voice and the flashing neon lights. Even in his hazy, drunken mind, he knows that the entire situation feels wrong.

    She doesn’t move the way that you do. She doesn’t dance the way that you do. She doesn’t make him feel the way that you make him feel. She just isn’t you. Attempting to cover up how shitty he’s feeling, he flips her around to press his lips against her neck, laving at the skin there before making it up to her ear. With alcohol pumping through his body, he rasps slowly into her ear, asking her to come back to his place with him.

    Once Yugyeom sees her agree, he drags her in the direction of the exit. Jinyoung makes eye contact with him from the bar as he pushes through the rowdy crowd, too inebriated to see the rest of his friends stare at him in concern. After he drunkenly requests for an Uber on his phone, he crawls into the backseat of the car with her, immediately crashing his lips against hers clumsily. He feels even more terrible than he was before, knowing that he’s just using this girl to make him feel better.

    But Yugyeom is going to prioritize his feelings over his morals; just for tonight.


    Your gut drops at the sight, mouth falling open as the feeling of crushing heartbreak blooms in your chest, devastating you. The rational part of your brain is telling you that you shouldn’t be affected by this; you shouldn’t be upset, because it isn’t like you and Yugyeom are romantically involved in any way. He’s free to do whatever he wants, and you know this. But the thing is, you are upset by seeing another woman in the bed of a man that you’re not even in a relationship with.

    It’s like you have actual feelings for him.



    Oh no.

    A couple of seconds pass by at your recognition of the situation, but you’re not even able to fully process that your self-proclaimed, shallow crush has morphed into something else entirely. However, it hits you once your eyes follow the various articles of clothing scattered all over the hardwood floor and the side table, finally comprehending that the silver heels that you found in the foyer are hers.

    The realization renders you unable to keep your emotions at bay, your hands at your sides clenching into tense fists to stop the tears from welling up in the corner of your eyes. Unwittingly, your broken heart causes you to revert to a bad habit that you’ve always had; fueling anger with hurt.

    He planned to meet you. He asked you. But he decided to be completely irresponsible and disrespectful of the time that you set aside for him, disregarding his arrangements and plans to get his dick wet instead. At this point, your heartbreak transforms into pure animosity, digging your nails into your palms. You don’t even notice that BamBam caught up, standing behind you as his eyes dart between you and the mystery girl passed out on his bed.

    At least she was, now stirring due to the commotion that you and BamBam caused. This must suck for her, waking up with a probable hangover, greeting strangers with no clothes on.

    Staying silent, you remain speechless when you hear the sound of running water stop, the door of the bathroom opening into the bedroom with a loud squeak.

    Just as you predicted, Yugyeom waltzes into the bedroom in baggy shorts and no shirt, ruffling his wet hair with a towel. You aren’t even able to appreciate how good he looks because of how pissed and upset and unbelievably heartbroken you are at the moment. Once he turns the corner, his eyes immediately lock with yours, the deafening silence in the bedroom remaining. You open your mouth to speak first, fueled by anger, but you’re interrupted by a shuffling sound coming from the bed.

    The second that the mystery girl spots you at the bedroom door, she sits up on his bed with a jolt. Her eyes dart awkwardly between you and the man she spent the night with, fishing around for her clothes as she attempts to cover herself up with his sheets. 

    You’re not sure if your next action is out of mercy or obligation, but you hand her the clothing that’s strewn around the room, ushering her bedsheet-covered body into the hallway without a word. You don’t even notice BamBam squeezing himself through the gap in the door before you close it, leaving you and Yugyeom in the room. What she’s doing on the other side of the wall is unclear, but you can tell by the shuffling sound that she’s probably leaving as quickly as she can. It’s clear that she obviously doesn’t want to be around for the conversation that you and Yugyeom will inevitably have.

    Out of sheer spite, you utterly refuse to speak first. You’re angry; or at least, you’re trying to convince yourself that you are. Crossing your arms across your chest, you sink your weight into your left hip, waiting for Yugyeom to explain himself. That decision proves to be a mistake once he walks closer, your eyes catching the red and purple marks littered over his neck, likely placed there by the woman that you found in his bed.

    “Y/N, I-”

    You’re leaving before he has a chance to continue.

    You can’t do this. You can’t just stand there and be surrounded by this reality; Yugyeom doesn’t have feelings for you, and he would rather get his dick wet than go to practice with you.

    And you know what? That’s fine, you think to yourself, delusionally repeating, it’s fine. Everything is fine. Why would it not be fine? He can do whatever he wants. You two aren’t dating. It’s fine it’s fine everything is perfectly fucking fine-

    Everything isn’t fine though, because your hands are shaking uncontrollably, grip weak as you struggle to twist the doorknob fast enough. The corner of your eyes is getting wet and you’re panicking at this point, heartbeat racing when you jostle the handle forcefully. Exhaling in relief when it finally clicks open, you step out of the room.

    You have to leave. Now. Because if you look at the clothes and the messy bed and him for any longer, your unfeigned façade is going to crack; peeled and fractured away until there’s nothing left but your feelings for him, and you can’t have that.

    You’re practically speed walking out of the apartment, so preoccupied with your own thoughts and emotions that you fail to notice Yugyeom chasing after you, yelling, “Wait, please!” passing Bambam and the girl that he slept with (fully clothed, thank God). Once you reach the front door, you slide your sneakers half on. You don’t even bother with lacing them up; the only thing on your mind is getting out of here because you can’t have Yugyeom see you like this; distraught and hurt over him-


    All motion stops when you hear him yell your name in the hallway, his wrist yanking you back to face him. Yugyeom sees you squeeze your eyes shut to brace yourself, causing him to internally scold himself for being so rough with you. He didn’t intend to be so forceful, but he doesn’t want to lose you without explaining himself. Yugyeom is beginning to think that you’re upset with him enough to not look him in the eye, but he’s glad to see you open them, just enough to meet his gaze.

    You’re upset, yes. Not necessarily because of him, though. You were initially angry at him for blowing you off, but now, you’re just mad. At yourself. How could you allow yourself to indulge these feelings for him like you have?

    The flirty texts; treating him to his favourite foods; booking more practices with him, not because you needed them but because you simply wanted to be with him; you should’ve never done any of those things in the first place. It should’ve been purely business, and you chastise yourself for making it more than that. And because you’re focusing on holding it together, you don’t notice that Yugyeom is equally as hurt and distraught. But Yugyeom takes note of you; he’s always been good at that.

    You’re on the verge of sobbing and breaking apart in front of him, eyes glassy with tears beginning to well up in the corner of your eyes. Blinking the tears away, you bite your bottom lip, trying your best to suppress how much you’re shaking at the moment, overwrought with woefulness.

    He manages to notice that you’re incredibly distressed, so he attempts to wrap his arms around you for a hug.

    No, you think to yourself, pushing his advances away with a shake of your head. Yugyeom’s heart drops at your rejection, “Y/N, I-”

    “It’s fine,” you cut him off sharply, faking a smile as you wrap your fingers around his wrist, tugging his grip away. You take a step back from him, reassuring, “We can reschedule practice. It’s clean already so you don’t need to worry about the piece.”

    Yugyeom frowns at that, stomach sinking at what he’s hearing from you. It isn’t just fine. He isn’t ok and neither are you. If anything, his heart breaks at the fact that you’re mentioning work in a situation like this.

    Fuck work, fuck dance, he repeats in his head; he doesn’t give a shit about that. It isn’t about work or dance for him when it comes to you. Not anymore. But maybe it never was.

    All he’s ever wanted since the day that he met you was just…


    And because he cares for you; loves you; deeply; affectionately; irrevocably; to the point where losing you terrifies him to his core; his very being, he lets you go, watching your back retreat further and further from his sight.


    “What’s wrong?”

    The second that Lisa’s question reaches your ears, you break apart in front of her with a shake of your head, bottom lip trembling as salty tears begin streaming down your cheeks, wrapping your arms around for a tight hug. You’re clutching onto her for any semblance of comfort, tucking your head into the crook of her neck as you sob, letting out little sounds of sniffling and wheezing.

    Immediately, concern washes over her. She’s taken aback by your uncharacteristic sudden burst of sadness, reaching out to lock the door before guiding you into your shared apartment. You crumple onto the couch to hug at the throw pillow, Lisa wiping your tears with the sleeve of her hoodie.

    She doesn’t ask any more questions; she doesn’t push further.

    Instead, she waits until the tears subside, making a cup of coffee for you in the kitchen before joining you again.

    “Do you wanna talk about it?” she asks softly, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, allowing you to cuddle against her in solace.

    You sigh out before chewing at your bottom lip, attempting to disguise how shaky and hoarse your voice is from crying, “He blew off practice.”

    At first, Lisa frowns at this, confused by the inconsistency in the degree of reaction in comparison. That is, until you continue, adding on, “Showed up to his place with a girl in his bed.”

    Lisa’s jaw drops at the news. She doesn’t have to push you to tell her who it’s concerning; she already understands that you’re talking about Yugyeom.

    “I know that I shouldn’t be sad,” you start, pausing with a sniffle, “He can do whatever he wants. We aren’t together but it just…” you trail off, squeezing your eyes shut, not wanting to cry even more than you already have.

    “Hurts. Because he doesn’t…” you stop, not wanting to say it out loud because it would make it real, “I think that I might-”

    You cut yourself off.

    Love him, you want to admit badly, desperately, but you won’t allow it. You can’t allow it. He literally just slept with someone who isn’t you, and there’s no way that he returns your feelings in your mind. You thought that he might’ve, based on how much he’s grown to enjoy your company; the times that he’s given advice during your worst cases of choreo block; the times that he’s paid for your tea and snacks; that time he got you home safely after a party; that time he taped your injury up with the gentlest, most tender touch.

    Just thinking about it makes your cheeks warm.

    But clearly, it looks like he’s gotten over it.

    And that fact makes your heart crumble under the weight of sheer regret; you should’ve told him how you felt on the day that you met with him in that little café, smiling and laughing while talking about your shared love; dance.

    “And God,” you pause, pressing your palms against your eyelids with a trembling exhale, “Showcase is soon. How the fuck am I supposed to see him and… Rehearse with him? Dance with him? Our piece represents our teams! I don’t wanna fuck anything up for him… What am I supposed to do?”

    Lisa grabs at your shoulders and shakes them back and forth, as if she’s shocking you back to life. She gets right in your face and tells you something that you desperately needed to hear, “You’re amazing. And not having him there isn’t anything new. Wipe off those damn tears, get on that stage, and do what you do best.”


    In all of their years of friendship, Bambam has never seen his best friend this distraught. This upset.

    “I fucked up,” Yugyeom mumbles with his hands on his forehead, laying on the couch as he repeats, “I fucked up, I fucked up, I fucked up.”

    In Bambam like fashion, he dims the lighting and closes the curtains to fit the mood of the conversation. Yugyeom becomes frustrated with this, nearly yelling with tears threatening to stream down his face, “I’m being serious!”

    “I am being serious, you idiot!” Bambam yells back, fed up, “My best friend is hurting and you think that I’m not being serious?”

    Yugyeom recoils at this; Bambam never raises his voice like that.

    “Sorry,” Yugyeom apologizes, shaking his head in his hands, “I just… I can’t believe that I did that to her. What was I thinking?”

    Yugyeom is huffing at this point, panting for breath, heartbeat quickening. Bambam recognizes this as him wanting to vent, so he remains quiet, sitting down on the couch wordlessly.

    “Dance is so important to her and I just… Blew her off! And for what? Mediocre sex?” he rants to himself as if Bambam isn’t even there, arms waving around in the space as he argues with himself. What makes him so angry is that he managed to make you think that he doesn’t value you or your time. If Yugyeom knows anything, it’s the fact that dance is more than just work for you; it’s your life, your everything.

    “Idiot!” he calls himself, slapping his forehead before running his fingers through his hair in distress. And at that, Bambam huffs, moving close enough for him to wrap an arm around Yugyeom’s shoulders.

    “You’re right. You are an idiot,” Bambam deadpans, making Yugyeom pressing his face into his palms again, bending over to rest his elbows on his thighs.

    “Ugh. Way to make me feel better, asshole,” Yugyeom snipes, voice hoarse and muffled by his hands. He drags his palms down his cheeks to wipe away the tears collecting at the corner of his eyes, just to glare at Bambam.

    “Look, man. The girl that you slept with? On the dot,” Bambam says, causing Yugyeom to trace his left cheek, reminiscing the slap that she placed on it an hour ago.

    He remembers that she had hit him, hair messy and nostrils flared, muttering angrily, “That’s for sleeping with me when you have a girlfriend, asshole.”

    Yugyeom frowns at the recollection, dumbfounded, “What do you mean? Y/N isn’t my girlfriend, if you’re referring to what she said-”

    Bambam interrupts him when he exhales in effort, fed up with how dense his best friend is being. Pinching his nose bridge and squeezing his eyes shut in frustration, he utters, “She seems to think differently.”

    Yugyeom’s face remains blank, mouth agape. Even when Dalkyum wanders into his lap for comfort, his expression fails to change. Bambam sees this, and transitions from frustrated to absolutely exasperated.

    “Y/N likes you, dumbass.”

    Oh, Yugyeom’s eyes widen at the mere notion, but almost instantaneously dismisses it.

    “No. She’s mad because I blew her off,” Yugyeom counters, mumbling the same phrase to himself right after he said it audibly. It’s as if he’s attempting to cement it in his mind, to tell himself; to convince himself that such a reality would be unattainable. No, he thinks again, he shouldn’t entertain the idea of dating you; being with you; sleeping with you-

    “All those practices? Buying you food? Showing up to Pulse just to see you? Clinging to you when she’s drunk? Hello?”


    “Come on, man. Have you seen the way that she looks at you when you dance? It’s kinda disgusting, to be honest.”

    Yugyeom slaps the side of his face with both hands before dragging them down, jaw dropping. He doesn’t know what to do; scream, yell, cry, or what, so he ends up grabbing at the throw pillow in Bambam’s lap. In all his pent-up frustrations and sadness and sheer anger with himself and how completely fuckin’ stupid he is, he screams into the cushion.

    The action spooks the hell out of his dog, Dalkyum yelping in protest at Yugyeom’s sudden outburst.

    Yugyeom doesn’t notice though, so Bambam collects Dalkyum from his lap, placing him in his own with a pat of his head.

    “God. Then I really fucked up, huh?” he sighs in defeat, the volume of the sentence tamped down by the plushness of the cushion. At long last, Bambam gives a silent, triumphant cheer of his hands as he mouths out; fucking finally, right before telling his best friend, “Have fun trying to fix this.”


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