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    — txt as the different types of love languages

    pairing: txt x female reader
    genre and rating: fluff, g!
    warnings: none! just a bunch of teeth rotting fluff!
    hello loves! enjoy this cute lil reaction type thing as i work on a few more fics :)))

    reaction below the cut <33

    — yeonjun as words of affirmation

    we’ve all seen the way yeonjun reacts when one of the members compliments him or praises him in some way. i think yeonjun would love hearing from you how much you love him. after a long day, and he’s exhausted and wants nothing more than to just rest, the only thing he needs to hear is that you’re proud of him. he loves hearing that he’s doing amazing, and that you appreciate everything he does. he does the same to you as well. he knows he loves hearing it, so he does his best to do the same for you and make you feel just as loved and appreciated.

    — soobin as quality time

    soobin isn’t a huge people person, so most people wouldn’t see this being his love language, but i really think it is. it’s different when it comes to people he truly cares about, such as you. you two don’t even have to be doing anything. as long as he’s in the same vicinity as his significant other, he’s content. you want to lay down and watch a few movies? done. you want to go out and get into something fun? perfect. soobin genuinely loves having you around and would do anything to be with you at all times.

    — beomgyu as physical touch

    i really see beomgyu being really big on this kind of thing. like just imagine it. see? perfect. beomgyu really enjoys the comfort physical touch brings him. being able to actually touch you, offers reassurance that he’s not alone and that you’re there with him. it could be something as small as having his hand on your thigh while he’s driving. or as big as a long cuddle session on the couch after you both get home from work. beomgyu just genuinely loves you and enjoys the closeness he feels when he’s touching you. not in a sexual way either, no. just in the sense that he enjoys the feeling of your skin on his.

    — taehyun as acts of service

    taehyun just loves making your life a little easier, and he loves when you do the same for him. it’s so meaningful to him when you have some chores he needed to do, done by the time he got home from work. he loves when you listen to him rant, even though you may have some things going on as well. it means a lot to him when you just try to make him feel loved. it doesn’t have to be anything big, just a quick swing by the studio with lunch for the both of you. and like i said before, he does the same for you. if he knows you’re stressed from work, he’s gonna do everything he can to take even a little bit off of your plate.

    — kai as receiving gifts

    don’t mistake the concept of gift receiving for materialism. that’s the last thing it represents for kai. the concept of gift giving and receiving just shows that you were thinking of him. you happened to see something in the store that made you think of him? and you bought it? just for him? oh prepare yourself for the cuddle session later. it makes kai feel very appreciated when you do little things like that. he likes to buy you cute gifts too. and as i mentioned before, it doesn’t have to be anything huge. just knowing that you were thinking of him enough to buy him something, makes him tremendously happy,

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    those that fell short...
    and those that rose to the occasion.
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    — all my love fur you —

    p — werewolf!minho × fem!reader ; g — fluff + angst ; tw — slightly nsfw as it has brief mentions of sex. blood, wounds, pain and period ; wc — 899

    summary — just a little story about a mundane girl who fell head over heels for a werewolf boy and a werewolf boy who fell head over claws for a mundane girl.

    Yn had grown accustomed to dating werewolves. She even wondered why it was that she always ended up with one of them. Would they perhaps keep track of the humans that have dated werewolves before, and pursue those in order for their secret existence to stay under the radar? Or would it be because she smelled like her dalmatian all the time?

    Either way, she couldn't complain. not if that meant that this series of unfortunate events — read: dealing with fur in all her past relationships — lead to her meeting Lee Minho. 

    She believes him to be the love of her life, if her life were to end in the time being that is. She was smart enough to not let herself get lost in the wonders of wondering about the future. However, as ceptical as she was, she still refused to believe coincidence led to them meeting each other. It had to have been written somewhere, whether it was on the stars, on the moon, or on a dirty napkin in the noodle shop they met. 

    Never in her entire life she had thought she would meet a werewolf in a vegan restaurant, being that the exact reason she had found herself there that day, still not fully recovered from the heartbreak nor the big scars on her back, both caused by her ex after getting overly excited and going too rough in bed. 

    Lee Minho was just the right amount of charming and cute that anyone would like, and yn was no exception, allowing him to buy her dinner after the spilled drink made her jump back and her shirt stick to her body. 

    For the first weeks she believed she had finally broken the curse, thinking that now she could have a normal relationship. However, as the time approached, there was no way she could miss all the signals.

    He was oblivious to the fact she knew everything there is to know about the creatures of the moon. He was oblivious to how she recognised the slightest change in his mood as soon as the full moon was around the corner. She'd notice how he would eat more fiercely, even salivating a bit. Very similar to her own changes when her period was about to knock on her uterus' door. And he would begin to notice that she and him were not so different after all.

    Before the first moon she thought about breaking it off, she had it all planned and it wouldn't be so hard as they were only together for a few weeks. But it became hard. It became impossible right the night before when she was woken up by Minho's quiet sobs and deep breaths, her heart dropping five feet down as he confessed the fears of his nature, anticipating what he would do the next night. And so, she allowed herself to fall a little more for him, keeping him in her embrace that night, his head close to her heart, slowly calming down along with his worries.

    On the next day she insisted on staying over, waiting for him to come back after dawn. Reluctantly, he accepted, leaving before any changes could be noticeable, mind focused on the coconut flavoured chapstick yn was wearing. 

    That night, she didn’t sleep. Not until after Minho came back, shaking, pale and with ripped bloody clothes. Not after she helped him wash up, without any spoken word, caressing his skin and hair with touches as soft as feathers, as if like that she could mend all his pain. That morning, she kept him in her embrace once more, deciding she could never dump such a pure soul that just happened to be trapped into a cursed body. Because maybe, just maybe, this was meant to be. They were meant to be.

    It hurt, it hurt like hell seeing him endure all that pain every full moon. And the thoughts of leaving would hunt her again every once in a while. But they'd vanish just as fast as they came, Minho's loud laughter kicking them away. 

    Oh, and how she loved that sound! How she loved his quirky smile when she complimented his amazing cooking skills, and the way his hand fitted in hers just perfectly, swinging back and forth as they crossed the road just to walk on the colourful leaves because she loved hearing them creak. 

    All the mundane moments spent with him were pure bliss, making her heart beat in such a way she'd think it might stop at any time. Unlike the past relationships she had, with him she was never afraid, with him she felt powerful, unstoppable and safe. With him the nights would go by smoothly, with giggles and words of reassurance between moans. And the mornings would go by slowly and warm, either in the shower, or still in bed as the first beams of sunlight creeped in, making Minho groan and huff, annoyed at the fact they once again forgot to close the curtains. 

    For each 12 nights of anguish, there were 353 days of delight. And, for those 353 days, they were nothing but grateful, taking the best they could out of it.

    She will never again say her love life is cursed, not when even Luke, the dalmatian, loved Lee Minho. Not now that she was sure that they were, in fact, meant to be.

    ·˚ ༘ taglist — @su-lix @bobateastay @serialee @hwajin

    : ̗̀➛let me know if you want to be added or removed from the taglist ♡

    #districtninewriters#ficscafe#klibrary#kdiner#minho fluff#minho angst #minho x reader #lee know fluff #lee know angst #lee know x reader #werewolf au #stray kids scenarios #stray kids werewolf au #minho werewolf au
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    Soulmates || x.dj

    PAIRING || xaiojun x female reader

    GENRES || fluff, angst, soulmate au, best friends to (?) au

    SUMMARY || In a world where soulmates were a thing, will you be able to truly find yours?

    WC || 0.6k

    WARNINGS || nons

    A/N || Okay this was rushed up and I’m sorry but I tried my best.

    EVENT || Part of the au pairing event by @ficscafe​

    PROMPT ||  TWENTY-NINE. soulmate x soulmate ; when a soulmate has already found love elsewhere.

    TAGGING || @fifty-shades-of-mischeif​ @xavi-in-kpopland​ @whatudoing​ @midnightmoi​ @moonswhite​ @shrutiajit​ @cerisetalks​ @nctisthecity​ @woo-minhee02​ @en-sun​ @kravitee​ @cloudyhaos​ @buttvi​(If you want to be added to my taglists, fill in this form)

    "Have you ever loved anyone?"

    The young boy looked up from his incomplete puzzle, before giving her a half-shrug.

    "Only you."

    "Do I count?" She asked, not sure if best friends were supposed to be clubbed together in this category.

    Dejun blinked at her in surprise.

    "Of course you do. Why wouldn't you?"

    She looked down, playing with the fringe of her dress.

    "I don't know, no one seems to care for me." The six year old girl muttered.

    She felt him edge closer to her.

    "I care about you." He said slowly, as though he was hurt by her statement.

    Slowly, she looked up at him and felt herself smile. His honest words had warmed her heart and she didn't know what she would have done without him.

    "I care about you too."

    The boy smiled back, extending out his pinkie finger for her to interlink.

    "Let's promise to take care of each other till the very end."

    "Jun!" She screamed with delight, nearly ripping out the said boy's arm as she pulled him out of the wooden cabin they were staying in. "It's a shooting star, we need to make a wish soon-"

    But before either of them could wish, the star disappeared in the horizon, leaving behind a dark night sky sprawling with stars.

    "Oh no." She said, visibly upset. "It's gone now."

    "Nothing is gone." Dejun whispered, taking her hands in his. 

    "We can just wish on each other, and it will come true. Faster than a shooting star. "

    She blinked at him rapidly, trying to process his words. Soon a smile broke onto her face.

    "Yes." She whispered happily. "Let's do that."

    Their eyes fluttered closed as they wished upon each other.

    "What did you wish for?" Dejun asked.

    She raised her eyebrows.

    "Are we supposed to say that though?"

    His eyes widened in fake betrayal. 

    "I'm your best friend!"

    She laughed at his over reaction.

    "Fine. I wished that we meet our soulmates soon."

    He gasped.

    "I wish that too!"

    She looked at him incredulously. 


    "I swear!" He said, and he took off running, his laughter the only sound in the empty valley.

    "Xiao Dejun! Come back here right now!"

    She knew it.

    She always had a feeling it was him, but now she was confirmed that her soulmate was her best friend.

    In a world where soulmates were found by the initials of your significant other being tattooed on your palm, a lot of people didn't find theirs.

    But she knew hers.

    She knew these letters and whom they belonged to.


    Xiao Dejun.

    Her best friend.

    The man she had been in love with for god knows how many years.

    And so she went to his workplace extra early today, dying to tell him the good news.

    Upon entering the bakery, she found her soulmate  in a good mood too.

    "Hello mister. I see someone is really happy today." She joked, leaning against the counter.

    Dejun smiled at her, causing a million butterflies to break in her stomach.

    “I found my soulmate!”

    She beamed at him. Of course he did.

    “Who’s it?” She asked eagerly.

    Just then, one of his coworkers walked in, and Dejun turned around to her. Then, wrapping his arms around the newcomer, he beamed at Y/N.

    “This is Junhee, my soulmate.” He said, turning to peck her on the lips.

    Y/N felt her world crash as they both showed her their carved initials.

    She smiled at them bitterly and congratulated them. After a few words, she walked out of the cafe, the heaviness of her heart almost unbearable.

    Looking back she realised something.

    Dejun was never hers to keep.

    A/N: Please do tell me what you think about this story!! I worked really hard on it and I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on it~ Comments and reblogs are appreciated!

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    3 years with ateez :: 181024-211024

    thank you for eight incredible eras from debut until now ♡ let’s keep going for a long time ♡
    #fire tw#flashing tw#ateez#ateezedit#ateez gifs#kdiner#hongjoong#seonghwa#yeosang#yunho#san#wooyoung#mingi#jongho#*ateez#*anniversary #luna.gifs #mygifs#long post #i won't be emo i really won't #but i will cry bc this set took forever #i don't even know if i really like it #or im just stockholmsyndroming myself into liking it #it's 4 am tho so. #sleep.
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    Dear, My Boyz | Dear, Younghoon

    What happens when letters you wrote in the past about your old feelings were sent out?

    What’s going to happen when old feelings resurface?

    Word count;; 1.1k

    Genre;; fluff, angst.

    Warnings;; some *semi* deep talk about loving yourself and being yourself.

    Taglist;; @deobis-moon @geminirules @yuta-senpai @mingyuwus @jaxminskale @yourjaylaks @xxluckydreamsxx @taemin-jaemin @stealanity @zvae @chaoticdreaminisode @haruphoria @sunfics @m1ng-how @studioreader @lilyujin

    Ask to be on the tag list here!

    Networks;; @k-dinernet @k-library @ficscafe @deobiwritersnet @tbznetwork @ultkpopnetwork @kpclub

    A/N;; hi thereeeee

    So I did some plot defining and made everything into a solid plan and found out I need at least 48 chapters to get to where I want the series to ends I was like “well I better start writing them soon” so here I am :))

    back. <- | m.list | -> next.

    -> main masterlist. | the boyz masterlist.

    Dear Kim Younghoon, The most popular student in Deodi High,


    I honestly have no clue how to start off this letter since there are just so many emotions that are brewing in me right now that I just don’t know what to write down.

    I feel like I could write for hours about everything I’m feeling right now, but at the same time- I can’t. I feel like I can’t find the perfect words to describe my feelings right now, and I feel like even if I did, I won’t know how to write a perfect letter anyways.

    I know that I won’t ever send this out anyways (because this is embarrassing), but I still want this letter to feel…right? Is that even the right word? I don’t even know. I want this letter too feel like it’s real, like it’s one that I’m going to have in my hand, and I’m going to hand it to you in person, that’s what I want this letter to be like.

    I guess I better stop rambling and start talking about what I’m really writing this letter for.

    I like you, Kim Younghoon. I like you maybe a lot, maybe just a bit, but it doesn’t matter, because in the end I still like you either way.

    You know, I feel like at this point, I really should start to feel more natural(?) at writing these letters (yes, letters there were more before you, sorry.) but I’m not. This still feels so fresh to me, so new and so..unfamiliar.

    Anyways, back to what I was talking about earlier,

    I like you, Younghoon, like now, but it’s going to turn into a liked later- well I hope it will.

    I’m not sure if you even remember who I am considering you’ve got basically the entire population of girls in our school begging for your attention, but, I’m y/n. Heo Y/n.

    I dunno if that name rings a bell in your head or not, so I guess it’s probably better if I just moved on huh?

    I always kinda knew who you were even before we met, I mean, who wouldn’t at our school? You were literally the most popular person in school. But I think I really got to know that one day in October of 2014, where you had to model for our school’s magazine(again) and I was there as a replacement photographer since the one they had called in sick that day. My brother (Hyunjoon, er- Hwall if that’s what you remember him by) was the one who recommended me to help out there.

    It was that day that I really got to know you under the calm, cold face you always had on whenever I saw you in the hallway. It was funny really, how I was so scared of you when you walked into the club room with your face cold and emotionless.

    But then it all changes when you started to talk. Your voice was so soft spoken, and so polite, as if you were talking to the teachers or something. It was then that I thought ‘oh what a nice person, he’s such a nice cute guy’ but then it changed again when you started to pose in front of the camera. It was as if you had a switch on you, and it felt like you changed into a completely new person again.

    You were so charismatic, so cool, and so handsome with your confidence overflowing all over your body. You were a natural under the camera and lightning, as if you have been doing this ever since you were born, and honestly, I won’t even be surprised if you told me you have been doing this since birth, that’s how good you were.

    I could still remember the small, yet deep conversation we had when we took a small break. Like how when you told me that the ‘you’ under the camera wasn’t really the ‘you’ that you are. You told me that the person under the camera was only someone that you wished to be, that he was a shadow, a font you put on in front of others so that you can ‘fit in’.

    I could still remember how deep your words hit me then. It was- it is something that I know that I’ll never forget. You made me open my eyes as to how hard I have been trying to satisfy the people around me, and how much I was losing myself while doing so. You made me realize that the person I ‘was’ was someone that was made up by lies that people around me- and that included myself too.

    You told me about your dreams for the future and you were so kind to me, giving me advice I never knew I needed all the while you encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to. You didn’t try to word your words so that you can hint at what I should do, you were transparent, completely truthful to your words.

    And maybe that’s when I started to have this thing called feelings bloom in my heart. Maybe it was the way you smiled at me when our break was over, or maybe it was the way you stood up first and offered your hand to help me up.

    Maybe it was even the way you changed so quickly when the camera was pointed at you. Or maybe it was when you said you wanted to walk me home, even though I lived in the opposite way you did because you were worried that I, a teenage girl, would walk home alone in the dark night of Seoul by herself. Or maybe it was a mixture of everything I mentioned just now and more.

    I really can’t tell you exactly when I started to like you, and I don’t think I can do that for anyone at all. Feelings are something that changes over time- like how I started to like [redacted] really fast out of nowhere and then it slowly died down when I started to like [redacted n.2] and how that died down when I started to like you.

    I’d be lying to myself if I said that I wasn’t scared of my feelings, because I am. I’m scared of liking you and [redacted] and anyone at all, because I never know when my feelings would die out. I’m scared, but it was you who taught me to just be myself so that’s why I’m here again, on this same desk, using the same pen, writing another letter, this time to you.

    So thank you Younghoon.

    For teaching me to love and be myself, and for letting me like you, even if it’s going to be for a short time only.

    Signed, Heo Y/N.

    @ junjungsunwoo, all rights reserved.

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    — cast a spell on me —

    ☆ hogwarts + vampire au ☆

    chapter [ 1 ] – [ 2 ] – [ 3 ]

    p: yeosang × gn!reader ft bsf!yunho | wc: 1.8k

    g: sfw, angst, glimpses of fluff towards the ending (which is happy), enemies to lovers

    tw: mentions of death/death threats, manipulation, vampires, blood, alcohol and being slightly drunk (drink responsibly!), betrayal

    summary: yn grew up to believe in the existence of mortal enemies, being kang yeosang theirs. how will they deal with the fact that said boy has become close to her best friend?

    a/n: this is a fic with multiple parts, however they are not complete yet so i can't say for sure how many there will be (counting on having 3) ♡

    ⇢ this fic is also part of the ficscafe exchanging event, written for @atozfic ♡ (i'm really really sorry but i wasn't able to put this out earlier, hope you still enjoy!)

    As the train began to speed up, King’s Cross was left behind and now out of sight. You’re half asleep and half awake, constantly shifting between dreamland and real world, the rail squeal of the train’s wheels being the main cause of your light sleep. Your cheek pressed against the cold window was starting to warm up the glass, and the muscles in your neck began to resent themselves from the position they’ve been holding for so long. Without giving it much thought, you detached your head from the glass and leaned it against the shoulder on your right. Feeling your neck bend more and your head resting lower than you expected, you frown and open your eyes to see why Yunho suddenly felt so short. 

    It didn’t take long for your sleepy self to realize the boy next to you was in no way remotely similar to your best friend, and you feel an instant impulse - perhaps out of habit - to move away from him as soon as you spot the birthmark on his temple.

    “I’m- I’m really sorry. I- I thought you-”, your mind couldn’t make sense of what just happened, where the hell did Yunho go and why is Kang Yeosang sitting in his spot?

    “That’s okay, no need to apologise…” the blonde waves his hands shyly at you, “Everywhere else was full, and uh- Yunho said I could sit here...”, he talks to you the same way people talk to traumatized kids, as if he was afraid you would bite him or start crying at any point without warning. 

    “Where is Yunho?”, you spit back at him - perhaps too harshly - and he moves a few inches away from you, now sitting at the other edge of the seat. 

    “Uh- he- hum-”, his stuttering was interrupted by the sound of the compartment’s door opening, a very smiley Yunho sticking his head inside.

    “So, who wants some snacks?”, the tall brunette sneaks in, making himself comfortable next to you and, unknowingly, breaking the tense atmosphere that formed between you and Yeosang. 

    You take a couple of snacks from the bag, and for the rest of the trip you keep your focus on the surroundings outside the window, imagining a race happening between the raindrops that slided down the glass, just like you used to do when you were a kid. You could hear Yunho’s voice - muffled by your own thoughts - ramble on loudly about all the things he had done over the summer, Yeosang giving small comments from time to time just to assure the Hufflepuff boy that he was in fact paying attention to him, even though he didn’t have much to add. 

    For the next couple of weeks whenever you saw Yunho you’d see Yeosang right beside him, it was as if they were glued by the hip and, for that reason, you mastered your avoidance technique, spending all of your time with your Slytherin friends instead of your usual “big tree”, like they used to call him. You would still spend some time with him whenever you had classes together - if the Gryffindor boy wasn’t around -, otherwise you’d just vanish out of their sight the best way you could.

    Yes, you were pretty good at hiding but, just as if to complement you, Yunho was great at finding you, especially around lunch time. 

    “I knew you would be here!”, the so familiar voice exclaims loudly and proudly from afar. You look behind you just to see Yunho doing his little jog towards the Quidditch field, your designated spot for this time of day. You couldn’t help but smile at the sight: his hair all over the place allowing his forehead to give you a little peak, his wide smile making his eyes be hidden by the cheeks, red from the chilly wind, and his yellow scarf flowing behind him. 

    “I know you just like the back of my hand, (y/n)”, he sits down next to you, his shoulder hitting yours lightly, “But there are two things I still don’t understand.” Yunho pauses with an intriguing look, waiting for you to react.

    “And what are those two things, if I may ask?”

    “Oh, exactly the question I was waiting for!”, he stands up dramatically, blocking your vision from the field, “Number one, why do you keep coming here at this time of the day. And number two, why do you hate Yeosang?”

    You knew he didn’t expect a reply for the first one, but the other one he certainly wanted to know.

    “I never said I hated him.” you simply shrug your shoulders.

    “But you do, don’t you?”, he squats in front of you squinting his eyes, and you shoo him away. 

    “I just don’t vibe with him, I don’t know.”

    “Funny coming from you... Last year you scolded your brother for being too judgy when he’d first meet someone, and this is your explanation for not getting along with Yeosang? I don’t buy it.” 

    He sits back down and crosses his arms, proud of himself for being so observant. But, when you don’t say anything, Yunho furrows his brows as this was unlikely of you, becoming worried that maybe Yeosang wasn’t who he thought he was. Yet, he knew better than to push it with you, sending his thoughts to the back of his mind, saving them for later.

    You were glad your friend dropped the subject that soon but, unfortunately, as the day went by the matter didn’t seem to leave your mind, ghosts of your past threatening to disrupt your sleep later on that night.

    “You can’t ever trust him, y/n. Ever. And I mean it.” Your older brother squeezed your shoulders rather harshly as he scrunched down a little for your eyes to meet, and it felt as if he was staring into your soul. “You know what he’ll do to you, right?”

    “The same dad did to his family.” you replied quietly, tears already lingering in the corners of your eyes as you looked down at your feet. 

    “Exactly.” The tall boy pulled you into a tight hug, “He might seem innocent and friendly but don’t you think he won’t take out his revenge on us. It’s not your fault, but you're the easy target, y/n. Please stay safe.” He places a kiss on the top of your head before walking you to the train, leaving you to Yunho, the only friend he trusted you with. 

    The bitter memories of your first trip to Hogwarts years ago kept you awake, making you toss and turn in your bed for hours, the tears you cried that day stinging and staining your cheeks all over again. The fear of possibly being killed by one of your classmates seemed unreasonable back then, but as you grew up so did that fear. You were all becoming skilled wizards and witches, and it seemed very plausible and fair to you that Kang Yeosang would want to avenge his parent’s death someday. You, as you’ve been told, are in fact an easy target and he has just gotten one step closer to you.

    The next morning, after your three miserable hours of sleep, you meet Yunho at the entrance hall for your weekly trip to Hogsmeade, since you both had no classes on Friday mornings. However, you slow down your pace as soon as you spot and extra mop of blonde hair next to your friend, deciding to turn around and head back to your dorm as soon as you saw Yeosang’s face.

    To your dismay, Yunho’s eyes worked like ones of an eagle and he immediately called you out, preventing you from pursuing your escape plan. You sighed deeply, stopping on your tracks as the tall boy approached you with a big smile on his face.

    “I invited Yeosang to come with us, is that okay with you?”, his hand brushing your elbow lightly.

    You hesitate a bit, glancing over at where Yeosang was standing, fidgeting his fingers and playing with the scarf fringes. “My fear is so stupid, right?”. You bite your cheek, not taking your eyes off the boy you were taught to fear, one who looked nothing but innocent right now. “He might be pretending though…”, you sigh once more and look back at Yunho nodding in agreement, “There’s only one way to find out.”

    For the whole trip you’ve maintained yourself close to Yunho’s left side, while Yeosang kept walking on his right. You were mainly listening to their conversation rather than actively participating, attempting to read through Yeosang. But there was nothing there. Nothing to be afraid of at least. He was just another Hogwarts’ student who liked playing Quidditch and dreamed of becoming an Auror, just like you. 

    As the time passed by, you’d let yourself loosen up a bit, but not without maintaining your reserved persona, just slowly giving in to the boys’ random muggle games Yeosang had taught you. To be fair, after three butter beers any game becomes more fun, even “truth or dare”. However, it had become "truth or truth" right after the fifth round, and your previously conflicted mind was now clouded by alcohol.

    “This is stupid, guys.”, you whine, hiding your face and refusing to answer the question Yunho made, “Seriously, it’s so embarrassing!”

    “Of course it is, that’s why I asked!”, your friend laughed loudly before resting his chin on his hands as he leaned over the table to look at you attentively, “It was Professor Young wasn’t it?”,  you could see his smile grow bigger through your fingers and hear Yeosang already grinning next to him.

    “Well, I had my reasons!”, you just decide to own it, crossing your arms and resting your back on the chair with the proudest look you could pull off. “He looked like a vampire…”, your voice dies down a little at the last statement while the boys filled the Three Broomsticks Inn with what now sounded more like squeals than actual laughter.

    “You’re saying your first crush was Professor Young just because he looked like a vampire?” Yeosang wipes a tear from the corner of his eye, still chuckling.

    “Is that your question for the game?”, you stare at him with a defying gaze, “If so-”

    “Wait! No, no, no!”, he waves his hands in front of you, “I have an actual question.” His voice fell down three octaves, his smile became a smirk and his eyes fixated on you in such a way you could either fall in love or kill him right on the spot. 

    “Go ahead then.” you fought with all your strength to not look away from him, to not look weak in front of him, you didn't even blink, too focused on the green of his eyes seemingly turning black, but that was probably just your not so sober self hallucinating.

    “What is your biggest fear?” 


    “Why- What?”, Yunho shifts in his chair, laughing once more but this time alone, completely oblivious of the honesty in your voice and the seriousness on your face, “Are you guys flirting? You know that’s not how two people flirt right?”

    At this point you had already broken eye contact with Yeosang, feeling rushes of shivers down your spine as your brain went dizzy and Yunho’s voice became more distant than ever. You couldn’t tell if you bluntly spilled out the truth just because you were drunk or if the Gryffindor had cast a spell on you. 

    to be continued...

    ⇢ general taglist: @su-lix @bobateastay @leihey @serialee

    ⇢ 'cast a spell on you' taglist: @ nobody yet

    ⇢ let me know if you want to be added or removed from either one of the taglists ♡

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    Dear, My Boyz | Short-lived dreams.

    What happens when letters you wrote in the past about your old feelings were sent out?

    What’s going to happen when old feelings resurface?

    Word count;; 1.1k

    Genre: fluff, angst.

    Warnings: none that I know of :)

    Taglist;; @deobis-moon @geminirules @yuta-senpai @mingyuwus @jaxminskale @yourjaylaks @xxluckydreamsxx @taemin-jaemin @stealanity @zvae @chaoticdreaminisode @haruphoria @sunfics @m1ng-how

    Ask to be on the tag list here!

    Networks;; @k-dinernet @k-library @ficscafe @deobiwritersnet @tbznetwork @ultkpopnetwork @kpclub


    Sorry this took so long, I half way lost inspiration and motivation for this series but recently I got ideas and wanted to start working on this more so please do look forward to more chapters later in the future!!

    back. <- | m.list | -> next.

    -> main masterlist. | the boyz masterlist.

    Closing the door to his small, yet cozy apartment building, Jacob collapses onto the comfort of his couch in the middle of his living room. His entire body was sore from all the work he had done throughout the day.

    Remembering all his responsibilities as an adult, Jacob quickly sits up from where he once laid, picking up the pile of letters on the small coffee table in front of him.

    Bills, bills, bills, taxes, taxes, more bills…

    Jacob quickly skims through the pile of letters as the weight on his shoulders feels more and more heavy with each letter of bills or taxes he sees. Numbers float around his head as he tries to see how much money he would have left from his pay after he paid off all of his bills and taxes.


    Stopping his hands, Jacob stops at a letter with his name handwritten on, unlike the other letters where his name was typed or stamped on. The letter was old- the envelope with very light tints of yellow, and it was slightly crumbled, but not to the point where he couldn’t tell what was written on the letter.

    Taking the letter out of the pile, Jacob leans back onto his couch before carefully examining the small, weightless letter. The writing was cute, it was slightly messy- as if the person who was writing this was nervous at the time. Turning the letter around, Jacob was greeted with the writer’s name;

    Heo Y/n.

    It was a name that rang a bell inside Jacob’s head. It was familiar and yet it wasn’t, the name tugged at a corner of Jacob’s brain, as if unconsciously, he remembered the owner of the name. Grabbing a knife, Jacob carefully opens the envelope, trying hard to make sure that the envelope doesn’t rip so he can keep the letter as a keepsake after.

    His heart beats in both excitement and nervousness as the white folded piece of paper finally reveals itself. Pulling the piece of paper out from the slightly yellow envelope, Jacob carefully unfold it, as if it was as delicate as glass. Taking a deep breath, Jacob begins reading.

    Dear Jacob Bae,

    The model student of Deobi Highschool,

    I..really can’t believe I’m here again, writing another letter, but uh- hi? Jacob.

    Finishing the letter, Jacob could feel his face redden and turn warm. He’s never gotten such a personal letter before, nor has he ever received such a sincere letter all for himself.

    Memories of you flushed into his head, all the times the two of you would spend hours in your room just singing English songs while Jacob corrects your pronunciation every now and then or all of the times when you would nearly fall asleep from the constant studying you did during the day.

    Those were fun times. It was through helping you learn with music that he found what he grew to love and do now- become a teacher, specifically a music teacher. Jacob could remember clearly now, all of the times when he would feel so much joy in his repeating life while he taught you, how he found you to be such a fun and amusing student to teach and help. It was through helping you that Jacob learned to combine his two passions into one; music and teaching.

    Although like in your letter, Jacob once wanted to drop everything he was doing at the time to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer, he knew he couldn’t. Jacob, even though he was young at the time, knew how much stress he would have to go under if he wanted to become a singer, how toxic the industry can get the more fame he got. He also understood that by becoming a singer, he was betting a lot of things in his future and young Jacob didn’t want to take the chance. Even now, Jacob isn’t regretting anything. He was happy where he was now, he had a stable income, a roof over his head, and hid fridge was alway full with food, Jacob was satisfied with where in life he is now, and he believed that, this was all he needed.

    Feeling a small tug at the corner of his heart, Jacob reads the letter again, and his heart flutters at the thought of you confessing your feelings for him. Even though your feelings towards him were short lived (or so he thought) he was glad that he could be someone special to you, even if it was for just a second. He was happy that he had made such a big impact on you where you were to the point of writing a letter for him about his feelings. Jacob did however, felt a little disheartened to know that he wasn’t the first to be written a letter, but he was just happy that he was your second.

    Putting the letter back into the small envelope, Jacob goes into his bedroom and into the small walk-in closet he had, where he had hidden a boss of his old things. Fishing an old phone from the box, he tries to open it but finds it out of battery. He plugs a charging port into the phone and puts it down as he lets it charge.

    Going even deeper into the box of old things, Jacob pulls out a small polaroid picture. It was once of him, your brother and you. It was simple, really, it was a picture where the three of you were smiling as you huddled around a small cake that your mom made after learning that it was Jacob’s birthday. That day was one of the best memories Jacob had as a teenager, and it was a simple gesture that made him feel the happiest.

    Grabbing the phone again, Jacob tries to turn it on again, this time, the phone turns on. As Jacob’s heart beats faster every second, he opens up the message app that he hasn’t touched in ages, he clicks on the old, yet familiar name that he was once so close with.


    Hey y/n, I don’t know if you still remember me or not, but I’m Jacob? The guy who used to tutor you in English? Sorry if this was sudden, I just wanted to see how you were doing after getting your letter :) 6:53PM

    Putting down the phone, Jacob could feel his heart beat like crazy. His head flashes all the time where you would smile at you with your eyes sainted a bit, and your nose scrunched. A unconscious smile makes it’s way up his face as his face reddens once more.


    Jumping from the sudden sound, Jacob turns back to the phone quickly, his eyes open in surprise, never expecting you to reply.

    @ junjungsunwoo, all rights reserved.

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    Title: 3.3.3: Third Stall of the Third Floor at the Third Hour Pairing: Kim Donghan x gn!reader (feat. wei) Summary: Who knew playing truth or dare in the university library would open the doorway to hell? TW: Hanako-san/Hanako-kun myth, blood, descriptions of hell/purgatory, protagonists being chased, voices, vivid details in a horror setting (mostly psychological), cursing/swearing. Word Count: 1.5k+ Genre: horror au feat. mild comedic relief (this is a donghan fic), ambiguous relationships between characters

    You're trembling, heart racing as you force yourself to take slow, deep breaths. Looking over your shoulder, you see Donghan smirking. Why were you the one to do it, then?

    Slowly, you step forward. Then, as if not to disturb her, you gently knock on the stall door before speaking quietly. "Hanako-san, are you there?"

    The bathroom is silent for only a few seconds before you hear Donghan's laughter squeak out from behind you. He grabs you by your shoulders and moves you to the side before placing himself in front of the stall door.

    Oh no.

    "Yah, you have to make sure she hears you! Sorry for my friend," he bows quickly, "they're a little shy."

    Your shoulders tense as soon as Donghan's knuckle hits the hollow metal. Once. Twice. Then, a third time.

    Every knock reverberates inside you; you can't breathe. It's such a jarring noise that you're sure the other boys could hear it as well. But then a sudden silence falls over the room.

    You hear the grin in Donghan's voice as he sings, "Oh Hanako-san, are you there?"

    A slow creak fills the room as the seventh stall door opens. And then the sixth, and the fifth right after. The room gets colder with each door that opens. As soon as the fourth door stills, you stare in horror at the stall in front of you. You inch your way closer to Donghan, who takes a step back to watch.

    But then the second stall door opens, and then the first. A few seconds pass and there's nothing. The third stall was still closed.

    You let out a shaky breath, startled to see it materialize before you. How can it be this cold?

    Another moment of silence passes before you find the courage to speak. "Hana- Hanako-san?"


    note: just a quick little teaser! this is something I've been super excited about for months and I'm so happy to finally be sharing it with you soon 🥺 this may sound ridiculous but this fic was a huge step in the best direction for me and I'm so happy to be able to share it my way, where I can love and appreciate myself and my work. this represents an end and rebirth of myself in a lot of ways, and I can't wait to see what to future holds!

    taglist: @wisegirlleah @fleurdae @altered-item @cactushyogi

    (please let me know if you'd like to be omitted OR included in my taglist for this! this'll be my first horror piece on the blr but I'm sure it won't be my last <3)

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    PAIRING || Key x reader (X-SHINee??)

    GENRES || Horror, x-exo type Key, romance

    SUMMARY || Paranoid as he maybe he knew there was someone playing Jekyll and Hyde with him.

    WC || 1124

    WARNINGS || horror, character deaths

    A/N || Tell me what you think about this story, because I want to know whether you guys liked the plot twist or not!

    TAGGING || @fifty-shades-of-mischeif @xavi-in-kpopland @whatudoing @midnightmoi @shrutiajit @cerisetalks @exoxobsession @woo-minhee02 @roroswitherose​ @lovesickgyu​ (If you want to be added to my taglists, fill in this form)

    Everyone had a facade.

    But for Kibum, he was sure it was a completely different human.

    When he was young, people brushed him off thinking it was just a young boy's obsession over Robert Louis Stevenson, but he always had this inkling feeling there was another him.

    And when he grew up, he was even more certain about it.

    Maybe it was through the rare comments people dropped to him about seeing him in places he hasn't been to.

    Or maybe it was because he felt that he was always being watched.

    To the point people called him paranoid.

    But he could swear someone was watching him, studying his each and every step.

    The only time this paranoia wasn't on his mind was when you were with him.

    There was something about you that kept him in ease, something that helped him calm down and gave him something else to think of.

    He didn't know when this crush had begun, but he was sure of it by now.


    He blinked, as you waved your hand in front of his face.

    He blinked rapidly as you smirked at him, causing him to clear his throat in embarrassment.

    "You were uh, saying?"

    "Distracted much?" You asked, neatly folding the papers and placing them in the folder. 

    He really didn't know how trustworthy fate was, but he sure could thank his stars, and his boss, for giving him this new project with you.

    "Yeah...uh you know...football season?" He lied.

    You gave him a quizzical look.

    "I thought you didn't like sports?"

    Kibum cursed himself mentally for lying so obviously.

    "I was talking about how our stats have improved so much this month. I think we did a great job!"

    "Really?" He was surprised.

    Because no matter how hard he worked, his boss always seemed to say it wasn't enough.

    "I would love a break." He kyrrered to himself.

    But you heard it and let out a loud gasp.

    "That's it! We can celebrate tonight because knowing Mr. Lee, we will never get a break."

    "Oh." He scratched his neck awkwardly. "So what are you going to do to celebrate?"

    You blinked at him, frowning at his obliviousness. Clearly, he hasn't understood what you meant.

    "I meant us. We should celebrate. Together."

    Kibum felt his cheeks heat up.

    Oh god. Where was his sass? Why was he such a mess in front of you?

    "Sure. You, uh, want to hang out with me? We could go to that restaurant that opened last month."

    You smiled at him, causing his heart to flutter.

    "I would love that. Formals?"

    "Whatever you are comfortable in."

    Now you grinned at him even more brightly.

    "You really know how to win my heart, Kibum. "

    "You are a monster!" You gasped, covering your mouth so that you didn't cough out your food because of the amount you were laughing.

    "He's the monster!" Kibum said, eyes growing wide at her in fake disappointment. "I asked him to take care of my house for a day. Not enter my house, steal my clothes and take my food!"

    You laughed more, imagining Taemin's expression when he sent these pictures to Kibum.

    "Oh my god you both love each other. Just admit it."

    He shook his head rapidly, eyes wide in horror. 

    "No way! I only hang out with him because he's Jinki's half brother-"

    This time your eyes opened wide at horror.

    "J-Jinki? Did you just call Mr. Lee by his name?"

    "He's my close friend, okay?"

    "This is getting spicier. Should I tell him about all the things you've spoken behind his back?" 

    Kibum groaned.

    "Please don't."

    You laughed.

    "Don't worry, I won't tattle to the boss."

    You edged closer to him, giving him a soft smile.

    He felt his heart flutter, feeling bold enough to wrap his arm around you. You obliged willingly, snuggling closer to him.

    "I know this sounds creepy," he began, the alcohol kicking in his system, "but I have a crush on you."

    "Funny." You said, your words slightly slurred too. "Because so do I."

    Kibum blinked at her, before deciding he had to kiss you. So he leaned in slowly, not breaking eye contact in case you didn't want this but closed his eyes when you met his lips halfway through.

    The kiss was a small one, but it was enough to set his heart on fire.

    "I really like you." You confessed, as he pressed his forehead against yours.

    He smiled at you.

    "Do you want to come home with me?"

    "Hello babe."

    Kibum jumped at those words, and had a bigger heart attack when you worked and sat down beside him.

    "Hey?" He said uncertainly, wondering how the new nickname had been assigned to him.

    Not that he minded it, he was just surprised.

    He hadn't even confessed to you yet, so he wondered if you were using this term of endearment as a joke.

    But things got serious, when you wrapped your arms around him.

    "I missed you. You were away for two whole days and I missed you so much."

    Kibum froze.

    "Excuse me?" He asked slowly.

    The smile from your  face dropped.

    "What do you mean excuse me?"

    "You said I've been away for two days?"

    "Er, yes?" 

    "I, uh, have been away for the whole week though?"

    The colours from your face drained out.

    "Kibum." You said a bit more sternly. "This isn't funny."

    "N-no. I'm not joking! I was with my mother she's sick-"

    You could see the fear in his eyes too.

    "But I went home with you…" you muttered, feeling dizzy.

    "I, uh, I'll be back." Kibum said, getting up unsteadily.

    You nodded weakly at him as he walked out of the room.

    Pressing your hand to your template, you tried to wrap your mind around what had happened.

    The Kibum you had spent time with felt real, he had acted just the way Kibum would.

    But so did this one…

    Which was the real one then?

    Just as that moment you heard a scream come from the bathroom, and you froze, unable to get up from your seat to help the person.

    After a few minutes, the door of the room opened and Kim Kibum walked in.

    But you could see the change in his attitude, and his appearance.

    There was blood splattered over his face as he smirked at you, fear rooting you to your spot.

    He took a step closer and you noticed the bloody knife in his hand, fear coursing through your veins.

    "Whi-which one are you?" You whispered, throat dry with fear.

    He took another step close, now right beside you before smiling cruelly at you.

    "Whichever you want me to be, darling."

    A/N: Please do tell me what you think about this story!! I worked really hard on it and I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on it~ Comments and reblogs are appreciated!

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    Death of an Angel. || B.JC

    -PAIRING; Fallen Angel! Serial Killer! Yandere! Stalker! Jacob X Fem! Reader (ft. Chanhee, Hyunjae and Youngjae(Eric))

    -WORD COUNT; 5.4K

    -> What happens when a guardian angel falls from heaven? What happens when that angel falls in love?

    Guardian angels shall never sin, and they never will. For they had everything they would ever want in heaven. But Jacob only wanted one thing- you. And he will stop at nothing until you were his. You were his sin.

    -WARNING! blood, gore, descriptive way of death, mass murder, mentions of hell, stalking, unhealthy obsession, obsession, mentions of sin, mentions of a car crash, forcing reader to kill, murdering own family, double major character death, if you see anymore please do make sure to tell me!!

    I DO NOT condone whatever is in this fiction. Everything in this oneshot is FICTIONAL, which mean everything is FAKE! Please do not ever follow the actions that my charaters (mainly Jacob) have done in the fictional story.

    -TAGLIST; @zvae @stealanity @chaoticdreaminisode @haruphoria @symoneismeh @sunfics @yourjaylaks​ @m1ng-how​​

    Ask to be on a tag list here.

    -NETWORKS; @k-dinernet @deobiwritersnet @tbznetwork @ultkpopnetwork @lovesick-net @kpclub @k-library @ficscafe @foreverkpop-net

    -> A/N; hello there~ welcome to my first ‘dark’ fic! ^^

    Before you read please do note that I wrote this a loooong time ago, like back in May when I just started writing so please understand that the writing here is pretty trashy 😪

    Anyways, do enjoy this, and happy early halloween everyone! Remember to stay safe if you’re going trick or treating! <3

    -> Part of my Don’t Breathe Halloween collab.

    -> collab masterlist.

    -> main masterlist. | the boyz masterlist.

    *This was not edited!*


    - music rec; dr.bebe - PENTAGON | psycho - Red Velvet | obsession - EXO | nightmare - THE BOYZ | tail - SUNMI

    “Don’t talk, don’t move, don’t look, don’t breathe.”

    Your brother looks at you before landing a quick peck on your forehead. “Everything will be okay soon.” He closes the door of your closet and locks you in a confined space. Attempting to hide you from whoever was in the house. “I promise.” He adds and begins to walk away. His footsteps get lighter and lighter and soon, you can’t hear them anymore.

    What did you do to deserve this?

    When did everything start to go wrong?

    Jacob was in love with you. You were just so...so perfect. You were beautiful inside and out, and he’s never seen another human like you. He felt an attraction towards you ever since he first laid eyes on you.

    The first time he ever ‘met’ you was when he was with his angel friend, Kevin. Jacob and Kevin were just talking when the latter's senses began tingling, and he immediately dropped everything to fly to you. Jacob was shocked; he had never seen Kevin act that way for any human. But when Jacob reached you, he knew he was damned.

    There you were, in front of a crowd holding an unconscious child in your arms. Your legs were covered in blood and scratches were decorating your skin. Your face was scrunched up in concern as you gently tapped the child’s face, trying to wake him up. Listening in to what the crowd was talking about, Jacob finally learns what had happened.

    You had saved that child from getting run over by a truck.

    You had jumped onto the road seconds before the truck could have hit the both of you, and had rolled out of the way with the child in your arms. As the child was taken by a doctor, the mother came up to you and started to thank you. You told the mother that it was nothing and that anyone else would have done the same. As you were talking to the mother, Jacob saw that Kevin was busy checking if you had any major injuries. Then he watched Kevin as he gave you blessings to heal you faster.

    He knew the moment he saw you- He had to have you.

    Without anyone knowing, Jacob would follow you when you were on your way to university. He would sit in the chair next to you— the one that was always empty because everyone felt like something was there— then he’d follow you home.

    Jacob would go with Kevin every time he’d get the tingles about you being in danger, and soon, he was ditching his own human to be with you. Little by little, without realizing it, he grew a sick obsession towards you.

    Everything that you’d do, he’d watch. The thing you thought you threw away would somehow end up in his possession. Every time you were asleep, he’d be at the end of your bed with a camera in his hands. He would hover above the floor and not make a single sound as he took pictures of you like his life depended on it. Sometimes, you’d find some of your stuff missing from where you had left it. The first time, it was your pen. The second time, it was your favorite hoodie, and the third time, it was your lip balm.

    You were starting to get confused because you couldn’t tell if it was you who was misplacing your own things, or if things really had started to go missing. You often felt like you were being watched, but when you looked around, you never saw a person even glance your way.

    You felt like you were going crazy.

    Jacob couldn’t take it anymore.

    Every second being away from you felt like hours. Everytime he was not near you, it felt like hundreds of knives were piercing his heart. He hated it- he had never hated anything before, but he hated being away from you. It was as if you had him under some love spell. He was so in love with you.

    Every time he heard your name coming out of Kevin’s mouth,he would have the urge to hurt him. But...why?

    He was an angel and he wasn’t supposed to feel this way- hell, he wasn’t even supposed to be in love with you. But did he care? No. Ever since he had seen you, he had had this urge of hurting anyone that even went near you, much less an angel that surrounded you every motherfucking day.

    “Hey, Jacob? Are you listening to me?” Kevin waves a hand in front of Jacob’s face in an attempt to catch his attention.

    “Yeah? Sorry I was…” Jacob quickly comes up with an excuse to cover up the thoughts passing through his mind. “...distracted.”

    “Are you okay? You’ve been pretty out of it lately…” Kevin asks out of concern for his friend.

    “I’m fine.” Clenching his jaw, Jacob tries to forget and ignore the bloodthirst he has for his friend.

    “Are you sure? You really don’t seem like yourself latel-”

    “I SAID I’M FINE!” Jacob screams out before standing up from where he was sitting and taking off in the opposite direction of his house. Kevin was shocked. Never in his whole life had he ever seen an angel lash out like that. He could do nothing but watch his friend leave him behind and go off to who knows where.

    Jacob quickly arrives at your house. Not wanting to go home, he had surrendered to his urges to see you. He feels his heart race as he walks towards your house. Being an angel has its privileges- one, being invisible to humans, and two, being able to walk in and out of anywhere they wished to. It was because of these privileges that Jacob could do whatever he wanted.

    Walking through the closed door, he can't help but smile. He walks through your house as if he owns the place before he reaches your bedroom door. Smiling and getting ready to walk into your room to watch you, he hears a laugh coming from inside your room. The voice was definitely not from you. Instead, it had sounded like it was a man’s- one Jacob knew too well.

    Jacob didn’t waste another second before walking through your door. He looked around in your room, only to find you and his human- Chanhee on your bed cuddling together with his arms around your waist.

    Jacob couldn’t believe his eyes- Why was Chanhee with you? Why Chanhee of all the people?

    Jacob hasn’t visited or watched over Chanhee in weeks ever since he had met you. and he never planned to, in fact- Jacob had forgotten about Chanhee- his own human.

    Jacob watched the two of you silently while jealousy brewed in his mind. How dare Chanhee lay his filthy hands on you? Jacob was the only one that could touch you. He was supposed to be the only one.

    When did Chanhee even start approaching you? How did he never notice it?

    As questions keep popping up in Jacob’s head, he doesn’t realize that the two of you were slowly leaning into each other- faces just centimeters apart.

    When your lips touch, Jacob finally snaps out of his thought. He stares at the two of you as the gears in his head turn.

    All he could see was red.

    His hands clenched into fists as he flew out of your room, not looking back. How dare he touch your precious lips? Those were for him and only him- no one else. When Jacob lands back onto the front yard of his own house. He ignored all of Kevin’s calls to him before walking inside, locking his doors.

    It’s been days since Jacob has gone outside of his house. Kevin was starting to get worried, as you were starting to relax. You finally feel like there was no one watching you, and you could finally start going on dates with your boyfriend Chanhee. That day you and your boyfriend were on your bed, you had felt it again. Except at that time, it was much closer. And it felt like it was angry. You don’t know what that was- but you were that glad it’s gone.

    Concerned for his friend, Kevin goes to Jacob’s house to check on him. Trying to open the previously locked door, Kevin finds them unlocked and he opens the door. Stepping inside the small house, he calls out for his friend.

    “Jacob?” He asks while he stepped into the eerie building. The house remains silent, even as Kevin walks further into the house and shuts the door behind him.

    The house was dark, the curtains were drawn to block out the bright sun outside. The lights were all off and not a single speck of light could be seen inside the house.

    “Jacob? Are you there? Are you okay?” Kevin asks again, this time louder as he walks even further into the house. Going towards the curtains, he steps on something. Not able to see anything, he picks up the flat object and takes it with him to the covered windows.

    Lifting up the curtains, Kevin could finally see the living room in light. The whole room was trashed. Papers were everywhere- and he could see coffee stains on the floor, wrappers of food laying everywhere, and the small couch was flipped over. The glass table was smashed, pieces of glass were everywhere on the floor. He could see stains of gold blood near the glass- meaning Jacob had hurt himself.

    Looking down at his hands at the item he stepped on earlier. He realizes that the item he was holding was a photo album- one that he hasn’t seen before. Opening the cover of the album, he sees a line of words.

    “My only love”

    Curious, Kevin flips the page only to see pictures of you. Pictures of when you were at school, pictures of you when you were eating by yourself, and pictures of when you were sleeping.

    Freaking out, Kevin flips through the page like a madman- not noticing the shadow that was behind him, slowly making its way towards him. Sensing something was wrong, Kevin turns around quickly catching only a glimpse of Jacob’s face before something smashes against his head, knocking Kevin out cold.

    Kevin wakes up in a dark room.

    There was no light whatsoever, not even a single flash. Kevin couldn’t see anything. Hearing a shuffle behind him, Kevin stretches his neck to look. Still dark, Kevin couldn’t see anything, but he hears a quiet chuckle. Suddenly, the lights in the room turn on, and Kevin quickly closes his eyes as he couldn’t adjust them quickly enough. He was in the middle of Jacob’s bedroom, tied to a chair, and there was nothing around him. Everything was moved to the very corners, out of reach for Kevin to grab.

    Kevin looks around, and there he was- Jacob, standing at the door of his room, in his usual clothing: a white blouse tucked into white jeans, as well as a pair of white vans, the classic angel look. His wings were spread out as if to show dominance, and his halo was still hovering above his head as if Jacob didn’t tie him to a chair.

    “What are you doing Jacob?” Kevin asks Jacob, trying not to sound scared. Kevin twists and turns his body trying to free himself from his restraints.

    “I’m sorry Kevin…” Jacob said in a soft voice as if he was talking to a baby, “but you saw things that you weren’t supposed to see.” Jacob begins to walk closer to Kevin, who at this point- was very clearly terrified.

    “And you were near someone you shouldn’t have been.” Jacob was now standing in front of Kevin, just centimeters away from him. Kevin couldn’t take it anymore, he was scared- so scared. For his life and yours.

    “Is this all because of y/n?” Kevin screams at Jacob, “Tell me! Are you doing all of this for y/n?!” Kevin screams at Jacob again but this time- even louder than before. But Jacob doesn’t answer.

    Instead, Jacob keeps his eyes on Kevin, watching his every move as he silently listens to what Kevin has to say.

    “Answer me! Are you doing all of this for y/n?” Kevin is getting desperate now, wanting nothing more than to run out of this house and never come back again.

    “If you really are doing all of this for y/n,” Kevin swallows nervously before continuing, “then I hope you know that she’ll only hate you for doing this.”

    When Kevin finishes his sentence, Jacob’s eyes turned even darker.

    “What do you know about y/n?” Jacob asks Kevin, his voice angry. Jacob tries his best to control the bloodthirst he had for his angel friend while he walks over to where his bed is. “You don’t know anything about her.”

    “What do you mean I know nothing about her! I’ve been her angel ever since she was born! I know everything-” Jacob slams his hand on the table beside his bed.

    “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” Jacob screams at Kevin, grabbing a kitchen knife from his bedside table.

    “YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER!” Jacob points the knife at Kevin, his hands shaking from the immense amount of emotions he was feeling.


    “YOU WERE NEVER THERE WHEN SHE WAS EATING ALONE!” Jacob was getting even angrier by the second.

    “YOU WERE NEVER THERE TO WATCH OVER WHEN SHE WAS ASLEEP! BUT I WAS! I WAS ALWAYS THERE FOR HER!” Jacob was now standing in front of Kevin, he was taking short but deep breaths trying to calm himself down once again.

    “You were a great friend Kevin.” Jacob, now talking in a much softer voice tells him. “You were my best friend.” His eyes now held something more than darkness, “Thank you for being a friend Kevin.” Jacob lifts the knife.

    “But you’ll never understand the things I’m doing.”

    The knife plunges into Kevin’s heart.

    “And you never will.”

    As golden blood starts to drip down from his wound, Kevin looks at Jacob with nothing but betrayal, pain, and pity in his eyes.

    Jacob had committed a Sin.

    He was no longer pure and innocent, he was now tainted with darkness- evil.

    Just when Kevin took his last breath, he sees a single tear roll down Jacob’s face. While simultaneously, a psychotic smile takes over Jacob’s once innocent face- a bright light emits from behind Jacob- signalling that the Gods are now calling Jacob up to the Higher council. To judge Jacob for the sin he has committed.

    Just when Jacob feels the slight pull into the bright portal, he mouths to Kevin,

    “I’m sorry.”

    As Jacob’s eyes opened once again, he was now kneeling and handcuffed in the middle of the higher court. The high council was now in front of him, talking as God sits on their throne in the center of it all.

    “Angel number 12062017, ‘Jacob Bae’,” God speaks while everyone else in the court becomes quiet. “has broken the first law of the Heavens. He had killed his own kind, Angel number 12062018, ‘Kevin Moon’ without mercy.” The whole place gasps at once as God continues.

    “He is to have his wings ripped off and banished to the human world. Never return to heavens and he is to die as a human.” As God finishes his words, three guards came up to Jacob. The two shorter guards holding him down, as the tall, lean guard grabs one of Jacob’s wing, holding them still for a second, before using nothing but pure, brutal force and ripping Jacob’s right wing straight off his back.

    The stinging pain was too much for Jacob to handle, as he lets out a blood-curling scream. Before Jacob could even take a breath, his other wing was grabbed. Like before, without even a forewarning his left wing was ripped off, not being able to handle the pain- Jacob blacked out.

    Jacob’s back was now stained with beautiful golden blood, but as Jacob was dragged out of the court, the blood on his back starts to turn into a crimson red- symbolizing that Jacob was turning into a human. As they reach the edge of the heavens, the blood and wound on his back fade as if it was never even there before.

    Without another thought, the two guards threw Jacob over the edge, letting him fall down to the world below.

    When Jacob wakes up, he was in a dark alleyway, the sky was dark and was decorated with twinkling stars. Standing up, Jacob stretches. Acting like nothing had happened just moments ago. Walking out of the alleyway notices that he was near your house- which was just perfect.

    He’s already planned everything out. First, he was going to find Chanhee. Walking down the streets, he notices that his clothes were no longer white. His shirt was now red, colored by what was once his blood, his pants are now black from the dust it had collected while being dragged and his shoes were now black as well- somehow.

    Bringing himself to the house he was so used to, he knocks on the door. Chanhee lived alone in his house- which makes it perfect for what Jacob needs to do. As Jacob waits for the door to open, he could not help but feel nervous- he was Chanhee’s guardian angel just moments ago. As Jacob reminisces about the time he’s watched over and saved Chanhee, the door finally opened revealing the beautiful man.

    “Hi!” Jacob innocently smiles at him, “I’m here to tell you about your interview applications for the Deobi Corps.” Using the knowledge he’s gotten from watching over Chanhee for years, Jacob knew exactly what to say to get Chanhee to invite him inside his house.

    “Oh! Come in then! I’ve been waiting for a response for days now! I thought you’d never come!” Just like how Jacob had predicted, Chanhee- without a second thought, let Jacob into his house.

    Being led to the living room, Jacob couldn’t help but look around. Everything in the house was still the same, except- after half a year of not visiting Chanhee, Jacob noticed a lot of new pictures.

    And they were all of you and him, smiling ever so happily.

    The more Jacob looks at the pictures the more anger he feels.

    How dare he get so close to you in the pictures? No one other than him is allowed to be so close to you.

    Chanhee deserved death for that.

    At least, that’s what Jacob is telling himself. It was hard for Jacob to make up his mind to kill him, as Chanhee had always felt like a little brother to him. Jacob had watched Chanhee grow into the man he is today, and everything he did to keep him safe was going to go down the drain today.

    If only Chanhee didn’t get in the way of you and himself, but there’s no backing up now.

    Jacob takes a seat in the living room, and Chanhee tells him to wait as he goes to grab all his information. When Chanhee gets out of Jacob’s eyesight, Jacob immediately drops his smile as he uses the memories of this place from being here as an angel for years, he makes his way to Chanhee’s kitchen. Going straight to the knife cabinet, he grabs the chef’s knife. It was sharp but it was small enough to hide, and it was easy to hold- making it easy for Jacob to perfectly start his master plan.

    Just as Jacob sits back down onto the couch with the knife hidden in his shirt, Cahnhee returns with a stack of paper in his hands, and a bright smile painting his face. The only other time that Jacob has seen him this happy was when he was still young, and his parents brought him the video game he really wanted.

    Jacob felt bad about what he was about to do, but he has to do it. Everything he was doing was for only one reason.


    You were just watching ‘Monster House’ with the rest of your family in your living room like the previous years when you heard your doorbell ring. Assuming that it was a child trick-or-treating, the rest of you remain seated as your mother goes to open your door with your dog in her hands.

    With your mother gone from your side, you cuddle up to your brother Hyunjae even more, with your baby brother in your arms- asleep. As you finally get comfortable with your brothers, you hear your dog start barking- which is weird.

    Your dog is really nice, he often likes to be clingy even with people you haven’t met. Just as you were thinking about it, you hear your mother scream in horror. Startled, you and your brother wanted to go check on your mom, but your father stops you. He tells Hyunjae to keep you and your little brother safe in the living room, and if anything happens, he has to keep you both safe no matter what happens.

    You wrap your arms tighter around your baby brother unconsciously, as you start to feel more and more nervous. Slowly backing up into your living room once again, the three of you huddle up as close as possible in self-defense. Hyunjae leaves your group as he slowly and silently makes his way to the corner of the wall, trying to see what was happening. Just as he peeks around the corner, you hear a scream coming from your dad.

    Hyunjae turns around quickly, his face twisted in horror. Without even saying a word, he grabs your hand as he pulls you and your brother up the stairs onto the second floor of your house. He rushes all three of you inside your room, as he turns around and locks the door. As he turns to face you again, you see tears gathering in his eyes.

    “What’s wrong?” You ask him but he doesn’t answer you.

    “What’s wrong Hyunjae?” You ask him again, this time more sternly, but he still doesn’t tell you.

    “What the fuck is going on Hyunjae? Answer me.”

    “Mum’s dead.” Your world crashes down on you as the words leave his mouth, “Dad’s probably gone by now too…” Your mouth opens in shock. What the fuck is happening? You open your mouth to ask him what he saw that made him say these things, but there was no sound coming out of your mouth.

    “I need you and Youngjae to hide in the closet,” he whispers to you, “quickly! Don’t make a sound.” You were still holding your sleeping baby brother close to your chest, making sure that he doesn’t wake up.

    Still confused, you and your younger brother were pushed into your closet.

    Holding your hands to your mouth, you stay as quiet as possible. Trying to let go of your brother without making a sound in a closet was hard, but somehow you managed to do it. Making sure that he was still asleep and wasn’t making any loud noises that could give away where he is, you start to make your way out of your closet, trying your absolute best to not make a single sound.

    Crawling through the darkness inside your room was easy, as you are familiar with the place, and you knew where everything was. Trying to get on your two feet, you try your best to unlock the door to your room, and after a few tries, you finally get it open.

    Stepping out of your room carefully, you look to your sides. Even though it was dark, you could still make shapes of objects and people.

    You could hear children laughing outside as they go around houses, asking for candy from strangers, as their parents talk to each other about anything. You try to take a step forward, and another, and another. And you made it to the staircase. As you were about to walk down, a force pulls you back as you let out a terrified scream.

    You were thrown to the ground softly, and pressure sits on top of your stomach. Just as you lift your head, the moonlight shines through the window, and onto the person’s face. He was a handsome man with innocent features. So innocent that he would have been the last person you would have guessed to be a murderer, but here he was- on top of you, his body trapping you down, as his knees were placed on your side, locking you in below him. A bloody knife was in his right hand, as he stared at you. You take a good look at his eyes, there was a crazed look in them as well love- no. It was more like obsession than it was to love, the monster in front of you held no love in his eyes.

    As you look into his dark brown orbs, still terrified for your life, he raises his left hand to caress your face in a loving manner. His touch was gentle as if he was afraid that any sudden movements could break you. Trying to not be as scared as you were, you take a gulp of air before you open your mouth to ask him for his name.

    “My name is Jacob. Jacob Bae.” He answers you, in a voice so soft you didn’t think it could come from him.

    He brings his hands to hold your right cheek, his thumb rubbing in a circular motion under your eyes as he continues looking at you with loving eyes.

    “And I’m your...admirer.” He thinks of the correct word to use to try and not scare you more than you already are. As he tries to continue talking, you suddenly push him off you. Due to the sudden unexpected force, Jacob was slammed hard into a wall, where he finally feels pain for the first time. Wasting no time, you try to run the opposite way of the staircase, hoping that you could hide in a room and use the layout of your house to confuse him. As you are about to head into a room, you trip over something.

    It was squishy and soft and didn’t feel like rubber, it had a warm tone, and was damp with a liquid. Looking behind you onto the ground, you finally realize what you had tripped on- it was your older brother. More specifically, your brother’s ripped out heart.

    “HYUNJAE!” Screaming out your brother’s name without thinking, you quickly crawl over to where his body laid.

    If it weren’t for the bracelet Hyunjae had worn, you wouldn’t have known who this body belonged to. There were so many stabs and cuts on the head and face that it was almost impossible to tell who this was in the dim moonlight. Decorating the rest of the body was a large open hole at the stomach, his organs all visible and some were even hanging out of his body, the spot where his heart once-beaten was empty, the vital organ sitting on the ground right next to you. It was disgusting and traumatizing to look at, and the sight of it just makes you want to puke, but when reality finally hits you and you realize that Hyunjae was dead, there was nothing else on your mind but grief.

    As you sobbed into Hyunjae’s un-beating bloody chest, you didn't hear or realize that Jacob had come up behind you. As his hand lands on your shoulders, you finally grasp the situation, but it was too late- Jacob has finally caught you.

    Removing you from Hyunjae’s chest, he turns you around to face him, and that’s when you realize- Youngjae. Your younger baby brother was still in the closet alone. You try to make him release his grip on you, you try to move around but it was no use. He has finally got you.

    Turning you around, he uses his right hand to hold your wrists as he uses his left and- which holds the knife to back hug you. Turning the both of you back around, you see your little baby brother, laying on the floor, seemingly still asleep. But he isn’t. In the dim lights, you could make out a small bump on the side of his head, meaning that Jacob had knocked him out.

    Everything is over now. There was no saving you two anymore. Youngjae was too young to run by himself and you were too powerless against Jacob. It was all over now.

    Just as you were about to accept your fate, you hear police sirens in the distance. A small sense of hope strikes you when you try one last time, trying to break free from Jacob’s hold, but it doesn’t work. Jacob had a death grip on your wrist and waist. You weren’t going anywhere.

    Slowly dragging you to where your younger brother laid, Jacob makes you kneel right beside him, as he puts the knife into your hands, holding it still by wrapping his larger hands around yours. The knife was now in your hold, and it was pointing straight down into your baby brother’s chest. You couldn’t take it anymore as tears start to pool in your eyes and run down your cheeks, as you beg him to let your brother go.

    “I’m sorry baby,” he tells you as he kisses away a single tear that was running down your cheek, “but I have to make you do this if you’re going to stay with me forever.” He tells you.

    Jacob was going to go to hell for all the deaths he caused and there was no way he’ll ever get the chance to see you again if he goes down there. So his only option was to bring you down with him, and the only way to do that- was to get you to kill.

    “I’m so sorry you have to do this baby,” he apologizes to you, but his voice was cheerful as if he was excited about doing this. “But I’m doing this all for us. You understand, right?”

    As he finishes his sentence he brings your hands done to your brother’s chest, making you stab him with your own hands. You were now sobbing, you couldn’t believe this psychopath just made you kill your own brother, but what power do you have against him? As he pulls you back up onto your feet, you feel your legs turn into jelly. Picking you up bridal style as if it was nothing, Jacob brings you back to your own bedroom before locking the door once again.

    He places you onto your bed as he lays down beside you. You have no more will to run away and live. Your whole family is dead, and you know you don’t have a chance at running away from this man.

    Jacob brings the knife to your chest, as he draws little hearts about your left chest, where your heart is.

    “I love you baby,” He tells you, as he lifts his head up to kiss your tear-stained lips, “I love you so much. Please understand that everything that I do is for you.” He tells you as he aims the tip of the knife above your chest. Raising his arms up, he tells you one last time,

    “I love you,” he stares into your eyes, the crazed look appearing in his eyes again. “and nothing will ever take you away from me.”

    He stabs the knife into your chest, just as you hear the slam of the front door to your house open.

    As he watches the life drain away from your eyes, he pecks your lips one more time, before closing your eyes for you. Taking the knife out of your body and aiming it at his own, where his very own human heart lays. He lays back onto the bed and laces your fingers with his, a smile on his face as he hears the footsteps coming up the staircase.

    “Nothing will take you away from me.” he repeatedhis words as he raises his arm and stabs himself exactly where he had stabbed you. With his last breath, Jacob closes his eyes, a crazy smile still decorating his face, as he lets out a final whisper right as the locked doors are forced open.


    @ junjungsunoo, all rights reserved.

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    apple jongho 🍎

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    hugs and runs | bestfriend au

    pairing: chan x seungmin x gn!reader (non-romantic way)

    genre: fluff | warnings: none | wc: 370

    ⇢ inspired by this ask my beautiful twinny @serialee sent me ♡

    You tried to focus on the history book in front of you, reading letter by letter in a failed attempt to retain at least the most important information but, as if the subject itself wasn't boring enough to keep your mind distracted, a boy's voice catches your attention.

    "Ahhhhhh Chan Hyung! Please-", his loud voice begins to die down a little as it turns into soft giggles.

    You can't help but to look up to the scenery revolving in the hallway in front of you. The two classmates' little friendly fight was already familiar to you, as the older one chased the younger purely to get onto the latter's nerves out of fun.

    You knew Bang Chan since an early age, and for that you knew he had always been very affectionate towards others, especially to his closest friends. For the past year you've come to know Kim Seungmin as well but he, on the other hand, was very introverted, and apparently despised any form of physical affection.

    However, this was later proved to be untrue as he would slowly give into Chan's antics with the growth of their friendship. Seungmin was simply reserved. Nevertheless, he'd still get annoyed by the older very often, still not very accepting of his outbursts of tight back hugs.

    "Why won't you love me Kim Seungmin?", you could hear the pout on Chan's voice, his dimples popping up as Seungmin slowed his pace allowing Chan to get a grip of his sweater paw.

    "Don't yell out things like that hyung!", Seungmin let out a breathy laugh, "People might believe you!"

    At this point Chan realised he was getting exactly what he wanted — a flustered Seungmin with red cheeks. The older laughed loudly and the pink haired boy saw this vulnerable moment as an opportunity to escape, running away clumsily and out of the hallway just to turn back again once he realised he had passed by a familiar face. Yours.

    You were the death of him. If Chan catching him meant death, that is.

    "How's history going?", Seungmin waved at you, smiling in defeat as Chan's arms embraced his torso, chin resting on his shoulder as his fingers interlocked together tightening the grip.

    a/n: i've had this in my drafts for ages completly forgotten, but i'm pulling it out now for this special day. happy birthday seria!

    ⇢ taglist: @su-lix @bobateastay @leihey @serialee @hwajin

    ⇢ let me know if you want to be added or removed from the taglist ♡

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    PAIRING || Baekhyun x female reader ft. Kibum, Taeyeon, Taeyong, Irene

    GENRES || Horror, 911 operator Baekhyun, X-EXO Baekhyun.

    SUMMARY || The telephone calls from his ex girlfriend was scaring him. Especially when she claimed that he murdered her.

    WC || 1.8k

    WARNINGS || horror, character deaths

    A/N || This story probably isn’t that scary but I loved it so much. Off lately I’ve become really interested in 911 calls and so I really wanted to do this for Baekhyun as he had got the highest number of votes along with Kai.

    TAGGING || @fifty-shades-of-mischeif @xavi-in-kpopland @whatudoing @midnightmoi @moonswhite @shrutiajit @cerisetalks @exoxobsession​ @nctisthecity​ @woo-minhee02​ @roroswitherose​  (If you want to be added to my taglists, fill in this form)

    “911, please state your emergency.”

    Static. He waited for a minute more but there still wasn’t any sound coming from the other side.

    Baekhyun sighed exasperatedly, sure that this was another prank call. Halloween night was looming close which also meant teenagers found it funny to call the operators up at night to scare them.

    But he was used to this. After all, this was what he was trained for.

    He was about to hang up the call when he heard a sound. Immediately he jerked back the phone to his ear and strained them to hear anything, but now he could hear a buzzing sound.

    “Hello? How can I help-”


    He inhaled sharply, the woman’s raspy voice very clear in the empty office. Baekhyun was the only one serving shift in his floor currently, and the only thing accompanying him was the soft beeping on the seven screens in front of him and the buzzing of the fluorescent tube lights above him.

    "Ma'am, what is happening?"

    His fingers flew across the keyboard, noting down the number first and then quickly texting the other department to find out the location of the call.

    "Pl-please help. Make him stop." The woman whispered,  her ragged breath harsh against his ears.

    "You need to tell me what is happening so that I can help you. What is your name ma'am?"

    He was still calm, he had enough experience to know what would happen if he lost his cool too.

    A message dinged on one of his screens indicating that they had traced the nearest cell tower of the cell phone.

    "Officer Lee." He said, already on the other line, talking to the nearest official he could see. "We have a 911 emergency of abuse."

    "Roger that. Address?"

    "It's…" Baekhyun's voice trailed off on seeing the address. No way- How was that possible?

    The address was his house.

    He cleared his throat, sure that the address was wrong since they tracked the nearest cell tower, and that could be miles away from the destination.

    “The address shows my house but I think it means nearby places.”

    There was a pause, as though Taeyong too seemed to be trying to process this.

    “On my way.”

    “Ma’am,” Baekhyun said, back to line one, “if you could tell me your name or your address, or even what is happening to you I could help you out.”

    His eyes were trained to look at all the monitors at once, one monitoring the small dot that represented Taeyong heading towards the destination, another with a blank form about the caller and another one where he was rapidly typing what he was hearing, ready to call in other emergencies in case he heard something.

    “Help. Why don’t you help me? Please help.”

    “Ma’am help is on the way-”

    There was a loud pop as all the lights went out and the only source now was his computer screens. Baekhyun wasn’t scared of the dark ever, another reason he never minded this night shift as a Dispatch Operator but the growing sounds of gurgling and growling in the telephone line was causing shivers to travel down his spine.

    “Baekhyun…” The woman rasped, this time sounding like she had gargled razors and Baekhyun felt his blood turn cold.

    H-How did she know his name?

    The hair on his nape stood up as his breathing came out in pants on this unusual call. With a jolt, he realised how lonely he was, not a single soul on his floor whilst he was plunged in darkness.

    The call cut off abruptly, and at the same time the power surged to life. 

    Yet, the cold feeling hadn't left Baekhyun as though he could still hear the woman gargling in his ear.


    He jerked as the second line came to life, Taeyong’s voice clear through the landline.

    “H-Hey. Did you find anything?” He tried not to sound shaken, but it was hard because the more he tried to ignore, the more the feeling of foreboding grew in him.

    “Nothing. We will be needing to get a more specific address. Your entire apartment seems safe to me. Is she still on the line?”

    Baekhyun exhaled.

    “No. She cut the call. I don’t think she needs help anymore. She sounded alright at the end.” He lied.

    “Are you sure? Shouldn’t we follow the protocol still-”

    “She told me so.” Baekhyun snapped, and Taeyong quieted down.

    He sighed, rubbing his template, trying to forget what he heard. Being a 911 operator, there was bound to be such horrors right? He had heard some similar stories of ghost calls from his superiors.

    "Well then...I suppose that's it huh? Are you calling it a night?"

    Baekhyun felt his heart leap to his throat.

    Calling it a night? On any other day he would have loved to crash on to his bed but all of a sudden going back to his house seemed like a distant nightmare, something which would haunt him and tear him apart.

    "N-no. I'll continue my shift. Besides, Kibum won't wake up if I call him now."

    "You sound...scared. We've dealt with these before, right?" Taeyong asked, clearly concerned for him.

    "Y-yeah. I'll hang up now."

    As soon as the phone went down, Baekhyun buried his face in his hands, trying to block out the horrible sounds he had heard.

    But the more he tried to forget them, the more he was convinced that they were no more voices in his head but were coming from the room.

    I’m hallucinating. I’ve gone mad.

    He got up and walked upstairs, walking into a similar room to see only two occupants in the entire floor. Night shifts were starting to become rare.

    “Hey Taeyeon.” Baekhyun said, approaching the older female of the two women working as dispatch at this time.

    “Hey Baek- Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

    Baekhyun smiled sheepishly, taking a seat between Taeyeon and Joohyun.

    “You know, calls these days. As Halloween approaches things get creepy.”

    “I think I’ll leave this job after a year. There’s only so much I can handle such depressing news and situations.” Joohyun muttered, eyes still raking over the screens.

    “So, uh, I was wondering if you both could take my shift. I, uh, the last call-”

    He really didn't know how to explain the call.

    But they were already nodding, understanding his unexplained fear.

    “You go home. We will take care.” Taeyeon said, patting his shoulder lightly.

    He smiled at them gladly, getting up to leave.

    But even after he left the building, he could hear those groaning sounds following him.

    He pressed his fingers against his temples, the headache still persisting despite eating the medicines.

    He couldn’t sleep even a bit the night before. Everything he shut his eyes he was only revisited by the same nightmare and then he woke up in cold sweat. Even awake he couldn't shake off the foreboding fear in him, shivering in the darkness.

    The telephone range once more and he automatically picked it up.

    "911. Please state your emergency-"


    Baekhyun froze, feeling blood drain out of his cheeks.

    "Baekhyun, please help."

    It was the same woman. He was very sure of it.

    But this time he was scared for a different reason.

    This time he was scared because he knew this voice.

    "Y/N." He whispered, fear clutching his stomach as he felt his heart hammer in his chest.

    In the empty office he could only hear his own ragged breathing and the slight buzzing sound coming from the phone.

    But how was this possible?

    Y/N had died six months ago. 

    Or rather, she had been murdered in his apartment. At first he had been charged with murder, but due to lack of evidence he was set free. 

    "Help please." She rasped. "Help me-"

    "Where are you?" He whispered.

    "In your apartment. Why aren't you helping?"

    He felt his head spin. Whom was he even talking to? With each word her voice turned raspy and he could feel the famine fear returning.

    "If you don't help me he'll-"

    Baekhyun heard her gasp, followed by a whimpering as he heard someone slap her.

    "Y-Y/N?" He asked, though he didn't want to know what had happened to her.

    "Stay away." A male voice said.

    Baekhyun nearly fell off his seat, the hair on his arms and neck standing up.

    "Stay away." 

    He could hear his own voice on the other side of the telephone line.

    The telephone nearly slipped from his sweaty hand as he tried taking in a breath to calm himself down.

    "And who's this-"

    "Just stay away from us."

    And the line disconnected.

    "Who was that?"

    Baekhyun jumped from his seat, hands flying to his mouth to prevent himself from screaming when he came face to face with Kibum.

    "You scared me." He hissed, rubbing his sweaty forehead while trying to calm his shaking body down.

    Kibum raised his eyes.

    "Did I scare you? Or that call did?"

    Baekhyun looked away.

    "What are you talking about-"

    "You asked the caller whether she was Y/N."

    Baekhyun shivered involuntarily at the memory.

    "It sounded like her." He gulped.

    Kibum sat down beside him, concern etched on his face.

    "Are you sure? Taeyeon and Taeyong said you were acting a bit differently even yesterday."

    He exhaled.

    "I'm fine. Just no sleep. You know, Halloween is just around the corner, kids coming up pranking-”

    “You should go home.” Kibum cut him, patting him on the shoulder. “I think you need rest.”

    Baekhyun opened his mouth to protest, but shuddered in the thought of facing another ghost call. 

    Packing his things, he made his way out of the office into the elevator, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. 

    His heart jumped again as his phone rang, cutting the heavy cold silence.

    "Hello?" He whispered, wondering who it was.

    "Why did you kill me?"

    He felt his head spin once more.

    "Y/N. How did you- Kill you- What are you talking about-" he panted, stumbling back to support his wobbly legs with the help of the wall of the lift.

    All of a sudden the air felt cooler, and his clammy hands seemed to be unable to grip the hand bar of the lift.

    "Don't you know? You killed me. Well, not exactly you. It was Baëkhyun. But he is you, you are him, right?"

    He heard the lift ding as it reached the ground floor. Frantically, he tried pushing random buttons, not wanting the lift door to open.

    But as though his fate was doomed, the doors slowly opened, until he was face to face with her.

    She dropped the phone from his hand, stepping into the lift coolly as Baekhyun stumbled back, trying to make as much distance as he could with her. But soon his back hit the wall and he could only stare as this ghostly form of his ex lover smiled at him.

    "Now it's time for me to return the favour."

    A/N: Please do tell me what you think about this story!! I worked really hard on it and I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on it~ Comments and reblogs are appreciated!

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    scared of love - park sunghoon

    hello my loves! i thought this would be a cute idea lol i haven’t written a nice angsty fic in a while so enjoy :)

    >> pairing: sunghoon x female reader

    >> synopsis: you and sunghoon have always had an interesting relationship. you both had feelings for the other, but what happens when one of you gets scared?

    >> rating and genre: pg, angsty ish to fluff

    >> warnings: slightly strong language, kissing scene, lap sitting ??

    >> word count: 1.6k

    “y/n….y/n!” you quickly snapped your head up toward jungwon, snapping out of your daze. “jeez, are you okay? i’ve been calling your name for like five minutes,” he said, concern laced in his tone.

    “uh y-yeah, i’m fine. just a bit distracted, that’s all,” you replied, hoping he wouldn’t push the situation further. however, it’s jungwon. you should have known that. he scooted his chair closer to yours, completely ignoring his class work.

    “what’s on your mind? penny for your thoughts?” you and jungwon had always been incredibly close. you were childhood friends, your parents always spending time with each other. it was inevitable that you and jungwon became best friends. he was your everything and you trusted him entirely. which is why you didn’t have to think very long about whether to tell him what was really going on or not.

    you took one last glance at the boy up front before turning to jungwon. he took notice of the gesture and he immediately knew what was going on. he could read you like a book. “it’s sunghoon, isn’t it?” your eyes widened as you quickly told him to be quiet. “calm down, he’s not gonna hear me. it’s him though, right? is that what’s bothering you?” you simply nodded, and took another glance at the boy.

    you and sunghoon had an interesting relationship. you had had a massive crush on him since you were both freshmen, and from what he says, he felt the same. you two began talking more and more and the feelings continued to grow. you two just hadn’t done anything about it yet. but everytime he tried, you backed off. you felt horrible but you simply didn’t know what else to do. “y/n, come on, talk to me. what’s going on,” jungwon asked, his concern increasing.

    you took a deep breath before speaking. “i’m scared, jungwon.”

    “scared of what, y/n?”

    “im scared of him hurting me. im scared of hurting him. im scared of it not working out. im scared of not being good enough and im scared of -” you were cut off by jungwon putting his hand over your mouth. he laughed a little bit at the look you gave him, but quickly turned serious again.

    “y/n you have to stop with that. i know you’re scared, stuff like this can be scary. but you and sunghoon are worth a shot. i’ve never seen you as happy as you are when you’re with him.”

    “but i keep pushing him away. i don’t want to push him away, but i don’t know what else to do.” your voice was soft, your eyes darting to the boy up front once again. anyone with eyes knew about the way you felt about sunghoon.

    “you look at him like he hung the damn stars, y/n. just talk to him. i know you don’t want to, but you need to.” as if in cue, the bell for your next class rang, everybody around you getting out of their seats. you did the same and walked to your next class, accidentally trailing behind sunghoon the whole way.

    you both walked into the classroom, taking your seat which happened to be right next to him. you loved this class for that reason alone, but at that moment in time, you would have rather been anywhere else. you took out your notebook and pencil, sunghoon glancing over at you. you did the same, him smiling at you when you two made eye contact. you immediately calmed down at the sight, feeling a lot calmer just by him smiling at you.

    but then the conversation you previously had with jungwon popped into your head. as much as you hated to admit it, jungwon was right. you needed to talk to sunghoon about the way you two felt. it wasn’t good to just let it hang in the air. but one look at sunghoon, and all the sensibility in your body flies out the window.

    so, you did the only thing you could think of at that moment in time. you picked your phone up off your desk, and quickly found sunghoon’s contact. you sent him a quick text to meet you by your car after school, and waited anxiously for him to read it. he laughed at something his friend said and looked at his phone after hearing the vibration. he read it and replied to you with a short, but sweet “i’ll be there :)”

    the rest of the school day seemed to drag on and on. fifty minute classes seemed more like an entire day. once the final bell rang, you felt your nerves skyrocket. you took your time walking to your car, preparing everything you were going to say in your mind. you didn’t want to go into such an important conversation blindly. in no time, your eyes landed on sunghoon leaning against your car, presumably waiting for you.

    he glanced up, made eye contact with you and immediately smiled. you couldn’t help but smile back. “hi,” he said as you made your way over to him.

    “hi sunghoon,” you replied, putting your stuff in the back of your car. “you can hop in the passenger seat if you want, i just want to talk to you for a second.” sunghoon simply nodded and did what he was told, you doing the same.

    “so what’s up, y/n? i assume you wanted to talk about something?” you nodded, and turned in your seat so you were now facing him. your heart clenched at the sight of him. he was wearing a white crewneck and his black sweatpants, his head leaning back against the window. the way the sun was sitting in the sky made the sight all the more mesmerizing.

    you shook the thoughts out of your head, trying to focus on what you were going to say to sunghoon, but you couldn’t seem to focus. “come on, stop staring and talk to me, love. what’s up?” you mentally cursed at the pet name, losing track of everything going on in your mind. he always did that. flirted with you at the worst times.

    “i was going to talk to you about us. and how i feel,” you said, your voice a little shaky. this seemed to catch his attention, cause as soon as the words rolled off your tongue, he sat all the way up giving you his full attention.

    “okay, im listening. what’s up,” he said, his voice soft. he knew how you worked, he knew you could get a little nervous during serious conversations. he kept his voice soft, hoping it would keep you calm. he smiled at the way you took a deep breath, and played with your hoodie strings before you spoke.

    “we’ll for starters, we all know about the way i feel about you…” his smile only widened as you began to talk. “i like you… hell i may even love you. but you know i’ve been distant lately and i think you deserve an explanation as to why.” sunghoon simply nodded, motioning for you to continue.

    “the truth is is that, i got scared.” he tilted his head in confusion, listening to you wholeheartedly. “and before you ask what i got scared of… i got scared of everything. i got scared of hurting you, you hurting me, not being what you need.. i could continue but that’s basically the gist. i’m scared of doing something to run you away because i really really really don’t want to lose you.”

    it took sunghoon a second to process everything you had told him. but he was beyond thankful that you said something. truth be told, he was in utter confusion as to why you had basically ghosted him. it hurt him a lot, but it made him feel a lot better to hear you give an explanation. “okay first of all, thank you for saying that, i didn’t know how bad i needed to hear that until now. and i understand where you’re coming from, trust me. but you don’t have to be scared. not with me.” you smiled at his words, your nerves beginning to calm.

    “i am not going to hurt you, that is a promise. and i know you enough, to know you would never do something purposefully to hurt me. and in response to you not being what i need… i don’t think you quite understand.” you tilted your head in confusion at the statement.

    “what don’t i understand?” he had to stop himself from chuckling at the lost look on your face that he found to be absolutely adorable.

    “i don’t think you understand that you’re everything i need. you make me happy, you keep me sane. when i’m around you, everything just feels right. you could never not be enough for me because you are everything to me.” all you could do was smile at his confession. no one had ever made you so happy and no one had ever made you feel so loved.

    “you don’t have anything to be scared of, y/n. i’ve got you, you’re safe with me. i think me and you have a really good shot at this, don’t you think?” all you could do was reach over the center console and pull him into a hug.

    your arms wrapped around his neck as his made their way to wrap around your waist. after a moment he ended up pulling you into his lap, so you were straddling him. he smiled up at you, and then began to lean in. he pressed his lips to yours, you melting into his touch. once he pulled away, he pulled you into a hug once again, your head resting on his chest.

    and at that moment, you knew for sure, that you were in love with park sunghoon. and you knew that you and your heart, were safe with him.

    #enhypen#enhypenwriters#enhypennetwork#kpopficsnetwork#kdiner#enhypen imagines#lee heeseung #lee heeseung imagines #park jongseong #enhypen jay imagines #jay enhypen#jake shim #jake shim imagines #park sunghoon #park sunghoon enhypen #park sunghoon imagines #kim sunoo #kim sunoo imagines #yang jungwon #yang jungwon imagines #nishimura riki #enhypen niki imagines #kpop imagines#fanfic#kpop fanfic#kpop fluff#enhypen fluff#fluff#headcanons#enhypen headcanons
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    leather jacket jongho my beloved
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