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  • albiart
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    some of my favorite characters ♡

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  • froggyferns
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Suna headcanons

    Synopsis: A description of him for people who don’t know and some headcanons I have for him

    Team: Inarizaki
    Position: middle blocker
    Number: 10
    Grade: 2nd year
    Age: 16 (per-timeskip)
    Birthday: January 25, 1996
    Height: 6’


    Y’all know how he records videos of the twins fighting, yea he definitely has an ig account dedicated to their fights

    He never pays attention in class yet he’s still passing?

    He’s really popular with the girls at his school, he just never accepts their confessions

    Has a few piercings on his ears but takes them out before games and when practicing

    I think we all have this same thought, but he’s definitely some type of alt, most likely and e-boy

    He had an emo phase

    I feel like he has a younger sister and no other siblings

    He’s a cat guy, dogs are too loud for him

    He’s really mean without meaning to be

    He’s had a crush on at least one of his teachers

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  • froggyferns
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Kita headcanons

    Synopsis: A description of him for people who don’t know and some headcanons I have for him

    Team: Inarizaki
    Position: outside hitter/defense specialist/ Captain
    Number: 1
    Grade: 3rd year
    Age: 18 (pre-timeskip)
    Birthday: July 5, 1994
    Height: 5’9


    People would go to him for homework answers because he was smart and he would give it to them for free

    He’s really close with the captains of other schools

    He’s also really close with everyone on his team and always checking up on them

    He’s never disappointed in his team if they lost, he would try his hardest to help them improve for the next game

    He’s had a crush on the same person all 3 years of high school

    He has a scheduled last day every week

    He wants to make sure he’s doing everything before lazing around so it’s usually on a Saturday

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  • n00nbxaraa
    27.11.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Kuroo Tetsuro

    Kozume Kenma

    Yaku Morisuske

    Lev Haiba

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  • millenialfanfictionaddiction
    27.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ✨Manager Glowup✨

    🪶Karasuno Edition 🪶

    Karasuno Squad x female manager

    Warnings: I guess swearing? Not really but lile I used some choice words 🤷‍♀️

    AN: I lied, I couldnt stay away from headcannons 🤣 This is a request from Karasuno Anon! I changed it a little from the og request because I needed my Nekoma bbys to be involved 😍 I'm selfish, sue me 🤗

    Also Look for a special headcannon set coming Thursday, 12/2 👀😏

    Summer break is over

    School is back in session 📚

    And the Karasuno squad is back... back again

    Ignore me

    The summer break was about 2 months long and you were absent the entire time 👀

    Let's just say you were studying abroad for a few months

    Kiyoko and Yachi promised to handle things

    Tanaka and Noya cried for two months straight

    Ennoshita had to drag them from the airport after you left 🤚🏻

    They may have thought about ways to get to you to return early

    Daichi shut their plans down

    Somehow they all managed to make it through the two GRUELING months without their third queen 👸

    The day you are scheduled to arrive back in town, they all show up at the airport

    Let's be real, they made signs

    Hinata and Kageyama had Yachi help them with the spelling 😭

    Noya wanted to a sign that said "Come to My Arms Sweet Mama"

    Because that worked out so well with Kiyoko

    Suga confiscated the sign

    Asahi totally drew flowers in his sign 🥺

    Like come on, we all know this man can draw

    He totally draws all over his notebooks

    You've complimented him so many times

    He's given you some of his drawings

    His sign says 🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹 Welcome Home YN 🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹 "

    Ennoshita and Daichi really are just there to supervise

    Yachi and Kiyoko wanted to come alone

    Legit they wanted to great you alone

    However Tanaka read Kiyoko's texts from you "by accident" and made a secret plan to randomly "show up" at the airport

    Needless to say, the whole gangs here

    You're plane lands

    Everyone is looking for you

    You literally walk right up up to them without them even knowing it's you

    Please Hinata says "excuse me we are looking for our manager" right to your face 😅

    Kags is the first to notice shockingly

    "Umm dumbass that IS our manager"

    You 👉🏻 😀👋🏻✌🏻

    Kags 👉🏻🤨😳

    Daichi and Ennoshita 👉🏻😳😳

    Suga and Asahi 👉🏻😲😲

    Kiyoko and Yachi 👉🏻😀😃🤩

    Tanaka and Noya 👉🏻 🙏🏻 🪦 💀

    "Umm hi everyone"

    Literally their mouths are on the floor YN

    Clean up in terminal 1 please

    As it turns out, your trip was both educational and life changing

    You not only grew in knowledge but you grew in other ways as well 👀

    Can we say ✨ GLOW UP ✨ Miss YN

    Seriously whatever you did, you don't even look like yourself

    I mean YN, you've always been gorgeous but like now.... NOW you are STUNNING

    Literally nobody says anything

    First off, like how awkward and self conscious you must feel 🥺

    Like nothing says "weird" like being gone for 2 months to return to your besties staring at you

    You knew you changed but you thought it was for the better

    YN ignore them they literally function off one brain cell off the court 🙄

    "Dont you guys like my look?" 🥺

    Tears will well in your eyes

    Kiyoko and Yachi snap into action

    "YN I'm pretty sure liking your look isn't the issue" -Kiyoko

    "Yeah YN you broke the team"- Yachi

    They lead you away towards the doors

    Literally the teams just stands there

    Listen YN I know you just got back but like there's no time like the present

    Please get them

    "Come on you guys!"

    You angelic voice snaps them out of their trance

    They will stare at you the entire rest of the day

    Hinata will ask you about all of your changes

    Kageyama will pretend not to care but mans cares

    Tanaka and Noya will just stand and stare they have zero shame

    Suga will compliment you and tell you how amazing you look

    Daichi will pretend to be himself but mans is struggling to keep it together

    Tsukki and Yams legit just watch in wonder as the team falls apart👀🍿

    It's going to take them all time to get over your glow up

    Ok they don't get over it, let's be honest

    They will see you differently looks wise

    Not to be shallow because they already know you have an amazing personality but like come on...

    I mean you GLOWED UP YN

    And you thought tournaments were bad before? Think again 🤦‍♀️

    Maybe don't even bother showing up because it's going to be so much of a hassle YN

    We all know how protective Karasuno is of their managers but like they now have a sexy, a cute AND a stunning manager

    These boys are going to go INSANE

    But before we even get to tournament season

    We have to get thought training camps 😏

    And would you look at that, you returned just in time for a training camp with Nekoma, Fukurodani, Shinzen and Ubugawa

    Lucky you 🤩

    Let's be honest, it starts right when you get off the bus

    Nekoma and Fukurodani are there to greet you

    Que staring... tons of staring

    As in like jaws dropped, eyes wide, drool threatening to escape STARING

    Just smile and do you job YN

    Kenma and Lev are the only two who will say anything

    Kenma will compliment you in some form

    Que Yaku snapping from his trance and kicking Lev in the head

    Lev will say "YN GOT HOT"

    Lev is a man of simple words 😌

    Kuroo, Bokuto and Akaashi stare

    Yes even Akaashi

    Like Bokuto and Kuroo make it hella obvious that they are checking you out

    Akaashi is more detail oriented so he hones in on something specific like hair

    Now one would assume Tanaka and Noya would be the worst when it comes to this

    They will hoover and glare

    But actually it's Daichi

    Daichi is going to say something

    He's a Capricorn and we know they can't stop themselves

    "See something interesting" 😑

    Kuroo just smirks while Bokuto stares

    Akaashi gives Daichi one of those shit eating grins he has when he tosses to Bokuto and it's amazing

    Suga and Asahi are now flanking Daichi

    Suga likes drama so he's going to start it

    "Just make sure you focus on the game and not our manager"

    Ope 👀

    Asahi is just there as reinforcement

    I barely kept a straight face while typing that 🤣 Asahi and reinforcement don't belong in the same sentence

    You, Kiyoko and Yachi are the only ones unloading the bus

    Like these guys are too busy playing alpha to even notice

    I didn't even mention Yamamoto because he's off crying in the corner

    It's truly unfair that Karasuno has three GORGEOUS managers and Nekoma has none 😢

    After their little stand off, for the most part the boys leave you alone

    I'm totally joking 🤣

    Yn prepare to be asked to toss, set, retrieve balls and everything in between for the next few days

    These boys will ARGUE

    Coach Ukai asked you, Kiyoko and Yachi if someone could help Nekoma for the week

    Let's just say that did not go over well at all 😬

    "Nope that is not happening" Tanaka and Noya scream

    "Coach we really need all our managers" says Daichi trying to not sound desperate

    I really don't think the rest of the team cares all that much but like Daichi, Tanaka and Noya are protective

    Que Kuroo and the Nekoma squad listening in 👂

    Kuroo and Yaku have such smug looks on their faces

    Before anyone can say anything, Lev yells

    "YN come be our manager!"

    Everyone freezes

    You just look up and say "ok" and smile 😃

    The whole team freezes

    Like ok I know I said they didn't care but like after yesterday 👀

    You walk over to Nekoma as Lev takes your hand and drags you away

    Nekoma is all smirking

    Except Kenma

    Legit Kenma does not care

    Wave at your precious bby crows YN 👋🏻

    They look DEVESTATED

    Literally they are all like 🥺🥺🥺

    Why did it have to be YN 😭

    Kai promises Suga they will take care of you

    Suga knows you can handle yourself so he's not worried

    But it's ✨Nekoma✨

    Nekoma will make you feel so at home and dote on your like a queen

    See my Nekoma Headcannons

    However that doesn't mean you are safe for constant compliments and attention YN

    Legit you are stunning and perfection

    No matter what you do, these boys will find it amazing

    Karasuno is going to watch you like hawks

    When it comes time for a practice match between the two, it's on

    Legit Kuroo will go out of his way to annoy Karasuno

    He will touch your hand

    Kiss your forehead

    Give you hugs

    All just to get under their skin

    It pissed Daichi off the most 🤚🏻

    Tanaka and Noya legit are just in kill mode

    Suga is rolling his eyes because like he knows

    Hinata and Kags didn't even know you went to Nekoma for the week 🙄

    You are so conflicted on who to cheer for

    So you cheer for both

    Legit you are the loudest YN

    Everyone swoons 😍

    No matter the outcome, please just give everyone a hug

    You've put your team through so much with your glow up YN, they need encouragement

    Suga may have made you promise never to glow up again 😅

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  • reineyday
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    was watching that extra episode where karasuno plays that video game on the psp pdp (it's a nekoma and lev-centred episode) and i bet suga never played cuz he noticed right at the start that the monster's tail glows right before it attacks lol

    #rei rambles #haikyuu!! #sugawara koushi #kuroo noticed it and was like to kenma 'you usually notice these things' #and im watching karasuno play and fail at playing and im like 'who usually notices these things on karasuno' and it's suga #suga who stands there watching but never actually plays himself. i BET he noticed right away and just enjoyed watching them fail 😂😂 #the other person who notices these thinga is tsukki and yams says hes good at video games so tracks lol
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  • philomoarts
    26.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    based off that one OAD where lev and kenma save a cat =^. .^=

    #kenma with zero emotion #made lev smaller than kenma woops #cat is distorted #pinterest memes#source: pinterest#my art#haikyuu art#haikyuu fanart#hq art#hq fanart#kenma#lev
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  • mytragedyperson
    26.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Just saw an atsuken thing on Instagram and it was supposed to be a crackship but it was somehow really cute.

    Also shout out to the social media au that had sakuatsu breakup, very brief rebound atsukita and sakusa x terushima, then sakuatsu get back together and implied terushima x kita would be a thing.

    This has thus inspired me to ask what is your favourite haikyuu rare pair? And what's something you ship that you've never heard anyone mention?

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  • linesthetic
    26.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The Kageyama urge to say "Boge... Hinata Boge..."

    #kageyama #hinata #kagehina #incorrectquotes #haikyuuquotes

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  • soktokki
    26.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The college life consists of many things including breaking library rules and making use of the huge study room whiteboards 😌

    This is my full piece for @hqcollegezine which i kept forgetting to post 😰 but man oh man am i fond of this piece!! I hope you enjoy!!! This took a lot of time and effort (phew!!) and absolutely worth it in my book 🤗🤗

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  • kamzii
    26.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    HQ boys when they want to kiss you

    - including: various characters

    - genre: fluff


    silently gazes at you from time to time, wondering if you'll get the hint. He waits for a few more seconds before giving up out of lack of patience and calls your attention to him. "Hey c'mere for a second." You stopped what you were doing and looked up at him, "Whats up bab-" Your heart stopped for a second when you left his lips brush up against yours for a few seconds. Pulling away he blushed avoiding your eyes, "You were taking too long, so I took matters into my own hands."

    - SAKUSA, tsukishima, kenma, yaku, KAGEYAMA, kunimi, iwazumi, osamu, akaashi

    knows that you were talking to an old friend but he admired how cute you looked in your winter outfit he couldn't help himself. "Yea no we should definitely hang out sometime-" You blushed feeling his lips on your cheek, "Aw you two are so cute together!" F/n commented, you sighed with a soft smile on your lips. "Please don't feed his ego." You said dryly, "So rude is that any way to treat your boyfriend~?"

    - OIKAWA, lev, atsumu, kuroo, terushima, nishinoya, matsukawa

    kisses 24/7 mainly because he loves seeing that happy blush on your face when he smooches the life out of you. He is the king of loving you unconditionally, cuddles while he kisses you

    - BOKUTO, terushima, Akiteru, oikawa, nishinoya

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  • brontozaurr
    26.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    i gave up on drawing detailed art, its just not working for me

    Maybe someday I’ll get better. Meanwhile I played with colours on my favourite haikyuu bois <3

    just kidding, it is scientifically impossible to have favourite haikyuu character

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  • just-that-bi-girl
    26.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    kozume kenma touch hc's

    Kozume Kenma who short circuits every time you touch skin-to-skin because of how soft you are. Be it your hand intertwining with his. Or maybe you’re curled up on the sofa with his hand around your waist as he kneads your stomach. Or he had an urge to cup the fat of your cheeks in his hands. Either way, it’s so warm that he can’t help the fierce warmth that finds solace in his cheeks.

    Kozume Kenma who can’t bring himself to initiate kisses often, so he beats himself up for not knowing how to show you he loves you in more “normal” ways. So, when he does kiss you (naturally of course, not by forcing himself to), it makes the occasion even more heart-wrenching and passionate and love-filled.

    Kozume Kenma who spends his life hiding away from everyone until you hug him for the first time. He vows to himself that’s when he first understood the whole concept of love, before then the whole ordeal had been rather confusing, and he had simply seen it as a waste of time and a distraction. But as he felt himself melt into your touch, face subconsciously digging its way into any crevice which your chest or head or shoulder or neck may provide out of both embarrassment for the harsh blush that’s painted his face and the further seeking of the comfort he will now come to crave, he came to understand that there’s most certainly more to life than what he had previously assumed.

    Kozume Kenma who would do anything to feel your hands constantly playing with his hair. It brings him what he previously presumed as an unattainable comfort but now is just normal for him after he has a rough day and refuses to care about the embarrassment of asking you for it.

    #kenma kozume #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x yn #kenma x reader #kozume kenma#kozume fluff #kozume x reader #kenma kozume x reader #haikyuu kozume#haikyuu#kenma fluff#haikyuu kenma #kenma x yn #kenma x you #kozume x y/n #kozume x you #kenma x y/n
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  • agenshinwarrior
    26.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Please request on my main pinned post that has all my masterlists.

    Requests are open!

    #haikyuu x reader #kuroo x reader #kenma x reader #oikawa x reader #Kageyama x reader #hinata x reader #nishinoya x reader #tanaka x reader #osamu x reader #atsumu x reader #suna x reader #iwazumi x reader #Diachi x reader #sugawara x reader #tsukishima x reader #kita x reader #tendou x reader #ushijima x reader
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