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  • danganshipper
    27.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Saiibo moodboard for anon!

    #tried my best haha-- #danganronpa #danganronpa: killing harmony #ndrv3 #new danganronpa v3 #shuichi saihara#kiibo#k1-b0#keebo#saiibo #ask to tag #moodboard
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  • zzzachhx
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    K1-B0 (Keebo/Kiibo) icons

    Purple Theme

    for @swarmslayer100


    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

    character art


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  • hornikumarz
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    A kee-board but it's just mouthless manga keebo

    #none of them look remotely happy #im not tagging this as a moodboard cuz idk if it counts #oh yeah reblog if saving ig #danganronpa#ndrv3#drv3#k1-b0#keebo#kiibo
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  • zee-the-zebra
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hold up. I just had an idea for an AU.

    Saiibo except it’s MMX. I’ll need to pull in some THH and GD characters too, because it’s a big cast.

    Kiibo as X, Shuichi as Zero, Kokichi as Vile, Gonta as Axl, Kaede as Iris (pain), Rantaro as Colonel (more pain), Ryoma as Signas (irony), Kyoko as Alia, Celeste as Layer, Hiyoko as Pallette, Byakuya as Gate

    And of course Tsumugi as Sigma in 1-7, but as Lumine in 8 with Monokuma as Sigma!

    And while I’m at it, Saiibo but MMZ too.

    Shuichi is still Zero, Kiibo is still X. Kirumi as Ciel, Himiko as Alouette, Miu as Fairy Leviathan, Korekiyo as Hidden Phantom, Tenko as Fighting Fefnir, Angie as Sage Harpuia, Nagito as Elpizo (duh), Kazuichi as Cerveau, Maki as Neige, Kaito as Craft AND JUNKO AS WEIL!

    This is way too thought out for something I just came up with a few days ago.

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  • galaxyvoidcreature
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    debates the likelihood that i could make a four minute animatic in time for kiibo’s birthday while i have work for two college animation classes to do

    #there's no way i could accomplish that #i've had the idea for a kiibo-centric animatic to the song little pistol by mother mother from like #the day i finished v3 #which at this point was months ago #but his birthday is in five days there's no way i'll have time for that #but #i want to #i gotta come up with something else instead this robot is the reason i got into danganronpa i WILL do something for his birthday so help me #danganronpa#k1-b0#kiibo#keebo#v3#galaxyhantalks
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  • hopespeak-hostclub
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Keebo NSFW ABC’s f!reader

    I’m so sorry if this isn’t good- I love Keebo and tbh I genuinely dream about this scenario all the time, but writing NSFW for a robot is harder than expected.

    A (aftercare) keebo is the most gentle caring person in the world. Since he’s hard and made of metal, he puts on a big soft sweater so you can curl up on his chest comfortably. He loves to watch you as you start to doze off on him.

    B (fave body part) this is gonna sound cliche, but he loves all of you equally. He doesn’t understand how a beautiful human like you could ever have fallen for him, so he’s very very happy anytime he gets to touch ANY part of you.

    C (cum) well, he can’t. His dick isn’t real- just a high tech strap on he had Miu build him. But, he makes sure you cum, multiple times.

    D (dirty Secret) keebo has fantasized about fucking you since the day he laid eyes on you. He’d never tell you that though.

    E (experience) absolutely none. He’s never touched a human of any gender in a sexual way before he met you. But you have a little experience and we’re eager to help him learn.

    F (favorite Position) keebo prefers you to be on top, so that you can make yourself feel good. As stated before, he has no experience, and wants to make sure you feel as much pleasure as possible.

    G = (Goofy?) he tries to be as serious as he can, but sometimes it does get a little goofy between the two of you. Giggling and smiling while you share small kisses.

    H = (Hair) keebo clearly has no hair down there, but he doesn’t mind if you do. He’s super understanding that grooming yourself is a pain sometimes, and that you’d rather not. And he doesn’t care either way, he still adores you just as much regardless.

    I = (Intimacy) keebo is so intimate with you. He wants to constantly embrace you and touch your skin with his cold metal hands. He wants to kiss you all over- from head to toe, making you sigh in bliss. He always turns off the lights and lights candles, locks the door, and makes the evening all about you. Anything to make you happy.

    J = (Jack Off) keebo really doesn’t have the urge to masturbate, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t like watching you do it. It excites him in ways he never knew existed to watch you touch and play with yourself. But that’s usually short lived because he wants to be the reason you feel so so good.

    K = (Kink) he likes when YOU take control. He’s very very very submissive and will do whatever you tell him to do. Very rarely does he want to take control though. (But when he does and he slams his cold metal body into your soft warm one.. mmm)

    L = (Location) bed, and that’s it. Keebo is a little embarrassed and would die of embarrassment if you two got caught.

    M = ( Motivation) it doesn’t take much for him. Tell him you want him, and he makes it happen. Since he doesn’t get horny the way most people do, he needs you to be the one to make the first moves.

    N = (NO) no public sex, and no violence. He feels horrible just imagining slapping you or choking you. He loves you so much and wants you to be treated delicately.

    O = (Oral) oral doesn’t really work on either of you for obvious reasons- but for his lack of tongue, he does have literal robotic fingers. And he will make you squirm and whimper like no other with those.

    P = (Pace) you’re usually on top, and keep the pace nice and steady. But on the rare occasion Keebo takes charge, it’s pretty rough and fast, with him pounding into you hard.

    Q = (Quickie) there’s been admittedly a few quickies with you two. He sometimes makes you cum real real quick, and you can’t keep going. But the two of you try to make it last.

    R = (Risk) keebo doesn’t love taking risks in bed, but if you ask a few times, he’ll try anything you want at least once.

    S = (Stamina) he’s literally a fucking machine he has zero limit and it’s alllll up to you.

    T = (toy) you have a few vibrators you used to love, and since that’s essentially what Keebo’s fingers and dick are anyway, he just programmed them both to include your favorite settings.

    U = (Unfair) he is not the kind to tease you at all. He wants you to leave feeling satisfied. He doesn’t like making you beg, he just wants you happy.

    V = (Volume) He is definitely louder than he thinks he is. A lot of loud little whimpers and groans. He loves to whisper how much he loves you into your ears as you two are making love. Very passionate romantic words of reassurance.

    W = (Weird fact) he got “horny” for the first time with you. You two were watching a movie and you let your hand fall onto his lap, which made him overheat. He had to step out of the room for a moment, and when he came back he could barely look at you without blushing. The next time you saw each other, he kissed you with passion you didn’t even know he had.

    X = (X-Ray) well, his dick isn’t really part of him but he had it built so that the length is adjustable. The longest he can make it for you is 10.5 inches, but you rarely ever take advantage of that, because let’s be honest, a metal dick of that size pounding into you hurts!

    Y = (Yearning) he craves your touch more than sex, but he has a few moments where he wishes you’d ask him, because of the way you looked at him, or what you’re wearing.

    Z = (ZZZ) he just has to power off to fall asleep, but he always makes sure you’re taken care of and fast asleep before he does that.

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  • hopespeak-hostclub
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Miu x Keebo NSFW HC’s

    Anonymous asked:
    Ahhhh I have an idea! Can you write NSFW headcanons for Miu x Kiibo?

    YES IVE BEEN SO EXCITED TO DO THIS SINCE YOU REQUESTED IT!!! Sorry it took me so long I’ve been overwhelmed 😂

    Keebo and Miu’s first time was really awkward. Miu had just given Keebo a dick add-on- at Keebo’s request. Kokichi had successfully made keebo feel bad about not having one, so he practically begged Miu to make him one. After installing it, keebo asked if Miu would reach him how to use it, and the rest is history.

    Keebo initiates sex all the time surpassingly. Once he’s tried sex once, he’s practically addicted to it. Specifically, he’s addicted to fucking Miu. He can’t believe he’s been missing out on sex this whole time. Although he doesn’t feel pleasure the same way we would, he still knows that it feels amazing. And he never wants it to end.

    Miu has a very high sex drive, and so does Keebo, so the two of them have sex literally everyday. Miu may be the one that built Keebo’s dick, but she’s amazed at how big it is, and how full it makes her every time. She also can’t believe just how quickly he figured out how to use it, and how to make her cum every single time.

    Miu is 100% the loudest in bed. She screams, moans, cry’s, yells, and she loves talking dirty to Keebo and making him blush/over heat.

    Obviously, Miu is incredibly sensitive. And Keebo knows exactly where and how to make Miu scream out his name. He loves using his fingers on her, and rubbing her clit, as it seems to break her completely. She becomes a whimpering inaudible mess who wants nothing more than for Keebo to fuck her. She usually ends up begging him to just fuck her, but he won’t until he’s made her cum a few times with just his fingers. Since he physically can’t cum, he makes sure he makes her cum all the time.

    Foreplay is pretty simple between them. Keebo doesn’t require any, although Miu will play with him a little just for fun. Keebo likes to play with Miu’s boobs and nipples though, just to make her feel extra good before hand.

    Keebo’s still a shy sweet baby, so he prefers to have sex in private areas. His bed, her bed, or an empty locked room. He would absolutely die if anybody ever caught them though, so they have to be alone. although, Miu has expressed interest in public sex, Keebo is very apprehensive and nervous about it.

    Miu is the biggest sub in the world, which works perfect because Keebo recently discovered he loves being on top and dominating the fuck out of Miu. He loves pounding her as deep and hard as he can, flipping her onto her stomach and fucking her from behind while she pushes herself further down onto his dick.

    Though this started because Keebo just wanted a dick, he really started to like Miu. After about 2 months of nothing but crazy sex, Keebo decided to make the evening a little more romantic to ask her to be his girlfriend. He had his dick shoved deep inside her, and as she was literally cumming around him, he whispered “Miu? Would you please be my girlfriend? I l..like you a lot” she came harder than she ever has and they’ve been an official couple ever since. They both shared their first “I love you” to eachother during sex as well.

    Miu loves dirty talking with Keebo. “Fuck me with your giant robot cock Keebaby!!” “Oh my, my big sexy robo boy is rock hard for me isn’t he?” “Does Keebo want to murder my nice little pussy?” It does embarrass Keebo a lot, but it also gets him super excited, knowing he’s going to fuck the shit out of her that night.

    Miu calls Keebo “master” in bed. She loves being dominated.

    Keebo has walked in on Miu fingering herself at least 10 times. And every single time, he just moves her hands away and helps her finish.

    Keebo can last for literally ever, so they usually go until Miu tells him to stop. They don’t have a specific safe word or anything, Miu just let’s him know when somethings become too much or when she needs to stop, and he always listens. He respects his girlfriend so much and would never do anything she said not to do.

    Miu has expressed interest in a 3 way, Keebo is not opposed. They haven’t asked yet, but they both really want to involve Shuichi.

    Their kinks are so opposite it’s ridiculous. Miu has a degradation kink where as Keebo has a praise kink, so sex is just Keebo calling Miu a filthy little cum slut who’s good for nothing but taking dick, and Miu telling Keebo how good he makes her feel and how much better he’s gotten at fucking her since they first started

    Keebo has accidentally Uh.. put it up the wrong hole. And Miu was not happy. Without going into detail, they don’t do anal. Ever.

    Miu loves everything about Keebo, from how well he treats her, to his strikingly good looks, to how good he fucks her. Keebo loves everything about Miu too. Her beautiful long hair, her perfect body, how good she feels wrapped around him, how kind she is to him, how well she treats him. He’s truly in love with her.

    #miu iruma#keebo #Miu x keebo
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  • zee-the-zebra
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Fuck it. Take my cheesy-ass Saiibo comic.

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  • ultimateask
    24.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #danganronpa #new danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa killing harmony #ultimateask#k1 bo#k1 b0#k1b0#keebo#kiibo
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  • squidsnakeexists
    24.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    (CW: Severed head, implied consumption of human flesh, organs, and lots of blood)

    Drawkill’s Goretober Day 4: Meat And The Machine

    Or in this case, meat and the machines! because there’s more than one! This drawing took me way too long so for the blood I just went off the shits and had fun with it! Not the proudest of how it turned out but hey I don’t care its done we’re moving on.

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  • simping-harm0ny
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hey children I'm bored give me some edit prompts

    If you request you are absolutely encouraged to request multiple things pls do I will be happy

    1. Give me your favorite sweet, a character, and a color! I'll make them a little moodboard :D

    2. Give me an aesthetic, a color, and a character!

    3. Give me an aesthetic, a color, and a ship! (I have the right to deny any ships I'm uncomfortable with)

    4. Give me a date idea and a ship!

    I'll be making little edits of these :) (rn you guys can also ask for edits of ddlc, deltarune, or undertale characters!)

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  • sunnys-headspace-full-of-edits
    23.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Webcore Kiibo reply icons for @ultimatemoralcompasss !

    Credit is very much appreciated, but not required.

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  • ultimateask
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago
    #danganronpa #new danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 #danganronpa v3 killing harmony #new danganronpa killing harmony #dr#drv3#ndr#ndrv3#ultimateask#k1 bo#k1 b0#k1b0#kiibo#keebo
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  • conicalcrowd
    22.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    A little lad (Ryoma + Kiibo fusion)

    Deviantart / Instagram / Ko-Fi

    (Please reblog if you like this post. Do NOT repost)

    Design created by horroir

    #art tag#fanart#digital art#danganronpa #danganronpa killing harmony #new danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa killing harmony #ndrv3#ryoma hoshi#ryouma hoshi#hoshi ryoma#kiibo#k1 b0#keebo#kiibo idabashi#kyoma #kiibo x ryoma
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  • shsl-box-split
    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    These badges are still available for purchase! Prices negotiable! Send an ask if interested!

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  • shsl-box-split
    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Debate Scrum Stained Glass Stands are available! Price negotiable! Send an ask if interested!

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  • shsl-box-split
    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Debate Scrum Stained Glass Canvases are still available! Send an ask if interested!

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  • simping-harm0ny
    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    I'm bored and was really sad last night

    Somebody request character edits pls


    Webcore or Lovecore homescreens of your favorite characters/ships/duos+trios

    Request examples: Could I please request cloudcore lock/home screens of Nagito, Chiaki, and Hajime?

    Can I request lovecore home/lock screens of NaeGami? (Makoto + Byakuya)

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