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  • inc-ted-blasso
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Jamie: What’s cooler than being cool?

    Keeley: Financial stability.

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  • slutabed
    26.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I haven’t written in a while but I really want to while I have some time this weekend, and I can’t promise it’ll be trobed (more likely it’ll be reddie/IT or ted lasso lol) but if anyone wants to throw some prompts of any kind into my ask it would be much appreciated <3

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  • inc-ted-blasso
    26.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Keeley: I’m kinda cold.

    Roy: Here, take my jacket.

    Jamie: I’m cold too.

    Roy: Well, damn, Jamie, I can’t control the weather.

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  • lilacmermaid25
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ted Lasso Prompt:  Roy comes back to Richmond sooner, and is persuaded to tell the other coaches all about Sexy Christmas. (Or Keeley tells Rebecca all about it).

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  • inc-ted-blasso
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Roy: Phoebe is the only valid member of my family. The roomba is valid too, but it’s on thin fucking ice.

    Keeley: What did the roomba do?

    Roy: Tried to eat my fucking sock.

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  • kamillahn
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • lilacmermaid25
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ted Lasso Prompt:  A bodyswap fic involving some or all of Rebecca, Ted, Roy and Keeley.

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  • kamillahn
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    On the first Tartt Thursday I got an ask about the Roy/Keeley/Jamie ship and whether or not I liked it.

    If I remember correctly, I replied that in the right circumstances I would. Maybe I also said something about picturing it in fic but never as actual canon (and not just because I don’t think the show would ever go there).

    Anyway, having watched a bit more of season 1 recently, I think it is also the dynamics of the Roy/Jamie relationship in season 2 that’s making me a little more apprehensive about the ship. There’s just something about their dynamic that’s off for me? Also, there’s no way Roy and Keeley’s relationship is stable enough to manage it - at least not yet.

    Finally, the more I love a character the harder it gets for me to enjoy fic. Jamie Tartt happens to be one of the characters where that feeling is strongest for me (alongside Josh Lyman from The West Wing).

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  • kobriena
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Don’t think about Roy and Keeley getting married.

    And really don’t think about Ted giving Keeley away.

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  • nessa007
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    brett posted this on his instagram stories 😂🥰

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  • lilacmermaid25
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ted Lasso Prompt:  Rebecca (or Keeley) and post-partum depression (PPD).

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  • metrolondondelta
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Keeley: Roy, there’s someone screaming outside. Shouldn’t we do something?

    Roy: Yes, we should.

    Roy: [gets up and closes the window]

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  • wonderbreadbucky
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    We're Live

    Ted Lasso x F!Reader

    Requested by: @cevans-is-classic "Any possibility you could summon up something with Reader being a reporter and Ted finds their questions endearing and they slowly start to develop a relationship?? Maybe something with Rebecca being like "You can't flirt on live TV, Ted." "

    Description: You're a reporter for the London Times, and when your coworker transfers to a different department, you get the chance to report on the AFC Richmond games, and finally do your feature on Coach Lasso.

    Word Count : 3,903 (im SORRY OKAY)

    content warning: mentions of family death and drunk drivers, mentions of divorce, not angsty just exposition

    (i would die for this man) ((not my gif))

    The room was stirring, the AFC Richmond game ending mere minutes ago. The team had won, but just by the skin of their teeth. You hear the other reporters beside you muttering over their questions at rapid speed for when the door finally opens and the gaffer walks in. You look down at your notebook in one hand, and phone in the other, poised and ready to begin recording once you’re called upon. It wasn’t your first sports interview, especially football, but it was the first with AFC Richmond. It was hot commodity to get in on a Richmond interview, and when your colleague and dear friend switched departments, she had specifically asked for you to be given the job. So, here you sat, surrounded by so much pent up energy, it was pulsing in the air.

    You glanced at your watch, and over to the door repeatedly, excited to start your first Richmond article, especially after such a win. You flicker your eyes up to the door, and stop your gaze there. You could see the handle turning, and at that, you were the first to stand when the door swung open.

    The room erupted in a roar of questions, everyone fumbling over each others words, desperate to get the first say. Your own voice rang out, calling for the coaches attention. He sat at the table in front of them, sipping on his water before smiling kindly at the group. He cleared his throat before raising his own hand. We all faded off in our questions, confused.

    “Now, now y’all. Everyone will get their turn. Let’s all sit and chat, yeah?” I looked around at my peers, and they all seemed confused as they nodded and sat down. I followed suit, and the last person to sit was in front of me. Mr. Trent Crimm, the man himself. Ted began to call out the reporters by name as hands shot up at the opportunity to speak. Trent Crimm stands and begins to ask his queries, a smile in his voice. He had grown fond of the Kansas Man, seeing that his kindness was not just fabrication, but genuine love for the people around him and for what he does. He nods in thanks as he sits.

    Your hand goes up next, confident and hopeful. Ted’s eyebrows raised as he realized the empty seat behind Trent, he motioned for you to speak, and you stood with a smile on your face.

    “I don’t think we’ve met. What’s your name, miss?” He smiles back at you.

    “Y/N L/N , The Times. You’re a man of kindness, Coach Lasso, you had brought Jamie Tartt back onto the team, you had given these men the encouragement they needed, how do you believe this assisted you in the match today?” Phone held out slightly to assist in retaining his response. He smiles at this question.

    “I thank you, Y/N, but I don’t believe it’s all on me. The boys on the team are to owe for the win today, they fought hard out there, and worked together, and I’m grateful for that.” You nod at this, and smile in thanks.

    The rest of the interview questions went on without a hitch, your hand shooting up every time you had a question that was relevant, and he always answered you with a smile. As they finished, you were slow moving to pack up your belongings, hoping to catch a moment with the PR manager of the club. She walks in, hair swinging behind her as she clears away the paperwork on the front table, and the last of the reporters trickle into the hall. You grab your card from the pocket of your shoulder bag, and move toward her.

    “Miss Jones?” She turns to you with a smile. “Hello, my name is Y/N L/N, I’m taking over for Chelsea Smith on the AFC Richmond coverage. I would love to do a feature on Coach Lasso, and dive deep on how he plans to advance back into the premier league. Here’s my card,” You hand her the card, and bring your bag higher on your shoulder. She looks at it, flipping it over to see your contact information. “Give me a call, if he’s interested.” You point at the second number on the card, your personal phone number. You smile as you turn to the door, and stop. You look back at her.

    “And Miss Jones?” She looks up at you, “Thank you, you’re an inspiration. My niece… She looks up to you, and y’know what? So do I.” And with that you leave.

    Keeley’s eyes mist as you leave, a smile blooming on her lips. She looks down at your card, and lets out a watery laugh. Careful of her makeup, she wipes under her eyes and makes her way to the coaches’ office. With a light knock, she walks in and greets the men.

    “Keeley! What do we owe this pleasure?” Ted leans back in his chair, devoting his entire attention to the woman. She hands him the card.

    “That new reporter? Y/N L/N wants to do a feature on you in the Times, and I want you to do it.”

    “Oh, well, okay, any specific reason?” He looks up from the card to her.

    Keeley walks over to Roy, who wraps an arm around her as hers wrap around his middle. She jumps into the short story, tearing up, stating how much it meant to her, and how much it would mean to her for Ted to do the interview. Roy tightens his arm around her slightly, kissing the crown of her head.

    “Well, then I’ll do it. Of course.” Ted smiles at her.

    “Great, call the second number on the card when you get a chance and you two can work out a meeting.” She walks to him, and pats his shoulder and thanks before going to her office.


    You make your way through the streets of London later that day, your niece, Amelia, rattling on about her classes in between sips of her boba. Your parents had you later in life, and your sister had her when you were 12. She catches you up on all of the gossip around her secondary school, and you assist her where you can in advice. You pause in front of a shop as she looks at the window display, and as you sip your own drink, your phone begins to trill. Quickly swallowing, you fumble with the phone. The number is unfamiliar but you answer anyway.


    “Is this Y/N L/N?” A cautious voice rings through the receiver.

    “This is she.”

    “Hey, Miss L/N, It’s Ted Lasso over at Richmond.” Your eyes widen as you grab your niece’s attention and point to the phone.

    “Coach Lasso,” Amelia’s eyes widening at the mention of her favorite football clubs coach. “How can I help you?” You step off to the side, practically vibrating in your spot. Keeley Jones actually gave her card to him, he’s actually on the phone with you. Oh my GOD.

    “Keeley let me know about the feature you were wantin’ to write, and I just think it’s a fun idea. I’d love to meet for an interview.” You look to Amelia, and nod your head. She begins to go mental, silently jumping as she grabs your arm.

    “Of course! Would you be able to meet, say Tuesday? I could meet you at the club, or lunch. My treat of course.”

    “Let’s meet at the club, I’ll give you the nitty gritty of coaching, and we can go deeper into the grand scheme of it all over lunch then. Seem good?”

    “Perfect! I’ll see you Tuesday morning then.”

    “See you then, Miss L/N.” The phone beeps as he hangs up and you finally look at Amelia.

    “We’re meeting on Tuesday. I’M GETTING THE FEATURE!” You both let out a squeal of delight that draws the attention of many passerbys, but all you can do is celebrate. This feature could mean big things for you. You could finally get the promotion you’ve been hoping for, even secure a permanent spot as a member of AFC Richmond’s press.

    “Tell me EVERYTHING!” the young teen pulls you close, looping her arm in yours as you travel down the street, recounting the call. You can’t help but smile. This could be it.


    Tuesday rolls around quicker than expected, but you’re prepared. You had spent the rest of the weekend working on your interview questions, spanning all from his time in Kansas, to his future plans for Richmond. You picked out an outfit, and then changed it, and then changed it again. You looked at yourself in the mirror, straightening your sweater, and the collar underneath, a light gloss added to your lips as you smoothed down your trousers.

    “You can do this. This is it.” You say into the mirror, and you smile. Throwing your bag over your shoulder, the leather of the messenger bag worn and well loved. It was passed down to you, a gift from your father when you had started at the times. It was lucky, he said. You felt it held some truth now. Grabbing your wool overcoat, and slipping on your oxfords, you were out of the door. It wasn’t a long walk to the club, and thankfully the sun quelled the chill in the air enough, so you started on your way.

    You walked into the club, making your way to the front desk.

    “Hello! My name is-“

    “Miss L/N!” The drawl of the Coach breaks through the silent halls of Richmond. You look over, and see him, hands in his pockets, sleeves rolled. You smile at him, and silently thank the receptionist. You make your way over to him, reaching out to shake his hand.

    “Coach Lasso, it’s great to see you again. Thank you so much for meeting with me. And please, call me Y/N.” You shake his hand with a smile that he returns.

    “It’s no problem at all! Thank you for wanting to write about me. And, you can call me Ted” He lets out a chuckle at this, hand slipping back into his pocket. He motions for you to join him as he begins to walk through the halls. You pull your notebook out as you move, poised to write anything you can use.

    The day goes on, he shows you the offices, and locker rooms. He even introduces you to the team, all of them smiling at you kindly as you wave and congratulate them on their latest win. Sam Obisanya even recognizes you by name, having read one of your commentary pieces in the Times on the importance of ethical sourcing and need for environmental consciousness that you had written a year prior.

    You’re shocked to say the least, hand placed over your heart to express your true gratitude. The day goes on, you sit in the stands as training goes on, taking notes on most of the things happening. You can help but watch Coach Lasso- Ted, as he leads the team. He does it in such a way that you’ve never seen before.

    Having grown up in a football family, you’ve seen your fair share of matches in your time. The coaches often lead with an iron fist, taking no care in the mental health of their team members. They coached from the sidelines, yelling expletives, berating their team at the slightest fault on the pitch. But, not Ted. He joked with his team, encouraged them in ways that go deeper than just on the pitch. You admired that.

    As the team left for the showers, you made your way down to the pitch. The other Coaches nodded at you in farewell as they themselves followed the team. You reciprocated, and walked up to Ted.

    “Alrighty then. You ready for that lunch?” You smiled at him and nodded.


    You take him to a small, family-owned café that your family had frequented before you started your job with the Times. You smiled at Jeanie, the little old woman behind the counter, and wave at her.

    “Y/N? Is that you dear?” She hobbles around the counter, making her way to you.

    “Hi Nana Jeanie.” You smile at her, meeting her halfway. She cups your face and gives you a once over.

    “You have grown so much! So beautiful, dearie. I’ve been reading your work in the Times! Look!” She motions behind the counter to the cork board littered with posters and daily specials. Posted at the very top though, were cuttings of your latest works. You could cry if you weren’t working. “I save them all, y’know.”

    “You will always be my number one fan, Nana.” She kisses you on the cheek before she notices Ted.

    “Oi! Is that the Richmond gaffer?” She whispers, and you nod. “Hello, dearie! Please feel free to take a seat, you still drink your hot chocolate?” After you nod once again, she asks Ted for his drink order.

    “Oh! Um, can I just get a water please?” and with that, she’s off. You shake your head with a grin, and turn to Ted, motioning him to follow you to your once regular booth.

    “So, is that your grandma?” Ted asks when you’re settled, menu’s pulled from behind the napkin dispenser.

    “No, no,” You laugh. “Nana Jeanie has been around my family since I was a little girl. We came here two, sometimes three times a week. It was a tradition. I haven’t been in about two years, not since I first got my job at the Times. It’s a part of me, y’know?” He smiles at this, and before he can comment, Jeanie comes back with your drinks.

    “Extra marshmallows, and whipped cream for my dear, and a water for the gaffer. You two ready to order?” You look at Ted and he motions for you to go first. You order your usual soup, and sandwich, and Ted just asks for the same. Jeanie leaves as quickly as she came, and shouts the orders to her husband in the back, saying that it’s “For our girl, Arthur!” And you hear a faint cheer come from the back. You and Ted laugh at this, and slide back into the conversation.

    You’re posed to write, and look up at him. “So, you came here from Kansas, correct?” He nods. “So, how was that?”

    “It… It was hard. I left my son behind back in Kansas to come here, and I miss him every day. Facetime just isn’t the same as sitting with him at the kitchen table for breakfast, y’know?”

    Throughout the rest of lunch, you ask him about his life, going deeper than just the club, asking him everything about his life from before Richmond, asking about his son, asking about his hopes for the future. At one point, you sit the pen down, and just listen to him. Ted enjoys it, being able to talk to someone new, someone who hasn’t been there since the start, someone free of biases. He can’t stop himself, feeling so comfortable with you that he off the record talks about his ex wife. You nod with a kind smile, feeling for the man as he talks about the difficulty of life. He asks you about your own life, before the Times.

    You sigh and lean back. You talk about your family life, having grown up in what felt like a picture perfect family, but no one really knew what went on behind closed doors. You were technically the youngest of three, but your sister Naomi died due to a drunk driver when you were 8. It broke your family apart, your parents divorced after the tragedy, but still tried their hardest to support you and your older sister. It brought the two of you closer, despite the age gap. Not a day goes by that you don’t miss Naomi, and your sister even became a trauma surgeon in her memory. Ted gives you a soft smile, and a light pat on your hand. Conversation is easier after that. This goes throughout lunch, only pausing to eat. As the cheque comes around, he stops you before you could pull your card out, handing the appropriate notes to Jeanie, with a generous tip on top. You go to protest, but he stops you.

    “You can get it next time we run into each other.” And he smiles, and you do to, but it feels different this time. These smiles are no longer just polite and mannerly, you feel a type of closeness to him now, both having shared your own vulnerabilities with each other. You both stand, and you put your coat on as Jeanie comes up.

    “Now, don’t you be a stranger, dearie.” You thank her, and promise to come back with a hug. You and Ted go to leave, as your phone rings. It’s your sister. You motion to the phone, and Ted smiles, stepping away.

    “Hey, Lydia, What’s up?”

    “Y/N! I need you to pick up Amelia from classes for me, I just got called into a surgery and I won’t be out until late.” You can hear the running water from over the phone as she scrubs in. You let out a breath, and run your hand over your forehead.

    “Yeah, of course. I got it.” You can hear beeping speed up from over the phone, and they’re yelling for her. She thanks you, and you hear her yell out for them to push medication before you hang up. Ted walks back over as you sigh.

    “It was my sister. She can’t pick my niece up, she has a surgery. I have to go, I’m so sorry.” You tuck your phone into your pocket, and he waves you off.

    “It’s no problem. I’ve enjoyed our talk today.” He smiles.

    “So have I. I may reach out for a couple quotes in the next few days, but the feature should be out for the Sunday edition. Thank you again, Ted. For this opportunity.” You reach out a hand, and he shakes it. The touch lingers a few moments longer than usual, warmth of his palm spreading through you. You turn to leave, and feel a smile bloom across your face as he calls out to you. You turn around and he’s scratching at the back of his neck.

    “Will you, uh,” he coughs. “Will you be at the press meeting after the next match?”

    “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You smile at him.



    Ted walks into Rebecca’s office later that day, still thinking about you. He looks up and is greeted by Rebecca, Keeley, and Higgins.

    “Ted! How was it?” Keeley sits up from her spot on the couch.

    “How was what?” asks Higgins, leaning against Rebecca’s desk.

    “He did an interview with the Times today. They want to do a feature on him, a reporter had reached out and we connected it. She was here today actually.” Rebecca nods at this, sipping her tea, and Ted sits down at the corner of the sectional.

    “It went well. She’s a very kind woman, Y/N asked a lot about my life before the club. She said that it was necessary for a good feature, but she was genuinely interested in hearing from me.”

    “Y/N, huh? I’ve seen her work. She’s brilliant.”

    “She really is…”


    As the week goes by, you write your feature. It’s finally finished after many late nights of revision and re-revising your work, and you let out a sigh of relief as you post it to the website. It’ll be in tomorrow’s print, and you can feel a smile on your lips as you bring your wine glass to them. You quickly text the link to Ted, still grinning as you look at your texts from the previous days. He’s been checking in, seeing how you were doing, checking on how the article was going, even sending you funny gifs and emoji’s that seem to always brighten your day. Under the link, you send him the nerd emoji, and within seconds you see the three dots blinking as he types.

    Woohoo! Can’t wait to read it!

    Three dots appear again.

    Will you be there tomorrow?

    You smile at this.

    Of course! Good luck tomorrow (:

    His response is a smile, and a soccer ball emoji, but it’s enough to make your heart race. You get to see him tomorrow.


    You watch as the match goes on, leading to yet another win for Richmond. The press room is buzzing yet again, the dedication to the team seeping through the professional exteriors of your peers as they all await Ted’s arrival. The gaffer enters soon after with Rebecca Welton herself, and Keeley Jones, energetic from the win as they all were. Everyone begins to call out to him, eager to be first as he sits. He looks out across the crowd until his eyes meet yours. His smile widens at the sight, and you wave to him gently. He nods at you, and looks down. Unbeknownst to the two of you, Rebecca and Keeley share a look of knowing.

    The press junction goes on, Ted calling on each member of the press until he sees your hand.

    “Y/N! What do you got for me?” He smiles.

    “So, Coach Lasso, what’re your plans going forward?” You stand, notebook in hand.

    “Well, I think I’m planning on going out to dinner tonight, celebratory, y’know? I was introduced to this little café not too far away, so I’m hoping to… see some friendly faces there.” He smiles at you, and you could’ve sworn that you saw his cheeks dust with pink. “As for the team? They deserve a break after all of the hard work they’ve put in these last few weeks. But, we’re going to make like Mayfield and keep on keepin’ on.” You smile at him, feeling your heart beat in your throat as you sit down. Ted glances over to Rebecca and Keeley who look at him with wide eyes. Rebecca uses the folder in her hand to hide her face from the press as she mouths to him.

    “You can’t flirt on live TV, Ted!”


    You walk through the doors of the café, smiling at Jeanie who’s wiping down a coffee cup at the counter. She smiles at you knowingly, and nods to the table you sat at just a few days prior. There sat Ted, who had looked up when the bell above the door chimed. He stood as you walked over.

    “Hi, Ted. Fancy seeing you here.” You hope that the blush on your cheeks is taken as coming from the chilly early evening air.

    “Hi, Y/N. I’m glad that friendly face ended up showing up.” He pulls out your chair, as you pull your coat off, and sit down.

    “So, is this one on me?” You joke with him, pulling out the menu. He laughs as he sits down, and sips his water.

    “Wouldn’t be much of a gentleman if I let you pay on a date, now would I?”

    “So, this is a date?” You smile at him, trying to conceal the pounding in your chest.

    “Only if you want it to be.”

    “It’s a date, then.”

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    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    i have theories on how the next season of ted lasso will go, specifically with Roy and Keeley, does anyone want to hear?

    #ted lasso s3 theory #ted lasso cast #roy and keeley #ted lasso theory #ted lasso x reader #Roy kent#keeley jones #this show is my serotonin
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    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago


    While its season is already mired in relegation-ready mediocrity on the pitch, much of the media attention around AFC Richmond has shifted to the club's behind-the-scenes machinations, which at times seems more befitting of paparazzi car-chasers than any person attempting to cover professional sport.

    Image description: Rebecca smiling at charity gala Caption: Welton's appearance at a charity gala was a rousing success.

    The tabloid tattle revolves around an evolving love/hate triangle between Hounds owner Rebecca Welton, the eccentric American manager she inexplicably hired, Ted Lasso, and model/arch-WAG Keeley Jones who, although star striker Jamie Tartt's now-ex, has remained a Nelson Road Stadium fixture as Richmond's media liaison, hand-picked by Welton.

    Although a successful businesswoman in her own right, Welton only inherited Richmond in a divorce settlement with its popular previous owner, Rupert Mannion.  One of her first acts in charge was to masochistically recruit Lasso and his longtime sidekick Coach Beard, both of whom had experience only in the unsophisticated, violent pervsion of "football" played stateside.

    Perhaps best known for an ostentatious lifestyle and messy marriage to serial philanderer Mannion, Welton had never expressed much interest in football prior to Richmond falling into her lap.  Nor, come to think of it, since.  And she seems to have been willing, if not rooting, for Lasso to fail from the get-go.

    "I feel like she's been in our corner the whole time," the disconcertingly affable Lasso insisted, denying any rumors of a chilly relationship.  "And I if ever find out I'm wrong about that then, y'know, I'll give you two quid."

    But lately Welton, a woman who seemingly preferred private jets and heels higher than Richmond's league position, has shown new enthusiasm for her club.  My insider sources attribute this to an unlikely kinship with the considerably younger, bubbly Jones - who ironically, bears more than a passing resemblance to some of the very women who (allegedly) ended Welton's marriage.

    "I'm mostly confused why you feel any friendship's unlikely," Lasso told me. "We get along just fine, me and you!"



    -Ted Lasso on owner Welton --

    The only reason to pay even lip service to such peripheral gossip is that Jones, who displays an oddly Lasso-like belief in the human race, is said to have instilled in Welton a newfound respect for her hapless gaffer.  If true, this could in turn impact Richmond's fortunes on the field.

    "I'm a couple of inches shorter," mused Lasso, of Welton.  "And a few pounds heavier, from the fish and chips."

    Image description: Rebecca and Higgins in the clubhouse hallway, Rebecca smiling at Higgins Caption: Welton's relationship with newly anointed Ops chief Higgins has been called "worrisome."

    Assistant Beard denied that Jones could have any real influence on the team, unless she "has a better right foot than I'm aware of."

    While Welton has largely cleaned house since taking over at Nelson Road, she puzzlingly retained the services of one male voice in her boardroom, Leslie Higgins: an obsequious former Mannion minion who she promoted to Director of Football Operations.

    Is hapless Higgins, who was rumored to have spent his Richmond tenure ushering in conquests for Welton's ex-husband, integral to her "lose now, lose later" strategy?  On game day, Higgins was seen carousing with Lasso, Beard and recently vocal kit man Nathan Shelley in the manager's office, and it remains to be seen what impact, if any, he will have on the fortunes of the Hounds.

    Yet the charming Lasso refutes any hearsay of tanking and seems to take no concern with having Welton at the helm.  It has made no difference to his day-to-day coaching he said, save for one offhand remark he offered me:

    "We feel a strong obligation to make sure that the dressing room smells nice," he said. "Just in case she pops down."

    --Trent Crimm, Special Correspondent

    Image description: Keeley standing in the Richmond clubhouse Caption: Hot WAG Keeley Jones has a place in the Richmond front office and in the clubhouse.

    [nb: transcribed by the awesome Kalinara, because: awesome]


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  • lilacmermaid25
    24.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ted Lasso Prompt:  After walking away from her marriage, Rebecca never wants to be touched by a man ever again. She comes to realize that she does not feel the same way about being touched by Keeley.

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    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago




    full name:  keeley anne jones nicknames / aliases:   keels, keel, woman with the fucking eyes size: 5′2″ age: 29 zodiac: aquarius spoken languages: english, a little bit of french


    hair color: blonde eye color:  blue skin tone: pale body type:  skinny voice:  high pitched and expressive  dominant hand: right posture:  very straight, thanks to modeling experience  scars: a few scrapes from childhood tattoos:  underboob tattoo and wrist tattoo birthmarks: one on her tummy, right near her waist.  noticeable features:  big eyes, big smile, big hair, big heart


    place of birth: somewhere in northern england; i am too lazy to do the work right now hometown: somewhere in northern england; i am too lazy to do the work right now siblings: none parents: victoria and earl jones, ted lasso (adoptive dad tbh)


    occupation: former model, current ceo, college student current residence(s): southwest london, england  close friends:  the entirety of the afc richmond squad are keeley’s people, but she also has some close friends from her modeling career  relationship status: taken/dating financial status:  rich  driver’s license: yes criminal record: a few low end run ins with the law in her younger years, but nothing particular to note vices:  smoking (formerly, except for when she’s in the boot room where smoking doesn’t count), sex, attention, the color pink


    sexual orientation: bisexual libido: high turn-ons: people doing exactly what she tells them to do, chaotic heroism, cockiness, himbos, accountability, sex in public-ish places turn-offs: feeling abandoned, being embarrassed or belittled, etc. love language: touch, acts of service


    character’s theme song: t swizzle’s mirrorball but also hey lover! by wabie hobbies to pass time: cooking, watching tv, sex mental illnesses: probably some past disordered eating issues and anxiety issues left or right-brained:  right phobias: being abandoned, pimentos, clowns, heights self-confidence level:  usually very high, but it’s prone to crashing when she’s confronted by things that she’s not confident about (i.e., the vanity fair photoshoot, her own intelligence, shitty ex boyfriends)

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    Ted Lasso Prompt:  When Roy kneels to propose to Keeley, his knee won’t let him get back up. (Or Ted/Rebecca).

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