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    your hot goth pastor, choi jongho
    #kdiner#destinyversenet #lsn.works #ateezlovenet#kpopgfxnetwork#ateez#jongho#choi jongho #black cat nero #gifs#gifset#djongelskog #can he have this hair again can he do THIS again GOD this makes me absolutely neurotic #black cat nero jongho SUPERIOR #AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA #I would go to church if he was there
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    Hellfire [Onew’s Ending]

    Chapters: Main Part | Baekhyun’s Ending | Onew’s Ending

    Pairing : Baekhyun x female reader, Onew x female reader

    Genres:   Hades! Baekhyun, dead lover! Onew, angst, fluff, probably horror TBA

    Summary: All you wanted to do was find your dead lover Jinki and bring him back to life. But a ceratin lord of the underworld makes things difficult for you. At the end, whom would you choose to live with?

    Warnings: Mentions of death, underworld/hell, mentions of blood, slight infidelity, mentions of godly stuff, mention of lust


    Series:  Part of my Who do You love Series.

    WC: 781

    Tagging: @fifty-shades-of-mischeif @junjungsunwoo @midnightmoi @whatudoing @xavi-in-kpopland @nctisthecity @shinee-ingdubu @jennxx3 @byunscookie @buttvi @maijinki @jimineos @byeol-bby @aquamarinenymph @yeol-jae @zyxzjsartist @goldenmedals @stephanielove @agrinwithoutcat @ downward-spirals @brennamoon00 @echodawn22626 @aajjks @nightq11 @ikatstratford @baekingvanillacookies @duojungoo @bobohumyonlyboo @lostinharueland @justineasian @thefrivolousbitch @bat-stellaratlas @lazycursedchild @coffee-prince-kyungsoo @a-teez-4-exo @rainbowsalt0412 @worshipwha @thegoodthebadandtheempty @multifandomass @b4ek @sugarmellow @shiuli-loves-shinee @avengersficwriter @delightpcy @unknownt-123​ @hemlockbeauty @petalskook @chaoticdreaminisode @softforqiankun @dreamyyang 

    Networks: @kpopscape @k-dinernet @kwritersworld @multifandomnet @knet-bakery @supermwritersnet @exosnet @exo-writers-net @prism-nw​

    She watched the two men fight over the last piece of chicken wings and she had to stop herself from bursting into a fit of giggles.

    Baekhyun’s argument was simple. He was the guest; he deserved the last piece after all.

    While Jinki argued that there was no need for the guest to always eat the last, especially if it was the birthday boy’s favourite food.

    Baekhyun leaned in. “Will you take him and go? Or will you let him go into Elyxion for the perfect human being he is?”

    She gulped.

    Trying to breathe, she tried to calm her mind but it wasn’t working. It was like the weight of the decision that was weighing her down.

    “Jinki.” she asked. “Are you happy?”

    He smiled sadly at her. “How can I be? I’m not going to be with you, nor could I stop evil the way I wanted to.”

    She thought of what Baekhyun had said. That he deserved to be in Elyxion, to be in peace and to be happy.

    But would one be truly happy when they weren’t with their loved ones or when their life goals weren’t achieved despite how hard they had worked for it.

    She turned towards Baekhyun. He was waiting for her judgement, waiting to choose between both of them.

    She ignored the pain for him and said, “I would like to give him another chance.” 

    Baekhyun sat back like he expected that.

    She thought he would be angry at her, furious. But instead he smiled at her.

    “Whatever you wish. I’ll be happy if you are. Now, go and stand beside him so that I can send both of you back.”

    “Wait! I-I’ll stay here. I’ll stay with you-”

    “But why?” Baekhyun asked, confusion masking his face.

    "Because I want you to be happy." She stated.

    He blinked at her. Slowly, a smile broke out on his face.

     "My dear." He said. "I'm happy if you are happy. I want you to be with him, if that's what makes you happy."

    She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

    "I'll go...only if you promise me something."

    "What is it?" He asked.

    "Don't forget about me. You have to visit me. No matter what."

    Baekhyun smiled at her.

    "Don't worry. I will. I will visit you no matter what."

    And before she could even say a proper goodbye, he waved his hand and all if a sudden, everything turned black.

    She didn't faint, she was sure of that because she was well aware of her surroundings.

    Nor was she falling like the other times.

    And all of a sudden, everything came back to colour, as she felt herself fall into a rather familiar surroundings: the front door of her apartment.

    "Isn't this..?" 

    She turned to her right and have a loud gasp.

    "Jinki!" She gave a small yell as she wrapped her hands around her lover's shoulders pulling him into a kiss.

    When he didn't kiss her back, she looked at him shocked, worried at his dazed look.

    "Are you alright?" She whispered, wondering if she had rushed through things too much.

    He blinked at her, and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist. 

    "Yeah. I'm fine. Just...a bit too overwhelmed."

    "Oh. I'm so sorry baby. Do you want me to-"

    "No." He whispered leaning closer to her. It was like he knew what she was going to say.

    "I just need to catch up a little. And I need you for that."

    "Okay. I'll always be there beside you." She said.

    He smiled at her, the same smile that lit up her world always and she felt fireworks burst in her heart.

    He leaned in to kiss her, first just a gentle brushing of lips, like they both couldn't believe this fantasy of being united again, and then finally he pressed his lips against hers fully.

    She melted against his embrace, his familiarity engulfing her.

    Tears stung her eyes, thinking of a the pain they both had to endure.

    But now he was back here. In her arms.

    And she couldn't think of anything more happier than that.

    "You both could have at least walked into the apartment right?"

    Both of them flew apart and the sound of the intruder and she looked behind to see who it was.

    "Baekhyun." She breathed, her cheeks heating up. "What are you doing here?"

    She could feel Jinki clutch her back as Baekhyun raised a delicate eyebrow.

    "Why? I'm your new neighbour. And your wedding planner. "

    She felt herself grin at his antiques.

    "We are getting married?" She asked, turning towards Jinki.

    He smiled at her.

    "Yes, my love. We are."

    A/N: It would be great if you guys could say what you think of this story as it would help me improve my writing. It can be either in the comments section or in the reblog tags. Comments and reblogs appreciate~ Thank you! 

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    [11:57 PM]

    joshua, fluff, 426 words, sfw.

    a/n: me looking at those selcas he posted for like 15 minutes straight trying not to scream and wake my entire house up anyways if you didn’t know already i would do quite literally anything in the world for joshua and this is proof. have a good night everyone

    It’s easy like this, you think.

    It always has been. With Joshua, you think it always will be. The feel of his hands on you, the sound of him singing along to a song you don’t know, the smell of his shampoo mixed with the remnants of his cologne. It’s easy, alone in your own world with him, nothing waiting for your return.

    “Are you really comfortable?” He asks, shifting under you a little. You hum, pulling away from him and leaning your weight more onto his legs than his chest. It’s a little hard to remember how you ended up straddling him like this, the only thing coming to mind that it’s been so long since you’ve been this close.

    “Yeah,” you nod decisively, watching Joshua’s mouth quirk up at the corners. You hear the click of his phone turning off before he sets it down next to him on the sofa you’re both sitting on. “Why? Not comfy for you?”

    He shakes his head quickly, one of his hands drawing circles on your back through your (his) shirt. “Anything’s good with you,” he says, voice gentle.

    You feel your eyes melt into hearts as you look at him, cupping his face to smudge remnants of the day’s makeup off of his cheek. Between you working overtime and Joshua having to go through promotions for their recent album, you haven’t been able to see each other for a few weeks, caught between short texts and late night phone calls. 

    “I missed you,” you tell him before you can think anything of it, hands still holding his cheeks. They stretch under your palms into a smile, eyes glowing bright as he looks at you.

    “You said that when you came in,” he says through a laugh, and you roll your eyes playfully.

    “I’ll say it a million more times,” you say, pressing a gentle kiss to the tip of his nose. He scrunches it up under your lips and you laugh, this time, soft and breathy. “I missed you.”

    Joshua hums, eyes full of an emotion you leave unsaid. It bleeds into his room, through your clothes and into your skin, a warmth too tender to burn but hot enough to make itself known. You wonder how your past life played out, what you did to deserve something as honest as this.

    “I know,” he says, a hand leaving your back to brush hair out of your eyes. It feels like home, like all you’ve ever known. “I missed you too, sweetheart.”

    #caratwritersclub#kdiner#kpopscape#ficscafe #JOSHUA I AM LITERALLY ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU ITS GETTING ANNOYING #svt imagine#seventeen imagine #svt joshua x reader #svt joshua imagine #seventeen joshua x reader #seventeen joshua imagine #joshua hong x reader #hong joshua x reader #seventeen jisoo x reader #seventeen jisoo imagine #svt jisoo x reader #svt jisoo imagine #kpop x reader #kpop imagine
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    DEAR NO ONE [kim doyoung x fem!reader social media au]

    previous < here we go (again) > next

    ➞ SUMMARY. Y/n kinda, sorta, maybe, might, slightly, possibly, have a crush on the cute guy busking at the subway station almost every afternoon, but hey, it’s only a random crush, right? Not like they are going to talk to each other ever.

    ➞ GENRE. fluff, kinda funny?? idk, slice of life.

    ➞ TW. some swearing, and some characters are dense afffff so yeah. pretty lighthearted tbh.

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  • serialee
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    ◈ Ateez Reaction: You Falling Asleep ◈

    ↬ Genre: SFW || Wc: 981

    ☁ ot8 x reader
    💔 mention of horror film - clowns

    ↬ Net: @ficscafe | @k-library | @k-dinernet | @lovesick-net | @prism-nw || 'DREAMLAND MASTERLIST' || 'NAVIGATION' |


    You were with him in his room while you both worked on different things. It was getting late and you were getting sleepy because of the calm and soft music being played from Hongjoong's speakers. You yawned and folded your laptop. He felt you changing positions, snuggling up to him and wrapped his arm around you, kissing the top of your head. He whispered his good night and let you drift off to sleep. The next morning, he surprised you with a short and sweet instrumental he composed while you were asleep, sadly he wasn't able to fully commit to sleep that night and knocked out the morning after.


    You were already fast asleep in his warm and welcoming embrace that night. It was your birthday but you fell a little sick. So instead of going out to celebrate, Seonghwa brought the party to you. He had few things planned but you retired early. While you were sleeping, he sneakily prepared a late night dinner for you and his special chocolate drink. He surprised you in bed when you woke up, smiling bright like the stars seen in the night sky. Your smile got brighter and his laughter could be heard when he pulled out a box from under the bed. Inside it was a chain of polaroid pictures he took of you sleeping and him decorating your sleeping state with the things he bought online. How adorable.

    ◆ JUNG YUNHO ◆

    He had been the perfect boyfriend, helping you out with packing all of your things and even offering to go with you to see your parents on a 7 hour drive. You know better than anyone that Yunho was tired and insisted on driving despite him battering his eyelashes at you. You were doing great. 3 hours later was a breeze but soon your eyelids begin to drop. Noticing how sleepy you were getting, Yunho practically forced you to switch drivers as you sleep the rest of the ride. Once a while he'd glance over to you sleeping with the seat pushed back down and curled into a ball, always monitoring the temperature of the ac to your body so you never got too cold or too hot.


    Falling asleep on the couch of his living room after watching a horror film was a mistake on your part, even if you had your eyes covered 80% of the times. Because now you were scared and very sensitive to your surroundings, something Yeosang knew and took advantage of. Behind your back, he slipped on his green clown costume and tiptoed right in front of your face. He tapped your shoulder and you nearly had a heart attack that very night. Rumours about the building being haunted were the cause of your frightened screaming. Yeosang only wished he had the whole fiasco filmed. You'll get your revenge soon enough. Yeosang had better watch his back.

    ◆ CHOI SAN ◆

    Finals week are stressful for anyone and you were no different. As the top student, it wasn't that you weren't confident in yourself but you were stressed over having to teach your boyfriend, the figure covered in tattoos and a lip piercing who didn't care as much as you did. Quick to think, he grabbed your wrist and urged you onto his bike. San believes that what you needed was a refresher, something being on his bike would do the trick. He was right. The cool night breeze was relaxing and you nearly fell asleep on his back - so he had to stop and let you sleep on his shoulder on top of the hill over looking the night city and lights.

    ◆ SONG MINGI ◆

    So lets count how many plushies you had on your bed. A lot, more than you expected. Mingi had asked you out on a date, a date to the amusement park. Hours spent on your feet going on different rides and all. Before going home, you suggested to leave the park with souvenirs and invited him to play one of those shooting down the target booth games. Needless to say, you both were good at the game and kept winning rounds. Pink, purple, yellow, blue, green, you name it and there was a plushie in that colour. Too tired to think about how you'd put them away, fatigue took over both bodies and you ended up cuddling the plushies to sleep beside each other.


    Things needed to be perfect and it couldn't go wrong. You worked hard today, running around the city from places to places and purchasing things you needed to celebrate your 2 year anniversary with Wooyoung. You've set up everything but the only problem was that he was running late. You played hype songs to make yourself stay awake but you still fell asleep and he saw that. You'd think he'd be sweet with a blanket for you but no. Wooyoung ran into the bedroom and filled the water gun to the brim. Hesitating to shot at you was not on his mind. Long story short, the night ended up with a water gun war and an even wetter floor.


    He was not having it. He wasn't happy with you. Time and time again that day you reassured Jongho that you felt fine, he didn't buy it. Even if you were fine, you weren't going to be. You hadn't slept for 2 nights. Were you studying or completing assignment? No. You barely slept because of the addicting new drama on Netflix. A pathetic excuse he told you and you just laughed at his pout. The drama got more of your attention that he was getting. On the third night, he locked the bedroom door and locked you in an engulfing bear hug. His big hands caressed down your nose bridge and massaged your closed eyelids, putting you to sleep in a blink of an eye.

    Tags: @yunkiwii | @a-soft-hornytiny | @yungisstar1117 | @galaxteez | @multidreams-and-desires | @seongsangsgf | @yunhofingers | @woowommy | @woahhwa | @ddeonghwva | @little-precious-baby | @vocalyunho | @hanatiny | @twancingyunhoe | @mychicagodaddyjohnny | @yunhobabygurl | @eggteez | @mingi-ivity | @hwalysm |

    ↬ Let me know if you'd like to be added into // taken off tags.

    ↬ My other works are listed under 'Dreamland' || 'Navigation' |

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    Sweet on You [Chapter 2]

    Chapters : Teaser | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

    Pairing : Taemin x female reader

    Genres : Fluff, Angst I tried guys

    Summary : Love doesn’t happen in a day, but it is something you grow up with.

    Warnings: extreme fluff

    A/N: This is an apology story for all my readers whom I’ve made to suffer through Gone and Strings. This is my third Taemin best friends to lovers au, simply because he suits it the best. But this was inspired by the series Exception by @moonlightjongin​​ after that fic, I obsessed over baby Taem so much I had to write this. Big big thanks to @aquamarinenymph​​ for literally writing this fic. And a big thanks to @exoxobsession​​ and @imkyunies​​ i love you three a lot!! Also, the age of both Taemin and the reader is written on the top for each segment. This is my frist time writing proper fluff do let me know what you think about it!!

    WC: 1938

    Tagging: @spacebyuns​ @whatudoing​ @midnightmoi​ @nctisthecity​ @cloudyhaos​ @xavi-in-kpopland​ @fifty-shades-of-mischeif​ @aquamarinenymph​ @byeol-bby​ @spookydanielle​ @exoxobsession​ @buttvi​ @jimineos​ @omgsuperstarg​ @love-wanderlust15​ @suzansmile​ @akoi-ming​ @oneqonec @tendoughz​ @leesalts @dazzlinggirl25 @leahuzumakisblog​ @cherirene88​ @strangemaximoff​ @abyby20​ @taemindy718​ @tinysushimark​ @yutasgem​ @hinajiki​ @jvrkrz @sinpiesinpie​ @fuwari-s​​ @shrutiajit​ @e3things​ @taerytales​ (If you want to be added to the taglist let me know!)


    “What are you doing here?” Taemin hissed, throwing open his large window so that she could climb in.

    “I’m here,” she said, once he knew she was standing safely on the ground and not just dangling from his roof, “for your birthday!” 

    Taemin blanched, “Er, my birthday? But that’s-”

    “Tomorrow. Yes, I know. But I already said you that I-”

    “Won’t be there because great aunt Marjorie’s cat died. Yeah, I remember.” he said. But in reality, it had completely slipped out of his mind that his best friend wouldn’t be there for his birthday. He had been really disappointed; they both had been. But how it slipped out of his mind he didn’t know.

    She squinted her eyes at him .”That’s not what I had said. Unless you are joking.”

    “Of course I am.” Taemin blatantly lied. Well, he had joked about that, but only because he still couldn’t remember where she had said her parents were taking her to. Was it to the beach? Or-

    “Anyways since I can’t be present tomorrow, I’m here with you now!” she said, as though that would make him happy.

    “Okay.” he grumbled, sitting on his bed. “But I’m still mad at you that you aren’t going to be there with me tomorrow.

    She smiled at him, the smile he loved about her.

    Yes, he loved her smile. He hadn’t told anyone yet, not even her, but he loved the way her smile felt like his whole world had lit up.

    She came and sat beside him, their elbows brushing. 

    “Oh, you won’t be mad at me once you see what I’ve got you.” She said lightly, handing him over a small purple box.

    Taemin looked at her incredulously. “You seriously think this small box is going to make me forget the fact that my best friend won’t be there with me on that special day?”

    “But I will be there with you on another special day.” She said, her smile turning secretive.

    “What’s it?”

    “Open the gift, Taemin.”

    His hands quickly worked on the ribbon, and when he opened the lid of the box, he let out a small gasp on seeing the content.

    “Wait, concert tickets?” He asked, still unable to believe.

    She rolled her eyes. “I won’t prank you on your birthday Taemin.”

    “But it's not my birthday today.”

    She laughed. " I’m not pranking you I promise.” She said.

    He smiled at her and she moved incredibly closer to him. He didn’t mind her being this close. They had even slept together many times.

    “So, where’s my return gift?” She whispered.

    He felt his stomach drop. He hadn’t really bought her anything, because she wouldn’t be with him this time and even though he knew she was joking, he couldn't help feeling guilty.

    "Uh, here!" He said, his eyes scanning the room fast hoping for something nice he could give her-

    His eyes fell on his flower pot. The lavender he owned looked just right enough to give her.

    Quickly he walked over and plucked a few, and then gave them to her.

    "Here. These were for you." He said, hoping he sounded convincing enough.

    She eyed them cautiously.

    "They are dried up?"

    He felt his cheeks heat up as she looked at the somewhat dried-up flowers.

    "Er, I forgot to water them today." He was beginning to hate himself for lying so much to her.

    She eyed him. "Today?"

    "Yes. I bought them yesterday!" He squeaked, pulling her back onto the bed hoping she would forget. The truth was he had bought them a week ago, but kept forgetting to water them.

    All of a sudden, she leaned in too close, until their faces were just a little apart, and whispered, "You know I can tell when you lie right?"

    His cheeks turned red and to his surprise, she laughed.

    She laughed and placed a light kiss on his cheeks. He felt an odd sensation in his stomach.

    He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her onto his bed.

    “Stay with me tonight.” he whispered.

    She shuffled closer to him, her familiar smell engulfing his senses as that weird sensation returned to his stomach.

    She always smelt like home.

    “I’ll stay with you forever, Taemin.”


    “Can I ask you a question?” She asked, leaning towards him.

    “If it's to copy my homework-” he said, wiggling away from her.

    They were sitting on her bed, completing their homework for the summer class they both had joined.

    She whined. “Well, you are older than me, so it's easier for you.”

    “This isn’t school. We learn the same things here.” He deadpanned, but he nonetheless let her peep into his book.

    ‘You are thirteen! A teen! I’m still a pre-teen-” she stopped upon seeing Taemin’s glare and smiled sheepishly at him before beginning to copy his work.

    “Anyways, I had a question-”

    “This wasn’t your question?”He gasped dramatically, eyes widening in fear.

    She pouted at him, and all of a sudden he just realised how cute she was.

    “My question was, have you ever been in love?” She asked.

    He did a double-take.

    “Well,” He began slowly, slightly unsure of how to answer. “I love you.”

    She sighed. “No, not me. Of course you love me.”

    His heart gave a jolt. She knew?

    “I meant like a different entity.”

    Now he was confused. “What?”

    She chewed her lips and edged closer to him. “I mean like, we are one right? I can’t imagine being without you. We are just...one. I mean, you get what I mean right?”

    He realised he had been staring at her with his mouth hanging open.

    One? What was that supposed to mean? They were still different entities, weren’t they?

    “Then no. I haven’t loved another entity.”

    She shrugged. “Neither have I. But I just wanted to know what it is to love someone else.”

    He watched her take out an incomplete drawing of them and complete it. It was so realistic you could see the love in their eyes for each other,

    And at that moment Taemin realised what she had meant.

    That they were one.


    "Wake up." She whispered into his ear, her hot breath causing a shiver to rub down his spine which he tried to hide.

    "Taemin, wake up." She whisper yelled, this time shaking him by his shoulder.

    He pretended to stay asleep.

    “Hey, stop taking up the whole bed.” She hissed into his ears. He had to suppress the giggle from escaping his throat.

    She whined due to his unresponsiveness and proceeded to push him with all her strength, but he didn't budge even a bit.

    He so badly wanted to open his eyes, to see her frustrated expression.

    “Oh my god, you are so cruel, you jerk. You seem to enjoy seeing me fall from the bed and sleep on the floor and I KNOW YOU ARE AWAKE, YOU LIAR-”

    He opened his eyes lazily and looked at her, and she quieted down.

    “What's it?” He asked, turning to face her fully aware that she didn’t have a place to sleep due to the innumerable number of soft toys he had on purpose placed with him.

    She stared at him for some time before speaking again.

    “There's no place for me to sleep because of you, you prick.” She hissed, but her voice was a lot softer.

    He spread his arm for her. “You can sleep here.”

    She sighed and collapsed into his arms, and he pulled her in much closer to him. Her scent was engulfing his senses.

    “Taem.” She said, “I still need more space.”

    He moved a little more and she cuddled back to him. 

    “I can hear your heart.” She mumbled into his chest. He hoped that she couldn't hear it hammering.

    “I love being here. In your arms.” She whispered, sounding a bit tired.

    He hummed in response. 

    Once he was sure she was asleep, he whispered “And I love you.”


    “I think we messed it up.” She whispered.

    Taemin gulped. 

    Messed up was an understatement. He was pretty sure what they had made was never meant to be created in this world in the first place.

    The chocolate cake, if you could still call it that, resembled nothing like the one in the video they had watched.

    “What do we do?” She asked, still whispering. He was vaguely aware of the way her breath hit the nape of his neck as she hid behind him like she was scared the cake would ruin her for ruining it.

    He turned around so that he was facing her. 

    “It's okay. I mean, I kinda knew both of us were a hazard to the kitchen-”

    “But I wanted to learn how to.” She said sadly. He felt his heartache on looking at her eyes filled with sadness.

    “I want to be able to cook like the other kids in class and not just end up cutting my hand or making inedible things.”

    He pulled her into a hug, unable to bear her sad voice anymore.

    “It's okay.” He mumbled into her hair. He wondered what shampoo she used and how he had never asked her about it.

    “It's okay. We just need to practice a bit. And I’ll buy you a cake from that cafe which came up near our school.”

    She looked up at him and he felt his flutter. “Really?”

    He grinned at her, “Yeah sure. But first, we need to apply our makeup,”

    She wrinkled her nose in confusion, but screamed the next second as he took a handful of flour and threw it on her.

    They didn’t make it to the cafe that day, but Taemin never forgot the amount she laughed that day.


    “We need to talk.”

    Her voice sounded strained. Like something terrible had happened.

    Quickly placing his books into his bag, he followed her out of the classroom into the ground. It was cold and they were walking very close to each other. He badly wanted to wrap his hands around her and protect her, but she had made it clear long ago that she wasn’t his small princess he had to look after like a prince.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked.

    She turned towards him.

    She took a deep breath in and opened her mouth to say something, but her voice froze. She looked at him in panic as he wrapped his hand around her, pulling her into a hug.

    He felt her relax into his touch and wrap her arms around him too.

    “What happened?” He asked her softly.

    “It's- it's about Handong and Sangyeon. You know they were best friends right?”

    He muttered a yes while rubbing circles on her back.

    “Well, Sangyeon confessed to Handong and- and-”

    Taemin pushed her a little so that he could see her face. “And?”

    “And Handong couldn’t return the feelings back to him so things got  awkward with them and now they got into a fight and now they-”

    She closed her mouth forcefully. Taemin didn’t need her to tell him what had happened next, but he was careful to keep his expression in check.

    “Taemin.” She said after some time. “I’m so glad you are my best friend and nothing like this has ever happened between us.” She whispered.

    He smiled for her sake.

    "Yeah. I'd never say something like that to you..."

    She collapsed into his arms once more and said, " I love you. "

    He was glad that she couldn't see his expression.

    "I love you too." 

    A/N: Please do tell me what you think about this story!! I worked really hard on it and I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on it~ Comments and reblogs are appreciated!

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    Pairing : Onew x female reader

    Genres : angst, fluff

    Summary : Getting over your insecurities was a way of love, but sometimes the oppsoite happens.

    Warnings: usage of alcohol

    Event: This if for @superm-net​ ‘s event Spies in Disguise

    WC: TBA

    Release Date: 30th August 2021

    He rubbed his bloodshot eyes, staring at the fourteen now empty bottles kept in front of him.

    He had always felt insecure about loving people.

    A thousand questions would always run through his head.

    What if he wasn’t enough? What if they didn’t love him back? And what if they left him.

    And all those insecurities had come back to his mind tonight, when his younger brother died.

    Lee Taemin. 

    Lee Jinki had loved his stellar little brother more than anyone else in this world.

    It didn’t matter to him that Taemin was better than him in everything and in every possible way.

    But he didn’t think anyone else in this world could love each other more than the way Taemin and him loved each other.

    But now he was dead and gone, his cold lifeless body flashing in Jinki’s mind again and again, as no amount of alcohol helped him drown the pain out.

    “You shouldn’t be drinking that much.” he heard a voice say.

    Ignoring it, he continued drinking, until a hand snatched away the glass from his hand.

    He turned towards his right and glared, but his face softened as his eyes fell on you.

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  • sunlightwoo
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago


    ☀︎ pairing: prince charming!jongho x cinderella!fem.reader

    ☀︎ genre: reincarnation au, disney gone wrong au, angst to fluff, exes to lovers, semi-college au

    ☀︎ wc: xxx

    ☀︎ plot: you think it’s comical that you’re cursed with remembering your previous life, in which you have hated everything that had once happened then. now that you have reincarnated again, what was supposed to be your true happy ending, considering your first one went wrong? 

    ☀︎ a/n: track number 17 <333 sorry this took a weird while to kinda be put out!! if you saw me post this before you didn’t HUOGESGHESVJN however this is technically my post for my ateez collab that i’m currently hosting!! i hope you guys enjoyed this piece and please be sure to send love to all of the other works that are also in this beautiful collab!! i’ll see you guys super soon for the last two tracks of the collection!!!!

    permanent taglist: @allyg-onz​ @viastro​​ (add yourself to my permanent taglist in my pinned!)


    You hated the curse that you were given in this life. 

    Every single little detail was in your mind from your first life, from the start of where it all went wrong with your step family, to the royal ball to you becoming a princess. You remember everything, including the part where you could recall the so-called argument that had led up to you and your husband in your first life to split ways for the night that had stopped that happy ending. Everything had gone well up until that very moment, and you wanted to know why. 

    Why can’t you remember who he was?

    His name was on the tip of your tongue every waking day, since the moment that you were retold the infamous story of Cinderella, and you know that it was indirectly told about you. A fairytale, people have called it, as it is known to end with her marrying prince charming after he had found her house with the one slipper that she had left behind at his ball. 

    That was what had happened at first, until you found out later down the line that he was just as stubborn as you were, and that you almost had nothing alike. Considering the fact that he was more introvertive and proper, you weren’t used to that as you had become more bold and open-minded at the endless thoughts that appeared in your mind since you have left your family. 

    “Order for Y/N!” 

    Your head peaks up from your corner booth of the cafe and you get up from where you had been sketching earlier to grab the coffee that you had ordered. After taking your drink and walking back to your seat, you glanced at your work in front of you as you tried to make sense of what it was supposed to be.

    Sprawled in front of you was a castle, the sight of a celebration occurring and you recognize it to be a faint memory of your engagement ceremony. You can make out the small details of every single friend that you’ve made back then, but the person that you were supposedly in love with had a blurred out face that was smudged by the pencil marks.

    The sound of the door ringing makes you look up out of habit as you gaze upon an individual that walks into the cafe, suddenly making your blood drain from your face. Something about them exuded an unwanted familiarity that rose red sirens in your head, but you weren’t sure why as you continued to look at them walk across the cafe. 

    Maybe it was the moment that they had locked eyes with you, that everything finally made sense.

    You feel time stop as you remember the exact moment that everything had gone wrong. You and the prince had gotten into a fight about a war that was incoming because of the corrupt king from another kingdom. You had told him at the time that things wouldn’t go well if he were to interfere, but he argued otherwise as he mentioned how both of your point of views in a kingdom weren’t the same as words were spit out that night. 

    Those that were filled with regret afterwards left you with the curse into this life, apparently you were not allowed to remember who he was until that moment you two were to meet again in another life. This life just had so happened to be the one that you would remember, considering he decides to walk over to you with a heavy heart in his hands just as you stood up from your seat to face him while trying to not break down because of the curse. 

    “How did you find me here, Jongho? We’re done with each other, last time I checked.” You asked with your arms in front of your chest, suddenly every blurred out image that you’ve ever drawn making sense where it was him that you were drawing. 

    He was the muse and prince charming to your failed happy ending. 

    “I didn’t expect for you to remember everything, the same way that I did.” He answers quietly, his eyes failing to meet yours and you suddenly get a glimpse of the shy prince that you had met once upon a time in your first life.

    “I want to fix us-”

    “But what if I don’t want to fix us?” 

    You notice how his demeanor suddenly shifts and his eyes finally meet your own teary ones as you could recall every single word that he had mentioned to you that night as if it were stained onto your own heart for life. However he couldn’t blame the anger that you were putting into your words against him, because ever since that night, he had regretted everything that he once said to you the moment that you walked away from the two of you.

    “Then I'll wait for you, even if you fall in love with someone else that isn’t me. If it’s meant to be, then maybe we can try us again” He replies, and he lets you go as the two of you had watched time start up again the moment that you both came up with the compromise that it was better if the two of you were friends.

    Just really close friends…

    However with that promise came the past six months that had felt like hellfire. You wanted to blame it on the curse that stayed in your head for the time being, the thought of it existing as you went off and found someone new. They were everything that you had found yourself finding comfort in, and you knew that Jongho was still closeby because he had been the one to encourage you to find someone new. 

    The problem was the curse and the fact that you remembered every single kiss and touch that has been made on your skin because of him. They didn’t make you feel excited like he did in your first life, and just having him close by to you now as your friend made you even more frustrated because you felt as though you couldn’t live an easier life if you couldn’t find that closure between you two, leading you to knock on his door with your heart on your hands. 

    Jongho was surprised when he found you on his doorsteps, drenched from the pouring rain as he could tell that you had been outside for too long to the point that you were going to get sick. However, before he could even tell you to get inside to stay dry and warm, you speak up the words that he had been waiting to hear the moment that he had found you once more in this life, hoping that maybe the two of you would finally get your happily ever after.

    “Let’s do this fate’s way. I’m willing to try us again, as long as we get to know each other better this time. No more avoiding each other.”

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  • jaekissd
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Old Tree

    Pairing: Jeno (x tree? lol)

    Genre: Nature, Life

    Length: 158 words

    a/n: literally no one asked for this HoWeVeR i felt like i had to write something new lol. I know it doesn’t mention any names but i wrote this as jeno’s pov? or you can do yours if you want. hope you like it <3

    There’s an old blue spruce at the corner of my home. Looking at it, I’m amazed by how strong it still stands. Planted 20 years ago by my father and I, it’s sharp needles faded of color, the bottom branches were slowly starting to brown. Yet the trunk is as healthy as it was the first year, and the year after that. All this time, it grew as i grew. It oversaw my first bike ride without training wheels, and the scars that followed shortly after. It swayed in the wind on my first day of high school, me rocking on the balls of my feet trying to calm my nerves. It provided its evergreen arms to comfort my first real heartbreak junior year and the long healing process after. It made it out well and alive through those storms and winters, as did I. We continue to adapt and grow, for that’s all there is in life.

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  • yeekies
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    oh dear!
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  • sunlightwoo
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    wc: <1000

    “Open up the door-”

    “You’re both a menace!” You giggled leaning against the door behind you as you wondered how the two of them had managed to find where you were currently staying in Greece. 

    The sudden memory of you agreeing to share your location with Eric hits you as you remember his words, What if you’re in danger and I don’t know where you are? Who’s going to make a kahoot for your will then?’ A quiet scoff escapes your lips, just as the back door of the airbnb you had been staying at opens to the sight of Jacob, an eyebrow raised as he notices that you were perched up against the front door.

    “Hanging around?” He teases and you shrug in response, just as Eric and Sunwoo’s voices arise once more for you to motion for him to understand why you had been standing there. 

    “The children found us.” 

    He laughs at your words as you move from the door, going back to where you were sitting on the couch with your book that you had dug yourself into earlier while Jacob opens the door for the both of them to fall into. The two individuals that had paid you a surprise visit looked up from the ground with large grins on their faces, until Eric’s eyes lay onto you and he suddenly became jokingly angry again at the invitation that you failed to give him. 

    “How could you come here without me! I thought we were travel buddies!” He whines and plops himself onto the couch beside you, deciding for himself to steal the pile of candies that you had on the coffee table earlier and you look up from your book to give him a look. 

    “I told you, I needed inspiration and Jacob just so happened to be free to travel with me. Do you both not have anything to do back home, that you decided to follow us here?” You retort in response, raising an eyebrow at both him and the latter that stood beside Jacob when suddenly Sunwoo’s face flushes in color before he rushes to leave to one of the guest rooms to make a phone call. 

    “I don’t have a lover, so I don’t have to worry. Besides, what were you both going to do tonight?” He questions, looking between both you and Jacob before he had motioned to the tv that was in front of you both.

    “Well we were going to watch a movie, but we couldn’t decide on anything. Want to join us?” Jacob offers and just when he says that, Eric is suddenly running to grab his pajamas from who knows where to change into as the words ‘wait for me’ barely slips past his lips. 

    You were absolutely amused at this, considering you could tell what your best friend was thinking from his point of view. The only thing was that nothing was happening between both you and the angel that was sitting in front of you, and that might be the only problem. Nothing had been happening and somehow you found yourself captivated by how carefree he seemed to be, even if he may have his own thoughts inside his mind.

    He might as well be something worth sticking around, because you haven’t realized until now that there were still more things that you had yet to know about the angelic voiced singer in front of you. You had no idea where he had come from, or what he used to do before singing and traveling, yet you were here ready to move around the world with him because of how easy he made things to be, even if he was just some stranger you had met in Rome.

    “Okay I’m back and I found Sunwoo! Let’s watch the incredibles!”


    chapter ten: be our guest

    summary: you were looking for some sort of outlet to find yourself away from home as people would often say ‘when in rome’. however maybe the cute singer that you stumbled upon one day at the local cafe in rome could distract you with something to cheer you up and find yourself again.

    taglist: @vibecheckvernon @catboyeatr @sunwoowuvbot @sanshiine @gretzelle17 @moonlightgrlkev @parfaitz @banhmi07 @allyg-onz @mimaisiomai @seventeeneration @softforqiankun @caralice @fabshua @deobi-pabo @winterbeartaehyungbestboy​ @glxwingstar @anjcia @bat-shark-repellant @escapewriter @artfulbarnes​ @sunwoosideup​ @younggwingss​ @im-just-trying-to-survive-man​ @viastro​ @mahalau​ @strawr​ @shionwrites​ @dancingddays​ @deputyjuyeon​ @bloom-bloom-pow​ @mochibabycakes​ @17scheol​ @misavenue​ @nlnkm​ @yeongwvnhi​ @180cmhyunjae​ @juhakfeedzz​ @404-incorrect​ @lisfangirl​ @woooooooosh8​ @chefmingyu​ @softyfor-sweaterpaws​ @cuppasunu​ @morauvmi​ @yunkiwii​ @unicornlay728​ @givememunjang​ @loonathewurld​ (want to be added to the taglist for a specific member, story or the entire series? click here or send an ask/dm to be added!)

    cannot tag: @etherealbyeol @dazzlinggirl25 @enterdolphinscream @svteencarat @seungminimini @linnyboo12 @taegurl-ne @kebluver @yiuwan

    masterlist | previous | next

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  • geminirules
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sweet November

    the moment your eyes fell on san, you turned around and walked away not wanting to hear his bullshit, you were hurt by his words although wooyoung explained the whole situation, you still couldn’t forgive san for what he said, he made you feel like you were some kind of a whore.

    “y/n! please wait!” san yelled from behind you, but you just kept walking ignoring him.

    you don’t understand why felix put you in this situation, he knows what san did to you, yet he still allowed him to see you when you didn’t want to. you hate when felix does this, you know his intentions are pure but you just hate it.

    san managed to catch up with you and gripped your arm pulling you to him, you scoffed trying to break free from his grasp, but he was holding your arm tightly but not tight enough to hurt you.

    “i don’t want to see your face,” you said quietly glaring up at him, he looked hurt by your words but he couldn’t blame you.

    “i know, but you have to hear me out, please, i’m begging you, y/n.” san begged and you laughed sarcastically pulling your arm away from his grip.

    “this is all because i said i’m not choosing you? are you willing to go to this length just for you not to lose?” you said and san glared at you.

    “don’t do this y/n, you know me, i’m better than this!” he said.

    “no! i don’t know you. it was only what? three days? yeah, you could fake a personality in this short time, you had me fooled.” you said and san stared at you shocked.

    your words hit harder than he thought. did he really mess up this bad? did you really think he was faking his personality and his attraction towards you? did you think it was all a lie? yeah, that hurt him bad.

    san looked at you in disappointment and hurt, “are you really doubting my feelings towards you? are you doubting how i truly feel about you when i poured my heart out to you on our last date? do you really think i was lying the whole time?!” san exclaimed looking at you with his eyes filled with tears, you felt bad but tried not to show it.

    “do you think i don’t feel awful because of what i did to you? do you think it didn’t hurt when you said you aren’t going to choose me when i want you the most?” san asked and he took a deep breath continuing, “i’m so sorry y/n, i did what i did because i was jealous and i have no right to be i know. but i’m telling you this not because i’m trying to convince you to give me another chance, but because i want to get this off my chest.” he said and looked deeply into your eyes taking your hand in his holding it and whispered.

    “i love you.”

    once those three words left his mouth you stared at him shocked. there was no way he fell in love with you so fast, it’s only been a week! he got to know you in three days there’s no way he can be seriously saying those words now.

    “san, no you don’t,” you shook your head, “san you can’t fall in love with me this fast it’s impossible!” you said and he stared at you with hurt written all over his face.

    “i believe in love at first sight!” he defended himself, “you’re the girl of my dreams, i tried convincing myself i wasn’t falling for you, but that was a lie, because i loved you the moment i saw you standing with seonghwa in the cafe.” san finished looking at you like he was about to cry.

    you were feeling conflicted, how was this possible? falling in love in a week? that’s new, but knowing how san is, yes it could be possible if it’s san. you looked at him not knowing what to say, he had your mind racing.

    “san, i don’t know what to say really, but you have to give yourself some time please, it isn’t right to fall in love this fast, this would get you heartbroken.” you advised, san looked at you devastated.

    “you won’t forgive me, will you?” he muttered but you looked at the sky taking a deep breath smiling.

    “no san, i forgive you.” you said and he looked at you in disbelief. “however, i’m still hurt by your words, but we will try moving on, okay?” you said and he smiled for the first time since you saw him.

    “fair enough,” he said and hugged you tightly, you smiled hugging him back.

    maybe they were right, maybe you do have a soft spot for san, maybe he really didn’t mean what he said, maybe he was only doing this out of love. you know he wouldn’t hurt you on purpose, but you were angry, and now everything turned out to be good, you were relieved.

    “thank you, y/n,” san mumbled, “thank you for giving me another chance.”

    chapter eighteen

    chapter seventeen | chapter nineteen


    non idols!ateez x fem!reader

    taglist ↬ @empenguin01 @wooyoung-a @hanniiesuckle17 @gonedayss @bonbonhwa @atinybella @gayliljoong @paradiseflowerly @sugakunsmain @ilymingki @imagine-this-motherfucker @treasuretaeil @nycol-ie @izunauchihas-blog @sookacc @ascoopofcoups @xuxiable @fashi0nablee

    💌 leave a comment or send me an ask if you want to be added!

    ━━━━ ♡ ━━━━

    Sweet November ↬ november is known to be the month when you’re supposed to find love, but after a sick prank from your friends, you find yourself surrounded by eight boys and you have to choose one.

    a/n: please don’t yell😭 i know i left this fic like a month and a half but i had major writers block and i wasn’t able to write anything until today i finally got the inspiration to write! thanks to everyone who waits for this fic patiently i love you all🥺💕 i hope you enjoyed this chapter. please give me feedback💞 ily all and take care of yourselves🥺💘

    #ficscafe#destinyversenet#kdiarynet#kdiner#knet bakery#ateez#ateez imagines#ateez scenarios#ateez reactions#ateez fanfic #ateez soft hours #ateez social media au #kim hongjoong imagines #park seonghwa imagines #jeong yunho imagines #kang yeosang imagines #choi san imagines #song mingi imagines #jung wooyoung imagines #choi jongho imagines #hongjoong imagines#seonghwa imagines#yunho imagines#yeosang imagines#san imagines#mingi imagines#wooyoung imagines#jongho imagines#sweet november
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  • yutasgalaxy
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    His Muse | KHJ

    𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: fashion designer!Hongjoong (Ateez) x reader

    𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐛: Flashing Lights collab hosted by me 

    𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: fluff, smut, established relationship au, fashion industry au

    𝐑𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠: 18+

    𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: cursing, masturbating, fingering, oral (f receiving), missionary, nail digging, dirty talk, nipple play, creampie, overstimulation, multiple orgasms

    𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬: 1.4k

    𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲:  It was definitely fate at Fashion Week the way you and Hongjoong met. Inseparable ever since, Hongjoong likes to practice his craft with you as his favorite subject. When the sun goes down he never fails to express why you're a constant source of inspiration.

    AN: Thank you to @sugasbabiie​, @eatjeanjin​, and @hobipaint​ for looking over this for me. I really appreciate it 🖤

    The sky has reached the golden hour, with the sunlight shining through the windows in your penthouse. You sit on the stool in nothing but a satin button-up shirt. Behind you is a plain white background, and you are patiently waiting for your photo to get taken. You aren’t a model by any means, but you can’t tell your fashion designer of a boyfriend, Hongjoong, that. He is constantly taking pictures of you and adding them to his mood boards. He calls you his muse, his excuse being that you are the most beautiful thing that has ever been created on this Earth. 

    You met at a New York fashion week while visiting a show you were invited to by your best friend Seonghwa, who showcased his latest collection. It’s not the first time you went to a show that Seonghwa held, but this event was a collaboration between his and Hongjoong’s, and it was a massive event for him. You came in dressed in your best, expecting to support your best friend on this huge achievement and maybe go to an after-party. But the moment you locked eyes on Hongjoong, you knew you were in trouble. Your plans quickly changed, and you ended the night in Hongjoong’s hotel in his bed, riding him until the sun rose. 

    You two have been inseparable ever since; you moved in with him a month later on his insistence, and you started working together as his accountant. You have a masters in accountancy, and his business is ever-growing, so it made sense for him to have someone he trusts looking over his books. You both fell in love fast and hard, and there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t shower you with gifts or adore you. Everything he designs has been tried on you first, and he always seeks your approval. He lights the furnace in your heart and fills you up with a love that you’ve never had before. 

    “Okay, baby, are you ready?” Hongjoong comes out of the room, his expensive camera in hand. 

    “Mmhm,” you hum.

    He holds his camera up and the flash goes off before you are ready, your vision temporarily blinded from the brightness. You hear him come over to you and you feel him rub your eyes gently, alleviating the slight pain in your eyes. Hongjoong kisses you on your forehead and waits for you to be back at your 100% before taking more photos of you. You pose the way you usually do, giving your best Naomi Campbell, as they say. He is focused on the lens, making sure he catches you at every angle. 

    “Unbutton your shirt for me,” Hongjoong instructs, still clicking away on the camera. 

    You do as you're told, unbuttoning your shirt slowly, revealing your stomach while covering your breasts. This new level of exposure starts to turn you on, and you have the idea to have him take your pictures while you get totally undressed. You continue to take off your shirt, watching him bite his lip and take his eye off the camera. 

    “What are you doing, doll?” He asks, moving closer to you and lifting your chin to meet his face. 

    “I want you to take some different kinds of pictures tonight,” you murmur, fiddling with his belt on his pants. 

    Hongjoong leans down and kisses you, his cool hands massaging your breasts. Finally, you manage to unbuckle his pants and slide them down, his member growing hard by the minute. You are tempted to wrap your mouth around his cock, but you have a plan, and you are sticking to it. 

    “Come with me to bed,” you direct, getting up from the stool and sliding your panties off. 

    You take them and stuff them in his mouth, watching his eyes roll to the back of his head. Then, you walk to your massive bedroom, crawling on the bed on all fours, waiting for him to be fully ready to pounce. He comes in shortly after, undressed with his camera in hand, his other hand palming his shaft softly. You watch him approach you from behind, his fingers leaving his shaft to brush against your clit before he gives it a soft kiss. Your breath hitches, and you cling to the sheets as his tongue slowly licks up your center. 

    “Please, don’t stop,” you beg, riding his tongue with his rhythm. 

    You hear the camera clicking as he continues to tease your clit and now has two fingers stuffed inside of you. You’ve never been able to last long with this mouth and finger combo, and tonight is no different. You scream his name as your orgasm bursts through you, your sweetness gushing everywhere on his fingers. He pulls his fingers out just to flip you over and lick you dry, your legs buckling from overstimulation. He doesn’t stop until you cum again, his soft lips humming against your clit so softly that you can’t help but give him what he wants. 

    “I really want your pretty lips around my cock,” Hongjoong groans as he strokes himself harder. 

    Though his tone is dominant, his words come out desperate and needy. The way he bites his lip as he focuses on your body, imagining all the ways he wants to have you tonight. You want him just as bad, but you decide to make him wait just a little bit longer. Just to be a minx, you decide to tease him a little. You slip your fingers down to your sweet nectar, playing with yourself softly without breaking eye contact with him. Hongjoong grabs his camera, taking pictures of you in the moment while he still strokes himself. 

    “You look so pretty baby,” he cooed, taking one more picture before setting the camera down. “I can’t wait anymore.”

    Before you can react, he spreads your legs apart and slams himself inside of you, lifting your head up so you can see him pummel you. 

    “You like this, don't you?” He gloats, slapping your breasts. “You like teasing me until I snap and fuck you to sleep huh? This is what you wanted all day. I know you, my dirty whore.”

    His harsh words send you into overdrive, and you kiss him feverishly, grinding your hips to match his pace. His hands grab your throat and squeezes it slightly as he whispers more dirty things into your ear, adding more highs to your already close peak. His face is reddening and you feel yourself reaching your peak, so you grab his camera and set it to record, watching him thoroughly fuck you through the lens as he murmurs your name. 

    “Hongjoong… baby I-,” you choke. 

    “Are you going to cum for me doll?” His tone is velvety and your stomach coils into knots, feeling yourself about to burst. 

    You nod frantically, begging for him to coat your walls with his load. Your nails dig into his arms as you dissolve into pleasure, screaming his name into his shoulder. His legs sputter and he releases shortly after you, filling you up with his load like you asked. You can feel yourself pulsing, your legs shaking uncontrollably as they are still being held in the air. Hongjoong slowly pulls himself out of you, kissing your sweaty face and making his way down to your nipples. 

    “I love you,” he leaves one lasting kiss on your right nipple before returning to your lips. 

    “I love you more,” you pull him on top of you, wanting to be held. 

    Hongjoong holds you tightly, stroking your hair as he watches you fall asleep in his arms. You sound peaceful, your light snores tickling his insides, as he always found that adorable. He slowly gets up and grabs the camera, wanting to take pictures of you in this serene state. He realizes that the camera was still recording, catching everything that happened from the moment you grabbed it. 

    “I guess I’ll have to add the pictures we did manage to take into our own little mood board,” he chuckles, sending the pictures to his backup drive. 

    Hongjoong turns around and takes one last picture of you, covered in a white sheet like the angel he always thought you were. A lightbulb goes off in his head, and he grabs a notepad, sketching you while you sleep. He decides that his next collection will be a soft collection with a lot of white and soft colors that will be perfect for the summertime. He takes his time, curating the ideas he has onto his notepad, not wanting to forget a single detail and to get this going as soon as possible. 

    Hongjoong looks over to you once more, amazed that you came into his life but a year ago and have been the source of all this creative energy. He loves you more than you will ever know, the apple of his eye. His forever muse. 

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  • letteredwings
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    18:27 | TBZ Kevin x GN reader, vampire au, fluff, .w.c. 1.1k+

    It had taken a while for you to build up your reputation— one as a meticulous and dedicated designer, one who could produce their clothes just as good as their designs. 

    All of your hard work enabled you to work with some clients considered A-Star.

    One of those clients was Kevin Moon. 

    You remember meeting him and thinking there was something devilish about him, which in hindsight is funny considering just what he was. His hair was slicked back, dark, just like the black suit he wore. 

    He worked in a field I guess you could say was close to yours— graphic design, and he had built up his own reputation within that field, making a name for himself and becoming known worldwide— and that's before everyone knew he was a vampire. 

    "Good evening, Mr Moon." 

    He turned from the windows, eyes picking you apart. Though you kept a facade of calm, your heart was a dead giveaway, beating anxiously within your chest. 

    "Please. Call me Kevin." 

    When you're halfway across the room, he zoomed to meet you at that point, bringing a shocked gasp from you. He shocked you even further when he took your hand in his and raised it to his lips to kiss gently, eyes remaining on you. 

    "Well then, Kevin, shall we get started." 

    He liked how upfront you were, though he could sense your nerves. He liked a lot of things about you actually; the fact you were so professional, the fact you were attentive to him and actually wanted to hear what he wanted and reflect that— though you still had your creative freedom—, he liked the way he could practically hear your mind bouncing ideas around when inspired by something he said— similar to how his mind became when he'd work. 

    In time he liked much more about you. You were kind, which was a trait many lacked once becoming successful, and not just in the art world. You were willing to own up to your mistakes and to find solutions. You took ownership for what you said you would do and would ensure to follow through with it. When you told him you'd have five drafts designs done by the end of the work week and sent to him, you followed through. When you messed up and ordered the wrong material for his suit after telling him the material you would be going with you held your hands up and apologised for the delay, with no thought to blame your assistants. 

    There were of course non-work related things he noticed about you that he came to like. Like the glimmer in your eyes when you knew you did well. The smile when you spoke to someone you got on particularly well with. How your smell had started to entice him more and more. The way your heart changed from its work related anxious beat to a nervous softer beat when in close proximity with him. 

    And of course there were things about him that you started to like. The way he was encouraging, the way he wasn't too lax and unbothered about what he wanted but he wasn't overbearing and controlling either— a perfect balance that you had yet to see in your other clients—, the way he seemed to inspire you, the way you bounced ideas off each other. 

    Then there were more intimate things you started to like about him. The way his eyes glowed amber when he was pleased. The way he was polite to everyone. How soft spoken and interested he always seemed to be. The way he made you feel comfortable in his presence— never speaking of your nerves you know he picked up on— , even the way he made you laugh with his surprisingly dorkish antics or when he'd be sassy.

    All of that boiled down to one night— the day of his final fitting. 

    You stood back to admire the way the colour and the fit complimented him, the way he looked absolutely breathtaking. 

    Then your eyes met. You didn't need to be a vampire to sense the tension and he didn't need to be one to know how hard your heart was racing in that moment. 

    He zoomed across the room and suddenly his lips were on yours— from that moment, he made you his.

    It's been over a year since you first met, but today marks your first date. 

    You stand dressed glamorously in the middle of your room, tidying away your things before you would head out. 

    In the middle of replacing one of many shoes you'd tried on, the door opens. You barely have time to look back before he's appeared before you, a movement that could barely be described as a flash when he seems to move far more quickly and lithe than that. 

    "Hello, my love." He uses the back of his fingers to stroke down your cheek, eventually cupping your face and pulling you in for a kiss. When he parts, his eyes move over every inch of you. "You look absolutely stunning."

    You feel warm all over when you smile at him. "Thank you." You whisper. 

    "I have something for you."


    You watch his hand move to the inside pocket of his blazer suit. He pulls out a rectangular jewelry box— your eyes glitter, though refusals are already ready to spill from your lips, which he senses, thus making him lay a single finger on your lips to silence those refusals. 

    "Just accept it, my love. I like spoiling you."

    "You do it too much." You state, watching him pull the box open to reveal a gorgeous diamond and emerald necklace. Your breath catches. "Definitely too much."

    "Oh hush." He smiles, moving you to stand before the mirror. "You deserve it." He whispers into your ear making you shiver. He pulls the chain around your neck, fingers easily sealing the clasp, his fingers smoothing out over your shoulders to peek around you to watch your reflection instead.

    You can't see him, of course. His touch while watching through the mirror is that of a phantom, though the fact you can feel his warmth and the weight of his hands let's he you know he is very much present. 

    Your eyes train on the necklace, admiring how it looks against your skin and compliments your outfit. 

    "It's beautiful. Thank you." You breathe out.

    "Not as beautiful as you." He says easily. 

    You turn around and kiss him, peck his lips over and over until he ends up smiling against you. 

    "Here's to many more years with you, my love."

    #yaaaay last one and its flexer sweet guy kev ah yeaaaa #kdiner#kwritersworldnet#deobiwritersnet#ficscafe #kevin moon scenarios #kevin moon fluff #the boyz fluff #the boyz scenarios #tbz scenarios#tbz fluff#tbz vampires
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    𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞 ↠ 𝐣.𝐩

    pairings: bad boy!jay x female reader
    anonymous asked: prompt request 17 + jay of enhypen
    17. “you were caught more than 5 times having sex in the classroom.”
    synopsis: “your boyfriend got jealous because he saw his friend staring at you.”
    wc: 0.5k
    warnings: heavy making out.
    genre: suggestive.
    song recommendation: teenage dream by katy perry, everyday by ariana grande (feat. future)

    you held onto your boyfriend tightly as he pushed you against the wall kissing you, you don’t know what has gotten into him to get him this worked up, not that you were complaining. but the thing is you were scared of getting caught, you were making out in the middle of the hallways at your school and anyone could catch you any moment.

    “jay,” you breathed holding his hair as he kissed your neck, “don’t leave any marks.” you whispered but he ignored you.

    he sucked on the soft skin of your neck and you moaned, jay pulled away looking at you with a lazy smirk.

    “i can’t help myself, babe,” he said huskily staring at you with hooded eyes.

    “what’s gotten into you?” you asked and he scoffed remembering what happened half an hour ago.

    “heeseung hyung kept staring at you, it was annoying me,” he said going back to kissing your neck, “he just can’t accept that you’re mine.” jay growled.

    you knew how possessive jay can be when he gets jealous, he won’t admit it, but he’s insecure, he is scared that one day he might lose you even when you assure him billions of times that wouldn’t happen.

    jay was done assaulting your neck and he pulled away admiring the way your neck was decorated by his love bites, he smiled satisfied. “now everyone will understand you belong to me.”

    you smiled fixing his blonde hair, you heard some voices down the hall and jay cursed dragging you inside a classroom, he pushed you inside putting his hand over your mouth to keep you silent.

    you waited until the voices died down and the hall gained its silence back, you looked at jay who was staring in your soul. “why are you looking at me like that?” you asked.

    “you look so beautiful all breathless like that,” he said and he attacked your lips again.

    “oh my god, jay! wait!” you stopped him pulling away, “what if someone walks in in us?”

    jay smirked lying you down on the office table getting on top of you, “well guess you have to be quiet then, baby girl.”

    jay sat at the table at lunch with his friends as they talked, he saw you walking with your friends sitting on the table that was close to them. he sent you a wink causing you to blush and turn away from him.

    “you disappeared this morning, where were you?” jake asked and jay looked at him shrugging his shoulder.

    “strolling around with y/n, we haven’t seen each other much lately,” jay answered and heeseung rolled his eyes.

    “strolling around my ass, you two were fucking in mr. song’s classroom.” he said, jay smirked looking at him.

    “and how did you know?”

    “i saw you dragging her inside the classroom, not a minute later she was already moaning your name, it doesn’t take an idiot to know what was going inside this classroom.” heeseung said and jay laughed at how annoyed he was.

    “did it annoy you, hyung? hearing her moan for me?” jay asked raising his eyebrows as heeseung looked at him in disgust.

    “you were caught more than 5 times having sex in the classroom!”

    jay shrugged leaning back on his seat smirking at his friends feeling proud of himself.

    “what can i say, i’m a good lover to my girlfriend.”

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  • yangsrose
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    Café 7 Dream: Day One

    summary: what happens when you decide to spend your summer before college working at the mysterious yet beloved café that everyone talks about all the time?

    pairing: pick your ending x gn!reader

    genre: barista! au, non-idol au

    word count: 1.8k words

    warnings: none

    author's notes: here's the first chapter!! at the end of the chapter, there's a link which should take you to a google survey to fill out. in that survey, pick your choice for who you would like to choose for the next chapter. the form will be open for a week. i hope you enjoy this!!

    café 7 dream masterlist

    You stood in front of the door, hands shaking as you reached out to grab the handle. First impressions were important, and you were about to give the most important one of your lifetime.

    When Café 7 Dream opened up in your neighborhood seven years ago, everyone flocked to the café in hopes of not only trying the highly rated menu options, but also getting to confirm to themselves of the rumours of the seven handsome workers that everyone gushed about. According to everyone, despite wearing the drab uniforms that they were required to wear, they all still managed to look good, no matter what day or time it was. The minimal, homely café added onto making the entire visit memorable, leaving the customers with a longing to go back soon.

    The only thing that seemed out of place was the fact that they never hired anyone, no matter how hectic the workload got after the small café began to gain more popularity. Despite being severely understaffed, they always managed to get every order done on time, much to the surprise of the customers. So when the applications for a job at Café 7 Dream opened, everyone flocked over to apply, which you suspected was more of a hope of being able to meet the handsome workers that everyone gushed about, rather than actually getting a job.

    When you applied however, you actually wanted a job, wanting to save up some money in the summer before you started college. You remembered your job interview, it being with a man who didn’t seem any older than you. He introduced himself as the manager of the cafe, and asked you simple questions such as “Why did you want to work here?”, or “What do you think you can benefit from working here?”. As he asked you the questions, you wished that you had prepared yourself better, feeling a bit incompotnent under his icy glare as he rattled questions at a rapid frequency. When you got the email about being accepted as their newest employee a few weeks later, you were shocked to say nonetheless. The letter didn’t have much details, other than stating when you were to start working, and the general guidelines of the café.

    Now, here you were, standing in front of the café, hands shaking as you were about to enter. You contemplated just running away and not entering, but right as you turned around, you spun into someone, bumping into them in the process. You both stumbled back a bit and when you looked up to apologise, you found yourself facing an extremely handsome boy, who seemed to be around the same age as you. Feeling your face heat up, you looked down, not trusting yourself to make eye contact with the male, knowing that you would end up embarrassing yourself if you did so. He opened the door and gestured for you to go in, giving you an awkward smile in the process. You softly thanked him and entered, gasping softly at the sight that beheld you.

    The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans welcomed you as soon as you walked in, enveloping the area around you and threatening to swallow you whole into an abyss of freshly brewed coffee. The sunlight filtered through the multitudes of windows, casting what seemed to be a magical aura around the coffee shop. You couldn’t help but gawk at the image in front of you, feeling a bit awestruck at how it seemed almost as if it was something out of a fairy tale.

    “First day here?” you heard someone from behind you ask. You turned around only to be faced with a boy wearing a beige sweater on top of a denim shirt, his long bangs parted in the middle as one side fell over his eyes. He gave you a soft smile and you found yourself replicating it, feeling comfortable in his presence.

    “I’m Renjun,” he said, stretching his hand to shake.

    “I’m y/n” you responded, taking his hand and feeling yours get clammy, causing you to internally curse at yourself for being so anxious.

    “Are you the new employee here? Chenle didn’t tell us much about you other than your name.” he said, causing you to nod at his statement.

    “I can show you around if you’d like? We still haven’t opened up so I can help you to get accustomed to the store before you officially start working here.” He asked, a kind look passing over his face. You nodded and followed him as he walked, listening intently to the details and instructions that he was telling you.

    “This is where I usually sit. I’m the head designer here so I tend to pick this corner of the café to just sit and work.” Renjun said, pointing to a small corner of the café that was inhabited by a table scattered with various art work pieces and stationary. He picked up a few of the designs and showed them to you, describing the meaning behind each piece. You listened intently, and were so caught up in Renjun’s explanation that you missed the person that came and stood next to Renjun. He observed the way that you were concentrating on whatever was being told to you, making sure to understand everything even if you necessarily didn’t get what was going on.

    “I don’t think this design would work Renjun, it seems a bit too plain for my liking.” You slightly jumped and looked to see who the new person was, eyes slightly widening as you remembered the person that stood in front of you. It was him. Here you were, face to face with the manager that interviewed you that day, his icy cold eyes boring holes into your head as you shakily tried to answer all the questions that were thrown at you. His eyes held a teasing look as he saw the way that you slightly flinched, almost taunting you for being scared of him.

    “I don’t think I got to formally introduce myself to you. I’m Chenle, the manager of this cafe.” he said, stretching out his hand. You took his hand and shook it, feeling your hands shake slightly due to his intimidating aura.

    “Did you meet everyone else? I think you should start off with meeting the baristas before meeting the bakers. Jaemin and Jeno are less of a handful in comparison to Mark and Haechan. Jaemin! Jeno! Come meet the new recruit!” You felt yourself get overwhelmed by Chenle’s chatter; finding it difficult to keep up with his constant talking. Two men, who you assumed to be Jaemin and Jeno, walked out from behind the counter, the blonde one giving you a cute eye smile as he walked forward.

    “I’m Jeno.” He said, sticking his hand out to greet you. You took his hand apprehensively and mumbled a soft “y/n” underneath your breath, something you know went unnoticed to the male. The barista next to him stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Jaemin, giving you a smile that seemed warm enough to melt anyone to the ground.

    “Jaemin, why don’t you take y/n to the back to meet the bakers?” Chenle asked, after their introductions were done. Jaemin led you to the back, taking you to a moderately sized kitchen where you assumed both of the bakers were.

    “This is y/n, they’re the new employee here.” you waved awkwardly, not making eye contact with either of them.

    “Hi! I’m Haechan.” the brown haired boy stepped up, extending his hand to shake yours. You took his hand, taking note of the warmth that not only flowed from his hand, but also from his personality. Before he could continue the conversation however, Chenle called his name which caused Haechan to roll his eyes and groan in mock exasperation. You softly laughed at his antics, coming to the conclusion that you would soon grow fond of him. He excused himself and left you to introduce yourself to the remaining boy, who was staring at you with a look of curiosity.

    “I’m Mark.” the blue haired boy said, extending his hand as well. He gave you a lopsided grin, his eyes holding a warmth that made you feel comfortable in his presence almost immediately. Haechan popped his head back in and called the both of you to the front, saying that Chenle was calling everyone for an impromptu meeting. The walk over to the table was the most intimidating one, feeling inferior at the way that everyone watched your every move. You sat down at an empty seat at the table, which was situated next to the boy that you had run into this morning. He kept his eyes trained on the ground, and in your own flustered state, you missed the subtle blush that crept up his face as you sat next to him.

    “I’ve called everyone here to discuss some changes that we’ll be making starting from today.” Chenle said, causing everyone to look at the front of the room where he was situated. “As you know, we’ve hired our first part-timer outside of 7Dream.”

    “7Dream isn’t a cult by the way. It’s just what we like to call our group because we’ve known each other basically since we were in diapers.” Haechan said, leaning over to explain to you about the terminology that was being used. You gave him a smile of gratitude, feeling relieved that he was there to explain the unknown terminology to you.

    “Thank you for that Haechan, now moving back to the order of operations. Since y/n’s new here and doesn’t have a role that’s set in stone yet, I felt like it would be the best to let them explore the various departments and see which one they like by shadowing everyone. Y/n, what do you think?” you nodded along, liking the idea of shadowing the members as they did their tasks since that would help you to understand how the café would work.

    “There are five options that you can choose from. Barista, baker, caterer, designer, and cashier. Baker would obviously shadow Jeno and Jaemin, baker would shadow Mark and Haechan, caterer would shadow Jisung, designer would shadow Renjun, and cashier would shadow me.” Chenle said, pointing towards himself as he finished off his explanation.

    “Doing this would allow you to get the full experience of working here, and you would be able to fill in someone’s space if it’s needed in the future.” Renjun explained.

    “Who would you like to shadow on your first day?” Haechan said, bringing his chair closer to you. You weighed the options in your head, deciding which one to pick. Each department sounded good to you, yet you knew you could only choose one department to start off with. You sighed and looked at Chenle, ready to make your decision.

    Who would you like to pick?

    taglist: @stayarmytinyzenmoa-l @gia-nani @nanamericano @neolee231

    if you would like to be a part of the taglist, please send an ask or reply to this post!

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  • taemin-jaemin
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    Sweet on You [Chapter 1]

    Chapters : Teaser | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

    Pairing : Taemin x female reader

    Genres : Fluff, Angst I tried guys

    Summary : Love doesn’t happen in a day, but it is something you grow up with.

    Warnings: extreme fluff

    A/N: This is an apology story for all my readers whom I’ve made to suffer through Gone and Strings. This is my third Taemin best friends to lovers au, simply because he suits it the best. But this was inspired by the series Exception by @moonlightjongin​ after that fic, I obsessed over baby Taem so much I had to write this. Big big thanks to @aquamarinenymph​ for literally writing this fic. And a big thanks to @exoxobsession​ and @imkyunies​ i love you three a lot!! Also, the age of both Taemin and the reader is written on the top for each segment. This is my frist time writing proper fluff do let me know what you think about it!!

    WC: 1542

    Tagging: @spacebyuns @whatudoing @midnightmoi @nctisthecity @cloudyhaos @xavi-in-kpopland @fifty-shades-of-mischeif @aquamarinenymph @byeol-bby @spookydanielle @exoxobsession @buttvi @jimineos @omgsuperstarg @love-wanderlust15 @suzansmile @akoi-ming @oneqonec @tendoughz @leesalts @dazzlinggirl25 @leahuzumakisblog @cherirene88 @strangemaximoff @abyby20 @taemindy718 @tinysushimark @yutasgem @hinajiki @jvrkrz @sinpiesinpie @fuwari-s​ @shrutiajit @e3things @taerytales (If you want to be added to the taglist let me know!)



    Taemin opened his eyes and found a small piece of cake hovering in front of his face. The six-year old boy turned his watery eyes towards the owner and found a small girl holding the chocolate cake in front of him.

    He sniffled and turned away, hoping the girl hadn’t caught him crying so badly.

    He felt her edge closer to him, the pink frills of her frock tickling his bare knees. He should have listened to his mother and worn full pants instead of shorts.

    “Take this cake. Is that why you are crying?” he heard her high-pitched voice ask.

    He turned to glare at her. “I’m not crying for the cake. Besides, it's such a small piece.”

    She pouted at him. “Well, it was my piece and I was eating it but seeing you cry I thought I would share,”

    Taemin paused, thinking about her words.

    “I’m not crying.” he said.

    “Your eyes are watery.” she pointed.

    He glared at her and simultaneously aggressively pulled at his small black bowtie and the elastic band of the birthday cap.

    “This is tight that’s why.” he justified himself.

    The little girl took his words for granted and shrugged; and then she popped the cake into her mouth.

    She chewed slowly and grinned at him, her teeth covered in chocolate.

    Taemin grimaced. Was this why his parents told him to close his mouth while eating?

    “Why aren’t you with your friends?” he asked. Finally, he took in her appearance properly. The small tiara on her head was dangling at a dangerous angle, and her hair looked like she had pulled it for fun. She looked younger than him, judging by her super sparkly pink shoes, frilly pink frock and the little teddy bear she was clutching.

    “This is my friend.” she said, her mouth still full, waving the soft toy in front of his face. 

    “T-That’s not a breathing thing so it's not considered.” he said.

    Her smile fell. “Oh.” she said, her small mouth turning into an O.

    She muttered something inaudible and he leaned in slightly to hear it better. He got a whiff of her perfume and he pouted slightly. Why did little girls like wearing perfume?

    “What did you say?” he asked her.

    She shuffled even more closer to him until their elbows were brushing.

    “I said,” she said with a bit more emphasis, even though she was still whispering, “ I don’t have any friends.”

    Taemin looked at her shocked. The real reason why he had been crying was because he didn’t want to come to this birthday party. He didn’t like the kids here, and he just couldn’t bring himself to talk to anyone else.

    “How old are you?” he asked curiously.

    She grinned back at him like nothing had happened. “I’m five! Mummy said I’m a big girl now!” she explained, her eyes sparkling as bright as the pink glittery clips on her hair.

    Taemin snorted. “Well, I’m a bigger boy. I’m six.” he huffed at her.

    She looked at him in awe. “If you are a big boy can you protect me? Every princess needs a prince.”

    “I’m not your prince-”

    “Oh but the other girls keep making fun of me.” she said sadly. “And I did offer you my cake.” she said, showing him her small fingers covered in black sticky chocolate.

    He sighed. He wanted to turn her away. But there was something about her that was making him want to protect her. And besides, even he didn’t have any friends right?

    “Sit here beside me and do not move an inch.”


    “Are you okay?” the small boy asked worriedly to the even smaller girl, holding her hand tightly in case she fell again.

    She looked up at him with tear-filled eyes, and he felt a pang in his heart.

    “No.” she whispered, blood still coming out of her mouth. Her front two milk teeth had broken and Taemin was in total confusion about how to stop the bleeding.

    He had heard that people could die out of bleeding and he definitely didn’t want his best friend to die.

    “It's okay.” she whispered, as he struggled to unpin his napkin from his shirt. “It will stop.” she said looking at her worried best friend.

    She had been swinging on the swing in the playground when a bigger boy, yes, he was even bigger than Taemin, came and pushed her off the swing.

    At first, when she fell, he started crying. But when she looked up at him with teary eyes and blood on her small lips, he felt an anger spark through him. He had never been this angry but watching his best friend cry had made him furious.

    Which resulted in the boy knocking the bully down from the swing and he too ended up in the same fate as her. Luckily for Taemin, the bully didn’t fight back; instead, he ran away wailing about his missing teeth.

    Taemin plopped himself down beside his best friend and wrapped his arm around her. 

    She leaned into him and attempted to smile, with the blood on her lips and missing teeth, as he looked at her disgusted.

    “Show me your hands.” he ordered her.

    She stuck out her small palms, both of them very dirty due to her fall. He took them in his own small hands; his hands always seemed to be smaller than others, and tried dusting the dirt out of them with his pined handkerchief.

    “Thank you.” she said after some time. 

    Taemin smiled at her. “You don’t need to thank me. That’s what friends do for each other.”

    She too grinned back at him and leaned in closer, until he got the familiar smell of her. Somewhere down the line, he had realised that it wasn’t her perfume, but just the way she smelt all the time.

    And somewhere around that time, he realised that he loved the smell.

    And their friendship.


    “Look at that.” she giggled, pointing at the wisps of whiteness floating on the blue sky. 

    They were lying under the sun, the stream water tickling at their feet. Their parents had taken them to some far-off place whose name he hadn’t bothered knowing. All he cared for was having fun with his best friend.

    “It's pretty.” he said, They look so beautiful and sparkly.”

    True, the spotless white clouds seemed to be glittering in the blue sky, but his main attention was on the way the sun caught his best friend’s hair.

    “Oh, that looks like a boat!” she exclaimed, pointing at one of the clouds.

    He snorted. “That looks nothing like a boat. You are just copying what you read from those silly 5-year-old books.”

    She stuck out her tongue at him. “No, I am not.” She said indignantly. “It really looks like a boat!” 

    "No, it doesn't!"

    She whined. "Why do you tell me that everything I say is wrong ?"

    "Because you are still a baby." Taemin snorted.

    She poured at him and he laughed.

    "I hate you!" She cried, and got up and ran.

    Taemin too shot up and chased her down, tackling her into a hug.

    She too started laughing as they both rolled down the hill.

    Finally, they stopped and stared at each other, wrapped in each other's embrace. 

    "I don't hate you." She giggled.

    "I know. I could never hate you too."


    “Taemin.” she hissed at him, causing him to turn away even more.

    She climbed up the benches of the empty gallery and sat beside him.

    “Taemin, what did he do?” she asked, a little more forcefully this time. She got a sniffling as an answer.

    Edging closer to him, she wrapped her arms around his shoulder and said, “Taemin, if you don’t tell me what he did, I'm going to accidentally spill glitter into his water bottle-”

    “You can’t do that! Th-that’s murder!” he exclaimed in shock, trying to process his best friend’s murder scheme.

    “If he doesn't die, it isn’t. But if you don’t tell me what he did-”

    “H-he tripped me.” Taemin sobbed. “And I fell down with my plate. A-And there was milk on my tray and it spilled on my pants and everyone in the cafeteria was laughing because apparently, I peed my pants-”

    “It's okay.” she mumbled, pulling him into a hug. “It’s okay. Minsung is just a jerk and he’s just jealous you’re a precious small bean-”

    “But I’m not small anymore!” Taemin said, now visibly crying hard. “I’m 10! I’m not supposed to be crying! I’m supposed to-”

    “Protect me blah blah blah but Taemin I’m not little either anymore. We aren’t in our delusional fantasy of princes and princesses but we are best friends and best friends give their shoulder for each other to cry on. ”

    Taemin stared at her with his watery eyes, wondering when she had grown up so much. In his eyes, she was still the small girl who had asked him to be her prince.

    He leaned into her until his face was buried in her shoulder.

    “Don’t go.” he croaked.

    “I’ll never leave you.”

    A/N: Please do tell me what you think about this story!! I worked really hard on it and I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on it~ Comments and reblogs are appreciated!

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  • pufflix
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago


    pairing: idol!choi yeonjun x gn arranger!reader

    wc: 0,2k

    genre: fluff, humor(?), idol!au, friends!au, timestamp

    tw: just a playful yeonjunie

    networks: @ficscafe @k-dinernet @multifandomnet


    another day of work at big hit, you’ve been working hard in the studio for txt’s upcoming album.

    it was late, you were tired. the only thing you could think of was how satisfying it would feel to be in your bed right now.

    a faint sound was coming from one of the dance studios down the hall. it was 3am, no one was supposed to be there.

    you slowly walked to the direction of the music, tightly gripping your bag’s handle. pulling yourself together, you opened the door, only to be met with a sweaty yeonjun practicing the choreo of his group’s upcoming title song.

    you sighed out of relief, closing your eyes one second, failing to notice yeonjun’s gaze on you through the mirror. he stopped the music and turned to face you.

    “hey, y/n. what are you doing here?”

    “i could ask you the same question.” you already knew the answer though.

    “true, but i asked first,” he smirked tiredly, running a hand through his hair as he threw his head back.

    “i just finished arranging one of your songs, you big baby.”

    “i’m not a baby!” his adorable pout made you smile.

    “sure, yeah. you want me to accompany you to your dorm?”

    “i’d like that.” yeonjun took his stuff on the floor and jogged to you by the door frame, throwing his arm around your shoulders.

    “hey, you’re all sweaty!” you whined but didn’t push him away. he laughed and rubbed his cheek on yours.

    “come on, y/n, you love me regardless.”

    “in your dreams, choi,” you retorted, wiping the sweat away with your hand then peddling it on yeonjun’s shirt under his joyful laughter.

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  • taemin-jaemin
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago


    Pairing : Jisung x female reader

    Genres : demigod! Jisung, demigod! reader, fluff, angst, greek myth au, Percy Jackson au

    Summary : Love is found in the unluckiest of times, in the unluckiest of places.

    Event: Part of Fantasia Event by @nct-writers​

    Warnings: blood, death, major character deaths

    WC: TBA

    When a Goddess fell in love with a mortal man, a girl was born. She was beyond the powers of mortal men; a demigod made by the love affairs of an Ancient being and a commoner. 

    She was innocent, unaware of the sins committed by the Gods and the Titans.

    And yet, it was her who would have to lift the sword to protect them.

    It was her who would have to shed blood to save humanity.

    And it was her who would have to grieve for the loss of her loved ones and friends.

    If you want to be added to the taglist, please like / comment / reblog / send an ask!

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  • letteredwings
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    06:27 | TBZ Younghoon x GN Reader, vampire au, fluff, .w.c 873

    There’s secret (not really) glances between the seconds you have free time on your shift. It’s always to let your gaze linger on him of course. Since you first met him you’d been enamoured, but you expected that infatuation of sorts to fade with time.

    It only grew though.

    The first time you really had any contact with him was when you were in the middle of restocking the toiletry room. The delivery had just come in and your manager asked if you would put it away while she and the other carers tended to their own tasks. There were at least fourteen boxes to take from downstairs and up to the storage room. It must've been by your forth trip upstairs that you finally started to become breathless, sweat pearling your hairline and legs slightly shaky. 

    That’s when he approached you. “Need any help?” You were caught between being polite and declining and crying out your thanks. 

    Thankfully, instead of making a fool of yourself, you settled for a “yes, please.” 

    Before you could so much as blink he was racing up and down the stairs, only stopping when he finished seconds later. “Any heavy lifting or things like this come to me. Oh. Names Younghoon by the way.” And then he bid you a good day and that was that.

    The next time you saw him was because of something far more dramatic and worrisome. You were feeding one of the residents— Mrs Patel specifically and you only remember because she had been telling you the funniest story about slapping her husband with roti dough after he started complaining about her cooking to some relatives on the phone. In the middle of her story, Younghoon was talking to one of the nurses about a potential outing for the residents when he suddenly raced away. It turned out that Mrs Phillips, one of the more mobile and independent residents had gone out for a cigarette and nearly fell. But luckily Younghoon had sensed it and got there in time before she could seriously injure herself. 

    From that day on you had some kind of newfound respect for him.

    It only grew when you saw him interact with the residents. On the Tuesdays he’s be outside with Mr Williams and Mr Bhalla doing some gardening, listening to the same story Mr Williams tells about his first job coming into the country working as a Gardner for a Jamaican family he knew here, or his fond smile when Mr Bhalla would recount each of his wife's favourite flowers she’d love to plant when she was alive. On Wednesdays when he’d always grant Miss Lee a slow dance and smile down at her when she told him he reminds her of her first love. (You have to admit the first time you heard her say that you had the comical thought of what if he is her first love. It’s possible as a vampire that they could have met after all.) The way he would calm down the residents who would lash out aggressively, treating those in the late stages of dementia with the utmost care and respect.                                                                                  

    When you come down the stairs after changing all the bedsheets and putting them in to wash, Younghoon is sitting in the living room reading from a newspaper. It’s something he always does. ``Reconnect them with the world’ he told you once. 

    You leave him to it, checking the charts and making sure the residents have received their medication already. 

    He finishes not long after and that’s when he approaches you. 

    Your back tingles as if sensing him behind you and when you turn its your heart that responds in earnest this time. 

    “Hey,” he starts, quietly, “um, can I ask you something?”

    “Of course.”

    He starts to get nervous then, which really isn’t like him— or from what you know at least. He’s polite and maybe a little quiet unless speaking with the residents, but he always carries this particular air around him that you thought was suitable for a vampire— one of confidence. 

    Now he’s clearing his throat and looking between you and a spot on the wall.


    He stands straighter and finally looks at you— his eyes seem to waver, the sweet brown like the sun on the sea and finally, he licks his lips, then asks what he wants to. “Forgive me if this is improper, but… Well you told me how you’ve never been to the aquarium and I have tickets you see and I was wondering…” As he trails off your heart races at unprecedented speeds, sending your blood rushing to your head making you feel dizzy. Younghoon senses it immediately, his hand coming up beneath your forearm and he leans down in concern. “Oh, are you okay?” The proximity has your breath catching and your skin heats up. 

    “Finish asking me.” You manage to whisper. 

    He seems to understand your state then, a sweet smile gracing his face. “Will you accompany me to the aquarium?” 

    You grin now, pulling your lip into your mouth to hide it, but it’s simply impossible. Finally, you respond. “Of course I will.”

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