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  • Kelvin scale for white balance

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  • #Kelvin scale #zero-point energy-induced particle motion #need motivation #fuck this weather #winter 2015
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  • to quote this physical chem book i’m reading (regarding the Kelvin scale): “in 1954 it was internationally agreed to use the triple point of water (0.01 C) as the reference point and to define the absolute temperature T(tr) at this triple point as exactly 273.16 K.

    what they don’t explain is why….    seems pretty random right?

    turns out (according to wikipedia at least) the value of absolute zero was originally proposed by physicist William Thomson (aka Lord Kelvin) in 1848 to be -273 C. this was calculated by taking the inverse of 0.00366, which was the accepted expansion coefficient of gas per degree increase in Celsius. remarkably close for the instruments of the time!

    since the Kelvin scale uses the same unit increments as the Celsius scale (although this too was even more strictly defined in 1967-68), the value of absolute zero can be calculated by subtracting 273.16 from 0.01 C to produce -273.15 C, aka 0 K!

    (read more here)

    #science#thermodynamics#kelvin scale#lord kelvin #idk why i felt the need to write this up #i guess just cause probably i'm not the only person who has seen this number a lot and never wondered why it's specifically that #anyways #study procrastination at its finest i suppose XD #moosespeak
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  • Kelvin scale is the best because if you have one thing that’s 300K and another that’s 150K then the first thing is actually twice as hot as the second thing and that’s pretty cool. Also you can’t actually have negative temperature and the Kelvin scale reflects that so yeah :)

    I just really like it guys okay?

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  • The white balance is a software function for adjusting the colour of an image so that white objects appear white not grey.  You can set the white balance if you are not satisfied with the colour balance of a picture taken.  In the auto function the camera automatically adjusts the white balance this is about 4000K to 8000K.  The camera is capable of setting the white balance to enable taking pictures with natural colouring under a variety of lighting conditions such as daylight pictures taken in strong sunlight adjusts to about 5200K, pictures taken in the shade it is able to reduce the bluish colour tones in the picture to 8000K.  On a cloudy day will adjust to about 6000K, or inside with fluorescent lighting depending on the types of tubes you can select for white, neutral white or daylight ranging from 42000K to 6500K.  For use with a tungsten light it can help reduce the reddish colour tones in a picture to about 2850K and if using a built in flash to about 5400K.  

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