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  • luckymorph
    03.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • roxy206
    03.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Besties why does so much drag content drop in one day??

    Icesis being so sad Kimora is gone <333

    Omg it always makes me cry when they get to talk to people at home


    Okay wow I am REALLY CRYING HERE this is so damn sweet

    Icesis <33333

    Omg okay I need to take a quick break after that damn

    Like I’m so beyond the point of being surprised how much drag queens make me cry but all 5 of them getting to talk to their partners & family I’m a mess

    This challenge is so cute

    Also have I mentioned how much I love this cast

    These pairings honestly seem so perfect

    I love that Icesis wants to make what her drag kid wants

    Pythia is really taking the word CHALLENGE to the max this week wow

    Brooke Lynn teaching these kids how to walk the runway is so cuuuute

    Oh besties we’re crying again these stories

    Icesis literally making this kid her drag family <33333

    Icesis <3333333333

    Another stunning look on Brooke Lynn & I LOVE THIS HAIR

    Kendall giving momager vibes

    This red dress that Icesis made is stunning

    “I mean my feet are on fire” “Mood”

    Lol I’m crying again it’s fine

    “Drag is for everybody”

    Oh man these kids — I fucking love that they picked teens for the makeover episode this is so impactful

    Brooke Lynn & Brad - what a duo

    This win for Pythia hell yes

    “I’m pulling a Gia” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Yeah I figured it was going to be a Icesis vs Adriana lip sync

    OKAY ICESIS !!!!

    Listen Icesis better shantay after this, bitch

    Thank god

    Lowkey after Synthia’s elimination my picks for the top 4 were Pythia, Icesis, Kendall, & Gia so I’m pretty happy with however this goes now

    All the dolls being back for a reunion next week btw I’m so excited 💕

    #Kimmy watches #canada’s drag race #this was an overwhelming amount of drag content in one day #icesis couture#pythia#kendall gender#gia metric #brooke lynn hytes
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  • moonshotsx
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    no thoughts, head full of bratpack with their arms linked skipping into the workroom

    #minute 23:02 of ep2 to be exact #bratpack #synth being in the middle has me all 🥰 #synthia kiss#kendall gender#gia metric#cdr2
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  • studentmyself
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    I’m calling it now these are going to be the top three on Canada‘s drag race. With Icesis Winning.

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  • moonshotsx
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    gia and kendall commenting “pretty girl” and “the prettiest” under synthia’s recent pics 🥰

    #this throuple has me by the neck ngl babes #gia metric#synthia kiss#kendall gender#cdr2
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  • ehladanlos
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    stealin amas brand :)

    #rpdr #drag race canada #canadas drag race #kendall gender
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  • excogitating
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    im thinking ab it and like. everyone won and everyone lost tonight

    roman girls: congrats he’s finally getting daddy’s love but he is destroying himself and his relationships with the people he cares most about as a result

    kendall girls: congrats he didn’t embarrass himself and is finally like sympathetic again but also that just means his pitifulness started outweighing his obnoxiousness again

    shiv girls: congrats shes showing some semblance of human decency but boy is she losing in daddy’s eyes

    tom girls: congrats he’s not going to jail but his negging didn’t work on his wife’s gangly cousin and no one is more upset about that than him

    greg girls: congrats he’s got a date and isn’t going to prison but his date only agreed to go out with him to piss off her boss

    connor girls: congrats he and willa seem like they’re actually having a good relationship now maybe but sorry he’s still a laughingstock the other three siblings don’t take seriously also he shits in bags

    gerri girls: congrats shes a bad bitch in touch w the doj and roman is embarrassingly jealous but there was not enough gerri this episode and that’s a crime

    tabitha girls: congrats she’s mentioned but only in the context of her stupid unfuckable eunuch bestie calling her boring

    cheers to us and also fuck !

    #girls in this context is a non gendered word. kendall girls are their own gender separate from girls or boys they are kendall girls #and so on #also i take that back stewy girls lost i’m sorry y’all #succession#roman roy#kendall roy#shiv roy#connor roy#tom wambsgans#greg hirsch#gregory hirsch #gregory JOHN hirsch #tomgreg#gerri kellman#romangerri#succession spoilers#succession tabitha #sorry babe idk ur last name #casey shut up #100
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  • moonshotsx
    28.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    kendall and gia being h word for each other on main: a saga

    bonus: synthia

    #also i’m starting to headcanon gia as being a redhead… 👀 so look at that we got the blonde the brunette and the redhead for the aus lmao #kendall gender#gia metric#synthia kiss#cdr2
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  • studentmyself
    28.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    #mygifs #canada’s drag race #kendall gender #brooke lynn hyyes #drag race
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  • luckymorph
    27.11.2021 - 6 days ago
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  • shujubee
    27.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Kendall Gender

    Canada’s Drag Race

    Dungeons & Drag Queens Look

    Photography by Patch Alexander

    #rpdr #rupaul’s drag race #drag race#kendall gender #drag race canada #canada’s drag race #drag
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  • shujubee
    27.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Kendall Gender

    Canada’s Drag Race

    Roast Challenge Look

    Photography by Jamie Mann

    #rpdr #rupaul’s drag race #drag race#kendall gender #drag race canada #canada’s drag race #drag
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  • letsdohomostuff
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kendall Gender photo by Jamie Mann.

    #kendall gender#Jamie mann #drag race canada #rpdr#drag race #rupaul's drag race
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  • inthehytes
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Send an SOS 1/?

    This is my first time writing for the bratpack/drag race in general, but I’m really excited to see where this story goes. If by chance someone is actually reading this I hope you enjoy it and my asks are open if you’d like to chat!

    TW: mentions of assault and injuries though nothing graphic as of yet. 

    < 3


    The worst night of Synthia’s life exists only in brief flashbacks, memories blurred around the edges with darkness and pain. The only constant being the deep growl of her attacker’s voice and the feeling of dread freezing in her veins like ice. She’s unsure of how she got to the hospital at all, certain she’d been left for dead in the alleyway far enough away for nobody to hear her cries.

    A month later leaves Synthia with even less clarity on the night, a fact that worries her roommate Brooke to no end. Her doctors tell her that it’s her mind trying to protect her from reliving the trauma, and Synthia doesn’t have the heart to tell them that she relives it in some form each night when she falls asleep. She simply smiles and nods along to their instructions, takes the offered therapy pamphlets and lets them join the others shoved in the back of her nightstand at home.

    “Synthia? You in there?” The voice of her roommate and childhood best friend Brooke drags Synthia from her thoughts. She’s soaking in their giant tub, one of the perks to their apartment, but the water has long since gone cold and any trace of the bubbles she’d added have disappeared. She blinks a few times before realizing Brooke is going to expect an answer and isn’t above barging in if it is to make sure Synthia’s okay.

    “Yeah, just a second. I’ll be right out.” She answers as she rises, water travelling the lines of her body. She dresses quickly, avoiding the mirror like a plague, unwilling to see how frail and fragile she looks now. The bag she’d wrapped around her cast gets tossed in the garbage and she’s swinging open the door to reveal Brooke as she towels her hair dry.

    Brooke’s still in her work clothes, her pants somehow still perfectly pressed and immaculate even after nine hours running around the law firm she works at. She’s got a piece of paper clutched in her hands and looking uncharacteristically nervous. Synthia tries to get a look at it but Brooke has it pressed too close to her to be legible.

    “I wanted to talk to you about something, I think it’ll be good for us.” Synthia couldn’t help but quirk a smile at Brooke’s words. They had been inseparable since Brooke had stumbled upon Synthia being pushed into the sandbox by older kids when they were six. She had always made it her mission to include Synthia in anything and everything, hellbent on making sure Synthia never felt alone. Brooke had only gotten more protective of her after that night, always making sure she had her phone when she was working late and that she made it home safe even if Brooke was staying with her girlfriend for the night.

    “What is it? Don’t keep me waiting Brooke,” she pouts as she follows Brooke to her room. She plops down on the bed next to Henry as Brooke starts to change, the paper getting handed to her in the meantime. The little cat chirps a quiet purr curling closer to Synthia’s warmth and lets her bury her fingers in his fur.

    “Nessa showed this to me the other day. It’s for a self defense class the gym offers. The owners are the ones that lead it. I thought we could take them together.” Brooke’s head is half buried in her closet and voice muffled as Synthia scans the flyer.

    “Well my arm is kind of broken at the moment.” A grin stretches across Synthia’s lips as she hears Brooke’s exasperated huff.

    “Yes, I’m well aware. I meant after it healed,” Brooke emerges from the closet, sweatpants and a cozy sweater in place as she joins Synthia on Henry’s other side. “Nessa said we could go watch a class before we signed up for it if you wanted to.”

    Synthia’s quiet for a moment, her mind weighing her options as she stares down at the flyer still in her lap. Other than the baby pink taser Brooke had insisted on buying for Synthia she had no real defense for the rare occasions that she left their apartment alone. She couldn’t deny the surge of hope she felt at the thought of at least knowing how to defend herself. Synthia never wanted to feel as helpless as she had that night again.

    “I want to do it.” She finally spoke, tearing her eyes from the paper to her best friend. Brooke’s excited grin only fueled the determination that was pounding alongside the steady beat of her heart. “Does this mean we get to go shopping for new workout things?”


    Synthia wished she still felt half as confident standing in front of the giant gym two weeks later as she had curled up on Brooke’s bed. Their clashing schedules and a surprise doctor’s appointment derailed their plan to sit in on a class, but the day had finally rolled around where everything lined up. Despite the fact that they weren’t actively participating yet, Synthia felt a little sick at the thought of actually going inside.

    “Come on, I’ll be with you the whole time. It’ll be okay.” Brooke’s voice was like a balm to Synthia’s frayed nerves, her warm presence at Synthia’s side a steady reassurance that she wasn’t as alone as she felt.

    “Okay,” she nodded, praying her voice didn’t betray how nervous she was to enter the unfamiliar place. Brooke gave her hand one last quick squeeze before heading for the heavy glass doors, tugging Synthia along by default. Brooke was actually clad in athletic gear, planning to get a quick workout in after. Synthia felt even more out of place as she was still wearing her favorite dress, tall socks, and somewhat old trainers.

    Brooke’s girlfriend was manning the front desk when they entered, her bored expression perking up into a more excited one. Brooke led Synthia further into huge space, only dropping her hand when Vanessa bound around the table to hug Brooke. She managed to dig her phone from the depths of her bag, using it as a distraction to give Brooke and Vanessa as much privacy as she dared. A quick lap around her social media accounts left her with little entertainment and a few minutes left to kill still before the class was scheduled to start. Synthia was beginning to contemplate claiming the chair in the corner for herself when the door to the street behind them swung open with a flurry of autumn air and a lanky brunette drew Vanessa away from Brooke and back to her desk to check them in.

    “Do you know where this is supposed to be?” Synthia was starting to feel too exposed in the unfamiliar space, her hands growing clammy as she fought the urge to turn on her heel and return to the comfortable familiarity of her bedroom.

    “There’s private rooms in the back, that hot yoga class I used to take was in one of them.” Brooke directs her around the majority of the chaos in the gym, letting her take the spot closest to the wall to walk.

    “You smelled awful after those classes,” Synthia’s nose crinkles at the memory of Brooke’s foul smelling laundry each Wednesday. “I don’t think our laundry basket has been the same since.”

    Brooke snorts a laugh as she leads Synthia around a corner to reveal a hallway neatly tucked away. The constant upbeat bass line pumping through the overhead speakers is quieter here and Synthia finds herself liking it better with each step. They find the room they’re looking for before Brooke has a chance to retort and manage to snag an empty bench in the corner.

    Synthia presses herself as close to the wall as she can manage, her bag resting in her lap with her arms hugging it against her chest as she takes in the room. Four people sit in the middle of the room, running through sets of warm ups as another pair stands by the pile of mats in the corner, their heads bent over a stack of papers. Brooke quickly points them out as the coaches for the class, Kendall and Gia. Her voice is a quiet whisper as she mentions that they own the gym itself.

    She ponders that as they turn and start to run their students through a methodic string of exercises in pairs. Kendall radiates strength and power as she drifts through the room, gentle hands correcting poor technique and encouraging praise flowing freely at improvement. Where Kendall has strong curves, Gia has long lines. They radiate a quiet cooler energy, sharp eyes zeroing in on mistakes and correcting them with a mastered hand. Gia and Kendall seem as much opposites as they are the same, and they move with a grace that comes from longstanding familiarity as the pair demonstrates the maneuvers they teach.

    Synthia’s startled from her near trance as a pair of students get tangled together and fall to the mats with a loud crash. She flinches back against the wall from where she had been leaning forward to watch, hands balling to fists as she watches the two climb back to their feet with easy grins. Synthia feels Brooke’s hand settle over top of her good arm and she sucks in a shaky breath as Brooke’s thumb soothes an easy pattern over her clammy skin.

    “I’m sorry,” Synthia whispers, edging closer to Brooke as the class splits for a quick water break. “The noise just startled me.”

    “It's alright, I’ve got you.” Brooke’s hand moves away and Synthia almost pouts at the loss of  warmth before she sees Brooke’s arm raising and tucks herself neatly into her side.

    The remainder of the class passes with little fanfare, Synthia staying tense against Brooke as the class ends with a set of takedowns, but manages to keep her reactions to a minimum. They escape out the door when the class begins to break down the mats and start stuffing away their belongings, and Synthia’s grateful when she sees that the gym is mostly empty by now. Vanessa’s gone from her perch when Synthia finally claims the chair she’d been eyeing earlier, clutching the sweatshirt Brooke had left with her in her fists.

    Synthia waits patiently, dividing her attention between her phone, the door, and tracking Brooke’s movements as she bounces around the equipment. She’s weighing her options on popping over to the coffee shop next door before it gets dark for a snack when two figures approaching her out of the corner of her eye steals her attention. Synthia quickly realizes that it's Gia and Kendall and nervously shrinks down in her chair hoping they weren’t coming to kick her out for loitering.

    “Hey, you’re Brooke’s friend right?” Kendall greets her, settling into one of the chairs to Synthia’s right, keeping a respectful distance from her, and Gia claims the small round table sat in front of their chairs.

    “‘M Synthia,” she offers, shifting uneasily in her seat. Her eyes can’t help but to search for Brooke in hopes that the statuesque blonde was coming to her rescue but she finds that Brooke’s got her back to Synthia, focusing on the weights in front of her.

    “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Kendall and this is my partner Gia. We heard you two might be signing up for our class and just wanted to introduce ourselves. We’d love to have you if you’re up for it.” Kendall offers Synthia a lithe hand to shake which Synthia accepts after a moment of pause. Kendall’s grip isn’t very tight and she doesn’t even mention Synthia’s clammy palm which she’s grateful for.

    “Maybe,” she nods, tucking her hand back into her lap. “Have to wait for my cast to come off though first.” She’s curious to know how much they know about her but doesn’t feel comfortable asking. It would only open up the door for questions about her in return that she won’t want to answer.

    “Well you’re more than welcome to sit in on them until then, Kenny loves a good audience.” Gia speaks up for the first time, throwing Synthia a wink that sends her flushing pink and tearing her eyes away from them and to her slightly scuffed shoes. She hears Kendall’s exasperated sigh and Gia’s quiet chuckle as she wills the blood to leave her cheeks.

    “Stop scaring the poor thing Gi, don’t pay them any mind Synthia. The offer still stands though, you’re more than welcome anytime.” Kendall pats Synthia’s shoulder gently as she stands, smoothing imaginary lines out of her leggings. “It was great to meet you.”

    Synthia throws Kenall a tight smile, tucking her feet close to the legs on her chair as Kendall starts to make her way toward the back of the gym once more. Gia stays seated, sharp eyes giving Synthia a once over that reminds her a lot of when Brooke fusses over her before they finally stand as well.

    “See you around angel,” is all Gia offers before they head off in the same direction as Kendall leaving Synthia to her own devices again.

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  • sapphicsupremacist
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    screaming crying,, look how pretty they are and also their cat <333

    #kendall looks stun obviously but her gf is so pretty #and their cat is so cute #kendall gender
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  • tumble4rpdr
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #look at these cuties #i love their friendship #synthia kiss#kendall gender#🥺🥰😍
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  • tumble4rpdr
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    #i’m obsessed with this look #and she was so funny #i’ve been loving kendall more and more with each episode #kendall gender#😍😍
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  • roxy206
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Listen …

    Synthia 😭😭😭

    “Let’s make some good tv” that they did ☹️

    WAS really bitter? It doesn’t sound past tense lol

    Kimora & Gia is the pairing I didn’t know I needed

    They got really cute notebooks


    Brooke Lynn’s loooooooooook

    Kendall omg


    Adriana TOO SOON

    “I’m scared, I need an adult” 🤣

    Oh no … so many bombs in this roast

    This look on Icesis GORGE

    Oh no Icesis running over

    Omg Amanda being scared of Kimora roasting the judges

    Icesis on the runway though


    Kimora what

    What is happening rn

    I really didn’t expect Kimora to be in the bottom honestly

    I love that they gave Icesis that compliment


    Oh Kimora

    Omg everyone’s faces

    Right. So.

    #Kimmy watches #canada’s drag race #I am so fucking annoyed with Kimora giving up this week #couldn’t have happened last week so Synthia could have had another shot? #still rooting for Pythia #Icesis had been one of the stand outs to me initially then took a back seat for a minute there #but I’m excited to see what else Icesis brings now #still mourning Synthia no longer being in the competition though #icesis couture#kendall gender #brooke lynn hytes #synthia kiss
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