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  • kpopmademyday
    08.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    All an Act (Vincenzo! Jang Junwoo)

    Type: Angst Fluff

    Request: Could you do a Jang Joon Woo from Vincenzo where y/n knows who he is the entire time because she is like his assistant/ personal assassin. And they are together. So while he is undercover she is there as well.



    Innocent looking but very deadly would be an easy way to describe you, You had known Jang Junwoo or Jang Hanseok a long time. You met in college while studying in the US. He was instantly drawn to you because he felt like you were hiding something serious. It was interesting to learn that you knew how to well to put it easily...kill. Along with law you had an interest in forensics, and a skill with weapons. You were everything an evil man would need. Wrapped up in a very attractive and seemingly innocent package. It helped you get into Wusang along with Junwoo, with the story of two college buddies who stayed together through it all. Everyone working there found you similar in personality to Junwoo and looked down at you. Oh that pissed you off a lot. 


    You sat calmly cleaning the weapon in front of you before you felt the presents of someone behind you. You turned and held a brush against the throat of the person “hate to know how you could kill me with that” Junwoo said as he grabbed your hand “calm down” he said taking the brush and tossing it away from you. “I’m in such a bad mood. People talking to me like I’m an idiot all the time. I just want to-” you shook your hands as he smiled. “I can’t wait to see you do your thing” “no one has” you gave a straight face “you just get to know what happens afterwards” you said. “I work in private” you remind him. “You’re like a painter...so passionate” you shrugged as you pulled away from him and sat on your shared bed. You leaned back on your hands as you stared at him. He gestured easily for you to scoot back on the bed as he took off his suit jacket as you smirked. "Instead of staring at me let's have our fun" he whispered.

    His lips were on yours as they quickly went to work. As it grew deeper his phone started going off. He pulled away and grabbed his jacket pulling out his phone. "Hey boss" his cheery English voiced said as he threw himself down on the bed as you climbed over him. He rolled his eyes listening as your hands wondered "first thing in the morning" he promised "okay bye bye" he said as his phone was thrown away as he pulled you down.


    "Good morning" your cheery voice came into the room. Today was a big day as Junwoo was letting people know the big secret behind him and Babel Group. "Where were you?" Seunghyuk asked "I got a coffee and there's a table that gives free pens when you enter-" you stopped as the coffee was taking from you by him. Your hand tightened around the pen as Junwoo grabbed your hand "calm down" he hummed softly.

    You two followed the others, you offered a smirk to Hanseo. To say the least he wasn't as scared of you as he was his brother but found you scary. "Hello CEO Jung" you offered him a bow as he nodded slightly before you took a seat and leaned on you hand looking at Junwoo. You gave him a wave and a thumbs up as his exciting nervous acting continued.

    He stared his speech and by the time he was finished explaining the family hierarchy of the Jangs you made a sound of excitement before clapping passionately. "Did you know about this?" both Seunghyuk and Myunghee watched your face shift from the upbeat one to a devilish smirk "of course I did" you cooed.

    You made your way over to Junwoo who instantly brought you into his side. "Ah my little killer did well no?" he pinched your cheek. "Killer?" was asked "ever wonder how people who oppose Babel just seem to go?" you asked "I make them go away" you cooed into the ear of Seunghyuk before reaching around and fixed his tie. "If you ever treat me so lowly again. I'll kill you with your tie and no one will ever know it was me" you pulled it snug to his neck as he jumped. You patted his shoulders as you rushed back up to Junwoo who smiled.

    "Now you guys have to report to him. How does that feel?" you teased them. "Are we going to play dirtier now baby?" you asked him "not yet. I promise you'll get your fun" he said as you nodded. "I love when your intense side shows. The gullible act is nice but the real...always better" he pinched your cheek . "Aren't we both adorable?" He asked those in front of him. You were quite excited to see how the rest will play out for everyone involved.

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  • kpopmademyday
    04.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Relax (Vincenzo! Jang Hanseo)

    Type: Fluff

    Request: Could you please write something fluffy for Jang Hanseo from Vincenzo?💝

    ~Spoilers ahead...a little~


    You never really saw yourself marrying into the Jang family, another rich and powerful family...yeah you were kind of destined to with the rich family you came from. The construction company your mother and father owned was heavily successful. When you were really of age to marry you found yourself being flooded with offers before your family basically arranged your marriage, they thought the Jang’s were the best of options and pressured you into take the offer proposed by Jang Hanseo’s father to marry his son. You learned a lot about his family, that he was the second son of Mr. Jang and is innocent looking yet evil brother. 

    You learned that he really did care about you, he was shy when you went on your first date together. Eventually he had to propose to you which was really him stumbling over his words and holding a ring out for you. Either way you found him charming. You were married basically since you were 20 and recently last year you two were discussing where you were going next. If you were going to start a family or anything like that. 

    He had lots of stress from his position to say the least and it kept pushing things back plan wise. So you decided to worry about him before you guys would worry about a child. He needed you at the moment to say the least. 

    “Hey” you voice startled him especially when your hand touched his shoulder. “You’re a bit jumpy dear” you hummed as you started to rub his shoulders “do you want to talk about it?” you asked him as he made a sound shaking his head no. “It’s nothing to worry you with” he promised as you made a face from behind him. “Are you sure?” you asked him as he nodded

    You pressed a kiss to his cheek "how about you unwind a little. I'll give you a massage...with the oils" you said "we've never made it through one of them fully" he smiled "I know" you wiggled your brows playfully as he took hold of your offered hand. "Let me take care of my very stressed husband" you whispered to him before you pulled him towards your room.

    "Listen whatever stressed you. You can talk to me about it" you remind him. "I just don't want you getting involved with everything" he said. "I know you're safe this way" he made you smile softly. "Such a smooth talker" you patted his chest "go get ready and lay on the bed" "I have to get the other sheets firs" he reminded you. "It's okay. I have to get into uniform anyways" you joked as you headed off to the bathroom.

    When you came out he smiled at the hockey jersey on you "don't worry this is the old one and not the one you like to wear now. This one is nice to sleep in too" you explained as he nodded. "On the bed" you said as he complied. You stared the message as you were soft and delicate making sure he was relaxed before you stopped. You leaned down to get a look at his face as his eyes were closed and he was fast asleep.

    It was what you wanted. For him to stop thinking and not worry about anything. You got off the bed carefully and got everything away before climbing into bed beside him. You watched him for a moment before rolling onto your side and turned off the lights for the night.

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  • kpopmademyday
    03.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Far From Home (Vincenzo! Vincenzo Cassano)

    Type: Fluff

    Request: Hi! I love your blog! I just saw that you now write for Vincenzo. May I request an imagine? A Vincenzo x reader(maybe you two are together) and make a fluffy or whatever you want! I don’t care which scenario you chose lol. Thank you 😊


    You had known Vincenzo your whole life, you much like him were adopted into the Italian mob at a young age and all so you were constantly around him because your father was a good friend of the Cassano’s and all. And both of your fathers enjoyed the idea of unity between your families. You trusted him, he sometimes worried too much but you were always loyal. Eventually it lead to a sort of relationship that lead to a marriage. When Vincenzo came home one night he said that you should be cautious, stay close to him and soon you learned why when people broke into your home. 

    So you found yourself on a plane to South Korea, kind of glad you learned Korean to surprise him for your first anniversary. And happy you kept up with it. “This place looks...interesting” you said as Vincenzo turned to you and took your hands “it’s temporary my dear” he spoke to you in Italian as you raised a brow. “Are you sure. My dad can send some money-” “well be fine” he waved you off “really because we got robb-” he gestured for you to stop as you smiled softly. 


    Vincenzo sat on the couch when he heard a little yell from the bathroom as he launched up and quickly rushed in. "What is it?" "the hot water is cold" you whined as you brought the towel tightly around your frame. "I don't like it" you cuddled into him as he laid his head against yours. "You'll be fine. I'll make sure it's hot. You can get clean" he said as you nodded.

    Soon the steam in the room picked up "I think I'd catch on fire" "I thought what from hell was the choice you normally go for" he joked. "Vincenzo" you mumbled "it might be what you get for now" you sighed "get naked" "excuse me?" "if I have to burn I'm not doing it alone" he blinked a few times before sighing. "The things I do for you" he mumbled as he began getting undressed.


    You climbed into bed and sighed. "I don't mind being here to let you know. It's not been the most pleasant but it's where you were born and I'm happy I can see it all" you explained. You took his hand before you pressed a kiss to it "can we sleep?" you asked as he nodded. He settled on the bed before you laid against him. "Just don't kick me off the bed. It's not as big as our old" he joked before you smiled. "Oh you're probably going to fall of the bed" you giggled cuddling into his chest more.

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  • fantasynfiction
    01.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Out of curiosity, what’s the fan name for our bromance couple Vincenzo x Han Seo?

    Just asking for a friend.

    Leave your suggestions in the comments.

    #Vincenzo#KDrama#Han Seo #Song Joong Ki #Kwak Dong Yeon #The bromance we never knew we needed #Then again we probably didn't think we needed a lot of other things #So many Chayenzo scenarios out there waiting to be manifested #gif
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  • suga-forever
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    la definición de perfección hecha hombre

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  • darkbugacademia
    25.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Forget Me Not // B.C.


    So this binch began writing a lil bit while waiting for her vaccine 🤪

    No but really it’s been such a long time since I’ve written and I’ll be honest,

    I wrote with my own oc and slapped Chan’s name on it and tweaked some words to fit his personality

    Anyways I hope y’all look into it if u want to. It’s still a WIP but I’m hoping to have it posted sometime in may??

    #previously my blog name was kpopandmagick #Marie’s new work #stray kids scenarios #stray kids imagines #kpop scenarios #hopefully y’all find it good I kinda wanted to make it feel kdrama like?
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  • yrfavoritehmonggirl
    24.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Imagine we were each others first love.

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  • k-dramabingewatcher
    15.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    While you were sleeping




    Attori protagonisti di questo drama sono i grandi nomi Lee Jong-suk, che interpreta un affascinante procuratore con una personalità molto discutibile, e Suzy, che interpreta una giornalista che ha un potere molto particolare, quello di poter prevedere il futuro nei suoi sogni. I due si incontrano come vicini di casa e restano legati nel momento in cui il protagonista maschile ha un sogno premonitore che gli permette di salvare la vita alla protagonista e ad un aitante poliziotto che si scopre possedere lo stesso dono.

    Durante il proseguimento di questo drama ci saranno diversi casi giudiziari da risolvere e parecchie tragedie da evitare grazie ai sogni dei tre personaggi principali che coopereranno unendo le forze.

    Tra i due protagonisti nasce un tenero e grottesco amore che li porterà a sostenersi sempre a vicenda anche nei momenti più difficili e pericolosi dei loro rispettivi lavori. Attenzione però, perché la second lead syndrome è sempre in agguato.

    La storia è molto originale ed è davvero affascinante scoprire come funziona il sistema giudiziario coreano.

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  • k-dramabingewatcher
    14.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Start up




    Un drama all’insegna della motivazione e della competizione. Il tema principale è quello che chiamerei ‘’il sogno coreano’’, ovvero avere successo come CEO di una propria azienda.

    La storia inizia con due sorelle molto unite che sono costrette a separarsi in seguito al divorzio dei loro genitori. PIù passa il tempo e più il rapporto tra le due diventa conflittuale fino a scomparire del tutto nel momento in cui la sorella maggiore si trasferisce in America e la minore, la protagonista, resta in Corea con la nonna paterna dopo la tragica morte del padre. La nonna, per consolare la nipote afflitta dal senso di abbandono, le procura un amico di penna, un ragazzo orfano al quale offre il suo aiuto fino al momento della sua partenza per l’università che si firmerà con un nome falso, Nam Do-san. La sua vera identità è quella del signor Han, che da adulto diventerà un importante investitore.

    Anni dopo, le due sorelle si incontreranno nuovamente per partecipare ad una competizione tra Start Up, il SandBox. Entrambe si presenteranno come CEO di un’azienda emergente nel campo della sicurezza informatica. L’azienda fondata dalla protagonista, la SamSanTech, sarà formata da tre ingegneri introversi e con uno scarso senso degli affari e da una deigner/avvocata che crede pochissimo in questo progetto. Il caso vuole che tra questi ingegneri sia presente il vero Nam Do-san, che viene convinto dal signor Han, che lavora come mentore al SandBox, a fingersi il reale autore delle lettere per non causare delusione alla protagonista. Si crea così un triangolo amoroso alla Cirano de Bergerac sullo sfondo di un’azienda che affronta le sue prime sfide dovute all’ingresso nello spietato mondo del mercato coreano. Onestamente, guardando questo drama ho capito il vero significato dell’espressione “second lead syndrome”.

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  • kpopmademyday
    14.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Oblivious and Innocent (Sweet Home Lee Eunhyuk)

    Type: Angst Fluff


    Little feet pounded on the wooden floor as they bounced in the seat. A brightly dressed little girl sat in it. Eyes glued on the laptop in front of her as a cartoon played through it. You took a seat beside her bouncer on the couch as you looked over some stuff "what are you doing?" you made a sound before looking over at Eunhyuk "thinking about the schedule to pick Hani from daycare" you said as he nodded.

    Next week was the start your new job. After leaving your last annoying job. You were in a relationship with Lee Eunhyuk, your boyfriend of 3 years and father of your nearly 6 month old. "I'm excited to be going back to work. Get some more money for us going" you hummed to Eunhyuk who took a seat beside you briefly as Hani turned to him and smiled.

    "But maybe ask your sister and we can get a night alone" you asked him as he smiled and looked down. "It's not happening" you heard as you smiled softly at Eunyoo. He picked up your daughter "I'll give her a bottle before I leave" he said. "we'll walk you out then. It's a nice evening. I think she'll love the weather" you hummed as he nodded.


    You packed a diaper bag just in case your daughter needed something during your walk and Eunhyuk calmly waited for you. Your daughter sucked peacefully on her pacifier as you carried her downstairs after there was issues with the elevator. Her little hand reached for your necklace as a coo left your lips. Soon an arm came out infront of you making you look up, Eunhyuk brought you behind him as you were completely confused by the action. "Babe what's going on?" you asked him as you brought Hani to your shoulder worried.

    "Just stay back okay?" he said calmly as he made sure you stayed as far away from the entrance. It was the first time you got to take in the fact that the door was shut and you were caged in. Your eyes went wide as something approached. You clutched tightly to your daughter as fear filled you. You felt to the floor holding her close to your body. Your eyes closed as screaming filled your ears and your heart was beating rapidly.

    Someone touched your shoulder as your hand shot out with a slap as a Eunhyuk was taken back a bit. "It's okay" he helped you up as he took your daughter who was sobbing. He quickly did his best to calm her down. "What was that?" you asked him as he simply brought you into him as well holding you both close to him.


    Hani let out a giggle as you distracted her with the toys you brought with you. She was unaware of the state of the world now. Oblivious to the fears everyone was experiencing. "Is she okay?" Eunhyuk asked "she's got no idea how screwed up everything is" you hummed. "We'll keep her safe" he promised while offering a soft smile to the little one who gave a large one back before a squeal of joy left her. "This is no world for a baby" you said as he nodded.

    Your head laid onto his shoulder "have you slept?" he asked as you shook your head no. "Lay down. I'll watch her" he said as you looked unsure. "Please I can handle her" he hummed. You nodded as he guided you to the small area with a pillow and a blanket. He watched as almost instantly you fell asleep. He eyes went to Hani who played with the buttons on his plaid shirt. He pressed a kiss to her head. Of he could keep her this oblivious and innocent to the world for now. He will. It's a scary world now and her smile brings the insanity down a bit for him and you.

    "You've been awake for a longtime too" he softly bringing her close as he slowly started bouncing. Hoping she too could sleep peacefully for a little while.


    You cooed softly to your daughter as you watched the cameras over Eunhyuk's shoulder. "It doesn't seem right" you made him look at you. "Telling someone that a child is a second priority while you go back to your own" you gave him a look. He knew the tone all too well in your voice, it's when you thought you were right and basically were. "I hope he saves them" your hand lightly pushed his head before walking off. You knew he was making choices but it didn't mean you had to agree with them.


    Things changed especially when the other children arrived. They couldn't be oblivious but you were hoping that Hani could help bring smiles to everyone. Your daughter happily interacted with the older children. She even tried sharing her little toys, of course she got them back but it was a cute exchange. You felt a hand on your shoulder as you turned a bit before your eyes went back to Hyunju. You touched the hand of Eunhyuk before laying your head into it.

    "She seems happy still" he said "she'll probably be happy until she's old enough to understand the world isn't okay" you sighed. "Even then I hope she can smile. Like you and those kids...I guess we need positive to keep going" you smiled. "I think so too" you whispered. You turned to him as he brought you in close to him.

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  • k-dramabingewatcher
    13.04.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Something in the rain




    La protagonista di questo drama lavora in un’azienda che si occupa di prodotti di caffetterie. Il fato vuole che il suo ufficio si trovi nello stesso palazzo di un’azienda che si occupa di videogiochi, nella quale lavora il fratello minore della sua migliore amica. I due si incontrano dopo diversi anni in cui lui era stato all’estero e, inaspettatamente tra i due nasce una dolcissima storia d’amore. L’età è sicuramente il principale ostacolo al loro amore, soprattutto perchè la famiglia di lei non approva minimamente questa storia. I due saranno costretti a nascondersi e a rischiare di essere scoperti, trovandosi spesso nella posizione di dover fare scelte difficili.

    La storia d’amore tra i protagonisti è molto delicata e semplice. La sfida più grande è rappresentata dagli stereotipi sulla loro differenza di età e sui loro differenti contesti familiari.

    Questo drama è sorprendentemente appassionante e vale davvero la pena guardarlo se si è in cerca di dolcezza, delicatezza e speranza.

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  • k-dramabingewatcher
    12.04.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    The encounter




    La direttrice di un albergo di lusso di Seul si trova a Cuba per affari. Qui incontrerà un ragazzo coreano, interpretato da un Park Bo-gum bello come il sole, decisamente molto più giovane di lei. I due passano dei momenti indimenticabili insieme a Cuba. Ma il destino li separerà per farli reincontrare in un modo inaspettato. Il protagonista, infatti, finisce per essere assunto proprio nell’albergo gestito dalla protagonista. Qui le cose si complicano perchè la protagonista è la figlia di un politico e l’ex-moglie di un importante uomo d’affari coreano. Insomma, per lei non esiste la privacy perchè è costantemente perseguitata dalla stampa e, naturalmente, una storia d’amore con un suo giovane dipendente di certo non è qualcosa che la stampa debba sapere.

    Il loro amore sarà ostacolato da ogni fronte, ma si rivelerà molto più forte delle aspettative.

    L’animo tenero e sognante del protagonista riuscirà a sciogliere il cuore della direttrice, che sarà costretta a fare scelte molto difficili per permettere all’uomo che ama di essere felice.

    Questo drama è la perfetta descrizione di un amore dolce e tenero, ma anche molto profondo e sfidante.

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  • k-dramabingewatcher
    10.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Moonlight drawn by clouds




    Un principe ereditario altezzoso e burlone diventa amico di un suo servitore, l’eunuco Hong, che si diverte ad infastidire, ma che al contempo sente il bisogno di proteggere senza capirne bene il perchè.

    Man mano che il loro rapporto si evolve il principe, interpretato da Park Bo-gum, finisce per capire di essersi innamorato dell’eunuco che si diverte tanto a tormentare. Tutto è bene quel che finisce bene, visto che in realtà l’eunuco Hong è una ragazza intrufolatasi a palazzo per guadagnare un po’ di soldi.

    A fare da sfondo a questo amore proibito troviamo degli eventi politici del regno di Joseon. Un’organizzazione segreta, le Nuvole, sta organizzando una rivoluzione e il loro obiettivo è quello di uccidere il re e i suoi discendenti.

    I colpi di scena in questo drama sono all’ordine del giorno. Le vere identità di molti personaggi sono celate e si svelano pian piano. La parola d’ordine per questo drama è: segreto. Ci sono tantissime verità nascoste che i personaggi scopriranno durante il corso della storia.

    È un drama completo in cui si alternano romanticismo e azione, e non mancano scene anche molto dolorose.

    Per gli amanti dei second lead questo drama è perfetto, perché entrambi i co-protagonisti hanno una storia e un’evoluzione affascinante che scatenerà emozioni forti.

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  • k-dramabingewatcher
    08.04.2021 - 1 mont ago





Nel regno di Silla il re è troppo giovane per governare, ragion per cui è la regina madre a detenere il potere e a proteggere l’identità del figlio ad ogni costo. Nessuno conosce il volto del re, ma qualcosa sta per cambiare. La regina ha deciso di assoldare un gruppo di guerrieri scelti tra i giovani nobili più promettenti del regno, che possano garantire splendore e sicurezza a sua maestà, i Hwarang. E proprio tra i Hwarang sono presenti dei giovani uomini che durante il loro addestramento cerceranno e troveranno amore, amicizia, lealtà, ma anche sofferenza, competizione, vendetta.

    Le storie dei personaggi sono molto approfondite. Tutti si evolvono in modo eccezionale e i rapporti tra di loro maturano costantemente. Impossibile non affezionarsi ai Hwarang. In questo drama si ride e si piange con loro. Colonna sonora home-made, perchè tra i personaggi principali sono presenti ben due nomi importantissimi nella scena del k-pop, Kim Tae-hyung dei BTS e Choi Min-ho degli SHINee. I due protagonisti maschili, interpretati da Park Hyungsik e Park Seojoon, si contenderanno l’amore della protagonista femminile, e la competizione tra i due personaggi, dovuta non solo all’amore, è il motivo per cui la trama risulta essere così avvincente.

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  • erlgryt
    07.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    “I hope she’s happy”

    Genre: Exes!AU
    Pairing: Park Seo Joon x You
    Prompt: “I hope she’s happy”
    Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

    Chapter 4


    “I’m sorry,” was all you could remember hearing Seo Joon said as he kissed your forehead when he came back in the wee hours of the night. You were at the coffee shop, daydreaming as you were waiting for your daily cup of cuppa. You knew you were going to have yet another long and hectic day, since the deadlines for your projects were around the corner.

    You were doing that thing of yours again, daydreaming and staring into nowhere while you let your thoughts fly. It was only after the barista called your name three times then you refocused your vision and mind to reality. You were sipping on your Iced Americano and catching up on the daily news and occasional hot gossips, while walking to your office building. This was when you laid your eyes on that fateful article.

    “Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung-eum, caught at a secret date.”

    You stopped dead in your tracks, as you read the article by Dispatch. Photographs of the two of them making their way to a secret date through different modes of transportation were captured. Although they were not as clear as it could be, the photographs made it seem convincing that the man in the photograph was indeed your boyfriend, Seo Joon.

    “This can’t be right,” you muttered to yourself as you swiped away the news article that was on your phone. “Should I call him? But he’s sleeping. But wait, last night’s apology too.. It can’t be.” You decided to shrug the negative thoughts off, and instead keep yourself busy with the immense amount of work that you had to complete by the end of the day.

    It was only at 8.30pm, when the sky was dark and the office was nearly empty, then you realised it was time to call it a day and head back home. At this moment, your phone’s notification sounded off. You picked up your phone and saw Seo Joon’s text, “Are you coming home soon?”. You gave him a quick reply, packed up, and drove as fast as you can back home.

    As you were walking towards your shared apartment, you heard some faint music being played in the background. You keyed in the passcode and entered. “I’m home,” you called out, but to no reply. You took off your heels and placed your belongings on the kitchen island. “Seo Joon-ah..I’m home.”

    The next thing you know, you found him lying on the sofa, dozed off in front of a lovely spread of chimaek (i.e. fried chicken and beer). You sat down in front of Seo Joon and caressed his soft cheeks.

    It didn’t take long for Seo Joon to realise your presence. “You’re home,” said Seo Joon in a hoarse voice, as he struggled to open his eyes.

    Y/N: I’m so sorry. I kept you waiting. I didn’t know you were home early. Why didn’t you text me?
    Seo Joon: I know you’re busy at work lately. Plus, I wanted to surprise you. I know you having a great meal of Chimaek is one of your favourite ways to relax after a long day of work.

    You smiled and recalled your hectic schedule, but then remembered the article you read in the day. Your face fell instantly, but you were hesitant to bring up the article, so you decided to sit in silence as you devoured the chicken.

    Seo Joon: So how’s your day?
    Y/N: Not much, just been very busy with the project that I told you before.
    Seo Joon: Anything interesting happened?
    Y/N: No
    Seo Joon: Okay..

    Sensing that something was amiss, Seo Joon sat in silence as he watched you savour the chicken. Once you guys were done with the last piece of chicken, you got up, cleared the area, and headed to your bedroom.

    Although you couldn’t quite make out if it’s truly your boyfriend, your mind was flooded with the images of Seo Joon from the Dispatch article. In hopes that your head would be clear by the time you’re out of the shower, you got into the toilet and gave yourself a good warm bath.

    Seo Joon was already lying in bed, typing away on his phone as you stepped out of your bathroom. You dried your hair and then laid in bed.

    Y/N: I’m going to sleep now. Night babe.
    Seo Joon: Ok.
    Y/N: What’s wrong?
    Seo Joon: Nothing. Get your rest.

    You turned around to face Seo Joon, and looked up to him even though you could barely keep your eyes open. “What’s wrong?”, said Y/N.

    Seo Joon: Have you been reading the news?

    You blinked and looked away.

    Y/N: No.
    Seo Joon: Come on Y/N. Don’t lie to me.

    You sighed and sat up.

    Y/N: Yes, I saw it, if the Dispatch article is what you’re talking about.
    Seo Joon: Y/N-ah.. You know it’s not real right? I swear that is not me.
    Y/N: Ok.
    Seo Joon: You don’t sound okay at all..
    Y/N: Seo Joon-ah.. I’m really exhausted. Mentally and physically exhausted. Can we talk about this tomorrow? Please.
    Seo Joon: But you don’t sound ok at all.. Y/N can we talk please.. I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep tonight.

    “You seemed great at it when you dozed off on the coach earlier on,” said Y/N coldly.

    “Ya. Stop it. All I’m trying to tell you here is that I am not the guy in the photographs. And mind you, I am trying my best to spend as much as time with you as possible. You know I can’t help it that our schedules are packed and usually don’t even sync,” retorted Seo Joon.

    “What if you’re lying? I barely get to see you these days. In fact, all I get are your occasional texts, and those short glimpses of you coming in late, or when I’m getting ready for work in the morning,” said Y/N. Seo Joon sat in silence.

    Y/N: Honestly, sometimes I feel I don’t know you anymore.
    Seo Joon: What?
    Y/N: I’m saying, there are probably things that are happening in your life that I don’t know about. Maybe you are lying to me about this whole scandal. Who knows? We don’t talk anymore, and I’m starting to think that maybe this isn’t working anymore.
    Seo Joon: What are you trying to say? Are you trying to break up with me?

    Tears were starting to well up in your eyes.

    Y/N: Yeah, maybe we should! I feel so alone even though we are in the same room, lying in the same bed. It feels like we’re in different worlds and I can barely breathe in yours.

    “Y/N-ah.. Please don’t say that”, said Seo Joon as he struggled to keep his voice clear through the tears. Seo Joon stretched out his hand to hold yours, but you pushed it away.

    Y/N: Do you know how much I’ve been going through since the start of your acting career? I’ve been telling myself, ‘Don’t let it get to you. It’s all an act. It’s just for the drama. It’s just to promote the drama. It’s nothing’. I’ve said this phrase for as long as I can remember and honestly it’s really taxing and I’m getting tired.
    I’m tired of pretending that I’m okay on the outside, especially in front of you, even though I’m dying on the inside. A part of me dies on the inside when I see these gorgeous girls throw themselves at you, be it actress or not. Do you know what happens when the paparazzi catches these moments and uploads nonsensical articles like today’s? A part of me dies on the inside.
    Oh yes, I read every single article babe! Every single one that appears on my news feed. And, have you ever once asked me if I would be okay with going public with our relationship? No. The only people who are aware of our relationship, or whatever you want to call this, are my parents, my best friend, and your parents.
    Seo Joon: I’m sorry.
    Y/N: No seriously, what are you sorry for? This is part and parcel of your job isn’t it?
    Seo Joon: I’m sorry..
    Y/N: Seo Joon, I’m done. I’m really done. I’m sorry but I’m done. I’m really tired from all the jealousy that I feel, all of my insecurity eating me up from the inside. I’m done hiding in the shadows! Let’s just call it quits.

    You got up and started to pack your belongings. “Y/N-ah.. Stop this. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being insensitive towards your feelings. I should’ve done better. I should’ve tried harder,” said Seo Joon with a hoarse voice. Seo Joon was hugging you from the back, as more tears started to stream down his face.

    Fighting back tears, you pushed his arms away from your waist, got your car keys and made a beeline for the front door. Seo Joon ran after you, and got to the door before you. “Please, don’t do this. We can fix this. I’m sorry,” cried Seo Joon as he held your hands. Even though your vision was blurry from all the tears, you could see the hurt in his eyes.

    “I’m sorry Seo Joon. I cannot take this anymore. You deserve someone who is stronger than this. I love you, but I’m done. I’m sorry.” You pushed his hands away and walked out on him.

    #park seo joon fanfic #park seo joon #park seo joon fan fiction #park seo joon imagines #psj #park seo joon scenarios #park seo joon au #park seo joon fluff #kdrama scenarios#kdrama imagines#kdrama au#kdrama fluff#kdrama fanfic#kdrama actor #park seo jun
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  • erlgryt
    07.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    “I hope she’s happy”

    Genre: Exes!AU
    Pairing: Park Seo Joon x You
    Prompt: “I hope she’s happy”
    Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

    Chapter 3


    It was a year after we graduated from College. I landed with this dream job of mine, and Seo Joon was starting to rise to fame from the acting gigs that he’s been doing. Things were relatively well back then.

    “Jagiya, I’ve got something to discuss with you,” said Seo Joon as you guys were doing the dishes one night.

    Y/N: Yeah, what’s up?
    Seo Joon: You know how there’s going to be a loveline between the lead actress and myself right?
    Y/N: Yes.
    Seo Joon: I just read the script and there will be multiple skinship and kiss scenes. Are you sure you are okay with it?
    Y/N: Oppa, we’ve talked about this before. Yes, I might get jealous. I have feelings. But I know you’re loyal to me! I know you love me. Plus, you’re just doing your job. We already know it’s part and parcel of your job even before you started to rise to fame. So don’t worry. Just do what you have to do.
    Seo Joon dropped the plates and gave you a back hug.
    Seo Joon: You’re the best, do you know that?
    Y/N: YA! You’re getting soap onto my shirt!

    A few months past, Seo Joon and you were watching an episode of his latest drama. When the credits rolled, Seo Joon looked at you and said, “So, how is it?”. You got up from the dining table and started to clear the table. Seo Joon followed suit and within seconds you guys were discussing the episode.

    “Well, if i may say, that was one hell of a good kiss right there,” you teased Seo Joon. Seo Joon smirked and said, “it’s just sad that it ain’t you that I was kissing”. You bumped Seo Joon with your hips. “No, seriously. People have asked me how I make it look so natural and real. Little do they know, it helps that I have a girlfriend that I can imagine kissing.” You turned to look at Seo Joon and gave him a peck on the cheek.

    Within weeks since the drama was first aired, the drama picked up in popularity. In fact, there were loads of buzz about the authenticity of the chemistry that Seo Joon had with the lead actress. Many were starting to think Seo Joon and the lead actress, Hwang Jung-eum, were in a relationship.

    “Spotted: Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung-eum on a date at Gangnam.”
    “Is Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung-eum dating?”
    “Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung-eum spotted holding hands at a cafe”

    Countless articles, such as the ones titled above, were floating around the internet. Needless to say, Seo Joon was practically too busy filming the rest of the show to notice them. However, that did not stop rumours about his relationship status from spreading all around Korea. “Don’t let it get to you. You know it’s not real. It’s for publicity. It’s not real,” you said to yourself one night as you laid in bed alone.

    As Seo Joon got busy with filming the rest of the show, and having a jammed packed schedule that usually didn’t coincide with yours, you were spending lesser and lesser time with him. Things got to the point that the only time you two ever get to see each other were glimpses of one another sleeping in bed, as the other gets ready for work. This, later, went on for months.

    #park seo joon fanfic #park seo joon #park seo joon fan fiction #park seo joon imagines #psj #park seo joon scenarios #park seo joon au #park seo joon fluff #kdrama scenarios#kdrama imagines#kdrama au#kdrama fluff#kdrama fanfic#kdrama actor #park seo jun
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  • tempobaekh
    05.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Rating Penthouse: War In Life characters

    I asked my followers on Instagram to give me Penthouse characters to rate and my thoughts about them so I thought to post it here as well. Now this is my personal opinion about how I feel about the characters and how much I will rate them


    My Instagram: Tempobaek

    Logan Lee


    Lemme just say I love him SO MUCH


    I absolutely loved his character and the fact that he was one of the few people who wants justice and is honest made me love him even more

    Him playing Go Hu Dong was amazing as well and I didn't recognize him at all at first like he played it so well with the accent, costume and wig and everything

    His accent and language switch in between English and the Busan accent Korean was so fucking sexy🥵

    ✨Mr. Joo✨

    My man was also smart with his revenge

    He was also serving amazing LOOKS every episode in the two seasons and I loved every single one of them

    And I'm going to be honest here, after watching the preview for S2 ep13 his laugh was creepy in one of the clips and after reading a few theories I lowkey thought that he would be the next villian

    I regret suspecting him now

    But instead of that they gave us a bigger plot twist and blew up our man with a bomb😩

    He literally went ✨LiGhT iT Up LiKe DyNaMiTe✨ (I'm so sorry)

    I would've rather have him be a villian than die in the bomb



    Joo Seok Kyung


    Another one that annoyed me angered me so much🙄

    Like she was ruthless and had no mercy when it came to bullying and putting people down that she thought were a rival or putting people down in general

    She didn't change even when Rona died

    She also went as far as to like cheat her way to win the Cheong Ah Art High School trophy and blackmailed Cheon Seojin to win the trophy

    But there were times where she would show emotions and those would be often her break down and weak moments

    And those moments would really show how she is broken inside and puts up a careless and brave image, she is someone who needs healing even though healing takes time

    I also saw someone saying like 'oh Seok Kyung hates her mom so much'

    Yeah she hated her mom but she didn't hate her to death like she didn't wish death upon her

    Seok Kyung was heart broken when she heard Suryeon's death and that showed that she still loved her mom even though Suryeon didn't give birth to them

    I was heart broken when I saw that she cut her hair because here was no one there to tie it for her bc Suryeon loved Seok Kyungs long hair and that's why she didn't cut it but after he mothers death no one was there to tie her hair for her

    I started seeing her in a different light after a while bc again it showed that he character was very broken emotionally and needed healing

    I'm interested about seeing more of her character development after the last ep where she defended Rona

    Also my girl is so hot, another one that was serving amazing looks

    Joo Seok Hoon


    He was lowkey annoying at first ngl

    Like my man was just🧍🏻‍♂️

    It annoyed me so much how he defended his sister so much, fell for her tricks, covered up for her and did anything she said EVEN though its wrong

    But after some time I understood that he cared for and that she was the only family left to him

    I mean Seok Hoon hate Joo Dan Tae so he doesn't counts and Suryeon was dead at the moment

    I will still not forgive him for bullying Seol A even though he regrets it

    It also annoyed me how he didn't stood up for Rona at all in the first season even though he liked her

    By he got so much better in S2, he was even part in the revenge plan

    He is literally the human CCTV camera in Hera Palace like he knows more than even the viewers know

    The way he was protective of Rona when he found out she was alive was so aDORABLE

    And my man was amazing in the last episodes

    I love him

    Cheon Seo Jin



    Like I sometimes just was to 🤜🏻👩🏻

    But sometimes I wanna hug her😩

    Idk I feel like she became a horrible person bc of greed and that he father and mother placed too high expectations for her

    Instead of praising her for her accomplishments her parents wanted her to do more

    Maybe that's why she was desperate for love and affection and found that in Joo Dan Tae even though he pretended to like her

    But that definitely does not dismiss her horrible actions

    But also the harsh past made her the could hearted person, like she left her father to die

    She felt more care towards her daughter after she almost lost her because Eunbyeol tried to commit suicide

    She was in alot of pain and you could see it in her cries and when she was on the phone with the person

    Soyeon's acting was amazing in that scene

    She started to care more about her ex husband and daughter when she saw how much Eunbyeol was suffering and she realized that she genuinely liked Ha Yoon Chul hwen she saw how horrible Joo Dan Tae was

    I did feel bad for her sometimes but after seeing that she didn't change I really didn't feel any sympathy for her

    She needs therapy

    Girlie was shocked when the doctor said she is losing her voice like bestie you are screaming every episode

    She was also serving amazing looks every episode

    Ha Yoon Chul


    The first male character I simped for

    Like I am not going to deny it but he is hot🥵

    But the first few episodes he was an absolute asshole and greedy

    But I never expected him to be Yoonhee's ex boyfriend

    I did like him a tiny bit when he saved Yoon Hee from Kyu Jin

    His entrance in S2 with the helicopter was damn hot



    I spoke too soon

    His character development and fighting skills were hot as well

    He was ADORABLE with Rona and Yoonhee

    I seriously thought that Rona was his daughter



    I began hating him after that💀

    Like he went 📈📉 with his character development


    I actually asked my dad what he thought about what Yoon Chul did and this was his reponse:

    "If you look at it from a parents perspective they would want to do anything if they saw their child in pain like he did but I would've also scolded her and had a conversation with her about why she did it instead of wiping her memory from that night like he did. "

    So that's that


    Jonghoon's acting was chef's kiss in that scene

    I was going to rate him a 4 but I gave him that 5 when I saw how he was at court, he admitted to his wrong doings but also still had feelings for Yoon Hee

    I wanna see his reaction in s3 to Rona now bc now that he got to know that is his daughter I wonder how he will be

    Lee Kyu Jin





    Like I have nothing to say about him rather than I hate him and that he useless just like his wife and son


    I'm only giving him that one bc he was funny in the episodes


    Go Sang Ah


    ANNOYING 2.0

    USELESS 2.0




    The only thing she does is gossip

    And spills the tea☕


    Giving her a 0.5 bc she is kinda funny eh

    Lee Minhyuk


    ANNOYING 3.0

    USELESS 3.0

    ASSHOLE 2.0

    Idk if it runs in the family but again he is useless

    And a dumbass

    He also nothing without his parents

    Why is he there tho like you ain't even funny

    All he can do is cause trouble

    And bullied Jenny

    His dumbass slipped and broke his own arm and blamed it on Rona smh🤦🏻‍♀️

    Sometimes I just wanna 🤜🏻👦🏻

    Also my dude was trying to sound all intimidating by saying

    "Oh Jenny's father is a scary man, yOuR dEaD BaE rOnA"

    Like dude worry about yourself bitch you are dead first for bullying Jenny

    But like I hate the character but LOVE THE ACTOR HE IS SO HOT OMFG

    Joo Dan Tae






    Like I legit thought he was nice in he first ep and then I saw him kiss Seojin and-





    Bae Rona




    She was also annoying at first and was very ungrateful

    But over time she got better, still a tiny bit annoying sometimes but better

    When she came back from the US I WAS LIKE GIRL NO YOU FINNA RUIN THE PLAN

    I do feel bad for her bc she went through alot with bullying, her mom going to jail not only once but twice, her getting to know that Yoonchul who she started liking sabotaged her performance, and also literally almost dying

    My girl has been through a lot


    I am excited to see her reaction to getting to know that Yoon Chul is her dad

    Part 2 is also posted!

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  • jennierubyjendukie
    31.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    He loves her, and everybody in school know it, but why? Why is she can't love him back? She like him, he knows it. Some days ago they were a cute couple, but now she told him that she don't like him anymore. It's broke his poor heart. "Why? Why you don't like me anymore" he told her when they meet in place where was their first kiss- where everything begin

    She doesn't respond, she was just standing in front of him and stare at the ground. He grab her chin and make her to look up at him

    "Look in my eyes and tell me that you don't like me anymore" he command and the girl who was now looking at him just say "I don't like you anymore Lee Suho"

    she was lying

    he looked at her lips and come closer to her face

    their lips almost touch

    then he said "Come a little closer and I will kiss you" he whispered to her, but she doesn't move, so he moved away, some tears was make their way on his cheeks

    "I see" he whispered not to her, more to himself "You know what? From today, I will never again make your Love Alarm ring" he said and go away, leaving Y/N alone in a small alley

    He was lying, he will always make her love alarm ring whenever she will be around

    "I very like you Y/N. Why can't you like me back?" he thoughts to himself.

    Y/N hurt him so bad, but he still loves her, and that's the reason why he hates him self so much


    hi! it's my first story and I hope you enjoy it! I want you to know that English is not my first language and I am not fluent in English so sorry for possible mistakes ♡

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  • kpopmademyday
    31.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    When to Let Go (Sweet Home Cha Hyunsoo/Lee Eunhyuk)

    Type: Angst Fluff

    Request: Ok cool!! you and eunhyuk are best friends u always had a crush on him be he never really showed any interest in u, so once u meet hyunsoo u start to fall for him and he starts to fall for u also and eunhyuk notices your always w hyunsoo either it’s helping him clean up or just talking w him and than he sees you kiss hyunsoo after he saves your life, he gets jealous kinda like a love triangle lol but u end up w hyunsoo thank you!


    You had been friends with Eunhyuk for so long, you had been close since you were young kids. Meeting in kindergarten you two amazingly stuck together through it all. And you watched him grow up into a handsome man who didn’t have an easy life. Since high school you had a crush on him and it really hadn’t died down, so you always did you best to spend time with him. 

    You made the mistake the day this infection seemed to really hit to be at the Green Home with Eunhyuk, you had no idea what happened to everyone you knew. You were kind of an outsider but Eunhyuk kept you close. It was something you really loved about him, he was always there for you. You were also helpful because you were currently a nursing student...well were. So you were able to take care of people. 

    But some things became clear to you that you didn’t like with him leading all of you. He was willing to risk anybody. “I really don’t think he should go out there” “he’ll be fine” “he’s a human being” Eunhyuk gave you a look “he is for now. If he wants to stay with us. He should be useful” you scoffed. It was rare that you two had your differences. “Kids aren’t a secondary” you spat at him “if we survive we need kids” you hissed at him. Often times you were on the same page but not today. You didn’t like his choices. 


    It was the first time since this all began that you weren’t with him, his eyes were linked on you as you walked into the room with the infected people to take care of Hyunsoo. The man seemed so taken back by the fact you were there to take care of him. You cleaned the blood from his face and neck as you didn’t want to overstep you boundary too much. “Thank you for everything you do” you said offering him a smile. Unknown to either you or Eunhyuk, he ways were driving you away from him. 

    Your eyes didn’t have the same glow they normally had when he spoke to you, you didn’t agree with things he said, worst of all he didn’t have the person he trusted and wanted by his side to talk to. He was jealous that your attentions were towards another male. Someone who could kill you because he was infected. 

    You were willing to die for someone you’ve known a few days. Ready to rush off and help him with the others, you picked up an ax ready to take a swing at any monster who got in your way. Sure you were basically there but you were making sure Hyunsoo was alright and you were happy to see him fully awake when you made it back to the first floor.  

    And when you saw a monster going after the others, adrenaline still running you foolishly charged at the spider monster with an ax, the thing nearly pierced you when you were shoved out of the way by Hyunsoo who shocked that thing to death. “Hyunsoo” you said under your breath when you didn’t see him move. When he finally got up, you didn’t care if he had black eyes or anything. You rushed to him wrapping your arms tightly around his body. He made you let go of him as he slinked back to the room he was sent away to after every task. 

    Everyone finally stopped him and told him just how valuable he was. After taking care of Dusik you went to check on the others. “Are you fine?” you asked Eunhyuk “yes” you two stared at each other. You offered a small smile as you back away from him. Something in him told him to follow you. 

    “I mean it, you’re really awesome” you chuckled, he stopped before peaking around. “You saved me, I should be dead because I’m an idiot” you continued as you cleaned Hyunsoo off more. You stared at him for a moment before you leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips. Hyunsoo wasn’t the only one who was taken back by the actions so was Eunhyuk who was watching. Especially when Hyunsoo leaned back in to kiss you again which lead to a passionate moment between you two. 


    “What are you doing?” Eunhyuk asked as you looked at him startled “what do you mean?” “why did you kiss him?” “how? What? Were you watching like some kind of creep?” you asked him as he looked away. “Hyunsoo actually likes me. It’s not one sided-” you stopped yourself as you shook your head. “One sided?” he asked as you shook your head. “You had so long to notice” you told him. All those moments seemed to play through his head the second you said it. Those close calls where you two nearly kissed, you cuddling into him when you were cold, the way you smiled when he spoke of his passions. They all were there but they were gone. 

    “I really care about you Eunhyuk” you promised him as you wrapped your arms around him. “I need to move passed that part of me” you whispered. His arms remained at his side before you pulled back. A sad smile came to your face. You were lightly hoping he would say something but most of your mind was glad he didn’t. You stepped back from him completely. Without a word you turned away from him walking off. He knew you were going to Hyunsoo, the brief second he knew he loved you was the same second he knew to let go of you. 

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