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  • bohaterskabeksa
    20.01.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    Mam przetłumaczone na razie do 89 rozdziału i im dalej tym te dymki się będą prezentować ładniej x"D

    #tokyo revangers manga #tokyo manji gang #kazutora hanemiya #tokyo revengers takemichi #chifuyu matsuno #mikey tokyo revengers #ken ryuguji#manjiro sano
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  • southside-otaku
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    So all imma say is that TR really be taking the word PROMISE and KILLING IT😭

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  • mulletmitsuya
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Toman groupchat

    Warnings: swearing, suggestive, dark humor

    Mikey: homosexuals of Toman

    Mikey: what was your gay awakening

    Mitsuya: ....

    Mitsuya: why did you have to start it like that

    Mikey: so that all of you could get online

    Baji: so everyone who likes men or??

    Smiley: wtf does homosexual mean you dumb bitch🤨

    Mikey: yes and straights have to answer with who they'd fuck with if they liked dudes

    Smiley: I simply cannot imagine myself being homo

    Hakkai: what's the point of this tho?

    Mikey: social experiment

    Mikey: ok and go!

    Baji: ngl mine was Shinichiro

    Baji: he was pretty cool, like he was musty but the cool type of musty

    Baji: I could imagine our future together😍❤️

    Smiley: killed off that imagination real quick huh

    Baji: ........

    Hakkai: I-

    Mitsuya: you did not


    Draken: that's.......

    Chifuyu: outta pocket 🤕

    Baji: you always running that big mouth of yours

    Baji: you got no bitches

    Baji: your lil bro can only catch hands when he's crying

    Baji: you have ugly ass hair

    Baji: you have big teeth

    Baji: you straight up ugly honestly

    Angry: Smiley apologize now that was too far

    Smiley: for what??💀

    Smiley: shouldn't have used Shinichiro as my emoji, my bad

    Baji: ok that's it, let's go outside

    Mikey: can y'all stfu please we were in the middle of something 😭

    Chifuyu: mine was Baji-san but that was obvious

    Hakkai: Taka-chan😊

    Takemichi: Mikey-kun made me realize I was bi haha😅

    Mikey: ONG?

    Draken: yo chill

    Mikey: I knew I was a homo when I saw Takemichi get his ass beat with no shame😍

    Mikey: love at first sight

    Takemichi: ..uhm😟

    Draken: Mikey I know you think you're being romantic but stop 💀

    Draken: oh and ig if I were I'd dig Mitsuya since we've know each other for so long and like ig he's attractive

    Mitsuya: that's crazy

    Mitsuya: unfortunately my awakening was you

    Draken: HUH

    Mitsuya: shut up I was having issues at the time and for some reason I thought you were hot 😕

    Draken: WERE U IN LOVE WITH ME??

    Mitsuya: no??? did you not just read what I said🤨

    Draken: it's okay to be embarrassed Mitsuya 😁

    Mitsuya: before you even try making fun of me go tell Emma how long you spent in the arcade trying to win that prize for her

    Draken: why can't you let me live

    #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo revengers manga spoilers #tokyo revengers texts #sano manjiro/mikey#ryuguji ken/draken#hanagaki takemichi#baji keisuke#matsuno chifuyu#kawata nahoya/smiley#shiba hakkai#maitake #ngl besties this one didnt hit🤕 #and i dont think baji legit had a crush on shining hero i just wanted to make him and smiley fight #.... shining hero😧 #i meant shinichiro #idk if it was autocorrect or if im just stupid #this is also a little doramitsu ig #wanted to do their friendship more but im bad at it so👍 #also i cope with my favorite characters dying by making jokes
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  • star2fishmeg
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Drakes strikes me as the type of guy who could break dance im ngl and I know my man Chifuyu goes HARD in Just Dance change my mind✋

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  • bontenofficial
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    tr 238: or my love letter to mitsuya and the twin dragons.

    of course it pains me to see mitsuya in despair but i've been waiting for someone to be truly shown grieving draken's death. i mean, it would be wildly ooc if mitsuya wasn't deeply impacted by it. after all, they met when they were very young and immediately bonded. they were one of each other's first friends. i would say that the foundation of their relationship is dreams.

    mitsuya met draken when he needed a brief escape from his household. for a child to be burdened by parental responsibilities at that young age... mitsuya was bound to grow up too fast. he probably barely had time to socialize, to play with kids around him, because he had little sisters to take care of in his mother's place. i'm the eldest child just like him, and that's why i sympathize so much with his character. i know how heavy it can be to carry the weight of responsibilities in the family. it hurts sometimes, yes, it requires immense patience, but it does build character.

    and mitsuya, representing compassion and resilience, shows us how great of a character he is.

    then, the beginning of the twin dragons. i see mitsuya's painting the graffiti as an act to let out his frustration. unlike most characters who resort to violence as a means to express their emotions, mitsuya unleashes his creativity. that's the distinctive trait of him. and here's where i think draken's role is. he had always believed in mitsuya from the start. they developed mutual admiration, which grew into mutual trust. just my speculation but what if the encounter with draken was the first time mitsuya realized his creative potential, and made a dream out of it? like, it must be encouraging to see someone liking your design so much they got it tattooed on their skin!

    then he continues to inspire the people around him, like how the sewing club look up and admire him and how the shiba siblings respect him, among others. he's charismatic in his own way.

    he said he'd always follow draken wherever he goes, but now that draken has gone where mitsuya can't follow, the least he can do is to fulfill draken's wish—which is also his own dream. that's why i think he should not join thousand winters and put his life in danger again. he's got something to pursue and live for. if he wants to help his friends, there's gotta be another way to partake. and, considering that this is the final arc, it would be a good conclusion for his character if he were to pay homage to draken and toman in the fashion design contest and/or to design tw's new uniform with pride and honor.

    the twin dragons have always had their own dreams and passions: mitsuya with the fashion design and draken with the whole bike shop business. they have clear goals of what they want to do in their lives, that's why it's painful to see how they end up in the final arc right after in bonten timeline where they successfully live their dreams. but mitsuya still has hopes. he still has a chance. he works hard but his grief drives him to the point of self-destruction. after helping so many people in his life, i think it's time for people to provide him the help and support he currently needs.

    the twin dragons started with draken admiring mitsuya's design and ended with mitsuya pursuing his dreams for himself, for draken, and for toman. but as long as mitsuya's there—in pursuit of his dreams, and with the dragon tattoo still etched on the right side of his head—the twin dragons will live on, even as memories.

    #mitsuya takashi#draken#ryuguji ken#twin dragons#tokyo revengers#tokrev #tokyo revengers spoilers #tr 238#tokrev 238 #tokyo revengers meta #meta #bontenofficial.pdf
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  • morgzonthego
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago


    I bought this keychain from an artist at the September 2021 Dallas Fan Expo and I can’t find the artist.

    I just moved and this keychain has completely disappeared and I’m SO UPSET! I desperately want to buy a new one but I can’t find her business card and her name or shop name are no where to be seen on any of the prints I bought from her. I even tried to find if DFE had past artists listed and no luck.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I need to find her!!! If you recognize this please let me know! Thank you!

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  • mystic2moon
    20.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Toman's twin dragon

    Coloring by me!

    tap for better quality!

    panel credits : @/uwurmy on twitter

    (a/n : the recent chapter really hit hard :'l )

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers headcanons #manga edit#manga coloring#tokrevedit#tokrev#mitsuya#takashi mitsuya#mitsuya takashi#draken#ken ryuguji #mitsuya x reader #draken x reader #posted200122
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  • sanzu-sanzu-sanzu
    20.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    guyssss 😭  i need your helpppp aaaaaaa so there was this draken x reader fic i read a while back basically it goes: y/n is pregnant and she’s been sleeping with you know those extra curvy pillows shaped specifically for pregnant women? and it’s like this big thing that takes up a lot of space, so draken for the meantime has been sleeping in the other room, i.e. not beside her for like several nights now. but this one particular night draken’s like...oh i forgot i think he just hated the darn pillow and somehow y/n finds out and she starts feeling guilty and cries and draken’s like oh no hun no no akjenwewkd (fluff fluff) it’s really sweet

    it goes something like that. just felt like rereading, is all 😭  but s2pid me i forgot to save it i think

    AAAAAAAA if anybody remembers/has seen or saved it plsss send it my waaaay


    #draken #draken x reader #draken x you #draken x y/n #ken ryuguji#ryuguji ken #ken ryuguji x reader #ken ryuguji x you #ken ryuguji x y/n #ryuguji ken x reader #ryuguji ken x you #ryuguji ken x y/n #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x you #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x y/n #tr x you #tr x reader #tr x y/n
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  • southside-otaku
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    THIS MF RIGHT HERE!!! All the way from Bloody Halloween!


    #anime#tokyo revengers #I literally noticed this while watching the Tiktok #I thought he looked familiar #tokyo revengers ken ryuguji #ken ryuguji #ken ryuguji x reader #tokyo revengers manga #manga panel #fuck wakui for making the masked guy
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  • gojosmoochi
    20.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Tokyo Revengers how they met fell for you 💌

    ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑


    - It was love at first sight, he just saw you and he just couldn't look away, Mikey just thinks your beauty was beyond and truly it takes his breath away.


    - You have a thing for maybe bad boys, and it was surprising how everyday in Shibuya you see this tall guy every time you two bump you would apologize, but for Draken he was praising himself for looking cool or maintaining it, he plans it strategize it on how he's gonna get your attention, it ofcs it works for him.


    - You and Mitsuya have a lot in common, you two have been friends ever since and you loved playing with him when you two were young only by then you would occasionally visit him to see Luna and Mana you always loved them you might have even said you would want a baby, and Mitsuya have already fallen in love with you ever since then. It was no lie for him that he thinks he has found his soulmate.


    - That one guy you get stuck with in the classroom because you were also cramming for school work, you sit beside him but never had a time to talk to him. Your hair is all messed out but you felt a hand fixing your hair you looked up to see a guy with thick framed glasses and slicked back hair in a ponytail, nerd. You thought but you knew Baji Keisuke. He wasn't a nerd since you accidentally saw him changing up his looks. Baji has liked you since then, you were always his seatmate.


    - He saw you petting the stray cats outside, he was just walking home but he stopped when he saw you, you were talking to them with a baby voice which makes him smile. It warms his heart, he has no idea who you are but he sees you everyday when he comes home from school or after Toman meeting, he was even surprised when he saw Peke J in your arms you told him how you keep him company and it makes him happy telling Peke J was a genius because he even got to know you more.


    - You see him all by himself in the swing you saw how badly he had bruises on his face so you came to him, it warms Takemichi how someone like you came to him usually they would back off since he looked like a bad person or bad news but you didn't care about that because that time you patched him up you got his heart.


    - The only way to be in his heart was when you stayed, you were loyal to him and he loves it. It was you who stayed even if he was sane or even if he was lost in his own mind you stayed and you help him out and it makes him happy to have you in his life, you were his friend but he was falling and you were aware because you felt the same.


    - It was always you who make the first move, you aren't Yuzuha so he chickens out with you but slowly with time he'll get use to you, he's just shy but he would soon realize how patience and kind to him, it swells his heart with love and that's how Yuzuha sees it he likes you because his ears are red and his eyes are filled with hearts in it.


    - 20 rejects, 1 accept. He was jumping, singing and all giddy that he finally got a yes from you, he was dressing up looking good as he was excited about the date, you always admire Shinichiro and how patience and persistent he can get. But Mikey can't handle a happy Shinichiro when he smother him with kisses on his cheek he would wipe them off or whine while he's doing it but Emma is all giggling, Shinichiro is a best boyfriend.


    - You both throw insults to one another, how you bicker how annoying and loud he can get. His music was on his loud ass speaker while he works out, you knocked on his door but he didn't heard it again and again until you barged in and saw him shirtless, but after all these little fights you two end up dating when you admit you like him after he made you jealous and he likes you the moment you became his housemate.

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  • seelifeeatit
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    He helps you through cramps

    Pairing: Draken x reader

    Warnings: Period sex. The reader gets periods. Vaginal sex. Use of protection
    AN: Very self indulgent.


    Straddling his thighs you let out an agonising sob, the muscles in your thighs screaming in defiance at being on top.

    Your neck gives out, curling over yourself making your body as small as possible.

    “Hey, baby, c’mon you’re-“

    He’s cut off with a gasp, a hand cupping your bloated belly while you hiccup at the seemingly never ending, mind numbing pain.

    Your hysterical and it’s scary. He’s talking to you, trying to bring you to his chest to soothe every ache he can, but you shove him, hands on shoulders pinning him down, a rumbled “Shhh! quiet” so he sits, goes to speak, but nods instead your face scrunched up in pain he’s trying to ease being something he wishes to hurry past.

    Fast uncoordinated hands rip at clothing, his hard dick springing up like a sunflower smacking against your hand. It’s a first for him, having a person stare down his penis with vitriol like it broke a cardinal rule, cold eyes baring into his tip deeply offended.

    “Sweetheart, it’s fine really just lemme lie you-“

    “I can do it!”

    “I’m not doubting that, but-“

    “Then what? so you don’t want me now?”

    His dick is in your grasp, you’re naked on a bed you both picked the sheets for after heated debate over price comparisons, in a room decorated in memories shared over the course of time treasured, but yes he finally showed his true colours, man’s admitted it was all fake, this relationship meant nothing to him.

    “I Fucking knew it, Fucker, Fuck you”

    “Go on Picasso”

    Wide, crazed eyes beam holes into his tattooed head, but Ryuguji Ken, former second pillar of the Tokyo Manji Gang, frequenter of every hospice in your local area to the point he knows most urgent care staff by name, does not flinch.

    “Not the time Ryu”

    “Just very colourful s’all”

    You stare off out your closed curtained (can’t see out but will for dramatic effect) windows, and sniffle, sighing as you finally allow yourself to fall onto the towel spread out beneath you, his unfell phallus comfortably nestled in your palm. Tucking your legs up to your chest you wince, stealthily masking the crease in your brow (not really) resting chin to knee.

    “Don’t sit like that”


    “It hurts right?”

    Draken pulls the towel flat, you’d beat yourself up if you leaked trough it, not that he’d care. A stubborn ‘yes’ is pulled from you “Then let’s bring these down”he suggests talking to your thigh “n’Stretch this out” he’s got you lying atop him, agitated huffs turned even breathing, hand still cuddling his junk. Progress.

    Laying his head against the pillows to see you better he asks “m’Gonna touch you now ok?”

    You knock your head into his nuzzling into the space behind his ear “Mhm” “Words, please” you groan unconsciously tensing your abdomen that tapers into a drawing of stinging breath, he rubs his head with yours placing his lips to your hairline “I want to touch you, is this ok?” Pools welling as you reply a sticky “You’re fine Ken”

    His hands are soft against the plush of your sides, expertly trained mechanic fingers kneading doughy skin. He brings those gathered tears cascading down cheeks, continuing his crusade round to hug tense shoulders in those way to big hands that you adore, bringing you into a safe embrace.

    His legs bend, flexing upwards leaning forward to gather pillows and fluff em up before slumping gently back down your soft puffs against his neck reassuring him that you aren’t too disturbed by these actions.

    Two fingers tap his chest, hand splaying across his pectorals you push up, the cricks and cracks of your spine an accompanying symphony.

    You bring his hand to lay over your stomach where he applies a light pressure, throwing your head back at the dull relief

    “Right there huh, want me in here?”

    Despite the pain you reach over to the bedside table to grab a condom, holding the packet to his lips you mimic a biting motion before shooting him a wink “That’s my baby” sounding proud as he tears the foil. Wrapping him up You bring him to your lower lips pulling one of your cheeks as he slips inside the mess between your thighs.

    “Hah, shit-”

    “Fuck yeah”

    #draken x reader #draken x y/n #draken x you #ken ryuuguji x reader #tokyorev x reader #toman x reader #ken ryuuguji fluff #draken smut#tokyorev smut#ken ryuguji #I miss him Ken wakui bring him back or I’ll write a bad yell review of TR
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  • tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang
    20.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Panels i can hear

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  • howlscaps
    20.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Tokyo Revengers

    ↳ Ken “Draken” Ryuguji

    ↳ S 1 Ep(s) i can’t remember 💀


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  • taeyamayang
    19.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #tokyo revengers#tokyo rev #tokyo rev sm au #tokyo rev headcanons #tokyo rev hcs #tokyo rev imagines #tokyo rev scenarios #tokyo rev x y/n #tokyo rev x you #tokyo rev au #tokyo rev draken #ken ryuguji #draken x you #draken x reader #draken headcanons#draken hcs#tokyorev draken#draken #tokyo rev fluff #pea.writes
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  • akyivanov
    19.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 | 𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟑𝟖

    Tɑkɑshi Mitsuyɑ & Drɑken friendship

    - my analysis -

    This chapter destroyed me, on the one hand I'm happy because Wakui put everything I wanted, but on the other hand I suffer along with Mitsuya. Takashi was characterised very well and his friendship with Draken is one of the most beautiful in the whole manga.

    From start to finish.

    I don't know whether to thank Wakui for making me suffer so much to read and find all the details listed here and reflect on the friendship between the two of them. Have you ever noticed how much they have in common?

    Not just the tattoo, for example even a single earring on their left ear.

    Earring that Mitsuya has now removed.

    Or, the same style in what they were wearing.

    Apart from these aesthetic details, the friendship between Draken and Mitsuya is very deep. They respect each other, they love each other. Mitsuya has always seen him as an important person ever since she met him. He said it himself, from that meeting as children he started to follow Draken's footsteps everywhere.

    And Draken knew it, knew Takashi's esteem for him well. Takashi would have followed him, would have offered his help at the idea of him being in a new gang, would have given him his support at every opportunity.

    Draken knew this so well that he prevented it in advance.

    I think the dialogue under the snow is one of the best they had between them, it comes to light how much Draken loved Mitsuya. He told him he wanted to join a gang because he trusted him completely, but he also told him not to follow him, to fulfil his dream. Draken has told him in the past "You are a good person, being a delinquent is not for you", he would rather see his friend realise his dreams than throw them away.

    After all, Draken knows Mitsuya's skill very well, he was the first to appreciate it by getting a tattoo with his design.

    Just seeing Luna worried and Mana scared says a lot about how much he is suffering. He has always put them first, before his own needs while he now ignores them. Before this chapter we've never seen Takashi so cold about them, so unreasonable and twitchy.

    Mitsuya has always been an emotionally strong person. Always with a smile in the face of life's difficulties, always ready to help others. Now, Takashi is broken inside but he doesn't break down. He goes ahead to realize Draken's last request as soon as possible without thinking about himself. Now, his smile has faded away. Twin dragons forever with one half because the other can no longer be followed. Chapter 238 hurts so much, but it's the perfect chapter to express how much Takashi loved Draken as a friend.

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo revengers 238 #chapter 238#mitsuya takashi#takashi mitsuya#ken ryuguji#draken #takashi and draken friendship #takashi needs a hug #goodbye takashi smile #draken we all miss you #tears tears tears #I don't know if I can handle another chapter like that #Takashi came back sadder than ever #twin dragons#forever
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  • ganyusecretlover
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    dancing with your ghost

    # character/s: tokyo revengers!keisuke baji 💿

    # warnings: angst, mentions of blood, mentions of violence, mentions of death, possible manga spoilers, fem!reader

    # author's note: this is my first time writing something like this so please let me know what you all think about it! also, english is not my first language so feel free so call me out if i made any mistake. oh, and please tell me if u like the design! since i'm not sure abt it

    If they had met in any other situation, then perhaps they would have been able to have their happy ending.

    But that’s not what happened.

    The girl had heard about the brawl between Toman and Valhalla, two gangs that the person she loved was connected to. She knew how dangerous being a gang member could be, but her best friend always assured her that he would come back home.

    Keisuke Baji, the man she would entrust her life to, and the one she has had a crush on ever since they were kids. Little did she know, Baji also had a crush on her, but the two of them were always two oblivious to notice, even if Chifuyu’s multiple attempts of getting them together.

    In the last week, the news that Keisuke had decided to leave the Toman, the ones who the boy deemed to be his family, really surprised the girl. She tried asking the boy about it, but he would only give her cold and empty responses.

    Now she was running towards the battlefield, scared that her friends get seriously hurt in this fight.

    As soon as she got there she saw Baji laying on the floor in Chifuyu’s arms. Her eyes filled with tears as she ran towards the two. “Y/n? What are you doing here?” Draken asked as soon as she got on the floor besides the blond boy.

    “W-what happened?” she stuttered as she took the boy from his friends arms and held him. “Kazutora-kun stabbed Baji-san” Chifuyu answered with tears in his eyes.

    “No, no, no, that can’t be, Kazu, h-he wouldn’t” the girl mumbled, mainly to herself. She had known Kazutora for years, and knew how much Baji cared about him, and so being unable to piece together all that happenned.

    “Oh man, I really wished you didn’t see me like this” Baji joked, with a smile on his face and blood dripping down his chin. “At least I’m gonna get to say goodbye to you” the boy added, making her tear up even more

    “Don’t say that Kei, you’re not gonna die ok?” she assured the boy, not knowing if it was even the truth. “There’s still so much for us to do, so much I want to tell you, so please...just please don’t die on me”

    “This might be unfair to you but there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time too” Baji said, finally gaining the courage to declare his love in his final moments. “I like you, I’ve have been liking you for quite a while really”

    That was the moment the girl started crying a water dam. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard, and she didn’t want to believe that she may lose her best friend, her soulmate.

    “Oi, are you kidding me? You’re gonna tell me this now?” she said jokingly trying to ligthen such a heavy mood. “I have liked you ever since we were kids, so please, don’t die, live with me forever ok? So we can be together”

    The boy smiled, happy to know that his feelings were reciprocated. Oh a rush of adrenaline the boy gave the girl one last kiss. She could feel the iron taste of his blood on her lips as she cried even more.

    “I’m sorry for taking me so long to confess” he told her, happy for at least having been able to tell her how he felt. Part of him was still sad, because he felt he said so much more to say to this special person in front of him, but he feared that he didn’t have enough time

    “Ah, it’s about time...I’m starting to hallucinate” Baji mumbled as the imagine of Shinishiro appeared to him. “No, Kei, hey, stay with me, don’t go please” y/n pleaded as if he had a choice.

    “Y/n.” the boy called out to her. “Yes?” she answered trying to calm her tears. “Will you go on a date with me?” he asked, making the girl break down again. “Maybe we can watch that movie we’ve been planning to ever since last month”

    “Of course Kei, pick me up at 8?” she asked smiling, while the tears still streamed down her face. “You got it. It’s a date then”

    The boy’s eyes started to close. “Thanks.” he gave one last smile before his eye went shut, and his heartbeat couldn’t be felt anymore.

    The girl couldn’t even bring herself to scream, even though her heart desperately wanted to. All she could do was hold the boy near to her chest as she cried, hearing the sounds of the scream of his best friend in the background.

    Two weeks later, she was visiting his grave. It had became a habit of hers to go everyday to the cemitery and talk to Baji, about her day or whatever else was in her mind. “Why’d you go away?” she asked him with tears on her eyes.

    She knew that it wasn’t his fault. But at the same time she couldn’t help but blaming him for putting himself in such dangerous situation, or even, blaming herself for not being able to protect him.

    She had no idea how to move on without him. Ever since that day she would put the movie that he mentioned and watch it every single night.

    “How am I supposed to love again?”

    word count: 899

    # reblogs are highly appreciated <3

    #tokyo revengers #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers angst #tokyo revengers anime #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo revengers headcanons #keisuke baji#chifuyu matsuno#toman founders #toman x reader #manjiro sano#shinichiro sano#draken#ken ryuguji#takashi mitsuya#kazutora hanemiya #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo rev fluff
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  • moonpearl1995
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Fem Draken & Baji

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  • moonbeam-writing
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    — How They Comfort You (Tokyo Revengers Ver.)

    ๑ Characters: Takemichi Hanagaki, Manjirou “Mikey” Sano, Keisuke Baji, Chifuyu Matsuno, Ryuguji “Draken” Ken, Mitsuya Takashi, Inui Seishu, Kokonoi Hajime, Ran Haitani, Rindou Haitani, Sanzu Haruchiyo

    ๑ Contains: Fluff!

    ๑ Quick Note: Mikey's might be up for debate (a few of these are), however, I mainly had Touman Mikey in mind, as opposed to Bonten. I also think he'd be at least a little soft if he were to fall for someone in the Bonten era.

    Pokes at you, finding little ways to mess with you in an attempt to make you smile, but it actually backfires and just pisses you off — Ran Haitani, Haruchiyo Sanzu

    Spoils you, food, attention, online shopping while they hold you — Kokonoi Hajime, Mitsuya Takashi, Rindou Haitani

    Makes little jokes in an effort to make you smile and divert your attention — Manjirou “Mikey” Sano, Chifuyu Matsuno, Keisuke Baji

    Cuddles and movies, just talking with you about anything and everything — Inui Seishu, Takemichi Hanegaki, Ryuguji “Draken” Ken

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